How to TITLE Your YouTube Videos to Get More Views — 3 Tips

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0:00 — How to Create Killer Titles for Your Videos
3:05 — Title Formula 1
3:38 — Title Formula 2
4:38 — Title Formula 3
6:10 — Pro Tip
11:43 — Tip 1
13:40 — Tip 2
13:45 — Tip 3
14:30 — YouTube Strategies to Get More Views

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=================== text video ====================


titles can make or break the success of

your videos so in this video i’m

actually going to be breaking down

three super powerful title formulas that

we learned here at think media from

videos that have gotten over 1 million

views i’m also going to be talking about

a cool new tool that’ll use artificial

intelligence to help you come up with

titles on autopilot and then i’m going

to be live entering some of your video

ideas into that tool uh to get some

powerful insights and this will help all

of us even on the replay if you want to

get more views get more subscribers and


make a bigger impact with your content

and so just a little preview of what’s

coming up um on think media we have i

believe over 20 videos now that have

over a million views and as i look at

our most popular videos i started ask

myself the question man what are

the the title formulas what are kind of

like the format of the videos that have

led to 3.5 million views 3.4 million

views and the first one is best

have you done a video let me know in the

comments that is about best like best

copyright free music for youtube videos

or best video editing software and video

editing tips i think the psychology of

this one’s pretty clear because people

want the best you know hacks for a

particular game they want the best

workout for getting abs you know they

want the best pickup lines for reaching

out to somebody else you know what i

mean they want the best and so uh think

about how you could start off making a

video using the power of best so if

you’re interested in this kind of

content i’m going to bust into a few

more of these title formulas show you

this cool tool and i have a couple power

tips for you all that and more is coming

up today on the grow with video live



what is up sean cannell here with think

me media bringing you the best tips and

tools for building your influence with

online video today’s growth video live

show is brought to you by

vid iq and if you haven’t checked out

vid iq in just a second i’m going to be

showing you their brand new ai title


but you can actually grab a 30-day trial

of any plan from

vid iq at forward slash

think of any other paid plans and i’ll

tell you a little bit more about that

but i want to give you three title

formulas really quick and here’s what i

did i looked at think media’s top videos

of all time and if you add all of these

up i think we have about 20 or 21 videos

uh 22 23 that have a million views you

have a couple that are pretty close here

and um the first title formula i want

you to consider using is best so number

one is best copyright free music for

youtube videos best video editing

software let’s look best cheap cameras

for youtube videos have you ever made a

best video before best cheap smartphone

accessories here’s what i’ve learned

success leaves clues


especially if you’re in like an

education niche you’re teaching on

something let me know in the comments

what is a best type of video that you

could do where you you know best

something in your niche best workouts


strengthening your calves you know what

i mean so that’s number one here’s the

second one though how to

now don’t underestimate the power of a

how-to title we’ve got uh five years ago

i did a video called how to get free

stuff on amazon the video got three

million views

um let’s see how to come up with a

youtube name

2.5 million views how to make a youtube

video for beginners from start to finish

so what is a how-to video

in your niche that you could make now i

also uh want to ask what are the best

titles that you’ve seen when you look at

your most popular videos because when

we’re looking at this it’s not really

just title formulas we’re actually

looking at kind of video topics you know

65 percent of people go to youtube

wanting to solve a problem right they

want to learn how to make a video they

want to learn how to name their channel

so these videos how to make youtube

videos on your phone 2.3 million views

tap into the power

of how to videos but number three

is numbers and lists

i’ve really seen the power of this and

what we can notice is you can combo some

of these up so this one is best copy fr

copyright free music

top three

sites right so this is the top three

sites for copyright free music this kind

of taps into what’s called a listicle

right making listicle type videos so for

example best cheap cameras for youtube

videos six budget

camera reviews so there’s six different

cameras it gives you something to look

forward to how to come up with a youtube

name three tips and mistakes to avoid if

this is powerful hit the like button if

you’re getting value so you can see you

