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=================== text video ====================

having the opportunity to look at

countless videos of all different shapes

and sizes

i imagine could be

pretty helpful in having you figure out

how you could be maybe editing your

videos better fixing that

big hockey stick retention graph that so

many of us get at the start of our

videos that is what today’s video is all

about and you notice i said video you

probably clicked on this and you’re

thinking why did they need two hours for

this and that’s because it was actually

first a live stream so if you wanted the

opportunity for your channel to perhaps

pop up on the screen today you would

have needed to be here and join us live

but there’s still going to be a ton of

value in it for you for those of you who

are here live thank you so much to all

of you be sure to wave in the chat to

the people who are watching this after

the fact and those of you watching this

after the fact leave us a comment and

tell us by the end of the stream or

video your favorite channel that you saw

today the one you felt like you learned

the most from we’re gonna be looking at

a number of channels we’re gonna be

randomly selecting folks it’s gonna be

awesome and i’m not gonna do it alone

i’m gonna have rob here dan that was a

pitch perfect intro well done sir 10 out

of 10. you’re even thinking

about those who are watching after the

livestream and i always forget to do

that on a tuesday so i salute you sir i

salute everybody who’s watching live

right now and i

third salute everybody who’s watching in

the replay and


for me at least done

is a more relaxed livestream because


in control of all the knobs and dials i

get to sit down like i don’t stand up

during this live stream i try to have a

more relaxed attitude

as we watch other people’s videos and

hopefully give them some useful positive

and encouraging feedback

with the slightly ruthless constructive

criticism that i often feel as if i give

during these videos reviews but we’re

still learning this process i think

we’re getting better every single week

so looking forward to watching all of

your videos

yeah we i do feel like these get a

little bit ruthless but at the same time

it’s kind of like

we have as the people reviewing your

videos today unlimited budget to give

you as many tips as we could possibly

give you we wouldn’t do a lot of this

stuff ourselves because lazy or tired or

busy right but hopefully you have the

time to implement at least a fraction of

the tips that we’re going to give you

today in all of these different video

reviews now we’re doing a little bit

differently before we’ve used a hashtag

today we actually have implemented a

form and

making its wednesday live stream debut

we’ve brought in this guy

two minutes in and we’re claw action

already yes

uh so the way this works is that we have

invited you to fill out a form it is

pinned right now in chat it’s also in

the description below for when we change

the mid comment later and we already

have 149 people it’s just racking up

right now 150 people

racking up that number 152 people we’re

gonna be updating the claw here i think

we’re gonna we’re gonna pad the claw a

little bit

uh i always click the wrong thing so

we’re gonna we’re gonna say 200

people because we already have 280

people here

that’s the one yeah that button down

that that’s the right one yeah yeah yes

that’s the one

not sevas

yeah i hate when i


what was that

oh my goodness

so sorry i didn’t realize the sound was


no no no come back come back

there we go i muted the tab

indefinitely i apologize for that that

was incredibly loud um

did not know the claw had that in it

i’ll never i’ll never really look at

this tool the same again i think i

remember when i first started using this

claw like like two years ago

i remembered that i had to mute

the the tab

for that website and like it’s deep

somewhere in my registry now so that

even if i wanted to try and get the

sound effects back on that web page it

would never happen

uh so two-up is the first channel we’re

looking at today

uh i did not pick the person who

submitted first maybe we’ll go back and

do that because i do like doing that uh

for the person who is the quickest uh

because we didn’t even announce we were

gonna do it this way and it looks like

they’re doing some shorts but mostly

long-form videos about riding a

motorcycle now normally for our channel

audits on tuesdays we would be talking

about the thumbnails we’ll be doing all

that stuff today since we did that

yesterday go back there’s a ton of tips

for you in that live stream for that

today we’re going to actually click on a

couple of these videos and see

what are these about so i want to click

on this latest one here rob the struggle

is real and in thumbnail they’re teasing

that they almost crashed yep

so i’m imagining an intro where you kind

of could tease

something happening almost right before

you get into like the longer meat of the

video while we’re not critiquing the

channel in terms of audits the thumbnail

and the title have certainly

promised something


us as new visitors to your channel as a

brand new viewer

you’re setting an expectation

does it deliver

let’s see all right all right all right

what’s up guys welcome back we’re here

to practice granite road some more got

the speed triple 1200 hitting that road

there that is the start

so we’re going to see i want to practice

this road i want to learn the road i

need to finally learn the road i have



i would say um just again now this is me

being ruthless

youtube viewer not

uh compassionate rob wilson youtube


you did not deliver

any information or tease or intrigue

from your title and your thumbnail

it was there was almost like generic hey

what’s up guys welcome to my channel in

this video i’m gonna do this this and



we should have really expected as

viewers is

the moment just before you crashed or

the aftermath of that crash for just a


fleeting seconds to

you know you’ve set this up in a

feminine little title and then you want

to smash it out of the park with the

first few seconds

and unfortunately haven’t done that

and now

i’m thinking

where in the 17 minutes and 43 seconds

of this video am i gonna see this crash

because that’s still in my head that’s

still what i wanted to see

so just consider

with the intriguing curious title and


where that leads to with the video hook

i would agree with that and i would also

say that

there’s way too

uh there’s way too much

uh repeating yourself in this in this

introduction the the editing isn’t quite

there and i’m worried that there’s zero

editing in in the whole video now

because you said like like maybe three

times i got to learn the road or or

basically that same line over and over

again let’s at this listen

hitting that road there that is the


so we’re going to see i want to practice

this road i want to learn the road i

need to finally learn the road i want to

practice this road i want to learn the

road i need to finally learn the road

and that’s about where we stopped and we

usually give it about 30 seconds but it

kind of like stopped us a little shorter

than that because it was kind of like

okay we can kind of see where this is

going um i i think

with this cool motorcycle you have and

uh you know this flexibility you have in

terms of being able to make videos

around it you could have started the

video a little more cinematically too if

you didn’t want to tease the crash you

could have had you starting the

motorcycle right and you have some music

kick up room and you got all that like

you know anticipation building right

some rock music everything’s like

building up and like today we’re hitting

this road and then you kind of explain

what about hitting this road because you

said the struggle is real you said you

almost crashed in the thumbnail what’s

special about this road like what’s why

do you have to learn it like i feel like

i’m missing something here really vital

and maybe if i’ve been following the

series right maybe as a returning viewer

i’m in line with what’s going on but as

a new viewer i’m completely lost i’m

like what do you mean you need to learn

are you are you new to riding

motorcycles is that where you’re trying

to learn or are you trying to learn all

the potholes in the road because you’re

doing like some kind of tricks or

something like that like

what are we what do you mean so

there’s a lot of like confusion i think

for the viewer that in that first 17

seconds that we stopped on originally

shall we jump to like let’s say two and

a half minutes in done like just the


meat of the video and see what’s going


man i wish i would have come out here

when they were starting


are you struggling to hear uh the

narration there yeah i i see they’re

trying to do some commentary there are

like headsets that you can get for

motorcycles that like go inside your

helmet uh i would i would be investing

in that that’d be my first big

investment for this channel


so yeah we were able to really follow

the narration there


again dan i think you’re writing saying

that we’re not seeing much editing going

on here it

it feels

but again we’re just making assumptions

here it feels like you press record

you film a clip


press to stop recording and then

everything in that clip maybe apart from

the very beginning and very

end of that clip you use the entire


and so now when we start to look at the

17 minute video i’m already saying in my

head there’s probably actually somewhere

along on the lines of six to eight

minutes worth of decent footage here

just to give you an example of this dan

and i we we just done a recording

this morning we actually recorded it in

stream yards and we’re experimenting

with this new idea of

um having


fake conversations with each other

because like we’re still scripting it a

little bit but it took us 25 minutes to

record that session yeah and dan

this time is responsible for editing it

down and we’ve already said to ourselves

we want to try and get this down to four

or five minutes and so we’re gonna be

getting ready rid of 80 to 90 of the

footage yep and so again i think in

terms of being ruthless with your edits

two up is probably maybe you’re gonna

have to consider this going forward

yeah it’s

it’s super important to edit these down

someone also mentioned that you could be

adding voiceover if if you can’t do the

microphone uh

after the you know while you’re while

you’re recording

live it might be hard to commentate but

you would you would cut down your video

and then in post you would record you

talking about so at this in this stage

it was crazy because the road was all

messed up and blah blah blah and i was

really worried and you know you could

you can be kind of giving post

commentary if you still lack a good

microphone for that a great trick is to

take your phone and just hold it close

enough to your face and record use a

recording app on your phone you get some

really decent audio quality certainly

decent enough for like your first

youtube videos right um but audio

whether it is a cool headset mic or uh

you know a setup like this where you can

sit and do voiceover at home it’s so so

so important you know i would say even

more important than the video which in

my opinion like

you you’ve been in this like fisheye

for like a lot of the video like there’s

i i would i think you’re on a gopro and

i think with certain gopros you can

change the angle of the lens and i would

have been making some adjustments there

you know maybe there’s a time for this

wide angle but it’s so distorting

i kind of feel like you should be

holding the camera and usually the bike

behind you you should talk about what

you’re going to do and you know what i

mean there’s there’s a number of ways i

would approach this content and i think

uh if you make these changes to your

content you’ll see your retention graphs

look much much better people will stick

around for longer even if you make

shorter videos and then youtube is

spreading you around even more because

people are enjoying what they’re

watching as a final

thought dan can you just track your

mouse over the timeline just to see

generally what’s going going on

so keep going

keep going so as far as i can tell

this is all pov


the bike

it looks as if you’re not stopping off

anywhere to maybe get a meal or have a

conversation with a person

right so what i’m also thinking about


and i’m gonna say this even though i am

guilty of never doing this myself on

education content is

like secondary stories

or something beyond

the main focus which i think is going

down this row


again in a 17 minute video

can this singles story

grip the viewer for the entire video

okay so you’ve stopped here and you’re

doing something but what that’s 30

minutes in

yeah maybe that’s a little too late

so so

again i’m making a guess here but your

audience retention graph is probably

something like

i’m te why do i try and do this done

like every time i’m trying to do it so

your audience retention graph is

probably does this up to minute two it

goes down to like 20

and then it just continues to taper off

but you’ve already lost such a

mass amount of the audience in that time


what’s going on there um

you know the first minute uh was where

unfortunately you lost a lot of people i

could be wrong though because at the

moment the view counts as like under 100

maybe it’s just like a hardcore audience

that is going to watch regardless

but to send positive signals to youtube


start discovering new audiences that may

be an issue as well

so we’re going to go back to the form

which now has 354 people oh my goodness

submitted their channels almost the same

amount of people who are here right now

so thank you so much yeah uh we’re going

to actually pick the first person i

meant to do this originally i want to

pick the first person who was quick

enough to submit their channel when the

form went live which was just before

this live stream

started today

and uh we are going to go into here

is jay eerie caribbean

i believe nicebana

yeah caribbean lifestyle and travel


cool uh so yep like most of the titles

and thumbnails but that is not why we’re

here let’s check out the latest video

which is 10 very important tips for

visitors to the caribbean seems pretty


sometimes when you go to a new place it

can feel a bit overwhelming

with so many caribbean islands to choose

from can be exciting

but what are some of the things you

should consider before traveling to one

of these beautiful islands

the good news is that your travels to

the caribbean need not be intimidating

or scary okay how long is this

700 islands can you just pause it uh and

then go to the description

you need to find out a little bit more

about this channel

uh then can we go to the about section

all right of the channel

exceed your expectations by creating

delivering diversified portfolio of

authentic high quality content from all

around the caribbean region


dubspora i don’t know what that is

support your interests


okay yeah so

basically if you are traveling to the


uh at any point you would come to this


and it seems like a one-stop shop for

everything you could possibly want to

know about

the caribbean and in culture yeah in the

context of like traveling there

what did you think

so it was very very highly produced

which is what i just want to check like

um is this an individual crater or is is

this perhaps a media company a

tourism company that’s um

kind of

doing highly produced content


it kind of feels like the latter rather

than an individual creator

it almost felt like i was watching

something on television as opposed to a

youtube video it’s not necessarily a bad

thing because that’s why i want to check

the video length it’s what like 10

minutes long so it’s you know a good

youtube length

and it

you know had that very traditional

sensor and i think it’s it’s very

it’s very

highly produced and i would be happy

watching this if i was thinking about

visiting the the caribbean as a tourist

and what about you damn

yeah but

this is

a lot of what we’re going to talk about

today is we’re we’re going to we’re

going to say this quite a bit i think

because we did last time you

you’ll see us talk about how it’s really

important to have like b-roll in front


in the first few seconds of your video

right if you’re going to talk about



what you’re talking about using b-roll

