Today we’ll be randomly selecting channels and looking through their videos to determine how they can achieve better retention and more views.


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we’re back at it today we’re going to be

taking a look at your videos you you

watching we might be looking at your


on our live stream and we’re going to

check out ways in which you might be

able to improve whether it’s your intros

whether it’s adding some more b-roll

whether it’s your outros we’re going to

look at as much as we can from as many

people as we can if you’re watching this

after the fact

it won’t be your channel unfortunately

you had to be here for the live stream

which happened at 2 p.m eastern on

wednesday but don’t worry if you

subscribe hit the notification bell

hopefully you can join us for the next

one and submit your channel while we’re

live and for those of you who are here

live and been waiting thank you thank

you all so much let’s bring in mr rob

olson hey dan hey everybody uh i sounded

like dr nick riviera office simpsons

just then um a couple more time zones

for you it’s 11 a.m


it is

7 p.m

bst british summer time

i don’t know what time it is elsewhere

do let us know in the chat and don’t

know what dan i’m i’m both feeling

excited and nervous because i think this

is a fantastic brand new idea that we’ve

come up with


i’ve never done this before

am i going to be able to give you right

advice don’t know what i’m talking about

i’m a bit lazy when i do my own video

editing like

yeah there’s all sorts of thoughts

theories experiences of running through

my head right now but i’m looking

forward to it see this is how i approach

it because i’m also i can be kind of

lazy with my video editing i think all

of us can be guilty of that however

because they’re not my videos yeah i

want this is on you to take the advice

however you want to take it you know if

we recommend a bunch of changes and you

want to do 10 of that or zero percent of

that or minus 10 of that that’s all up

to you that’s no skin off my nose so

we’re gonna go all in we’re gonna like

tell you all the things we would have


and hopefully it can be of use

all of the things a

perfect creator would do i i did the

quotes yeah

we’re gonna scrutinize as

hard-nosed viewers

but we also understand how long some of

this stuff takes to do and whether or

not i can be bothered to do it myself

so the way this works is a little bit

different on tuesdays we have a form

where you would go into the description

you’d fill it out to submit your channel

here what we’re going to do is use this


generator tool it’s called the giveaway

tool and the way it works is once i hit

this button

if you say hashtag review

at any point in this live stream once i

hit the button for the rest of the live

stream you will be in this drawing you

can’t submit multiple times you can only

use the hashtag one time whether you use

it 100 times or not it only works once

and from there we’ll be having this just

pick the channels for us we’re going to

look at probably one video per person

that comes up unless we get really

interested in something we want to dive

a little bit deeper and we’re going to

be looking at like the first 30 seconds

and from there maybe looking at the

video as a whole to see what could be

done we’re not worried too much about

titles and thumbnails but tuesdays we go

real deep on those so be sure to join us

for those live streams and uh

we also have a new twist to this uh last

week we didn’t do this but

if you are in what we call vid iq max

which is our group coaching uh segment

of our company uh you may have had an

opportunity to fill out

a form

and we took five people from vid iq max

and we’re going to look at their videos

throughout this live stream so they’ve

guaranteed themselves just for being

invited q max and seeing the form go up

they’ve guaranteed themselves some

time from us and we’re going to be

taking a look at some of these videos

from these channels a little bit later

on so

if you’re invited q max which we’ll talk

about more in a little while

that was something you could have done

too and they can submit multiple times

because they can use hashtag review

if they didn’t fill out the form for


well anyway now i’m complicating it

they could submit again if they wanted

to because they’re in vidiq max so if we

do this again with more people

submitting on the form who knows it’s

two chances in the future

all right i’m gonna roll it though i

think everyone’s been very patient

already 67 people have used the hashtag

and if that’s one if that’s you

please relax now you don’t need to use

it anymore 60 60 79 people a lot of

people using it right now we have slow

mode on just to keep the spam down but

uh also as we’re doing this live stream

if you have any questions feel free to

put hashtag question in front of it and

if we spot that we’ll kind of grab it

put in the background we’ll also take

questions kind of throughout the stream

a little bit we’ll answer some of your

youtube related questions as well but

for the most part we’re gonna be

spending the next two hours reviewing

videos from you find creators so we’ll

let a few more of these populate right

now uh there’s almost 300 people

watching i wonder how many likes we have

does that match oh

no 144 likes

well hopefully when you’re done hitting

when you’re done typing review you can

also hit that like button help us out

all right i’m going to draw it

this will be the first


now you missed just a little bit just a

little bit vox virus

all right

we’re going to be checking out this

channel first and also add the caveat if

your channel name is quite generic we

may struggle to find your channel just

as a word of warning we apologize in

advance if we can’t find our channel

because of that yeah we will only scroll

so far before giving up uh so that is

not necessarily your fault a lot of

people when it comes to a popular name

could have the same name so we’re

looking at a channel 31 subscribers here

looks like they’ve been uploading for

about a year so let’s take a look at

their latest video and let it play for

like the first 30 seconds and see if we

can spot

i blame undertale for ruining a lot of

games for me being able to charm

monsters into being your friends so now

when i play anything else it’s just not

the same like when i played stardew for

the first time i just kept hesitating

being like why do i have to kill the

cute little slam balls and although i

absolutely love stardu it just stunk

that if i didn’t kill them i couldn’t

progress so when i was brainstorming

ideas for the last week of summer i came

up with the concept of using potions as

your only weapon and while i was

drafting out potion types that’s when it

hit me this is where i can make my own

undertale inspired combat i decided to

make two potion types humane or lethal

pose interesting


i wasn’t expecting them to be like a

game developer

but it says indie devlog at the back of

the title so now that i’m reading the

title again i just read the first part

but i don’t want to kill them

what do you think this was interesting

i thought that the intro in terms of um

editing and voiceover delivery of this

the script that i think they wrote

was uh fair quite well polished

i’m still 37 seconds i’m like what a

quarter into this video now and i’m

still not entirely sure what the premise

of the

the video of a challenge is

maybe that’s my lack of understanding

about the games that have been described

but i felt as if

it needed to be explained

more simply and quickly what they were

trying to do but dan you being a gamer

familiar with stardew valley you may

understand a little bit more what’s

going on here i it took me see the way

they tell the story wasn’t bad like it i

was kind of getting more and more hooked

on it i didn’t want to stop at 30

seconds if that’s any uh help to you

because i like the premise where they’re

going i like how they compared two games

that are very popular to like a similar

audience undertale and stardew i think

share a lot of overlap there and it’s

kind of cool the differences that you

point out right so even if you haven’t

played those games you’ve kind of given

me context so all that was there i guess

where where rob is getting lost and

where i was a bit lost at the very

beginning was that we read the title as

but i don’t want to kill them which is

very vague we don’t really know what

we’re going to get it’s it’s a

development vlog but we didn’t

you know it it wasn’t clear what part of

game development you were about to like

go into so it was the combat system so

it’s kind of i know we said we weren’t

going to talk about titles and

thumbnails too much but sometimes this

is what happens i i think a title and

thumbnail that got me more ready for

that experience just now would have been

really helpful

if that makes sense

but once i got into it i got into it


can you replay the first 15 seconds of

this done um

let’s have another go from for my


i blame undertale for ruining a lot of

games for me being able to charm

monsters into being your friends so now

when i play anything else is just not

the same like when i played stardew for

the first time i just kept hesitating

pause i think you see i think this is

what all of that should come after

explaining what i’m going to do in the


which is it’s something like lines i’m

going to i’m going to um

create two potions for two different

games and it’s and i don’t want them to

get killed or something along those

lines it felt like she was trying to


the the supporting reasons for making

this video yes or anything else

that’s where i think the

the storytelling is a little lost on me

you almost took the invite my advice

that i give a lot of people of don’t use

an intro a little too far because now we

we missed a context bit what i don’t

want to see people doing is hey guys i’m

vox virus welcome back to another video

in the last video that’s what i don’t

like to see but we kind of chopped too

much off because of the front like you

said like if they would have said have

you ever played a video game and you’re

just so upset about having to kill

monsters well i might have a solution

for that

so there you go yeah that’s a good intro

that’s that it’s right i took about six

seconds to explain that yeah

a nice little setup would have been

helpful and the reason we’re so hung up

on this is because it’s the difference

between us dropping off right now at 14

seconds or sticking through the whole

video because we get in and we get the

premise immediately

and i’ll always go back to mr beast if

you pull up any of his videos he gives

you the first thing he hits you with is

the premise and he’s an excellent

storyteller all that’s in the video and

done very well but it’s always him

shouting down the lens what’s going to

happen in the video with text to support

it you’re not that you need that but

that’s that’s kind of what was missing


dan can you track along the timeline

don’t click just so that we see the

thumbnails yeah keep going so it looks

like there’s a lot of b-roll uh

shifting scene changes graphics coming

in that’s all

good for me to see um but

if you look at the thumbnail

i’m seeing the creator presumably the

hero of this video

or the the hero of a channel

but it looks like they’re not in the

video at all

so my question is is it necessary to

have you

in the thumbnail if you’re not actually

appearing in the in the video itself


what was that like this

uh the text would need to be a little

bit different in terms of color and size

but i think

this is a better thumbnail

because if this if it was paired with a

title like

like uh

in my game you don’t kill monsters or

something like that

it would help support that a little bit

but i see what you went for you have a

title and a thumbnail that do work

together it’s just now it’s the pitch to

somebody who’s never seen your channel

before they don’t really know what

they’re getting into it leaves me with

too many questions and i think that’s


you know we get 38 views we’re just not

we’re not pulling in enough clicks

because of that combo

but yeah good point my guess is that the

audience retention

stabilizers probably pretty quickly

after the first 30 seconds

uh when people are invested because it

looks like the production value is

pretty good and the presentation of the

content is good

but the as you say down the thumbnail

title in the intro

i got lost

a pre i appreciate that i’m a bit of a

layman here uh but i i may have been

clicking off um

so i think it’s almost like the the

intro is bringing down the rest of the

video which is uh which is of a good

standard yeah


i mean best of luck this is a really

strong start uh i wish you look on your

game dev journeys that’s not an easy

field to go into at all uh and uh yeah

it looks like you’re uh already there’s

a lot of improvements from where you

were at with your thumbnails yeah custom

thumbnails in use uh which is a good

start i guess that’s

they’ve just started their using their

own face in the thumbnails as maybe as

an experiment for the last couple of

videos as well yeah and and that can

work too but maybe maybe your face camp

should be on during the videos as well

just to kind of help with that bit of

context too

uh but okay we’re going to look at our

first vidiq max submitted channel all

right uh so

vidiq max is our group coaching

product here it’s a brand new service

where we’ve launched a bid iq there’s a

link down below if you want to go check

it out and you have access with vidiq

max to youtube mentors who are doing

live lessons

twice a month if not more and sometimes

myself like i’m in there rob wilson’s in

there uh every now and again we come in

we answer your questions we talk on a

youtube topic and you’ve access to a 24

