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=================== text video ====================








all righty let’s do this all over again

welcome to the vid iq tuesday channel

audit live streams with your host rob

wilson we are now on officially slash

unofficially episode 278.3

or season five

episode four

it’s been a journey it continues to be a

journey we welcome you on to the

creative youtube journey how many times

can i crowbar the word journey into the

beginning of this live stream i did

notice somebody in a chat saying hello

from vancouver hey i’m from vancouver as

well but i’m not going to tell you

exactly where just to predict protect my

identity other people’s identities who

need predicting uh all of our co-hosts

because we are scared of giving the

wrong advice

and then these people coming down to uh

finders in the real world i don’t know

why this has got something all scary and

morbid but let’s throw over to dan to

see what his thoughts are on that happy

journey to you happy journey to you how

are you

done doing today i’m doing journey how

are you i’m also on the big journey that

is life and youtube

introducing our

third person who’s on this incredible

journey but through that journey he does

it his suave sophistication and a little

bit of coolness it is jeff

welcome back jeff how are you doing i’m

doing okay man i should have changed my

name to l journey reviews l journey

reviews yes indeed

and now

ratchet up your volume levels let’s get

right down passion a little bit of fire

take off your headphones yes here we go

i’m going to give the next 20 seconds

over to this gentleman to introduce

himself to the channel auditing world

whoa yeah baby what’s up people this

your boy viper the man about tech is

negative producer here at the iq and we



for live streams

then i simply don’t know

what will let’s say hello to some people

who are in the chat uh joe’s phenomenal

saying hello to all of us that is so

appreciated that you’ve welcomed us all

usually they just say hello to one

person which is fine but

joseph no one all knows us all thank you

for the

um queen elizabeth wave there as well

jeff that’s um yeah

that’s how you wave to crowds of people

hello hello hello everyone uh

some people are saying journey so let’s

try and find these people the same

journey uh one person said it and i’ve

lost them


so let’s say hello to um the ox hype 56

uh whiskey alpha um pilot is that

supposed to be burns night rather than

vern’s night have you misspelled it yeah

v is next to the b on the keyboard so

i’m assuming you’re meaning uh the

poet robert burns from scotland yeah i

think that’s right uh yeah i think it’s

jimmy james who’s in vancouver so hello

to you too

and uh hashtag



dan say hello to some people uh uh okay

uh this person said journey so hello to

b-boy dalton uh this person hashtag

journey to

bear youtuber uh and happy journey to

reborn babies in role play our

honey days that’s a long name there’s a

lot of

vectors in that name a lot of things

going on in that name i want to explore

the name more later in the show bricks

cat happy journey to you and ash

our happy journey to you


jeff y’all today

hey so let’s say hello to we’ve got

mustiff in the house

uh who else we got we’ve got raul

reynolds art

and uh who else we have we’ve got the

okapi clan

and uh we’ve got luffy cat what’s up

great name luffy people are i think

people are just trying to say journey

and there’s many different iterations as

possible uh somebody just removed all of

the vowels out of it uh maybe we’re

gonna turn this into a little bit of a

like a game of wordle yeah i was gonna

say you know like he just people are

slowly getting right around to the

correct spelling uh

where else is this live stream going to

go are we going weird in wonderful

directions viper your turn uh say hello

to some people who are either saying

journey or johnny now

of asian caption we got hello to linky

hello mischief how you doing

we got foul gaming

the name right there oh my goodness look

at the chicken with the savage glasses

on yeah the thug life glasses on that


digest hello to you and last but not


dan downey hello

hashtag jenny all right so uh you are

here for this wonderful

uh couple of hours of channel auditing

and if you are a regular here uh then

thank you very much for joining us once

again if you are new here do let us know

in the chat and our regular video

viewers we’ll do that a wonderful

welcome to you and in 60 seconds

this is what we’re going to do for the

next couple of hours

welcome to the vid iq channel audit live

stream where we review your youtube

channels to submit your channel for

review make sure to fill out the right

form linked in the video description

note that we clear these forms after

every live stream so make sure to

resubmit the following week channel

audits are free so please don’t send us

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expecting a review if there are

