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=================== text video ====================



oh yes hello everybody welcome back to

vidiq and our tuesday channel audit live

streams you are here with the host with

your absolute least rob here educating

you on your youtube journey and if you

are a regular here i don’t know if you

noticed but that was a slightly new

intro i shortened it by

over the half of its original length and

i added some new graphics

celebrations yes thank you very much

thank you very much you are here for

episode i believe 19. it might be 18 i

forgot to count before we went live but

let’s go with episode 19 of 2022 and

what we do here every single tuesday is

we invite you into our lecture hall our

learning theater our classroom of

youtube wisdom

experience and education where we share

with you what we know to hopefully help

you grow your channels on your youtube

journey and i have a question to kick

this one off i’m gonna try and remember

to do this every single week going

forward and i’m gonna ask it to my

co-host uh in the immediate uh future

what was the first thing you did when

you woke up this morning as long as it’s

pg safe for work i will tell you what i

did just to kick this off uh i watched

the latest episode of better call seoul

it’s in its final season it’s ramping up

to an amazing ending i’m not going to

spoil any of it but i like to call

better call saul the slowest burn

television ever but also some of the

greatest television uh in history i’m

going to now invite my first guest

gaming expert on the eyebrow aficionado


dan how’s it going don’t cover your

eyebrows everybody loves what you do

with your eyebrows how are you doing you

said it had to be pg so i just thought

oh that’s good good point

i’m doing good i love better call saul

just watched it last night

and uh the part where okay like did you

see the part where they revealed that



okay fine no spoilers whatever you can

kick me out all you want i i won’t spoil

it but it was pretty cool if you’re

watching it


and then this morning i showered

so you did something practical you made

sure you uh smelled fresh and confident

for this live stream great to hear

introducing next the most enthusiastic

man on youtube it is the one and only

rk owing your face into youtube oblivion

it’s viper oh

wait what the people this your boy viper

executive producer of the iq and we

are live

but before we get started i just want to

break some hearts real quick um just so

you are aware so there’s no confusion

here when you are replying to a vidiq

twitter tweet or whatever there’s a 99

chance that i am the one replying to you

i know some of y’all think it’s rob i do

using gift though because he has such

good gifts and i really haven’t had a

chance to make gifts of my own so i just

use all his gifts and they’re so good

but yeah usually it’s me reply don’t be

like you twitter account because i i

tweet and i reply so uh it’s usually me

but rob does team know just so you guys

know it’s not like he doesn’t snap

he needs a tweet so

so if you want a personal reply from

viper today he’s guaranteeing at you and


dm a tweet do it right now

we are putting viper under the

microphone he’s going to reply to every

single tweet uh that you ever you sent

to us uh today uh vid iq of course viper

what was the first thing you did this


you know

i don’t know you got this from but uh

usually when i wake up the first thing i

do is check my phone which i think a lot

of us do um usually i check twitter

oddly enough

i usually check um the youtube studio

and see what how many hours uh views per

hour with the channel is getting that is

very unhealthy and that’s the first

thing i do every single morning but what

about all of you uh what are you doing

this morning has anybody told us what

they’re doing this morning morning uh

bring it up on chat if anybody’s seen

anything uh i don’t think anybody’s

willing to volunteer yeah a lot of

people who check your youtube when they

wake up which is yeah that’s a little

weird for me

all right i don’t know if this is pete

this is pg but let’s go with it uh homie

carnell says he goes p

i’ll be honest i’m getting older i need

to do that in the middle of the night

these days like 3 4 a.m

at that time

uh unfortunately uh what what yeah so so

here we go checking youtube studio uh

from watch wrestling uh of course and we

have uh psro dyt uploaded something the

first thing they did was upload a video

wow that is commitment you can schedule

those you know

that is true yes you don’t have to

bother doing that very very true g wolf

united gaming uh put the kettle on the

question is what was in the kettle i

asked you that as a weird it was an

empty kettle they didn’t say they filled

the kettle they’re just empty

somebody here said they’d go to school

who was that somebody said they’d go to

school whoever you are yeah there we go

a staying school chump is gaming ronin

zero five good for you uh school is very

very important

and what else have we got here as

someone had a cuppa yeah clone brother

reviews what sort of cooper did you how

and finally

not least here some very interesting we

want to know more about this


from the danger


your bed fell apart and you fell out of

it this morning

worrying concerning

we wish you the very best of luck sounds

like the title of their next video

there we go title generator there good

good call dan good call all right folks

so welcome here to vidiq tuesday channel

audit livestream there’s 400 of you

already watching if you are new here do

introduce yourself in the chat if you

are regular here

make sure to welcome all of those new

creators and we’re just going to quickly

explain how all of this works in 60

seconds to cover the next two hours

welcome to the vid iq channel audit live

stream where we review your youtube

channels to submit your channel for

review make sure to fill out the right

form linked in the video description

note that we clear these forms after

every live stream so make sure to

resubmit the following week channel

audits are free so please don’t send us

a super chat or spammers in a chat

expecting a review if there are

alternative ways to get picked for an

audit we will let you know during a live

stream if we don’t get around to

reviewing your channel today vid iq has

a channel audit tool working 24 7 with

you make sure to download our tools and

use the 30 day free trial using the link

in the video description if you submit

your channel for review expect the

following we are sharing nothing more

than our knowledge experience and

passion as fellow youtube creators i

want to give a huge shout out to all of

our moderators who do a phenomenal job

every single week thank you thank you

thank you as for all of you well thumbs

up if you enjoyed this live stream

subscribe if you love it and if you know

of a fellow creator who may find all of

this stuff useful please do share it

with them and with all of that being

said let’s start auditing your channels

as usual housekeeping is as follows we

continue to spot creators for peace

assisting the millions of displaced

children in the ukraine there

is a link probably to the left knows it

to the right of your screen or

underneath the screen depending on if

you’re a mobile or desktop thank you dan

for those random pointing directions so

any superchats donations go directly

to that course thank you in advance

we get about 500 plus submissions every

single week so we can’t audit every

single channel so what i recommend you

do is bring up your channel

on a second screen if you can

dan it’s like we’re in a we’re taking

off or something are you gonna show us

where the emergency exits are as well

how cool is this um bring up a second


and uh make sure to review your channel

as we’re auditing all sorts of channels

be tech travel

gaming animation because many of the

things we talk about are just

fundamentals that you can apply to your


and also uh just checking on the twitter

notification feed we haven’t had any

questions or anything coming for viper

just yet but we will be keeping an eye

on that so do make sure to tweet as much

as possible uh oh here we are if we are

talking first things i don’t think slip

and slide time with a wife is what you

really what okay i’m not sure

you wanted it to be pg and then you took

twitter did he read the rpg

moving on uh let’s talk about mid iq

itself we’re not just a channel auditing


we have a collection of amazing tools

and i want to show you two of those

tools right now

dan and i had an excellent conversation

with ed on friday phenomenal live

streaming it’s all about how ed

previously was failing at youtube and

he’s worked out how to succeed and so we

were thinking what kind of titles could

we use for this uh video so i just typed

in a very simple

phrase fail at youtube and i use my

title generator to bring up v

suggestions such as the ultimate guide

to failure on youtube that’s an

interesting title i’ll probably get some

clicks if you were able to combine it

with an interesting thumbnail youtuber

fails and wins at the same time i’m

wondering who that could apply to

certain creators who’ve certainly done

that but if i wasn’t happy with any of

these titles i could click refresh and

we could get a bundle more title

suggestions 10 ways to make your first

youtube video fail right we’re really

talking about failure today and actually

failure on youtube tends to get a lot of

clicks whatever title you choose you

should be combining it with your

thumbnail and down on the right hand

side here we have this tool called

thumbnail preview so i’ve typed in

youtube failure i click preview and

search what this is going to do is

combine your title and your thumbnail

with the rest of the competition on

youtube so jevin dovey is at the top

here in the search rankings why you will

fail on youtube and if we rank second

this is how our thumbnail and title

would look and we’ve very much gone for

the graphical illustration of failure

with subscribers whereas others have

gone for the face and the serious look

does ours stand out versus a competition

that’s what you can determine

before you’ve even pressed publish so do

make sure to check out these two tools

which are the title generator and the

thumbnail preview tool and as an extra


that’s right folks an extra bonus if you

are a brand new customer to vid iq you

can take advantage of 30 days of a free

trial getting access to all of the vidiq

tools there’s a link in the description

make sure you use it for all of that

goodness and with all of that talking

and with all of that amazing oops that’s

the wrong on all of us amazing offers

it’s time to start actually auditing

your channels you know what rob

before we begin since you guys were

talking about a better call though uh

you were talking about dan and emergency

exes there’s a very good show on hbo mac

called the flight attendant y’all should

check that out it’s very very good i’ve

got kelsey cucco in from yeah

yeah kaylee

all right

we’re done with the tv suggestions let’s

do some channel auditing the first

channel we’re gonna audit

goes by

the name of uh cara line of love

unboxing creativity this was the first

channel to submit through the forms are

now available in the description i do

make sure to fill it out because we’ll

be auditing more channels randomly later

on in this live stream but since i’ve

talked a lot in the first 30 minutes of

this live stream i’m going to pass it

over to dan who’s i’m going to pass it

over to viper for your thoughts on this


tis an unboxing channel

one would assume

so can we scroll down to see some of the

recent videos i’m seeing they’re doing

premieres i’m seeing


so many videos where i’m kind of

wondering what it is

they’re going to be doing because


most times it seems like

because of the banner i know it’s

unboxing but otherwise it looks like a

vlog like just a standard vlog where

they’re just kind of talking about their

day mother’s day gift ideas under thirty

dollars okay how to make homemade taffy

for beginners

okay uh

all right

so i think my bit of advice before i

pass it over to viper would be


go back to the title and thumbnail

strategy drawing board uh i do like

they’re using custom thumbnails and i i

do like that i do appreciate that

they’re trying to have the thumbnail and

the title kind of play off each other a

little bit but

just looking at the thumbnails alone

i’m missing

like it should be more clear

what i’m getting into right like i’m

missing that unboxing kind of element uh

and then sometimes they’re not unboxing

things like homemade taffy is kind of

like a cooking channel thing that’s not


i wouldn’t i wouldn’t say like it’s an

unboxing kind of video uh and then

it looks like the drape fit is like the

video you have coming out soon here that

looks like a proper unboxing video

and it’s a little more like i i guess

it’s kind of hard it’s like a dark bag

or something so it’s kind of hard to see

it but it makes a little more sense

you’re holding up the thing that you’re

going to unbox you got a big smile and

everything and uh you know hopefully

drape fit is a searchable term so it’s

going to reach the right people uh so i

would like to see more of that uh so

that i could definitely go on but i want

to give viper a chance to jump into

so um this channel

um from where i’m looking at has a lack

of focus i don’t know what i’m getting

either and when i look at the banner and

it says unboxing and creativity like

what are you unboxing like what does

that mean

are you unboxing arts and crafts

are you going to teach us how to make

things like i don’t know what i’m

getting when i look at the banner you

just have a picture of a bunch of boxing

i mean that doesn’t tell me much so

i guess the number one thing we need to

figure out what your channel is when i

land on your channel

what am i going to get and

off the initial look of it i don’t know

so i think you need to work on that and

then like dan was saying the titles on

the thumbnail definitely could you work

because a lot of time again even with

the titles

i don’t know what i’m going to get um

you have unboxing book drop i mean i


okay so you got bethany beachbods

unleashed and that one you have the type

of book that we’re going to get

um and then you have the uh you gotta

drape it

you got you got all types of stuff going

on there’s like no like content on this


and when you have a channel that’s kind

of all over the place

it makes people that land on it they

don’t know if they don’t know they are

less likely to stick around with you

because they don’t know what to expect

i’ve talked to you all before about uh

when people land on your channel they

need to know what to expect from you if

you want them to stick around because if

they have to guess what your next

upload’s going to be

chances are they’re not going to stick

around for that because