know how to make a thousand dollars on

youtube three ways

to earn

money on youtube and i think the power

of numbers and lists is it brings some

structure to your video and it gives uh

the viewer a reason to watch until the

end in fact one of the reasons you

should watch it till the end of this is

i’m not only going to show you that cool

tool but i have three tips see what i

did there i have three more tips later

about how you can power up your titles

and get more views it actually is a

structured reason to keep watching as

opposed to

where’s the person going next you know

where’s the crew is there any reason to

stick around is there anything coming up

and so when you have a list or numbers

and structure in your videos it can

really improve things and then here’s a

power tip

use words like free budget cheap i want

to encourage you to just use words in uh

general it’s actually really cool book

out it’s called words that sell and

phrases that sell and we’ll link that up

in the description those two books kind

of just help you think in li using words

like you know amazing or powerful and

neither of those words are that amazing

or powerful but it’s it’s sort of that

idea there are certain power words that

you can use so here’s an example

remember number three was numbers so 30

plus funny sound effects royalty free

right the fact that you can use these

sound effects

free and and free is a pretty attractive

word because they are truly free to use

if you want to use them for personal use

not commercial use and think about one

of my top viewed videos of all time

best copyright free music for youtube

videos and the top three free sites so

you know how to get free stuff on amazon

free is kind of a subject matter as well

as a word that’s incredibly powerful of

course budget and cheap cheap cameras

has done very well on think media

and so think about different power words

that you can do in terms of powering up

your videos in some cases power words

could be things like you use the word

unusual like three unusual ways


lose weight you’re like if it’s unusual

i’ve probably never heard it before it

creates fascination with your ultimate

goal of getting people to click on your

videos and so those are some of the

lessons we’ve learned but here’s the

question for you it’s like okay but what

if i’m still struggling to write my

titles and this is why i’m excited to

share this really cool tool with you so

there’s a new tool from vid iq called ai

title recommendations

and i’ve got billy on the back end

helping me in chat if you’ve got a topic

go ahead and share the topic of your

channel i want to enter some of your

next upcoming video topics he’ll start

those for me and i’ll enter yours into

this uh this cool tool but here’s what

you got to do to get access to it or let

me show you how it works first so if i

was going to do a video coming up on say

bitcoin right i could just type in

bitcoin and boom it

spits out cool titles that i could just

put on my video and it is based on you

know data that will actually help you

get views now what’s kind of interesting

about this

is you may have already created your

video and you can use this tool or this

actually might influence the next video

you create so you can see some of these

recommendations bitcoin what is it and

why is it on everyone’s mind good title

it’s really well written bitcoin

what you need to know what is bitcoin

and why should i care how bitcoin could

change the world and if you don’t like

any of these titles

you can just click refresh and it’ll

spit out some more titles really cool

right and so the goal of this ai title

recommendations tool

is to transform content ideas into

clickable intriguing titles and all you

have to do to start using it is you make

sure you install the vid iq extension

and then you can type in your video

topic and that you actually once you

have the vidiq extension installed it’ll

put this right below


details in your youtube studio so here’s

the video coming up from nolan

it’s on mistakes small youtubers make

and once you have the vid iq extension

installed you can just click this and it

will throw some titles at you so here’s

just the topic this is not the final


and five mistakes small youtubers make

five biggest mistakes small youtubers

make the 10 mistakes small youtubers

make right and look you can just click

use and it’ll put your title in there or

you could just click refresh

and it will

give you a couple different title

variations so it’s a pretty cool

tool to

speed up your workflow and especially if

you’re like man it’s hard to write great

titles did i accuse artificial

intelligence we’ll do it for you

and so the other way you can do it is

not just underneath your videos here but

there’s also of course the ai title

recommendations on so let me know if you’re a

vidiq user

because ultimately


the uh cool thing about there’s a

web-based set of tools and this is one

of the coolest things uh that is there

so let’s enter some of your topics so

one here ta vlog says sneakers so we can