alternative ways to get picked for an

audit we will let you know during a live

stream if we don’t get around to

reviewing your channel today vid iq has

a channel audit tool working 24 7 with

you make sure to download our tools and

use the 30 day free trial using the link

in the video description if you submit

your channel for review expect the

following we are sharing nothing more

than our knowledge experience and

passion as fellow youtube creators i

want to give a huge shout out to all of

our moderators who do a phenomenal job

every single week thank you thank you

thank you as for all of you well thumbs

up if you enjoyed this live stream

subscribe if you love it and if you know

of a fellow creator who may find all of

this stuff useful please do share it

with them and with all of that being

said let’s start auditing your channels

i did actually do a live poll to find

out who likes it and shares it and 66

percent of you have liked this live

stream uh which is about right for the

numbers that we’ve got here you know 750

votes 400 likes it’s about 60

only 2 percent of you share this live

stream though why is that do let us know

in the comments although 11 of you have

liked and shared it and in a final uh 21

haven’t done any of that so

boo rah to you i’m not going to audit

your channel even though i’ve got no way

of knowing whether or not you actually

did that

or you didn’t uh housekeeping as always

we continue to support the kovid19

solidarity response fund with any super

chats thank you in advance but there is

no obligation

uh we are a channel auditing service for

two hours a week and we cannot audit

every single channel that submits we

typically get about 800 submissions if

not more so what i recommend you do

right now if you can is bring up your

channel on a second screen so when we’re

talking about many of the fundamentals

that we talk about every single week you

can see how those may apply to your

channel and last but not least dan i

love the way that you’re kind of miming

everything that’s going on as i talk

about you know you’re agreeing you’re

nodding you’re pointing i’m loving that

so next up uh we have the

uh tools that are available to you

24 7 when we’re not doing channel

auditing just to give you an example of

one of these the keyword inspector i

don’t know if you noticed but in the

last couple of weeks the

cryptocurrencies have been all over the


and right now they are a very hot topic

in terms of keyword research so if you

were a cryptocurrency channel you want

to be talking about blockchains bitcoin


bitcoin predictions etc etc

hot topic for you but you can type in

any keyword and this research is going

to give you

just an overview of where you currently

are at and what might be the key

words to investigate in your video topic

that is a keyword research tool it is

part of our wonderful

festival of tools that we have and if

you want to use these tools for free for

the next 30 days if you’re a brand new

customer make sure to use the link in

the video description and got done hang

on hang on let me do that again make

sure to use the link in the video


there we go all right then with all that

being said i’m sure you want us to get

on to actually auditing your channels so

let’s take a look at the first channel

that’s submitted this week they go by

the name of slav makes stuff and i will

just open up to our group of auditors

for your first impressions whoever wants

to chime in first go right ahead

i like i like these thumbnails they’re



straight to the point too

that said

it sometimes it takes me a little bit to

figure out what it is they’ve made

like no screws

is standing out to me and you got this

light thing and it it takes a little bit

because it took me a little bit to

realize oh this is a cover you would put

over your light right

and it says no screws which is very like

once you put all these pieces together

that’s very interesting

but they it just took me a little too


hmm yeah see what you mean there so

let’s let’s go back to your first

instinct for a second they’re done

and talk about just the thumbnail and

how it grabbed your attention how is it

doing that

the contrast i think um

it it’s

it’s a nice looking photo and they’ve

they’ve cut out the light fixture and

they’ve put a you know stroke on it so

it kind of pops off this dark background

yeah and it just looks really

professional in that way


so it made me kind of want to figure out

what is it i’m looking at which

is in their corner that might be good


but then when i got lost there’s like no


and i was like wait what am i looking at

like no screws in what like what does

that mean

so that’s

so i guess good photo but text kind of

threw me a little confusing to me yep

and that’s been dan’s minute

thanks for coming to my damn talk

what do you think jeff

i like it overall i mean i think i think

the thumbnails look strong um can you

make this no screws bonus feature so

it’s keeping the text to a minimum i

mean obviously this channel got to

you know nearly 10k

you know for a reason so

the the titling is on point you know

they’re keeping it short and concise

um you know they’re not doing too much

with that so

i mean and they’ve got a few of them

that are here like you know four above


uh two at 100k so very good nothing

quote-unquote viral which is good you

know what i mean so even if most of the

subscribers came from the ultimate

welding and work part two video from six

years ago even if that’s the case um

conversion is still kind of good on that

if you ask me


yeah overall i mean i really like it the

stuff looks pretty clean even the older

videos weren’t that bad these newer

videos the thumbnails are really clean


restoring a 1944 trench shovel okay

you know i think where some things could

be a little bit better with the

thumbnails like the latest thumbnail can

you make this and it’s a pizza peel and

it says pizza peel so i kind of i know

what that item is just after putting it

all together but

wouldn’t it have been better to have it

have some even if you didn’t put your

face in it have your hands holding it

with a pizza on it like that would have

been a much bigger like light bulb for

the viewer and instead of can you make

this no you’re going to show me how and

give me the confidence to make it so

therefore you can make this

or make your own or

something like that or no text at all


yeah totally fair give somebody a reason

to want to click on it


okay let me ask you uh this question the

the trio of you

who do you think this channel is for

what is a target audience that’s a good

question too

i would say you know woodworkers handy

people diy project

um types there is a target audience for


do you think it’s the people who want to

do these projects themselves or people

who enjoy just watching the creative

process and thinking and looking at

something like how that’s that’s unusual

i guess

when you describe it one way jeff it’s

quite a

quite a niche audience there’s probably

going to be a small

number of people interested in the topic

but if it’s just for any casual viewer

to find stuff interesting then the

audience gets much wider and i’m

wondering if the messaging is right here

from from the channel

yeah i mean i get exactly what you’re

saying because there’s going to be a

little bit of crossover there

i’m on the side personally as a viewer

i’m on the side of people who like to

watch stuff being made doesn’t

necessarily mean i know how to do it or

have the you know facilities to make

this stuff

but you know i like watching this stuff

like i love watching like restoring old

tools yeah and things of that nature

those videos are incredibly satisfying

so i love watching that stuff but that’s

a different target audience than

somebody who’s going to be making

something so i think that’s what we’re

we’re sort of getting the mixed message

because he’s kind of targeting two

different audiences with that kind of

content so

even though there’s crossover

i think one content is going to be

stronger on their channel than another


so i guess it just kind of depends and

some of those restoration projects can

be very time consuming so it isn’t like

a video where you can sit down and knock

it out in a day it’s this is hard work

like this is real labor so


maybe if we sorry sorry go ahead now go

ahead finish off before no i’m just


they might have to kind of figure out

which way they want to go or

um they can continue doing it this way

but they might have to have lower

expectations of one or the other content

if we take these three videos like who

do you think that video is for


it’s seven minutes long and it doesn’t

say how to make

this you know whatever feature this is

on a workbench you know what i mean so

it kind of feels like i’m going to show

you this cool thing maybe it gives you a

little bit of inspiration so if you are

somebody who’s very handy you don’t

necessarily need the tutorial just the


um but yeah if you this is meant to be a

video for somebody who would make this

themselves i’m not getting that from the

title or the thumbnail i’m getting hey

check out this cool thing

you know who do you think this video is


people who perhaps go out and buy things

to upcycle okay and then who do you


this video is full

probably literally anybody

so i the the vibe i’m getting from you

dan in particular is you’re not quite

sure which what each video you know the

target audience is

and even when you do to come to a

conclusion they seem to be quite

disparate audiences in each of these

so each video is not really um

what’s the through line perhaps isn’t

quite being established yet is maybe

where i’m trying to go with the

questioning here

yeah this person’s really good at diy

and they like to do a lot of different

absolutely diy projects yeah so now it’s

a matter of taking that skill and and

targeting it one person so what like how

to make christmas ornaments and the

thumbnail’s cool and it says easy and i

feel like it’s eight minutes long i’m

probably gonna learn how to make these

little christmas ornaments but then the

next one is shovel restoration which for


i mean how many people are trying to

restore a shovel not many so that’s

probably more of a satisfaction you know

sit yeah so i’m gonna sit and watch that

just like jeff said earlier for that

satisfaction of seeing it get done it

did very well from a year ago it you

know 1.7 k views not bad um it had its

time and then it kind of tapered off but

yeah totally different audience and then

the halloween one they probably heard

advice that said make stuff for the


so they did that but when two months ago

maybe not they kind of missed it but


let’s say they did that right before


it might have gotten some views i guess

but it what is it like you you are going

to show me how to make that it almost

doesn’t look like a pumpkin i have to

know that from the title um so yeah

there’s a lot of

there’s a lot of questions that video


the final point i want to make in an

alfredo over to viper fees has any final

thoughts here is when i mouse over the

videos looks like the production value

is pretty high they’re putting a camera

in a considered position

and there’s almost perhaps a visual

satisfaction element to some of these

i’m thinking as an experiment it might

be worth repurposing some of this

content into like

30 to 40 second shots

probably on a different channel just as

an experimentation uh because i i think

there might be something in there

for the casual viewer in terms of uh

making the these objects and these


yeah what’s can you sort of a pizza peel

one like just to see

yeah see i feel like if this person went

all in on satisfaction i agree with the

shorts idea too like put make these into

like 30 second clips or something see

what happens but if you went full

satisfaction you know and and made that

more clear in the titles and the


like i could watch these videos i would

never want to make this for myself and

i’m not going to but i’ve watched videos

like this like this close-up stuff

things that this pizza peel came from

nothing and then by the end of video you

have this whole cool thing i love stuff

like that you know


i think if you went all in on that

there’s a huge audience for that on

youtube the production quality seemed

really high there as well even though my

video internet wouldn’t allow me to show

you that in too much detail because he

was doing a narration and voicing over

it as he was making the um the pizza

peeler as well all right final thoughts

uh viper if you have any uh before we

move on

yeah so number one

i would be careful about the color

protector i use on the thumbnails

especially against the light background

because somebody’s texting is hard to

read but number two and more importantly

the upload frequency or lack thereof is

just not there we got one year two

months one month two weeks like my dude

i mean i understand that the video might

take longer to make

but this upload frequency that i’m

looking at right now is not going to

work if you want to grow your channel

now if you’re just doing intensive hobby

then hey more power to you but if you

actually want to grow your channel

you’re going to have to figure out how

to upload a little bit more frequently

than what you’re doing right now yeah

yeah yeah yeah

which is my reservation

repurposing content might be one way of

pushing out a little bit more content

but i’m necessarily on this channel go

ahead jeff well i was going to say some

of the restoration channels that i watch

are on a monthly basis yeah but they’re

consistently monthly over the past few

years and there’s another one that i

watch where they break the projects down

into three parts

or you know like three parts four parts

depending on what and then they’ll be

able to pump out a video a week like

here’s progress i made on this progress

i made on this progress i made on this

and then fourth one final you know the

final product you know something like

that so there’s ways of doing it if they

want to do it that way but i agree with

viper completely um consistency

goes a long way showing up

goes a long way

one thing that i’m noticing that’s kind

of a trend with this channel is uh

out of a number of these videos they’re

kind of tool related like the pizza peel

and the shovel and the knife and the

wrench key so if they went all in on

either creating from scratch or

restoring tools or maybe a combination

of both you might accumulate a lot of

tools right you might accumulate a lot

of stuff in your garage but that’s kind

of the

jeff you you can attest to this and

viper you got tech channels right you

probably have a bunch of tech that you

got for a video and now it sits on a

shelf somewhere or you gave it away or

whatever you had to do with it you’re

going to have that issue but you’re

trying to create a channel with a

consistent upload schedule so you that

you know if you’re here asking us how to

grow that needs to come first figuring

out so you need to go to junkyards

wherever you get the stuff to restore

you need to be like putting this into

your daily routine so you have content

to make

i think dan i just have a bunch of lego

that’s what i hear that’s all

that’s all all tech channels doing there

in there i forgot you’re right i forgot

okay so

just to reinforce what i said earlier in

live stream we’ve talked there about

thumbnails we’ve talked there about

audience and messaging we’ve talked

there about consistency three

fundamentals that you could take and


look at on your channel so pay attention

to all of the things that we’re talking


even though we’re now going to look at a

gaming channel so we have two forms we

always look at the first non-gaming

channel that submitted their form when

the live stream went public yesterday

and now we’re looking at the first

gaming channel to submit and they go by

the name of zen bloke

and they have 400 subscribers or just

over 400 subscribers

and due to the ps5 controller i would

hazard a guess that this is a gaming

channel of some description uh dan we

always throw to you for first thoughts

uh i have some thoughts so okay

uh my first thought first of all i like

the name of this channel um i can see

them kind of in their like channel

profile picture they look like fun

loving person someone i’d probably like

to know more about but when we get into

the content

i’m seeing vagary

it’s fakery it is very very very

painfully vague and i’m not trying to be

mean i i think i this is one of those

things where i think maybe maybe no

one’s said this to you before

here i am i think you should be more

specific about what you’re doing in any

of these videos so for example you have

a series running right now on your


support scottish youtubers episode 7.

