How to Get Verified on YouTube (2022 UPDATED) ✅

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0:00 — How to Get Verified on YouTube
0:27 — How to Get the Check Mark Next to Your Name
0:53 — What You Need to Get Verified!
1:12 — Things to Be Aware of Before You Get Verified
2:26 — It Can Get Revoked if You Do this.

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In this video, Nolan is going to show you How to Verify Your YouTube Account 2022! To verify your youtube Channel you need to first verify your youtube account! Then you can move on to the channel verification process!

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you want to get verified on youtube now

there’s two different ways when it comes

to verification on youtube and i know

you want to get that check mark right

next to your name but the other way is

just to verify your channel if you

haven’t done this yet go to

forward slash verify if you’ve already

done this you’ll see that you’ve already

done it if not you’ll see some options

here and by putting in your phone number

to verify your youtube channel now

you’re going to be able to have custom

thumbnails and you can live stream and a

lot of other stuff as well check the

link in the description because i have a

video already teaching you how to do

that but what you really want to know is

how to get that check mark next to your

name on this youtube article they tell

us exactly why they verify channels and

this is really important for you to

understand what it says is if a channel

is verified it’s the official channel of

a creator artist company or public

figure and this really is to legitimize

an account so for example think media

has the check mark next to it if you see

another channel name that has think

media has the same profile picture you

know that it’s probably a scam it is not

the official think media channel i’m

gonna tell you exactly what you need to

get that verification batch but it is

super important that you understand what

it does for your channel and honestly

the answer is not a lot you can see

right here that says verified channels

don’t get extra features on youtube they

also don’t represent awards milestones

or endorsements from youtube really it’s

just for the viewers so that we can see

when a channel has that check mark that

they are the legitimate channel now a

couple important takeaways from this

article is that if you change your name

and you’re already verified you are

going to have to reapply because they do

not allow you to be verified if you

change your channel name so definitely

make sure you have a name that you like

that you want to go with for the long

run before you apply for the channel

verification and again that’s not for

verifying your channel like we talked

about in the very beginning that is for

the verification badge so the question

you’re wondering is how do you get

verified and youtube tells us that you

need a hundred thousand subs and then

you can apply for this badge however if

you have more than a hundred thousand

subscribers they’re not gonna give you

the verification badge just because of

that there’s a few more things that

factor into it so they say right here

that they verify channels that are

authentic and it actually represents the

real creator brand or entity it claims

to be now the other thing is that it

must be complete and this is really

interesting you must have a channel

banner description profile picture kind

of normal things that we all have but

you also need to be posting content and

be active on youtube so if you just want

to get your channel that maybe is super

old and you’re not active anymore but

you want to get it verified they

probably will deny you unless you are

posting content and active on youtube

when you apply now an interesting note

here is that youtube may also

proactively verify channels with fewer

than a hundred thousand subscribers that

are well known outside of youtube also

right here youtube says that they

reserved the right to revoke

verification especially if you’re gonna

be violating community guidelines or the

youtube terms of service to get the

badge you need to apply and go through

the verification process so i have the

link right here in the description if

you want to check that out if you don’t

have 100 000 subscribers yet and you

can’t apply it’s okay i actually have a

video i want you to watch this right

here omar shares how ryan went from zero

to a hundred thousand subscribers in

less than a year now you can do the same

so i’ll see you guys in the next video



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