If Your Video Is Doing This, No One Will Watch It (Video ROAST)

This issue is WAY too common in videos published by inexperienced YouTube channels, and it’s time we talk about it. I roasted this video with real pointers on how make better YouTube videos, whether you’re making product review videos or not.

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0:00 Why This Video Needs to Be Roasted
1:28 Commence Roasting
1:56 When to Ask for Subscribes
3:47 This is Awkward
4:34 When to Introduce a Product
5:03 Too Obvious
7:09 Finally, Some Useful Info
7:53 Two Pieces of Advice
8:27 The Right Way to Elaborate
10:06 Reasons People Watch This Kind of Video
11:44 This is Wrong
12:59 There is No Space for This
14:00 Roasting Finale

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=================== text video ====================

i’m a nice guy

most of the time you see change is

better than being nice and you all need

to get better on youtube howdy howdy

everyone nate here okay a little bit of

the story going on here you see a few

weeks ago i did a video roast i thought

hey this is an interesting idea let’s do

a video roast and see how people like it

you really liked it but the main

feedback i got was wow that was the

calmest roast i have ever seen in my


and i saw that and i thought challenge

accepted you see the main reason i don’t

often get really up in people’s faces is

because i care about people a lot and i

never want it to feel like an attack on

the person rather on the piece of

content so i’m always very cautious

about that so with this video i am going

to roast the heck out of this video

because there are a lot of things that

need to change asap and there is a

really strong possibility that you yes

you watching this are doing a lot of the

things that i’m about to roast so here’s

what happened a little while ago as a

recording i asked you for the video that

you wanted to have absolutely roasted by

nate and so going into it you knew it

was going to be a video roast uh the

person who i’m roasting their video knew

this was going to be a video roast so i

have full permission and as i started

looking through this list of videos i

actually didn’t have to go far to find

this one you see this video the blink

mini security camera best affordable

security cameras from the channel jason

mazarek jason’s an awesome guy i’ve

watched several of your videos but this

video is mostly awful and i gotta show

you why so you don’t make these same

mistakes in your own videos all right

with all of that behind us let us get to

the roasting let’s start at the very

beginning a very good place to start the

intro we’ll be looking at the blink mini

indoor security camera


yeah kind of cool kind of catchy welcome

to the channel my name’s jason here on

this channel i do a lot of food and

product reviews if you’re new here hit

that subscribe button down no

no stop it

stop it was previously shared a lot to

invite people to subscribe in the first

45 seconds of the video because you know

the drop-off rate you know people are

leaving your video therefore invite them

to subscribe at the very beginning

that’s absolutely archaic and outdated

it’s useless to do that because there’s

no reason it is literally feeling space

where you could be showing them how

valuable the video is that you’re just

inviting people to do something that

they are not going to do and even if

they did it may not be a high quality

subscribe so don’t do that stop it like

i said today we’re checking out the

blink mini indoor security camera okay i

just discovered these devices a few

weeks ago

a friend had mentioned that he had a

couple security cameras

in his apartment and that they were

super cheap

so i immediately looked him up and

the biggest disappointment i have with

this device

is that i waited so long to get it all

right that was actually

pretty good hook there my my issue is

we’re 41 seconds in

you could have started with that the

biggest complaint i have is i didn’t

actually get this sooner ah that would

have been great start with that and and

not 41 seconds in now as you can see

blink has different devices these is

that middle one there the blink mini

wait why why why why why would you go to


website of all things so we’ve got it

we’ve got the box in our hand but if i’m

look if i’m here for a review and all of

you doing reviews take note here why

would someone want to see the website if

they’re looking up a review they want to

see someone who actually has the device

and who’s actually used it

why would they want to see the website

they can already go to the website

there’s no reason to go to the website

right at the beginning much less than

the first minute of the video then you

have like the

you have the blink outdoor and then

let’s see

okay i i can’t i can’t here’s why it’s

so awkward you’re pausing like at the

you those little intakes of breath you


and and then we see your eyes looking up

at the screen past past the camera

you’re not even looking at us right here

you’re looking up here because you’re

looking up at your screen

but what’s the problem with that it

feels like

you don’t even know what you’re talking

about meaning you’re you’re not only are

you looking at the website but you don’t

even know what to look for on the

website that’s immediately a big cringe

factor and in fact what follows i

pre-watched all of this

from about minute 110

we’re just if you look here

we are just showing information from the

website and from amazon up until about


two minutes and 10 seconds in

when this finally happens so here is the

camera itself

finally you finally showed me the camera

this is a product review and we’re two

and a half minutes in of a 22 minute

video that’s already a long video that

should have happened a lot sooner and