hour discord full of other members of

etique max and there’s a ton of value

here it is a youtube mentorship program

so if you’re looking for somebody to

really take a look at your channel and

really get in there uh you can join

vidiq max the plans are down below and

uh yeah so this is this is one of the

folks in the vidiq max program and i

want to look at their latest video

presuming they’ve been through a couple

of calls now in vet iqmax we’ll see i

don’t know whether what their content

looked like prior to vidiq max but uh

we’ll just kind of see what they’re

doing these days five weed moments i

speed one is applause fired we were five

weird moments in plants versus zombies

speed running so they did say they were

a speedrun channel it is in their uh

channel name as well

so this is interesting speedrunners of

plants vs zombies played the game so

much that they frequent

uh-oh i buffered it i’m sorry

this didn’t happen last week believe it

or not

let me refresh the tab

speed runners of plants vs zombies

played the game so much that they

frequently find moments in the game that

defy all logic here are five of those

moments the pole vaulting zombie is

notorious for having oh wow this is like

really struggling all of a sudden all

right so my advice dan is take some of

these tabs off of this


and then bring the time tabs back in um

when when we play them because that

seems to work


oh boy i was hoping to like group them

look like this

well now i’m just making a mess here

uh-oh you’re putting me under too much

pressure okay

all right took off all the extra vidiq

max tabs

so we’ll put these in their own little

bubble for now

minus that out

thanks chrome

this better word now i hope it doesn’t

kind of i’m going to see

but this moment

sorry technical difficulties here we go

speedrunners of plants vs zombies played

the game so much that they frequently

find moments in the game that defy all

logic here are five of those


this video what did you just saw a 4k

video like what did you do

using a red camera

frequently find moments in the game that

defy all logic here are five of those


this is the most frustrated i’ve ever

been on a live stream


is it just this video

maybe try november

okay let’s yeah

that’s an hour long that might have been

a live stream

do the one yeah do that one

can i beat the first survival level in

plants vs zombies of just purple plants

the answer may shock

they shock you i presume answers my



let’s see if we can solve these

technical difficulties done so i’m gonna

maybe have um

my screen sharing as a backup so i’m

going to try and bring this up

all right



speedruns okay

all right

videos right

right nice person

in plants vs zombies of just purple

plants the answer me

that’s so bizarre all right let’s check

it out all right so i’ve got the um

one the the latest video which i’ve got

from like a day ago

versus zombies played the game so much

that they frequently find moments in the

game that defy all logic here are five

of those moments the pole vaulting

zombie isn’t it so

i think just from the very first 10

seconds if you just look at this screen

here speed runners of plants vs zombies

played the game so much that they

frequently find moments in the game that

defy all logic

is kind of a redundant screen at the

moment because it’s not showing me


any weird moments this is just a person

playing the game

we should really try and find

two weird moments that they could



in the first five seconds

um at this point so i feel as if there

may be a miss opportunity there but you

have told us fairly quickly what the

rest of the video is going to be about

here are five of those moments the pole

vaulting zombie is notorious for having

a very peculiar hitbox but this moment

in captain colonel’s or puzzles run is

one of the strangest i’ve ever seen




speaking of your

okay then what do you think that’s so

that was the money in the first 30

seconds they were able to tell us what

the video was about and have one odd

moment i i do appreciate that they

zoomed in i haven’t played this game

before so it’s kind of it’s hard for me

to know what is a weird moment and in

that situation even if you have played

the game it might be hard to know what

you’re having people look at so you you

did remedy that right away by zooming in

and it was kind of clear to see like oh

it went through that object that’s kind

of weird so i i i think that’s pretty uh

i think it’s pretty good it looked like

that brought us into the next chapter as

well you’ve broken it up into chapters


i i i will say so it’s a it’s a channel

about speed running in general so i

think they’re what they’re not doing

speed runs from what we can tell they’re

kind of telling stories about speed runs

and that’s an interesting concept

uh it’s just for a speed running channel

i don’t know

it just the video feels like it moves a

bit slow

if that makes sense it i don’t i think

there’s or missing some excitement or


it it might we might be like

it might not be slowness because a

two-minute video it’s not that

you know it’s obviously moving at a good

pace but it’s your excitement as you’re

narrating it’s something’s like

i think if you could like turn you up

just a little bit in terms of like the

the ampedness like that guy

yeah and

many of these screens are quite static

like you said it’s not um

i think we’re so much going up happening

on screen

it needs to zoom in on the particular

interesting thing that’s happening you

know like i did it with the um paul

vaulting zombie very briefly at the



i think there was maybe a miss

opportunity there so

continue to track through the timeline

as you can see

it’s always just showing

the main screen

without zooming in on anything

and i feel as if there may be a miss

opportunity to

show us something specific of interest

yeah and maybe arrows as well pointing

at stuff

yeah and you could have a couple sound

effects accompanying those arrows um

since this clip it has been achieved by

a handful of other runners but i have no

idea why this happens we got to talk

about that

just before we um

do dan i just want to look at this video

because this has 1 300 views which is an

outlier and i’m wondering why that is so

let’s maybe try the first 15 seconds i

think first of all the thumbnail is


i think the title is clear on this one

yes i’m glad you brought that up because

i noticed that as well


shaw has changed

with next generation wi-fi six


versus zombies with just purple plants

the answer may shock you so now that is

such a such a better intro isn’t it

because you’re focusing on the theme

which is purple plants

asking a question

and then that classic


of putting text on screen that matches

your narration yep that’s much better

intro and i think that’s probably

why this video has a little bit more

audience retention my guess and more




i i think the pitch of the video was a

bit better in the title and thumbnail

and i agree completely with the intro as

well it’s a but it might be also an

easier setup it may be a topic that’s

much easier for you to like broach

because it’s easier to explain

i’m guessing that this is

the creator’s own challenge

because i think on the other video that

he made it was a collection of other

people’s videos and weird moments


and so i think he’s able to control

the environment of this video a bit more

with what he’s doing

and then yeah there’s more

fun stuff being added to the video as


yeah this is kind of when you put stakes

in your videos it’s kind of what we were

talking about uh days ago like

add stakes to your gaming videos and

that’s kind of what they did i’m going

to try to beat the game but with the

restriction of only using this one item

and that’s when whenever we talk about

adding stakes to your video to add that

extra bit of intrigue that’s exactly

what they did

it paid off in terms of the views the

intro was really strong it’s not a big

time commitment if you’re if you’re new

to this creator you’ve never heard of

them before well yeah sure why not three

minutes sure

okay you want us to talk about something

at the end here


so be very careful about end screens

like this because you were not done

talking and

if i was really invested in your video

and i saw that pop up yeah this happens


it’s it’s an invitation to like leave

right like i didn’t i didn’t know i was

at the end of the video but those popped

up before it was done

so just be sure to put those i would say

in a natural place you know to where you

don’t mind losing people because

i i don’t know maybe not everyone thinks

this way maybe this is

this again it’s just one person’s

opinion but i do feel like

as soon as the end screen pops up it’s

people are waiting to go to their next

thing and that just tells them oh yeah

we’re done

but you weren’t done talking

how we’ve been doing this uh recently on

the vid iq challenges we’ve been a lot

more intentional whereby we’ve

come to the conclusion of a video that

we’re talking about in this case five

weird moments in plants versus zombie

speed running and then we’ll say

now if you found this interesting and if

you want to check out five unfortunate

moments where this


pogo sticks off entire game or whatever

check out this video over here and have

one call to action and be very

intentional with it tell the viewer

exactly what they should be doing next

and why rather than as you say dan just

having these calls to action on the end

without even finishing what you’re

talking about um

the chances are that viewers because

they’ve got to the end of your video

they’re pretty invested they’re probably

satisfied they may be ready to watch

something next but you’ve got to really

encourage them and tell them why you

should do that

yeah 100 we’re gonna look at another one

here from those of you hitting putting

review in the chat

uh we have 340 entries

so 342 now

let’s see who we get


still a little little too soon

seven fingered man all right let’s check

out okay your channel

uh i’ll just pop up two new tab here oh

i gotta go to youtube to do it

i had a youtube tab open earlier



all right so it looks like an anime

review channel i want to say

and why don’t we go ahead and check out

your latest video

what animation you watch for the spring

2022 anime season that’s the question

that every seasonal anime fan is trying

to figure out right now but lucky for

you guys i’ve done research on every

single anime that’s airing in spring

2022 and i’m here to let you guys know

that there are some absolutely amazing

anime era next season and there’s also

quite a few that i think are going under

the radar for a lot of people i

potentially think they could be anime of

the season but no one’s really talking

about it without further ado let’s go

ahead and check out what i found when i

concluded my research i like to start


so it looks like they planned that for

30 seconds


they need to see some

b-roll yeah i i think cause you do bring

it in in the corner here even that once

in a while would have been good i don’t

know if you ever take over the screen

with it or not it looks like it’s just

talking head and then occasionally you

get the the screen in the corner



is there a reason for that i mean is it

is maybe a copyright thing

going on yeah uh but yeah even even

having like so i’m gonna go through the

top animes that are coming out so just

little bits from the trailers like

popping up next to you here and there

that would have been

you know that would have helped because

yeah it was like a lot of looking at you

kind of breaking down

the video and

i do appreciate the way you explained

everything but you did basically say a

longer version of the title yeah it was

there was a lot of

telling not showing there and

if if we want to be ruthless about this

i would try and turn that intro into 10

seconds or less

and don’t tell

don’t tell the audience everything

explain every single facet i’ve been

guilty of this in the past and it’s

something i’m trying to experiment with


telling them less and showing them more

um let’s just can you just play the

intro again dan uh maybe not all 30

seconds but let me just hear it again

what anime should you watch for the

spring 2022 anime season that’s the

question that every seasonal anime fan

is trying to figure out right now but


was it so he didn’t need that second

section like that’s

every question that’s a question every

an anime fan is watching right now well

yeah it is that’s why i’m watching this



carry on

i’ve done research on every single anime

that’s airing in spring 2022 and i’m

here to let you guys know that we don’t

we don’t need to know that um or that

should have been the only thing you said

at the beginning

yeah it’s impressive

but we have two intros right now right

like yeah the first thing they said and

then that which is both are good but i

think i would have picked one yeah

there are some absolutely amazing anime

area next season and there’s also quite

a few that i think are going under the

radar for a lot of people i potentially

think they could be anime of the season

but no one’s really talking about it

without further ado let’s go ahead and

check out what i found when i concluded

my research yeah like you said that i

think like

you could use

three sentences from that intro and it

still makes sense i know you’re kind of

adding a little extra layer on top each

time but it’s probably not necessary


because it’s taking it’s taking too long

to get into the to the to the meat of

the video i would suggest

yeah absolutely someone i was trying to

pull up the comment here uh there’s been

a couple questions i’ve been grabbing

too uh like this person says i think

it’s actually good just some b-roll

missing and i agree like it’s not bad uh

we’re we’re well presented it’s well

