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well hello everyone it is time once

again to audit your youtube channels

i’m dan and thank you so much for

joining us for another weekly channel at

livestream filling in for rob once again

who will be back

next week so be on the lookout for that

what we’re doing today what we do every

live stream here at the channel audit

stream is we look at your channels and

we give you advice tips tricks etc we’re

going to tell you all about how it works

but before we do just make sure if you

have another monitor a tablet something

like that get your channel up put it up

on the screen next to you and await

further instruction before we get into

that though let’s introduce mr viper

how’s it going oh

yeah boy your boy viper is back

executive producer here at the iq what’s

up people how you doing dan how you

doing man good to see you as always i am

good how are you i am good so

dan has introduced himself viper has

introduced himself and now i’m about to

hit the button that lets you all know

how this lots livestream is going down

right now

welcome to the vid iq channel audit live

stream where we review your youtube

channels to submit your channel for

review make sure to fill out the right

form linked in the video description

note that we clear these forms after

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resubmit the following week channel

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reviewing your channel today vidiq has a

channel audit tool working 24 7 with you

make sure to download our tools and use

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the video description if you submit your

channel for review expect the following

we are sharing nothing more than our

knowledge experience and passion as

fellow youtube creators i want to give a

huge shout out to all of our moderators

who do a phenomenal job every single

week thank you thank you thank you as

for all of you well thumbs up if you

enjoyed this live stream subscribe if

you love it and if you know of a fellow

creator who may find all of this stuff

useful please do share it with them and

with all of that being said let’s start

auditing your channels

all right so that is what i was

referring to when i said keep your

channel up on a separate screen because

we’re going to look at a lot of channels

today coming from all different walks of

life on youtube so we may not get to

yours because we get literally hundreds

of these submissions every week so it’s

gonna be good to try and compare your

channel to the ones we’re looking at on

the screen but hopefully yours gets

picked and the forms are linked down

below uh viper are you ready to check

out the first channel i think i think

everybody’s ready to let go ahead and

get it done so the very first channel

who managed to submit on our form got

picked uh we do this for both of our

forms and this week it was story studios

they’re about to hit 100 subscribers and

if i had to venture a guess they will

probably hit that before the end of this


who knows it happens it happens a lot

we’ll check on that towards the end of

this audit they are an animation channel

and they look to be making


uh animation shorts it looks

specifically like these are going to be

youtube shorts primarily they started a

year ago

and then seven months ago they made

their first short

and from there

uh it looks like

five months ago they were really active

four months ago a couple videos three

months ago one video

we’re seeing the activity for this


a little bit low except for as the last

few weeks the last few weeks we’ve kind

of picked it up

interesting all right that’s good to see

so let’s look at the top videos what are

the shorts that have done the best for

you i guess we could talk about shorts

for a bit here

you would not believe okay so this got

4.2 k views

it’s a bird it’s a plane it’s so that

also got another 4 000 views

you want this cheez-it fool

did pretty well

haha did pretty well are you the killer


so when it comes to shorts i would say

the titles of these videos

don’t matter too much i think what i’d

be looking at because normally we would

look at a channel and we’d say double

down double down on these videos that

are working but in this case it’s going

to be the content itself what was it

about these five videos


you know

ranked really high on on the youtube

shorts shelf what are you seeing viper

yeah i think

i think it’s funny because obviously

when the uh when the videos hit the

short shelf whatever thumbnail that was

there whatever it gets tripped away and

it just leaves you with a video still

i think the short shelf or whatever

going on have done the video still just

because they’re they’re like big they’re

bright they’re they’re pretty

descriptive and good at giving you an

idea what to expect

so you know dan a lot of times when you

are looking at youtube short uh

thumbnails or whatever you want to call


a lot of them are hard to read you can’t

really make out what’s going on

sometimes different things like that but

with these

it ain’t clear what’s going on

they’re bright they’re colorful and i

think that the stills are doing these

video adjustments and that’s probably

why they’re getting a good amount of


uh in the youtube short show

yeah if we if we check out how one of

these kind of starts

um i’m gonna mute the sound i think

there is talking though

interesting and it looped i think too

did it


uh yes it did it did loop so

i can’t tell from the sound but visually

you might end up watching this short two

or three times before realizing kind of

what happened like you just you just saw

this but you you’re not sure right

and that’s a really important trick when

it comes to shorts i’m trying to hit

back and it’s just

not going there we go when it comes to

youtube shorts if you can get people to

watch it more than once that’s going to

be the key so i’d be looking at the

retention of these videos and if you see

that it’s over 100 that’s exactly what’s

happening people are watching it more

than one time and i would be kind of

building that into your strategy the

other thing i’d be doing is as an

animation channel animating around

things that are going on in the world

uh for example we just got news that

elon musk is buying twitter right so

could you do a funny animation

about that whatever that is what your

opinion of it or just uh take your

character and put them in a situation

where maybe they’re selling twitter to

elon musk and they’re you know



just different things that he’s gonna

need to know upon purchase like there’s

a lot of different things you can do

with a trending event in your style and

this goes for any channel and i think if

that were to pop up in people’s short

speed and the first one to two seconds

it was clear what was kind of going on

uh it wouldn’t need to have the best

title in the world it wouldn’t need a

really high quality thumbnail it just

needs the context the instance somebody

clicks on it

yep and we know dan that youtube is now


they well they’ve always been uh well

not always but more recently they’ve

been experimenting with the auto play

and i think that includes shorts as well

so the first few seconds of your shorts

are now more important than ever

absolutely so

be sure uh you’re taking the strategies

that you

put into these videos learning from them

and yeah keep it going congratulations

on over 100 subscribers now

and we look forward to seeing more from

story studios in the future i love these

streams i love these dreams when people

are close to milestones and they get on

the streets and boom there it is

there you go and by the way if you are

subscribing to story studios i do hope

you’re doing so because you were

genuinely interested

genuinely interested in their content it

doesn’t do them any favors uh if you

subscribe to somebody and you’re not

gonna watch their videos so just a quick

note there let’s check out the first

gaming channel that’s submitted on our

gaming forum is



agminate agminate i think yeah the ag is

separate from minate

gaming oh wait adjective gathered or

clustered together oh it explains okay

that’s fantastic i like this channel

banner already we’re explaining what it

is what that this word means so your

name was carefully picked

gathered or clustered together and it

looks like a pokemon arceus channel so

you’re specifically covering pokemon

legends arceus which is still relatively


uh and you’re saying that in your banner

nintendo game tips guide secrets

gameplay and news

but the focus is specifically on this

game this is awesome okay let’s see what

we got here

there’s no way there’s no way dan

there’s no way doesn’t the pokemon

artsy’s channel would

no nope no yeah we gotta figure this out

quick this isn’t wrong what’s going on

oh i’m looking at the stub count it

doesn’t all wrong very very wrong

26 subscribers

getting a lot of views over that sub

count which is

good to see

i would say the sub count is low because

there’s just not that much content yet

but so people don’t have

if you subscribe to this channel you

might go

an entire month without seeing an upload

so it it’s that reminder to subscribe

kind of uh you’re you’re kind of losing

that by not putting out enough content

yeah but there’s other stuff going on

pokemon artists is a pretty popular game

i mean

people are the entrance of it even today

is still high uh one thing i would say

is the thumbnail i i don’t like the

thumbnails and i don’t like the

thumbnail because the colors are muted

they just seem dull to me i don’t know i

don’t know what’s happening here

uh not only are the colors kind of muted

it’s just some of these thumbnails have

way too much going on they’re not really

simplified simplistic enough so when

somebody takes a quick glance at it i

mean yeah they may see something they

may see uh one like them that’s had the

main character or whatever but i don’t

still think like the thumbnail could be

simply uh simplify

what i’m looking for i can definitely

see that i i think

where they’re not using custom stream

thumbnails it looks like they did a live

stream but it’s just a map it’s not you

know this is a still from the game i

could just tell so this is just the

world map and then this is a very over

complicated way to explain what you’re

trying to explain like i know what this

means from playing the game basically in

the game you have pastures and that’s

how you store your pokemon and they can

get really disorganized really fast so

this could be a very valuable video i

think the title is straightforward how

to organize your pastures that’s great

but the pastors are


i would have taken a picture of the

actual physical place that you go to

right and then

text that says organize this with like

an arrow pointing at it just just

because if i’m scrolling through youtube

the text you have three different colors

here for your title

which is already here so you don’t

really need to like repeat tidy up


you know what i mean and then you have

this weird box system around these

pokemon and it almost looks like a

breeding guide which i don’t think

pokemon breeding is in this game so it

almost looks like a thumbnail for

how to breed pokemon and not how to

make sure they’re stored properly

so in the video you might explain that

you keep the male and female pokemon

species separate from one another or

whatever but i think putting that in the

thumbnail was confusing so i would

actually redo this thumbnail

and go with something a little more

clear if i’m if i’m scrolling through

youtube and i want to know how to better

organize my pastors like here

pokemon arceus

there let’s check this out

auto sort like so i i don’t think this

is the best thumbnail ever but we got

the logo we have how to auto sort and we

have a picture of the actual place you

go to here’s another one with a picture

of the place and then the box is filled

with pokemon great way to do that uh you

know we have all the boxes of pokemon

organized like this so oh this is a

great one

all the different little cubes here this

is perfect so this is the type of

thumbnail i would expect to see when

making this search and that’s what i

would be doing as you’re going through

this process uh you can check on the

thumbnails of the people making videos

like the one you’re making and then you

can share your tips and i wouldn’t say

there’s there could be too many of these


a lot of people have a different

organization method so you coming in

with a similar thumbnail about a topic

that’s been covered already is probably


valuable to people because you can bring

your opinion to it and it might be

different than all of these other



yeah otherwise i like the focus i think

we need more content i think you need

custom thumbnails on your live streams

and better titles too focus on like a

goal are you shiny hunting are you

trying to catch just a rare pokemon are

you hunting alphas like come up with a

goal for your stream make sure that’s

represented in the title and the

thumbnail because people will watch

these after the fact too

so those are some tips for you a whole

bunch of tips i am smalling because uh

normally when you start talking about

gaming i have no idea what the heck

you’re talking about but i just

understood everything you just said i

have the game like i understand all of

that once

i it’s a really fun game they did a

fantastic job uh it brought me back to

pokemon uh

unlike any other game in the series for


all right viper this was your first

channel pick here eric carter they have

61 000 subscribers uh tell us about this


yeah so

the the the uh the cartman caught my

obviously cousins now part but then i

looked at the channel and i see you’re

doing pretty well

uh i like the i like the thumbnails you

have going on here


i think uh

it looks like you i don’t know if you’re

like talking about uh i don’t know your

uh comic book channel or

okay it looks like you covered marvel

and dc so you’re covering both spectrums

and it seems like you’re doing some type

of commentary i believe or yeah it looks

like you’re doing some type of

commentary or review type deal


but yeah clearly you’re on the right

path you got 61 000 subscribers so

you’re doing well um

i don’t know i think

usually i know sometimes we would say

like um you might want to figure out a

focus but again again i mean it seems

like what you’re doing is working


i see i’m looking at the uh godzilla

working kong stuff then you got the

zack snyder justice league stuff million

