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=================== text video ====================







all right then folks it is a brand new

year welcome to 2022

and i want you all to start your timers

now and see how long it is before i make




that is the vid iq live stream i am your

host rob welcome to vid iq the youtube

tool the youtube channel the youtube

learning academy that educates you on

your creative journey and we are of

course creator obsessed

wow 2022 eh it’s been a long busy couple

of years and maybe some of you are

starting your youtube channels

uh in this brand new year and you’re

looking for a bit of advice a bit of

wisdom a bit of experience a bit of


and that is what we’re going to do

for you for the next couple of hours as

we invite you into our classroom our

lecture hall

our learning

theater of joy and i could not do this

without a wonderful uh collection of

co-hosts introducing first and i want to

say a very happy new year to dan

hey surprise eyebrows look that is your

customary hello dan first of all i want

to say

thank you very much for uh taking

control of the live streams last week

and covering while i was having a little

bit of r r and what is your

new year’s resolution


eat more steak

eat more steak that’s

a very noble and tasty uh resolution

folks let us know what your resolutions

are gonna be in the chat as well uh well

maybe have a look at them in a couple of

seconds but of course we have to

introduce our uh second co-host uh to

bring up i guess the original three

amigos of channel auditing here it is

travis welcome emily back for i don’t

know this must be like the fourth year

running now that you’ve been co-hosting

i’m wondering the same thing it’s it’s

been a minute right i mean yeah we’re on

like episode 217 or something along

those lines right is that it yeah so

many more than that though does i’ve got

a question for you here

is your new year’s resolution to be a

tech hoarder travis because it feels

like you’re just amassing as much

different type of especially lighting

but also


arcade cabinets it’s getting quite

impressive there

it’s amazing that right now you can walk

pretty easily in this room however by

the end of 2022 that may not be the case

so i don’t know and there with ces going

on right now they’re announcing new

things that i’m like

so i don’t know rob it could be a

dangerous year for me so is that still

going on i thought many people start

today’s the first day okay okay

um any any interesting technical reveals

already or too early to say more game

cabinet stuff which of course is


awesome yeah there’ll be all types of

stuff all right then dan if you could

help me out a little bit here with the

new year’s resolutions that i’m going to

try to find as we’re going through the

chat i’m seeing one or two here and i

want to try and um pick them out as much

as possible so jf yasmir is the

resolution is to keep uploading on a

daily basis that’s quite a commitment

hopefully you don’t burn yourself out

but yeah commit to consistency i love

that one

now what else have we got i’m starting

to save some for you sure oh thank you

dan yeah let’s let’s do it that way so

um another resolution here from mcnoobs

is to hit 1000

of something by the end of the year

we’re going to assume it’s subscribers

uh you’ve been trying for the last three

years we wish you the very best of luck

on that adventure we have calvin who is

uh making sure that his mental and

physical health is a priority and that

is great to see youtube of course is a

passion and a hobby but of course your

mental health and physical health is uh

very very important as well we’ve got

ash and tag123 they want to hit 100

subscribers did you know that we

recently published a video on how to get

your first 100 subscribers go check it

out on the channel after this live


uh what have we got here lewis cox

studios and new year’s resolution is to

get better at editing so that they can

grow their channel they put so much time

in their youtube channel and they don’t

even get paid for it but i’m okay with


you are right uh as you start your

youtube journey you will be paying a lot

into the youtube bank and not getting

any return on investment just yet but

there’s a lot of interest building up

and when it pays out oh it is gonna feel

so good all right then i’m gonna throw

it over to you to do some more shout

outs so we get all involved i’ll i’ll

help you with a chat here so who we got

uh the data digest weekly uploads very

very cool this person wants more dan in

their life so i did mark that one

because i respect it yikes


that’s what i said uh my resolution is

to watch more vidiq

there we go all right then travis couple

more resolutions uh what have we got

here from short resolution to be famous

on youtube

what about uh my resolution is 4k

all right what’s next very good

yes that’s good that’s a good one very


upload more grow a lot make a second

channel for random uploads okay well

that is totally doable

but don’t but wait a minute but that’s

all doable this is one of the few ones

that’s all doable like everything that’s

in here

it’s true true would we advise that i

don’t know


a bit more while we do this

we’ll find out we’ll find out all right

folks so welcome to the vid iq channel

audit live stream if you are new here do

uh introduce yourself in a chat if you

are old here uh then welcome them in uh

as new uh

and this is how the live stream is going

to operate for the next couple of hours

within this 60 second explainer

welcome to the vid iq channel audit live

stream where we review your youtube

channels there are two links in the

description one for gaming channels one

for non-gaming channels make sure you

submit every week as we clear the form

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super chats expecting to receive an

audit and don’t waste your time asking

for one in the chat if there are any

alternative ways to get picked for an

audit such as memes we will let you know

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you take our advice there are tons of

