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=================== text video ====================


oh yes ladies and gentlemen boys and

girls children of all

ages it is red five standing by because

in the live stream poll i set just

before uh we went live uh 85 percent of

you 84 percent of you told us that we

should do this in halloween costumes and

this is the best i could do while still

maintaining credibility and being able

to see everything although this visor

makes all of your channels look very

very yellow i will try and adjust or i

will just take this off very very soon

because it is very very uncomfortable if

you are a regular here you will

understand that we do a little bit of

fun and crazy stuff from time to time if

you are new here then i do apologize

then this is the type of live stream

that if you have just stepped into but

hopefully what’s gonna happen over the

next two hours is that you’re going to

be educated a little bit more on your

youtube journey through the power of

channel audits we invite you into our

forum our lecture theater our classroom

as myself and various guests share their

wisdom their knowledge and their passion

for creativity that will hopefully wash

off over you as you continue your

youtube journey and i could not do this

without a wonderful collection of guests

as always welcome in

perfectly timed he joined us at 11 a.m

on the dot it is travis hey travis hey

how are you doing i was waiting for you

to reply to my message in the other dm

that you didn’t see apparently but i’m

here we do

okay well uh you’re here thank you for

joining us

and we’ll be looking forward to some

channel auditing today and our second

tag team guest they are now considered

regulars i think this is their fourth

appearance and every time they are on

they always change their background a

little bit last time i seem to remember

it was lovely uh blues and purples and

had their subscriber play button in the

background this time we’re going for

more of a homely look and it is when i

try and fix my screen yeah sorry about

that let’s

let’s do that it is ben and michaela

welcome hello sorry we don’t have a

halloween costume today and but i mean

if you want the colors we can we can

make the colors change if you want it

very very nice you just turn them into a

light service

can you change to the dark side and have

red light servers and all that type of

thing sure yeah i think hey i think what

we should do is throughout this uh first

hour people in a chat if you want to

request a color

uh do so but we’re gonna do this in

increments so like when we get 200 likes

will allow you to change a color on ben

and michaela’s background going forward

and last but certainly not least um i

gave him a bit of a ticking off because

his microphone was terrible 10 minutes

ago so the pressure’s on viper

how is your microphone signing now

oh we only on regular court now we’re


beautiful you sound fantastic okay ben

and michaela look very professional

travis is looking serious viper is

looking damn cool i’m looking utterly

stupid as always let’s welcome in our

audience travis who are you saying hello

to today i see dark lord three life with


uh we got ryan gabriel johnson short


scratch and spoon lotto and lucas blaze

who was that scratch and spoon lotto was

that all one channel names but it says

that that sounds fantastic

hey junk’s also in house viper who are

you saying hello to

oh my god let’s see we got hello oh my

god chad’s like moving like super fast

what is going on around here we got tech

dna the gadget channel good morning we

got the link

game earth archive coming to you

tutorial mac good morning to you or good

afternoon i should say and the new gamer

good afternoon to you and uh scientist

reading world good afternoon

and i’m gonna say hello to chewy

marshmallow uh telonic also jack of the

dark blue yoshi we have a sentient pizza

in the house that is terrifying what

happened if cyberdyne and the sentient

pizza had a battle there’s a movie in

there somewhere hmm stock stocks bears

are also here and dante comedy all right

before we introduce you to the channel

audit live stream and how it works i

just have one question for viper uh

viper i don’t know if you can still hear

me because you’ve just taken off your


uh i’ve timed that absolutely perfectly

maybe i haven’t no he’s turning on his

lights now

all right viper you’re back in the house

can you hear me yes so my question to

you right now is are you live streaming

from a ridiculously priced macbook m1

pro you would be correct yes oh

oh oh awesome awesome would you how’s it

going how was the setup so far how are

you enjoying it uh see what happened was

i did the migration right before we went

live which is why i will come to you

from another macbook i have when they

did finish right before we went live i

thought they would like everything

situated so i’m here now so we’re good

we’re ready to rock and roll

so am i am i allowed to call you viper

two macbooks from now on you know just

to show off uh three at the moment but

yeah oh my word

deary me dearing me uh anyway

let’s start getting some value to our

audience we’re actually telling you how

all of this works if you are new then

i’m going to show you a quick 60-second

explainer if you are a regular we have

now passed 200 subscribers 200 likes so

get your requests in for what color you

want ben and michaela to change their

studio lights in 60 seconds

welcome to the vid iq channel audit live

stream where we review your youtube

channel there are two links in the

description one for gaming channels one

for non-gaming channels make sure you

submit every week as we clear the form

after every live stream channel audits

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super chats expecting to receive an

audit and don’t waste your time asking

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alternative ways to get picked for an

audit such as memes we will let you know

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your channel today vid iq has a channel

