Today we’ll be randomly selecting channels and looking through their videos to determine how they can achieve better retention and more views.


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=================== text video ====================

well hello everybody welcome back to

another vidiq live stream not on a

tuesday but on a wednesday usually

you’ll be greeted with dan but today i’m

stepping into his shoes

let’s all celebrate

the fact that dan has finally taken some

time off to play some video games and it

is very well deserved so you’ll have to

put it with me and my other guest host

for the next couple of hours

and we’re gonna continue the trend uh

that we have been experimenting with

over the last couple of weeks whereby on

a tuesday we will audit your channels

but on a wednesday we will actually

audit your videos whereby we go into

your channel we take a random video and

we watch maybe the first 15 to 30

seconds and then we critique whether we

would stay or whether we would go and we

may look at other parts of the videos

maybe look at the outros as well to try

and give you what we’re loosely terming


video audits and as i said i can’t do

this without a wingman and today’s

wingman does actually have a call signs

it is it’s actually from what i remember

after watching the original top gun

this person actually appeared in a 1986

original he was the um

the like the top teacher

at top gun in 1986 it’s viper hey viper

did you can you remember that it was the



the original was called viper who was

like the leader of a top gun class i

don’t know but i need to go back and

watch now just because now i’m intrigued

hello hello rob hello people how are

y’all doing um

a lot going on today apparently a lot

going on today

yeah look sorry just just jumping ahead

here that that’s viper from from the

original top gun oh wow

not spelt the same but that is viper

check that guy

so random bit of trivia for you to kick

this off and yes as a

viper noted

um i’m actually going to give you a

permission in about one hour to abandon

our live stream if you need to

to get the results of the

phenomenon that has just taken over

youtube uh for the last couple of weeks

it is

apparently the verdict is coming in on

the johnny depp amber heard defamation


maybe we’ll check in on uh emily just to

see how many concurrent viewers she’s

getting the moments the verdict is red


it could get up to a million i’m not i’m

not joking it could get up to a million

it’s incredible uh the success she’s

seen but we want to try and emulate some

of that success for your channel so what

we need to do

to kick off this live stream viper is to

come up with a phrase

uh that people can use

and i’ll tell you what i think we should


i think people should type in

the verdict

and um if you type that in

it’s gonna

add you

to our random draw

and as soon as we’ve got enough people

in this drawer

uh we will pick one of these channels

review that’s not it this week yeah yeah

yeah i trolled you and that is going to

be the theme of this live stream no

doubt i guess a couple of things that we

should add a viper is that

you know we’re gonna be encountering

your videos for the very first time

likely we’ve probably not seen your

channel before

it may be that we’re not familiar with

the topic either

but i think as

viewers of content we have a pretty good

understanding of what makes a viewer

stick around and that’s what we’re

looking for really we’re looking for the

quality of the video hook to keep the

viewer engaged whether or not we are


in the topic itself yes and another

disclaimer um as i told y’all when i did

this on twitter about them uh three or

four weeks ago um if we say that we

would not stick around after the first

30 seconds of your video it doesn’t mean

you’re a bad creator it doesn’t mean

it’s a bad video

it just means that in the first 30

seconds of your video you did not do

enough to keep us interested in watching

the remainder of the video as i tell you

guys all the time the first 30 seconds

are critical in maintaining good

audience retention on a youtube video so

you have to get the hook down pat if you

want to have solid retention on your


absolutely everybody has that hockey

stick at the beginning of the video

you’re gonna lose viewers no matter what

but the challenge is to try and lose as

fewer viewers as possible because once

somebody’s into a video then you see

that hockey stick flatten out and

they’re more tolerant

and more willing and more satisfied by

your content but yeah that

front loading

your videos to keep them hanging around

is so crucial and also what i will say

is that

um when i was doing this last week i was

like a

a really

harsh critic

and i was saying some of these things

viper that even i can’t be bothered to

do at the beginning of my own videos or

like i don’t know how to do

uh so i’m kind of almost giving advice

beyond my even my current skill set

but you know if we can if we can

advise people to shoot for the moon and

then reach the clouds then at least

they’re they’re gaining something uh

with the advice that we’re giving them

yeah all i mean listen we

somebody else told me on twitter when i

was doing it that i’m only one person

and it’s just my opinion that’s right

we’re only two people here we’re just

giving our opinion but you also have to

remember we get paid to do this oh


we get paid to do this this is what we

literally do for a living so

i mean

you all are here for a reason you are

here because you trust us and hopefully

you trust us enough to take any advice

that we give you about how to improve

your beginning also one more thing here

um you need to type in the verdict

exactly as you see it on the screen uh

some of y’all are doing all lowercase

and that’s not going to get you inserted

so you need to type it exactly as it is

you’re going to do it the test i believe

capital t capital v you all you got to

do it exactly as you see it there you

are and you only need to do it once


yeah once you’ve entered then you don’t

need to do it again um

i think it’s time to draw uh some lucky

channels we’ve already got

234 entrants

people are eager today let’s go let’s do

this and i’ll try and get my sound


synced up

i will also add as well um this is kind

of like a very simple way of doing it we

may make a more complicated form and

what not in the future we’re still

beta testing somewhat this um live



and also if your channel name is very


uh we may struggle to find a channel

which is kind of a lesson in creating

something unique as well so we apologize

in advance if we can’t find your channel

but we will try mobes

the first channel here looks like a

minecraft channel and as i say we’re not

really looking


the channel we’re going to just try and

pick one of your videos


critique it

i think the first thing we should say is

though you’ve not made any videos for

seven months so that might be a first

challenge but anyway the vibe which one

reckon we should pick from these i

usually record the newest video so

probably the whole one of a news video

we’re gonna watch maybe 15 to 30 seconds

and we’ll watch it uninterrupted and

then we’ll start to critique it maybe

we’ll rewind it and such but here we go

the first video we’re watching world’s

fastest minecraft horse tutorial glitch

in this video i will be showing you how

to get the world’s fastest minecraft

course before the video starts make sure

you have liked and subscribed

anyway here’s the video

first thing i need to do is build a cage

all right shall we stop it there then

that was the first 15 seconds what are

your impressions uh yeah i mean you i

normally like the old 30 but that’s

definitely that’s enough i would keep

watching because in the first 15 seconds

you told me exactly what i’m going to

get in the video

and you made it interesting enough to

where i would stay and watch the rest of

the video so good job there

yeah i think

there was that hook

uh so you you’re spending the first

portion of your video telling people

um what they’re gonna get i would have

liked a bit more of a hint as to this

world’s fastest horse maybe you could

have shown it for just like the briefest

of seconds shooting through the screen

or something along those lines because

it is

promised somewhat in a thumbnail and

we’ve not seen it yet i mean i’m curious

actually if i scroll through

so we’re into like 20 seconds and now

now we’re starting to see horses so

maybe some evidence of that a little

sooner would be nice and what i also

like is that they’re including captions

at the bottom

um because sometimes viewers will watch

the video you know it’s like um

when i hover over the the video on on

the desktop or it’s playing on mobile

and they don’t necessarily have sound

that could be made a little more

exciting though whoops just jumps to the

wrong video hang on let’s go back


sorry about that i pressed the next


now this is where my internet starts to

slow down

all right let’s do this again so what i

was trying to say was

that the text appears

but it could maybe shoot out towards the

screen a little bit

add some

movement there

and the final thing is

everything’s really dark

yeah on this first image like the dark

screen the dark character i was curious

why the decision was made there i don’t

know i don’t know about you viper but do

you think the creator is asking for a

like and a subscribe too soon but tell

us what we’re going to have normally


but at least i’ll give him the fact that

he at least he had told him what the

video was going to be about and what he

was looking for the viewer before he did

that true um but i think the reason why

i part of the video on dark because i

think it might have been night time in

the game that might have been really

reason yeah but then it jumps to

daylight so i was curious what the

editorial decision was there uh but yeah

because we’ve got quite a bright

thumbnail as well and so the intro would

just seem to be oh now it’s getting

darker i wonder if that’s has something

to do with it

so i guess in summary you know we’ve

watched this video for

uh the first 30 seconds

viper you’re saying that you would be

the the creator’s probably done enough

for you to stick around and watch a bit

more yeah i mean i mean it’s not the i

wouldn’t say it’s the greatest hook in

the world but it got me interested

enough to stay around so yeah i would

stick around i i would agree with you

there i think there are fundamentals

that are in place to establish a hook

now it’s moving on to the next level of

execution of that intro and you know

what i’ve decided that i’m going to

watch the last

15 seconds of a video as well let’s

crank up the volume

this is a really slow force to be fair

thanks for watching make sure to like

and subscribe

all right so what i would say there is

that you finished the video with

presumably a failed attempt at building

the world’s fastest horse

in the biggest social experiment yet i

put paul’s thousand minecraft players in

a massive prison 100 this is what i mean

by youtube has just not been working for

me today uh what i was going to say is

that instead of asking people to like

and subscribe


you should be thinking about pushing the

viewer to another one of your videos

