How To Make YouTube Thumbnails (Beginners Tutorial)

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0:00 — How to Create Dope Thumbnails
0:45 — What Do You Actually Need?
2:35 — How to Properly Pose for a Thumbnail
4:12 — How to Choose the Right Photo for Your Thumbnail
6:43 — How to Edit Your Photo Into a Great Thumbnail

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In this video, Omar Is Going to Share With You the Step by Step Process to Create High Quality Thumbnails in a Short Amount of Time

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=================== text video ====================

one of the most important parts about a

youtube video hands down is the

thumbnail and if you’re a solo creator

oftentimes it could be difficult to take

photos of yourself and i actually wanted

to break down what i do i know think

media we have a bunch of help and when

it comes to content creators and editors

but i still oftentimes is i’m making my

own thumbnail from start to finish just

here in my office and so i just wanted

to break down how to do that in this

video all the way through up to the

point of uploading so let’s go you got

to just press record hey what’s up it’s

omar cory with think media and this

channel is all about helping you build

your influence with online video and

youtube and on this channel we share the

best tips and tools on how to do so and

sometimes we do tutorials just like this

so you can level up either your videos

or even your thumbnails but let’s get

right into kind of the materials like

the gear of my

thumbnail setup so the first thing is my

background paper this is what you would

consider or call photo backdrop paper

from savage i wish i chose that as my

business name by the way but this is a

color called focus gray so if you get a

you know photo backdrop paper focus gray

is a great color and oftentimes i’m not

always using this color although this is

a great color that tech pops out from

whether it’s cameras or mics or things

like that but shooting in front of this

is great especially if you’re not

wearing gray we can easily key it out

which means you’re just removing the

background and put whatever color we you

want i do that as well

the second thing is for our lighting we

have the amaran 60d this is a sweet

light it’s about 200 bucks uh this soft

box is separate from gvm but i love this

light not only because how slim and

simple it is but it uses batteries and

so i don’t have to have cables and my

office isn’t that big

so it’s really nice to have that if you

whip over around here

we got the camera set up now typically

when i have some extra help i am having

them take the photo right i’m having

them take photos of myself or taking

photo of tech or cameras but in this

case i’m going to be recording myself

get my thumbnail and so we have the sony

a7c a full frame body with a tamaron 28

to 70 lens but it’s at like 35

millimeters based off of this distance

and so i’m gonna be hitting record on

this camera and what’s cool is if your

camera has a flip out screen you can

obviously see yourself and so you could

frame the shot we’re gonna get just a

crispy 4k shot of different emotions the

the thumbnail i’m actually making and

i’m actually making a real thumbnail

it’s going to be used is for an adobe

premiere pro uh you know uh uh software

updates and so i got five software

updates i’m gonna do a couple things uh

one thing is curiosity uh but oftentimes

just giving yourself a bunch to choose

from as you can see the framing here

it’s kind of tight and you know some

people think they need so much of their

body but really all you need is most of

your face and sometimes if you use your

hands you actually want to bring your

hands up and so let’s just hit a couple

i’m going to hold the pose for about

three to five seconds so that we can

snap it in post

but here’s the first one

and i’m thinking about the titles like

five new updates oh my gosh

and my wife’s laughing at me because

she’s judging but we’re gonna get that

click-through rate

and then we’re gonna do some little

pointy and if you what i like to do is

keep my thumb inside my body because i

don’t want to you know if i key it out

it can get weird here so i’m just keep

it inside my body um for one

number three i’m just gonna look

straight and look at the right

bro youtuber stuff guys youtuber stuff

and then let’s do one where i’m actually

looking up i think that would be cool

so we’re going to put my face like right


omar what are you doing it’s all for the

thumbnail bro

i think we got it

all right

all right i’m going to hit end record

i’m going to take out the sd card and

we’re just going it is this is one take


going on so i’m going to put this in my


