Improved Realtime Cards on Mobile, Mentions Inbox, Hashtag Autocomplete, YPP Clarification and MORE!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re back with updates around Studio launches and your questions.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:17 [Launch] Improved Realtime Cards on Android and iOS
0:47 [Launch] Mentions Inbox in Studio Desktop
1:06 [Reminder] Dark Theme for Studio Desktop
1:26 [Launch] Hashtag Autocomplete Suggestions
2:07 Clarification Regarding YPP Application Requirements
2:43 Audience Question @TheWaffleGalaxy


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=================== text video ====================

what’s up insiders that’s right you’ve

tuned in to this week’s news flash the

quick succinct set of updates that you

need to navigate the world of youtube’s

product features as well as its policies

now what have we got for you this week

we have clarifications we have reminders

we have launches so let’s get into it

first up we have a launch the improved

real-time card experience on ios and

android now what is this exactly what it

sounds like it’s an improved real-time

card experience the video level and at

the channel level for ios and android

and what this is is part of an effort

that we call feature parity trying to

make sure that these cards align with

what you see on web as well as what you

see on mobile making sure that they’re

really comparable experiences let us

know if you’ve any feedback in the

comments below next up we have another

launch and that is for the mentions

inbox on studio desktop now what this

involves is the addition of another tab

cleverly called mentions

in the studio comments inbox on desktop

what this is going to show you is all

the places that you as a creator have

been mentioned now let’s pivot from

launches to a reminder this reminder is

pretty spectacular

dark theme is available on studio

desktop now this means that you’re able

to navigate through your content and

your channel with a dark background and

light text why is this important well it

reduces eye strain and glare all day

around now let’s pivot back to a launch

this one is called hashtag autocomplete

suggestions creators over the past

couple of months have told us that

they’d welcome an awful lot more

guidance around how to best use hashtags

on the platform and with this feature

we’re hoping to fill that gap

what this feature will do is suggest

hashtags that are more popular on the

platform for your videos to help make

them more searchable and more

discoverable this is going to be

launched and available on creator studio

ios android desktop on youtube main app

ios android as well as on vod and within

the shorts upload flow

check out that link in the description

below now let’s talk about something

that’s a little bit closer to my daily

work and that is eligibility

requirements to apply for ypp the

youtube partner program how creators

make money on youtube now in order to be

eligible to apply you need to have 1000

subscribers and at least 4 000 hours of

watch time within the last 12 months on

top of this you need to make sure you

don’t have any active strikes on your


now if you do have an active strike on

your channel you’re going to need to

wait for that to have expired or for it

to have been overturned before you can

apply to ypp okay folks we made it

through another set of updates and that

means that i get to approach my favorite

part of each of these updates and that

is your question so this week’s question

comes from the waffle galaxy

huge kudos for such a cool channel name

who says it would be great to have a

recent super thanks module on the

creator dashboard good point

that way we can see and engage with any

super thanks that come in easier great

point well we’ve brought this to the

team and they’ve replied with the


good news

you can already do this to interact with

viewers that purchase super thanks

comments go to the comments section

of youtube studio and filter for super



you can reply to their comments directly


okay we hope this is clearer for you the

waffle galaxy

from the creators of youtube to youtube

creators that has been your weekly news

flash we’ll see you next week


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