go sneakers

let’s see here the best sneakers for men

that make a great video the best

sneakers of 2018 how about 2022 five

sneaker trends you should be obsessed

with man amazing like i’m like i want to

see these videos like really well

written right uh what are the best

sneakers of 2022 or whatever year right

the ultimate guide to the best sneakers

for men so

ta vlogs i definitely recommend jumping

off on side of those

but the cool thing about this let’s go a

little bit deeper let’s check out


and what’s your goal here in fact let me

give you a couple tips um

we’ll start with film making did i spell

it right i did not i did

uh there’s two m’s here we go all right

so filmmaking here we go how filmmaking

really works how to make a good movie

the best tips for filmmakers so then

watch this you may want to add another

word so filmmaking tips

and now you get a whole nother set of

recommendations so here’s tip number one

you can refresh for more titles you can

refresh for more titles so you enter in

your topic you’ve got filmmaking tips

how to be a successful filmmaker these

are all great you could copy the title

right if you want and then you could

share that on maybe upcoming videos you

want to make or narrow it down but watch

this tip number one you can refresh this

11 tips for filmmaking success

27 tips you need to know right so just

different if i want to keep going let me

keep refreshing

100 plus tips to make your videos look

better so he’s amazing right so that’s

that’s tip number one now tip number two

and let me grab another topic from you

let’s go rainbow slime here from flutter

slime so rainbow slime i know slime’s

actually a huge niche

on youtube

so rainbow slime the newest rainbow uh

candy a recipe very good a crazy recipe

there’s a power word right rainbow slime

what is it

so you might go rainbow slime recipe

because i’m getting insights here

right and so add a remove a word

and you can start going different

directions so now i’ve refreshed and

added a word and how to make rainbow

slime with food coloring

great have you done and that’s what i

want to ask you too

like if you haven’t done

like these basic videos not even if

they’re basic but if you go to your

channel right now

and you look and you’re like i’ve done

like 50 videos i’m just struggling it’s

so hard

if you haven’t just done like basic

videos like

how to make rainbow slime with food

coloring and put like a great effort

forward like made a great effort around

that like 27 filmmaking tips and like

put a great effort forward then then

stop like judging your results and start

making really solid topics with really

solid titles with really good content to

back it up

that’s what’s powerful about these tools

is they’re really identifying for us

you know like just straight forward

um insights okay so tip number one

refresh for more titles tip number two

add or remove words from the topic bar

but check this out tip number three

take topic ideas from vidiq’s daily

ideas tool

and so um

i will do a couple more examples here in

a second but the daily i took ideas tool

is only going to show me ideas for my

channel and i love this tool so now

we’re taking two ai tools and we’re

stacking them together

so what daily ideas does is

it every single day it gives me up to

you know 49 ideas that are best suited

for my channel

and it says which ones have a chance of

getting medium amount of views which

ones have a chance of getting high

amount of views and which ones have a

chance of getting very high amount of


so how to get guaranteed subscribers

makes sense guaranteed is an incredibly

powerful word so i could grab this idea

how to get guaranteed subscribers of

course with integrity i want to say

can i teach

that and there are some methods we know

at think media to guarantee getting

subscribers so we’re like okay i could

teach that so then what i can do is i

come back over to

my uh


uh vid iq title recommendations enter in


topic idea that i got from

daily ideas and i say get title ideas

and now i can spin off on that

right so how to get guaranteed

subscribers on youtube how to get

guaranteed subscribers on youtube

without paying smart because a lot of

people probably think that the only way

to get guaranteed subscribers on youtube

is pay for them do not do that by the

way you’re going to get junk subscribers

that are just going to kind of murk up

your channel that aren’t really going to

be engaged with your content so did you

see that there we just did it boom daily

ideas grabbed the idea boom put it into

the ai title recommendations

married those two things now we’re on to

a really strong next video that we could

ultimately make so just let me show you

one more example

let’s see


how to become a maker how to improve

google rankings with seo tips why you

should buy a gimbal great


so i’m i’m on daily ideas i’m coming

over to ai title recommendations why you

should buy a gimbal

five reasons to buy a gimbal which is

much stronger too by the remember our

tip earlier was numbers

people love numbers because there’s like

