I Paid a Stranger $15 to Edit My YouTube Video

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In this video, We Hired 4 Editors Between $15 & $1000 to Edit the Same Youtube Video! The Ending is Truly Shocking & Not What We Expected!

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=================== text video ====================

dude this is so tough this is so fire

that is only one of the four videos that

we paid for all ranging from super cheap

to really really expensive all the

editors are gonna be given the same

footage the same music options and the

same instructions and the best video

editor is gonna win this awesome prize

we’ll go ahead and open it there’s just

like a couple things in here i’m shocked

no yeah but in order to judge these

videos fairly i will have no idea how

much these videos cost when i watch them

okay hold on there’s a few things here

that are a little iffy making me think

it’s on the cheaper end and it will be

my job to guess how much each video

costs today we are going to find out how

much you should actually pay for a video


all right all right nolan the videos are

in the videos are in and right as omar

was about to show me these videos omar

had a really cool idea he told me that

he wanted to give away some tickets to

you guys watching this to come see

garyvee and a bunch of other awesome

speakers at our event in las vegas but

nolan although we want to give this away

i don’t want to just make it all some

easy willy-nilly giveaway it’s going to

be on you to determine whether we’re

going to give some tickets away it’s

going to be on me it’s on you bro

all right here are the rules all right

if you get one out of the four right you

get nothing

like willy wonka so you get

nothing you’re not gonna give any

tickets away if i get one right if

you’re one out of four bro we gotta talk

about whether you should still be

uploading on think media if you get two

out of four if you go 50 from the field

we will give away one ticket to grow

with video live let’s turn up the stakes

if you get three out of four right we’ll

give two tickets away nolan shoots 100

from the field which i will which he

will but we’re gonna give away two

tickets to grow with video live and i

just got this information it just came

in nolan we’re gonna give away a

one-year epidemic sound subscription so

that you can have fire music in your

videos so whoever wins this is gonna get

an unlimited library of music for their

youtube videos unlimited sound effects

that they can use and a ticket to growth

video live but actually epidemic wants

to give away a free month of their paid

subscription to anyone epidemic thank

you so much for sponsoring this video

i’m gonna do my best here we go all

right nolan we got video a i’m excited

but i’m actually super nervous so let’s

hit play



dude this is pretty good i’m not gonna

lie this is pretty good this is flowing

pretty well i like the pacing


dude this is good this is good they

chose the low-key music because we had

five different songs that they could

choose from

but it works well with this all right

all right what do you think this is what

i gotta say honestly i was really

impressed with that video i don’t think

that’s the one thousand dollar video

my my initial thought is this might be

this could be the 100 video the second

half kind of slowed down a little bit

overall i thought it was a great video i

don’t know i don’t know we’re gonna have

to see let’s let’s watch the let’s watch

video b all right oh snap i haven’t even

hit play yet and we got some effects

happening okay

oh my gosh bro

you gotta be kidding me dude this is so


oh that transition

dude this is so fire this is so fire

a little speed ramping there all right

all right

dang dude this is confusing

i thought i was gonna be able to like

get all these right and know for sure

but i’m just gonna i’m gonna end up

leaving more confused the intro was

that was next level just like showing

all the effects like that is sick one

thing though which i’m trying to figure

out what to think of this i could tell

during this shot this was green and now

it’s kind of grayed out so they

definitely use some sort of what kind of

doing a little stylized look so they

definitely did some color grading i

don’t know what to think of that you

know would the 1 000 person make that

decision maybe maybe

maybe not i don’t know so parts of it

are making me think it might be the 100

version but it could be the one thousand

dollar video

okay hold on there’s a few things here

that are a little iffy making me think

it’s on the cheaper end it’s not bad

though it’s not bad but

okay the before shots i wish they would

have had text or something saying that

was the before shot but

a little time lapse little speed speed

it up a little bit

okay omar

video c is definitely on the cheaper end

than video b and video a and there’s a

few things that gave it away for me the

opening scene when this text came in i

don’t know just to me it felt kind of

cheap and then there was something about

the way that they used these like speed

ramps that weren’t super smooth they

kind of were like fast and jittery i’m

thinking i’m thinking this might be the

15 version but i’m not going to settle

for that yet we got to watch the last

video which is video d oh no oh no we

haven’t even started yet and i’m gonna

be confused dude i’m really trying to

win the giveaway for these guys but

they’re this is making it hard for me

let’s hit play


that intro is nice i like how they

showed all of them oh

boy i like the text effects before and

afters oh wow

this is clean bro those transitions are

clean i like how they added in the extra

text for like the shower curtain the

stuff i’m using you know hmm


okay so i gotta say this this shot i

kept looking down because i was actually

looking at my my wireless monitor you

think they would choose a different clip

like look you can see i looked down and

then i like sit up because i’m like oh i

