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=================== text video ====================


did i remember to remove the screen did

i remember to remove the screen here we



i actually got the intro right for once

some of you probably have no idea what

i’m talking about but oh well hello

everybody welcome back to

vid iq the youtube channel the youtube

tool and the youtube learning academy

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couple of hours i cannot do this with my

uh collection of co-hosts and uh willing


introducing first he is a gaming legend

he is mr dan hey dan how you doing i i’m

good you use the word willing auditors

and i that was not that was not are you

under duress again are you not wanting

to do this yes i wouldn’t just throw

that word around

okay you know i’m really disingenuous of

you i’ve noticed something as well done

whenever um you don’t have control of

the live streaming tools and somebody

brings you in on screen you always do


it’s kind of like you’re greeting

i i can do things

yeah i’m just saying it’s kind of like

your your hello of sorts uh i like it i

i prove i approve

introducing second

who i think he’s trying to fix something

under his desk right now shall we come

back to him

yeah he’s giving he’s giving us a thumbs

up we’ll come back we’ll come back in a

second so introducing second is our

guest uh auditor today uh she has been

on the channel before and she is our

ever intrepid clubhouse

club here i’m going to make up that word

right now it is jj gatt welcome to the

vidiq house hi nice to see you guys


and and you as well looking forward to

some auditing and yeah we’ll introduce

your channel a little bit more in in the

short future

but i think he’s now sorted himself out

and he’s gone through some weird

transformation in the meantime so i was

going to be introducing uh travis but it

looks as if uh his

space has been occupied invaded once

again by

everybody’s favorite non-auditor

look let me explain something to you

now the vid iq is one million strong

ladies and gentlemen it’s one

million strong uh we’re implementing

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you’ve been owning us all this time man

i mean you know we’re just trying to get

the money back from these million


that is 100 not true and uh savage that

is the most pathetic tiny

wimpy wrestling belt i have ever seen

let me tell you something they gave me

man when you’re a champion you don’t

choose the championship they just give

it to you i don’t know what you want

from me rob i thought that was a risk

all right savage

all right savage is gone oh there there

we go all right savage as usual let’s

say hello to some people len in the chat

i’m gonna start with uh bori piano hello

to you i’m saying also hello to ambient

dave from the uk uh toast with him is

chortling away and saying hello to

travis who’s now joined us thank you

travis and last but not least


dan go ahead who are you saying hello

too i will say hello to jm detailing how

about ultimate gamer how we’ll say hello



natural causes poggy plays

and epic entrepreneurs hello

and travis over to you say hello to the


well we got uh tutorials mag here we got

let’s talk about it with bethel uh egg

keg films eggs are one of the only

things i can eat anymore peanut i’m

supposed to eat peanuts but i don’t like


and neoair and uh of course games with


and jj as always i’m never sure if the

guest has chat up do you have chat up or

not yes i do and i’m saying hello to the

grizzly clock what’s up grizzly clock

hey neo air shout out to erica

she went too fast i couldn’t get your

last name

what’s up calvin hey manticores nice

seeing you guys

all right then so welcome to the vidiq

channel audit live stream if you are new

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useful as well do make sure to share for

those who are new i’m going to show you

how this all works in 60 seconds and

we’ll be back real soon

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final bits of housekeeping as always we

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i did a poll at the beginning of this