all the information before this showing

amazon showing the website completely

useless think about this logically why

are people there for a product review

they want to know things that they can’t


from looking at the freaking website and

amazon so showing the website and amazon

absolutely useless information you

finally pull out the device here has a

usb plug

with an adapter you

you don’t say

you know this is nothing against jason i

think jason’s awesome but from a content

perspective the product has a usb

plug-in like

and actually what follows is the most

basic stuff for an entire another minute

all information that is a given if

someone really an audience if they’re

looking and they’re looking up a review

for a security camera they’re at least

mildly tech savvy and of course they

know there’s a freaking usb plugin it

sounds like i’m being a little harsh

here but i’m trying to nail in a point

here if you are sharing information that

is so

stupidly obvious that

anybody watching is already knows that

and you’re sharing that in your video

people are going to leave like why on

earth would i want to watch this when

i’m three minutes in and i’ve had maybe

20 seconds of actually useful

information out of a three over three

minutes into the video i’ve had maybe 20

seconds why would i want to sit here and

watch another 22 minutes of the same

stuff now having said that right here it

gets in to start to show the actual app

which is a bit more non-obvious stuff

because what you can’t get from a

promotional video like on their website

is this is a real person actually

walking through the app so obviously you

download the app the blink app right

here i’ll click on that the app and i’m

just showing the app


so there are my four cameras see and

that is non-obvious information that is

stuff that if i were to go to review

yeah i want to see that like that that’s

interesting to me but i will say that’s

really small i mean we’ve got the entire

frame going on here why don’t we make it

bigger so it’s more visual just

something so it’s not just a small thing

an entire sea of desktop and then if we

jump ahead a full three minutes to

minute six of four why are people coming

to this i have a buyer intent i’m

looking to actually buy this i’m curious

about it i want to see what it actually

looks like the actual footage laying in

there on the living room floor see so

there’s this camera playing on the floor

and we actually get to see what it looks

like he just got his toy off there all

right let’s jump ahead to minute 844

here there’s something that happens here

that just

needs to be addressed asap like i said i

have the one on the door so i know if

anyone comes in and out and also

you know there’s times where i leave i’m

like oh did i shut the door did i lock

it well i can just go ahead okay you see

i did i didn’t even realize i was making

this face here it’s because you just did

you catch on

i i


you see what i’m saying that type of

thing it’s not that i’m nate never makes

those mistakes or you never make those

mistakes of just


i trying to figure out what you’re

saying it’s not that we never make those

mistakes it’s that

two things one of two things needs to

happen here either we need to practice

more so that we’re able to speak more

clearly and get a message across more

succinctly or we need to cut it out in

editing because that’s the type of thing

that’s going to undermine your authority

as a review video if it feels like

you’re making up stuff in the moment as

you were saying it then it kind of feels

like you don’t know what you’re talking


all right in minute 956

we’ve got a pause while you’re finding

something down here

uh blink subscription plan

and then showing obvious information the

issue here is not that you don’t want to

give a summary of of important key

information for this you can mention

those things but then elaborate add

something that they didn’t already find

when they were researching that product

in the first place okay at this point we

are almost halfway through the video and

i haven’t had a call to action in this

video i’d love it if you would boop the

like button so it can spread to more

people and i would also like to see

jason doing that all right let’s get on

to the subject of the preparation of

this video now this video is taken thus

far very much an approach of i’m gonna

sit down and just talk about this

product not necessarily that i prepared

key things to share about this product

and it is very conversational which

there are good things to be said about

that but let me show you a clip and show

you why that would not be a good idea

for i paid i

i’m trying to think did i

i think i got this from best buy and it

was like 24 25 keep an eye on all these

go on sale so again if it isn’t 34 is

not that bad so

let’s just say it’s not on sale right

now you’re gonna get it for 34. here’s

what it feels like to me it feels like

you did not prepare to make this video

at all aside from you you have the

product that’s great you set up the

product but as far as what you’re

actually going to say in this video

very little preparation and it’s coming

across because we didn’t do the work in

the post editing to eliminate the ums

and oz and and in the pre-preparation to

make sure that we’re sharing those juicy

details that they can’t get from the

product page and elsewhere saying things

like uh yeah i think i got it for this


uh but i’m not sure

it’s undermining you it’s undermining

your authority that is not a good thing

if you’re sharing a product review

here’s the reasons why people want to

watch product reviews on youtube one

they just love that category of products

they’re just fascinated by it and they

just binge watch a whole bunch of those

products even if they’re not going to