links lots of useful resources in the

video description make sure to subscribe

if you haven’t already done so share

this live stream with another fellow

creator who may find it useful and

finally moderators thank you thank you

thank you for everything that you do

every single week all right let’s do


all right housekeeping before we get

started i need to redo that video a

little bit because i’ve just seen that

it shows that we have seven hundred

thousand subscribers on this button

that’s that’s changed a little bit now

it’s still present who has seven hundred

thousand guys awkward place but there

there we are

uh we also have an eclectic mix of

software that’s going to help you out

even when you’re not in this live stream

let me show you what i mean

if you install the vid iq chrome

extension you get all of these options

down the left hand side today we’re

going to pick channel audits and the

reason we’re picking channel audits is

because finally after

four months we have green numbers the

channel is growing we’ve got 21 more

views 30 more subscribers 40 more watch

time awesome stuff and we have all of

this information it’s kind of like a

school report card you check on it daily

you see what videos are performing well

on your channel you double down on them

you look at what content isn’t working

for your channel they’ve got all of this

information piled into this one screen

you can take five minutes looking at it

or you know digest it for over 30

minutes one of my favorite things is

when it tells me i’m an idiot that i

have forgot to add end screens to

particular videos and we obviously

preach very much that you should use end

screens but fortunately these all look

to be live stream so i haven’t made that

mistake uh very recently which is

awesome to see but this is the channel

audit tool uh and this is available both

as a free tool but also as a boost tool

now in the link in the video description

uh you can get a 30-day free trial to

get access to this tool dozens more the

vid iq academy

if you are a brand new user here a

customer at vidiq do make sure to take

advantage of that free uh link and uh

just one more final thing as always we

get hundreds of channel submissions

every single week we are already up to

about 450


fair warning we’re not going to order

every single channel but

because we’ve done this for years at

this point i think this is probably as i

said episode 225 or whatever in that

time we’ve audited thousands and

thousands of channels so the same topics

come up time and time again typically

it’s thumbnails typically it’s channel

focus typically it’s just a

lack of something that’s going on with

your channel that is repeated on many

other channels so i recommend bringing

up your channel on the second screen if

you’re able to do so and when we’re

talking about thumbnails you can see ha

how do i apply this technique to my

channel because there’s a lot of you

know transferable skills knowledge and

wisdom when it comes to these channel

audiences with all of that being said

dan travis let’s get into some channel


and the first channel we are going to

audit this week i

i am honest with you here and i say this

was the very first channel that’s

submitted in the form this is no kind of

cheat or anything

we are looking at a channel called

don v that has 99

900 and blank subscribers by the end of

this live stream

they could have got a hundred thousand

subscribers so that’s why they did that

let’s be honest they were like we just

need a little bit more if we can get on

the live stream maybe we’ll get enough

people to click it because you know

here’s the thing who doesn’t want to be

the 100 000 subscriber like who doesn’t

want to see that thing click over


everyone’s going to go click it and go

see if they can be the 100 thousandth

and then and share it so it’s very smart

don v let’s let’s help don viax that was

brilliant it is a bit of a clout clout

shout out isn’t it but yeah let’s try

and look at this channel objectively see

what they’re doing right and maybe where

we can improve it and of course let’s

start with you travis um it looks like a

an education

tech channel maybe photo filmora channel

perhaps yeah so filmora um some editing

some filmmaking stuff um and i like the

fact that it looks like when you come

here you’re going to get similar stuff

right you’re not just going to get

a food vlog one video and then how to

make an xbox

work faster than another video and then

how to paint your dog green in another

video like it’s all kind of one thing

that’s focused on one specific type of

viewer which is great helps you continue

to get some momentum going so in this

particular case like how to highlight

things in filmora and video effects in

filmora so if you’re trying to learn

from more you know you can come here and

learn and when you see one video that

you like and you subscribe you will very

likely see something else in the future

that you will also like and probably

watch again so when you are giving

people the type of value that they

expect when they come they’re more

likely to subscribe and come back over

and over and over again

yeah um

definitely channel focus here dan you

talked about the ideal

candidate viewer you have to assume that

if a viewer finds something of use on

one of their videos they’re maybe going

to binge watch

previous content find more relevant

stuff and then they anticipate the next

thing which is going to

be for that ideal viewer again i’m not

sure if there’s anything to add to that

but i’m just sort of referencing a video

you talked about recently if you’re a

filmmaker and you’re looking to get

better at one of these things it’s very

likely you’re looking to get better at a

lot of these things so yes if these

videos show up in your recommended feed

and you enjoyed a couple of them already

you’re more likely to click uh let’s

look at the very first channels or

videos they uploaded on this channel

because i know you want to get the

oldest videos

i want to see the frequency because

right now they’re uploading once to

twice a month and i want to see if it

was always like that which it’s now

we’re looking at years so it’s hard to



good idea man yeah never mind me well so

here’s the thing this is very the entire

catalogue of their channel

and what you’ve got less than 100 videos

there in four years

so it looks like their strategy is

quality over quantity

so just something to point out i mean

this channel’s managed to get almost 100

000 subscribers now with not having to

upload once a week once a day whatever

it might be

and the content just by the thumbnails

and the titles i i already can tell it’s

probably really valuable probably very

high quality uh which does help but for

those asking like do i have to upload

daily well no not necessarily

yeah what do you think to the overall

presentation in terms of the thumbnails

i i get this like very professional vibe

like if i this this could easily be the

official filmora tutorial channel from

the thumbnails alone i get that

that good professional vibe

i’m feeling that too i i think they’re

very very high quality you could

some of these photos look like you’d see

them on like

stock websites you know like where some

of the best of the best content lives

not much text being used there or when

it is being used it’s been used in a


inventive creative way uh on screen uh

which is good to see you know when we

talk about locking onto a

a object or you’re motion tracking

something you’ve got those illustrations

on the thumbnails as well which is very


yeah it’s a great example great channel

i think everyone here even though you’re

probably looking at this and going well

this doesn’t relate to me

well actually it might it probably does

yeah yeah

yeah this is this this is evidence of

what the channel is doing right you know

so it’s 100 yeah if you refresh do they

have a hundred thousand now i’m just



maybe i’ll leave this tab up and we can

come back to it in two hours time and

see if it happens oh very curious very

curious okay so i i do have a question

here dan it’s a good point usually with

education tutorial stuff

you can you can always turn it into like

a production line where you’re

reeling off content relatively quickly

and you know when i do mouse over these

i’m seeing what looks to be mostly

screen recordings so for me personally

that doesn’t look as if it’s i mean

i know that the value and the quality is

very high

but when i’m looking at a video that’s

four minutes long six minutes long

i won’t be thinking that these probably

take five to ten hours to make i could

be wrong about this but just giving the

video length and the screen recordings

you know for me naturally

i feel as if this creator could do more

and what i mean by that is here’s the

two ways that i could maybe look at this

first of all


filmora is updated you can cover the new

features that are released because i

think filmora is updated you know

probably twice a year

i’m also thinking of like listicles like

could you um highlight the 10 best

features fulfill more of it make it


and or

i think you cover like a specific tool

in each of these um

videos like whether it be this cinematic

look of a snapshot photo freeze i’m

wondering if you could almost like

bundle some of those ideas together and

almost have like a a flow of content


you’re looking at how to get a cinematic

look which not only includes you know

framing cropping but also like looks

color grading and i must perhaps test 15

to 20 minute educational videos just as

an experiment

and then maybe you’re thinking about

pushing this onto skillshare or

thinkific as uh training courses

yeah that’s that’s i think a natural

next step for this channel since they’re

about 100 000 subscribers anyway would

be like are you offering any of these

as a long-form kind of course to run

alongside your channel there’s got to be

a reason for the upload uh schedule

itself because you’re right i don’t

think it takes a whole lot of time

especially if you’re good at this i

don’t think it takes a whole lot of time

to make these videos uh to the point

where you can only put out once a month


maybe they are a professional

filmographer and youtube is a side

hustle you know true they just don’t

have a lot of time uh but yeah this is

the perfect kind of channel that like

you said could could spring off into

other types of projects that could make

them extra money

so that is don via filmore tutorials

travis just give me a nudge in like an

hour and we’ll make sure we come back

there and see if i have hit 100 over 100

000 subscribers uh all right next

channel we’re going to look at is the

first gaming channel that’s submitted

they don’t have 99 900 subscribers they

have 733 they call themselves forging



as far as i’m aware you’re still the

gaming expert here in 2022 so i’ll let

you kick off with your thoughts on this


we use the term expert loosely around


uh let’s see so five nights at freddy’s

five nights at freddy’s five nights at

freddy’s can we scroll down i just wanna

let’s see if that consistency is is


interesting there’s some interesting

okay so it looks like they’re testing


because i saw a video with yeah some of

their short short videos have thousands

and thousands of views successfully so

yeah forty thousand uh

uh four thousand there


and then they’re doing live streams

and they’re not short shots they are

short form content it looks like oh

they’re they might be square uh let’s

have a look

yeah there’s some bars on them


so they’re doing they’re they’re using

like all three buckets that youtube

gives you they’re doing their long-form

videos they’re doing their live streams

and they’re doing their shorts uh

it’s hard to tell without sitting down

actually watching some of the content


one one piece of advice i for gaming

channels trying to do all three is can

you create kind of a content ecosystem

so do your live streams and while you’re

doing them capture funny moments set up

a capturing uh set up your automatic

capturing in obs there’s something

called replay buffer you can set it up

to a predetermined amount and then when

something funny happens you hit a button

on either your keyboard or your stream

deck and it captures the last few

minutes in a nice clean clip and then

you have that later to put into

something else and that can either be

another long-form video or a short

and so now what you’re doing is you’re

making content while you’re making

content and because it’s a clip from a

live stream as long as you edit it up a

little bit make it nice give some

context in the video you’re now

advertising your live streams on the

short shelf because people are finding

this moment that they’re finding on the

short shelf funny they hear you in the

background commentating over it they’re

laughing and and then there’s that maybe

that call to action in the comments or

call to action with some text that pops

up on the screen like don’t miss funny

moments you know like this again in the

future subscribe to my channel for live

streams and whatever so

can you make this content relate to

itself even more is kind of where i’m

coming from right now

a question i have is a bit of a

um novice to this area am i right and

thinking that these are perhaps not

um let’s plays walkthroughs tips and

tricks it’s from that mold of content

where they turn it into almost like our

animation and storytelling within

the medium of friday nights at freddy’s

they might be using yeah they might be

using the game as kind of like a

as just a playground to to have silly

things happen and then they

take those clips and and turn them into

standalone videos what’s interesting is

they’re they’re doing what i would

suggest you do right you make shorts and

then you make what appear to be similar

long-form videos with catchy titles and

things like that maybe it’s just that

they haven’t put in enough time yet that

they’re still trying to they still need

to kind of grow that audience so the

long-form videos are not getting the

views the shorts are getting which might

be a little frustrating

but this could just be a matter of you

know going at it some more and just

being patient

something about most popular just to see

what’s going on here so as you rightly

pointed out dan


of the popular ones are short but a few


um had a bit of traction long form wise

you know even i think even a live stream

here with 5000 views yeah from 13 days

ago which is really interesting

they might just be getting

everything kind of underway things might

be starting to click for them

there’s a few a few videos here actually

in the last you know it’s three four

i’ve gone one two three four there’s


six videos here in the top ten

that are you know in your most popular

from the last month so that’s very

encouraging to see yeah if they got a

live stream with that many views from

that about that time ago they’re

probably streaming to about 70 to 100

people concurrently maybe more

so that’s that’s pretty good uh that’s a

pretty positive experience right there

so you’re building your community uh

this is yeah this is the goal of like

just keeping at it i think it’s

important though if you’re gonna grow

with shorts no matter who you are make

sure the long-term videos you make are

relatable and the the most recent

example i can give you this for my thing

from my perspective is i i clicked on a

short for beat saber somebody was

playing beat saber it was on the short

shelf so i clicked on it in thumbnail

form i didn’t scroll past it you know

what i mean it was presented to me i

watched it and then i didn’t keep

swiping i just kind of stopped and then

i moved on with my day the next day i

came on youtube and i got pushed that

same creators long form video and i knew

it was them immediately from the title

and the thumbnail and the fact that it

was again beat saber so youtube is

telling me i know you like beat saber

content from this creator i’m going to

give you one of their long form videos

now and it was like an 18 minute long

video so

that you can get discovered from shorts

you can get your long-form videos

discovered but it really is important

that they’re similar

i was watching a video um uh from think

media uh yesterday

and sean was talking about

at vidsummit todd

i can’t pronounce his surname

from youtube was saying how

um if a hundred people watch your video


then it will be recommended to 700


by next week which i thought it was

fascinating this was like about

seven-fold potential

uh reach and actually looked at our own

analytics to look at you know just views

versus um impressions and those numbers

seem to actually um


bear out correctly it was a little


and so

this just goes back to the point of like

what you’re making today is going to



what your viewers expect to watch next

and it looks as if this channel’s doing

this on a on a very regular basis and i

guess the final point is the one thing

we’ve not talked about here at all is


because they’re already of a high

standard would we all agree that there’s

not much tweaking that needs to be done

there so it’s rare that a channel of

this size is already getting thumbnails


i i think for the most part the the one

i can look at and just kind of nitpick

on a little bit is the second one there

don’t apply for this job

i is is there an image you could have

used that would have better related to

that title don’t apply for this job but

all we see is the just the standard

characters from the game like

is there some other imagery you could

have included that made more sense for

that title because i’m always looking

for that i’m always looking for ways to

make the title and thumbnail relate

maybe that live stream comes a good

example you can’t escape vani i’m going

to assume the rabbit there or the person

or the thing behind it one of those

things must be vani i don’t play the

game so i don’t know but that’s what you

would look for like ways to make sure

that those two things are cohesive okay

so maybe the titles need a bit more well

the thumbnails need to be the thumbnails

like yeah

either on needs to do just do a bit more

um i guess

grunt work in terms of in terms of


yeah exactly so i would say their live

stream thumbnails do a good job of this

as i’m kind of looking through these


it’s the long-form videos that it just

seems like there’s sometimes that

disconnect and most of the time they’re

relying on the characters themselves

alone so is there imagery you can

include to make the shocking title like

reflected in the thumbnail in some way

all right so that is uh

forging dynamite uh interesting little

live stream tip by the way i’ve just

experimented with this in this live

stream i did a simple poll