views oh yeah



yeah oh you got youtube short sprinkling

there which i actually doing ethan as

well yeah

yeah i don’t really have much to say

about this one

these versus videos back with the dc

stuff that uh

you know and dc is perfect for that let

me see okay

now that’s what i want to critique on i

forget uh your banner uh your banner

doesn’t tell me what you’re gonna do on

a channel it’s just that great

subscribing comment which

why why why should i do that so that’d

be one thing i would say uh think about

ria redoing the banner in such a way

that when i look at it i know what i’m

going to get on the channel

also the word rate is uh that’s like

yeah you know circa 2006

um there used to be ratings on videos

now it’s like and subscribe uh but

yes it’s

i would replace that at the very least

with the value proposition what is it

you do here it’s pretty obvious um but

look like the channel has a

really great amount of views let’s check

out some of these most popular videos

so it looks like

other than this iphone video which seems

very out of place

um i would be

looking at doing more versus content

like this and it looks like recently

they did they took justice league and

put it up against the avengers which was

really smart i’d be getting really

creative with that um it

2017 versus 1990 which is awesome


the other problem we’re seeing here is


you have these videos from several years

ago about iphones

now the question is we can use our tool

to discern here let’s see so we go into


okay so it looks like at present

these videos are not

getting too many views you are getting a

couple views per hour but nothing like

it did back in the day


when we see stuff like this we like to


if the channel is never going back to

this kind of tech content

unlist it especially especially if it’s

getting views today and bringing in the

wrong audience because today you’re

covering movies

and tv shows and if people are coming in

for more iphone content and you’re not

providing that they’re subscribing and

then they’re not ever coming back so

something to keep in mind if you have an

old video bringing a lot of views make

sure it’s relevant to what you’re doing

on the channel today

uh so that goes for all of these

different videos uh that the nexus video

the iphone videos just uh the samsung

unboxing like all that stuff maybe the


just because you watch movies on a tv


i would also make that relevant like if

you’re gonna unbox a tv

how does

justice league look on my new

you know 4k tv something like that

and then you can kind of like

bridge that gap that way

uh other than that

let’s see the true culprit behind will

smith’s oscar incident got 10 000 views

from two weeks ago

luna episode one successor failure so

i i

i’m one i wish we had a part on our

forum that said like what is it

you would like to know

because they are doing relatively good

you’re trying new things which i like

related to your niche uh some of them

are working out some of them not not as


so yeah other than that viper uh

did you have any final thoughts i i

would say just keep trying new things

keep doing versus content what about you

yeah i think i think we’ve we’ve done

all we can here again keep up the good

work uh

do something about that banner and uh

yeah keep on growing man keep on growing

all right the next

video uh next channel we have here was

one that i picked

the average opinion

uh so

their channel banner the channel art is

tao the average opinion

and i picked this one because it was a

reaction channel and

it is very

similar in a way to the one we just

watched in that this channel is about

movies and reviews and things like that

and i wanted to compare these two a

little bit because

it looks like

you’re reacting to different media right


one direction

uh so

let’s see first of all i couldn’t figure

out what you’re reacting to are these

just music videos

it looks like they might just be music

videos which is still that’s still okay

daft punk okay

let’s assume that these are reactions to

music videos okay

what i would be doing is

becoming a i would become a little more

opinionated similar to how this channel


so screen five the worst of the

franchise question mark

that could very easily be a reaction to

scream five you could still be reacting

to it but you’re kind of putting your

opinion of it up front and what that

does is it creates a bit of controversy

before people have even clicked into the

video you’ve said something that people

might very heavily agree or disagree


and that is that is one tip i was going

to give you because the titles right now

are very

i would say just straightforward like

i’m reacting to this specific thing so

i’m going to call it

first time reaction imagine dragons

wrecked so the name of the artist the

name of the song and then you also have

your name in every single title

which makes your titles incredibly long

um just so everyone can see

that’s what the the whole title is now

this this is a situation of no one knows

who you are yet

so putting your name in the title isn’t

really doing a whole lot for you except

making your title feel kind of long


and it also

and viper oh after i say this sorry i’ll

throw to you but it the fact that you’ve

named your channel the average opinion

is i think that’s totally cool but

putting that in every one of your titles

makes it seem like you’re not going to

give an opinion that

is more than average you know what i

mean it’s it’s kind of i need your the

opinion of this thing that you’re

reacting to

to be

kind of clickable and saying the average

opinion just kind of it kind of puts a

shrug emoji on all of your titles right

my average opinion of the thing i’m

going to react to

i would be a little more like

you know come up with a little more

intent for these titles these videos you

have a lot of emotion in these

thumbnails clearly you have an opinion


lead with that

um viper what sorry what are you seeing

i i had to go off on that tangent there

okay i think i know where they’re coming

from with the name of the channel uh i

kind of liken it to your average

consumer who’s a big tech content

creator yeah so i think i think the

naming is just like he wants people to

know that he’s just an average person

giving his opinion just that the other

so i get that but i with you your title

your the name of your channel does not

do not need to be in all your titles

you’re wasting space don’t need it um

the other thing is these thumbnails

um these thumbnails aren’t doing you any

justice uh number one these pigeon

picture things

i can barely make them out and we are

looking at this on a desktop which means

if i can barely make them out looking at

them on a desktop

no one is going to know what that is on

a mobile device and again you all need

to realize that most of youtube is being

watched these days from a mobile device

cell phone tablet stuff like that and

you doing these pitching picture things

no that that’s not gonna work

and too many of your thumbnails look

exactly the same to me they all look i

mean they literally look like carbon

copies even though i know they’re not

but they look like a lot of them look

like carbon copies so

i need you to figure out a way to to

spruce up your thumbnail until i make

them look different from each other

because they look the same to me

yeah the thumbnails i would be doing

more customized thumbnails i would i

would take some of these incredible

faces that you’re making in some of

these but i’d be cutting you out i would

get you know make sure your lighting is

consistent as well and that that can be

done with a more custom thumbnail like

it it almost looks like you’re lit by a

window because sometimes your lighting

is really even you know like right here

we can see all the details of the room

and sometimes it’s completely blown out

and i know there’s advice out there that

it’s like if you don’t have proper

lighting you can use a window and if

that’s what you’re doing

cool that’s that’s great but i would i

would kind of work it looks like you

have a nice expensive microphone setup i

would make your next upgrade some lights

you can even get some cheap ones um and

then watch a couple videos on youtube

about proper lighting it looks like your

last five videos have addressed this so

maybe maybe i’m giving you old

information here uh the lighting in

these is all very even but once you have

that takes get get rid of the microphone

and then take some pictures of you you

know just just in front of the camera

doing different poses and then

take whatever screenshot you can from

the video you’re reacting to and similar

to how this channel is doing their

thumbnails you know put the star of the


next to you alongside you you know what

i mean like make it so it’s something

that people can visually go oh that’s

that artist i love you know and this

person’s reacting to their latest song

their latest music video got it like the

title the thumbnail everything clicks

right away in their head and then they

click on it

uh the other thing is that you have a

lot of your videos that are called

first-time reactions


that lands on your channel

they’re that’s not going to move anybody

like they don’t care if it’s your first

time reacting they want to know what

your reaction is

oh what’s up so sorry just the idea of a

first time reaction is kind of funny to

me because you you you would only react

to something

you would have the best reaction to

something the first time you see it

right right right so that’s kind of

implied yeah i get again i don’t already

i know what you’re trying to do there

but yeah it doesn’t work um here’s the

thing you want your titles and

thumbnails to create a visual a visceral

reaction with a viewer so first time

reaction is not going to get it done um

instead i would uh suggest putting your

opinions in the titles like if something

gave you a a a an emotional reaction

like i hated it or wow this is awesome

or yeah whatever

that is what should be in your title

whatever that emotion that you felt down

in your gut put that in your title don’t

put personal reaction because nobody


put this facial expression in your title


seriously like is this is this james

blunt’s worst song

yeah yeah there you go

that’s what i’m talking about dan that’s

what i’m talking about

that’s what

i think that and this video did great


i i think uh in terms of views here you

you definitely did something right so i

wouldn’t touch this video because uh uh

compared to a lot of the videos you’re

doing it’s getting views per hour right

now like i i wouldn’t mess with it but

just something to keep in mind for your

next upload

but there you go uh average opinion best

of luck to you thank you for sharing

congrats on over a thousand subscribers

um nice

kooky bakes viper this was one of your

picks as well

i need help with this one because i i’m

not sure what’s happening because

everything on this channel looks good

titles are shortened to the point the

thumbnails are excellent

but clearly they’re not they’re not

getting the growth that they i feel like

they should so i need you to tell me

what i’m missing because everything

looks good on my end i know i think uh

there might have been some discrepancy

in like uh content but it seems like

lately they have been more on the ball


i’m having a hard time trying to figure

out why this channel’s not growing dan

let’s see so

i want to see how these videos start

because if people are clicking away

early let me listen to it for a sec here

just some music

but there’s no commentary okay

hold on i might come in

okay we’re we are teaching now but

there’s no

there’s no tech no oh yeah oh

interesting it’s not in english oh yeah

that would explain it okay

okay so wait we got how many different

types of captions do we have here


it told me oh sorry so


the gear for settings there we go uh


arabic chinese french german hindi

italian so are these

where’s english where is english

oh that that that would be why you’re

not growing wow okay i’m glad we

investigated that so

you have fantastic banners

you have a great a cute little avatar

and a great name and you have these

incredibly crisp clean thumbnails the

the quality of the videos is good so

everything is working and like viper

said why what’s going on and when you

look at the



it’s in a different language and you’ve

made english titles

so you’re trying to target an

english-speaking audience

as an english-speaking person myself

from the states i can tell you that

our curriculum doesn’t do a very good

job teaching us multiple languages

unless we go kind of seeking that

information which a lot of like i would

say the average american doesn’t so

we’re not very well

versed in a lot of languages

i mean i’m not i’m only speaking for me

really but i don’t know a lot of people

who are

fluent in several languages so it looks

like you’ve captioned it for a number of

languages in the youtube caption system


the titles are targeting english

speakers and i’m worried that none of

these videos like i come in and there’s

music playing


you know i’m i’m seeing the finished

product right like i’m get to make my

own peanut butter at home awesome

and the first bit of text that pops up

on the screen is not in my language and

this is important because if you’re

teaching people how to make something

you have to be able to

you know

tell them how much of something you’re

using if you’re a cooking channel so

you know it’s just some peanuts cook

over oh here we go cook over medium heat

stirring occasionally


but if i had the captions turned off

your captions that come up are not in


so my my english captions were over the

ones that were embedded into the video

so i guess the english captions are

probably the youtube auto captions which

we know are terrible


actually i don’t know what their how oh

yeah how wait what so they’re editing

captions into the video i’m about to

hold their captions in there no no

speech i’m not really confused so yeah

they’ve edited captions to tell you

until okay so

until they are golden brown there’s

something going on here with the


that is confusing

yeah that that makes no sense i’ll let

there anything happen yeah you don’t

want to confuse your viewers that’s kind

of the moral of the story

so are so i don’t like are those like

are they like editing in two are

captioning in two languages or are they

mixing the languages when they cap that

yeah wow okay it might have it might

have been that maybe maybe the first

line was a different language the next

