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=================== text video ====================








ho ho ho ho



tis the season to bring you views and


on the first day of christmas my youtube


gave to you

four minutes of watch time you can carry

on with the christmas puns

in the comments below

welcome everybody to the vid iq tuesday

channel audit live stream with your host

we’ve definitely released rob wilson

over the next couple of hours we will be

opening our doors and welcoming you into

our lecture theater our learning hall

our classroom as we look at your

channels and share with you our

knowledge our wisdom

our experiences of youtube they’re

hopefully gonna plant some seeds of

inspiration as you grow your channel be

thumbnails channel focus

titles we’re here to support you as

always it is episode as far as i’m aware


of the year we have one more left which

we will be doing throughout the

christmas week of course i could not do

this without my

trusty reindeers who are with us today

we have rudolph vlheffy reviews reindeer

hey jeff how are you doing i’m doing

well man how are you doing i am in such

a festive mood can you see

my head is already at a very high

temperature because this hat along with

these headphones is starting to crush my

skull but i’m going to persevere through

it have you got any christmas puns for

me youtube wise

uh youtube wise no just uh family wise

you know we’re just gonna be spending

with the family have some good food and

have some laughter have a think about it

have a think about if if we could do

some christmas youtube puns i’m gonna

look at them in the chat very soon but

before i do that we have to invite on

our second wingman or third co-host i

don’t know how we describe you it is the


with the portable

text in titles

and thumbnails richter scale equipment

it is viper how are you doing vipes


we are back and we



what’s up rob what’s up happy we have

just turned up the enthusiasm levels to


make sure you join us on this weird and

wacky adventure we’ve got some hellos to

say hello to i’m just gonna bring up the

uh starred ones first so whoever wants

to say hello do so right now viper or

jeff there we go

okay so we’ve got uh doozy does it

um let’s see here we’ve got disco in the

building what’s up man how’s it going we

got og balakay

and uh

monstrous maker and then pulling

somebody out of the chat who i haven’t

seen in a while our buddy chris johnson

is back in the in the live chat yeah i

think he was absent for a few weeks

so i do one recently so welcome back to

youtube of course everybody needs a

break at some point i’m having mine next


funk thank anybody for that vacation i

should actually say actually let’s give

a huge shout out and a round of applause

jeff is officially

on vacation but he loves channel audits

so much he thought he’d drop in and

support us so thanks jeff really

appreciate that

uh i guess i’m kind of stealing you in

case dan tries to see you next week if

you’re still on vacation and you’re

gonna say no not for a second week uh

viper who are you saying hello to whoo

who we got we got a tarzan hello how are

you doing we got no name out there

what’s going on with you how you doing

mushrooms what’s up mushrooms i don’t

know how you did it but how you doing we

got vegan express eat what’s going on

how you doing and lastly but not least

we got jensen jupiter what’s up how you

doing all right you’re gonna have to say

hello to anybody gives you a big shout

out viper it has to be done i’m saying

hello to a trendy troiling slots

mid 40s gamer trialplex animated movie

trailers mr fred’s diy gary school hello

from las vegas to you and hello to

ann tosca i hope i’ve pronounced your

name somewhere near right do we have

any christmas puns in the comments i

don’t know

i can’t prepare so you all see what’s

going on right here right your boyfriend

right here we got the peppermint mocha

frappuccino on dick viper cane prepared

today let’s go now here’s a here’s a

question um when you go into uh

starbucks and they ask for your name do

you have to say viper with free wise

no because you got ordered through the

app and i already have that situated in

the app ah

okay it’s digitally recorded big brain

time right there big brain

so and that now do you still go into the

store to collect it

yes and how do people pronounce it


okay i’m just you know something good



all right so let’s explain how the next

couple of hours are gonna work if you

are brand new here uh do let us know in

the chat uh if you are a original

gangster or you’ve been here for quite a

while just make sure you you welcome all

of these new people new folks into the

live stream and here is your 60 second

60 second explainer on what we’re going

to be doing for the next couple of hours

on vid iq tuesday channel audio live


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if you haven’t already done so share

this live stream with another fellow

creator who may find it useful and

finally moderators thank you thank you

thank you for everything that you do

every single week all right let’s do


awesome to see so many new people

joining us this week welcome i’ll

explainer briefly told you what’s going

to happen for the next couple of hours

just a couple of more side notes we

continue to support team c’s

through super chat so any super chats

will go directly to that cause uh where

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face so if you do want to go check out

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make sure to do that

uh we have

a lot of submissions every single week

so i’m gonna be open and transparent

here with the 400 to 500 submissions we

get we can’t audit every single channel

every single week but

this isn’t just about one channel that

we’re looking at about travel and

another channel we’re looking at about


open up your channel on a second screen

if you can do that

and try to think about

how the strategies we’re talking about

for channel a or b or c apply to your

channel because it’s often the case that

we’re talking about thumbnail tactics

channel focus titling strategy and

consistency so do make sure to bear that

in mind


we are of course not just a channel

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thank you everybody who’s clicked on one

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all of our vid iq tools and the learning

academy there is a link in the

description if you want to take

advantage of vats

with those shameless plugs out of the

way viper and jeff shall we get down to

some channel auditing let’s get it

all right let’s do it the first channel

we are going to look at as always is the

first channel that’s submitted this week

through the forms that are in the video

description if you’re not aware of it

make sure to fill it out now because we

will be picking random channels later on

but the first channel we are looking at

is explorando

austin texas

and i’m going to take a little bit of a

verbal break here and let uh jeff and

viper uh analyze this channel so what

are your first impressions here

okay let’s see here sorry i was just

getting my screen zoomed in there so


austin texas so obviously we’ve got a

i’m assuming this is going to be a

channel in spanish which is totally fine

from there titles titles as well yep

send me your photos

so you can show up on my channel

um exploring austin number 23 number 24.

so one of the things i would probably

tell um explorando is to probably get

away from this number 23 number 24 stuff

and title it in a way that’s going to

entice me as a viewer to actually want

to click on it i mean the thumbnails are

going to need a little bit of work in

and of themselves anyway but the title’s

not doing you any favors when every

title is exploring austin number 24

exploring austin number 23. it come on


let’s let’s not let’s not be um

let’s put in a little bit more work into

that to get somebody to click um because

the common misconception is that only

your thumbnail gets a click and

click-through rate is actually a

combination of your title and your


i’m just going to search here to see if

anybody’s actually searching for

explorando austin presumably explore

austin in spanish and you’re at the top

of the search rankings

and it looks as if all of your videos

are coming up

this is not a good thing is it because

it means that nobody is searching for

this so you’re dominating a search term

which isn’t actually a search term of

any volume or volume on youtube right

yeah if you want to give it a little bit

more umph you know whatever it might be

that you’re going to be checking out if

there is something

a place that you explored you know

whether it’s on episode 23 episode 24

something that’s going to be a more

popular item within that video more

popular than the rest

then you might want to put that in the

title but give people a reason to

actually click on these videos besides

hey i’m exploring episode number 24.