livestream asking how old is your


and apparently nine percent of you

watching are

channels that are less than a week old

so i think first of all just well done

congratulations for starting your

youtube journey uh we’re hopefully gonna

help you a little bit uh through this

live stream uh 13 of you are less than a

month old and 37 of you are channels

that are less than a year old so with

all of that being said there’s a lot to

learn in the next couple of hours but

because we are so over subscribed every

single week we can’t audit every single

channel so what i recommend you do right

now is if you have a second screen to

hand make sure that you put that second

screen up so that you can review your

channel as we are looking at the

channels that we’re auditing because we

talk about fundamentals so often in

particular channel focus titles and

thumbnails and those are the big three

things that we’ll probably

talk in memoriam if that’s even a word

about today so really consider that as

you’re looking at your channels with all

of that being said i can’t think of any

other housekeeping uh parts other than

uh i forgot to mention uh that we are

not only a channel audit service on a

tuesdays we are a full web suite of

tools and extensions that will help your

youtube experience

i’m gonna keep it very very simple this


youtube are gonna remove the public

dislike count if they haven’t already

done so



channel and your viewing experience


until they do that we have a very simple

tool that shows you the likes to

dislikes ratio so if i mouse over this

video by colin and samia it tells me it

has a 99 likes to dislike ratio so

that’s obviously a very high rating i’d

be more than happy to watch it so if

currently you can still see your public

dislike counts then this tool is going

to work for you but that is just like

the very tip of the vidiq iceberg we

have so many more tools that are going

to work even when youtube removes the

public dislike counts uh but that’s just

kind of like your your flavoring of some

of the stuff we do here at vidiq

now with all that being said i think

it’s time to start actually auditing

some channels and we will start this

week with the first channel that

submitted to us and i think travis this

is right down your street to kick us off

it is dt tech wins they have just over a

thousand subscribers and they look like

they are a tech channel what do you

think first impressions yeah i see a lot

of gaming stuff which is kind of cool a

little playstation with a little bit of

a little bit of nintendo there which is

kind of cool

um and it’s twins that’s kind of fun

something different i wonder how they uh

how they do the videos it would be

interesting to see i think that’s

leaning into that didn’t we have a twin

channel like two years ago or something

we were talking about that sounds

familiar we’ve had like we do maybe one

twin channel a year maybe

yeah yeah yeah and it’s such a cool

concept if you lean into it and kind of

do some fun stuff with it but anyway

uh so some playstation stuff we got a

microphone there maybe online gaming and

streaming so there’s kind of a general

vibe going on a couple of angles and

stuff yeah multiple camera angles and

stuff all right now how long have you

been doing values yeah very yeah how

long they’ve been at this

let’s take a look let’s see then so that

all this video


10 months so less than a year oh wow

oh they got the razor mask i was trying

to get all of that thing um okay

nine months yeah yeah a lot of


notice how um the headphone stuff did

really well

especially for a channel that’s kind of


yeah so that’s what i wanted to point

out actually uh travis is if we look

like at the schmorger’s board of


um when you see gaming stuff the view

counts are in like the hundreds but

whenever you see

headphone stuff it’s always creeping

over a thousand sometimes two thousand

views that’s actually what happened in

strength 100 that’s actually i started

my tech channel with headphone reviews

and uh jeff obviously has done

headphone and earbud reviews and there’s

a lot of um

success that can come from that uh that

kind of general thing it looks like

they’ve kind of switched to gaming now

but they’ve done some headsets related

to gaming which is a good way to kind of

wedge your content in i love that

strategy i love if you’re trying to get

out of one kind of niche uh wedge in the

new content uh into that existing niche

and then see if you can move your way

over and that’s that’s a really good way

of doing it and again some of these are

doing better than others but all like um


really really good now this explains

things you may you may not know and more

is so vague no wonder it doesn’t have

that many views because i don’t know

what it means like what are they talking

about are they talking about

the switch or the bluetooth or what like

what exactly is that video about so

the title gets cut off um what’s cut off

is nintendo switch bluetooth audio

feature so the thing the what is at the

very end of a title unfortunately yeah

and you have to keep it tight if you

want people to be able to read it on all

platforms um especially like phone and

stuff the the title getting truncated is

is unfortunately common so you need to

strike like the three things you may not

know and more first of all end more

means nothing as soon as you’re saying

more you’re not saying anything



you start off strong with the title but

then i still don’t know what it’s about

by the time it’s truncated so definitely

look into that but everything else is

looking pretty solid um especially for a

channel hasn’t even been around for a

year and um

continues success only a month it takes

about a month and his views get over a

thousand which is great it’s fantastic

let me ask the or the

uh crew here thumbnails i think are of a

very very high standard already for it

certainly for a channel of her size but

are there maybe some tweaks to these

thumbnails because i look at them and i

feel as if maybe they’re just

like 10 to 20 percent

too busy a little over cluttered or the

text you know could be 10 to 20 better


one one tweak would be to blur the

background in a lot of these i think

they’re they have a cool concept

headphones on a playstation if they

could just take that picture with a

blurry background or cut it out in

photoshop and blur it that way that

could make it a lot more clear as to

what we’re looking at

and i would

i would recommend it i was going to say

i was recommended bringing the

um the product closer and then make it

maybe a little bit something

one so i see the two headsets i

understand on one versus the other but


yeah if you have products just make them

a little bit bigger so we can see and

perhaps the blur would fix that um

maybe i don’t know it’s just it’s really

busy and i just you know just a lot

sometimes you just

you can probably tell what the hero of

the thumbnail is but you’re not like you

can’t see it instinctively an example

i’m looking at here is that yeah i think

this microphone here is definitely the

hero because you’ve got that stroke

effect on it but everything else the box

this stand here is still a little bit in

sharp focus and because the color scheme

is kind of similar throughout the the

thumbnail it just my eye has to kind of

find it a little bit rather than hitting

me almost hitting me in the face um

but as we say i think these are

refinements are they the thumbnails are

already of a fairly high standard which

needs to go to the next level

travis i wanted to end with you on this

one like

we’re getting into a very important time

of the year for channels like this tech

channels what do you think this channel

could maybe do in the next six weeks

in terms of maybe

greater reach on their channel well

right now this week they need to be

putting out some of the hottest stuff

for black friday and cyber monday i mean

really those videos should go out this


yeah um and if you have an affiliate

deal with amazon you’re going to do very


and then of course the christmas list

there the christmas wish list all those

things for the next couple of weeks uh

re-review some products that you think

are still worth uh purchasing and make

sure you’re you’re leveraging the

holiday season uh in those titles and

thumbnails because while sure in january

they’ll be dead they’re going to do very

well uh in the meantime so time to get

on that right now

yeah go ahead sorry i just want to add

that it’s going to be really tough this

year to get some of this stuff

they may want to consider that

even just you’re going to test some

different ideas you might want to

consider some resources people could be

using to get their hands on a

playstation for example yeah or

alternatives like we all know that this

is the best headphone set but like it’s

not available so maybe you want to try



headphones are like a perfect purchasing

gift for others for friends and family

we’re just in that nice

usually the price bracket of like

between 100 and and 250 dollars and then

i i i notice here that the channel seems

to always focus on one product per video

so like we’re thinking a listicles

perhaps you know the top three gaming

headsets for playstation five for xbox

for switch there’s multiple ideas that

can definitely be used here for this

channel so it’s already doing very well

lots of potential i’m curious how the

twin dynamic works actually and travis i

wonder if like

um one person does the is the on-screen

talon and then the other one is maybe

the editor or the filmer phil i know

there is this one example where you can

see both in screen i would actually if

it was me and i had a twin or something

i would have one person take the pros

and the other person take the cons and

then discuss during the video and then

it doesn’t always have to be the same

person every week but it would be an

interesting dynamic to have you know one

person kind of arguing the good parts

versus the bad parts and i think i think

that’d be really fun to watch

like these versus ones you could almost

yeah there’s two people there you know

you sort of facing each other into kind

of like this fight pose with the verses

with the earphones that could be and

then tell people in the comments to vote

who won


all right so that is dt tech twins and i

know that was a tech channel but i think

we talked about a lot of interesting

concepts there you never got the channel

focused nailed down the thumbnails are

really good but there’s a few tweaks i

can make there titles need to be

shortened down a little bit ideas going

forward so all of those things uh you

could definitely apply to your channel

what we’re gonna do now is look at the

first gaming channel that’s submitted

this week and so we go over to our

gaming aficionado dan to take a look at

tai89 woo


they have 130 subscribers and i just

think this is a stone cold steve austin

channel because i like wrestling and i’m

seeing the skulls but i don’t think it

is i think it’s something that might be

about rocking

i’m seeing a lot of rocket league i

think yeah it’s

the the titles kind of uh definitely

tipping me to that

what’s interesting is i didn’t know it

was rocket league until i read the title

and usually with gaming thumbnails it’s

pretty obvious because the games are so

popular you know but the the color of

this latest one is like kind of throwing

me like what is that i see like

i see kind of a swat vehicle and it says


and it takes a minute platinum moves

rocket league so

that’s the first thing i want to talk

about i think uh for any channel it’s

important to help your audience do no

thinking at all it should be very clear

i’m dead serious and this is this is

just a good marketing tip but if you can

present something to somebody and they

get it just by looking at it just by

looking at the title and the thumbnail

then you you win you win the click every

time they they understand immediately

what it is dan is saying here is treat

all viewers as


that’s what i do

that’s what i heard

i feel like an idiot when i watch a dan

video that’s for sure me too

well thanks for taking good advice and

pooping all over it um we can we can go

to someone else then i guess

we need you this is a gaming channel oh

now you need me



that that’ll be my first thing and

that’s just again advice for any channel

if i have to look at your thumbnail and

think what is that what is that game i’m

not going to stop the scroll i’m not

going to stop to to really make that

determination i’m going to keep

scrolling so that was the first problem

i noticed uh i do like that you’re using

custom thumbnails i i like that you are

using text very sparingly uh so i like

this title thumbnail combo at the top

here held hostage and then the

somebody in there and saying help me the

execution isn’t great it’s red text with

a red kind of thing around it and it’s

dark so you can’t really see what’s

going on but the concept is solid it you

know you you need to

you need to really hit the hostage thing

home in this thumbnail

like with the person maybe behind bars

or something and then they’ll help me

text over in the corner but you had the

right idea and i think that’s what’s

important about this channel is you’re

so close with all of these concepts it’s

really uh it’s just it’s that close like

the next thumbnail it says fail it looks

like you’re gearing up for a really epic

move but it says fail

maybe something maybe another image

there to to really hit that point home

like like

give me that visual of failure you know

so just think about

what this stuff means to viewers as

they’re scrolling by

here’s a question now dan do you know


game this is the one that you just um

rust critique

yeah it says rest in the title

um so i i know it’s worse but is that a

game oops rust is a game but you you’re

a good point

oh well there’s a game called rust see

you might be right that might be rainbow

six and that’s important if your

thumbnail is more clear the fans of that

game will know what it is without

reading the title

but then what we have here is


first person strategic shooter i’m not

sure what type of first person shooter

rust is but then

rocket league so we got

different games perhaps

how much crossover is there in terms of


and this comes down to i’m working on a

video on this right now actually this

and we’ve talked about it in the past uh

audience avatars who who’s the who is

the viewer that you’re targeting

on this channel when you when you make a

rust video when you make a rainbow six

video and make a rocket league video

have you done the research to discover

the venn diagram there to see how much

overlap there is between rocket league

fans and rainbow six fans

and if you’ve done that research and you

have a solid idea of that of that

demographic that’s great but i you know

just just at first glance i don’t really

see it

but yeah i think we know the views kind

of speak for themselves it’s not it’s

not really working switching between all

these different games isn’t really

working but it does seem like you focus

on one for a bit and that’s good commit

to one for a while and keep tweaking

your strategy on how you can really

reach that that viewer you’re trying to


sorry about most popular to see if

there’s anything popping out here but it

looks as if it was all concept from a

long time ago so you’ve been on youtube

for a long long time at this point uh

eight years plus

yeah there’s there’s a lot of

interesting uh

success here too


it’s about finding that next game you

know i think that’s what what this

person kind of needs to sit down and do

like is rocket league your favorite

thing right now is that the thing you’re

most committed to and if so it should be

really easy to get in do the research

and figure out what kind of videos can i

make that will appeal to my target


let’s move on to the next channel uh jj

we’ve been easing you in a little bit

here but you are going to be front and