audit tool working 24 7 for you if you

haven’t already installed vid iq

download it now for free a link is in

the description and make sure to take

advantage of our free 30-day trial if

you submit your channel for audit expect

the following we are sharing nothing

more than our knowledge our experience

and our passion as fellow youtube

creators it’s up to you whether or not

you take our advice there are tons of

links lots of useful resources in the

video description make sure to subscribe

if you haven’t already done so share

this live stream with another fellow

creator who may find it useful and

finally moderators thank you thank you

thank you for everything that you do

every single week all right let’s do


all right the popular request here ben

and michaela is a green so can you

switches to green for the time being

your next target everybody is

300 likes and then we’ll switch it once


housekeeping as always we continue to

support the kobe 19 solidarity response

fund so any super chats go directly to

that course thank you very much in

advance as always we get hundreds of

channel submissions we can’t audit every

single channel every single week so

uh i recommend if you are capable of

doing this i mean viper could do this

three times over uh if you have a spare

screen then bring up your channel so

that when we’re talking about the

fundamentals of thumbnails channel focus

titles etc etc you can think about how

that applies to your channel and last

but not least um

everybody i would like us to just play

this game for a second uh which is

which is does this thumbnail work

everybody so

i am making a video about how to add end

screens in youtube in 2022 and i haven’t

launched this video yet but i’m

wondering how this thumbnail is gonna

compare against my competitors so with

the help of vidiq’s tool here i have

included this keyword and then when i

click preview and search it’s going to

automatically compare it to other

videos of a similar title so ben

michaela travis viper how do you think

my thumbnail here compares to the others

do you think it’s competitive or do you

think i may need to change it honest

opinions please

well i mean yours stands out like like

it stands out i mean and that’s what you

want a thumbnail to do because as we

know them though they’re going up


tens and hundreds of other thumbnails on

youtube so the fact that yours stands

out immediately is a good sign

so you’re giving me a relative thumbs up

there on that one

indeed okay okay travis what do you

reckon okay oh i’m trying to understand

what’s going on is that finger actually

on the thumbnail or is that your mouse

cursor so that is a finger on the

thumbnail that is not my mouse

very very tricky i kind of like that it

almost feels like you’re gonna click it

it’s like the subliminal maybe i should

click it type thing that’s

that’s pretty that’s pretty slick that’s

pretty okay so i’m getting some positive

vibes here so that means i’m probably

going to keep the thumbnail it is when

it launches but here’s the key thing

this video is private but i’ve been able

to compare it against other videos on

youtube and that’s what i’m trying to

show you here the thumbnail preview tool

from vid iq which is one of our premier

tools uh along with all of these other

tools such as best time to post even if

you don’t have a data from youtube yet

we’ll give you that sort of data and all

of these keyword recommendations as well

which mean that i could just very

quickly fill in this box in about 60

seconds as opposed to doing uh big

keyword research if you want to take

advantage of all of this then we have an

amazing offer going on right now which

is 50

off monthly pro and boost plans uh for

two months so if you buy either of these

plans the first two months you get 50

off effectively buy one get one free

there is a link in the video description

if you want to take advantage of that

and it is for new customers only but

with all of that being said i think it’s

now time to actually do some channel

audits so

ben michaela travis and viper i’m trying

to remember everybody’s names today the

first channel we are going to look at

looks a little bit


this it is the first channel that

submitted on our channel audit form and

they are called diy cam and i thought

this week

we’d change things up a little bit and

always start with the home page of each

channel as opposed to the video tab so

i’ll as always start with travis and

just give me your brief thoughts on what

you think this channel is about well you

know how i feel about diy i literally

how do you feel like tell me tell me diy

literally had this conversation with one

of my larger creators

clients yesterday

they have about five and a half million

subscribers and they have a team of like

20. and we’re on this zoom call and we

were talking about one of their videos

that had diy in it and i just explained

it yeah diy means nothing because it

means everything

um it really can mean anything you could

be a knitting channel you could be in

their particular case like a mechanical

channel it could it just doesn’t mean

anything so unfortunately i don’t know

what you mean when you see diy we see a

lot of diy channels here when we do

these audits that are more crafty

so i like i like getting away from that

and being very specific with what it is

you do this looks like you’re like um

fixing repairing like lawn

related stuff or home garden stuff or

things you use tools you use with your

home garden so just do that i mean if

for no other reason the seo um

definitely i would change the name up so

as far as the thumbnails go we also know

how we feel about red text on on

thumbnails we don’t like that um it’s

very hard to read um and kind of

unnecessary so if you’re gonna do text

on a thumbnail uh definitely don’t use

red um and then secondarily um i would



a lot of times when they do use text

they’re doing it using it right over the

thing you want to see

i use a craig jig it’s right over the

thing so um just with those kind of

there’s a whole bunch of other things to

do but i’m sure someone else will have

something to say those are my thoughts

viper do you have anything to say

yeah i think our traffic kind of alluded

to it uh way too much tech from the

thumbnail if you’re gonna talk about

like lolling uh lawn and garden

appliances maybe have that in the title

and then have just the picture of the

appliance and thumbnail you don’t need

the text and the thumbnail with the text

and the title the title and the

thumbnail should be married they should

be complimentary of each other so

if you have text in the title you that’s

where your texts go you don’t want too

much text in the thumbnail also i think

like i feel like these titles can be a

little bit shorter somebody’s a little

kind of on the longer side and that

comes into play especially when people

are doing searches on youtube they only

see the first few words of a title

anyway so you want to make it as short

as possible so people can get the

general gentle video

after doing a search

so looking at the channel which is a

year old um

if we were trying to get away from the

diy vibe what do you think would be a

closer i guess avatar

of like the typical

audience viewer for this channel i’m

getting generally a gardening


outside house vibe and would all of you

agree with me there or or am i not

seeing any that’s am i missing something



that seems like what they’re doing it

seems like a lot of lawn care a lot of


yeah just outside the house yeah

so with that being said

maybe the creator can maybe just rethink

not only their channel name but as of

yet they don’t have a channel banner so

i think after a

being a year on youtube especially when

they built out their homepage as well

with like the um with a trailer uh and

all of these different playlists i think

it’s now time for the um

i guess essentially taking whatever’s in

here and visualizing this but as you’re

saying travis again diy is in there a



it’s it as you say

in this channel as many of us it’s

already very much more specific isn’t it

it’s lawn care it’s maintaining law care

equip lawn care equipment that type of

thing and she’ll live is a better focus

to be to be driven there and that and

once you’ve done that it may help guide

the rest of your channel because

i see very popular videos here you know

we’ve got some videos with like

thousands of views this one here twenty

seven thousand views six and a half

thousand views uh these tend to again be

looking at lawn equipment but then you

have ones with like sixty views uh and a

hundred views so we’ve got some very

spiky view counts which seems to suggest

that you haven’t quite maybe yet

identified your perfect viewer target


but the reason these are all things that

small channels pick up over over time so

i think that’s the kind of area you are

in your youtube journey uh so unless

anybody else has anything to say that is

diy with

cam the next channel we’re going to look

at here is going to be a channel that’s

going to challenge us all a little bit

because uh dan isn’t here with his

gaming expertise but we we have a lot of

gaming channel submissions every single

week so we’re going to try and tackle

this one first which is called gamer


and just again we’ll start with you

travis like initial thoughts just on the

home page what are you seeing here to

give you indications as to who might be

watching this channel

so i don’t know if scrap mechanic is an

actual game

i think it is

as far as i’m aware it is yeah okay cool

um all right so looks like we have a

very similar thumbnail style across the

vast majority of these videos of course

they’re doing shorts

popular uploads or uploads um i don’t

understand what kind of game this is

um yeah so let’s have a look maybe the

the video tab that might give there yeah

yeah the video slightly better

indication notice that they’re kind of

short too like not only just the shorts

themselves but even their quote longer

form content is all like

pretty short stuff so are these like

how to do things yeah how to how to okay

so basically like a gaming utility

channel which is good for like search

and and discovery and stuff of being

discovered in the first place um

unlikely to gain you a whole bunch of

subscribers right off the bat especially

if it’s something that’s very definitive

and you get your answer and you leave

but um you know something that can help

get your your kind of momentum going uh

when you’re first starting out but the

thumbnails yeah if you look at these

thumbnails versus the other ones we just

looked at there’s a large difference

so this this is the research we’re doing

because travis and i are not familiar

with this game we’re just seeing what

the landscape is on youtube and

these i think this is the type of

thumbnail that you want to be looking at

i guess this feels like maybe almost

like a lego or connected game where you

get pieces and just put them together

and build something so the hero is

always going to be what you’re building

and nice big images lots of pop there

i’m also encouraged by

uh how free how recent these videos are

like a day old 20 hours old so there’s a

a lot of recycling of content which

means that it’s a pretty popular um

topic although there is some competition

there so just maybe doing a bit of

research in the background will help you

uh and then

yeah i guess the question is what type

of videos that i’m making about this

game uh in terms of education is it

building something

looks to be


and i think generally what i think we’re

all going to agree that the thumbnail

game just needs to be upped as their


test and challenge

yeah and then also figure out like what

kind of things are people looking for so

rather than just making up videos about

how to do a certain thing make sure

people are actually looking for that and

if there’s a new update in the game that

adds a new mechanic of some sort always

go for that that’s uh that always works

for for gaming channels

and i’m wondering if

like with this i guess this is a game

where you can build many different

things what are the


tactics and strategies that apply to

building all sorts of types of things

whether it’s like i don’t know how to

attach a wheel whether it’s to a tank or

or a fast car or a motorcycle like maybe

these tutorials that transcend different

types of bills in this game will be

something to consider as well but all i

think all of this will be done through

research it’s interesting that you are

in a

i guess a unique gaming niche which

we’ve never come across before in our

channel audits and that you’re having

success with shorts as well i mean all

these shots you’ve got 120 subscribers

all of these shots are getting

a decent amount of views

how might you be able to turn these into

like one or two minute uh longs so to

speak you know maybe landscape content

as well i’ll leave a final words with

viper if you have any if not we’ll move

on to the next channel


yeah i think i think we all we’ve all

given them good advice um

might want to do a little work on the

thumbnail making them more clear better

than that everything else looked okay to


all right then we’re gonna move on to

the next channel and in order to do this

i do have to stop sharing my screen for

a moment uh because i need to switch to

another tab to make sure that ben and

michaela can sink their teeth into a

channel that they pre-selected and we’re

going to start with the video first so

we’re actually going to look at the

channel we’re going to look at the video

presentation so

uh fingers crossed ben and michaela do

you want the audio on for these videos


is it just if that’s possible sure

right okay so if it’s hard then that’s

fine we don’t need it i think i can do

that so if i click there and then i

click there and that’s going to now

share these screens

hopefully it doesn’t sound too weird um

so ben and michelle do you want me to

play this video uh to begin with and

then maybe fade down the audio after a

few seconds sure

all right so what we’re doing here is


looking at the video content first hey

guys welcome back to the cheap car

challenge episode 3 let’s do it

hey guys ross here the rules are simple

we got a j-turn


my internet is awesome as usual i think

we’ve got

a bit of an intro there

uh was that enough michael yeah sure so

the main thing i wanted to highlight

about this channel is

they did a really good job of

keeping the pace

yeah engaging and

i i you know one of the biggest things

you can do with your content you know a

lot of times we’ll sit here and we’ll

talk about you know different studio

setups and you know the lighting and the

audio and all that stuff but what these

guys did super well

was the editing

and just the pacing of the video and it

continues throughout um there’s

something that we kind of try to apply

to our videos which is the the 10 second

rule which is where you don’t want to


really anything by itself

for more than 10 seconds so if that’s

just you kind of like talking you should

throw in some b-roll throw in some texts

do a different angle punch into the

image you know do something to keep the

viewer engaged and i think that they did

a great job of it


they took it seems like that they took

some extra time to actually color

correct some of their footage and you

know they had all the fun

camera movements and all that stuff so

if you’re out there trying to make

better content take note of some of the

stuff they’re doing and just try

experimenting with how you can apply

some of those techniques to your videos

so like in the first 10 seconds of this


we got like the slow zoom we had that

big text appearing on screen which had

like uh minutes and numbers so we’re

trying to almost t something moving into

the video

um and then this is more of like a

studio setup is all of this stuff

looking good here

yeah so again you you already pointed

out that slow zoom in and there’s

actually some sound effects with the

text really really cool

um and and overall the lighting’s pretty

nice like it i would say for the most

part it’s good um the the one thing i

wanted to point out that i feel like

they could have potentially done better

in this case and i see people do this a

lot which is why i wanted to bring it up

is right off the bat he

uh pulls in you know the the

the wheel thing that he’s talking about

and brings it into shot and he’s going

to start talking while he’s doing

something to it

and what i think really can be better is

to just do your talking head

and then do b-roll of you doing what

you’re gonna do to to show it and that

way it’s not distracting because you’re

not going back and forth and back and

forth audio is always clear it’s nice

and concise yeah i was just going to

mention like i think that when we watch

this video with his audio every time he

would move his head his audio sounds

different because his head’s facing a

different place compared to where his

mic is so that’s kind of another benefit

of shooting your a roll or you’re

talking headshot first and then shooting

your b-roll or you doing the action

whatever you’re trying to teach second