asking people have they given this live

stream a like

and is 11 is it 100 139 votes so far 81

have said yes

but i’ve only got 619 likes


what’s going on there i’m i’m missing

some likes in this live stream uh but

it’s funny the fact that you put a poll


and people do what you ask like we don’t

usually get 600 likes at this point in

the live stream anyway i’m just i’m just

clouting the my own likes right now uh

quick update travis quick updates yes

yes what do we have refresh refresh

moving on to the next channel we are

looking at victoria’s home and garden

hashtag home hashtag travis’s favorite

word hashtag gardening um okay what are

we looking at here we’ll start with


all right home and garden yeah so

do we do i talk about diy do i even

bother well there’s asmr cleaning too so

there’s a little bit of everything going

here um

i feel like how long has it created me

online because they’re hiding their subs

so we don’t know how many subscribers

they have

about a yeah it looks like a year okay

yeah um i mean i i think you should not

hide your subscribers but you do

whatever you feel comfortable with um so

if you look at this channel we’re not

really sure exactly what’s going on

because it says home and garden but we

see merry christmas as a short a vlogmas

which doesn’t i don’t know if it has

anything to do with home or garden

the paint stick looked like it might

have do something with home i suppose

organizing cleaning a sink okay that’s

home where’s the garden stuff

uh christmas shopping vlogmas okay so

back three

clean up winter clean up yeah winter

cleanup that was three weeks ago so what

if i really like the garden and stuff am

i waiting three or four weeks in between

content um

so i and there’s a lot of shorts so

i’m unsure if this if this creator is uh

maybe they came out with an idea first

like i’ll do home garden this and then

they just kind of done other fun youtube


there is two pieces of like advice here

one if you’re enjoying what you’re doing

keep doing it

but the reason that i think you’re here

and submitted your channel is you want

to grow so i’m going to tell you that

the things you’re doing are probably not

the things that are going to grow you

you have a two-second merry christmas

youtube short so i’m unsure what your

expectations were from that um and then

the same clean with me asmr for 14

seconds now the clean with me asmr is

not necessarily even a bad idea

but it’s got to be longer than 14

seconds if you’re going to do that sort

of thing and it’s got to be kind of more

thought out and if you go online and go

on youtube you’re probably going to find

some channels that have done pretty well

with this particular type of content but

they weren’t doing shorts they’re doing

like longer to form content because asmr

is a thing that you’re supposed to kind

of get into and feel and experience you

can’t really do it as a short it’s it’s

literally the opposite of what you want

it’s like non-alcoholic beer what’s the

point so i think what you want to do is

refocus on who your viewers supposed to


and then give them more of that um i

think right now you’re just trying

different things and i can kind of

understand that whole thought but i

think you’re going a little so kind of

all over the place you’re not really

thinking about the kind that you’re

putting out

it’s interesting you asked that question

about like who’s the ideal viewer

candidate and so i went to the um the


and what i found interesting here is

renovation and decorating process

and this is what i found most

interesting like we are first time home

buyers this could be a great channel


subject like this about age is what your

channel should be and i don’t feel that

at all by looking at the the videos i

didn’t even know that like how would i

know that by looking at this

your your value proposition your about

page is an incredible idea for a youtube

channel and could do very well you need

to triple down on that thought and in

the titling and the thumbnail let people

know that this just looks like an

exactly channel that’s like hi merry

christmas and vlog i don’t care about

that you’re a first time homeowner

there’s tons of people that are

first-time homeowners that want to

understand what they’re getting into

tell them the pains and

the good things and the bad things like

tell them all the things


so if i was just to put that in as a

search term uh look at that title six

lessons i learned from renovating my

first house

thank you

my biggest request look at that title

and thumbnail yeah i bought a

fixer-upper i bought hello like these

are great titles i got some

travis can you just like um knock on

your camera lens


so yeah just going back to

the creator if that is your target um

audience and your value proposition as

travis said you know doing a bit of

research is showing you some really

interesting things here um

because at the moment as

it goes back to this a bit a little bit

doesn’t it um travis the diy thing it

gives the creator license to do whatever

they want but the viewer doesn’t want to


whatever you want to whatever you’re


and again dan you have this video about

you know the ideal viewer

you did it on pokemon cards but we kind

of just did that like in a microcosm of

a research there we typed in first time

home buyer reservation uh

reservation renovation and we got three

really good titles and thumbnails to

maybe target if this if that’s where the


creator wants to go with their content

yeah it’s super super super important to

do that exercise and i think a lot of

channels miss that part of setting up a

youtube channel you have to run that

exercise of who is it that i’m trying to

target and you might have an idea for

your channel and you think it’s gonna be

one thing and by the time you finish

going down that road and researching

you are in a whole other place and

you’re like i don’t even think of these

concepts for videos that i can make but

it looks like this was well thought out

given the about section and not well

executed on given the content we’re

seeing so i hope that i hope that our

advice kind of

shines through here there we go that’s

the evidence right there isn’t it that’s

where you stood you stuck to the

principles of what you promised in your

value proposition and that’s your second

best performing one this is perhaps a

bit of an outlier it’s probably been

picked up as a

search base making purchasing decisions

but that could fit into

you know the first

tools to buy when renovating a house and

well think about when someone gets a

home and after they come out from

renting like when you’re renting

everything’s done for you there’s so

many things that could go horribly wrong

when you own a home and you can’t just

call the office and have maintenance

come and fix it there’s so many things

that you’ve never needed to buy before

or wanted to do before because again as

a renter you can’t go modifying your

place in a lot of cases so there’s so

many there’s so many opportunities there

to focus on first-time home buyers if

that’s what they would like to do so

yeah i agree with everything that’s been

said all right what’s this what’s this

yeah let’s flower mark no one listened

to a word we said because i saw in chat

they realized don v hit 100k

has he done it



congratulations i hope he’s i hope that

zombie’s here because he’s like the

the complete hero of this live stream so

far yeah well done thank you for the

sound effects uh whoever did that i

appreciate that

all right let’s get a chat off there and

we’ll go to the next channel we’ve gone

into detail already on a few channels

today but really valuable stuff for all

creators uh to follow zeke man travels

uh was this one of the channels we


i don’t know it looks i remember seeing

this channel

did i don’t think i did i pulled this

channel i’ve never seen it remember well

um let me try and remember why this

channel was picked

up myself

kick it off um maybe i did i don’t know

yeah you did travis okay yours um

because i think it is correct travel

channels are kind of interesting in

general especially since a lot of people

can’t travel right now

so sometimes you’re living through the

kind of eyes of other people um

so i don’t really know like what the

demand is because a lot of people will

look up travel videos and stuff to get

ideas of where to go and what to do

but when you’re not a lot of people are

doing that i’m just i’m always curious

to see what travel channels doing so if

we look at what’s been up here recently

my first time

what is that my first time motorcycling

is that what it is looks like a ride to

beats big bud

okay that that this is real gold is a

really cool thumbnail um

the the thing underneath of it is kind

of hard to read i’m not sure what that

says but

the actual mountain itself looks cool

some of these thumbnails are better than

others it almost feels like

so some of these are really busy like

this one that’s fourth over on the top

the thailand par is it worth it like

there’s so much text and then the the

picture itself is kind of like

this long line i don’t really know

exactly what i’m looking at there and

then the walking street is dead the text

is in the front mouse will not even have

a picture behind it because you can’t

see any of it so i wonder if you know


not using as much text especially for

places that are kind of spectacular is a

better move here


other than that like some of the

photography in the thumbnails themselves

is pretty good there’s a couple where

you’d want to zoom in so the walking to

new york

rockefeller center literally zoom in on

that middle part that would be an equal

thumbnail no text necessary um the big

monkey thing is right there is kind of a

cool picture it’s kind of like what’s

going on there um

you know i i might slightly frame it

differently but a pretty cool picture

the the rock on nyc the ladies singing

like i would maybe frame that slightly

differently but the picture itself is

kind of interesting it’s intriguing and

then of course getting the title down is

important it looks like a lot of new

york stuff

um but then also some places outside of

uh outside of new york obviously yeah

that i guess what i’m trying um a

question might be here is that okay

traveling to different places

but is there a through line like do you

do certain things in these places you

talk about walking tours i think but i

don’t necessarily get that strong a vibe

uh you do these motorbike riding tours

there’s one here an outlier that’s got

nearly 4 000 views that’s interesting

but then this one here when you’re

walking to rockefeller times squares it

hasn’t really got any traction

um so what might that be you’re just

showing people places that i visit i

think there needs to be a unique hook

here whether you’re doing it in clown

shoes so it’s really hard to walk or

you’re doing it with a unicycle

i guess what’s the unique value

proposition here that’s going to set you

apart from other people who do these

walking tours

yeah that’s a great point and the thing


i i i’d have to watch walking tour

videos to kind of get a better idea of

what the viewer is like

but i guess for me it may because i’m


a fat but i would like to see someone

walk around and eat different food uh

food things that like on street food

okay yeah it’s a food wall restaurant

walking tours yeah i’ll have an example

but i mean it might just be it might be

that their viewership is looking for

other things but i’m just in the top of

my head i’m like oh it’d be kind of fun

to watch

now unfortunately my microph microphone

my magnifying glass extension is not

working so i can’t really highlight

anything other than drawing

why do you think this one’s performed

better than others

do you think it’s because there’s

a story teased and like some controversy

i mean i would like to see that like

what happens when you get pulled over in

thailand as there’s something kind of

intriguing about that um

motorcycle taxi fail it’s it’s just kind

of interesting

um so there’s an element of jeopardy

there isn’t it the stakes have been

um played


stakes have been made before you even

click on it whereas in this one which

has like 70 views be prepared for

uh 2021 years eve but then it feels like

a bit of a generic image of time square

so maybe the stakes weren’t correctly

set there well then i don’t really know

exactly what i’m going to see am i just

going to see this thing i’ve seen a

million times before like i know what

new year i know what time square looks


did something interesting happen um if

not then you know

the thing about the pulled over in

thailand video is it’s 19 minutes long

which means that could have been an

entire walking tour

that in the middle this one thing

happened and so because they focused on

that one thing that potentially happened

in the video they had a great title and

thumbnail or it’s a 19 minute video

about getting pulled over either way

though in every single tour that you do

take the most interesting thing and say

like you know

something something something while

walking through rockefeller center

and you have a whole walking tour that

goes along with it it’s just you’ve

picked out one piece of the story and

made it the focus that’s such a good

point dan isn’t it in terms of the

thumbnail and the title

has to do

almost one job really really well if you

try and include every facet of the video

in the thumbnail then it’s information

overload yeah you know within within two

seconds you’re seeing pulled over and

you’re seeing traffic police and i think

that’s enough for the thumbnail to grab

your attention and then

white boy that seems to add a bit of

controversy stakes jeopardy from the

title so that i think that’s why there’s

some good clickable elements there


every every title and thumbnail if the

the best you can do to have it focus on

one thing otherwise it might as well not

be about anything if you’re just saying

oh i’m in rockefeller center like

okay so

so what focus on one thing it’s not

disingenuous you know as long as the

thing actually happens in the video but

that’s how a lot of great storytellers

on youtube do it maybe just one here oh

let’s go ahead go ahead and just go

around the world and get pulled over by

cops everywhere yeah yeah that could be

their through line yeah how to get

pulled over uh in every country in the

world and live to tell the tale on

youtube or mr beast i got pulled over

600 places in 600 minutes yeah

there we go

twitter we do our usual uh contest here

and we ask you

uh to submit something of interest or

fun and this week our social media

manager daniel asked for you to describe

your 2022 approach with a gif and the

winner here was joel the geek with their

gif this is real life we feel terrific

we look even better than we feel which

as you remember it’s terrific

i know joel he’s actually local to me oh

awesome well joel is getting his channel

audit here so i guess we should start

with you uh trump oh

it’s it’s uh it’s a conflict of interest

go ahead

all right do you want to stop i don’t

know what we’re looking at what are we

looking at joel the geek

let’s see what’s he geeking out at

funko pops


uh marvel comic book covers

definitely a lot of geek culture here

but those three things are all separate

channels on their own if you were to

just cover funko pops or just cover

cosplay or just cover comic book covers

so i’m trying to that’s where i’m

struggling already

because i feel like the channel is is

going really really deep in geek culture

but that’s me is that niche enough and

that may be the discussion we’re about

to have



can we look at thumbnails for for

cosplay because that’s that’s another

thing i’m seeing too okay uh i’ll just

put this in there yeah warning uh let’s

see what comes up

but look at that look at that first

thumbnail incredible yes that’s really

all i wanted to see the second thumbnail

is incredible

and everything and then and then we get

from there okay okay every thumbnail

focuses though on the costume itself and

the thumbnails we’re seeing on the

channel you’re just looking at are

really zoomed out it’s hard to see the

costume there’s so much negative space

especially as you scroll down

so that that one right there the uh

ah i forget what they’re called now

that’s the hero from from dc

no the red the red costume with the

lightning bolt uh flock oh the flash not

the flash oh shazam yeah thank you thank

you how did i know that look at all the

negative space we we really didn’t need

the text there i think it’s an

impressive outfit but the subject is so

small in the thumbnail they have a ton

of head room and a ton of room on the

left side of the frame

the wood carved table background as well

is not a good look is it right exactly

yeah so that would be the sort of thing

if you’re going to cover cosplay i i

think you need to look at some of the

thumbnails we were just looking at and

see how you know how they’re doing it

how they’re winning the clicks


is it a channel about going to different


uh com comic con conventions

although i just said comic conventions

conventions there i think i have


taking out interesting aspects of them


like emerald city comic con hall 2021

i i mean so i i get the concept of that


and i i i know what it’s going to be

about with the title and fun it’s just i

think it’s just missing something you

know what what was in that hall that was

worth watching this whole video for if

you if you’re showing a haul i know this

is a bit of a side step but if you’re

trying to show a haul or something that

you’ve got you’ve got to make it look

epic and spectacular and that’s

how you do it using leonhard as an


like really showing and emphasizing what

you you managed to grab

at the place you were visiting


all right so travis uh are you able to

chime in now or are you steve yeah i

mean i think i think conflict you’ve all

hit on it i just think that um

uh you know um

i think it’s it’s what we always talk

about it’s like making things that are


as wide based as possible still being

specific enough that people can can

connect with it um and joel does a lot

of things uh locally so he doesn’t i

don’t think he goes like he does go to a

lot of actually cons and stuff


but uh i mean he’s also been doing it

for a long time so joel’s been around

for a long time but i think again if you

want to grow if you’re looking to to

take it to the next level you got to

look at what what else is out there

that’s working and then try to find your

own way of doing that same kind of um

thing which can include thumbnails

titles and topics but with your own

twist on it um and then once you get the

momentum going never let it go never

never let the momentum go it’s terrible

trying to get it back i’ll tell you

