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=================== text video ====================




two huh








ladies and gentlemen ladies and

gentlemen you can’t see me because i

forgot to turn off that screen

there we go ladies and gentlemen boys

and girls children of all ages

what an amazing week i had off as you

can see from those

wonderful pictures that i took on my

travel through space

disneyland lego i even integrated myself

into minecraft

amazing thank you everybody for an


meme of a week section it was brilliant

it was wonderful but i’m back

ready to host the best channel audit

live stream

on the planet here on youtube as always

every single tuesday joined by the

hundreds of people

uh that are gonna be here sharing their

channels and we’re gonna share our


our knowledge our experience to

hopefully help you get you going in the

right direction

with our youtube channels and i could

not do this without a

gaggle of co-hosts as always we’re going

to welcome in dan i want to say thank

you dan for uh

doing the co-hosting duties last week

phenomenal job

uh welcome back as always you

you were watching on your vacation then

i watched a little bit here and there

and i was checking the numbers and i was

seeing that actually we got more viewers

uh last week than usual which made me a

little nervous but you know hey ho

hey ho

you know it’s nice to be back in control

although i think you have controls

anyway dan you could just add yourself

is that right

yeah yeah i forgot about that you’re a

co-host as well

oh he’s left and now dan joined and then

he left let’s bring in travis

travis how are you doing just stop

pressing buttons down there

is going on in here i don’t know

technical problems

on this thing no never no we’re just

having a bit of fun there right i’m

bringing dan in as well there we go how

are you doing travis how’s it going well

real good really excited to be here uh

lots to talk about

and channel audits as always as always

and as

i think almost a regular thing now is

that we have a special guest on

uh and now we’re getting to a point

where we have returning guests and now

we’re getting to the point where we have

tag team duo guests as well uh so we’re

welcoming back

ben and michaela how are you doing first

of all let me just say you are so

so close now to that first silver play


when do you think you’re gonna hit a

hundred thousand subscribers

i’m not sure hopefully soon we’re just

uh trying to keep but not the content as

we’re approaching that goal

so it’s uh definitely exciting and to

briefly introduce who you are and what

you do on youtube

yeah so i’m ben this is my wife michaela

and we

uh really focus on making content that

helps content creators so

a lot of our videos are tutorial based

or review based just helping out people

who are

wanting to upgrade the level of their uh

quality of their content so that they


you know make a bigger impact and um

kind of grow their channels and help

other people out as well

what i found on youtube is that when you

search for ben johnson unfortunately you

just find the disgraced canadian athlete

from 30 years ago but if you add


then it’s nothing but your content

because i i kind of

see you as like the lighting chiefs of


but also a lot of other things about

content creation i mean i watched a

video recently about

uh how you created an entire youtube

studio on one stand

like with a microphone and a light

anything i’m trying to replicate that on

the budget and i’m failing miserably

but you can see that the the wonderful

lighting you have in the background and

we also had a poll here just to get

kickers off in this uh maybe production

style of auditing we may do today

and so we asked people do they use a

lighting setup on their videos and a

thousand people have voted here

uh this may make you throw up but

44 of people just point and shoot they

don’t care about light whatsoever

24 say they prefer natural light

21 say they have just one light but only


of people actually have a full lighting

setup so like

do you think that’s the right sort of

numbers for creators or do you feel as

if people should maybe

invest a little bit more in in their

lighting going forward

i think that’s a i think that the

results don’t surprise me

um i would be curious to see the

effectiveness of the channels that do

use the lighting versus the ones that


um because at the end of the day there’s

only so many content creators that will

that will stand out in the in the crowd

of everybody and so

uh doing those techniques making the

content easier to watch easier to listen


it’d be interesting to see not just

who’s doing it but the effectiveness of

each channel

uh of the people that are versus aren’t

uh hopefully we’ll

look at a couple of channels maybe with

uh video production quality today as

well let’s say hello to a couple of


uh i’ll start with dan uh who are you

gonna say hello to today

probably all sorts of people we have uh

star arama

emerald emerald voids we have pinkie


we have uh sam’s animations y star

shy guy freak house art

uh we have uh oh boy uh tim

trimbly gaming goofy little monkey and

esplays and travis if you were going to

say hello to some people who might they


might be uh pokey craft i saw drunken

there we got

fire fox fire 79 you me a little pizza

that’s like the thing little right it

could be a little everything little


a little playoff uh zanders and amy


appreciate you better michaela do you

have a live stream shut up or am i uh

we do we do yeah if you want to say

hello some people as well

yeah absolutely hey debian ravin quait

y star virat john warf roblox hello

uh tripod 190. that’s a stable name

right there i like that

uh kayla short reviews nice and to the

point awesome thanks for joining us

you know now i want to i want to think

of some um tripod

channel names like five axis

subscriber stabilization might be one

and uh yeah

what would be another another one watch

time three-legged watch time

might be another one uh

i don’t know the youtube cage might be


what was that the trigger try guy

yeah that’s another good one the try

podcast the tripod

tripod oh wow let me just do two hours

of this dan do you have you got any


i i was trying to think of something

with like uh like gyroscope or something

like that just totally

it’s probably

yeah i’m out all right what are we doing

here what is this live stream about i’ve

actually forgotten so i think what we’ll

do is we will play this little 60-second

explainer and then we’ll start getting

some channel audits and it works a

little bit

like this welcome to the vid iq channel

audit live stream where we review your

youtube channels there are two links in

the description

one for gaming channels one for

non-gaming channels

make sure you submit every week as we

clear the form after every live stream

channel audits are 100 free so please

don’t send us any super chats expecting

to receive an audit and don’t waste your

time asking for one in the chat

if there are any alternative ways to get

picked for an audit such as memes

we will let you know during the live

stream if we can order your channel

today vid iq has a channel audit tool

working 24 7 for you

if you haven’t already installed with iq

download it now for free a link is in

the description

and make sure to take advantage of our

free 30-day trial

if you submit your channel for audit

expect the following we

are sharing nothing more than our

knowledge our experience and our passion


fellow youtube creators it’s up to you

whether or not you take our advice

there are tons of links lots of useful

resources in the video

description make sure to subscribe if

you haven’t already done so

share this live stream with another

fellow creator who may find it useful

and finally moderators thank you thank

you thank you for everything that you do

every single week all right let’s do


couple more uh houses hold on before you

get in there listen i just want to say

one thing

i want to come in early because here’s

the thing

the most accessible savage student of

all time what i don’t want to talk about

it right now i’m just going to tease you

i’m going to tickle you with a feather

y’all were out here playing on me

talking about how the savage academy

couldn’t have a successful student but

it happened ladies and gentlemen and

y’all gonna find out about it later

and i want to tell you something tribute


that’s all tribute to me remember the

39.95 every five minutes that i charge

it’s going up it’s going up yeah that’s

what happens when you get a viral hit

with one of the savage students i’ve

made someone famous and you know what

i’m just gonna leave it at that tickle

your tickle you with a feather

you come back and walk you better stay

for the whole two hours all of y’all

don’t you go nowhere

thank you savage very there he goes

thank you savage uh

he really interrupted me while i was

going to do a bit of a housekeeping here

to say that we continued to support the

19 solidarity response fund with any

super chats thank you in advance

if you decide to donate also

as always we are offering you our wisdom

our knowledge our experiences on

youtube you can take them as you want to

constructive criticism we can’t cover

every single channel every single week

because we get about a thousand channel


every single week so what i suggest you

do is on a second screen if you can

bring up your

channel and then take an objective look

at it as welcome as we’re looking at

gaming channels or tech channels

or indeed savage’s uh a secret uh

successful channel

uh this week and with all of that being


we do just want to say that we are not


a channel audit service on youtube we

have a

full gambit of tools available to you


24 7. dan is nodding here this is ben

johnson’s channel by the way we’ll cover


just a little bit later but as you can

see he’s at 94 000 subscribers

and let’s say um ben was wanting to do

a video another video on youtube

lighting let’s say

what he might do with the vidiq tool

installed is go to the keyword inspector

and type in youtube lighting and then

uh not only would a ben or whoever’s

searching for such a thing get

all of this information about all of the

connected keywords but also

the search volume the competitiveness

and like

how you may want to just leverage or

slightly change your keyword research on


we’re looking at youtube lighting set up

for cheap or youtube

lighting for beginners or cheap youtube

lighting video lighting setup and all of

the different ways you can look at a

particular topic

on youtube this is a keyword inspector

it’s one of the

many many tools as you can see down the

left hand side of the screen

that we have available here at vid iq so

make sure to download the software if

you haven’t

already and we have a fantastic offer

going on

right now which you’re going to see

scrolling along the bottom of the screen

which is if you buy a purchase

one month of vid iq right now you will

get the second month

absolutely free please visit

forward slash bonus make sure you’re

signed into your vid iq account when you

do that

and you should have the special offer

applied so that is

buy one month of vid iq and get the next

month absolutely free

and if i remember rightly we’re doing

this throughout july

so do take advantage of this offer if

you can and with all of that being said


dan travis and michaela are you ready to

jump into some actual channel auditing

live streaming

oh yeah yes i can see noddings of head i

can hear yeses so let’s have a look at


very first channel that submitted this

week and it is

the pet connection international

they are a very new channel on youtube

they have 22 subscribers i think they’ve

been on youtube for around about a month

and who is not going to start watching

videos about gerbils

and mice travis let’s start with you

what are your first impressions of this


all right pet connection international

so the thing about this is pets can be a

lot of different types of animals but

we’re only focusing on rodents in this

particular image so

if it’s more if it’s more rodent based

that’s fine but

i wonder if um well i guess you don’t

want to i guess roden would be too of a

much of a turn off term i guess

in the title so maybe pet connection is

a fine one anyway um

so at least we have an idea of what

we’re looking for or we’re looking at uh

and it looks like here

um there are some tips here for handling


i used to have a hamster many years ago

they were very cute

uh how to make your this is for gerbils

it looks like so this is

really specific to even gerbils not just

not just like

right are there anything else no these

are all their videos so they just


yeah so i the the channel avatar

suggests there’s a cat and dog in there

so yeah may branch out later on and like

if we look at the about section


again it just seems to be general um

focus on animals i also see here that

the the creator has

a degree in animal science and and so on

but we’re not seeing

maybe the actual creator on the channel

banner or anything but i can see them


on one of her videos so they’re

definitely going for the i guess the

animal side of this in terms of who’s

the hero of the contents

is it there’s another person in each

video just that yeah i’m not sure about

that i’ll i’ll click into one and i will

mute it let’s just see

oh that’s a shot yeah so i’m curious i’m

curious is it some of it like reuse

content or is it

you know this is okay it’s an actual

creator i think it’s i think it’s the

same creation

very cool on everyone yeah yeah and by

the way they just started

this is a very early journey and for

thumbnails that are for our creator who

just started like a month ago

these are great thumbnails for your

thumbnails so i mean they’ll definitely


but i can guarantee most people on

youtube their first five thumbnails

don’t look this good

agreed and i would say

for a channel has five videos

they already have oh my gosh yeah three

videos over 100 views

within a already well established um

part of youtube you know pet care and

things i think that’s a really good

start as well

uh dan i just want to throw it over to

you have you spotted anything here of


it’s very early days of course for the

channel it is the thumbnails jumped out

at me though right away

so uh whenever i see something like this

it does come down to like well how often

are they uploading they started a month

ago it looks like they’re on track for

about a video a week maybe more i think

the short

kind of i gave them a little more too i

would definitely start experimenting

with shorts even more

i think uh i think that it’s

it’s a great way especially with like

cute animals and stuff that to uh

you know get some extra traffic over on

the channel and as long as you stay

focused in those shorts uh you you may

even see those viewers that subscribe

from shorts

start returning as well uh so yeah that

would be my advice is just try things

uh get get as much content out as you as

you can as you can manage to

and uh yeah it’s it’s it’s really

encouraging to see that they’re starting

with shorts and you know

just just uh all all good vibes here

now there is a very small sample size

here of data but i’m looking at this one

that was published four days ago