this channel’s a little bit different

because they’re doing a voiceover and

only relying on b-roll essentially

because they’re not there’s no a-roll of

them in front of the camera talking

right so they’re just taking these

really awesome looking shots and

stringing them together to put over

their voice and they’re

maybe they’re talking about cuisine

right here let’s let’s listen for a


if traveling to the caribbean is on your

bucket list in this video we will unveil

10 tips you should definitely consider

whether it’s your first trip second trip

or a frequent traveler to the region all

right pause there pause the video

so i think

as as highly produced and polished that


we still haven’t got to 10 very

important tips for visitors to occur to

the caribbean um you know i think you

could probably get back get into that a

little quicker

i feel as if this is similar to like a a

channel such as mojo you know that

covers movie stuff


and it would be interesting if you if

you watch one of our videos how quickly

they get into the top tens or the

listicles or whatever we don’t have to

watch one of our videos then i’m just

using those using them as an example um

but yeah it felt

it felt like it labored a bit it was

almost as if don’t say this the wrong

way the the video is trying to show off

the production quality

and all of the b-roll and all of the

footage they have as opposed to getting

to the value of the contents

maybe maybe

i i have a feeling the production

quality is like consistent throughout it

does look that way as i scrub the

timeline uh

real quick before i get too far away

from it my point about b-roll was that’s

basically what it looks like is you

you’re talking about something and

there’s footage of the thing you’re

talking about so we’re gonna be giving

that tip quite a bit so this channel is

a good one to look at for that but uh i

agree with you it’s it shouldn’t take a

minute and 20 seconds to get into the

first tip i i basically like you already

sold me on the click right here and with

the thumbnail right you’re giving me

caribbean travel chip tips

and in your intro you talk about how

like you keep pontificating about the

kind of person who might want to visit

the caribbean and

pontificating love it dan i hope i used

it correctly yeah yeah yeah

and you know maybe you’re just visiting

for a little while or maybe you know it

doesn’t have to be scary and and you

just keep like going and going

a lot of people if we don’t have it

right now sometimes it’s just not here

but that new graph that youtube shows us

for the most replayed bits i kind of

wonder if people have already skipped to

the first chapter by the time they get

out of like the first couple of seconds

because it’s like yeah yeah intro and

the the other thing too is you named

your intro intro

on on your chapters which basically

invites people to go skip skip

right he muscles


exactly so you should you should name

that something just a little more

interesting like who like even if it’s

just who’s the video for or you you

replicate the title in that first

chapter just just to like i don’t know

stop the skipping there but i would also

this segment should be

way shorter i think uh you have access

to your analytics and we do not so

be sure to compare what we’re saying to

what you’re seeing in your analytics uh

let’s just watch the first tip a little

bit before we move on okay

do not limit yourself to the

all-inclusive resorts

we know many travel agencies recommend

staying safe within the walls of your

all-inclusive resort scaring travelers

with all sorts of dangers out there

however you’d be missing the real local

experience the culture the food and the

atmosphere of the country you are


you just need to be mindful use some

common sense and move with licensed

operators or trusted guides

avoid sketchy looking vehicles or people

in addition to this do not leave

valuables in rental cars or on the beach

keep expensive phones cameras or cash

out of sight and be respectful

so that’s the first

tip do not limit yourself to caribbean

all-inclusive resorts

very searchable chapter

these chapters can be you know searched

so if people were to be looking up at

caribbean all-inclusive resorts they

might happen upon your video and it

could be this section of it where

they’re like a lot of people will say

you should stay in the resort walls so

that’s i think you’re in terms of

chapters for the most part you’re doing

these right uh in terms of views this

video premiered yesterday

and you got 32 views you have three

thousand subscribers i think uh you know

this is one of those that is going to

build over time and we can look at some

of your other top 10 videos to see how

they’ve done seven days ago you did one

that was 340 views 10 days ago 239 views

uh and then you got one here two

thousand views from two weeks ago five

most influential caribbean political


that’s interesting

now now i’m kind of in channel yeah this

is gonna be interesting when you do this

stand because i do want to touch on this


so we’re not doing channel audits


i think right now

this channel

is a

i would go as far as saying a jamaican

sports history channel

in terms of the most popular videos

by far

are when you’re covering olympic


and then the cool runnings bobsled


and another thing to mention is that

those those are videos

and stories about people

and the video we just watched

as i say had a very polished approach to


dare i say

it felt a little corporate

at least for the youtube world and what

i mean by that is


you know i may be wrong with this you

know this is a open question to the

to the audience

when you want to find out about a place

and you go to youtube you maybe want to

watch somebody’s personal experience and

journey and story and so you go to


a particular

character or influencer somebody who’s

going to give

it’s like their own honest appear

opinion and assessment

and did the general i guess faceless

channel b-roll tips make it feel a

little dare i say soulless

and i you know again as i say that i’m

starting to think god here i’m being

this really critical

ruthless viewer

but i don’t know

am i being too harsh there dan oh

i see what you’re saying i i don’t know

that’s the thing i don’t know if there



a subset of viewers depending on what

their goal is i don’t know if they would

prefer the more corporate looking video

or if they prefer to look at it through

the eyes of an individual i think it

kind of depends if i’m going for a visit

versus if i like want to buy a house

there right like if i want to buy a

house that i’m probably going to look at

a lot of different videos i want to look

through the eyes of the people who live

there just individuals making very quick

and dirty youtube videos but i also want

to maybe learn a little bit about the

more professional side of it like real

estate agents and real estate channels

like putting together house tours and

and you know area tours and things like

that so

if i’m if i’m just looking for a quick

visit though i might just want to like

what what’s some cool stuff that people

are going to do like you told me to

leave the resort walls but like

tell them like maybe they do in that

video but tell me about some of the

other places and i think a person

holding a camera and walking through a

market or something yeah

feels like you’re there um so that is

something to consider but then that said


there might be an audience for that what

i’m worried about is there is there an

audience for

people who want to watch about jamaican

bobsledding and the same people are they

going to want to know about just the

regular tourism facts yeah i think

oliver tourism come to the caribbean

videos are being flattened




these i guess sports documentaries yeah

i mean shall we shall we watch the first

30 seconds of one dan and like just see

how different it is compared to other



all right come on get up get on with

this come on let’s move on

recipe come on travel places it’s a lot

move along move along nothing to see


all right

the jamaican bobsled at the 2022 beijing

winter olympics cool running 2.0

the jamaican bobsled team is the hottest

thing on ice it’s been 34 years since

jamaica a small caribbean island of just

2.9 million people with a tropical


so it is like a documentary yep

it’s i there’s a chance there’s some

overlap but i would say

overall the people that you’re targeting

with this video are not the same as the

people that you’re targeting with the

other content that we watched the so

that’d be the other thing even though we

got into channel automotive there for a

minute like that’s what i’d be keeping

in mind i think that’s if you’re coming

to us and going why are my videos

getting views my editing’s on point your

intros are a lot shorter now the the

branded intro we saw earlier was much

much shorter than the one we just

watched that would have been one of our

tips to shorten that you did

it’s it’s going to be like the audience

that you’re targeting with your content

at the end of the day

um all right

we’ll move on to

how about our first vidiq max channel of

today’s live stream we’re going to do a

couple of these today so vid iq max is

one of our

newest services

and there you go thank you max uh what

we did before the live stream is we went

into the discord the private discord for

our vidiq max users and said hey

uh you know this is your opportunity to

submit your channel and get an extra

chance to have a video review today and

a few people did in fact submit their

channels so we’re going to be looking at

one of their videos before we get back

to the claw and our random selection

so uh this is mocnix

they are in the vidiq max program they

have over a thousand subscribers so

congratulations to you and their latest

videos put out a day ago ai green tech

spots make the best memes this is a new

thing you know what’s funny is i saw

this green text thing for the first time

i think this morning and then somebody

in our company like mentioned it in in



you know this morning as well and then

this video now so

this is like a new trend

i’m just new trend alert we need like a

sound effect um here we go i got this


new trend alert

green text ai bots

okay just

if you’re if you’re a meme channel

especially let’s see what this is about

be me driving down the road notice a

hitchhiker pick him up he’s a serial


be hitchhiker get in the car with

strange man he seems nice enough

kill him

june 15th 2022 r slash ai green text was

born and ai nons began flooding the sub

with hilarious green text now with all

the ai generated things going on

batman scripts demi gorgon’s playing


jacksepticeye and king of the hill

kind of it wasn’t long before someone

typed in the words be me in open ai and

created the first artificial intelligent

green text over the last five days the

sub has gained more than 7 000


and the posts

thanks for bleeping out yes appreciate


i i like the intro i like the energy i

didn’t get the joke on that one i must

admit like i’m still learning how the

green text thing works but i was kind of

following a little bit i think if you

already know what this is

you’ll you’ll totally be hooked on that

intro yeah the the the format of this

intro though was very very good like you

you just threw it straight into

like it wasn’t showing sorry it wasn’t

telling you were showing us what ai

green text

uh is

and then you almost like take a few

steps back and explain it but explain it

in a really

um informative way


very well edited

this v tuber i guess appearance is

pretty cool uh it’s something visually


uh so

i’m giving you thumbs up on on this

intro and i’m not just doing that

because he’s a vidiq max member i think

it’s really well put together

i i completely agree and uh i i don’t



uh you know us sitting here

telling you to fix nitpick at your

interest i don’t think that’s that’s

going to be helpful honestly i i think

uh your channel just needs to kind of

build up some content if i’m being

perfectly honest uh just just imagine

like from the first from we were two

videos that we’ve watched

in terms of intros that we were 45

seconds in and we already felt as if we

were deep into the meat of a context and

like you know

it been set up well and it’s like right

yeah this is good i think i’m committed

for the next four minutes i’m going to

enjoy watching this yeah

i just wanted to go the most popular

videos uh just to see

so 10 months ago you were doing these

blender tutorials and they they did

really well

i’m trying to get a sense of what the

channel is about because that was going

to be my concern again going into

channel audit mode for a second i

i feel like

this is a really good direction

the ai green text thing what if

your channel was about ai

in general ai trends funny ai things uh

what if you were the ai person and the

reason i say that is because and that’s

what i thought when i first started

watching the video because you have this

character this computer generated

character it would fit so well you know

you talking about this as that avatar

about this particular subject just works

um but then you’re talking about like

stray this game all right here it is the

moment we’ve all been waiting for well

i’ve been waiting for it’s about damn

time technology caught up with the

demands because now at long last we can

finally play

as a cat

this is straight strange

now yeah he wants to be a cat

it’s it’s such a jump

right like it’s such a jump from ai

technology to

my thoughts on this video game

you know so

that’s that’s what i’m i think the

concern is here for the for this channel

and why everyone recognizes this first

like i’m

that thumbnail in that title just really

intrigued me

does this guy look familiar well he

should because i guarantee you’ve seen

him before and in like two minutes

you’re going to learn something about


so the other day i was watching the


you know the one about zuckerberg

creating facebook while justin

timberlake’s in the back doing things

well my viewing experience went

something like this

okay this is a good example of like

transformative content as well um you

know you are taking clips from the

social network


lots of editing voice over and


of your

thoughts and opinions

on on the on the film


this is

it’s great because you’re only using the

clips you need to

in in your script some people will just

play it for a while you know

this is very very transformative there

he is that’s the guy that’s the guy i

always see

so i did a little digging and what i

found so interesting topic uh more more

like uh trendy kind of like

just intriguing stuff i to me this video

actually does feel similar to the ai

green text video and that’s just an

interesting topic that people probably

have seen around like they reckon i

recognize them like you know

you have a recognizable thing and and

this video i think will be a slow burn

for you

i think this video is going to get more

and more and more views the ai green

text video in fact i’d be doubling down

on this in in different ways

experiment with it you know

this is um a channel where i’d be really

interested to know what the audience

retention is

i’m guessing it’s relatively high it’s

funny actually because i’m seeing uh

mock nyx in the discord uh channel now

actually chatting to travis as he’s been

audited she’s kind of spooky like i can

see everything right now i can see i can

see like what’s going on in the live

stream what’s going on behind the scenes

of course if you want to follow this

conversation with a discord then you

would have to join vidiq max what a


plug that was yes in fact i could go to max right now if i was

interested in joining q max and learn

everything i need to know it’s linked

down below as well uh this is where you

want to be to uh to have that

individualized more individualized

attention rather uh they do


i want to say live streams basically

webinars with vidiq max users where they

will discuss the topic and give you a

chance to ask questions

live uh and then all those recordings

they are recorded get saved for you so

you can go back right now you can join

today and see

a couple dozen by now different

recordings we have they were up to 16 uh

16. yeah yeah 16 different recordings

all on different topics

it’s it’s been incredible and the folks

in there are also super helpful not only

that you have travis alexi and jeff

answering questions on the discord

basically 24 7.