uh whether it was another attempt of the

fastest thing in minecraft or a

challenge that you did

if somebody’s watched your content until

the end they’re likely satisfied to a

certain extent and so

you’ve got an opportunity to get them to

click and watch another video whatever

that is you already asked people to like

and subscribe at the beginning so i

didn’t think it was necessary at the end

and uh yeah you don’t need to do that

twice you don’t need to have people

liking some crap twice in the video

that’s you’re just wasting video space

at that point

all right then uh so should we move on

to the next one oh press the button so

let’s do it i guess we are

i press up to the minecraft answer is it

going to be

oh boy hey

a live stream of minecraft um

hello let’s see all right uh let’s try

and find the channel first of all

that’s the one

you know what happened today right you

uh apparently pre-ordered the

optimus prime right yeah yeah

congratulations to you

uh how many pieces is it

i think like um eighteen hundred

something i believe okay so a couple of

uh a three four hour build yeah

so we’ve got shorts here and

um some non shots which do you think we

should pick

why is there a 13-minute video among a

bunch of short content i don’t know

there are a couple of longer ones um

it feels as if since the majority of

these videos are shorts we should

probably pick one yeah let’s pick a

short all right let’s go with the latest


so that is super short um some epic


there to establish

uh the epicness


the i’m gonna mute and let it loop over

a couple of times and that might help us

and i guess it’s just showing big

transformers built in minecraft

very simple did it do enough for you to

i guess in this example viper loop and

watch it a couple of times no

like i don’t know what

what is this like a showcase like i

don’t know what i’m supposed to get out

of this video

and it’s a little hard to do these video

reviews for shorts because yeah shorts

are a whole different animal

but no i would not loop this

again no

i think what maybe might have helped is

that you have the showcase and then

like do it like a zoom out on this one

and then give you some details like how

many blocks did it take to build this

what’s the height of it and

some interesting data behind it might

have made it a bit more intriguing


and then maybe on the next shot you

focus on one of the other transformers

um but relatively short you know the

view is not

the view is not having to wait around

long to see what the shot is about and

you know this looks like an impressive

build to me on

uh minecraft but i think viper you’re

struggling with the why you know what

why are you showing me this yeah

yeah like what’s the purpose of the



because the title doesn’t really help us

does it just says decepticons

transformer prime is this like


showcase real or like the biggest

decepticon in the team

maybe a bit more description could have

helped there

i think we should maybe pick one of um

one of the other ones as well i’m going

to go with this one

g1 optimus prime toy version

halfway through the video when you’ve

stuck around viper no i don’t know i

don’t know something going on the camera

is all jittery and stuff making it very

hard to keep uh focused on it

yeah it was one continuous shot and i

think what might have helped here is if

uh the camera

you did like cuts so you were focusing

on a different angle so like rather than

slowly scrolling up to the head it could

have jumped cut to the head and then

headed and zoomed out rather than this


long shot which isn’t that exciting i

would argue i mean again it’s an

impressive build

but you’re not really selling this

building in an exciting way and i didn’t

think the music really fit the um

the design here either

no yeah like you said it’s an impressive

build but the jitteriness of the camera

just doesn’t do anything for me

so that is uh minecraft transformers i

mean it looks as if you’ve got your

niche nailed down really well and some

of the videos are getting more view some



then we’re into the

the execution and the intros and the

hooks and

i think we’ve agreed there that we

probably wouldn’t stick around

um to watch

the whole video in these cases

let’s try and see if we can find a non

minecraft channel

also shout out to the over 400 of you

all watching us live yeah we appreciate

you all being here so thank you thank

you thank you

all right

this is another gaming channel

uh this is a roblox channel so we’re

we’ve edged a little away from minecraft

but still in the gaming niche


which one should we pick from these


i want to pick one of the longer ones

since i think yeah it seems like he’s

conscious of more long-form videos so we

can go with the roblox attacker back all

right let’s do this

today we’re playing a story game on

roblox why am i talking like a british

person we’re playing jenna story you

remember that

that fake hacker guys that everyone

thought was asked i need to stop

speaking brave

remember that fake hacker

that was like fake not

okay what do you think to this one i

can’t there’s just way too much going on

in there for saying thirty seconds it is

really just messing with me

yeah so

um the thumbnail tells us

that somebody’s coming back presumably

to the game you got like a matrix uh the

thumbnail is actually fantastic

but i didn’t really get a sense of what

i was gonna

learn from from the intro

the creator seemed more bothered about

their the accent they were using

on the beginning of a video and they had

like a little joke at the end of it

which was quite comical


i didn’t get any establishment of what

might happen

and i i think another thing here viper

and this is a really good example of

the most important thing in video is

often audio because when i started

listening to it and i play it again for

like 10 seconds hello people today we’re

playing a story game on roblox why am i

talking like a british person we’re

playing china story you know

it feels like they’re wearing a headset

and the microphone is far too close to

the mouth which is leading to uh peaking

and popping

so i don’t know if this person

necessarily needs a new microphone but

they need to put it in a

place in a better position

because something that can really turn

off viewers

is audio really bad annoying audio and i

think that would start to great after

30 seconds a minute

yeah but i think uh for somebody that

might like somebody’s in the chat uh

that’s that’s a kid that kid can’t be no

more than 10 years old so i’m not going

to be ready to kid prepare you sure sure

yeah maybe they don’t have access well

i’m saying they might not have access to

better equipment but i think just having

that microphone either turning down the

gain a little bit yeah or just moving

the microphone placement a little

further away from their mouth would

probably help them and then yeah as you

said um viper

there’s a lot going on here

on screen

and you remember if we watched the first

creator they had captions which were

helping describing what was going on

whereas with this one

there is some cuts going on which is

good um but maybe something to help us a

little bit more to tell us

about this roblox hacker because i

didn’t feel as if i got that in the

first 15 to 20 seconds

all right for the for those of y’all who

are asking how to get your videos or how

to have a chance to get your video from

you you need to type

the verdict in the chat uh capital t

capital v uh type it exactly like that

hashtag dub verdict and you will have a

chance to have your video reviewed in

this live stream

we’re gonna

move on to the next channel now

currently at 382


that’s a lot already well i think

everybody’s pretty much put themselves


for uh video audits this is psd guide


looks like they’re a channel

for stock photography all right

let’s pick

um so we’re doing

payouts but also

let’s do the flat that’s through the

related queen robert they only got five

years in four days so there’s something

going on

let’s take a look

oh no no no no no no no

no no no no no

let me just i don’t want to be all right

they could stop it right there rob no

people people people listen to me very


that is the exact example of how not to

start a youtube video with a splash

screen with but why the video hasn’t

started yet video

yet we’re 13 10 seconds

all right there we go and now you get

into oh man

so so what we’re trying to say here is

that when a viewer clicks on a video

they want to get some

payback for their time commitment yeah

they wanna they wanna know what the

value is of their video as soon as

possible and in the first 10 seconds

this creator is prioritizing

their own calls to action

like asking people to subscribe and hit

the notification bell rather than

telling them that this is how to

remove a sunlight reflection

is just the backwards way of thinking


this is how your video should have

started uh so

let’s just say for example viper that

this video started here

and now let’s judge this video on the

next 15 seconds because what what we’re

saying here is that we would not have

hung around

because of the first 10 seconds

so let’s say the the creator goes into

the video editor and literally trims out

that first 10 seconds which he can do

through the youtube editor so this is

what comes next

in this video i will show you how to

remove the reflection of sunlight

sometimes taking the wrong photo no

problem no delete and following a few

simple tricks can solve the problem

first the image adjusts so

what i liked was

this snappy

edit using the music


i don’t know about you viper but i can’t

tell enough of a difference between the

before and after here

because it’s what how to remove

uh sun glare

do you think enough of a sun glare is

being removed in this image versus this


kind of yeah um because if you look at

the first image it completely washed out

where yeah one

there’s a little bit of a removable not

much though but it doesn’t i i don’t

think this is an enough of a final

product i i feel as if

for me to be impressed and say oh wow

they’ve really done a good job

i feel as if more

glare needs to be removed because

there’s still something going on there

which is a bit odd

yeah but anyway i liked that


snappy beat intro

but then we get this

in this video i will show you how to

remove the reflection of sunlight

sometimes taking the wrong photo no

problem no delete and following a few

simple tricks can solve the problem

and so what do we have here

we do have the original video we haven’t

even gotten into the mean potatoes yet


a rub an ai

now again this is something where we

don’t necessarily want to say that you

shouldn’t do it


we as viewers

have kind of like an exte an instinctive

response to that in the same way that

instinctively we don’t like

bad audio

we also

suddenly start to think about whether

how programmed is this video because

it’s a robot voice

and it’s not going to have the same

intonation and presence



as a

human narrator

and usually when i hear that me for me

personally as soon as i hear a robot

voice on a tutorial i’m out of there i

want somebody to i want

to feel as if i’m listening to a

human teacher tell me that i don’t know