is it fair to say that within

the cosplay um community

the niches are so entrenched that it’s

difficult to go from shazam to black

widow to i saw some star wars stuff in

there i think i think it depends so like

i’ve always wondered if dc and marvel is

much like pepsi and coke where you can’t

let necessarily have them live on the

same channel because they’re kind of the

different people

uh i don’t know if that’s the case i’m


uh if you guys feel that way because

like if you do a coke channel you better

not put pepsi stuff on it if you put

pepsi channel you better not put coke

stuff on it right the people are pretty

entrenched i think i would

i guess joel’s in the best position to

answer such a question

as a fan of i i think more marvel than

dc i watch both why watch both sets of

movies but the thing is if i’m looking

for this kind of content i probably want

someone specializing in one just right

especially if i’m going to be a

collector of one or the other or both i

want to make sure if i’m about to if i’m

about to spend money on a marvel

property of some kind somebody who is

all about it is the one telling me hey

this this is this collector item and

this is everything i know about it

okay that is joel the geek who’s earned

at least one subscriber since we were um

auditing his channel pre congrats on 600

when he hit it next channel we’re

looking at is

uh pro craps

and uh as well as being a a

a word in the uk to describe a certain

thing it’s also is it a dice game or is

it a card

yeah it’s a day scheme it’s a dice game

um dan i think you picked this one yeah

i i saw what they were doing mostly with

live streams and thought there was some

some pretty

uh quick advice we could give them about

thumbnails things like that but of

course this is a really good start

they’re getting a lot of views on their

streams i’m assuming a lot of those are

you know the viewers they had in the

moment but this is a great start over a

thousand subscribers already and they’re

doing regular live streams looks like a

few a week at least

so i think you know the first thing i

would say

and that’s the thumbnails

i i think i think the thumbnails you

should spend a little more time on them


if you

put these up after the fact what you do

these have potential to get discovered

by by folks

and you’re missing out i think on a lot

of clicks

every live stream i’ve ever posted and

left up on my channel after it was done

has gotten views after the fact and i

attribute that to having strong titles

and thumbnails and that requires you to

do what to plan out your live stream

what exactly is this live stream going

to be about and then what you do is you

take a nice thumbnail image you pair it

with a nice title and jeff who’s on this

live stream sometimes talks about taking

these and actually going in and adding

time stamps to them when they’re done or

going so far as to edit them down into

more watchable videos and the reason you

would do one one of those two things is

to help you get more views after the

livestream’s over thus equaling more

live stream viewers because people are

like i don’t want to miss the next one

and they subscribe so

i think these are all valid strategies

this channel could be implementing if

they’re not already doing some of that

maybe they’re doing time stamps so we

haven’t seen it uh but it looks like a

lot of these titles just like the date

and something kind of vague

you know and it’s you know are you going

to teach me something like what what are

we going to get out of this i think it

needs to be very very clear up front

you’re scrolling around so much it’s

hard to yeah i guess

this is an interesting one because

now usually dan i would agree with you

like 96.7 of the time and it may be that

you’re correct in this case as well but

what i also find is that with a channel

that has a 1400 subscribers and the view

counts are super consistent like

you have like a committed community



the worry i have is that if you change

the thumbnails significantly

then your regular viewers almost don’t

realize that it’s your video because

it’s like almost like they’re

conditioned at this point that they know

that this channel is going to push

something out every two or three days

and then they’ll just click on the

thumbnail almost without looking at it

because it’s very familiar to what this

creator’s already published it’s fair

but the second to last video has the

same amount of views and is a completely

different thumbnail style yeah so yeah

that’s what i was scrolling through i

was looking at this one here that come

come ladder to the moon one which is a

slightly different thumbnail the

performance there seems to be fine as

well so i think there is evidence that

when you do mix up the thumbnails um

you’re not losing your existing audience

so to speak so

yeah it sounds like there is permission

there to start tinkering a little bit

with a thumbnail it’s worth at least

testing especially with the amount of

streams they do and the views are very

consistent as you said i want to see the

channel get to the next level and i


with the titles being as as a layman to

this okay yeah the titles being as they

are i think you’re kind of up here

you’re at the higher level you’re you’re

catering to people who are already

familiar with these types of games what

about the people who want to get

familiar with these types of games

whether it’s a live stream or whether

it’s some short form how-to kind of

content can you make some videos to help

newcomers get into this activity

i would start there a lot of live

streamers don’t like to if they just

want a live stream they don’t like to

make short form content but i’m telling

you that’s your unique opportunity

that’s why you’re on youtube for live

streaming that’s a unique opportunity


so just doing a quick search for crap

strategies which sounds weird when i do

a search for crap strategies

there’s obviously some very


visually appealing opportunities here

yes and i don’t know if his creator does

play for money but adding that you know

a jeopardy almost of winning hundreds of

dollars or losing fifty dollars that may

be something to experiment with as well

well even even if they’re not actually

losing money they if they’re playing in

a simulation yeah money they can they

can still say i would have lost or i

lost 300 theoretical dollars or whatever

it is like these are all everyone can

relate to earning money or losing money

and that’s where titles and thumbnails

come in you can still give this high

level advice but make the titles and

thumbnails even more appealing again to

the layman to somebody who’s

really just thinking at the the very

early stages of this

any final thoughts travis oh yeah are we

good to move on no i think you guys got

it i mean the thumbnail wallpaper had me

at the beginning so i’m glad you guys uh

dove into that well it’s interesting

isn’t it on some channels we don’t talk

about thumbnails at all whereas this one

you know it feels as if it’s low hanging

fruit here to to play with uh to improve

proof of channel

okay then well after dan just tells us a

little about a bit about discard i’ll

let you

uh leave with an extra travis so first


what is discord what are we doing here

these are nice thumbnails okay so

this is a good this is a good place to

start so the discord is a free resource

for you with thousands of creators just

like you

sharing tips and tricks or like in this

channel giving advice on each other’s

thumbnails and it looks like the one

we’re seeing right now is uh

somebody who’s been testing out

different thumbnails and talking to the

audience so i love this before and after

they’re cleaning up a uh a field like it

looks like a soccer field great

thumbnail and then you have somebody

else talking about two it looks like

they’re about to compare two different

ones and that’s the kind of conversation

you’ll get in this discord so we have

this place it’s open to you the link is

down below discord if you want

to join and it is not a place to just

randomly spam videos you won’t find that

there it is a place though to give

really helpful advice and receive really

helpful advice and when people are

really super helpful we pluck them out

and we give them their own uh channel

audit whether they know it or not there

we go artists haven’t thank you so much

i had her on the channel uh just before

christmas oh nice yeah we um did um we

just opened up the uh

the stream yards link to

people oh no we picked them randomly and

it just so happened that tisch was the

first one and we also got 100 zelda on

as well oh cool

i was able to about breath of the

wild a little bit more to him which was


anyway uh so uh let’s have a look at the

channel now that was picked through

discord has been a valuable member of

the community and they are manchester

tech which is the perfect channel for

travis to uh start us off with here on

some auditing manchester tech guy

interestingly i’ve never heard i can’t

think of any tech channels that call

themselves a location

yeah i i thought that was one thing okay

better than before apply places five

huge sync that’s cool that’s actually a

cool thing it’s maybe kind of uh

narrowed because there’s not gonna be a

lot of people that oh look at that look

at the third video

ov versus hugh i actually want to buy

one of those things look at that i might

have to watch that video



he does a lot of the else i might have

to go on his channel watch some of these

videos and see if i see here’s the thing

i just happened to be buying a lot of

these govi things and i was looking at

this lyra thing and i wasn’t sure like

is it good and so i’m gonna go watch

that video and you can see 8 000 views

in one month which kind of overshadows

everything else that’s happened this

could end up being you know depending on

how you look at it could be like an

lcd led channel or something if you’re

not to rgb channel if you’re not too if

you’re not

careful which is not necessarily a bad

thing by the way because

here’s the thing about that

a lot of people are like well i want to

get a lot of views i want to get a lot

of money blah blah blah i want to get


well you know if you’re in gaming so he

has this playstation 5 thing and and you

know smart so it’s hard to know like

he got a couple of playstations

gaming stuff doesn’t pay very well


if you review products like rgb products

the affiliate sales on yeah


i think this is

in a sweet spot isn’t it for affiliates

so you know like oh my gosh

fifty dollars to like three four hundred

dollars i think that’s perfect for this

type of thing oh my gosh and with all

those views if he has if he’s in the

amazon affiliates and then put the link

in the description so hey if you want to

buy it link’s in the description yeah

let’s check it out you can make some

good money on this more so than adsense

adsense is a joke compared to what you

can do yeah it looks like he’s got


plenty of affiliates

forget about so the people who want to

people say like i want to be a full-time

youtuber stuff sometimes you can’t get a

whole bunch of views like some niches

you’re in just trying to get a whole

bunch of views however if you’re smart

with your niche you can go full time

before you get a whole bunch of views

just on things like this like this video

is going to continue to get views for

months and months and months and months

to come so long as these products are

sold which they’re going to be sold for

a while that’s in one month 8 000 views

which is probably garnered maybe a

couple hundred bucks in in um in

affiliate sales because the people that

are looking for that type of video are

potentially buying right away and if

you’ve convinced them to buy one over

the other they’re willing to buy right

then and there


listen if you have any type of niche

um that is reviewing products and stuff

you can actually make a good enough

money and i don’t i’m not going to

give you all the details but

jeff at healthy reviews on our channel


makes really good money

he blows me away

on a monthly basis so

sometimes just reviewing

products if you know if that’s it could

be in your niche so it doesn’t have to

be like electronics it could be like if

you’re in a painting and you’re

reviewing paints and brushes it could be

if you’re a car fixing channel could be

the the device you know the actual tools

like if there’s something like that in

your niche and you want to have money

from your youtube channel

the better bet is to not try to go after

adsense it’s more like affiliate sales

and stuff so

definitely look into that if it’s

applicable to your your niche

super smart i really like this channel

um there’s definitely i’m definitely

gonna watch that govi lyra video uh

after the live stream for sure sorting

by most popular it does look as if this

channel’s super power right now is um

the the lights predominantly but what

i’ve noticed here which is really


there’s these two laptop videos that

have performed really well


in particular

best gaming and productivity laptop or

bet or yeah best gaming and productivity

laptop i’m curious if you made another

video that included that titling

strategy with a similar thumbnail i’m

just wondering if you’ve somehow hit a

sweet spot in the recommendation system

for that particular title


and then the reason i say this is

because i always go back to this um chap

who just crushes

the apple tech world by having this

simple strategy which is release date

and price


or product release date and price and he

includes that in every single title it

could be the iphone 14 macbook air you

know it’s all related content but it

dominates in this area what’s really

interesting what i love to show

sometimes is for some of the videos he

does that don’t have that how much

different the views are on them it’s

substantially different it’s almost like

it’s kind of interesting um we’ll look

at that at another time but that you

know i took that anyway uh i just i just

noticed by the way if we go back to this

channel we’re looking at

that 77 inch tv

please tell me he has affiliate links on

that because how much money on twenty

six thousand views or twenty how many

values it is of course not all those

people are going to buy but a lot of

them are

so he needs zero point zero one percent

of people of those views to get a sale

doesn’t he and and you’re full-time

quicker than adsense

he’s going to sweat

look at that one there is one affiliate


that that need that needs fixing yes yes

where is manchester united

something’s going wrong there where’s

this manchester tech guy we just of

course jessica yeah i mean look at this

this is how he can go if he you know i

don’t know how his sales are going but

if he does a good job in the video and

people are already considering buying

and this is the video they click and

they go okay now i’m ready to buy

this channel could go full time way

before a channel that’s reliant on

adsense way before

final thoughts dan

do you think we’ve we’ve got this one

spot on i i am baffled by the amount of

subscribers i i think that if you’re not

utilizing call to actions

you should be something’s got to be in

there about subscribing for more yeah i

don’t that’s got to be missing with all

those views that nah hang up so that is

a good point here so let’s just click on

one of these videos because now i just

want to look at the likes

400 that’s not too bad comments

all right not too bad my guess is that

they get a lot of search traffic

which is fine you’re a tech channel and

that’s generally where you’ll get a lot

of your views from to begin with as you

say dan the challenge is now how can you

turn him into return viewers coming back

to more of your stuff and build a a

relationship with him because if you

build a relationship with him then more

of those people are going to trust you

and then crucially as travis has been

hitting here more people are going to

click on your affiliate links and you’re

going to get that kickback which is

going to be far more viable than any

adsense that you could be generating


it’s interesting that this channel

probably isn’t monetized yet from like

well not monetized from an adsense point

of view but they’re probably already

making let’s take a guess here four

figures a month perhaps from affiliates

especially during the past two months

going into christmas i mean

he probably made his i don’t know what

he does for the right maybe he makes a

lot of money in his normal job but i

mean for a lot of people in the position

he could have potentially made an entire

month and a half’s worth of salary

within just a couple of videos in a

month and a half so yeah kind of cool

can i ask a kind of a naive question of

you two tech youtubers

uh i wondering if if you wanted to get

some return viewers i’m thinking what if

you were to cover some of the settings

in these tvs because they can get kind

of complicated there’s a lot of problems

you can solve would that be a good fit

for this channel who’s up to this point

just done reviews well so i guess the

question would be

really is twofold is this some is that

something that’s going to

be fun for them to do or is it just

becoming a job right that’s always the

first question it’s like what do you

want to do i asked i talked to a guy i

think it was yesterday

and uh i asked myself what do you want

to do and he said this that and the

other but what he was answering was

things that were popular i said no but

what do you want to do because the thing

is is if you do something that’s popular

then it stops being popular now you just

got a different job yeah taste less like

you might also just go flip burgers

because to be honest at some point

this becomes a job even when you love it

but if you love it at least it’s okay

you know what i mean

so i

i would answer yes from a technical

standpoint that sounds like a great idea

but is that what he wants to do

yeah there is a market here for it done

you know just putting govi problems and

a couple of different search results

came up so they could maybe tackle those

as solutions to the problems now you

bought this through our affiliate link

i’m going to show you how to fix it


and how to configure like i had to

figure out how to configure all this

stuff that’s around here i have so much

of the govi lights around

i have a funny story about govi i’ll

tell you offline offline wrapping all

right then we’re almost perfect timing

here we’re now we’re in and we’ve

covered all of our pre-selected channels

so when we get back it’s gonna be the

random stuff but first speaking of asmr

here’s a little bit of done asmr you’re

going to love it

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a day you said a thousand a day