presented and well scripted and and i

i don’t think there’s anything wrong

there yeah i’m

as i said i’m being i’m being the

ruthless viewer here yes yes we we’re

we’re min maxing right that’s what we’re

doing we’re trying to

make the intros that are already good

like everything we’ve seen today so far

is good but we want to make them even

better we’re here to try and take it to

the next level uh now i’m curious about

their outro uh let’s let’s see as we get

to well i’m going down can we just like

watch the next 3 30 seconds of

the worship yeah this chapter yeah

i like to start things out by pointing

out a couple anime i think you guys

should avoid at all costs and this

season there’s really two that i think

are going to be absolutely awful and

it’s mainly based on the way they look

first we have a stab life grading

story the setting you know what you

could do like instead of

48 seconds in like they could have

started with i think this is the worst

anime this year because of these reasons

you know and you spend like 10 to 15


with that intro and then you go into all

right now let’s take a look at the best

and worst animations we’re going to see

in 2022

and so you see how that could have all

been condensed down

and the videos already well into


the meat of it after 48 seconds


uh let’s look at

the end here

or shield hero overall i think this

season has something for absolutely

everybody regardless of what your taste

is hell it has six sports anime this

season so sports anime fans are eating

well and i for one can’t wait for these

series to start airing if you want more

content for me down in the description

below it’s gotta be my twitch twitter

and tick tock there’s nothing too much

i skipped to the perfect point because

as soon as these pictures went away they

started to wind down and i could feel it

i could feel wanting to click away way

that those two could pass either spy

family or shield hero overall i think

this overall and so we’re getting into

this like outro and you you have like

seconds my mouse is already moving

people’s thumb is already moving over to

like the next thing

and by the time you’re plugging tik-tok

and everything else like they’re long


you know so it’s just like long outros

can make the end of your retention graph


kind of early and that all plays to the

watch time and the overall percentage

right especially the shorter your video

is if your intro if your outro is too

long you’ve lost a chunk of people way

too early that’s

it’s probably fine we’re talking about

the last 20 seconds or so but i do think

that it’s very very obvious the video’s

ending and the trick i’ve been

personally trying is to make it so no

one knows my video is about to end

it just ends in a snap it’s just gone

you know and i because i want that

retention graph to be as flat as


let’s let’s keep it going until the end

those platforms and i want to hear from

you guys what are your top three anime

that you’re excited for this season this

is my most recent video and over here is

a video hand-picked specifically for you

and as always have a great day don’t

love our dog

look at all that there’s four calls to

action there and the

best sales pitch was this is my most

recent video this is one youtube


you have an opportunity there to send

whoever’s watching to the video you want

them to watch next so really

experiment with saying you should go

watch uh the ranking of the kings next

because um because it was it was one of

my favorite shows of the autumn 20

of the yeah the winter 2022. animations

and you’ll find out why if you watch it

uh so yeah

it’s what what that does is it creates

what we call a binge session you know


watch a second video from you in the

same session they watched a video from

you already


that’s a signal to youtube that tells

youtube this creator i found

i want to watch multiple videos of

theirs at the same time which means the

next time they come onto youtube if

you’ve uploaded a video it’s in their

face and if you haven’t uploaded a video

something from your back catalog is in

their face because they’re like oh the

other day you really liked the seven

fingered man and i’m going to show you

something else from them


that happens

so much easier if you can get people to

jump to the next video so instead of all

that call to action stuff i think you’ll

notice your subscriber numbers jump and

views on your other platforms jump

eventually if you build more fans by

getting people hooked on your content so

try to get rid of all that other fluff

and only point to one thing there’s four

things on the screen right now i can

only pick one of these

there’s four things and the only one you

were willing to really tell me about was

this one

only do that one then for sure


try to get me to go there don’t let me

know the videos ending right here


you know over here is some juicy nugget

that like i totally miss i left already

you know

how many comments do they have done just


16 comments all right so so ten percent

conversion rate a little over which is

not what isn’t too bad i didn’t notice

that they um asked the viewers a

question at the very end

and again it’s probably already too late

you know you’ve got four calls to

actions and then you’re asking him to uh

engage with a comment

is there some way you can insert that

comment in the first minute

or 90 seconds

and you know you’ll have to rephrase the

question it can’t be one of your three

favorite animes

if you haven’t

introduced them um but you know like it

could be like what what is your favorite

anime um

type because boy have we got a selection

for you in spring 2022

there was a lot of

backloading of things for the viewer to



it ends up being a paralysis of choice

they’ll just do none of that and move on

yeah uh so we’re gonna pick another one

and then we’re gonna take a couple of

your excellent questions there’s been

some really interesting ones uh so let’s

see here who’s next

i must confess that i forgot to start

any questions so i’ve

i picked a few

i forgot to press the button so i’m

going to be well behind


spikes you ever notice your cursor gets

lost in the confetti

and like find their name

just a little bit

all right

let’s fix oh it looks like a short gym

it is a shorts channel okay all right so

it looks like they’re doing minecraft

shorts based on the banner let’s look at

the latest one we’re gonna be shifting

gears here it’s gonna be way different



i’m gonna mute it just because i think

it’s only the music

either way it it

froze on me let me refresh

jimmy my friend built a big potato farm

to get money on some kind of server

ah shoot i’m sorry

let me go to a different one maybe

maybe i can have better luck here

so it looks like they just use

music which you should do like youtube

shorts gives you music to use

do you want to pull this one up this is


it’s like

one year of boxing shorts hashtag viral

okay i think i’m ready done if y’all



share on mine all right let’s try the

first one again


i had to wait a lot a long time for the

payoff which was very very quick



is that good dan

i mean it it’s it looks impressive it

looks like you spent a lot of time

building that but

the payoff is like a flash it’s just

gone we had to pause it to like see it

you know and

and that’s that’s not what you want like

the here’s the problem like so with

youtube shorts

you have a fraction of a second to like

hold somebody’s attention


every part of every little bit of your


could make them swipe away if they feel

like they’re not getting anything out of

it because when you find shorts you find

them on the short shelf and you can just

keep swiping like i’ll make an attempt

here so if i go to shorts

and it just shows me stuff swipe

swipe like if none of these videos do

enough and all of them are doing great

if none of these videos do enough to

like hold my attention i’m gone already

you know what i mean so

i think your video i can’t believe it

makes me go back like this your

video has this this problem where like

there’s music that doesn’t feel super

relevant to what’s going on


it just says wait for it you’re like

begging me to stay

and then i’m like all right i’ll check

it out and then it’s like

i could blink and miss

the payoff at the end

and then i have to watch it because

youtube source doesn’t really scrub

through so i have to watch it all the

way through again to see like well what

was it like

and that maybe that’s what you were

hoping would happen but i think by then

people would have just swiped away


understand that like if if it doesn’t

need to be there in shorts it shouldn’t

be there your short should be as short

as possible excuse me and i think that

the setup was too long especially when

you compare it to the payoff

let’s try

the drug dragon ball power on minicraft

because it’s got two and a half thousand



i didn’t get that at all

i put your screen on so you could

oh sorry will you play all right all

right do it again no yeah yeah


so what was that then like a power-up of

some kind i i think so

it it did well and maybe maybe people

who understand dragon ball got it i

i don’t know it was a bit jarring maybe

it was too short maybe there wasn’t

enough setup in that one

it’s hard to say


the subscribe thing though

that’s another problem with shorts yeah

no no

if you do that you’re inviting people to

leave and on with shorts that’s the last

thing you want to do you want people to

watch more than once and if people know

the video’s over because of your

subscribe call to action

they know whether they subscribe or not

they know the video is over they don’t

they know they don’t need to watch a

second time but

the cheeky thing you can do with shorts

you can trick people into watching more

than once and that’s

that’s where you get your 200 to 300

retention rates and that’s where you get

a lot of views maybe something happened

so quick in that one and that’s why

people were watching it so much 2.5 k

views a few days ago


it looks like that was their most

successful by far

i think dan what’s probably worth doing

here is um

well i’m gonna try this it might not



you know when you were showing all of

your um

shots they all had something really um


about them all


yeah it’s not happening for me which is

frustrating can you go back to your

screen and um

yeah just start the shots

loop so to speak

aimbot trick

see how like i was intrigued by this

because they were doing

they were they’re doing something to a

keyboard i wish i wouldn’t keep

buffering it was working so well earlier

what i’m noticing on uh on a lot of


beforehand was that there was they were

doing the um

not text-to-speech but also almost like

um his captions were on screen

and it was going a really really fast

rare but i read that we could follow it

and i was wondering if that might be

something that the the creator could uh

test on theirs as well

you know what’s cool about this one that

i’ve been watching for a bit now

it it’s like just long enough

and just short enough at the same time

so like it’s shorter to be short but

like so i saw i remember this guy but it

took so long to get back to him

that it could have looped i could have

watched the same thing twice and not

really known it you know

but i like the concept without the sound

or anything i i can see this person just

making random people just throwing a

ball to them while they’re walking down

the sidewalk


yeah there’s with these shorts not only

is it the texts on the screen as they

talk but it’s that

like intriguing concept

what do you call this in english

sellotape yeah

marker pen


uh why why is it when i interact with

the video it

drags but i can make you say bread that

was the meaning yeah so um

yes what am i

what the captions on screen uh that was

an example of it yeah

anyway we’re getting distracted now i

think um

the point we were trying to make you say


the point we were trying to make is that

with youtube shorts it is imperative


you get people’s attention and it’s very

easy to watch some of those because they

just do that so well right at the

beginning but with minecraft with gaming

especially like those are gonna pop up

randomly for people and it needs to be

so clear what i’m about to watch i might

recognize it’s minecraft but if i wasn’t

inside your head

i don’t know what’s going on like that’s

that’s like i would say the number one

problem with gaming shorts is that i

feel like i had to be there i feel like

i had to be in your head to see why the

thing you’re showing me was so

impressive so just keep in mind that

that really wide audience that your

shorts are gonna be pushed to

and uh you know keep keep working at it

all right

we’re gonna roll the well no we’re gonna

do a couple questions and then we’ll

roll the tool again yeah let’s do some

so if you’ve said review it only works

the one time so please if you’re new to

chat feel free to say it once and once

only but now you’re in we have 490

entries uh so

there’s less than that many people here

so or there’s more than that many people

here so keep that in mind the first

question i grabbed was can there be too

much b-roll pattern interrupts etc on a

language learning channel

it’s kind of interesting a language

learning channel with too much b-roll

a good question i

i don’t think it really has to


confined to a language learning channel

it’s i think the b-roll should match the

target audience

i do appreciate that if you’re doing too

many pattern interrupts b-roll and


in an educational learning environment

that could become very frustrating

forcing somebody to rewind

and re-watch a video that could be

intentional you might be trying getting

people to try and do that so there is

that thought i would still suggest

though that in the first

15 seconds

you can

turn the volume up to 11 almost in terms