and then cutting that footage in as an

example later on yeah you just get so

many benefits by doing that you know you

i think overall yes it takes more work

but it makes less work for the viewer

and i think that’s kind of the benefit

the other benefit of potentially doing

the b-roll

later on and kind of rather than doing

it at the same time filming your talking

head is that video was almost 10 minutes

long which isn’t too bad but what we

found is that viewers don’t want the

fluff we call it like if you can cut

that out if you can cut your video down

you know five or six minutes especially

in a um a how-to

type of video you’re gonna get higher

viewer retention um and people are gonna

be more interested in watching the full

thing rather than skipping around to

find the part that they want


i think i always think about when i’m

trying to illustrate something is

multitasking when you’re filming front

of camera can be really hard when you

got to it’s almost like trying to

remember all of your prompts and you as

you say you’re turning your writing on

the wheel you don’t realize how the the

microphone is going to be affected by

that you’re not sure if you’re looking

at something if you’re framed correctly

and so those are all like

real headaches as well when you when

you’re doing such filming but i do just

want to say on the other side of a

perspective um there could be uh the

idea that the creator wants it to feel

more natural where it’s seen a less

polished less produced so so i i would

just say that’s maybe a counter approach

but as you say michaela when it’s

educational the viewer isn’t necessarily

too bothered about um

the style of a presenting they just want

the information as efficiently as

possible so that’s something definitely

to test i think for that channel uh this

is super dudes by the way they are 11

subscribers short from getting their

community tab

so let’s move on to the channel as a

whole now and this time viper i’m going

to start with you on their front page

what do you think’s going on here

i think you are muted sir

yeah that will kind of help if i mute my

mic but let’s start off with the banner

because i like the banner i like when i

go to a channel and the banner makes it

clear what i’m going to get from the

actual channel so the fact that we’re

getting cards and entertainment i like

that i like that clear-cut objective of

the channel and i like the nice color

the blues the oranges i like that uh

they like their nice little logo avatar

there that’s pretty cool

um thumbnails are okay

uh i would say the last three look a

little too similar so you might want to

change that up because as we talk about

on this channel from time to time if the

thumbnails look too similar your

or your returning viewer might think

they already watched the video and they

might skip it and we don’t want them to

give a video not then we no no no so

might want to change up the thumbnail

just a tad bit just so you can bring

some difference into the last three but

other than that

um look good titles are relatively short

so i like that and um yeah i think

they’re on their way

well here’s the thing with the

thumbnails if you look at this the first

video i assume in this series thousand

views it looks pretty good to me

second view videos

haven’t done nearly as well what what

what might be the obvious reason here

i mean they all say they all say a cheap

card shallots so i got you the little

too people might already thought they

watched it so

i don’t know and oh


and the title is almost all

tease it out with you

episode numbers

uh do i need to watch episode one and

two in order to understand what episode

three is


suggestion here might be to just take

out the episode number if you want to

mention it in the video itself that’s

absolutely fine but in this pitch you’re

perhaps giving the viewer a reason not

to watch because they haven’t seen the

previous episodes so that might be a

very simple um

experiment for you to try and then what

about you travis you’ve had the time to

digest this channel a little bit what

are your thoughts

um it’s it’s an inch i like the little

bit of video that we did see super fast

pace is this a newer channel or

have they been around for a

uh minute

a yeah yeah but they took it looks like

there was a big uh

period of time where they weren’t doing

uh some stuff there but anyway yeah good

stuff um i i happen to deal with a

couple of car channels um

and uh i like the the more recent

thumbnails more so than the older

thumbnails but um me too me too the

whole thing about um

well almost any niche but this

particular nation is all topic topic

topic topic um and figure out what

aspect of what people are coming to your

channel for is working and then try to

double down on that um so this budget

you’ll see they do it in the budget car

battle looks like the first video did

really well so now they’re just kind of

trying to go back to the well and see if

there’s any way to to rekindle that so

cool channel cool idea i like it um

continue to do your research for uh

topics that connect with your audience

i want to ask the question the final

question to the super dudes is again who

is your ideal avatar or audience because

cars and entertainment for me is too

broad when i look at these thumbnails

here i see that you’re maybe talking

about a budget but when i also see the

thumbnails to me these look as if either

performance cars or cool like not

collectors cars but you know

petrol heads who like a certain type of

vehicle and i feel as if again

i’m getting that sense but not a really

strong sense of who my who my ideal

audience is so maybe think about this it

might be you know a 28 year old male

who uh

is earning forty thousand dollars a year

and they can afford a second hand car of

their dreams which might be a sr 20 deep

debt that needs to be um

renovated restored a little bit uh and i


really nailing down the target audience

is going to help you hit your target

audience with every single video that

you make so ben mckayla that is your

first uh deep dive into a video and

we’ll come back to another one soon but

again i just have to stop share in the

meantime by the way we’ve hit 309 likes

so please put in your color um

requests and ben mckellar will be able

to accommodate you very soon i just need

to get to the right channel and it is

going to be

next up raw soul

fitness and we’ll lead with you this

time travis um what do you think we’re

looking at here

oh my gosh

leroy’s just saying every time you add

an and you lose people from your

audience so let’s go body weight and

dumbbells and resistant bands and muscle

building and fat loss and hit

and muscular cardiovascular endurance oh

that’s a whole that’s a long sentence

right there this is gonna be going for

viper as he works a lot more than me um

but i’ll say that um you know you need

to get that down substantially it’s just

it’s too much you’re trying to just grab

everyone and when you try to be

everything to everybody you’re almost

nothing to anybody so really consider

like what is your value proposition you

can give out in like a sentence uh or

even less and when you’re looking at

like let’s see what we got here the

dedicated to person seeking to improve

their fitness and well-being okay i

figured that


so let if we look let’s go back to the

home page real quick uh look at the last

couple of videos here 30 minute 10

minute workout timing i love those

because it’s much easier to understand

what you’re trying to get out of these

are quick workouts

and really to be honest your value

proposition could be a workout you can

do on your lunch break a workout you can

do before work a workout you can do in

between you know whatever like those are

the type of things that are

worded slightly different your content’s

the same but allows you to then target

an audience that’s specifically looking

for something too busy to get stuff done

you got a little i mean that’s why how

all these workout things are are kind of


are being marketed for people who are

not into working out all the time is

they can do it quickly and easily like

everything you save time or money you’re

always going to get a click so this is

just a good kind of gateway drug way of

doing it 10 minute workout you can do 10

minutes you’ve got time for that it’s

not gonna be too hard um and as a

beginning channel it’s that’s a great

way to get um people starting to watch

your content the the thumbnail design

i’ll leave that to someone else but i

love the the topic idea 5 10 and 30

minute workouts that’s your actual value

proposition and you need to lean into


brief um interruption uh beneficial can

we can we have a bit of yellow please oh


there we go we’ve got the yellow in

there all right so um i would also say

build out your homepage a little bit

you’ve just got uploads as your playlist

you know maybe a

a trailer as to

tell people whether or not they’re in

the right place and some more playlists

but um yeah viper let’s hear from you um

would this be a channel that you would

um visit for your workout routines

oh uh

honestly i would probably take look one

look at the thumbnails and head for the

heels um all right people

general rule here’s the rule people

your title and your thumbnail should not

contain the same text so you got 30

minute full body in the title 30 minute

full body in the thumbnail no no no no

no we don’t do that you’re wasting faith

you’re wasting faith and you’re wasting

time if you have it in the title you

don’t need it in the thumbnail and go

back to what i said last time you don’t

want that much text in the thumbnail but

you definitely don’t want to repeat

yourself with a thumbnail like what’s

the point of that so maybe instead of

putting full body workout in the

thumbnail maybe you point to a

particular muscle group that’s going to

be worked or something along those lines

or maybe a highlight of or have a

picture of you doing a particular

exercise that going to be a part of that

workout anything but repeating the title

and the text and the title in the uh and

the text on the thumbnail or anything

about don’t do that just don’t do that

can i

challenge you on this uh viper sure like

75 of the time i would agree with you

but i feel as if and just as they’re

doing a search here

in the workout um genre it tends to be

that creators put on their thumbnail

exactly what you’re going to get out of

it in terms of from an educational point

of view so all of these are saying um 30

minute dumbbell shred and the title kind

of matches it from now so i would just

want to add the caveat that sometimes


repeating the title and the thumbnail

is almost like the industry standard in

that topic

having said that i agree with you that

it’s worth testing and i and there’s


lots of improvements that can be made to

the thumbnails because in terms of

design and style


just from the quality of the images of a

person and the position that they’re in

and the way that the text is aligned on

the thumbnails

is night and day versus these ones are a

bit chaotic i think mainly because

the um creator has a very very um busy


in terms of i think they’re in their

backyard uh maybe they need to do some


where they’re just behi where they’ve

got a white background

so i didn’t want to derail what you were

saying there um viper but

that was kind of my

from the

multiple workout channels that we looked

at in the past there just seemed to be

that theme where it is the title and the

thumbnail and not just they’re not

marrying each other they are duplicates

of each other

yeah and that’s why we have multiple

people on these live streams so we can

like bounce ideas off each other and

different things like that so i respect

that you went you intervened and said

you know what that might be the standard

i would i would still test uh doing a

different way though because

here here’s the other thing

if your thumbnails like everybody else

in the uh in the genre then you’re not

really standing out so the whole point

of getting somebody to click on your

thumbnails to stand out so maybe do some

stuff anyway with some different ways

that you would do thumbnails that maybe

don’t match title and text and yeah if

you’re happening since i mean you don’t

know no

uh ben and michaela anything that you

would like to add


i would say the biggest thing

in in regards to all this because i

think i feel like we do talk about the

text a lot with the thumbnails and and i

think that they do play an important

role but to me equally as important as

the image and so

looking back at those thumbnails from

the searches that you did uh it’s it’s

very night and day and it seems almost

like he may just be screen grabbing his

video and putting it in there

potentially it’s it’s never going to be

as good a quality as if you take time to


uh take a photo that will represent it

and you know maybe spend some time

learning how to maybe even cut yourself

out of it to put it on a less busy

background if you don’t have you know a

backdrop or a solid wall somewhere



because at the end of the day you could

have this awesome video that you made

but if the thumbnail falls short no one

will get to experience it and it’s like

we’re i’m looking at these and there’s

just a it’s more close up and you know

it’s it’s there’s a lot of um

it’s really easy to tell what’s going on

and i think that that would be

far more

communicating what’s going on than

putting the text that he’s currently

doing on it if we can just even get a

better picture you know um so and i

think that goes for a lot of channels

like if you can really think through the

imagery that you’re using and spend time

just as you would on the video you know

spend time on making that and figuring

that out it goes a really long way

before you even need to put on text

i’ve also noticed this as well this is

the lowest common denominator thing but

if you look at all of these thumbnails


the person is wearing a shirt

then if you go to all the searches of



fitness workouts

they’re all shirtless

yeah and that’s that matters though

because you’re instantly showing the

results it’s like people want to know

there’s sort of this method of like um

when people are searching for content

that you have to ask yourself there’s

this like tool you can use where you say

i want and it’s like i want

this this result i want to become this i

want to do this when it’s a tutorial i

want to learn this and if your image can


people want to click on yours because

they like whatever’s going on and they

want to emulate that in their own lives

and so when you can show some of those

results in the in fitness world like

this just showing like muscles and all

this stuff it’s like okay or just health

you know like showing someone even happy

like people want to click on that

because like i want to be happy you know

so i think that’s a kind of you know a

little bit of a psychological thing that

happens but it’s super true

i i agree and

it’s almost like visually telling the

audience who your target audience is um

yeah it’s like you’re obviously a ripped


and um in the thumbnails whether that’s

intentional that you’ve decided to hide

it um

i don’t know if i’m in the right place

because i i when when i see like you and

the channel icon and then look at the

thumbnails i think i’ll just click on it

and then within like four minutes i’m

absolutely exhausted because i’m unfit i

wouldn’t be able to do this um so as you

say and ben it’s just maybe that

psychological perspective it’s really

interesting to look up there man we’ve

gone really deep into into the into the

thumbnails here but lots of interesting

discussion and that is raw soul fitness

uh we’ll move on to our twitter

competition this week which was uh what

would be your halloween costume and we

had many good suggestions but we

encourage people to take pictures and it

is truey who’s decided to dress up as

truichi so a wonderful picture there and

we hope you’re going to enjoy halloween

on when is it what’s the day today i

think it’s on saturday right saturday or

sunday so i i hope you enjoy uh your

halloween live stream i think because

truey as far as i can tell from their

channel banner and the vibe i get it is

a channel all about

live stream education at a guest

uh we’ll start with you this time viper

just your general thoughts on this one

and then we’ll move on to maybe the the

content and the topics

all right well i i definitely appreciate

the bubbly banner uh you know right when

you land on the channel that is a live

streaming platform or a live streaming

education channel so i like that and i

like the fact that uh

i don’t know i kind of like the fact

that they have their picture of

themselves in the banner even though

it’s the same as their avatar but it’s

on a bigger scale so i kind of like that

i know a lot of time we don’t want to

repeat that but i kind of like it it’s



let’s see where we what we got for our

thumbnails let’s see what we got down


oh so front page needs building out a

little bit oh no no you’re sorry you do

have you’ve built it out okay so we’ve

got just your recent uploads and then

uh twitch affiliates improve your