you’re you’re too uh scatter shot so

i would suggest

channel focusing

in order for this creator

i would agree with both of you here

when you look at the channel and the

thumbnails you don’t get that instant

ah i know what this video is about or i

know what this um

channel is about i looked at the about

section and it talks about clothing

crafts cooking boxes i think what’s most

interesting here is the subscription

style products that they’re getting and

i’m wondering if the channel should be

re-pitched as

a channel that reviews subscription

style services because we kind of get

know what those are instinctively

and dan you’ve talked about this before

in terms of a viewer or a potential

viewer shouldn’t have to think when they

see a thumbnail it should be instinctive

i i’ll take this example this is an

example don’t forget this

all right

i understand that messaging

i see this but i have no idea what it

does i don’t know what what what problem

this solves or or why i should be

interested in it as a viewer maybe it’s

because i don’t know what a taffy is and

i’m being completely thrown by that but

i’d like to see how this solves an issue

or what the final product is and dan you

were looking at this one the drape fit

i think the credit is trying to hold

back too much in the thumbnail i’d much

rather see them wearing the dress or

like the pattern of it maybe closing or

something along those lines i feel as if

the creator is trying to hold too much

back in the video itself where there

should be being a lot more explicit

explicit and explain more in the

thumbnails than the titles that i agree

completely uh and then i

one last thing i think i would say is

just target audience and and we’re

giving you a lot to work on here so


one step at a time but

the happily date box and it says like

date prep in the thumbnail i’m assuming

that appeals to a certain kind of

audience whereas the outfit might appeal

to a different kind of audience so like

one’s about maybe

you could see someone unboxing that who

has like a dating advice blog

and the drape fit being like more of a

you know clothing or or textile kind of

channel right so

it i would be unboxing things that

appeal to the same kind of person over

and over again what that means is that

your house is full of crap that you

don’t necessarily need but

welcome to the life of a youtube unboxer

even tech creators they got stuff

everywhere um you know and

viper what do you do with with tech

products that you unbox but you don’t

necessarily have like a use for them

they just they didn’t collect usually

but could you give those to a friend or

could you give them resell them oh yeah

absolutely definitely if you want to go

through that trouble you could always do

that so you kind of have like let’s say

if you’re a clothing unboxing channel

you have a clothing rack that you know

you unbox it you do the video with it

but if you don’t necessarily want to

keep it and it served its purpose you

could always

bring it to a reseller or something like


done let’s just stick on this point a

little bit longer um

i want the three of us here to think of


some target audience-based questions

that would help define this creator’s

ideal viewing candidate so for example

my question to the creator would be


is your viewer


looking to get into a relationship

married so like what is their current uh

status and i asked that because of this

happily date box i could be completely

wrong there might be nothing to do with

dating but i want to try and get an idea

of where this where the ideal viewer is

in terms of relationships dan what might

be your

target audience question it’s kind of

it’s kind of like

who do they want their target audience

to be so my question would be do you

want your target audience coming to you



type of type of advice meaning are you

somebody who enjoys unboxing these

different kits that come in where you

prep your own meal do you enjoy making

taffy and things like that

do you want to attract that kind of

viewer for every single video for like

do you want your channel full of people

who are interested in that kind of


and viper what would be your target

audience question

uh i guess uh

i would try to ask the creator are you a

reviewer or are you a presenter because

you have unboxings and you have reviews

um right so what are you trying to do


are you trying to teach people how to do

something or are you just trying to show

off different products to the people

because those are two completely

different things

so yeah what what is the viewer intent

are they looking to learn something

maybe purchase something are they

looking to learn more about you as a

crew a creator

your personal life and i think the two

can be merged but i think there has to

be a clear goal in the in a thumbnail

and a title

once you get into the content then you

can start to play around a bit with

those different branches


of content delivery but yeah i think

there’s three excellent questions there

for the creator to answer and that is

carolina love and that’s what we do here

that’s how we audit your channels we try

and get you thinking about

how viewers are

coming across your channel having first

impressions and we we we do all of that

through love and constructive criticism

moving on to the next channel then this

is the first gaming channel that

submitted this week and dan this is a

really interesting one

other than i’m not sure how to pronounce

this channel name or so i’m going to say


i think it’s tools spelled wrong tools

what do you think tools spelt wrong does

on youtube then

i’m seeing animation

uh it looks like they have a character

uh that they’ve kind of taken like a

just a templated character and they’ve

repurposed that template for all kinds

of fun

little animations which is really cool

actually yeah all shots as well i think

shall we since it is a shot shall we

play one uh maybe getting out yeah

what’s going on all right let’s do don’t

hate fortnite animation i think


it’s looping now i think that was a loop

yeah did you hear the sound there by the

way did we get yeah i did i did

interesting so this is a really good

start uh they’re they’re starting to get

a lot of subscribers and this is the

kind of content you can’t get anywhere

else you can’t like this person’s

animation and style and humor is unique

to them so this person is doing a lot

like what jake fellman did right like

just they they took their personality

and found a way to portray it on youtube

like this is very very highly unique

content so now the question is how do

you get it seen and they went the route

of shorts which is great because shorts

does a lot of the work for you it just

puts your content out there all shorts

is trying to do is find people who would



watch this video perhaps more than once

watch more than one video from you and

they have a lot of videos that have over

a thousand views which is really really

good um so when it comes to shorts we’re

not going to be talking about really

thumbnails or titles that much for that

matter what we’re more focused on is the

content itself and from what we just saw

they they are experimenting with loops

because that video moved in such a way

where we almost missed it we almost

ended up watching it multiple times

which is what you want in shorts if you

get people to watch multiple times it’s

going to tell youtube hey people really

really like this and youtube themselves

encourages people to


shorts that loop so

that’s awesome uh i guess what i would

wonder is so like can we see the he’s

building that’s cute fortnite animation

which rose this second video got it got


nope wait come back here oh


i’ll be back


interesting so couple comments there so

i i don’t know enough about fortnite

yeah to say like specifically if that

would appeal to the audience but what i

did feel during watching that was a bit

of confusion yeah it was hard to know

what the problem was and why like this

character’s worried and this other

character’s trying to stop them and then

it it’s really like the story is a bit

lost on me

a little bit i i watched another shot

and i got the same feeling i think i

watched this getting tired of shooting

targets so we’ll let this one play

so far i’m in


okay a little a little more

understandable i didn’t get that at all

um but i i think what you’re right there

is that

maybe they haven’t quite got the


of the content right you know the

animation’s there but the storytelling

perhaps isn’t quite there yet but that’s

you know that’s

not a criticism or a problem yes the

more the creator does this the more

they’re gonna figure it out and i think

what i would suggest here is

uh just

try and keep those the story even

simpler uh whatever it is you’re trying

to tell is in each one and i think um

it’s gonna make it more accessible to

complete layman’s

like me because i’m bored by the

animation the animation is incredible


highly polished but the story is a

little lacking as of now like what i

want you to do is go to jake phelan’s

channel i want you to constantly like

pick apart some jake fellman videos

because jake fellman’s channel is the

same kind of concept as what you’ve got

going on uh


they’re making videos that tell a story

right so there’s a beginning a middle

and an end in these otherwise very short

videos and whether you’ve played among

us or not or whether you’ve played five

nights at freddy’s or not the story

always makes sense it’s storytelling

first so

that’s what i think you need to work on

and the reason we’re so hung up on this

is because youtube is going to show your

shorts to whomever so we can’t sit here

and talk about your titles or your

thumbnails because people aren’t really

finding your shorts that way they’re

finding them by watching them and if

they’re going to watch your short then

it’s going to need to kind of

draw them in and right now i feel like

that you you should have videos that are

in the hundreds of thousands of views

easily you easily have the talent for

that animation wise it’s the

storytelling that’s holding these videos

back so that’s your big big big focus i

think is storytelling get like even if

i’ve never played fortnite before i

should see that yes it’s a fortnight

reference but i don’t it doesn’t matter

it what matters is the characters are in

a situation and there needs to be

something a conflict and a resolution

and then the last thing i’ll say on that

topic by the way

and you should definitely go back to the

community because there’s something else

i just want to point out um the last

thing i’ll say on that topic though is

when you do these to be continued shorts

i i have another channel i follow that

does this

it doesn’t work like for me as a viewer

i never ever ever ever ever get pushed

to follow up and even though i watch

these channels and their shorts

regularly they do it to be continued i

never see the other half of it they

always i always end up picking up their

content four or five videos later and i

don’t go to the channel to find the

other half of it so i’ve been seeing

people do to be continued content i’m

willing to be wrong on this but as

personally from my personal experience i

have not been served the part two of any

youtube short to be continued video um

this is a new feature yeah have you seen


i haven’t got it yet i haven’t got it

yet uh but i’m looking forward to

testing that out

yeah it’s on mobile and uh that’s the

only disappointing thing but

multiple photos on the community tab was

on mobile first too so i think

eventually we’ll get it uh on desktop

but yeah i’m really really excited about

this just to clarify what this is is

picture polls so you’ll be able to

upload pictures and get people to choose

between them i’m wondering how this

looks on a mobile app bet this takes up

quite a lot of real estate when you’re

scrolling through the feed as well uh

yeah should be interesting you know

what’s funny about it is i feel like

youtube heard us and got confused

because what i wanted was a photo to

attach to a poll i didn’t need photos to

vote on in the poll you know what i mean

so now you have to like kind of look

very carefully

to see what you’re voting on depending

on how complex the picture is can you

name it like does it have to be option

one an option two and option three or

can you name the um

poll oh yeah i don’t know um

we shall see when we get the tool anyway

that is tools our first gaming channel

of the week we are now going to go to

viper for his expertise on

sinnoh guard this is a long time um

live stream viewer uh always on twitter

as well so love it when we can pick out

channels uh to audit to be supporting us

for a while they have 1 400 subscribers

it’s very clear from this viper that

they are a spider-man marvel uh

aficionado channel

yeah so like rob’s saying one of the

reasons why i picked it out because as i

was looking through the channel the name

jumped out of me almost immediately

because again i’m on with iq social

media and this student is interacting

with us almost daily and i see him on

the live stream all the time so it was

easy for me to pick it out

all right so about this channel when i

go to your most popular content

like one thing like evidently

immediately jumped out of me if that

content that you do about spider-man 2

the upcoming fighter man 2 game people

are loving that content and i don’t know

why you went away from it but every time

you do a video about spider-man 2 or

what’s to come you get hundreds of

thousands of views man


i’m gonna need you to go back to doing

that now obviously i know you do other

spider-man content but

none of it is getting near the view that

your spider-man 2 video get look you got

205 000 views on that first one thirty

four thousand on that one twenty i mean


i mean that the the people are literally

telling you what they want from you

right here as i’m looking at it and it’s

not like these videos are old that that

205 000 video is a month old which means

this is fresh content people want you to

talk about spiderman to the game so that

is what you need to do the people who

have given you your assignment the

questions in the garden do you

understand the assignment my dude

and specifically the type of content on

spider-man 2 is i guess of rumors or

like what i would like to see updates


forms of conversation for this upcoming

video and as you say um viper

that one there is like their standout

right now 200 000 views only a month ago

i guess what i will say is if i can just

get it back to the most recent ones i

thought they’d done when i looked at

this channel earlier

maybe there’s another channel i thought

they’d done like oh there we are so

this one here they did a video on 58

hidden details you missed in spider-man



no way home so that was the movie that

came out two or three months ago and it

completely tanked

but i guess the difference here is that