center for this next channel audit

because it is the pink

they have approaching 2 000 subscribers

a very snappy cartoony channel banner uh

what do you think of this one

i like it i like the the channel banner

is um

great i i think however the family is


has a beautiful dynamic is attractive

enough that the pink’s family is okay

and also because i know that you guys i

looked at some of your videos i know you

guys do a lot of pranks on your family

channel uh the the actual faces and

stuff like that might do well as well

because it’s even those pranks it’s

really family

i see family first before i see pranks

when i see your video i know that a lot

of your content is related to pranks but

your channel banner i think if you were


change it up a little bit maybe try the

actual with your actual human faces um

and then maybe you know do the the

cartoon ones but i like it though i

think that’s pretty creative

in terms of the banner yeah in terms of



the thumbnails i know that pranks

channels use a lot of um you want to

feature what the prank is and then a lot

of times they’re busy they have emojis


sometimes and then they’re usually more

busy compared to other youtube channel


uh thumbnails um because you wanna you

have a lot of expressions and stuff like

that so i think you guys accomplished

that with your thumbnails there’s like a

lot of stuff going on and the people

aware of the specific challenge that

you’re doing in the video they’ll see it

and they’ll know like that that pathway

one chip challenge that’s

amazing i picked out that one it’s

stunning really it really pops

and there’s a certain simplicity to it

as well you know

there is i guess organized chaos with

oliver fire but just the expression and

the way they’ve they’ve added the little

fire effect to the wide open mouth

really cool stuff there

what do you think about that compared to

the spicy noodle challenge which is uh

another sort of

so much fun yeah so yeah again i think

this is good but as you said because

there’s more elements on there you know

there’s 2x spicy that’s perhaps quite

small uh there’s there’s four different

characters on there um

good but i still think just the focus on

the one person is super powerful


and i just quick question for you guys

in terms of emojis on thumbnails like

they use the emojis i know that’s common

with the prank channels what do you guys

feelings about emojis and thumbnails


i i would say because we were just

looking at this channel and that they

they went through like a huge emergency

emoji uh yeah right

their theme

they’re too distracting

in this uh

in that instance yeah but

i think if it be if it starts it almost

turns into a little bit of a branding

element two channels if you use it

effectively right but it gets a point

where you almost have to use on every

single thumbnail for it to have that


uh like i guess on this one i’m not sure

what that adds to her expression which

is similar


if you were to limit yourself to three

elements per thumbnail no more no less


less would be two two would be good too

but let’s say you would limit yourself

no more than three elements that emoji

is one element down

like now you’ve used an emoji now that’s

one of the elements so it’s one of the

things that is fighting for attention in

the thumbnail

so i would i would use this very

carefully i agree i think i think

you know the funnels are over very good

quality again are they and we’re just

we’re almost nitpicking a little bit in

terms of uh tweaks and how to improve

them going back to the channel as a

whole then um as you said jj

it looks like it’s a family channel

that’s sort of leaning onto the

food challenges and pranks

what’s gonna make the pinks family


not just another

food and pranks family channel because i

feel as if this has been done before


yeah i that’s something you guys have to

go and think about like is this look at

the comments in sections in your videos

i’m assuming you have an audience and

see what is it about your videos that

people pick up on and whatever that is

let the audience kind of like tell you

what your differentiator is

um when someone’s you know at some point

with these family channels i know each

member of the family has its own

personality and they have their own fans

and then as your audience grows you have

people who look after just one member or

the other one and so it starts the

audience in your comment section

actually start to let you know what’s

what’s different with that and then play

up on whatever that is because that’s

what they are picking up on versus you

you deciding that and you it’s hard for

you to decide that it’s whoever’s

watching videos they’ll make that

decision for you and then when you find

the differentiator go go with that

because up until that point you’re just

one of many family channels doing pranks

which is very very common so um you know

but you know yeah but you guys beautiful

and you look like you have fun i i did

look at some of the audio quality and

video quality is really creative and

well you guys do a good job of doing

teasers right at the beginning uh before

you launch into whatever you’re gonna do

about so i wanna know like oh i wanna

see how that plays out and then you do a

little intro and then you go right into

it so i think you guys have the formula

right it’s just a matter of finding your

differentiator like rob mentioned

all right final final thoughts travis um

if you’ve if you’ve had any

consultations with uh channels like this

maybe some some general advice to break


you know you guys are right you hit all

the nails in the head i’ve done a bunch

of channels like this and uh

differentiation is really important and

definitely being a part of the community

uh is super important because ultimately

that’s how family channels kind of

survive for the most part they’re not

educating very much they’re entertaining

so you need to have a viewership that is

coming back consistently in order to

kind of grow that

sorry did i cut you off it’s okay it’s

okay i was just gonna jump in and say

one of the things we recommend a lot of

times in channels like this is trending

topics can like squid game would have

been a good one like can you could you

as a family of like

challenge yourselves to replicate

something in squid game like the cookie

cutting out the cookie thing you know

that could have been cool uh so

look for trends and then try and put

your own spin on them it’s always for

for any channel when it’s when it comes

to like a live action family channel a

vlog channel these are all these good

ways to kind of start standing out

beautiful beautiful that is a pink’s

family uh so jj i’m gonna say you passed

your first uh lead sean lauder there so

you now get to formally introduce

yourself and your channel

hey you guys my name is jj gatt and i

have a pinterest marketing and youtube

growth channel and so i am a niche of

the social media marketing niche in

youtube which is a niche of digital

marketing so on my channel i help

creators who use pinterest to market and

promote their content their websites

their etsy shop and then also help

rising youtubers like myself we’re just

starting out um as i learn and grow and

figure things out i share like for

example in the recent videos i did is 10

ways to promote your youtube video

outside of youtube because people have

to actually be on youtube to see your

video so what if they’re not coming to

youtube to find the answer to their

problems what are they on pinterest

whether they’re on twitter you gotta

actually go where they are and bring

them in so i you know cause i’m trying

to grow myself so i find different

creative ways to grow my channel and as

i figure that out i share with my

audience so that’s it

all right that is jj on youtube we’ll

talk about jj on clubhouse maybe a

little bit later but right now

we have to invite on stage

our winner of the tweet contest this

week and we just wanted you to send us a

simple uh gif or gif whatever your

persuasion in terms of pronunciation


tell you what dan

you quickly actually um

right i’ll quickly do this so this was

the person who won for some reason the


of a gif had stopped working but it was

a positivity bear punching a negativity

thoughts cigarette maybe i can’t see

what that is anyway they won the tweet

of the week so they are going to get

their audit now and dan

since you know officially what a gif gif

is called you can start this audit and

i’m going to put a poll and find out how

it is actually pronounced

in the in the chat


uh martin hewlett’s calming anxiety

interesting okay so we’re looking at

i guess this is let’s see

they’re doing a lot of live streams

and i’m assuming what they’re doing is

helping people control their anxiety

just based on the channel name alone

what i’m not getting a lot of is that in

the titles or the thumbnails and there

are a lot of shorts


it seems very

i don’t know

that’s the problem i don’t know i don’t

know exactly if i was strolling on

youtube i don’t know exactly what these

videos are

let’s check the about section i’m seeing

a clear answer

so a little bit more calm around the

world we have membership sites

and the calming anxiety app as well

okay and maybe they made an app or

they’re they’re promoting an app

one of the other

so here’s something samples from the app

one time like rob you and i were doing a

we were talking to a creator once who

had a channel

where they were trying to help athletes

improve and it wasn’t a workout channel

like you would expect it was all about

eyes and eye health yeah and the advice

we ended up giving them was that


you know your all of your titles are

directed at these really niche search

terms around ihealth the problem is your

viewers that you’re trying to target may

not know that they need this help right

they’re athletes right the target

audience would be athletes in that case

trying to improve your job is to

convince them why they need this

particular type of training and i think

that kind of advice could maybe apply

here because

these all feel like they’re pointed at

very specific problems but i might not

be looking

for these types of problems when i’m

searching around on on youtube i’m not

looking for these these types of

solutions so i think you need to

find a way to broaden

these terms somehow so they

you know they kind of hit on like a

common problem a common theme


i guess

anxiety is

is calming anxiety and does anxiety

actually come up in any of the titles

i think they put their name pretty um

let’s see

i don’t think so i can

see so i think if you were to if you

were to make videos that were about

controlling anxiety which is a common

problem that a lot of people are trying

to sort out

and you made videos that just

went after those types of

uh terms you would get a lot more

viewers so yeah if we

i mean maybe it’s intentional they’re

trying to avoid the term anxiety because

they don’t want to

almost encouraged

you you don’t want the viewer to have

that sense of that feeling

but at the same time it’s kind of

limiting them in terms of perhaps

discoverability since that’s what people

are searching for

a key right you know a cure for it uh

and maybe the positivity of this channel

doesn’t want to focus on that but

unfortunately you know it’s a chicken in

the egg situation well maybe because i’m

just trying to think of a title for

their next video right and i’m thinking

what like

five reasons why meditation is the

perfect tool to cure anxiety but somehow

shorter than that

like try to try to take these these

things that you have to help control

anxiety and make those the selling point

like you you have anxiety here’s a thing

you can do to help

you know calm yourself

jj travis what do you reckon

i was gonna recognize they seem like

they’re all guided meditation so at

night i go to youtube for guided

meditation videos um and so i don’t

one thing i was gonna say i do like the

fact that they’ve mastered a way of

having a thumbnail with the shorts

because these are all a lot of them are

shorts um but they kind of have like

thumbnails because it’s just the sound

it’s no one’s speaking i would remove

the words because the words give me

anxiety over top of the image the image

is calming and then you put the words on

there and the words the text um is not

even a calming text it’s kind of a

complex text so you’re triggering my

anxiety with the text on top of it it

was just like a ocean or just you know

someone like the woman right here just

scroll by calm and anxiety guided

meditation she was in a rock she’s

sitting in front of that’s me i could

picture myself there i could picture

myself here on these um these um these

little serene images that are sitting

just just there um

yeah so so so if they’re just guided

meditation you don’t necessarily don’t

with the

in it say meditation because people are

going to be searching you get that

search traffic for people searching for

guided meditation for anxiety guided

meditation for

stress you know

calm about a job disappointment loss you

know grief all that sort of stuff like

that put those words and guided

meditation together if that’s what it

does i think you’ll at least catch the

search traffic if anything um and at

some point you get picked up by browse

and recommend it maybe

through this research i’m getting an

idea of the type of thumbnails which are

almost like very inviting and soothing

in themselves and

i mean obviously the argument of do i

need to bother with such thumbnails for


youtube shots

but there are a couple where they are

longer live streams i believe and

thumbnails are just a bit too text rich

text heavy

anything from each other so yeah i agree

i mean it’s it is a little much for

those type of like uh meditation

channels and such you don’t tend to see

all that much in there also


this is a kind of an interesting

question interesting channel because a

lot of times when you see these meditate

channels they’re either live streaming


or there’s like a you know a 10 to 15

minute or a 30 minute video but there’s

there’s nothing here that’s like


like there’s a question an answer live

stream which i’ve never seen one of

those channels do

um shorts i don’t really understand that

because for the type of person that’s

going to

watch meditative channels they’re not

going to get a lot out of a 15 second

video like i don’t know it seems like

it’s a little bit

unstructured or i think they’re just

trying to do something there’s a

flagship content that’s kind of what

you’re saying right yeah it’s very much


let me try all these things and see

which one sticks

so this is just one of the

can i say i do like the concept of short

meditation so if that was if you’re

looking for

a strict to do for this channel that

could be work because people are so busy

and sometimes people just need

strategies for calming themselves in a

short amount of time like

you know so that could be something that

you do like short meditation like to

calm you through the day or something

like that so you have all these shorts

on here but if that’s gonna be your

thing then go with that and stick with

that so if you’re looking for one

there’s an idea

and that is martin hume hewlett’s

calming anxiety at dan the results are

in from 254 58 votes



i voted for gift


18 it is a

resounding way i told you four gifts i

don’t know why i wasted everyone’s time

i wasn’t arguing i was i was just being

i was just being the media um let’s move

on to the next channel which is going to

be be a survival they have hints and

tips every wednesday but what are those

hints and tips on travis do tell us

apparently about bushcraft but i don’t

know what bushcraft is either

so it doesn’t help me too much but i

thought it was kind of interesting uh

the channel itself i saw that vitamin c

hip syrup thing and i was intrigued

by what that actually meant so i

probably would cl if that came up in

