I Reviewed 250 End Screens Because You Need to Know THIS

Is it a good idea to put end screens in your YouTube videos? It’s… complicated.
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0:00 Why Are End Screens Dangerous?
0:45 What’s Been Happening (Behind the Scenes)
2:00 3 End Screen Types
2:24 Which Type is Best?
2:51 What the Data Tells Us
3:23 Something I Realized
4:09 What We Should be Asking
5:19 The Biggest Problem with End Screens
5:54 The Rarest Type of End Screen
6:51 Will this Work for All Channels?
7:57 The Best Way to Do End Screens

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bet you never thought you’d be watching

a video about youtube end screens and


here you are howdy howdy everyone nate

here end screens are those things that

appear at the very end of a youtube

video giving you the option to either

subscribe or watch other videos on that

creator’s channel the first question is

why do youtube end screens even matter

well from a youtube algorithm standpoint

average view duration meaning the amount

of time that people watch a video

matters so because it’s an indicator of

how how satisfied a viewer is in

watching a video so in a lot of cases

when an end screen pops up people will

click away or they’ll leave the video

because they feel like it’s the end of

the video and viewer behavior is heading

towards uh what’s next you know what

what’s the next interesting thing i can

consume on youtube so if many people are

leaving at the end of a video before the

video is over it’s not as good it turns

out that a lot of you wanted to know how

to effectively use youtube end screens

and let me tell you i have been doing

research a lot of research and they are

really tricky to get right so let me

tell you what i’ve been doing behind the

scenes first of all a few weeks ago i

asked you for your videos that you

wanted to have reviewed by me because

they performed really well or they

weren’t doing very well and within that

data i ask you for screenshots of the

key moments of audience retention metric

which shows the drop-off rate at the end

of the video so i had that point on

hundreds of videos and then i also went

through and selected several large

youtubers channels and took their most

recent 10 videos and looked at what kind

of end screens they had now i don’t have

the data on the back end of how their

retention was on each of those videos i

don’t have it but i wanted to see what

kind of end screen they were doing so

channels like mark rober mr breest nikki

tutorials dream woodworking art scotty

kilmer what’s up moms so i took all of

these data points to try to find some

answers for you on how to most

effectively use youtube end screens and

this is kind of fun it feels like the og

nate is back here spitting facts busting

myths doing ridiculous amounts of


so let me show you some of what i found

here as i was looking through all of

these data points i realized that end

screens could be categorized into a few

different kinds i would categorize them

as none meaning there’s no end screen

put into the video a non-interrupt

meaning that the video just continued on

and the end screen elements showed up

but there was no indication that that

was the end of the video and a dedicated

end screen meaning that the video

elements showed up and it was purposely

put there with some background music you

know integrating watch this video next

or similar now with all of this data i

know the question burning in your mind

right now is well which one is best nate

well let me show you but first of all i

would love it if you would boop the like

button on this video so it can spread to

more people i appreciate it thank you so

with your data i went through and i

randomly selected several of the videos

and categorized them according to the

end screen type non-interrupt dedicated

or none and it was a pretty interesting

distribution a pretty even balance

between the non-interrupt and the

dedicated and then a few just didn’t

have end screens on them now when i look

at the average percentage viewed on them

i would say there’s not really a

statistically significant difference

between them on the dedicated it was

about the average of this data set it

was about 42 percent in the

non-interrupt it was about 39 that also

includes when i went through and i

looked at every single one of your

analytics here to look at the drop at

the end i categorized it according to

the flow of the end screen meaning was

it a drop off was it a gradual or was it

almost flat meaning not a lot of people

were leaving at the end of the video and

for the most part it was not really

surprising to me most of them were

drop-offs with a few occasional graduals

and a few almost flat i realized a few

things first of all that there isn’t

necessarily a single best end screen

element type meaning a video a playlist

subscribe but also without seeing a

statistically significant response to

any of these whether a non-interrupt

versus a dedicated will get you a better

retention or not i also can’t say one of

those is definitely better than the

other which got me to thinking what is

the real question here really guys is it

which end screen elements or which type

of end screen is best not necessarily

because also when i look at the data