sorry did that so what i meant is you

get a thousand a month if you’re getting

a 50 day yeah

i’m sorry thank you for correcting me

down i do

dan is on fire so let’s uh do some more

dan stuff uh with this


stan i don’t care if you’ve got two

videos that have over a million views at

vid iq that is your finest

10 seconds of work

brilliant stuff so here we have a claw

and uh what we do uh for the next hour

is we take the submissions that you have

sent in as you can see we have a bumper

crop this week over 600 already

and if jeff would was here he would um

give you a i guess an audio introduction

to this i’m going to replace him today


but i’m nowhere near as good as jeff are

doing that we take the number one three

three and we put that number into this

form where we get the channel uh first

impressions we’ve never come across this

one before they are called risk it for a


i’m already intrigued by the channel


uh but yeah we have to judge it on first

impressions uh is this channel actually

about biscuits

oh uh let’s see


risk it for the chocolate biscuit well

what are these are these

a couple of things


so is it a channel about

i guess taking risks in life that’s what

i’m getting for the value proposition a

little bit

but the latest videos looks like it’s

literally about chocolate biscuits

maybe not

well it’s got two and a half thousand

views uh so

there is something interesting going on

here uh i guess what we should first say

is that the thumbnails are very striking

very powerful

i don’t quite know how these two

thumbnails relate to the channel itself

in terms of chocolate biscuits

but it it has the the concept of the

risks that you may be taking in life i

get what they’re saying if you you take

these risks the reward is a biscuit yeah

basically i i guess i get that concept

i just wonder if

and that latest thumbnail anyway is that

the direction you’re going or the

biscuits gonna be that present in the

branding because it might be confusing

it’s very confusing i want some

chocolate biscuits

but hey here’s

here is an interesting thing we talked

about zeekman travels and we thought

what’s this

channel’s unique approach



this channel’s unique approach to

motivation is chocolate biscuits so i

think there’s some in intrigue there i

mean the fact that they’ve got less than

10 subscribers but each of their videos


a good set of numbers already is


just um running my mouse over the videos

for the previews

i get i’m getting a faceless vibe

channel here nothing wrong with that


and they’re very early on in their

journey um so

you know i’m encouraged by

i guess the visual representation of

their content there’s not that much out

there yet and they’ve done three videos

in two weeks so that’s encouraging as


so i guess if i was to ask dan and

travis like what if what what should be

the next things that they want to try

and tackle uh for their channel what

what is the value prop of the channel

what is it about teaching

so my

i guess

the value proposition is that we all

encounter some form of risk

so i feel it feel as if it’s a

motivational channel you know feel the

fear and do it anyway but instead of

feeling the fear and doing it anyway

you’re risking it

for the goal of a chocolate biscuit

which is kind of like that nice it’s too

big right it’s not

it’s not being specific enough what does

that mean like it doesn’t it’s not

speaking to anybody

um faceless biscuits as moto xl says i

agree with that um i i it would be

different if you’re like

risk it to for financial for the

financial biscuit or risk

change your life biscuit or chain risk

it so that you can lose weight but like

you’re just being so when people are so

vague you’re serving nobody

like at all because if i look at that

and i go well i see this one video that

says risk it for the biscuit and i see

this other video that says

spend 20 minutes make 300 in the next 30

days which one am i going to click


you know 10 minute workout to lose 10

pounds in 10 days or risk it for the

chocolate biscuit

i mean there’s no it’s not even

i like the idea behind it i like that

you’re going to risk it

but there’s nothing that you can

actually hold on to and think that’s

what that person means like i’m going to

get this at the end of it so

to be honest like

more i need more specificity here it’s

too vague which makes me wonder if this

person even knows whenever someone’s

this vague i wonder if they know

here’s a question have you two ever

heard of the phrase risk it for a

biscuit yes okay i was just wondering if

that was an english term of phrase

terminology um but if it has a cross

upon then i guess you’re still wanting

more um travis there’s also an

interesting little note here that it

looks like they’re gonna get an actual

face to the channel uh in early spring

so maybe we’re just sort of

experimenting with a

format right now in the concept



travis is right there’s got to be like

what what are you motivating me to do

what risk am i taking because and a

financial seems to be the easiest way to

go i there’s other risks you could take

such as climbing a mountain but

you want to you want to draw more

attention to that if you’re going to do

something daring like then then it’s

kind of like a i won’t say a daredevil

channel but that’s not really the right

term but you know what i mean it it

needs to there’s got to be a focus you

know the risk needs to be something


and i just want to ask you a specific

question about this video do you think

the 20 000 bet should be something

that’s referenced in the title

or in the thumbnail in the content

i don’t know what it means okay like how

a twenty thousand dollar per pound bet

shook the world like

uh you know like

what kind of bet was it like why are we

talking about someone going into a

casino and placing it like

it’s just it’s not enough context so

there’s a difference between like being

intriguing and not giving away the end

result and then just being vague

there’s there’s a big difference there

and i know that some there might be it

might be hard for some people to

understand that when you say something

that’s like this is the thing that made

elon musk a million dollars and that’s

intriguing yeah versus you know what’s

happening here that they’re both being

vague-ish but one is being much more

kind of


and it’s an art it’s not it’s not it’s

not like paint by color i think a lot of

newer youtubers are looking to paint by

numbers like tell me these three things

that i need to do

so that i can grow well it’s not that’s

not the way it works

um there are like bits of gray and there

are things that you have to this is

supposed to be an art right you’re

supposed to be kind of an artist and a

creator so that aspect of it comes into

play it’s not like this plug by number

thing sure all right some interesting

observations there for risky for a


uh let’s pick out the next channel this

will be a gaming channel

and it is channel number 52.