on the one hand is talking about an

upcoming video game that still hasn’t

been released and then this one is a

movie that was released three or four

months ago and perhaps the the trend is

gone now maybe if you’re gonna do

something like this it should have been

about doctor strange like 58 things you

have hidden in doctor strange

obviously it’s gonna be very hard to get

that footage and do that content right

now um

but when we talk about channel focus and

niching down as you say viper their

assignment definitely is the upcoming

spider-man 2 video game beyond

everything else yep

it’s really tough when

like you have these games that the

release is so far away yeah yeah and

you’re right now you’re first the punch

and you’re you’re looking at an

opportunity here to when the game comes

out if you hit it hard

be the person you are already building

that audience

uh so

anything you do between now and then

disrupts that building i think because

youtube is you know trying to build you

some returning viewers and then you

throw out a video about the spider-man

movie and it’s not it’s not landing and

so youtube’s like oh i thought people

like the spider-man channel and so

that’s one more time that youtube counts

i would say against you quote-unquote

where they’re not recommending your

content as much so yes like marvel but

marvel’s great but like spider-man movie

spider-man video game i don’t think

they’re the crossover is there like we

would think initially you know so

what i would suggest is what if and this

is radical uh but sometimes i like to

throw out these really big suggestions

what if

you only did spider-man 2 update kind of

content between now and the game’s

release on this channel


anything else you want to do if you’re

going to do these like details you

missed and things like that to me that’s

another channel you start a different

channel you don’t disrupt the progress

of this one and you only upload to it

every so often when there’s something to

say when you’re inspired et cetera and

then you’re trying out your other things

on the other channel it’s

it’s a bold strategy it’s another

channel a run it’s a lot to think about

but i’m just worried that if you were to

do five or six more videos in a row

where you’re covering things you missed

or things like that

now we’re kind of burning off the

audience that was there for the

spider-man 2 content for the video game

so then here was my thought and i’m i’m


75 percent of aware with you there okay

my strategy was to do this to

go to around about 50

spider-man 2 content 50

other stuff because i’m i what i feel is

if this this content creator may drag

themselves mad just doing spider-man 2

updates and videos there might not be

enough content

but what i what i would try and do is

since you know

that the spider-man 2 content gets views

i would do a heavy call to action

to your other contents

through the end screen and what i mean

by that is let’s say if you had a chance

to do these two videos again so you do

something about the five updates of

spider-man 2 and then i’d do one thing

one hidden thing that was in a

spider-man movie at the end of this

video which has a call to action

to one of your

connected videos but not necessarily on

the same content to try and get a bit of

a crossover of audience

because we we’ve known we’ve tested how


end screens can be on really successful

videos if you have a good end screen you

can drive thousands of views to other

videos and i feel as if because we know

what this channel is does

i mean if there was good calls to action

on these end screens i feel as if it

could start driving content to whatever


space content

it could i mean if you were because

spider-man is spider-man so if you were

to take a hidden detail from the movie

but find it in the video game right like

if it’s in the suit you could mention at

the end of the video like by the way the

suit i’m wearing there’s this detail you

see right here this is a movie did you

know that this is just one of many

hidden details from the spider-man movie

go check it out right here seeing there

over there

into your next refined my idea and i

love it done brilliant brilliant it’s

you’re right it’s worth trying but if

you exhaust all that and there’s just no

for some reason i feel like that would

work but for some reason if it doesn’t

you know consider that maybe it’s just

video game people that you’re catering

to and that’s okay

you know totally i guess what we’re

trying to do is bridge the gap between

you probably put a similar amount of

effort into this video as he did this

video and yet this one’s got

twenty thousand percent more views yes

and putting the same effort and we wanna

try and we wanna try and figure out how

to stop that

from impacting your audience and your

channel 100

super cool videos going over 200k for

you yeah yeah i mean it’s super cool to

know that this this channel has a

superpower and we know what it is but

how do we i is his creator prepared to

just go down this one avenue of

spider-man 2 video game footage content

or can they


bring their audience into other topics

as well can you spin a web to captain

all right folks can you believe it we


575 people watching this live stream

right now

but only

400 of you

have liked this live stream which is

very very disappointing so you need to

fix it right now

you’re all lemmings you will do as i say

like this live stream

moving on

it’ll happen dan

lo we’re already up to 425

people just will do as i say


vary all the likes anyway let’s order

another channel uh the 5.0 baker

congratulations on 500 subscribers you

will be having your community tab appear

right there very soon dan did you pick

this one prior to street yes i did all

right then tell us a little bit about

what we’re seeing here and then i like

viper jump in afterwards they said they

were a car channel so i got intrigued

want to check it out and it’s kind of

that classic thing like what i noticed

about it was that they’re kind of being

all card things to all people

and that’s kind of what i wanted to

address it’s kind of another story of

like audience focus so they it looks

like they went to a drag racing event

and they got like videos of bad wrecks

and things like that i would have made

those shorts by the way it just feels

like that’s really good youtube shorts

content um but uh you know be there as

it may it some of them got some

excellent views

uh and then the videos lately are not

doing that and in my opinion here is

that that’s because the drag racing


the the drag racing the

the community that follows drag racing

similar to like nascar and stuff like

that they literally literally follow

drag racing what i mean is they have rvs

and they like travel with the the whole

group they’re going all over the country

track to track to track like that’s like

a whole lifestyle for people so what

you’re tapping into is a really big

niche we can tell just from the views

those videos got

and when you don’t have a drag racing

event near you perhaps you’re trying

other car related content and you’re

obviously very knowledgeable this is

obviously an interest to you but you the

obviously also the drag racing people

were like oh this is not what i want you

know i want to see the videos of my

favorite you know drag

dragsters i don’t know what you call

them uh drag racing one another and it’s

just not happening


are you going to wait until there’s

another drag racing in your community or

are you going to find some different

ways to

kind of dive into this niche somehow and

you could do this by following specific

teams and giving updates on the things

that they’re doing because these are all

individual like companies that have

these cars and you know they all work on

them together or are you going to

get yourself a camper van and follow

these these guys around and like be at

every event you can be during the season

like there’s there’s a hundred different

ways you can go with this and uh it’s

it’s hard it’s hard to like tell you

what to do we’re not here to tell you

what to do just that the opportunity

that i’m seeing is in the drag racing

and otherwise you’re making kind of

search driven content for

fixing cars doing interesting things

with cars and it’s kind of all over the

place and for building up that returning

viewership that you need it’s

it’s going to be really really tough

this way


all right just a quick uh point of order

for all of you all

under no circumstances should you do a

giveaway video on your channel

especially put giveaway in the title

don’t do that because you’re going to

attract the wrong crowd and then when

they don’t win the giveaway they’re

going to uh

bye-bye and then that’s where is this

viper wherever you speak oh this one

uh near the top of the uh the video i

think one of the newer videos um the

most recent ones have a giveaway in the


i hang on it’s because i’ve done by most


yeah so you got the super clean giveaway

just don’t do that it’s not a good idea

you’re gonna get the wrong people and

trust me when i tell you you do not want

the wrong people uh depending upon your

content so are you saying it’s okay to

do a giveaway um like if it’s within the

video uh like but don’t use the giveaway


formula as a title and a thumbnail yeah

do you don’t want to use the word

giveaway in your title thumbnail you can

do giveaways but try to keep it on the

on or under the radar


yeah but without that

i don’t really have too much to say

other than what dan said uh clearly you

found an audience with the drag racing

stuff and that’s what they want from you

and the other non-drag racing uh

non-traffic racing stuff they just don’t

really care about too much

um so my advice similar to what dancing

will probably be to try to capture more

drag racing content if you can do that

and if you can’t really beat up to

capture the content maybe you can like

talk about the different aspects of drag

racing and what goes into that that

might be something because like dan said

that’s a whole community of people out

there that follow in are avid lovers of

drag racing so maybe you can get away


uh doing some other content related to

drag racing if you can’t be at the

particular jack race himself so


that’s pretty much what i have for you

but yeah yeah


i guess the creator has either created


an audience

and brand new audience or they’ve

created a huge problem for themselves


the those three videos that were

published a month ago have all

that they’re the best performing videos

on the channel along with this one from

uh 12 months ago

my guess is a lot of the audience is

still coming in

your entry point into the channel is now

these three videos and as you said dan

they’re going to be these drag racing

enthusiasts whereas your day-to-day

content is more i think the passion of

fixing repairing building

certain machines and

although it’s kind of like a shared

audience in one sense the venn diagram

is probably very small between people

who like to go and watch drag racing and

people who actually like to build

construct repair uh the vehicles that

are in it assuming that that’s what the

channel is

so now when people coming in watching

these three videos

of cletus mcfly and


if that’s a person winning something and

uh qualifying

then the next video they see is a

compression test on an 89 turbo fox body


that’s not quite as interesting and

another thing is that that’s a 12 minute

video versus your

relatively short videos wherever more


so you have to consider that as well

yeah 10 minutes eight minutes is a

different investment and the audience

isn’t really checking in

i guess having said that given that you

have 500 subscribers

some of these videos are getting

decent-ish views like 300 views isn’t

too bad a thousand views 400 views

and they all seem to be coming from

shorter videos as well all of the longer


10 minutes plus 8 minutes that doesn’t

seem to get any traction whatsoever so


the video length that is encouraging

people to watch your content uh the

other thing i’ll say real quick is that

yeah if you’re if you’re dragging uh if

the videos that kind of pop off for you

to drag ransom videos aren’t stuff that

you want to do full time or for long


uh maybe consider unlisting those so

those don’t continue to draw people in

that way the audience can focus on your

more relevant content but that really

depends on what you would as the creator

wants to do you know that is such a um

the obvious advice of

advice that we often give but here i

guess is a real

spanner in the works of um viper this

channel is probably working towards

monetization you know with 500

subscribers and four thousand hours of

watch time can you imagine unlisting


that would be a tough decision i think

that’s where the this channel’s really

got to think about whether they need to


based on what’s happened in the last

month or as you say viper continue on

with what they’ve been working on with

this channel for

or at least a year now

yeah just just over under a year over a


so there we are uh the 5.0 baker uh

thanks for submitting your channel the

next channel we’re going to look at and

yeah let’s start with you this time

viper a penny pincher’s guide to



first impressions oh okay so y’all know

me i love when i look at the banner and

you tell me exactly what i can expect

from the channel so that is your first

grade a from vip right like that you’re

talking about saving and being

financially responsible we can we can

rock with that now if we go down to the

thumbnails any time let’s see what we

got going on here clearly you’re doing

something right because you almost have

4 000 subscribers so you’re on the right


uh let’s see your current videos aren’t

really doing too much unfortunately so

we need to figure out what’s happening


some of our most popular see if where

the other subscribers possibly came from

all right you got 30k on a two month ago

video okay uh how to file attack

extension okay


you guys are talking about the i think

that must be some bitcoin stuff you’re

talking about with the shibu stuff okay

uh irs and okay so clearly people want


crypto stuff or irs they’re from you

yeah yeah


yeah so some are starting at llc they

don’t really care about that uh started

on amazon kdp i don’t know what that is

yeah uh one mistake almost killed our

business yeah yeah all right so

every time we do the channel audit a lot

of times what you’ll see rob do and

he’ll go and he’ll look at your most

popular videos to see which videos are

getting you the most views and we do

that because that tells us what the

audience is wanting from you as a

creator and clearly here they like your

bitcoin uh content because they don’t

seem to get a lot of views and they like

your irs stuff um i don’t know how much

uh i don’t know how much uh more

attraction you’re gonna get from the irs

start giving that tax season pass but

you can always uh make stuff in