if you’re the same viper but that’s just

mine we’ve had the competition all these

logic before but yeah we are definitely

into human voices but i understand there

are reasons and purposes while you were

using ai voice in some of your content


by and large i would and it sounds like

rob would suggest avoiding it if you can

yeah now so this might require you just

doing some practicing voice narration

you can maybe outsource this on fiverr

if you’re hired


i think there’s some some options for

you there um


once you have a robot voice

then your channel is more even more


to hundreds if not thousands of other

channels but also use an ai robot voice

as well

um but if you’re not able to do that or

you’re not confident in front of camera


then we appreciate that text-to-speech

is something that you may need to use

but you know

people in the chat

what is your reaction when you hear a

robot voice on a tutorial i know for

some types of content be it comedy skits

entertainment when it’s used very

intentionally then a robot voice is more

acceptable but when you’re trying to

learn something i feel as if you want

credibility in who you’re listening to

and i don’t necessarily get that from a

robot voice

uh so for those reasons i think viper we

would not be hanging around on on this

we wouldn’t ask you guys

all right then uh apologies if uh we

were saying we wouldn’t watch any videos

but we are i guess trying to be as

helpful and as

constructively critical as possible

poke drip drop

i think we know anything about yeah you

reckon it’s going to be about uh

the latest pokemon

videos uh no

oh it is okay it’s about um card

collecting all right

should we just do the latest one again

yep all right then

this live stream is brought to you by

very slowly

welcome back to the video now everyone



click the like button click the

subscribe button and then leave a

comment in the comment section below all

right that’s uh that’s the shout out for

the video make sure you follow through


i mean i guess i know why see i have to

remember to be patient because a lot of

y’all are newer creators don’t know

and so you’re here because you need you

want to learn how to do youtube properly

and that’s why we’re here so let me tell


you don’t ask for like a subscribe

within the first 15 seconds of the video

without offering any value so here’s the

thing you all

when you ask for a like or subscribe on

your videos

you need to ask yourself why would

somebody like or subscribe your video


so in order for you to provide incentive

to a viewer to like or subscribe

you need to give them a reason give them

some type of value

i’m not saying you gotta throw the whole

video out there before you ask for like

and subscribe but at least give them an

idea of what to expect in that

particular video before you go ahead and

ask for the like or subscribe it is a

value exchange why should they come back

to you because when you ask for a like

or subscribe or especially on subscribe

you are asking for that person to trust

you enough to come back each and every

time you upload so if you want some if

you want me at least to come back to you

every now every time you upload

i need some type of value what is it

what isn’t it for me what do me what do

i the viewer get out of coming back to

you the content creator each and every

time you upload

so that’s what i need you all to think

about and ask you for it as soon as the

video starts is not a good look

go ahead rob put yourself in the viewers


if this is the first video you’ve

watched from this particular creator

how would it make you feel if the first

thing you watch is a creator asking you

you the viewer to do something

you’re probably gonna feel a little


or um you know

for not want of a better word

click-baited into doing something for

the creator so just try and

keep that in mind with your

video hook

not your video intro now again viper

let’s just pretend we didn’t see the

first 20 seconds of this video this is

how it starts

so i would say this this montage is

going on for too long

yeah not much better rob to be honest

not much better yeah me dude now now

what i would say is that

i don’t there’s nothing necessarily

wrong with having a montage like this to

establish where you are


i would say it probably needs to be no

more than 10 to 15 seconds a montage

like this


before that so your intro would be

something along the lines of finding

you know a tense climactic moment of

finding a rare pokemon card because

that’s what you promised in the title

and it might be that you’re you’re about

to buy it or you just realize how much

it’s gonna cost or you’ve just seen this

card for the first time that might be

your hook and then by all means you

could have

you know a third of this montage

and then it’s got to go into the

establishing of telling us the story so

again i’m just going to jump a little

bit forward to see what the first thing

is the creator tells us


about this video

we are here at dallas fort worth

electric as you can see

it is pretty

poppin up in here and uh we’re gonna be

searching for some cars that you may not

be aware of and i think they’re pretty

cool so go ahead and stay tuned for that

and we’ll see if we can’t find them

today so i would have appreciated that

voiceover over the montage yeah i agree

you’re right i think that would have

worked yeah


and now we’re like a minute into the

video so what we’re about just under 20

into the video at this stage and we

still haven’t seen the only evidence of

cards you know actual pokemon cards was

i think that

very brief

um clip in your montage


you know once we get into the meat of a

video then we’re seeing a lot more

cards being featured and i think that

just needs to be teased much earlier on

in the video

to keep me invested because it’s clear

that this creator spent a lot of time

recording this getting all of those

clips speaking to people you know to to

capture this footage just probably cost

a significant amount of money in time

but the way it’s been edited and put

together is already leaving me

as a


waiting for something exciting to happen

and you know

that hasn’t that hasn’t happened

somebody’s acting in the chat could the

mic quality be better and it could but

when you’re out there in a public space

like a lot of people it’s a little bit

harder but there are ways around it yeah

yeah i’m just going to play like let’s

just play it from here let’s see what

the sound is because he was in a big um

it was in an open space sir these are

one of the cards that i was looking for

right here the charizard e x

x y flash flyer

so it sounds like at this point he’s now

doing a

post voiceover narration yep we’ve we’re

still having a crowd in

the audience noise in the background so

that sounds a lot better as well yeah

i think we can go on to nick

all right then so there you are uh poke

drip drop hope you found that


now let’s try the next one

yeah i don’t know why y’all wasting time

bam in the chat you only have to put it


try tell y’all

doesn’t matter i think everybody at this

point has entered we’ve got 468 like a

yeah 470 it might be a record for live


all right team key let’s see if i can

find you

uh yeah

what’s your okay

where are you

oh we’re not finding you man yeah i’m

sorry about this but uh the way


we pick channels means that it’s just

very hard to find

you if

you use a quite a general

channel name

i’m gonna give it five more seconds of

scrolling and then we’ll have to move on

to the next one

yep unfortunately we’re going to move on

yeah sorry about that

have to pick the next channel

i missed out on my um

drum roll this time so i’m just going to

do that instead

steven tube 1967.

it will definitely find this channel

i don’t know why they called this

okay so in the games gameplay tutorial

and news let’s pick

they’re all lengthy videos so roughly 20

minutes long i’m gonna pick this one

just because it has the most views

hey everyone good morning welcome back

to subsistence and today is the day

we’re gonna attack the small hunter base

i need i’m gonna make some heavy-duty

pants just because we’re definitely

gonna need as much protection as we can

get for making that see do i have we put

that back in there

what do you think of this one

you know it starts off a little slow but

i think i would stick around just

because he’s telling us he’s taking us

through what he plans on doing in this

particular part of the game so i kind of

like that so i think i would stick

around yeah this is an interesting one

isn’t it because as you say the first

what 10 seconds


just this like i’ve muted it


you know if somebody saw this as a

caption they wouldn’t realize anything’s

happening but then as you say viper

within nine seconds ten seconds they’re

doing the preparation for their mission

so again i feel as if in a video hook


there needs to be some sort of action or

make it a little more epic like is there

any bits where you’re doing any shooting

uh or anything

oh wow

that’s quite scary

i’m just trying to try to find a moment

of action whereby

you could say in this video we’re going

to raid the hunter’s base and i

encountered this and then you like have

a big bed that’s about to smash you in

the face or something and that could

have been like the first five seconds

and then

you’re straight into it you’re preparing

for the um for the task at hand

right well i think what i’m just going

to let this run on for like maybe to

like 45 seconds

just because we’re definitely going to

need as much protection as we can get

for making that see do i have put that

back in there

there we go let’s get that

okay a little bit more protection 23 and

i think i’ll make a few more shotgun


i don’t think i’m going to need arrows

but why not i think this needs a bit of

editing as well in uh

yeah i don’t need to see the entire

process of crafting something

like you could make some shotgun shells

and then zoom in like one noise or

something yeah we don’t need to see the

whole loadout the whole process of you

doing a loadout there should be some

type of editing and cuts in there for

sure or start start after you finish the

loadout and then let us know particular

parts of the loadout are going to be

critical to that particular mission and

then go ahead and do what you got to do

this is where


um creation process

can get completely out of hand because i

know from experience

let’s just say you’ve recorded 20

minutes of footage

when you start editing it

you can

spend hours doing all sorts of tiny

little cuts and having sound effects and

doing zoom ins and zoom outs and it

might be that you end up with a nine

minute video which is fantastic for your


but it also means that it requires a lot



post filming effort from you in terms of

the editing

again an idea for this might be

just as a test

uh shipping this off to an editor to see

how they could turn this 18 minute video


something that’s half the length which

is more exciting

as a possible test because it doesn’t

feel as if you’re doing much

editing and cutting from what we’ve seen

in the first 30 seconds

i’m going to let it run for another few

minutes 30 seconds because i just want

to see if there is any

jump cuts or anything

okay that should give us about 10.