and it only has 11 views versus the rest

which are all relatively good in the

double digits

or triple digits why do you think this

one maybe didn’t perform as well

there’s one thought in my head

immediately while this one didn’t

perform as well as it was but i’m just

wondering what you think

might it might be be just a little too

niche right now maybe this is more of a

long-term play

as people get a pet gerbil they’re gonna

figure out what to feed that

pet and then find this video hopefully


over time it could get more uh

but maybe what they could start doing

and i would be curious to hear your

thoughts about but maybe what they could

start doing is

not necessarily doing promos for foods

but but

talk about different brands and things

like that review different brands of

pet food and you know that that could

keep keep going down that road maybe you

get more specific and maybe it’s a

little more searchable

i was just thinking in terms of a

thumbnail it didn’t have it doesn’t have

a gerbil in it

and then the a and the b they’re blurred


what am i what should i be focusing on

here other than the thinking emoji

again very small sample size but i’m

wondering like you can start to do tests

of including animals or not

uh in the thumbnails and i don’t want to

leave this um

channel without maybe just getting ben

and michaela’s thoughts i guess maybe

about the

the production quality so far of a

channel in terms of the video like

you know lighting or presentation any

any general thoughts

again let’s remember this channel is

very early on in a youtube journey

yeah i i was first of all i was thinking

about the same thing with the thumbnail

uh the fact that it didn’t have the the

gerbil in it and so yeah this is

interesting one thing i’ll

i’ll obviously don’t have a lot to go

off of at the moment but

it looks like they’re adding text as

they’re talking that’s that can always

be an effective thing

um i would i would just consider the

positioning of where they’re standing at

um it’s kind of like

awkwardly covering the shelf in the

background so perhaps

shift that over a little bit or you know

yeah so it gets pretty cluttered pretty

quick but

it’s not i mean it’s a fast little

animation which isn’t bad

i would just consider you know what

you’re putting on the back like does the

pokemon have anything to do with the


uh i don’t know you know it’s it’s still


early to tell but you know if you had

some other accessories or things that

are relevant to

kind of what people are looking for uh

you know putting that in the background

is always uh

makes them feel more at home and like

they’re finding what they’re

searching for uh versus just pokemon and


yeah i love my internet that’s so good

i would say it seemed like they um like

she was standing off to the side

intentionally because she knew she was

going to be putting some text and some

images on the screen which is great

but just like ben said i would encourage

her to find even more blank space like

if that’s your intention

the background is still cluttered

because of everything that’s on the

shelf so if she can even stand against

a totally blank wall and knowing that

she’s going to put text up there and

images and things like that that’ll be

even easier for the audience to

comprehend but i think overall it looks

really good

yeah it’s definitely especially for a

new channel like absolutely it looks

like there’s some intentionality here

and i do see the little little gerbil in

the background and the picture which is


um yeah so it’s not it’s not like there

was no thought or anything put into it

it does you know there is

lighting there as well of some kind

looks like maybe window light or


you do have a contrast between the

window light and the indoor light so

that could be something to consider

it’s kind of her face’s two colors that

happens a lot from

that mixture um but again those are

small little

small little things um all in all it

seems like the channel is starting

pretty strong

yeah this is like execution isn’t it

like improving one percent like the next

thing i’m going to do is get the

lighting balance correct

maybe the next time i’ll try and stand

i’ll try and create separation between

the foreground and the background so

you know maybe all of the cuddly toys

aren’t so much in focus because i feel

as if it’s

a bit of a flat image potentially as

well but it’s all from a good starting

point here isn’t it with a this is her

fifth video

this is video number five yeah there’s

already a lot of good things going on so

we’re looking at the next steps for this

channel which has already made

i think a really good impression on

the pet care community so that is pet

connection international

uh let’s move on to the next channel

which is our first gaming channel

of this week and it is dean mcprow

dan this is a minecraft channel so we’re

all going to sit down relax

and give it over to you for the next

five minutes although i will say

if you just want to say oh this

channel’s decided to quit uh

let’s move on to the next channel it’s

entirely up to you but let’s focus on

that for a bit because

they they’re saying goodbye to youtube

it’s it’s pretty clear about a week ago

they just decided to tell their audience

like they gave up

and then they submitted to us presumably

yesterday or today for a channel review

so that’s kind of interesting i i would

say that

given the series of events there this

channel is still interested in in being

on youtube

the question is are you still interested

in being in the minecraft space because

if you’re saying goodbye there must be

but you might be back there must be some

kind of plan whether it’s to pivot the


or you just simply need a break um the

first thing i would say is

in the future avoid these videos of

saying goodbye uh you will likely end up

starting a discord server

you’ll get access to the community tab

really soon it looks like because you’re

gonna have a thousand subscribers soon i


yeah uh 800 something right now yeah

almost 900

probably 900 by now so you’re going to

get access to community tab and that’s a

great place to say hey

you might notice there’s gonna be a lag

of videos for a bit i just need i just

need a moment

but when you say goodbye you’re

basically inviting folks who have

started to follow you

to leave you’re telling them i’m i’m

probably just done

and uh you’re giving them every excuse


not only uh just unsubscribe but

you know at the very least stop paying

any attention when any of your older

content is recommended to them it’s they

know they’re not going to get any more i

would avoid these videos at all costs

especially if you if there’s any chance

you’ll even come back

my old channel like i’ve pivoted away

from it completely i don’t make any

content there anymore

but i’m still not going to say goodbye

because i might decide to do something

within the future

but let’s look at some of the positives

here a couple of videos ago

you were getting almost 3 000 views uh

you had a good run here i see 20 000


um you’ve been doing excellent work

on you know not only thumbnails but that

the topics you are choosing to cover

uh so i’m i’m just i guess what we got

to get down to is is the reason you’re

leaving and only you know that

we don’t um because it feels to me as if

they just haven’t got the they haven’t

got time you know because each of these

videos is relatively short three to four


really good ideas as you say like i’m

gonna call these besticals

that’s a new term i’m inventing here

like the best five of something

uh but like why could you only do one a


we didn’t know the answer to that but

you would just you may be a minecraft

gaming channel

you’re expecting an output of maybe two

or three a week and they just weren’t

able to deliver that

currently yeah it’s you you’ve got to

find a content strategy that works for

you and

those videos that i’ve i’ve made videos

similar to what they’ve made

they take a while but you got to

research all of those you got to capture

all the different footage

you want the edits to be good so the

video isn’t like 20 minutes long for no

reason so

they’re they’re clearly good at like

editing down their content to a short

digestible format

uh but if you’re not able to keep up

with with even one video a month

that needs to be addressed whether it’s

just accepting that you upload one video

a month and that’s that

or you you try and fit in some other

types of videos as you grow because

we always recommend you make these types

of videos but nothing is wrong

with staying on topic and doing

something else in minecraft too that

might be a little bit easier

it keeps your returning viewers engaged

while you make this more high-level


that brings in uh you know high levels

the wrong term but

if while you make this other content

that brings in new viewers from search

and places like that

uh totally okay to kind of set up not

every video

needs to be like you know it has to get

like 2 000 views or i’ve wasted

my time and finally do you think shorts

could be a viable option if

like they are limited with time just

making targeted short content might be

an approach yeah if you’ve got the top

five best

uh minecraft pocket edition texture

packs for bed wars

why don’t you take all five and make an

individual short with them check out

this awesome texture pack for bed wars

and then like focus on a couple of

little elements in it that look cool

and then say subscribe you know and i’m

thinking i’m looking at

those videos i’m thinking of our

favorite minecraft creator right now

which is block facts

who you know spent the whole time on

this channel making the same kinds of

videos over and over and now is pivoted

to long-form content got a bunch of

returning viewers it didn’t

impact their views at all so if your

channel is always consistent

in the type of content it’s going to

make you can absolutely bounce between

those two

uh you know as well and you can just

repurpose some of this whole content in

the meantime

into shorts uh that could that could be

a benefit

so those were the first two channels

that submitted this week both non-gaming


gaming the form is in the description if

you want to fill it out we will be

picking more channels in the second hour

uh the next channel we’re gonna look at

here is

trev talks living in phoenix and i

believe ben and michaela this is one

that you pre-selected

why did you decide to do that what are

we looking at here

yeah so it had a lot to do with just the

overall um actual like video content you

know i was going through some of the

submissions and trying to find some

stuff that i could

touch on that would help just maybe a

wider variety of people

um and i thought it was it’s something

that could be executed well

and and kind of be a good channel

especially kind of being

niche in that area but if we want to

click on one of the the first

maybe the first video or something sure

we can talk about

so the interesting thing here you know

we have the

uh what we call the a roll that’s you’re


you’re talking head portion of the video

um just right off the bat the camera’s

tilted uh it’s a little slanted so just

that’s a quick tip for anybody like make

sure that

your camera’s straight it will just feel

better to look at

and and be a nice touch because when

it’s not it can come across a little

sloppier and it’s

that’s not what you want so um if we if

we can

in this video can we can we hear the

audio at all in it is that an

option so i know unfortunately not


the way stream yards works it’s you have

to share the audio in a different way

but oh that’s fine

so i’ll just mention it if you guys want

to go check it out you can at some point

but the

uh the audio levels they were being


at a very they were being recorded too

loud and so what hap

the thing that happens when that’s done

is your audio starts to distort

and then also there was some music that

would randomly come in that was

way too loud so just pay attention to

your audio levels that’s something that


really make a viewer just click right

off if if the music all of a sudden gets

jarringly loud competing with your voice

they can’t hear

the good information that you’re trying

to share now one good thing he did

visually was he used what we call b-roll

which is

additional video footage that kind of

comes over top of the screen while

you’re talking

and i thought that was something he did

really well and it’s something that a

lot of creators should do

when they’re trying to show something or

do a tutorial even product reviews

using b-roll is a great technique to use

just to help condense the length of your

video while also further communicating

what it is that you’re talking about

yeah i’m just panning along the button

along the bottom to try and

demonstrate that i think he’s talking

head but then b-roll occasionally comes


yeah and he’s just showing off the area

it looks like different city shots looks


maybe he pulled some stock or maybe he

went around with his car

i got some footage while driving stuff

like that but

all in all i looked at a lot of channel

submissions and a lot of them didn’t


b-roll it was it was something that was

very much lacking and

i think that if you one of our big

things is always to cut the fluff and

kind of shorten the length of the video

to pack in as much value adding

information as you can

i think one of the best ways to do that

is using b-roll and

um so that was a good thing that he did

and he could even done more with it but

the audio was what i wanted to mention

was like hey watch your audio levels if

you’re using music

don’t push it too loud make sure that

people can always hear you talking

and you don’t want it to be jarring or


travis i wanted to bring you in and just

ask a question here about the

the concept of uh just by the the

nature of the channel and their channel


dfinity is aware of it they’re

restricting themselves too much by

strictly saying this is a channel about

living in phoenix yeah so

uh what i see a lot the people who do

this and i think and do it successfully

because of what they’re trying to do are

real estate channels like that stuff

makes sense

um and you should do it for those type

of channels i hope a lot of real estate

channels do this sort of thing

this is really narrowing yourself down

unless there’s a specific reason is this

for a funnel of some sort

yeah look at that this is why i do

that’s why they pay me the median bucks

and uh i’m done where’s the mic that i

can draw i can’t drop the mic because

it’s all my thing but i’m gonna go ahead

and drop it anyway

and uh there you go there’s your answer


yeah i saw that he was a real estate

agent on the

on the original submission um so i was

kind of going into it with that context

which was interesting because just when

i look at the channel

without knowing that he was a real

estate agent because it doesn’t say in


well he’s sure anything i think that’s

well you know what it is

this is a uh this is like a honey pot


and for those who don’t know that’s yeah

what’s the honeypot

oh so you didn’t know either okay yeah

yeah yeah i know what that is yeah

so a honeypot is it’s a thing that

you you’re bringing a lot of people in

for something and kind of sticking them

there so in other words