brows i might actually click that

because and the funny thing is it’s not

like the thumbnail’s particularly

amazing but there’s just enough of a

tasty treat i need vitamin c you know

there’s just enough there to make me go

let me at least see what this is about

then you got to really

really come through on the first 30

seconds because i’m only kind of mildly

interested if you give me some reason to

not watch then no good

so that would be whether the the hook is

crucial like the thumbnail in the title

got me

um but i i need i need some more

persuasion yeah i mean it would be one

thing if i was like straight up into

this sort of thing anyway

um i might give it more time but if i’m

only kind of like oh listen what is this

um you kind of have to bring it home

foraging for a sweet chestnut uh

is that sweat chestnut sweat chestnuts

is that a thing a sweat chest i don’t

think i’d want to eat a sweat chestnut

that sounds gross


hand drilling fire okay that’s really

interesting uh which okay yeah so like

for i guess for people they’re out and

about in um you know the wilderness and

whatnot i usually watch those people on

tv i don’t tend to be one of them um so

it um okay this is cool

the thing is i was talking to someone

earlier today

um he was a military guy who has a

channel um helping vets kind of

transition to civilian life

and his um thumbnails were interesting

because i told him i said well you know

you were in the military right yeah i go

are these thumbnails the ones that he

had created the ones that you think you

would click

if you were looking for this content and

the interesting thing is they were

overly complicated so these like these

ones where he’s out in the the far stuff

i guarantee you people that are

interested in this are going to click

those over

some of the more kind of heavily


thumbnails because the person who’s

trying to watch this content has a

specific sensibilities for for

thumbnails they’re all different i might

the thing i always do is i say

go on youtube search and then look for i

do three different ones i do how to

unclog a toilet i do chocolate cake and

i do bitcoin none of them look alike

because they’re for different people the

people who are clicking them expect

something different out of them this is

what someone who’s a bushcraft is going

to expect outside in the wilderness they

see it they know what they’re getting

you don’t have to hide any of that

because that’s what they’re there for

if that makes sense


and that goes for everything by the way

so like

it’s just just look at your niche

whatever it is and pay attention to the

style of your thumbnail and i bet you’ll


that there’s this and sometimes it’s not

complicated sometimes it’s overly not

complicated um without any text but then

sometimes like bitcoin it’s just a hot

mess of whatever


but yeah

that’s why i say if someone tells you

one strategy for all thumbnails are

probably either lying or they don’t know

what they’re talking about it’s

different for everybody

i thought it was interesting um when you

got caught up a little bit on the um the

sweat chestnuts uh and then and look at

the title and then look at this one as

well foraging for rose hips

and uh i’m just curious if

for layman’s like us we get the idea of

living off the land so to speak

but i don’t understand really what sweat

chestnut is or like rose hips so i’m

wondering if there’s a bit of a barrier

to entry which may turn off um casual

viewers i’m thinking how you might

rephrase these titles to make them more

approachable like for this for example

this one might be um


nuts that won’t kill you in the wild i

know it sounds a bit more extreme but


more 100 stability for someone

100 agree yeah yeah

yeah because i i don’t i’m not sure if

you misspelled that or if it’s a real

thing is it really there’s something

really called a sweat i would it’d be

better to go what is a sweat chestnut

that that’s a video i would probably

watch i’m like

oh five natural things to light earth a

pharaoh rod i have no idea what one of

them is but like how might you free

phrases title how to light a fire

without matches here’s one i’ll give you

a great example of this so this is a

friend of mine uh pull up see jane drill

and look at one of her more viral videos

and it’s something so interesting that

even if you aren’t someone who does like

a lot of home improvement and stuff no

see jane see like see see dick does this

drill so c s e

jane and then drill

there we go

and then um if we go to like our popular


um if we get like one of our more

popular videos i i think you’ll start to

see like why some of these are big so

like um yeah make them okay

look at look for one for the pencil this

is actually how i met her

look at the flathead pencil this why is

a carpenter’s pencil flat


it’s so simple in concept if you’ve ever

seen one of these things you’re like

yeah why is it flat

you know what i mean like it

i’ve not that’s a really good question

and what you know i mean like a simple

trick to install baseboard correctly the

reason these things have so many views

is because it’s super

simple the idea is simple and it’s

something that maybe you’ve thought

about and gone


yeah what is the deal with that or

there’s a hidden tool now everyone has

an outlet like

there’s a tool in there you know it’s

these simple like things that everyone

has access to that really really take


all right

so that is ba survival there uh looks if

you may be in yorkshire because i’m

seeing the pennine way there

uh moving on to that i’m i’m from that

area by the way next channel we are

going to look at here is the

spirit wind wood stone and bone uh i

can’t remember who picked this channel i


oh dan all right then yeah tell us why

you pick this channel well uh i i see in

the thumbnails a lot of artistry right

and i’m like wait a minute why aren’t

these videos they’re doing good i mean

500 subscribers you know views that are

almost keep up with subscribers they’re

doing good but why not better because

these look incredible and i remembered

because wood turning kept coming up in

all the titles as you can see it’s like

in every single title and i’m like why

does that sound familiar so if you look

up woodturning i bet you’ll start to see

some thumbnails you may have seen

because i’ve gotten these videos

recommended to me

when i’m not subscribed to any of this

type of content does any of this look

familiar to you guys

scroll down a little bit more there’s

this colored pencil one that keeps

coming up it’s this it’s this machine



turns as the wood turns you do carvings

with it okay would that’s what wood

turning is this actual thing

and when i saw this colored pencil one

pops up for me all the time and i’ve

never watched a video like this before

but they’ve it’s really interesting

they’re wood turning uh you know all the

colored pencils pencil globe


that just kind of clicked with me so i

now that i had the full understanding of

the channel and i did watch some of the

content they do in fact use a machine

like this right i just wanted to the

main thing i wanted to point them to was

that search term right there if you look

for woodturning the biggest difference

between the thumbnails that you’re doing

and the thumbnails that we saw there is

that you’re showing the finished product

but you’re not showing the process and

when it comes to channels like this the

process is what gets people to click on

it they they see things starting to

happen in the thumbnail and they’re like

oh that looks really interesting to me i

need to see how this turns out when you

show the finished product in the

thumbnail and just says woodturning for

anyone doesn’t know what wood turning is

because like i said it sounded familiar

right what it was i had to really

research it but your audience isn’t

going to take the time to do that so

there’s some really neat intricate

things going on i would be showing the

process as it’s just getting started or

halfway through

and people are it’s going to click right

away that machine spins the wood and

you’re carving something really cool out

of it



that’s it brilliant observation

advance on that

is that that andy uh so and so channel

we were just looking at that woodturning

channel uh their videos are much shorter

these videos can be up to a half hour

long in a lot of cases

and i think that’s a pretty big

commitment i would i would also be

shortening these videos if i think if

you do those two things

this channel takes off so we’re seeing

videos of 25 minutes or more most of the

time or short so it’s a

big justice position between

very long form content and short form

content a couple here eight minutes long


just thought my most popular was there

anything that really jumped out here as


as a guide so there’s nothing that’s

really going viral i mean there’s a

couple of videos that have done well

done for a channel with 500 subscribers

you you probably expect one or two to

maybe have tens of thousands of views

right now so there’s a really good

consistency with the current audience

but maybe as you said

they’re not getting enough

um shareability on a wider net

yeah because maybe the thumbnails are

really good for people who understand

what woodturning is but not necessarily

those who are not familiar with it and

somebody’s somebody’s making this uh i’m

not interested in that but

if you showed me that machine all right

now i’ve got a bit of buying because

this looks like something different or

maybe something satisfying yeah i think

it’s there’s two schools of thought here

i mean there’s the people who want to

learn how to do this and in that case

you would take a lot of time to show

them because and there’s an investment

there they got to get these machines you

know they need to have these skills but

then there’s the people like me who

would watch these videos purely because

of the satisfaction of it like seeing a

log turn into a beautiful carving

it and ins that that to me is a much

bigger ceiling i think that if they were

to target that audience i don’t know if

they’re teaching in these videos or not

but with the length i’m kind of assuming

so if you were to target that audience

that just wants to see something cool

ah i i think i think they have a hit on

their hands

um what’s the common denominator with

all of these thumbnails

what do you mean

not a single piece of text inside oh yes

any of these and it’s not they’re

already doing they’re already doing a

lot of things very very well

what was it yeah less than six months of


well seven months so i think that

they’re probably definitely on the road

in terms of watch time i bet they’re

already up to four thousand hours or

close to it uh and hopefully they can

get a subscriber soon and i’ve started

using the community tab they’ve just

unlocked it so

a quick start there but more post me

maybe needed

this is the type of thing where i can

imagine you can make a


of a really fancy part of the um

wood turning point you know he you just

start starting to take shape and you can

use that as your preview and teasers for

your videos uh jay and travis anything

you want to add here or are we good to

move on

all right then you guys got it covered

okay then let’s move on to the next


just sorting out my tabs at the top and

we are going to

find ourselves a anna


all right jj this is another one of

yours i believe yes i loved going

because we do some of these gaming and

tech channels so i want to make sure i

keep going

it’s non-traditional that’s this channel

and i love unboxings personally i get

pleasure just watching people unboxing

anna’s i love your banner banner um it

says what we can expect to to get i love

all your colors you have a color she’s a

color scheme

um that

fills through with like the yellow and

the pinks and it’s green and so it’s

part of her brand she did a good job of

branding her channel the only thing i

would say i did get a chance to actually

watch one of her videos is i think she

could do better job with scripting out

what she’s gonna say

um and then have some sort of purpose so

essentially it’s like i’m unboxing this

and you know there’s there’s there’s the

unboxing part when you’re kind of

looking at it for the first time and so

people are getting your they’re sharing

it’s kind of almost like the reaction

channels your reaction to seeing this

product at the first for the first time

but then what she does is that she’s

actually talking about the product after

she’s already unboxed it at that point i

think you need to do some off-camera

analysis and scripting and just be to

the point and find four or five

different perks or something that really

stood out to you and just do that in

order to get the audience because

otherwise people are going to get bored

and click off your channel you’re not

going to have high q duration because

they’re like where you going with this

um you’re unboxing it you’re giving them

the insight as to what the product is so

you might have to do a little bit of um

legwork in advance like some advanced

work figure out what’s good so when we

actually when we’re looking at it you’ve

already done the work for us and we can

actually learn about the product versus

you doing as you go along and it’s just

editing so there’s no you know yeah so

it’s a little yeah so they’re short but

it’s like just get to the point and

stuff like that sometimes that’s just a

couple that i saw but otherwise i

thought it was i like the sheep her

branding and i um her video quality

seemed pretty good and she’s um

talking about the product it’s just um

keep us entertained or keep us wanting

to watch the entire video

yeah so sorry folks due to the unique

way my internet is rubbish whenever i

stream we can’t watch videos we can just

watch a buffering

icon and then scroll down the bottom to

kind of get an idea of what’s going on

so uh what you’re suggesting here jj is

that the creator needs to just jump into

the uh analytics look at the audience

few duration see if there’s maybe a

significant drop-off in the first

30 seconds to a minute um and that’s

might be something which she can um

possibly tackle uh i did just want to

add as well as far as i’m aware this

channel is a dutch channel

uh i think i i watch one of her videos

very quickly and i i think she was

speaking in dutch but

uh in the netherlands they are very

bilingual and so i i don’t think there’s

any issues with like english titles

it’s very similar to india where they’ll

have um english titles but it’ll be

maybe a different

spoken language in the videos themselves

i just want to ask about the question in

terms of the thumbnails in terms of uh

jj you’re probably more familiar with

this space um is it common for the

creators to just hold up the product and

maybe not actually emphasize what it

does i’m think because what i’m

just generally thinking is a close-up of

the makeup on the face and i’m not i’m

not seeing that i’m just seeing the

products promotion more than anything


yeah i think it’s probably people to

have to have the product but then also

your reaction to the products i think

she kind of does that

her outline is unique to her branding so

i i don’t the little solid white line i

know a lot of youtubers do that and so

she’s showing the product but they do do

that it’s like the product so what what

what i would recommend she does as well

is look at other see this is like common

you hold up yeah

similar isn’t it yeah so just maybe

maybe if she could do higher resolution

like this first woman you had on there

her resolution was really fire

um he’s these first two here um versus

the yankee candle woman her

the image of her and even her product is

kind of like not the best but anyway so

yeah they hold up the product it’s their

reaction to the product and it’s like um

look she shows up and she’s trying to uh


i don’t know it’s because you already

went to her channel before but yeah