and then we’re actually going to cut to

the screen recording of this computer

while we drag in this clip alright so we

got the sd card plugged into my computer

just going to open up that sd card go to

private m4 root clip which is where that

video clip is and we just preview

so here’s me

and looks pretty good

all right so i’m just going to actually

just drag that onto the desktop and

while that drags i’m actually just going

to pull up adobe premiere pro which is


preferred editing software of choice i’m

just going to make a location in the

desktop for this

just going to call it thumbnail

we’re just going to drag in that clip

that we dragged under the desktop so i’m

just going to go to the desktop this is

the clip that i shot on the wall

we’re going to put it right here inside

and it’s going to create a sequence for

me based off of the clip so this is a 4k

clip and so which is what i kind of want


um so here’s like a freeze frame and the

way i just grab a clip is just by taking

a picture here so i’m gonna take a

picture and do adobe

one and i just want to make sure it goes

in the desktop or put it somewhere you

know you can grab it later

so that’s

one version

uh we got omar pointing



oh my gosh people click on this because

i’m surprised adobe two

but look i mean shooting a shooting one

like this is just i’m getting so many

options which is so cool

i’m just gonna hit okay i call that

adobe three

um i’m gonna pass on this one because

there’s something about

eye contact with the you know like this

looks way better

you know than

me looking up to the side

and then what was the last one

it was me looking up

cut my chin off

that’s cool

all right cool

oh we can call this

adobe five all right now we got five

images to play play with um

we have

uh we got adobe one

we got surprise we got pointy we got oh

my gosh i’m unsure and then we got that

so let’s see what we got here and just

so you can see like i do this a lot this

is these are photos you can see how like

much crispier it is but i just did it

recently for these headphones had had

the picture on the focus gray

and then the final product was this

which you could see is like once you

start messing with it so what we’re

going to do is we’re going to open up

photoshop and now we have tutorials on

canva but i just wanted to show you my

process and so i’m going to hit new file

and just do 1920 by 1080 just a basic

one i’m going to call it


adobe updates

and then we’re just going to drag in

those photos

and then i’m just going to see how they

look based off of

what we

you know

got going

and i think finding that emotion you

want it to make sense

you don’t want it to be so random


um i’m kind of i’m kind of vibing with

this one so i’m just going to click on

this number one i’m going to zoom it in

a little bit remember i was telling you

you don’t need all that much face

so we’re going to go right there i

typically like to put myself off to the

right side of the image and that’s

because the timestamp on youtube shows

on the bottom right and sometimes if you

put too much text it can be confusing to

read or what have you so

the next thing i want to do is just to

get the adobe logo or the adobe premiere

logo and you could type in adobe logo

png or you could type in transparent


and it’s going to give you the logo

hopefully without anything in the back

of it so this is kind of like the

updated logo i’m just going to right


save image as

and then we’re just going to put in

downloads adobe premiere logo

and let’s um

all right so let’s just drag that logo

right into photoshop and so

um as you can see it doesn’t have any

background there’s no white

which is nice if there is what you can

use is actually the


magic wand tool that’s

another tutorial but if i hold down

shift you can see it like maintains its



uh if i don’t hold down shift then you

can like mess it up so just hold down

shift while you scale

but i want premiere to be the focal

point of this thumbnail

so i’m going to go like that and then

i’m just going to type in uh 20 let’s

try 2022




and then i’m going to change it to our

vibe here at think media we like a

little bit of helvetica action

and uh black will probably pop more

so i’m gonna go black

uh heck i might even go purple but let’s

just see


cool i mean i’m i’m kind of getting

there but no now i need to like


dial in what i want it to say not always

is it


perfect right up right off the bat you

know now now i’m feeling like um black

is actually kind of dark so let’s see

how white looks if we go with white

and actually throw a

drop shadow behind it and we make it a

little bit dark that kind of pops more

which is nice kind of like that

so this isn’t this isn’t too bad and