um he’s bringing people who are maybe

interested in phoenix but don’t

necessarily know

that this has anything to do with real

estate and then when they find out cool

things that live in phoenix what kind of

cool things there are in phoenix then

they’re going to want to live in phoenix

and he just happens to be a real estate

agent and then yeah

yeah i think i think that’s a good

strategy my my biggest thing though is

especially when you’re trying to

represent like your business and stuff i

would definitely recommend trying to

upgrade the

just the presentation a little bit

especially on the talking the

the talking head a-roll stuff i think it

was a little bit

short for wanting to kind of present

your real estate business

as you know high quality and and you


inviting and all that stuff so i think

there’s some little tweaks he could do

there as he continues

but um yeah that in the audio would be

be good yeah i mean although the

internet is not working for me properly

on plenty of videos we very much got

that i’m in a

i’m in my spare bedroom talking to you


uh which i’m not gonna say it’s

unprofessional but there’s a

there’s a disconnect of credibility

there isn’t there if if you know this

person’s a real estate agent

but then you’re kind of having this


very casual um put together content

without a justifiable reason for it then

you might lose a viewer potentially yeah

even even then like who’s the target

audience here is it somebody

looking to buy property in phoenix or is

it somebody just interested in the area

of phoenix

still maybe some decisions to make for

this channel as they are still

relatively small

yeah i think that there’s always that

fine line between

um relatable and authentic and then

sloppy right there’s sort of that like

fine line with like yeah i’m just

running around

in in the house versus like that’s not

quite how you would approach someone

in a meeting right so it’s sort of like

maybe maybe

swivel on the line a little bit

differently because i think i think that


the strategy isn’t isn’t bad i just

think it could be

some and it’s not going to be a hard

thing to change

i think it’s just some minor tweaks and

it could really uh

you know present a lot stronger and then

very quickly thumbnails

they’re all right there’s maybe a bit

too much text here and there they’re

very flat

in terms of the

the youtuber face and the city behind

are all like in the same

focus level so you kind of get that

a bit of a chaotic look so maybe some

improvements to be made there on the

thumbnails as well but i think we’ll

move on

there’s one thing i’ll say about the

thumbnails uh i was watching

a channel just like this yesterday

actually just uh about

living in different cities i’ve been

kind of interested in that topic lately


the channel that i found did something

really interesting where what attracted

me to the video was

they were in the thumbnail front and

center and it was just like them holding

up the dollar amount of like places to

live for this much

you know and simple thumbnail ideas like


are really going to help draw people in

i think rather than almost repeating the

title with the text on the on the


uh you know it’s it’s those it’s those

little things like why why do i want to

know about living in phoenix

well because maybe i’m thinking of

moving there and if that’s the case

i want to know all these different

things how much it’s going to cost and

then yes things to do and things like

that so

uh like our friend nate has been saying

make your thumbnail

about one simple concept that people can


latch on to let’s move on to the next

channel then uh

and this is a fascinating channel which

is in light mode

uh i forgot to update the page but ben’s

watch club exploring affordable watches

it doesn’t look as if it’s smart watches

so you know your classic

analog and digital watches and

immediately thinking

all right can you make a channel with 80

000 subscribers and get

oh i don’t know 50 000 views plus on

every single video

about uh what looks to be a watch from

the 1980s

and the answer is yes so i think

you can have over a hundred thousand

subscribers about drywall so of course

you can do it

another little reference that’s the

whole pet drywall thank you very much


let’s try and answer the question is why

do we think this channel is so


or what they do just first of all the

presentation of the thumbnails is

very very powerful it’s a very

professional look i’m sure um

benjamin kelly if you want to jump into

maybe talking about the production

quality soon but

what the what vibe are we getting here

like luxury

style designs things beyond just the

watches themselves

if i was a collector i’d be all about

this channel right yeah

and i think that it plays into that

hobby it’s less about reviewing

different watches that you may or may

not buy and more about like

just going after that hobbyist that that

loves collecting things like this

yeah look at that casio’s most insane

value watch yet

half a million views that’s incredible

absolutely incredible

it’s interesting because it he um i mean

there’s no guarantee

matter of fact the channel at this size

should not be performing at this level

um especially nowadays like right now

we’re in the middle of kind of a view


and he’s just straight up killing it um

but i think he’s really

there’s probably a couple things going

on here i don’t know how many watch

youtube channels there are

and probably at this level you know

there’s there’s a lot of people who

collect watches tons

but there’s maybe not a whole bunch of

watch channels i actually don’t know the

answer maybe there are but

i can’t imagine that there’s so many

that there are for example in

vlogging or photography or something

like my guess is there’s more of those

and there are this so

if you know if he’s able to target into

the right people you’ll notice a lot of

them are the

circular watches that don’t look like

he’s doing like smart watches he’s doing

like kind of high-end stuff

that same group of people and we

continually um recommended his

particular type of content

and he just continues to do that same

content he’s not trying to do things

wildly different so he’s able to

continue to bring the viewership back

which is really impressive

better michaela i do have this running

at 144 p uh just trying

get the video running uh just general

thoughts on production quality here

yeah it’s interesting again use of

b-roll i can tell just from

watching it you know it’s uh it keeps it

keeps it interesting it almost looks

like he may have

just pulled footage from the commercials

of the watches

which is interesting um i can’t tell if

maybe he’s

shot some of it but i will say he


uh made his well we’ll say it this way

right like these watches are obviously

like luxury watches right

and so um i think that what he did that

is really strong is he made his

talking head a-roll look really

high-quality and

it matches there’s not like a big uh

quality drop out between

the footage he’s pulling from these

commercials and then the the talking


shots um they seem to be it’s believable

that maybe he did shoot this because it

looks high quality right

and so it doesn’t seem as jarring versus

if we had

you know just the person in the bedroom


you know all that stuff going on so i

think that it’s definitely

strong there it looks like the editing

is strong so it definitely seems like he


um what he’s doing with to an extent as

far as just video production in general

um which is good yeah i would say like

even honestly without

audio you can tell that he either knows

what he’s doing before he even started


or he spent a lot of time learning what

to do

um and he looks again even without audio

you can tell that he just

he’s very confident on camera like he

just looks like he knows what he i i

trust him about his opinion

on a watch and i can’t even hear him

talking and it’s just in the way that

he’s presenting himself

uh and the quality of the production

like ben was saying and that’s the

interesting thing again i was going

through a lot of the submissions

and there were so many channels that

were faceless channels

but the and you could easily have a

faceless watch channel

right but then this guy comes in

bringing his own personality and and the

thing that we talk about a lot and just


my personal belief with like social

media in general is that

you need to understand why people are

using it

in order to succeed on it and the main

thing i’ve come up with is

people use it to um to learn

they they use youtube to learn watch

tutorials they use it to be entertained

you know whether that’s gaming content

or just funny stuff whatever

stuff they enjoy and then also they use

it to connect

and this guy’s hitting the connect the

the connection part of it because he’s

showing his face he’s talking about it

like michaela says he seems like

he knows what he’s talking about the

more you watch it you become interested

in not just the watches

but in perhaps him as a person right and

so that opens up a whole new realm of

the authenticity side of youtube so i

think he’s he’s kind of leveraging and

leaning into that aspect of it it would


i just want you to look at look at the

the canvas of thumbnails here

and your eye is drawn to each one

individually because there’s something

interesting going on in all of them

but there’s no there’s no chaos either

as well

just as a very quick compound comparison

when we go back to

trev talks if you look at these as a

canvas of thumbnails you’re seeing a lot

of different colors

you’re seeing a lot of different text

what’s distinguishing each thumbnail


there’s a struggle i know this isn’t

necessarily an apple supples comparison

but just you know this is the reason why

people are clicking on these thumbnails

because they’re so clean

so sharp uh dan mentioned this earlier

as well about that that one idea in each

of the thumbnails which i think is

pretty strong in each of these

ultimately i think this is where

creators want to be trying to get


with their thumbnails how all so far all

we’ve done

is just praise this channel is there

anything that we can think of in terms

of improvement or

you know is this one of the leading

um how would i describe this channel uh

exclusive expensive watch channel


on youtube you know this is a leader in

a space

the very well might be i mean it it’s

interesting how many views they get

compared to their subscribers i it

always makes me wonder are you

are you kind of reminding people that

they can hit that button um

you know we know the value in that it’s

not like

oh my gosh that’s going to blow you up

but that’s it’s just kind of

interesting i think they could hit 100k

a lot faster if they’re not already

doing that

i guess there was one interesting thing

here down in that this video has

75 000 views and 500 comments i would

say it’s a little bit on the low side so

maybe the

the community isn’t that engaged or

maybe just they just are all

village idiots apparently i mean that

all comes with you know an effort on the

creator’s part you ask asking a question

you’d be surprised how many people even

if you ask at the very end well

people who watch to the end have a much

better chance of answering that that

question of the day

and and finally travis you might be

interested in this as a i guess a tech

review channel

uh this person’s having problems with

their videos being so successful

that i think products uh companies and


are hitting them with um what looks to

be like copyright claims and strikes


defamation maybe if this person is

giving their honest opinion

and the brands aren’t really um liking


it’s just like one of those growing

pains as a channel

and they’re um suggesting that people

visit something called fair tube uh

almost like forming a youtube union on

this wow

well i wonder so i’ve not heard of a


complaint on youtube although there

might be slightly different rules in the

uk and stuff because it says the video

is specifically blocked in ireland in

the uk

yeah really interesting uh

additionally yeah so here’s an

interesting thing

um you know 81 000 subscribers to have

like major brands coming after you is

kind of rare

however like he’s getting tons of views

that channels of

many more subscribers would have but you

know i’ve been talking to different

channels and you know as i coach them

from different sizes and i’m seeing

that brands are impressed at different

levels uh depending on what type of

value you can present

there is a channel that i’ve been

coaching for about a year

that is on the verge of a couple of

brand deals

that kind of blow me away like the

amount of money they’re going to get it

kind of blows me away

and there’s even some like smaller

channels that are getting some pretty

decent deal because people see the value

in youtube now they also can see the

opposite which is this

um obviously this is one of the things

that makes it difficult to be a youtuber

if you actually become

popular uh you can necessarily you can

get some of the negative feedback from

either if you’re doing company stuff

or fans or whatever it is what it is um

if you are in the right you should

always fight it back although sometimes

there might be a point where

financially it’s not viable um it’s just

something to be aware of it’s really

interesting that when you start a

channel probably a love for

for watches i’m sure he’s yeah

completely passionate about it and never

would have thought

something like this would happen and

it’s it’s that’s really interesting

yeah i feel like it’s possible this is

just speculation but it’s possible

that’s happening because he’s taking

the footage from these watch commercials

yeah putting it in there right and so


i think they wouldn’t care if he was

always if he was saying everything was

good about it

well sure but at the moment he says

something wrong it’s like i mean they

can’t really come at him so much for the

opinion but if he’s using

stuff that he doesn’t own the rights to

use perhaps there’s

i don’t know yeah that would be a

copyright claim or something like that

but that’s not what he’s saying is


what’s interesting is you can do you can

um you can do like community guidelines

things that have nothing to do with

copyright and saying like you’re


you know something like that you know

how you can flag videos he’s implying

that it’s something like that

and if that’s the case that’s harder to

kind of it should be easier to fix

because you could just watch the video

and go this is about watches he doesn’t

like to watch it’s fine

but it’s weird because we’ve seen if you

especially if you watch twitter and you

watch like team youtube people tweeting

to them

some channels get taken down for things

that just don’t make any sense you know

and then later

youtube has to come in and go yeah that

was a mistake but in the meantime these

channels been taken down for sometimes

days or weeks

and have lost tons of money so it is a

slippery slope of

youtube is both great and kind of kind

of weird

at the same time yeah dan we’ll have to

try and remember this channel for uh

emily to take a look at maybe in one of

our legal

meetings that we do i would love to hear

them let’s move on to the next channel

um you saw an amazing collection