could it could be yeah um

uh any any other thoughts uh done and

travis before we move on

are we good

and she got better she got better at it

look at this stuff down here below yeah

female evolution going on here yeah

i would definitely say


again target audience you know and and

it’s because i don’t know much about the

space so maybe you’re already doing this


making sure that the things you’re


video after video would appeal to the

same viewers so you can get those

returning viewers up

and she and she did say in dutch i don’t

know if you just uh rob you just

scrolled through one and she said in

dutch because the one i listened to was

in english so i don’t know what she was

saying oh really yeah yeah it was one it

was english but down there that says in

dutch so i think when it’s in dutch she

puts on a thumbnail in dutch

i heard an english language one but i

didn’t even realize that but it is it is

touching but yeah

this this is interesting just her most

popular stuff uh a year ago was tights

from what i can tell yeah

these are all unboxings of tights

products and there’s obviously quite a

significant crossover between makeup and

tights but

we’ve seen many makeup channels but i

don’t think we’ve ever come across a

channel that focused in particular on


i was wondering if it was very

intentional that you

went away from from this type of um

content maybe they it didn’t wasn’t

trending last winter tights were for

some reason

and so when they went out of style she

was like all right done with the tights

moving on


all right that is anna unboxing there

and i think i’m just looking at the top

of my list i think this was uh another

channel that we need to look at and it


wondering i outdoors and i’ll let travis

just lead on his first impressions on

this one

looks very strongly canadian but only in

this last couple videos that makes me

think that i don’t know if that means

that everywhere like me in newfoundland

yeah yeah these are all um canadian

locations cool yeah so

uh wandering outdoors okay cool so um we

have looks like there’s a lot of

handheld maybe gopro type footage so the

thing that you know you might think well

that’s not as an impressive thumbnail

but by the same token it actually gives

you an expectation

which is good because if most of the

video well it’s good if they’re doing

that like if they’re doing a lot of like

gopro handheld type of footage then this

will exactly meet your expectations

which is a good thing so when you click

it you kind of get what you expect

um if you had like this incredibly

beautiful kind of thumbnail but it’s all

handheld gopro footage that’s actually

the wrong thing you click people in and

then people don’t like it and they leave

so um from that perspective

interesting i’m assuming that’s the way

they shoot their videos now from beyond

that you can see that even just a couple

months ago the thumbnails were sometimes

not good


like the backpacking across canada i

don’t that one’s terrible just because

of the lighting on his face and then

yeah there’s some bad ones here so the

thing is is like you can get good

quality shots i would think from the

footage you already have which it looks

like what they’re trying to do is

get a screen grab and then try to make

it work

but at times

it doesn’t work so for me that bike the

back bike packing across canada with the

sunset wouldn’t even put the text on the


it’s just such a cool image anyway you

don’t need that plus

cardinal sin you’re repeating the title

in the thumbnail like that’s pointless

and then cardinal sim number two you’re

putting the text where the timestamp is

going to go


i mean that alone

uh could have improved that thumbnail

quite a bit

um it’s not

good all of these from those are like

four to five months old so i guess this

is a good example of how text can

i don’t want to go as far as saying ruin

the thumbnail but it can start to

dominate too much and then if we go to

the ones

at the top here where i don’t know is

the text a little more soul here it’s

still a little dominant isn’t it there’s

there’s still work to be done here

there’s these weird um

gradients going on that just

i don’t know it kind of i don’t know

what the vibe is but i i don’t know if

the vibe is quite right with the text

being used to you

you muted jj okay i actually remove it i

was going to say that he adds a lot of

color saturation in the the text but if

you did that to the actual

the photos and so

it’s a lot of green so if he were to do

some little saturation you know color

gradient with the with the thumbnails

that might help and he might have a

cohesive look because there’s a lot of

green in all his thumbnails and that

might help it pop and you know and then

also uh

show the contrast between that for

example he’s biking he’s a green jersey

on in the background i see these um

evergreen trees and there’s a blue sky

so if you were to really play with the

saturation that could really pop that

could be really effective um so i think

that’s something you might want to

consider um titles

yeah let’s so let’s talk about this real

quick because i’m i’m noticing

that this is

very consistent in terms of view counts

right like they have this really loyal

audience coming back again and again yes

so to me that is licensed to play with

these titles a little bit because yes

i’m noticing a vlog channel here that’s

kind of doing almost episodic content

backpacking through canada it might as

well say episode 12. you know like

what happened on this particular

backpacking video why am i clicking on

it why am i watching because your your

co your core audience loves it they’re

they’re eating it up which is great but

where the goal here is to get more of

those people in that core audience so

what i’m going to say is like the

railway one up at the top here the to

railway newfoundland like that to me is

the interesting bit left out of the

title but it’s in the thumbnail if that

makes sense so

that was like an interesting thing you

saw while you were backpacking in that

particular video lead with that like

what’s the most interesting thing that

happens in the video

make that the center make that the focus

of the actual video and that might be a

good place to start maybe you you see

like some incredible animal like a bird

or something like i found a rare

something or other while backpacking in

canada you know just just that that

thing that’s going to click to go oh

that’s really cool you know

i’m so glad you spotted the consistency

of the audience because i thought

exactly the same thing you’ve got maybe

200 to 400 return viewers that are going

to click on your videos regardless of

the title of a thumbnail so you’ve

already got them it’s now making these

thumbnails and titles more accessible to

a wider audience to bring in a bit a

bigger community yeah so that is a the

wondering eye outdoors and i don’t know

maybe you’ll make it to vancouver one

day uh i think you’re on the other side

of canada though and that is a long long

trek so i wish you all the best

especially winter months if you’re going

to be biking through canada in winter

that sounds like hard work think about

how many videos that would be

yeah that could be 100 300 400 maybe

moving on uh then to discord i promise

i’m gonna change this screenshot at some

point point because i’m bored of brock

lesnar and smackdown thumbnail there but

until then dan

why should people

pay attention to discord

well that thumbnail right there came

with the message what uh what do you

think will this get views this person

has taken their thumbnails they’re

working on them and they’re asking the

opinions of others and people went ahead

and they started giving advice i kind of

wonder what their thumbnails look like

today so maybe that would be

just one more reason to go check out the

discord it’s full of people just like

you on this crazy journey we call

youtube uh just like you are it’s not a

place where people are spamming their

content trying to get more views that

doesn’t work but it is a place for

you know finding a whole bunch of other

people too that can you can relate to

which is something i did not have when i

started on youtube i i was kind of alone


that is what it’s all about the

community over there is awesome and we

take people who have been super helpful

and we audit one of their channels at

random every week and it is zach does

animation this week so i think let’s

just go through the four of us with like

one observation that we very quickly

pick up on

for this channel and my observation

would be

the titles are not helping you


clicked on because they’re either very

functional or they tell you a what the

video is rather than why you should

watch this video so that would be my

suggestion uh dan if you want to give

one piece of advice to zach what might


who are these animations for because

right now it looks like a channel that

talks about itself a lot it you know a

zak does animations premiere

what are you premiering what is the

context what did you animate why should

anybody watch it one piece of advice

from jj

my advice would be to remove the borders

around your thumbnails on the blind


one so that’s a sort of a visual

advice because it seems like it’s

unnecessary and then you have the a

branding the zac does animations

branding it’s it’s unnecessary you can

take those off as well

um i understand you want to brandon but

i’m not needed

and i’ve left you with the hardest one

travis because we’ve stolen all of the

suggestions perhaps sorry i missed the

first two so if i repeat it it’s fine


i just ask yourself the hard question

who is this content for uh that’s kind

of what dan said so you’ve got to pick

another one well wait i wasn’t even done

explaining maybe this is another one

sorry yeah sorry for cutting you off go

ahead no yeah you might have a good

angle on this you should take it yeah

i mean like look at it as if you don’t

know who you are and what type of skill

level you have

and ask yourself would i click this link

and if so would i watch it and then if i

would watch it would i watch another one

like is and try to take your your own

kind of how long it took you to make

these or whatever out of it like that’s

just take that out of it um

and be realist be real with yourself

about it i’m not saying that it’s not

good content i don’t know can’t see it

but really ask yourself that question

because at one point it looks like you

were doing one thing and now you’re

doing something completely different so

for me right now it feels like you’re

trying different things nothing wrong

with that but um who

and why would someone watch your content

and finally zach congratulations on 100

subscribers we will be back in a minute

introducing daily ideas from vid iq

ai designed for those that have to


inspired by the creators that start

working when others stop

because their inspiration doesn’t care

for nine to five

creators that push their ideas one step


did that video break for anyone else yes

yep yeah all right well i’m glad i

stopped it then

great thanks stream yards um you started

well i stopped it because it wasn’t

running right oh it was running i heard

it i wasn’t looking but i was like it

was running

so for me just stop running


brilliant should we try it again

yeah i got to do a club video which woke

up what we were trying to say there is

that we have a tool called daily ideas


is going to give you up to 50

suggestions based on the content that

you’re already making on youtube so

whether you’re a youtube education

channel a yoga fitness channel a tech

channel a pinterest channel then

this tool is going to look at your

previous videos and suggest titles for

future videos and then you can do the

research on those titles to see if there

are opportunities there

uh it is part of our

boost tools but you do get three

free daily ideas every single day but if

you are a brand new vidiq customer uh

yeah and you want to take advantage


all of our tools for 30 days free then

do make sure to check out the link in

the description

all right let’s move on to another video

uh intro that may break or may not i

just don’t know

now for me that video just stopped

running it just paused no it went it

went all the way through it’s brilliant

this is this is awesome i love this

uh what we do now

is we take this machine and we find out

how many uh channels i’ve already

submitted and we’re up to about 250

uh somewhere along those lines and

we put our number in this machine and it

will pick out random numbers

as we will start auditing uh from our

list uh so the claw

goes in it picks its number the number

that’s just taped to the ball in a

really tacky way but fair enough we take

that number we go one six uh what was it

one six one one six two

one six two

and then we take

that video link which hopefully i’ve

copied correctly and then i paste it

on screen

and we look at a channel for the first

time that’s called that’s some funny


well let’s be the judges of this they

are approaching 300 subscribers

and what i’m seeing here

on very first impressions is what we

like to call

dank and memes it’s a dank meme channel

so whenever i see a channel like this i

get a little nervous because

i don’t know how they’re sourcing their


and i’ve been running into a lot of

channels like this uh in some of the the

youtube circles that i run in and one in

particular uh that i saw

actually had their about section by the

way if you if you want your clips

removed you need to email me

you know so that’s that’s like some

people do the forgiveness instead of

permission thing on youtube and i just

i’m just putting this out there’s a

cautionary tale like if that’s how

you’re running your channel you’re doing

it wrong

yeah don’t do this either yeah that

doesn’t work either but we don’t know

how this channel is sourcing its content

um we’ve some of us have seen some of

this around before i’m sure some of this

stuff looks familiar to me so

that would be the thing i’m kind of

nervous about here for this channel how

like is it transformative

and what we mean by transformative is

that have you added enough of your own




uh etc etc

to change the original form of a content

so that it is original um because even

if you’re not picked up by um copyright

claims and whatnot

you may be hit by reused content

issues when and if you try to monetize

this channel

so yeah i guess now we’ve got that out

of the way

it’s still a difficult channel to to

recommend suggestions for if it’s just

content lifted from elsewhere because we

don’t really know what the focus is

we’ve got stuff about the rock’s eyebrow

and then a helicopter

car of some kind and then mark


it’s just it’s just random hopefully

funny stuff

i i think they’re going to encounter

spiky views because there’s just some of

this stuff would be funny to some of

their audience and i think it’s gonna go

away video by video you know certain

memes will appear to cert or will appeal

to certain people

this kind of feels like maybe a a


you know when pewdiepie does his uh meme


it’s almost like all of the the content

from that meme reviews that they’re

grabbing it and just and just uploading


that sounds very simplistic but because

we don’t really have a value proposition

the content is very shotgun in its

approach it’s all over the place

it’s just the default opinion that i’m

reaching for the channel

i i guess by the silence of jay and uh

travis you agree and we’ll move on

agree move on all right

all right okay i kind of needed like a

you know prod

to go again right so we’re going to pick

a gaming channel this time and it’s

exactly a channel 100

and let’s see


this channel that is called

tourism i believe

because they have


two hours


all right let’s take a look at this one

now i’m seeing

memes again sort of but at the same time

i i feel like these are more connected

if that makes sense a bit more structure


first person shooter memes possibly