buy it that’s the one the two is

they’re actually having a buyer intent

an action intent meaning they want to

see a real person reviewing a real

product that’s not polished put together

by the company or an amazon review they

want to actually experience that thing

from a real person and this video is

doing neither of those things if we go

to minute 15 to about minute 15 and a

half something happens at this point in

the video i wanted you guys to see again

like i said super cheap

really good and let me see if i have any

and this is like this right here when

it’s in black and white so it’s

completely dark right there what does it

feel like right there it feels like

jason doesn’t have anything else to say

in the video we still have a full

several minutes in the video but the

feeling is

uh like i said great comparison uh

let me come up with something else to

say in this video that’s what it feels

like that will never work in any video

as soon as you get that feeling people

are out of there they’re gone they they

want to know they want to feel the


that you prepared and you are not at a

loss for words ever let me play you this

other part here it picks up the motion

it records that

but it’s

i don’t know the brains of it somehow it

starts before the motion even happens

so like it it’s always filming maybe

always recording but not saving it’s

like oh here’s motion

see see that’s that’s wrong it it can

still be included but we need to take a

few different directions here neither

needs to be played up as the

entertainment up i don’t know how this

thing is this thing is crazy or you need

to find an answer to that before you

record the video because

this is a weird in-between space that’s

not serving now right here you actually

get into some more useful information

you’re showing some night footage what

does it actually look like

at night it’s black and white because

it’s got the infrared camera turned on

and so this is what actually looks like

this is some good information so this is

definitely something i would include so

at this point we’re almost at the end of

this 22 minute video and something

happens right here

super cool devices again you know either

pay the 10 a month for multiple cameras

or just get one of these and i will do

an updated video like i said my

subscription goes to what was it like

this is all information that was already

shared in the video it is repeating the

same stuff i am going to continue to

roast this until this point gets in for

you guys watching this and especially

for jason also which by the way jason

you’re awesome if you’re watching this

thank you for submitting this but on

youtube people value their time

especially it’s happening all over the

world people are valuing their time more

and more in repeating yourself there’s

almost no space for it unless you’re

adding to what was already said then we

get to an interesting final point where

it feels like the video should end watch

this that subscribe button down there

hit that bell notification notified

every time i upload new video and i will

see you guys next time

i’m gonna pause it because the screen

hit the subscribe the music was playing

the screen faded to black

and yet we still have a minute left of

the video no end screen is that long

what the heck

and one thing i forgot to mention is how


you set these up

take them plug it in

i forgot to mention something in my

review that’s fine what you do is you

take that clip and you put it earlier in

the video because what happens is it

felt like the end of the video why would

anybody keep watching when there’s a

minute left if you look at the audience

retention right here it happens boom

everybody drops off so the only thing

you needed to do in that case is take

that clip cut it put it earlier on in

the video let me tell you the broad take

on this the ultimate roast on this video

one the whole video has less than

five minutes worth of information i

watched through the whole thing several

times and

if i had pulled up a timer maybe i

should have pulled up a timer to the

stuff that was actually new information

or useful to a buyer intend audience or

most of the audience that would watch

that type of video

five minutes or less man so there’s two

ways this needed to happen either cut it

down like edit the heck out of that

thing to only make it five minutes or

add more stuff that’s actually useful

and stop repeating yourself and another

thing was very interesting about this

that was not immediately obvious and

that is i looked at this video and

several videos on the channel and in

fact if i show you the channel there’s a

lot of like food reviews a lot of

bringing back old videos in a few tech

items but the problem i realized this

channel is positioned like hey jason’s

like your everyday friend like hey we’re

just friends let’s hang out i’m gonna

review random stuff because i feel like

reviewing it but if i look at the

footage itself the lighting is actually

very professional there’s a dissonance

so there’s two ways we need to go here

we either need to go the more casual

this is jason just hanging out reviewing

and do more entertainment style stuff

like guys i’m experiencing these brand

new halloween cupcakes that that are at

walmart because there are videos similar

to that on this channel and just make

play up the entertainment side or we

need to go the professional side because

right now we’re at a weird in between

spot that’s not super helpful from the

information side but it’s also not super


all right that was crazy i’m gonna get a

drink of water because that was really


it’s really warm in here i’ve got the

lights on and everything anyway thank

you guys for watching and nate out


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