of tweets well memes at the beginning of

this live stream

of me on vacation last week and i went

to all sorts of places of course it was


submitting your tweets and we had lots

of amazing uh

amazing pictures but we could only of

course pick one and we were of course

we’re gonna go with a wrestling one

and give him my love for it and oh my

word john cena’s back

he’s back in the world of wrestling uh

from money in the bank

roman reigns is not happy but of course

i was there

to to uh wearing a poncho and some

sunglasses and some earphones for some

reason i don’t know why i was but

uh it was a fantastic submission and so

the winner

of the twitter submission was hold on

off subject just for a second i

i did actually happen to watch all the

way up until roman one and then i

stopped watching so then cena came out

after he did yeah

yeah he did hey and like

i think he’s gonna challenge him at

summerslam um

in worse news as well goldberg is back

he is

yeah yeah he’s back we’ll carry on that

travis in our wrestling podcast which

you can

join us wrong later but this is the

channel that we’re looking at for the

twitter winner

hyped for games uh some video shorts

live streams

and guides a lot of stuff they’re done

for us to maybe sink our teeth into i’m

seeing a bit of god of war on there as


and the channel banner uh fate of


death stranding is also there

uh all this looks like a lot of lots of

play on several different games

yeah is this where we we uh we begin our

usual monologue

on this type of stuff well a little bit


they’re doing a lot of live streams and

they do mix

in a couple of long-form videos i

would suggest that

you balance this a little bit more if

you can

with more of the i said long-form videos

but what i meant to say was like video

on demand

if you can mix in some more video on

demand in between live streams that

would be the first thing because

youtube i i am a huge advocate for

streaming on youtube especially in

gaming that’s that’s one thing to say


doing so you have this advantage that

you don’t have in a lot of other

places and that is the ability to upload

content that gets discovered in search

to then grow your live stream content

you know you can do this all in the same


so see if you can do i would start with

one to two streams a week

and then spend a lot more time on the

long form content if you’re like

really serious about like i’m i want to

grow and i want to grow quick you know

do do whatever’s most comfortable for

you at the end of the day but this is

just what i would do

if i were in your position um then the

next thing is definitely the thumbnails

need work

you’re trying to give way too much

information even if these are live

stream thumbnails

which are still important you’re trying

to give way too much information about


live stream in the thumbnail and the

title is already or should already be

doing that i take with a little let’s

play thing in the corner

i take away the logo for the game i

would take away the text you add

on top of the logo for the game and

really try and

explain the visuals what’s going to

happen if it’s assassin’s creed

are you are you going to be doing a

certain mission or maybe a certain


so try and get like a character cut out

nice and big and something that

implies maybe your your challenge is i’m

just going to make this up the top of my


you want to discover as many of those

points in the game it’s been for years

since i played this game sorry

you you can jump off these points and

you keep unlocking the map maybe it’s

the character standing there and a

little arrow pointing down and it says

like 100

x like you’re going to do this 100 times

or something like that get

find ways to convey an idea of why i

should watch this live stream because

right now it’s just

it’s too many things in the thumbnail

again i apologize for the quality but

better mckellar do you think this is a


uh a solid a live streaming setup you

know they’re in the

in the bottom one of the bottom corners

looks like they’ve green screwed

themselves out

um the game itself maybe looks a little

dark but you know that could be just the

nature of the game itself

yeah i mean i i’m whenever there’s video


uh live streams like this i always think

it’s beneficial to do the green screen

technique so that you can see more of

the screen

of the gameplay uh it seems like uh

positioning wise it’s pretty good

um i can’t tell if he’s blocking

anything i always look for that like is

the person blocking any of the

on-screen controls that you would be

used to seeing if you’re playing

uh can’t tell um but yeah i can’t i

don’t know what the red thing is on the

side i just can’t really tell

uh microphone that’s a mic okay cool

cool cool yeah i’d say it’s uh it’s

pretty solid now

uh interestingly enough it looks like

he’s probably getting some red glow from

the microphone itself

so if you wanted to look a little less

red maybe don’t have the red microphone

and that would probably help you out

maybe that’s a look he wants i don’t


but he actually looks like he has some

backlight which is

is good i think that helps him stick out

of that especially very dark

background a little bit more uh which is

good there we go

it’s working cool yeah

i’d say all in all those it’s pretty

solid as far as um

at least he has a microphone he’s using

some sort of green screen i think the

intentionalities there it seems pretty


yeah the game is way too dark though

it is can’t see anything that’s going on

right now but it’s a good talking point

now because

i want one i want a magma hot microphone

yeah for my for my live streams i think

the last thing i should said too is is

when you’re thinking about content you

can make in between live streams

shorts are are new and they’re here and

you can absolutely take

the best moments from streams and

repurpose those into shorts and i always

stress context with that

don’t just take moments where you think

it was cool make sure that you edit that

short so anyone who wasn’t at the live

stream can understand what it is they’re


all of these things you should be doing

that to grow your channel outside of

just the streams

moving on then we are looking at gagne


and they have new videos every sunday

they’re approaching 300 subscribers

uh i think ben mckellar this is another

one you picked out so i’ll

i’ll let you lead on this one cool yeah

can we go ahead and click onto that

first one there

i think actually can you scroll down a

little bit sure i

remember which one i saw the other day

um can you can you uh

can you go to their homepage real quick


let’s see that yeah good that first one


the um the how to build a reverse

yeah so i thought this was interesting

and i wanted to talk about this

um aside from this first shot you know

the video

and the lighting and stuff is not not so

fantastic but if we scroll ahead a

little bit

this was just a topic i wanted to

mention it it’s a tutorial right we’re

looking at a how-to video

and we’ve got these two angles now hover

over the

video again and let’s see how long this

video is so we’re looking at about

22 minutes right so uh if you’re

actually to watch this with sound what

they’re doing is

he’s working on whatever he’s doing and

he’s talking about what he’s doing

but the problem is the cameras above him

he’s looking down a lot

so the audio is very very hard to

understand especially while using power

tools and talking

and so i saw this a lot with tutorials

and and i get it you know you want to

kind of

you’re like i got to do this project

anyways i’m gonna go do it and i’m gonna

talk about it while i do it well

what i would recommend doing uh with

these tutorials is to actually just

film yourself talking about how to do it

and then film yourself doing it and use

that as b-roll

it’s going to be it’s going to allow you

to cut down

that video a lot shorter it will save

the viewers time

it will add the same amount of

information you won’t have to

kind of sit through all the awkward kind

of pauses and

you actually having to figure it out and

you’ll have a lot better sounding video


you’re not having to compete with what

you’re doing so that’s just something i

wanted to mention

uh just in tutorials in general yeah

another interesting

thing is i like that he’s doing a

top-down shot i think it’s a really

good angle like we we do that a lot for

tutorials and things but his uh

tripod is actually sitting on that table

or at least

it’s moving yeah from the side angle you

can see it and so when he’s using his

drill and all that it’s actually shaking

it and so it’s like

just moving all the time and i would

recommend trying to figure out a

different solution maybe bringing in a

second table to actually do the product

project on so you’re not drilling on the

same table that your tripods on

that can cause some issues yeah and

again it’s like at least we we have the

top down and

i’ve got some tutorials on on top downs

on my channel if you guys want to check

that out but

i’d say like overall like it’s it’s good

and i think this would be

great you know for the most part it’s

it’s effective b-roll

but if you could just tackle the talking

portion in a more controlled environment

get the microphone closer to you make it

nice and clear

and the biggest thing that i recommend

to people doing all the time is

rather than just jumping into your

tutorial and kind of

doing it and talking about it as you go

like plan it out

like take the time to actually like what

are the important steps like can i make

uh even if it’s just an outline or even

a detailed script

and then communicate it properly like

work all that stuff out so that the

viewer doesn’t have to sift through it


figure it out for themselves like you’ll

do them a major

service if you do that and they’ll

probably be a lot more likely to come


and and subscribe because they got value

out of it faster

yeah and i would say too they could

probably easily

implement timestamps uh on their

timeline to help their viewers i mean

get get through and not like you

obviously your goal is not for your

viewer to skim through your video

but at least there’s going to be eyes on

it and sometimes if they’re having to


for like they want the answer to one

question about this entire process they

don’t want to sit there and watch the

whole thing but if you have time stamps

it can be a little bit easier

for them if you’re thinking about the

viewer you know what how are you best

answering their questions yeah and even

just just due to how long and kind of

in a way monotonous the video is that

that will instantly make people want to

skim around for the parts that they want

right so if you can

condense all that and present it to them

in a super clear concise way

i think there’ll be a lot i think that

will help your viewer retention

and just the overall duration um of the


a few things i wanted to mention first

of all they need to get a different

colored dog because it’s

pretty much uh the

i think there’s a long there’s a there’s

a long-suffering uh

cameraman who’s had to hold this camera

for 20 minutes

i don’t think that’s on a tripod that’s

right you know all of the things that

we’ve suggested here are interesting

because i think this is one of the best

performing videos on the channel

you know 8 000 views brilliant this was

made like 18 months ago

so like with all of the things that we

suggested this could be a perfect

opportunity to remake this video and

make a better version of it

because i’m assuming this is evergreen

content people still want to know how to

build a reverse osmosis system for maple

syrup whatever one of those is

and i’ve probably already got one of the

uh most popular videos on that topic so

i think this is just a great opportunity

to to revisit this topic if they wanted


uh let’s let’s just have a look at the

channel in general

uh i think the channel banner i don’t

think does the

channel justice if they’re a farm can we

see more

farm elements rather than like a black

paint stroke brush thing going through


and then like dan travis uh if you want

to sort of chime in with anything you’re

seeing on the thumbnails and the content

itself specifically

yeah i mean i love the color um you know

it makes me think vegetables

green um the uh

the okay well wait a minute hold on

uh we got confessions of a killer we got

strawberry jam and we got some chicks

some chicken chicks and say my name okay

venison steak yeah it does make me think

more like vegetable stuff with the green

more so than like other random things so

it’s weird because at first i thought

this was more of a

gardening channel yeah what what is the

channel about let’s uh

well i’m gonna sort my most popular to

try and find out what people watch most

on your channel

not necessarily what is the channel

about and is there anything coming

through here strongly

vacuum press it’s all food here at the


so it’s definitely food related stuff

there’s maple syrup going on there’s jam

there’s kind of these sweet things for


i don’t know if you eat venison steak

for breakfast or not um

but i mean there’s a lot of maple and

stuff so a lot of the stuff could be

around breakfast like

you could do like a a fresh breakfast

farm channel or something like that like


kind of the theme and topic that’s

coming through whether or not they

realize it

um you know natural chicken eggs

yeah i mean you totally could do that

but it looks like they’re just wanting

to make it uh one of those farm channels

and a lot of those

a lot of those farm channels that are

really popular have live streams that

just go 24 hours you just wash your

chickens all night

so i mean maybe experiment with that i


yeah i’m just curious as to what what is

it that i should expect the next time i

come back to this channel because right


good question good question

so that is gagne farms i see that we’re

at the top of the hour so

uh ben and michaela um are you a good


why longer or is this where we say thank

you very much

and goodbye yeah we’re gonna have to get

going but thank you guys so much for

for having us on it’s been awesome sure

just tell us a more about your channel

because we’ve talked a lot about like

lighting and filming and production you


nuggets of information but you can get a

whole ben

and michaela meal ticket at your channel

yeah absolutely so yeah

our channel again it’s a lot about

lighting audio just content creation in

general if you’re trying to

be a full-time content creator whether

that’s on youtube whether that’s

even doing freelancing and stuff like

that our our content is there to kind of


help out with that uh dive into editing


shooting kind of the whole process of

creating the content

ben and michaela pleasure as always um

hopefully we’ll see you again soon on

the live streams

yes awesome thank you guys all right

then let’s move into the second

hour and we’ll start with our discord uh

pick this week uh dan do you just want

to talk a little bit about

uh what discord is and why we encourage

our community to

join our what 5 000 strong now

uh discord community oh my god we’re

selling that a little bit

i know we’re up to three and a half

thousand yeah we well i think we’re

beyond that now i’ll try and pull it up

here while i talk about it

so the vidiq discord is 24 7.