of the pattern interrupts just to get

people invested

and then slow it down when the actual

value of the education

comes on


comes up earlier on or the very first

thing that you teach is something that’s

uber simple

you know the simplest thing that you can

teach but you can do it in a very

fast-paced fashion to allow you to have


excitement of engagement to begin with

yes uh

we’ll go to the next one here i stopped

asking for subs and i got a big uptick

in views and subs but now i’m dropping

off should i add the call to action back

or just be patient

i think i’ll tackle this one first this

time and say that

i don’t think the whether or not you ask

for subs and views is the reason things

are dropping off it could be seasonality

it could be the topics you’re doing it

could be a lot of things

uh the the advice of not

overwhelming people with calls to action

is personally something i believe in

i’ve seen that work really well i think

because when you don’t do that like we

were talking about earlier you have more

room in your video to try to get people

to watch another video and after you’ve

watched enough videos you naturally

decide like i think i’ll subscribe to

this person because i don’t i really

don’t want to miss their uploads like

i’m out of time now on youtube so i

might want to like find this channel

again subscribe so it let let them kind

of decide to do that and

yeah i don’t think that has anything to

do with it but that’s just my take i

agree i agree i think it’s something to

do with the content that you’re

publishing now

isn’t resonating as well with your

audience as it was


and so that’s why you’re getting less

views and subscribers as opposed to the

call to action as far as i’m aware

there’s still no hard evidence to


that asking somebody to subscribe has a

huge impact on whether they actually do

or not

um it’d be really amazing if youtube did

maybe bring out some analytics to show

you know when a viewer subscribed in

like let’s say they subscribed two

minutes into the video did they do that

because you told them to subscribe or

there was a

a lower third that appeared on the


definitely continue to focus on the

the satisfaction that you’re bringing to

the viewer

and as dan said

naturally a viewer will tend to

subscribe to a

channel when they’ve had that aha moment

in a certain video or the collection of

videos that they’ve watched

has convinced them that they want to see

more from this creator in the future and

then they’ll press the red button from

that point

i got one more here before we go back to

looking at some videos so would you

rather have a cliffhanger ending than a

wind down ending

so we were talking about endings i

grabbed this while we were talking about

the endings of video the call to action

like the overwhelming calls to action

the screen coming up too

soon matte in here get away



i think ideally

you would want like a cliffhanger

that encourages people to watch the next


or the end abruptly type of content but

that can that can be tricky to do like

if you when you’re making the video and

you don’t know where you’re sending them

next because that’s a challenge i’ve had

and people have asked us about that like



how do you know which video you’re

sending them to if you’re making a video

if you’re making a part two or a part

three which is a good question


i would always try to avoid the wind

down you know as soon as you say thanks

for watching hope you enjoyed this video

overall finally

that those are trigger words and viewers

are not stupid they’ve been using

youtube now for 15 years they know

generally whenever when a creator is

starting to end their video and as soon

as the viewer goes

i can smell the videos ending they’ll

just click and click off i don’t know if

you’re literally over i do i do whenever

i’m watching smelly i start to smell i

literally start to smell the screen to

see if it’s happening i don’t know if

you do the same thing

uh yeah sometimes my phone starts to

smoke a little bit it’s overheating

watching the video too long


the question a cliffhanger better than

wind down i would say that a cliffhanger

isn’t great either but it depends on

what you mean by cliffhanger like when

we do a cliffhanger i i think it’s okay

because we would be saying


this what i just told you is great and

all but you should watch this video next

because it really supports what i just

said you know

that would be i guess you could

technically call that a cliffhanger

because i’m saying there’s more

information in this other video but if

you’re saying

hey new viewer

to see the result of this thing come

back tomorrow that’s not great because

you you gotta you gotta

have a lot of videos that have earned

these people’s trust you know you gotta

you’re kind of catering to your

returning viewers when you do that what

if a new person watches and they’re like

i don’t know who you are why would i

come back tomorrow why didn’t you just

show me in the video the end result of

the thing right so i’d be careful with

cliffhangers on youtube i think you’re

you’re not

you’re not better call saul right you’re

not a big hit tv show like the the

mid-season finale better cause i’ll just

happen not spoiling it but it’s a huge

huge cliffhanger at the end yeah it was

good well i’m on it it was

and i’m going to tune in

but it’s like that’s tv that’s like a

different experience like that’s a whole

different world and on youtube you may

only ever meet somebody a viewer once

ever they may only ever see you once

ever so

for the best chance for them to see you

again i would make sure your videos pay

off so just be careful with cliffhangers

if you’ve sufficiently delivered on what

was promising the title and the

thumbnail then by all means you can have

a cliffhanger to the next story yes uh


you know mr beast is a classic example


introducing secondary stories in his

content and if one of those secondary


is a cliffhanger to the next video then

by all means but if you tell somebody

in the video that they’re going to learn

how to

draw this build that or

i i i

a challenge video

they want to know what happens in they

want to know that they want to be

they want that story to be concluded

in that video but if it sets up

something else once a viewer is engaged

in the content you’re more than welcome

to do that

that’s probably a brilliant way to do it

but i

would require a lot of forefoot and


i always appreciate comments like this

thanks for the cliffhanger wind down

ending info i did i do notice i’ve been

winding down the end of my videos we

haven’t seen any videos from this crater

today it’s going to be hard to get to

all of you obviously there’s over 500

people who have entered the drawing and

then we have a few more vidiq max people

to get to as well uh so i do appreciate

that people are looking at the advice

we’re giving looking at the videos we’re

pulling up and applying it to their own

channels uh the next one we’re looking

at is somebody from vidiq max

as we said earlier viticumx is our new

group coaching program and we gave them

an early opportunity to get in today and

have a guaranteed look a guaranteed

video review from us so this is somebody

who actually has joined the vidiq max

program we’re going to take a look at

their latest non-short uh right now and

hope it plays


our epic road trip up and down

california highway one is now behind us

i’ve i’ve got it lined up on mine

thanks i i guess this is just a thing


except for the audience of course

that’s yeah that’s like the opposite


it’s weird because i’m on the same i’m

on the vid iq account i’m not getting

ads yeah that’s because i’m on my

account which is attached to my personal

account which is attached to vidiq

our epic road trip up and down

california i guess what i will say is

all right clear

that’s a nice uh intro shot that’s

something quite epic a drone shot to

kick us off and then after four seconds

our epic road trip up and down

california highway one is now it’s an


it’s one of the greatest of course i’m

still here on route 1 because i want to

tell you all about the highlights the

photo highlights of everywhere we went

from pismo beach to carmel by the sea so

let me fill you in

not bad yeah i felt as if um needed a

bit more brero when he was talking

um what i liked was

i loved

come on this graphic but i feel like

that graphic should have been brought in

earlier and then had some more b-roll

highlights uh just to finish off a nice

intro this puts it into context like how

much you really drove

and seeing that sooner would have been

like because i don’t i don’t know

anything about highway one



that’s why like seeing the the distance

along the coast there is like really


these are some really interesting shots

you got really nice nice nice lots of

nice b-roll here

i if i can if i can give a little bit of

a personal preference here and this is

just me being kind of a diva i guess the

transitions are kind of silly

like uh um yeah you’re meaning

the flip that’s straight out of the box

of windows movie maker six from 10 years

ago isn’t it yeah

yeah i would i would just be a little

more i would either not use transitions

or just be a little more elegant with

these uh

because these days transitions are

either way over the top animated really

professionally or they’re just literally

no transitions at all it’s just shot to

shot yeah um

kind of like that that’s a great shot i

love that yeah

making good use of your equipment your

drone the gimbals

like scene changes every

three or four seconds i think this kind

of i know that that was one of those

transitions wasn’t it dan yeah

uh and this kind of like introduced the

like a tiny secondary story i think here

see i could go like this oh

you’re yelling at me you’re yelling at

me hey

that was like a nice little interlude

cute um fun little bit yeah

i do like that that was very endearing


i like i like this video

and that wild yes very very sharp lots


lots of scene changes

now it’s slid down a bit yeah but it’s

dynamic like now they’re doing like

they’re gonna check out the food at this

cafe which and i love the setup i’m i’m

actually more invested in the cafe

seeing some of the food they serve

we’re already gone we’re already

somewhere else which is fine this is a

travel experience

you can’t miss them


yeah it’s very fast isn’t it i like i’m

wondering could this video be longer

could you spend a bit more time with the

otters or that duck that was um that was

chipping or that person you were talking

to in a cafe i would have loved to see

you talk them a little bit more take a

bite of the cake

um like now that i noticed the length of

this video

it feels like it’s like a 20 minute

video with all the content that’s in it

but really it’s a four minute video

and i feel like you could have maybe

saved some of the shots and made a few

videos out of all that and told

different stories along the way so this

is actually like

the opposite of the advice we would

normally give where it’s like you know

take what you have and shorten it

whatever like i think what you have is

way more than what you’re using and you

could probably have made three videos

out of that one

maybe you still will maybe that’s a good

compilation and you’ll expand on each of

those things you could still do that but

that’s that’s a really that was cool i

really like that

i’m just curious uh the view council

sorry i’m getting a bit channel oddity

here but they got 7000 subscribers and

then but nine ten years ago they were

yeah this all all the stuff that looks

very professionally shot


i’m wondering if that perhaps is

influencing the the current audience

that’s the thing like this looks like it

was your portfolio channel like maybe

the stuff you worked on and then you you

started putting yourself in the channel


are you the what i would do look at your

data are you still getting a lot of new

people from those because if so it’s

going to influence the views on your

current videos

oh that was an advert yeah that was an

answer it was very bold highway 1

central coast tour brings us to monterey

home to three main attractions the

monterey bay aquarium is widely

recognized as one of the best in the

world cannery row was once home to

sardine canning factories and remains

today as a major shopping area and

shrine to author john steinbeck and then

there’s fisherman’s war more on that in

a minute

some of the areas we talked about in

previous episodes like the 17 mile yeah

again not not a bad introduction pretty


yeah these are really cool i i really i

like the adventures you’re going on i

think that’s awesome uh corny

transitions but it’s personal preference

and uh

yeah i think the the thing like we would

normally tell you

is to look at your titles

um look at your thumbnails try and think

of pitches for these videos that might

appeal to a wider audience i think

you’re right there dana the the video

content is already good perhaps the

thumbnails and the titles need a little

bit of work how can you make the

california highway 1 road trip more

exciting and more clickable because you

say that it’s like the best photo spots

but it looks to be like that’s a drone


is that an accessible picture for most

people to take or is it the top of a

mountain i could be wrong it might not

be a drone shot


but it’s it’s cool either way i’m so

what’s cool about photo walks tv is they

are invid iq max which means you have

access to our discord server full of

people uh just like you who are youtube

creators be sure to lean on them as well

if you do start playing with your

thumbnails and your titles and stuff go

into that discord group and you can also

ping our coaches as well in there alexi

jeff or travis they’re in there all the

time they can maybe give you some advice

as well uh that is that is the benefit