and just to alienate the 440 people who

are watching right now i’m going to

shout out to all of the people who’ve

just shouted out me in the discord

server so hello to mocnix a tf brits

journey uh the unofficial fourth uh

coach uh at vidiq max the pop finder

vanilla golden dog stay tuned stay tuned


and let’s just say leandro 37 as well

hello to all of you in the


yes if you want to learn more vidiq max

link down below we’ll stop we’ll stop

plugging it now

fine we’ll stop plugging it now we’ll

carry on

yeah all right uh i’m gonna

i’m gonna go back to the club off screen

go get me off full screen

so so i i guess just to put a um


in the

uh what’s the phrase to pin the tail on

the donkey of the original the channel

was talking about

in terms of video reviewing i was a

brilliant channel really well edited new

ideas it was entertaining it was fast it

was snappy

perhaps what they need next is a channel

audit to maybe talk about the content

decisions that are going to help them

going forward because to me dan it just

feels as if that creator is putting in

the right work and effort

and they just need

the continued positive signals sent to

youtube to finally pay off where youtube

can nail down their target audience

because the audience retention must be

pretty high on that content it’s really

really well done we’re focusing i would

think so uh so this is whiskers we’re

checking out next and they do not know

what their channel focus is

so we won’t we won’t harp on that uh

we’re just going to focus on your videos

and you looks like you are a shorts

creator almost exclusively trying some

different things


look at a couple shorts this one is

called how your dad got the milk oh

there’s a rick roll there i’m gonna talk

to begin with just to make sure that we

don’t get rid rolled with the music

is there any sound on this i don’t know

i think

let’s be honest dan i think especially

on shorts it needs uh background track

music or little pops

as the um

the comments are changing like beluga

does this really well with little sound

effects where the comments keep changing

and stuff


without sound like i’d just be

immediately swiping off

maybe that’s just an instinctive thing

yeah i must apologize i haven’t even

really been watching the video you are

mad at me

people are mad

mr beast sorry it so

that that is

for shorts

i would say a skip for me

if i if if i clicked on this button

right here and i wanted to watch shorts

and that one popped up with no sound

whatsoever and i was just kind of forced

to read there’s no music

uh it’s it’s like there’s a lot of like

confusion there

i think people will just swipe away and

that’s what you need to avoid

what happened to the pokemon kid well

because that’s got a thousand views yeah

do you remember the pokemon go kid this

is him now

do you remember the pokemon go kid this

is him no that’s not literally it that’s

it yeah

at least that video i think got a point

you know it was like

it didn’t it didn’t drag on longer than

i bet it’s got an audience retention of

like 180 or something


yeah you would probably look at that and

uh go wait what does he look like now

and watch it again


when i think of shorts and i think like

what you’re doing that works for me

i actually think that was probably a

good idea what about the who are you one

that that’s got two and a half thousand


oh hi

is this your content on someone else’s


who are you

okay cool


okay okay okay

so memes if you were wondering what your

channel’s about we would describe this

is like a meme channel uh

some of these land like this one some of


i don’t know maybe maybe it’s not in the



i think the reason that uh some of these

have such low views is because maybe

youtube tries them and they just people

don’t get it and they they click off and

that’s all it is when it comes to shorts

all is is helping people understand the

second they get to your short what the

heck’s going on you know you can’t do it

with a title and a thumbnail in most

cases because people are scrolling in a

different way

so you got to be clear it needs to be up

front and even when it’s a meme it

should be kind of obvious like where

things are going or that anticipation

should feel like oh i’m going to stick

around i may not know what’s going on

but it feels interesting you know

whatever’s on the screen right now is

interesting me

this is more of a content conversation

but i wonder if you did 25 shots that

were all what happened to


so it might be um



who could we use an example of like from

10 to 15 years ago and what happened to

him ray william johnson um but he’s just

coming back he’s come back


the star from malcolm in the middle um

frankie munoz yeah yeah um then and now

yeah now there is a

channel that specializes in this that

it’s just now on my recommendations all

the time it showed me all of the

where are they now from these the cast

of different star trek series

like uh and it’s very simple stuff it’s

a picture of them in character in the

film or the movie or the tv series and

then a recent picture of them and it’s

super simple but i don’t know i keep

watching them i’m

somewhat fascinated by it and i’d

probably be the same if they did

wrestling like where are they now


unfortunately in the case of most

wrestlers it’s dead from steroid abuse

unfortunately um

well that went dark so yeah sorry in any

case uh

i think those are our tips shorts need

to be really snappy really quick and

easy to understand approachable for a

wide array of people uh so

best of luck keep it up you’ve been at

it for two weeks this is a lot of

content for two weeks you have a few

pretty big big breakout successes

the easiest way to backflip well then

let’s do this this is a certified hood



that’s quite funny

i’m sure the music made it better but i

i went ahead and muted that maybe

chuckle did that one actually i like

that i like that

so there you go that was whiskers uh

thank you for submitting your videos we

have 508

submissions now i can’t seem to keep the

claw up to date goodness everyone’s

going bonkers um i do want to mention

i’m seeing the occasional hashtag review

in the chat

this will not work right now

we’re using the claw yeah if we do that

in a few in the future of this live

stream it will be a different word and

we will tell you when to type it into

the chat

if you want to put in

rob is awesome

go ahead

we’ll not get you a channel audit or a

video review

but you are more than welcome to do that

right now

four or nine so i went four three nine

now we’re going to four nine three

thanks claus now you’re putting one line

through there


you’re keying in yeah yeah yeah

oh podcast

well we have to approach this in a

different way

okay so i’m already seeing my first

problem but let’s

we talked about thumbnails and titles a

lot today just know our general advice

would be that these should all be


uh all right let’s see you know for a

podcast channel these are pretty short

uh appropriate youtube length i guess if

you want to think of it that way let’s

check it out

how’s everybody doing welcome to the

black and orange podcast what’s up

bitcoin and everything related to

bitcoin in the plane and simple manner

why because bitcoin is for everyone i’m

jerome hughes and i’m your host and

let’s go ahead get right into it first

and foremost i like this apologize for

not uploading yesterday because i had

some issues with my stomach


it wasn’t a good time for me to record

anything trust me when i say that y’all

can make the noise don’t see any

reactions anyway

what i want to talk about is

just the way i said trust me i just

started visualizing it’s like no don’t

go there

um so

let me laugh in the first 30 seconds

i do like that for that reason uh it is

hard for me to like give this advice so

this is kind of like a personal

preference thing if you’re going to

apologize for not uploading

do it at like the end of the video um as

a new viewer and that’s what you’re

always trying to do is cap you know

capture new viewers with your content

they don’t know you didn’t upload

yesterday so

i i think for a podcast you should do an

introduction you know you need to tell

people what the heck your podcast is

there’s i would listen to some podcasts

to like figure out more creative ways



this just felt a little bit long if you

took out the part about i’m sorry i

didn’t upload

it would have shortened it i think to

maybe an appropriate length

oh geez

right in my face

hate that um

the next yeah the next thing i would say


because it’s youtube like is there any


yeah i was thinking about that as well

done in terms of all right it’s a

podcast audio is important and your

audio is on point is exceptional

but you’re also in a visual video medium

and so i look at the

blank background

i look at dan who’s completely

distracted by

and a fly or whatever it is

and i look at the the the cropping of

this it’s kind of like

it’s like i hate this

sorry dan come on start your environment

um i look at this framing and

the fact that you are just covering you

the framing means that you’re liking

temp almost like 25 of the screen yeah

there’s a bunch of space above you like

it’s it’s just kind of all this negative

space yeah

and is it like that through the entire

video damn

yeah the track yeah

now if you’re just wanting


i’m sorry it’s so distracting do you

need to break character down for like a


it’s the lights it’s just like a fly got

in here and it’s like ooh lights

this this is live streaming for you

folks yeah uh what was i gonna say


now lost my train of thought completely

i was going to say something really

thoughtful uh and insightful you were

talking about the the space around him

yeah it was somewhat beyond that i’m

trying to remember what it was

now it’s completely gone oh no um what i

was going to say is

if your primary

distribution of this content is an audio


and you’re just using youtube

as a repository to put the video


fine no problem


it doesn’t make for a very satisfying

viewing experience

yeah i i would tend to agree i think

one thing you could do if you’re like

well i don’t really have a lot of b-roll

opportunities is it maybe a second

camera angle like that’s what a lot of

podcasts do they have multiple camera

angles um

so looking at other podcasts on youtube

would be would be appropriate

with a podcast you can get away with a

little bit more because it is mostly

audio so people will turn this on and

they’re probably not going to look at

the screen too much anyway they might

just have it on their phone while

they’re doing something


i wouldn’t stress that too much what i

think your biggest challenge is going to

be is thumbnails and titles every video

you have black and orange podcast

episode 8 bitcoin holders and the

government so you have the most

interesting bit in the title almost

truncated behind the episode

like of the podcast it’s in every single


you don’t this should be at the end of

your title your title needs to flip-flop

uh that’s the first thing and if you’re

going to say bitcoin holders in the


you should have imagery on your

thumbnail that represents those two

things somehow so maybe a government

regulator or something

holding a gavel or whatever like

whatever you want to do like and then

the bitcoin logo you know just simple

simple simple simple you know i’m

talking like two elements max so

governing body bitcoin so people make

that connection like is somebody

regulating bitcoin is something new

happening and they read the title

bitcoin holders in the government and

they’re like okay

i’ll you know as a podcast all or more

from from clicking on this so i would

also say dan like i might give even go a

step further when you say flip the title

i might get rid of the name of the

podcast and try and explain a bit more

of a why now bitcoin holders and the


yeah what about it tell me why this is

important to me what’s changing you know

something like that how is that

affecting me

what’s it got to do with me the viewer

yeah do you just want to jump like i

don’t know let’s go four minutes in uh

run just a random place because i want

to see if you’re using anything with

this lower third is it just like a

graphic or we’re putting some text in

there or

they’re not gonna go to bitcoin on a

blockchain network to get bitcoin to use

for their activities where

that ledger or proof of purchase or

transactions that they’ve made

will be available to the public

in order for me if they do

it is just talking head isn’t it yeah


and recording upload

so nothing in a podcasting space nothing

necessarily wrong with your approach i

think this is how that’s how i expect a

channel like this to start out i would

get fancier later on as you as you kind

of build everything up

youtube is trying to become a home for

podcasts that’s true that’s true they’re

investing a lot in that right now um so

i i don’t want to tell you that oh your

podcast shouldn’t be here it doesn’t

belong here there i actually watch quite

a few podcasts on youtube so

you’re in a good place can i just ask

about that dan just to go off on a

tangent a little bit yeah how do you

watch podcasts on youtube like what

because for me

i i don’t know

i mean i’d listen to podcast on my

smartphone while i’m


lego star wars or whatever but

ha do you just start playing the the

video and like don’t look at the video

you just have it playing in the

background or does it become a viewing

experience as well

this is the one i’m watching right now

uh it’s always sunny podcast if you

watch always studying in philadelphia

you would love this uh it’s the three

creators of the show who also happen to

star in the show

and they just talk about the show and



a very lovely and

cult leader would probably have their

own there’s different camera angles and

it’s it’s a well edited it’s still an

hour long podcast but it’s well edited

different conversations things like that


it’s it’s a nice set obviously they have

lots of money and they can they can

afford to put together this like

incredible podcasting studio yeah i

actually would i i usually what i do is

like this will be like my lunchtime


so i’ll be having lunch and this will be

on and i’ll look at the screen

occasionally they if they reference

something occasionally the video is used

to like

if they talk about a costume that one of

the characters wore once they’ll like

throw up like a you know what i mean not

always though so they don’t make great

use of the video that said the channel

as a whole

is doing a lot of things that i think a

podcasting channel could learn from they

they do the long-form podcast on here

originally i was just listening to these

on like google podcasts so they’re

they’re on all the platforms as well

they’re also making really really good

use of shorts

and just taking funny moments from the

podcasts and

you know turning them into youtube

shorts i’m in toronto because i’m

shooting a movie

and my character is um is bald on top we

did the hair and makeup test on monday

so it’s had a little chance to to kind

of grow back in but

it’s glorious

you know they just take moments from the

show and cut them into shorts it’s great


if you want to learn from podcasting

channels like i would recommend this one

highly because they only like they

really only just got started and this is

i think some incredible growth for them

just on youtube alone

evidence as well that sometimes you

don’t need good thumbnails because they


meh yeah may thumbnails yeah

but they they have the hollywood kind of

backing too sure so you don’t

necessarily need great thumbnails um

when you’re at this level i would argue

though that if they were to put more

effort like this is my favorite

thumbnail so far

the latest one um if they were to put

some more effort they’d probably see

even more

you know views from maybe people who

don’t watch the show exactly yeah it may

appeal to me who’s never heard from

heard of him before

doesn’t know what it’s about

but that’s where is a brand new

potential viewer to the content that’s

where the thumbnail and the title are

really important

you know me personally i wouldn’t click

on any of them it’s because i’m not

familiar with uh

with the crew

youtube uh also has these tags

at the top you’ve probably seen them

podcasts comes up all the time for me

it’s it’s just one of the tags that’s

front and center like they really want

people to use youtube to watch podcasts


just just something to keep in mind

um it’s funny that i click podcast and

like nick nimmin’s coming up this is not

a podcast uh emily baker is coming up i

don’t think that would necessarily be a

podcast more just a live stream uh but

anyway youtube is investing in podcast

right now you can definitely do a

podcast and have your content show up

it’s just you’re still gonna need to

play by some of the youtube rules and so

titles and thumbnails for you are

where i’d be starting i’m curious dan

just why did two videos get quite a lot

of views


while i can see like some of them got

four thousand views don’t do that one do

the um episode three just

click there can bitcoin be hacked okay

pause it

oh there’s a little bit of an issue


12 likes how many comments


zero uh wondering if you did some


ads on that

it could have been paid it could have

been maybe another platform yeah

i’m glad you got rid of this intro

uh silent you know just screen stays up


a bit too long

wait wait too long

it’s nice yeah it is nice tell me about



so you kind of ditched that i i don’t

even i think you could have

combined the two i would have just

started talking under it

you know oh yeah you could have done it

that way too


so just a few different things you can

play with but i i really i before we go

to the next channel i just want to

reiterate i don’t think that’s

where i’d be starting to make my changes

title and thumbnail for for this channel

that’s my opinion

all right 549 what’s going on i don’t

know if we get this many for channel


uh we do but it’s over two different



so i’ll do 580.