preparation for next year i guess if you

want to do that

but it seems like they really are

interested in your bitcoin knowledge so

maybe focusing more on the crypto and

the bitcoin and the shibu stuff if that

stuff is still relevant uh maybe maybe

it’s relevant and gone i don’t know but

clearly uh the bitcoin uh content is

where you uh might want to uh focus your

channel because the other stuff they

just don’t seem to care about as much

well what do you think you’ve done

well when you were scrolling you did

find some more shib uh videos and they

did not perform as well it could be the

thumbnails that

it’s kind of orange on orange it’s kind

of hard to see


so that could have been part of it but

maybe that the topic had kind of faded

and so i was going to say i i kind of

back piggybacking on viper’s point there

i think that the

crypto nft crowd financially speaking is

kind of a different mindset than the

people that you seem to be targeting

today talking about llc’s and and i

would say like higher level like

business decisions

you know so i do think there was a

really hard pivot

and it’s

they’re putting out a lot of content in

the last few weeks it might just be a

while like they might just have to

continue to put out that content but if

they’re older crypto videos are still

getting views that could be confusing as

well so i might unlist those if i’m

tired of getting the wrong viewers to my

channel there’s like a lot of different

directions you can go in this niche but

uh i think it was a pretty radical pivot

from crypto to what you’re doing now

yep i think um you sum this up best

viper when you were just looking at the

first few videos and

we’d establish that tax was a strong

element of this channel and then you

said how to start an llc and you just

instinctively said i don’t care about


and i feel as if that’s what the viewer

is doing when uh this creator jumps from

topic to topic because in the last five

videos we’ve had the seven best ways to

make money online in 2022 that’s fairly

generic one mistake almost killed our

business all right you’re talking about

your business why do i care about your

business exactly um how to make passive

income in 2022. again that’s a very big

leap from you going almost bankrupt

to passive income do i need to form an

llc to make passive income would that be

the next step for me as a viewer i’m not

sure and then amazon kdp i haven’t got a

clue what that is to me it looks like

you’re starting to make um

um ebooks

just from a thumbnail

so i think

this channel hasn’t established their

ideal viewing candidate yet


right now your ideal viewing candidate

seems to be somebody who wants to try

and get their taxes in order


whether it’s tax season or preparing for

the next season and

there was a little bit of evidence of it

here when we look at um


run of videos here like uh something

about the irs tax forms 30 000 views

crypto taxes all right so it’s a bit of


bit of a leap you know it’s going a bit

more specific but 500 views

crypto attack software you followed up

with it 150 views

then you were reviewing some sort of app

i’m not sure where the connection is

there but you went back to taxes 3 000

views crypto attack software 500 views

how to fill out a schedule form 1040

again more tax lift 2000 views and then

you did go to how to file your taxes and

this one completely tanked and this this

one completely tanked and i’m wondering

at that point did you think uh the

audience doesn’t want to look at tax

stuff anymore i’m going to move on to

the next topic maybe it was the

thumbnails that did this because you

started to create a consistency in the

thumbnails in these ones and people are

probably just seeing a thumbnail saying

ah it’s another video from the penny

pinching channel i’m going to watch it

and then i didn’t quite have the

visual association with vita’s x


and that’s another symptom of a channel

in that every thumbnail looks as if you

started from scratch and looks

completely different from the last one

so i think you may be some maybe some

consistency really damaged the channel

and now you’ve got confused about where

your channel is because you don’t think

taxes are working either so now you

you’re trying to find your next thing

which is why you’re doing something

about american express cards and then

coinbase and then starting a small

business and then the gemini exchange

review again four very different topics

i think you’re waiting to try and find

your next hit whereas what i would be

suggesting just as a test is doing

another video about taxes using a very

similar thumbnail to this and seeing if

the audience comes back for it

as an experimentation i said a lot there

did it all make sense

yeah there’s a there’s a lot to happen

at thumbnail familiarity with your

audience um

you know you went from the 1040 video to

the how to file your attachment for the

first time those are two radically

different thumbnails and uh

yeah sometimes sometimes it doesn’t work

i’m curious if like just this person

changed this thumbnail to look similar

to this one

it’s probably there’s probably a timing

issue as well here though i’m

in the us is it like april the first is

that the tax deadline

it’s the 18th now yeah it’s changing now

but uh it’s mid april basically yeah so

it’s kind of aligning when these videos

would have been useful um is do you know

if there’s anything going on in the tax

world in the us that may they may be

able to capitalize on because i’m sure

there are other tax-based channels that

have this similar problem right now but

they have solutions to it i’d be going

to that uh tax channel that was really

big a couple years ago uh we all knew


what the heck was its name now

i’m sure it’ll pop up

refund delays okay interesting

interesting so

refunds and delays that’s what this

channel could test as their next like

this channel is getting you know this

channel has 20 000 subscribers but

they’re getting six and a half thousand

views from a four year four day old

video i think they’re still


money there uh forgive the pun

yeah a tax refund seems to be something

that’s currently of interest to viewers

yeah i’d be looking at channels that

only cover like taxes and see what they

do in the off season i know there’s

quarterly taxes like a lot of like

freelancers have to deal with that so

that could be a route but again that’s

what’s that four videos i mean

four quarters in the year so it’s

yeah i i think uh i think i could see

where they were going right with an llc


to them like similar you’d start a

business and if you start a business

there’s tax benefits to that and et

cetera et cetera but it’s kind of a

stretch for youtube i think for that



and then

i just think that penny pinchers that to

me that

suggests a certain type of

viewer who’s very frugal are looking to

make savings here there and everywhere


these videos feel a bit more big picture

in terms of their their planning

so i’m wondering if

just the pitch of a channel isn’t quite

there either

is he down this is where i play this

sound effect

i want to get when i get no help and i

know i know you you’re silently telling

me to move on to the next channel but it

we i think we did cover quite a bit i

wish i had like a really like gut punch

kind of solution for this but it’s it is

going to take i think some soul

searching for the creator

all right then uh where are we i think

we are here


we’ve had a bumper number of submissions

for this live stream since there are

over 500 of you watching

432 submissions

on the non uh gaming submission form and

364 submissions on the gaming submission

form and

any any notifications for viper yeah


what’s the question

so i was asking people on twitter rob uh

what is the worst thing they ever had

happened to them in the course of making

a video i.e losing audio or having a

corrupt file or something along those

lines so rob i’m gonna ask you what’s

the worst thing that’s happened to you

in the event of making a video i have




fatal error or mistake with not having a

microphone on or um

or files being corrupted

i’m really struggling viper i don’t know

if it’s because i film

one clip at a time and then edit

that makes it so that that’s kind of

like a fail safe so i never have big

blocks of stuff

go wrong

uh i i have

accidentally published videos sometimes

like instead of setting it to unlisted

i’ve actually published one i’ve done

that a couple of times which is really

annoying because it means then i have to

make another video to fit the schedule

but yeah i would say publishing a video

by accident

or reading out twitter notifications

when i’ve just said the live streams pg

i think those are the biggest mistakes

i’ve made in my youtube career so far

dan you got any horror story i’ve

definitely had the classic like oh my

mic wasn’t on that’s fantastic i love

that so yeah that’s

that’s pretty boring i’m a rural one

time i was recording a video and i was

going along recording it and then when i

pulled the memory card out to put in the

computer to to transfer the file


i lost half of the recording because i

did not realize that the memory card had

ran out of space

matter that was rough

yeah let’s so everybody um tweet


iq right now and let us know what you’re

um i know you asked that question this

morning so we’re already doing that

viper aren’t they yeah they are doing it

you know um because obviously um viper

you’ve taken over on the social media

stuff we will

like in the upcoming weeks try and get

it more integrated again so that we can

pick the best responses questions memes

and how and have them picked as

channel audits we used to do right in

the past but we’ve just been a little

stressed team

a little um pulled in all different

directions recently with team wise


ultimately we’ll get back to that point

there’s another reason why we’re not

picking discord um

shout outs and mentions at the moment um

but that will i’ll be coming back very

very soon anyway we were talking about

how so many people are watching

and this is how we pick channels now in

the description there are two forms you

can still fill it out you still got a

chance to get picked because this claw

is randomly going to pick a channel like


we take this number and we put it in

this form and as long as you’ve put your

channel url in correctly

we are going to audit your channel and i


completely by coincidence this is

another finance channel i think they

call themselves

ngb jordan bowens

and let’s audit their channel i’ll start

again with you viper you don’t have to

spend too long in it if you just want to

give us a couple of thoughts then down

and then myself all right can we go back

to the banner real quick yep

okay so it’s just a bunch of portraits

and money flying i don’t doesn’t tell me

much but let’s go to the videos and

titles see what you got going on here

um live stock market if i read your stop


uh stop losses okay

i’m starting somewhere obviously we’re

talking about stocks a lot which is not

really my area fatigue but let’s see

uh we should not be trading okay


one thing i will say is that your


you have you have a lot of ultra alter

what’s the word for a lot of fluctuation

going on um sometimes you’re using stock

images other times you’re using the

images of yourself

um i would say i would probably go with

using more images of yourself in terms

instead of using stock images because

when you use stock images they just look

more generic to me and i’m more likely

as a viewer i’m more likely to just pass

over them because

um they don’t have your face in them so

that’s just something that i’m looking

at that i see

so i would say uh

don’t use stock images too much use more

pictures of yourself but that doesn’t

mean you can’t like use them in

conjunction like what i’m saying is that

for the thumbnails that only have the

stock images those i’m likely to skip

over but if you have like you on one

side of the thumbnail and like a stock

image on the other side then that’s

something that you can do but just to

thumbnail with only the stock images i’m

probably going to pass them over because

they look kind of generic but

that’s my first thought


the title though the title’s not really

doing much for me because you’re you’re

talking about the stock market but

you’re not giving me as a viewer any

value like why should i watch that

particular video

all of a sudden stock market challenge

like what what does that mean like what

am i going to get out of watching the

video so i’m having a hard time

discerning what i’m going to get from

watching your videos like are they going

to teach me about stock markets are they

going to educate me about something like

i don’t know what you’re doing

what do you think them

so i yeah i’ve been just kind of looking

at different uh thumbnails and stuff

what i noticed is something a wallpaper

with the live streams they’re kind of

just recycling the livestream thumbnail

while they do this challenge

yeah 330 000. so here’s here’s what i

would be doing with that i think that’s

a really cool concept i think the the

idea of a money making challenge

gets people excited there’s a lot of

stakes to this uh i i don’t exactly know

what these live streams would be like i

but obviously you’re going to be sitting

there and going over your strategy and

things like that um

what i would be thinking about is the

title and thumbnail i would be drawing

an emphasis to how much money you’ve

either made or lost to show a little bit

more progress

um or your goal for that stream for

example so if let’s say you’re at

twelve hundred dollars like what if what

if your goal for that live stream was

fifteen hundred dollars you know what i

mean or three thousand dollars like try

to try to make it clear that like

there’s been a progression and i’m

striving to do more you know it’s the 30

000 challenge

you’re recycling the same exact video

over and over it looks like to a viewer

just kind of passing by it almost looks

like oh i saw that already even though

they’re different lengths that’s the

only distinguishing factor between each

one so

that i would do that another thing i

would ask and i i know nothing i know

nothing about this whole niche so please

forgive my

naivety here but what i would ask is if

you’re doing that live

does it not hurt your progress

like can other people

screw with you because they see what

you’re doing they see that you’ve like

bought a stock could they

you know

are you putting yourself in a position

where it’s harder to do this challenge

because it’s live people can follow you

and literally invest as well or sell

their investments that’s it’s a very

weird problem to bring up but the reason

i bring it up is because i feel like

these would this would make for a good

video series and if the live stream

numbers are not where you want them at

any way maybe retooling this to being a

video on demand series