okay that should be more than enough

let’s get these put back away because

this this is now starting to feel more

like a live stream

to the hunter fortress yeah let’s put

this all back

there we go i think i have

yeah i think we’re looking good i think

we should i don’t know about you viper

but i just don’t want to see somebody


item management in a game

no no it’s not it’s not entertaining at

all so

again i would suggest doing all the

loadout and all that stuff before you

hit record

and then as you uh once you’re done with

that and you start recording let us know

what are the special parts of that

particular loadout that are going to be

critical to that mission

but we don’t need to see the whole build

out of the loadout we don’t need to do


i’m just like skipping through random

bits of a video to see if i can find any


so i don’t know uh rob so let’s have a

quick uh chat real quick about intros

so when i was growing up in the 80s and

90s tv shows started off with their

intro first they they hit you with the

credits or whatever and then they had

the little theme songs and the music and

all that and then like they started the

show maybe three or four minutes in

sometime in the early 2000s that changed

and show started question 2 a different

type of intro format where the show

would start immediately at the time

and then maybe three or four minutes

into the actual show going they might

have threw up an intro title or whatever

and then they kept going

i think

i think even hollywood uh last year on

twitter at an early point that you need

to keep the viewers attention more in

the very beginning of the show tv video

whatever you’re doing

so we don’t need no no three or four

minutes of splash screen intro credits

all that stuff just get right into the

video and then if you want to throw up a

little title thing quick splash screen

do that but you need to provide value to

the viewer first give the viewer a

reason to get excited about watching the

whole video because that’s the ultimate

objective here you want a viewer to

watch your entire video but you have to

provide that excitement you have to

create that excitement that suspense

that anticipation that will allow our

viewers to watch the whole video and

when you’re doing stuff in the beginning

like asking for likes and subscribe or

doing law flash screens in the beginning

or intros you kill that anticipation you

kill the excitement so that’s what i


i think viewers have got

i’m not going to say more more

sophisticated but the

as you say

the way tv has evolved

and now streaming services have become

available it gives the viewer

unlimited choice at any moment in time

so you know

back in the 70s 80s 90s you had to turn

up at 8pm on a tuesday to watch your

favorite program you know

you might not be able to record it and

it was on and then if you missed it you

may have to watch a repeat

you know two or three days or whatever


somebody you don’t have to wait if

you’re not enjoying something you don’t

have to tolera if if you’re frustrated



not satisfied by the content that you’re

watching right now you don’t have to

wait to move on to the next thing you

know whether it be on television because

you’ve got dvr or you’ve got

700 channels at your disposal or whether

it’s youtube and you’ve got

a million other video choices being

suggested to you i mean

as you say that viper i could be

watching this but because i’m bored of


i could start scrolling down this right

hand side to find something else to

watch because because things that new

options have been put in front of me all

of the time

and that’s what you have to

to contend with this constant


and attempt to keep you on the platform


something that youtube thinks you will

want to watch you know but i’ve just

realized that emily d becker’s live so


should we just jump in there and uh say

a quick hello i’ll do that happen all

right if the chat works okay

he’s not going to see it but

there we go let’s draw the uh next uh

channel and see what we’ll come up with

oh yeah

you didn’t see any of that did you

i i i i did post the message here on

emily d baker’s channel where there’s

200 000 people watching uh but as you

can see the chat is quite fast and it

just went away very quickly anyway uh

bobert rob animations oh bobber rob

interesting name there

25 000 subscribers ooh okay

so let’s pick

uh i’m going to pick one of the

relatively short videos i’m going to

pick this one just because it feels like

it might be star warsy



i wonder what we’re making fun of today

i know what you mean yeah i bet

gotta love how these scenes always play

out everybody’s speaking gibberish but

somehow they’re all able to carry on a

conversation together

okay what do you think of this one i am

all in on it this is awesome

oh life is all in

it’s hilarious it’s interesting i’m all

in i wouldn’t stick around for this

entire day this is good this isn’t good

um it’s it’s a very unique um content i

don’t think

i don’t think you can really get this

animation anywhere else and it’s of a

very high standard

obviously a star wars parody

and what i will say is that i didn’t get

the full gist of the story in the first

couple of seconds i was i was still kind

of waiting to

get understanding of what what i’m what

i’m getting into but you were all you’re

all over this right viper i’ll be all

over it definitely

all right well that’s good good stuff

from viper so i think

it’s if you are satisfied let’s get

towards the end and let’s just see what

the um crazy this is an outer space bar

we don’t have standards no matter what

you serve there’s somebody out there

willing to buy it

again i think it may be an opportunity


encourage somebody to watch the next one

of your videos a little bit more than

you did

um today this has been

start one of my mates die and then i

find out that i might explain to a bunch

of tigers i apologize i’m getting ahead

of me screen is just frozen and i can’t

do it hi my name’s flynn i’m a cat

person who lives in water my mouth is

lit look at that my mouth is literally


and grasping that page all right

and there we go that’s my internet

completely broken

let’s try again

i’ll see if i can get back to that now

uh let’s try another one from this

channel because i think all of the

animations are completely different

i want to try this one about dark souls



i’m getting the hang of this

time to hit him

i got this

or i guess i’ll roll backwards impress

impressing with my acrobatic skills i’ll

be more impressed when i’m using you as

a sheath yeah whatever chubs chubs i

knew what do you think of this one

uh i like the other one better to be

honest with you

now is that because it was um more

relatable to what you’re interested in

star wars as opposed to dark souls

no i just think the other ones are more

cheeky more funny okay like because you

get you can get by on uh not like

letting us know exactly what can happen

if there’s some element of entertainment

to it i just thought that performed

pretty entertaining at least to me now

again i want to talk about audio a

little bit here i feel as if

there is something missing from this


and i think

it’s like an

ambiance uh because all i’m hearing

is the voiceover and a couple of sound

effects and it feels as if it needs

whether it’s like a a very low backing

track or ambient noises like if you’re

outside or in a cave or in a dungeon

i don’t know

yeah yeah just listen to the game vapor

i don’t know if you you know what i’m

getting at here

and then

when the when the voice and ration stops

it goes to complete silence yeah and it

feels a little jarring right there

hard to describe but it just doesn’t

sound yeah it needs some ambiance i need

some background noise even if it’s some

white noise just to make it seem more

realistic yeah

now i think the last thing i want to

check is because this channel’s got 25

000 subscribers and the most recent

videos are going to getting a couple

hundred views i want to see if his life

was the most popular one here that got

tons of views

um wow so this person has been animating


since the beginning of youtube


14 years ago i don’t think i’ve seen

many channels editing

making content this long

should we do the um quickly do the



one shall stand one shall fall

or perhaps one shall stand and the other

will kneel i’m strong or maybe we’ll

both fall but one will get back up i’ll

be the stander now wait a minute i’m not

done yet maybe the one that falls will

bounce we’re made of metal not rubber

unless we’re fighting on a super strong

trampoline maybe we’ll just work out our

differences and become friends

oh that’s just stupid sorry i had to try

it well maybe black hole will open up

this video suffers from the same issue

that you just alluded to there is no

ambiance and as a person who watched

transformer growing up the lack of

ambience and killing me man

you got two robots talking they only

knew it’s not like what they don’t sound

like well megatron sounds okay but often

prime doesn’t sound like nothing like

peeler column but

i mean of course you’re not going to get

that but yeah the lack of ambiance the

lack of the of environmental noise is

not helping at all and so this video was

made nearly 15 years ago right and so

like 15 years later we can still sort of

pick out that same potential audio


uh so i think creator

the animation i’ve seen like a

significant improvement in the animation

but just the sound effects the audio

isn’t quite quite right i think on some

of these videos

now but that is a bobbet robert let’s uh

draw another one uh we now well we now

have 525 entrants

and there’s only 460 people watching so

i think some people have left so i think

i may reset this soon


we’ll start we’ll start again from


but we’ll look at trinity creations

with the z first

congratulations you just hit 100


make sure to get your custom url

uh predominantly short so it’s a bit of

a mixture actually i’m gonna go for the

giant venus flytrap because that’s a

cool looking

uh thumbnail

how’s it going guys just wanted to make

a quick video here

i received two plants from california

carnivores carnivores carnivores

first of which is the king henry flytrap

and the second is the dente flytrap

um both of these i got them shipped to

dormant i ordered them about a month ago

and i’ve just had them in my shed

just kind of wintering over

and um i think it’s time to open them up


30 seconds in are we staying or are we

going i’m going i feel like i got


so on the thumbnail you guys

being a fly trap scary looking thing

and that it’s just a couple of cups

right um

right so let’s go towards the end and

see if we can see these finished flights

trinity creations

so i guess that’s the

they’re just seedlings at the moment

yeah yeah they’re obviously they’re

they’re young but yeah

yeah this is where the um the thumbnail

does not deliver on its promise oh


so i think really the and and hang on a

giant venus flytrap this is feels like

that yeah it’s not a guy it’s not the

giant about this stuff i think what what

you would have to maybe do to make this

intriguing is pose the picture something

along the lines of what does a

day one giant venus fly trap like you

know this is where it starts

but this is the

where it’s going to end up being

is there any point where it shows

there’s like a bigger version of it

not really oh and the other thing is you

don’t need the splash screen in the

beginning telling something unboxing

yeah get into the video

yeah y’all talking about this bit are

you yeah just get into the video we

don’t need that just get into the video


so i think as as viper said like if

you’re four seconds in

you’re expecting this

you get this

but then i guess

the unboxing reveal

is like around here yeah

looks like a bunch of looks like two

phones from the 1800s

you know um

what i want is um

the sound effect of like a balloon

deflating it’s like

yeah you promised

and you know we appreciate that you need


have a certain element of excitement and

intrigue in the thumbnail in the title

but this is


the viewer is probably going to feel as

if they’ve been clickbait in that

yeah wait we got bamboo you told

and i and i ended up buying

this after 50 seconds

so this is where you’ve got to be

just a lot more in

appreciative of what the viewer is going

to end up seeing


this video is probably fine

in terms of

what’s what’s here what you want to need

to tell us but what you’ve promised us

is something quite different