we’re going to oil the claw 521

all right

everyone under like 400 is probably

thinking what’s going on here

they have to resubmit

okay the sonic empire 39 subscribers

scribe or you will not have a cookie it

feels as if we’re um

auditing a sonic channel

every week at this point

like we haven’t audited this channel but

i’m sure we did like a

a sonic uh remix and re-edit its channel

last tuesday yeah

why does this exist we’ll do this short

it has like a bunch of views from a day

ago all right


okay so


it something happened it is sonic so it

moves quickly

is is it that thing it’s it’s not clear

what’s happening in the short uh but

maybe if you’re a player of this game

i’m guessing it’s whatever this thing

that pops up is like this

dr robotnik at the end so here’s where i

would say you went wrong

to be fair it wasn’t on for a very long

time i think it was like half a second

no but and i get the temptation but

doing this breaks your loop you threw

into loop yeah you’ve ruined a potential

loop you could have gotten people to

watch that two times probably without

noticing that they watched it two times

to figure out what what it was about yep

yeah but

in the outro you’ve put on your short

allows me to go oh cool it’s done

and scroll to the next thing


keep that in mind when you’re doing


i would just avoid the subscribe call to

action altogether there’s just

i’ve been playing with it myself there’s

no good place for it it’s just kind of

it’s an invitation by the way you’re on

youtube and you can subscribe to my

channel like me me me me me no with

shorts just

youtube made you a nice red subscribe


let them do the work

just it’s on the bottom of every short

it’s nice bright red if people want to

subscribe they will subscribe don’t ask

for subs in your shorts it’s just my

very hot take on this

i guess

what i can say in a positive light is

that there was

no wasted footage other than the

subscribe bit right at the end right

didn’t it didn’t try and tell you

why this thing exists in 20 seconds 40

seconds it was you know straight in

there five second clip boom done move on

to the next thing

so the editing in that sense was tight

yeah i think that’s what that’s the

appropriate length for sure uh i

i wish it was more clear what thing

you were talking about maybe if there

was like a an arrow or a text that

popped up and went why you know

that would have made it more clear like

i’m i’m guessing it’s this thing but it

doesn’t seem to affect you like i don’t

see a death screen i don’t see anything

that pops up that’s like that looks

inherently bad it just kind of looks

like you you sonic just leaves and then

the video ends so i was like

why is like why does that exist i guess

you know


just a nitpick there i want to watch

another one yeah let’s try another one


we can look at the long form one but it

looks like it’s just a minute long you

drew sonic

i’ll draw the sonic logo colored pencils

i’d worry about the music here which i’m

going to mute

and it’s just them kind of i guess

coloring in sonic

at least they got right to the content

there wasn’t that intro like hey guys

my name is bob and today i’m drawing


what are your thoughts

i guess is this particularly interesting

for a sonic fan to be watching


guess color by numbers uh so to speak a

little bit

uh that the hand was covering up the the

image quite a bit as well uh

you know i think this is one of these

examples where

you want to

look at that video in about two weeks

when you’ve forgotten almost that you’ve

made it

and then you’re able to look at it from

a viewer’s point of view and then

actually say to yourself

yeah this is a bit boring actually why

did i do this that’s kind of a feeling i

get from that video

also unless something’s changed this

won’t count as a youtube short

it’s correct it is too wide

uh you have to do square or vertical

you can’t just put hashtag shorts in

less than one minute video so if you

want me a short channel that’s totally

awesome but you will need to always have

a crop of some kind


you’re getting some pretty good views on

your sonic shorts yeah i mean this is a

channel focuser it’s a sonic fan channel

i guess uh you know you’re on the right

track when it comes to

the content itself it’s nice and short

i’m guessing this one’s the same thing

where something happens

uh i told you not to click on the video

i saw some kind of text pop up but it’s

hard to read and then subscribe the

video is over and you broke the loop so

the next time you make a short my

challenge for you is to not invite

people to subscribe

and to think of the context

from the viewers perspective


uh there’s something about not clicking

on the video but it does again it wasn’t

clear by what i was watching in the

video why i shouldn’t have clicked maybe

there’s something in the sound that i

missed but assuming there wasn’t

think about the context of a new viewer

who doesn’t know who you are and they

know son they know sonic is a video game

that exists right

like make sure to leave some context in

there so

try those tips the next time you make

some shorts and hopefully uh youtube

will push it even farther next time

oh my goodness


what is this dan did you hear that


my sound effects no it worked i was just



i have a very

special announcement that is

interrupting this live stream for just a

few moments no it’s not another vid iq

max plug that’s coming later on um

what we want to tell you today is a very

special announcement

is that for the last decade that’s right

the last decade

we have been helping you

grow on youtube


data driven decisions that our tools

can create for you

but we’ve also realized that the

landscape of content creation

is changing

and we are changing along with it which


there should be some appropriate dance

music here

you’re welcome we are going all

tick-tock that’s right folks we are


vid iq

for tick-tock so if you are a fan of

short content creation you will know

that one of the pillars of success and

going viral on tock


attaching your videos to popular

sounds and music which is a little more

forgiving on tick tock in terms of


now i don’t have a very scientific way

of demonstrating this tool to you at the

moment so here’s my phone and this is

good iq

for tiptop and i’m going to show you how

it works in literally

here we go so this is vid iq

for tick tock i’m going to show you how

it works in literally 30 seconds right

you have

all of these different categories that

are going to associate with what type of

content you make whether you’re from a

certain location or you are interested

in certain topics let’s say you are

interested in dance okay i’m going to go

to dance and now what this is going to

do is show you all let me just lower the

brightness here again this is auto

brightness really causing me issues with

my phone i’m going to show you all of

the top

trending tracks on tick tock


dance and then you can scroll up and

down them you can tap on them to listen

to them you can see what’s trending up

and down

and so you can capture the trends on

tick tock as they occurring you know

you’re not having to wait for other

people to use the sounds in there tik

toks this app is going to tell you


and how popular a certain music or sound

is and then you can apply it to your

tick top videos not only that

but you can personalize the app so that

it will send you notifications

let’s say a new song is trending in the



cooking channels on tik tok and this

certain sound on music is something that

you want to adopt it’s going to notify

you when it’s happening and the even

better news is that right now

tick tock

vid iq tick tock

is 100 free no strings attached it is

available for both ios

and android so all you need to do is go

to the app store on your phone search


vid iq for tick tock and you can

download it for free

and start finding out the latest trends

and get tick tock famous in no time

welcome everybody to tiktok dan it’s

your turn

do a dance

dance dan dance

this is his fly swatting


that’s it pathetic thanks well it didn’t

work because it’s still here i opened my

blinds in the back

hopefully it’ll get more

attached to the window we also have by

the way a new tick tock channel which is

called vidiq dot talk we have tucker our

tick tock expert there making content


you know eating our own dog food so to

speak we’re using the trending music

from our app we are applying it to our

tick tocks and we’ve already started to

see some success before we were using

the app we were getting like three to

four hundred views per tick tock and

when we’ve applied the music that

vidiq’s recommended to our videos i

think one got like twenty five thousand

and everyone got six thousand and then

the one that we did yesterday has

already got eleven thousand uh so

you know it’s gonna take us a little

while to build up that channel but you

can be one of the early adopters of

tiktok so if you do want to


spread your eggs into more baskets that

sounds really weird as i said what

if you want to

have a broad base of content

distribution not only youtube not only

youtube shorts not only tick tock

then we’ve got the app for you

my my security cam has just been

triggered she saw the fly

but she lost it i mean one day maybe

we’ll be auditing we would do we’re

doing video reviews on tick-tock videos

um we’ll see yeah but now

it’s all it’s all back to youtube now

thank you

uh for that sponsored segments

make sure you download vidiq talk

there you go

new things

big things

you can bookmark those songs by the way

i don’t know if you noticed that you can

that’s right you can bookmark them in a


whiskey wilderness i love the banner

love the name

getting close to that thousand

subscriber hurdle

doing shorts doing long form content

why don’t we take a look at the first

long-form video we see yep

uh so we’re looking at what we assume is

a travel channel looks like you’ve

renovated a bus and and uh you’re

touring around in that which

my kind of channel

hey guys it’s been a minute but welcome

back today on whiskey wilderness we are

going to be working on

this ceiling perforated ceilings are

obnoxiously difficult to cover uh we

can’t just paint it we can’t really fill

it and uh we didn’t want to put wood up

um because a it’s expensive and two it

would reduce our head height so we found

an amazing solution in tollex fabric

which is used on amplifiers

in the music industry it’s

waterproof it’s stain resistant it’s

easy to clean

and if it can get kicked around on some

rock bands amps for 30 years without any

damage i think a bus sealing will be

just fine so

okay we jumped right in yeah i think

there wasn’t enough of a setup there


dan like if we go to

eight minutes in

do we get evidence of like the finished

products here

awesome like i got um some stain on one

of my panels on accident and was able to

wipe so i think what’s required here is

maybe some

b-roll footage of the finished article

and or clips of you in the middle of

doing a renovation on the ceiling that

you could have perhaps brought into the

intro because as you say dan

it just jumped straight in like there

was there was no

there was no intro or hook at all

you know and i guess that’s better than

a a long-winded branded intro but it was

almost like as a viewer i was thrown

into it without really knowing


i know i guess i guess i didn’t know

what was going on


there wasn’t a

an element of tension or excitement

that was introduced in that intro right

what do you think


is we’re using music and stuff earlier

like this could have been a bit of a

b-roll like literally two seconds of

that as part of b-roll at the intro

so yeah this is the example we’re going

to talk about earlier so while you’re


uh and you’re referencing something here

which is fine but once you get back to

just you

feeling perfected ceilings are

obnoxiously so yeah as you’re talking

about how it’s obnoxiously difficult but

we got this fabric oh just a couple of

teasers of you kind of putting it up and

things like that that’s what we’re kind

of talking about adding that b-roll


just having you explain it it’s just