time was english

but i’m i mean we’re both kind of

sitting here we audit a lot of channels

all right like we’re both kind of

sitting here trying to figure out what

the what the deal is and i think it’s

because we’re getting confused yeah and

you you and i viper we have patience

like we’re we’re here deliberately to be

patient and kind of look at channels and

see what’s going on and

a lot of your viewers who are clicking

on these are not going to have the

patience they want to learn how to make

japanese milk bread but the the captions

are throwing them off yeah so

this is just kind of it’s

it’s something to kind of work on okay

here’s another here’s another thing i’m

noticing you can barely see it

non-fat dry milk so that’s

14 grams

and i’m guessing it’s

non-fat dry milk why are you mixing the

languages okay yeah

i i would be doing two separate channels

honestly that i would make this we we do

this at vid iq we literally have a

spanish channel

um i would be doing just that we have a

channel where myself and rob our voices

are dubbed over in another language and

it’s the same video that went out on our

channel it’s just dubbed over in another

language like you can do that you can

take this content and you could put it

on two different places but if you’re

going to have english titles the

captions should completely be in english

it helps to add your voice to it i was

just going to recommend that anyway yeah

commentate over it


if you’re going to do that with text on

the screen

you you you can’t confuse the viewer

like that i would say one language

is what you get your channel would be

doing amazing things if you can get the

language stuff in order because

everything goes on this channel is

almost perfect

that’s what we think yeah it’s obviously

you won’t know until you try it but i

would i would give it a shot your

thought you have so much skill it’s so

much and you’re always doing desserts

like the the consistency is there in

terms of the uploads the types of videos

you’re making it it might be the people

are getting confused and maybe they want

the commentary maybe they’re trying to


alongside you and they’re part they’re

having to pause the video as it is to

kind of catch up to you but now they

have to like stop and try and read it

right you know so

just some things to think about but

i mean really great start ultimately

this is not this is nothing to be

ashamed of at all and uh i just want to

see most popular

some stuff has taken off

from months ago but it is a bit spiky

so uh sidebar uh number one uh somebody

in chat said that youtube was auto

captioning or auto translating the title

no this person put those titles in there

though no they’re not translation

and secondly

i i know we’ve talked on these live

streams before about not confusing the



that is so important because think about

it think about it from your perspective

i am like actually i don’t have to say i

am i’m sure i i know all of you all who

are watching

right now you are creators but you are

also viewers of youtube so what you need

to do is take the creator cap off

and put your viewer cap on think about

what you like and don’t like when you’re

watching youtube what are some things

that creators do that you you rock with

that you appreciate that they do what

are some of the things that creators do

that you would never think to do as a

creator or you were never touched as a

creator yourself

once you have those things outlined

you know that


if i want to create the best viewing

experience possible for my viewers these

are the things that will work and don’t

work and one of the most critical

aspects is not confusing your viewer

that’s why i’m always talking about

making sure your thumbnails are

simplistic and making sure that when

somebody looks at your thumbnail within

10 seconds they can figure out what

they’re going to get when they click on

your video because if it takes them

longer than that they’re probably

already on to the next thumbnail

you have these things have to be so

simple because there’s so much

competition on the platform you don’t

have time to get the viewers in the

think loop they’re not doing that

we our autistic fans are already short

into this you don’t want to make it

harder for a potential viewer so

everything that we do on creators should

be simple keep it simple for the people

make it easy for people to digest make

it easy for people to understand

and i promise you that will give you a

lot more success than trying to

be all all cute and fancy with your

content you’re not doing yourself any



it couldn’t that couldn’t be more

important advice the like i want to give

one more tip before we move on and that

is the the titles themselves uh and this

could go for a lot of channels

i i appreciate that they’re starting to

use words like easy

like you you can just say lemon bar

recipe but that’s kind of a basic title

right you’re trying to say this is an

easy lemon bar recipe try to play around

with more descripting just descriptive

words so

uh the easiest chocolate chip cookie

recipe ever right that could be that

that’s a little more like oh okay what a

bold claim you’ve just made or

easy let’s see


chocolate chip cookie recipe and then

parentheses easy right so

describe what you’re making in your

titles a little bit more and i think

that can help you stand out because

right now you’ve kind of titled a lot of



headings in a cookbook you know but

these videos could be found across

youtube and shown to a wide array of

people so try to win the click a little

bit more by by describing what you’re

doing in your titles uh take take your

titles to just that next step this is a

just a small tweak i’d make but yeah uh

best of luck to you


all right uh the next channel here is

one i picked it’s called kilton

pip pippert sorry kilton pipper disc


i had to pick this one because i was

like a disc golf channel is not one i’ve

ever seen on this live stream before

that’s pretty cool uh disc golf is a

sport i’d say it’s a pretty nice sport

and it’s basically you throw frisbees at

targets and i’m to disc golf fans i’m

really sorry i’ve never actually played

um but it it it is kind of cool and

there’s like a lot of parks out there

that’ll have these kind of you know

pylons that are specifically for disc

golfs disc golf but what i learned when

i was looking at this channel and trying

to kind of learn a little bit about it

is that there are actually professional


that do this and what this channel seems

to be doing is making

fantasy disc golf leagues guesses things

like that like you would fantasy



blew my mind because i’m like i didn’t

realize it went back deep i knew of this

i just didn’t realize it was that big of

a thing

so in saying all of that uh

i i think this channel has a few things

i would tell it to work on

first and foremost is thumbnails i think

your thumbnails are very inconsistent in

terms of like what’s going on the

background colors change a lot when you

just use like a straight up one color

background right that it just keeps

changing sometimes you’re outside and

there’s some text but like yellow text

they’re really hard to read on that

yellowish background um

you know

and then certain ones are pretty clean

but it there’s still too many elements

here right so there’s a lot of work i’d

be doing on thumbnails and the other

thing i was going to say

is that your channel right now has a

very niche appeal right you’re appealing

to people who not only like disc golf

but follow the actual professional teams

or college teams or whatever it might be

and that’s a good strategy for a game

like football that has

you know

nationwide appeal


disc golf is a little bit different

so what i did is i just typed in disc

golf earlier and here’s what i found

all of these thumbnails are nice and

clean they’re using like these nice 4k

cameras in the park so it’s a pretty

wide shot this is a big thing you got to

fit in the thumbnail but they’ve done a

beautiful job at capturing like this

environment and stuff eagles crossing

the best disc golf course in the world

17 hours ago this video was posted

and it’s getting over 2 000 views per

hour right now so this video is is

really taking off i know it’s from a

channel with 2 million subscribers but

this is who you’re competing against

right and i know

your thing is

these more professional leagues and

stuff like that but i’m saying what you

can do is both so there’s tips for

getting better at disc golf and it’s

amazing how recently these videos were

posted by the way

and a lot of the stuff we’re seeing is

tips tips tips tips tips basically how

to get better how to get good at this

because anyone can pick the sport up if

you live next to a place where you can

play disc golf all you need is a frisbee

you know and and be next one of those

locations so you might

look up ways of getting better at this

and your channel could be some you know

one of the channels trying to help

and then the other thing i thought of

suggesting too is let’s say you like


the professional teams because you’re

actually not that great at disc golf not

saying that’s the case because you have

a whole bag dedicated to this et cetera

but if if it’s that then take people on

the journey with you as you try to get

better at disc golf but i want you to

hit the course more i want you to do

more um

more videos for people who are just

interested in the sport and less videos

about the actual you know teams i think

there’s time for this later on and you

are doing some of that but

that was gonna be my first suggestion

and it took me forever to get there uh

viper what were you seeing

oh you i mean the one thing that i was

gonna highlight you pretty much

highlighted it from jump to thumbnail

the thumbnails are just wild and i just

made a whole solitary about keeping

things simple and these thumbnails are

anything but simple so that’ll be the

first thing that i will work on is

making these thumbnails simpler and

easier for people that aren’t really

familiar with this golf to understand um

other than that i think these titles are

some of them are way long

and if we highlight it earlier

uh if your title is too long it gets

truncated on youtube again especially

because as i told you guys earlier most

people are watching from a mobile device

so you really don’t have that much real

estate when it comes to titling so if

you make them all along and drawn out

then come thinking

some of it is going to get cut off word


so shorten your titles uh other than

that i think uh

i think this is pretty i don’t know for

me this is like pretty hard because like

dan said this is a pretty niche thing

you have going on here so when you have

like something that’s really really

niche like this

if you want to scale it if you want to

grow it you have to figure out a way to

related content to a more massive uh

more mainstream audience

so you that that comes in the form of

maybe trying to like compare things that

are happening in disgust maybe like dan

will talk about earlier like football or

something along those lines

if you can make those comparisons uh

compared to something that’s more like

universally accepted or universally

known to keep me then you might have a

better chance of people uh more people

relating with your content so but the

thumbnails man thumbnails need to be

better for sure

yeah thumbnails for sure and

and i guess then it comes to back to

titles too uh

like i keep looking at this one because

i feel like this video will be really

valuable to someone just kind of

learning the sport right what do these

disc golf terms mean and you’ve kind of

put two different terms here and then

you can’t read this text at all what

does it mean

so and then you’ve circled the disc golf

catcher basket whatever it is back here

there’s too much going on right


i would have made the text easier to

read like white text with a black stroke

around it or something

and then i would have put like

terms right in the text with an arrow

pointing at a list and the list can be

hard to read but the idea isn’t that

they can even read that list they don’t

know the terms yet right you’re gonna

teach them the terms in the video and

then the title can back up that

thumbnail what do these mean right so

find ways of simplifying these

thumbnails uh when you are teaching

people about the sport and then when

you’re covering the sport itself maybe

more mass appeal titles and thumbnails

so instead of texas state focus one of

the players and then you have the player

with an arrow pointing to him like best

disc golf player in the world question


you know so

try to find more and more ways to get as

many people in the door as possible

so hopefully these ideas have helped you

kind of i think there’s so much going on

here that uh both of us are kind of

looking at a hundred different things in

your channel

hopefully there’s some nugget in there

that helped

when you are when we i should tell you

when we are just starting out on youtube

i think it is very very important

that in our content we make sure that we

relay the value of what a viewer is

going to get out of the content uh when

i started my new channel this year uh

some of the first few videos i did were

how-to videos on different things about

ios 15

because i knew as a new channel i had to

put a good value proposition out there i

had to get people to care about what i

was putting out there


we all know that people aren’t going to

care unless it’s something that’s going

to benefit them directly so how do you

do that in my case i put out how-to

videos how to do this on the iphone how

to do that on the iphone for your niche

and your content is teaching people

something that they may find helpful or

something that they might need to learn

to accomplish something but

you have to


value out there with your content and

that’s how you get people into the door

now whether they stay there will largely

be up to their the uh your

uploading frequency the quality of your

content maybe if you can interject some


that goes a long way too but

first and foremost it’s about the value

that your content provides because no

one is going to care about your content

when you’re just starting out brand new

on the platform you have to give them

reasons to care actually

say well they’re not going to care about

you a lot of y’all try to interject

yourself right at the start but nobody

knows you they don’t know you

so the way that you get them to know you

is to get them to care about your