is that a podcast does it have anything

to do with gaming or being scottish like

i don’t

i want to support scottish youtubers i

want to support as many youtubers as i

can but i can’t i that doesn’t draw

anybody in like just saying support

scottish youtubers isn’t enough you’re

you’re not even really saying you’re a

scottish youtuber in fact

so you’re not i’m not even sure

what i’m not sure on any level what

those are about

and yeah scrolling over them i’m not

sure either i’m sure there’s a point to

all of these and that’s what needs to be

brought forth in the title and the

thumbnail of all of your videos

your design here

looks like a video about t-shirts maybe

so maybe you per you you sell t-shirts

it’s it’s hard to say

something about activision now given the

news we know that microsoft is buying

activision blizzard

but there’s no

like the xbox logo is hidden behind the

time stamp so that’s an interesting

concept for a thumbnail dr evil

representing microsoft

all of that’s very interesting but the

execution could have been a bit better

and your logo on all these thumbnails

changes in size constantly and it’s so

distracting it always pulls my eye away

from what it was you were trying to

focus on the best part about youtube is

that when people find your videos your

avatar is underneath like all of them so

you don’t need your logo on your

thumbnails i know people do this for

branding and in some cases it’s fine but

in this case i would say it’s pulling a

lot of focus from the videos

yeah um i’m not trying to

go in on this person i genuinely want to

help uh it looks like their focus is

playstation when you do scroll down and

that that was clear from the banner

um and it could still be clear in

today’s videos that you’re making but

support scottish youtubers is not

clear at all there’s nothing about

playstation in that

at all like i’m not getting that from

from those titles or those thumbnails


i don’t think anyone else will you want

people who have never heard of you

before to see your videos pop up and

recommended and go hey

i didn’t think of that that’s cool or i

want to know more about that and you

want them to click on it yeah i agree

the the supporting support scottish

youtubers um he’s in the chat and he

said it’s you know him supporting other

um gaming channels if you’re gonna do

that i wouldn’t use the hashtag as the

title for this episode no i would not do

that if you want to support them and you

know stuff like that i would probably

say hey uh you know um


you know this is why i like so and so or

five reasons you should be watching

blank channel you know something along

those lines we at least want to use

their name in the title if this video is

about them

um because you have to think about how

many people are actually using that

hashtag i mean really think about that

how many people are actually using that

hashtag right and if it doesn’t make

sense you know it might make sense to

you but if it doesn’t make sense to a

general audience then

it’s not really worth using you can

always use the hashtag in your video

description and it’ll pop above the

title but you want to use an actual

title like that’s one of the things

where you really want to do that i’m

going to throw in a really big curveball

to that concept of supporting scottish

youtubers as well

if the youtubers you’re putting in these

videos are people you’re trying to help

drunk viewers for them right so you want

to support them in that way if you’re

presenting your audience these youtubers

and there is no actual

crossover there if that audience you’re

trying to get over to their channel

isn’t really interested in their content

you’re actually doing the opposite of

supporting them you’re actually harming

their channels in theory i don’t know

what these videos are maybe the audience

crossover is perfect and i’m wrong but

if if that’s even a little bit off

you’re drawing people away from your

channel to go to this channel because

they’re your fans and you know they’re

like sure yeah i’ll help you out for

this one time they’re going to subscribe

youtube is going to push that youtubers

content to that to your viewer and your

viewer will go that’s not really my

thing they’re not going to click on it

youtube’s going to be like wow

everyone who subscribes to this channel

doesn’t click on the videos and they’re

gonna stop recommending the content so

it’s confusing everything and this is

why these efforts of like

not sub4sub per se but like pushing

people around on the platform don’t

really work people need to be out there

building their own audiences nine times

out of ten so this is not i would say if

if that’s what’s going on that’s not

quite the right way to collab you want

to find channels similar to yours

similar audience interests and then come

up with a more creative collab

that isn’t just a

a shout out you know and

and i’m only getting that from the title

in the thumbnail

maybe the actual content way different

dan that was a lot that was a lot false

an encyclopedia of thoughts

i want to look at two thumbnails in

particular here



this one

is an interesting one in that it feels

like the the creator has tried to be a

little clever

but in in being clever

it’s re

requiring a little more thoughts from

the viewer

to understand what the video is about

and especially when it’s something along

the lines of tips which is probably a

search driven title

you want to provide a hint or a solution

to one of these tips

in the thumbnail to entice them to click

because right now the thumbnail is is

doing very little especially again given

the fact that the the logo is so big and

so distracting

and then this one

where it’s thoughts and opinions on the

new playstation vr

again instead of just having these

question marks and this logo which are a

bit difficult to read because it’s red

text black text

add something of conversation


opinion in the thumbnail whether you

hate it whether you love it whether this

is gonna crush the metaverse etc etc

t something that makes me click on this

thumbnail to get into a video

even if that was just them wearing a

fake version of the headset and said the

worst vr headset question mark like

something like that is gonna even if you

don’t agree with that point people are

gonna click on that like excuse me

they’re clicking on that video


just thinking about

how the thumbnail is going to do a

better marketing pitch for

for each of your videos is definitely

something to look at

and i i would say the absolute first

thing you want to do as i think we’ll

all agree is just get rid of our logo

because it’s not doing

the channel any favors

at all in my opinion and i i assume most

of us opinions yeah

i i do hope that this youtuber does not


we’re trying to blast them right now

with criticism where

we’re literally only here to help and uh

genuinely we want to see you succeed we

have some in our community who does

playstation content named doctorius um

so we’ve we’ve seen

what a successful play playstation

channel can do and can pull in in terms

of audience and i think that you have so

much potential here with your interest

and and you have the finger on the pulse

you are all in on the news in this

category like yeah so there’s so many

positive things here


we just want to help and i feel like

because people are like wow dan

i do apologize for

that dude it’s coming right in it’s it’s

here’s the thing right if people wanted

us to sugarcoat stuff then they wouldn’t

be here if people want actual help they

should be paying attention and taking

notes because we’re you know you’re not

speaking from a position of somebody who

doesn’t know what they’re talking about

so and mind you just to be clear you

know for everybody including zenblok um

you know people pay pay people big bucks

to get advice like this

so it’s something that i would

definitely make sure you’re paying

attention to because

i think being that he has his finger on

the pulse i think it’s really about just

optimizing title and thumbnail strategy

i think that would go such a long way in

messaging because he could have the most

amazing opinions he could be really

funny he could be super articulate he

could have awesome opinions but the

packaging is not doing him any sort of


even with like the gift form we see when

we put our cursor on any of the videos

they look like they have a ton of energy

yeah yeah and they’ve got the green

screen so they’re doing something like a

full green screen background so we’re

doing something unique and and unlike

the previous channel that we looked at

they’re consistent they’re posting

two or three videos a week so they they

have the passion and they have the

consistency as well

likely the on-camera presence too i mean

yeah all that stuff seems to work it’s

already interrupted jeff i just

i just noticed that they were you know

really you could just tell from the

silent clip we’re seeing like this

person’s into what they’re talking about

yeah and even i know viper knows that

knows how much of a difference it makes

when you can adjust the packaging of

video because you can have an amazing

video but if your packaging sucks it’s

not going to go anywhere and i know i

think was just yesterday where you

changed the thumbnail on the video and

it was like boom

so yeah

packaging man

speaking of uh viper let’s look at the

next channel uh which i think viper you

picked nfl analyzer and just before we

jump into this like i’m not a huge

american football fan you know i’ll

watch it on occasion i’ll watch this


what an incredible weekend

of sport within the nfl like three games

being ended by

field goals and then the chiefs versus

the bills and what was like third point

scored in the last four minutes

i was on the edge of my seat and i don’t

understand really what’s happening

it was quite the weekend for sure

uh as far as this particular channel nfl

analyzer uh

i’m gonna guess that your whole purpose

is to provide nfl analysis well

judging by what i’m looking at here

this is not really analysis judging from

your title or thumbnails it’s more of

your kind of like your thoughts about

the best tds or every johnson like

i mean

maybe you’re actually providing analysis

in the video but i can’t tell from the

title and thumbnail like it just seems

like you’re being more of a fan and like

looking at this from a fan perspective

as far as uh

as opposed to an analysis perspective

now this top qb’s of the season that’s

more like a vanilla

that’s more of an analysis type video

uh as opposed to the playoff cds i mean

i don’t know um i would just be very

careful about how you intention your

titles and thumbnails like

if you’re gonna be providing analysis

then it needs to be made painfully clear

that yes this is an analysis

this is what i uh this is what happened

in a particular play or touchdown so

yeah yeah the other thing too i was

gonna say is timing man this this

channel started two days ago at the end

of the season like what are you doing no

i get it you can get you can pull good

views right now because nfl’s training

were at the end of the season but here’s

the thing

views are about to fall off a cliff

because the season’s about to end so

just for for anybody who’s thinking

about getting into something like this

make sure you start this before

preseason yeah so make sure you but at

least now they’re laying the groundwork

but one of the things i would say is for

next season start getting your content

ideas start getting your stuff ready for

next season like especially during the

off season you want to be talking about

you know the hiring you want to be

talking about the coaches the managers

right viper knows what i’m talking about

you want to be in the conversation for

the teams that didn’t make the playoffs

that didn’t make the championship start

you know kind of thinking about those

topics as well because you’re going to

need something to talk about in the

meantime until preseason starts

yeah you could probably do it just based

on everybody who gets fired once the

seasons and everything you could

probably do weeks worth of content on

like well okay all these people are on

the market now so like where could they

go and in terms of being nfl analyzer

you could be analyzing like uh like

which teams could these players best fit

on and and that you could do a bunch of

content leading into preseason yeah why

was your first fall onto who gets fired

that’s what happens who gets sad well

it’s true though

they fire everybody it’s ridiculous and

then they all just go to other teams

it’s just it’s a big reshuffling it’s

very silly nfl is super silly yeah

viper has been talking about this on

twitter black monday that’s what dan

referring to yes that’s what yes exactly

it’s very the whole sport is a very very

silly the business end of it is a game

the game is a game so just have fun with

it you know

down attempting to alienate as many

sports enthusiasts as well no i ge

hashtag nfl is silly is that a hashtag i

think they’d agree with that on i bet

you that’s gonna be their new slogan

next year if that trends

now i’m gonna say in defense of this

channel even though i’ve got the timing

completely wrong um

they have produced a lot of content in

these two days that they have been live

and again just a little bit in defense

here viper you know they do call

themselves the nfl analyzer but you do

allow some of a license and liberty for

a creator to test what’s going to work

on their channel be it listicles of the

best playoff touchdowns or opinion

pieces like the real reason why the

49ers won in green bay and the views are

i would say relatively strong for a

channel that’s very very young but you

are absolutely right all of you in terms

of what on earth is this channel going

to do


four weeks time

um my thoughts would be like you could

um you could do like a a review of every

single team in the nfl like one a day

that could that might be one idea then

you’re kind of into the draft season

then you can do something along the

lines of well nfl is silly but the cfl

is even more bonkers

than if anybody’s aware of that league


which is um has a

end zone which is the size of a pitch in

itself and there’s only three downs uh

canadian football is a very amusing to

watch during the summer i am impressed

that rob would had his ear to the ground

about american football this weekend i’m

impressed her well it was just on

and um i was um i decided to open my

macbook pro and so i was in top

installing stuff on that and i just

happened to have it in the background

and every game was amazing it was it was

theater every single yeah all of them

also by the way if you are all watching

this live stream right now and you want

to have a chance to have your channel

audited we have forms in the description

that you need to fill out uh

saying it in the chat it’s not going to

get your channel audited you need to go

down to the description and fill out the

form and that way you can have a chance

to have your channel audited live here

on the stream yeah we’ll be doing um

jeff’s favorite part of the live stream

in about 20 minutes time

uh one other thing i would also mention

here as well is i’m seeing

uh clips from nfl itself

as far as i’m aware and the nfl is

pretty hot on this stuff in terms of

copyright so

yup do you have a permission

if your channel does go a little viral

be aware that uh there may be a

sledgehammer uh circling above your

channel if you’ve not got the right um

permissions to use this uh content so

sadly the easiest way around that is to

get on camera which is a whole different

channel for somebody who’s just using

b-roll but

if you were talking about it on camera

maybe with some nfl memorabilia in the

background like that’s that’s your best

bet and then maybe you can get away with


clips a little bit

like to prove a point or something fair

use might protect you there but

it looks like your entire channel is

stuff that you’re pulling from broadcast

which is going to you know the nfl loves

to copyright claim that yes

i’m so nervous i don’t want to play any

of this yeah no you shouldn’t

you definitely shouldn’t and that’s one

thing too and i agree with dan and one

of the channels that i saw that was sort

of circumventing this a bit but they

didn’t want to get on camera they set up

one of those like v tuber type of


he voiced over it and so then the

character would like gesticulate and do

all that stuff and it was kind of a

smart play because they didn’t have to

be on camera they did use their own

voice they could have gotten a narrator

if they wanted to

but um it seems to work very well i

think that channel was around 10k when

we checked it it was a

baseball channel

we checked it we ordered it like months

ago but that was one way that we saw

somebody kind of

get around it to

to kind of put themselves into a fair

use category where they’re doing

transformative content mm-hmm

okey-dokey let’s get a move on i think

we’ve ordered three channels here in 40

minutes we’re usually a little faster

than that uh we’re going to look at

rinzi asmr

who picked this one i picked this one

okay dan tell us why you picked an asmr

channel i’ve never picked an asmr

channel and i don’t i this rinse the

asmr you’re going to be glad to know

that i don’t really know a lot about

asmr so you’re in good hands is asmr