and then again just at the beginning

here when you were you were talking a

little bit about

um your journey buying the um let me

just listen to the audio again the king

so you bought that and the second is the

dente flytrap

um both of these i got them shipped to

dormant i ordered them about a month ago

and i’ve just had them in my shed

just kind of wintering over so i don’t

think we as viewers need to know

that yet we don’t

maybe where you bought it from but we

don’t need to know that you’ve you’ve

kept it in a shed for six months

um you can probably tell us a little bit


right now

as me clicking on the giant venus

flytrap i want to see


i don’t want to see i don’t want to see

the packaging

for much longer

yeah yeah again you all have to be

careful about clickbait now i’ll give

you guys a perfect example uh i got in

why didn’t get into trouble but people

were looking at me the wrong way because

i one time i made a thumbnail about a

pair of headphones that were just enough

but i made the thumbnail actually look

like i had them like in hand and i

didn’t okay and when they clicked on the

video uh people were not having it they

were like yo you don’t even have it

so you gotta you gotta be careful with

that stuff in the thumbnail because if

you don’t deliver uh people will not be

happy with you

uh okay so

that was at trinity creations

um i just want to look at this

shot here

okay so that that shot could have been

a third of the length

like you don’t need this bit you don’t

need this bit where you’re trying to get

the fly correctly in the fly trap in the

venus flytrap

you just need like almost like the last

two or three seconds

and that’s pretty much all i would would

want to see

but some of these um

some of these uh shots are doing too

badly actually

we’ve got a python collection as well

let me just see the intro to this one

come on internet

see a video on this

rack um go ahead and see my last video i

just posted it um and go ahead and share

it um you know like it do all that for

me please

and um today i wanted to show you all of

my ball pythons i only have so

on this one

we’re a minute and 25 in

and that’s the first


snake python that you’re showing to us

so the first minute and a half just had

this background and i think again

let’s get to the exciting part of the

video sooner

if possible whether it’s a quick tease

and then you can do a bit more

explaining but we need to see this a


all earlier

uh so that was a trinity creations let’s

pick another channel


uh see what we come up with

snelly midday viper the verdict’s to be

in soon

yeah about a minute or

well it’ll probably be like half an hour

of preamble probably

he’s crafting corner is next

and they have

600 subscribers

and i will pick

quilt as you go placemats let’s try this

one hi everybody and welcome to my

channel today we’re going to be making a

very quick

sorry i’m trying to adjust the volume

hi everybody and welcome to my channel

today we’re going to be making a very

quick and easy quilt as you go placemat

it is included in my in the kitchen

series so let’s get started

once i cut my fabric

what do you think of this one viper

i appreciate this one because she showed

up the finished product in the beginning

yep and i think that’s so critical like

when you show up what we’re going to get

because that is the value proposition if

you stay on my video your quote will

look like this when it’s done and then

she shows up the supplies that she’s

going to need are we going to need to

make the quilt and then she gets into it

so well done i like that one i agree

if it’s going to be a tutorial

usually showing the final product to

begin with is very good and also i think

uh you did a good job of doing a


yeah you were showing

rather than telling

the supplies that were needed so i think

that was good uh showing that

i think what could have made it perhaps

just a little bit better is

uh maybe a little bit of b-roll of you

making the products

as kind of like moments of teasing

i’m saying that because we’re on to the

next level of the video hook you’ve

already done the the fundamentals pretty

well and showing the the final product

telling the view what they’re going to

get and these are all of the things that

you’re going to need to do it so i was

pretty encouraged there by this by this



uh so much sure i’m i’m more than

willing to watch the last


20 seconds to see how they finish it off


so this is what i would try and avoid

because you said let me just go back a

little bit more see you next time and

i’ll skip a bit further back than that

and now our placemat is complete well

happy sewing everybody

as soon as he said so happy sewing

everybody gone

viewers know the videos ended yep


instead of saying that and see you next


i will be thinking of something along

the lines of


so that so this was a a placemat but um

did you know that you can also make this

type of placemat using these supplies

i’m going to show you how to do it in

this video over here yeah i encourage

the next click yeah instead of ending

the video by saying happy throwing

everybody just lead them to that next

video that flag mug rug right there

and then also

when this um

this comes on you definitely know the

video’s ended and there’s still another

10 seconds to run here

and i would have definitely have gone

and because you’re not telling me what

to watch next

then i have less of an incentive to do


but yeah i think in summary we were

impressed by the the intro

a couple of tweaks maybe there and


at the end of the video that’s when you

can ask your viewer to do something a

call to action because you’ve provided

all of the value there

and hopefully they’re going to want more


from you

let’s draw out another one

let’s see what we get this time

i have no idea what this channel is

going to be about

celebrate every celebrity okay

now it’s obvious what this is about


i’m not sure what video to pick here

viper because it looks as if they’ve


distracted by the

amber johnny depp

we’re not really doing happy birthdays

to anyone

i am gonna so i’m gonna ignore all of

these ones at the top the danger here is

that yes you may get views from these

videos and it may go viral but then what

do you do next

because now you’re a johnny depp

amberhead definition case channel as

opposed to celebrating celebrities best

well look at the gap in content they

they got a video six months ago then

after that there was one from one month

ago and then one night from nine days

ago and then the johnny depp amber heard

stuff so their their focus is not there

let’s do the penelope cruz one i’m gonna

assume this is

your bread and butter this is what you

would be doing on a regular basis

i’m worried i’m going to get a copyright

claim here for this music so i’m talking

over it as much as i can

no copyright no copyright no copyright

no copyright please

okay i’m gonna stop talking now i i

wouldn’t i would pass

uh why why

because it’s just a it just seems to be

like a montage of finality like why is

the video going to interest me there’s

no contact to the montage it’s just a


yeah there was no voice over

uh front we could tell i’m just going to

go a minute in

still no voice over

and there’s no on-screen graphics either

to give us more information about

um you know how old is she or does she

have any children what what her best

roles how much money has she earned

things that you could get from imdb

wikipedia etc

this i think is one of the types of

channels i would be concerned about in

terms of reused and repetitious content

because it doesn’t feel as if there’s

enough transfer transformational

uh effort put into this

and it’s just clips used from elsewhere

and you know even if your content was

monetized then i would be a little

worried but as you say viper in the very


just showing stills and some video clips

and nothing else

we can get this from many different

sources if you want to right

this isn’t that special not at all all

right let’s move on to the next channel

and this time we are going to pick

source time gaming

and they have 200 subscribers

and some pretty healthy view counts here

from their recent content let’s go with

the most recent one

welcome to everyone to sauce time gaming

thank you so much for clicking on

today’s video and today we’re going to i

want to pause it right there

funny clip at the end at least use the

time stamp to see it

no that could be verbal i don’t need to

sit on the screen especially how much

room is taken up on the screen we don’t

need that



i i think that’s an example of

probably showing not telling

would be better like you could show

half of a funny clip or like a segment

of it to create the intrigue

that’s going to be paid off later on

but let’s

just go back to the beginning because i

want to listen to what he was saying

and try again welcome to everyone to

sauce time gaming thank you so much for

clicking on today’s video and today

we’re going to cover the changes that

happened in season three reloaded

specifically to the long range meta with

the as44

nz41 and nikita avt which is one of the

most recent assault rifles added to the

game and we’re going to look at the

changes that happen to the recoil

patterns for these weapons and if those

changes place them a little bit in a

more comfortable spot within the long

range mix okay what do you think after

30 seconds

uh i would probably stick around just

because um

he explained what was happening and he

just didn’t uh have us with a montage or

or b-roll clips he was doing voiceover

as he told us what was gonna happen in

the video so i would probably stick

around yeah um again i think the

i think there may be more opportunities

to add more exciting


editing perhaps


maybe like overlaying


gameplay of when you were talking about

a specific rifle


even here i think what a minute in it

looks like you’re doing some sort of

interesting adjusting


i think this is kind of an unusual

portion of a video

and if i’d known this was uh gonna be

shown later on in the video and you can

kind of tease that into the entire intro

i think that might have been um

helpful as well

but uh as you say uh viper i think that

the creator got into the


the the main portion of the video fairly

quickly telling us exactly what we were

going to get just seeing that intro

i sense

there could be opportunities to edit it

down significantly i feel as if this

could be a

five to six minute video as opposed to a

ten minute video

but obviously that depends on your

audience retention if you’re getting

good audience retention and maybe you

don’t need to necessarily worry about

that too much


uh because the view counts are quite

healthy here

for the channel so you’re certainly

doing something right

uh i think i want to try one more here i

just want to see if they’ve done that


attempt to tease something at the very


let’s try this one

okay what about that intro

nothing for me really

i think

they were

you you’ve tried to do too many of these

moments whatever they are i think you

probably should have limited it to about


and then explained what these were

because it feels as if it’s moments of

frustration or annoyance

that you’re getting killed for some

reason in the game

and i can’t i got it after about

two or three of these but i didn’t need

to see

i think the five or six that you’ve just

shown and so again that’s why i think

each of these videos

with some more ruthless editing

could be made tighter and snappier


yes it will reduce the video length

but it’s likely to increase your audit

retention and that’s definitely a

positive signal for um for youtube

because it knows

it has more of an understanding of how

satisfied the viewers are

all right i’m going to draw another one


let’s see what comes up next we’ve had a

lot of gaming channels so far i’m hoping

for some non-gaming channels

just to have a bit of variety

always streams is this gonna be

streaming channel then this might be a

little difficult to audit

nope no it’s not a streaming channel

okay pretty good thumbnails

let’s pick

this one

my goal in this video is not only to

give you some great item on weapon

suggestions but also to make you rethink

how you’ve been using them i’m even

going to revisit items with brand new

information because how i decided to

present them just didn’t sit right with

me as always let me know in the comments

what you think also if it’s useful

please leave a like or a subscribe it