i’m curious i want to click on this one

just because i can see the vid iq like

can anyone see that it’s a sharp it

looks like he has a green screen loads

of achievement but he’s won the world

cup it’s one wimbledon wow this this guy

has many achievements

but vid iq is one of them uh viper let’s

throw it over to you what have you

spotted in this channel so far

yeah i i agree with a lot of what i have

faith said i mean you’re exploring often

but did you find anything neat while

you’re exploring i mean that’s what the

people want to know like anybody can

explore often but what will they find

upon their exploration and these are the

type of things that we as creators have

to think about when we are uploading

these type of videos to youtube i’ve

told you guys before and i will say it


when you are growing a youtube channel

you have to have some type of value

proposition like el jefe said why should

somebody click on any of these videos

like what is it that is going to entice

them to actually click and watch it not

to mention like i’ll have they said you

got to do actual custom thumbnails and

stop like youtube through your thumbnail

because that’s just you are missing

opportunity to get people to click

a lot of people are not gonna click on

your video if you let youtube generate

your thumbnail because they’re gonna

feel like that might be a bot channel or

you didn’t put much effort into it so i

would definitely consider making your

own custom thumbnails and putting some

spice into them and again marrying your

titles and your thumbnails to create


perfect potential viewer experience and

roll out

let’s dig a little bit more into this

channel because i’m seeing they have 636


uh but when you look at the view counts

they look quite healthy quite

encouraging actually either around sub

count or beyond in most cases you know

800 500 1000

why might this be

if we are

i guess

criticizing the titles and the

thumbnails a little bit

well it depends on where the traffic is

coming from so that’d be something that

i would be wanting to look at so i guess

it just sort of depends on where he’s

going i mean then how’s the engagement

on this because that graph there to me

is highly

highly interesting curious isn’t it yeah

we’ve one comment as well yeah

let’s just have another look at all and

see if it has a similar

trend here because when it’s a bit a bit

too peaky if you ask me

trying to be nice i’m trying to be nice

about it

this is another one where


sorry um

so another one here with 800 views

six comments

200 likes but then some curious view

counts here as well

this might suggest that this creator is

sharing their content externally uh on a

like a facebook group or a reddit group

which isn’t necessarily a bad thing

but at the same time you know i i what i

always wonder here is that

how how well is a youtube recommendation

system coping with this external traffic

is it

does it mean that it can’t find the

right audience on the natively on the

platform so this creator’s always going

to have to share this content externally

and maybe it’s going to suppress organic

growth youtube have said that you should

just share away your content

on on any platform but i’m still not

convinced by that and this seems to be

another channel that may be supporting

this case that they may get between 500

to 1000 views

consistently from their external traffic

source but how much traffic are they

getting through browse suggested search


because we tell you guys all the time i

mean you can share it certainly as much

as you want but the best group that

you’re going to get is organic growth on

the youtube platform itself

i would definitely be expecting

far more comments for a video with this


engagement from the views and the likes

yeah and so that’s the question we’re

we’re asking there

uh we’re not one and let me stress we’re

not saying that the credit is doing

anything um underhand here any shady


they’ve maybe just decided maybe just

learned or been told that sharing their

content externally is a good idea and

again it’s not necessarily a bad idea

but we’re dipping under the surface here

and we’re finding some curious numbers

that are making us ask questions

um but that that is explorando austin

texas has he just changed his name

i’m sure it was austin uh

no interesting was it was it sorry i’m

getting confused here uh that is the

first challenge that we’ve audited it it

is it is uh my temperature my i just

took um a thermometer i’m at 42 degrees

right now so i’m kind of having a a

youtube fever in my head

as we go forward

next channel we’re going to look at here

is a gaming channel and i’m delighted uh

to take a look at koi fish gaming


this channel

comments on all of our videos and all of

our live streams and they were the first

channel to submit this week as a gaming

channel so again first impressions let’s

kick it off with viper this time what

can you see oh retro games i love the

defined purpose of the channel and the

banner as soon as you get on the channel

bam retro gaming it hit you in the face

i love it now we go down to these videos

and titles and thumbnails

ah let’s see what we got here we got a

fan select starting with sonic 2

donkey kong



i mean how many how many other stuff did

the channel have can we go back up and

look at that real quick

420 420 420 okay 428 people already quit

it quicker about


games that race the super nintendo

i like i like them the thumbnails and

some of them are they’re a little too

busy uh that fan select started with

sonic 2


i don’t know what’s going on in that

thumbnail that thumbnail was like oh i

see the live stream notes i guess that i

don’t know if they care about that much

but yeah


i don’t i

just these titles aren’t really doing it

for me to be honest with you

they don’t they don’t really tell me the

purpose of the video

i don’t know

yeah i i would agree with that there’s

not enough um

context in yeah yeah like it’s like you

snappy fingers i get it in like two

seconds and yeah research shows that

people spend no more than two or three

seconds per thumbnail per title

viper you’re still trying to decode this

25 seconds later ah probably going to

move on to the next video yeah yeah


yeah i thought with the uh

try to making it try to work on making

the title more intentional

rob had it right on the head there

there’s not enough contact for me

uh some the rest of the thumbnail

without that live stream he said it was

a generic live streaming thumbnail so

i’ll leave that one alone the rest of

them are okay

the the super mario kart thumbnail look

kind of i don’t know if that’s like a

bad picture or what just look kind of


i don’t know how to explain it but that

job you mean these ones


yeah yeah so this is america this is uh


i thought it was mario kart

oh it’s a street fighter oh hyper street

sorry okay

see i can’t damn i can’t read

that but that is i mean i might be

interested in like a street vibe street

fighter version of mario account but as

you say because the the thumbnail here

is so blurry and requires me a

magnifying glass on a blown up thumbnail

to to get context

again that instant

reaction is not there i would probably

get like a first of all a high

resolution version of this image yeah

and really blow it up so that you can

see ryu and ken and kyle in there

driving in there in their cars with

maybe the super nintendo

logo somewhere to add the context of

this is a

i guess a modded version of mario kart

yeah because the other thumbnails i like

those those are clear and defined i know

what that is but i thought that was



jeff go ahead man clearly i don’t know

how i’m doing great jeff no no it’s fine

i mean you make some excellent points

and i think those are some of the most

important surface level things that that

they could address would be the titles

and the thumbnails some of them are just

a little too busy um you know where

we’ve got like multiple characters and

stuff if you really focused it on one

like one of the better ones on here is

this donkey kong country one because

there’s a rhino there cool you’ve got

the big game logo donkey kong country

and then you got donkey kong and diddy

right on the side i think if anything if

it would have punched in a little bit

closer on donkey kong and diddy

i think it probably would have been fine

but this style is a little bit better

for me it’s a lot less busy and the

background is mostly green so that helps

avoid the confusion because some of the

backgrounds on some of these thumbnails

are like there’s too much happening and

it makes it difficult to understand

what’s happening in the thumbnail itself

um but i think yeah i mean overall just

really kind of getting that sort of

cleaned up getting high-res images when

possible you know obviously when

possible um and then titling you know i

like the fact they’re keeping it short

and to the point um i think sometimes

there’s some um there might seem might

be some additional content or maybe a

different way of wording it that would

make a little more sense so one of the

things i would really want

this channel to really focus on and

advice for anybody would be um make sure

that you have your title ready before

you turn on the camera like really work

on those titles before you turn on the


jeff jeff with the knowledge bomb there

that i’m still trying to

re and rewire the way i create videos

and you know i’m getting there with it

i’m getting there with you me both rob

because it’s very easy for me to just

make a video without having i know i

just want i just want to make the video

and then worry about a lot of stuff


but i have a video that’s popping right

now and it was a video where i prepared

everything in advance so you know point

proven i want to ask you a bit more

about this one jeff like

what is the selling point of this uh

video if you just look at the thumbnail

in the title for donkey kong

for this for just this like what would

you say is a selling point here of this

from what from the information that we

know what is a selling point

for me uh not much like i wouldn’t have

the the thumbnail got my attention the

title did not didn’t do anything for me

because it didn’t give me a reason to

click it there was no emotional hook

there’s no nothing there like hey watch

me fail at donkey kong for two hours or

whatever but give me something to click

on because just donkey kong country long

play crt4 case what what

this this sounds like a file name this

doesn’t sound like a title to a video

i’m not trying to be rude at all i’m

just being honest with you

it’s what it sounds like to me i’m just

trying to be i’m trying to be honest but

that’s what it sounds like to me i’m not

trying to roast their channel but that’s

what it sounds like to me so here’s

what’s the intriguing thing for me 4k 60

frames per second what i assume here is

that’s nothing to do

with the video i assume that this person

is playing donkey kong country a super

nintendo game but he’s 25 years old in a

4k resolution at 60 frames per second

that’s intriguing because that’s a

juxtaposition to how you’d expect to

play this game

and so what i would be thinking is

getting a screenshot of a four res a 4k

version of donkey kong and then maybe

putting in a big you know 60 60 fps plus

as a potential reason to click like i’m

playing all of these old games where the

graphics now look terrible but i’m

putting them through an emulator or

whatever and now they look absolutely

phenomenal right that’s that’s the

messaging i get but is that the truth

and if it is and that’s how i would sell

this particular video yeah i would agree

rob uh the 4k 16 probably how they’re

playing the game the only problem is

that more people won’t even see that

part of the title because it’s going to

be at the very end of a long title yeah

so i think that has to be emphasized in

the thumbnail i think that’s you would

bring that sort of um selling point to

the thumbnail

remove the rhino put 4k in there yeah

yeah maybe oh he said that we

recommended that name


is that from um

video ideas maybe

oh boy it’s possible it’s possible

yeah but what we always say daily ideas

are ideas they’re not necessarily titles

that’s true that is true yeah that’s

something you got to remember and this

is something that we definitely want to

make clear

is especially if it’s coming from dvi

which is the daily video ideas

don’t take those titles verbatim

like those

that’s an idea for you to form a video

idea out of but not to like copy and

paste and and make it exactly what it is

you still at the end of the day

are responsible for crafting a title

that’s going to get a human to click on

it yes

like we always say title for human

beings no don’t title for the robot use

your keywords use your keywords but

title it for a human being got to give

me a reason to click

i do like what they’re doing with the

channel though i mean obviously they’re

they’re focusing on retro gaming and a

lot there’s a big crowdfunder there’s a

big big audience for retro gaming so

keep doing what you’re doing man just uh

refine it a little bit

see most people in this genre just are

using the box uh art i think there’s a

potential to do more here like this i

would say this is pretty much the the

video that koi fish gaming has possibly


um but this channel has 50 000

subscribers and i made a video three

years ago so maybe that’s one of the

reasons why this video has has more pop


but yeah that is uh koi fish gaming

there and we’ve we’ve spent quite a bit

of time talking about these first two

channels but we’ve been talking about

titling thumbnails uh like the

particular um target audience so all

interesting stuff uh to kick us off and

now we’ll move on to the next channel

which i believe viper was one of your

selected picks this is clover tap

they have just

uh hit 10 000 subscribers now 1100


100. uh tell us about this channel first

off shout out to clovertac because you

are always in our comments i’m pretty

much the reason why i picked you because

i’ve seen you all the time in the

streams and things like that so shout

out to you man

let’s see clover tap production chain

fire freedom what okay first of all what

does that mean i don’t even know what

chain five what is that that’s helped me

very little my dude so i need you to

kind of elaborate on that or make it

more attentional because those three

words don’t really do much for me and my

understanding of the channel now when i

look down at the titles and thumbnails

let’s see dominar sidekick

uh silencer okay so this is the gun

channel okay

wow um

first off

you might have a hard time just because

youtube is really cracking down on this

stuff so challenge isn’t it actually

that could be a huge challenge to you i

mean i’m not saying stop doing it but

i’m thinking you might be just be

careful about how you title and

thumbnail thing because youtube will

yeah they’re really cracking down on the

gun stuff but besides all that

um okay so

this thumbnail right here uh how to uh

field strip any glock on the planet for

cleaning i love that thumbnail because

it’s so just like plain and clean and it

has a picture of the gun in your hand

and it’s just nothing it’s like a

minimalist it’s like a minimum dream

that thumbnail so i love that thumbnail

uh the one next to it with the guy in

the picture i don’t know who that guy is

oh that’s olive oil nevermind i like

both wood i look baldwin he looks like a

some type of 3d version about falling i

don’t know what uh i don’t know if you

need him in the picture personally i


well i think that’s definitely that was

definitely following the the trending

news story surrounding him very recently

and yeah

in terms of following a trend in a new

story that was pretty effective for the

channel it looks like because it’s still

live it was done in an appropriate way

okay don’t listen to me then all right

oh let me keep going here let’s see five

keep ideas

okay that thumbnail a tad bit busy

um i would try to

make that more minimum like the the gun

one that i pointed out earlier

uh but other than that i think uh

i like how your titles are pretty

intentional i mean i read your titles

and i know exactly what to expect when i

click on your video so i like that even

though they are on a little bit on the

longer side

so i don’t know i don’t but i don’t know

the way you’re doing these titles i

don’t know if there’s a way for you to

shorten them up but if there is a way i

would consider it but i do love the