kind of like

well let’s do it then you know you’re

just kind of waiting for the video to

start but with the b-roll you kind of

allow the video to to seamlessly kind of

start like people are already kind of

like interested in seeing the progress

that’s going to unfold throughout the

course of the video

can you play it while muted i just want

to check

are they suffering from looking at the



a little

feels like it

may be on the phone

you’re filming from a phone on a selfie

mode and you’re looking at the

screen yeah some sometimes you do go

back to the to the lens occasionally

yeah so now this is all looking at the

lens which is fine now back to the


just a small

presentation style

oh great

and then now i feel like we started the


now now when the scene changes and looks

like we’re about to build something


that makes it feel like the video is

actually starting but

you you have 42 seconds before this so

it’s just kind of like that invitation

to like do i want to stick around you

know uh so that b-roll just keeps things

interesting it keeps those pattern

interrupts there and it helps people

you know get more invested in the

content they’re not going to click away

as often

so yeah but overall i i think uh you you

have something really cool here you have

this very unique channel like not a lot

of people can go out and just buy a bus

and have the also the skills you know

the money to renovate it so

you have something really really awesome

here i would say that you’re already in

a really good place with your content uh

you know these thumbnails

pretty good i’d say kind of text heavy

but but still overall

uh pretty good you have

a good length here for your videos

there’s a dog in this one so that always

helps uh you know

it’s we’re kind of nitpicking we want to

help you

continue to improve so

yeah i thought that was awesome can we

watch the um

one that is six minutes long done like

make how to make screens for schooly

for a schoolie

hey everybody

that was um let’s go back there just go



we’re rolling hey everybody

so this is where

you got to really think about the uh

clipping these these bits these awkward

pauses and silences especially at the

beginning of the video

yeah that was uncomfortable i think um

for someone who’s just kind of clicking

on this welcome to whiskey warriors and

today we are going to show you how to

build screens to put in your windows

number that’s fine that’s cool no

jump cut that was good all these items

that we use about the screens there will

be in the description below with links

on amazon so you can build them yourself

okay so the first step when you’re

building these screens is you need to

measure your windows there’s a really

short intro yeah we’re gonna tell you

this step one you know measure your


yeah i i do think that’s awesome it has

like a thousand views which is great uh

it is kind of a how-to and i’m kind of

shocked like that’s for

um well it was uploaded over a year ago

but uh that’s just kind of a niche topic

you know for like a thousand views on a


yeah i think they haven’t published that

much content in the last

year there’s a big break um

whether it was enforced or not

i don’t the cat stepped on the keyboard

i’m sorry about that

so yeah that took a big seven month


which is perhaps maybe dented their

momentum a little bit it’s like before


oh yeah

it’s generally quite healthy but as you

say dan that could be just from

evergreen content they’re getting two or

three views a day

from um


based content

yeah so

it’s it’s cool that you’re like back to

it it’s great uh

you know upload upload frequency plays a

role here as well

uh let’s look at one of the shorts i

just want to see how they’re

doing shorts


so my guess is that this will kind of

continue for a bit and then

the new dashboard will be installed by

the end of the short i don’t think i

don’t think we want to watch the whole

thing the the only thing i was going to

say is that the very beginning of the

short it it starts you know

with like a still image

kind of you know dang it kind of showing

like the stop it

you’re showing the before and after so

you’re kind of giving people

you’re kind of like spilling the beans i

guess like

already kind of showing the finished

product a little bit and also like the

frozen screen confused me a little bit

it made it feel like my computer was

lagging uh i would have just started the

video like started the movement and then

had dash renault part one or whatever

come up and then leave you know and let

the speed build kind of play out it felt

like for a shot as well that

every clip could have been half as long


like just speed it up and be ruthless

with that short edit


uh overall cool channel i i think i

think they’re off to a really really

good start and we’re really just

nitpicking at this point you know trying

to help out that uh that very early

retention graph

shall we move on

what do we got next 617 submissions

surprised that we’re not seeing a ton of

gaming channels usually you’re right we

we’ve hardly done any or have we donate



that’s a good point

159 we’ll see if i eat my words

this is going to be a minecraft channel

with 43 subscribers

fighting games it is a gaming channel

but it says fighting games

step oh 5 000 subscribers

and i’m seeing some super smash

and multiverses which is a like a super

smash but i think with nickelodeon


all right why don’t we take a look at

the latest one


the other day i heard somebody on the

internet say that super smash bros

ultimate was not a fighting game and it

got me thinking

is it

take it one step at a time

what a wild case


what were 13 seconds in

uh there was a good establishing hook

posing a question

it was consideration to the editing

branded intro

it was a high quality branded intro and

it was relatively short

i would still say personally i would get

rid of a branded intro

but i think if there is an argument for

keeping it in on a channel

i think it’s probably just about wins

the argument if they decided to keep it

it was just short enough

to where i i didn’t feel like calling it

out uh like we’ve been doing

so if you’re yeah like i said like rob

said if you are gonna keep it

um i definitely wouldn’t make one that’s

any longer than that that’s for sure

let’s watch just a little bit more okay

especially in today’s gaming society and

it’s such a big community for super

smash bros ultimate to go out there and

say that super smash brothers is not a

fighting game i kind of can’t keep a

straight face when saying that what’s

going on my dudes one step here and

welcome back to the channel hope you’re

having a great day yes today we’re going


trying to play the devil’s advocate here

of saying that super smash bros ultimate

is not a fighting game so subscribe for

more fun quality gaming content my dudes

including more super smash brothers


kind of lost me a little bit

it’s just kind of another interruption

you know like

welcome back my name is onestep

today we’re talking about the thing

that’s in the title of thumbnail

also subscribe it’s just such like a

long break


the content you know i kind of feel like


you could have put all this at like the

end just to just to save you the

potential like click away that some

people might do the very least they

might skip ahead

i don’t know rob i i know again i’m


ruthlessly nitpicking continue to just

track across this timeline

is it all just clips from smash brothers

i think so yeah yeah


i felt as if in that first 40 seconds it

looks like the game switch is here so

they’re probably talking about a

different game yeah and then they come

back to super smash i i feel as if it

needed a pant pattern interrupt and i’m

not meaning a pattern interrupt of just

shifting to another clip of a game

i was



the creator to come on screen

and do some to camera

narrative just because i felt like a

great energy and passion in your voice

i it felt as if you were probably you

know really animated as you doing a

voiceover narration and i thought that

might be cool to

to have to see you in

in short

but then that goes on to the

conversation of facialist channels and


having a presenter how important is that

i think

and there was also a bit where he said

something along the lines of i can’t

keep a straight face saying this

it felt like there was maybe a possible

pattern interrupt opportunity there with

maybe some comedy whether it was your

own face or somebody else’s face or you

know the classic sound effect of oh no

no no no

did anyone hear that i don’t know

yeah yeah we heard it yeah

i just i was just expecting a response

from me done and i didn’t get any

announcements sorry with my i saw the i

saw the fly and i tried to get it but i


the cat was like staring at it this is

like a secondary story in this

livestream isn’t it like what is going

to happen to that fly

so the cat will eat it

hopefully so yeah you know what i uh the

same um experience with jasper like he

was just pouring uh a woodlow so i think

he called him silverfish over here oh my

god no no it was a fly

that was like i was obviously dying i

didn’t have a lot of energy jasper was

pouring at it and then he decided to eat

it and then spit it out and all he did

is eat in the legs and the and the wings

ah they’re really cruel

so you know i had to put the fly out of

his sorry misery anyway where were we

what were we talking about um pattern

interrupts on the smash brothers one i


just showing the clips throughout

takes me back to the days where i would

sometimes see youtube strategists just

playing a random video game and then

giving us tips at the same time which

kind of frustrated me a little bit as a

creator who’s like spending time

recording analytics talking to camera

etc etc yeah i don’t know maybe i’m i’m

i’m laboring on this point a bit too

much well i know i see where you’re

coming from if if they’re not

comfortably on camera i think a

different pattern interrupt could have

been jumping right into what started

this whole conversation right so you’re

like check out this comment that i saw

right so yeah the reddit post or the

youtube comment or whatever

so you give like the story some context

it keeps you from going on this on the

screen but it helps you know

bring more to the video like up front

it’s just one way to think about it but

they have an avatar here that looks like

it’s a likeness of somebody so i do tell

me what i have a video yeah let’s see

they put themselves in their videos yeah

so we might be doing them a disservice

so yeah that’s a live stream okay cool

dudes one step here today your host as

always there you go like lots of

personality lots of passion this is

brilliant yeah let’s try another short

form video i don’t want to do him a

disservice if like that was just the one

video where he’s not in it

kick flip kick flip kick flip

kick foot break the armor break down

break the armor don’t even care

kick flip kick flip kick flip

kick flip for the dub put it

down wow take it one step at a time

what’s going on my dudes one step here

and welcome back to eating yeah so it

looks again again in video on demand

he’s making a choice not to be in front

of camera although this does look as if

it might be a clip from a live stream or

a longer form of content

yeah it could be that they record their

videos while they’re live and do that

trick where you can record it and it

doesn’t capture your cam

um i would i would just want it on a

separate track i’d want my face cam

captured as well but i can resize it you

know it was like captured separately

from the video and this seems like a

great video where we could have been

seeing your reaction every time you see

kickflip you’re you’re maybe your face

is getting bigger and bigger next to

your character doing the kick flips you

know like there’s a lot when you

incorporate your face cam into these

videos there’s a lot of editing tricks

you can do to help with engagement and


as a tip i suppose it could be something

you would consider um you know they’re

here too thanks for the feedback glad

you like it yeah i yeah love the energy

uh i think it just could be something to