streaming quality it’s good that you’ve

written a description for your playlist

as well

that adds a little bit of context yep

uh but yeah let’s have a look at the

videos um and you can get a look at the

thumbnails there of viper okay um


okay change



i think they’re okay remote part


i don’t know i’m just looking at them in

the totality

i know what you mean

when you look at thumbnails and you


there’s nothing really wrong with them

but there’s nothing really right with

them so they turn out to be like five or

six hours i wouldn’t say nothing really

right but i just like

the individual i don’t know when i’m

looking at them in a totality it just

seems like there’s a lot going on


i’m out of their minds today you don’t

want too much going on in your thumbnail

but some of the individual thumbnails

look absolutely amazing so

i don’t know i think uh i would just say

be mindful of how busy your thumbnails

are because you don’t want them to be

too busy because then people can’t

figure out what the video is about so

again title and thumbnail should be

married and that include making sure

that your thumbnail is crafted in such a

way that somebody can take one look at

it and know exactly what’s going on

i think i think as you say there’s a mix

and match here like this one uh this

one’s very busy yeah i can kind of get

the idea of you’re trying to show a lot

of overlays but maybe there’s too many

there whereas this one i think this is a

really good thumbnail in terms of how

many elements it’s got it’s much more on


in terms of the message that you’re

trying to to send to the audience so

yeah a mixed bag i think we may agree

travis what do you reckon the the one

thing just stood out to me is the one

mistake a lot of people make is this

very random switch oled review and


in the middle of all of this streaming

stuff in the maid in asia 20 21 vlog

which we talk about um

happening a lot on this channel when

someone does something off niche

and then that video takes off and then

your channel becomes something other

than what it was before and that’s just

you got to be real careful with that

because there is a risk isn’t it that

could have easily got twenty thousand

forty thousand views which

on the day is a brilliant thing but a

week later it’s like oh no

maybe that’s what she wants to do and

that’s cool

like if you want to have a nintendo

switch channel that’s dope but you have

to be real careful when you do that

stuff what i always tell any creator

when you put a video on your channel be

prepared to do at least five to ten or

maybe forever amount of videos about

that same type of subject and if you

don’t want to do that then don’t put

that video up

i’ve worked with too many channels that

have made this mistake and now none of

the content they want to do works

because all the content they do that

does work is stuff they didn’t want to

do because they just did one-off

thinking it would be cool to do so just

something to consider um but yeah the

thumbnail is really the thumbnail’s

really interesting because i

i it feels like something’s missing but

i can’t exactly say what it is either


i would probably just like

a bit of branding or consistency

they’re all

it feels as if

the credit is doing like a

significant tweak every three or four

thumbnails and i just never quite hit

getting it right i have something that i

think i know maybe what’s lacking with

it um sure

there’s two things the inconsistency to

me comes from

what i what i feel is a really powerful

asset for thumbnails which is negative

space the ones that have negative space

are great and the ones that don’t are

busy you know with the where where she

doesn’t cut herself out of the

background or whatnot um so that’s one

thing the other thing is like if she if

she could learn how to go in and just

put like a glow or something behind her

uh i think that would add a nice pop to

it where it won’t look so flat so just

having a little bit of like a pop just

behind herself you know of light you

know whether it’s yeah like and that’s


a little bit of that because that one we

we all kind of agreed was a strong one

and i think that the uh some of the

other ones even though they’re nice and

cut out it’s

lacking a little bit to me it’s just put

a little glow or something you know i

think that would really help okay this

one like for example definitely needs a

bit of separation from yeah because you

could almost almost blow that out a

little bit

as long as you knew what that was maybe

there’s like a different thumbnails then

oh well twitch panels you can maybe blur

them out a little bit and then you’re in

the foreground a little bit


hey can you explain real quick the

concept of negative space what does that

mean exactly sure so when i say negative

space what i’m talking about is is

basically like like if we look at this

the very first video here the save

stream all of that green area

is is empty and the what this does for

your image is it kind of makes the eye

wonder to what you want it to wonder too

because there’s nothing to look at there


having the save stream and if it was me

i would have almost maybe made that text

just a smidge smaller so it’s not

running into her hair so there’s a

little bit of space around it and then

everything just kind of points to that

to that text so

basically negative space being

you know this empty space that helps

support what you do want people to look



now i’m just sorting by most popular

here because i do see that the channel

has 10 000 subscribers but their view

counts are

generally 500 or less so i’m wondering

if it was anything in the past that

really helped them and it seems as if

when they were focusing on discord and

um nightbot

uh in particular they had very

successful videos you know i’ve seen

that icon several times and you know

going back to how you were talking about

with thumbnails uh there ben a lot of

these kind of have that example of um

it’s almost like when they cut

themselves out and use a template

background that seems to be more

striking although these videos are a

year old so maybe the these video types

of thumbnails stop working for the


but some definitely some indications

from the older content

of what was working topic wise and

thumbnail wise feels like there’s a

little bit more consistency in these


so that is truey uh and now we have hit

350 likes so i think it’s time for

another color suggestion uh for better

michaela’s likes do drop them in we’ll

move on to the next channel now which is

a midnight madness 4x4

travis i believe you sent me this link


you can start sir oh yeah um

that was an interesting channel go to

the the videos page because

i picked it out because it was just like

vehicles cars just things in the air

flying cars i thought it was pretty dope

the thumbnails are really good on some

of these are just absolutely

eye-catching thumbnails and this is

catching something in action to have a

compelling thumbnail so i wanted to pick

this out and also notice that there’s

like no text on these because you don’t

need it uh there’s one or two that have

the most part you just have the action

of the thumbnail telling you what’s

going on and of course the title will

hopefully bring it all together

and this is where you know these videos

these same videos with different

thumbnails and titles would have done

substantially less views 100 easy like


but these thumbnails are so well picked

out that you’re compelled to see how

some of these cards in that position

like that tough truck van life like it

looks like it’s going to go flying off

into a

a wall or something like you have to

click that to know what’s going to

happen um so some really interesting uh

and obviously over time they’ve gotten

better at it uh thumbnails here with


no reliance on text which i love

well they got rid of four by four which

i think was a definitely the right move

but here’s here’s an interesting thing i

think it’s less is more but there are

some very subtle things going on here if

we take a look at this one for example

ben you i mean you again you’re talking

about negative space they’ve almost

created negative space



draining all of the color out of the

audience so that the only two things

that my eyes are drawn to is obviously

the aerial

uh suv

and the ramp that it’s flying off i

think that’s very effective in terms of

thumbnail design and then the other one

that was really cool which has half a

million views it just captures the


perfectly doesn’t it

i think the moment just before this

truck falls to pieces because it’s it’s

obviously coming apart at the seams

literally and i think especially when

you’re capturing this in action i’m

wondering again is this picture maybe

being touched up to increase the

sharpness and whatnot but very effective

and yeah almost no text at all it almost

looks on that last one that they

they it maybe they didn’t but it almost

looks like they added some motion blur

you know to the yeah yeah because that’s

another way to do negative space is to

kind of freeze your object and put the

you know as if it’s like flying through

time you know so i think it’s uh that

works too

now in terms of um audience target


i think this appeals to uh again


how do i put this

uh demolition derby racing enthusiasts

and also people who just like to see

things crashing it would be the target

audience and they reinforce that with

every single video i guess my one

question here might be uh travis

uh going back to you what do you reckon

to the titles do you think that

they are backing up the thumbnails or

perhaps they’re a little boring they’re

using the the kind of title strategy we

see sometimes where when something works

you use the same words in the title over

and over again tough trucks tends to be

one of the ones that they’re using here

you’ll notice they’ve been using it for

many weeks and you know

as we’ve seen on certain channels

sometimes just repeating the same

keywords in a title for whatever reason


seems to work so if you find something

that works title uh strategy wise doing

it again

does seem to work so um at the end of

the day um

yeah it might seem kind of

not as exciting for some of these

but um

if if it’s gaining some traction

although we’re getting some wild swings

i mean the six thousand and five hundred

and seven hundred

um we should try to figure out exactly

if it’s

you know what’s the per why did that

happen i do notice that it looks like


these kind of exterior in-air shots have

done better than even the interior or

kind of the


subdued uh kind of driving shots the

ones that are in the air seem to do

pretty well

or crashes which of course everyone

wants to see so i’m by most popular

right just to see what it what what

where the most popular ones although

yeah just a little bit of air um seems

to be the

the big um

theme there so that is midnight madness

all right thank you benner mckellar

you’ve switched to your purple lights

that also gives me the opportunity now

to switch back to

another channel that we’re gonna audit

video wise

so let’s just load that up bear with me

all one second to make sure that i get

the right screen which i think i have


what we’re looking at here

is a channel called motherhood fine

print hopefully the video is going to

work again you just want to play the

first 10 seconds and then we’ll we’ll

get into some commentary yeah that’s

fine all right

can’t hear it

yeah so i i wanted to pick this channel

in particular just because of um i

thought that it was a an interesting

balance because i feel overall that the

lighting is pretty good um you know

there’s always room for for improvement

but overall it’s it’s pretty decent

lighting on specifically on the talking


um and

what i you know whenever we if you don’t

mind we can go back to that talking

headshot um

so the uh

again i think the lighting’s pretty


um a couple of things i would change

though about the image overall and the

main thing

is just the placement and i see this a

lot uh you know where the lighting could

be good and there’s effort and intention

but there but then sometimes people just

kind of place themselves kind of oddly

in the frame

um and

you know that like her head’s basically

in the middle but it’s not because it’s

off to the side yeah that’s this let’s

get him with my uh

uh that’s driving me nuts now you

mentioned it yeah and and again it’s

it’s it’s not necessarily something that

a lot of people might be consciously

thinking of but i think there are those

things where it just feels off and you

know you want to give people every

reason to to stay so at the end of the

day just just a it’s a minor change you

know and i think that this is something

all of us can do from time to time is

just kind of be looking at our most

recent videos they’re like oh how’s my

camera placement is it straight is am i

kind of you know where i want to be in

frame and all that stuff because that

that stuff when you’re shooting and it’s

on the to-do list it goes by so quick

you’re like oh let me get the camera set

up let me start rolling but just take a

moment to pause like reevaluate watch

your last video kind of see like hey

where am i at like and and that stuff

will really go a long way and again

we talk about negative space you know

i’m always a big fan of having stuff in

the background but sometimes it can be

a little too busy or competing with what

you have going on so you know maybe i

think this shot could have been a lot

stronger if you know we even just shift

the bookshelf over

take a few things off of it

um just so it’s again less

less busy and just easy you know to look

at so um yeah those were the main

thoughts i had did you have anything

yeah one other thing that i think um she

could do is she could be closer to the

camera and i don’t know like what she’s

sitting on or or whatever but but being

closer to the camera will help audio

even if it’s not that bad now um you’ll

be able to hear her clear she’ll be

she’ll have more um control over that in

the editing process later because she’s

closer to the microphone um and then it

will also create some separation between

her in the background which will

depending on the camera and lens

situation that she has um may help

create some depth maybe some blurriness

in the background and it would cause

everything on the bookshelf to be a

little bit less

distracting um but even just her being a

little bit closer to the lens would make

me feel like i’m having a conversation

with her um rather than like she’s way

across the room and i’m just looking at


now i do want to give credit i’m just

sort of scanning through the rest of the

video i think what what she’s doing

which is very good is after she does the

talking head bit she’s doing um b-roll

or with a voice-over in the background

and i wish my computer would work

because um what you can see at the

bottom there i think she’s demonstrating

a like a play mark um but

it’s that thing where she’s doing the

filming and then she’s doing the

narration afterwards so it allows us to

plan exactly what she’s going to say

make it more efficient that type of

thing because you know how to entertain

a form unfold you’re expecting that the

target audience probably just wants you

know an answer right now because i’ve

got a kid that’s screaming at me in the

background tell me how to entertain this

thing in five minutes okay great um so

that is a motherhood fine print let’s

have a look at the channel a little bit

more and viper i’m going to bring you in

sorry you’ve um i haven’t had a chance

for the last couple of minutes but yeah

let’s take a first impressions on on the

thumbnails and the value proposition

all right well first thing i like is the

fact that they tell you when the videos

are coming new video on wednesdays and

11 a.m so you got an exact date and time

for that definitely good luck training

the audience going to be able to uh

can i answer questions

when do you think a

a new parent would want to watch a video

on youtube

in the morning

do you think i’m just asking honest

question because me being an idiot i was

thinking they’d probably want to watch

it after they’ve put their child to bed

at eight or nine o’clock at night

i mean maybe but i mean sometimes you

want the the solution right then in the

moment like because that’s when you’re

thinking about it

because if you wait till after the child

is down do you probably forget what you

want to search for anyway though it can

work both ways though though

absolutely absolutely

now here is a

a case of where how i like that they’re

putting text into them and i like what

they’re doing

so we got we got a title and then they

just have a brief synopsis of what

they’re going to talk about in the

thumbnail along with a photo so i like

the style of thumbnail that’s going on

here so i definitely appreciate that

although we got to be careful with the

whole white text to get the white


gotta be careful with that yeah but yeah

other than that um

i think they’re on their way they’re

doing all right


well this reminds me of that time that

uh savage was on and his child was at

his own uh


