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0:00 — The Best Community Post Strategies
0:33 — What Posts Get the Most Impressions?
1:54 — What Posts Get the Most Comments?
2:50 — What Posts Get the Most Likes?
3:09 — What Polls Get the Most Votes?
5:42 — 1st Type of Posts You Should Be Doing!
5:59 — 2nd Type of Posts You Should Be Doing!
6:11 — 3rd Type of Posts You Should Be Doing!
6:19 — 4th Type of Posts You Should Be Doing!
6:54 — 5th Type of Posts You Should Be Doing!

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=================== text video ====================

— If you’re a YouTuber
(upbeat music)

with 500 subscribers or more

you have access to the Community tab

and you need to be using it

to get your channel in
front of more people.

I looked into our analytics
to see what types of posts

get the most amount of reach

so that you can start getting more views

and more subscribers.

If you aren’t already doing
this, you definitely should.

So let’s see what posts of ours

actually got the most
amount of impressions.

Just a reminder, an
impression is not a view.

It’s just when someone actually
sees your community post

they could scroll by and keep going.

Maybe they do interact with it

but anytime someone actually sees it

that is considered an impression.

Now the post that got the
most amount of impressions

is actually this post right here.

We have some text in here.

We also have two different images

and it only got 61 comments and 851 likes,

which isn’t that much so I
find it really interesting

that this post is the one that got

the most amount of
impressions on our channel.

Out of our top 10 posts that
got the most impressions,

two of them actually were text.

Just text, no images, no polls.

You can see right here, this is one of ’em

and this is another one right here.

And also in those top 10,

six of the posts had multiple
images within its post.

And then the last two out of the 10

were an image post that
just had a single picture.

Now I found it interesting
that in the top 10

there were no polls that ended up

getting the most amount of impressions.

I kind of thought that
polls were really popular

and they make their way around
and get a lot of impressions,

but looking at this, for us at least,

we see that there aren’t that many polls.

And actually in these top 50

we only had seven polls that made it

into the most amount of impressions.

Now, really I was trying to find out

why were these posts getting more reach

on YouTube versus other posts

and it’s kind of weird
because a lot of these posts

don’t have a lot of likes.

They don’t have a lot of comments.

And so I was really kind of puzzled

as to why these were getting
so much more impressions

than our other posts.

So it’s a bit of a mystery,
but I do have a theory

as to why these posts
specifically are doing so well

and getting more impressions

and so I’ll share that with you coming up.

But let’s dive a little bit deeper

and see which post got the
most amount of comments for us.

Now, I’m not gonna
count the giveaway post,

I feel like that’s a
little bit of cheating,

but this post right here

is what got the most amount of comments

and it’s just a simple text post.

There’s no image, gift,
video, nothing like that.

It just says, «What’s your channel about.»

This ended up getting 2006
likes and 1032 comments.

Now what’s interesting
is out of these top 10

most commented posts you
can see that seven out of 10

of them are just text posts.

And actually looking at this deeper,

you can see that the top
four all are just text,

but they’re also asking a question

which makes sense to drive more comments

because people are actually
typing in those comments

to answer the community post.

For the other three out of the 10,

we can see that two of
those were polls right here

and then one of them was an image.

And speaking of images,

this was actually our most liked post.

It had 13,471 likes.

And this post had over 6,000 more likes

than our second place most liked post.

Out of our top 10 most liked
posts, besides the giveaways,

I found that nine out of 10 of them

were a single image post.

Now two of those posts were
a screenshot of a tweet

but the rest of them, the other seven,

were all actually a personal
photo with a personal story

about Sean sharing something
about his life or his business.

Now when it comes to polls

this post right here actually got

the most amount of votes at
18,087 votes on this one post.

And something to note here
was that this was related

to our niche and it applied to everyone.

So no matter who you are, if
you’re seeing this on YouTube

you can answer this question.

Another interesting insight that I found

is when we use this video tab right here

and we want to link up a video,

it could be one of our videos
or someone else’s videos,

I found that these posts
typically do not do as well

as the other posts.

