How to Instantly Improve Your YouTube Playlists using TubeBuddy! 🚀 #Shorts

If you want to get more subscribers on YouTube, the key is making a playlist of videos that will draw in viewers and make them hungry for more content. In this video I share some tips for creating your perfect Youtube playlist!

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— Here’s the thing with YouTube playlists.

When viewers are on them,

they’re more likely to indulge
into longer viewing sessions,

which means they’ll watch
video after video, after video,

which is exactly what we
want, but here’s a pro-tip.

Structure your playlist
with a goal in mind.

If you want more subscribers,

place your best converting videos

at the top of the playlist.

If you’re trying to get more watch time,

then put the videos that
people watch the longest

at the beginning.

You want your playlist to
work even harder for you.

And check this out.

The playlist action tool by TubeBuddy

does the thinking for you.

Simply select one of your playlists,

then choose an action to enhance it.

All the work will be done for you,

and we have some more tips
for you and your channel.

Check out the pinned comment below,

and I’ll see you next time.

Keep creating.


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