content and the way that you get them to

care about your content is to give them


give them something in return for their


why should they spend time watching your


i always have to remind people that mr

beast still to this day like doesn’t

introduce himself in his videos

i i don’t know about the the oldest

videos on the channel but

on on his channel i have not seen a

single video where he says

hey guys my name is mr beast welcome

back to another mr beast video today

no it it’s always him screaming into the

camera basically the title of the video

you know and it gets right into the

content the value is put up front first

as the second you click or if the video

starts auto playing you know you’re in

the right place


i think every creator can kind of learn

from that so

yeah uh i want to talk about

titles a little bit more because we’ve

talked about them a lot today i want to

show you guys something cool that’s been

rolling out for a while now

and it should be officially available to

all of you it is the ai

title recommendation system that we have

check this out

so i have a video here this is not a

published video and i have this button

get ai title recommendations so let’s

say you you’re doing a video about disc

golf right

how to play disk

disk golf

perfectly serviceable title if you’re

making a video about how to play disc

golf right there’s nothing wrong with

this title

but if you wanted to give it that extra

kick in the pants

this now looks like a search term to our

ai title generator

and what it’ll do

is give you some more interesting titles

some more clickable titles sometimes

it’ll just uppercase things the right

way for you how to play disc golf in

introduction how to play disc golf tips

techniques and gameplay how to play disc

golf the basics how to play disc golf

four easy steps four easy steps

now what if you only have three that’s

still a great title three easy steps it

it did that for you it’s not saying

oh four easy steps is like this trending

thing it has to be four it’s giving you

the suggestion of why don’t you try a


this tool is so

awesome i love this tool i use this all

the time and this is built into the

vidiq extension so make sure you’ve

installed that iq on your chrome or

firefox browser authenticated your

channel and if you don’t like any of

these titles you can hit refresh

how to play disc golf here’s how to

start three top tips for starting to

play disc golf

all of these titles so much more

clickable and interesting than what i’ve

put here so you can do this for anything



uh let’s see mods 1.18



is minecraft mod 118 better than modded


not it doesn’t quite know what i’m

saying there but that’s okay there’s

there’s still an idea a nugget in there


r118 mods better than 112 mods uh

1.18 mod update the three best mods for

minecraft 1.18 that nailed it there so

now it’s talking about doing a top three

video so you can use this tool right now

if you’re a free user you’ll get

i believe

you’ll get a limited amount of titles

every month and i think pro users as

well boost users get unlimited titles

though so if you’re free if you’re free

user try it out if you don’t have our

boost plan check out the link in the

description below and you can get vid iq

boost and try out all of our tools for

free for 30 days if you’re a new


uh and with that

okay uh

i just want to pick you back real quick

on the whole title conversation oh i’m

going to give you all 30 seconds to pull

out your pins and papers or phones

whatever you want to do and write this

down what i’m about to tell y’all and

don’t worry if you don’t if you don’t

catch it we just made a video about it

which will become painfully obvious in a

moment but

we just did a video talking about the uh

seven way uh the separate tips of viral

success and it has to do with titles



there are seven types of titles that you

can do that create an element of

curiosity and reviewers and that’s what

we want to do with title mainly we want

to make people curious enough to click

number one open a loop

so number one open a loop

get people wanting to go down the rabbit

hole that’s always good number two

negative list

we know how much people love a train

wreck and negativity so that should be


number three reveal a secret i mean come

on who doesn’t like secrets

number four

challenge assumptions i mean we know how

big challenges are in different things

like that so y’all should understand


number five you contrast

versus videos are great for this so you

already know about that

number six

talk about the future

that might not be interesting with some

of the other ones but it’s still a good

way to get people into your content if

you want to do that and the last

be oddly specific


i just saw the biggest rock of all time

on the streets how many people are going

to dig that they’re like wait what is

this rocky talking about so uh

if you want more details about what i

just said uh check out our seven secrets

to viral youtube video video that we

just did it’s all explained there for

you all

yes and tomorrow we’ll be talking more

about titles as well we’re not done

talking about titles they’re

one of the two most important elements

for making sure your next video goes

super duper viral


we’re gonna pick some more channels now

using the claw the claw is a fun device

that we have set up the way this works

is you’ve been submitting your channels

on these two forms

all day

and we have 268

responses on our channel audit form we

have 200 responses on our gaming audit

form so not as many gaming channels

today which is very rare so 269 now i’m

gonna go ahead and put the claw

to number so we cover everything 300


and now when i use the claw it will pick

a random number

254 was the one it picked and so we can

go to our form we can go to 254

and we can see what we’ve got here it’s

a crypto channel it looks like

and this is how the rest of the channel

is stream is going to go we’re going to

be randomly selecting your channels

using the claw

and i’m just closing some extra tabs

here all right arbin sub to get a cookie

where have i seen that before i feel

like people have put that in their

banner for for a long time now

all right what do we got two x your

anchor earnings by whale

arb arbitraging okay get 100 yield on

stables with delta neutral farming oh my


okay a lot of finance websites

guaranteed returns



i’ll tell you my first problem here

viper i’ll take mine too in a minute


my first problem and maybe this is


is that i don’t know what the heck any

of these videos mean ah yes yes

yes yes

that was my exact thing then i don’t

know where any of this stuff means oh my

wow i love when we’re on the same page

it’s great


like i said it might be intentional

maybe these videos aren’t for me maybe

they’re for people who understand these



they’re they’re the next level right

like if you want your beginner crypto

advice you’re not coming to arbyn you’re

going somewhere else arbin is going to

talk about the next level right


that could be


when you’re you know coming to us for

hey how do i grow my youtube channel

kind of questions

our suggestions tend to

lean this other way where we’re like

well could you give

people at the beginner level

some more advice and maybe you feel like

you’re doing that and in case that’s the


i would definitely say that these titles

and these thumbnails are too complex

especially the titles

it’s it’s not clear that as a crypto

beginner i’m gonna learn from this


i would definitely be keeping that in



the thumbnail evolution here is quite


started with kind of hard to understand

thumbnails and now

you’re you’re being a little more

deliberate pointing arrows at at

different elements like we have this

massive crazy percentage here


but the title it’s are you gonna tell me

how to get this kind of return

are are you just telling me about this

website and what’s the benefit of using

this website right


these are elements that are missing from

your titles and thumbnails

yeah and

i like i kind of like the use of arrow

because again when you are using arrows

i mean obviously you are trying to

highlight something and again that makes

people more curious about what is it

that you’re exactly trying to highlight

in your thumbnail so i definitely like

that but if we highlight it

what does yield mean i i don’t know what

that means uh

what’s an aust i don’t know what that

means uh

so yeah you might

like to say this but you might want to

dumb it down a little bit for us

non-financials i’m just saying

yeah there’s probably like i think one

of the most confusing things would be uh

crypto in the blockchain right and it’s

something that there’s a lot of interest

around right now so

that’s where i think your highest

ceiling is right trying to get people in

the door people who are like you know

curious about this but they’re still

trying to figure it all out uh and again

if you’re doing that then the videos

need to be structured the tylenol funnel

needs to be structured uh in a different

way because if i didn’t know any better

i would say this was an animation

channel if i only had this thumbnail to

go off of i don’t know what any of this


and i have this animated character in

front of me so are you an animation


talking about money and sushi i don’t

really know so

keep again simple simplify the titles

and thumbnails um join us tomorrow too

we’ll we’ll talk more about uh

thumbnails as well let’s go to the first

not the first let’s go to our first

gaming channel from the claw now the

response is the difference here

responses is so vast

that i’m feeling like to give the gaming

channels a better shot i should

just temporarily fluctuate these numbers

a little bit so let’s let’s just do

210 for a minute and then do the random

number picker

105 okay so we’re going to


on the gaming forum now

uh kozaki nero

i believe maybe i said that right maybe

i didn’t

106 subscribers


what are we playing

three games


but that’s the same

oh create a three game plays but that’s

the same okay don’t know what that

really means eso gameplay

to tamriel unlimited par 5 okay

so it looks like you’re doing okay that

i understand you are doing a let’s play

series of elder scrolls online

and you’re also covering some different

games too in between


potentially long running series you’re

six parts into it

but you’ve tried a lot of different


in five months you’ve done a lot of

different things

with kind of varying degrees of success

but i don’t think any video has gotten

over a hundred views let’s see if that’s


yes not not any videos got over 100

views just yet okay

so basic tips for gaming channels when i

see stuff like this

first and foremost


a game

find yourself one game that you are

completely in love with okay to start

there start with your favorite game okay

and then

try to sit down and come up with 20

ideas 20 video ideas for your favorite

game right

and this is the game that gets you the

most excited this is the game that when

you’re done at work you’ve been thinking

about it all day you can’t wait to come

home and play it like that’s the kind of

game that’s the kind of interest you

should have in what you’re covering on

youtube whatever you’re doing on youtube

if if you have a cooking channel then

you better love to cook right

so gaming channel you need a game that

you totally love all right that’s what i

want your channel to be about and i want

you to do some research and see what

kind of elder scrolls videos are ranking

and and can you kind of replicate them

in your own style so for example uh eso

if i just type in eso

there’s a lot of different stuff so

let’s just say elder scrolls online

gameplay review trailer beginner’s guide

classes high isle don’t know what that

is maybe it’s an expansion pvp character

creation so we’re getting some very


things here but like what happens if i

click gameplay

should you play elder scrolls online in


okay so people make gameplay videos all

the time


those to me are always let’s plays so

it’s really interesting that i typed in

gameplay as if i was searching for

someone who just i just want to watch

someone play elder scrolls online and

the first thing i see is not that i see

somebody talking about if i should buy

it should i play this game in 2022

that’s not what i was looking for but

the title and the thumbnail are great

and i might i might actually end up you

know watching that if i’m i’m interested

you have to scroll down a little bit but

then we get eight years ago this game is

so old eight years ago we have a

gameplay video so

you know two million subscriber channel

let’s see elder scrolls online gameplay


one year ago you’re competing with these

these massive channels

for for the search term elder scrolls

online game play

so keep that in mind make your videos

more specific when you’re doing these

let’s plays it doesn’t matter what part

you’re on because

don’t like i would say everybody here

wants new viewers to come in on part six

so don’t make them feel like they need

to watch five other videos before they

can understand part six

just make sure whenever you make a video

you’re introducing the new viewers

you’re you’re making them feel at home

even though you’re six parts in it

shouldn’t matter it really shouldn’t

they you should invite them to watch the

previous five parts at the end of the

video but

get them in the door first today we’re

going to be looking for this mount or

we’re going to be fighting this monster

or we’re going to be doing this thing

make sure your video is about a specific

thing you’re going to do and get rid of

the part numbers and the very basic

titling structure here of elder scrolls


you know some update part number

that’s not

that’s not really a clickable title

so those are my upfront suggestions uh

these other games that you have on here

are confusing the people who are

subscribed because if they subscribe for

elder scrolls online and then you’re

giving them these really random stadia


they’re not

they’re not going to watch you know

if i’m just noticing now the stadia logo

viper it’s in like all the thumbnails

so i think what they’re trying to do is

be a stadia focused channel


as somebody who has a stadium

subscription you probably have

preferences as to what you want to play

right you’re not just playing it because

it’s on stadia and that’s going to be

the audience to your channel

they’re not going to all like the same

things you know the people who are

watching um mechanic mechanical hunter

are probably not into

you know borderlands 3.


