How To Start & Grow A YouTube Channel In 2022

Want to learn how to grow on YouTube in 2022? Renee and Jeremy Vest break down what’s really important. Is it too late to start a YouTube channel? Are there too many people in your niche?

You can find Jeremy’s YouTube tips here: @Jeremy Vest

0:00 Intro is it too late to start a YouTube channel in 2022?
0:25 About Jeremy Vest
1:10 YouTubers have a media company
1:20 Serious Youtube creators need to form a business
1:38 Know what your value is and why that matters to viewers
2:00 How do you stand out on YouTube?
2:30 Win small as a video creator
3:10 Be relatable to your audience
3:20 Connect to your audience
3:31 Get 1% better each week
3:45 YouTube Shorts advice
4:20 Bring expert advice and experience
4:45 Have an angle within a niche
5:38 Define your target audience
5:50 Optimize your videos

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=================== text video ====================

is it too late to start a youtube

channel in 2022 is the market over

saturated with content in your niche

making it feel impossible to grow as a

new youtube creator if you’re

considering a new channel and you’re

just not sure where to start or how to

get more views and more subscribers

stick around because this episode’s for


in today’s episode we’re talking all

about how to grow on youtube in 2022.

joining me today is jeremy vest a

youtube strategist and creator so i

really can’t think of another person who

would be better for this topic because

not only have you helped many different

brands um grow their channel and have a

youtube channel yourself but you’re also

starting a new youtube channel can you

tell us a little bit about your new

channel before we kind of dive into tips

to help others grow i have been in

skateboarding for many years now and now

i’m really getting more into my roots

which is gardening i i’m really excited

i’m doing a lot of gardening in real


we bought seven acres in chattanooga

tennessee so

might as well

use that passion to fuel a media company

i don’t call it a youtuber anymore i say

media company do you call it a media

company because you’re expecting to

build a business around it or is there

another reason yeah i think anyone that

is a serious creator has to form a

business how can other people

start a channel and grow

in 2022 so one of the things i would say

that has never changed is

knowing what you do what your value is

and why

people would watch you and by the way

most people don’t actually know their

true value for example when i was

working with roger wakefield he was a

plumber he thought being a master

plumber was his value and in fact he’s

very charismatic and being a master

plumber and with a billion years of

experience is actually not

that big of a superpower compared to

teaching people and being very

charismatic like there’s so many

different creators on youtube right now

how do you stand out knowing who you are

what your value is and then who your

audience should be based on your value

so if


a skateboarding gardener believe it or


they’re skateboarding garters out there

you can find anyone that matches what

you do another thing i would say is

when small it’s not about how big your

audience is it’s about how hard you win

with your audience you know how much

value you give them

don’t underestimate the power

of your freaky people that are like you

you know uh braille skateboarding i was

this chief marketing officer of braille

for the last few years the largest

skateboard youtube channel in the world

they’re bigger than tony hawk you know

no one even really knows who these

people are they’re just a bunch of nerds

that love to skateboard and the reason

they’re the largest skateboard youtube

channel in the world is because you can

do it too they’re just like the guys

next door


not everyone can do what tony hawk can

do but everyone feels like they can do

what braille does and it’s really cool

like if you connect with your audience

you can win small and winning smaller

could actually mean more revenue and one

of the philosophies of winning small on


is getting one percent better every week

if you just focus on the small little

things you can definitely get better

faster i know you’re using shorts on on

your channel are you exclusively using

shorts or are you using shorts to


draw people in and

get them to watch longer form videos my

goal for this channel is i’m going to

help build the first 100 000 subscribers

with probably 80 to 90 of the views

coming from shorts the thing about

vertical videos is if you can master a

15 second video you can master a five

minute video the nice thing too with

shorts is that it’s easier to do a lot

of shorts and get better in a short

amount of time so what other tips do you

have for growing on youtube if you

really want to dominate an industry you

know you actually have to to hone your

craft and be good at the thing that

you’re talking about i’m literally

taking years a couple years

before i’m just

making content full time because i want

to actually get better as a gardener so

really focus on your craft and then have

a thing for example


started studying about a year ago i

started studying the garden industry and

what i realized is 90

of people that buy plants kill them i

name my channel plant killer and it’s so

funny when i introduce this concept to


they’re like oh my wife or my brother or

my cousin or my husband kills plants i

should send this channel to him

uh so i’ve i figured out the actual

pressure point if you will of the

problem with people buying plants

is they don’t know how to keep them


so that’s beginner gardeners that’s

about 90 of the marketplace

so boom

uh my niche is specifically

to teach people how not to kill their

plants well what i like about plant

killer is that it’s very clear who

you’re targeting are there any other

like big things that you think people

really need to keep in mind as they’re

getting started this year on youtube

there are three things you need to

really worry about first one is

clickability if someone doesn’t click on

your thumbnail and title combination

then they’ll never see your video the

next one is watchability if someone

clicks on your thumbnail and they don’t

watch your video very long then you’re

never gonna make it so you have to make

content that people actually want to

consume and then the third component is

likability make it about your audience

and actually make that community like

your people

uh so that they’re commenting and

sharing and liking and participating

what is one question that you have for

our audience what’s the hardest thing

about being a video creator well i’ll

tell you my hardest thing my hardest

thing is

making time to create content

consistently any last-minute tips you

want to leave the audience i would just

say that keep it simple well love it i

am super excited to see your journey as

you are creating your new media company

and if you want to learn more ways to

grow your channel and how to become more

successful on youtube click that linked

video and i’ll see you in the next



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