intentionality of the title so

some of them can be shortened because

there’s some of the older ones are

double titles so we can definitely do

away with that


but you know some of them even like the

one you had pointed out on the how to

field strip

um that one could have just been how to

field strip any glock


we don’t need any anything else you can

put the rest of it in the video and the

rest of it in the description and the

tags if you want but i mean just the

simpler the better like when they do

like my top five favorite 22

rifles that’s really all it needs to be

completely honest

i’m just sort of by most popular here

and it looks as if uh handguns uh seem

to be

quite popular

in terms of their content uh i get well

i guess what i’m interested in here is

just given how youtube is evolving as a


i’m wondering if this

channel uh is

has struggled maybe with you know if

policies change like you know the

channel was doing pretty well in august

and then it seems to have been a almost

as if you know youtube’s policies

changed and now i mean we don’t

obviously we don’t know that the full um

details of a channel are they having

issues with ad limited ads ad

restrictions um

restricted contents those are all things

that this channel is going to be i guess


fighting against uh with their content

but generally speaking it looks as if

the the channel has good foundations

good thumbnails titles maybe need a

little bit of tweaking thumbnails need a

little bit of simplifying but we’re

we’re generally encouraged here aren’t

we by what we can see yeah and then i

had a question come up in the in the

chat too and somebody asked what are

double titles from what i mentioned it

earlier okay and that’s that’s basically

when uh when you write a title and then

you put a dash or like a hard line and

then you write a secondary title like

you see you’re here roughrider revolver

or rancher carbine slash now use

something else

that’s a double title and this is what

you want to avoid you want your title to

just be your title and keep it short and

sweet straight to the point if you can

keep it under 50 characters perfect but

there’s no need for double titles if you

need a second title you need to really

rethink your entire title

interesting stuff there so that is a

clover tack are you using the community

tab let’s just have a quick look you are

you’re using a very regular basis so

that is encouraging

well well done sir yeah

all right then

so folks um

you might consider what we’re doing here

is a group conversation

about channels and we’re spending you

know five to ten minutes doing this and

it’s a very passive conversation because

you know clover can’t speak to us

directly never can coy fish gaming

explorando austin texas but imagine just

imagine for one second that you had the

opportunity to not only speak to all of

these fellow creators

and have uh either jeff or travis or

alexi our auditor extraordinaires

guiding you through that process that we

may have just the thing for you did i

give up the big sell jeff tell us a

little bit more about

group coaching oh man nailed it all

right so this is a brand new thing that

we are running so we are setting up the

very first class for this this is going

to be the three of us coaches is gonna

be myself it’s gonna be uh our friend

travis and also the other fellow coach


uh oh

all right we got it okay

so basically that was somebody ringing

up saying get me in get me right that’s

what it was the the phones are ringing

already so uh it’s basically introducing

group coaching so essentially what it’s

going to be it’s going to be two one

hour group coaching classes where you

can do it’s essentially a live q a so

you can ask your questions directly and

the three of us will be answering those

questions for you

right now it’s going to be at 99 bucks

that’s not going to be the price forever

so this is the introductory price is

obviously going to go up so this is

going to be an interesting conversation

on top of this group coaching we’re

going to have there’s also going to be

some other perks

involved so you get the two times one

hour group sessions q a sessions with

three youtube growth experts there’s

also going to be access to the private

vip discord server so that’s going to be

specific to the group coaching class so

and that’s going to be pretty it’s going

to be an awesome setup for everybody

you’re not just going to get coached by

one person it’s going to be three it

isn’t going to be one-on-one just to

make it very clear but you do get to ask

your questions and we will be answering

them directly so this is going to be a

pretty awesome uh program hopefully

we’ll get some good people joining in

but um i’m excited for it i’m like i’m

pumped i know travis is pumped so is

alexi um we’re we’re you know ready to

go so uh hopefully hopefully we get some

of you guys in here and you can join us

for this yeah yeah when i polled people

uh in this live stream we asked a

thousand people would you join a youtube

coaching group and 73

said yes

uh so

of course this uh does have a price to

it but as we as we learn how we’re going

to do it and how um how we want to do it

in the future i’m just trying to get

everything back on screen there come on

which button do i need to press that one

that one that one uh

i’ve made a complete mess of this there

we go um

as we as we get this working correctly

for you that’s why we’re offering this

limited price of 99 it is going to raise

in the future so if you do want to take

advantage of it make sure to do that uh

in the next

coming couple of days uh maybe if you do

get some money for christmas maybe this

this is the thing that you want to

invest in i did have one question i saw

in the chat um is there going to be

what is the limit per group um if we

have one jeff like is it gonna be 10

people per group or 15 or have we not

yet established that so far we have not

established a limit on it yet

all right all right so

uh how long is the introductory fight

going on

uh they have not said that yet but as

far as i know it’s going to be probably

for this first class and then most

likely going to go up

i would say

maybe january i would say i can’t say


but because i’m not in charge of that

portion of it so

but yeah i would say do it sooner rather

than later if you want to get it at this


there is a link in the video description

if you want to find out more information

and take advantage of the offer we will

leave this uh as a little promotion in

the bottom left hand corner but the best

news is uh if you do subscribe then uh

you may get your name appearing over

that advert so if you don’t want to see

that advert subscribe to the channel but

if you do want to take advantage of this

offer make sure to check out the

description and we will continue to talk

about channels which is what would

happen in the group discussions star

wars now jeff was this the one that you


i did

you did all right tell us why what we’re

looking at

no particular reason i just felt you

know i felt the force i felt the pull

of the force here and i said you know

what i think we should talk about this

channel so the first thing

um we’re going to talk about is viper

what do you think of this banner

i know what they’re trying to do

but the color scheme is off

yeah now normally

i would have a problem with the banner

not being married encrypted but it’s not

star work now that’s pretty much all we

need i just need better color scheme

yeah yeah i agree even if they just use

the the even using the star wars font

or the black background with the yellow

like you know like the scroll whatever

it might be but just give me something

that like yell star wars at me i think

would be um something good and also give

me what what is it you know what is it

that they’re doing right what’s the

value proposition are you breaking down

the movies are you breaking down the

disney plush shows um are we talking

about star wars video games um you know

what is it that we’re

we’re talking about that value

proposition i think would be

um super super useful


and then following down below this we

start actually getting into the videos

themselves um and i’m sort of starting

to wonder like what is it exactly


you know what exactly we’re doing

because i’m seeing what is star wars


bully maguire and revenge of the sith

it seems maybe like they’re mixing a

little dank memeness with star wars

because i’m seeing a rick roll right



so i’m sort of struggling to see kind of

exactly what the focus is maybe they

just haven’t found that yet but um

we definitely have a little bit of of

focusing to do it can’t just be

my focus is star wars ah fam you gotta

go a little bit deeper than that

i’m definitely seeing um

the green shoots of something here like

they are trying to cover stuff that’s

been talked about in the star wars

universe now like i saw that star wars

eclipse trailer did anyone else see it

all right i thought it was absolutely

appalling if i’m honest like if it was

trying to show off a video game give me

some game footage

and it just seemed like a collection of

cutscenes bunched together in a montage

uh and i thought it was terrible anyway

that’s my that’s my personal opinion uh

they’re covering new stories they’re

trying to do this trick of highlighting

something in a thumbnail like this red

circle no the problem is they just

haven’t got the execution right no yeah

because you know maybe this needs to be

zoomed in or an arrow pointing at it or

the thumbnails themselves need to be

less busy

and it’s just this general feeling of

like i know i need to uh maybe add some

texture thumbnail but i’m not quite sure

how to do it in an impactful way and i

think as you say jeff this channel is

just at the very beginning stages of

trying to work out how to best pitch

their content to i think the audience

that they know they their

their target audience is super hardcore

star wars fans who want to know the

latest information

before i can get anywhere else on the

internet yeah and i think that’s

something where it might be a bit

advanced for

for them at this point but

i would start looking at some successful

channels that are doing this type of

content whether it’s emergency awesome

or whoever you might be looking at

because it really starts with topic it

really starts with what’s the latest and

hottest thing in star wars so you start

really starting at the topic but also

following some of these other channels

that are very successful can also give

you ideas about what kind of thumbnail

style gets people to actually click what

kind of what kind of thumbnails do star

wars fans actually click on

and what kind of titling actually gets

their attention yeah i you know i don’t

you i don’t get to do with all them but

rob can you do me a favor and pull up

the viper channel

yes sir

how many wise is that again

you know just one two three it’s just

three okay


so i just did a thumbnail

that is a amazing execution if i do

something to myself on how to highlight

something if you want to highlight

something in the thumbnail okay

i mean rob thought right away if you go

to the public enemy thumbnail i have a

picture of an air tag and an arrow

pointing right to the air attack and

it’s big cause lfa taught me when you

have a product or something in the

thumbnail it has to be big obviously

because again most people are watching

youtube on a mobile device so if your

thumbnail need to go big but

that is how you properly highlight

something with an arrow like but people

need to be able to see what you’re

highlighting otherwise there’s no point

in highlighting it so just be able i’m

not saying it’s a perfect thumbnail but

if you’re going to highlight something

in the thumbnail that’s a good way to go

about doing it

fundamentals um

so there’s a contrast between foreground

and background because you are blurred

in the background

the the arrow is nice big and chunky and

it has this glow effect so again that

contrasts a little bit more

uh and then you have the intrigue of

this public enemy in like the perfect

font so that’s also create an entry so

and and it’s simple you know it’s pretty

much three or four elements there my i

can track this thumbnail uh very quickly

so i’m freed what does the title say

apple air tags are not your enemy all

right so there’s more intrigue there so

i i think i think that’s a a very good

job of a thumbnail there viper so i’d

like to point it out as a demonstration

for this channel as to how they may want


emphasize certain aspects of

their thumbnail a little bit more than

just a red circle yep

so that is star wars now approaching 50


okay my uh pre-selected channel is a pet

channel yay tech connection

maybe we’d look to this channel in the

last six months um but let me ask you

this question what is this channel about

so why is it called pet connection


i’m thinking of target audience here

because we’re not talking about pet

lovers we’re talking about

gerbil owners or fans of gerbils well


where they are setting themselves up to

broaden their content at some point in

the future yeah

that that is possible i would argue with

that but but oliver thumbnails seems to

suggest that this is a gerbil centric


for now

because i i i think like once it’s once

you decide you’re a gerbil channel

think of the um amazing channel names

that you could come up with

in terms of gerbils i can’t think of any

right now exactly but no

i’ll think of some while uh jeff and

viper are commenting on the channel in


yeah no we we’ve definitely done this

channel before um this is something

where i think that’s what was happening

i think

yeah and they’re in the chat as well it

says i plan to expand later so i think

that’s what they’re doing they’re sort

of laying the groundwork to expand to

other types of animals i’m assuming

um but that’s definitely something where

right now they are doing

gerbil related content and

um obviously they’re gonna have to bring

in a different animal at some point

but that’s always gonna be at the risk

of alienating the audience that you’re

building the the gerbil owners or sorry

you know the gerbil uh enthusiasts you

might alienate them by bringing in

something that’s too different like you

said when you start talking about snakes

or something the gerbilites yeah

so i don’t know but they are getting

amazing view for their channel thoughts

oh for sure

yeah yeah you are right there and

looking at 325 subscribers view counts

usually in excess

um i guess what i would say is uh

there’s not enough content here that um

i would say as a pet owner i’m probably

wanting to see a video two or three

times a week and sometimes we just get

short which is a minute or less

it feels as if this channel is exactly

where they are right now because they

don’t currently have the time or the

opportunity or the resources to create

more content

it’s possible yeah but i like what i’m

seeing so far ranking i like that they

did a tier list raking the 14 gerbil

bettings and stuff so

i mean good move christmas presents for

gerbils like you know stuff like that is

is very timely um

amazon top seven spark play it’s very

good especially if you’re doing any sort

of affiliate marketing so it’s always a

good move to do listicles around the


but yeah i think that’s the only thing i

would be um

if they plan on expanding at a certain

point um

definitely make sure you try to keep it

as closely related to the gerbil family

as possible to not super alien like if

there’s i’m not familiar so you have to

excuse my ignorance but if there’s

another animal that is very closely

related to a gerbil um maybe there’s a

way we can expand into that and that way

you’re not

whiplashing your audience

i would be curious to know if that

channel is

using playlists

because if they’re not they are missing

an opportunity in my opinion

okay i’m just doing a quick search to

see what’s going on in the the world of

gerbils erin’s ark seems to be the

channel leader

in this space

um so i might be tempted given how old

some of these videos are almost like

saying let’s have a look at this video

uh how to tame a general you know what

i’m going to do this but i’m going to do

it in two and a half minutes i’m going

to do an updated version of it because

maybe you may get a bit of traction by

um almost

slinging your hook onto the back of this

i mean

would we tell how many views this

channel video is getting let’s take a

quick look

is our tool gonna tell us let’s find out