or challenges in perhaps first-person

shooters in particular cod zombies

so whether it’s compilations of of other

people’s like uh headshots for example

or it’s just stuff that they’ve while

they’re playing the game they’ve been

collecting like cool moments and things

like that

uh they

i i think they know their audience

pretty well i mean look at some of the

views on these videos

i mean so great example title and

thumbnail working together this is awful

arrow pointing at something i would

argue is awful 22 things wrong with

vanguard zombies so we have an

interesting listicle and a very

eye-catching thumbnail guess what

there’s not 22 things in that thumbnail

there’s but one thing

and the encouragement to click for 21

more awful things in vanguard zombies


i don’t know this might be a channel to

hold up as an example when it comes to

some of the things we’ve been talking

about today yeah i mean they talk about

a channel that’s hit ten thousand

subscribers in one month

uh it feels like you you’ve hit the

ground running uh your channel focus is

called zombies i think that’s brilliant

i guess if if it was perhaps a crossover

thing you may

do a video of something along the lines

of what if cod zombies was in halo or

something similar just a time with halo

that’s going to be a huge release yeah

very soon

are you using the community tab that’s a

question yes you are you’re getting 21

000 votes so you get in a huge community

already there

i mean i’m just going to start

applauding because i don’t know what

else i can suggest to be honest you

could stand you should be more

you should be a pillar of the gaming

community and how you can

still still you know in 2021 late 2021

you can start a gaming channel and in a

month have 10 000 subscribers

and 1.5 million views well and they’re

they’re doing they’re doing something

really smart they’re using games as

but a vessel for for their personality

the game is less relevant it’s more

about what they’re doing with it the

game is oh do you think oh that’s

interesting dan i’m curious to know what

would happen if they

uh just decided to do something not

called zombies yep

i’ve been getting really into this

because one of my favorite channels to

watch right now is let’s game it out

they put out a video a month and it’s

always a different game but it’s it’s

the way they play the game and it’s it’s

their their through line there is

they’re gonna break this game right

every single video they somehow manage

to break the game and

that’s why it works so well because they

found they found their way to kind of

bounce around i think with this person

the way i don’t we haven’t watched any

of the videos so we could be wrong but

the way it looks to me is that they’re

using the game as a playground and if

they were to pivot to a different first

person shooter but the same style of

content they might not see a drop in

views at all in fact they might just

continue to grow at the great rate that

they’re growing now

and their channel has been on this one

topic from the very beginning so they’ve

stuck to their guns forgive the pun

uh on cod zombies for

how long now

uh three months so yeah very very strong

stuff very strong stuff

uh i’ll move on to the next channel that

was great

cool thank you jj well i’m gonna i’m

gonna make sure that you and travis uh

are gonna take the next one because dan

and i

need hydrating uh we need to take a

a verbal break i think it’s a good idea

i’m gonna grate water

you two are gonna look at

duncan custom airbrush channel

and it looks a little bit


this this

oh okay

airbrush nice

okay let’s see

hey good old mr beast uh banner

is that what that is

he’s got a style of thumbnail which is

kind of cool

bob ross looking thumbnail there

and he’s an artiste all those videos

they’re fairly long like his short ones

are like nine minutes and that’s a long

one for me so it’s uh

it’s interesting

uh i’m thinking happy little tumblr so

is his stuff like more

uh tutorial based or is like yes that’s

my question is he because the fact that

they’re so long makes me think that he’s

showing people how to create something

but then again when we were talking

about a woman with the unboxing she was

showing the product she was unboxing and

then her face so the first few that you

showed it was kind of like just him

with some object but i wasn’t quite sure

what the object was so so i didn’t

really know what this like what was

what’s going on here but then later on

it looks like he’s airbrushing tumblers

yeah it looks like he’s uh through trial

and error he’s figured out what

thumbnails work for his audience because

i mean personally me i would be more

attracted to these types of thumbnails


where the product is very much in focus

yeah and you can see the detail but

he’s now gone for this

he’s the hero of the content and maybe

that’s through just

um he’s learned that

as dan was saying i think a little bit

in the previous channel that maybe the

the the airbrush uh

content is the vessel for him as the the

hero of a channel and the audience is

reacting more it’s kind of like reverse

of what we may usually recommend

um but maybe the data is is pushing him

to this in this direction

that’s just that’s just my thought from

looking for my channel

i was going to say it’d be great i know

he i didn’t wasn’t familiar with the

mrb’s cover but it would have been nice

if you just said the channel is all

about airbrushing tumblers and just

tumblers only like i didn’t know though

that he has 80 000 subscribers so

clearly as an audience

for this art of airbrushing tumblers i

mean it’s beautiful like you said the

ones these are beautiful these attract

me like i see this i know okay this is a

channel about airbrushing and this the

one with the child here with the how to

apply water slide decals to tumblers

that’s just fascinating and then the

other one that tracks me is the lips

that’s like wow this is

good stuff especially christmas crafts

of so many audiences for this like um

schools and camps and

parents and moms and teens there’s a lot

of folks who love sort of things like

this so to switch it where he’s the hero

is kind of you’re going to lose a bunch

of people i don’t you might not care but

you’re not going to necessarily attract

a variety of audiences with this you

have a larger body of audience if i saw

this different types of people may click

this to learn how to do these things

with the later thumbnails when this is

him he’s he’s just limited to people who

would who you know maybe already know

him and they know what he does and

they’re just checking but you’re not

going to get new people with that the

thumbnails that you’re going with now

when you’re the hero of it that’s just

something to think about like i wouldn’t

necessarily click the the early the

later ones the ones that just he started

doing these i would click on because i

have kids and i you know i love crafts

and i love making home diy projects and

this is right up my alley but i wouldn’t

deserve to click the other i’m not going

to be myself but yeah

this is um

one where i’d we’d love to have um the

um channel live so we could ask them the

question like was it did you make a

really conscious decision to switch from

these thumbnails to your most recent

ones uh and why was that because i um

what’s the channel that’s um i’m getting

a zhc vibe here with um

i guess maybe he was trying to follow

with putting himself in the thumbnails a

little bit i’m trying to find an example

of um


that vibe a little bit on some of his


the most popular ones


yeah and he does yeah and that’s not a

bad thing because that’s actually a


big youtuber in the space so

and um i think

what zhc did a couple of times is he he

um he did designs for large creators

like mr beast and pewdiepie i believe uh

i’m not sure if there were actual

collaborations or he was just doing

something for a big creator to get

noticed and i think that really worked

uh for him

and so yeah i wonder if there’s an


um pivot point you know this crate has

gone in in a direction that we on the


maybe don’t fully understand why

but notice the ones the ones he did when

it was just the product got a lot more

views than the ones when it’s him i mean

they were significantly older so they’ve

had a bit more time to breathe that’s

true some of us um but yeah


i guess what would be really interesting

to see is like in terms of

um traffic sources

what are the traffic sources like for

say this video


this video and also return and

uh new and return viewers i’m wondering

if there’s significant different

significant changes in the in the

volumes and the numbers there uh with

these types of uh videos uh and and the

way they’re pitched to the audience

anything else chaps or chaps and

chapters shall we move on

silence means

that we move on to the next one uh but

i’m gonna give you a little warning uh

right now folks i am going to turn on

subscriber chat only and the reason

we’re going to do this because i’m going

to experiment with something so this

means that you will only be able to chat

if you are subscribed to the channel

all right

i know some of you uh may disagree with

this but we actually did a poll on this

and i think we tested this on wednesday

and i think people actually like the

idea of it so i’m putting on

subscriber chat only and

a minute after you subscribe you will be

able to chat and you’ll find out why i’m

doing that in around about five to ten

minutes uh but in the meantime we’re

gonna go back to the claw and we’re

gonna pick another channel

and that is two one two and this is

gonna be a gaming channel this time

we are going to

audit a channel which i’m going to let

dan pronounce the name of because quite

frankly it scares me

is it quick see

yeah i think qxe when you when you look

at it well yeah all right

good stuff why not so warzone apex

and call of duty i think the banner said

it did yes oh quality war zone apex okay

so they are sticking to one type of game

which is cool uh now what are we doing

with our content so

looks like they’re experimenting with

shorts just given the thumbnails of

those i’m going to assume they’re shorts

it’s hard to tell

i’ll ignore those and look more

specifically at the regular video on

demand so we got mp40 vanguard the best

and only mp4 do you need something

something something i’m guessing call of

duty war zones in there somewhere

and then at the end video after that’s a

live stream so they are doing some live

streams i think they’re doing a little

bit of everything which is cool

i i think a lot of channels are scared

to do this they do some video content

they do some live stream content and

they do shorts and they’re wondering

should i put these on different channels

you can definitely do all this stuff on

one channel especially if you’re in

gaming uh but i’ve seen it on both ways

it’s kind of a matter of preference uh


what i will say is just looking at the

video on demand content only

although the live stream thumbnails you

could say this about them too

text text text text text i you’re you’re

relying very heavily on

fair enough readable text some of it

some of it’s kind of small



not enough call of duty in there or apex

or whatever the game you’re playing is


it’s just kind of expanding on the title

in your thumbnails and to me that is a

massive wasted real estate i would be i

would be trying to get more creative


your thumbnails make it make

make it feel like if you’re going to do

the a video on the mp40 vanguard then

all i want to see in that thumbnail is

the mp40 vanguard and if there’s any

text maybe it’s an arrow pointing and

it’s saying like worst weapon you know

or or best weapon or something like that

two two words three at the most

and that’s where i think this channel

could could grow a lot from if they were

to improve their thumbnails for sure

some success here with some shots that

i’m seeing uh something about controller

and playing

vanguard for the first time

but then rhinos in streets of south

africa my home country

that should have been on like a

different channel if they were ap maybe

yeah if you see a lot of cool stuff

around where you live i think you should

start another channel that’s more of

your your lifestyle vlog channel you can

tie the two together with the channels

tab here but yeah that that’s very

distracting for your audience who’s

coming back for call of duty content

apex content things like that here’s the

thing it is very possible because that’s

intriguing that you would just see

rhinos walking down your street in your


i may watch that and

millions of other people may watch it

but what happens if that video suddenly

gets 1.5 million views on your quiksi

gaming channel yeah your audience is


ruined then it’s going to be all over

the place um

they’re going to be wanting to see

giraffes and lions and whatever else

roaming down your streets not

necessarily the the best game the best

rifle to using call of duty vanguard so

just think about the audience a little

bit there

i think about yeah think about the


as a fan of youtube think about the

channels that you watch in this space

the the channels you you would i guess

consider yourself uh competing against

and think about why you watch them think

about what value they offer you you know


and try to continually learn because

there’s a lot of different things going

on on this channel and

that’s what i’m kind of failing to see

is like why should i subscribe uh and

who’s the channel for specifically

all right folks this is why i have

turned on a subscriber chat only we’re

gonna pick


from the chat itself to audit right we

have these forms but we want to try and

do a

chat selection

and the way to do that is through

streaming ads which apparently can do

this so

type in the chat now hashtag channel

audits as you can see on screen and

we’re going to start collecting names


it’s only going to work once so just

type it in once if you do it multiple

times it ain’t gonna work we’ve already

got one entry so we’re gonna come back

to this in about five minutes and we’ll

pick one of these uh winners uh from

hashtag channel audits but in the

meantime let’s use a claw and pick

another one from the list

and it is channel two two two


we are looking at that’s actually better

than the claw in some ways

financial freedom

the problem is travis

yeah because in the uni unique way that

youtube is rubbish these days you cannot

click on the three dots next to a

person’s name and get right

it’s uniquely rubbish

yeah uniquely rubbish matt cause

financial freedom uh yeah let’s start

with you travis

robin hood stock financial freedom so i

talk to channels like this fairly often

actually um

and it’s about trying to figure out who

your core viewership is going to be it

looks like this particular person is

looking at some higher end

people to invest whether they realize

that or not it is because it’s uh i mean

you’re talking about um

elon musk and an index fund and these

are not necessarily beginner friendly

subjects nothing wrong with that by the

way um just understanding your

your core viewership is going to be

important not a lot of videos over the

last eight months but um

pretty good views on all of them

especially since it’s a newer channel

um and some working out better than


some that are actually really really

successful and that is just point art

which is interesting

in terms of

uh financial channels in particular

stock suggestions

what do you reckon the curtains should

be because i’m thinking

in terms of stock you need to move

pretty quickly

and so you’re thinking like not live

streams per se and i know there are live

st live streamers who do this but

you’re thinking you want to publish

these videos on like at least once a

week if not yeah and the thing is like

you know especially for a bitcoin

channel same thing a lot of a lot of

really successful bitcoin channels um