they are called

honey bee hannah

i’m gonna pronounce them

and these are our first impressions

honey bee hannah

roblox it looks like roblox yep

let’s see shots predominantly


healthy views on each of these shots dan

i know you’ve been doing a lot of

experimentation with both shorts and

short form not shorts content

what do we think

so just by looking at some of the other

videos and the titles of these videos i

can tell it’s about adopt me but it took

me a while to get there just by looking

at the overall library of videos here uh

like making a neon hydra

it doesn’t really have any context so a

good thing to do is put it at the end of

the title but say in adopt me or

something to that effect so so people

have that last bit of context you know

and youtube as well youtube can push

this more easily to adopt me fans that’s

just a nitpick um

hard to say are these all shorts and

some of them have thumbnails and some of

them don’t as we get down here it looks

like they did

do some long-form videos as well

yeah to begin with like five six months

ago but it looks as if they’re not doing

that really at all anymore mm-hmm

huh look at that uh a shot where the

part two actually has more views in the

part one

what do we know about uh

now but the part three only got seven

views meh

interesting so yeah a lot a lot of

success with shorts uh which is really


i think if you were to continue down

this road

i mean getting really specific and

travis you bring up a good point and we

can literally ask this of every single

creator what it is what is it you want

to do but we all i have to go off of

right now is the videos you’ve put out

so far so if you were to

look for like a strategy suggestion for

me i would say continue making

see this is this isn’t really relevant

to the the content that you’re putting

out in your channel no it’s got two and

a half thousand views though yeah it’s

very interesting to to other youtube

creators but not necessarily to the

adopt me audience

i would be consistent with the adami

content i would keep making

interesting adopt me critters and and

make shorts out of those like every

single time you you get an interesting

critter capture it make it a short

because it looks like you’re trying a

lot of different things when you go to

long-form content that’s especially when

you start experimenting but there there

goes your opportunity to get the people

who’ve been watching the shorts to watch

the long-form content it to them if

youtube is trying to push those

long-form videos to them it’s not really

computing they’re like ah

i don’t really like that

plus yes that tick-tock watermark is is

this your content you’re pulling off of

your tick tock and then look at that

youtube channel i think it is done the

the username matches

so if so you want to download that from

tiktok you don’t want to just take it

this way with the watermark correct

because it means none of this will go


the shorts bonus fund so unfortunately

you may like just in case one of these

went viral and it’s suddenly got like a

1.5 million views with that watermark

you’re not going to be eligible for for

bonus payments so as dan says download

it without the watermark if you can


a consistent strategy is needed here if

you’re gonna do if you’re gonna do

shorts and then you’re gonna pivot to

long form they gotta be similar

let’s pick out another uh random channel

this is one

three six

and we go to a non-gaming channel this



this creator is calling themselves

and then

x i believe

okay so you’re approaching 200


your first vlog a um that came quite a

while after you started your channel so

i see a little bit of gaming stuff to

begin with but i don’t think it’s gaming

anymore so we’ll

we’ll let you off in submitting in a

non-gaming section a bit of tech stuff

still a bit of pub g stuff uh

then on to some vlog stuff

what i find interesting here is that

despite the fact that this channel has

been topic jumping

on a fairly regular basis the view

counts have been


generally healthy

but now the most successful tech content

from what i can see here


it’s um

well again i would go back and ask the

person so

uh we’re gonna start up uh group

coaching here in like a week or so and

the reason i bring that up is because i

feel like with some of the questions

we’ve already seen people that are going

to be in that

there’s a lot of questions about things

about like why and how things work but

less about

what the creator wants to do

and then trying to figure out how to

make that work because again back to

what we talked about earlier

when you have stuff like this where

you’re kind of

shotgunning all this stuff what if the

one thing on this channel that you were

kind of like

about takes off

and now your channel is that thing and

i’ve talked to too many creators where

it’s been a pain point they’re like i

don’t like to do that the only reason i

did it i thought it would get views it

got a lot of views i got a lot of

subscribers from it and now anything

else i do gets no views

back to the whole thing if you just

wanna do things for fun fine but i just

assume that’s not why you’re here if you

want to grow you need to figure out what

it is that you’re like passionate about

because people can connect with that

what you’re good at and then do that

thing and then really focus on that

thing i think everyone wants to be quote

youtube famous and it’s just not

really a thing for most people so the

things that have taken off so far on

this channel have seemed to have been

revolving around tech generally like the

remote tv remote review maybe there it

looks like a refrigerator

unveiling in that video

and then gta

and samsung

have a hard disk review uh ssd review

but now

the focus definitely seems to be on

vlogging so as you say travis

it’s they’re experimenting with vlogging


let’s say one of these videos pops and

they get thousands of views but then in

six weeks time they don’t want to do

school vlogging anymore

they’ve kind of put themselves in a bit

of a corner there


yes exactly and it’s not something that

people think about when they’re making

the video they’re just thinking oh let

me get some that hopefully gets a lot of

views yeah i think long term if you’re

really in this for a long period of time


you need to think long term

i have no idea why this

ah it stopped now okay she’s playing

along to itself uh dan anything you spot

here yeah general advice just for

vlogging if this is a direction they do

decide they want to stick with

i i think that it’s that classic advice

of what’s your vlog really about so my

first vlog fair enough my second vlog

but what what are you vlogging about

what is it what is the what’s the thing

what’s the reason i should click on this

video and that seems to be missing the

latest video seems to be the closest

attempt at that hair cutting and funny

qriket match vlog

that’s about two totally separate things

so i would have picked one of those and

then i would have said something along

the lines of like let’s say in the

qriket match somebody broke the cricket

bat you know and so then the title and

thumbnail the pitch is totally different

he broke the cricket bat and the bats


tattered in the thumbnail and things

like that it can still be a vlog about

the haircut and everything leading up to

the match but tell a story you know and

and then make the title and the

thumbnail reflect that story

pressing all the wrong buttons here all

i’m trying to do is



what are you doing look these two

numbers don’t compute all right four

twenty four fifty two and eight and then


ladies and gentlemen boys and girls

children of all ages come on get this to

a thousand likes please yeah come on

come on come on right here

all right let’s pick let’s pick another

channel hopefully my advice was heard


yeah we went a bit off-piste there

didn’t we you you did

yeah we was on a roll it’s a royal wii

all right then this is the gaming

channel and it is lev and pqr

uh horror genre i’m seeing here and

they have

a mix of

longish content so quite long 15 minutes

or above a couple of shots thrown in

there as well


some encouraging numbers here i’m seeing

dan for the channel 60 subscribers

hundreds of views yeah so

custom thumbnails trying a lot of

different things


a couple bits of advice one would be to

just make some more content because this

is a really this is a really strong

start a lot of channels when they start

out don’t get these types of views

so absolutely yeah good point yeah it’s

this is already a really really strong

channel uh the other thing i’ll say is

your thumbnails are kind of busy i would

remove the numbers in each one i know

you’re trying to run this as a series of

videos and it is like a story that’s

told in the game so you want that

continuity put that in a playlist and

maybe in the description you don’t you

don’t want to chase people away from an

otherwise fantastic video with a number

that makes them feel like oh this is

like the middle of something else

get rid of the number

put it in again the description or

somewhere else

i think you’re on the right track though

we have a reaction face we have

something scary happening in the game i

i think the artistry of these thumbnails

can be honed in a little bit your

reaction could be bigger and there could

be less text all over the screen you

don’t need the outlast logo fans of the

game no that’s the game and yeah two

things like you know

maximum maybe i would say no more than

three but don’t have so many things

going on your thumbnail these are just

tweaks though you’re doing a really

great job for just starting

i’m curious because often with a horror

genre gaming channel struggle with the

thumbnails because it’s obviously

usually very dark does this game outlast

whistle blower just naturally lend

itself to this kind of night vision

uh style uh thumbnail

yeah it does doesn’t it’s

bright greens and just and just popping

them out

yeah really helps


this is a good example there dan of like

where they have removed a lot of the

text but they’ve got that

and the the reaction is contrasting

really well you got bright whites

against a darker green which applies a

bit of contrast whereas here it’s it’s a

little more muddy a little more um

colors are washed together a little bit

more i mean i can’t stop looking at that

big like in the middle of the latest

thumbnail that big black section and

like what is that you know and it’s it’s

taking up

my eye is just going to that you know

and i’m just like trying to focus on it

too much when you have this bit here yes

yeah there’s two other elements in that

thumbnail that would both look great i

just think your reaction should have

covered that part and then you have the


which is at a great size like on the

other side

all right uh travis is anything that you

spotted here or we could move on

let’s move on i’m too scared all right

travis is too scared uh

heads up folks what i’m gonna do uh in a


now i’m doing it right now actually is

i’m turning on

uh subscriber mode so if you want to

continue commenting on this live stream

you will have to subscribe to the

channel but there’s a very good reason

for that because we are opening up a

brand new way for your channel to be

selected and audited


uh once you’ve subscribed within a

minute you should be able to post your

comment and you’ll find out why very

soon but we’ll go back to the claw just

now and pick out a brand new number

which is 194.

