How to Make a Reaction Video with NO EDITING!

If you want to create high-quality, no edit reaction videos then this is the video for you! Omar is going to break down the best ****** This video is sponsored by StreamYard. Get a 10-Day FREE Trial of StreamYard HERE ➡️

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1️⃣ Capture card we use:

2️⃣ Samson Q2U Mic:

3️⃣ Use Your Smartphone as a Webcam

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⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 — How to Make a Reaction Video with NO EDITING!
0:31 — The Tool That Makes This Possible
1:11 — Get the Best Quality!
2:05 — Set the Vibe for Your Reaction Video
2:22 — How to Add in Your Reaction Footage
3:19 — Mastering the Seamless Transitions
4:20 — Recording it so You Don’t Have to Edit!
5:15 — How to Get More Views on Your Reaction Videos!

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In this video, Omar goes over how to create a No Edit Reaction video on Streamyard!

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=================== text video ====================

making reaction videos has become a

super popular style of content now

there’s a ton of ways that people are

actually creating these reaction videos

but what if i could tell you that you

could start creating reaction videos

with little to no editing at all that’s

why in this video i’ll be showing you

how and be sure to stick around to the

end of the video where i’ll show you how

to start getting more views on your

reaction videos but with that being said

let’s get into it you got to just press

record hey what’s up it’s all marks

corey with think media and this channel

is all about helping you build your

influence here on youtube and if you’re

interested in growing your youtube

channel be sure to hit that subscribe

button now i’ll be using stream yard to

show you how to conduct these reaction

videos with little to no editing and if

you don’t know what stream yard is

they’re actually the sponsor of this

video but they’re a web-based software

that allows you to live stream to either

youtube facebook or other places as well

but also they are a video recorder so

you can actually conduct a live show or

a reaction video and capture that and

then do any tweaks that you want in post

but they make it super easy to be able

to transition between your screens and

your slides and things like that which

would actually be really hard to do in

editing but all that to say if you want

to try streaming art for yourself be

sure to check out the link down in the

description below and you can try

streaming art for 10 days free now the

first thing you’re going to want to do

is to connect your camera and mic source

to stream yard the first thing is your

camera and you can actually select

whether it is your built-in webcam but

we would encourage to use a camera that

you actually own as a webcam and you can

do that by using a cheap capture card

and an hdmi cable and it’ll give you a

super high quality image or if you even

have your smartphone you can actually

use your smartphone as a webcam as well

and we actually made a tutorial on that

i’ll be sure to post that link down in

the description below once you got your

camera connected just make sure that you

set it to high quality at 1080. stream

yard’s default is typically under that

so just make sure that you set it to

1080 and then the second thing you’re

going to want to do is connect your

microphone solution we would encourage

you to use a dynamic mic like the

samsung q2u which is just a simple plug

and play usb mic that sounds really good

but once you connect your mic to stream

yard you’re going to then select noise

reduction as well as auto volume

the next thing you’re going to want to

do is brand your recording now you can

choose whatever background color or

image you’d want or even the text that

shows up on screen you can put your logo

in the shot but really what’s so cool

about stream yard is you can customize

this when you’re under the brand tab to

really make it whatever vibe you’re

trying to go for but i think it’s key to

set this up in advance the next thing

you’re going to do is add your assets or

essentially what you’re going to be

reacting to and there’s two ways around

this the first way you can do this is by

sharing your screen we encourage people

to have a secondary monitor that

actually is pretty clean and whatever

you’re going to share on that screen is

the only thing that’s on that screen

whereas if you had one monitor then

people are going to see your desktop and

all your files everywhere so that would

just be one tip but you can simply add

your monitor to your studio by clicking

the plus button at the bottom and

sharing screen just make sure that

you’re sharing the audio as well so that

the audio is translated through the

recording the second way to do it is to

actually upload videos to it under the

same icon share you can actually share a

video file which if you keep these files

separate somewhere on your computer you

can actually just share it onto your

studio and then add them to the stream

as you go through them i found that this

is an easy way to be able to scrub

through video so if you’re reacting to

videos this would probably be the best

way around it just because it’s so

intuitive and easy to use the next step

is to actually practice your reaction

videos now i don’t mean you know

practice reacting to whatever it is you

want to react in real time but i mean

learn the transitions that stream yard

offers because you can use your mouse to

change whether you want to be big on

screen or if you want your video to be

big on screen or you can actually learn

their hot keys as well and just use your

keyboard to make these transitions and

these are things that are really hard to

achieve in editing but because

streamyard makes it so easy it actually

makes it very dynamic another thing you

can actually do is connect an elgato

stream deck to your stream yard making

it super easy and fun to conduct

whatever it is you’re reacting to all

right i have a couple more steps but if

you’re getting value in this video let

me know by hitting that like button and

question for you is who do you like to

follow that does reaction videos i mean

if i’m gonna be honest it’s kind of

weird but i love like vocal coaches

reacting to new songs and it’s not it’s

not the fact that i’m like a singer or

anything i can’t sing for my life but

what i love is to learn the nuances of a

song but nonetheless let me know down in

the comments below who you like to

follow or the type of reaction content

you like to watch now once you’ve set up

your reaction session i guess you could

say it’s time to actually hit record and

you know what’s so cool about stream

yard is it will capture everything you

do when you hit record so on the top

right of the screen simply hitting

record and conducting your reaction and

you’re essentially good to go and when

you’re done you can hit stop record and

it’ll give you a video file

you can then take that video file

download it and upload it to youtube or

you can download it and make very

minimal edits with it in regards to

adding your intro bumper or maybe you

want to add some music or something like

that that would really make it easier on

the editing side now if you didn’t want

to edit it all together you can actually

just live stream it using stream yard

stream yard’s primarily main use is to

be used as a live stream software and so

if you actually get good at it then you

can just go straight live to your

youtube channel if you have the

capability to do so and i promised you a

tip at the end of this video on how you

can actually get more views on your

reaction videos and depending on the

kind of niche or industry that your

channel is serving

you can actually trend surf or you can

influence her and this is one big

strategy we teach here at think media

that you can actually implement into

your content and we actually use this

strategy with a video called joe rogan’s

podcast formula like we didn’t have joe

rogan on the show we just broke down the

way he conducts his podcasts and

therefore we are writing his influence

and so i would encourage you to ask the

question what trends can you hop on uh

what’s going on in your industry or in

your niche that you can uh speak into or

react to and if you actually want to

check out streamyard for yourself be

sure to check out the link down in the

description below and if you want to

watch a training from our think media

podcast on trend surfing sean uh broke

it down and he shows how you can

actually increase your views with it be

sure to click or tap the screen and i

can’t wait to see you in a future video



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