keep these things in mind and try to you

know target a specific viewer because

the fact that this is on stadium i don’t

think is enough to call it a niche

personally yeah the stadium is way too

broad and i want to talk about the other

point that you brought up about putting

the part number and then the titles i

was just thinking about this and even

like a major hollywood studio i’ve gone

away from this in the past if you think

about the dark knight trilogy we all

know it’s a trilogy well what are the

titles batman begins

the dark knight

the dark knight rises there is no batman


batman begin part two they’re not doing



you want to make people feel like they

can watch each individual


as its own stand-alone thing you don’t

you don’t want your viewer to feel like

they have to watch something previously

to be caught up on the current thing so

good point dan awesome yeah

and i’m gonna i’m gonna devil’s advocate

myself a little bit because i do watch

channels that still do part numbers um

so this is a channel i’ve been watching

lately uh because they play a game i

really like it’s called runescape

and they have this new series

it’s like this challenge series right so

they have part numbers but you’ll notice

the part numbers are not in the


the part numbers are in the titles but

they’re the very last element of the


the very last one and that’s because

this is a game about progress so you do

like to know where you’re at but

this creator made that part the shortest

part of their title the pound sign and

the number and that’s it they didn’t put

part five taking up a whole bunch of

room or episode five

it they put it as tiny as they could

because they know

you don’t that’s information you don’t

really need if you’re

a new viewer or a fan if you’re a fan

you’ve probably seen all the four parts

anyway so

this is an example of a big youtuber

using part numbers but i would say the

right way and all they had all this real

estate to make these incredible


at the end of the day so i remember when

i uh when i was coming up i used to do

uh veda you you don’t paid it right damn

video every day in april and august and

all that

oh no i i don’t i’m not never heard of

veda uh-uh

oh wow okay so two times a year uh their

thing called veda video every day in

april video every day in august where

creators upload video every single day

from all

uh i used to do it when i first started

off on youtube and i made the mistake of

putting a video or putting a day number

in every video

uh and then someone told me that yeah

you probably shouldn’t do that you just

make the videos with the regular titles

and not put each day in there so i

learned quickly that that was uh not the

thing to do but yeah

like we were someone earlier like don’t

you don’t need the part number or what

not in the title and whatnot just just

make the video stand out on their own

and then people will naturally watch

anyway so

i think that’s meant to be a challenge

for you as the creator right like

if you if you tell your audience well in

every video title like it’s it’s the

what it was veda challenge yeah like

they’re not watching because of that but

they’re watching because of what you

make videos about already the fact that

you’re doing it every day is irrelevant

to them they’re they’re just happy

you’re making videos

every day twice a day they don’t care

like they just you know they’re happy to

see you they’re happier making videos so

yeah i would i would definitely if i was

doing that challenge i wouldn’t put the

part number i wouldn’t put anything in

the title indicating it’s part of that

challenge and when you complete it then

i would go to like the community tab and

celebrate i did it i didn’t think i

could but i posted a video every single

day in april you know and you can

mention it in your next video like i

can’t by the way i don’t know if you

noticed but i was doing the veda

challenge that whole month i posted

every day and i never do that and now i

need a break you know what i mean now

you can say now i’m going back to a

weekly schedule so


anyway um that’s pretty cool i didn’t

know that

all right the claw

wants us to visit channel 162 the claw

has spoken we’re going to back to our

regular channels now

um i say regular that’s so mean so

belittling to the gaming channels what i

meant to say was channel’s not


we get so many gaming channels we’ve

separated the two but it’s not because

we see these channels as quote regular

uh okay interesting johnny b 11 000

subscribers and they’re doing

videos about i want to say mazdas but i

see a nissan in there as well so it

looks like

fast cars

i don’t i don’t know much about cars i

don’t know but i love the fact that the

banner lets me know what i’m getting we

got pov drive we got a install


i don’t i don’t know what you’re

installing but i can’t give you an idea


look at this i crashed my nissan 350 z

pov footage


there you go

now you could sit in your car

and do your pov drive and you could say

um nissan 350z pov drive episode 12

you know

or you could

talk about what you’re doing in the


type of car downhill canyon rip

like uh what what’s going you’re okay

you’re going downhill in the canyon and

you put rip i don’t know if that’s rest

in peace or maybe you’re just using the


rip in another context but either way

i’m clicking on it i want to know what’s

going to happen another reason why i

love my nissan 350z 13 000 views

we have a very simplistic thumbnail it’s

clear it’s a pov drive by the way you’ve

uh taken the picture

this is great we everyone should be

learning from you right now

look at the views how they’ve gone up

lately i love how you one of our uh our

title uh tip whatever another reason i

love my nikon video

yeah that’s this looks like a ai title

generator right there

i canceled my 2023 nissan z deposit

so they’re really into this car and

they’re telling all kinds of stories

about it they’re going on adventures

they’re crashing the thing

um maybe they crashed it and now they

don’t have content

is that part of the issue

you know everything to shop data

so could you go to the shop and talk

about the progress on fixing the car you

know maybe if they’re cool they’ll let

you take some some you know video of

them working on it

i love how even though these thumbnails

look similar they are differentiated

just enough that i can know that they’re


like yeah that’s something


yeah deposit mate i love the story your

deposit made eight thousand views cancel

deposit 27 000 views

well controversy guys the controversy oh

this is what i’ve been trying to tell

you all day i’m i’m glad i’m glad we

found this channel i feel like i’m going

to say johnny be submitted just so this

channel can be used as an example for

everybody else

because i don’t know what advice i have

this is too good


yeah this person is well on their way

for sure i’m headed to the shop later to

film okay good you’re ahead of us

you understand the assignment right



yeah it’s it’s really hard to advise

because i would say you’re you’re doing

everything that we would recommend in

terms of like trying to captivate an

audience it looks like recently you’ve

just had

i mean well okay so you have a video

back from back here 79 000 views let’s

do this let’s look at the most popular

ah a good choice for students okay


interesting take there for a car video

realities of daily driving did very well

on a busy in a busy city

watch this before you you daily drive a

nissan 350z so a high value review like

really valuable should i even buy this

car kind of video

three red flags when buying so

you have covered these


even up to a year ago you’ve covered

more of these like low hanging fruit if

i have this car i might as well review

it kind of videos um

so if it’s ideas

that’s going to be

yeah that’s that’s going to be where you

have to get creative and it looks like

you are

but yeah i would i would worry a little

bit about that

can you compare this car to others like

it two others not at all like it and you

can get the footage by maybe test

driving the other cars and you know from

other dealerships that could be a whole

series that you do

comparing your car to these other cars


you know there’s a lot there’s a lot of

different directions you can go with

this but i i think you’re i think you

have a ton of success here

yeah i literally have nothing to say

dude like you are you are doing the

things you are crushing it my dude

i’m learning it’s a pretty expensive

niche to be in i found the pov

oh i think i think maybe slow mode got

him but i they’re probably going into a

description there

yes certainly an expensive niche that is

for sure



my only other thing we’re going to say

that uh it looks like you are on a one

video per week cadence i would say i

don’t know if it’s possible but if you

can like up your content outlook output

that might that might definitely be in

your favor if that’s possible

so i just typed in mustang because i was

just trying to think of another car



i’m seeing

a very similar channel to to yours right


this person

has a mustang but then they’re also

talking about other mustangs he broke

the bank uh lucifer gets a carbon fiber

makeover so

it looks like their friends also have

these cars and they’re kind of talking

about them

you know in in the videos


and they’re getting very similar views

to what you’re getting

but they might it looks like they’re

producing a lot more content because

they’re just days apart on some of these


this could be a direction for you to go

to try looking at other car channels and

seeing how they’re keeping their content

schedules going and if you know other

people like

you’d be surprised there’s reddit groups

for everything if you can find a reddit

group for your car right and maybe you

start to network with people who

are enthusiasts maybe there’s a whole

forum of people just hanging out who

love this car and live near you maybe

you can get involved with some events

some different you know customizations

that they’ve done to their car so you

don’t have to actually do that into your

car uh there’s there’s a lot of

different ways you can go

i would be looking at that though i’d be

looking to get getting into some of

these communities and failing that just

continually study up on the other car

channels out there and see what they’re

you know up to

but yeah

fantastic channel congratulations on

over 10 000 subscribers i think you’re

on your way uh sorry that you crashed

your car

that’s um

you gotta

get a video out of it though definitely

need to make more videos i find pov is

really repetitive i appreciate the ideas

yeah absolutely um

best of luck to you

okay we’re gonna go to our next gaming

channel we have 225 responses the gap is

closing i’m just going to leave the claw

at 300 and hope it doesn’t go into that


limit there and we’ll just redraw if it

does 111 on the gaming form

up try that again

our next gaming channel

is artist known as they are approaching

5 000 subscribers

and it looks like they’re a vr channel



oh wow interesting

this roulette video wait this roulette

video is a video lol this is really well


this shorts video

or this is a shorts video you got a big


to win big huge bets poker stars okay

so they’re doing kind of a mix of shorts

and long form content it looks like a

lot of the content is in this vr poker

stars game

very consistent view counts

on your long form videos

all of them over a thousand views

this is really interesting

and i love the uh consistency of the

thumbnail like when you look at his

thumbnails you know that is going to be

video for sure

wow so for you you’ve uploaded a lot of

content in the last month oh my goodness

it seems like you have a very dedicated


and you’re trying shorts and and i’d be

curious to see how some of these do like

from a day ago this one obviously hit

the shelf 1.2 k views

uh but i think you’re just getting

started with those so that could be a

really interesting strategy to try i

have seen vr content in shorts believe

it or not and i’ve seen it do pretty

well so that is definitely a thing uh

let’s look at the most popular oh they

were a drawing channel before

interesting not only nine months ago so

this isn’t a recent pivot

yeah it is

i’m a bit concerned because i’m seeing

some views per hour coming in on these

shorts uh that are not vr

related and unfortunately our tools are

not going to show us because it is a

short so it’s in a different part of

youtube i wanted to see

precisely how many views this has gotten

in the last month or so

so it’s one thing to consider if if

these drawing videos are bringing people

to your channel

i might consider unlisting them because

it’s just the not it’s not what you’re

doing now and that still matters even

though it’s shorts


if you’re looking at your stats and it

looks like all of these have kind of

stagnated now and it’s not really a big

deal i would you just leave them

this is really really cool though

so could you do a video about

getting better at


because this seems like a really fun

channel if you’re into poker right but

maybe because you’re you’re you

obviously know how to play the game

maybe you can be giving people some tip

using the game itself like being in vr

you can you can really lay stuff out in

front of people and give them some tips

on how to be better um

show them what things mean how it all


like how to win big in poker stars kind

of videos

that that could be one direction to go

in because

the view counts are very steady right


so could you know could you be branching

out a little bit more to kind of pull in

some new viewers is kind of the question

i don’t know otherwise i’m very

encouraged by these numbers viper it’s

hard to say what to do next

don’t sound like the best court

sebastian is just the theta course of



yeah there you go hopefully there’s a

couple tips in there that helped

um congratulations on your channel

hitting 5000 soon probably

all right we will take a look at

our next non-gaming channel

that is number 77

which is on this list

and it is fair lady crimson

they’re helping others with stress

according to the description there

my mission is to help others positively

navigate stress and holistically and


oh no sorry not and so holistically and

non-invasively to live the best life

okay cool


awesome mission

and if we scroll down here

we’re getting we’re seeing a lot of


again another channel just absolutely

killing it right now i’m surprised at


subscriber to view ratio oh my goodness

all of your videos have over 5000 views

from the last few weeks

and you’re under 5000 subscribers

wow viper what are you seeing here

huh whatever she is doing she is

definitely getting people in the door

that’s sure


somebody’s thumbnail i mean

for my taste they are kind of busy but

if you count say viper shut up so i’m

not gonna say nothing yo she’s like yo

the view count saying she isn’t she’s

doing her thing

um the only other thing i would say is

again you all really need to

i would suggest keeping an eye on your

title length

uh because you got some really long

titles here and again when people are

watching youtube on mobile devices

you’re not doing yourself any favors

with that

yeah that’s uh that is true a lot of

truncated titles but

it’s working like everything you’re

doing is working for

what seemed to be like 5 000 people who

con continually return to your channel

some videos

uh taking off more than others like this


reasons why visualization and

affirmations really


why affirmations

meditation okay

i’m kind of wondering if you can do more

videos like this one

because it seems like if i had to guess

if i were to look at your new and

returning viewers chart i if i had to

guess this brought in a lot of new


and whenever you have a video take off

that brings in a lot of new viewers you

then get the chance for them to be shown

your older content and your newer

content and the content you’re making a

little more regularly like these uh i am


so you did four of these in a row which

seemed these i would say this is like

your flagship content this is the stuff

you make for the people who already love

you and they’re returning all the time

uh but you want to do more it looks like

this one from 12 days ago is becoming

that because it already has more views

than these older ones already in 12 days

and this may be it’s it’s an updates

video so probably more about your

channel but this could be bringing in a

few new people just given the view

counts and stuff


but yeah that’s that is what i’d be

doing is trying to find ways to you know

because there’s people dealing with

stress and anxiety

and they may be looking for other types

of search terms on youtube right so

what think about what you would search

for if you were looking for ways

to deal with your your stress your

anxiety whatever it might be like how to

meditate for example and

see if you can maybe get in on that a

little bit to try and get those new

viewers up

and they’re not using the community tab

either which i think this channel should

definitely try that great opportunity

there make polls um and image posts and

try to post at least once a day on this

community tab because that will snowball

and you’ll have your channel popping up

you know through the community tab in

places that it would just never was

before it’s a whole nother avenue on

youtube to to play with

yeah the community tab is like like

youtube best like thinker kept weapon

man like you can have the math to reach

with the community tab

yeah hey dan can you hear me okay yeah

all right

can you can y’all in the chat hear me i

thought my instead of my mic is not

sounding too right so let me know

yeah i think it sounds good but uh yeah

it’s that i’m not listening to the

output i’m just hearing you directly so

it could be

that it needs to be turned up but i

can’t tell

but all right cool we’ll move on to the

next channel

uh it’ll be a gaming channel


let’s see uh

it’ll be number 154 the claw really

sticking to the later part of the uh

form here 144.