of having some uh youtube membership uh

mentorship excuse me uh so the link is

down below if you wanna become a vidiq

max member we picked a few of them today

for these but we’re gonna go back to


people who have said review

here in chat


nicely timed melanie anderson equestrian

uh where’s my cursor

it’s confetti it’s too much

all right

oh i did it again it’s supposed to be on

i keep forgetting i don’t have the links

i’m supposed to be on the search bar


and close

tab there

all right equestrian life let’s take a

look at the

latest video it’s about four minutes

making of horse treats too

oh rob what do i do

this did not happen last week

hey everybody welcome to this week’s


uh um i’ve got it again uh i’m so sorry

i’m i’m gonna use a different browser

next time we do this

i think that might be the problem

all right which video we were looking at

there making four streets two is the

latest one


okay in a second

hey everybody welcome to this week’s

video this week’s video will be another

making of horse treats

in this description down below will be

the different ingredients

that we use to make it along with the

temperature that we use in the oven

and how long you do it for


so they’re just nice little

treat balls very similar to moss’s balls

just not

quite as sweet

feed the horse

she didn’t break once it’s so bad

today right so i do hope you guys enjoy

the video


oh thank you okay um

so i think audio is a bit of an issue

yeah recording outside i heard i heard

the wind as much as i heard the uh the

creator talking to the camera

so that might be something to fix it

could have been the horse like breathing

on the phone too

the now

the horse and the relationship with the

creator that’s all very well and good

but it’s taking a long time to get into

the uh the meat of the video

it feels as if that could have been put

somewhere in the video but not in the

first five seconds

because now i’m left

wondering what’s going to happen you

know are you going to be making any

horse treats

and yeah as i suspected


that’s very loud

um we probably want to see this

screenshot of the like in the first

15 seconds like because this is the

final product this is what i’m making uh

you’ll be able to make it this at the

end that’s a long roll out as well with

just some music how long did that last

it seemed like a really long time we

were just on that tray

all right how


i know we’re going right into the

middle of the video here but

we’ve lost narration yeah it’s all music

there’s no instructions

yeah tell me what you’re doing tell me

why you’re doing it because it looks

like you want me to follow along but i

need to hear things like i need to

i need some audio prompts because what

if i’m what if i’m not able to watch the

video i’m trying to literally pause it

and make my own alongside you like

hearing you say what you’re doing will

help me memorize like oh okay cool i

gotta use a cup of this i you know i

gotta mix it this long

so i think we have an introduction from

her and the horse in the first minute

and then

the next three minutes is music


in with

visual illustrations but not that much


yeah i like that you went out your way

to shoot it the sideways thing i would

fix that while you’re editing like make

sure that everything’s right side up um

but i yeah i appreciate the amount of

b-roll you you did put in the video but

yeah narrating over it even if it’s in

post you can go into your video editing

software after you’ve laid everything

out and literally like hit record and

talk over it you know so so you can kind

of instead of music you could have been

like in there just telling us what’s

going on


and then yeah i i think although i

really love the intro with with the

horse and you

it it’s a lot of words you were you were

kind of like

it kind of meandered when it should have

started hey today we’re making horse

treats and like you can hold on up to

the camera and you still got the horse

sitting there like can i have the treat

now can i have the treat now which was


zoom in with a

freeze frame of a horse like looking a

little irritated

a lot of pet channels with dogs and

stuff they’ll they’ll give the dogs a

voice basically by using text over the

dog’s face as if to say like okay can i

have that like

you could you could really like play

with these intros a lot i think and then

yeah you should be you should remain in

the video in terms of your narration

hey everyone welcome to this week’s


new and returning uh viewers and this

week’s video it will be starting with

the minis and so meeting each other for

the third time

followed by them being introduced into

the paddock

and just so you guys know they’re all

safe all good after a little bit of just

chasing each other around

but i do hope you guys enjoy

i think i i don’t feel as if i was told

very much in 30 seconds worth of an

intro there


so it’s been really really tight on the

editing here and like trying to find a

a more efficient way

to deliver

the intro

generally speaking yeah hey hey hey guys

welcome to today’s video new and

returning viewers in today’s video so

you say today’s video twice

when so that whole first part can get

lopped off and you could say today we’re

gonna be taking a look at this and this

and this happens and by the way no

horses were harmed in making this

youtube video enjoy and yeah i would

just tighten these up quite a bit um

also i don’t know this might be again a

personal preference do you feel it’s a

bit weird

um the angle of the camera like why are

we always sitting on the ground or

laying in the grass uh let’s see if we

can find another example then uh

try this as an intro i i i want to talk

my angle’s like shooting weird too it’s

something i’m also working on but

my assumption is they don’t have a

tripod so they’re just putting it like

on a small stool and having it point

upwards perhaps you know maybe a tripod

is a little too dangerous or awkward to

have in in such a space but yeah there’s

a lot of bottom up angles

uh in in the in the footage because i’m

presumably don’t have a second person to

help them hold hold the camera

yeah it might be a personal preference

it’s just weird it’s like a weird

feeling like i think we were talking to

one of our production colleagues you

know like ben johnson or somebody like

that they they might have something to

say about the angle

a a heads a heads a horse’s head is

tends to be pointing downwards yeah

maybe that’s like intentional after that


so it is don’t don’t worry too much

about that it’s just a thing i noticed

um i i think it’s really like the

dedication here and uh the different

ideas you have for this content

all awesome

i i think they just could use a little

bit of polish and then the titles as

well um

we just don’t get a lot of context as

for why we should click you know uh

other than

the fact that like you have horses but

like what

what are they doing today like riding

lesson for example is just really vague

minis and solos like i’m not a big horse

person so like i don’t exactly know what

that means but if that’s if that’s like

niche specific that’s fine

first day together but what happened in

the first date together like did they do

they hit it off did they like each other

was there a problem like you could have

been a little more specific to to kind

of add something to that title to make

it even more like oh i want to see that

i want to see what goes down


and i know we’re not doing audits but

red text


blue text on a red background

i don’t i can’t think of a worse

uh combination of colors to make text

impossible to read


it’s it’s really

the bubbles are so they have this weird

gradient on them yeah it’s really hard

to read all that text any of it that

one’s a little better i think you’re

going in the right direction there yes

all right do you want to draw another

one down and maybe just i’ll if you

yeah background i’ll find the channel

once you draw it

i’m sorry to have done that to you

every time we try this together i i make

i make it so you have to still share

your screen

i apologize

mabel hill homestead

can you um put

i can’t see the um channel name

oh sorry

here we go there you go right so just

leave it on that while i find them in

the background yeah i that was the most

exciting part and i hid it from you all

i’m sorry

and just so for everyone who’s new to

the uh stream today if you if this is

like the first time saying review you

only need to say it once if you’re

seeing people say it you’re worried it’s

not getting through it is uh we have 606

entries and there’s 453 people here

which is awesome so uh you only need to

say it the one time and then you’re good

for the rest of the stream you can chill

out uh so it looks like we got their

channel up here

summer blackouts major energy regulator

warns of summer blackout okay how to

cook beans and an instant pot

if this is a channel audit i would be

talking about the topic jumping but

let’s look at their latest video

yeah okay let’s do it

according to a chilean report by the

north american electric reliability

corporation or nerc more than half the

country could be faced with blackouts

this summer today we’re going to talk

about which areas of the country could

be most impacted and how you can prepare

your home or homestead in the event that

this comes true

not bad i think the one thing i would

change is when you’re saying how you

could prepare

some b-roll of preparations in place

might help there um

but generally not a bad intro i would


yeah that was that was really really

tight i like that i like that you’ve

broken it into

now chapters get this out of the way

right now i am not here to instill fear

rather i’m here to bring calm and the

best way to remain calm is awareness and

preparedness now according to nerc the

areas of the country most susceptible to

these rolling blackouts are going to be

the west coast and the midwest with the

midwest being the most susceptible we’ve

heard in the media for years about how


we’re getting to the information yeah

what uh what’s their outro like uh

let’s start here

if this is your first time here please

consider subscribing to our channel my

wife and i produce all sorts of valuable

content that is targeted towards

homesteading and rural families so i

wouldn’t include that bit i at that

point i would be telling them

what video to watch next rather than the

call to action to subscribe

yeah let them make that decision

themselves don’t waste that time uh they

have that any value out of today’s video

please click the link yeah

don’t bother with any of that stuff

positive message can spread to more

people thank you for watching and we’ll

see you in our next video

that was a classic case of the missed

opportunity yeah tell them why

specifically they should have watched

this video

if it was connected in any way shape or

form it’s a tough sell like i can’t get

over the topic jumping even though we’re

not necessarily adding the channel like

what why beans and i get that they’re a

homestead so this stuff is all relevant

to them

but when you think about like a youtube

audience like if that was the video you

wanted to push me to next and you just

told me about blackouts i’m coming from

a way different place right like i came

here looking for information on this on

this summer blackout problem and you’re

telling me to go watch a video about


and it’s it’s very like

that’s a huge disconnect like this is

like the classic like

you really need to like know your

audience right so

what am i saying like am i saying you

should only be a channel about blackouts

not necessarily but

emergency preparedness perhaps

i think you could listen to that video

that’s one of so you know these part

these blackouts are one of the things


uh really concern us about um building a

homestead here are some other truths

about building a homestead if you really

want to if you’re really serious about

this that

the link could have come through that

could have worked or the bean video you

could say this is all about being

prepared for an emergency just like this

video here where we prepare a lot of

food for an emergency situation so

maybe instead of like this homestead

channel that’s kind of that’s something

that’s your superpower like you’re

really good at helping people

prepare for crises


i would just be really thinking about

the chaining the chaining of your videos

together like why should someone who

watches this informative video about

summer blackouts watch a video about

cooking beans in an instant pot

this video’s performed well 75 000 views

uh in the last month is that the

standout video on the channel

uh oh

except one of them

and that’s an interesting one i wonder

how much that is influencing the rest of

the channel given that it’s still

getting 40 views per hour yeah and it’s

a big outlier i’m wondering

if you can capitalize on that a little

bit if it’s still relevant to the

content that you make today

whether it be an update video

something to think about there

yeah there’s there’s a lot here i mean i

think i think they have a really cool

property and they can do a lot

content-wise uh it’s just the pitch to

that audience

has been missing and with mother’s day

around the corner i knew it was time to

think of something to get alex i’m

seeing a thumbnail and thinking how long

is it before i see one of these chicks

i wanted to see one of these cute chicks

all right so what is 22 seconds

not bad but i think it could have been

quicker yeah


you know like you you tease they’re in

the crate or whatever and you tease it

like you can hear them

right you like you you open it and then

it goes blank or black and then you

start the story properly or yeah yeah

just just really like play that up

it kind of feels like a vlog channel in

