I Recorded 52 Videos in a Day

This isn’t clickbait. I wanted to push the limits and see how many videos could be recorded in a small amount of time. It was… crazy.

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0:00 Can You Make a Channel That Runs Itself?
0:19 The Crazy Idea
1:05 How it Went
1:39 What People Said
3:55 What Failed
5:17 The Numbers
5:58 What I Hadn’t Considered
7:11 Do I Recommend It? It’s Complicated
8:53 What Could Happen

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can you make a channel that runs itself

really can you make enough videos that

you could schedule them out and be done

for an entire year the idea seems so

good and yet

there are so many things wrong with it

howdy howdy everyone nate here it is

story time so a little more than a year

ago my team and i got a crazy idea we

thought what if you could record enough

videos within a short amount of time

that you were done for a long time into

the future and the number we set on it

was look if we published one video every

week that’s 52 videos and what if we did

that in 24 hours can you make 52 videos

in 24 hours you see the idea was so

intriguing that we set a 24 hour period

of time and said you know what we’re all

gonna go to my buddy’s house and we’re

gonna do this ricky with pellet smokers

nathan with outdoor grills anna with

vegetarian meal prep fitness lifestyle

and everything in between and finally

nate with public speaking presenting and

amazingness so how did it go nate you

ask well it’s a bit complicated which is

why i wanted to make this video because

there are some really interesting things

that came out of this experiment you see

we all started arriving at my buddy’s

house at about four in the morning and

for some of us we didn’t get much sleep

before that because of all the

anticipation we’d each specified a

general location where we’re gonna start

recording and we each had our own camera

our own microphone all our own lights

before we arrived we had each outlined

our own 52 videos and each of our

channels was on a variety of topics from

public speaking to cooking to outdoors

to fitness in fact i went to several of

the friends who were there during that

day to ask them how it went okay here we

have nathan he’s got a very similar name

to myself here is anna and here we have

ricky what was cool about it i really

really enjoyed the the research that i

had to do for the the videos that i was

going to create i think that that really

helped me understand like what videos

could be created in the space that i was

looking to create videos in

and it gave me a really good long list

of videos to do so that i could just

knock them out really really fast i feel

like i got a lot better on camera um i

don’t feel comfortable on camera

generally speaking and before that i had

always struggled to do very upbeat kind

of just very fast-paced videos but in

this case i just had no choice

in the day so i thought that that was

really cool afterward we actually had a

product and it was it was an

accomplishment not many people could say

that they filmed recorded you know

outlined and edited 52 videos and made

thumbnails for 52 videos so that was

really cool it did feel like a sense of

accomplishment it was also cool because

it was kind of a fun party for the whole

team it was like we were all in it

together i can’t even imagine trying to

do this on your own i didn’t even think

about that until right now just how hard

that would be to try and press through

and actually do this on your own because

there was all of us there was a team

there we were all you know lifting each

other up and motivating each other and

there was no there was no option to quit

just knowing that i could do it knowing

that i could film video after video

after video

often times i’ll film one or two videos

and i’ll feel pretty wiped out but

experiencing that where i was prepared

enough and i could do a lot was really

cool the other cool thing was is if i

have a setup that i want to use in

multiple videos but that’s kind of a

complex setup it’s kind of nice to film

one right after another as opposed to

setting it up and then maybe having to

take it down and setting it up another

day so what was really cool for me about

the experience was i got to have 52

videos it was very satisfying to get all

of those ideas out into recorded form in

a very short amount of time however it

was not all good what was not cool about

it the day of and just the whole thing

because we were so busy filming video

after video after video it for me at

least i don’t know about you nate i

didn’t stop a lot and like take drinks

of water and so i felt like

at the end my voice was super raspy

and i was pretty dehydrated yeah i like

didn’t speak for days afterwards and

that’s something we didn’t even think


beforehand you just kind of get

quite honestly burnt out especially

toward the end to be honest i didn’t

even know what i was saying to the


the video quality just wasn’t there we

really only had the option to do one

take videos because our goal was just

very little editing and i feel like that

just made for a very rushed video that


what it could have been for me i had a

microphone that i wore all day long that

turns out for half the day

or more wasn’t working i was outdoors so

there was wind noise and stuff so i

couldn’t use the camera audio just

totally unusable that’s a huge problem

with batching so much at once

i didn’t have any opportunity at some

point along the way to check and make

sure everything was working as it should