this kind of if you’re a premier editor

i mean hopefully you would want to

you know

click on this um

and if i can make my face a little bit


that’d be cool

so i feel like we’re almost there i do

think it just needs a little bit more

poppy and one poppy

but one more thing you can do is

actually add a vignette and i know

there’s so many ways that you can do

stuff on uh photoshop but i’m gonna just

make a black box i’m going to click box

here and make sure it’s black and i’m

just going to draw a black box over my


and i’m actually going to just

change the opacity of that box

kind of like

kind of like there that should be good

around 53. let’s call it good

i’m going to rasterize the layer so

right click rasterize and i’m actually

going to rasterize my

image layer so this is the photo itself

and what rasterize is is it just makes

it more like edit editable but i want to

show you how i can delete the background

of this photo so i’m going to hit w hit

click this area i want to delete and

the magic wand tool you want to make

sure your tolerance is at a good place

also but i’m just gonna hit delete and

you can see how easy it is to just

delete i know if you use canva you know

there’s like a special feature that does

it for you which is nice but as you can

see when i clicked on this it kind of

bled in i don’t want that so i’m

actually going to turn it down and let’s

go like 15

15 looks like it’s good yeah we’re good

on 15. so i’m just holding down shift

clicking and then and there i was able

to cut myself out i’m gonna i’m gonna

now put a color behind me we’re just

gonna change the color of the background

and change the color overlay so you can


you know could play with different


uh so that’s pretty cool i mean i

actually like the vibe maybe this will

work if i use this

this is that’s not the color

give me this color oh there you go

that’s actually pretty strong

but now we could see what it looks like

with the vignette behind it so i’m just

going to turn back the vignette on

i’m going to make it kind of i’m going

to put on 24

and i’m gonna grab my

eraser tool

i’m going to bring down the hardness

because i don’t want it to be as harsh

and then if you have a circle pattern

you can change that pattern by clicking

this little mini circle and i like the

oval because i want a vignette kind of

like the whole

thing around my face and so

and you’ll see what i mean so let’s just

go back let’s uh

i just jacked it up

so let’s just squeeze it a little bit

like kind of like oval vibes

cool then i’m going to use the

little bracket tool on my keyboard to

expand this

i’m just going to start clicking and it


kind of like give a nice vignette to


um which just adds a little bit more of

a pop or it makes me pop a little bit

because the dark the ends are kind of

darker so i think it’s starting to look

pretty good at this point um i i feel

like the the logo is kind of getting

lost i’m gonna see what it looks like if

i double click the logo the premiere

logo and put an outer glow

and let’s see how what that looks like

if we just

make it pop a little bit with a little

bit of white glow we got a little spread


i’m starting to vibe out this is

starting to look really cool i mean

starting to look really legit we’re

getting somewhere now sometimes i will

tweak the image a little bit to make it

pop but i’m going to

hit this uh effects icon

and then mess with some vibrance maybe

some vibrant will just add a little bit

of juice to


overall photo

but especially me just because i feel

like it’s a little flat so i don’t want

to look orange like oompa loompa

i definitely want to pop a little bit

because this is the youtube and we want

to pop

so that looks good and and if i hold

down option as you can see it affected

like the color of the background but if

i hold down option

and you see that and i click there it’s

going to now

you know

put it on just my image so it now it’s

just affecting my actual photo

but i think this is good i’m going to

now save this as a jpeg so i’m going to

go file save a copy

and then we’re going to go make sure you

save it on your computer and i like

putting it on my desktop i’m going to

type call it adobe updates and we’re

going to save it as a jpeg


typically you’re good here i mean uh

this youtube should allow the this

configuration as you can see here with

this whatever you see selected so i’m

just gonna hit okay now nolan from the

think media team made a video on how to

upload your thumbnail to your video and

you can do it even on your smartphone if

you want to but check out that video by

clicking or tapping the screen and i

can’t wait to see you in a future video





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