okay well what are the reasons like sell

me on it you know like really help me

understand should you buy a gimbal for

your camera the benefits of buying a

gimbal and if you don’t like any of

these just hit old refresh button

10 reasons to buy a gimbal

and uh and it goes on and on so if you

want to learn a little bit more about

this um

definitely check out vidiq

dot com forward slash think you could

get a 30 day trial at the different

levels there’s different

levels of

vid iq

and the boost plan you could try this

out for


uh 30 days for free and and it gives you

uh 50

daily ideas

on here

as well as i believe unlimited ai

title recommendations on the pro plan

you just get a limited number of them

but really cool check it all out you can

go to forward slash think now

listen if you got a question put four

question marks before and after your

question and if you want me to plug your

niche into the


ai title recommendations tool

we can come up with some great ideas for

your channel but today’s uh this is the

growth video live show and if you didn’t

know grow a video live is just a few

days away couple weeks away happening in

las vegas and online and i’ll be back to

answer your questions and come up with

some titles for you in a second but

check out this quick video this thing

is your gateway to get out of the thing

that you complain about but people would

rather complain about how it is than put

in the work we need to start

understanding how big this opportunity

is because for everybody in this room he

will sit back in 20 30 years and regret

if you didn’t execute in this era it has

never been a better time in the human

race ever to actually just go all in on


regardless of what you’re trying to

accomplish you’ve got to tell the world

about it this is now the world if you’re

not betting on this you’re finished


this is your golden era right now

there’s never been a better time to be



this is the greatest golden era of not

only business but life

i desperately want you to win but this

is on you


gary vaynerchuk alex hermozy patrick

that david from valuetainment that’s

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gwvl show to get five percent off

tickets i cannot wait uh to see you at

grow with video live aaron on demand

uh anthony o’neil

chalene johnson omar alta corey nolan

molt it’s gonna be incredible and so uh

looking forward to seeing you soon all

right we have a couple questions coming

in as well as some topics and so um

uh let’s check this out uh we got chess

here so let’s check it out we’re doing

our cool ai title formula let’s go chess

this might give you some ideas that you

haven’t even thought about making five

tips for winning your chess now here

let’s lean in

please grab your pen slk chess and

here’s your homework in the next 10 days

i want you to make five videos and i

want you to make all of these videos

five tips for winning a chess

you gotta know like that’s a great

listicle video added to the list

the art of chess how to play the most

complex game

i don’t know if i’d make that one the

ultimate guide to chess also maybe a

little bit harder like the ultimate

guide like what does that mean it’s

probably gonna be like a 20 30 minute

video but i feel like the five tips i

feel like you could get that done in

maybe even three minutes hey i just want

to give you five quick tips for winning

at chess now let’s refresh

all right um 10 things you don’t know

about chess now what i would do if i was

looking that’s a great video idea

10 things you don’t know about chess i

might look up some different blogs some

different articles and kind of combine

those into a cool video


watch this you could actually take that

to google

and actually see

um 13 amazing facts about chess or 40

facts about chess that people don’t know

so i might read this list here distill

this down into 10 super interesting

thing and ultimately you could read this

as a script did you know that there’s

well over a thousand different openings

including variations of larger like you

could make a really strong video

and that was i don’t know anything about

chess and i i would be able to pull that

info off the internet distill down that

article of 40 facts into 10 and i bet

this video could really crush even over


man i love this tool how cool is that do

you see that we’re getting some good

insights so there’s a couple ideas are

you going to do your homework are you

going to make five videos in the next 10

days anybody else ready to grind anybody

else ready to punch apathy in the face

and press record are you ready to stop

dabbling and start dominating on your

channel come on let’s stop making

excuses and start like really hustling

because this next decade is going to be

the best decade on youtube and so i

encourage you we’re going to have to put

in the work though

and so uh let’s do it okay we have

another one stern brothers javascript

i like

years ago my brother bought me a

javascript book it was this thick he

said learn this programming language

it’s the next thing when i was like 10.