as far as the timing goes i would just

look at the analytics and see you know

what it says your viewers are on time um

a lot of shorts there

um not a bad idea not a bad idea a lot

of shorts and how do i get


so there’s listen

you could do content for newborn baby

kind of help uh

topics forever because there’s always

going to be questions about things

and always be looking in um

the news and if there’s any kind of new


you know news story about maybe a child

illness or something talk about that

like talk about anything that’s in the

news and and also look at um different

blogs and stuff when about you know

newborns and see what some of the top

topics are for those blogs and there’s

inevitably going to be the same exact

things on youtube that are searched for

so you can start doing some of your

topic research based off of uh those

things and then google translate

do you think this channel is likely to

be just by the nature of a search based


oh cause

i’m looking at this title here reasons

baby might be crying and then i’ve just

typed in reasons a baby and then auto

complete you know there’s a very subtle

difference to the kind of wording there

but i’m wondering if just every time

they um think of a video idea they make

sure that it’s going to have strong

search intent yeah i mean you might as a

smaller channel you absolutely should um

it’s the only way to ensure that you

have any kind of shot at getting views


uh whatever your kind of core group of

people that’s watching uh may actually

watch beyond that you’re usually in such

a competitive niche depending on what

you’re doing gaming we have a lot of

gaming channels watching and stuff that

unless your thumbnail and title are

super strong it’s gonna be hard to

compete so having a little seo is always

a good way to stack the deck

i have an interesting

thought with all this um i feel like you

have to if you really get into the

mindset of

you know who the audience is

you almost

have an expiration on your viewers

you know because like

are you gonna die

well in the sense that like the kids

will grow up

you know

so like that’s just sort of an

interesting thing but at the same time

you always have new people that you know

are expecting and having young kids and

all that stuff so i think it’s

it just was a thought you know it’s yeah

maybe maybe focus on the evergreen

content that will keep continuing to

attract you know newer


new new subscribers because

at some point you know i would imagine

someone who maybe will hit subscribe

after a few years maybe won’t you know i

don’t know that’s just a thought as as

i’m looking at this channel which i’ve

just realized is like i mean let’s give

this credit to this creator who started

the channel three months ago they have a

newborn and they’re running a youtube

channel at the same time with all of

these videos i think there’s a

really good um passion and commitment

there it looks to me ben as if they’re

trying to take the um viewer on that

journey with him because i see one how

to give it some tummy time to a

two-month-old baby and then two months

later how to entertain a four-month-old

baby so it’s almost as if they’re going

through the timeline of raising a child

themselves right um

i guess my worry there is is that maybe

a bit too specific

you know it is if you were going to say

my well my child is actually seven

months old so is that gonna apply like

do you need to be a bit more general

like how to um entertain a child under

six months or or under one year maybe a

little bit broader in that sense

in terms of

in terms of the content in there but


interesting channel

and yeah i i always applaud um creators

who uh

have maybe challenges or vulnerabilities

or are just damn busy and this is

clearly a creator just damn busy but

they’re finding the time to um take

their journey onto youtube and we wish

you the very best of luck going forward

with your content uh it is two minutes

past 12 at ben mckayla’s i believe

that is your time uh can you just is

there anything really fancy you can do

with your lights like can you do it like

a rotating thing i almost turned into a

disco or something sure you can make it

does it do oh look at that there you go

all the colors of the spectrum uh that

is lovely stuff

it is allowing me

to quickly quickly switch back to let’s

keep doing stuff our main channel and

then you can tell us a little bit more

about who you are and why people

should be subscribing to your channel

with over a hundred thousand

sure yeah so you know we really are

focusing on making content for creators

so if you’re somebody who is you know

wanting to do youtube and and just get

better at your craft whether you know

whatever sort of videos you’re making

we just try to make

um videos that will help with that we

talk a lot about lighting a lot about

audio a lot about um just some different

strategies and and really just focusing

on leveling up the content

do reviews on some of the latest

uh tech and all of that stuff so that’s

what we do and we love doing it we love

just getting to to talk to our community

and you know help everybody out so

we’ve been doing uh

freelance work doing video production

since 2015 full-time so it and just

started the youtube channel a year and a

half ago so it’s been fun it’s been fun

thank you ben mckellar for having you on

as always we’ll see you soon and folks

stick around for our channel because

there may be a little bit of a collab

going on where they tell me

how to improve my uh

amateur youtube setup take care better

mckellar we’ll see you soon see you guys

all right we’re gonna move on to the

next channel uh i think viper was this

one that you pre-selected that would be

me yeah all right so this is a pretty uh

combe i hope i pronounce your channel

name correctly uh what are we looking at



it’s loud and it’s the one thing that

viper understands 500 stands loud so i

appreciate the loudness although from

the banner

i don’t really know what the channel is

about birthday it looks like it might be

a lifestyle blog possibly it’s funny

when i when i saw the name i thought it

was gonna be about here but i don’t

think this channel is anything about


yeah this is uh the challenge of prank

oh yeah this seems to be a general

variety channel so uh yeah

so what do you think of this uh as a

about section uh travis my channel is

mainly focused


vlogs lifestyle tips and tricks

sometimes challenges pranks and many

more what if that thing travis said

earlier at the moment you hit him with

an andrew people then she got like what

four or five hands there so yeah i focus


probably the first uh critique that i

would say is you really need to focus

more on what you want your channel to be

about because as somebody i think said

in the chat earlier when you try to

reach everybody you reach nobody so you

gotta gotta focus up gotta niche down a

little bit

so yeah with two and a half thousand

subscribers um we’re actually seeing

some encouraging view counts here like

1500 there

four and a half hours in there a

thousand there two thousand there but

then there are occasional ones when it

drops down a little bit maybe people are

interested in her university journey for

example maybe people aren’t interested

in her life-changing principles um i

feel as if there’s quite a good

community growing here but there are

still spiky views because of the many

different directions this crate is

possibly going in yeah the other thing

is that again the thumbnail some of

these thumbnails are way too busy you

got to tone that down because again if

i’m looking at the thumbnail and i feel

like i’m looking at a different language

i’m i’m not messing with it

so if we were to maybe pick out like a


template thumbnail like of all of these

which ones do you reckon is the best and

then it can maybe move forward with that

style and theme oh oh man oh man uh

scroll down a little bit for me yep

oh my goodness let’s see uh

wow um which one would i go with a


so much going on here

kind of i kind of like that these ones

that where you know there’s a bit more

simplicity like that one has the yeah

ten things i learned in 2019 i think

there’s nothing scale to that one yep

maya for gearing towards those yep the

temp one

um but then you know as we look at each

thumbnail but the text is changing the

font the color

it’s almost as if uh this creator is

starting from scratch with every single

thumbnail uh which leads to a lack of

consistency and clarity uh there


travis do you want to do any thoughts

from you travis

um yeah i think at the end of the day it

really is like what exactly is the

person who would be watching this

getting from the channel and if it’s

mainly um you know just getting to know

you and stuff that’s cool um

but you’ll notice that for the most part

the videos are getting really good views

are the things that are giving

value out more so than um giving kind of

just taking value so to speak

um but i mean you know listen the

college kind of um

vloggy style videos can do pretty well

it’s um just in the way that works um

you know people just want to kind of

understand what they

um what they can expect going into

college or sometimes if you’re in

college you want to know what that’s

like that whole vloggy thing

um but i love the the thing you leaned

into um early on

which is because i actually spoke to

someone earlier about um

what was it uh they are from another

country in america and kind of did that

whole thing uh i

that’s kind of looks like kind of

algeria is going on here so yeah just

kind of digging into uh your homeland

a foreign uh student in algeria seems to

be where they were a year ago i don’t

know if that’s still the case but

the audience was definitely leaning into

that style of content

but i i don’t know your life situation i

don’t know if that’s changed um and why

you can’t really cover that topic

anymore but when these two very distinct

thumbnails in terms of a flag in the


they were quite powerful

yeah 100 so

but again you know that’s a year ago we

don’t know if those viewers are still

around or what was going on there so

um just always paying attention to where

the momentum of your channel is going is

always important

and then i want to leave the final words

on this one to viper and then we’ll move

on to the next channel if you have

anything else you can think of viper no

i think i think we uh kind of made it

pretty clear uh once she figures out

what her focus is i think she will be

well on her way

community posts do some community posts

oh yeah so powerful

all right so the next channel we’re

gonna look at uh it’s gonna be a bit of

a topic shift we’re going from a

lifestyle channel to a plane disaster

channel i believe this is disaster break

down uh who picked this one i picked it

for a viper when he couldn’t figure out

a way to

get a thing

but uh then i saw he picked something i

i don’t like flying


so while i would have a morbid curiosity

to watch this

after i did i would never want to get

back on a plane which i already have

so what’s the advice here travis

stop making this channel the thing is

look how many views they’re getting um

these videos i mean

uh it’s because it’s kind of one of

those there’s not like a huge amount of

uh channels that are doing this type of

content but there’s a lot of interest

it’s just an interesting a lot of people

fly then there’s a whole subsection of

people that are just interested in

planes and then there’s a whole subject

of people that are interested in

disasters it holds something like

they’re going their their reach

potential reach for any video is super


um my guess is they’ve grown fast in a

short amount of time like how long have

they been around


what’s our oldest video yeah

okay okay that’s a good question it’s a

good question

uh they’ve been at this for a while four

years why is but i bet look all those

videos have tons of views too it’s it’s

probably some back fillers but you know

doing the same thing over and over again

works like you get the momentum that’s

insane now the one thing this type of

channel might have hit the stats the

vidiq stats there


my guess is yeah 1.2 million views a

month with almost 9 000 subscribers a

month but only six videos um put out

that’s a lot that’s that’s a mark of a

pretty successful channel especially

50 000 subscribers like that’s to get a

million views a month to 50 000

subscribers is really phenomenal and

hitting 9 000 subscribers a month at

this channel size is crazy um

so i mean you just they the momentum

finally hit and uh they’re off to the

races i don’t even think they really

need a lot from us

uh if you look at a channel that has

fifty thousand seven thousand

subscribers and their video from what’s

his last video two days ago was it read

that three days ago it has 44 000 views

uh and one week ago 248 000 views yeah

there’s not much i can tell you that you

don’t already know

it’s timeless content isn’t it it

doesn’t matter if you posted posted this

stuff four years ago a year ago there’s

always going to be people with this

fascination in their disasters what i

will say

so go ahead

yeah one thing i would add real quick is

um some of these are longer videos if

you look at your retention graphs and

find kind of where the break off point

is like for this 26 minute video 248 000

views i wonder if you could have done a

cliffhanger into a part two and then get

a bin session working and then get even

more views across your channel um

just something like that might be it

might be interesting now some of these

that people just might want to watch the

vast majority of in one shot but um i

mean there might be something that you

can break down into two different videos

and get a little bin session going

because i think someone’s if they’re

gonna watch the one part um they’re

going to watch the second part but

an amazing channel

this is an example i don’t think i’ve

ever seen a good example of this is

where the channel name

is so perfect

that they’re able to incorporate it into

the thumbnails so like disaster

breakdown on every single thumbnail like

that is telling you

if you’re new and like you’re

encountering this channel for the first

time the fact that you have a plane on

it and then disaster breakdown you

instantly instinctively know what the

channel’s about i’ve only been bouncing

over the thumbnails but it looks as if

it may be a faceless channel but again

nothing wrong with that but i also see i

saw in some of these i’m sure it’s

awesome where i think they may be using

flight simulator or something to um

i might be wrong can you see in these it

looks as if they’re maybe doing

recreations that’s okay i love some of

these like that’s definitely from uh

computer graphics so i wonder if that’s

a unique value proposition of actually

recreating how the disaster occurred uh

through um computer graphics yeah i mean

interesting an interesting perspective

without that you just have to imagine it

with still shots it’s actually better to

use something that’s kind of animated if

you don’t have any yeah reference yeah

it was

public available resources and then

totally could probably do some of it in

flight simulator

um because you know flights we’ve saw my

flight simulator for over a year um just

i’m i’m fascinated by this channel i

actually would take a look at it if i

was positive i was never going to get on

a plane again

i would absolutely watch this channel

but i i couldn’t if i ever expect to get

on a plane in my life ever again so it

looks to be

that they’re doing the flight in a

simulation program and then with perhaps

occasional b-roll on top of it and just

to maybe give clarification and so i

think this clearly i’m wondering what

the posting schedule here is i’m

guessing it’s every couple of weeks

i don’t know while they’re able to do

posts on a very consistent basis as well

i thought such a video may take weeks

even months to especially for longer

ones yeah

but i guess all the materials just

b-roll so it’s just b-roll and then um

you know voice over over time we’re

assuming voiceover i didn’t hear it i’m

assuming can somebody please tell me how

flying is supposedly supposed to be the

statistically the favorite way to fly

but these people have content like for

two or three of those a week

i got questions bro i don’t know

it’s a good it’s a good question it is a

very good question

and they’re using the community tab as

well uh yeah so like you say travis i

don’t think there’s anything i don’t

think there’s anything that we can

really recommend

so this is a perfect template channel

of i think a couple of things the


the incorporation of a channel name

the content itself

if you want to know how a channel is

successful you know this might be

something we do a case study on actual


because it’s really really cool stuff

really cool stuff so congratulations uh

to you disaster breakdown on that

channel and uh yeah when we come back uh

we’re gonna start looking at some random

channels and we’ll have the introduction

introduction of the claw

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dan hearing his voice if you want to