will live stream as well because things

change very fast

but um for sure every week probably

minimally and then um you know if you

can do more

uh more is better because you could be a

part of someone’s morning before they

start to you know take their

money out and start to invest it they

can come to your channel and look for

the latest information so yeah the more

the better but i guess it depends on

what your

what what is this what is the purpose of

this channel specifically does it say

anything about

like 1200 is a weird title by the way

is that a stimulus check

um there is mountain goal is to combine

passion investing in background and

computer science to be a real device huh

oh that’s kind of cool

i mean it’s a cool


so then come up with a cool catchy

phrase that you can use

as um you’re you know kind of who you


because financial freedom by the way is

a very

i mean overly used kind of phrase if you

had something like using tech to

break you out or so i don’t know

something cool


you know people can remember you easier

i love that idea travis i mean i love

that the concept of the about section

and something you said travis treasured

me um in terms of if it was like almost

like an ai driven or a computer like

like my computer pick your stocks or you

know like the traditional ways tick

stocks is to study the trends look at

the news blah blah blah like i’m going

to use some data in my computer

experience to pick the next stock and

see if it see if it wins or see if it

does well and then follow up you know i

mean like if i don’t know if that’s a

series he can do or a playlist or that’s

a shorts thing or i don’t know his

cadence of his ability because it seemed

like he he goes a lot of time in between

producing videos but if he was serious

about this channel that’s one way to go

at it and having consistent content

quick pics

with this computer maybe using shorts or

something a series where people come to

look for it it’s like the ai pics and

then follow up to see was i correct did

it go did it did the tank or did it go

up you know did the computer win you

know people is gamification of stock

buying you know i think that’s something

to think about

now as a complete layman to

trading um this is how i might approach


this topic i can see here

uh some good uh green shoots of growth

here these two

videos that are titled very similar is

blank stock a buy question mark

i would be going into the wall streets

bets and super stonks reddit forums

every day and see what people talking

about in terms of stocks and i would

make a video for the following morning

on those topics uh to meet the trend of

what’s being talked about and the


um i always go back to uh what’s that

channel called it’s matt talks tech

uh in the


in the tech world

he started using this title formula on

pretty much every single video that he

does and it is blank

release date and price that’s

every single video is titled that way so

if it’s iphone 14 mac m1

apple airpods it’s


release date and price

and his videos just perform really well

because he’s really established that

title formula

and just from what i’m seeing on

this channel that has 200 subscribers

these two videos

got thousands of views

and that’s a good sign but

i guess forgive the pun how much do you

want to invest

in your channel because your cadence at

the moment seems pretty

weak you know one video a month at best

right now

and i think in terms of stocks and

trading uh this is almost a daily thing

you can have the weekends off i

guarantee you

that you can have weekends off is that

right there’s there’s no stocks trading

at the weekends i don’t know anything

about this hour yeah yeah i don’t think

so it’s monday through friday

there you go there you

you all good

i’m great

great okay

let’s pick a winner so we have

152 entries this actually works better

than a phone

uh yeah thank you all for submitting

your entries uh so we’re gonna pick a

number down well pick not pick a number

we’re gonna pick a channel and then i

have the

envious task of actually trying to find

this channel to audit and the winner is

right okay so watch how easy or hard

this is going to be

i will do a search for that i want that



my channel

what’s that travis i have to use this

feature in gadgetcast where where’s that


that actually works


oh omg right so let’s audit this channel

with a thousand subscribers


first of all is it a gaming channel is

it non-gaming channel i think it’s a

non-gaming channel with gaming elements

because i’m seeing pokemon i don’t know

all right okay so this is

this is all hitting at the same time i’m

seeing the guitar so i think this is a

channel that does

guitar cover versions

of movies and video games

that’s cool

well now’s a really good time to be

covering pokemon because they’re about

to release the remakes of diamond and


so i think that they they’re probably

yeah every brilliant diamond and shiny

pearl theme so they already did a big

song there that did great 1.7 k views

and to me that that right there is the

success you want to double down on not

necessarily pokemon but maybe maybe

i would be looking at other i’d be doing

some research into what are some things

that pokemon fans also like start with

nintendo start with things like that and

continually cover

different songs from those games

especially if the game is getting

an update or a big release is coming out

from the franchise that would be

exactly where you’re looking it looks

like some avengers stuff they’ve done

too so disney plus is always putting

something out there’s got to be

something every couple months that you

can do

in that

so i think all of these are shots

i think obviously what we’ve got to talk

about here is not necessarily the audio

experience but the viewing experience

because i think it is just this

how can you make

this bit a little more appealing

um whether it’s going much closer to the


to the threads or maybe showing the

chords as well while you’re playing

i i would be intrigued to know what the

honest retention is on some of these

because i think as if i feel as if the

pitch and the idea is really good but

are people watching or listening to the


i would get created with the editing i

mean the i think that the screen’s more

narrow than a normal phone screen

yeah we’re looking at like

9x16 for for a short as narrow as it

needs to be you could also do square

uh i would be cutting in so avengers in

this case i’d be cutting in maybe uh

scenes from like the game or the movie

and then coming back to you playing the

guitar i would really play around with

this because with shorts like retention

matters quite a bit so

little pattern interrupts here and there

are going to keep people locked in

you’re trying to avoid them swiping away

so i think what we can say here is that

this is a channel with


somewhat unique uh value proposition

guitar cover versions of video games and

and movies i think the thumbnails are

really effective even though they are

short so i don’t know how much of these

are going to be used certainly going

forward um but execution wise there

probably needs to be a bit of work there

and i’ve just noticed actually this one

video here is 50 minutes long yeah the

best video from the last week is not a


yeah none of the videos when it’s doing

a full song that’s um i’m yours i love

that song so he probably had search

traffic on that and it’s you know

that’s long and it got good views on

that one as well


they are i think

the the video production thing is just

something that’s going to improve over

time they’re going to figure out how to

make that look better

um but i think i think the pitch is is

already very good sorry dan

do do you say what you want to say i was

going to say they are incorporating

gameplay footage in in the videos

already so i think it’d be a matter of

cut between it don’t just put it in the

corner like cut between it so like show

the character walking through the area

as the song transitions you know walking

through the area where that song would

actually pick up little things like that

fans of the game are gonna notice

they’re gonna pick up on those details

on your latest video it looks like now

you’re you’re going back and you’re

covering the individual songs from that

game the problem is a lot of people

won’t know the names of those songs or

the areas they relate to so keeping up

with the search term brilliant diamond

shining pearl and and then maybe

route 12 like was where that song would

pop up you know but like

keep it consistent like let people know

no this is still

shining diamond brilliant pearl et

cetera et cetera you know make your

titles really clear to someone who might

not be too familiar with with everything

but they are fans of the game

you know that works so well

let’s do it one more time

they’re asking for them

i didn’t want to oh i didn’t want to do

that sorry i’m gonna

stop stop stop

just stop stop stop wait what happened

what’s going on i want people to i want

people to do it again i want that

because we don’t know if people have

left so i wanted

while you typed this uh we did time out

a lot of people who were spamming it

only works once you can put it in as

many times as you want but you won’t it

only works once and then you get timed

out so

just put it just hashtag channel out at

one channel audits one time

there you go and while we’re waiting for

that to happen


tell us

a little bit


what you do on clubhouse sure so on

clubhouse which is an audio only app

um what i do for vidiq and for myself

because i have a club as well so we host

rooms for rising youtubers for people

who um are just early in their youtube

journey uh who are just starting out or

maybe even advanced but for essentially

we say we’re narrowing the learning

curve and bridging that information gap

so a lot of folks start youtube because

someone said you should start a youtube

channel or they see their favorite

youtuber and they feel like they can do

it themselves but um sometimes people

skip over

the the first step of knowing what

youtube is like it’s a search platform

and then you know you gotta do trends


thumbnails the importance of thumbnails

and view duration and and keep an

audience on audience retention and

lighting and video audio quality and

editing and how all those different

things interplay help you grow your

channel so we try to do is provide a

space where we could ask questions um on

we have rooms monday through friday for

vidiq hawaiian i host a champ of a room

each week sometimes it’s a thumbnails

clinic sometimes it’s a chat it’s a room

about um

niching down sometimes the niche last

week it was let’s let’s share our

productivity actually how do we stay

productive how do we stay consistent

with youtube like how do we not fall off

the wagon so we you know we pull our

audiences we see what people want to

want to do content on this week i’m

doing like 10

things 10 things you’re getting wrong

about youtube 10 things you just don’t

know that you’re doing wrong with

youtube i’m not quite sure what howard’s

channel is and then viper also helps

runs on thursdays his usually he usually

brings in some heavy hitters um some

guests i used to have a series called

how i built this dan actually was one of

a guest on my how i built this channel

uh series and what we did with that

series is that we

found creators who did amazing things

like um dan converted a shorts channel

into a he monetized pretty quickly with

three months and he converted a short

channel into one

you know that didn’t necessarily even

need to be a shorts any longer so it was

really fascinating someone who grew like

20 000 subscribers were working

full-time did a full-time job did

youtube on the side and grew like 80 000

part-time and by niching down on a

specific category so um so we share

those stories so instead of learning

about them you hear from their you can

come on stage and ask questions and

learn from them and say maybe i can do

that too so yeah so that’s what we do


when when do we do them

okay so the my rooms are usually i’ve

moved them to friday said one o’clock um

oh and i should pitch i have a really

great room coming up from someone from

youtube and i think it’s the first time

that youtube uh formally allowed someone

to join the clubhouse which is great um

it’s uh it’s uh it’s name is um

ernest petty he is the lead for the

global uh i think i have announced this

now the lead for the global trends so

youtube in january in july did an

assessment of channels from 2020 who

grew really fast doing that pandemic

area who was able so they assessed that

and they set trends and they identified

the channels that did well that

audiences resonated with they were like

sort of categories they found trends

like four or five or six different

trends and they released a report and

telling us this which is what works so

one of them

you know big secret is about less

product pro um less production um value

channels where it’s just people just

being raw and i think it kind of

correlates with the time when the

pandemic people were in their pajamas

and they weren’t polished so they didn’t

necessarily gravitate to polish looking

channels so if you were just showing

your behind the scenes blogging channel

that sort of stuff like that bringing

people into your life those channels

that did that in 2020 in the previous

year they did well so um that’s friday’s

one o’clock that’s gonna be friday this

second probably second or third december

um friday in december but otherwise it’s

wednesdays at one pm is the vidiq room

that hawa hosts and it’s usually an

instructional room um and in vipers he

fluctuates sometimes it used to be

consistently eight now he does it at

four depending on his schedule but yeah

four or eight on thursdays

and a quick show of hands who is live

streaming right now in their pajamas

i don’t have pants on if that helps


too much information

fit smarts oh look it’s it’s

i love that

okay so i’ve seen some shorts


a bit of long form content here looks as

if they’ve been

taking some of our advice possibly

trying to tie in

popular and cultural trends the iron man

sketch there

but they’re also sketching roses um

wondering what sort of art is this

could we tie this to a particular type

of art which may help

viewers know if they’re in the right


colored pencil uh would be a good place

to start


not much contents


nothing done for the last month so

committing to consistency that’s always

one thing i champion when a channel

hasn’t made any content for a while is

by the end of i’d say 2021 i want you to

have made at least six videos so that’s

one a week

i don’t know what your cadence is uh in

the past but

that’s what there seems to be big gaps

here as well because it was six months

ago and then you did four in a month

and then again we haven’t seen anything

for a month well when it comes to shorts

i mean

more is more

you almost you almost can’t make too

many shorts i would still recommend like

daily it’s a lot it’s even a short can

take a long time to make but especially

with channels like this but more shots

at the target i mean who knows where

you’d be right now uh if you know if you

didn’t take these breaks

i mean you have each videos you know

creeping up to 100 views which for for

the amount of content that you’ve done

is encouraging

but it’s that case of

let me ask you this question everybody

since we’re here

does taking a break

harm you as a creator yes

i say yes

i don’t know if it’s as simple as yes or

no for me i think i think yes it slows

down your growth

define harm i i guess would be would be

the way to think about it because i’m

being intentionally vague yeah

potentially i i know it’s if if by harm

you mean irreparable damage meaning you

will never grow no you can’t recover

from anything on youtube unless you’ve

gotten a community strike or something

like that but

it in the short term yeah it will if