now breezy who says they have zero

so maybe just starting out


it’s 12 days ago

we have a short with just the date on it

uh some rocket league

some is that fifa or another game like

that yeah fifa 21

so this is a case where i feel like

it’s really hard to give advice because

we don’t really know what your channel’s

about and

on the surface it doesn’t look like you

know what your channel is about


we’re probably gonna move on from this

one pretty quick but

check out

we have a video on the channel how to

start a gaming channel um you you’ve

already started a gaming channel so you

might be thinking to yourself why would

you recommend a video like that

check it out we you know i’ve done what

have i done like three of these now two

of these

i do one every year and i try to give

some new tips every year for best

practices when starting a gaming channel

and instead of just rattling those off

to you right now i’m gonna recommend you

go watch that video

but best of luck to you

i will pick another gaming channel since

we didn’t really technically audit that



if you all want a chance to have your

channel audited there are a couple of

forums down in the description that you

might want to pay attention to and fill



lg shorts okay so we have another shorts

channel here gaming channel uh and it

looks like they’re doing

a lot of stuff where they were about a

month ago

i haven’t uploaded in a month

gang beats

when madden

make you go against your own team

that did pretty well

1.3 kvues

a lot of cuphead content for a while

there it looks like you were doing

cuphead non not shorts just just doing

cuphead videos and before that you had

some shorts going on okay so this

channel’s history is a bit

all over the place started three months

ago though

what i would be doing is i would give

you the same advice we gave the the

gaming channel from earlier uh

pick a game

and make

shorts consistently or or long-form

content or both about that game you know

and constantly go after the same

audience over and over and over again

that is how you grow on youtube


other than that definitely check out

some of the audits we’ve done of other

gaming channels


check out some of the advice we’ve given

uh from earlier because i’m seeing a lot

of the same stuff here that we talked

about earlier in the day

so when we talk about uh how to grow

and and best practices for growing your


a lot of it comes down to comfort

and what i mean by that is what people

are comfortable with and how you get

people to be comfortable with you

and i’ll use some examples i’m pretty

sure i’ve used on this live stream

before but when you walk into a

starburst right you’re walking into a

starbucks because you’re comfortable

that you’re going to get a decent uh

serving of coffee or frappe or whatever

but starbucks is known for their their

high level of coffee uh if you walk into

a dunkin donuts you’re walking into a

dunkin donuts because you inspect

some of the best donuts

around that’s that’s what they become

known for so

if you think about it like that it’s the

same way with your youtube channel you

have to create a you have to foster an

environment on comfort and what i mean

by that is i know a lot of you all are

starting out and you’re just throwing

stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks

but ultimately

you have to come up with content that

will keep people coming back to you and

the way that you do that

is you keep making content that they

resonate with like the same type of

content you don’t go soccer one day and

baseball the next and basketball the

next no no no no

if they are comfortable with the soccer

content then you keep giving them soccer

content a perfect example i i just saw

my man technically team the chat uh

technically t is an accessory reviewer

he reviewed phone cases and other

accessories um he talked about wanting

to do more uh phone uh commentary or

phone review but he’s not going to do

that on his accessories channel because

he has built that comfort level with the

people when they come to that channel

they expect him to do accessory reviews

so if he did a full commentary review on

that accessory channel it’s probably not

going to do that well because that’s not

what the audience is comfortable with

from him


just think about what you can do as a

creator to make people comfortable with

your content and you will probably be

well off with that

there you go uh we got our next channel


it’s pop at 50. so

it looks like a creator who

you don’t look 50 but maybe you’re in

your 50s and you’re you’re reacting to

pop songs

and you know what’s funny especially

down here these videos look almost


to the videos we were looking at earlier

from the other music reaction channel we

had pulled up

so i fear again we’ll be giving a lot of

the same advice

um just for a quick recap on that first

of all be sure you do rewind and watch

that segment of the live stream again

but we were telling that creator to make

sure to take

images of like the celebrity right that

you’re covering the the artist in this

case and then your reaction and make

your thumbnail dead simple get get rid

of this background cut yourself out and

have you reacting

like your face there and then on the

other side of the thumbnail the the

artist right keep it really super simple

and then when you give your reactions in

the titles

don’t just say i’m i’m it’s my first

time listening to this and i’m reacting

to it give us a little taste of your


did you like it did you not like it was

it was it too loud uh was you know what

i mean like think of some descriptive

words that you can use in your title to

create just a little bit of controversy

and a little bit of interest uh to get

people to click

um viper anything specifically you’re

seeing on on this one

okay so the thumbnail



look all the same and

i need you to figure out a way to

differentiate your thumbnails i am not

against having a thumbnail template

because it makes it easier and quicker

for us to create thumbnails as creators

but when they all look the same to a

person coming up to your to your page

for the first time or

people that are already subscribed to

your page if they’re subscribed and they

they see that thumbnail pop up uh like

dannon said many times on this launching


if the thumbnail looks too similar

they’re going to feel like they already

washed it and they’re going to skip it


you definitely want to figure out a way

to make your thumbnails distinct each

and every individual thumbnail that

should have its own distinct flavor to


because these thumbnails look way too

much like right now

red text too red text is notoriously

hard to read on thumbnail

so if you’re going to do thumbnails like

this at least don’t use red text

uh but yeah that would be our advice

definitely listen to the part in the

stream earlier too because we did dive a

bit deeper on on your exact type of

channel which is kind of funny

um all right going back to the gaming


we have is that the gaming forum that’s

the gaming forum 240 different responses

let’s just go ahead and roll see what


they heard your call 233 so someone


submitted here and we’re gonna check out

their channel


is phantom x network

their gaming channel playing rocket

league sea of thieves and dead island



you started about six months ago but as

a few weeks ago you’ve kind of

dedicated excuse me dedicated yourself a

bit more to

uh creating content a bit more regularly



you’ve kind of picked two games that i

think would appeal to very different

audiences so that’s your first

uh thing to look at

which one of those games do you do you

like more and which one of them inspires

you to make more content i’d start there

sea of thieves is a really interesting

one because it’s an open world kind of

experience a lot of people have found

success doing role play with their

friends you have other names on here i’m

assuming of of fellow youtubers so you

could be doing like fun collabs with

them role plays and things like that and

you could create

you know a whole series around that um

or you could have these really epic

rocket league tournaments you know and

but here’s the thing you’ve put episode


on rocket league videos and i have to


i don’t need to see episode 2

to understand what’s going on episode 3


these these rounds are short

you know certainly shorter than 17



unless i maybe it’s a specific game mode


you don’t you don’t need episode numbers

on this you’re basically inviting people

not to watch because you’re telling them

this is no this is like an hour-long

tournament we did and you have to watch

episode one to keep up with it and

that’s not how rocket league really

works generally um also the thumbnail


where we’re seeing you play these

different games you say that it’s a new

episode but the episode number’s crammed

down here and that’s the only difference

in these two thumbnails

it’s really hard for your cur your

viewers who have given you a chance to

kind of see that you made a new video

because it looks exactly the same so

titles and thumbnails beyond just name

of game and who was it with no one knows

who these people are yet that’s what

we’re trying to fix so get the names of

the youtubers out of there and what

happened in sea of thieves episode two

what did you do did you find treasure

did you go on an adventure did you find

some crazy monster did it totally kill

you like

talk about what happened in the title in

the thumbnail give me that reason to


dan do you know if vidiq has the

subscription to netflix

what why would we have a subscription to


because um netflix had some very good uh

presentation for how uh people should

like think about thumbnails and channel

layouts and different things like that

so hope you’re curious i see i see yeah

netflix has actually released some

studies and stuff too and a lot of

people look at those youtubers look at

those to see kind of what what their

people are seeing in terms of the the

logic behind a thumbnail what makes it


so yeah definitely

look for netflix and thumbnails and

you’ll probably find a recent story

about it oh boy


we got a netflix account no one would

get any work done is the fear i think

all right next channel heart energy


all right uh let’s see i have the

youtube channel link in the why


what is it about

why is your youtube channel making the

banner i’m confused