check out daily ideas make sure to

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play this every single

it is a part of a show where all of you

who have been filling out this form get

the chance to possibly have your channel

uh audited as usual we have hundreds of

submissions over 500 today just about so

i’m gonna stick the claw into the ball

pit we’ll pick one out and we use that


in the form here i think we’ll start

with a gaming channel because we’ve been

a little light on gaming channels so far

uh and we will try our best in the

absence of dan to give you some gaming

advice and the first advice for andre

advert flex slow hope i pronounce your

channel somewhere right you have a

thousand subscribers congratulations

first of all on that milestone but you

haven’t yet got a channel

banner so i don’t really know what your

channel’s about in terms of gaming other

than looking at the thumbnails so viper

travis myself we’re all just going to

try and

dive in here and give uh pieces of

advice what what can we see sort of on

the outside here

it’s fortnite fortnite and just took me

a minute

what night and shorts maybe i i think

everything is less than a minute

that i can see

yeah it’s it’s hard to know if this is

supposed to be reused content or for

some of it’s theirs and then some of

it’s reused or i’m unsure

again it comes back to what is the value

proposition of this channel what am i

getting the next time if i were to

subscribe to this channel what are my

expectations for the next video

um it looks like it’s just mostly doing

a bunch of shorts and stuff um so i

don’t know if they’re

i would this feels like a channel just

trying to swing for the fences every

time but not necessarily thinking it

through thoughtfully it’s not shorts

they are short videos because some of

these are landscape they do have one

shorts and i have noticed something here

in the thumbnails when they do his

custom thumbnails and they do these



anything to do with ultimate season

seven clip packs

that seems to be their uh go-to strength

on i don’t know what they are uh i must

be honest in fortnight but maybe that

maybe that’s a good thing because we’ve

seen so many fortnight channels we

generally have an idea of the things

that are really popping in fortnite like

maps or best weapons etc maybe you are

the ultimate clip pack channel

just from the from the views this could

be your foundation and then as travis

was saying occasionally have those

videos where you’re perhaps swinging for

the fences

any other thoughts here chaps

i don’t know what to think man it’s like

four or five sixty thumbnails that look

the their exact same thing with this

link looking no looking thumbnail going

on this gold what is i don’t know i

don’t know

that is a good point because these are

these are videos that are going to be

seen on browse and suggested and home

pages so dedicating a bit of time to

custom thumbnails like you have done

with these ones at the top it’s probably

a very obvious piece of advice there by

president i didn’t think of that uh so

that is uh

advertiser i’m sorry i’m probably

butchering your name terribly there

we’ll move on to the next channel which

is channel number nine this is going to

be a

regular gaming channel uh

let’s see what we have here they’ve got

an interesting channel name i believe

sheeps for jesus


new weekly christ filled uh videos okay

so it looks as if it’s a channel about

faith and religion trial for the bats

uh whatever vibes are we getting here

not sure what the dog attack is about

yeah that’s caught my attention

immediately and then threw me off from

what the value proposition was yeah and

then never forget and then best morning


so i i think so

the the concept of the channel sounds

fine but the execution on that i’m not

sure is really there that seems to be

kind of shotgun a little bit um so again

i i would ask the question if that never

forget um 9-11 video took off for some


then what

your channel becomes about 9-1-9-11 so

you know you really have to think about

these these videos as you put them out

um as being part of a bigger um

potential portion of your channel like

the keto healthy diet and like none of

that stuff has anything to do with what

um the the banner talks about so


you’re going to want to be more focused

on what your channel is about and if it

really is a religious or faith-filled

channel cool that’s great but dig into

that and don’t don’t run away from that

by looking for these kind of fast view


thumbnail tweaks viper if you were gonna

suggest some what might they be

uh so

it looks like we had some more we have

some shorts going on there and you all

um even if you’re doing short videos you

still want to go ahead and make a custom

thumbnail because

even though when you’re if your video

ever hits the short shelf it will strip

your thumbnail now your video won’t be

in the short shelf forever and when it

comes back out and we’re looking at it

like this we’re looking like um okay so

what does that mean so

even though you’re making sure you still

want to go ahead and make a custom

thumbnail just so people that visit your

channel can have an idea what the video

is about so

that’s what i would advise

for a lot of these thumbnails as well it

looks as if it’s just a talking head uh

you know sometimes you’ve maybe added a

little bit of text in there

um but freeze frames i’m not really

maybe capturing the right emotion over

the message that’s been sent it looks

like in the last two that you are

putting some more effort into the custom

thumbnails and so that’s certainly

something to consider

and then yeah if we just talk about most

popular is there anything here that’s um

so yeah like this this most popular one

i don’t even get the the title there

but what what’s that about and how is

that how does that connect back to your

value proposition right exactly

something different it’s such an


aspect of youtube

um where you know people will put

something out i’ve talked to too many

creators this has happened to

and they go well i can’t do anything

what i wanted i did this one

chicken eating challenge one time and

now only time i get any views if i

review seafood i was like well that’s

because you brought a bunch of people in

on that one video

and that’s what they want to see so you

just have to be consistent

so i mean when we look at these

i guess these are the three mission

statements of a channel

when we look at from video to video it

doesn’t look as if they’re really at

least in the thumbnails in the titles

maybe in the videos themselves you are

going into conversation about faith in

religion but we don’t get that strong

message uh from just the thumbnails

alone which is what the majority of your

new viewers are going to be seeing at

this point

uh so that is sheep’s for jesus uh we’re

going to

try our hand once again now at a gaming

channel and that is going to be 2 3 2.

last channel that’s submitted because my

number count is a little over on the


i think this is another channel which

has successfully navigated themselves to

1 000 subscribers

they are amber plays

and just from the thumbnail and getting

a sorry for channel banner getting the

roblox vibe but i’m also getting some

shorts vibe as well at the top


so this is interesting uh travis

looking at these two blowout videos with

seventy five thousand views and thirty

thousand views yeah look three shots


uh and where do they adopt me ah well i

know a little bit about adopt me

uh one of my larger channels that i

coach does adopt me for roblox

oh wow it is it’s a roblox um


it’s one of the subjects right okay so

i thought you’re going to go

completely different with uh oh we we’ve

when you said you’re familiar with the

an adopt me channel

that’s right roblox


this jeffo guy is kind of newer and he

blew up pretty quickly too

um there’s a bunch i was doing some

research with them just yesterday um

yeah it’s a it’s a form of roblox the

roblox is kind of interesting because

um essentially roblox

is like when you think about minecraft

minecraft is a game and you see all the

different cool things like speed builds

and stuff underneath of it but roblox is


is like the overarching architecture and

then there’s games of those like the

squid game yeah so it’s it’s different

um and essentially you pick one of those

and do that

and that’s the viewership you tend to

get and then trying to get to the other

portion of roblox can be a little bit

difficult um but yeah i mean right now

from what i’ve been told um

the the future of adopt me for roblox is

kind of up in the air

so you might want to start thinking

about um what other i know that the the

pet simulator version of roblox is kind

of kicking off right now so you might

want to look into that um so yeah just

uh just continue now i mean obviously

the the shorts are working um you never

know you keep doing the shorts like this

maybe you’ll be the next uh jake filming

who knows


i mean probably not

i guess i was um i was looking at the

thumbnails i don’t know why that’s a bit

of a silly thing to do when um you are a

short channel you don’t have to worry

too much about the thumbnails but i

guess what i was what i’m also always

thinking about when i see a short

channel have success is i think okay

brilliant what i would look to do is

maybe uh almost not redo these exact

videos but make

a very similar video but make it like

one minute 15 seconds one minute 30

seconds so the the content style and the

story within that video is pretty much

identical to your shorts but it

it’s reaching a different type of

youtube audience so that you can

determine whether or not you also have

shorts viewers but also

regular viewers instead of doing like a

live stream you know 30 minute

livestream or a six minute video just

just edge that um watch um

video length a little bit longer just to

see if your audience will transition

from short form content to um

to longer phone content and the channel

you showed me yesterday and travis what

was it called


i can’t remember what it was called oh

here we are

digital sim yeah

absolutely destroying youtube right now

it’s insane what they’ve done in like

one month

i don’t know how related this um this

content is i know it’s rogue

this is the um the

pet simulator


uh i was just i just mentioned to damn

you know maybe we should do a case study

on us just like i mean look at this

channel it’s ridiculous it started like

six weeks ago or something like that six

or seven weeks ago we’re in a really

competitive space

and so there’s a lot of familiarity but

also there’s a there’s a reason why

these thumbnails have been clicked on

yeah through you know like the organized

chaos style with all of these images

there and like 100 and the the arrows

like big bright colors

negative space kind of being used

blurring of a background but anyway

we’re kind of going off on a slightly

different topic stuff that really matter


to like gaming channels and stuff so

make sure you’re looking at the popular


so amber plays roblox maybe as a

transition um pet simulator may be

something to look at as well and it’s

good to see that you started using the


community tab there

all right uh apologies viper i kind of

had you on the download there but i’m

gonna bring you front and center for the

next channel that we’re looking at which

is 192.