silly done you know what it’s i thought

it was at first but it’s it’s really

carved itself out on youtube and and i i

think even though it’s not for me

plenty of people watch it millions of

people watch it so you’re in a good


um the reason i picked this though is

because i think that well for one a lot

of the advice we’ve already given can be

applied to this channel uh even today

what i mean is titles and thumbnail wise

um there’s a lot of stuff here that

uh forgive the pun just scratches the


there’s a lot of scratching videos um

i think yeah exactly i think you you

need like you’re almost there i think

what you need to do is be a little more

specific about the type of asmr in some

of your videos because some of them are

just they don’t really give me enough in

terms of what it is i’m going to be

listening to


so if you were like one of the searches

i did was just uh i think asmr sleep and

you’ll kind of see what i mean if rob

you want to oh sure

yeah i think it was asmr sleep

now there’s going to be some huge videos


but you’ll notice first and foremost

that the thumbnails are much more zoomed

in a lot simpler and even though they’re

not saying in a lot of the titles what

it is they’re going to be rubbing all

over their microphones or whatever

they’re doing it it’s in the thumbnail

like the thumbnail gives you the other

half of that story right


a lot of them are using different like

one of them had like slime on their

microphone um

yeah like

let’s see for those who want to see

soundly yeah so there’s the slime one


oh god the recommendation engine

so i think you’re relying on text too

much and not enough imagery that’s

that’s really what this comes down to i

think better thumbnails would really

help you out putting yourself in the

thumbnail is great but like these latest

ones like especially the asmr trigger

words it’s just

kind of you and then some text that’s

kind of hard to read on a black

background and i think there’s other

ways to kind of like visually get people

to understand what this is without even

having to read the title


so there’s

that was mostly my advice i can let

someone else talk now but it was titles

and thumbnails all the way uh the

dedication to the consistency though is

fantastic the different things they’re

willing to try and they’re getting

hundreds and hundreds of views uh you

know some cases they’ve broken over

thousands you could see and yeah for

starting it looks like three months ago

this is a very strong start

yeah i mean there’s there’s a then

there’s niches within niches on asmr so

i’ve spoken to a few channels that do

this stuff um to some of our customers


there are niches and sub niches to this

so that might be something where you

differentiate yourself is going to be by

choosing a lane or choosing a couple of

specific lanes as opposed to doing asmr

of every type

and if you’re doing every type right now

to try to figure out what those lanes

are more power to you and start figuring

out exactly kind of what works better

what doesn’t work and iterate upon that

success um but one of the things i’ve

noticed is when

when they do

niche it into a specific

genre or like a sub niche of asmr

they’ll see a lot of success


whether it’s like food asmr or

slime or sleep or nails or whatever it

is people will really

go into a very specific one because what

you’re doing there

is you’re not targeting the asmr

audience as a whole because people who

like asmr don’t like all kinds of asmr

they want a specific type

and you got to become that person that

go-to person for that type

and then you’ll find that bigger

audience so just keep that in mind and

like i said if you’re kind of trying to

figure that out by trying different

things more power to you but at a

certain point i would definitely suggest

starting to narrow the focus beyond just

asmr because there’s way more sub niche

to it than this yeah we’re seeing gaming

we’ve seen trigger nature walks even

like a spider-man time which is

interesting given trying to follow a

trending topic um but you think jeff


this channel is going to pick one of

these lanes

saying that um

would i be writing saying that this is a

mostly um

female dominant dominated video topic

which allows a male creator to have a

bit be a bit more expansive or i’m not

being too

too flippant they’re too generic no

because when i did the search it was

mostly female creators i just saw one

other male creator in the space being

really successful i’ve seen quite a bit

of both but it could be you know i’m not

sure we would have to really break down

the demographics on it but i’ve seen

both and i’ve spoken to creators on both


um and then that’s not just you even

here just on youtube there’s a lot of

them on twitch as well um

but it could be it could be it could be

that there’s more opportunity um in that

sense where you’re more of a

there’s less maybe there’s less guys

doing this so but i’ve seen both so

my final thought here is channel

approaching a thousand subscribers

very very consistent view counts and i

think what this is being driven by is

your consistency it feels as if

something along the lines of asmr is

uh what

a viewer would like to get a daily

experience from in listening to

something new every single day and this

channel’s almost there they’re doing


i would say three to four videos a week

which is a pretty good sweet spot so


the consistency is there

and i think that’s what’s really

building up a an audience

for the channel which is great to see

right let’s move on to our twitter

contest this week um

we asked you to submit a gif of myself

and the most comical one will be the one

uh that got a channel audit and it’s

when you forget to upload your thumbnail

before publishing and you’ll slap

yourself with a subscribe button uh i

want to give credit to this person

because i think this is one of the

gifts that i didn’t personally upload

like i did tons about a year ago but

people are actually grabbing clips from

videos and then uploading them

themselves or they’re finding ones that

damn um our social media manager

uploaded so well done to you uh i’m

tired of seeing myself do that now the

viper gifts are pretty good too though

yeah i don’t have any but the viper gifs

are pretty good

the channel we’re looking at uh

following that uh twitter submission was

tanooki alex

and i’m just gonna sit back and fold my

arms and ask you lot to try and audit

this channel because i have no idea what

it’s about


the banner kind of told me that which

was cool i like that i like that banner

a lot


i’m not sure are they focusing on the


game within roblox

or roblox news

yeah are they topic jumping let’s let’s


robox ceo has been exposed i think i

know what they’re referring to

the truth about my

username this let’s see


and what i saw a video about carl jacobs

so i think you’re right i think they’re

doing roblox news i think so that’s what

this looks like

interesting approach yeah no i mean

there’s a ton of roblox channels so one

way to stand out is i don’t think

there’s going to be that many channels

doing roblox news

so interesting and that can open you up


quicker content for daily or multi

uploads per week

but one thing you also have to remember

is that sometimes those can also have

shorter lifespans so less evergreen but

you know more 24-hour news cycle type of


doesn’t mean you can’t do evergreen you

can do a breakdown of like the history

of roblox or whatever but

um but yeah this is this is definitely

an interesting approach i don’t think

we’ve seen a roblox news channel am i

right i don’t think we’ve seen one i was

just highlighting is it news or is it

like drama news well it says news after

that i i know but uh as as we were

looking at the uh stories it was about

what creators someone being exposed

roblox been down again these aren’t


helpful um news stories about roblox

they’re just like

like the spilt tea that’s going on

within the universe and again there’s

nothing wrong with that

that’s how they’re identifying it

but more tea channel than news channel

yeah hmm fair enough i mean there’s

nothing wrong with that because

channels are doing wonderfully on

youtube so

especially i mean these last these last

two videos have really nailed it on the


with view counts

yeah i would i would caution you just to

be careful um because a lot of channels

like this that you know have been out

there on youtube not necessarily in

roblox just in the drama spaces have

gotten themselves into some real world

trouble so just be sure that you’re

being as safe as you can be in such a



you know there might be some niches to

explore in here too maybe

it could be that you talk about roblox

as a company which there’s a lot of

material there or you talk about the

people who make the games the developers

or you’re talking about other youtubers

but i think you could probably focus an

entire channel on one of those avenues

and i think people who are here for that

kind of drama will enjoy seeing

consistency in that respect because

maybe the ones who are there for

news about creators like youtubers and


aren’t necessarily interested in what’s

going on with the developers you know

but maybe to you it’s equally as juicy

you might need to niche down a bit or at


start there and then branch out later

certainly an evolution in the um as you

said earlier jeff packaging i mean you

look at these thumbnails that had a bit

more consistency about them

but also the i forgot what the what the

term is the the vr

um oh like the v tuber yeah why is my

previews not working anymore there you

go so you can see

oh yeah that’s a total v tuber yeah


but i don’t think they’re doing that

anymore uh when i look at the mouse over

here they’ve abandoned the v tuber

aspects and it’s they might just voice

over straight voice over yeah that’s

fine i mean whatever whatever works for

them you know if if that’s how they want

to roll

some people i know some people can be

put off by the v tuber thing

um i don’t mind it it’s an instant

switch isn’t it they’ll sit they’ll see

it’s like um robot voices in youtube


for some people they’ll just immediately

switch off to it or

it makes the viewer stay for longer

you’re really

pitching your tent um in the in the

ground as to what type of content yeah

right i ran into a documentary channel

that uses an avatar

and it’s basically like a still like

it’s like a cartoon

and they’re speed they’re doing a

voiceover it’s the actual person the

actual creator it’s their voice and then

the they have this cartoon but it’s just

still images so it’ll be like this and

then like like this and then like this

and like that so every couple seconds is

changing but it’s it’s dynamic enough to

where it keeps you interested when i

first saw it i was like this is such an

interesting approach


and the channel has a few million

subscribers so they’re doing quite well

and they’re doing documentary

type of content like the truth about

this or that whatever it might be um

but yeah you’re right i think it can be

a trigger for some people and if you

want to


that loss it makes sense to pull that

trigger out of your video and just go to

straight voice over assuming you’re not

doing robo voice yeah

the thing we just saw on their community

tab was that they’re running out of


well i just want to say who else feels

like this right now yeah i had a serious

um bout of this end of last week

uh i was really struggling and now i’m

now i’m making the longest video you’re

probably gonna see on the channel uh

this year



sometimes the grind is real yeah so

i would encourage you if you’re feeling

this way if anyone’s feeling this way

maybe take a break one thing you can do

is sit down and instead of uploading

that week like sit down and like come up

with some ideas or a new direction for

your channel like you know do do some

exercises to try and like get your get

your spark back you know whatever that

might be but

yeah when you get to that point on

youtube and you’re just posting to post

it it can wear on you even more even

faster so don’t be afraid to take a

little bit of time for yourself i wonder

if this video might have been a

triggering triggering one that you know

it’s three days out and it’s for them

probably underperformed a little bit

eleven seconds though what do i do next

so i’ll get actually so maybe it’s a

short um that might be a reason let’s

move on to the next sorry

i was gonna say it’s only down for so

long i mean there’s not much you can

say from that yeah very short shelf life

in terms of a video

with that one let’s move on to the next

channel and it is a passion for

detailing and mr viper uh let’s start

with you on this one one of your first

impressions here

all right can we uh we scroll down a

little bit talking some of our other

videos on the channel


i will say first off that i do

appreciate and i’ve learned to

appreciate people who put pictures of

themselves and at their actual channel

avatar uh

it just creates a more human connection

to potential viewers so

look on that one

as far as the titles and thumbnails okay

your detailing i think got detailed back

rating brushing review okay

unconvertible soft tip cleaning made

easy okay

uh what detailing gives nutrient detail



interesting okay


you know what the um the brief barrier

to entry for me for was this channel is

i had no clue what detailing meant

uh and after i looked at some of the

thumbnails i thought okay this is car

detailing yeah um

i don’t know if i don’t know if that

should be added perhaps to the

um to the channel name or perhaps

i know i’m in the wrong place anyway for

this so perhaps i am the wrong

viewer to be appealing to um


i like i think i like some of the titles



i mean you’re obviously you’re talking

about detailing but you’re small

detailing specific cards or

specific aspects of how you’re going to

detail that particular card so i like i

like the intention of your titles i like


uh the thumbnails are

okay for them apart


i think the newer ones are a little


yeah i would yeah i like the one with

the left text obviously but they’re okay


let’s see oh man look what we got uh


can i ask the creator something

rhetorically of course sure

look directly into the camera well i

need the videos up uh

do i need to own the car

that you’re detailing to enjoy the video

um all right that’s that’s my question


the car is like a big focus in the

titles and


it kind of makes it feel like you’re

going after like search intent


maybe instead it should just be about

a portion of the car that you’re

detailing or

something particularly gross about the

car that you cleaned up or something

like that maybe because maybe this is a

satisfaction kind of channel but it’s

hard to tell

and maybe it’s like going from filthy

car to clean car is really the draw it

doesn’t necessarily matter it’s nice

that every car is different but it

doesn’t really matter title wise that

it’s an audi s4

right that makes sense i agree and

that’s that’s something where you can

find here with these types of channels

because i’m a pr i’m a viewer of this

type of content


there’s two well there’s two or three

different types of channels doing this

sort of thing there’s the reviewer of

the products and the teacher of how to

do this stuff and then there is the

shock factor of this is the dirtiest car

i’ve ever detailed and they take it from

dirty to clean and go through that

process which is very satisfying so

those are two

what would seem like the same channel

because they’re both doing car wash

related stuff the viewer the target

audience is completely different because

one of them is targeting the people who

are in the business or the hobbyist who

like taking care and detail in their own

cars the other one is targeting general

audiences on youtube who like the

satisfaction of watching the car go from

really dirty to really clean so i think

one of the things that a passion for

detailing has to sort of decide

is which lane he wants to travel down do

you want to become the channel that is

how to

and doing product reviews of detail and

products or do you want to become the

channel that shows people the process of

taking a car from dirty to clean with

every video and that’s that’s the

difference there because those are two

different viewers and you have to decide

who you’re going after and get after

that person so that that’s sort of what

i’m what i’m seeing here because like i

said i watch a lot of those types of

channels i’m into automotive content

heavily this is why i chose this

particular channel for this review um

but that’s something where i think

channel focus because the i don’t have a

really a huge problem with thumbnails

much like viper said the thumbnails that

are cleaner with less text work well for

me um the titles are short and concise

what i don’t like is the use of all caps

in the titles don’t don’t do that

um but that’s one of the things where

overall it’s good i think focus is the

is the key here

i think it’s a similar conundrum to the

first channel we looked at in terms of

who is their audience right um

what i notice here i’ve sort of by most


and there may be a thumbnail decision to

make here the better performing videos

seem to be when you detail a very


um part of the car

as opposed to you being on camera just

generally speaking

it looks as if the hero of the channel

doesn’t necessarily work in these