i didn’t read the book um okay so

javascript the hidden secret of


shoot i want to know what that is

what’s the secret do you know the secret

stern brothers how to learn javascript

okay five tips to learn and master

javascript great video how to install

java on windows don’t underestimate

simple specific

stupid questions

so it’s kind of that’s how do i install

basically how to install java on windows

it’s a great idea

in fact let’s just do a test

even if somebody else has made it

doesn’t mean you shouldn’t

how to install java on windows

oh nice and when we take this over to

youtube we might see that okay windows

10 more specific windows 11 more

specific let’s check this out

51 000 views

63 000 views

208 views 10 days ago which is not bad

because not only that it’s only ten days

old but if you’re just starting with one

v ph fit iq showing us the views per


we teach it here at think media asq

answer specific questions but my

favorite tweak to that is a-s-s-s-q


stupid simple specific questions like

you wouldn’t think oh everyone knows how

to install javascript

on the internet no they don’t clearly

208 people on this newer channel

right in the last 10 days have wanted to

know how to install java jdk

whatever that is

and so uh keep them coming keep your

topics uh coming


work hardaholic is asking how much is

the grow with video live conference

virtual tickets are 297 i believe right

now by the way those prices are going up

um and so if you want to get an extra

five percent off that though you can use

the coupon code

gwvlshow at


um all the tickets are are at the

website and i want to encourage you

again this is a packed out conference

like i’ve never seen a lineup of

speakers like this before

uh it’s gonna be very very valuable and

so you’re investing in and heavy

learning and education of course gary

and alex and layla and patrick that

david but we got vanessa lau ryan pineda

jasmine star you can go to grow at to check out

all the different speakers but and then

and then the price goes up from there if

you want to be in person there’s a level

where you can have lunch as well that’s

the vip level where we include food and

so you can just select whatever um

ticket level is best for you

here’s one of probably the most

important questions how do you get your

beard to look so clean cut um

i just shaved with a wall from amazon a

number two you know

add the number

number two

so i did that and then i kind of cleaned

it up around here with the little buzzer


through there

and then put on some shaving cream and

shaved right here and kind of through

here shave right here

shaved under here that’s good you got to

keep the line going

and uh so so it’s a few tools it’s the

wall shaver

it’s the smaller shaver guy from well as

an amazon little kit you know wasn’t


and then uh the number two though is the

key and it’s kind of patchy like i even

even with the gray coming in like




i was like do i want to keep it should i

shave again but my wife was like

i love you with the beard and uh

we have a second sun on the way due

september 3rd if you know how that


because i grew the beard and kept it

clean cut

happy wife happy life happy husband if

you know what i mean smash like

okay so um

let’s let’s do another topic here we got

bass fishing in oregon


let’s go bass fishing to start

and then let’s let’s do some strategy

around here the world’s most deadliest

game bash fishing so there’s a couple

things i want to encourage you here

i’m going to do the in oregon in a


but i i would recommend you play in a

larger lake

no pun intended

um i think there’s a lot of opportunity

though to do bass fishing videos just

period right

how to get started bass fishing best

lures best stuff like that so you know

you could do that kind of thing so i i

would go like bass fishing you know 10

biggest mistakes bass fishermen make

that’s a great idea let’s refresh here

uh six tips

for fishing big bass great an expert’s

guide to fishing bash i hope you’re

writing of course you can watch this

video on the replay i’d grab some of

those but let’s let’s uh throw oregon on

there to see what we can do with that

oregon fishing bass fishing in oregon

all right five tips for fishing in an

ocean all right best best

bass fishing locations in oregon great


it’s a great video idea

and uh what’s the best

bass fishing gear you can buy in oregon


oregon’s finest bass fishing locations

pretty cool huh and so i mean you know

vid iq especially is a tool that i


um if as soon as you turn serious like

who’s vidiq for when you are like i’m

serious about growing on youtube

why wouldn’t you get the best tools for

it you know what i mean like a friend of

mine uh our ea at think media shayla her

husband does um you know like different

kind of construction stuff his name’s

angel and we were talking about uh you

know he’s rehabbing houses he’s doing

kind of stuff and the other day we were

hanging out and i was geeking out i was

like you got a nail gun what kind of

nail gun you got you know what kind of

power tools you got tell me about them i

was like you got you got those new ryobi

ones that are are completely battery

powered you know like really good

battery power

or or an air compressor nail gun and he

was talking about also how expensive the

nice tools are but once you’re a pro

and you want to get your work done fast

you need the better tools

that’s kind of how i feel about vidiq of