some ways and they’re making like a lot

of search driven content


but yeah i think i think you should find

a way to tie your videos together and

that will be that exercise will help you

kind of identify well who are my videos

for who like

why would someone watch this video and

then the next one i want them to watch

yeah but i i think it’s pretty strong i

think the intros are are pretty strong

the outros definitely need some work um

but they get to the point i would say

relatively quick yeah i think overall

generally good um production values in

terms of thumbnails in terms of

the creators on

screen presence and the editing look

fairly sort of solid as well so

no major concerns around that area

other than

as you said done some of the connective

tissue of the videos seems a little


and 100 zelda is 100 right this is a

fairly new bit of advice we’ve been

giving a lot of creators directing you

from one video to another so


not to not to be too hard on anybody who

we give that advice to today but when we

see the opportunity we want to let you

know hey there’s this cool thing you can

do and we’ve seen it work really really

well so thank you for 100 zilla for

pointing that out and uh thanks for

being here you’re awesome

a couple of things i’m trying to

establish when i’m planning my video is

what is what’s going to be the first 15

seconds of a video to really nail down

that title and thumbnail and deliver on


and then where am i sending them next

before i even plan out like the the

central core of the videos like

how does the video start

and then where am i sending them next

not necessarily how this video is going

to end i’m going to figure that out as

i’m as i’m planning that stage but

i kind of want to have an idea if

there’s somewhere i can send them next


because i remember dan i’ve been saying

to you when this video ends send them to

this monetization video because yeah or

whatever we’ll we’ll literally talk as

as i’m writing a script i’ll ask rob

like hey i’m writing a script about this

video where do you think it’d be a good

place to send people because he like he

knows really well the videos he made i

know really well the videos i made if i

want to push people to a rob video it’s

i asked him like which one do you think

is best that fits with this topic we

plan it out and we’ll even talk about

like the pitch in and how we’re going to

throw to that next video let’s see if we

can prove this right now actually dan

because the video you made um on monday

got a one of ten yes

and you can see it’s performing well

above average

where you sent people um it’s in the


if you got details okay so you sent

people to

get ties faster right so there’s a

monetization to monetization push i

wanted people to go down our

monetization rabbit hole

so we are so we sent them to answering

questions about monetization call so

what i should be able to do now fingers


is say ah there you go and there it is

that’s the end screens we’re getting

quite a bit of traffic from end screens

and to just prove that probably

hopefully a little bit more accurately

this is gonna work

uh let’s do this for the last seven days

so there can you see that bump you know

we it we were getting zero views from

end screens from other videos and then

we got 800 views because on that one day

because dan was sending people to the


which is brilliant

you know

let’s have a look i mean they are free

views essentially

you if you send somebody a viewer to

another one of your videos

and you do it effectively that’s an

extra view for your channel and he

didn’t it didn’t cost you a penny it

just required a bit of foresight into

how you’re going to tell somebody to go

and watch a further piece of content

absolutely we have our next channel here

from the vidiq max group the folks who

are in our group coaching program video

q max which is linked down below it is

broon they are 20 000 subscribers deep

on their gaming channel which is about

roblox um i have a feeling that the

videos won’t play because i’ve had

terrible luck today with that but just

real quick looking at the titles and

thumbnails you can see why they’re doing

so well they’re adding stakes to all of

their videos like the the latest one

here that’s not a short ten player

versus jammer chase

so today i turned into jamar chase and

football fusion if my team can’t score

100 points then i have to get

uh they’re setting up such a cool way

all right do you want to try i’m ready

yeah i’m ready

but today i turned into jamar chase and

football fusion if my team can’t score

100 points then i have to give away five

dollars worth of robots make sure to


in the first what eight seconds yep

they’ve told us the premise and they’ve

given us the stakes and they’ve made

that very clear

through captions now this is more of a

gaming style approach mr b style

approach gen z


content consumption but it was very

effective now they have done this make

sure to like i’m curious how long this

lasts like subscribe and leave a comment

below this video you’re so close to 20

000 and you can become an og by hitting

the subscribe button right okay so we’re

trying to create a bit of a tribe and a

culture there i’m a little meh about

that you know i kind of maybe i’ll give

him a pass because the intro was so

effective that they were able to do it

very quickly i mean if you think about

that creator was talking about the

making treats for horses

14 seconds in they barely even started

explaining what they were going to do so

this creator was able to do it much

faster but

you’ve seen mr b’s videos when he asks

you to like and subscribe it’s either in

the middle of the video in a very quick

one second call out

or at the end of the video he’ll like

the person who won the money will be

crying and they’re just going nuts and

he’s like like and subscribe and and

that’s it right like

putting that in the front of your video

i think kind of turns people off

so the video is moving at a fair pace

here i’m not seeing much uh editing

techniques right now you know like zoom

ins emphasizing on the jokes that they

did like i didn’t notice that there was

um this moment where

i think one of the characters did a

dance when i got into the end zone

i felt it was an opportunity to do

something there i don’t know what like

maybe add um some touchdown music

beyonce’s song to it i’ll see that like

for like two seconds or something or

touch down music

uh a bit more excitement may have been

uh an opportunity though crowd cheering

yeah like i i think your videos would

really benefit from that extra bit of

sauce like going in and just having

a lot of storytelling like in in

different using different sound effects

different like really capturing and

highlighting different moments

making these like scores a lot more

memorable along the way you know

i think it would be fascinating uh let’s

just assume that broon edits their own

videos i think it would be fascinating

if they handed one of these off to a


gaming editor


understands some of the

concepts we’re talking about and see

what they did to this video

yeah because it looks like you put you

front loaded all of your editing at the

you know for the intro and we didn’t get

a lot of it in this i mean i was just

punching a little bit

what a time

like there was something that could have

been done there couldn’t there could

have been a joke added a punch in slow


like or like a klutz moment you know a

potential meme being that

one you know yeah like just a really

quick like

oh sorry that wasn’t it

yeah like just a just something i don’t

have a really good sound effect


whatever whatever um so i think what

what we can say is that

the creators got this spot on in terms

of the most important things were done

right the thumbnail the title the intro

all expertly done

now how can you


make the meat of a contents

more satisfying for the viewer

i will assume that your audience

retention in the first 30 seconds is

probably quite high so it’s maybe



but then maybe you’re losing

let’s say

still too many people during the the

main section


so something maybe to to keep the light

from there you know editing can do a lot

in terms of keeping people engaged and

entertained right sound effects music

really amping up the scores but another

thing that that really is important is

when you’re playing when you’re actually

recording record for your edit play up

situations that happen while you’re

recording so if somebody misses a shot

make a big deal out of that like oh my

gosh did you see that and and turning

your personality up like that is a

really good way to help you in editing

because now you know like oh this moment

where i’m freaking out this is a great

moment to really put some sound effects

to really like get in there with some

visual effects so

there is like an element of this that

like it really helps if while you’re

recording you are aware that for every

second of video with your face on it

that you’re going to put out there like

you need to be like 10 out of 10 you you

know i’m not telling you to be fake i’m

just saying take you crank you up a

little bit and try to do that throughout

the whole video it’s 13 minutes and as

soon as the intro was over i felt like

we went from from here to here like i

just feel like the excitement dropped

down and it stayed there it stayed very

like base level excitement the whole

time so there were moments there were

things that happened i want to see the

camera zoom in on those things i want

some sound effects for impact what we’re

suggesting is a lot of editing a big

change ease into this like take it slow

don’t try and do this all at once but

see what your comfort level is see what

you can kind of slowly kind of add on

and uh one thing that helped me and i

don’t want to insult anybody here by

saying this but if you if you’re hearing

me say that you’re thinking that’s a lot

of work dan

go and watch

whatever premiere or after effects or

whatever whatever software you use to

edit go and watch a beginner level

tutorial and the reason i say that is

because people who teach those levels

show you things that you might have

missed like i learned so much watching

things i thought i already knew people

showing me keyword shortcuts i never

thought to use people showing me tools

in the program in adobe premiere that i

never thought to use and that sped up my

editing so much just just knowing i can

use my arrow keys the up and down arrow

keys to jump to different clips

something i just wasn’t ever doing i was

scrubbing manually for the longest time

and then i watched a beginner level

tutorial because the thumbnail caught my

interest and i learned this new trick

that that i would say help me edit 20

faster so

just a whole bunch of advice at you all

at once let’s watch the uh final 20

seconds and

please i see you he can’t catch that

i dimed you let me go

i’m not giving my money

dialer up to 11

make that celebration more fantastic

yeah sub for the money uh-uh no money

haha no robux you saved five bucks

that’s just 800 yards let’s go

all right guys i got mvp wide receiver

let’s go uh make sure to like and

subscribe oh you see that video to the

left that’s my other fusion video click

on it right now or perish

so there was a call to action there

and it was done in just a comical way

watch it or perish


so i’m fine with that that’s a good


uh it feels as if the formula of these

videos is quite similar so maybe you

don’t need to do a big sell on it

uh unless there’s something epic like

maybe there was one epic moment you

could have taken from that video

and to

to create the cliffhanger you know even


he’s setting up a new story there that

might have been another way to do it but

generally speaking i think the intros

and the outros were of a

a solid standard compared to what we’ve

seen elsewhere i knew the video was over

way before you told me to watch that

next video but it was still solid i i

would say that i just i think uh

you know there was there was some

celebration a very i would say a very

contained celebration of you getting to

save your money and then after a little

bit of that it was like by the way go

watch this next video so people when

they realized that you won and you

didn’t have to spend your money might

have left

is this is a funny question this because

this is like a generational thing so

uh this comes from a film called spinal




i can’t remember exactly the exact scene

but traditionally when you turn up the

volume on something the the maximum was

10 but spinal tap were able to say well

our constants are better because we can

dial it up to 11. we can go even louder

we can go even

even bigger and so that’s what we mean

when we say dial it up to 11. make

the thing that happens spectacular

amazing add sound effects graphics make

it louder bigger brighter and it adds as

like a climactic point you’re trying to

set something up for a for

a final delivery and where if you dial

it up to 11 the phrase that we’re using

that’s what we’re meaning so if i was if

i was to sit here and and my biggest

level of excitement during the stream

was okay so it looks like we got another

video here let’s go ahead and click on

this and rob were to watch it and give

me some advice he might say dan can you

take you up to 11

and what he’s expecting me to do then is

we have the next video right now okay we

got to check this thing you know what i

mean just louder more excited to be here

i’m on youtube i get to do this for a

job this is awesome you know like that’s

what we want to see when we say like

take it up to 11. we like

you you are here playing games for

people like people are watching you play

video games you’re sitting in your room

with air conditioning like you are

excited to be alive right now like

that’s what that’s what i mean when i

say take it up to 11.