yeah i i guess it’s one of those

occasions where

usually we recommend that the the value

of the content is the the content itself

be the products that you’re talking

about the game you’re talking about the


but just from the glimpses of what we’ve

seen and hear

i feel as if you could add something to

it like you don’t dominate

the content and put yourself front and

center all the time

but i think you you would be able to


the footage rather than it just being

game capture

yeah there’s one here where you put

yourself as somebody who has played both

rumble verse betas i’m here today to

give you my full honest thoughts and

opinions on the new free-to-play bra

royale let’s get into it take it one

step so that’s kind of mixing with that

yeah opinion on the game unless you

always stay there

full screen

looks like you’re always in the corner


and again this is this is like

us just kind of like

giving you some extra homework basically

but a lot of these reviewers like

they’ll they’ll bring their camera up

full screen for a bit you know and then

shove it back in the corner so it just

it just helps break things up a little


uh and and in moments where you just

kind of have some

someone running around games probably

not like so let’s mute this for a minute

so it’s the characters kind of just

standing there

nothing’s happening

that might be a moment where you come up

on the screen

you know what i mean so

it it helps break things up helps people

uh you know helps the video flow better

and helps people stick around i like

that your subscribe call to action’s

like in the middle rather than at the

very beginning uh maybe it was there but

we did skip ahead so yeah these are all

all just some tips for an otherwise

great channel i love the channel focus


you know it looks like you’re getting

some really decent views you know

healthy healthy views to subscriber

ratio i would say especially like some

live streams are really doing well for


so yeah

excellent job

what do you think

646 what’s going on rob goodness it’s

too many what are we supposed to do with

all these


out the clock

yeah no kidding 650 i guess

i have to change it every time



three six seven unreal

who would pick a number like three six


well they say

all right

so uh

doing this for about three months we can

look at the latest video here boyfriend

tick tock povs are so good

so i’m guessing this is the creator

maybe you’re reacting to tick tocks

let’s find out this is how i approach

women in the wild

find my target and approach them with my

hands in my pocket i’ll do the classic

wall slam


this is wendy’s if you’re not here to

order can you please leave the line

hi my name is polo and pov you’re

watching straight white boys acting out

ridiculous scenarios with imaginary

characters romanticizing toxic

relationships to a target audience of

young girls

since this is my first time diving in or

getting my feet wet if you will to the

world of povs with you guys i’m gonna

start off with just the basic but still

classic nonetheless boyfriend povs so

there would be no bodyguards


okay so we got a little bit more context

after the first clip which i almost

paused on i almost wanted to just talk

about it from there but i’m glad i


what are your thoughts so far

uh i’d say what i liked was how the

creator almost like invited the viewer

into the to the content you know today

we’re going to look at this and you know

it’s my

i know it’s my first time looking at

this but it’s like come on come on let’s

take a look at this and and join in in

this experience i thought i thought that

was a good way of inviting the audience


the rest of the video

i did too i think it was it was nice


they sat down and kind of explained what

we’re watching you know because i i i’ll

tell you like i was really confused in

that first clip i was just kind of like

i’m not familiar with that sub genre

like so i was already confused but

trying to forgive that but i’m like well

okay this doesn’t feel like what i

clicked on though it just

it just keeps going you know so i guess

my advice

from someone who doesn’t really fully

understand this niche um maybe that

first clip should have been a bit


just so we can get to you quicker and we

can feel like we we’re in the right

place we clicked on the right thing

um i think it’s a very creative way to

kind of approach the style of content uh

as a general copyright caution i would

just i would caution you from using too


of of this content you know like at one

time it’s when you react to things you

want to take it in small bites you want

to make sure that you are adding a lot

of transformation to it as often as


i think they’re on the right side of

that from what i can tell

from what what what little i’ve seen

it’s tick socks are so short so it’s

it’s easy to play the whole video you

know we’ve done it today we’ve played

entire shorts today because they’re just

so short you know

so it’s just a um and i’m not saying

that they’re on the right or wrong side

it’s just just a caution that i would be

a little bit

you know

aware of that

i suppose

it is like as i scroll it is like more

and more like from tiktok and then the

creator comes back

the editing seems well done especially

like when they’re when they’re just on



it’s rising



music music music rob sorry talking

piano no copyright clinton go

kind away 2015 what pet fan fiction this

is or if you have only been a vampire

boy for five minutes but if you have to

point to the sun like that

there’s something yeah some nice little

editing tricks there you know using the

past interrupts

i think there’s

a lot of room for


in terms of for this creator because

they haven’t been going for that long

right they’ve only got like 10 10 videos

or so on the channel

yeah i mean for just a few months a few

months impressive you got you’re in the

thousands of views in the last month

and uh you know most of these got more

views and subscribers so i think clearly

the audience is either returning or

youtube is

figuring out what your content is about

and finding new stuff which is um

quite problem promising considering what

looks to be

topic jumping to a certain extent i i

think are we gonna

say that this channel

seems to be a reaction channel

following tick tock culture

generally speaking

it it seems that way

they they’re definitely reacting to it

maybe not limited to tick tock actually

i’m seeing reddit and other

platforms um yeah

yeah it could be a number of platforms

coming up here

i think for for a newer channel they’re

definitely on the right track yeah i

agree yeah uh

as usual the editing could be just like

a little bit tighter you could just be a

little bit more ruthless here and there

but you know you’ll learn that over time

and pick up new techniques yeah

thank you for your submission uh i think

it is about time we uh introduce the

next vidiq max

person of today’s live stream before we

go back to the claw picker it is vanilla

golden dog they are a vidiq max member

we did talk about max earlier but if you

want to learn more is down

below in the description

and this is one of the folks who is in

the exclusive discord who’s joining all

the different sessions and learning from

our coaches and other creators alike

they have a uh

is that a golden retriever but right

now or a lab i’m so bad at dogs uh yeah

i think that’s a labrador it might be

golden retriever

i mean

you think golden might be the

trip and i do have a golden retriever

and yeah i’m not sure if that’s a golden


either way let’s uh let’s watch a short

and let’s watch along so how about the

latest short from 20 hours ago

excuse me um my doctor prescribed

exercise uh would you have that in a

chewable excuse me um my doctor

prescribed exercise


it was cute i didn’t think the the jerk

or the punch line was strong enough

there yeah it needed another

another segment to it

what about this one

i’m gonna prove that my dog vanilla is

actually a rabbit





i’m gonna prove that my okay see that


worked a lot better for me i think that


even then i think there could have been

a bit more editing where you could have

like said beef

chicken salad and like just

zoomed in

ever so slightly every time you said the

new word to the point where you were

really zoomed in on the dog when he said


and maybe you could have artificially

just sped up the dog a bit as well so be

poorer yeah a little faster

but but yeah as he said i think the

execution of that one was better

i do too that one way more approachable

uh i’m you’re you’re telling us the

audience who just got to your short i’m

going to prove my dog is a rabbit so

we’re on board like and immediately when

the short starts

so let’s look at this latest long video

from a few days ago just a little bit of


again i don’t know if this is going to

be copyright music

oh i’ll cover it for it for a second

i guess uh just is the music still on

it’s kind of

dragging this a little bit i would say

let’s see


i want to see oh uh

i don’t know there’s two songs here

i can’t tell if they’re from the youtube

oh they are from the youtube library

we’re good we’re good cool all right


so about 30 seconds in uh it

it says this is what a golden retriever

puppy is doing on the island

so digging a hole i suppose hanging out

next to the hole

but there’s no storyteller there’s like

there’s not a lot keeping me here i

guess yeah it’s one of those where this

could work as a short that’s 20 seconds


but to drag it out over three minutes

i was starting to lose interest i think

there was a quite a big section where

there was no

caption dog caption on and i was getting

a little a little bored

yeah there’s

i mean if i scrub the timeline it is

it’s just this yeah

i don’t think the the the funky music

and the

spectacular backdrop of toronto

is enough to keep me engaged

as cute as a puppy is

oh towards the end of the video the

scene changes yeah


i want to know more about the backpack


that should have been like brought in

way sooner the dog should have been

digging for like 20 seconds and then

now let’s go on a journey around this

island and visit all of these cool

things and there might be a secondary

story with another dog that the


vanilla is getting uh excited about and

chatting to

yeah that you could have you could have

made like a day of this right which you

probably did anyway

but i would have i would have made a

point to go to different locations

introduce this backpack uh and and you

know play different games with the dog

do different things and then i still

think there should be a person telling a

story if you’re not going to be bringing

in captions the entire time which you


too much reading in a video can be a

little bit exhausting so seriously like

having a person kind of like guiding the

viewer through would be really really


um let’s just play one more video done

i’m gonna be back in just a second

so i’m gonna look at the uh

let’s see

seven fun tricks that my dog says okay

we’re talking about fun tricks here

hey humans

need is graduating from training courses


look she’s so excited

and she wants to show her certificate to


so already

i wanted to get jasper’s opinion on this


what’d you think of this put it on it

needs to see it dan put it on screen

well i can’t hold on i’m panicking on

the screen

there we go jasper come back just

stop it stop fighting me

what do you think it’s jasper

what’s this yes yes this is like it

because that’s just

this isn’t working as intended right

because he’ll just take the food

and i’ll be gone in a second come here

stay here

all right let’s start this now he’s now

he’s sniffing my mouse

give this give this livestream a like by

the way if you if you like jasper if you

don’t then

uh you’re dead inside

all right jasper you can go now the

problem is dan is going to steal

something from the studio and then i’m

going to have to go retrieve it after


he’s hunting

i’ve got three dollar bills on the floor

and he stole one of them last time

do you just want to pick the next


i was just gonna say that this one has a

narrator there’s tricks there’s

