How to Have 0 Subscribers & STILL GROW Your Channel

There’s a lot of advice on how to grow your YouTube channel when you’ve got less than 1000 subscribers, but I’ve never seen it described this way. After reviewing thousands of channels with less than 1000 subscribers, these are my best pointers to grow on YouTube

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0:00 What is the real question?
0:38 3 Factors
1:07 Factor 1 — Real Examples
3:08 Micro Adjustments
3:44 A Common Mistake
4:25 Factor 2
5:33 How to Measure It
6:36 Factor 3
8:03 Calculating Factor 3
9:07 2 Actions to Take

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i’m willing to bet that this isn’t the

first video like this one that you have

watched is it i wanted to make this

video to simplify and to really help and

to point out a few things that i have

never seen addressed in this type of

video you see the reality here is that

you won’t always have zero subscribers

so the real question is how do you grow

from very small and the answer here is

it is difficult it is very hard to grow

a youtube channel but it’s also

simple and where i think differently

than perhaps a lot of other people on

this planet is that i don’t see those

two words as opposites and let me show

you why howdy howdy everyone nate here

the way to grow a channel from zero

subscribers any channel i don’t care

what type of channel you have but the

way to grow it is to have valuable ideas

executed well over enough time so the

real questions to be asking ourselves

for this video is does my channel does

your channel have valuable ideas are

they well executed and has enough time

or enough videos been published in order

to see the growth that i’m looking for

so with the first one valuable ideas how

do you know if you have created a

valuable idea to be added to the world

of youtube and the hence the greater

world well you publish the video and you

see how it does

i say that in jest but in reality in a

lot of cases the best way to see is in

retrospect looking back on a video so

let me give you an example if i were to

go to this channel improve with jewels

she’s doing some really awesome videos

but when i look at all of the videos

published across several weeks several

months of time which videos got the most

views now but hold on nate you say well

but there’s all these other factors

there’s click through rate there’s

thumbnail there’s title i i get all of

that but when i look at it holistically

as a whole on youtube on a youtube

channel your channel for example and i

look at the videos the ones that got the

most views were the most appealing ideas

for the audience and you can improve

that by having a better thumbnail better

title but we’re not talking about that

in this video what i’m talking about is

the most appealing and valuable ideas

for the audience that you are trying to

attract because i can think of no other

indicator that is a better indicator to

me when i’m reviewing a channel like

yours of what the audience enjoys

watching than views that we can look

into everything else so the average view

duration we’ll talk about that later on

this video but views are the ultimate

metric the ultimate indicator of how

much an audience is liking that video so

if i were to look at this channel

improve with jules i would look at the

videos that are a week old or older and

i would look how many views are these

videos getting so we look it’s kind of

an average two weeks ago nine views and

we see this one 42 views now it’s

important to note here we don’t have a

lot of data to go with but the point

here is how do you grow with zero right

we’re starting at zero and so any amount

of variance is something to take note of

so on this one 42 videos huh interesting

that was an appealing idea for the

audience because before that was 12 5 10

39 weekly planning routine uni using

notion that one was a more appealing

idea and so what i’d do next is i would

look at the videos that have the more

views over time and i would make micro

adjustments so that i can more clearly

answer this question over time what

ideas are the most valuable and

appealing to my audience and do more of

those so nate you ask i know there’s a

big question on everyone’s mind but what

about getting my videos found in the

first place how do i even get views on

my videos so earlier on in my youtube

journey teaching journey i used to tell

people to focus on searchable videos and

you can use tools like vidiq to find

those searchable topics that are less

served right but a big mistake was made

there in the majority of the channels

following that model and that was when

you make a video that is focused first

on search you make a very particular

type of video to answer a question and

you know because they search for

something you make the best video for

that search but the mistake made by many

many people creating channels was

they answered the question

and then that was it and there was no

reason to go to the rest of the channel

so what you’d see is channels with one

video that goes really big or even a lot

bigger than the other ones and then the

rest of the videos were nothing because

they didn’t have the subscribability

factor the reasons within a searchable

video to watch the rest of the content

on that channel so let’s talk about the

next point well executed videos so

here’s what i want you to do i want you

to pick one thing i am serious here

especially if you’re at the point where

you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated

with your channel just not gaining any

traction i want you to pick one thing

for each video that you publish one

thing that you’re going to improve in

that video if it’s on camera presence

great for that video i’m going to study

