How To Navigate YouTube Studio (Desktop)

In this video, we’ll walk you through all the pages in YouTube Studio desktop. YouTube Studio is the home for creators. You can manage your content, customize your channel, interact with your audience, monitor your performance, and make money all in one place.
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In this video, we’ll show you
how to navigate YouTube Studio.

To get to Studio, go to

Or if you’re already signed in,
click your profile picture

in the top right-hand corner
and select YouTube Studio.

This will bring you
to the Studio channel dashboard.

This is your landing page for Studio.

From here, you can use the left menu
to manage your videos and channel.

You can also search
across your channel for specific videos

with the search bar at the top.

Or use these icons to quickly upload
a video, go live, or create a post.

On the dashboard,
you’ll get a high-level overview

of recent activity on your channel.

You can see
how your latest upload is performing

and can quickly jump
into analytics for more in-depth info.

You can also see a snapshot of
your overall channel analytics

recent subscribers to your channel,
and any channel violations you may have.

This view also includes
recent news from YouTube

and if the platform
is experiencing an ongoing issue

it will be surfaced
via «Known YouTube Issues.»

Next, you’ll see your content page.

Here, you can manage your videos,
livestreams, posts, and stories in one place.

For videos, you’ll see their visibility,
monetization status if you’re in YPP

the date they were uploaded, or published

along with the views,
comments, and likes, versus dislikes.

You can click
on the «filter» bar to filter the list.

If you hover over a video,
you’ll see four clickable icons.

These will allow you to edit video details

access video-level analytics,
review video comments, and more.

Click the back arrow
to head back to the video list.

With playlists,
you can create and manage your playlists.

With analytics, you can monitor
the performance of your channel

and videos with metrics, and reports.

The comments page
allows you to review, filter, moderate

and reply to comments on your videos.

The subtitles page
lets you add subtitles to your videos.

The copyright page gives you direct access
to our copyright complaint webform

and allows you to keep track
of your copyright takedown history.

Here, you can see previous takedown notices
you’ve submitted to YouTube

and check the status of your complaints.

The monetization page
will give you a monetization overview

along with individual tabs, allowing you
to deep dive into specific revenue sources

like merch, memberships, and more.

If you’re currently not monetizing

you’ll instead see a landing page
detailing your eligibility status

and, if applicable, your progress towards
the YouTube Partner Program requirements.

The customization page
lets you change the layout, branding

and basic info for your channel.

And finally, the audio library
lets you get free music and sound effects

to use in your videos.

Thanks for watching.


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