different things happening i feel like

there’s more of a story with this video

so that’s just really really important

you know um i’d be doing more

like that uh but i wouldn’t be

overthinking the thumbnail either you

know you don’t always need these well

developed it makes sense for this video

but you don’t always need these like

really well produced thumbnails either

um sometimes just enough to have your

dog doing something


so that was vanilla golden dog they are

vidiq max user uh the next time you are

playing around with thumbnails you can

definitely go into the feedback channel

in that exclusive discord and get some

feedback on that

you can also uh yeah let us know how

your next shorts do

and you published this one just a half

hour ago i’m really curious to be

curious come back and see how it did i

agree yeah i think this was like

compared to the other short we saw

really good uh jessica he’s staying

this is all off camera you just can’t

see it unfortunately

what’s your plan


he’s stolen a t-shirt

and i kind of capture this as he as he

walks out stealing the t-shirt

were you capturing going

no you missed it right dan i’ll be back

because i need to retrieve that t-shirt

before i eat




this stream has been just a a whole

thing today

theme park galaxy is the channel that

we’re looking at now new videos every

other day

it looks to be a

i almost want to say gaming channel but

no you are visiting theme parks so which

makes more sense it’s just these latest

thumbnails look like gaming thumbnails

to me um

okay i don’t know i guess i’ll just pick

this one rob’s gone




so uh what we’re looking at rob is the

latest video from uh theme park galaxy

they are a theme park channel and

from what i can tell so far in the first

uh 20 seconds is that

they take their camera and go around the

theme park and film different ride

experiences but

that’s just what i’m getting from the

first 20 seconds i’ll keep playing it

yeah you you’ve got to be careful with

this actually i think you can get in


with just showing


clips of rides because it’s essentially

the same as copyright infringement on a

tv series or a movie


i know that certain disney influencers

have to make sure that they don’t just

show the ride uncut yeah you’re kind of

spoiling it in one sense

yeah this is like i don’t want to see

your theme park anymore right if i want

to see what this experience is i could

just watch this channel

um which is a concern so

the chapters are different coasters i’m

going to go up into the next chapter

just to see do you ever come on and talk

about it

seemingly no

not that i don’t like the sounds and

stuff it really helps you feel like

you’re there right like all the theme

park sounds that’s all great


but just filming on these different


i would say does not a theme park

channel make

i think it’s very important that this

like has a personality behind it uh in

order to

in order to really like make sure that

you’re you’re not getting in trouble


a lot of influence

influencers build relationships with

these theme parks you know yeah um

they it goes back to the uh caribbean

tourism channel that we were seeing like

what when a viewer comes onto youtube

are they wanting to just

see it

whatever it is and get a


highly polished version

of the experience or do they want the

personalized raw authentic

more genuine opinion of something


i’ll show you yeah go ahead i’ll show

you the channel i like watching for this

there’s a lot of them but uh this is one

that i typically come back to

and i like this channel because i like

the personalities behind the channel

they they go to different disney parks

they they live in florida so they have

access to this stuff it’s readily

available and each video is about

something going on so so many new

updates at universal studios and so this

is how all these videos start

good afternoon

sorry there’s no sound let me try that

again afternoon from the universal in

the parking garage we are heading in

today because i haven’t been universal

in a quick minute i’m very excited to

see what’s going on there are some like

changes around some construction walls

have gone up want to see if any

construction malls have come down maybe

around the mummy

so every time they go to one of these


in these types of vlogs it’s always

about like there’s a new ride being

constructed so we’re going to check that

out today we’re going to see if the

walls have come down we’re going to

check you know what i mean and then

they’ll look at food they’ll go to a lot

of different stalls so this is a

40-minute vlog but

uh the way the way these go they’re

pretty good like as i’m scrubbing

through the timeline you can see they’re

already there’s already food like the

scene changes are very frequent there’s

a lot of editing that goes in there they

always go into different shops look at

different products

um now i’m experiencing the theme park

through a person

you know this uh there’s a personality

behind it they’re not just like turning

their camera on and walking through

stores silently i’m being taken on like

an adventure you know like through this

person’s eyes and there’s a lot of

insights that come with that too like i

don’t know if you know this but when

you’re in the store and you come back

here there’s this special section you

know like you get you get those extra

like tips and stuff so it brings a lot

of value to so the next time i go to

disney i can like look at this stuff for

myself right

um i worry that this channel’s not doing

any of that

it’s similar to

gameplay walkthrough without any



yeah i would say there really needs to


that extra element

um although it’s cool like a lot of

people don’t have access to these parks


you do

and that’s that sets you apart but

that’s only like one step there is a

crossover genre here where people do you

know like walking street tours or city

street tours and they do it in 4k

and that is more about the ambience and

not necessarily in the narrator

yeah does that translate into theme

parks has this been replicated by

another channel

that’s a good point yeah like uh so

we’ll go magic kingdom

walking tour let’s just see if there’s

someone dominating that

one year ago from 4k walt disney world

so is this their channel like let me

just go to the about on this

all right it’s reserved there’s a

patreon or paypal so i’m guessing it’s

not it’s not from

okay but let’s just take a look and see

how they did it


i’m gonna turn that’s disney music we’re

not gonna play with that yeah um

assuming this isn’t just a walking tall

yeah assuming there’s no commentary

if this is what you’re trying to do

uh if you’re trying to

be this channel and you’re not worried

about any kind of like upsetting the

theme parks or anything like that

because these channels clearly are not

worried about that



what is different

about your titles and your thumbnails

versus the ones we just saw you know

what i mean so

like you have this big text on the

screen walk through plus all rides


you got the castle in there

this some of these channels decided to

use text some didn’t they do some

something similar so maybe the thumbnail

is not the thing is it the title

is it the fact that it’s just three

weeks old and it builds up over here

do we have anything on the channel which

has gained quite a lot of momentum over


okay 26 000 views on the on this coaster

perhaps was this like a new coaster

though maybe that’s why

disney california adventure walk through

i see i like that thumbnail because it’s

a really good like full context


kind of the same deal where the video

starts you’re in the front of the park

and you begin kind of walking through

what do we think

so there is proof

on youtube


this no narrative theme park walk


is successful

this kind of feels like i’m coming up

with excuses to say why this channel

won’t work

there are occasions on youtube where

the audience

only needs


example of this type of content

because how different can somebody


non-narration walkthrough be

and so you get to a point where there’s

a channel that’s so well established

that youtube is just always going to

feed an audience to that channel

irrespective of somebody

if somebody’s just kind of replicating

what’s already been done on youtube

then why choose

an updated version perhaps i’m

theorizing a little bit we sometimes

have this in in the youtube universe

where you say you make a video about

how to

get a custom url on youtube

you make the video and then two years


the format has changed a little bit

and so you remake the video so it’s

updated but youtube continues to feed

all of the search into that old video

which is still outdated and it’s really

frustrating it’s just one of those weird

quirks of youtube and i’m just wondering

if this channel is always going to

suffer from that until they build up a

big enough audience in that you know you

have these big competing channels that

do something

almost identical to you and because

youtube’s got better more positive

signals from those channels it’s going

to continue to send audiences that way

instead of to your videos unless you can


these new rides and film them before

anybody else

or have an angle that allows you to

differentiate a little bit and all

that’s just a theory

it feels like i’m trying to find an

answer as to why this channel hasn’t

being more successful than it is because

you know somebody’s gonna spend

nearly three hours walking through the

magic kingdom to record everything

that’s an impressive feat in itself

it is it’s

i guess what what this kind of relates

to in a weird way is looking at like a

minecraft channel that’s doing minecraft

episode one you know like they’re just

making a minecraft let’s play with no

they’re like whatever happens happens

i’m just gonna put this on youtube


that like

it’s very i would say in terms in terms

of minecraft content that’s the easiest

type of minecraft content you could make

you’re not planning anything you’re just

turning on record and playing your

favorite game

in this case

i would say even though it is it is

something to walk around the theme park

for three hours filming i’m not

taking that away from them but in the

context of this genre of content this

type this niche

there are so many people doing this for

so long that have established themselves

so that’s why you get me coming in and

saying oh there should really be a

personality behind this channel because

it’s so much easier to stand out like if

you if like rob you kind of brought this

up already but how do you stand out in

this space in this walking tour space

it’s not easy these other channels have

established themselves and disney gives

influencers early access to a lot of

this stuff a lot of these theme parks do

so until you get into that club it’s

really hard to be one of the first

people to throw up a 4k walking tour of

a new ride

so with that in mind

that’s kind of why we say oh there

should really be like a person here

because you can now you can like bring

people on like a journey you can tell a

story you can you can do so much more

when you add that extra layer to it can

you just scroll down

gradually i just want to see if each

video slowly builds up views and

momentum or some just gets stuck on a

couple of hundred views and then nothing

ever happens

a lot of content um all of these haven’t

really done anything have they liked it

still yeah it’s a couple with a thousand

views muppet vision did okay 1.4k views

you know what i was going to say is that

the space mountain video did really well


and this thumbnail is really cool

looking yeah the muppet one also is

pretty cool looking because if the whole

theater and you have the screen there

like it’s just i feel like everything’s

within context whereas like the

thumbnail right next to it it’s so hard

to see what what that even is it’s that

magic carpet ride but like yeah you know

sometimes the more zoomed out shots work


but you’re also competing with like

disney as well like disney puts out a

lot of its own stuff like last night i

turned on disney plus and i had i saw a

banner for a live stream and it was just