i’m guessing this may have some

evergreen potential on it oh yeah it

looks as if it’s elizabeth it’s got

evergreen potential so it’s you know

slowly getting views maybe 100 to 200 a

day and i know that the um

the original channel has already done

some evergreen style content if we go

back here i can see these first couple

of videos those feel as if they’ve got

evergreen potential and they’re getting

views now

now what what what can you do

to maybe improve upon existing videos in

your um video topic

rob can we uh check where we can see

they’re utilizing playlists

oh sorry viper yeah i went off in a bit

of a tangent there

oh yeah okay cool a couple not too many

you um as you as you uh get more and

more comfortable with the content that

you’re doing on this channel you might

want to utilize playlist more

especially if you’re going to hang

around the gerbil content for a while


what happens is that once you create

playlists and put videos together you

create a binge session i think that’s

what youtube calls it

and that is how more people that’s how

you get more watch time and get more

potential subscribers

and then just my final question in terms

of the thumbnails i think the creator

already has very good thumbnails but is

there a particular style or theme


you can see there’s quite a difference

between your thumbnail and the thumbnail

from this erin’s arc where

maybe the colors are a bit softer and

it’s kind of more more of a cutesy look

to the thumbnails and also the owner is

in the thumbnails as well i’m wondering

if that’s worth that’s something worth

testing as well in your content because

it’s like you’re already you’re already

a very high standard with your

thumbnails but it’s a way we can improve

on him even more

so that is uh pet connection

international uh let’s move on to the

next channel

uh it is from our twitter competition uh

we have multiple ways to get channels

selected and this week we had just a

deadpan face of me staring at a camera

with a caption that we wanted and the

caption that we thought was the best was

from fraudmeister rl and it was a point

of view when your teacher asks you to


your teacher when you asked to explain

the topic again this is actually

something that happened to me frequently

when i was a teacher i just

wasn’t able to educate people and uh i

would try and tell them a concept they

would look at me and ask me to explain

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa okay i’m

new here though maybe i wasn’t aware but

you were a teacher uh in a previous life

i was an english for speakers of other

languages teacher yes that was more than

10 years ago wow so yeah

there’s a bit of insider knowledge for

you oh yeah um

i have that face often uh and maybe i’m

gonna have that face again as we look at


at fraud fraudmeister in real life

uh it looks like it’s a rocket league


just from the channel banner

and yeah we’ll get first impressions i

think from viper this time what are we


for this channel

all right there is absolutely nothing

happening much in the banner except for

a bunch of little cars but again that

doesn’t tell me anything tonight go look

at the videos on the thumbnails and what

the viper see

looks like a bunch of car games maybe

i’ll see you

on fireball madness greatest

bad words of all time

rocket league okay teamwork makes a

dream work


um so because i’m viper and i have a

history of video games i can tell from

my own like history of what you’re

trying to do

but being an average viewer i have no

idea what the hell i’m looking at so

that’s problem number one

uh you your title needs to be more

attention before what is it that what

okay here we go again when you make a

title on a video you all

there has to be some type of value

proposition like why should a potential

viewer watch your video and i’m looking

at these titles and you’re you’re you’re

you’re quoting the name of the game and

things like that but the average viewer

doesn’t know rocket league they don’t

know what that is so why should they

click on it and then you’re using

numbers again and they’ll have faith

mentioned earlier about how using

numbers not the best way to go because

it kind of it kind of it kind of

uh it pushes away potential viewers

because if you got a number 19 they

might feel like they have to watch the

first 18 and it just doesn’t work so

avoid using part numbers and things like

that in your titles if you can

um but yeah i i need more intentional

titles on these on these videos i just

i don’t know what i’m supposed to get

out of them i

it may also look like uh the channel has

decided to start switching games like

they’re getting maybe a little

frustrated with their progress in rocket

league and now they’re

jumping onto bed wars which is a

minecraft mod as far as i’m aware and

i’m sure dan would explain that


um connection between a open world

construction game and

a fast place racing


game how much of a crossover is there

and of course

looking at the channel

they haven’t published anything in the

last three months



not a good look either so let’s get back

onto youtube i think uh with a decision

about which game are you going to cover

uh how are you going to make the titles

more intriguing more clickable

i think just a basic question of


is fraudmeister rl going to differ from

rocket league channel 779 who’s also

doing very similar things

i look at this channel and i see

this type of channel many times before

so what’s going to be the differentiator


also unless you have a channel name that

clearly defines the purpose of your

content you really want to give some

type of value proposition in the banner

like i said look at your banner

and know what’s going on and when i look

at the banner

i i mean

no i don’t i don’t really know i i don’t



we wish you in advance uh fraud nicer uh

all the best of luck as you return to

your youtube channel

discord is a place


you can have a conversation with a vid

iq community at large we have thousands

of members and we have many different


and the thing that we stress is not just

to plug your own content but to help

others and provide value

such as thumbnail advice we have a

entire channel where people will put

their thumbnails there and say is this a

good one is this a bad one should i

choose from that a from now b and we

have lots of support in that area and

every single week

uh through a discord community we

randomly select well no we don’t

randomly select we pick somebody who is

a valuable contributor to the discord

community uh to get a channel audit so

if you do wanna get into the discord

vidiq community there is a link in the

description make sure to check it out

and the channel we have picked this week

is another gaming channel i wish dan was

here right now it is feel the craft they

have 80 subscribers uh there’s a bit

more of a

value proposition here in a sense viper

that we know it’s about minecraft


schedule and about page okay

i probably wouldn’t bother putting that

there i would yeah give a value


um because

my question is

how many people have ever said yeah all

right let’s go to the about section

together yeah why really schedule which

isn’t there anyway


so just just a little channel banner

update maybe at some point just like i

don’t have a favorite just look at it

i love it i love it

oh god this is great

who wants to go first this time go on go

on jeff i’ll let you loose on this one

to begin with

jeff we can’t hear you yeah yeah i think

you muted you’re muted sorry i was muted

yeah no i agree it’s like um

i agree with the uh the channel banner

for sure you know it’s yeah field to

craft all right cool subscribe okay cool

but you got to give me a reason to right

value proposition first and foremost

um that’s going to be the most important

thing now what game are we playing here

i have no idea

so yeah so so we’re doing so we’re doing

minecraft obviously and we’re doing a

specific type of update if it’s bedrock

bedrock hardcore so definitely lean into

that as much as you can


it looks like there’s many different

variants of minecraft here there’s

bedrock there’s hardcore the survival

time lapse

uh i think dan would probably suggest

like picking one of these lanes within

minecraft because it’s such a huge area

i mean youtube have just posted i think

uh some information about

minecraft that there’s now been is it

like a trillion views have been recorded

now on minecraft so there’s so much

volume of not only content and views

that especially as a smaller channel you

want to try and differentiate yourself

as one particular creator for a very

particular type of minecraft player yeah

how to you know there’s there’s guys

doing straight up how-to content like

he’s got a how to quit craft and you

know minecraft or whatever so stuff like

that can do really really well it’s

evergreen essentially especially if

it doesn’t change a lot like the actual

building process or farming process from

update to update i’ve seen some channels

have massive views small channels with

huge view numbers on these how-to videos

whether it’s how to build a house or how

to do whatever i don’t play this game so

i can’t say but you know they’ve got a

lot of that how-to type of content that

works well for them um so really depends

on which way you want to go but i would

try to avoid

trying to do everything on your channel

i’m not saying don’t do everything in

your personal life on this game

um but what you record and put on your

channel try to focus that yeah try to

focus that where you can

now viper i am feeling a couple of


i am too

yeah i think i’ve just broken my camera

doing that now tell us um

what we’re

talking about here

i don’t know we’re not on the same page

right now but that’s okay um



minecraft thumbnails they’re they’re a

whole different breed because minecraft

added core

doesn’t really give way to like

resolution and looking looking like

something that you can actually look at

though they’re hard but minecraft

thumbnails are hard but there’s way too

much text and not only that

the text is like teeny tiny i can’t dude

we are on a desktop right now and i

can’t read a lot of these texts i’m not

going to read some of it but on the top

rope thumbnails there’s some text like

in the top right corner i can’t read

that and i’m on we’re on a desktop i

can’t read it like what is that you have

to you have to be understand okay i talk

about this all the time on these live

streams but i’m gonna talk about it


did you know you all

that 80 of people who consume youtube

content are doing it from a mobile


so something the size of this iphone

so 80 of people who are watching youtube

are doing it from something like that

can they look at your thumbnail and

discern what’s going on on this

you need to think about that think about

it because if they can’t they’re going

to scroll right past your video so give

yourself a chance y’all give yourself a

chance make your thumbnail big

so people on mobile devices can can

readily see with a quick glance what’s

going on in your thumbnail

now credit to the creator i think at

least in this top row of thumbnails

viper where they may be trying something

a little different where they’ve almost

gone from one extreme here to text all

over the place to now almost no text

apart from

personally speaking very useless text

about telling you of an episode number

i feel as if this this kind of felt like

the happy medium


big object on the left-hand side maybe

that’s how you build it over materials

required uh to feed that animal

there’s some intrigue there i will

probably need more context in the title


feels very much like a file name you

know this is a game i’m playing it

episode one

not much excitement there

and i think that that feeling is in


last four videos as well in that you

started this series with some episode

numbers but now you’ve started another

series with some different episode

numbers so

am i when’s when’s this when’s there

going to be more about bedrock hardcore

or is this the same as bedrock hardcore

but it’s a different series um the

episode numbers are confusing me i don’t

know if i should carry on watching we

will always try and preach that each


should be able to stand on its own two

feet and be

pitchable to a brand new viewer of your

content if you want to include episode

numbers and how the series is developing

once the people are into the video

absolutely fine but don’t

give the viewer more work to do in a

thumbnail in that they have to decide

whether or not they want to watch

episode six or seven and then go back to

episode one earlier on yeah just like

general advice on episode numbers yeah

it’s prevalent in gaming

yeah call to action can work in your

favor when you want to do this like i

would remove the episode numbers and in

the video now this is moving forward but

let’s say this was like part three that

you’re doing at the end of part three

you could say hey and if you guys want

to see how i got to this point check out

the other two videos that i’m gonna

leave for you on the screen and you can

just leave the videos right there

that’ll send them to the other videos

but they don’t feel forced to have to

look at part one and part two so that

they can watch part three

all right then can we have a collective

drum roll please

we have

a brand new

awesome guest joining us

and they go by the name of travis

welcome hey i’m here shortly just a

little bit hey

how are you doing

i’m doing all right i’m hanging in there

i suppose

awesome nice to see you sir awesome to

see you and i think you’ve joined for a

very oh hang on

right there we go uh you’ve joined for a

very special reason yes

tell us a little bit more we kind of

hinted at it earlier on yeah yeah so

we’re launching something new and cool

in january where uh we’ll be doing some

uh group coaching which means

kind of like this we’ll have a live

stream except for it’s not going to be

you trying to fight with 300 or 600 or

700 other people to to be talked to

directly it’ll be a much smaller kind of

more intimate thing

um and we’ll have like a private discord

just for those people as well but mainly

you’re going to be hearing about things

that we don’t actually get to talk about

on our regular channel some of the

cooler tips on how to grow your channel

then also be looking specifically at

your channels now here of course on the

tuesday live streams we we have to go

through as many as we can so we kind of

quickly you know talk about thumbnail

and stuff but we’re going to talk beyond


uh in the new group coaching where we’re

going to talk about actual strategies

and we’re actually going to talk about


the reason why certain things work when

we look at case studies we’re going to

do some really fun things really looking

forward to it but you got to sign up now

because we’re only going to have space

for a certain amount of people uh

because we don’t want it to be too big

we don’t want 300 people in chat and we

just have another one of these we want

we want it to be one of the things we

see in the chat all the time is

i wish they could talk about my channel

i wish i could talk about my thing well

in something like this there’s going to

be just enough people that will be able

to talk to a lot of people more

specifically uh between them we’ll have

uh two one hour calls a month

uh you also have a recording after the

fact so if you miss them it doesn’t

matter you got your recording plus you

better ask questions uh submit them for

our live stream so

if you’re looking to start the new year

off by kicking youtube’s butt and uh

giving yourself more youtube subscribers

and views this is your opportunity so go

ahead and hit that buy travis yeah what

is what is the cap for like one class

like how many people can be in one class

i don’t know if i probably it’s i’m

trying to sell this thing

what’s wrong with you man we’re not

putting limits on it quite yet it’s it’s

a little bit more than what we have

right now but a little bit less than

what we have in the live stream right

now it’s it put it this way it’s not

going to be to the point where there’s

so many people that you can’t get your

question answered that’s and we’ll have

to figure out exactly what that you know

what that ends up being um the first

month is kind of an experiment we’re

gonna have two one-hour calls and we’ll

figure it out i mean it could be 30 40

people uh could be 20 people i don’t

know we’ll see but um we’re keeping it

so that it’s not so big