it is your space to meet other youtubers

who are in the same situation you are

they’re creators on youtube

and there is a lot you can gain from

that everybody is at different stages of

their journey

uh this is not a place where you’re

going to come and see a whole bunch of

people promoting their youtube channels

and just hoping someone

views it uh instead what you’ll see are

people giving advice on thumbnails like

we’re seeing here

in the photo from uh i’m guessing this

was maybe earlier today

a lot of people will post a thumbnail

and others will share their feedback on


you can also talk about titles and

strategy and metrics

or just share in your success so it’s an

awesome place to go discord and if you are

somebody who is active and providing a

lot of value to the community

you may just randomly get picked for an

audit like pro’s peace has here

and uh pro’s piece i i assume has no

idea we’re auditing their channel right

now and

uh i you know i i do hope they

are interested in having a channel audit

as i say that but uh it looks like they

make minecraft videos that are funny

and weird which is actually i would say

a pretty

solid value proposition i you’re telling

me exactly what i’m gonna get it’s

videos about minecraft and you strive

for funny

and weird kind of meme style content i

i do think that uh while your channel

banner’s fine if you don’t feel like

changing it

maybe a little more minecrafty maybe

like a minecraft background or something

like that

only say that because you have made your

avatar very minecrafty with your with

what i assume is your minecraft avatar


um so looking at the content itself i’m

seeing what could be shorts but they

have pretty nice thumbnails

uh yeah very full over here yeah they’re

all very striking

and uh let’s see nonsense how to grow a

tree in minecraft without

something now i’m about

using a blue

all right interesting i i would have

taken away the nonsense like see how the

title’s truncated we had to think about


uh if you were making this video for

search i know it’s a short so it may not

matter as much but if you’re making this

video for search

these are the little things i think

about every time i’m working on a title


are people going to get the premise of

the video in the very limited space i

have to get that title to fit on the

screen so these are nitpicks

um well you said that dan this is one of

these where just something strange is

working for this channel like they

included nonsense in these titles and i

got five thousand and fifty one thousand

another one here with thirty three


so it’s interesting like this is where i

think sometimes we give

um standard broad

brush strokes advice but then when you

investigate a little bit further you

think oh

hang on this is maybe their unique value

proposition that they

try and find nonsense within minecraft

it’s true yeah i’m learning about the

channel as i talk about it as you kind

of scroll exactly yeah yeah yeah

um so do do forgive me that may be

working for you you could you’ve also

tested not using it so

maybe maybe you already have the data on

this um whenever a video is indeed


it’s good to put nonsense in front of it

maybe maybe

you tried it at the end of the title and

you kept getting comments where people

thought you

weren’t delivering on some kind of

promise or something when it was clearly

a meme a joke

um so yeah all good all good things to


i will say that on a personal level i’ve

been i’ve been trying to test

my titles uh not shorts just regular


without putting the name of the game in

the title and i recently had a lot of

success with that

so as you build authority like certain

things you might find you can drop from

the title another example

you might look at is steve e it’s steve

with like three e’s at the end

and they never use minecraft in their

titles they upload every few minutes

this is an extreme example this channel

um but uh

yeah they upload a ton of videos and

just because

it’s a short and if you’re watching on

your phone you likely see the thumbnail

and it

clearly is minecraft you don’t always

have to say minecraft especially as you

kind of build up that audience

um so just things to try when i see a

channel like this this is all i can do

right like i’m just looking for nitpicks

um one thing i can say too is that this

channel is being very consistent

in in the style of content it seems just

judging on the thumbnails

and there might come a time where they

want to try long-form content

and we know from block facts and stuff

that that is something they could test

in the future and

they might notice since they you know

you know built up an audience that

people actually come and watch but what

you’re looking for there

is are you getting views just from

shorts right now or are you starting to

notice that some of your views come from


and i would say what you’re looking for

is that skill to tip once you get more

views from browse than shorts you should

absolutely start some long-form content

oh you have so much experience on that

dan and i’m looking forward to when we


share that a bit more i’ve just thought

about most popular

uh and my question to you is like just

if if this person wants to create a

series of videos

do you think that they could create 25

or 50 videos

which were on this nonsense idea like

because it seems to be how to do

something or how to eat

how to blank a blank in minecraft

but there’s some nonsense surrounding it

just as a

that might be like some of your anchor

content you know that’s how you bring an

audience in there and then you can

start to explore and do other things in

a fun way as well

yeah i i do think that if

i think going down the road here’s what

i’m gonna say going down the road in

minecraft specifically with mean style

funny nonsense content

that’s going to be your ticket and i say

that because

most minecraft channels that start out

start with the basics

how to survive your first night they

start doing let’s plays things like that

you’ve already kind of maybe you

experience experience with that

you have experienced that in the past

now you’re trying this stick with this

because this is unique

you know and in a space so so so

populated with people you want to be as

unique as possible

why do i find that so funny i don’t know

all right let’s move on then so uh

congratulations on a thousand

subscribers as well uh prospects and

i think oh it’s all short so i’m not

sure if you’d be monetized just yet

moving on

we’re looking at the geeky gambit

now i think this is the channel about a

particular character from x-men

that’s how i’m looking at this channel

uh that from the

i mean travis you might um be able to uh

resonate with us watching the x-men’s

cartoon in the like mid-90s

yes they were amazing and they’re

actually available on disney plus which

makes my heart very happy and that music

is still in my head now a little bit

again thumbnails only a couple of videos

into their career their youtube career a

month in and their thumbnails are great

um i mean they could get tweaked a

little bit because some of the you know

some of the text is a little bit hard to


but in general i mean they’re i mean now

by the way like some of these are


screen grabs and stuff and they’re just

putting text over but that’s sometimes

all you need it just depends on

what you’re trying to accomplish like i

love the black widow thumbnail i think

that looks great

um it’s probably just an image they got

from somewhere else and just put the

text over it

but that’s all it needs like you need

that iconic look to know what you what

the video is about and then the title

explains the rest so you don’t need to

spend 12 hours in photoshop to do that

you really don’t

and the same thing for loki um you’re

showing kind of one of the images

the screen graph from the from the

actual show and then just some text

asking a question

like i’m telling you um i i like the way

some of these have been done

and the other thing about the loki thing

is green so there’s another kind of


sub kind of little easter egg portion


i just like the way it’s been done i

personally like the thumbnails this is

gonna be kind of interesting to try to

to to gain some momentum in because it

is a very

popular niche there’s a lot of channels

that cover this sort of stuff

so you’re definitely going to want to

find your angle and if it’s um

explaining things that’s going to help

like the loki season finale was kind of

confusing in some ways i actually had to

go to one of my friends um

websites that he started a while back to

kind of understand exactly what i was


uh so a lot of people were looking and i

love this that he was like what did it

mean what’s that like

that’s the perfect type of video for

something like that and it was six days

ago which is you know shortly after the

show came out so it was perfectly timed

now if this channel was a little bit

bigger that would have gotten probably

thousands of views

yeah um but you know again it’s still

evergreen video because

this show is going to be on disney plus

and then when the next season comes out

people are going to want to go back to

the first season and

see what they forgot they watched and so

good content i love i love the strategy

well let’s i think this is the the

perfect segue let’s talk about

you know tying in cultural phenomenons

trending stuff uh popular people doing


you know savage talked about this he he

wanted us to

to bring in this person and we just want

to say

a huge congratulations to i’m sure

a channel that you will all be familiar

with if you’ve been following the live

streams for

any series of months it is junk he’s

been doing some fun

quirky animations of our memes for the

last six months

and we’ve kind of been suggesting and

hinting in the background

you know we love that you’re doing this

but your audience is

quite limited in that it’s for people

who are watching this live stream who

really get

what you’re doing junk so what if you

could use your animation skills

and tie into something big that was

going on in the in the youtube world

and a couple of days ago he um basically

did a review of the new ksi show

and you know you look at the view counts

here he’s been

working at this channel for months i do

want to talk about

i do want to talk about some of these

view accounts because that’s actually

important because some of these are

going to be lifted from what they were

the day before this big video i want to

talk about that go ahead and

i’m sorry i didn’t want to interrupt so

yeah i mean you know i was getting like

double digits and things but

i i remember when he was getting less

than 100 views but you’re right you know

people are backtracking

into his content and now it’s lifting up

the entire channel

but this is where it all all started

really i think it was the ksi show in a


700 000 views amazing

brilliant okay you’ve got this viral


what do you do with your audience next

you talk about

more of a thing that your audience was

interested in i mean all right this

video only got

9 000 views but put into perspective


junk was getting maybe a hundred views

or less that is still a phenomenal

performance now if you want some


he’s already hit 5000 subscribers which

is a lot of subscribers since you’ve

pulled this up

so yeah i loaded this up about an hour

ago and i think this

video which had 4 000 views about an

hour ago i’m gonna refresh your screen

now and see what happens because i think

he has another viral hit in his hands

so let’s have a look where he’s gone to

oh yeah that’s got that’s

tripled in view counts that’s probably

gonna get tens of thousands of views

uh this one has that’s now gone over

seven hundred thousand views he’s

getting a thousand subscribers in the


90 minutes so we just want to say

congratulations john

and you know it’s credit to you that you

have your unique

uh animation skills and you’re applying

it and

now you’re getting the success that we

all thought you deserved eventually

so yeah go ahead travis go ahead i

really want to break this down because

um you know we’ve really appreciated

jonkov the last couple of months

and you know we always wanted him to

succeed beyond um what he was the

success he was getting but you’ll notice

now that

even some of his like why i hate netflix

and videos like i hate passwords 500

views i’m pretty sure it didn’t have 500

views a week ago so let me explain

what happens when you get a viral hit

and if you have your channel set up


why this ends up working out for you

because if you

if you’re swinging for a viral hit see

there you go

that’s where the retractions come like


so 16th of july less than 200 views


bang that everyone’s going through all

his old content and what’s happening

though is

is the recommendation engine so okay so

let’s start with what happened his first


that he did um the other day that caught

on uh he

shared on twitter that what happened was

the traffic source that was giving him

so much data at least at first was

search so

directly after the show went on we know

junk is fast with his videos like we’ll

be doing a live stream here

he’ll turn something around and this is

where he won

he’s been sharpening that tool for

months how to get a really good

video out in a very short amount of time

right after something so when something

that had a big wave of viewership was


his video was there next now had he

waited a couple of hours

where maybe other reaction channels and

stuff would have put up stuff he may

have missed his opportunity

but because he’s so quick he put

something up when people go to search

for the ksi show his was ranking high

because it was one of the few videos

about that particular subject

that was new people started clicking it

lots of people started clicking it

youtube then started showing it to more


and then here’s what happens after that

video gets crazy big

the next time people come back on

youtube what’s youtube going to do for

those people who want those 700 000

people that watch that video

they’re going to say well you watched a

video from junk here’s some other videos

he likes

and if they click on those now you’re

seeing some of his older content

starting to grow as well

and that’s because he’s in their watch

history so now especially if you leave a

comment you’re almost guaranteed to be


some of his content somewhere on your

home page so it’s going to continue to

grow and this is why you’re seeing a

bunch of his videos lift his entire

channel is lifting he’s got a video with

three hours of ten thousand i can’t even

do that at the moment

yeah this is insane the the

the growth that’s happening but because

his which is what we preach so much

it’s your channel it’s not an individual

video that you’re betting against what

you want is if something takes off

that it lifts other things so this

doubling down concept resume or ksi


is a part of that but it really only

works if you have other older content as


that’s helping lift everything up and

it’s it’s really very well

deserved we’re super happy for john

travis can we talk a little bit about uh

the luck factor here i’ve seen a lot of

people in chat just saying lucky

luck yeah i love that i love when people

say that because

um luck is opportunity and an actual

like skill

combined together the thing is is that

people i guarantee you could find other

videos on youtube where people were

talking about ksi and they didn’t get as


but that’s not luck because look you get

an opportunity right and if people don’t

like your video they’re not going to

watch it

youtube’s going to stop serving it his

content is good and it’s interesting

enough that it’s different

enough that people will watch it and

then from there

youtube’s like i said start sharing his

other content there are so many channels

out there right now

that had one viral hit that’s just

random and then nothing else on their

channel but what you’re seeing here

is everything on the channel is a lot of

things on camera are lifting because the