could be something you think about doing

you could play with the titles and

thumbnails more you would know what

happens by the end of it so you can

really cater that thumbnail and title to

to be about that video rather than like

um we’ll see what happens three 330 000

challenge um i don’t know again i might

be being naive there maybe there’s not


you know a thousand viewers could do to

screw you up while you’re doing that but

i would be nervous about doing that live

but that’s just me um this is coming

from someone who doesn’t know enough

the one thing i have noticed in their

content is it seems to be

a mix of


the creator giving advice

and strategies you know five reasons you

should not be trading

then the very next video is he got rich

trading crypto then loses everything and

so that becomes a story

journey of somebody else’s adventures in

finance and i’m wondering if the

audience has a preference between one or

the other be it

advice from you or stories on other




it could be that you can just repackage

your thumbnail in the title so that you

go one way or the other

but right now

as i look at the number of subscribers

you have and the views that you’re

getting from video to video

the audience isn’t sticking around

they’re not they’re not really watching

from one video to the next or at least

you’re not finding new viewers

and you know it’s the lowest common

denominator what’s succeeded for you in

the past


you were doing some stuff about top five


market day trading fails

so that’s kind of like a listicle thing

and then another listicle one here the

listicles have worked for you in the


but you haven’t done any for a while so

i don’t know if it would still be

successful for the channel

i think people enjoy

you know seeing huge wins or huge losses

it’s kind of like


it’s going back to the drag racing

channel we saw earlier maybe people were

watching because there were crash videos

right like people want to see

carnage so

if you were to do more videos like that

you could lean into those two extremes

uh but yeah

i know i got really hung up in the live

streams there but i agree with you rob i

i think i think for the video on demand

content you are doing

it i’m i guess a lot of it feels


the reason i got hung up on the live

streams is because that to me is the

very most clear exciting thing that’s

going on like you’re trying to make 30

000 from 300 which sounds awesome

but everything else is just kind of like

you know what about it like why would i

watch this video

ngb jordan balancer about bowens let’s

move on to a gaming channel

so we use the claw yet again

pick out channel four two nine i don’t


how did you do that how did you create

that now rob uh i’m not telling you uh i

don’t want to get myself in trouble uh

we don’t have um

429 gaming channels yet so we’ll just do

the latest one


dan obviously i’m going to let you lead

on blip

um blip’s channel

it’s a fun channel name to say isn’t it


and i don’t know what their channel is

about them great great name for a


pet channel featuring a cat yeah uh but

it is a gaming channel and i’m seeing

stray which is a cat game actually uh is

that oh everything you know so far i’m

like is that out i want to play that uh


everything we know so far about ghost of

a tale

so it looks like you’re trying to get in

on some games before they’re released


opening 27 video game chests okay now

wait a minute

that’s actually a cool idea i don’t know

why it’s always it’s only just come out

what video game though

uh from 27 different video games oh i’m

sorry i thought it was open 27 chests

from one video game i she was from

different video games

yeah there’s zelda from this terrible



uh from that game

okay so i guess what would have been

more clear there is if the thumbnail was

a little more

the thumbnail really lets it down i like

i love the idea but the thumbnail is


yeah i think it should have been you

should have taken three of the games and

put them like you know on the thumbnail

like chop up the screen to three

sections so it’s clear that you’re gonna

open chests from a number of different

video games and the number is in the



that’s an interesting idea

where do you take that though

what if that video got 100 000 views

what would you do um

27 shotguns in different games that’s

what that’s where i would take the idea

like 27 27 of the same thing in

different video games


you’re always doing like 27 things or it

could just be number of things in video


27 but yeah

you’re constantly showing similarities

between all a lot of different games it

could be the ultimate way

to do a multi-game channel a lot of

channels that are new struggle with

playing multiple games that could be

your way in you’re doing something

really unique now this video is zero

views and it just released so we’re just

kind of getting way ahead of ourselves

but every time you upload a video i want

you to be thinking what if this video

took off

what would i do next how would i follow

up on this video what if the stray video

took off and

you didn’t follow up on it right like

stray isn’t even out yet so you you

could be the channel that covers it

front to back before it comes out so

you’re making videos about not just

everything we know so far but you’re

getting into the details like five

things you missed in the trailer and and

five things i hope straight has when it

releases and all you know what i mean


each one of these games you have on your

channel right now is a different

audience entirely you have to assume

that it’s it’s going to be really tough

it’s gonna be really little crossover

between these games and we want you to

build up a base of returning viewers so

you’re just starting out

like just starting out and this is a

really strong start i would say in terms

of videos on your channel uh but that’s

our general advice for gaming channels

we want you to be constantly trying to

appeal to

the same type of viewer

this i’ve done this a couple of times

when they’ve apparently mashed up

two different trailers to video games

that could be an interesting approach

although so far i’ve seen nothing but

breath of the wild

yeah this doesn’t i’ve not seen any alan

wake at all

and that’s i think it’s all of the same

sound sound and stuff

so is that really a mashup if you’ve



where’s the alan wake yeah i haven’t

is it

versus our lake

i don’t know

yeah it’s confusing i think if i were to

click on that i would just be really

confused so

try also not to confuse your viewers it

looks like they’re trying to take a very

creative approach to a gaming channel

which i i do respect and appreciate but

i think the the advice we give here just

still stands um you know who who’s the

audience here for this stuff

and it’s chilled people

watching video games

on youtube as of now

but yeah i this one this one intrigued

me now i think

i like i like the idea of like showing

the same thing in different video games

and then you have a comparisons i think

that could be really intriguing given

how many chess i’ve opened in different


it could be

it could be cool

yeah let’s move on to the next channel



here we go

channel 250 now and this is a non-gaming


all right what do we got here

hi dominoes

i think oh hang on i’m not gonna find it

that way

oh look at that you’re on youtube search

i guess i should actually check if this

is the right channel i shouldn’t just do


let me get it

from where i’m supposed to get it from

yes it is the right channel

so youtube shots

domino’s action


okay so i already want to see the

dominoes falling over

yeah we’re really focused on that music

get get get a move on

hurry up


next all right i’m just kidding i would

have swiped away so quickly

okay not interesting enough right

this one’s got two another doesn’t feel

like cheating to have them on that

device too

again get a move on it’s pretty


i don’t need to see different angles

destroy it

come on


this is a shot there we thank you

ah so satisfying

domino asmr love it



how long has this channel been up um

kicking around for okay so the new to

this journey

i was being very brutal there but

i was just putting myself in issues of a

viewer saying

this needs to be amazing and this needs

to happen fast because

i already know the concept of the

channel that it’s

impressive domino bills and then

knocking them down

and so just listen to the viewer you

just really like dominoes that’s all you

weren’t trying to be brutal sure

no but but robert

good point though yeah they are youtube

shorts you all they’re like less than a

minute long videos you don’t have time

to to have a set up in a drunk shot of

the domino no the moment that video

starts the dominoes should be falling

like what are we doing here like

this is like an intro to a video here’s

here’s my suggestion for going

if you’re gonna do a dramatic like pan

over dramatic music please like

building up building up so that way the

audience can feel it they’re getting

drawn in with every moment because they

can see the song is about to crescendo

which means those dominoes are going

down so


use the tools at your disposal here’s

the other thing i’ll say

i’ve been trying to learn as much as i

can about youtube shorts and one thing

that i’m seeing is youtube themselves is

very very interested in people using

their tools to create the content

so if you were to use the youtube shorts

creator within the youtube studio app

not the studio app sorry just the

regular youtube app

you could take a pre-made short you

edited in premiere but you put it on

your phone and you upload it to youtube


as long as it’s 15 seconds or less you

can use youtube’s library of songs that

are approved

you can use their text features and

other effects as well


youtube is strongly recommending people

do that and for me that’s just like

youtube screaming we like when people do

that we like that people use the tools

that we built

and use them in youtube shorts


all that to say is if you were to

challenge yourself to make these videos

no longer than 15 seconds you could put

them on your phone

here we go i was too loud

adjust the volume on shots but the

dominoes are falling right away but you

can put them on your phone and you can

even utilize youtube’s trending music

and trending music gets people to stop

swiping because it’s trending music and

they like the songs they’re hearing

that is so cool so that’s what that’s

that’s what you’re up against this is i

know i know you’re not there as a

creator yet

but that was what five seconds yep it’s

interesting as a loop it’s got exciting

music the the camera quality production

quality is quite high so

uh havesh

is probably a creator you’re already

aware of in your space that is your

go-to channel


get ideas and start to build your own

yes i i would i would be looking at

those creators i i say these videos need

better lighting and i think if you were

to again challenge yourself to use

youtube’s tools which means shorter


and we’re talking from going going from

tens of views or maybe if the video gets

2000 views we’re talking about getting

tens of thousands of views uh once you

kind of get this right but uh you just

started this is a really really strong

start you already have shorts over 2000

views definitely don’t do that that’s

right that’s true yeah you have a talent

for setting these dominoes up in a

really cool way as well so you have all

that stuff that talent is there now it’s

video production quality

optimus one

u.s flag


launch system

the moon

sort of

so my challenge to use the crazy would

be to make this video

75 percent faster oh it didn’t work

either oh


i would play into that too but you can

play into it it’s like that

that’s one way to destroy your dominoes

there we go all right so that is

occupied domino’s sorry um viper dan and

i just seem to jump in there like all

sorts of enthusiasm and ideas did you

have anything else to add or i’ve been

to you covered it all right and then

let’s move on to the next channel uh

okay i haven’t got my sound effect set

up just yet uh so here we go

oh no no no no


yeah it’s a channel 100

this is a

gaming channel this time and


you can lead if you want is my internet

broken come on

what’s going on

i can’t wait

right so channel 100

yes it’s garth ff

excuse me

thanks uh go on fabby you can lead if

you want um but if you’re struggling uh

we can throw it over to dan scarf fff

play the one daily videos and grab free

okay no no

subscribe no not subscribe subscribe

yeah it’s like a suspicious subscription

like um i’m not sure if i should i’m a

little suspicious yeah you might wanna

you might wanna freak spelling on that

but uh looking at the videos and

everything let’s see we got kfg free

free hip-hop bundle

then you have a short of some random

what no oh boy


free new event

sorry to go really off topic here viper

but does that look like aj styles to you

a little bit yeah with the beard yeah

anyway moving on


snipe song disney what


wow i

i’m still confused right now so it’s

clear you have you having to think and

try and figure out what this channel is


whether it’s because of the thumbnails

are too chaotic or the titles are a

little impenetrable dan you’ve had a


any ideas from you

i’m giving you a lot more minutes

it’s just

it looks like these thumbnails have come

from like


a lot of different creators it looks

like a lot of different channels have

made these thumbnails yeah it’s

there’s a lot going on in them too

still no clue yeah


it looks like they’re uploading

stuff to youtube and

that’s that’s fine i think especially at

first for trying to figure out

what do i want to do on youtube but

when it comes to advice from from us i

we we tend to end up

going the direction of like what you

know who’s this channel 4

and i hate that that’s all like when i

see channels like this it’s all i have

to say but there’s

there’s no focus here all right so i

think the game might be free fire

or fire free free fire and i suspect

this might be a game that’s very popular



india and the reason i say that is

because i think this this channel is a

an indian channel

and when i do a search

i’m seeing a strong indian influence i

think at least in the


youtube faces or i did yeah i

so i think this might be popular in a

certain part of the world which leads to

a certain style of thumbnail

but then it’s left

there’s a grand theft auto thumbnail

like which is confusing

there it might be about the same game

but we’re not i guess yeah that’s what’s

what’s like hard to see there’s also

games about like

winning diamonds and there’s like a slot

machine and is that the same game um

you know

i guess it would help if i knew more

about free fire

and then at the random short of

something going on


okay so

there’s one

outlive video here with 22 000 views

you’ve got a new item in the game

and i would say that’s a thumbnail that

i can i’d say the title and the