I also found this to be true

when you add a link to the post,

they typically don’t perform as well

as when you don’t have any
links inside of that post.

So how can you use this information

to actually grow your channel?

Should you never post a link

to one of your videos
in your community post?

Well, here’s exactly what
I think you should do.

First of all you wanna
create community posts

that optimize for reach.

Ultimately, even if
you’re sharing an image

or a poll or a status,
you wanna get in front of

as many people as possible

and these posts typically mean

not sharing a direct link to your video.

Now you need to do this though

because this gives you the best potential

to get in front of new eyeballs.

So even though initially you
may not be getting new views

from this community post,

you’re at least getting
in front of new people

and when these people
interact with your post

it sends good signals to the
YouTube algorithm to say,

«Hey I think this person
might like this content.»

So from what I learned let me share

exactly what types of posts
I think you should be doing.

Now I told you earlier
that I have a theory

on why those certain posts were
getting tons of impressions

and I’m pretty sure it has something to do

with how long the person
is spending on that post.

Now hear me out.

Now at first I couldn’t really find

what was in common with these posts.

A lot of them didn’t have a lot of likes.

They didn’t have a lot of comments.

So I realized that likes and
comments don’t really matter

when it comes to pushing community
posts out to more people.

So eventually I did find something

in common with all of these posts.

This was the post that had
the most amount of impressions

and something I noticed
was that there is this

read more button right
here and when you click it

there is a lot of text and
there’s multiple images

and so I realized someone
who’s actually looking

at this post might be
spending a lot of time

on this post just to read everything.

So I tested my theory and
I started to look through

the rest of the community posts.

This is the second most impressions

and you can see how
much text is right here.

And this even has links in it

and I thought that links didn’t do well.

They don’t really drive a
bunch of likes or comments

but it seems to get a lot of impressions,

even when there’s links in there,

but because there’s so much text.

So even here on the third
one, I click read more.

There’s a lot of text and then
there’s even more text here

with the images and
there’s multiple images

so people are probably

just spending tons of time on this post.

So the first type of post you should do

is create posts that keep them around.

When you look at these
posts there’s a lot of text,

there’s a lot of images and
there’s stories being told

so people are actually
reading these things

whether it’s a personal story

or it’s something about
the YouTube channel.

People are spending a lot
of time on these posts

and it’s reaching more people.

Number two, I think you
should do text only posts

asking a question.

Our top four most commented posts

all we’re asking a question related

to the niche that we’re in

and people responded to that.

Number three, you should be
posting single image posts.

We found that nine out of the
10 most like posts from us

were a single image post.

And number four, you should
be sharing personal stories.

When it came to engagement,

we found that the post that did the best

had personal stories
from Sean about his life.

So be open and honest and
I think your community

is really going to enjoy that.

Now this right here is super important

because if you wanna use the community tab

to drive traffic to your
videos or your channel

you have to do this.

You might remember earlier

I told you that when you
use the video feature

or you share a link that you might not get

as many likes or comments,
and to be fair that is true,

but I found a secret hack that you can do

to still include links and
still get a lot of impressions

and that is by utilizing
that long text hack

that I talked about earlier

where it keeps people
on the post even longer.

Going back to those posts

with the most amount of impressions,

we can see right here that this post

that had the fourth amount of impressions

did have a video link

but because there was
so much text on there

people were spending a
lot of time on this post

so I think it reached more people.

Even looking at these different posts

you can see that there are
links inside of these posts

but because we are
utilizing that long text

and a lot of pictures
people are spending time

on these posts and the links
don’t seem to be adding

any sort of negative value to these posts.

I mean, they’re reaching tons of people

and they still have links inside of them.

But the catch here is that when someone

actually clicks on your video,
(upbeat music)

you have to know how to start
your videos the right way

or else they’re gonna leave your videos

and then it’s gonna send
signals to the YouTube algorithm

that your video’s not very good

and so it’s gonna stop
showing it to more people.

So click on the screen and figure out

how to start your videos off the right way

so that this does not happen to you

and so that you can actually start

getting views on YouTube.
(upbeat music continues)


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