really helps me out so much but without

further ado

okay 20 seconds in what direction on

this one viper i like it i like it a lot

i like it i love how he was uh detailed

and letting us know what he’s going to

do why he’s going to do it and then

after that and only after that did he

ask for like a subscriber and he kind of

just glossed over he didn’t like dwell

on it like my channel subscribe my

channel also real i like that i like it

i will keep watching i think um what i

appreciated on this one is i think that


creator put some thought


what the viewer was seeing on screen and

let me tell you the moment i thought

that so i’m just going to play the first

10 seconds again

my goal in this video is not only to

give you some great item on weapon

suggestions but also to make you rethink

how you’ve been using them i’m even

going it was that bit it like he kind of

had um

i’m going to show you i’m going to tell

you why i think you should use these

weapons or

and then the moment the moment he

stopped speaking

presumably the zombie zombie got shot in

the head and i feel as if that really

connected well with what he was talking

about and then as soon as that scene

is finished he moves on to the next


items with brand new information because

how i decided what’s he doing there okay

so there was a little there was always

let me know when it comes

there was a moment they were doing some

item management but they didn’t dwell on

it and moved on to the next thing i feel

as if that was effective as well

so i would say this is a good intro i

think if i was a fan of

day z on day zed i will be

watching more of this

and so if you have earned yourself uh

the final 30 seconds to see what’s going

on at the end threats ridiculously easy

i mean stupidly easy you don’t ever have

to worry about the zombie again single

headshot and a gun and although i’d

never say it was great for pvp any early

game confrontations against freshies can

be quickly dealt with by it this gun is

just too good to be starting off with

then we have a list of daisy items that

might surprise you and for them click

here and as always until next time

all right so i think that was a

a better outro as well because

i don’t think you spent long enough

explaining why you should watch the next


um but there was definitely a hint to


check out this next video which is going

to help you play the game even more


well done well done

but do we have

do we have an answer i’ll just just

check if we got an answer

no answer yet no one’s here just

checking the babies

apparently the jury had to be sent back

because they they didn’t put the amount

award that would be awarded their

damages so they had to go back and fill

out a form of power that’s quite an

important part isn’t it right right

can you can you does that mean then

um depp is won

not nothing clearly but uh that is uh

they they think that that is favorable

to him so i guess we’ll find out

all right how do i find this channel

i’ve got some characters i’m not

familiar with uh i’m not sure if we can

find them ah there it is

top result

okay i think this is going to be a

tricky one to audit uh this one because

it’s not going to be in our language

and i’m not sure


the source of this content


i will play one of his videos very


okay i don’t know if this is my internet

that’s not cooperating with this one uh

i’m gonna assume it isn’t and that’s

just the quality of the video yeah

that’s a live stream too so that that’s

a whole different answer



i’m not really sure we can advise on

this one viper just because

um just looking at the thumbnails i’m

not sure where the content is coming

from i don’t know if it is their

original content and because of a

language barrier i’m not able to really


what type of channel this is

yeah unfortunately we’re probably got

the uh path on the coin chica there we

go yeah i’m sorry i think it’s best if

we uh say no comment uh neither good nor

bad for this one it’s just very

difficult to

to get beyond um the language that we we

can’t understand obviously so apologies

for that

i mean when we do channel audits

we do have a bit more of a

chance of auditing them because we’ve

got the thumbnails and the titles


once we’re into a video

we really need to have some


of what we are trying to um review and


all right then so we’ve got captain

dev06 this time

and i am going to pick

uh let’s do

this one which has 100 views


this feels like a

video you’ve recorded on your phone

and just uploaded to youtube without any


yeah i mean the video really literally

says landing in an international airport

it is true it’s delivered but it’s not

very inviting or entertaining to be

honest with you

yeah this is where



is just half of

the process

the next phase of it is to edit in edit

edit it into something that is

appealing to a viewer uh let’s just try

one more it feels as if right now you’re

just uploading clips

was that the windows noise

yep huh what that was

i’m on a mac

that’s on the video that’s not me

is that the sound effect from the ride

i don’t think i think the thunder

probably added in there

so again these are just clips right now


from a very basic point of view


the question is

if there are travel vlogs

what’s the story

what is the story that you’re trying to

tell the viewer

and once you have a story in mind then

you can not only film

with that intention but then you can

also edit the content to try and match

that intention and tell a story because

right now um

these could be just clips that you’re

you’ve filmed and then you’re showing to

the person next to you at school

or a family member

but for viewers who want a bit more and

the committing time and wanting to get

to know you a little bit more and the

stories that you’re trying to tell

there needs to be a little bit more

sophistication i would i would advise

but that was captain dev i think captain


next channel

is gonna be



let’s pick

they’re all relatively short

whether they are shots or not

ah let’s try this one

not going to play that one

because this is a pg

live stream yep

let’s try that one

all right

again unfortunately

due to the nature of the content i just

don’t think it’s safe and appropriate

for us to audit


so yeah unfortunately i don’t i don’t

think we can really look at the

challenges because

what’s shown in the video may be

inappropriate for our audience so we’ll

have to pick another one


and i’m sorry if that is a

problem with your channel and

content shouldn’t be restricted

but we just we just have to take it at

face value all right so this channel

look animation is 27 000 subscribers

phenomenal views on all videos uh let’s

go with they’re all relatively short

well some of them are a bit longer

but mostly a minute or less let’s do

this one

all right

what do you think about vodka

you know okay okay



disclaimer here tom and jerry one of my

favorite cartoons growing up

as long as it was directed by fred



and i know that you you’re kind of

limited in what you can do with

minecraft but those minecraft models

look nothing like tom and jerry

and just because it just bothered me

the video in his own vacuum was good i

have no problem but the minecraft model

what is that that guy

that is a good um synced up animation


yeah definitely but the the model which

is they don’t do it for me at all

uh i’m gonna try another one well let’s

try it’s not milk


i guess you got that more from me viper

i was completely lost then i would last

you wish you made a drink of milk no i’m



hello so um well i think what we can say


when my internet here should be willing

to make a trade why yes i would let me

show you around

this is this is not me i can’t control

this my mouse is broken

there we go

what i wanted to show you is

the the sharpness of the editing if it’s

going to let me do that

right okay so early early verdict in

johnny depp have won two count

all right okay good for johnny

bad for my internet

all right

so what i’m going to do is just play

this again


but with

no sound i want to try and count how

many edits and cuts there are on this


two three



six seven

eight nine ten


so there was a cut or an edit every

single second almost there

and that

is what’s going to make a

video hook

really capture a viewer’s attention

it takes a lot of time


uh it is a is it

it is a skill

but there’s some intros that i’ve seen

from other creators already today

whereby i feel as if they could have

been cut and edited more tightly


that would have

made a more appealing attractive intro

so i was saying johnny may have won

well right now he’s winning yeah he’s

going to count

all right so

uh we’re gonna




and we’re gonna do a new one

and the new one is

uh no no rob no rob no no no

no no can’t do that rob

rewind rewind rewind

what should we do then i’ll go back to

the one that uh that they were doing in

the beginning hashtag review

all right so

the reason why we’re resetting this by

the way is because you know some people

have left

and so we want to start collecting the

comment the the comments again

and so yeah send us in hashtag reviews

and i’ll wait for the numbers to come in

and then we’ll we’ll just start picking

channels again because i think there was

like 600 entrants there

and we’ve now got

430 people watching so i know some

people have

left probably

make sure you put the ethanol reviews

here if it’s review plural y’all

okay so i’ve just had a notification

going through the breaking news is that

johnny depp wins the defamation case as

far as i can tell

yeah but amber heard uh obviously she

countered through but i don’t think she

could win much in her counter too so i

guess we gotta figure out what’s going

on with that too

uh just i guess while we’re waiting for

the numbers to go up let’s just check

what’s uh

out at emily’s

three hundred thousand people watching

oh lord have mercy

that’s uh what 10 000 more than us right


let’s draw somebody else

dr three

three subscribers

newest channel

and then that i’m not sure which video

to pick on this one because

there’s a question of focus looks like

they’re covering many different games

very different video lengths as well so

i don’t know what our classes the

average video to watch here

so i’m just gonna

take this one

okay there’s some copyright music here

so i’m going to talk over it

and continue to talk over it

uh to make sure that we don’t get a

copyright claim

uh because i don’t want the wenger boys

claiming this live stream

what did you think about

intro uh did nothing for me personally

i was completely lost

i don’t know what this was trying to

tell me uh camelot likes to party is it

just based on the music and people


are they playing instruments and they’re

supposed to be playing instruments to

the to the music and dancing to it

i’ve got to be honest i didn’t get that

when i was uh listening to it and

watching it for the first time

uh so

yeah i don’t know what that video was


uh let’s try another one let’s try this

will be the day for siege

so jury ruled that amber depp has to pay

25 million to johnny depp in damages wow


again i don’t know if this is copyright

music so i’m trying to talk over it to

avoid copyright planes and whatnot


i don’t know what this video is about

other than

you’re playing the game and killing

people to music

same vibe for you

viper not not really sure what i’m

getting into when i click on this video

it seems like it’s just a as a play

through with music again yeah

it’s hard mike some of these videos

they’re done in certain way because

that’s the way that they’re done usually


it kind of makes it hard for us to audit

because we’re so used to a certain

format but then when you guys start

doing these left plays and things with


verbiage and none it’s like what are we

doing here well i think it is reflected

in the view counts as well like if

you’re going to do musical montage on a

quite an old game

and not add any

context to it or make it original

then it’s not going to get that many

views i know there’s other videos down

here that i’ve got uh more views you

know some here a couple of shorts i’ve

got some thousands of views

so maybe

uh continue to experiment with shorts

more than long-form content

should be uh your vibe i’ll just

let’s just do

this latest shot see if we can get

anything from this one

we ready

i’m armstrong oh my god using the

freaking there’s no lolli shotgun

did you see what that is do you see what

my gun is