and this doesn’t apply to all creators

like if you would say to say the same

thing to the photography channel earlier

on like daily up to 11 it probably

wouldn’t suit the creator and their


um you know their volume is maybe more



a volume of eight but

the equalizer you know the base is

pitch perfect and the trebles are really

set right and now i’m going into a

metaphor that nobody’s gonna understand


then we’ll we’ll just have to draw

another name here from those of you who

have used the hashtag review at least

once on stream once and only once

preferably and we have

crazy casper three three one two

i forgot to do the drum roll so i i did

that sound effectively it works better i

like that crazy casper was it three one

one two was uh i i didn’t even go to the

right place on the internet to type that

in so i don’t i don’t even deserve to

share my screen right now

well that trailer is pretty uh


these are music videos it looks like um

interesting i’ll click

i’ll click on one to see if it

kills the computer

i don’t know how much of that we can


yeah we might have to talk over it as

we’re watching it uh

i think a lot of the advice that we’ve

been giving to other creators is

probably not going to apply so much to

this one because it’s not the standard

intro or the standard outro


let’s see

uh all right


so here’s the thing a lot of action a

lot of like crazy stuff happening


okay so my first youtube videos when i

was just a wee lad

i got halo

and i wanted to make videos with halo

because i watched rooster teeth and i

thought was the coolest thing ever so

this is i did this exact thing but with

halo so i would get a popular song and i

would use the halo items and characters

to act out a music video and that was

right when youtube started really like

getting into copyright like automated

copyright stuff and so

as soon as that happened as my videos

were just starting to like get some


the copyright system smacked them down

and so whenever i see somebody take like

a popular song and there’s no narration

and it’s just them doing stuff with the

song in the background i worry for them


maybe this video is not pulled from

youtube but if you’re if you’re hoping


take this to the next level one day to

to have youtube be like a job for you or

even just a side hustle

that music is going to keep that from

happening is my fear

so that’s my first like caution to you

um do you want to try and uh share this


stuttering on me a lot i can do uh which

one do you think we should

i did the latest one you could pick a

different one uh


uh we are going to talk over this a

little bit to try and avoid


copyright issues

uh so the vibe i’m getting is that it is

a montage collection of

this creator’s content into some popular


that’s oh yeah that’s the other thing

it’s a different creator so it’s like

two ways to get copyright

i mean i don’t think the um the editing

is bad

it seems fairly sharp

and whatnot

it’s it’s just really difficult because

it’s not their content and so we we do

worry about

like where can you take a channel like

this like what’s the farthest you could

go with this

let me just play the outro

oh but

i i so yeah

this is a sizzle reel i guess the whole


just like their favorite moments from


i don’t think you can do that for

an entire video i think

it feels like it gets quite samey quite


that if it’s just all


spectacular moments from a

other creators channel this is an

example i think where it’s it’s it’s

dialed up to 11

constantly and so it loses its impacts

very quickly you know you have to have

these different levels of pacing

um which can be you know

music can it can be a little bit

more tricky to do that

and then as you say dan i think it’s

we we have to come back to the

thumbnails and the titles

even though we this isn’t a channel



is a viewer going to click on this on

this content

yeah it that’s they’re you’re using a

lot of like popular content i’m seeing

sonic i’m seeing marvel stuff


i’m not getting

an impression that you’re actually

putting yourself in these videos i think

it’s literally like a channel full of

remixes of things like that you were a

fan of songs you like with creators you

like with or movies you like


and it’s

you’ve been at this for months too

that’s the other thing so you’ve been

kind of taking the strategy and like

putting this out there for a really long


and you’ve been seeing

i guess yeah so about a year ago there

were some that kind of took off

those are those like that different than

what we’ve been looking at

let’s have a look

seems identical to me i’ve seen i’ve

already seen these clips of jumping in

this um ball pool



this is a

this is a tough one this one because i

kind of want to say

you had viral moments


about a year ago and


that trend has stopped now like when was

the last video that really popped for


i feel like they’ve been really focused

on that one creator yeah

well it’s because i think it’s this

unspeakable unstoppable title has been

successful in the past

but now they’re they’re

they’re less popular this year than they

were last year maybe

and all

the content is so similar

yeah to what it’s been in the past the

viewers have moved on


so i i think your your thumbnails

are really nice i think that the titles

are very basic which doesn’t help

because excuse me i think it would be

better if it was like

um you know

top five moments from so and so

there are these channels

that do this type of thing successfully

like i’ve seen um

i have seen some channels recently doing

remix of the obi-wan kenobi trailers

like getting all of the content they’ve

been able to get from the trailers

putting it together into like a mega

trailer but it’s still a trailer whereas

these are

transformed into music videos and maybe

if it’s just not the consistent audience

there to watch these on a regular basis

yeah why are there too many people doing

the same exact thing like

just just taking

you know a movie a creator and like just

cramming clips together and hoping for

results you know maybe someone is

dominating that space and it’s just hard

to compete

yeah this this i think it’s this person

who takes existing trailers and turns

them into their own


i always have to block channels like

this in my feed because they try and

like make them look like so legit you

know like i don’t want to watch the real

trailer i don’t watch

this content never appealed to me but i

get it

but yeah i i think there’s you could

keep messing with the strategy but

i still think even at the most

successful like if you were to get

millions of views

i don’t think you’re monetizing this

content and that might be okay maybe you

just enjoy the art of doing this and

that’s totally fine but if you were if

you’re hoping somebody can look at your

content go oh all you need to do to make

this monetizable is

i mean it’s changed everything it’s it’s

like you need to be narrating you need

to be reacting you need to not be using

you know copyright copyright music

so you know or you need to be using

music that’s licensed rather so

yeah that’s advice from i think a bunch

of different angles

next one yep

is it a random or uh

we’re going to check out actorius

actually we’re going to look at one of

my first recent videos again iq max user

and moderator extraordinaire thank you


uh let’s uh when you pull it up let’s

check out the double ps5 fps the the


non short there

okay so this one that’s two minutes 57

yeah this one right okay

variable refresh rates has finally been

added to the ps5 consoles and will allow

you to experience smoother gameplay with

less input lag and for some games even

play beyond the frame cap by an

incredible amount

so i love the way that he just

immediately that no introduction of who

i am yeah why should be watching why

should be watching this channel like

subscribes or whatever it is basically

the first

words are variable refresh rates has

finally been added to the ps5 consoles

so something has been added to the ps5

console like what is what does that mean

for the layman and you get into that

next yeah like this one setting and so

he explained what this one setting was

oh yeah

as soon as i click on the video and will

allow you to experience smoother

gameplay with less input lag and for

some games even play beyond the frame

cap by an incredible amount nice good

stuff like getting me to

follow my eyes around the screen showing

the important stuff like it’s almost

going a little too quickly in kind of a

good way in that i can’t i i didn’t

quite catch that but you’re onto the

next thing on that this thing’s exciting

as well

may add some replayability to the video

so enable this feature

and then

so you’ve you’ve told us the thing

why it’s important

and now you’re showing us how to set it

up within 13 seconds this is all like


quick easy you know bang bang bang

educational content

yeah go to settings then screen and

video vendor video output tab and play

with 30 seconds

onto automatic if you do not see the

option there then make sure your ps5

system software is fully up to date and

ensure you are using a vrr capable

monitor or


so i would say this is excellent stuff

the amount you’ve told us in 30 seconds

is very good this could have easily

turned into like a six seven minute

video i would assume

uh had you

labored on these points the pacing

changed a little bit after the

introduction so i think that was good as


what what about the ending so like i

feel like they gave me so much like

actually gave me so much in the

beginning i’m worried that people watch

the middle of the video like you’ve told

me how to turn this feature on and the

benefits of it why am i continuing to


such as lg series of oled screens i’ll

have links to those in the description i

recommend you enable the option to apply

vrr to unsupported games as well as

whilst not every game supports it

natively yet most games will still

benefit with it turned on all right

let’s go into the middle now

complete ray tracing no other game on

any console has come anywhere near close

to this sort of thing it’s genuinely

incredible insomniac themselves did

state that with vr on the performance

increase on average is about 50 percent

on all modes but from what i can tell

it’s even higher you can even

yeah this feels like there’s a bit of

padding here doesn’t they

uh not necessarily a bad thing

um because the video is still relatively


um i think

they’re trying to

artoris is trying to get as much as they

can out of

changing one setting you know it’s a bit

like how to hide your subscribers on

youtube you can tell somebody how to do

that in 10 seconds but how’d you flesh

it out a little bit mm-hmm

so i’d be i’d be curious to know what

the um

audience retention for this video is

yes it’s like uh

40 40 to 50 would be my guess for this

one if it’s above 50 they’re probably

doing quite well yeah for for a three

minute video i’d want to see it higher

so i am wondering if if there was some

clean way in your style very very quick

and this is only for your attention not

good to try and like tell people

the reasons they should stick around you

know like you just wait until you see

all the different improvements that

turning this one setting on will make

for your game play right like

teasing it a little bit to say like this

is this is done i think i think this was

a little tease beyond the frame cap but

by an incredible amount

yeah but but you’re it’s a three minute

video and like 30 seconds in i have

everything i need so it’s like well what

else if i turn this on

you know

are there any downsides to it things

like that like if you imply anything any

reason to watch the full three minutes

that might help if the retention’s bad

it might not be

i know we shouldn’t be doing like the

channel audit side of this but maybe

there could have been a

a tweaked of a thumbnail because he’s

saying double ps5 frames per second

usually when you start to add a frames

percent frames per second increase

number in a thumbnail

that can add more um

clickable aspects to to it rather than

i mean you could still have this change

this option but maybe replace i don’t

know i i’m

i’m overthinking this a little bit

probably it well i can see where you’re

coming from because it’s kind of like

putting a price tag like on a on a video

where you review a product like the

price tags are always like really


taking the frame rate and showing it

transitioning from you know 50 frames to

150 frames like would would impress

people like i got how do i get that you


increase fps ps5 yeah so that exactly

i’m talking about 30 frames to 90 frames


instant performance was kind of

interesting no frame rate numbers on

that one

maybe maybe

all right

if you say so

right let’s go back to the outro shall


see if uh effectively send us on to the

next video

to be able to use vrr but don’t have a

display but

it scenes render seamlessly games just

look crisper and input lag is

significantly reduced if you do want to

be able to use vr so

i guess we kind of know that the video

is ending at this point because these

very clear calls to action on the

right-hand side yeah um do you think we


tori should hold this back

and just continue talking about the the

core of the content

i guess it depends on what he’s gonna

say is he gonna say by the way this

video here will show you this or is it

just going to stay there without any

reason to click on it let’s watch the

last 20 seconds those scenes render

seamlessly games just look crisper and

input lag is significantly reduced if

you do want to be able to use vrr but

don’t have a display that supports it

then check out the video on screen now

to see the best displays for ps5 as well

subscribe so you don’t miss anything in

the future if you want to know what

playing ps5 games in a cinema is like

then watch your video on screen it’s so


so uh was it

was it two calls to action there it’s i

think it’s both i think the one video

serves the two purposes right which is

fine but what what i guess what got me

was that your end screens come up before

you finish the sentence it’s a little

thing but it’s it’s an invitation to

leave when you haven’t told me why to

click the video yet so what i like to do

is i like to tell people

you should watch this video next because

and as i say because that’s when the

video pops up and sometimes my end

screens are so short i only because you

can only make them five seconds at

minimum so sometimes i don’t have a

choice but if they’re long enough i can

i can get in there by like not don’t

show it yet wait until i say the magic

word which is because in that case yeah

uh a good video though i think they’ve

eaten well that’s the thing have they

eeked out enough from what seems to be a

relatively simple settings change

i sense that

frames per second is a

lot a big topic in gaming performance


is 4 000 views for a 50 000 subscriber

channel good

and i feel as if there’s potential for


the discord videos did really well yeah

you can’t really do that forever but

it you know

certain things are going to have a wider


views per hour as well

if you weren’t only playstation and you

find that xbox has discord in the future

like i i would do it even though it’s

it’s not like playstation specific i

would kind of i’d be curious to see what

would happen but

again we’re we’re more just kind of

discord discord discord discord

yeah i mean it’s maybe here

he’s doubled down too

but are you right dan is it worth maybe

exploring discord on different gaming


we’re mobile and all mobile it’s on


it’s it’s not on switch it might i don’t

know if it’ll ever come to xbox

uh but yeah they have released discord

on mobile they make improvements to it

that would be a way different channel uh

i’d hate i’d hate to see that like

you know

i think i think your passions

playstation so that would be

but i mean we did notice every single

popular video is like

hook discord up so

it might be worth testing if you’re if

you’ve been other platform curious it

might be worth testing it out we need to

get to the next channel though


that’s going to be one of y’all 700

entries now thank you so much

the channel we’re looking at next is


stupid mcplayer gm

i i’m already into this channel

i like the avatar

i like the name

stupid mcplay oh i’m gonna spell it

wrong that’s not gonna help

okay i think i have it

got it

okay so they’re doing minecraft shorts

so earlier when we saw minecraft short

we were missing a lot of context we we

if we were going to pretend we just

found this in the wild we weren’t really

looking for a minecraft short we just

were scrolling through shorts and this

popped up

let’s do beating the ender dragon

without a crafting table



this is slow

so like we get it you don’t like

crafting tables but wait you didn’t beat

the ender dragon yeah

and you had to tell us

i’m seeing a sir i’ve seen this strategy

a couple of times now like where people

are telling us when the video starts to

watch until the end right really like

it’s like a problem for them right like

oh people never watched my videos to the

end so i gotta remind them to do that it

might that might work but i think you’re

not building a lot of returning viewers

because the payoff was

was not what was promised in the title


yeah that was


yeah i think i think this is their

content because it’s the same name but

yeah to get your ticktock videos off of

tiktok without the watermark yeah don’t

put that watermark i youtube themselves

have said in a call i’ve been in

the watermark will keep you uh from from

seeing success with shorts so i’m fair

i’m paraphrasing but they heavily

implied that watermarks from other


are not something they want to see in