thumbnail is something that i can just

about uh

get my head around relatively quickly

right i think this is another good

example i think that’s quite a good

thumbnail actually it’s very clear

you’re telling people he got an excess

number of something in the game yeah

yeah so so i i’d say those are two good

thumbnails and two good titles

that are more clear than

what we’re seeing on a day-to-day basis

so i’ll be looking at them i think maybe


in trying to include emojis


somewhat um

seo stuffing in the in the titles

it seems to be too much going on for me


just be more clear about what’s

happening and

try to avoid

posting for the sake of posting because

it seems like sometimes it looks like

you’re covering totally different topics

and that’s that’s going to confuse the

returning viewers they’re not going to

come back so

yeah that’s that’s a really good call

out i i guess uh free fire seems to be

the flagship content on this channel and

then when there’s no free fire to do

it’s it’s just something else i’m just

gonna upload uh especially you’re also

holding yourself to daily views it looks

like you’re consistent with that but

that’s this is what happens when you

promise people something like this like

daily i said i would upload daily i have

to upload daily but you’re leaving

yourself no time to sit down and like

come up with like some creative ideas

what are people in free firing free fire

struggling with right now what or what’s

what’s a new thing that’s going on the

game like you have to allow yourself

time to

you know put out content that people are

going to want to watch don’t just put

out content for the sake of putting it

out so i think this is a good good

example from where we’re sitting anyway

that of daily videos

harming a channel

in in in their creativity i’m not saying


videos are making the youtube algorithm

upset or anything like that all i’m

saying is it’s harming their creativity

it’s leading to a quality of content

that’s not

serving the viewer

as it should do yes yes that’s a better

way to put it all right then uh viper

let’s get something for you to sink your

teeth into a non-gaming channel

fired all right

just playing random sound effects now

because it’s the thing to do two seven


this channel is love electronics oh this

might be a tech channel this might be a

tech channel

strap yourselves in

viper’s gonna have a lot to say about

this one 1 360 subscribers hang on a


that is not a tech channel this is not a

tech channel

this is a resident evil vr


and that is quite clearly

are you a gaming channel yes

this is the wrong form go here

and then you proceeded to fill out the

form boo

not how this works

how this works

you don’t

the the rule is clear if you put it in

the wrong place

you don’t get

your channel audited so two four five

all right let’s see if we can try this


dynamic pencils

yes i’m sorry you are right

uh let’s very risky move

search their name and google

that’s thank you all right

all right dynamic pencils all right this

is not

i repeat this is not a

gaming channel this is an on gaming

channel with

for a channel with 100 subscribers

phenomenal thumbnails i would say viper

what are your first impressions

yeah uh thumbnails are phenomenal

uh the um with channels like this and

that i always say

no matter what content you’re doing on

youtube if you want to build an audience

you have to provide some type of value

so i’m struggling to figure out what

value this channel offers to a potential

viewer you talk about making drawing for

like 48 hours okay i mean

what does that do for a viewer like what

the what does the viewer get out of you

sitting there drawing for 48 hours i he


i don’t know it’s weird

and then you said you customized mac

mini and didn’t happen i mean actually

that’s your most viewed video so you

might be on something there


but yeah i say uh surprising my thumb

will be custom ipad okay

yeah this

oh man


so you submitted your channel so

because you submitted your channel you

want to grow on youtube so my advice to


is to figure out how to craft your

content in such a way that it provides

actual value to a viewer maybe you can


what’s that all right

i’m just trying to play the video while

yeah you talking okay

so maybe you could like show us like

what what are some of like the skills or

whatever that you’re using to make the

creations or something or teaching the

viewers how to

customize their ipads like you did

um something that that gives people a

reason to rock with you and come back

time and time again they watch your

content because i mean

yes it’s cool that you have all these

artistic skills and then you can draw

and you can drop a 48 hour but what do i

get out of that like what what do what

how does that benefit me as a viewer

and i’m not really seeing that here and

until you can figure that out


you might have problems although i mean

you got like what seven videos i think

like no yeah you got seven videos

or not eight videos you have eight

videos and you got a hundred subscribers

so i mean hell you’re on the right path

not many people get hundred subscribers

in eight videos so



yeah no go ahead viper go ahead no i’m

gonna say um i’ll only i’ll pass off the


yeah i’ll i was too done what do you


i love the thumbnail in the middle

that that’s these are all nice looking

functions objectively speaking but that

is a youtube thumbnail to me the other

thumbnails although they look nice the

artwork is very busy in a good way like

for the art itself i’m saying the art is

good but for a thumbnail it’s bad

because it’s busy and it’s hard to know

what the heck i’m looking at the ipad

one you you should have done the ipad

thumbnail exactly like you did the mac

mini thumbnail

because that made it clear like crystal

clear like you’re going to paint this

thing and i know what that thing is

and the ipad is already painted so

you’ve kind of given away

what i’m going to get in the video and

it’s so hard to see the paintbrush it’s

so hard to even tell it’s an ipad it

just looks like a painted rectangle it

could just be a canvas so

you you have something really really

interesting here but i think i would i

would go back and just remake the

thumbnail and see what happens to be

perfectly honest um

i i like this concept of like

taking your really unique art style and

putting it on things and i think the

things that you put it on could help

grow the channel i think you start with

tech like mac minis and things like that

and then you move on to smartphones

nintendo switch like just expensive

items you’re just going to paint the

crap out of them and i think that’s

awesome but you should continue this

thumbnail style of paintbrush against

surface like that is familiar right and

it’s look at the colors on it they’re so

blown out and nice like not blown out

they’re so like vibrant and nice



that’s awesome um so that that’s what

i’d be doing if if the if the channel is

supposed to be

satisfying to watch because you’re

painting like household tech items and

stuff if that’s like the niche you’re

going for

then that’s the clearest way to convey


let’s bring in a another opinion on this

channel before i have my thoughts




hello how are you doing

hello everybody

how’s it going

we’re good we’re into the random channel

selections and we’re looking at dynamic

pencils and i just wondered what your

thoughts were on this channel with

amazing thumbnails but no traction yet

i love the third one i customized my mac

mini and then this happened like first

of all i think the titling is amazing i

mean the thumbnails

hang on just one second on that because

i didn’t want to drill into that i

customized my mac minute and then this


i think and then this happened means

nothing because there’s nothing teased

in there right

i was literally about to say that okay

the only problem is the thumbnail is

because um while the title is cool like

the thumbnail doesn’t tell me it doesn’t

really tell me anything and by the way

it says customizing and there’s no

customization on the the mac the actual

picture of it and stuff so

it’s it’s a i was talking to um a guy

who does uh thumbnails like

professionally and he said some really

interesting things like it’s nice to

when you’re you know coaching and stuff

to talk to the people that are

specialized in different things and get

different kind of perspectives and one

of the things he said is that

the thumbnail earns you the right

to have your title read which i have

never thought of it that way before like

i always say you know it stops we always

talk about stopping the scroll but it’s

more than that it’s that thumbnail earns

you the right to get your title

read and then the title usually should

get that click right in there right


the the the the thumbnail is really cool

here it’s kind of visually appealing you

look at it and again i like the type

again the title is too long because it’s

gonna get truncated that’s the only

problem with that um but it also there’s

not a connection there another thing he

talked about was you know what’s the

connection between the title thumbnail

and then the video

where is this

because there’s a guy who does this

customization thing like a million

subscribers i forgot this guy’s name

yeah what’s that yeah zhc that’s him

that’s him and he’s been doing this

stuff for years and if you look at his

thumbnails on his titles

like it’s

it’s great like look at the one little

stroke thing with the color you kind of

see what kind of what’s going on like

there’s just some really cool stuff

going on here you have an idea between

the two

so i you know take a look at this

channel take a watch take a watch on his

videos see kind of the editing style he

has um really really cool channel

so the one suggestion i had uh for this

channel was

again going back to this uh customized

mini mac one

what i would do is customize the mini

mac and then send it to mk bhd or austin

evans or another big youtuber

and hopefully get some sort of reaction

to them because i think right now you

have you have certainly have talent

and you have a i think when i was

looking at this video like this video is

really well edited when you just look at

the first


15 seconds of it you know lots of jump

cutting throw the ipad on the floor

starting the artwork on it yes

time-lapsing going on there

and this is all in the first what 10-15


and then stopping the music with this


i think that’s all brilliant yeah i

think the problem is that right now

because you haven’t got um an audience

people aren’t that interested in your

what you’ve done for your son or you

haven’t included your son’s reaction in

a thumbnail you know dan you were

talking about here

it’s very difficult to actually tell

this is an ipad just because

i was literally going to say that

and so i think

trying to get a bit more um generalized

you know reaching out to creators

who are probably going to find this

stuff really cool is where you may want

to look next to get a bit more clout

and of course consistency you my guess

is it takes a very long time to make

these videos and you’ve only done three

in the last four in the last six months


you’re just not having the opportunity

for consistency so whether you have

shorter videos

shorts short clips that might be

something to experiment with as well but

i feel as if this channel does have a

lot of potential



all right

um i’m going to load up the next channel

which is going to be a gaming channel

um this is going to be channel


uh travis you are more than welcome to

uh challenge my daughter

all right good knowing you still uh so

much for that that was probably for

three minutes

it was nice seeing travis again

travis all right gaming channel it’s

alex 975 dan um

some good views here all right

interesting stuff what are they doing

that’s working

they are looks like they’re doing

minecraft modded content


interesting okay so not only are you

doing minecraft modded content but

you’re doing minecraft modded content on

the ps4 and xbox



this is the even i’m interested in this


i wouldn’t know where to begin modding

minecraft on a console because that’s

minecraft bedrock edition it’s

it’s different it’s just different so

there is inherently a lot of value here

for anybody who plays minecraft on

console the i guess what what is uh

holding you back a little bit is i think

ps4 i think the more time that goes on

the more time ps5 kind of takes the

spotlight so just be aware of that like

eventually you’ll want to pivot to ps5

minecraft i would say uh what i would

also say is does it have to be xbox and

ps4 or can you can it work with any

version of minecraft bedrock edition

because then you can get rid of these

i’ll be honest kind of ugly logos that

are taking up your thumbnail


if it’s just minecraft bedrock edition

mods so i don’t know coming from come

from a place where i’m not exactly sure

how to mod minecraft bedrock or console

that that’s just like initial thoughts

uh you put it in every thumbnail the the




i i don’t know if that’s like a good

thing or not

some videos that makes sense other

videos it’s kind of hard to see anyway

like it almost shouldn’t be there

interesting pixelmon on the xbox and ps4

wow i didn’t even know that was a thing


so yeah there’s a lot of like they i

think they’re providing a lot of value

in the modded space

i’d be curious to see yeah here we go

custom skins

that one did really well nice time with



texture packs did well x-ray so the very

low hanging fruit you kind of covered

that how to get shaders on minecraft ps4


you did that low-hanging fruit stuff but

that was ten months to a year ago could

you cover that again like does does it

really take ten minutes to do that

because it’s a ten minute video

for something that i don’t think should

take ten minutes i feel like a tutorial

like that could be two or three minutes

so can have you gotten better at

creating videos to where you can cut

that down you can re-post that video you

can make a new one a new version of it

and post that again that’d be it’s uh

some quick views for you

yeah like

i just want to see better thumbnails in

the end i think that’s i think the text

is hard to read sometimes the logos are

hard to see sometimes and what you’re

offering to these creators is or

minecraft players are super valuable

which is awesome

cool cool

why is my discord going nuts i’m gonna

have to quit that i don’t know if you

can hear that sound effect in the

background we can definitely hear it

yeah i’ve now turned it off

all right with all of that being said um

folks i have something very exciting for

you and it’s a new section of a live

stream that i’m calling something along

the lines of this


yay it’s question of the week i spent an

hour on that yesterday um

dan that’s the that’s the placeholder

but i want you to do a better one maybe

next week um so let’s just listen to it


thank god you’re asking for help on this

