How to Start a Podcast in 2021: 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Name

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0:00 How to Choose the Perfect Name
1:25 What is Your Podcast About?
3:06 Reflect the Content
4:25 Be Unique
5:30 Don’t Be Afraid to Change
6:43 How to Change Your Name on Buzzsprout

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In this video, Heather Torres shares how to start a podcast for beginners. You will learn how to choose a podcast name for your podcast. This video also has podcasting tips for beginners.

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=================== text video ====================

— So naming your podcast
can be intimidating.

Maybe you’ve already come up
with what your show structure

is going to be

the idea of what your show is about

and who your audience is,

but it’s hard to move forward

unless you know what the perfect name is.

And if you’re anything like me,

I would think about
these things constantly,

maybe on a run in the
shower, doing dishes.

So in today’s video, we’re
going to get to the end of this,

and you’re going to come up
with the perfect podcast name.

— [Director] You gotta just press record.

— Hey, what’s up?

It’s Heather Torres here with Think Media.

And today we’re actually in
one of our videos of a series

of how to create a podcast.

Now, maybe thinking about a
podcast is something you’re at,

or maybe you have a YouTube Channel

and you want to start expanding.

Well, this video is right for you.

So make sure you subscribe.

So you get all of the
videos in this series

today is brought to you
by our sponsor Buzzsprout

now I love using Buzzsprout
and I’m going to show you

how easy it is

that once you decide on
your title for your video,

how simple it is to actually plug that in

to all of the podcasting places,

you know, Apple, Spotify,

everywhere that you want
your podcasts to be.

I’ll dive into that in just a little bit,

but we’re going to be
referencing Buzzsprout’s article

on how to name a podcast.

They have a plethora of resources for you

when you decide to get
started in podcasting.

Now tip number one is you
really do have to decide

what is your podcast about?

Before you even get to the
point of naming your podcast?

You do need to sit down
with a piece of paper,

maybe it’s your Apple iPencil
or on a Google Spreadsheet,

and really start to brainstorm.

What is this podcast about

now if you currently
have a YouTube Channel

say on gardening or teaching
or a mountain biking,

then maybe your podcast is
still going to be around

that exact topic.

But if you’re like us here at Think Media,

when we created our podcast,

we wanted to have deeper conversations.

That’s really the essence of what we do

on our Think Media Podcasts.

We go deeper in
conversations that creators

are thinking about they don’t quite fit,

what goes on our regular YouTube Channels.

So I want you to be thinking about

what is your podcast about

and who is your podcast for

when it comes to our podcast,

we wanted it to be for the same audience,

but for the serious creators,

we create a lot of tutorials.

We create a lot of gear reviews.

We create a lot of YouTube tips,

but that’s a lot of casual viewers.

You know, people that just
come to your channel, watch it,

but they don’t actually
go deeper with you.

That’s why we created the podcast

because we know that there
are creative entrepreneurs

and people who want to take advantage

of this content economy
of this creator economy.

And they want to go deeper
and understanding things like

brand deals on what really matters

when you want to create a business

around your YouTube Channel,

the internal thinking of people
who are content creators,

that’s what goes deeper on our podcasts.

So my question to you and tip number one

is who is your podcast for?

That’s going to help you go deeper

and understanding how
to name your podcast.

Tip number two,

your podcast name should
reflect the content.

Now warning.

You want to make sure

that you are doing clarity over cuteness

clarity over confusion.

So when you go into naming your podcast,

while it’d be fun to create a new word

or create a new vibe,

you want to make sure that
you are actually clear

about who your podcast is for.

So when you make a podcast name,

you want it to be enticing and succinct.

Meaning that when someone
goes to the podcasting shelf

to see what podcasts are coming
up underneath that category,

you want yours to show up

and you want it to show up

because it’s clear on who it is for.

You also want to grab attention.

How can you visually show this?

Or how can you do this through the words

that you’re using.

A podcast name,

shouldn’t really be more
than three or four words one

because of how it shows up

when you’re looking at
it on Apple or on Spotify

and two,

because you don’t want to crowd
that little tiny thumbnail,

that is part of the artwork

and part of the naming of your podcast.