by video about 18 i was sure that i was

done i hit a total wall i was sure that

i was not going to be able to keep going

in fact i think it was only because i

had my buddies my friends hanging out

there that i did keep going as i looked

back at the recordings i had made if i

were to give numbers on it there were

about 12 recordings that i would not

publish because they were so bad i

didn’t i didn’t prepare sufficiently or

my energy was shot by the end of the day

and then i had about 30 that were just

um so so but the bright side was i did

have 12 that were really good videos

that i thought would do very well on my

channel you see the original plan was

for each of us to start our own separate

youtube channel independent of each

other no interlinking no connecting no

promotion or anything just start

publishing videos one a week for an

entire year and see what happened we

were going to come back in a year and

check in and see okay which of us won

and you know do a party for whichever

channel one but that is where things

started to fall apart you see what we

had not factored in when we did this was

the follow-through it’s not enough to

just outline and record 52 videos and

you know watching this you you might

have already been thinking this up to

this point you have to edit those videos

and you have to make thumbnails for

those videos and you have to schedule

out those videos and create descriptions

and it started to fall apart because we

didn’t count the cost of what it would

look like after the fact when you have

52 videos that you suddenly have to edit

and do all that work on it feels like

this huge mountain of work

even though you could spread it out over

a year you want to get it all done right

now because you want that whole batch of

content done

and it’s not feasible you maybe kind of

get this feeling that you know i’m done

you just barely got started and so when

we talk about actual results of this we

didn’t even publish all 52 videos on any

of those channels this is me coming out

and saying look i made a mistake it was

never going to be a let’s record them

all at once and then publish them and be

completely done there was so much

follow-up that i just did not factor in

so what i don’t have to report here is

the results of several channels that

were just run completely on autopilot i

don’t have anything to share here but

what i do have here is some really good

pointers for batching videos on your own

channel because the question you may be

asking yourself right now is well nate

do you recommend doing something similar

or even batching videos at all and in

fact i asked that same question to my

friends this is what they had to say i

think that

learning how to

plan a video film a video and kind of

just that execution in kind of a fast

way i think that that’s really important

i was pretty brand new to youtube at the

time when we started doing that and so

it was really really hard for me to just

get into a video start recording

and so i feel like i learned so much

from that i would probably recommend

just not 52 in 24 hours maybe do like

four videos in the morning or something

just to fit what would work for you

personally all said and done it’s all

good i’m fine don’t worry about me say

you’re getting your channel started

and you just want to get a head start

this is a great head start you wanted to

do 10 on a weekend or a saturday or

something and you came out with seven

solid videos can you imagine how long

that would take you if you were just

doing your regular publishing schedule

that’s pretty cool that’s a really good

point yeah i mean most people only do

two four six eight ish in a month right

if you’re doing a two a week publishing

schedule so that’s getting you ahead

almost a month being prepared for

multiple videos at once is a good thing

to do i do think that there are

situations where we’re batching some

content especially where there’s maybe


um setup that’s kind of complex is going

to be used for multiple videos go ahead

and batch them fill them all in a day

but that batch is maybe more like four

videos or six videos not 52

that’s my recommendation don’t do 52

videos in one day so for me i think one

of the biggest reasons why it didn’t

work was because of the follow-through

however i think the concept of batching

is still really solid and so in

retrospect when i look at the idea of

creating an entire year’s worth of

videos within a short period of time i

don’t care if it’s just one month and

you make an entire video’s worth of

videos i don’t think it would work

entirely purely in that form because

content on youtube needs to feel fresh

and things change so quickly trends

change uh current events you learn

something new that just creating or

operating off of content that was

recorded even six months ago isn’t the

best approach but what i do think is

batching content intermixed with some

fresh on the moment recorded content

could be a very good strategy for

building a channel oh yeah and there was

one other question i had to ask my

friends after the fact boop the like

button boop the like button boop the

like button

if not yet you should have by now so you

heard them boop the like button if this

video is interesting to you and also let

me know if you want to see me make a

video diving further into the strategy

of batching videos in the meantime i did

make this video for you guys

demonstrating one of the best ways that

does work to grow your channel and so

you’ll want to go watch that next and

nate out


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