because i like that song that sounds

gonna haunt my nightmares

i’m sorry i’m sorry if i just about to

make an editorial decision and put jeff

in there but uh i’ll also do an




the question of the week um

is gonna be this i’m gonna try and start

this as a new section of the live stream

and you’ll find out why uh when we

finish this conversation

we’re going to talk about it for five

minutes right and this can go in any

direction it wants but someone in this

live stream has asked the following

question and it is

un viral ass what software do you use

for thumbnails and i’m just going to

open this up to the four of you to start

a discussion and i may try and steer it

in ways that i prefer five minutes here

we go what are we using for um

thumbnail creation

i use canva but that’s because i’m no

good at it

yeah we got we got on hot privates here

i i am using

photoshop for mine

and uh i i think

canva is is like the go-to and i

definitely support that if photoshop is

something that you’re not willing to

learn i i always say photoshop is for me

because i’m like a control freak

and i just get so much control with

photoshop it’s ridiculous

i love photo p uh people saying photop

which is great it’s basically uh free

photoshop on the web


so i use

a couple of things uh i use something

called studio which used to be called

over but now it’s like go daddy studio

or something like that and i use that to

get the direct dimensions for the

thumbnail once i get the dimensions i

put that into affinity photo on the ipad

because i do all my thumbnails on my

ipad so i actually put the the direct

dimension thing in the affinity photo

software and then i usually create the

thumbnail with affinity photo which i

think is very good it’s a photoshop

alternative but you only paid one time

for it

i use a combination of snagit which is

more actually more a screenshot tool but

it allows you to do a lot of things

so i’ll use it for the basic elements

and then i’ll often take those elements

into photoshop similar to you dan where

i’m a bit of a control freak and

photoshop just allows me to do a lot of


even though i only know how to use five

percent of photoshop still i would say

uh because some things are really

annoying like you can’t crop images in

photoshop or i don’t know an easy way to

do that

i guess the follow-up question to this


does it really matter



piece of software you use

because like i know you said um travis


you just use camphor because it’s


but do you think it creates

uh still the thumbnails that you’re

satisfied with

yeah i mean sometimes um

but i think i i think yes i think you

can absolutely get like great thumbnails

from because it’s just a tool at the end

of the day that’s like saying

do you like the house you built with the


was it the hammer’s fault that your

house fell apart afterwards or that you

don’t know how to use a hammer so you’ve

got experience in this

i don’t live in that house anymore um

it’s yeah it’s it’s a tool so ultimately

if you have the skill and kind of the

time uh you can make great thumbnails

with anything darn near


i think technique is the thing people

should be educating themselves on the

most uh i found a lot of technique tips

from watching photoshop tutorials you

could watch canva tutorials and pick up

similar things though like learn

whatever software you want to learn is

my advice but

you should go back to like even beginner

level tutorials things you feel like i

even i know how to do that sometimes you

pick up things like keyboard shortcuts

in photoshop i never knew about i’ve

used i’ve used those same tools for

years but never knew how easy it was to

use them until i went back and watched

beginner stuff and then also the way

they frame their thumbnails oh i never

considered that or that so

i’ve been trying to do a lot to educate

myself and make you better thumbnails

and sometimes that’ll be in the form of

learning specific techniques and

sometimes it’s just focused on the

software i’m using

okay okay so we’re we’re figuring out

that maybe the software

while it can enhance

your abilities and get you to do

advanced stuff it’s more learning the

concept of making thumbnails that’s more

important so i guess if i was to go

across the room here

and ask the four of you and the three of


um if you would give one piece of

thumbnail advice

just to help people if they’re brand new

to youtube uh what would that be let’s

start with you viper and keep it

relatively simple what would be your

first piece of thumbnail advice

uh be aware that most people are

watching youtube on a mobile device so

when you are constructing your thumbnail

make sure it can be uh it is viewable on

a mobile phone

lovely travis

uh contrasting colors are super

important especially in the

the ones that work really well for sure

i just want to say as well um travis i

know you got a new camera but the

microphone you sound

delicious today really well so

it’s the same mic as last time but i’m

using that software you told me about a

while back

voice to me voicemeeter

very good dan uh your thumbnail piece of


i would say simple is better so

three elements is almost too many

elements for me i like to try and figure

out two primary elements to a thumbnail

and uh

don’t don’t try to explain your whole

video by just slapping together a bunch

of stuff on your thumbnail i have no

idea what the animation is going to be

at the end of this i’m very excited my

piece of advice would be as an

experiment try making the thumbnail

before you make anything else before you

press record

if you can create a thumbnail that’s

going to help direct your

video perfect timing


wow i should have had a sound effect to

touch right now why did we just have

this conversation

well it’s because it was



but another reason we had that

conversation is because

we have launched a brand new service

uh for all of you creators who are

watching today

at a phenomenal price

which is going to allow you to ask these

type of questions and allow us as

experienced creators to share our

thoughts and our advice and it’s called


max and travis you’re here to tell us a

little bit more about why vidiq max is

so awesome

yeah i mean look at the end of the day

uh you want to grow i know this about

you because you’ve told me a billion

times you’ve told us on the

live streams a billion times

and uh sometimes you understand exactly

what it means when we say some of the

things we see on the live stream and you

have additional questions which we can’t

get to sometimes the live streams on

wednesdays help you with that sometimes

you can’t get your questions answered

what if

you could not only get the information

you need to grow but then also ask those

questions and have it answered by

someone who knows what the heck they’re

doing that’s what vidiq max is it’s our

new group coaching offering where you

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things we’ve actually had some really

great success stories already we had one

person in the first three months like

triple their subscriber growth and their

view growth like right off the bat like

killing it and

for three dollars and 30 cents a day


what stop drinking that coffee and get

yourself some of this growth

say there’s a link

there’s a link in the description i


there is a link in the description uh i

don’t want to be on full screen there we

go the link is in the description uh it

takes you to the plans page and so this

is what we’re looking at the new column

here vid iqmax


to say that you get

group coaching you can you’re going to

be talking to travis jeff alexey myself

dan and viper on occasions uh when we

can squeeze in time i think maybe we’re

going to be trying to commit to once a

month something along those lines um but

you’re going to be having

is it bi-weekly group coaching sessions

yeah so here’s the thing about the max

which is great is because my team

actually created it we have uh

obsessed about making it the best deal

in youtube for growth um we promise two

hours every single month but we always

go over that we always without exception

uh give you at least three hours

sometimes more and uh plus discord which

is a private discord just for the people

in vidiq max where we answer questions

every single day

it’s crazy and literally like if you

really think that your youtube growth is

going to happen just by looking at your

channel and hoping that the next thing

happens i i’m here to tell you there’s

hard work that’s to be done but there’s

people around that want to help support

you in doing that and it’s the most

reasonable price

in the history of youtube it’s vidiq max

and as soon as we get that cool stinger

video going we’re going to play it

probably right here but we don’t have it

right now so there you go

so remember we spoke earlier about the

tools that you have the title generator

and then a thumbnail preview tool that

you get with the vidiq software

you get all of that on top as well so

it’s not just the coaching uh you get

all of our vid iq tools at the same time

so it’s about it’s a it’s like another

30 bucks a month i think so like for an

extra one or two dollars a day

you’re getting this um

personal interaction with us here at vid

iq and

travis i don’t want to jump my gun it at

all but i reckon you know this off is

not going to last too long at this price

is it i think we’re probably going to

get it to capacity relatively quickly or

we’re going to realize yeah

we’re we’re selling the farm here and we

need to we need to make this a little

more expensive but the introductory


right now is really com as you say it’s

one of the best offers on youtube we’ve

had a lot of people sign up right off

the right off the bat and the thing is

there is no other offering like this

that offers boost anything like boost

and coaching at the same time all

there’s a lot of other programs out

there they’ll be 250 for an hour or 500

for now there’s there’s some really

expensive ones out there but they don’t

give you anything like that iq to help

you uh with software so we’re combining

both and uh again it’s like three

dollars a day

and by the way if you already have boost

then it’s like a dollar a day extra 1.50

a day extra which if you already have

boost and you need to be in vanity max


done deal

when travis was talking about

committing to at least two hours a month

that stacks on top of each of us so

we’ve been running this now for about

three or four months so we already have

tens of hours yes previously recorded um

conversations and 100 right try and

imagine it as if you went to a

conference and you get a super valuable

presentation like alexa did one a couple

of months ago incredible which was

amazing and i’ve actually watched it a

couple of times to get advice because

alexis is just amazing

alexi all credit to him he’s terrible in

front of camera he does not doesn’t know

how to crop himself he’s always like


he knows his stuff he knows

viper sorry what were you gonna say no

i’m gonna say i have uh i’ve listened to

a couple of the

group coaching calls myself and they are

legit some of the stuff that we are

talking about that we show you and teach

you in these calls

mind-blowing things that i’ve never even

thought about as it relates to youtube

so this is definitely an amazing value

that you’re getting right now and i

would highly recommend you all take

advantage if you were thinking about it

yeah that channel that they’re talking

about uh it was three months and now

they’re they’re killing it with a new

channel and the thing is like everyone’s

growth is different we’re very honest

about that but this literally happened

in our group it literally happened some

person came

did things that that they heard from

group coaching and all of a sudden their

channel is doing things that it never

done before and the other thing is

to rob’s point

if you were to sign up today you have

like 12 hours of content you could

literally sit down today and watch it’s

not oh i wait to the next call which you

can do but you literally today have 12

full hours more than that probably like

13 or so that you could just sit down

and watch and learn today and start


today so anyway uh enough of that shill

it’s in the description below

if you really want to grow

the opportunities in front of you

yeah and we we appreciate that not all

of you can afford this or any other um

yeah it’s probably we will do a contest

one time and give away a free month at

some point you know i think that might

be something we maybe do give one away

once a month um but when this is we’re

providing this as extra value like these

live streams are not going anywhere

we’re doing this channel audit live

stream today we’ll be doing our usual

channel um live stream tomorrow none of

that’s going away you still get all of

the free content here on the channel but

for those creators who want to take in

the next step you know they’ve got maybe

the maybe just monetize their channel

where do they go next i think group


is probably where it needs to be at

speaking of the message i mean we can’t

show it travis

what if you had a whole team of coaches

and creators to help guide and support

your youtube journey

so we’ve built more than an extension

we’ve created a whole support network

upgrade to vidiq max today

i just want to play about thank you for

yeah we should have also been like


it’s so true he’s all the way down this


for alexia all right so all right two

um let’s get back to some channel audits

we have got a little bit of time left i

think the only way we can do this is

through the chats uh so

uh what you need to do and of course

we’re only gonna use one

chat um

today i’ll put in hashtag vidiq max

once and only once into the chats

and we will count you as an entry and

we’re going to draw out some channels to

be audited in the next couple of minutes

only do it once

make sure you do it exactly as you see

it spelled out here yeah and i’m going

to turn on slow mode to stop people from

just spamming the chats uh you just

gotta type it in once

and we’re gonna get some channels out

what’s the hashtag i can’t see it


we gotta send this clip this sentence

that’s your problem oh man brutal all

right we’ve got 100 entries i’ll draw it

but don’t worry i’ll draw some more in a

in a few moments as well

still trying to get my drum roll sound

effects aligned

ah get in there perfect occupy clan all

right let’s see if we can find no i

think they were on last week i think

they got savaged or something nice well

let’s have a look at hello or something

goodbye are they still recovering

no they didn’t get savage they got their

shot out that’s what it was i remember

that wow

here we go

i’m sensing some minecrafty stuff i

don’t know what mcc 21 is minecraft



is it really there was a there was a

minecraft championship but wouldn’t you

want to cover this year’s this is a lot

of content for 2021.