other content is really good

you know what i mean so yeah junk

started saying that the video we just

looked at that has 10k

has 25k views so you may have a million

views by the end of uh today uh

well done to you junk so what we’re

saying here is that yeah

we’re not saying that we’re responsible

for it no

but what we are saying is that we’ve see

we saw this channel

months ago and we thought this has


and now that potential has finally been

realized and you know sometimes it takes

100 videos sometimes it takes one video

but ultimately if you’re creating


that you that youtube finds an audience

for then you will start to reap the

rewards and now i just hope

john that you’re able to continue this

success and i think most importantly

you’re able to take

this success from the ksi stuff

and be able to transfer it into other

topics and

themes and hopefully with the way you


uniquely present things um you should be

able to do that

so with all of that being said going

back to this channel this oh no sorry

not that channel

uh oh where is it this channel um i’ve

just revealed a few more channels that

we’re honestly

here uh this is what this channel

hopefully over the next six to twelve


is going to be able to do which is to

find their unique way of talking about

these um mcu uh programs

and films that are going uh out in

in the world which can be a little more

challenging because they maybe don’t

have that unique

value proposition of it being animated

in some way but you know the signs are


with a channel that’s got less than 10

videos and i’ve already got i think a

couple of videos or at least one video

of 100 views

thumbnails are strong they’re asking the

right questions about the programs that

they’re watching in there

they’ve timely in their content as well

sorry i went on for a bit of a run there


please do uh chime in if anyone’s got

anything else todd

i i was gonna say for this channel if i

were to grow this channel if it was my

channel what i would be doing is

beyond just the episode reviews which

are important

i would also be adding a lot of

speculation especially now that there

isn’t going to be a marvel thing until

what if

comes out on disney plus uh so can you

start breaking down some of the

uh finer points of the loki series and

really jump into speculation about what

certain things mean which you’re already

kind of doing

but they’re framed as episode reviews so

now can you can you break that down even

further and this will not only give you

more content but

it’ll help people who are still hungry

for more uh you know

jump on a bandwagon and get really

excited about the potential

of getting to have this discussion and

you can start by just reading about

other people out there who are covering

the show and giving their thoughts and

their speculation you can speculate on

their speculation i’ve seen a lot of

channels do all sorts of things

so you can plug all those strategies in

i think you can find yourself with a lot

more content that way

i actually now realize that savage

should have done i didn’t know about the

ksi show they had no idea what was going


sorry but savage could have should have

done a reaction to the ksi show that

that finally he finally would have

gotten all the praise that he needed i


yeah one last thing i want to say about

this channel uh stop using star trek

font that is definitely star trek

i’m sure of it and and now i’m just

wondering you know all of a sudden how

much does this t-shirt work exactly

yeah i’ve got a limited edition

of one junk original uh so yeah there we

go hopefully um john you’re gonna be

able to

do merch and stuff on your channel i

need that for for vidcon when we go to


yes yes we should definitely do that uh

let’s move on then to the next

channel i think that we’re going to look

at here and it is

uh the real flock travis was this one

that you picked

yeah i thought it was interesting so

it’s taken 90 minutes to get there but

let’s take a look at it

yeah it’s a it’s a youtube growth

channel which i thought was kind of

interesting i figured you know we know a

little bit about that

um and uh i wanted to see what type of

thumbnails and stuff he had and what

type of content he’s doing

i i love like there’s some subjects here

to be covered that you don’t see other

people covering

why your description is killing your

growth like i actually want to click

that like what does that mean

what does he mean by that uh 65 of

youtubers make these editing mistakes

like these are great titles

that are interesting and that i think a

lot of other of the growth channels are

not covering so you almost have to click


and see like what’s going on there

because this is a pretty there’s not

like a billion youtube growth channels

but there’s a lot now at this point

and they’re all pretty established at

least what i will say is i know

this one is definitely a take off of um

one of

film boo’s um videos uh where he views a

very similar title instructions like 72

percent of youtubers make this mistake

which is

intriguing in itself so i think there

are i think he’s taking ideas from us

like yeah this is an interesting one i

know i’ve done something about video

descriptions before

but i’ve never given it the emotional


you know this is something that’s really

gonna seriously impact your um

channel i did just try this recently

sorry to go off on a very

uh on a tangent for a second but the

video i released on monday

was an attempt to make um channel names

sexy like

instead of just calling it how to pick

your youtube channel name

i kind of gave it that emotional trigger

i think it’s worked

to begin with but i think i’m very gonna

have very quickly gonna have to change

it to a search intent driven

uh title soon like how to pick your um

youtube channel name but i think it did

well in the first

um 24 hours but back to this channel

yeah and by the way that’s important to

understand like 24 hours versus after

like who gets

served your content so that’s that’s

something we should do like one of those

i think what was two weeks ago we did a

thing and you said we just talked about

things and you liked that

that kind of idea um kind of sit back


talk about you we could do that you know

this week or something or next week and

and maybe talk about stuff like that

yeah podcast for the future of that one

dan that we want to try and set up

um yeah so i i like the thumbnails are

pretty dope um

he’s using the the right um the right

logos i think that one logo is wrong

though how to use tubebuddy i think he

meant this

yeah yeah i think that’s that’s probably

the main problem of a channel right now

um that’s probably why your videos have

been suppressed and stuff so if you

just remake it with maybe a different

brand yes

uh we hope maybe for more success yeah

we are of course

joking no but it’s it’s a good channel i

like what they’re doing

now the only question is are the videos

good and beyond that

uh your analytics should be able to tell

you that i i think they are i think

i’ve seen this person on twitter a

couple of times watch their videos i

think the production quality is very


i guess one thing i might suggest here

and you know this has

been a it sounds like a bit of a cheap

tactic but

have you do have you tackled the lowest

common denominator

um topics in terms of growth in terms of

how to get a thousand subscribers

or in your case because you are on the

journey to a thousand subscribers i’m

wondering if that would be

a really interesting reoccurring series

you’ve already got to 100 subscribers

so maybe you could talk about your

journey towards that i i’m sort of about

most popular i’m trying to find out if i

can see that anywhere

and i can’t and what i will also note as

well as i think this channel went on a

huge pivot like seven months ago they

were very much a

i think graphics card maybe a bit of

tutorials on

audio quality and video editing so there

have been a youtube growth channel

for the last five months so obviously

that’s kind of split their

previous audience maybe yeah and that’s

one of the things you do want to kind of

pay attention to so the best headmastery

settings and stuff i actually would

remove those

because you know much like we were

talking about before where

if you get the right viewership in your

watched history you can literally have

the opposite thing happen where you have

the wrong people

starting to watch your videos and then

all of a sudden everything you put out

that’s new

uh doesn’t work and i’ve worked with

unfortunately too many channels that

where that’s happened they put out a


about something they thought would be

popular it took off but has nothing to

do with the rest of their channel and

now they can’t put out anything that

gets any kind of traction so i would


removing those if you’re not going to be

doing gaming content anymore

dan what do you think i definitely agree

with that last point uh

unlist those videos if you know they’re

no longer representative of the

content you make and if people start

subscribing for those

yeah that’s gonna that might be a

problem uh i

i wanna jump on that idea you were

talking about a second ago about like

getting a thousand subscribers making

that part of the journey i would make a

video titled

why i’m gonna get a thousand subscribers

you know maybe by this date maybe you

look at the data and you feel confident

that you’re gonna get it by a certain


uh how i’m gonna get a thousand

subscribers things like that uh really

you know take take folks on a journey

with you uh

and i think a great example is ryan

walsh who we’ve talked to before i think

we’ve had him on the podcast at least

and that’s exactly what he’s doing

except for how like he’s gonna go full


on youtube so and that that could be an

angle you you look at as well

am i moving it like 15 frames a second a

little bit

yeah what what travis this is the sony’s


why does it keep doing this after

lightning you got the canadian version i

got the good american version

it works just trying to see that right

there it’s fine

all right so that is a real flock i

think uh what we’re gonna do now is a

couple of shout outs we are way behind

but let’s see if we can do some shout

outs of some channels

these aren’t necessarily channel audits

but we want to say hello to as many

people as we can and we’re going to


wave not that chance we’ve already

actually oh no we haven’t audited this

channel all right so dan who are we

saying hello to here

marcus dzn it looks like it’s

oh i wanted to say it’s another channel

that’s covering loki and disney plus

that’s not the case it’s it’s a

photoshop tutorial channel

making remaking posters and and and

things like that

uh which is a very very interesting


yeah they look cool these days like

making movie trailer posters and stuff

i guess the one question i would ask

here is who is this for

is it are they actually tutorials show

me how to do this or just

i was watching maybe a time lapse

version of it because i feel as if a


might be it might help here uh is there

an about section

so yeah i

like because i would want to know maybe

how how to make a

loki poster is that going to be more

enticing than just watching somebody do


i mean because you could make the speed

uh drawing content like as a short and

then maybe break it down with an actual


uh there’s there’s a lot of places i

think you can take this i’m just

wondering is it gonna show us

or is my video just not gonna work the

video’s not working okay i

give up all right so that is uh marcus d

zn and i’m going to say hello to

al zarath they have 4 000

uh subscribers and they look as if they

are focusing on diablo

2. that is an old game isn’t it i think

well the remake 20 years old is it yeah

they’re remaking it though

oh well actually diablo 2 yep they’re re


redoing like the whole thing new

graphics new blah blah blah blah

so i i guess this creative

very much wants to focus on uh all of us

things coming out from that

um new version of it i don’t know if

they’re doing that yet they’re just

covering the old version

they seem to have found a very solid

audience i’ll be fascinated to look at

like the return viewers here like is a

purple graph

massively above the blue graph uh blue

line because maybe youtube’s struggling

to find a new audience but the audience

they have

keeps coming back i think it’ll be

really fascinating for this channel

uh thumbnails i think maybe they could

do with a bit more variety here

but some promising stuff there for uh


azeroth is that a character from the

game i don’t know

sounds blizzardy travis who are you


shot and tech good to see shelton tech

or sheltec i thought of shelton tech

shell tech

why does this almost look familiar these

thumbnails are pretty good we’ve seen

this channel before yeah i feel like

we’ve seen it have we

yeah i don’t know but it looks like a

channel i would watch got some pretty

cool looking little tech in here

and uh the thumbnails are pretty good

shell tech i mean almost a thousand

subscribers maybe you can hit there

later today if we can

get these people who are interested in

tech to subscribe to you don’t just

subscribe just because that’s not a good


we want people to watch that are gonna

watch so if you like this channel check

out shell tech

and uh he’ll he’ll get you going on a

bunch of different uh pieces of

technology i love it

i sort of by most popular it looks as if

webcams uh

are a thing that do well on his channel

although well i’m not surprised think

about this

i know what you’re gonna

absolutely yeah yeah uh so that is uh

shell tech and dan you’re gonna say

hello to

sloth loaf oh lord

uh it looks like a minecraft channel

with uh

over 600 subscribers almost 700


and i’m not clear on exactly their take

on minecraft but

it certainly appears unique um

sometimes they cover updates sometimes

it looks like they’re just doing

silly kind of stuff

probably uh something to work on is

their thumbnails i would suggest

each one yeah very different like comes

from a completely different channel

and and my one piece of advice because i

see from four weeks later channel update

hit 600 subscribers

that’s really awesome but i would

celebrate that on like other socials i

wouldn’t take up a slot

on your channel like don’t make it a

channel about you know celebrating

milestones make it a channel about

you and uh you know your journey in


good vibes wrestling hello to you you’ve


over 100 subscribers and it looks as if

you are covering

all of the stuff going on wwe

she just got you are so out of touch

with wrestling i don’t really watch

wrestling i watched the pay-per-view i

didn’t watch it i didn’t know she

actually cashed in

nikki ash nikki ash uh what was what did

you speak used to be called nikki cross

cashed in

money in the bank on the same night she

won it uh so this is covering news

i i guess the struggle here is i think

there are a

lot of wrestling channels that do this

now covering news

so what is the unique value proposition

here and i would also say as well

is that the thumbnails in this space are

of a very very very high quality and i

just don’t think the thumbnails with

that text that’s being used

are quite hit in the mark uh just yet

but it’s great that you’re covering the

news very

as you know in a very timely fashion i

think maybe the execution

needs a bit of work there but that is

good vibes wrestling and travis you’re

going to say hello to

i’m going to say hello i’m watching

junk’s video uh jb spear freak

uh doing uh xenoblade chronicles that’s


it’s a game it’s a video game very uh

video gaming

and uh it’s nice that they’re sticking

with one particular type of game rather

than jumping around all different types

of random games so that at least someone


connects with you know the channel will

continue to get the same type of content

that you want i like the lo

i love when someone does i love the

things i love things i hate i think

that’s a great

um thing to put back to back and you’ll

get people to watch one and they’ll