it is not clickable just just so you’re

aware um

you can’t click things in there yeah i’m

sure they know that

let’s see

and they’re already on the page

i’m confused right now

yeah that’s that is true i i would

replace this with more of a value

proposition because the first thing we

like to do is try and figure out okay

what’s this channel about

so reading through some of your titles

bleep loads of your attractive qualities


how people are drawn to your

the honey emoji that’s interesting

but it’s a short i would say the title

matters less of the short it’s what is

the actual content like

why are you attractive message from your

loved ones

so it looks like attractive keeps coming


what is attractive about you physical


so oh okay that was yeah i picked that

one it’s 1.7 k views i wonder what’s the

most popular video

oh yeah there it is


in these videos i had the easiest time

understanding what what you’re doing on

your channel right

like you’re talking about how

you know

being attractive basically and

maybe you’re going into what makes

people attractive and all these

interesting conversations

the titles

of your videos made it very clear that


you’re talking about a specific topic

whereas some of these are not as clear

like message from your loved one i i’m

not sure what that means

and it looks like

tarot cards maybe


then i would have included like tarot

card reading in the title somewhere what

about you viper what are you kind of

seeing i’m just kind of thinking out

loud here i’m sorry okay oh yeah viper

is saying something for sure um

and this is my personal opinion so dan

uh you can let me know how you feel

about this but

when you have youtube short

on the same channel with a video

and from what i can imagine i do the

livestreams the actual video with that

is uh 47 minutes long


that’s almost a recipe for

no no um

you’re talking about uh you’re you’re

really potentially alienating your

audience when your video lengths are

that far apart on the spectrum

um because then you small completely

different audiences and what they want

and expect a need from you

so i would almost suggest it in person

that if you are really into making these

youtube short videos

then you should put them on a whole

separate channel and just keep these

longer videos and such on this channel

because i don’t know and it seems like

you’re doing more short content lately

anyway and they’re not really i mean

they’re doing okay but

yeah those longer videos are not gonna

help your calls

oh if you’re going to i think

uh it would need to resemble what you do

at least you know because this is a 44

minute video it looks like you’re

wearing the same outfit in these so i’m

going to assume this is a clip from this

video which is fine

uh maybe you’ve condensed a nugget from

this video into a short

totally fine but


it’s when like i see these like more

like maybe tarot reading kind of shorts

maybe maybe it’s just in isn’t the

thumbnail but maybe you do readings in

these videos too and i’m just not seeing

it it’s a 44 minute video so it could be

in there um but are these really the

same as as these types of videos here

because if you’re gonna do these in

shorts and then this is your long form i

would have made two separate channels if

they are in fact different um

so that’s that is definitely a good call

out there uh and yeah 44 minutes is

quite a commitment too uh are does it

need to be 44 minutes because that is

quite a long time


are you editing these down

is is that the shortest it can be is

kind of a question i’d be asking myself

especially just for new viewers you know

it’s it’s a bit

tough to sell them on the longer content

when it’s not clear exactly what they’re


um so that’s that was yeah i think

that’s a good place to start but then

also the thumbnails

could you be doing more customized


because it looks like these are just

pulled straight from the video like a

still from the video

could you be doing something to support

the title like

s loads of your attractive qualities so

the title is kind of interesting is

there a supportive image you could have

put that would have made it even more

clear what this video is about so i’m

not saying repeat the title in the

thumbnail but something to supplement

the title to make it more clear because

i still don’t exactly know what we’re

doing on this channel

but we did give some tips there i think


unless you have anything more to add

i would definitely be focused on on

everything we just said i think we

covered it

let’s go on to the next gaming channel

then there’s been 249 submissions on the

gaming forum they heard you

267 so that’s not going to work because

i said 249. try again claw

209. we’ll take that

all right

let me grab this

put it here


how some chab

making games with unity oh

are you a game development channel

i made pokemon red and blue in unity oh


i’m remade goldeneye in unity i remade

project igi in unity

oh wow


viper i’m going to give this channel the

opposite advice that we’ve been giving

channels oh

i’m going to say unproduce your



mario 64 in unity okay check this out


there are people who have made like

they’ve reimagined mario 64 using the

unity engine

and you’ll notice with these thumbnails

there’s not a lot to them especially

this one

it’s it’s clearly a still from the game


but what’s amazing about this is mario

64 never looked this good

and so in this case you can get away

with these really simple thumbnails

because people recognize this ip

and that’s what you said you’re doing on

your channel right you’re remaking games

that are highly recognizable so

what is it what does it look like



so you remake pokemon red and blue and

i see the similarities but i also see

something new and that’s this thing at

the bottom

i don’t remember it looking like this it

could have maybe i’m wrong but bag fight

run pokeballs and stuff and you’re you

know what i mean like or your pokedex

whatever that is


when it looks different enough

it’s clear that somebody has had their

has tried their hand at it and they’ve

remade it

so you’ve remade this game

and i would be kind of taking what

you’ve done

and putting it front and center so it’s

like if i just saw this frozen screen

right here that’s buffering like crazy i

would know that it’s pokemon red and

blue because the title is like oh that’s

pokemon i remade pokemon red and blue in

unity okay i need to know i need to know


whereas the thumbnail you have it’s

really hard to see what’s going on in

unity is like this tiny thing in the

middle and then we got something that

doesn’t look like the gameplay at all

so you’re kind of missing the mark there

um you kind of did it right here gold

nine unity but you’ve made this huge

white line in the middle

that’s that’s taking up a ton of real

estate and

it’s it’s really hard to tell the

difference you know so like this is the

64 version

could you have done

brighter pictures could you zoomed in a

little bit more just to make the

difference you want to go to the same

exact place in both of these and take

the picture first of all so you can see

the difference in the graphics so like

i i think thumbnails i think thumbnails

are everything for this channel you

obviously have a lot of skill i’m going

to say thumbnails

i don’t know if you want to add anything


that was that was

yeah uh what you think makes sense

because if you’re developing something

chances are you want to show off how it

looked after you develop it and like you

said dan the best way to do that you

should say just take a picture

of the finished product and plaster it

out there

here’s proof like it’s a lot easier this

is brighter it’s a lot easier to see

spyro i made spiral the dragon since i

can’t afford it great title 257 views

which is a lot more than what you’ve

been getting on some of these the angry

birds one is a bit more clear because

the anchor bird’s logo is very

recognizable very big

i love the concept of you may you made

it because you can’t afford it could you

could you make that even more hilarious

by saying like i remade and then say

grand theft auto because i couldn’t

afford it but make it terrible

make it question awesome

sorry i just yeah i i was i’m just going

after a comedy angle now take grand

theft auto and make it look as bad as

possible and

the the joke is that you can’t afford it

so you had to make your own and of

course it’s not going to come out good

because you know what i mean that’s

another way you could take this i’ve

seen people do really funny things with

game development on youtube so that’s

just where that’s coming from

here’s the question for you uh we know

how voluble real estate is on a


i would think that instead of trying to

do the comparison like you did with the

firewall the dragon

just put his finished product out there

front and center and just have a big

plaster picture of that would do you

think that that will maybe perform

better than trying to do a comparison a

before and after

in some cases yeah i think because if

you’re doing a graphical like remaster

that’s when this arrow kind of makes

sense pointing to the before and after


if you’re simply remaking something and

it looks enough like that thing that

people recognize like the pokemon game

you’re looking at you don’t really need

the side-by-side effect it might be

taking away from what you did because

it’s confusing well wait which one did

you do you know so

yeah i think you’re right i think it’s

just a matter of

showing something from the game itself

uh and not like this you did it down

here but i can see your windows hot bar

there’s a whole bunch of negative space

and the game is kind of in the middle so

you’ve taken something that’s already

small and made it smaller i would have

zoomed in on the action here castlevania


oh well

that looks like you’re just covering


so i don’t think you actually made a

game in that case this is more of a

recent thing okay

but really cool i i think that

if you have the skill in game

development and you’re taking these

really once popular games and remaking


you are

you are in for a windfall of views at

any point keep playing with these titles

thumbnails and and concepts as well and

best of luck to you


all right 318 people have submitted on

the non-gaming channel form this is set

to 320 so let’s pick


that’s gaming again 85.