you’re going to take a long break

there is just less content to consume so

your older videos could get views

but you’re not putting out anything new

so your returning viewers have nothing

new to watch and the longer that goes on

the more they’re going to bounce to

other channels who are providing content

i i think it does because i’ve seen

channels that have taken breaks and then

when they come back

other other people joined in their niche

who are continuing on folks will click

on they’re like oh this channel isn’t

being updated and i do think that

youtube maybe also maybe have a

preference for um people updating their

their channels that are updating their


their channel more providing more videos

on a regular basis um if if the ai was

to select an old video versus a new one

maybe i don’t know i don’t know i think

it i think it and it it can’t harm me

and i know people have taken breaks when

they come back they complain like oh my

goodness you know i’ve lost subscribers

or my channels aren’t doing that well

i’m not making this much money because i

took that break you can’t take a break i

think there’s ways that why you take the

break you can um

use community tab or something else so

it’s not a total break

i think and this is probably gonna echo

a lot of what dan said is what dan said

is and i think youtube kind of cop out

with this answer because they say no

taking a break doesn’t harm your channel

and i think they

they take that word

like in a strict sense of the word like

technically from an algorithmic point of


your channel is not going to be

penalized because you take a break


youtube isn’t about your channel youtube

is about an audience

and it is gonna harm your i guess


your presence with an audience

especially when your content is i guess

replaceable i like i would say 98 of


their content can be found somewhere

else maybe a little different a little

bit of a different style etc etc

and so once the creator finds that

alternative once a viewer finds that

alternative while you’re away then they

kind of forget about you i think it’s

only the um the exceptional

two or one percent of creators who can

take a break because viewers

well who can take a break without you

know being without losing their audience

because the audience is has such an

appetite for that exact piece of content

from that exact creator

that it allows them to take a break now

i on the flip side of this i’m not

saying that people should just create

content to keep up with their audience

you know people do need to balance their

work and life situations


i think naturally

uh when i when when this when there’s

something that i’m not watching anymore

because there’s a better alternative or

because it’s

it’s not been broadcast for a while i i

guess you kind of look at me people

watched friends even though there may

have been like a six month break because

it’s friends and you can only watch ross

rachel joey in chandler on that

television series


where am i going with this now i’m kind

of waffling a little bit i forgot monica


and uh let

you know what i’m talking about well

maybe you don’t but i think we should

probably move on to the next channel or

we should actually pick

uh our

final hashtag

entry and phoebe yeah

now i forgot

as well um

who sadly recently passed away

uh let’s draw a channel i think i i was

kind of gonna go off on soapbox and i

kind of rambled my way into a dead end i

thought maybe i should save this for a


how did you see that then jj howard

bunga was like that close to getting the

channel on that’s fine

and instead it’s sleepy i like their

channel avatar

yeah let’s see if we can find them

oh the top result again we are we are on

fire today

all right so we’re putting a gun at us

they want us to subscribe

fortnight contents i believe

is that instant recognition is there

with it being fortnite who is this guy

he’s the oh that guy’s the mean guy um

he had a it became a meme you actually

can look it up uh he’s a guy in

was mexico or something who laughed at

something and it just became this weird

meme that uh you know like

used everywhere

fair enough fair enough had to be there

so again dan i think we’re we’re gonna

have kind of similar vibes to the

three to the two other

memes channels that we’ve already looked

at again this has channel focus on

actually apex not fortnite i got strong

fortnite vibes from this but apparently

it’s apex

and let’s stick into that topic on every

video which means that they’re getting a

fairly consistent audience here

yeah i’m noticing that they’re using exe

in a lot of the titles i have a feeling

that that meme is very old

um i i would be

keeping up with trends and that includes

the way you present this content if

you’re gonna go this meme route and uh i

could be wrong but i i think using

like.exe in the title is something that

is long since

over you know and that’s for the videos

i’ve been successful i don’t think was

because of that apex but with zero

sensitivity to me sounds like a funny

challenge and i think that’s why that

particular video did well can you do

more videos like that that take the game

and and put it in a context that people

go oh why didn’t i think of that you

know or oh that that sounds like it

would be insane i have to i have to


oh my god that is insane i do have to

watch i have to watch dan do an insane

trick on his newest youtube video where

he takes a penny and flips it upside

down and stabs it with a fork it’s

amazing have you ever seen that it’s the

most incredible i’ve ever seen on

youtube i’ve never seen anything i made

that up you know his channel ain’t about

that mess come on now what’s up

everybody i saw everyone asking for

savage audits and i hear that the link

is broken but that’s okay because they

got a new toy to play with you can put


savage audits into the chat like all of

you want to and i might take a look at

your channel real briefly because we’re

running out of time and i gotta eat food


savage audits all one word

would you want savage audits or audits

oh my god here we go put an s on there

because you know we’re gonna have more

than one we might have two done we’ve

already got 11 000 oh look at the goal

look how many that go how many that how

many 17.

there’s more than that

go ahead and refresh that thing now

everybody should be aware that if you

get a savage audit you’re not going to

get much use out of it what are you

talking about man

i’m going to come over here and cancel

you what’s wrong with you it depends

it’s just transition from education to


how are you going to claim your 39.95

from all of these people well when they

put it when they put in savage i have a

have a little bot it’s in the chat oh

look at all of their hacking their

malware and all the other things can we

get all the social security numbers and

we open up credit cards after after this


where we had we had a hundred yet

hey that’s it that’s how quick that is

you see how fast it is

i know

it’s faster right actual channel on it

it’s really the thing that you want to

do in life get yourself a savage on it

all right let’s go ahead and pull one

right quick because that’s about also


that’s more than when you put out that

little thing where they got to sign it

up and do all the things you know most

of the savage academy people can’t read

so you can’t be giving them a whole

bunch of things to do you just give them

wonderful hashtags good to go all right

here we go

give them a form to write that’s


mm-hmm favorite butler i love this and

series is my dude what’s going on

let’s see what you’ve been up to lately

i love zen serious my good old dude

right here the literal


of channel audit live streams for years

zen series what have you been up to

since we last saw you all right

still doing the lonely life as i can see

uh in your mom’s basement i mean it’s

all right it’s rent free you can live in

there rent free but i mean you got to

clean up after yourself because uh from

what i understand man you

you leave a mess

let’s see what you got going on here on

your channel uh i got a lot of purple

and pink going on that’s cool that’s

what’s up that’s what’s up

and a lot of a lot of um

i got a lot of questions in there i’m

not gonna lie i’m looking at this i got

a lot of questions my friend i don’t

i’m afraid of the answers though but you

look at look how handsome you look with

this cartoon face why is it we don’t see

a real face we see a cartoon face

never mind that i think i just answered

my own question uh let me take a look

what is this yuri roasty what does that

say my eyes are bad now i got like

cataracts or something i don’t know what

it is uh doki doki literature club what

is it what is that that sounds like

something that a dan would know dang

what’s a doki doki

it’s this is a game it was really

popular a while back uh i haven’t seen

anything of it in some time

i don’t know much about it other than

the name and i know that it was a very

strange game it got a lot of headlines

oh my god i bet it got a lot of

headlines i bet a lot of people ended up

on that show i used to watch back in the

day where they’re like have a seat you

know i remember that when i was a good

one i liked that show

i watch a lot of them on youtube the

clips are good all right let’s go to the

next one sincerely thank you so much for

always being my butler and bringing my

stuff over we love you uh over here at

the savage academy appreciate you very

well thank you thank you we’ll just draw

from the same list which is now 119.

have a

seat let’s see michael andrews

who here we win

hey i’m detailing all right let’s take a

look at some detailing oh wait

all right there we go

all right did that copy and paste that

rob is so well known for yeah we’re

doing well here yeah look

all right with 20 subscribers jmd telly

details your jm’s let’s take a look at

what this means a bunch of shorts or


asmr detailing oh he’s only been doing

this for a little bit how long are the

two hours holy month referral you ain’t

got nothing else to do huh you got a job

or nothing you’re uploading six times

today what is what is happening with you

you ain’t got no time to do another you

should detail my car obviously you over

here got enough time to be taking videos

of detailing things

uh man two hours ago didn’t we start

live streaming two hours ago

wait a minute you uploaded this while we

were here

get this guy off the screen you can’t be

uploading some stuff while we’re on here

don’t even put real let’s do one more

because they don’t do that

people do that next one more one more

it’s worse when the live streaming well

that’s the worst live stream while we’re

doing it like what’s going on

orthania’s gaming parlor look how they

spell paul you know they’re fancy

these are people that drink with their

pinky and drink tea with their pinky and

uh you know

oh there we go okay there we go

there we go

oh man this is fancy look at this oh

what is happening here

when the monster rolls and a bunch of

shore i can’t stand the shortage you

look at them you can’t quite see what’s

going on in them uh let’s play

death’s door i don’t want to do that


mistakes were made yes i i’m not gonna


that’s kind of what it feels like when i

look at this channel mistakes we’re made

let’s see

long shot

boarding does that say crack

i mean i know my eyes are bad but i

actually say crack oh crack shot never

mind i thought we were looking at a

plumber channel i don’t know what was

going on

uh one more let’s play death story well

we can we can play what is death’s door

you probably know about this damn what

is this door what is that is what looks

like a game i guess

i’m glad we have you on the channel dan

you helped so

he has so much knowledge that he can

share and spread to everybody just i

don’t know maybe okay that’s great i

love that all right well listen i

appreciate it but we can do we’ll just

do one more do like a 30 second one real

quick let me do a quick one

do a savage shot order shall we coverage

there we go like a savage short

take longer longer for us to find it

than we do all day

oh this is messed up

what is happening with this messed up

thing i think it’s shenanigans is what’s

going on here

you know that’s that’s that’s just lost

all thirty stream yards again yeah for a

minute i was excited now i’m thinking

this is a

piggies word i like a little look at

that little cute thing right there yeah

it looks like that went down the dirt

would they go down to the pet shop and

grab one of them fat rats they got

that’s a fat rat look at that fat right

that’s a cute little fat rat piggy ain’t

no pig

oh it’s a guinea pig huh

look at this all right that ain’t that


they’re so cute

you know i i got to be honest you know

this right i used to actually have a

guinea pig they were nice and then i saw

this documentary where

where guinea pigs like actually live and

they’re like

these huts and they’ll like climb up on

the walls and stuff and these huts and

stuff and their their pets for the

people who live there you know what they

eat them this is no liar you can

actually look this up there are people

in this indigenous something or other

and they let the little guinea pigs all


and they let them live with them until

they want to eat them they just take

them off the wall and everyone looks fat

let’s go throw them and put them in a


i’m gonna tell you something i never got

over that i was humanly scarred forever

on that one so when i see it getting big

know how cute they are i’m thinking man

someone’s eating this dude right here

this cousin this cousin got flame

broiled i’m telling you man they put

some soup on them

anything to do with this oh my god it

just makes me want to throw up in my


um so anyway who this person is it was

some guinea pigs do you eat these guinea

pigs if you do we gotta cancel you right


uh and do you a savage so probably

all right thank you everyone for joining

us on the savage academy this week we we

appreciate you 39.95 every five minutes

and make sure to leave your uh area code

zip code uh serial number your uh your

date of birth uh your address your

credit card number everything in the

chat and we’ll get back to you as soon

as we possibly can thank you so much

that payment processor savages is really


make sure he can’t charge

back do it he’s just a whirlwind just

just comes in

throws everything about and then leaves



you want to say goodbye to some people

yeah we can say goodbye to some of these

people i mean why not we’re going to

think about a gamer rex is going to see

your gamer rex game game rex gamer is

that do you do the r when you only have

r for the same thing game rex gamerx

gamerx traveling with russell russell is

good to see you man good to see you

russell appreciate you appreciating the

little mouse production we just saw that

man with the

that was a big mouse what we’re just

looking at uh and we got zen series my

man’s and zarya’s he’s shooketh he is

suga uh let’s do two more i’ll say put

listen man

is that an eye or an l i hate that

english language is terrible you can’t

tell something’s a capital i or an l i

just i can’t stand the english language

crazy and then of course

rabbit key

rabbit key all right rap key we

appreciate you and your little mario

luigi looking dude there uh make sure

you try to submit again next week and

i’m sure you won’t get it

thank you savage

uh jj

from you

bye to linux linux made easy so long

shopping stash i love the name foxy tip

foxy tizzy

see you later


j03ns of course excalibur bye stout

excalibur that howa bunga she’s a goat


see you later to egg keg films to koi

fish gaming to the fire pilot

to uh

now we can start let’s go does nobody

tell fire pilots they look like ricky


goodbye to calvin uh goodbye rc

awesomeness and goodbye

to uh minecraft transformers

folks i’m exhausted i’ll just say

goodbye to all of you see you on




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