up all the videos i can find on on

camera presence if it’s editing i’m

going to look up a bunch of videos on

editing and improve by one percent in

that video you see something that i

figured out very early on in my youtube

journey which is perhaps one of the

competitive advantages that i have had

in growing youtube channels is that i

realized that growing on youtube is

about skills it’s about becoming

something it’s becoming the channel that

can have the audience that i want that

is why i’ve done things like my program

project 24 being so focused on skill

sets and the right application

of the skill sets so that you it becomes

natural but when we talk here about the

reality or the data behind a well

executed video idea here’s what i want

you to look for the average view

duration the average percentage viewed

and the average view duration on any

piece of content because what this is

showing you is how satisfied the

audience is with that piece of content

which is the ultimate indicator get this

the ultimate indicator of how good that

video was for the audience which is the

ultimate indicator of how well it was

produced to match the audience’s

expectations so the higher that number

is average view duration and the more

they’re sticking around enjoying the

video their satisfaction is up

that is better and that is perhaps one

of the best metrics to measure how good

you are at applying this well executed

ideas also the other most important

indicator here is subscribe rate meaning

how often people are choosing to

subscribe in any given piece of content

and if that subscribe rate is very high

then that is a very good indicator that

you’ve created a piece of content that

people enjoy watching and they want to

consume more of that content and in fact

i did make an entire video dedicated to

upping that subscribe rate so that any

given piece of content does gain you

more subscribers than before

but more on that here in a moment all

right let’s talk about the third factor

and that is enough time

here’s what i want you to do

i want you to give your channel 100 full

effort videos before you even think

about stopping or reassessing and get

this the 100 videos have to be published

within a time of six months to two years

i give that time frame because if you’re

publishing 100 videos within that time

that means you at least have a level of

consistency and not too little meaning

you can’t just publish 100 videos in a

month and say hey this didn’t work and

and then move on because what you do at

that point is you can then assess how

your channel is doing then you can have

a real conversation with myself or

others about the trajectory that your

channel is going and i purposely wanted

to give it a number and a time frame

because there’s just something that

happens when you give enough time and

focus to something you prove to the

universe that you actually want to do

something and you are always improving

you’re well executed you’re getting at

least one percent better in every single

video and when you give it enough time

something has to happen i mean that

seriously when you do enough videos over

enough time something either has to

break in that you become so frustrated

you finally go and get the help you need

you go pay someone you you get something

you get the answers you need or you

realize this actually isn’t for me it’s

gotta be one or the other now let’s talk

the reality or the data on this one i

want you to look at when you look at

your channel i’m gonna use another

example this is lisa cook’s food when

you look at your channel the most

important metric to see if enough time

is passing enough videos is being

published is the baseline of views let

me show you how to calculate it so if i

look at the outside of a channel and i

see my videos that are at least a week

old preferably two weeks old or older

and i’m looking at the number of views

that’s the average over the most recent

10 to 20 videos is that number going up

that is the number one indicator of a

healthy channel to me if it’s all over

the place or if it’s going down then

that’s where red flags are showing up

but what if nate

what if you came to me and you said nate

i’ve been doing youtube for a while i’ve

been doing my best to do those three

things i published at least 100 full

effort videos what if it is still not

working nine times out of ten it’s

because one of these three things i

described in this video is off genuinely

either the ideas are just not good

they’re not appealing they’re just not

valuable ideas they’re not delivered

well or we haven’t improved our quality

over time enough to actually get the

results so there’s a few things you can

do if you’re in that boat if you’re in

my youtube program project 24 join a

mastermind asap i mean that seriously

get in there and get answers to your

questions asap because sometimes what

you need is an outside perspective i’m

running masterminds all the time so it’s

direct access to me to ask your

questions right there and i am sure with

enough focus and persistence i will be

able to help you get unstuck the other

thing you can do is repeat the process

outlined in this video get valuable


well executed and publish another 100

videos on your channel but even then

it’s possible that it’s incomplete still

because you need to be able to publish

videos that gain subscribers which is

why i made this video for you guys

because you need to see what is

currently working in that video i go

over several real channels your channels

to look at what makes a video more

subscribable versus not so if you’re

looking for real strategies on gaining

subscribers from a single video then go

watch that next and nate out


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