i did want to pick up on what you said

there uh jeff about not capitalizing

your titles

is are you saying don’t do that because

of an optimization seo perspective or

for another reason

well mostly it’s coming from advice that

i’ve personally received from coaches

that i’ve been part of their coaching

programs um but there was also a thing

that i could have swore came across


where it was something like don’t i

could have swore it was something in

there where it was saying for us to not

do that as creators i don’t know if it

was like a community guideline thing or

what it was but it was telling us to not

use all caps in our titles now you can

capitalize the first letter of each word

knock yourself out or capitalize an

entire word if you want to highlight

something you know what i mean like if

it’s like my favorite ceramic shampoo

favorite should be all caps but the rest

of it doesn’t have to be all caps like

how to deep clean beautiful because you

highlighted deep clean

so but you know all caps all the way

across uh that ain’t it chief


this comes down to like i like justin

i could have won some time maybe a

couple of years ago we heard somebody

all captain your titles are bad but

this comes down to a more societal taboo

that people have about all captaining

anything on the internet is construed as

yelling at people and your boyfriend

doesn’t take it too by yelling but uh

what you want to do uh the reason why

all captain’s bad because again control

does yelling and it just comes across

like in a negative connotation so

you don’t want to all capture titles if

you can help it like jeff said you can

all cap certain word for emphasis in

your title

that’s definitely doable and okay but

all capturing the entire title

it one more it looks kind of weird and

number two again it can be it could be

misconstrued as you yelling at potential

viewers and

let me tell you people who don’t like

beyond it i’m just saying yep

i think the the point i would like to

make is that um

as far as i’m aware there is no seo

penalty or


to capitalizing on not capitalizing your

content i i you are right that youtube

have said this and i think they said it

from as viper you were saying somewhat

of a societal behavior point of view in

that just some viewers or potential

viewers are going to get turned off by

the fact that this title is shouting at

me yeah and so you have to decide

whether or not your audience resonates

to that like dan and i in our review of

this gaming channel

uh on monday all of their titles were

non-capitalized specifically and it felt

it was more like a child why almost like

a childish way of talking to a viewer

maybe targeting a younger demographic

and it seems to work for that channel

that’s that’s on trend right now uh not

capitalizing a single word but again

like you said it’s i think that’s

because they’re making a play for the

younger generation uh a lot of younger

people right now it’s like a trend not

to use capitalization at all

yeah yeah

wow we got into a conversation there

about uh punctuating your titles which

is fascinating stuff

the next fascinating channel we are

going to look at here is speed streak so

dan i’m going to give you five seconds

and then tell me what your fitness

channel is about super smash bros

damn wow that was in half a second oh

you went in a completely different


all right

is it actually is that actually true


well the last three videos that were

super smart dan come on

play the game i did


that’s the game if you’re gonna make

three videos on robot super smash

brothers but your channel isn’t about

super smash brothers and what are you


all right let me ask you another


i’m trying to force you to think the way

i’m thinking why why does it have speed

streak in the titles

where oh wait

oh wait a minute speed streak okay so

are they about

speed running

how do you speed run super i guess you


finally dan is thinking of thinking the

same way

is definitely thinking i can smell the

wood burning for sure

so i think what i was trying to throw a

lot of mental monsters

after five to ten seconds of looking at

the channel i thought like dan finally

thought that this was a speed running

channel because it had speed streak in

the um titles but as far as i’m aware

they’re not these are just let’s play

nintendo games


maybe not even nintendo’s about

deodorant to be honest

speed running has nothing to do with any

of these videos it’s let’s plays long

let’s plays long yes and it doesn’t say

streamed either so they’re doing


let’s plays with with big episode

numbers the only thing i could really

make out in the thumbnails is the

episode number

um you guys know how i feel about

episode numbers or you might or now

you’re about to don’t do that

that’s how i feel um

the reason is because it makes me feel

like i need to watch 20 other videos

before i can enjoy number 21. and with

super smash bros i can tell you just

from having played the game that’s not

the case like there’s no i don’t know

how unless you’re doing some kind of

role play storytelling thing and even if

you were i don’t know how i need to

watch the last 20 episodes um number 21

doesn’t do anything if you want to

categorize your videos like that you can

use the description and or playlists or

when you do the intro by the way this

are not is the 21

video that we’ve done in the series so

if you want to see episode 20 go back

and watch that so

you don’t need to do this in the

thumbnails i think it’s like a really

big turn off for new viewers

furthermore um super smash bros big

nintendo property a lot of i would say a

lot of audience cross over there if you

like nintendo and you play super smash

bros there’s a chance you like mario

kart and other and splatoon and other

competitive nintendo games if you want

to play lots of games that might be like

a good space for you to explore but

going from minecraft to sonic to super

smash bros to

i don’t know what that game is there

like there’s two minute your spider-man

reaction like there’s just too many


going on on this channel

whiplash yes exactly audience whiplash

because you’re going to start building

an audience for the new super smash bros

stuff you’re doing and then you’re going

to throw something else at them a few

weeks later and they’re not going to

watch because they subscribe to you for

super smash bros

and you’re already like 12 games ahead

of them so they’re not clicking and

you’re just constantly trying to rebuild

your audience

and if you were to go

to any big youtuber who you’ve seen play

multiple games

you’ll notice patterns whether or not at

the start of their journey they focused

on one game or today they focus on a

certain type of game there’s always a

strategy to that and a lot of people try

and start this way where they just play

whatever they want and they do they do a

run of it for several episodes and then

eventually pivot games when they’re


and it just i’ve never i’ve never ever

seen that work not one time

i was trying to count how many

simultaneous let’s plays they’ve got on

the go at the moment and i’m counting

four different games

um in the last uh 10 videos yeah this

speaks to someone with a tremendous

amount of passion for creating

absolutely a video every single day yep

and that is fantastic and i want you to

channel that energy into one video game

eventually branch out to one type of

game like i said but one game

and go all in first come up with like 10

video ideas don’t don’t record a single

thing write down 10 ideas for one game

you know and not super smash bros

episode two

what about super smash bros are you

going to do like are you going to put

some kind of twist on it some kind of

challenge something interesting you know

are you going to put the computer

characters at the highest difficulty

level in 3v1 like

throw some like curveballs in there like

really like

make really interesting concepts in

terms of like the titles and the

thumbnails because once you figure out

those 10 ideas the title of thumbnail

will come to you easy you won’t even

think about it it’ll be like if i want

to tell the story to the viewer who’s

potentially going to click on my content

because of this challenge i’ve set up

for myself that’s easy that’s done you

know so that is definitely one way i

would be encouraging this creator to

consider going mm-hmm um

i just went through some of the most

popular videos and i know they’ve been

making videos for at least four years

probably longer

uh and we’re at a point now where the

videos you’re making over the last

couple of weeks are getting


dozens of views

or less

and we would hope and desperately want

you to be in another place in your

youtube journey if you’ve been making

content for that long so it’s clear that

what you’re doing right now

isn’t working

and you need to

go back to the experimental phase on

your channel with all of the

um ideas that dan’s just thrown at you i

i know a creator who does this what with

indie games they do the same exact thing

but what they do it’s even worse because

they take one picture ever and that’s

their thumbnail and they just slap a

number on it and eventually do 20 30 40

50 episodes of it and they finish the

game and they move on to the next game

every one of their videos gets three to

four views and i’ve asked them about

this and their answer kind of blew me

away they were like i don’t care i’m

enjoying myself like i just like doing

this and if that was the case for this

creator which i’m pretty sure it’s not

they wouldn’t be here asking us what am

i doing wrong exactly yeah so that’s why

i’m so like i’m taking everything i

would tell that person and throwing it

at you right now because you came here

they didn’t ask me for my advice and i

just like what why do you do that and

they’re like because i don’t want to

work that hard i’m just enjoying myself

and i like giving commentary up while i

play games that’s i’m not against any

rules at all that’s fantastic but they

didn’t ask me for my for my advice right

you did

so i do hope any of that was helpful

this the assumption is

any channel that submits wants to build

an audience because beyond friends and

family uh they want to find

people who are passionate about the

topic that they’re making content about

and have them watch it and

make a difference to their lives and

with the amount of videos that you’re

making you probably don’t feel as if

you’re achieving that uh right now


so that is speed streak uh we will move

on to the next channel i think this is

the last one before we take a break it

is simple smoothies

they have just cracked 500 subscribers

they are let me read this vegan desserts


bowls i thought i said howells for a

second and more

and they produce content on a very

regular basis

i’m seeing uh mostly shorts here if not

all shots now a couple of non-shots


what do we think here uh chaps i think

it’s definitely a short channel

which means it’s gonna be a struggle to


uh really striking thumbnails

so it almost feels as if the i think

definitely the lighting production value

needs to increase in the the video

content itself to prevent

unfortunately the default thumbnails

looking like this which are very dark

and difficult to see

is that one looks a little bit better

a window is your a window is your friend

a light

i mean lights aren’t even that expensive

i mean yes lights can be very expensive

but they don’t have to be because you

can get lighting on amazon for less than

50 bucks i mean one one light would do

you such a huge favor in some of these

so i mean it’s it’s a huge thing so let

me uh i’ll go ahead no no go ahead oh

let’s go a little bit deeper into the

whole lighting situation so

uh my man marquette brownlee did a blind

smartphone camera test uh late last year


what he found during his test is that

a lot of the phones or a lot of the

pictures that were picked

were simply picked because one was

brighter than the other yep and i say

this to say that

when you are creating your thumbnails

you want to make them pop

and a good way to make them pop

is for them to be bright

i’m not even saying you gotta do any

special fancy super smoother thing with

your thumbnail just make them bright

make them visible because if they’re

dull like these

they’re going to just get

washed over when people are scrolling

through youtube so you want to make your


pop yep i agree even if like because a

lot of this obviously is just screen

grabs and even the ones that are

thumbnail thumbnails like or they’ve

actually designed some

are also screen grabs so that lets you

know that if you’re even if your screen

grabs are bad it’s because you have poor


so it can go a long way even if you just

do this stuff in front of a window where

you have natural light or if you buy an

actual light to help you even if you

just grab a lamp you’ll have better

lighting than what you have now so

that’s going to be a big thing that’s

going to take you another step forward


but yeah with shorts i don’t see an

issue with doing this sort of stuff

we’ve seen more than a few channels that



food shorts that actually have mixed

content on their channels as well where

they’re doing a short like tasting the

food but then saying hey if you want to

see the full the full recipe then on

their channel they have a full how to

make this particular thing

you know on their so they have like

tie-in videos basically length and short

do you think they should be if they’re

going after a particular

audience with a particular diet that

being vegan that they should be trying

to push that in all of their titles even

if they’re shorts or

again do you think hopefully

a default thumbnail may better

illustrate that

um i think they should go after first of

all if that’s who they want to target

they should that messaging should be

clear in all of their videos um titling

wise probably a good move to do that

because i know there’s going to be

people looking for that sort of stuff

like me i’m on a low sodium diet so i’m

on youtube looking looking up low sodium

recipes right that makes sense so if i

was vegan i’d be

looking on youtube for vegan recipes and

hopefully because they have vegan in

their metadata

that it their videos should appear

theoretically speaking

oh wow is that a 23 second intro on a

two minute video oh god no no no no

that’s 25 percent of your video man

no no um

i was just trying to check

as usual my internet is failing me um i

heard robot voices on some of these

shots and i was just wondering if they

were in the long form content as well

but unfortunately i can’t give you an

answer to that but hamster is just not

not doing it today it is not spinning

the wheel fast enough not fast enough

i wonder if that’s that’s a is that

their intro a 16 second intro that

they’re plugging into all of their

long-term content i think so yeah and

listen man intros you know just don’t do

them rob made an entire video

on what happens with a two second intro

yeah and you have a 16 second one like

come on son so that’s one of the things

where anybody in the chat right now if

you’re thinking about making some sort

of an intro a branded intro if you’re

about to pay somebody to do it

listen to jeffy


do it just get straight into the content

i did not write that who who wrote this

i did not write that

all right that is uh simple smoothies

and when we come back we are gonna do

some simple

random channel auditing uh as i try and

find the right button to press i am now

filling uh which one which button do i

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oh damn with my finest work yeah and

still waiting

done to start his youtube growth

education asmr channel where he just

says things like

return views all right rob i need one

minute here so before we go any further

i see some of y’all in the chat dunking

on me you’re not cool i’m cool with it

but if you don’t listen to anything else

i say on this live stream listen to this

it is your job as creator to get people

to want to click on your content i’ve

said it before and i’ll say it again on

this live stream your title and your

thumbnail is actually more important

than the actual video that you create

because your title and your thumbnail is

the first thing that a potential viewer

sees when they choose whether or not to

click on your video so the tips that we

give you guys in these live streams are

to help you understand why your titles

and your thumbnails are so important so

if you don’t listen to anything else if

i pretend in this live stream

make sure you take the time i mean a lot

of time now don’t just gloss over it

take time serious time to work on your

title and thumbnail because if you don’t

no one’s going to click on your stuff

and then it doesn’t matter how good your

video is if your title and thumbnail

aren’t popping

your video is going to sit there and on

the shelf because nobody can watch it so

do all that information what you will go

away rob

i’m rob wilson and i endorse that

message 100


dan um

i forgot

to um

mention that speed streak was our

discord chosen channel ah so just tell

us a little bit about

discord in itself well speed streak was

chosen because obviously they’re a super

helpful member of our discord community

full of youtubers just like you who are

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so do make sure to check it out if you