likely watch the other so you definitely

encourage them to do that um just lots

of lots of cool stuff and looks like

there’s definitely iteration here on the

thumbnail so

good work there xenoblades is quite a

niche switch game isn’t it

uh dan if i remember correctly

yeah yeah i don’t this is not a

franchise i particularly follow though


i think what we’ll say is that you know

sometimes it’s good to follow her

or focus on a game that not many other

people are covering and i the good news

looks to be as if there is a

new uh game coming out in the series


3 and you’re covering i think every time

you try and cover

stuff that’s going on in that new

version you get a spike in views as well

let me just sort by most popular

that seems to be the case oh yeah it


yeah so anything you do about the

upcoming game

i feel as if you might want to start

pivoting to that and more and more

uh going forward consider that the

audience for this is hungry for more


you know if something’s not out yet they

want to know more that maybe they’re

waiting for an update or a new version

of the game

you know feed feed that hungry audience

jay be a spear uh sphere

freak uh i just i just want to do this

one more time for my own amusements

and where’s jean cut now he’s that’s

still behind

uh and he’s nearly up to six thousand

subscribers uh it is fun watching this

live sometimes

all right let’s pick some channels what

we do here is

we have the forms uh and we have 370

submissions there

and 400 submissions there so i’ve got

the number about right i’ll change that

to 410

and what we do is we pick a random

number and then we take that random


and we put it in our form which is 67

and then we’re gonna audit this channel

which is called

i think n b doodles arts

all right let’s see what we have here

oh it’s one of these um channels that

does really funky decorative designs

i’m like i don’t know how who’s the big


does this is it zhc i think he’s done

this type of really cool stuff for uh

big channels let me just check if i drew

zh3 for three hours that’s on there

yeah so obviously here is a leader in a


with these incredibly colorful

thumbnails that

really pop so i think that’s the

standard that you want to work towards

in terms of your phone i mean i’m not

telling you you should

dye your hair green and that’s going a

little too extreme but there’s a very

definite um

color theme going on there uh as i just

compared to these thumbnails you know

you’re going in the right direction

um but not quite there yet but of course

there’s a quite a big journey to go on

with that stuff so it looks as if

they’re doing custom

arts for phone cases a lot of the time


tech i’m seeing that which looks pretty

cool as well

um so would we start to think about

what’s the hero of these thumbnails

it’s not the text it’s this thing that

you’re trying to create or

you’re in a process of creating so maybe

focus on that a bit

uh i think this is a better example of

where you want to be heading you know if

that was a before and the after

that’s pretty cool i think this channel

needs to work on thumbnails for sure

just seeing who they’re up against you

know who the

leaders in the space are and i think

they should level up their thumbnail

game considering this is a channel

focused on you know artwork

and you know we’ve talked about junk

who’s like who did lots of

awesome stuff for us and i think i

talked about this in how to promote your


and one of the ways you can do that is

you you literally make free cool stuff

for big creators and then share it

within their community

so i’m maybe not necessarily suggesting

you go to zhc

or mr beast because perhaps that’s

already been done but are there any

other creators

who you admire who you can maybe do

funky cool arts and designs

for uh going forward congratulations on

100 subscribers as well

your camera frozen’s distracting

everybody they didn’t hear anything oh

blimey right okay so what i’m going to

do is

just turn it off this camera savage this


no turn it off put it back on and then

you know turn it off i’ll try that

but it never works when i do that right

i’m going to pick another channel and


dan and uh travis go ahead

and start talking about let me just

bring it up

i don’t know this camera right i’m

gonna turn off my camera go ahead uh


indian athena uh

okay so without scrolling because we

don’t have that power

i’m not sure exactly what game this

is i feel like i should know why is why


rob’s picture a picture of you this

always happens i don’t know

why is that i don’t i don’t get it i

think it’s

foreshadowing it is

indian athena what is what is that i


know and i’m i’m trying to figure out

the game

that they’re going to be in trouble man

huh i said if you don’t know what it is

we’re in trouble

yes yeah we’re all in trouble because we

don’t we we’ve lost rob or other me

i’m here well i’m here is dan what do

you want me to do

i just wanted to scroll through the

videos a little bit see see what we’re

looking at here

yeah i can’t fix my camera it’s just

it’s just broken

that’s that’s blar me or whatever they

say if you turn it on and turn it back


or turn it off and turn it back on and

then re-enable it in stream yard it

should work

i just did that

you’re in charge of a live stream i’ll

be back in a second

he has all the tabs oh my god the time

has gone away

let’s just talk about rob what is it

like to work with can i tell you


yeah so vid you haven’t gone to any of

the conventions which is terrible by the

way you should really come to the

adventures but i actually have

vidcon vid summit uh two years ago and i

stayed with rob

in uh and we shared a room for vidcon

and um i love rob he’s a great guy he

we i got to really kind of know him

better on that trip

which i you know i really great great

appreciation for him

um he’s a funny guy though let me tell

you he

he’s a funny guy rob rob wilson

is that type of dude who oh there’s the

thing oh you’re sharing your screen huh


he’s he’s just now he’s in the

background just listening to you rob

wilson is that dude that you want to

take to your family and go look this is

my meeting when your family

then approves and says yes you know what

he seems like a nice chap

that’s good you you’ve listened to us

all these years and it’s okay you can

you can still be friends with rob i on

the other hand

they adopt and go listen we don’t even

need you anymore we’re just gonna keep

travis that’s

okay okay hold on my dog’s gonna go pee

so let’s

uh the logitech 920c uh

the the the exposure on this like it’s


perfect i’m i am just now a

ghostly figure 2009 youtube there

so yeah i feel like a great story was

about to happen and then you interrupted

it so thanks for that

um i i don’t okay so we’ve been we’ve

had the channel up for a little bit now

and i’m not sure

what what this is partially my fault for

not knowing the game but that said

i’m seeing a some thumbnail wallpaper it

looks like they do a lot of live streams

which prompts my general advice of uh

that’s that’s some wasted real estate

you should be

making thumbnails relevant to your live

stream uh even if it’s

even if you don’t do exactly what you’re

hoping to do in that stream because

sometimes games can be unpredictable

make your thumbnails about a goal you

would like to achieve or something

give people out there who are finding

your live streams a reason to watch

all that said the streams are getting

views you do have subscribers

um so there’s a lot of positivity there

uh the other bit of advice which if you

were here earlier you may have heard me


was that if you are streaming on youtube

the very very powerful thing you have at

your disposal

is uh you know on-demand content so

in between streams can you clip cool

moments that happened or can you talk

about the game in other ways that you


to try and get people to learn who you

are outside so when you’re not live

because if someone stumbles upon one of

these in search which can happen

there they might watch for a little bit

but they’re probably going to stick

around for the three and a half hour


so instead you can be tackling your

growth at both angles

with some on-demand content uh

so that that’s always my advice there

and i’m quickly going through each of

the live streams it looks as if

it’s a faceless live stream right now so


spoke oh about an hour also ago

with ben and michaela about a couple of

live streaming techniques in terms of

bringing you on camera green screen and

uh that type of thing as well so that is

indian athena let’s move on to the next

channel that we’re gonna

audit here and this is a non-gaming

channel and it is

three two six

all right and this channel is uh

fabulous family what’s the focus of your

channel the main focus of the channel is

grow subscribers all right let’s see if


uh that’s the case

all right fabulous fun family

so we have 200 subscribers some very

encouraging view counts here

although uh yeah look at this hundreds

of views

uh which is good to see

um but just

i guess there’s a i assume this is a

family vlog

and you kind of want to try and create

some connection

with the family as soon as possible so

it may be including

the names of the two people on the

channel banner would help here and

um what is a family intending to do i

can see

that you’ve i gone on a holiday to new


but where are you from

a bit of fleshing out here for a new

visitor to really get a grasp of

who you are as a family and what the

intent of it is

i feel as if this might be for a maybe a

non-english language channel i could be

wrong here though

one of the channels we we talk about a

lot uh is sopo squad gaming which is a

family channel but it is specifically

about gaming and there’s a lot of

inherent value

to the audience so i think you can have

a family channel

that’s focused in your family but still

providing some value to that audience


right now it seems like there’s a lot of

videos that there’s some good views here


it seems like the focus is like this is

you know our family

and i’m missing that intent to like you


draw me in as like a new viewer i’ve

seen new zealand referenced a few times

so do they

live in new zealand or did they go there


holiday because i’m wondering if that

can potentially tie into their

the family dynamic because i’ve never

seen a a channel

uh a new zealand family channel before

as far as i can remember

during our channel audits uh oh travis

your back is um

it picks up anything there uh no i

uh nathan dropped off okay he dropped

off outside he didn’t pick up anything

he dropped it off okay anyway yes party

channels i love it

family channels oh family party channel

that’s awesome

i love that that’s great family goodness

it’s whole it’s very wholesome

why does rob look like a zombie now

what’s that all about the task

is like 20 minutes um i’ve set the uh

sony’s ev1 to highest quality and this

is what

this is what came out

there’s another channel i i’ve i watch

sometimes it’s called the tim

tracker and and they they’re

specifically like an orlando theme park

kind of channel but when you watch you

would you would be tricked into thinking

it was a family vlogging channel because

it he and his wife and his child are in

a lot of videos together but

the title is never like about that it’s

always about something going on at

disney world or something and it just so

happens their families together

so that was kind of the point i was

trying to get across earlier is you know

you can have your family in the videos

but if you want to appeal to an even

wider audience

focus more on what you’re doing as a

family rather than like our trip to

the lake part one you know i wonder if

this channel has

a significant success on facebook as

well just looking at the socials there

uh there is some looks as if there’s

more engagement on

facebook and then the comments are

relatively light here four comments for

a thousand views

less than 40 likes um so some

i guess some external sharing going on

there as well i mean there the footage


all right though acceptable in that

sense it seems to be

nice and snappy in terms of its um


in terms of explanation but yeah

fabulous family fun just sounds

so generic uh when it’s very much about

telling stories and getting to know the


adding some more


connections i guess human connections in

that sense would help

with the channel let’s pick another one

and we’ll do a gaming channel this is

386. let’s see what we find

here 386.

is that right yes i think it’s right so

this channel

is a highlights channel but highlights

of what

uh fortnites does that look like to me

i mean those the last two thumbnails are

incredible but i don’t know

yeah looks like they’re definitely

testing some new styles there which is


i still don’t know what game they’re

playing i can’t

clash squad ranks ranked matches highly

it looks like they’re trying to keyword

stuff they’re about section

maybe it’s like right on the cusp i’m

just kind of listing the things we

they do

is that the game free fire is that is

that an actual game

it might be let’s check

if we fire funny moments yep

yeah okay and that right there is

something they might want to do

is literally type in free fire or maybe

some other terms they wish to rank for

and see what’s

kind of working not just in thumbnails

but you know subject matter itself

uh look you know try and get some video

ideas and things like that

i think the titles need work like uh

sometimes they feel a bit

random you know uh like we’re just kind

of pulling in different fonts and emojis

and things like that so it kind of busts

your search intent there

and i i’m just not exactly sure like the


never try this that’s more that’s more

interesting to me than

more money more problems mode like what

maybe that’s a well-known mode in the

game but maybe not

you know like never never try what in

what context

yeah i feel like about that with a

thumbnail avoid the thumbnail is very

nice and attractive it doesn’t it tells

me nothing absolutely

never try this but i need some hint of

what it is whether it’s an hour pointing

to a gun

or pulling a pin out of a grenade all i

can see here is the back of a character

and nothing else so i don’t get a vibe

of what

we’re perhaps not trying and then and

then the title as you say done

has no connection because we’re talking

about money so what

i do i think when i look at the

thumbnails the titles

i have no idea what what what’s going to

be delivered

in the from in the video itself which is


pushing me away from clicking on it as

well as the cadence as well we’ve got

like a big gap here between the last two

videos that we created

yeah yeah definitely more content to you

uh you might be struggling to figure out

some ideas and things like that

but uh yeah the most important thing is

is get yourself into a routine

with your videos starting with like once

a week for example

and and moving up from there if you have

the time

but yeah it’s that’s there’s such a

small sample size of content here

that uh i would i would definitely say

what you need to work on

keep working on thumbnails even though

they look a lot better than they did uh

rob has a good point there

something more interesting could be

happening in the picture itself you have

the text

but the picture there’s a character

obscured by this green background you’ve

kind of put over it

and it almost looks like you’re saying

never try this and it’s like staring at


tree in the distance like never never

stand still in this game you’re gonna

you’re gonna get blown up

so and even that could be conveyed

better like

you know an arrow pointing at the

character standing still like you know

so that that would be my uh critique

not bad view counselor to say that i

haven’t published that much content you

know some channels will struggle to get

more than 25 views on their gaming

videos this channel’s

approaching 100 with each video uh

there’s there’s some potential there

let’s move on to the next

channel uh oops yeah we’ll do 314.