shorts so be sure

i see that there it’s in every video now

that you’ve pointed it out be sure you

do everything in your power to not have

the ticktock watermark on your videos

so that’s a very very old minecraft

device an old minecraft trick

cobblestone generator


and it says it

in the in the text right

like the text that pops up

a lot of a lot of minecrafters would

know how to do this maybe maybe this

will appeal to new people

i think you would need explaining to me

though i need some

as a russian as a minecrafter i think

you would get it like because the

yeah the the concept is

every time you break that cobblestone it

regenerates and it’s literally infinite

that’s that’s what’s happening the lava

and the water are meeting and creating a

block that wasn’t there before so if you

had a pickaxe you would keep grabbing it

right yeah

okay so it’s you know

but it’s one of the oldest tricks in the

book i think the tutorials you give

should be a little more like oh i didn’t

know that

another portal robot sounds really


watch till the end it looks so cool okay

so you’ve you’ve asked me to watch to

the end


sound effects music of any kind

this is a silent shot what what was the

robot like what

how how did you make that like you start

building it and then snap it’s done and

you’re like

wait i thought you were going to show me

to make a nether portal robot

i okay i can see it now it took me a

minute i had to watch it again so i saw

the arms and the legs


i would have liked to see the building

of that more

20 iron golems versus four wardens

some epic music here would have been

good yeah

they’re brawling

the brawl’s taking too long yeah


right apparently apparently that’s what



yeah we’re

we’re not so it’s storytelling that’s

really at the essence of what we’re

saying here

you’re not using your shorts to tell

like a solid story a good beginning

middle and an end


i can’t i can’t change the volume of

this unfortunately


oh that’s too annoying sorry



storytelling that’s what they need they

they definitely need more storytelling

um because watching the iron golems and

the wardens go at it was kind of like


you know yeah it it’s

we’re i i think i think it’s a matter of


storytelling and ideas too

so they did some longer stuff earlier on

but it’s been exclusively shorts i would

say for the last


three weeks

it’s a competitive space it’s tough it’s

minecraft shorts especially it’s it’s

really really tough to stand out but the

channels that do if you notice they’re

the ones that take it to the next level

they’re bringing something to the table

that you haven’t seen before they’re

showing you minecraft in a new and

interesting way

and you can do that if you’re really an

incredible builder that can be enough

but then you also have to pair that with

like good storytelling but you’re doing

kind of tutorials you’re doing brawls

with different mobs you’re trying a lot

of different things here

let’s try this video here just i know

it’s not short but this is still a

relatively short video yeah

see the sound effects are


oh my gosh and the self is it’s much

more visually clear what’s happening


and you can see a progression of what’s



so that’s


poor portrayal of the two sides going at

it was just easier to watch it the sound

effects were nice the video wasn’t too

long and yeah i like the shot they used

made it look really intense because the

golems just got overtaken by this purple

like wave of monsters so

all of that stuff visually satisfying

there’s a lot of elements there it told

a story so

it’s just go watch some of these videos

and try and like learn from them

i have no idea renegade gaming art

channel it’s minecraft

people do stuff in minecraft yeah i

respect that not everyone plays

minecraft and they don’t exactly know

what the heck they’re looking at um all

right we have uh one more vidiq max

channel before we uh

you know head out for the day uh and

that is going to be

fee 1316

i think or phi i’ll find

that person they are crypto channel

exploring passive income i believe with


so this is a vid iq max

participant somebody who is part of our

coaching program they are enjoying

youtube mentorship now from the folks

here at vid iq and they got an early

chance to submit their video today so

we’re going to watch one of their not

watch the whole video but watch a bit of

one of the recent videos

good thumbnails i think i’m going to

start with what is cryptocurrency where

where why buy it where is it because

good introductory like yeah this this

might be a flagship piece of content for

from search may not perform well to

begin with because that can happen with

search-based content

let’s see what we get in the first 20


hey everyone welcome to the channel or

welcome back if you’re not new here uh

we’re gonna do this series i’ve been

hoping to do this for a while now and

i’m gonna title it intro to crypto so

the i don’t think we needed any of that


just just just start

just imagine i’ve

come into the channel for the very first

time you don’t need to welcome me here

or welcome me back

just get into it also he’s using a

beacon microphone i hope i had more

success with it than i did

the whole point of this series is to uh

get people familiar with crypto that

this is their first time in this

environment and especially as we move on

over to d5 i’m hoping to do a bunch of

videos like that so i clicked on the

video because you told me what

cryptocurrency was going to be but you

kind of just repeated that

again hopefully you’re going to find out

this well if you start telling me about

it rather than telling me what i’m

hopefully going to find out

then we can then i can start to really

engage with the content

so we’re going to answer today

what is crypto we’re going to jump right

in and skip the intro


that is exactly the opposite of what you

just did

so sorry

a viewer probably doesn’t say this out

loud but subconsciously

that is just what’s run through their

head and they may have not even got to

this point in the video all right so

let’s let’s just imagine you went into

the youtube editor and you went click

slap cut slice and remove this first


let’s see what comes next

so before we answer the question what is


cool i don’t want to know before you

answer the question

you’re giving me every reason what to

continue watching oh my god i’m doing

this a bit in jess by the way because

you know we all do these things in our

own videos when we watch them back we

don’t notice this right

let’s uh look at a scenario that i’ve

been through maybe you’ve been through

it too

well i don’t know because i’ve not i’ve

i ain’t invested in crypto yet let’s go

all the way back to like 2012 and that

little situation where maybe a friend or

a friend of a friend you’re at a party i

don’t know

and somebody talks about bitcoin they

bring it up and they mention how it

might be a good investment or you’re

just talking about what is it this

digital currency that you can buy

maybe you blew it off it doesn’t make

any sense to you but then we can also go

for the aspect of uh what happened since

2012 than now so you’re talking bitcoin

around five dollars and these are just

estimates so five dollars back in 2012

is what it would have cost you to get

one bitcoin could have started with that

in 2012 bitcoin cost five dollars yep

2020 bitcoin now costs 50 000

but you’re not too late here’s why that

could be the intro as an example i can

tell exactly now that we’re a minute in

i know exactly what happened this person

did not write a script

yeah there was or if you did it because

it didn’t seem like you did because

you’re kind of thinking of the story

like off the top of your head like let’s

say you’re at a party and you know or

wherever you are


writing a script would have helped a lot

even just bullet points breaking down

like what you’re going to be talking

about for yourself

because there’s this video is a minute

in and we’re like we’ve not explained

what cryptocurrency is just that it used

to be cheap and now it’s not which is

fine it would have been like rob said a

good way to intro the video but

you know you said what is cryptocurrency

that’s the pitch of this whole video in

the title and thumbnail

i know that bitcoin is a thing but if i

want to know what it is

why it is

as your as your title says why buy it


i’m a minute and 30 in and i don’t have

any of that information and there’s no

promise that i’m going to get it i’m

kind of wondering and now i’m in a

minute and i’m like are you just going

to talk about

the timeline of cryptocurrency you know

maybe you’re going to go in between 2012

and 2022 now and talk about and then

ethereum came along and like i i don’t

need to know that like so there’s

there’s a big disconnect and i think

what would have helped here and i hope

we’re not being too brutal i do

apologize for

making it seem that way but we’re two

hours in we’ve seen a lot of intros



but this is i think like

this is a really good example of

something we see so often so i think

that’s why i’m lingering on it you know


the thumbnail

and the title are

really good and compelling and engaging

and then the first minute is just

it felt a little excruciating from what

was promised like let’s see

can we find


somebody who does this mr who’s the boss

all right he’s probably going to

describe this

brilliantly or like really engagingly so

let’s let’s what’s the first minute of

this video

all right bitcoin blockchain dogecoin

ethereum nfts everyone is talking about

cryptocurrencies right now but good lord

what does all of it mean so welcome to

the one video that will take you from

crypto noob to cryptogenius i’m going to

tell you

so that was 13 seconds in what it is why

it keeps becoming more important what

i’ve actually invested in myself and

the dark side of it okay so when society

was in its early stages there was no

such thing as money we’ll call this

stage one the only way to buy something

off someone was to go up to them and be

like oh i really like your horse

i’ll trade you my cat for it

sorry milo i never trade you

but the issue with the system like that

is that i will watch this forever

perfectly happy to give up your horse

you just might not want a cat so that

trade will never happen but that’s where

currency came in stage two coins so he’s

doing a real beginner guide here he’s

talking like gold and silver currency


before getting into bitcoin

but that’s the way to do it i think

compound literally just be one pound of

silver we’re talking about something

that’s supposed to replace traditional

money you know so

starting with that premise of like okay

we used to just trade animals for other

animals now we can’t that’s not really

practical so that’s where currency like

breaking down that timeline is helpful

um i think it’s it is a way you can

explain what cryptocurrency is

and it didn’t take nearly as long to get

to those descriptions he was a minute in

and it already uh started to get us on

to the root of the cryptocurrency um as

opposed to as opposed to this video

i think maybe we should um cut this


a little bit of slack and maybe watch

one more just to see if we kind of

repeat this

style of introduction because these

videos are even longer again the

thumbnail is good crypto cash what to

buy now all right again i think that’s a

it’s a good setup

let’s watch the first 30 seconds


despite how the markets are going i

still hope you’re doing fine uh we’re

all bearing through this at the same

time so just remember that you know with

everything happening with the overall

markets both crypto and stocks

the craziness with luna

ust losing his peg so

all kinds of stuff has been happening

over this past week and even a little

before when the market started to drop

so just realize uh you aren’t alone in

this you’re in the same boat with me


you know i know maybe i haven’t lost as

much as


i think what he’s trying to explain here

is a shared

um feeling an emotion to the story

but i think that could be done in five

seconds and i think you’re right dan

this is the idea of

he’s pressing record and he’s talking to

camera without a script and we’ve no


and this is what we end up with a video

that’s 25 minutes long but it probably


four to six minutes of valuable


other people but we’re still in the same

market and we’re all suffering the same


stocks are down as well so

we’re all there just realize you got to

breathe and you got to look long term

and uh try to find that path forward so

this video is going to be about what i’m

going to do

so 46 seconds this video is going to be



uh the path i have for you know what i’m

going to invest in what i’m going to do

to weather this storm so i think during

these periods you have to look at what’s

going to be long term for you as an

investment and i’m saying that from the

perspective of this is going to be

focused on crypto but even in stocks you

do that so what do you think that


i i think

there’s a there’s one element to it that

i like in that you are commiserating

with people who are you know potentially

they’ve lost a lot of money and they’re

looking for some answers and and you’re

like look man i get it like we all lost

a whole bunch of money it’s been a

bloodbath like i totally like i see that

but you kind of drag that part out so


that i’m not getting the answers it’s

like okay cool like this person gets it

like they’re in the same boat i am so

but they know something that i don’t

clearly because they made this video so

it just it feels like we’re just kind of

chugging along okay when are we gonna

when are we gonna get there you’re gonna

tell me not now not yet 48 seconds okay

i’ll wait a little bit more okay we’re a

minute in are we going to get there no

it’s still a personal story so it’s it’s

we gotta write i think writing is this

person’s like next thing it’s sitting

down like your titles and thumbnails are

doing awesome now it’s time to sit down

and write out your videos and really and

then go to bed and come back the next


and decided to say it like rude but like

go walk away from it and come back and

like then chop edit before you record

chop that script up you know get it to

be as short as possible

going back to the concept again of

dialing up to a 11 or dialing down like

the the titles and the thumbnails

promised like a certain volume of eight

or nine

and then within 30 seconds

of being in a video

you know the volume feels as if it’s

like two or three

and as you were saying dan like in terms


an engaging person in front of camera

it it didn’t feel like this person that

had the energy or

or the the engagement of the audience

and i appreciate completely that being

in front of camera

is can for some people be a

a challenging experience




positive body

gestures and

and and talking at a certain cadence and

with a certain level of enthusiasm that

can be very different when you’re

talking to a lens as opposed to a human

being because it feels like you’re just

talking to an inanimate object

so as well as maybe the scripting side

of this the planning

um i think that in itself is gonna give

you more confidence in front of camera

but maybe going on to skillshare

or looking at charisma on command on

youtube and trying to identify some


um on-camera personality traits that can

just uh

notch your level of engagement and

excitement up will be something to

research as well

yeah i mean best of luck i think i think


somebody who understands a topic that’s

very complicated and that in itself is

yeah there’s no doubt about isn’t it

there’s a

an informed creator who

is sharing their experiences with an

audience but it’s just not done in a

very engaging and exciting way

yeah uh so that’s it that’s the live

stream you all can go home now uh thank

you for being here i i appreciate it rob

appreciates it

and uh yeah we’ll be back tuesday with

channel on it’s friday right rob there’s

something come out friday yes

uh so a video about reused and

repetitious contents um

people ask me about this all the time

and so i’ve tried to put together some

answers uh to help you um tackle

that very challenging aspect of youtube

especially for monetizing your content

when you’re using other people’s

uh music and videos and whatnot

especially interesting for faceless

channels i would i would say

there you go all right you’re still here

i don’t know why i said you can go home

for like 300 of you that are still

here we’re done though

like we ended the live stream like we’re


i’m off to the toilet

bye everybody

you can

why is nobody leaving

rob left even the host one of the hosts

is gone

and we’re just chilling

there’s a secret coming the the secret

is that you should go make videos now

that’s the secret why is everyone still

here oh i forgot to put this page up

there we go

this this makes it more clear

see what happens see what happens when

you plan out your outros

if you are

by the way looking for more value

uh there’s a lot of videos on our


see i didn’t plan this part out but i

could push you to another video right

now which would be really smart of me

but i didn’t do that did i i

i didn’t have that video ready you could

go watch my video

from this week it did really well it got

a one out of ten i’m still very proud of

that and i highly recommend it here i’m

gonna grab the link for those of you for

some reason refuse to leave

there’s nothing left for you here go i’m

just gonna put this link in there a few

times go there like that’s a great video

you’re gonna get a lot out of that video

if you if you leave here

and go check it out


so go ahead

go ahead bye everybody

you can go


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