from the big youtubers uh there was a

pretty broad distribution nine of the

videos i looked at were none 20 of them

were non-interrupt and 39 of them were

dedicated end screens and this varied

across channel to channel with several

channels doing every single type of end

screen so i realized when i was looking

at this the real question isn’t that

it’s how do i improve the end of my

video because when you really look at it

really i mean think about it an end

screen what is the purpose of an end

screen it’s to lead people to other

content on your channel it’s to make

your audience enjoy more of what you

have whether that’s subscribing or

watching another video or a playlist

that is the real purpose so the real

question was how do i get better at that

and in fact if i show you on my channel

if i go to the analytics then screen

element type it’s a pretty good


out of almost a hundred thousand end

screen elements shown

about seven and a half thousand elements

clicks now the majority of those are

videos because i don’t put these other

elements as much and out of all of those

about eight percent are clicking now

speaking to this point of why are end

screens even valuable that is eight

percent more views than i would have had

if i didn’t put any end screen so i look

at that and i think the first question

is it even valuable to use an end screen

yes it is because that is eight percent

more views than i would have gotten and

when you add that up over a lot of views

that gets really big really fast but the

biggest problem is that people leave

before the video is over so we have this

issue we have we’re reducing our average

view duration uh if our end screen isn’t

very good if we’re reducing the average

view duration on the video which is an

indicator to the algorithm it’s not

doing as well it’s not as popular of a

video the satisfaction isn’t as high

that’s the one issue and then the other

issue is what if people aren’t even

clicking on those end screen element

types or tapping on them if they’re on

mobile so we got these two things and

that got me realizing guys what if there

was a way to have the benefits of people

clicking without the detriment of people

leaving the video and that brought me to

the fourth type of end screen the most

rare type of end screen on youtube that

i saw of all the data that i collected

that this is the one i do not see

nearly at all and that is a directed end

screen so a directed end screen is where

you combine the value of the

non-interrupt meaning they don’t even

know the end of the video is coming

until the very last moment with the

value of inviting them to another video

or pointing them in another direction on

your channel it is amazing and nobody is

doing it in fact if i look at the data i

went through and i classified these

directed end screens only two out of the

large youtubers videos that i looked at

were doing it and out of all the videos

that i reviewed from you guys only three

of the ones that i randomly selected

were this directed end screen type also

so how do you do a directed end screen

type nate you ask well watch till the

end of this video because i’m going to

show you

but first i wanted to answer a few of

the biggest questions that i know are

just coming up for you guys right now

the first is will the directed end

screen type work for any type of video

and yes i’ve i thought through several

scenarios and yes in almost every

scenario it will work because let’s say

for example i’m doing a gaming video you

might be tempted to just do a dedicated

end screen here’s what’s next what if

for example you were doing a minecraft

youtube channel and you had a video the

video you were watching the audience was

watching was hey i survived 100 days in

minecraft what if you have another one

the end you said hey this was my

survived 100 days of minecraft i

actually have another one where i

survived 150 days in minecraft hardcore

or if you’re doing more of a vloggy

style channel and let’s say it’s about

your pets and it’s all about your golden

retriever and you have this really funny

thing you’re trying to feed the golden

retriever a new diet and they’re just

not taking it and then at the end of the

video you say something like hey i can’t

think of a golden retriever name




hey moe the golden retriever

and then at the end you do something

like hey moe the going retriever is

there another video that you think

people should watch and then have them

point to another video and say yeah this

is the one’s great because in this one i

feed him all his favorite foods for his

birthday the next question i wanted to

address is should i put an end screen on

youtube shorts my answer is don’t even

worry about it because the majority of

views on youtube shorts come from the

short shelf and the end screen doesn’t

even show up there and the end screen if

they’re watching on regular youtube

often the end screen covers up so much

of the video you’re actually distracting

from the short so there’s actually one

more way to do youtube end screens that

i didn’t even mention in this video and

it’s one of my favorites i demonstrate

it in this video so you’ll want to go

watch that video next see now you gotta

go watch that video

and nate out


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