haven’t already done so

but in the meantime

let’s do a little bit of this

okay we have a phenomenal amount of

submissions already like 381

non-gaming channels i’ve submitted 313

uh gaming channels have submitted that

is jeff

welcoming the claw as always this is his

favorite part

of the live stream and this is why take

it away jeff

all right so we take this number

and we put that number in our

uh form

and we take this channel and

uh these are completely first

impressions we don’t know what we’re uh

going to see here


it is

cbj and they have approaching 650


and just on first impressions i’m

getting maybe a skits comedy

entertainment variety channel

um and i think because of that what

you’re probably gonna have to experience

here a little bit is spiky view counts

but i think that the biggest challenge

you probably have right now is

consistency because you have videos that

are four months ago seven months ago

two videos three weeks ago and then

nothing in between

what’s going on here uh in terms of the

creator’s output

yeah yeah cbj you got to understand the

assignment and the assignment is


so showing up it makes a huge difference

even if you can’t do it weekly that’s

cool you know what i mean but as long as

you can get something out in a

consistent fashion if it’s once a month

if that’s what works for you cool if

it’s twice a month cool if it’s four

times a month cool whatever works for

you but you just got to start showing up

that’s really what it comes down to

because if you want to build an audience

you got to make sure that you show up

for them if you want them to subscribe

to you right you want to build up an

audience that’s why you’re here talking

to us

then you got to show up for them for

them to come back for you you can’t just

drop a video here expect them to come in

and then not drop into the video for six

weeks like that’s not how this works so

consistency is going to be a big big


wait rob am i detecting some type of

pivot of some sort

a little some fortnight stuff going on

uh last year uh perhaps it was it was

content it was easy to create so there

was more consistency there but yeah it


looks as if they’ve got in front of a

camera now and they’re

just experimenting with the type of

things that they’re interested in so

yeah i think you spot it right there

viper interesting look oh sorry i’ll go

away oh sorry i didn’t want to interrupt

you um

i was noticing that when they talk about

a very specific topic when they tell a

story these videos do really well but

the first two videos of the year

are very vague like we don’t like

it was your first video of the year and

then the other one is your new intro so

they’re very much about the creator

about yeah but they’re not a story

there’s no hook there for like a wider

audience but when you do stuff like that

you tell about the story

about the time you almost went to jail

and things like that people are

genuinely interested


while it’s fun to celebrate things like

new intros and and first videos and

things like that you save that for like

part of the content you tell a story and

you say by the way this is my first

video of 2022 thanks for being a

subscriber thanks for joining me and you

then go into the story you want to tell


as much as i would love to done upload

your um

segways like the claw as a individual

youtube video it’s probably not the

right decision for the channel is it we

save it for these live streams

yeah no i i’m in complete agreement

don’t don’t feel the pressure like i

gotta get a video out

and then just put out something

my this video first video 2022 or here’s

my intro

nobody cares man just this that’s really

what it comes down to if you have an

intro on your channel keep it as

unlisted if you’re going to have it

there and then if you want to show it to

somebody cool but

i mean what does that do for the viewer

that’s one of the things i want to make

sure that we all understand

what is this piece of content

giving to my viewer what value does your

viewer find in this and if you can’t

answer that question honestly it doesn’t

need to be on your channel

there’s a good row of um

videos here where i think they were

concentrating on telling stories

about themselves and the people that

they meet and all of the view counts

here are pretty consistent

and then there’s this community video

uh which kind of doesn’t

again something about the community is

always going to get less views or like q

and a’s

and then they haven’t really sort of

recovered it somewhat after that a

little bit and then they got some views

again like almost going to jail as well

so it’s just maybe trimming off

some of the um the fat here in terms of

videos that aren’t necessarily what the

viewers want to see next hey brother let

me address them sorry viper let me

address something real quick because

somebody left a comment from how to play

the drums by tim rowe that says don’t

feel like you have to post a video

versus consistency is everything yes

here’s the thing though consistently

making videos that make sense to a


right that’s what it comes down to don’t

just put up anything just to say yeah i

got a video out this week

okay you put out a dud

okay cool like how does that how does

that help your channel how does that

serve your viewer consistently deliver

value maybe i should have been a little

more clear but consistently deliver

value to your viewers that’s what it

comes down to this is the exact reason i

really don’t like it when people put

their upload schedule in their channel

banners because

it’s so easy to miss one of those days

and because you put it there so

prominently because you told yourself

and everybody else like i’m going to

upload every monday come hell or high

water you then don’t because something

happens and now

you’re like guilty you know now you just

have that carrying with you like i

didn’t upload this week i’m such a

scumbag you know my viewers were

depending on like whatever it is that

goes through your mind like i i used to

do that so i found myself uploading for

the sake of uploading which is why we

get videos like q a like i have no ideas

so just q a you know and what i was

going to say before about q and a’s is

the way to do that the right way is do

your q a but when you post it on youtube

so let’s say you ask your community tab


you know give me questions i’m going to

answer them in a video take the most

interesting question you got yeah the

video about that

this could almost be a q a like you know

one of the stories in your q a could be

i almost went to jail yep yep and then

you can even do do the intro where it’s

like you kind of teasing that story and

then the the that goes away coming up

soon you know you’re teasing the story

that goes away and you’re like okay so i

asked my community tab to ask me some

questions and here’s the first one so

you just get into it you know and people

understand they’re along for not just

one story but several


all right so that is uh c b j uh we’ll

pick a no not that yeah i will pick a

gaming channel this time jeff take it


the claw

is channel


and we are looking at vision gaming they

tell us that they have zero subscribers

all right and they’re a let’s play

channel this is interesting all right

then so

oh they have one they lied to us

why is that let me just

what that’s weird so why are you on the

home screen

do they have one video and then on there

they have i mean one of them’s a shot i

guess shorts don’t appear in this um

oh in the home screen well they’d have

to put a little shelf in there i think

yeah true

yeah all right then so

this is a bit of a tricky one since

there isn’t that much on the channel i

mean what we can probably work out here

is that vision gaming is going to be a

car video game channel probably focusing

on a particular game i’m not sure what

game that is

car parking multiplayer i think in the

hashtag there maybe maybe um

so if we were to give some advice to

this channel which

they’ve got 300 views on a video and

it’s their second video that’s already

an achievement um

what type of things would we be advising


hashtags in your shorts that are

anything other than shorts are kind of

wasted real estate you can put those in

your description

the i don’t i’ve seen this trend a lot i

think it maybe comes from tick tock and


that’s that’s why i’m seeing it more and

more and more but people on their shorts

are putting a very small title and

leaving a lot of room for these really

long hashtags

youtube is different it doesn’t really

hashtags couldn’t be less relevant on

this platform versus tick tock so put

your hashtags if you feel like you need

them in your description uh three of

them will show up and become clickable

so i would just focus on three

um see

see how three of them are clickable from

the title yeah uh if you put them in

your description underneath your title

will be the tiny little hashtags and

those are clickable and people can find

things that way they don’t they don’t

search through hashtags i hate to break

it to you

anyway that aside if you get rid of the

hashtags now you have a much more short

much shorter title and people look at

this and say be it they see bmw m8

tuned to drift

very simple very simple title and a lot

more easy to digest my eyes aren’t

darting around trying to figure out what

all these hashtags say

so i think that matters a lot i think

you’re going to confuse viewers by

stuffing your title full of hashtags

that aren’t really helping you mm-hmm

that is definitely a solid advice the

other thing is that in reality you need

to poke more videos i mean

the thing about youtube and how to build

a youtube channel is that we need data i

still i just started a new channel

myself this year and i’m 14 videos in

but i still probably need more data so

you need to post more videos get more

data so you can figure out what’s

resonating with your audience what’s not

resonating and then you can figure out

what direction to take your channel but

you definitely start uploading more

videos uh whatever your upload frequency

um that work for you go ahead and make

that happen and just get more videos out

there so you can get that data viper

what would you say is a healthy number

of videos over what time period

uh see that’s hard rob because it

depends on everybody’s life situation uh

a lot of people have like maybe a

full-time job or they have a family or

school so it’s hard it’s hard um i would

probably say that

if you can do it especially if you’re

going to do shorts if you’re going to do

short three times a week should be no

problem for anybody going short that’s

just it that will be my probably if you

had to ask me a specific number i would

say if you upload three times a week if

you’re just starting out that’s a good

number to be at if you can not saying

that that’s the that’s the optimum be

all be all but that’s just if you ask me

viper how many videos shop load a week

just starting out if you can do three i

would say do three

when when it comes to shorts a lot of

people recommend at least one a day if

not multiple a day yep yep so it it’s

good that you’re trying both of these

and what i like is their first video was

eight nine minutes long and for all we

know the short is a clip from that video

so that’s a good strategy make these

longer videos and then take the most

interesting bits of them and turn them

into shorts

and you know just really start tackling

create like a little content ecosystem

for yourself really start tackling like

the shorts shelf as much as you can in

between your longer form video uploads

these videos are very similar so i would

suggest keeping them on the same channel

because the shorts viewers might

want to watch the long form content you

make since it is so similar uh the first

video also noob plays car park




the text in the thumbnail is way more

interesting it’s about making money i

would have flipped those you know so

what you do in the with the text which

you have a little too much of i would

have said total noob and i had an arrow

pointing at the car for no reason and

then the title could have been

making money as a noob

you know in

name of game

yeah just in a bit of research here um

so that’s what i would suggest to the

creator is do research on what

thumbnails work and it looks to be

money in the thumbnails surrounding this

game arrows for no reason

and a little and and less text than

what’s currently there where was the

arrow for no reason done oh yeah yeah

errol for dan aerofan yeah no a little

you know five minutes of thumbnail

research for everyone in the chat five

minutes of thumbnail research before you

make your thumbnail can go such a long

way before you do a video

yeah 100

so it’s it’s a huge huge thing because

not every thumbnail style works for

every genre so you have to look at what

people are doing in your genre to get

clicks and that’ll give you an idea of

what kind of thumbnail to make it is

unnerving how many of these just have

random arrows done

in them

i told you surrounding this one yeah yep

arrows man just put them just it doesn’t

even matter what they’re pointing at

it’s like arrows fall to win yep

viper arrow pointing at his head just

pointing at the phone yeah

for no for why why would you do that

just do it i’m gonna put arrows pointing

at earbuds less text more arrows right

while we’re talking about arrows if you

could um point the arrow on your screen

which is your mouse cursor to subscribe

uh there is a very

particular reason why i’m asking you to

do that because in a

from now on you will only be able to

comment on this live stream if you are

subscribed but i cannot find the tool

where where’s it gone

which one is it because

we have 500 people watching this live i

don’t think we ever had to make you want

a live stream there we go oh but viper

if you go back to 1974 we used to get 22

000 concurrent viewers on no i’m just

that’s right it’s a good year

youtube 74 was good man youtube 74. back

in the day when you can get monetized

with 10 000 views oh yeah that was a


right anyway you’re gonna have to

subscribe now if you want to post a

comment there is a reason why this is

going to happen and which we’ll find out

in about five minutes after we audit our

next channel uh which uh

bring us in jeff

the club

and this will be a


non-gaming channel clobbered

it’s clobbering time


we’ve gone off we’ve gone

we’ve gone off for rails

uh viral chalk

that’s an interesting channel there i

kind of like that uh all right so this

channel has hidden their subscriber



given the number of videos they’ve made

and the view counts they’ve got is very

impressive stuff we talk about

consistency or talking about volume of


i feel as if this channel had been able

to double their output

they could have you know double perhaps

triple the view counts that they’ve

currently got i’m just going to throw

over to uh the three of you to talk

about this for a little for a little

moment uh i just need to break

jeff what am i looking at man

i’m i’m gonna go with danky mimi

um that’s what i’m going for

but no that’s what it kind of seems like

i mean they’re even doing a meme rewind

so initially it seems like they were

gonna do chalk art but then it’s click

bait thumbnails of youtube and then

cartoons that made our childhood so my

guess is they’re kind of going with this

like sort of mimi viral style

which hey man more power to you because

the views are coming in hopefully the

engagement matches um but i mean hey i

mean so far so good


your name i would test this but take

your name out of the titles yeah

for the same reason i said earlier about

putting the hashtags and titles

it’s it’s just adding more to your title

that doesn’t need to be there like the

name of your channel is the name of your

channel and putting it in all of your


isn’t helping it doesn’t do anything


and plus we’re also using all all caps

titles which is what we talked about

before this might be the perfect content

to test all lower case titles

so don’t be afraid to test these things

out when i say test i mean if you post

your next video and it’s in line with

the rest of your videos and you really

don’t like the early results ignore me

go back to what you were doing but i

think you should try taking your name

out of these titles

i have never understood why people do

that it’s so strange i think it’s a way

of branding you know

um but it’s just

i would say it’s ill-advised the title

is such important real estate and i

don’t want to confuse anyone like if no

one knows who viral chalk is they’ve

never seen in your videos but it pops up

it makes it it’s like me and rewind 2021

which i get but it says viral chalk

which is like wait so are these memes

focused specifically on drawings made of

chalk like it it makes you ask another

question that doesn’t need to be in your

brain and now you’re now thinking about

the wrong thing you should be thinking

about clicking on the video not wait

what does viral chalk mean and if you

don’t feel like that’s for you oh this

content isn’t for me you you move on

you’ll click on it

don’t confuse the audience man


the youtube viewers who are scrolling

around youtube are just

they’re they’re reading and looking at

everything very quickly and their brain

is making decisions uh like in

microseconds they don’t realize what

they’re doing a lot of times and i’m

saying this from experience i don’t

realize what why i’m choosing which

videos i choose sometimes but the ones

that always get the click for me are the

ones that make me think the least yep

it’s an old marketing adage but it goes

if you confuse you lose

so thumbnail title should work together

and play off of each other but should be

extremely easy to understand

basically explain it to me like i’m 5.