and this is going to be a known gaming


now formula one

formula one channel i’ve surely have

done some stuff about uh

the big scrap i think lewis hamilton got

in um

in the race this weekend uh but

apparently not

so yeats games hang on is this is this a

gaming channel

i think it was and they pivoted but

maybe it’s uh

maybe this is a video game it’s hard to

tell sometimes

that looks like a video game to me yeah

they submitted on the wrong form yeah

and it wasn’t very long either

yeah look at this one that’s a parrot

so that’s definitely not f1 the meme

well channel focus is all we could say i

think because they post on the wrong

form though

we got to honor the form yeah we have to

honor the form

which is you posted like oh hank

wait are you gaming channel yes oh wait

was sorry i i i’ve gone wrong here i’ve

mixed up the tabs so to be fair this is

a gaming channel

and i picked it from a gaming phone but


so what we’re saying are is channel


is a little all over the place i assume

you’re playing an f1 game except for

when you’re playing

world of tanks i think there

yeah we we need we need a little more


channel focus and then a reason to click

like you have heard

of the the mobile something

now it titling structure needs work

uh thumbnails uh lack intrigue

and yeah it’s there was this one here

where they did like a review for memes

or like they did a montage of all the

memes from a particular

a grand prix yeah that worked quite well

and i i don’t know what i’m getting into


just from a title and the thumbnail i’m

wondering why

maybe you didn’t try replicating that

because i think this race was every

week two weeks and so that could be

something to investigate as well

for your contents

so i think we might maybe describe this

channel as a dank

f1 meme channel that hasn’t quite got

into a rhythm just yet with their


that’s fair that’s a that’s a fair


that tracks one five nine right so hang

on hang on let me get

i’m really no it was in the wrong place

oh i don’t know where i am

it’s a it’s this camera it’s really

throwing me off and it’s really annoyed

me thinking i can’t even be thinking

about it anymore what’s wrong with you


just it’s bugged me by the way how do

you know it’s the camera not the oh wait

are you going usb

out and are you in html i’m on usb

yeah oh okay i’m using hdmi out okay

yeah so maybe uh maybe we should test

that although i think that’s failed in

the past

as well uh we’re doing eddie do master

singer and mast


all right hang on hang on so

those aren’t their videos i think those

are liked videos so they’ve done

one video one hour ago

uh an hour ago i have 130 subscribers

with 25

channel views i’m pretty sure yeah hang

on how’s that possible

maybe you just unlisted a whole bunch of


maybe uh so baby

bush baby performs i am bush baby by

bush baby

say that fast ten times the savage

channel actually is on the right list

there’s not on the savage

list no i don’t think so i do i dare to

click on this

are they just recording the mass singer

with their phone

i don’t even know if they’re doing that

is that what they’re doing there’s

congratulating the contestant for making

it to the finals

what’s going on here uh hang on

this text is on the video throughout as

well this is a viral hit obviously

so i i would suggest uh eddie do master

singer and mast dancer

maybe come back to us in a couple of

months when you’ve got maybe

10 to 15 videos on this theme

of uh content related to the mad singer

i think that’s where the direction

you’re going in

but in the about section

some sort of fandom contents but i

i couldn’t work out what was going on in

this video at all

maybe we can’t put play the audio of


due to copyright reasons so yeah i think

let’s move on let’s move on apologies if

we if we couldn’t really help you there

but we just weren’t really sure what we

were looking at there given that you

only had one video

so this channel is a called

build maker baby

and they are hang on

i think we’ve ordered this channel very

recent oh no we haven’t but the

thumbnails seem very familiar to me

right then so we’ve got nearly 500

subscribers some very healthy view

counts here dan

uh but big gaps between videos are


yeah and they were getting yeah so many


yeah i and i gotta wonder is it a

you know is it kind of a lack of ideas

or maybe just simply a lack of time

uh because when we see views like that

we kind of just want to say yeah do more

of that you know what happened

legendary cyberpunk 2077

solo build

huh okay some visually intriguing

just the few seconds we’ve got here

pretty long intro very snappy uh

editing here it is yeah it’s it’s a long

intro but it might work

is it is it an intro or is it it feels

like an intro

but maybe maybe they’re talking yeah we

don’t really know do we

well what i will say is this content

seems very valuable for

people playing the game right like like

this is very challenging i did the solo


and then they’re kind of proving it in

the video like look it works um

so this is kind of what we talk about

when you say like what’s your value to

the audience and if anyone’s ever heard

us say that and

you know shaking their head like what

does that even mean that’s what we mean

you know that that video you know 21

minutes long 11 000 views

and it’s definitely provided value to a


audience uh much larger than their

subscriber base and

their name makes a little more sense now

build maker baby so they i’m guessing

everything they do it revolves around

builds of characters

in you know maybe not even just

cyberpunk it looks like other games

potentially i’m seeing a an after

effects and photoshop tutorial though

so maybe maybe they’re still kind of

trying to figure out where they’re at

but i don’t know i can’t

i can’t predict exactly what it is that

made them stop uploading

it feels like they’ve um grounded

down onto cyberpunk which has been a

very controversial

uh game in terms of uh

audience reaction to it but the

they’ve found this their little pocket

here haven’t they but they’re not

for whatever reason they’re not able to

leverage it as much as they can and

how long are people going to be

interested in cyberpunk is a question

i mean are they only doing updates when

it’s a patch update because like this

was patch 1.2 patch 1.21

one point two one should live is there’s

more they can get out of

each update of a of the game right

and but if the interest is is has lost

on them if they’re not interested in the

game or maybe the audience wasn’t

uh they might be trying to pick a game

as well so

you if you’re gonna do builds in a game

that’s pretty awesome that could be a

whole channel but you

kind of want to stick to one game so i’d

find one that you’re just really

passionate about

that you could just talk on forever that

has a little more longevity

i just want to prove to you all that you

know if it’s randomly picked number one

and i always do pick the first channel

which is

connection international so just to let

you know we don’t cheat

we’ve never seen that come on first

channel submission the first time one’s

actually come up

uh so we’re now going to look at the

financial evangelist here

uh with their channel how long have we

got okay

a couple more minutes so let’s take a

look at this one

so building sustainable lifestyles

i don’t know how many subscribers you’ve

got from the channel

so we’ve got a bit of crypto stuff going

on here

a bit of bonds a lot of financial stuff

which is cool

by the way um that’s not a lot of videos

because if you look at it

they’re you’re already down to a year

ago so did they just recently kick back

up oh okay

yeah good point yeah it looks as if they

took a 11 month break

and i here’s a weird thing travis the

first video they came back with

was a bit of a hit 2 000 views how to

save for retirement

yeah so uh you have to look at your

viewership and figure out like why are

they coming to your channel and it’s

mostly about making money um in some way

those people are more about saving money

so there’s a there’s a viewership that

wants to know how to make money and then

there’s a viewership that wants to know

how to save money you got to figure out

which one

yours is and right now um you know with

these newer videos

you don’t have enough data to really be

able to tell you it’s just that one that

you came back to did really well for

whatever reason well it’s only got two

likes so it would probably

tear it out or maybe use adsense

something like that as my guess

yeah no comments okay so those probably

are not real views

um maybe yeah or something like that so


that being the case and then just call

them all even then you know you need to

establish where

which one you’re going after the people

who want to save money or make money

and then really start to delve into it


i mean this is a good niche to be in if

you can be successful the rpms are

really high

but it’s kind of brutal you need to know

what you’re talking about and you need

to continue to

to to harp on and look for all the

trends that are going on in that


time something i will ask

this creator is do you know your

audience and the reason i asked that

is why would you publish a video that’s

to do with

uh retirement and then the next video is


cryptocurrency i feel as if completely

different audiences

uh within financial

as saving earning

money or saving money they feel as if

they’re completely different audiences


so that’s when we talk about your ideal

avatar like

of a 65 year old retired

male who used to working corporate

um and uh as four kids they’re all out


devolve moved out of uh their house

they’re all in college

but then we look at this video and like

what’s the avatar of this one it might

be like a

uh 18 year old um super stonks reddits

member who has uh no no financial

commitments or debt

and they’ve got 500 books to play with

and the two audiences there are very

different so

if you have to think about that in the

long term who

is going to be serviced best

by your channel as a whole and i’ll

leave any final words to dan

if you have any for this channel i know

i think you guys covered it

cool all right then well that is the top

of the hour so i think we’ll

bring this live stream uh to a close i

will apologize for the slight technical

destruction of my camera i don’t often

look like this

i i am healthy i am fine there is

nothing wrong with me

i just look a little pale here as you

can see the uh special offer has been

scrolling along the bottom of this live


over the last two hours uh if you want

to take advantage

of a free month of vid iq

then make sure to visit

forward slash a bonus

up until the end of july where you get


second month free when you purchase one

of our plans as a

new customer let’s say some goodbyes uh

travis do you want to go first

sure let’s uh do let’s see um

uh prodigy mapping let me get over here

what’s bigger um

we got code creature the dev ninja

tutorials i like that

nobel calvin short reviews a finn brown

and a cygnus gamer quality stuff uh junk

if you’re still in can you just let us

know how many views that video’s got now

if you do have time what we’re trying to

bring up

dan how uh who are you saying goodbye to

before i do

just so you guys know tomorrow we’re

going back to basics with our wednesday

live stream if you want to know

how to get started on youtube if you

want to get your first thousand


those are some of the themes and

subjects we’ll be talking about on

tomorrow’s q a live stream we’re gonna

with it we’re gonna chat with alan

spicer our guest

we’re gonna talk for probably about 45

minutes on that and then we’re going to

take your questions for the rest of the


so please join us for that i’ll have

that live stream scheduled

sometime today before the end of the day

unless of course he joins the zoom call

and then his computer spontaneously

explodes again which is what happened

about a month ago that’s true uh

we’ll say goodbye to a few people here


klein bunny maybe i got that right uh i

saw someone named like popcorn king or

something like that

but it’s gone now king of blocks uh we


uh skits junk says wait a minute we got

junk here

the video had 20 pound 29 000 views

100 subs away from 6k congratulations

just we just want to say we knew you

before a million subscribers i just

wanted to know that junk

that’s true we knew you before we knew

you before you started your 17th channel

i think yes

um so yes that’s everybody i’m saying

goodbye too bye junk

bye everyone there uh i’m gonna say uh

rando channel 75465

i don’t know i don’t know if um anybody

is aware of this now i don’t know if

you’ve seen the videos dan and travis


now rando channel 754 or whatever it is

is actually a thing

on youtube um

because i mentioned it in one of my um

was it seven is it seven eight four i’m

trying to remember who it was

something there we go there we go so

after i made this video

when i pretended there was somebody

called random channel 784

i’ve got

and but then the really weird thing is

that this top one

this panda channel i’m sure they’ve

changed their name to this in the last

week and all they do is push

a gazillion videos out about run of life

whatever that is like they’re up to par


i don’t know what that is it’s one of

those weird youtube

things that goes on uh anyway and then

that’s when i

found out about detected the text

detected in videos which is something

really interesting that i’m trying to

experiment with a little bit more

um uh yeah what was i gonna i was gonna

show you something else here is

um can i find it hang on

i don’t know if anybody’s really

interested in this but

um i made a video last week about

now youtube is detecting text within

videos itself

and so i was doing some tests yesterday

but i can’t find the channel

hang on hang on i don’t know how

interesting anybody finds this

but i’m committed now so i’m going to

show people

let me just go to my channel so i did a

test yesterday

where can you see this video here

i’m trying to see if youtube will

actually detect that text

but so far it hasn’t unless something’s

changed now

let’s see if i do that and then i do


and i’ll do that and i thought but i’m

sorry i’m just doing experimentations

now in the live

has it stream no i see i’m not there

i’m not there so it’s not appeared as


anyway uh i’ll stop doing tests on a


thank you everybody for watching as

always it’s been wonderful uh it’s been

a pleasure

and we hope you will join us uh again

very very

soon on uh the live streams down as as

he said

we’ll be live streaming tomorrow we’ve

also got podcasts coming out of

uh our eardrums every single week and

all of the

videos that we do on demand and with


as i waffle a little bit more i’m trying

to find the outro

and here it is so we will see you

uh next week i’m trying to remember

which one do i need

to click i think it’s this one

outros that means all right i’m just

gonna guess it’s this one so see you all

later folks












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