like this half hour

musical performance for this new sorry

this new epcot show


they like so they already like have

video crews going in and like showing

experiences from the theme parks so like

it’s so much competition you know

incredible commitment i mean wow that

must be filming

almost on a daily basis

getting to have like the they have an

annual pass and they’re

literally yards away from the park to

you you would just think through the the

volume and consistency of the content

that they should be performing better

than they are

the tower terror one again a thumbnail

to me that just really stands out and

has almost 3 000 views yeah


and it’s you know there’s a lot of like


where is it like 4k content

like here


i would also be comparing the video

quality of this to the other 4k channels

because when you when you do stuff like

this people do expect a super sharp

sharp picture um now we’re we’re looking

at this at 1080. i’m looking at it on

small monitor and then we’re streaming

it through stream yard so there’s like

some quality loss on all fronts um

but i mean honestly does this look

is this up to snuff compared to because

now we really got to break this down

like compared to this

video here

something about that

to me it seems like similar quality it’s

similar i something about this though is

it’s smoother the frame rate on this

feels higher


there’s just an extra

sharpness to it to me compared to the

video i was just on

i think the the angle of the lens

the shakiness of the camera isn’t

helping me right now

all right

all right can we get out of the ride can

i find like a

we can be outside again please let’s see

no it’s not outside i got tricked

you know you’re kind of shooting into

the sun a little bit and uh not always


i know we’re going um

really deep into channel audit here but

you know for the successful channels dan

can you just

check um

so if you go to 4k wow

and just go to their channel wait uh

this yeah and then just videos

seven hours ago they got a thousand

views a day ago five thousand now it’s

all about disney like exclusively 100

disney yes i think it is isn’t it right

well wdw’s walt disney world so yeah

yeah i would expect

and then the channel that we’re looking


does creep into other other parks other



that could be an influence

on consistency of audience you know i

know this is all there’s all the big

crossover here in terms of you know i

want to go to universal just as much as

i do disney

but does that translate into

the audience that wants to do the same

thing and watch something from one theme

park versus another yeah at this point

i’m spitballing done because it feels as

if this channel should get just given

the consistency you know the effort that

they’ve put in

i think this channel should be doing

more i gotta say before we move on to

the next one real quick uh the channel

we just looked at i was

i i was looking at them through a

different lens once i saw the latest

videos because for the the size of that

channel those were not views that were

super impressive um now those were just

the earliest views you know those a lot

of those videos will probably be very

searchable and over time they can get a

lot more views but i wonder if this

genre is just one of those where there’s

not like a massive audience for it you

know so this could be this could just be

maybe this is a fantastic channel for

its size and how long it’s been around

and it just needs to continue doing

what’s doing build up momentum so i know

we’re raising more questions than

answers this is a niche that we’re not

super familiar with but hopefully we’ve

just given you something to think about

giving you some stuff to chew on um and

really good luck

i want to get to another claw pick here

uh we got 700 we broke 700

my goodness uh on the claw let’s pick

one we’ll try to do this one a little

bit quicker we got really caught up in

that maybe it’s because i haven’t

traveled in so long

i would like to go back to the theme

parks that would be fun

my cat that’s the focus of this channel

not my cat specifically but their cat

oh look at that

right on the home page all the shorts is

it just a short channel

adorable all right let’s let’s check out

the latest one yep

what is it

oh it is pictures and it’s silent

it’s is it only two pictures

okay let’s try another one okay

here we go

music music music is playing i am

talking let’s assume

that this is not safe to play on youtube

for us it’s music and it looped i think

it looped

so it could have been a photo honestly


silent film again

okay so we’ve watched three of these now


adorable cat i’m not i’m not taking any

thing away from you for yourself

it’s just a cat to me

great cat 10 out of 10 cat the the issue

with these i’m having so far is that

there’s just

there’s not like enough going on like

the best

cat shorts that i watch there’s


like happening you know you you’ve set

something up like the one from uh from

earlier with the golden dog


i’m gonna show you my dog is a rabbit

and they showed us like a trick that the

dog does you know what i mean

like there’s not a lot of this going on


you’re using like still images sometimes

which is a little bit weird

sometimes you use music sometimes

there’s no sound at all uh if people are

scrolling by on shorts it might be

hard for them to want to watch you know

very much at all when your competition

is so steep can we try getting new toys

and treats for my someone’s got 2


no sound but

you are getting a like this is the kind

of thing that people do like with pet

channels they like to see

people spoiling wait there’s no cat

though yeah

show us the cat having the treats

where’s the payoff uh

i’m curious what a comment do i dare ask

you to click on the comments sir

okay i’m sure you can be very happy to

see those toys

every child looks to see what mommy or

daddy bought them at the store kids were

so happy so

you got some support there


i feel like that short would have gone

so much farther if the cat was like if

you put the toys down what if the cat

didn’t like them

and then so it’s like now you could play

some funny sound effect or something the

cat’s like yeah whatever nice toys or if

the cat loves them then you know yay and

give like a happy ending you know tell

like you could tell a story with your

with your shorts and i really think you


final thing sought by most popular

uh okay

seven days ago it gets me every time

uh music okay so that one’s nice music

so nothing no there’s no cat i’ve seen

videos like this and then like you get a

certain thing out of the fridge boom


so that’s that’s the kind of thing i can

see why that got so many views yeah like

that’s the kind of thing i expect to see

from a pet channel i’m glad there was an

example on this channel

of that

uh i’m i’m just trying to think like

to really like raise the bar on you

this this channel

almost isn’t the cat channel it’s it’s

kind of ridiculous

but it’s so great uh there there’s gonna

be copyright music on this so let’s just

get ready for that



so there’s always like a trending sound

like oh wait there’s no music



it’s always like a life hack so the the

cat watches a life hack on tick tock and

then you know there’s all the paw coming

in they copy it

you know for themselves

and sometimes it goes well and sometimes

it doesn’t but it’s it’s a cat channel

that’s not a cat channel i don’t know

it’s 10 million subscribers i’m not

trying to hold anyone to that standard

but is it five minute

cat crofts


look at some of the shorts though from

other pet channels and see what they’re

doing that that would be my advice

because just having like a couple of

still images this isn’t really like


yeah there was there’s quite a high

volume of content i think done if you

just go back to the

video tab uh what was the output there


six videos in the last two days maybe

you can consider doing half of that

and then really making

conscious decisions


what you think your audience is going to

be interested in watching like the june

22nd 2022 one that was just like a still

image of a carrot

the cat sleeping

food time just feeding your cat

i dunno was that exciting enough

i think something has to happen

and what what i expected to have happen

happened food went in a bowl the cat

started eating the food

you know it’s the thing though again uh

most of the shots are actually very


yeah they were all less than 10 seconds

so they’re by default they’re almost

going to get a decent amount of watch

time on the audience retention on them

and you will have breakouts because

you’re uploading so often and there’s

going to be stuff that happens

was some audio to that

uh let’s see

that was good that was quite cute

so that’s a copyright song but

that’s that’s the way i would do like

even that

that’s what i would expect a video of a

cat sleeping in a cute way and then it

makes sense loop i would have looped

there lingers too long yeah

right now it’s like too much

the loop didn’t start quickly enough



i guess those are general tips if you

if you’re putting out this many shorts

you’re spending a lot of time probably

editing editing these together someone

probably gave you the advice put out as

many shorts as you possibly can in a

single day

and that’s okay if but

if it’s going to take away from the

quality of those shorts that’s not going

to do you a lot of favors there’s going

to be a lot of these that just kind of

never take off you have one from with 13

views from like nine days ago for


like there’s going to be so many of

those so you can do quality over

quantity in shorts you can get views on

shorts even if you’re posting once a

week you know that that can happen it’s

not like that’s a hard and fast rule

where you have to post a certain amount

of shorts in a certain amount of time to

get where you want to go

but there you go

that was a lot that was a lot of that

was a lot of stuff and things uh we

talked about a ton of channels we gave a

ton of tips we uh also talked about the

iq max link down below a couple people

in vidiq max got the opportunity to have

their videos reviewed today they had

that extra opportunity they could have

also submitted on the random selection

form but as you saw we got let’s see by

the end of this stream 716 people

submitted their channels on that forum

which is i think a new record so


a lot easier to get in there if you’re

in vidiq max and even if you don’t get

on this live stream there’s so many

people in there including our coaches

that can help you out with any questions

you have about youtube so we’ll be in

there friday rob and i 2 p.m eastern 11

a.m pacific answering any question you

have about youtube we’re going to be

doing a uh

a stage as they call it it’s kind of

like clubhouse in discord so you can uh

ask us your youtube questions and we’re

gonna spend about an hour or so

answering those

looking forward to it uh i just want to

say to

major league unboxing

they’re going to join vidiq max as soon

as my picture is put on the vid iq max

page so we’ll try and get that fixed for

you as soon as we can

welcome to the club yes you know if you

click on the video i think you’re in the

video right uh i don’t know if i am


i’m kind of like

i’m kind of like the hidden um

unlockable boss

discover on the vidiq max page well you

will be in there on friday in the video

i will discord i will confirm this yes

yes that’s that’s our vidcon we’re not

we’re not at vidcon right now so we’re

just going to do a q a with a bit of q

max folks in discord you will need to be

there live it won’t be recorded uh but

if you’re if you it’s not too late to

join vidiq max and join us in that

discussion this week this friday friday

it’s been a pleasure as always everybody

we hope you found our advice guidance

opinions and just general

youtubery chat enjoyable i want to thank

jasper for his cameo i want to thank

datton’s cat as usual


sir fly a lot as well who’s i don’t know

if it’s still alive

but it’s been entertaining as for the

last couple of hours

all right everybody we’ll see you later



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