that you feel like your question is

never getting answered with this your

question will get answered yeah i think

and and

just when you have um like-minded people

who you know you’re creating in solid in

as an individual

often and sometimes it’s just awesome to

get together like sometimes when we we

randomly get together in meetings and

we’re supposed to be talking about a

certain thing we’ll just go off on

tangents and get really interesting

conversations out of them don’t we and

that’s kind of what we’re encouraging

here it’s like creators who work in

isolation many different topics

completely different audiences but they

all share that common goal of building

communities and there are many shared

tips tactics strategies or war stories

sometimes to share about different parts

of youtube i need you i need to step in

here real quick rob so this comment here

100 a month holy now you’re probably

thinking that 100 a month is a lot and

in some instance it is but if you sign

up for the group coaching and you learn

how youtube works and the answer

intricacies and learn how to grow your

channel you will make that money back

three four five six seven times bro

easily and the other thing is

viper knows about this just stop going

to starbucks every day

all you gotta do is literally not go to

starbucks every single day and you’ve

paid for it so yeah i mean it’s this by

the way this price is not going to stay

this way it will go up so

if you’re getting your little christmas

gear stuffed together put it on your

christmas list uh it’s an incredible

deal we’re going to make sure you feel

all the value really excited about it so

um yeah that’s it you can sign up links

in the description i believe right in

that right rob yep uh link’s in the

description yeah and i’m gonna put on a

uh ticker tape as well are you able to

stick around for a while travis i gotta

run i just have i have someone coming in

the house right now it’s actually my

vacation but i want to come by and let

everyone know about this um i’m excited

to hopefully see some of you guys and

gals uh in group coaching in january all

right well we wish you the best of luck

travis happy holidays happy holidays

everybody peace out


friday all right

that’s commitment um jeff uh travis

comes on for three minutes

and you’re here for the full two hours

that’s right so we i i personally salute

you for your efforts who is anybody not

on vacationing week are we all over the

case what’s going on here i’m not vacant

but i’m yeah i’m i’m on the clock but

but i didn’t want to address something

about the about that pricing so anybody

who would say yeah that’s expensive

i i challenge you

to look up group coaching for youtube

from anywhere else

i challenge you to look up what coaching

costs one-on-one

and take a look at those prices and then

come back and tell me that

because it’s priced aggressively for a

reason but there are

and not throwing shade or anything but

usually when you look at youtube

coaching it could be anywhere from three

thousand dollars for one hour five

thousand dollars for one hour up to as

much as ten thousand dollars for one

hour so

when what we’re talking about i just

want to give you some context because if

you think that’s expensive is because

you probably have not shopped around for

what this kind of stuff actually costs


just i just would say go ahead and take

a look around see what it looks like and

then kind of make your decision based on


all right then if you are unable to do

group coaching then we continue to

welcome you in this live stream where

we’re going to audit some more channels

with jeff’s favorite part of the show



all right so folks what happens now is

that we go completely random uh you’ve

submitted your channels

260 non-gaming channels and 236 gaming

channels so i just adjust the claw

to make sure that we cover every single

channel that’s in there and we’re going

to pick a number and the number is

244 i take that number i put it in our

google form

which gives me the channel url and we

take a look at this channel called

tutorials mag

i’m a little bit hesitant here because i

think we audited this channel last week

and by look of a draw

they’ve got oh no hang on hang on did we

audit this channel or did i order this


on heather’s think media


i was here last weekend we didn’t do

this channel all right well it’s the

tech channel so i can just uh take a

quick break jeff

if i put over to you

i could just take a quick break i’m out

of here sir um one of the first things i

would say for um

for tutorials mag

first things first uh as as

crisp and clean as your banner looks um

value proposition

so if it’s tech tutorials tips and

tricks for non-techie folks let’s find a

way of simplifying that down to um i

simplify technology something but just

hit me with three words we don’t need

tutorials mag logo all this stuff in the

middle it’s already right here there’s

no reason to have that there hit us with

the value proposition um right up front

would it get cut off in mobile as well

i’m thinking those might be our cut-off

lines oh yeah yeah this is why it’s

better off to just have the value

proposition smack in the middle and

don’t worry about what’s on the sides

yep thumbnails let’s see what we’ve got


what’s the channel size actually just

under 100 subscribers

wow this is encouraging numbers are they

yeah these are well these are advanced

uh advanced thumbnails for a channel of

the size numbers are looking quite good

hopefully the engagement

is on par

but what i like is that this is an

evergreen play how to use background

sounds how to use google assistant how

to locate an offline so they are doing a

they’re playing the long game which i


now as i mouse over the videos

themselves obviously we don’t often have

time to look at the videos themselves


you know there have been many

tech education channels in the past

what i think this channel differentiate

how they differentiate themselves is

looks as if they’re a faceless channel

but just look how clean

and they almost look like adverts for

for the products and tools that they’re

talking about my guess is there’s

probably some vulneration or it may just


um music

with the text is this going to work okay

kind is kind of working

but i think from a

viewer’s point of view seeing these nice

clean clean images it’s probably what’s

going to be their unique uh value

proposition you got to put it like 360p

and maybe it’ll yeah it’s it’s he that

happens i’ll try that i’ll try that and

then it just does not make it just put a

144p yeah give it a try let’s see what

happens completely ruin the quality of

the video

that’s the hamster man

it is it is it’s frustrating

we got to retire that hamster

oh shall i get a replacement gerbil

yeah pet connection can you tell me what

um i need to get to power up

uh this this

you know very faster anyway so yeah i

guess we’re just gonna have to go with

the little thumbnail previews but this

looks nice clean very very very good

yeah very promising content yeah

i mean

what do you think maybe they could do

around this time of year uh jeff

in terms of tutorials

i mean if anything because they’ve done

um what it looks like some of their

stuff was how to customize uh their

icons or customize their

their android you know for halloween

maybe if they could do something like

that around christmas or new year’s um

things of that nature or if there’s

anything that’s time sensitive for new

year’s around um

updates that might be something to think

about uh maybe even hey start your new

year’s fresh with a fresh phone you know

like a nice wipe and start fresh and

uh because that’s usually what i

actually actually do myself is i’ll kind

of do a factory reset on a phone around

new year’s to kind of start things off


always back up your stuff first


but um but things of that nature might

be the way to go

so let me ask you this then what do you

think the target audience of this um

channel is

honestly i don’t

i don’t know if they actually have one i

mean it’s

it seems like the target audience would

be non-tech um savvy people and showing

them exactly how to do stuff like track

a phone and um how to use google

assistant so it seems like they’re just

targeting it’s almost like they want to

become a library for general users like

if somebody types in a question on

google his video should appear so like a

utility channel which is totally fine

like that’s yeah yeah

they’re their target audience pretty

clear to me their target audience and

the iphone user is it because they’re

doing they’re doing customized oh you

know what you might be right i was

thinking all right ios 5 15 yet yeah

i was thinking they were doing android

as well but now

you know everything is highway 15 for

what i’m looking at so why so why do you

think you were a little fooled there um

is it because

some of the uh outlines of the phones

look more um android than i thought yeah

because we don’t see the notch now it’s

more because i’m not used to um

customization on ios right that’s i’m

not used to it i’m not saying it doesn’t

exist i’m just not used to it so yeah i

the reason i’m asking this question

specifically is because who is the ideal

viewing candidate for this child and i

was thinking of two different ways of

answering this is it like you were kind

of maybe thinking about jeff like a

somebody who um

isn’t very tech savvy but they want to

know how to do new things on their phone

or is it somebody who’s already tech

savvy and wants to know those intricate

little menu settings and things that can

really change the the operation of a

phone or is it a brand new

ios phone owner because i think that

could really


really impact how they create their

content because what i was thinking at

the start yeah i was thinking like maybe

if somebody’s being gifted an iphone

like a

you know

like or a hand-me-down you know like the

the the son of a daughter has given

their iphone 11 to their mum or dad and

they’ve never used one before it’s like

okay well that’s completely different

type of tutorial yeah i’m thinking with

like without icloud or like

relaxing background sounds it feels as

if somebody already owns an iphone and


has had one for maybe two or three years

but never wanted to

i guess increasing efficiency increase

the productivity customize it a little

bit more so they’re already a little bit

tech savvy and i want to know those

quick three four minute solutions

because you know i was thinking new

year’s maybe you do like these 10

15-minute complete guides on how to use

all of the settings in ios or like how

to use uh the camera app

you know there’s these different

questions that are being asked in my

head for a channel that’s already

starting to be really successful with

the content that they’re doing yeah

they’ve got some focus on whether they

stumbled on it or if they planned it

that way we don’t know but um i think

further focusing in for sure could help

and they’re pretty niched in as it is


but i think you’re right i think if they

really uh found which lane they want to

do or they could have it as separate

lanes within the same channel but have a

series specifically for hey you just got

an iphone here’s the first video you

need to see here’s the first five things

you need to do because there was

channels on the android side viper

remembers this they used to blow up with

um how to unlock beast mode on your

galaxy s6

how to unlock beast mode on your galaxy

s7 it was literally the same tips for

every single video but it was just you

know going to developer settings turn

off animations and like all this stuff

that would like make your phone feel

faster but basically it’s like hey

here’s the top five things you need to

do as a brand new iphone owner because

ios is gonna be the same regardless of

which iphone you’re gonna get your ios

is gonna be the same unless they’re just

not updated so but even showing people

how to update stuff so

you give me flashbacks here uh

oh no hey viper get ready you’re gonna

see rob’s old channel yeah maybe i’m

sure i remember like i made a video

about like what can you plug here we go

yeah uh you can plug usb devices into

your uh galaxy s8 and it got nearly

nearly a million views on something is

where’s the favorite rob yeah look at me

there blimey

terrible green screening the beard isn’t

there the green is all filling me out


so it’s a previous life for previous


i know we’re lingering on this channel a

little bit but there’s some really

interesting things going on here look at

how to begin with

their channel focus was a little bit all

over the place gaming pc builds

then how to create a free windows 10

bootable usb

then something about how to use airpods

on windows 10

android device iphone device android

device air pods

then their pivot is strictly now onto

ios it looks like ios tutorials and now

the view counts are

fairly consistent you know

hundreds sometimes

thousands it’s just

a little trouble converting converting

subs but that’s right that’s gonna be

the way it is on evergreen content for

sure you’re gonna definitely get more

views and watch time than you will


but um

you know it just is what it is but this

is a good long play so i would keep

going i’m highly encouraged by what i’m

seeing from a channel under 100

subscribers here it’s one of those

channels where i think they’ll hit four

thousand hours of watch time

way before they hit a thousand

subscribers but the numbers will take

care of themselves uh if you’re

continuing to target a particular

audience yeah good consistency of

messaging so and they’re here in the

chat so tutorials mag

you know well done i like what i’m

saying good very good foundations for

this channel except for the channel

banner which probably needs a little bit

of tweaking uh i don’t want to leave

this channel without just having any

feedback from youviper because if i

don’t do that then i’m just gonna throw

you into a gaming channel and that would

be very cruel

i mean it appears to me that they are

definitely on the right track like jeff

said earlier they are making evergreen

content though this channel is something

in view for a very very long time

i mean

i just had a period where i went with

like 24 days without uploading a single

channel to youtube and it killed my

channel so now i’m trying to get back on

the wheel but if this channel were to do

something like that hey that should be

fine because they got all this evergreen

content and they’re going to give you

for garlic so

if you uh i appreciate me rewind for

those y’all in the chat that don’t know

what we mean when we talk about

evergreen content basically we talk

about content that has no time limit


it’d be something like how to tie a tie

or how to tie your shoes or anything

like that that is timeless

content that will always get you viewed

no matter what time of year it is no

matter when how whatever so that is what

we mean when we say evergreen and that

channel is set up for evergreen content

for a long time

um i’m just trying to find a good

example think media do this a lot when i

do like um full camera guides on stuff


like user guides

and they’ll just get

um they’ll continue to get like five or

ten views an hour

on something like

three years later and so just the the

the passive

audience of passive income it can be uh

quite phenomenal when you have that


let’s try and tackle a gaming channel

together shall we jeff

the claw

stay with me chat the claw

in unison please in unison gaming

channel one four five


i don’t know we are going to look at

here it’s called authentic i believe and

so this is where we just look at

channels first impressions you know we

got a clear idea of what tutorials mag

was within about 30 seconds to 60

seconds that’s a very good sign

are we going to get the same experience

from fennick

let’s take a look the channel banner

doesn’t help me out no that’s not the

better no no

uh but

uh i’m getting strong-ish

minecraft vibes from

the few videos that they’ve done so far

which is fine not bad

except for that shower post

uh yeah that was from a year ago i don’t

i don’t really get that one or how you

know the high youtube one is the video

with the most views on the channel

a little curious but uh they have

started to make a bit more content in

minecraft not that much to go with yet

uh looks like they were doing an epic

okay a journey through like different

days go ahead viper

that that thumbnail the minecraft

hardcore epic work done day 150.