this is so the squad right here the

squad right here dude

so it was our anime characters um put

into left for dead where they shouldn’t


i guess i don’t know


also rob it looks like amber herr won

one of her counter claims and she will

be awarded two million dollars so

she’s pulled some money back

yeah though i guess net uh she’s losing

23 million she’s still down 23 million

all right we’ll get further updates from


as we

audit more of your videos

miranda arron

arone orona

okay i think this is a cricket channel

uh oh

uh that looked like that that there

looked like copyrighted content

as does this

um which one of any of these do i put

hang on

there’s no point in auditing this

channel this channel because i’ve not

posted anything for three years

is that right

yeah i got that yeah three year let me

just freeze yeah if you’re not posting

content we’re not gonna audit your

channel y’all yeah i think you need to

post some new videos for us to

to have some interest because

we don’t know what your interests are

three years later after you’ve done some

qriket and football


so that was our video audit for that one

car snob is the next one

okay again a lot of shorts

so let’s pick one short and then pick uh

the latest video

so i mean it was super quick

but it tells you exactly what you’re

gonna get from from the videos i don’t

necessarily have a complaint with that i

guess if you want to take it to the next

level you might try and add some

extra sound effects or visual effects to

make it exciting but if you want to keep

it real and authentic

uh then that’s what you do and that’s

what i was talking about earlier you

know with the venus flytrap one

where that could have been really edited

down this is an example of where you can

really edit something down to just show

the viewer

this very specific thing i’ll just do

this one as another example

so i think what these shots are trying

to do is capture the the revving up of

the engine of a sports car and for this

audience it seems to work

now let’s try one of the longer form



may 15th

are you doing at this point as well


yeah once again like i what what are we

doing here i i mean i think it’s like a

car party but i mean

what is the video going to bring us

yeah um just hanging out i mean i can’t


i’m not going to go through the whole

video but it felt like they pressed


and they pressed stop

and they didn’t edit anything and now i

know i’m judging that on first

impressions but when the first part of

the video does this

you’re starting the video

using your

apple watch as a as a focus point

which which shouldn’t be something

that’s included in the video


that tells me again that perhaps you

haven’t done enough editing to this

video i’ll just jump randomly a minute


it’s like a track built

i got juice all over my my fingers over

my hands

and all over my screen

i basically yeah let me just start from

the beginning again and just go in a



it’s it feels as if

you’re filming

your face timing to a friend


uh cars but leaving in all of the i

guess the mistakes or the pauses or the

all the the bits that shouldn’t be in


so it’s not being edited down

for the

the viewing comfort of somebody on


it’s how i probably best explain that

no no this is not a video for youtube

consumption they all they pretty much

use youtube as a repository for this

video more or less it does feel like it

a little bit yeah now

for these shorts that kind of works they

if you just

filming that like two or three second


and then you know you don’t have to make

any other changes that’s fine but for a

longer piece of content it needs a lot

more thought and direction put into into

it i’ll just try part one again first

10-15 seconds

there should be a voiceover or a

narration now telling us

where you are what you’re doing

yep i agree

i learned my lesson last time

i don’t think that’s the first thing

that we should hear from you

whatever it was like i’ve learned my


and getting the footage again that feels

as if something that you’re internally

saying to yourself

and not really telling the audience


shots are fine i think you’re getting a

lot of views and you’ve got a lot of

footage of shorts but these longer form

videos a lot more thought and editing

needs to be put into them

yes draw another one

rolling the bread alone

i feel viper i feel as if i’m just being

uber critical about everything

no it’s like i said before

if they are here they are here because

they trust us enough to trust our our

our our critiques of their channels and

we’re not trying to be mean we’re not

trying to be overly harsh but

uh you all want to grow you want to be

better creators and that’s why you’re

here so we are going to do the best

thing that we can to make you guys

better creators and that’s what we’re


why can i not find sunny meme

did i miss it

it’s not rare right you can’t see it


i’m not being well i’m not thinking


unless the um

profile image is changed for some reason

sorry sunny meme you just don’t seem to

be there

you are hidden i’ll give it another

three seconds of scrolling oh that’s it

no more results that is bizarre

because i thought it would be quite a

unique channel name but


sorry about

it maybe that you’re this result but you


streaming is giving you this image but i

can’t find it unfortunately

i think what you should all do by the

way if you’re feeling um

a little aggrieved

is go and watch some of our vid iq


and post a comment on what you think of

the intros and if

if you don’t think they’re very good i’m

up for the constructive criticism

also let me take a moment to direct you

all attention to

our new uh program that we are running

here called vid iq mac


yeah vidiq max is a group coaching

program where three of our coaches will

coach you and a group of other

participants and you can get your

questions answered directly one-to-one

they will look into your channel they’ll

look into your videos they’ll answer any

questions that you have and one of the

cooler aspects of it is that the coaches

usually they make a presentation about

something youtube related and then after

the presentation they will answer your

questions and look into your channel and

do all of the different things

now again it’s not one-to-one you are in

a group of you are with another group of

people but

that in a way that could be almost

better because then you can brainstorm

off of each other in the group and once

you join vidiq max you also get access

to a private discord server with other

mac participants so again you have a

group of people that you can bounce

ideas and brainstorm off of in addition

to the coaches that we bring in for

vidiq mac and we are also bringing in

special guest coaches as well uh

throughout the session so

feel free to consider vidiq mac it is a

part of our our uh our vidiq max uh boom

program i think it’s like 79 bucks a

month right now that price will go up

that is an introductory price so if you

guys are interested in getting more

uh granular training on your youtube

channels and having more brains help you

grow your channel i would definitely

consider vidiq max it is legit i’ve been

in on some of those calls and yeah the

stuff that’s being talked about and


big brain stuff going on over there the

value of conversation i’ve already seen

in the uh discord

server is incredible because it’s just

it’s all youtube growth chat like

there’s there’s no fluff no bs like

people are just asking questions


their their content their thumbnails

their videos

or their offering advice to others

because i i think all of the people who

are joining


vidiq max have had some degree of

success maybe in this particular aspect

of content creation but not in this

particular aspect of content creation so

they’re able to share their knowledge

along with you know alexi jeff and

travis being in there pretty much 24 7

and um with all of these bonuses that

they do like they commit

to two

recordings and q a’s per month but they

well exceed that every every month and

like last week i just decided randomly

to drop in and do an ask me anything for

an entire hour

uh where i just like fielded questions

about all sorts of things and there were

really great questions and i really

enjoyed it i’m probably going to be

jumping back in there sometime this week

or next week so as viper said there’s a

link down below in the description


the price at the moment is

introductory i think it is going to

change at some point so if you want to

benefit from the best price available

for vidiq max now’s your chance and by

the way you get everything that’s

already been recorded on vidiq max all

of them i think like 13 or 14 meetings

that they’ve already had that’s all

included so you can look at all of us

all that pre-recorded stuff as well so i

think at this point there’s probably

about 15 hours worth of

video footage i mean on the vid iq

channel we upload maybe an hour’s worth

of content per month

along with the live streams so like 15

hours worth of learning material every

uh already on there plus moscom pretty


definitely a great value for sure

uh now let’s have a look at uh staying


doesn’t look as if it’s a bg’s um

tribute channel i don’t think though

but it looks a bit dank meme whereby

i’m not sure what the content is let’s

try the latest one

so this looks like a cut scene from a

video game

i can’t see any transformational content


let’s try

this one at a shots

no one left a fight in your place

don’t fight this is it

so i think that was a clip from destiny

2 or this is has there been a third

destiny i can’t remember now

i think it’s still destiny too right

uh yeah you need a one or two i’m not

sure someone correct me in the chat if

i’m wrong

i i don’t

just because i don’t have enough context

of a channel

i don’t know if that was your content

or you just listed it from somewhere


just because of all of the other content

on here i don’t know

where the

the original content begins and the

lifted content from elsewhere

ends if you if you know what i mean

let’s i’m just gonna try one more

fulfill your destiny

there’s nothing really we can advise

here as far as i’m concerned uh viper

it’s just

clips and cutscenes yeah and i don’t

know where the where the source of those

that comes from

my i guess my advice would be

how do you

what you need to do

is ensure that the viewer is in coming

across original content

that’s been made by you or transformed

by you


is something that’s hitting a target


with every single video that you make

because it may be that you get thousands

of views on some of these videos like

six thousand views on that video for


and if i sort by most popular

you know 185 000 views on this one

brilliant okay

but i’m pretty sure that that’s just a

cut scene from a video game and you’re

never going to be able to monetize that

and you’ll probably be hit with reusing

repetitious content on your channel as


so all of these things uh to consider

if you want to be an original content

creator on youtube


15 minutes left any more updates uh has


has it moved more in depth favor or

herd’s favor the amount to be paid out

no i think i think i think it don’t work

johnny pretty much one johnny that one

three million twenty three million

dollars twenty million dollars yeah you

know and you know how twitter is uh

people were some people were happy some

people were mad and

yeah that’s that’s right

i would be fascinated to know

how much

inc how much money has been generated in

the creator economy

based off of amber heard

johnny depp


my guess is i could be completely wrong

with this but i reckon emily d baker

through all of her super chats


sponsor opportunities i wouldn’t be

surprised if she’s made like six six


i just think you’re super chatter 100

bucks so that tells you anything that’s

right there

six figures easily


yeah it’s like it’s been like the


social media platform storm for

generating content

whether rightly or wrongly anyway uh

creative ideas sultan is probably

tearing their hair out waiting for us to

audit their channel so let’s have a look

at homemade woodworking



all right supposedly i like it

uh like i said earlier about the the

other person who did this he showed us

the finished product first and then he

showed us he got into how he was going

to go about building it to get to that

finished product so yeah

i don’t i wish though it would have been

some sort of narration yeah

i was wondering that because

so this is a finished product