So here’s a couple of things to take away,

clarity over confusion.

You want to make sure that
it’s maybe three to four words

at most, and you wanted to
grab attention and be succinct.

And number three, your
name should be unique.

How can you stand out from the crowd?

How can your new podcast
be a complimentary

to the podcasts that are
out there, but be different?

Different is better than better

is what Sally Hogshead said.

And I believe that is true.

When it comes to the landscape
of podcast right now,

by having a unique podcast name,

there’s a couple things
you want to make sure of.

You want to go to Google and type it in

and see is anyone else using this name?

You want to grab the URL of that podcast

because let’s think bigger
than just a podcast.

How are you going to create
an entire brand around this?

Now don’t worry.

It’s not what you have to do
right when you get started,

but be thinking bigger right away.

So go to the URL search bar

and see if someone’s already taken it.

If they have, you need
to switch and pivot,

if they haven’t,

I definitely recommend paying
the price to buy the URL.

And even though you’re
making this podcast unique,

you want to avoid things like
abbreviations, punctuations,

or misspellings when it comes to words

because people remember things

and it’s not easy when
you add those pieces in.

So let’s just make it super
simple, make it unique.

And remember, you can
always change it later.

Yes, that’s right.

You can actually change the name

and the direction of
your podcast at any time.

If you’re just getting started,

this can be what we call the Beta stage.

So coming up with your
name for the podcast,

isn’t going to make or break
the success of this podcast.

You need to choose a name and get started.

We even did this here at Think Media.

We actually started our podcast
for almost an entire year

calling it the Think Marketing Podcast

or the Think Marketing Show.

And after we had started getting
deeper and deeper into it,

we decided that we wanted
to grow the one brand

of Think Media.

So we pivoted our podcast
name pivoted in the show

and just went forward
with the Think Media show.

And so now it’s just called
the Think Media Podcast

because it’s our podcast
of our YouTube Channel,

all part of the same
brand, but all in one.

So question for you is

what are you going to name your podcast?

Now, once you’ve decided on
the name for your podcast,

it is super simple

to go into the software program Buzzsprout

and actually make that podcast live.

So all you need to do to
put your name in there

is log into your Buzzsprout
account that you created

on the last episode of this series.

Then when you’re in there,

you go over to podcasts settings

in your podcast settings,

all you have to do is just
type in the name of the podcast

and your podcast description.

Now, once we, in a future video

link up the different networks,

so Apple and Spotify and
all of those networks,

you’re going to see your podcast name

and the podcast description

show up so easy because of
the software Buzzsprout.

Now if you’re brand new to understanding

how to distribute your podcast,

we’ll make sure that
the link is down below

for the best deal for you

to get started with Buzzsprout today.

Now a couple bonus tips to think about

when it comes to naming your podcast.

I recommend saying it out loud,

say things like, Hey, I’m the
host of name your podcast,

or thank you for listening
to name your podcast.

When you start to say it,

you’ll see if it makes sense.

If it rolls off the tongue,

or if it feels a little awkward

and maybe needs another word

or needs you to extract a word.

So say your podcasts out loud,

as much as you can before you get started.

And the idea of asking
other people, their opinion,

I would choose maybe two or
three people that you know,

and trust to give you
good quality feedback

and ask them their opinion on that name.

They might be seeing something
that you’re not seeing.

Maybe they are thinking of
that word that, oh, wow.

That actually insinuates this

when you didn’t even think about that.

So I definitely recommend
saying your podcasts out loud

and also making sure

that you’re getting
some opinions around it

before you decide to put it to paper.

All right,

we’ve gone through those
three helpful tips.

Now it’s time for you
to name your podcasts.

We’re going to need this name

in order to move forward in this series.

So my challenge to you is to
figure out your podcast name

and in this series,

we’re going to be helping
you get your podcasts

on all of the podcasting platforms.

How do you distribute that out?

We’re going to be teaching you

how to create the best podcasting artwork.

So it stands out in the feed

and so much more so click
or tap the screen right now

to head over to another video
in this podcasting series.

I hope that this is helpful to you today

and we’ll catch it in the next video.

(upbeat music)


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