need to fill the frame better so anyways

that’s just kind of silly at the

beginning of this looks super good as it

kept going on i started to think this

might not be as expensive as i think it

is and a few things gave it away one a

little bit of the pacing you know slower

cuts and stuff i can tell this effect

right here i’ve used this effect before

actually and that kind of makes me think

it might be on the cheaper end just

because i know that’s like a free

transition that you can get and it

didn’t look like they did much of color

grading this clip right here it goes to

the after shot at 46 seconds and then we

get another after shot here at 50

seconds and it stays all the way till

the end a professional video editor

would not leave that much dead space at

the end of a video so i’m thinking this

isn’t as expensive as i initially

thought it could be

for the next 10 minutes i went back and

forth i studied the film i

so omar i’m kind of at a stake in or

what would you call a stake in the road

a fork in the road

i’m not a forking remote

this is difficult for me this is as more

time went on i started to doubt myself

maybe more is more

oh my god

i’m changing my i’m changing it i think

video a is 50 and i think video d is

100. and i might be wrong but i’m gonna

go with it i’m ready to lock in my

answers if you’re watching this right

now guys in the comments before omar

reveals it let us know which ones you

think it is there’s a lot of pressure

for me right now and i don’t know if i’m

getting this right all right the answers

are locked and you can’t change them

anymore this is it so what do you have

for video a nolan i i think it’s the 50

version and i might be wrong here but i

think it’s the 50 version

you’re right we got one we got one out

of four we got one out of four

so wait so i still haven’t won anything

yet though no yeah one out of four is

zero you get nothing nothing so we hey

we we gotta get one more at least i’m on

track edit b

nolan what is your final answer i think

video b


i could be wrong but i think it’s the

one thousand dollar edit

dude you got it right let’s go

we’re meeting somebody somebody’s coming

to grow with video live but hey that

that intro was the dead giveaway it gave

it away but that whole video was just

amazing oh my i will say for video c if

i miss here you miss heart two out of

four if it’s right i get four out of

four so this is for all the marbles

right here we’re talking a one year

subscription we’re talking two tickets

to grow with video live do you want to

lock in this answer i genuinely think

there there is a chance i could be wrong

because i’m just like you don’t know

what you’re going to get on fiverr i

think the best guess is is that video

cs15 and video ds 100. i’m locking it in

that’s it that’s it we’re all right

we’re gonna introduce the drum roll


four four four my man 100

out of the gate let’s go

let’s go all right i’m so pumped to give

away but as omar was given the details

to enter the giveaway i started thinking

about that prize that we would give to

the best editor he’s going to win this

awesome prize and i realized that the

best editor was kira the 1000 video and

when i looked closer

i saw that she lived in ukraine


hi kara hello

how are you

um i don’t know what to say the last

three weeks

is maybe

the worst weeks in my life and i have

bad internet bad level of english i

think your english is great you sound


thank you


what i’m doing here yes okay first of

all i just wanted to say you know that

we’re praying for you i didn’t know

actually when we booked your video i

didn’t know you were in ukraine until

after i booked it when you turned in the

video uh you didn’t know this but there

was actually it was actually a

competition we actually hired four

different video editors so that’s what

this prize that’s what this prize is


what is that we’ll go ahead and open it

there’s just like a couple things in

here so the first thing is you actually

won the competition you were the best

editor best editor yeah thank you so

much my production you know it’s not one

person it’s my production it’s a couple

of people you know it’s all people from

ukraine and you know your video was

added from bomb


from bomb from editors it’s a

emergency of air went bump

down on your city and it’s really

horrible don’t have electricity we are

working like that because maybe army

will win one time but economy will win

all war so

we are here and we are working and we

hold down and thank you so much for this

performance it’s really it’s really cool

this is just kind of a little silly

thing our company we have a conference

that we do and we wanted to give you a

ticket to come to grow with video live

if you want to watch online for free

we’re going to get you you know tickets

for free i will be there with pleasure

thank you so much there’s actually one

more thing that we wanted to give you

think media we have a youtube channel

the video that you sent us we posted it

to our youtube channel

and so everyone in our company at think

media what we wanted to do was for the

first year we wanted to give you guys a

hundred percent of the google ads all

the money that comes in in a year

you and i we can chat again and then

we’re gonna send you all the money that

that video makes from the google adsense


i’m shocked



yeah we wanted to do that you know it’s

the it’s really the least we could do i

know it’s like lots of money i think i

don’t know how much it i don’t know

thank you so much you’re very welcome

bye bye bye bye we will be in touch

thank you right now for every 1000 views

that kira’s video gets she gets 5.76 us

dollars so let’s get her 10 million

views on that video so that we can send

her over 57 000 that would just be

absolutely insane so click on the screen

to go watch cura’s video give it some

love let’s try and get as many views and

send as much money as we can to kyra

i’ll see you guys in the next video


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