that is a perfect minecraft thumbnail

because again i told you guys earlier

that the minecap content itself the

resolution is kind of low and it’s hard

to look at but somehow they made that

particular thumbnail pop using a a

character from minecraft and that’s an

excellent thumbnail

now i don’t know what the hell the title

means but the thumbnail is amazing

it’s not yes

i i guess what you could add is um

uh tension in the title like uh i almost


in minecraft hardcore on day 150 or on

something along those lines because

we’re back to the um concept of this is

a file name rather than a title yeah

yeah it’s very easy to i’m gonna i’m

gonna title it this so i can store it in

this folder on my computer it’s not

necessarily gonna convince anybody to


but at least i know where it is on my

computer does anybody know what the hell

is going on with that banner though what

what is happening what is oe what is

that yeah well i guess it’s just youtube

they’ve taken out everything apart from

o e

that’s just weird

that’s a curious description as well the

guy that fell into the river all into

the river

all right i mean there are some

encouraging signs here like uh

for these last three or four videos that

you’ve done into double digits

the one from a week ago already has 60

views i think you’re pretty much on this

well you were doing some hardcore stuff

for like three episodes and

now it’s honestly still hardcore so

you’re going in the right direction

um but what i would tell you to do for

this channel because we haven’t got

enough videos yet is continue to do

pretty much what you’re doing in the

videos in terms of uh thumbnails

especially probably the content as well

continue to do that for next 25 to 50

videos to skill up

and then start to decide whether you

want to really continue to focus down

that route or you want to branch out a

little bit more because you should have

a lot of data by then but given your

current publishing rate that’s going to

take you three to six months

are you able to up your production rate

a little more all right here’s another

tip for everybody in the chat now this

will depend on your objective and your

channel and what you do on your channel

if you are a channel and you’re on

camera your actual face is on camera

i would highly recommend

that you put an actual uh photo of

yourself in your channel avatar

um it’s just more impersonable it just

it creates that connection with a

potential viewer instead of putting some

random picture in your avatar now if you

are a faithless channel and you don’t

have your face on camera

i don’t know i mean obviously you didn’t

you’re not gonna do that but again if

you’re on camera

but consider putting a natural picture

of yourself as your avatar not just a

random photo that’s my advice

anything else jeff are we good to pick

another channel uh consistency i mean

that’s my biggest takeaway which you

addressed you know consistency is going

to be a big thing if you can’t if you

can’t do weeklies um try to do

bi-weeklies but try to get yourself on

the schedule to kind of start getting

your numbers up start getting that that

those reps in of getting these videos

done and getting the thumbnails made of

getting these things going practice


really makes perfect when it comes to

youtube so really um

just get in there and start getting

consistent with these uploads man

significant gaps here are there like

four months between this video and this

the end presumably three weeks some

months between this video and this video

and especially happens you know yeah the


happens but you know still it’s if you

if you’re serious about this serious

enough to where you’re going to submit

your channel for an audit then hopefully

you listen

take it away sir

did it a different way this time that’s

right we got a little bit i remember we

were going to try and do as a harmony

can we try that next time


i’m tone deaf man what do you mean

well you just do it at normal um

piper would you say you’d be better as a

lower pitch or higher pitch

probably uh actually i’m i’m i’m right

either or i think well i think you got a

voice for a lower pitch so you do the

lower end i do the higher end

you just keep it where you are okay jeff

for the next one we’ll see how it works

in the meantime micah’s intellectual

corner you’ve just hit a thousand

subscribers ooh congratulations

busy busy channel banner but you’re

doing science reactions history actions


i don’t i i think this is one of these

where travis would say what what does

that mean original content similar to


you would assume that everybody wants to

create original content on youtube

but they’ve got a historical army


not just from the channel banner

i am getting like almost an

entertainment comedy vibe of reaction i

don’t know if that is true

yeah i think so i mean looks like

they’re doing some reactions but it’s

also this is a very mixed bag about

what’s kind of going on here

army vet reacts to epic history


okay right well i just didn’t get that i

didn’t get the army vet’s reaction

proposition in the channel banner

channel um


yeah and if it’s taken all three of us

this long to figure it out

there’s a bit of messaging a messaging

problem we’ve got going on here

yeah the american reacts and us army uh

react stuff like that is um it’s stuff

that can work well we’ve you know we’ve

seen it all it’s a that’s a genre of

reaction channels that exists there’s

like british sas soldier reacts to or

russian soldier reacts to american army

or things like that so that’s a thing um

for reaction channels um and it looks

like a lot of their best videos are

based on this


but it’s almost like they kind of don’t

want to lean into that


so by um

what do you think about the shorts that

are in here they’re doing a show every

single day like today in history

uh for every day i’m just which is


and does it need its own channel maybe

i mean i should have used that too bad

on the shorts

yeah these aren’t too bad on the shorts

but then we do get some spiky numbers on

the reactions like us army vet reacts to

hiroshima bomb

barely got 100 views

but then us army vet reacts to epic


tv world war one 1918 that’s got a

healthy number of views yeah

better thumbnail also you reckon that’s

what it is a part of it i would say and

then also there’s going to be well i

don’t know that’s kind of strange

hiroshima after the bomb maybe it’s just

i don’t know

maybe the topic the bombing might it

might itself might have been more strong

but even then that’s a rough subject


yeah yeah the only thing that throws me

off about the shorts is just that they

look different but it is contextual to

what he’s doing

so in that way it makes sense


epic history reaction hmm


i’m trying to think what’s to suggest

for this channel

well for me i mean personally i would

probably um

if it depends on how the shorts are

doing if the shorts if they feel that

the shorts are doing okay for them then

they could definitely keep them it’s not

a big deal but i would really lean into

this um whether it’s army vet reacts or

or american reacts you know whichever

and really just kind of go into that


really lean into it heavily

i mean looking from the from the


very certainly more simplicity



hero themselves the creator

you have a bigger reaction emotion

and then the placement of the content on

either the left side or the right hand

side going back to this channel

there’s just a lot going on whereby you

kind of disappear into the thumbnail a

little bit so i think some thumbnail

experimentation is probably worth

testing there as well

anything from you viper on this one just

to get a fresh fresh perspective


it’s so weird when a channel like

intermingle shorts and regular content

like this

i always wonder if it’s confusing to an

audience person when they look at a

channel like we’re looking at it now as

an overview and see regular videos and

then short because obviously they’re not

using custom thumbnails on the short

yeah and i mean

for sure you generally don’t need to but

when they go back to your actual channel

it’s like kind of it’s weird but i just

wonder um but if it’s working it’s

working so yeah keep doing what you’re


because it’s good there’s likely going

to be a very different audience for both

isn’t there like

and that’s always my thing yeah there’s

like a short audience is vastly

different from a long-form audience like

they’re they want two different things

so i just wonder when people intermingle

like when people intermingle them on a

single channel i just wonder how they

feel about that

and i just assume that these shots are

very factual based whereas the reactions

are more personal stories and um

i’m getting to learn more about uh micah

where is in his shorts i’m not but you

know the counter argument here is that

the shots seem to be performing

relatively in line with the rest of the

channel yep

and it might take sir yeah

all right are we ready to try this um

before we try this rob uh


i don’t remember the story so maybe

you’ve been longer than all of us maybe

you remember the story but someone in

the chat was asking about the origin of

the name good iq do you know the story



so i think the story is as follows if i

can remember let me just

uh i just need to fix this for a second

so i think it’s along the lines of


we grabbed


as a

as a brand and as a website but people

were really struggling to spell it and

it’s like actually about typically you

know this is how you use tags on youtube

for correct spellings

um and people couldn’t work out if a

company was called vidio


so i think that’s why we changed the vid

iq i think

but i might be wrong about the history

there yeah we’d have to run it by

sandyman because you’ll tell us sandyman

will uh i’ll answer that so i can find

out if you want

in fact do you want me to try and find

out can’t we just start asking well

we’ve got a live stream right here

i’ll do in the background i’m not going

to try and get him on the live stream

but i’ll ask him in the background if

you want the answer yeah yeah yeah all

right okay

let’s let’s try this right okay so i’m

going to do oh how are we going to get

you you’re going high jump

down three two one jeff is just gonna

say the claws he would do it i’ll do it

in a high pitched tone and you can do it

in a low pitched tone so you know get

really barry white get deep

for a platinum album though that was 94

wasn’t it i think that’s right all right


in 2021

oh this is a gaming channel isn’t it i’m

forgetting where i am now

all right so

uh let me just load up this channel

and then i’ll let you to chat about it

while i send mrs sandyman a question

in the background

all right so we’re looking at tartsin

i will go to the video page


all right oh no not much going on there

not much going on there but all right

you can talk about it uh yeah there’s

nothing much going on uh

all right so your channel banner while

is uh cute it doesn’t tell us much about

the channel so you might want to give us

a value proposition in your channel

banner but if we look past that we got

brawl bra

solo montage okay fortnite from the

looks of it but with it oh four oh

a couple of them look like fortnite but

yeah there’s brawl so it’s like what are


yeah playing

yeah see that yeah we like from a new

viewer looking from the outside of this

channel we have no idea what’s going on

so it does look like you are playing



but again

the question that every creator needs to

add before they hit upload is why

should someone watch your video

what is the reason why somebody would

click on your video

and if they can’t answer that in the

first 30 seconds of looking at your

title and thumbnail you need to redo

your title and thumbnail like why

should somebody watch your video

again if they can’t define that if they

can’t come up with that answer within 30

seconds of looking at your title and

thumbnail you need to redo it yep and

this is why it’s important to have those

titles and thumbnails if you can ready

before you turn on the camera


then the proposition is there

through the whole video you set the vibe

and you set the energy for that video



yeah but that’s something definitely to

think about now they could be playing

two different games here um that might

be what’s going on i don’t know if

they’re doing a hard pivot into brawl

but they also haven’t uploaded a video

in two months which is not promising

which makes me begs the question

of you know why exactly they submitted

for a channel audit it is it is like the

cop-out answer it’s like you submitted

you need to make some content

so that people know that you’re still

alive and well on youtube


i think sometimes when i come across

these channels i say right let’s quickly

pick three things that they need to do

titles need to make sense to new viewers

start with making custom thumbnails and

commit to consistency be it one video a

month one video every two weeks whatever

you can afford to do commit to that for

the next three to six months yeah we

wish you all of our best uh tarzan and

just a pet peeve of mine please don’t

put subscribe in your title don’t do


all right then next uh one are we ready

uh shall we shall we i’ll do i’ll do the

low end this time


viper you do the high end oh boy and

jeff you just keep it in the middle okay


three two one

we’re getting better i think we’re

getting better

all right

i have an answer from rob sandy and i

will give you the answer

if we can get this live stream up to

375 likes i need to give people an

incentive to give you an answer so we

know why vid iq is called what it’s


um but i’m not telling you


i manipulate our metrics it goes up to



next channel we are looking at here is

titan smasher


i think they are an anime channel

all right jeff you’re the anime guy

titan master of show or something no i

have not been honest yeah no this is uh

beyond my my knowledge man okay yeah i’m

not sure on this one so i’m not sure

even what’s going on here like i don’t

know if they’re doing reviews of what it

is are they doing some sort of a cover


is it artwork that they’re doing i’m not

sure what this channel is about at all

yeah because the thumbnails are just

almost like

there could be loading screens on a

video game or like

covers for animation but they don’t tell