are you ready

take on

for the intercontinental championship

square symbols

with 1 000 subscribers

okay so we got new videos every week so

the banner isn’t the best in the world

because it’s kind of obscure but i’m

guessing from the title we’re talking

about musical

but then yeah

oh it’s a symbol i’ve just realized

that’s a symbol but is that right right

you you just realized that see it

shouldn’t take you that long to realize

that that’s just a symbol right there

there we go i thought it was like a

trumpet horn

the viewers should not have to do that

much work to figure out what the hell is

happening in the banner so there you go

um and then we get to these thumbnails

and these videos and i’m like okay this

is not what i thought it was i mean it’s

a music channel but i thought it was

going to be like an instrument channel

but this isn’t just something different


um oh so we’re doing covers okay so i’m

guessing this person’s a singer or a

musician of some type okay

all right um okay


to me like drum covers

of popular music okay oh okay okay so it

looks like he is doing the cover with

the drum set okay okay all right

yeah we need to define what’s happening

more in your banner man and that’s what

i i think that will take you somewhere


i don’t know i mean i i i kind of get

what he’s doing with the thumbnails i

get it because now he’s just putting

album art

into the thumbnails although i might

caution against that because uh these

music labels are savage out here they

see that they might not be too happy

with you


all right i just want i’m gonna do a

search for drum cover

the last month just to see

kind of like first of all the thumbnail

styles and then

um what sort of competition there is

looks as if it’s dominated by just a

couple of subs uh channels with like a

few hundred subscribers

yes it looks like a very very

competitive area you had an opportunity

here definitely

and then

i know

literally nothing about music other than

i know kanye west is a rapper and he’s

done a few kanye west drum covers but

how does kanye west

relate to vampire weekend

and the killers

say music genres or are we no we’re

i think we’re covering different genres

of music here


so maybe

uh thinking about if you want to do

covers of rap or you want to do covers

of of rock think about who might be your

ideal target audience in this sense

you know again i’m just gonna

guess here that let’s say it’s a 30 or

35 year old



likes going to music concerts uh has a

keen interest in rock and roll um many

of the more

new bands but also a couple of the

classics like ac dc and that’s as far as

my music knowledge goes

i think that maybe the avatar of this

channel may be just too broad right now

so somebody who enjoyed a cover version


uh let’s see

mind you

now that look at the channel a little

bit more it feels as if the cover


don’t do as well as the educational

content let’s just sort there


which makes sense because again people

come to youtube to learn information

they don’t really come

or depressed all right

so when i saw it now i’m getting more

conversions so

i don’t know it’s radiohead

and mars volta

and tyler the creator

unless that’s his name

are these bands similar someone help me

out in a chat here i’m completely lost

on me i’m gonna get probably not i mean

i mean radiohead and kanye west couldn’t

be on octopus into the spectrum they can

be any further away from each other

but these are the most popular i’m

wondering if these have a connection ah

okay okay

um yeah that i’m not sure

so i think maybe the music genres you

may want to focus on a little bit more

and also the thumbnails um

they’re very grainy uh again it looks

like it’s probably just capturing a

frame on the video as opposed to maybe

setting up something a little more


and then when you do put the cover

albums on the thumbnails

everything’s very flat on the thumbnail

so it’s almost very it’s almost

difficult to see that as a cover album

let me give y’all a piece of advice real

quick about steel frames and thumbnails

unless you’re shooting with a sony a7 3

or one of the newer sony canon cameras

don’t be going and using a

free frame from your video chances are

your camera quality is not good enough

to just capture a single frame and have

it look good enough for a thumbnail

every one of you all watching this

watching right now has a smartphone okay

take out your smartphone take a selfie

or something or find a mirror and take a

picture of the mirror and then cut

yourself out and do what you gotta do

but don’t use a free frame because it’s

not going to work it doesn’t look good

it usually comes out grainy if you don’t

have a top-tier camera to do that stuff

and that was viper’s minute

on thumbnails um do you want to add

anything else uh travis before we move

on how were you that was pretty good we

i think we covered a lot for a music


then let’s start with lee mason a gaming

channel and

tributes to all

36 subscribers

oh okay so there’s a theme here tributes

to all and then a tribute to titanfall a

tribute to among us a tribute to rivals

of all right

i guess

my question would be not knowing

anything about your channel

and you haven’t kind of like built up

and built up an audience yet to

understand this concept

what does a tribute mean

is it a historical look of the video

or just celebrating

you know the culture around it

that’s maybe what i’m losing a little

bit in

a tribute to it

it could mean all manner of things right

video essays


then they usually play a game or


so my guess is there’s probably quite a

lot of research going into into these

perhaps perhaps uh yeah i’d be curious

to see what the quality is because

you’re essentially playing it up

as a documentary style video and i think

once you do that you really kind of set

yourself up against some incredible

documentaries on youtube like yeah you

know if you’re going to go down that

path you better bring bring the pain you

can see somebody’s likes and dislikes

ratios are not exactly awesome i don’t

know what the among us like why that’s

so down thumbed but uh it’s not there’s

not much uh data to go off here like yes


i guess what

i would maybe think about tweaking the


i i i feel as if the concept might be

good but forcing that concept into the

title maybe letting down the potential


uh it might be best better to say


i don’t know if you like a god among


a titanfall tribute might be a little

better than putting a tribute at the

beginning of a title because it just i

don’t know if it has enough um oomph

along with the thumbnail the thumbnails

are pretty bland as well in that sense

okay it’s a tribute to titanfall 2 but

this one now doesn’t tell me anything

about why there’s a tribute there i mean

among us a tribute to among us i’m sure

there’s a lot more creative ways you

could tell people about the among us


as opposed to just repeating a title

like um viper when going back to the

you know we were

having a

constructive conversation about

um repeating the titles in the

thumbnails i think this is a a really

good example when you shouldn’t be

repeating the title in the thumbnail

because the thumbnail needs to do

something else a little bit different


um if we’re talking if we’re going to

talk about titanfall 2 then maybe

highlight titanfall 2 or highlight one

of the mech or the character from the

game instead of repeating the text on

the thumbnail like you’re wasting space


yeah this is a rough one for sure

uh i think so how often do they create

content as well hang on let me just sort

by most uh newest and so you haven’t

published anything in a couple of months

either now is that because the videos

take so long to create


you’re just deciding that you need to go

in a brand new direction uh

getting back into the the youtube groove

is also something that we’re always

going to encourage as well in terms of

posting consistency

so that is lee mason uh let’s pick

another channel here

we’re going to go for channel 76.