what do we think of the sorry if you’ve

already touched on this the the

thumbnail quality seems to be fairly

strong for a channel that’s only 10

videos into their journey right now

it feels like it’s not their first


yeah yeah almost no text no very little

text the composition is good yeah i

think the lighting on them could be a

bit better sure i also think because

it’s a meme channel

may i don’t meme a whole lot but maybe i

should recognize some of these and i i’m

not none of the images

are resonating with me like i’m not

seeing them like any familiar faces or

pictures or anything and i don’t know

like are you not pulling memes that are

as viral as they should be because the

meme trends and then you talk about it

and that should be where you get your

views from but i just don’t it could

just be me but i’m just not seeing

anything from that could be localization

yeah i think this might be a demographic

it’s true it’s geographical um


100 no that’s a real thing i was talking

to a meme channel from south america and

their memes totally different right so

and but it but it’s what works for them

so it could be memes that are to their

localization and we kind of just don’t

get it you know hashtag boomer so

you should call it all boomers

i’m an internet boomer for sure


i want to rush

sorry i’ve got my i’ve completely lost

the train of thought there because now i

want to ask a really personal question

to all of you and say when was the first

time you use the internet

i’ll go first i’ll be i’ll be honest i

think the first time use i use the


and not because um

i chose not to but because it wasn’t

around until then i think the first time

i used my the internet was when i was 17

or 18.