us anything more and then the titles are

i think sometimes these are these are

music um

what’s this amv mean now

anime is it in our animated music video

i think maybe that’s what’s going on

because it kind of threw me off for a

second i’m like what am i looking at

because these almost look like

they don’t look like somebody doing

reactions they don’t look like a review

so maybe that’s what it is maybe it is a

music video all right i have this muted

to make sure that we’re not getting hit

any copyright issues with the audio

i’m wondering if because i saw the

lyrics that don’t stop me now

i was wondering if they were adding like

queens music to anime as a montage


i’ll give it with the internet i’d give

up the internet

it’s not going to help me out

okay so what what do we think folks

we need clarity what we think

we need clarity

all right i’m just going to do this as

an example i think jojo’s one of the

animations they’re talking about and

i’ll do jojo amv

you know there is some potential here

this channel got

nearly six million views from one of


so i guess it did include the name of

the track that i think they were gonna

uh and this one’s done don’t stop me now

as well

um all right so maybe the question is

has this already been done on youtube

are you just repeating what’s already

been successful on youtube if you are

why somebody gonna choose this new

version over the one that’s already

getting millions of views

might be the next question


i’m not seeing maybe the title of the

song in the thumbnail which may add

some clarity as um viper is asking for


maybe that one’s a little bit better uh

like arcane is that the

the name of the track that’s more


on netflix

oh is it okay

i’m completely layman to this um

sector of i have not watched the show

but i hear pretty good yeah

all right rob tom you’d build a being


oh come on let’s let’s see if we can

help a little bit more of this channel

uh i feel this where we’re not doing

this personal service just yet

i think what would we suggest like




uh type the name of the song perhaps on

the thumbnail itself as i’ve seen in

examples there

maybe putting together like a playlist

i’m not sorry not putting a playlist but

getting a collection of songs from queen

and adding them to like a 12 or 15

minute version of a animated music video

just to add a bit of difference or


that might be something else to try

and also i would think about because if

we are talking music and music videos

and i’m just kind of trying to figure

out like they’ve got fall out boy

imagine dragons things like that how are

they picking the music right and if if

we’re not sure and then some of these at

the bottom are speed paint so that is

art um but if we’re doing these music

ones then um

i would be looking at trending music

you know because that’s something that’s

already going to have a wave of traffic

behind it whether it’s hip hop or k-pop

or country or whatever it might be

um instead of just picking a song that

maybe you particularly like

um start looking at what

there’s already a wave of traffic for

because this is something that i noticed

on a channel that was doing um

animations almost like 8-bit super mario

style donkong style animations

but they were doing these animated

versions of super trending videos by

k-pop artists bts and black pink

and there was a massive wave of traffic

this channel was getting millions of

views because they were doing these

timely animations to a topic that was

already blowing up on youtube so just

something to think about the way that

you choose those songs

might be a little more strategic about


all right i have your answer and thank

you for getting us up to

375 uh well it’s 378 likes so i’m just

going to read it out as uh our um

as um lord sandyman has told us here and

it’s along the lines of this we started

out as a as we thought that was a

super cool and nerdy name

but it didn’t pass the phone test when

people said it face to face

how’s video

he was at an investor’s office josh

ellman big name uh big name guy and he

just showed me like his twitter feed so

apparently uh this person

and he said the following which

was um

name sucks you should change it

any suggestions


how about vid iq and so that is how


was born nice nice there you are a bit

of history for you there

where were we we’re doing channel orders

are we right let’s get back to them

no we’re we’re talking about vipers


well what i’m going to do now as well uh

i’m gonna tell you that we are adding

uh a

uh a small barrier to entry to this live

stream uh if my computer works seems to

completely froze

is everyone still here why is that not


all right no i’ve got it i’ve got it so

you need to

subscribe to the channel


in order to post comments

and i’ll tell you why after we’ve

audited this channel

so okay i’ve turned on subscriber chat

only on so make sure to subscribe if you

haven’t already and it’ll become very

clear very soon how long have we got we

got 20 minutes all right

uh so do we want to try this one more

time jeff can you do the low end this

time sure

okay uh viper you do the middle


and i do the high end


all right three




it’s just you saying the claw

for 24 hours and then mr beast has to

watch it

right this is another gaming channel

that we are looking at here

and they go by the name of crazy cats

and they are close to

500 subscribers

i’m getting a bit of a retro vibe from

the channel banner and it’s festive as

well which is pretty cool even i can’t

be bothered to do that you know i was

actually thinking of putting a christmas

hat on the um on the channel banner for

vid iq but i would have had to

reposition myself so the christmas that

was in sight so i just could not be


what do we think this channel is about


looks that way doesn’t it

it’s funny because it did sort of give

us some retro vibe from the banner but

it’s totally not it’s that question

isn’t it

yeah no it’s totally not it totally goes

left on us so which is fine it’s totally


let’s see here

interesting okay

it seems like the minecraft stuff into

more of a recent pivot yeah yeah before

looks like there were maybe an

entertainment slash tick-tock reactions

or pranks montage channel

but it was a bit of minecraft wow okay


this channel is really wrestling with

where they want to be in the youtube


yeah they’re still trying to figure that

out which is fine i mean i think it’s a

younger creator so they’re still trying

to kind of feel out what they feel is

comfortable for them

that takes a little time and that’s

totally fine but once they really kind


see what’s working well for them what

they’re comfortable making


really want to start sticking to

something to start getting the channel

off the ground i’m not saying that you

can’t ever

evolve or add additional types of

content but i think focusing is going to

be a big thing into in getting some


going here on youtube

i wouldn’t usually suggest this but

given where i think the quality of their

thumbnails are

and the fact that they are trying to

tell stories in the titles so i think

they’ve got some of those fundament

fundamental aspects down

i will maybe start to look at the

audience retention and see if viewers

are being satisfied by your content

because i’m seeing a

a decent

layer of consistency here but it doesn’t

look as if you’re being rewarded enough

with a consistent audience

however i did just go back to gaming in

the last couple of weeks yeah in the

last month after

this departure


to the tick tock land yeah i just saw my

most popular

so we had a bit of success with among us

but obviously

you have to move over times

had a relatively short shelf life

so yeah the currently the minecraft

focus that they’re on is not what’s been

successful in the past for the channel

that’s not necessarily a bad thing if

that’s what you’re committing to going

forward but you just have to appreciate

that those 488 subscribers probably most

really reflect content that you’ve made

in the past so it’s really important to

look at your return viewers at this

point that’s why i’m maybe looking at

audience retention and how you’re

satisfying the audience that you’re

currently targeting yeah one thing that

is a common misconception for new

creators is that just because somebody


don’t think of it as they subscribed to

you per se they subscribe to the type of

content that you are bringing them so if

you suddenly make a pivot to something

completely different and they don’t show

up you really can’t get angry at them

because you just change the channel on

them yeah so you have to understand that

so that’s something that i want you know

creators to kind of keep in mind um you

can’t whiplash your audience like this

if you’ve built up some subscribers

based on a certain type of content and

then you want to pivot at least pivot it

to something that’s similar enough and

that way you can keep them going because

otherwise you’re going to see you know

let’s say you’re getting 300 400 views

consistently and then you switch you can

go completely left on them and then you

start getting 10 15 20 views per video

this is why because they didn’t sign up

for that kind of content

okie dokie that is crazy cats there now

the reason i ask you to subscribe is

because we are going to pick somebody

now directly from the chat

and the way we’re going to do that is by



adding as a comment only do it once

because it will not double count your

entries but just type in hashtag channel

audits and then we will start to see the

number of entries increase and we will

pick somebody from there we go so people

are starting to enter that’s brilliant

that’s what we need to see

hey pick a channel


jeff are you feeling that sense of deja



just since last night what are we doing

back on the claw

well i need to pick a channel

to allow people to enter so we’re going

to pick one more channel from here were

you using that giveaway tool on a live

stream last time

well we weren’t but it’s my own

questions yeah yeah and then just be

clear guys um spamming this is not gonna

work because uh stream yard

automatically filters out any additional

entries so spamming it’s not going to

give you additional chances so just

giving you heads up if you’re spamming

it you’re wasting your time

indeedly dooley johnny

carter passi

all right they are a real estate agent

in las vegas and

with uh 700 subscribers

uh they look as if they’re putting

together some very nice contents

yeah yeah real estate channels can do

very well and they have a couple of

different styles of these types of

channels the way that they do their

thumbnail design i like what he’s doing

with this clean style some of them will

put like the price in big bold letters

across what it is but normally for that

we’re not doing like standard homes

usually doing like 15 trillion dollars

for this house on an island you know

stuff like that very sensational yeah

but for what they’re doing here um this

is actually um actually really good and

normally and the funny thing is

the titling and thumbnail wise it sort

of breaks those rules

but for this niche yeah it works like

this is what people are looking for

because a lot of this traffic is coming

from google

that’s a really question interesting

question uh ish so before i

here’s what i assume is going to happen

when i click on this um video i’m going

to see almost no likes and no comments

that’s my prediction

let’s see if i’m right

because as you say i think what’s

happening here is this is driving views

from a website just to look at the

properties correct all right there’s one

comment okay 10 likes you probably

expect more



if that’s your sole purpose to use

youtube as a repository for um people to

look at these homes who are thinking of

buying them that’s perfectly fine but if

you want to create like just general




wide youtube audience


i would take a look at this channel

called matt and summer

and these are i think these are estate

agents but what they do


they just take you around homes but the

way they pitch it is to just people who

are interested in looking at really

expensive places like inside the eight

and a half million dollar apartment in

dubai or wherever it is and so that’s

more attractive to just somebody like me

who just has a curiosity of what an

apartment might look like in in las


okay my turn there’s a different pitch

yeah go ahead viper my turn listen this

dude is here on vidiq which means he

wants to grow

his youtube channel yeah and i’m sorry

but youtube is not a real estate listing


no these titles don’t work like rob just

highlighted you have to make your title

more sensational give people a reason to

click why should they care about these

houses that you have lifted what is an

outstanding characteristic that might

interest a regular person about these

houses you just can’t put generic real

estate listings out there and inspect

you to click on it today this is youtube

this is not the paper man you gotta

treat it like youtube you have to

understand how the platform works and

maybe that’s why you’re here to get a

better understanding of how to you

youtube work and right on you but these

titles are not doing you justice my dude

you gotta make these more sensational

give people a reason to want to click on

these videos and check out these houses

these bland listings no that’s not

that’s not what we do on youtube

we don’t do that on youtube yeah there’s

so there’s a fundamental mindset shift

here because there’s two different types

of channels there’s the

what we were just looking at um

not johnny here but the other channel

there’s that

and then there’s what johnny’s doing

here so it depends on what exactly the

goal is here because it depends on what

he’s looking for because some channels

like this um and i’m not disagreeing

with vipre because i totally get what

he’s saying if johnny’s trying to grow

on youtube it’s going to take a

different approach correct if if he’s

trying to use this

solely as a repository but also as a

lead generation tool then i think a

hybrid approach might be the way to

start looking at this but it’s also

going to require a fundamental shift in

the way that he’s making the content

where he’s actually going to have to

become the host of the channel or hire