their channel is called

roland and i think they are a another

uh motor channel

and it looks to me just from a channel

banner it is about bikes but the channel

banner kind of slices everything off

there slices off part of a helmet slices

off most of the bike there

and just from a channel banner and a

channel name i don’t know if this is

about maintaining a bike uh the passion

of a particular brand of bike

give me a bit more a

sex appeal in the value proposition if

there was one

all right i’m going to let’s oh it’s

going to be challenged here

this is a polish channel viper so i hear

your polish is very good uh what do you

think of this one

yeah um something thumbnail i’m just

wondering what am i looking at first up

i mean regardless of what the language

is i can’t tell what’s happening with

the thumbnails and i keep telling you i

keep repeating my stuff but if i can’t

figure out what’s going on from the


you’re already off to a bad start

because if we can’t figure out if we

okay let me put it right there if i have

to do work if i have to literally do

mental work to figure out what you’re

doing with your thumbnail i am not doing

it okay i’m clicking the other way i’m

going to the next video okay y’all need

to realize that this stuff needs to be

made easy for the viewer i keep saying

it over and over again you have to be

viewer centric viewer focused when

you’re doing your title when you’re

doing your thumbnails it is all about

the viewer what is easiest for the

viewer and some of y’all thumbnails are

not very easy on my eyes or my brain and

i’m not having it so be aware

my guess is from the thumbnails is that


a motorbike enthusiast and they maybe go

on uh road trips and go to uh


um that’s my guess not knowing really

the titles um

this big old logo

that’s in the thumbnails

i’m not a particular fan of that i mean

this one has more impacts because he’s

showing some action there of a bit of a

burnout on a bike so i encoura i improve

with that travis what do you think have

you been able to pick anything else up

yeah all right with the language barrier

so ironic i saw this as one of the ones

almost selected randomly um

yeah the the the other languages kind of

threw me a little bit which is why the

only reason i didn’t really select it um

i think that um

we’ve seen motorcycle videos in the past

and front page uh front uh sorry first

person views always do well at least

they tend to do well

and then for cars and stuff like i think

you guys might have been saying some of

the the clunky nature of the thumbnails

uh it’s a little too


clumsy i don’t know where to look like

this this second the second row second

from the left i’m not even sure what i’m

looking at there there’s just it’s just

yeah so

um concentration on the thumbnails would

definitely be helpful especially when

you’re looking at something that has a

very distinct thumbnail style in the


what i will say about this channel is

that with

230 subscribers

they’ve got some very healthy um view



more views and subscribers in a lot of

these which means that particularly in

your native language uh maybe this is an

underserved uh community

uh of i think it’s polish i think this

is a language and so polish bike riders

so that’s something that you have in

your um

i guess in your back pocket which is


but i think really the messaging and the

thumbnails can be improved uh some watts

and uh yeah so i think looking at

thumbnails next i just thought by most

popular as well because i think there’s

a bit of spiky view counts going on here

yeah i know i know i keep harping on the

thumbnail but this isn’t the perfect

case right this isn’t a different

language i don’t know what this language

is but

if the thumbnails are clear and concise

at least i have a general idea of what

the video going to be about if your

thumbnail is not clear and concise then

i’m already at a loss i’m double at a

loss i’m out of luck with the language

and i’m out of luck with what’s going on

in the thumbnail so that’s why i keep

talking about thumbnails and how

important they are to get a viewer a

quick glance into what the video is

going to be about

i agree with that viper in in the sense


being the visual aspect of your video


the thumbnail if possible should

transcend language but you know no

matter what you speak

if i can just look at an image and say

oh i get a little i understand a little

bit about that then that’s going to help

you um because most viewers potential

viewers are looking at your thumbnail


sometimes half a second sometimes less

so they need to get that instinctive

understanding of what the video is about

and maybe this is why this video has the

most views i mean it’s

the green arrow isn’t perfect but it is

definitely pointing to the chain of the



i guess once you have that detail in the

thumbnail somebody who speaks spoilers

publish is going to look at the title

and then immediately understand what

that’s about and then decide whether or

not to click on it

so that is roland hopefully we’ve given

you some helpful advice i do apologize

for the language barrier uh which i

meant we it could only give you bits and

pieces of advice the next channel is

going to be


gaming channel as always


i think that channel

is called


sent me a direct video link okay so my

channel is called unknown player and so

the first thing to say is

welcome to youtube

six months ago

so i think what we’ll do for three of us

is we’ll give one piece of advice to get

this channel up and running so my piece

of advice would be

commit to consistency aim to create

10 videos by the end of this year

uh and that’s all i would uh suggest

travis what would be your one one piece

of advice

travis just left the blue travis is gone

i didn’t even realize it

all right so viper we’re gonna we’re

gonna shift to you there what would be

your one piece i need you to do me a

favor and click on the about section


yes sir

i’m a new minecraft youtuber i hope you

like and subscribe okay so

i would say my one piece of advice would

be to make a banner

and somehow in that banner relay to a

potential viewer that your channel is

going to be about minecraft

because right now we have no banner so

when somebody lands on your page we have

no idea what this channel is going to be

about so now that i know that you’re a

minecraft player i need you to make a

banner uh conveying that to me a

potential uh potential viewer and that’s

a good start

and travis one piece of advice to

kickstart this youtube channel do i have

to say make a video that’s not five

months old or

that kind of i beat you to it i said

commit to consistency 10 videos by the

end of the year

and viper went for a channel banner yeah

i mean really figuring out what exactly

your value proposition is going to be um

within my just saying your minecraft is

not it’s not uh specific enough you need

to be

kind of specific in uh what you’re going

to tell people about minecraft

so give me an example of specifics like

um what might be

speed bills


tutorials updates you know picking one

of those lanes uh for your minecraft

channel because there are so many uh

minecraft channels all right let’s move

on to the next one this is going to be a

non-gaming channel channel number four

going right to the early channels i oh

look this is how sometimes


we have coincidences so i’ve already

picked this channel raw soul fitness

uh that was one of the pre-selected ones

so let’s just go one channel up

and we will pick this channel

uh which is called

beautiful places

that would not be the first places i

think that was the the topic

mel in sg

is that singapore oh all right melanie



here’s an interesting one where i think

they’ve assumed that the

singapore emoji flag would be correctly

translated as a channel name

i don’t think it’s done

i remember whenever i try and put flag

names in titles and channels and stuff

it just

defaults to the um

the initials

anyway let’s get beyond that

singapore or something uh yeah singapore

yeah um



what are we getting out of this channel

is it uh like if i’m going to visit is

it a vlog is it the photography channels

at a food channel like what exactly is


singapore i can experience lots of

beautiful things here devolves culture

very vague

food and that’s amazing landscapes okay

very vague

every subway

it’s all vague i mean i’m just like am i

going to get you know travis like i need

details out here y’all i know what i’m

getting out of this thing so i mean and

literally by the way

you know being so specific that um maybe

it disqualifies me is not a problem

you want something that’s going to

qualify somebody uh because again if

you’re just saying uh food and

and uh things and stuff

uh you know that’s that’s gonna get you

nowhere so it’d be interesting to know

more specifically what are you gonna are

you gonna if you’re gonna talk about

like food or street food or something

bam that’s that’s a great place to start

street food does really well for asian

country youtube channels because it’s so


street food in almost any asian country

is incredible and just

fantastically fascinating

so if there’s something you can do

that’s a good place to start or if you

want to do like the 10 coolest places to

visit while in singapore i mean there’s

another great opportunity but just kind

of going hey and you know the culture

and this i mean it doesn’t tell me


sometimes when i

i look at the description i’m sorry to

interrupt viper sometimes when i look at

the description i look at how many times

somebody says i and you

uh to try and find out uh has this

channel really thought about who the who

this video is this content is for and so

when there’s more eyes and news it it

means that the channel

maybe naively not realizing this is

maybe a bit centering upon themselves

rather than who they want to appeal to

so that’s how many eyes there are

and that’s how many users are in the

description uh

an example there and so viper go ahead

what were you going to say all right i i

got i got a harp on one of my pet peeves

of the internet in general and that is

the youth of collagen

and especially i don’t like to use the

collagens and thumbnails so let me tell

y’all about collages and how they

generally don’t work so especially for

you to tell though when you make a


you are taking a bunch of images and

trying to combine them and aggregate

them into one image

so in order to do that most of the time

whatever program that you’re using to

create that collage has to compress the

images which means it’s going to make

them smaller and probably more grainy

and kill the detail that they had

originally before they got compressed

because of the collagen so

when you go ahead and you use the

collage on a youtube thumbnail

that’s like trying to find a needle in a

haystack people i mean again you got to

remember that most people are watching

youtube from a mobile device a cell

phone usually so when they’re looking at

your thumbnail and it’s already collaged


mush and then they’re trying to take out

their phone and look it mush on top of

mush it’s not gonna work so i would say

if you can avoid using like collagen at

all costs on your youtube thumbnail

probably should avoid using those

because you you’re killing the detail of

the thumbnail because you want again

again i’m rehearing this but again

when i look at your thumbnail i need to

know what’s going on instantly i should

not have to use mental brainpower to

figure out what’s happening with your

thumbnail if i do i’m moving entrance

and not moving on but that’s my little


now i was gonna counter that again a

little bit uh and say that there are

certain genres that tend to do this i

thought it was the um

cheap shopping


topic that used to

often use collages and then sometimes

the home

uh what is it what’s in my home cleaning

or um

i think

whole channels whether it’s clothes hall

fashion hall uh makeup haul they seem to

use collages but i’m not seeing strong

evidence of it there however viper what

i will say is i i agree with you in this

sense in the travel sense especially

this one where not only is there a

collage of

storefronts but then a big

whopping text has been slapped over the

top of it which

isn’t separated at all from the from the

thumbnail title and then i look at this


and i think the the image in the center

is really fascinating

i want to know more about

this bad

boy but once you shrink it down to a

thumbnail size

it’s losing so much of its potential and



so i would agree with that generally

collages maybe experiment with just one

really strong image

yeah also in the titles

it looks as if you’re wanting to you’re

forcing the um

and not creating a space between the

titles like

maria marina bay sands tour one

no space hashtag amazing singapore


of something else

so just a bit of separation with the

hashtags there

um it’s probably just going to help you

from an optimization point of view a

little bit there

but there are there are a couple of

videos that are performed quite well

here uh looking at

the subscriber count versus view counts

also i don’t i don’t know if this person

is here in the chat but i would also

recommend maybe changing your channel

name to actually mail in singapore

instead of sg because when i come here

i don’t know what that means


agreed uh on that as well

uh but there’s there’s some some some

encouraging videos here these two here

of i think i’m guessing that’s a

shopping mall would be my guess or a

hotel resort uh we’ve focused in on one

location which is done pretty well and

so that would be

mel in sg singapore and now let’s move

to the next channel we’ve got a few more

minutes to try and squeeze in maybe

another two gaming channels uh so let’s


two one eight

and this is

a channel

that is called

sage sedgini oprah pronounce your name

right you have three subscribers so far

so i’m assuming you are a relatively new

channel yeah you’ve been on youtube for

less than a month so i think let’s do

the same thing as we did for the other

gaming channel

where we will uh suggest

some basic ideas for this channel and

we’ll start this time travis will make

this easy for you you can go first

what would you

what’s going on here is the question

budget like skywalker budget like

skywalker budget like skywalker what

what is

sure i don’t understand what’s going on


these look to be

battle scenes from

what’s in star wars games

i said budget like budget luke type so

what is the budget luke thing


i i have no clue i don’t understand that


sorry what’s the name of the channel uh

sage sagini oh so it’s not budget luke

skywalker okay uh commentary on

commencement so okay so it says

commentary will come in soon which means

it’s not even doing commentary

um i think we talked about this a couple

times where you know there’s

i think dan agrees man that like

no commentary video game stuff is is

kind of over


you know if you want to see someone play

a game

um you’re gonna go to twitch and most of

the time there’s like a person playing

or you’re gonna play it yourself like

for the most part people are when

they’re watching game content they’re

watching it for not just the game but

then also the person playing it so

it’s a little unless there’s something

unusual happening in the gameplay itself

which some of these are live streams um

i’m not sure what the value is here

looks like they’re just playing um force

awakens or something like that which is

also working that’s what it’s called it

is a very good game um yeah this feels

like a channel that’s streaming directly

from a console which makes it a lot

easier a lot more difficult to do custom

thumbnails and um titles uh viper if you

were going to give this channel um one

piece of advice what what might it be

if i was going to give this channel one

piece of it fight


i want you to take this with all the

love in the world

you have way too many videos to only

have three subscribers so you need to

figure out what is going on where people

are not connecting with the content

thank you yeah

i just it doesn’t add up


yeah i’m gonna guess that your your

mission statement your objective is not

really very well defined and definitely

from looking at the thumbnails and

looking at the titles

i don’t know what’s going on here like

travis said earlier what is budget luke

skywalker what does that even mean is

that a game or is that something i don’t


so you need a defined mission statement

for your channel so more people can

connect with the content because there

is a serious dick connect going on where

you got that many videos and only three

subscribers that’s a problem

yeah you beat me to what i was gonna say

there um budget luke skywalker

youtube is i think struggling to figure

out what the search result is um

because some of this is like get a

budget lightsaber make your own but then

this channel is actually ranking

for the search term which means that

it’s probably not the the right search

volume uh for it uh so yeah figuring out

if people are actually interested

in this concept that you’re trying to

show them um would be

vipers slash my sort of combination

advice but then i would also say

let’s start with some custom thumbnails


yeah getting people to click on your

thumbnails is one of the hardest jobs

that many creators almost neglect too

often and they’ll leave it until they’re

you know months years down the line of

video creating and then they’re always

trying to catch it with a thumbnail

content creation let’s get you creating

custom thumbnails now because

as they are uh

the only thing that’s really appealing

to me is that the glow of the lightsaber

but where on some of these i have no

idea what i’m getting into if i click

right there

and then and then this one i i’ve no

clue where that video is going in terms

of context

so this is a pg live stream so let’s uh

move on to the

next channel

which is channel 26.

um we’re gonna do some drawing with

dough i believe

what is dough gonna draw for us

he’s gonna use procreate

youtube shorts to show you how to do all

of this stuff all right so

just right off the bat

i know if i’m in the wrong place or

right place or the wrong place instantly

because the channel banner tells me that

yeah and the thumbnails are pretty

they are a bit bland but they’re

effective in that you’re showing the

outline of an ipad you’re showing uh

images of drawings and you’ve got the

the icon there i think the icon could

probably make bigger and you could

almost take the text out and leave the

text in the

in the title yes and then maybe let the

illustration kind of gives you an idea

of what what’s potentially being drawn

yeah if we can’t read your text on


get rid of it

yeah to use a magnifying glass as well

as a bit of a

a bit of a stretch

so yeah they’re all with this procreate

i’m just wondering if these um tutorials

are a little bit too specific

okay now the one that says how to draw

uh you know hold on go back down work

with rob sure yeah the one that says how

to draw three circle designs a one 11

minute 24 minute video 11 minutes 24

second video that is a good thumbnail

because you’re going from

abstract to concrete and that’s cool i

like that

yes one i like that one

yeah the before and the after


i think um i’m i as a complete layman in

terms of drawing i can relate more to

drawing how to draw three circles in a

certain design as opposed to


that is

a canote design i’m not familiar with

that is that a style of drawing i don’t


let’s just start by most popular

so the most popular ones are shorts

and then the most popular i know that’s

a short as well

you got any longer form content

it’s doing well it’s mostly all of the

shorts are performing the best

on the channel

so maybe you will become

a educator

of shorts

uh drawing styles with this particular

tool i just want to i’m going to do a

quick search

hopefully this is going to

not give me completely wrong search


because i don’t want to know how to

procreate i want to know how to use use


yeah yeah appropriate

dope if you know how to use it

i’m just wondering if there’s any

thumbnail styles and designs i mean some

big competition here because i guess



inherently a


piece of software you would imagine that

the thumbnails to match

the software would be pretty strong like

this one here


literally it jumps out of the screen in

terms of a thumbnail very powerful stuff


i feel as if the creator

here needs to be getting more

to the design and the style of the

designs that are really going to punch

out on the on the thumbnails on the

thumbnails themselves yeah

final thoughts travis and viper on this


um yeah i mean uh just look at the other

people in your niche these things are

kind of difficult to kick off in the

kind of longer form content shorts are

kind of not too bad because they’re

visual and we know shorts need to be

visual or funny or whatever

but longer form content is kind of

difficult so definitely look at some of

the other thought leaders in your space

and see what type of uh content they’re


but how to draw things are always a good

thing yes it’s a very popular area i


this channel with a thousand subscribers

has a bit of a video ranking here in the

last week

so there are still opportunities but it

looks like it’s very competitive well

here and the thumbnails are of a very

high standard so i think that’s where

you’re going to raise your game somewhat

with your contents and that’s ladies and

gentlemen boys and girls


to an end all game

channel audit live stream ball game over

live stream over

yankees win

the yankees win is that am i doing that



all right uh so we’re going to say some

goodbyes uh travis let’s start with you

who are you going to say goodbye to you

i’ll be


cbx gamer calvin moonbeam87 life with

country will

uh cat story pinky tech and uh only my

opinion tech

and viper in your enthusiastic

half men night flash goodbye to you and

tutorial matt goodbye to you calvin glad

we can help goodbye to you

and abby tactic goodbye to you

yeah i’m seeing a couple of people

saying like why didn’t i get my audit

as i said uh we have hundreds of

channels that submit every single week

so this is why i highly recommend

putting your channel on a separate

screen because i’m sure many of the

things that we just took spoken about in

the last two hours could apply to your

channel so if you re-watch it if you’ve

not had that opportunity and we try to

audit as many channels as we can every

single week but it is time to bring this

live scene to a close we’ll be back

tomorrow where i think we’re talking

about how to earn more money on youtube

which is always a very interesting topic

for all of you creators i’m gonna give

you viper an opportunity to talk about

clubhouse and why people should be

diving in and finding out more and

having a chat with you and coffee and

whatever oh

cool so for those of y’all who are not

familiar clubhouse is an audio only

platform think about any sort of like

conference whether it be uh whether it

be a work conference or or or uh or

something like the chicago auto show or

different things like that clubhouse is

like one big conference center and yet

they have like a bunch of rooms that you

can go to to listening on different

talking about different subjects whether

it be

bitcoin or nfts or youtube or technology


you uh clubhouse have pretty much

whatever you can talk about they have it

in there uh i held the club off room

every morning called coffee talk where a

bunch of people get together and they

talk about just general topics or

whatever’s happening in the world or

what’s going on on their minds for that

particular day

i hold this room every morning at 10 a.m

eastern uh eastern standard time and

clubhouse this thursday is going to be

special because without my morning rooms

i also host a thursday night room in

clubhouse and well actually this will be

thursday afternoon room uh for vidiq and

this week on thursday at 3 p.m eastern

indie indie talking vid iq or talking

youtube with iq clubhouse room i’m going

to be joined by the one and only king of

think media himself sean cannell so

we’re going to be talking about how to

grow on youtube with all things youtube

related so uh definitely stop by the

clubhouse thursday at 3 p.m eastern hang

with me and sean cannell because that’s

gonna be fun

awesome stuff

everybody i’m gonna leave you

with this oh we’re getting close oh

we’re getting close we’re getting closer

i don’t think it’s going to be next week

but it might be the week after have you

figured it out

i have no clue what i’m doing

no clue but we’ll find out in a couple

of weeks



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