wow yeah so that that debts me a little

bit i was probably like

i don’t know maybe 10 or so


i remember my first time using the

internet it was very very specific we

don’t want to know jeff we don’t want to


that was actually kind of interesting

because we had to go we had to actually

travel somewhere


and uh it was we were kids we had to

take a field trip mind you i was in

elementary school we took a field trip

to the lawrence livermore labs because

that was one of the first places that

had internet in this region

so we had to go there to use their

computer lab and they had like six um i

believe six computers set up and we were

they were showing us like how to use um

hotbot and um like these different

search engines and netscape net like

they were showing us all these different

and we were just like kids like blown

away like what

what this is crazy and this is before

your school had computers in it you know

what i mean so we had to go somewhere to

use computers to be introduced to this

so was it uphill both ways

what’s that what was it uphill both ways

to get to the oh absolutely yeah

there we go we may have uh wayland

saying they they they had a form of

internet in 1989 that’s pretty

incredible we have gone completely off

topic here i do apologize


well that’s the way i like these yeah i

was see i was going to ask people list

does anybody remember icq

one of the original messaging oh my god

oh yeah yeah yeah

wow nice nice one koi fish gaming nice

wow nice oh paul hopson

there were bluff hamsters back there


right okay so hopefully you’ve had

enough time to subscribe to the channel

because what we’re gonna do now is we’re

going to give away a channel audit


what hashtag should we use

for people to enter

um i know durable

i was going to say journey so let’s go

gerbil instead is that how you spell

gerbil i don’t know

today thank god

we’re going to spell it that way

oh my god i don’t know

if anybody can figure out how to um

it doesn’t work if you put it in

multiple times just spams chat like

literally like it’s not designed to give

you more so if you keep putting in it

just doesn’t work




remember guys spamming this spamming the

hashtag does not work it automatically

filters out your extras so all you gotta

do is post it once

rightyho um

how do you pronounce your linux is it

durable linux or linux that’s my first


right so

it’s lynn hux the h is invisible

thanks don

thanks dad go we need to get back

we need to get back on topic here

uh so i guess they’re doing like

conversations and



do you say what’s really bugging me here

i know this is going to sound really

weird but you know that backdrop the

windows 11 backdrop the only time i ever

see that as a thumbnail is when we have

inevitable uh how to uh get vid iq for


all of us clickbaity

illegal videos that appear they all use

this background yeah and so it’s

triggering me it’s really triggering me

right now

wow sata two ports good god

all right

good god sir

santa too are we gonna start talking

about serial ports now come on come on

let’s let’s give some sp


just to be clear here uh but i’ll let

vipre get into it in just a sec um very

wordy on the thumbnails very wordy but

carry on viper

okay so this is just a personal thing

for me but when i see thumbnails like


i i avoid them like to play because i

just feel like the channel is like fake

or i’m gonna be greeted by some type of

bot or something it just

i i don’t get authentic vibe from these

type of thumbnail with like

with a bunch of words and the yellow

blocking engines look it doesn’t look

very authentic so

i would definitely figure out a way to

rework your thumbnails to make them more

authentic um

maybe if just by using a solid image

with just maybe

three or less words or maybe putting

your face on the thumbnail or something

just to make them

have at least some type of emotional

connection to a potential viewer because

these thumbnails here

not doing it yeah i would say and then


remove by alby tastic

remove the subscribe now in the corner

um and then like you have z800 sata

connectors cool

that’s it and then but the image is

blurred out so it’s like wait a minute i

can’t see what i’m looking at here so

um there’s a bit of confusion so i think

there’s some thumbnail work i’ll be

tasting that really has to go on i think

you really gotta

rethink your thumbnail strategy when it

comes to this

but that’s something you know that’s

gonna take a little bit of time but what

what rob’s doing right now is he’s

looking at what type of thumbnails are

getting clicked on

to get you an idea

of how your thumbnails could look

so and some of the stuff isn’t too

difficult to to do i mean if you’re

using it

that’s helpful too yeah i got permanent

baby face so it’s not going to happen


i think this is one of these areas where

i think creators really struggle

to visualize


like windows 10 virtual boxes and linux

and so the

i guess the maturity of the thumbnails

in this space is pretty uh

young or naive where so like something

like this really does stand out as a

fantastic thumbnail so if you put some

more time into your thumbnail game you

could very quickly get ahead of the

potential competition here

the one thing i’m going to caveat here

which is something that’s kind of

interesting is that sometimes viewers

get used to

thumbnails even if they do

look like this and so sometimes a

creator can change their thumbnails and

all of a sudden they see a big decline

in views because the regular viewers are

simply not realizing that they’re from

i’ll be tastic

uh so there may be a little bit of pain

as you go through this thumbnail

evolution yeah even then i mean like

just for starters i wouldn’t change the

yellow i wouldn’t change the black text

but i would just remove the the logo

with the subscribe now and the buy i’ll

be tasting i would remove those two

things because

alba tastic is already your channel name

it doesn’t need to be in there it’s just

waste space so um

that’s where i would start and then if

you want to evolve them to where you

start getting away from the yellow and

black text completely up to you

but it’s just really about optimizing

what you’re doing right now and sort of

experimenting and iterating on what

works and what doesn’t i’m not

i’ll go right i know i’m deviating a

little bit from the topic of linux but


there’s this um work methodology called

scrum kanban or whatever and it’s it’s

not a very interesting topic

but people are going to search for it on


and find out more about it so

there i always look at this particular

um channel that takes quite a boring

quite a boring topic but then adds a

little bit of

fun to it

or just makes the thumbnails

unavoidable like bright yellow

backgrounds sometimes very simple text

or a very simple object they’re really

striking and i’m wondering how you can

adopt that kind of

so it is like click baity

but it makes it really stand out in that

particular video topic and you know this

is why this channel is doing relatively

successfully yeah in this space but

they’re also paying off the thumbnail

yeah so and albytastic’s doing the same

thing like i said it’s just about

optimizing what you’re doing so there’s

just a couple things that just kind of

are irrelevant in the thumbnail so

that’s something that i would probably

avoid from it um

but aside from that i mean i like where

they’re going the views are actually

more than decent i’m incredible

yeah yeah absolutely so they’re

obviously delivering value um i think

it’s just about optima you know

optimizing what they’re doing

did you have something done yes ctr

click through rate

and click-through rate is largely

dependent on title and thumbnail so as

rob highlighted earlier in this live


if you take a few minutes to see

what your competitors are doing as far

as how their thumbnails are looking to

get clicked

that it will that is that will be time

served well for you

if you uh type in any one of these uh

titles or whatever and go to the first

page and see what the thumbnails look

like they’re there for a reason

they’re on page one for a reason

because people are clicking on them

that’s how the whole search ranking

thing works

the videos that get the most click

usually usually are ones you find on

page one

and they’re getting clicked probably

because of their titles and their


so you definitely do your research to

figure out which thumbnails are being

clicked on

and see what you can take away from that

and apply it to your own thumbnail


thanks let’s draw another form



moody cloud

i see songs

if these aren’t sea shanties i’m going

to be disappointed when you hear songs

rather than see them

that’s why it’s a clever name hey i see


music channel i believe


what looks to be hour-long playlists

that’s something we often recommend in

this space

which is good to see

maybe jumping from real relaxing music

to hip-hop to rap

very different music genres there

yeah it’s gonna be tough to build up a



if you’re always kind of switching up

the different styles of music everyone’s

very particular about what they like so

you want to be a specialist

in in one genre


i remember when we had um george on

staff at vidiq and

he he was recommending certainly with


titling that you should be front loading

the the style of genre lo-fi hip-hop

uh dreamy relaxing and this channel is

certainly doing that so i think that’s

that’s another positive


yeah they’re definitely keywords

stuffing these titles which to me is

like yo

first of all ch chill

and and secondly

pick a genre because it’s sometimes it’s

like okay mainstream hip-hop k-pop trap

pop like wait a minute it now if it’s a

compilation that includes all of those

all right cool but i would really focus

the title on the one that’s the most

popular which

you know i would look at trends to see

which ones which i’m probably i’m pretty

sure it’s probably gonna be k-pop but i

would focus on that and this way it’s

not like you’re trying to hit too many

targets with one title you know you want

to keep it very focused so

and just like dancing i would start

looking at if you’re going to make a

compilation or if you’re going to make

these videos or a channel in general

focus it because there’s no reason why

you can’t have multiple channels for

these different genres but it should be

focused if it’s going to be relaxation

music cool if it’s going to be

meditation music cool different channel

if it’s going to be uh hip-hop

compilations for an hour

cool but focus

and not not only that but we’re we’re

keywords stuffing the titles and you’re

not leaving room for like what do you do

with this music like i see study music

shoved into like one or two titles you

know like wouldn’t you want to be a

little more simplistic like chill music

to study too you know okay yeah and a

lot of channels have that same kind of

titling structure yep

the channel is i think about a month old

so they’ve already um published quite a

lot of content which is good to see that

probably experimenting finding which

musical genre

maybe their niche

i guess my question here would be

this is a pretty saturated um

space on youtube

uh there are many well-established

music channels

what is going to differentiate you from

the rest of the channels are out there


i think one way is


they are uh very text rich right now

which is probably going to put people


yeah um

that third one you can’t even read it so

yeah yeah

i mean it’s i mean relaxing music

i’m getting stressed out trying to read

the words on the thumbnail

uh so just consider that in terms of

again as jeff likes to put it your

packaging of the content

somebody’s i see songs yeah

early on in youtube gerbil so uh we’ll

see how you get along that’s right

enjoy the gerbil

it’s so funny if we actually draw jeff’s


because we will order it

right darwin plays next

what up dar with two z’s

two zed’s

whatever you like to pronounce that

letter of the alphabet



flight simulator simulator

where’s travis we need travis for this

one i love flight simulator

i can’t play it for crap but i love

watching compilations

yeah i think this one is going to be

uh in terms of giving some advice pretty

easy because i think the thing we’re

probably seeing out of the gate here are


thumbnails that are not fitting the

genre of flight simulator

and if we were to do a search for flight

simulator you would see exactly what i

mean i think you have over complicated

your thumbnails unless they’re

intentionally going for like almost a

comedy dank me yeah roach


but the titles don’t necessarily support

that style of content they do look as if

they’re probably more serious

um yeah ones

uh okay let’s

have a look at the

top ones yeah

like is this real life a most of these


yeah my favorite one for for this

content is a guy called air force proud

95 and you probably eventually you’ll

come across him but he does this type of

content there he is air force proud 95

hilarious hilarious let’s try it look at

what’s going on

absolutely hilarious so

uh and he’ll do he’ll do these things

where he’s like playing air traffic


and he’ll be controlling the traffic i’m

if you guys watch this stuff you’ll be

dying like i i spit out my drink on one

of these videos so yeah yeah but the

thing about what i like about a channel

why i think people should pay attention

is look at the thumbnails yeah so

and then people react to his videos


look at how simple these are though yeah

that’s what i’m saying it’s a screen

grab but they get the point across

because it’ll be just a plane

which one did you see



see and this is what i always talk about

i want to click on that

take games and use them to do ridiculous

things like that’s literally the formula

the biggest channels out there in gaming

are the ones that do stuff like this

you look at the thumbnail of these and

you’re like yup i’m in like i’m i’ll

probably go back and watch this channel


if my internet was working i’d watch

that right now yeah it reminds me of

let’s game it out like and

they make the same type of thumbnails

they just take these games and they they

find a one still image from it that just

says everything it needs to say

and if you’re going to do comedy videos

that’s the way to do it maybe this

person isn’t though and if you want to

make helpful videos that this isn’t the

way to do it either though like the red

text that no one can read and it’s

really tiny and these are kind of all

over the place so i think you need to do

some research into the type of videos

you’re trying to make see who else is

out there see what they’re doing and

compare your thumbnails to theirs and

like and find ways you can improve um

it’s good that you are now focused on

this on this game

like stay focused on it i would

encourage you not to not to pivot again


and uh yeah really really hone in like

who are you making this content for you

know are you trying to help people play

the game or should i make people laugh

and then go to go down that rabbit hole

yeah it’s some funny stuff man there

there are some good channels for that

for that genre so wow 300 entrants that

might be a record that’s pretty

impressive work

i’m just wondering what the other 200

people are watching this live stream

are they refusing to subscribe yeah oh

on principal oh they just want to watch

we’ve got no chance of finding this

channel i’m sorry uh

there’s nothing necessarily wrong with

the channel name no the first thought i

had to rap i would be astonished if we

can find this channel we’re not going to

find it


not at all


that’s a problem sometimes the simple

the simple name but if too many people

have it yeah so that’s like the reason

why i didn’t just go with el jefe and i

went with el jefe reviews it’s because

there’s so many freaking lfas on youtube

i i have a small project i want to test

on youtube and i i had a channel name i

liked and i looked it up and not a

single person had thought of it and i’ve

never seen it usually that someone’s

used it and made a couple videos i’m

like oh my gosh i did it i found a

channel that has a simple name that no

one’s ever used before

on the other hand it’s just dan yeah

it’s impressive it should be called just

dan just stand

okay new creator uh welcome to the to

the gerbils um

you have two videos uh live

and i guess you’re gonna be doing hot

wheels uh content it looks like to me

which is pretty

good is it a hot wheels video game or is

it actual hot wheel cars

oh no it’s actual hot wheels yeah


of the products it looks like here all

right sean yeah i love it me make it

easy for you let’s take more hot wheels

in the thumbnail

yeah you know what’s cool like take your

camera go as close to those little cars

as you can like put them on cool little

backdrops you know you could take some

amazing pictures let’s look yeah let’s

look at some of these oh yeah oh that’s

a video game um and i still do every

thumbnail with my phone so if you want

to like close up

on something small and how good it can

look on the thumbnail yeah you can do

that with your phone so


it’s still a strong start to the youtube

drawable oh look look there’s there’s a

i saw a viper a viper thumbnail there

piper’s in the hot wheels scene as well

that’s right

yeah yours came up in the search oh my


what about titles then hot wheels ford

sierra cosworth and focus rs i think an

easier way to pitch that would be do

like a versus comparison yeah which is

better just to create start creating a

little bit of intrigue in the um

thumbnail um not necessarily saying you

have your

your face in there but like a simple car

on one side car on the other side versus

and split the thumbnail down the middle

could you look up like hot wheels race

or something like there’s a channel i’m

thinking of

and i’m i was going to go off on a

little tangent here but there’s like a

channel that popped in my head and i

wonder if we can find their thumbnails

see it might be that second one or it’s

the first one i don’t know so this is

what i’m saying like their thumbnails

are so cool because they they race these

hot wheels cars and they just take this

ah this one with the wood yeah all the

wooden shelves back there uh oh yeah

i’ve seen those hundreds of times all


yeah so

this all they do is like set up these

really cool different races with their

hot wheels collection and if this is the

route you want to go i would look at

channels like this one they’re just

killing it and the thumbnails are pretty

simple and i would argue they’re they’re

kind of zoomed out in some cases kind of

hard to see what’s going on but they

work you know it looks very custom it

looks like you know you kind of feel

like i can make this in my my own in my

own garage you know

i think that people relate to that but

maybe you’re a collector and that i love

that one yeah i’ve put some like cotton

cotton buds in there yeah i like it so

like it really depends on what you’re

going for though i want to show you this

one in case you race them but i would

also look up hot wheels collections and

see what kind of thumbnails the

collectors are using they’re two

different kind of people

collections that’s that’s the key word

for distinguishing between

uh reviews and video games

blind oh good god sir that’s that’s

going to be pretty difficult to


so you’ve got to find your target

audience are you trying to attract these

folks who are who are out there trying

to collect really rare hot wheels cars

are you trying to take your your

collection and do different things with

it like race and and things like that

so this guy a drifter d seems a little

more intonable in terms of i mean look

at that versus thumbnails

but yeah that one’s really striking the

first one um but yeah he’s got room for

improvement on his thumbnails but that’s

kind of like the next step on on this

critters uh evolution i mean i’ve only

done two videos and we’ve we’re going

deep into the the thumbnail game here

yeah but the whole thing is this though

the more here’s like for sean if he

happens to be watching this is stuff

that i wish somebody would have told me

when i first got started so 100


figuring out

what your title is before you turn on

the camera so basically like if you’re

going to talk about two cars like the

cosworth um and the escort or whatever

you wanted to do um think of that title

first before you turn on the camera say

okay i want this to be a versus video

and that way you can go into it with

that mindset okay like here’s um for

paint i’m gonna give that to the escort

um for for build quality or the wheels

i’m gonna give that to the cost worth

like however you wanna do it but that

way you kind of have that mindset and

you keep that structure in the video um

so that’s stuff that can kind of really

help you out right from the beginning

because that’s something that i wish

somebody would have told me

you know early on and somebody told me

that when i was around a thousand

subscribers and i was like okay i took

it to heart and it definitely helps i

know i know viper’s uh reaping the

benefits of forethought you know what i

mean coming in with uh a plan coming in

knowing your title knowing what video

you want to send people to knowing what

your thumbnail is going to look like

like having that stuff before you turn

on the camera it can really set the the

stage for how you appear and and how you

even speak on camera

i would i would love to see the um

audience retention on this uh on

i guess the the one or two videos that

are published because i’m seeing a lot


classic things that creators do

but ultimately there are they can

handicap the videos so we have

you’re talking about hot wheels porsche

but the first thing the viewer sees is a

creator introducing themselves then i

can see in the thumbnail that looks to

me like a branded intro right there

and then

what 32 seconds in 27 seconds in before

we see what was advertised as a hero in

the thumbnail so there needs to be

almost like a flipping around of the

of the hook

yeah in that you want to show this

porsche or a really fascinating part of

this porsche hot wheels straight away

to hook the viewer and then you’re going

to have a little bit more freedom to do

uh more of a fur intro if that’s what

you want to do

i also think that the title kind of

failed you here because yeah i think

it’s a really hot term and i see what

you’re going for but you put it in the

thumbnail in the title free like you’re

freeing the cars you could have just

done that with the thumbnail and then i

made sure you put unboxing like yep and

you could even say unboxing the rare

hot wheels porsche whatever you know

like give give people that little more

of a reason to click like you you pull

this out of the box and you you say it’s

this really rare thing you know

is yeah it’s interesting that because

the thumbnail is in one sense clever

but if you want but you have to

understand exactly what the video is

about before you can

have these clever ideas

because just looking at the image you

don’t necessarily know it’s an unboxing

if you had your hand

like pulling the car out of a box and

then it said i’m free

then that would tell a better story but

it’s just not there yet but i can see

why the credit has tried to do that

um with the emotional intrigue but it

just doesn’t have enough of a a visual

communication of what’s happening there

yeah got a lot of potential though man a

lot of potential you just gotta

stay with it and really focus in on it

you know

i think this can go really well because

there is a lot of room in that niche so

welcome to our youtube journal gerbil

enjoy the hamsters

all right i think that brings the



down to a conclusion uh right let’s

let’s try this let’s try and play some

outro beat music which one did we decide


right okay there we go


let’s all chill everyone for the next

hour or let’s do some shout outs as we

say goodbye to the following people who

joined us uh

on this uh gerbil it is vlog n s goodbye

to you donny games also goodbye to you

uh dark blaine you are more than welcome

for the stream

ms plays yes jeff is definitely saying

farewell to you right now

go on then

abby chad did great you can have a shout

out on this one particular occasion home

of the lazy gamer you’ve just said your

channel name as a goodbye fair enough

and uh calvin thanks to you uh dan

you can say oh yeah



uh all right so peace bro to

mo moki

something like that um you’re welcome to

it’s z boy hd or something like that

acid blocks bye bye to you



ashley no i will not shout you out you

don’t want that so that’ll ruin your

channel um k2 great video to you as well

and uh thanks bro to keys boating


oh yeah and a viper who are you saying a

goodbye to

all right we got here uh goodbye to


uh goodbye to cryptocrap goodbye to

maker diy diy

and finally goodbye to



and jeff if you could stop vibing for

just a couple of seconds

who are you saying goodbye to

where’s the music on oh no all right

well i’ll say goodbye to some randos

here let’s see we got exeter and devin

drone goodbye to you

we can say goodbye to the flaming gamer

and we’ve also can say goodbye to my


garden and kitchen thank you all for

coming through

folks it’s been an honor and a privilege

as always dan you’ve got 10 seconds to

tell us uh what’s happening tomorrow on

the live stream failure

are you somebody who fails sometimes hey

that’s okay join us tomorrow and we’re

going to tell you why that’s actually a

good thing

i want somebody who who do you reckon

has the best radio voice out of all of

us that would be dan right dan so can

you do an outro as if you were on a

radio station

uh of like radio vid iq


let me think about this you put me on

the spot here um

i can’t do it man you put me on the spot

it’s too much very good time’s up yeah

thank you so much too much

all over again there we go






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