somebody to be the host of the channel

that’s going to have to make it exciting

give people a reason to want to watch

these videos and to come back to

identify with this person um and then it

comes into the titling and getting

people like you won’t believe what this

house has in it or whatever it might be

um but there’s there’s gonna be a

strategy shift that’s gonna have to


um in the way that the

into the way that they approach the


my guess is that the actual content of

the videos in terms of going through the

apartments telling them about the

floor space pricing that sort of thing

is very similar to these videos but just

look at the channel and how they’re

pitched and how maybe there’s subtle

differences in what they’re trying to do

to attract a broad angle it’s because

75 000 people are not watching this

video about um what 35 million dollars

buys you in dubai because that’s what

they’re gonna buy they’re just in tr

their intrigue is in the luxury and of

course there is a lot of luxury in las

vegas now you might not be able to do

this with all of these apartments but

they also do stuff like um um what would

um you know what would three hundred

thousand pounds buy you as a one bedroom

apartment in in somewhere in london now

that’s not as exciting but they’re still

getting fifteen thousand views from it

because it built up a really good

audience inside a brand new 300 000

pound apartment uh see they’re including

the price in all of the titles and i

think that’s something that definitely

start thinking about in terms of

this channels come on get back to it go

back come on come on yeah this channel’s

titling structure if they want to build

a more of an organic reach yeah i mean i

love that though i don’t i don’t mean if

you want to put the emails

the thumbnails are amazing like i love

your thumbnails dude but i just hate

your title but

my thing is if you are watching a vid iq

channel you want to know how to grow and

my thing is the engineering titles that

look like listings in the newspaper are

not going to be it but

if like jeff said if your whole thing is

generating lead then

you do what you got to do

i’m not being funny and this is not

really this is not a sales pitch here

but i think this is the type of creator

who would be perfectly suited for group

conversations because they’ll get those

different points of views from creators

who are seeing

like a completely a completely different

um audience point of view um and i’m

sure many would agree with what we’re

talking about here that i think that’s

the type of conversation that will come

up in these a group of sessions not

jonathan you need to invest it’s just

like this is the typical thing we’d

likely talk about in those group

conversations it’s like it’s time for

that uh for that uh yeah it is

let’s do it so we have one left

177 entries uh so i will click the draw

button and then we will see

who we’re going to draw out let’s hope

already drawn

or something we’ve already audited



for us for askito

i think it’s a minecraft channel


let’s hope that you have a unique enough

name that we can find you yay

i think we’re about


we’ve found 10 channels and been unable

to find one doing this uh tactics so far


uh maybe at roblox yeah all right good

spot there i was wrong it wasn’t a

minecraft channel

so they’ve been on youtube how long here

uh okay they’ve been on for over a year

making content uh i guess what i’m being

thrown at here is uh okay maybe they

were doing animation very simple

animations in the past

uh are they still doing that

there’s kind of a mix between some

animations and a little bit of roblox

so again moving from one video to the

next i’m not really sure what i’m

getting myself into nations in the past

uh are they still doing why can i hear

myself it’s kind of a mix between some

animations and

who was that was that me

i didn’t know of me oh sorry okay

what do you think if we’re gonna give

one piece of advice to this channel um


i mean i don’t i don’t mind the

thumbnails per se if that’s what the

animation itself looks like in the video

like this jay the backstabber whatever

flea the facility is i’m not sure what

this is even about i’m kind of at a

total loss here



51 is a reason for why i guess maybe if

you’re somebody who’s playing these

games then you would know and it would

make sense to you

um but

yeah some of these are just kind of like

what is happening here


how be rich how to be that text is way

too small so there’s some fundamentals

here on the on the thumbnails that are

just not being followed at all



in one minute can i make some more

fighting game in one minute so maybe

they’re making games maybe that’s what’s

happening here

yeah it’s just difficult to tell isn’t

it for the titles and the thumbnails


yeah i’m just not sure exactly what is

happening here because even then i don’t

know if these are games that are within

roblox or if it skits or what’s going on


so i’m just not sure there’s a bit of

messaging there they’re obviously going

after a very particular audience i’m not

that audience so i don’t identify with

it but um

yeah it’s very confusing to somebody

who’s more of a general type of viewer

and again it looks like there’s some

consistency issues here you know we’ve

only seen three videos in the last three


there was a bit of a run here in the

last six months um

again wait if you make content and then

you’re not making anything for a few


unfortunately because you just don’t

have that big enough audience and that

loyal audience yet they’re probably

youtube’s probably gonna recommend them

something else in the meantime


shall we pick another i think we’ve

maybe got time to pick one more

draw again

see we can get


all right

sweep it is

is it going to be a clean sweep for this


oh 90 subs

i’m panicking i’m panicking uh filter by


ah there we are there are there ah ten

subs okay ooh they almost got skipped


all right first of all

unavoidable titles

yeah they’re too simplistic we know we

talk about short titles


i mean this one could work like

it simply says inspiring if the

thumbnail was was carrying most of the

way but

unfortunately it isn’t

some clips come on man yeah yep

come on man


i wouldn’t say

so i mean i get it like some you know we

don’t know what we don’t know there is a

learning curve to youtube or else

everybody would have a million

subscribers so there’s some stuff but

we got to start thinking about reasons


why somebody would even clip on that

click on this and even if we’re not

going to do a search play how is

somebody going to find a video called

some clips

so hey look vidiq you said my username

yeah that’s funny about if there’s one

person who’s going to find that that

would be me i i’m searching for vid iq

all of the time

so at least i’m wearing the same shirt

as a thumbnail

hey where am i you’re watching youtube

it was a non-rob stream hey

who did that

i didn’t know fry’s this

stand-up no-hander bmx to gameplay my

horse being what the heck mtb memes yeah

we’re going to do a little bit a little

bit more here sweep um

you know i get it it’s sometimes it

takes a little time to kind of get

accustomed to what’s going on but if

it’s biking content

make it about biking like urban

freewriting okay cool but why should i

watch it

um so things of that nature start

thinking about that you know if you’re

gonna go out and and do some some biking

or cycling or whatever it is um think

about what it is that you wanna make a

video about that people would actually

care to click on you know whatever it

might be

but start kind of getting in that

mindset if you want to do youtube start

thinking about what is something that

somebody’s actually going to want to

watch as opposed to what you want to

show them

i mean here are sort of some good

starting points peaceful bike ride with

peaceful music all right

there’s something in the title there if

a thumbnail uh shows something a little

bit more relaxing and then maybe there

was a musical note next to it that might

help or like

you know ride with me as a hashtag

you’re at the beach

i think or

what what’s comb sorry not the beach


the location you say bad ending all

right can you hint at the bad ending are

you about to fall off your bike or are

you mid-air and something something


climatic is gonna happen you know how do


communicate that a little bit in the


so that would be


and does that bring to an end

another channel audit live stream

uh but i have a question before we end

rob and yeah sure

question away do you all have a

preference or have you seen anything in

your findings throughout your tenure on

youtube about how you title a video and

what about what i mean by that


do you use the capital letter in each

word of the title


if you were to all cap the title or just

using the capital letter in the first

part of the title and then lowercase

throughout the rest of the title like

have you have you done any research or

found any difference in

the way you title your video like that i

think it depends on audience uh like i

know with a lot of gaming channels who

have a

younger audience demographic they tend

to use shouty caps lock titles

you know to go along with really vibrant

colors on the thumbnails

me personally what i try and do is

emphasize uh particular words in the

title so there’s a contrast between

capitals and lowercase uh let me give

you a very quick example if i just find

one of the videos

that has done well for the channel

recently i’m just going to bring it up

what about you um jeff just as i’m

bringing this up

uh it was a conversation that we had

actually with um a couple of different

coaches and

the big consensus that we saw and even

from wording and language that we got

from youtube was that all caps across an

entire title was not the move

um i remember even nick nimmin was one

of the people that was really bringing

this uh bringing this up to board but

from what we’ve also seen um

capitalizing a specific word like big

and still make or small like if you’re

trying to put emphasis on certain words

all capsule is fine but i wouldn’t do it

all caps the entire title

for me personally at the very least i

capitalize the first letter in every


um you know but that’s yes yeah

unless it’s intentional and it’s like a

and we see meme one sometimes they

purposely almost like misspell or have a

very lo rough look to them um i think

from an algorithmic seo point of view um

vapor i don’t know if there’s any

evidence to suggest that capitalizing

makes a difference or even including



but i think what we’re giving you here

is anecdotal

experience as opposed to any hard facts

one way or the other

yeah i’m a road to what jeff said i

remember uh somebody saying that all

captain sited was definitely not the

move yeah

so we see again i would counsel that and

say you know you look at many channels

that successfully do that

and in particular it tends to be like um

ali a i think is a good example of this

but he’s like a fortnight gaming channel

um let me just check does he still use

capitalized titles

know maybe he doesn’t

he’s doing uh what we just talked about

here jeff where he’s emphasizing


different words

with like three is obviously one that is


in there um but it depends um was that a

question from the um from the comments

nope me oh nice okay

well i guess it’s kind of a nice leading

to what we’re going to do tomorrow

because i think viper uh because you’re

on with me tomorrow all right i believe

locked in i think we’re gonna maybe just

have like an open conversation uh with

people i’m thinking you know i’m not

gonna i’m not committing to this yet but

i’m thinking we’re actually gonna open

it up to the audience so i may share the

stream yard link and have people join us

and then we can have maybe like have a

bit of a conversation with them now we

can and bring in three or four people

but that’s fraught with dangers so we’ll

we’ll have to see

yeah i like you robin bite you like it

let it go

we’ll maybe give it a try uh as like a

you know a taste a teaser to group

coaching conversations we’re gonna have

to ground rule for that which i

will that’s why yeah we’re gonna set

some ground rules but yeah that should

be fine yeah maybe if you join me like a

half an hour before i’ll hand them we’ll

go through some rules and stuff yeah

anyway uh i can see that jeff is uh busy

uh typing away and texting so we’ll let

him get off jeff do you want to say

goodbye to some people of course man so

let’s see who do we got in the chat let

me take a look here we’ve got bruce lee

edits are one of our long supporters

here uh homie of the channels myself and

viper as well so have a great day my

dude uh cat slade is also in the chat so

uh goodbye to you as well

and let’s see who else do we got in here

uh fx pro and

and we got one more let me see i got one

more in me

let’s say bye to uh mr

gordon18 or m gordon 18. beautiful

beautiful uh viper it’s your turn

all right sarah dawn hope you have a

good day appreciate you being here

the tall guy gamer appreciate you being

here have a good day

uh where’d he go where did he where i

just saw her where’d she go ah boo i

lost it that sucked

uh mr firewolf gaming

have a good day appreciate you being


and last but not least i can scroll back

up here and find what i was looking for


i thought marin out there but i wish

there she is life with marin

always seeing you have a good day

i’m going to say happy holidays and

goodbye to the following people that

include a lion of fire 14 lucid bounce

goose plays 20 with what looks to be a

fake verified check mark well done to


i can’t read that one because that’s got

a naughty word in it

uh hang on

us three run for me

uh i’m also going to say goodbye to


tone4tome asmr if you want to do a video

that is all about you just saying the

claw in many different asmr styles let

us know

i promise to share it on our community

sub if you ever want to do that jamie

dickinson merry christmas to you

quick merry christmas to you fennec

merry christmas happy holidays and pixel

we’re wishing you all very happy

holidays we will be back next week

dan will be in charge uh so do make sure

to turn up for that in the meantime

we’ll see




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