i don’t know what that is

there there was i think there was like a

minecraft championship that they did um

but i think they did it last year i

don’t know if they’re doing it this year

it’s kind of weird so it looks like

they’re taking content the clips they

see from other creators and kind of

hosting them on this channel which which

can be a bit tough because you’re having

to rely on other creators work to kind

of support your channel and hopefully

those creators are okay with you doing

that um hopefully you’ve gotten

permission but i’m seeing ludwig and

stuff on there do you have you sat down

like have talked like some load wig an

email to see if this is okay

there’s a lot of different creators

represented on this channel it looks

like and i think that’s kind of the

whole thing it’s like taking my favorite

clips from creators i like and putting

them here

yes it’s not original contents and so

you always

relying on the i guess the intellectual

property of others

yeah and that’s either gonna

be stopped

when one of these creators isn’t isn’t

happy with what you’re doing

or you know where is your unique um

identity as a creator on on youtube

yeah the the thing i’m seeing too that i

don’t love is that you’re you’re putting

a lot of time into grabbing these clips

and they’re not getting the views you

would want there’s something that took

off it looks like when you went to most

viewed yeah i would look at most popular

is there any editing going on here or is

it just dunked is it just literally a


i would suggest that’s unedited content

it’s just a clip

yeah taken from somewhere else

yeah i think the problem with something

like i mean there’s a lot of problems

with content like this but obviously the

the thing is who are you really

subscribing to

you know if people like that content

they can just go subscribe to his real

channel so why would they subscribe to


um if you aren’t if you aren’t the face

of the channel in other words you don’t

want to do a face channel there are

faceless channels to do well but it’s

still their content it’s not these other

things that

um that are sharing now if you again if

you just want to share the content again

you need to you need to make sure that

you’re allowed to do that but other than

that okay fine if you don’t want to grow

that’s fine

but you’re not giving anything that

can’t be found somewhere else so what is

the value proposition

uh of this channel

if it’s an eclipse channel without

transformational content

we’re going to struggle to help you

yeah creators are becoming more and more

leery of people using their content

without their permission and it only

takes three strikes to terminate your

channel so yeah speaking of that the

creators are starting to see the value

in having their own clips channel so you

might be taking just fun clips from long

form longer videos but creators

themselves see the benefit of doing that

and they’re doing themselves

yep i hope that didn’t drown you out

that sound effect done

we’ll see

okay just don’t die

like another gaming channel

is it a big ah hang on that’s

oh it’s there that’s that’s a video

rather than a channel there we go

okay they’re playing survival games so i

see going medieval

timberborne prey okay

oh they’re breaking dan’s rule

they’re they’re breaking some rules but

that’s okay

well the first rule of breaking


a red text

you know that’s a red text on thumbnail

clackson yeah yeah you don’t want red

text in your thumbnail it’s it’s very

hard to read uh

part numbers not really doing much for

the viewers they’re great for your

returning viewers so they’re keeping up

with what’s going on but that’s the only

distinguishing thing in your first

thumbnails is the part numbers um and

it’s just you you put something

interesting the titles hunting for

springs bloom but you put it at the end

of the title first we had to say the

name of the game then we had to say the

episode number spell out the word

episode and then

hunting for spring’s bloom and some of

those got cut out some of those titles

didn’t get to

the interesting bit got cut off

so titles and thumbnails need work in

that regard the your logo in all the

thumbnails also doesn’t need to be there

it’s just an extra element that’s kind

of distracting when youtube’s going to

put it under your videos for you anyway

so don’t worry about that um and the

logo of the game for fans of the game

they should know going medieval and what

it looks like so you don’t even need

that so i’ve just freed up your entire

thumbnail so the next time you make a

thumbnail for something you focus on the

interesting bit and you’ve done that in

the latest thumbnail don’t do this it’s

really hard to see what you’re pointing


but sometimes that works sometimes

people could go what what shouldn’t i do

and they’re looking at the arrows and

like i got i got to know and they’re

clicking into that so your latest video

there kind of broke that trend which i

like to see

i just want to see what was going else

was going on in a going medieval

space and it looks as if

this is a um

a video again that has

some trending

trendiness to it like in the videos are

being recycled fairly recently yeah was

i seeing that i know let me just turn

off our

tag so 22 hours ago top ranking

two weeks ago

look how interesting some of these are

like yeah there’s stuff happening in

these thumbnails and when when they’re

zoomed out there’s arrows kind of

pointing to stuff

um i would be going off of the example

of top creators here it looks like going

medieval can be your bread and butter it

looks like that game has a lot of life

in it and i would be avoiding

topic jumping to pray

and to uh i think the timber born

try not to get into doing that i had a

channel exactly like this and i

regretted not just focusing up on one

game and being the authority on that

game it took

so much longer to grow covering

countless survival games

keto craft kitchen is the next channel

we’re going to take a look at

and they are oh so close to 1 000

subscribers how can we help them


that one last step over the line

combination of shorts and relatively

short videos four minutes or less

i was letting someone else jump in

because i just talked about yeah they

got a nice view going on here

every channel that’s only three months

old and

25 videos can we go to the mobile videos

rob i certainly can viper

of course it’s a bagel


so it looks like uh people are coming or

they’re coming back to you for just


recipes like different types of recipes

that are keto friendly that you are uh

talking about in your videos um

and you are one of the rare cases that

you’re having since that whether it be

longer form videos or shorts so

you got that going on

it’s no surprise that maybe the the

least complicated most delicious

thumbnail uh has the most views on it i

think the other ones are a bit too text

heavy with some

often strange patterns in the in the um

the counter style sometimes just

at least that

sense that there’s no um

disconnect between the foreground and

the background so everything’s always

all sharp and in focus

like this one for example is it’s just

difficult to read everything and follow

all of the stuff

for sure yeah


like we tell you all all the time keep

the thumbnails simple now

what type of keto food is it the

desserts or is it starters

is there anything in particular that’s

more successful

for the channel

i really identified anything there just


i would say a keto dessert channel could

be like a whole thing on its own

a keto snack channel i mean that’s one

thing when you’re on keto it’s

incredibly difficult to snack there’s

like all the snacks in the world are

carbs carbs carbs so if you have

solutions to that that could be really

helpful as well

it’s interesting that the the creator

has made a decision up until their last

video not to be in a thumbnail

yeah but they

meant they do make an appearance in the


someone was asking by the way about the

red text comment and this is a great

example of of red text on a thumbnail

and and how it’s difficult to read

because look at look at some of these

thumbnails like the text is really small

for one thing but look how much easier

it is to read the white text with the

black stroke on it than it is to read

the red text yeah something about red on

thumbnails just kind of gets absorbed

into it yeah

it doesn’t it doesn’t blend well with

most color schemes i think red on white

backgrounds tends to be okay and then on

everything else it tends to merge too

much into the um

into what’s already there

i’d say this is way too much text for a

food channel personally yeah yep

any thoughts travis on this one or are

you i mean you know i like food channels

it’s all about looking at thumbnails and

most thumbnails for food have very

little text

yeah um i don’t think you even need to

have text on most of these at all some

of these just look plain good but

they’re like zoomed out they’re not

overly saturated which they should be

like you need to go there and like

get real good

keto cake


see all of those look at those


and compare those to what we just looked


so if you were going to use text i think

that is how you should use it more

that’s much more striking and really

jumps out but the but obviously the hero


oh it’s all of us

what do you call these i call these

hundreds and thousands

you go what you call sprinkles hundreds

yeah this might be a uk thing but or

this might be like particular hundreds

of thousands that’s what that’s what i

call them

sprinkles if any does anybody else know

what i’m talking about in the chat do

you let me know hundreds of thousands

okay all right

sprinkles is a lot easier to remember

and i called and i called snickers

marathon you know


snickers trash

all right i’m sorry

but we ain’t got a

kind of health chance of finding the

channel uh

i’ll try

um but it’s such a generic channel name

which in itself is a problem i mean that

tells you a lot

yeah so i’m looking for side noob


unfortunately let’s draw another one

nice try noob

it just sounds terrible

mad flag at 19 i think we’ve got a

better chance of finding this channel

um real yeah top results closing on 200


a gaming channel

deep woken

is the game they’ve been playing quite a

bit it looks like a roblox

yeah looks like a roblox uh game

so the problem is

like so with roblox games it’s always a

couple things is this a popular game are

people in the roblox community playing

this game i’m assuming the answer is yes

a lot of times because people gravitate

towards popular games and you want to

make content on it so assuming it is

there the big issue i have here is that

your titles especially the titles but

also the thumbnails

aren’t giving me like a reason to watch

like deep woke vagabond oath idea

words like vagabond oath idea three

words i’ve put together in this title

and no context to any of it you know

even as even if i was a fan of this game

i just don’t see how

an audience member be relevant so like

what is the video about and that needs

to be clear in the title in the

thumbnail i know this is a different

game dan but at least this one doesn’t

have to make the viewer think it’s i i

immediately know what i’m getting into

here uh update on this game oh maybe i’m

going to see some new weapons cool i’ll

click on it yeah it looks like they’ve

kind of started to try other games

because the deep woke deep woken stuff

isn’t really taking off

let’s see yeah let’s this is what we

should do

it looks as if i mean if there’s a

channel if a second ranked channel

has four and a half thousand subscribers

and seven thousand views



a golden nugget of a game that i would

be looking at

there we go

that’s proof of this this game

has a lot of audience and not enough um

videos to serve it right now yep

so i would be jumping into this just

with better titles and thumbnails

this is a scaling up kind of moment for

you i think

i think you should go back to doing deep

welcome content you even have a couple

videos like one took off for you with

over a thousand views yeah um that was a

good place to be if you’re still into

that game of course

is a terrible game 3 000 views

look at the one just below it 21 000

views deep woken is a terrible game 8

000 subscribers so they’re they’re

calling you out and people are mad and

they’re watching that video they’re like

no i love this game or maybe they


like that’s that’s the kind of thing


this this gaming channel is in the right

place at the right time yep their

execution isn’t there yet so you’ve got

an opportunity

you got to try and figure this out

fairly fast if you can

yep absolutely

yeah and i haven’t made much content in

the last week as well like only two

videos on deep working in last month oh

there’s this opportunity there yeah for

all gaming channels all gaming channels

if you want to start a new channel on

deepwoken and you can really get into it

you might have some success it you got

to skill up that’s the thing i i don’t i

don’t say this to be mean you’re all

here because you want to grow you’ve got

a skill up those thumbnails need to

improve so go don’t look at tutorials on

how to grow on youtube you’ve done that

now you’ve watched this video now go

look at how to make a better thumbnail

how to write a better title start

skilling up

folks we’ve reached the end of another

two hours of live streaming channel

auditing action i’m gonna ask you the

following question what are you gonna do

after this live stream whatever it is

maybe it’s um

relaxing chilling out maybe it’s working

on a thumbnail i’m going to tell you

what i’m doing right now i am going to

go have my lunch and i’m also going to

watch episode 3 of band of brothers

because i remembered what an incredible

television series so good i haven’t

watched it in a few years and i’m going

through it again and you know what’s

really funny is that it really annoys my

wife because if you’re not watching it

but you’re in the same room obviously it

has really annoying sounds all the

gunshots and whatever and it’s the same

as when she watches tick tock while i’m

trying to go to sleep so i’m calling a

bit of television revenge travis what

are you doing after this live stream

uh i got a lot of work on vidiq max uh

the discord is we just had in the last

in the last seven minutes we’ve had two

people sign up and get into discord

already like just in the last like seven

minutes like i’ve literally been putting

them in the discord they now have access

to a private discord

i’m telling you we’re filling up fast

you will we’ve had a lot of today has

been a record day for sign ups y’all

better hurry

what do you do next well vibrant i’ll

eat some food viper tongue

what are you gonna what are you gonna

have for your food i’m gonna go pop a

pizza in the oven here

all right and then dan what are you

doing after this live stream i have a


oh how boring is that

how boring is that okay so what are

people doing let us know yes sir we’ve

got um

p.e.s road d they’re about to make


uh and what else are people doing this

this mike matthews is going to hit the

like button that’s a that’s a good

answer from me


somebody that viper is going to go sleep

i don’t know if that’s true

how are the notifications have you been

have you been hitting him up on twitter

do you make sure to annoy viper for the

afternoon with all the tweets


we’ve got enigma plays games going to

the store to get some cough drops

slav guard manga going back to work star

strike is making a video and nevi is

we’ve tied this this chap out there

going to sleep

and oh unfortunately

um where are i’m afraid yup yup trp you

only just got here and now you’re about

to go

dan what’s happening tomorrow

we are gonna be talking about ways in

which you could take one video and use

it multiple

times we’re talking about repurposing

your content both on youtube and beyond

nice work thanks for watching see you