how’s everybody doing thank you so much

for being here

we appreciate it thank you for

submitting your channels hopefully

you’re getting a lot of value from this

homekeeping channel okay 259 subscribers

homekeeping channel helping you clean

and organize your home one step at a


love that

so you know what’s funny is we use an

example we use this example a lot all

the time

well we like i think we say how to

unclog a toilet but how to clean a

toilet uh and we talk about if you make

this video you want it to be short right

like people just want to come in for the

answer and then they want to get out and

that’s what you did two minute video how

to clean a toilet the thumbnail’s very

clear and concise it looks good the view

count is nice and high

how to clean a flat screen tv

interesting not as many people looking

to do that


viper here’s the thing

how often do you clean your flat screen


almost next to never next to never but

you probably clean your toilet a little

more often than that yes yes because

toilets need it

and we don’t really think about cleaning

our flat screens


random suggestion for you it does change

the way you’re doing your content now


instead of how basic how to clean your

flat screen tv which you already have

and you should totally keep because it

kind of builds up your your catalog

i would follow that video up with some

like five reasons you should clean your

flat screen tv

because if it’s something that people

don’t generally think to clean


you need to give the reasons like did

you know that this thing gets nasty

right and you can show before and after

you have the b-roll of of cleaning the

tv i assume from this video so

how to clean is great and then you can

point people to that video if you want

to know how to clean your tv watch over


i’ve told you why now i’ll show you how


that could be a direction you take some

of these concepts for your cleaning

videos uh get give people

reasons for

you know why they should do certain

things obviously remove pee or sweat

stains from a bed is something they

probably want to do


but yeah this is

ah i really like

the thumbnails and everything so i i

think they’re on they’re on to something


but it’s just kind of creating i like

your catalog

i like the point that you made about the

the tv and the toilet

a lot of people are not going to really

ignore or want to know or care about how

to clean their tv but yeah the toilet is

definitely something that has to be done

more frequently

and therefore has a you uh we place a

higher priority on that so if you can

find more content that has like a higher

priority then you’re probably going to

get a lot more views on that here’s

another toilet video that’s did really

well ten thousand views how to clean a

toilet brush and holder

so again another urgent need this is

like uh i need to clean this it’s nasty

so and then cleaning your washing

machine vinegar so

go around and find the things that

people need to clean you know and and

make sure you have a video on each one

of those

and don’t be afraid to update those

videos too if these videos get up there

in age and they did well make a

follow-up maybe you have a new tool that

you like to use or a new product or

something like that there’s there’s no

reason not to follow that up either

how to clean and maintain a sofa

so again

i don’t really think to clean and

maintain my so obviously if there’s like

you know dust on or something i will

vacuum my sofa but

it’s it’s not something you really think

about that much so again you could be

giving reasons

and and common problems and stuff like

that like you know

you should absolutely clean your sofa

this is why blah blah blah so

yeah i think

i think those are our ideas

also just for your banner uh that tech

thunder keeping channel i can barely

read it i can’t even make it out so i

would say

make it uh change the color and make the

whole thing bigger

that means i could standard

zoomed in a little bit yep

but that’s a nitpick i i think this

channel is doing some really cool things


you you will have

this issue of like spiky views

because you’re kind of answering

questions and then people are kind of

moving on right so

by by following this content up with uh

similar content but from a different

angle of like

why you should clean your tv for example

you can kind of you know give the people

who found your channel once a reason to

kind of come back because they they have

a tv they’ve never thought about

cleaning it before and you’re telling

them did you know


your tv gets dirty and you should clean



just some suggestions for you overall

for for a how-to channel i like the


i’m seeing some very positive things and

uh yeah keep it up

also uh it seems like you’re your


it’s probably gonna be a search based

channel and it’s harder to grow search

based channels because when people have

the answer they move on so i would maybe

consider maybe i think it looks like you

might already started doing it but

actually maybe you think about doing

some uh home care product reviews

that way people can know that you are

the de facto person that you need to

come to if they want to know how to

clean something inside of their home and

that might build up your following too

it looks like they did do some of that


but yeah good call out uh more of that

for sure yeah more that

all right we’ll move on to the gaming

channel 264 gaming channels now

we will go to number 163

and that is

dinocraft i think it’s our first

minecraft channel of the day

it would not be a channel audit stream

without a minecraft channel without at

least four minecraft channels right

all right what do we got so dyno craft


as of an hour ago you’ve made a video

free look how to get free look for high


how to scaffold legit

how to

how oh sorry this is the

new best bridger question mark okay the

cleanest cross map

hi pixel videos definitely popular

quitting forever so i’m glad to see you

didn’t quit youtube forever

and it looks like you are trying some

new stuff on the high pixel server doing

some tutorials i i like these thumbnails

for the most part i i think

i think the framing could be a little

bit better

but that’s a nitpick i think you’re like

you know

you’re almost there i would have

actually cut your character out and had

its head popping over the o for example

just to make it just to draw more

attention to it you know what i mean

like little details like that but you

you definitely are getting better at

thumbnails it looks like the view counts

um especially on the scaffold one are

doing pretty good

your 1k sub special did pretty well

and then when you covered dream oh

now we get to what the interesting stuff


you were making content about one of the

most popular minecraft youtubers

it’s doing very well for you

and now you’ve kind of pivoted to doing

more content about you it’s not

resonating with that audience i see

what’s happening

look at some of the views they got back

in the day seven months ago

dream believer minecraft manhunt montage

335 000 views

my goodness


i believe oh i can’t really say viral

he’s done multiple pieces of content

about dream but this is almost the case

of uh

when you go viral and you don’t want to

be known for that particular piece of

content but you’re pretty much stuck in

the mud so

kinda yeah i mean if if you want to

attract the viewers

in in this bunch who subscribed for

this content

you have to keep making this content


that may not be that sustainable because

you have to use a lot of stuff that’s

not yours to make that happen you know

you have to take footage that’s not

yours and you’re you’re adding value to

it i’m not saying that’s wrong or

anything like that but monitor

monetizing that footage could be a

little bit challenging you might run

into more problems than the average



and then how do you get your personality

in there right so

here’s what i would tell you

don’t worry about these subscribers

don’t worry about the viewers of this

stuff if you’re not making this content

anymore then it was fun while it lasted

looking at your newest content

focus on growing you and your minecraft

brand now you know

keep worrying about the value you can

offer and and your

content and and don’t

don’t let these view counts discourage

you compared to what you were doing


i can definitely see

that being discouraging don’t let it

discourage you understand that you are

making content for a completely

different audience now so

treat it as a clean slate you could even

if it bugs you that much start a new

channel but treat it as a clean slate

okay to that point dan

you were just talking about earlier

about how if you have videos on the

channel that are bringing in the wrong

audience should you unlimit them so

should he uh she he or she

unless all those dream videos in this

case no because


i would assume you’re monetized and

you’re if you’re not having problems

that means those videos are probably

bringing in a little bit of money

you’re going to throw that away if you

if you unlist those

and because the new content hasn’t taken

off yet

i would actually start a new channel if

if this is a concern because if you’re

bringing a lot of dream fans still and

they’re not following you for you

then that’s going to continue to happen


this content has not resonated with

those people so they’re not going to

watch i would almost unlist these videos

and put them on our new channel that’s

more fresh and and keep it super focused


this style of content where you’re

giving people tips and tricks about

hypixel and mini games and things like


and then i would focus on that content

strategy and then you would just have

this channel

that is consistently getting views if

those older videos are getting views um

we’d have to look and see and dig in it

might they might not be according to our

tool here those videos may have had

their time

and they’re not doing anything anymore

like let’s look at the most popular one

if we go into the stats


april 3rd

why is the historical data not

populating that’s interesting we should

have way more

april first


it could be that the you know

we’re having an issue on our end with

the updating but that’s okay


take a look in your stats

and see if those videos are still

bringing in new people and if they are

that’s i would start a new channel uh

you’ve learned keep in mind if you’re

hesitant to do that you’ve learned so so


in your time on youtube so far

and you can apply those lessons to your

new channel but come up with a strategy

for it and then

hit the gas pedal

all right um

we’ll hit up the claw again to do a

non-gaming channel

and that will be number 228

which is yes this one 28.

all about smokies all about the smokies

excuse me

what is this


the smoky mountains

all right let’s see what do we have 4.5

k subscribers

we got content as a four days ago

getting some healthy view counts here

i’ll let you go first viper i’ve been


immediately just thinking out loud i do


no worries man all right so basically

this is almost like a tourist attraction

type deal where you’re like telling

people what they can what they can

expect when they come to the smoky

mountain so that’s pretty cool

um let’s see

i like the thumbnail i think some of

them might have a little too much text

in them but for the most part i am a fan

uh let’s see that looks like the views

are pretty well like yeah you’re

counting pretty strong for your channel

size so you’re doing something right

uh let’s see


yeah um oh dolly parton’s favorite fast


see that that stuff that i like because

that gives that place value because she

is a a a household name

and you’re talking about

potentially one of her favorite places

to eat in the smoky mountains so that’s

good good job that one that well that’s



yeah i mean i think again when you are

when you come up with these type of

channels then obviously the title is

going to be a little different because

you’re trying to highlight the different


and i think you’re you’re you’re

highlighting the name of the place in

the title which is obviously what you

want to do

and you’re giving it’s like you’re

giving locations for some of them and

some other stuff which is cool um you

might want to think about maybe

instead of giving the location of the


uh come up with some type of adjective

to describe that place

uh to create that emotional connection

with the viewers and give them a reason

why they may want to click on

learning more about that particular

place so that’s something to think about

but yeah uh by and large you’re doing

well i think my biggest critique is to

lessen up on the text and somebody’s

thumbnail but other than that i think i

keep doing what you’re doing

i got really hooked on a couple

different channels that that do a

similar thing but they toured disney

world and universal like so they’re

based in florida where this channel is

probably based in the smoky mountains i

would imagine

and they get really

specific in all their videos because

those theme parks are

you know they’re dedicated to constantly

putting on new stuff new merch new rides

new attractions so there’s always

something to talk about for the for

these channels that i watch and what

they typically do is they start in the

parking lot but they’re walking towards

the gate and they have their camera and

they’re like sup it’s blah blah blah and

right now we’re going into epcot because

blah blah blah and they have this new

thing we’re gonna totally check it out

and just a vlog it’s not you know

they’re they’re not doing anything

groundbreaking in terms of the

production quality right it’s just them

with a camera talking the whole time and

you you always see some really

interesting stuff and even though

they’re going to check out the newest

menu item at some restaurant they still

ride a couple of rides talk about their

experience they kind of build up to that

moment where they’re actually going to

go see the new thing i’d be watching


that do that and see what you can kind

of mimic because i don’t know much about

this area at all


if they’re adding things to their stores

if they’re coming up with new

attractions that’s a great excuse to go

and kind of update people if they’re not

uh there there still might be something

you can learn in terms of like how best

to cover these places and what other

tidbits you can bring to the

conversation like you you kind of show

these places once and so i imagine like

this is an overview of like the cherokee

grill but maybe you go back there once

they have like a new menu item right so

you have you’ve covered you’ve covered

this place

as an overview and then you keep up with

it in terms of

updates to the menu things like that

things going on with the the restaurant

and then you go back so that’s that’s

kind of how you could kind of keep a

channel like this going and try out some

different types of content

but it is obviously it’s not disney

world so


you know apply those lessons as needed

well i think we did it all right we did

it man uh appreciate all you all being

here and hanging out with us today thank

you so much as always uh

always fun time doing the audits and

talking to you all uh one to one so

appreciate you all being here as you all

know we will be back tomorrow afternoon

with your usual question and answer live

stream dan what are we talking about

tomorrow before we get into q a 2 p.m

eastern we’re doing a q a live stream

we’re going to talk about titles we’re

going to go a little more in depth on

the title generator tool which we just

released and we’re also going to talk

about writing the best titles if you

have any questions that you’ve been

dying to get answered during this live

stream tomorrow is when we can answer

those be sure you wrote them down and

once we get to the q a portion tomorrow

we can definitely uh chat you up and

answer your questions so cool thank you

viper thank you everybody

we’ll be back tomorrow 2 p.m eastern

we’ll see you later

oh we have an off-road video for this

one i forgot we can play this



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