yeah and then it moves quickly onto this

and the editing is quite sharp and i


in one way i do like the um visual

narration you know you know with a

finger wagging right but then i got lost



what do i need this

where’s this come from do i need to

purchase this

do i need to chop down a tree to get it

where does this come from

that’s what that’s where i got lost

yep because does it explain how i get


and then

do i need i guess i need this sander


what is this vice i guess

the question becomes here viper is this

just a visually satisfying

almost like asmr

video to watch

does the creator expect the viewer to be

able to potentially make this themselves

at the end of it

because i guess it doesn’t it doesn’t

tell us it says it’s an idea but it

doesn’t necessarily tell us that it’s a

a tutorial on how to do it

well at the end of this how to make

drill bit wooden rack but again how are

we going to do that i mean we can watch

you but if you’re not telling us exactly

what steps we needed to take to build it

i don’t know how we’re going to build



my guess is this is more for visual

satisfaction and entry

uh and you know

it’s interesting because

they’ve clearly they’re clearly

considering the

viewers time by doing all that stuff in

time lapses

and then you know we were talking about

the animation channel that didn’t quite

have the right ambience and sound this

one kind of does in that we’re getting

all of the uh apart from that annoying

notification bell

um but we’re getting like the different

soaring noises


again that’s time lapse it’s been sped

up a little bit there with a little bit

of a zoom out

and so yeah

as a quick three minute video i think

that’s visually satisfying let’s watch

the final

15 seconds

to see if they direct us to watch

something next

so again i think it’s laboring a little

bit and here

you’ve given me four choices

and i’ve probably i’m now a bit

paralyzed by choice

i don’t know which one of these to

to press on

if it was me i would probably spend the

last 10 seconds

taking clips

from one of these videos

with some simple text saying i’m going

to make this next

like a 10 second montage and then just

one call to action to one of these

videos because i don’t know i don’t know

which one i should pick out of these i

don’t know which one’s most relevant to

my my viewing my next viewing


yup again more narration probably would

have been youthful in the case but

nonetheless good job

yeah consistent views uh on some of

these and it looks as if

i mean i’m again i’m just curious about

how he’s using shots

i don’t know if this is going to be

copyright claimed either with this music

so that looked like um

a mix between something visually

satisfying sanding down a block of wood

and then maybe

a solution to not having to waste the

the sanding pad

to kind of pull double duty there which

is quite interesting

uh creative ideas sultan

there let’s pick another channel

edward travels

where does edward travel to

and are they an animation channel or not



which one should we do

let’s do the empty cruise ship tour

oh i wonder from vancouver

morning so today we’re here in vancouver

bc hey and a lot of people are most of

the passengers got off the ship but

we’re staying on for the next cruise so

what we’re going to do is we’re going to

walk through the ship and i’m going to

show you an empty cruise ship

okay so

what do you think of the


you need to go first because you were

kind of excited in vancouver sir it’s

because i recognize um that ship

i think that ship comes into the port

quite often


i i i seem to remember my wife and i

took a walk down to um

the dock where it is like two weeks ago

so maybe this was filmed

at that time

i think what i would have preferred

instead of this shot

i think i would have preferred

something that emphasized the emptiness

of the cruise ship a little bit more

in your opening



how you do that i’m not quite sure is

there like a

okay i mean let me jump in here real

quick this one’s actually one of the

real time where i disagree with you okay

yeah sure go ahead and i disagree with

you because i like this shot because it

shows the ship to scale how how big it

is so when you’re going through the crew

of the tour inside the ship you now know

how big that ship is when he’s taking

you through the crew but i like that

i think you got a fair point there maybe


including this shot

of of the open deck

and then


maybe right this first then um

viper and then the next shot is

i just want to get a sense of scale of

the emptiness that’s what i what i

didn’t quite get



after this i think we’ll both agree that

you know he comes on after 10 seconds

just to explain

what he’s going to be doing in this

video and i think that’s absolutely fine

i guess the next question is

okay so he’s doing voice narration

throughout all the doors

right now

there’s a just a few people in here

so like a walking voice narration tour i

think that’s absolutely not an empty

cruise ship there

never asked a couple of people also i

think that it felt like the music was a

little loud as well yeah i mean yeah

too much


uh your voice narration and then i know

we shouldn’t be auditing this too much

but i feel as if the thumbnail could


be a little different

i need to somehow get that sense of an

empty ship a little bit more if you can

if you can do that

uh but we’ll go to the end and see what

he’s going to tell us to watch next

in the next video

oh oh did he just say see in the next

video i heard only 100 passengers on the

ship right now

i gotta go downstairs to get off the


and then get back on for the new cruise

so be sure to like subscribe all that

good stuff

and we will see you in the next video

which will be in seattle

and the music’s definitely too loud

yeah and by the time i see you in the

next video people are gone yeah

yeah it felt like the outro was a little

too long there

um you know

tell us

tell us a little bit more about one of

these videos and why we should watch

them if they’re already on your channel

i think i think you guys got the general

gift of what we’re trying to do today

here basically what we’ve been trying to

do for the past two hours and to get you

all to understand that

you really need to make your videos

exciting and alluring in the first 30

seconds because again the whole goal

is to keep the viewer watching your

video as long as humanly possible but

they will never even get to that point

if your intros are boring uh un un uh

un energetic un

interesting if you’re throwing flash

screens up there in the first like 10

seconds so you got to make these intro

pop and that’s what we’re trying to get

to you guys today i i think it should

also been mentioned that i think we’ve

given a lot of the same advice to a lot

of channels yeah so you’re not alone in

having struggles with intros you know

these three primary aspects of content

creation which are a thumbnail the title

and the intro

a lot of creators do struggle with this

to begin with and those who can start to

excel at those three key areas of

youtube will start to see

their videos get more clicks and then

more views and then build a community um

so you’re all you’re all in that same

you’re all in that same pool you don’t

feel as if you you don’t have to feel as

if you’re

a hundred steps behind anybody else

everybody is kind of in a similar pool

right now of

not quite

executing on the um on the intro

with a few exceptions

i i

i so we’re going to order this channel

that i can’t pronounce

with waiting sign

uh okay so these videos are not getting

any views at all really so let’s try and

work out why we’ll go to the most recent


oh [ __ ] no

oh i’ll remember after this one oh there

was somebody there what happened then

okay yep

so there was 10 seconds i think i guess

is this a live stream

i don’t think it is

it might have been maybe it was a twitch

stream maybe and they converted it to

youtube possibly i’m not sure yeah um

so there was just i would describe the

first 10 seconds of dead air

uh maybe i don’t know if it was a swear

word i do apologize if i was


let’s try another one now let’s do this


20 minutes into four night stuff

i think my internet is just about done

with today

well luckily we are just about done

yeah come

on come on you just gotta learn one more

video pledge

it is bizarre how

i think i’m

live streaming absolutely fine i don’t

think i’m having any issues with that

nope but youtube has not been

cooperating with me all day

and i think it’s it’s telling me


it’s subconsciously telling me

that it might be time to

to end this a little early oh there we

go item shop and all that later

i just want to make sure that this is

gonna goddamn that’s on top chat still i

could’ve swore i switched that

live chat

okay so

if you’re going to convert a live stream


on video on demand content

you have to appreciate the viewers time

because the viewer is in a different

mode and mood of watching if you’re

watching a live stream they will allow

you to have technical snags and glitches

and help wait for you to sort things out


as has been the case in this live stream

but if they are wanting to watch

a dedicated video on demand you need to

cut out all of this

production aspect of it

and tell us in the first 20 seconds

what this video is about and something

exciting from it

as opposed to continuing to set it up

because if i would have already moved on

to watch another video if it’s going to

be another 20 minutes of this

which is kind of what i’ve been led to

believe in the first 10 seconds

i’m on to the next video i don’t know if

you agree or disagree with that viper

but those are my thoughts

yeah you should yeah if you again like

rob said if you’re going to make a live

stream and turn it into a vod a video on

demand you got to tweak it you got to

tweak it to be

more appealing like a regular video on

demand you can’t leave the whole correct

of the logic in there and just

just leave it like that is and make it a

video on demand inspect you to watch it

dead they’re not a lot

again you’re talking about two

completely different audiences for live

streams as opposed to video on demand so

you got you got to do some tweaking

there to make it more appeasing to uh a

regular video on demand audience so

the viewer’s intent is very different

depending on whether you’re watching a

live stream

like if it was

somebody watching a tick tock or a short

versus watching a five minute video

versus watching a two hour live stream

completely different viewing have


expectations and intent and you’ve got

to respect that

for the viewer

and with all of that it brings us up to

the top of your viper we’ve done another

one um

yeah should we try and do

a fist pump

wrong way over whatever

boom but yeah it doesn’t quite work yeah

oh so um

it was lovely hanging with you all uh i

am on vacation for the next two weeks so

you won’t be seeing michael for a while

have a good time are you going anywhere

oh no i’m probably just staying around

here staying home watch tv and play

video games

yeah but obviously as you know at the

end of the month i’ll be heading out to

california for vidcon so i would if any

of you all are going to vidcon come say

hi to the booth i’ll be there with the

rest of our crew

indeed indeed vidcon is now what i think

four weeks away yeah we are we are in

the mall we are in vidcon three weeks

away isn’t it three right


so uh do make sure to check out vid iq

if you attend that um i hope you enjoyed

what i’m going to describe as another

beta test session of video audits

um if we continue to do this we’ll

probably make it a little more

structured we’ll have like a form to

fill out we’ll be we’ll be doing we’re

picking people from here there and

everywhere um but we’re just trying to

figure out if we can do this

for like

another 30 episodes like can we watch

video intros for the rest of the year

and i think that’s what we need to

figure out um but if you find it useful

then do let us know in the chat and do

let us know on twitter and anywhere else

you can get in touch with us uh as viper

mentioned earlier on and in the screen

below uh in the ticker below uh we have

vidiq max where you can take your

education and your coaching to the next

level there’s a link in the description

do check it out otherwise i think it’s

time to say goodbye viper so let’s do a

double salute and we’ll see you

next time



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