all right

let’s see what we’ve got


we don’t care there travis i’m just

thinking about jabba the hood man you

know you got the boba fett thing going

on and uh

where’s this what why are we talking

about yamaha would have put on sub mode

is all i’m thinking oh okay

actually he would have put on members

only mode all right looks like we’ve got

an el jefe uh wannabe channel look at


let’s see uh but not a bad thing i kind

of want to do it hey we have 11

subscribers and thumbnails like this

we need to get jeff on and take a look

at this channel because it looks


yeah as i say in the tech world

yeah um so

first of all to your point yes

thumbnails are really good some of some

of course some are better than others um

but like these last couple i do have a

bit of an el jefe looked on the anchor

in the ohio like

straight out of like old school jeff um

thumbnails that’s not a bad thing by the

way it’s it’s actually a good thing it’s

a compliment

uh because i don’t think i could take a

thumbnail picture like that yeah um but

you know i i still think though we need

to figure out like who is the viewer

because at the end of the day i see a

couple of different kind of products

that they’re reviewing and jeff pretty

much sticks with earbuds themselves

which is why he has a consistent

uh you know success rate with across his

channel which is a business by the way

this channel is a business


and uh so i see the earbuds and i see a

charger which you could argue could go

for that and then you’re like a

lightning cable you’re starting to get a

kind of away from that uh speakers okay

kind of close a mic okay cinematic intro

now we’re way somewhere else

um your buds were back on it a watch

okay it’s tech

um you’re buzzing okay cool

and then the insta360 okay that’s a 3d

camera i mean 360 camera i don’t know

how to create cinematic aspects so we’re

a little bit all over the place if we go

based on the last just couple of videos

we’re kind of focusing a little bit

tighter in

um but uh yeah definitely want to figure

that out sooner rather than later

because you can really blow up stuff if

you’re really um

super focused even if the thing looks

like it’s not that

like for example there are channels that

if you were to tell me a year ago that

that type of channel could blow up i’d

be like i don’t understand what the

viewership is there’s a

keyboard channel i can’t remember what

her name is

she went from like 30 000 to 300 000

subscribers in like a year

and it’s all just like keycaps and

keyboards i can’t remember what her name


and the whole point of it is is she

wasn’t doing keyboards and mice and

monitors and phones and she was like

doing keyboards

and because of that youtube kind of went

okay well i know who to put this content

to it’s very specific i kind of know who

likes the stuff boom boom


explosion so

you know be a little bit more focused

and i think uh you’re going to do well

but i like the thumbnails i think we can

allow the

the creator there like rich and click

that’s it

grace period of like they’re still

trying to establish themselves i mean

they have been on youtube for almost a

year it looks like they got back into

a regular


beat of creating content maybe once a

week it is funny how we we you know we

look at these two photoshop um no

premiere pro pro

um videos

we go back to the very first channel we

audited but it’s now just cracked 100

000 subscribers

exclusively doing tutorials on a video

editor so that can be a channel in


the most successful videos on this

channel so far are keyboard reviews but

they are from a

a long time ago

and then there’s this question of

see what i kind of feel here is that

this this creator and this is perfectly

understandable they’re reviewing what

they’ve been sent by um brands


can how can you make reviews about


and charging cables exciting

i don’t know if that’s successfully been

done on a tech channel

i mean

it becomes a search based product a

search based video with nothing wrong

with that

but yeah i mean making it making it a

place to for people to subscribe to is a

little bit more difficult unless you

just have something interesting about


your video but it’s definitely like a

way in it’s like the gateway drug in

switching click is that one channel i

was talking about

i’m trying to um

see if anybody has made a

a plug charging

i mean there are some weird ones where

like you you charge 100 iphones at the

same time and stuff like that like those

are weird i mean those are kind of

interesting but that’s

you know that’s another level of

i i just i just feel

that you’re gonna have a challenge

making these videos

really pop

because i just don’t think there’s

enough search ability unless it’s

something truly unique about the charger

like it it charges

like 450 watts and it can charge your

phone in like 20 seconds

i feel as if he’s going to be a struggle

but i assume it’s because this crate is

just starting to get themselves into

um products being sent to them

which is fine which is fine

maybe a better way to do that would be

listicles like the the best five charges

uh because i don’t know how you could

review something for four minutes as

well in terms of a charger but hey we

haven’t watched the video so maybe i’m

wrong on that yeah

dan are you are you good

i i think i’m good with this channel all

right then let’s pick a gaming channel

and then we’ll get to the reason as to

why i told you all to subscribe to our

channel a few moments ago right so

channel 35

let’s make sure i find the right channel

we can take a look at what they have

been up to


oh it’s a cool name i like it i like the


don’t let me down

halo so halo infinite fails

that’s like the vibe i would perhaps get

from this

that’s cool yeah

it’s a new game obviously so they

got in at the right time i mean actually

the right time would have probably been

like a couple weeks before but yeah

leading up to it yeah not bad

considering it’s still kind of a newish


um doing a lot of shorts

which could potentially work because we

know shorts and video games tend to do

pretty well i think i should did i send

dan this and psycho camera i think i

sent to you rob there’s a couple of

channels that are doing particularly

well in gaming

for short form content that are not

shorts they’re like a minute and a half

and less yeah

um did i send that to you rob

i don’t know if you did um but that is a

known thing that dan’s been doing this

himself yeah his videos are like yeah i

guess a minute and a half or less it’s

like gaming specifically though it’s not

like other things i mean you see some

other random things but there’s a couple

of channels that just specifically have

done that and i’d be interested to see

if if that would work for halo 2 as well

not halo 2 but halo s file

it it variable could i think

the big problem this channel’s having is

the titles

i knew you’re going to say that i’m glad

you did halo highlight five it sounds

like you have a lot of these

so more specific please um because i

think the one minute two minute videos

could work even if they’re not on shorts


that that’s enough time for a highlight

right so what is the highlight what

happened what am i gonna see did

something get shot out of the air was it

like a no scope headshot give me

something and there you go like no skill

required which is a pretty good

intriguing title and then might as well

be bots also pretty intriguing title and

if you’re a fan of halo you kind of see

it and you’re like oh that’s halo

and might as well be bots is probably

just enough for you to sit through the

13 second short and see what’s going on

yeah it’s like you found something there

so why did you title this video as such

i guess because it’s uh well that’s

that’s a minute 50 so that’s not a shot

curious but even if it’s not a short

it’s still it’s still imperative that

that title has intrigue to it absolutely

absolutely uh so going forward we’re

recommending work on the titles as much

as anything


yeah i’m not even going to say the

thumbnails necessarily need that kind of

work either because if you’re doing

interesting highlights and that youtube

chosen thumbnail is intriguing enough

that sometimes you can get away with

that that’s that’s okay but that the

title’s gonna be really strong there

just some dude that likes halo there you


look he’s looking so this is master


that is that

that’s him i don’t think that’s what

matthew looks like inside of his helmet

but yeah that’s proof what are you

talking about yeah

he’s big and burly i like weapon man i’m

into the single player right now and

weapon is one of the coolest

personalities in the video game so far i

dig weapon a lot okay let’s start

talking about hello for a few minutes

let’s uh let’s derail uh this uh

livestream and talk about that so my

experience of the halo single player

campaign was that

it was very bland

for an open world um shooter like there

wasn’t that much to do collect see

unlock et cetera

uh blasted through in about 20 hours so

it was fine it was okay i hope i can get

through it in 20 hours because my

backlog of gaming is crazy and i got

derailed i got derailed with a game that

i had no idea i was gonna like which was

uh ghost recon uh wild something or

whatever which is amazing we’re open

like incredible mind blowing but i think

when most of those things are are just

kind of the same couple of things over

and over and over again and it just

depends on how addictive those small

things are and so far i’m enjoying halo

for order today it’s fine

i think a good complaint is that in the

open world area the the environment is

just the same everywhere it’s forest

forest and tundra whereas you know in

the original 20 years ago they had the

the snow section and stuff and uh it’s

it’s fine it’s fine i think it’s cool i

saw someone cat say something that is

not completely true they said you

haven’t reviewed an ufc channel we

actually have

and i gave my expertise because i used

to have an mma podcast it was quite

quite popular i might say dan what game

have you been playing on recently

what have i been playing recently i

picked up skyrim again because i still

haven’t beat the story and that

anniversary edition was on sale

you know so recently so i grabbed that

but yeah no i want to play the halo

campaign just haven’t gotten around to

it it’s fun can you you can’t co-op it

though right right which was at the

moment i think you can in the future

maybe i’ll just wait until you can co-op

and then i’ll just finish the rest with

like banners i’d be fine i i like

co-opting halo i love it i was shocked

that that was not a feature wait a

minute why can’t we do the co-op gears

of war six because i haven’t played

through that at all can we just co-op

that together i only played the first or

second one of gears awards five we’re

talking about that yeah whatever the

last one was

that was gaming corner um


type in right now if you are subscribed

audits one time you start typing that in

one time only please um because you’ll

spend the spam the chat and

it doesn’t work by the way it only only

takes you the first time so

we are going to pick some channels from


collection of entries very soon

and we will audit them uh so we’ll let

that just run for a few minutes and

we’ll pick another channel i think it

will be non-gaming channel because we

just uh audited fubar

so let’s take a look at this one from

our form

look at that stream go

i wonder what else we’ll use that for i

have an idea yes

oh uh what i’ve done there hang on

a sec what’s what

so we need the urls

what’s going on here

i’m gonna give him one you’re being very

kind to this person yeah well it’s

because we’re gonna do this exact same


in a second aren’t we

scofield studios i hope this is the

right channel we assume it’s all right



movie reviews critiques video essays

that’s the early vibe i’m getting

home sweet home review is this i love

home alone as a christmas movie the

first one and second one but i i think i

heard there’s like another one is this

what that is is that like a review of

the newest one or something oh there’s

like six i think the first two are the

the original i’ve never watched anything

i just don’t even want to think that


made more but i like how this video this


all the homework is ranked worst the

best which is about 12 days too late

like you should have done this i’d say

it’s a month too late you want to do

this at the beginning of christmas 100

right this should have been done a month

ago at this point it’s kind of

irrelevant now the on the side of the

other flip side of this is potentially

if it gets decent amount of watch time

and youtube kind of understands what the

video is about next year at this time it

actually might take off you see this all

the time with evergreen content

similar here as well with like the the

bond um top 10 movies and what you’ve

got bond in there but again that was

released like two or three months ago

even then the no time to die reviews


a month ago and i think it was released

like three months ago so

especially with a channel like this

where it looks like you’re trying to


either trending video releases or tent

pole stuff like christmas films

halloween films it just feels like the

time is a little bit wrong on all of


yeah i agree

um maybe that’s the problem with the

channel is that they’re just slightly


the the timing of the stuff now is the

was the shang chi on time so eight

months is that to say eight months ago

or how many months ago uh three months

ago so that was that was too late for

the theaters but was that around the

time it came out on disney club yeah

possibly possibly

it feels like they’re just a half step


so half step behind perhaps in the

timing of the releasing of a content and

then thumbnails would we all agree that


white text with a red

stroke effect

is a

it’s not working well but here’s the

thing this these are like movie movie uh

reviews right yeah pull up other movie

review channels and compare the

thumbnails and it’s going to be night

and day

and this isn’t to be like mean or

anything like that it’s like this is

what you’re competing against

is do a review of

if yeah do like a marvel one it’ll just

it’ll be crazy

yeah i mean this so this person has is

in there so there yeah you see like

he actually did review it that’s funny

angry game video game nerd is in there

so i mean

yeah i mean yeah the thumbnail style is

just completely different and you know

you need to consider what people are

being served compared to what you’re

doing and make it

something that’s recognizable okay so

yeah they are just doing movie reviews

and talking about movies so the the big

issue too is did you all the channels

that just got pulled up

in that search were all very well known

creators and our publications

you’re that’s what you’re fighting

against so i think a better strategy for

you would be to experiment with your

your pitch a little bit more

make a controversial statement about the

movie you know like give give a take a

hot take or something


something that’s going to make your

review stand out because right now we

can get this content uh served to us

before the movie’s even released because

ign gets the stuff early these other

creators are getting this stuff early

before anybody else so their review is

done and ready to go and you’re on the

consumer side of it where you’re just

kind of getting stuff as it comes out

for everybody so you a lot fighting

against you there

why should i choose scofield studios to

help me make movie viewing decisions

right what’s going to differentiate


we already know but timing is a bit of

an issue the thumbnails need a little

bit of tweaking and then

how are you gonna

pitch your movie review to an audience

uh because you’re in a you’re in a

you’re already in a well-established

competitive space


with all of that being said yeah let’s

do the audits

255 entries nice and we also have a

thousand likes as well so yeah yeah yeah


metrics manipulation has worked yes just

tell people to like the video yeah like

the live stream okay so what we’re gonna

do now is we’ll click this button it is

gonna just

randomly draw

one of your channels

and then hopefully we’re gonna be able

to find it on youtube

which means that we can then

review it and it is a convict three

llama convicted llama

oh right well i like i wanted to add the

numbers if they’re going to use

you’ve been confused they’re going to

include numbers i’m going to pronounce

them as numbers

oh there’s a dangerous metroid um

minecraft head heading towards

the planet and the sun has gotten

worryingly big there in the channel

right then dan so hypixel i’m seeing


good approach too so talking about

making money on the high pixel server ah

okay interesting so yeah this is this is

niche within a niche stuff we’re looking

at now so they’re they’re on the high

pixel server is a very popular minecraft

server you can do a lot in it

and obviously money is a thing in that

server so that is what

they seem to be focusing on with some


so my question would be

or my advice would be for any of these

money making ones

include the dollar amount that you’re

potentially earning in the thumbnail

yeah encourage that click

that that is one method for sure and

they should be doing that i think the

other thing they should be doing is

they’re they’re burying the lead with a

lot of these videos that’s okay to do

sometimes you’ve done your top tens

you’ve done your top fives

now it’s time to show

the actual mechanic of making the money

and in a lot of cases it’s usually a

farm of some kind that you can build or

something like that so i think saying

the best money making methods for blank

good strategy you’ve been doing this for

a while now start getting more specific

the best money making

instead of saying the best money making

method say

this blah blah blah makes you x amount

of dollars you know get get right in

there take

me take one of your top 10 videos

dissect it and make 10 videos

and break down each method

i hope that makes sense for everybody

listening it makes sense to me in my

brain but it’s also we’re almost two

hours into this just to clarify dan in

in hypixel can you actually make real

money or is this no currency it’s

probably virtual currency i don’t think

there’s any kind of like crypto element

there can you click into one of the top

tens and see if there’s like time stamps

too because i’m curious maybe they maybe

i can outline this even better

oh there’s not time stamps

you should definitely be

uh implementing chapters is although is

this only oh it’s a 34-second oh sorry

that’s confusing uh

uh which one did well it must have been

at least like five

more than eight minutes

yeah it was the one in the middle there

eight minutes 51 seconds um

so okay i was going to say if there’s

chapters we can look and see what each

method is broken down by chapter

i was gonna say from there take each

method make it its own video