course there’s like the pro level plan

there’s the boost level plan

but is it for everybody well of course

it’s for everybody because there’s a

free version so if you haven’t

downloaded the free version of vidiq you

might as well of course get that forward slash think but

somebody like well should i use that iq

or not well do you want to have the pro

tools are you taking this thing

seriously or are you just kind of

dabbling like that’s for you to decide

and so um

that’s what’s nice about this is what

are you paying for you’re paying for

speed do you want to use a hammer or do

you want to use a nail gun

right and so uh you can check out vid iq

at forward slash think let me

know if you’re a vid iq user


we’re going to answer another question

here for you hit like if you’re getting


as a new creator should i focus on

consistency or quality


that’s my answer

first of all new pc i would

capitalize your name uh better uh

capital n

you know pc i might even change the name

of your channel i’m gonna just give you

a little tough love here secondly i

would get an avatar now you might be

like i’m brand new dude chill out okay

but like

get clean up clean your house up man

get get get dressed take a shower get

out of bed and show up ready for your

job interview

get your beard trimmed up bro

like dial in your name dial in your


step out and start posting some serious

videos as a new creator should you focus

on consistency yes

should you focus on quality


so you’re you’re creating a false

dichotomy like

the only way to succeed on youtube is

uploading videos on youtube

and whether consistency for you is twice

a month once a week twice a week just be


like you just gotta you have to have a


consistency in the same direction

and it’s a whole lot more about what you

do over the next 24 months than it is

about what you do over the next 24 days

too many people post a few videos and

burn out i would just rather see you

still posting that’s forget even magical

numbers is the magical number if i post

like on a tuesday and a thursday and at

four on sunday is that the magical key

there’s no this who cares like upload

videos whenever you can but what if it’s

like should i do monday or should i do

stop overthinking

just keep consistently posting videos

that are quality when you can

but like is quality is should i edit a

little longer just post some videos

post them post them post them post them

post them is this one good enough is

this one not good enough i don’t really

who cares

because listen if it’s not good enough

it will die in the algorithm and no one

will see it

but the only way you’re going to

actually get momentum is by taking

action and moving you cannot steer a

parked car

and so in total love new pc

with your coach your youtube coach here

uh yes

post some videos can anyone in the think

media community smash like and drop a

fire emoji in the comments about a

little tough love to say stop

overthinking stop pondering and start

posting stop wondering

should i upload 21 second shorts on the

21st of may at the 21 minute of 221 is

that the secret algorithmic dude it

doesn’t freaking matter

what time you post your dang video

just post it well sean i thought there’s

the best well there is best practices

but they don’t matter if you’re not

actually posting videos and so anyways i

appreciate you

uh let’s let’s answer this super chat

here real quick

and uh i hope you’re enjoying a little a

little tough love

on the live stream today here for a

moment i appreciate the super chat can

we only post one vlog per week is that

okay here’s the question

i’m ready to crank it up again anya

like dragon ball z can you imagine

um listen

uh yeah you can you can post a vlog a

week you can post a vlog a month you can

post a vlog every other week let me

break it down

the more

quality videos you post

the faster you will theoretically grow

see it’s great if you could just post

one video a month

that’s 12 a year but here’s the cool

thing if you post one video a week

that’s 52 a year


what do you think is going to give you

more opportunity

for having a video break out and having

your brand grow 12 or 52 simple math

okay great if you can keep quality high

if i post two a week that’s 104 videos a


what is going to give me more

opportunity for growth 104 or 52

104 is

but we overthink it because we go well

if i can’t do weekly i just might as

well not do it at all

stop being so emo turn off the dashboard

confessional and just start like

stop overthinking it you know and just

do your best so can you only post a vlog

a week of course it’s okay


if you can scale that up and do more do

it if you also get sick or you got to

take a week off that’s all right too

you’re being too hard on yourself and

we’re all overthinking this stuff too

much ultimately the key to success on

youtube is posting videos on youtube

keep quality as high as possible

consistency as high as possible and just

keep it going conquer you says the best

time to upload is


my man

okay let’s uh let’s

answer uh

this one sun lindelin do these title

tips work for any language that’s a

great question

they do

i think though you got to know your

local language and know how people speak

the language do people want to learn how

to things and if you are just joining

watch the replay do they want to learn

how to things in german or chinese

you know or spanish of course and so how

do they word it how to do something a