that might be a nice way to continue

down this this track of like

valuable ways to make money because

you’re probably at the point where

you’re like i’ve covered so many ways

where do i take this channel and that

would be my next evolution of that

i know sometimes here that the mix

money making and making money like the

swap those two words around which and i

think you know going back to that

concept of your title could be

making blank making money blank


all of these are the most popular videos

you’re using this money theme in so many

of these videos that yeah i think

there’s more more to be leveraged there

i i got pushed uh one of these videos

today actually which is very interesting

this came up not one of their videos but

a video about hypixel but making getting


rather than money so are there other

things that people seek out on high

pixel that are similar to money as a

currency that you can also say how to

get more xp how to do whatever on

hypixel so and it looks like they’ve

done this a little bit like which me

which minion makes more money they’re

already kind of getting into those more

specific methods uh so more

experimenting in that department lovely

stuff let’s

draw another one let’s do one more this

is fun travis is right into this let’s

see what this is okay

i like some of these avatars that are

popping up yeah some are really good

chicken back

hi british

minecraft channel come on what did you


we should have like a minecraft gaming

submission form at this at this point uh

am i going to miss this is why we have

two forums because this is what used to

happen all the time we would do them

randomly yeah i bridge

one and a half thousand subscribers

see what i like about the consistency

thumbnails yeah what i like about the

minecraft channels today is they are

going for the value poll you know on

their content they’re

there’s a lot of opportunities for us to

find these channels and then be oh i’m

just gonna play minecraft but we’re not

seeing that we’re seeing people really

trying to find some niche value which is



glitches uh the last three videos have

done that

it looks like they’re just doing shorts

maybe with a couple exceptions

okay so these could still take off these

these might have

you know there might be some time where

they kind of they kind of take off so we

we kind of need to know for this channel

what’s the goal

are are they going to make are they

looking to make shorts forever would

like to pivot to long-form content are

they just hoping to that the youtube

creator the shorts creator fun continues

to grow and more people can become

eligible and they just want to be a

short channel um because it would be

different advice depending on what your

goals are

good good level of consistency here

though like yeah and they’re making a


i guess there is a potential to maybe do

i always feel as if if you are making

shorts then to really start driving

uh the recommendation system towards you


stretch goal might be like a a shorter

day given that they are

20 seconds or less obviously i don’t

know how much editing is going into

these um but to really start nailing in

and because you assume that somebody who

watches shots

are going onto the shorts feed once a

day at least and so if you have

something new to show them every single

day that’s going to keep youtube

recommendation system happy and the

viewer hopefully satisfied

right shorts are all about velocity so

it’s really important to if you can to

make as many as possible that’s what a

lot of the more successful shorts

creators have said and that can be a

dangerous bit of advice to give somebody

who’s really really hungry for more

because they just you you want to do

this within reason but whatever whatever

time allows for

speaking of time

we’ve lost travis oh no i wonder why


uh let’s see what this guy got maybe you

got something interesting nope

it’s 20 22 and i’m back

ladies and gentlemen i wasn’t coming

back to we got a thousand

likes on a live stream and we did it

we did it a thousand likes on a live


and now my merchandise is out there it’s

the banned shirt

on youtube these youtube streets are

savage that’s right for only 79.99 you

can buy one of these shirts and be one

of the only savage people that youtube

doesn’t want you to use this little play

button when you sell shirts i don’t know

if you knew that or not you can’t

actually get away with that but uh

listen for 79.99 you can have one of

these savage shirts i told you last last

year we were coming out with the shirts

the merch is here

ladies and gentlemen it’s a savage year


i left the live stream by accident now

i’m trying to fix things there we go all


i’m just curious did you ask for

youtube’s permission to use that logo oh

no i’m so savage i don’t ask youtube for

anything i give them what they want

jelly good jolly good um

yeah so uh 2022 it unfortunately looks

like savage has renewed his contract

with vidiq for another year


i say you renewed your contract with me

yeah i guess so

it looks like i forgot to um set up a

savage channel audition so you can do it

and look you got this new little tool

so should we do this except

let make these people know that they’re

going to get some savage advice here now

you know i’ll give this namby pamby uh

growth advice we don’t want that

what um

so savage what um

text would you like

i think it’s just hashtag savage because

most of these people can’t spell much

beyond that so we’re just gonna keep it

easy if i do like savage academy you

know they’re gonna misspell academy you

know that’s what happened

so if i’d do that or a savage shirt one

of the two i don’t know

we already had four entries before um i

even said that of course we did somewhat

impossible ladies and gentlemen

i also want to say as well dan

that is actually your finest 30 seconds

of work 100 is one of the best things

he’s ever done in his life it’s like

usually i said i’ll come on this intro

just get on with it but it it continues

to deliver it does it’s so good just

keep going

i’m gonna have to do revisions of that

last little thing i’m gonna send them

some more things but i love it it’s the

best thing ever besides wow


for this shirt

150 savage entrance already i mean

where’s the surprise here you’re like


all the people who don’t know shall we

wait until we hit 200 and then we’ll

draw one of course i waited we got a

thousand likes before i showed up sure

do one of these other namby pamby ones

go ahead and do that

we’re pretty much there savage oh you

know okay cool let’s do it eight more

eight more

99. look at that the tension is


and now there is no attention right

let’s draw one um so

i should preface that the audit you are

about to receive is somewhat alternative

uh dan and myself don’t necessarily

recommend the advice you’re about to be

given to grow a successful youtube

channel but you did submit for a savage


audit what was the name of this thing




but oh my god look how scary this is

what is this

like what is going here let me make this

a bigger screen what is this going on



i don’t know about this rob what’s going

on here what is what is this caterpillar

coffee gopro volkswagen

uh it sounds like the it sounds like

you’re walking down the the aisles of

walmart what’s going on here i don’t

let’s see camera gear melt my first

attempt at weak surfing how’d that go

did that go good in dubai now i’d like

to go to dubai sometime dubai is do you

know how rich people in dubai are

how are they yeah


i’m st look at that dan didn’t try to

walk into it couldn’t he walk into it it

never it’s fine if you got to ask you

can’t you’ll never know all right let’s

see make the budget coffee brew

you know here’s the thing about coffee

if you don’t make starbucks at this

point you just miles will not make

nothing not because starbucks is good is

because it’s starbucks and you can’t

beat them right why buy why make

something that isn’t as good as the best

that’s why they only make one of these

savage shirts 79.99 uh because we can’t

sell them on youtube they gonna sue us

uh so listen i don’t know what to say

about this channel he looks like he’s

all over the place he got some tomatoes

in one one picture and some burritos in

the other and the volkswagen in the

third sounds like a fun friday night but

not for me ladies and gentlemen let’s

find one more savage academy

where are these tomatoes and burritos

right there i see that uh whatever that

mess is over there some shenanigans over

there i don’t know what’s going on over


but for 2022 here’s here’s your here’s

your piece of advice squid paw


don’t ever don’t ever come back here

again just don’t just

don’t do it

and that’s the type of odd that you’re

about to receive who’s next

look at all the people in the chat room

want some of this savageness i feel

listen i feel i feel appreciated i like

that oh oh square table i love a good

degenerate squared table degenerates i

love that

why is there a dot dot after they got a

name that’s longer than that yeah it was

so long but we had to um oh it’s a

podcast oh okay

let me quickly go to something that is

probably two hours of things i don’t

want to listen to let’s see

oh a podcast let’s see what is okay how

long is that that’s three is that a

three hour podcast what does that thing

say well i think you say robert my eyes

aren’t good

brian gibson’s rocking new year

three hour podcast yeah three hour

podcast on the arcade great christmas

vacation all right i like that movie

that’s good is he showing it

what happens if you click if you

highlight over that what happens is he’s

showing the movie no he he’s just

yelling at a television screen is that

what is that what youtube has come to in


that’s why we’re in 2022 because we had

to leave that behind what else is going

on here let’s see

uh is that a candle he’s holding up look

let me explain something about this

candle yeah this is the new savage camel

that’s coming out next year i’m waiting

a little bit longer it smells delicious


it smells like savage it’s gonna be

89.95 uh for

about half of this size this is a this

is the extreme container uh so if you’re

gonna listen if you’ll review this on

your youtube channel listen maybe i’ll

give you a passing grade so this channel

gets a passing grade as long as he takes

the savage candle and gives it a good

review and and review it on amazon too

please thank you very much one more

robbery one more for 20 22 more one more

okay let’s draw one more that was a

degenerate by the way

as if you couldn’t tell yeah

slippery vision jpeg is me soundcloud

objective little golden retriever other

joe other others you i bet you he’s

french or italian or something huh

cause how else do you say who names

their kid j-o-u

what is that


how does it say his name in the video

please tell me look at that is that

italian flag in the top right corner i

told you this dude is from the overseas

he’s from the upside down he’s from the

over under okay let’s take a look what

what is this guy

oh man look at that that’s a ginger

third one over

where’s my steak

you gotta have a steak with you now i’m

not talking about when you eat i’m not

the one you stabbed with whenever you

see one of them ginger you gotta make

sure you keep yourself protected

i’m anyway let me see this tick tock

over here what’s this tick tock with the

yellow glasses dog bat what is he doing

in there hmm

i can’t see with tick-tock compilation

of angus

who’s angus i’ve had angus beef

is that that thing is my listen my eyes

are terrible now i’m not gonna lie

i like how this is less of an audit and

more of just those questions with savage

i can barely see

other glasses i’m not gonna lie savage

tries to read titles oh my god it’s

terrible remember remember we used to

have dan read people’s names i feel that

now i know what that was like yeah i

know exactly what i was like i can’t


his views are going down and then

they’re going up well one of these

videos is a lie ladies and gentlemen one

of these videos i’m gonna let you guess

which one of these videos is alive the

one that shows the videos going down or

the one that says the views are going up

which one do you think is a lie there

rob tell him just tell him about himself

uh tell ginger what he should do with

his youtube channel tell him


i think he should decide whether he’s

going to make content about beyblades or

tick-tock reaction complex it’s a

beyblade i thought the beyblade was like

a knife that your woman holds

shall we just move on from that comment

i know what that is i don’t know what i

don’t know what it’s like

i’m gonna cut you if you ever talk to

that girl again all right beyblade

can i have a good idea

great oh okay do you want to do another

one yeah sure why not what’s that

let’s put ourselves through more yeah

why not let’s do this let’s see we’re

going to go go all the way and we dive

all the way in i feel as if like there’s

a bit of a delay as if savage is still

stuck in the in virtual reality

it from from

guard manga we know slav guard

we all know it’s live guard

if you if you’ve ever been around the

vid iq live stream

the guy that’s always in the corner

sweeping up after everyone leaves the

slab guard that’s slab guard he’s always

here all the time appreciate slap coming


something there

okay look here we are again with the

shenanigans what is going on here and do

your parents know what’s going on

dude let me ask you a question slap

guard now i don’t know how old you are

maybe you’re maybe you’re out of the

house you’re probably still living with

your parents let’s just say you live

with your parents because i think that’s

what’s happening

do they make you keep the door open when

you’re on the internet because i think

that’s probably a good idea you know

sometimes when you can’t be responsible

with the internet people gotta tell you

leave the door open because they don’t

know what you’re in when your door

closed door you’re gonna be on that show

remember that show

have a seat when they come into that

house you know what i’m talking about

back in that was a good show let me tell

you that was a good show i love that



back to the cds uh i feel like when i

look at this stuff

that i should be 12

and then it would be appropriate because

when you’re older than 12 and you’re

looking at things like this i

i got i got a sneaking suspicion that

you might be on the post office wall

here soon enough you’re gonna be

america’s most wanted uh slav guard

we’re gonna keep an eye on you uh do you

mind just

uh alerting your local police and send

them this video cause i think what’s

gonna happen here is we’re going to send

this in and the fbi is going to be

knocking on you later today going

excuse me slav guard manga or whatever

your name is uh put your hands up

against the wall because we know you’ve

been to the shenanigans we saw you on

the live stream and we know that you’re

into some trouble

uh savage police is here thank you very


all right

happy new year everybody i hope you’re

having a great time today on the live

stream and

we’re here to do this for the next elise

i got a contract here for the next 12


i’ve been around for a little while

longer and then so we can sell these out

and i can buy pay off my yacht

dan what just happened


exactly i don’t know what just happened


no i need to i need to erase this for my

i need to make a i need to make a post

savage video now just like puppies and

kittens and just you know palette


imagery step away from this life you do

want one of these shirts though don’t

you that’s a pretty cool shirt right you

like that right these are you can’t i

can’t read it is this oh there’s youtube

streets are savage

i can’t read it because i’m illiterate

no that’s true

you probably like savage that’s actually

my french name it’s savage

shall we say goodbye to some people

i mean we can

can we just say goodbye to savage is



my contract says i’m here till 1.02

because y’all always go over by a minute

or two

all right we’ll do some shout outs to

say goodbye uh thank you as always for

joining us for this live stream thank

you for the 400 plus people who’ve

watched throughout this live stream

despite savage’s uh best attempts what i

will say savage is that you spiked you

spiked the comments

i mean yeah as you always do

and uh yeah we will be back tomorrow and

i think down we have emily d baker oh

that’s my favorite girl can you tell her

that i like her a lot now

she got a tv show because now television

fame yeah she was like i need to get on

our tv show can i come by tomorrow today

and i’d love to come by and say hi i

don’t know if i have a choice i don’t

know if i i’m allowed to come by and say

hi to miss emily we actually get along

real well have you seen like the videos

that emily d and i have done on the live

stream there rob have you seen how how

amazing they are i’m gonna look forward

to it tomorrow i guess if if i’m invited

on them definitely you’re offered you

are invited lovely stuff

all right let’s say some goodbyes well

wait we didn’t tease it properly

oh so do you guys like money

then you should come on to the live

stream tomorrow okay there we go that

was it that’s awesome

you like money

did you full screen there and everything

yeah uh all right savage say goodbye to

the people i’m gonna put on screen oh

sorry i got my savage candle out it

smells so good okay uh the dark plain

hey you always live the streams all

right the flaming gamer he’s on fire

someone throw some water on him

uh what else we got

travis aka savage hello yeah oh there we


donnie games hey donnie games good to

see you hope you’re having a great old

time in the 2022. scare me you already


and one more of course we probably

wouldn’t do this live stream although we

probably would without mc noobs mmc

mcnoobs max makes me want something to

eat for lunch like mcdonald’s or

something i don’t know why i make noobs


yeah do you want to say goodbye to some

people oh all right

i’ll say bye to some people you want me

to diva controls are you doing controls

i’m just looking for names that i like

like this one’s easy to pronounce like

610 fab so

another verse took me a little bit but i

got i got there eventually home of the

lazy gamer nice and clear it’s a long

name i’ll never remember it but i can

read it which is important and then how

about one more

how about anderson family mix-up goodbye

to you hashtag savage uh goodbye to uh

drugs ox

also goodbye yes i agree abba

don’t forget to buy vidiq i’ll take

advantage of the

by the way i’m the new ceo and founder

of vidiq uh yeah

how could you be the new family

we found something listen you don’t know

how that works i bought the nft

that explains everything literally

explains everything about savage’s


existing sorry uh get a free trial at

video queue my tonic yes have a great

time mode games and

bye to illusion we will see you tomorrow

it looks as if all three of us are gonna

be back tomorrow hope you enjoy it see

you then




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