listicle a list of of certain things

or power words

uh you just remember the creator who

understands the viewer best wins

so you got to understand the words in

the language that the target audience

you’re trying to reach is speaking and

the cool thing about vid iq is it will


uh title recommendations in other


um and so it is it’s pulling data from

off of youtube off of the best ranked

videos and all kinds of things like that

and so uh absolutely you can check that

out in multiple


languages and so


whoa daniel patel thank you for the love

today 100 super chat man

where are we at like a massive love

uh appreciate you so much and uh thank

you for the kind words and the kind

super chat uh smash like if you’re

grateful for daniel if you don’t know

daniel he’s uh got some awesome youtube

advice as well you can check out his

channel uh here on youtube and he’s also

like got a rad background and music and

has all kinds of cool electric guitars

and stuff around and so uh

check him out and um let’s land the

plane today on this serious question is

it possible for certain niches that

these titles won’t work serious question



well anything is possible here’s the

thing flutter slime you gotta define as

one time when benji co-author of youtube

secrets went to

vaynermedia and hung out with gary

vaynerchuk and gary schooled us on this

by the way gary’s speaking at our event

in a couple days right

he said you gotta pick are you either in

entertainment are you in education

i would say

you’re in entertainment if you’re doing

a slime channel

so if you’re if you’re doing slime

you’re also probably you’re probably not

reaching baby boomers like there might

be like a weird

small subset of like gen x and baby

boomers that are like super into slime

they’re like i just i just love these

slime videos dog

those are some uh interesting characters

mostly it’s probably younger kids so so

you just gotta understand your audience

i know that i’m entertaining younger

kids and what you would know is like you

can’t do affiliate marketing it’s not

even legal to to market and do affiliate

marketing to younger kids you also know

like they’re not trying to like fix

their deck or figure out how to like

program javascript they’re looking for

entertainment kind of stuff so you have

to understand then

success leaves clues it’s titles based

on entertainment type of content but as

we flip it if you’re going education

type of content like we were doing these

bass fishing ones yeah they’ll work in

any niche

or or any niche relative to like just

using practical wisdom related to

understanding who it is you’re trying to

reach so if you also flutter slime you’d

be like oh well sean and vid iq is kind

of mainly saying things like

best places for bass fishing in oregon

well your particular audience wouldn’t

necessarily be looking for those but


something like the three best

slimes i don’t really know much about

slime but if you follow me you know

there might be like comparing two

different slimes together the

nickelodeon slime versus the

you know

rocco’s modern life slime what the heck

am i talking about i’m doing my best out

here anybody remember rocco’s modern

life as we land the plane today

the question of the day is what was your

favorite cartoon growing up did you like

me watch dark wing duck

rescue rangers

remember these shows did you like me did

how about masters of the universe

anybody grow up on he-man anybody old

school like that let me uh let me know

and remember today is brought to you by

there you go white glue versus clear

glue slime thank you canva classroom so

as you kind of learn the game


how to position videos it can work in

almost any niche we got flintstones

that’s a great one punky brewster never

watched it but was familiar with it she

was that girl right uh disney afternoon

that’s it right there the disney

afternoon i back when you had a vcr and

you would program the clock and press

play record to like

pause to pause it and program it so it

start recording at the right time

but if you lived in the country like me

an hour north of seattle and arlington

washington the power would go out a lot

so you’d come home and your v the power

went out and so your vcr was was the

clock was messed up so it didn’t record

your show and all these entitled

gen zoomers were out here with netflix

and on-demand and freaking youtube tv

and hbo max real ones with grey beards

grew up

having to

record the vhs program to record their

favorite show and this getting crushed

by the power going out

nobody knew i was gonna come with the

absolute toxic energy on today’s stream

power rangers okay we got gumby gumby is

classic i have i had the gumby action

action figures

now thundercats

that was some real uh quality content

there that is a great

franchise and a great a great show


and uh

where has this stream gone it has gone

off the rails completely listen uh

today’s stream of course brought to you

by vid iq definitely check it out links

in the description down below and

uh it’s brought to you by growth video

live friends we’re super pumped i want

to encourage you there’s gonna be some

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demand it’s going to be a really special

event so do everything you can to get

there if you just want to join us

virtual growth

smash like if you got value out of

today’s stream and i will see you

in a future

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