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=================== text video ====================




oh yes everybody here we go yes again

you are here for episode

13 of 2022

episode unknown of the life and times of

the vid iq tuesday channel audit live

streams welcome one and all for the next

couple of hours we will be imparting our

knowledge our wisdom

our entertainment chops and our very

questionable comedic skills as we take

you through

your channels you are putting yourselves

forward in the vid iq lecture for

lecture hall classroom

how would i put this the the

confessional corner

as we impart our knowledge our wisdom

our thoughts that will hopefully help

take you to the next step of your

youtube evolution and education and

channel growth

vidiq is the creator obsessed youtube

education channel software and community

and as always every single tuesday i

could not do this auditing stuff without

a collection of guests and i’m going to

introduce them i think in reverse order

for once because usually we deal with

this person then the next person and

then this person but we’re gonna bring

that person in first

all of the people in the green room now

are just uh scared because they don’t

know who’s gonna appear on screen so

three two one who’s it gonna be

yeah i caught him out i caught him out i

knew he was gonna be muted

i caught you on there

is that what you were trying to do here

you know

okay i will get you back i know where

you work but what’s up people mr boy

viper the man about tech executive

producer here at the iq and we

are live

here we go we are certainly live

introducing next who’s it gonna be

ah you see he did a visual cue

rather than audio cue just to make sure

he was right awesome jeff how you doing

doing good man how’s everybody doing


i think we’re all doing awesome and

introducing last but not least i think

he may have done this on purpose we’re

just introducing a oh

oh he planned this he planned everything

hey dan how’s it going how you doing my

neck hurts


i’m sorry to hear that i’m sorry to hear

that but you anything you’ll do anything

for live streams and we really do

appreciate it let’s do some hellos uh

i’m gonna start with you dan and since

you do have control of all of the bells

whistles knobs and sliders you can

introduce your own people and say hello

to them


i have that too


hi dan says short

shorts videos animals i’m only going to

pick out people that say hello to me uh

shards of gaming hello to you minecraft

transformers hello hello uh who else is

that is there’s not enough people done

firstly edits okay uh someone called me

danny so i’m not going to select them

uh wild dan appears that i know where it

says sim on trains hello to you and then

uh occupy clan hello to you oh very very

good viper who are you saying hello to

all right who we got in here man i had a

lounge hello or earlier but now we don’t

i don’t they’re all path uh let’s go

with the cryptological order hello to


uh we can go with how keeping a

homekeeping channel homekeeping channel

hello to you

uh we have redemption hello to you and

last but not least

leanne herman film hello to you

i want to try and find this person yes

look um thank you chris gonzalez for

offering yourself his tribute uh to dan

um dan do you want to roast what little

you know about chris gonzalez

uh uh


so there’s just no way you can go with


where’s travis when you need them now

indeed indeed uh look we’ve got the uh

the green boy saying hello to



and also 23 live saying hello to viper

you need to start saying hello to me

very quickly if you can please because

it’s all hellos to vipers like the

legendary studio also hello to viper

hello rick curry to viper as well and

hey bruni is also hello to viper all

right jeff since you maybe don’t have

control of the chat um you’re going to

say hello to all of the people who’s

saying hello to me nice

we got mujahiro fx

uh we’ve got kat

in the chat saying hello we’ve also got


and uh what’s up to uh danker gold

and last but not least uh joyce uh

helena uh with the emojis there hello to

all of you thank you vidiq family for

joining us as always on a tuesday uh do

let us know in the chat if you are

new to this live stream or if you have

been here several times we want to make

sure that you

make the newcomers feel very welcomed in


community as we investigate your

channels and for those of you who are

brand new

we’re just going to explain how this

live stream operates with a 60 second


welcome to the vid iq channel audit live

stream where we review your youtube

channels to submit your channel for

review make sure to fill out the right

form linked in the video description

note that we clear these forms after

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reviewing your channel today vid iq has

a channel audit tool working 24 7 with

you make sure to download our tools and

use the 30 day free trial using the link

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your channel for review expect the

following we are sharing nothing more

than our knowledge experience and

passion as fellow youtube creators i

want to give a huge shout out to all of

our moderators who do a phenomenal job

every single week thank you thank you

thank you as for all of you well thumbs

up if you enjoyed this live stream

subscribe if you love it and if you know

of a fellow creator who may find all of

this stuff useful please do share it

with them and with all of that being

said let’s start auditing your channels

tiny bit of housekeeping as always uh we

are continuing to support the creators

for peace fundraiser it is not a

donation special this week but if you do

decide to donate and help the children

of ukraine that is very much appreciated

uh we do have hundreds of channel

submissions as always this week

unfortunately we can’t audit every

single channel so what i recommend you

do if possible is bring up a second

screen with your channel so that when


looking at thumbnails titles channel

focus on channel a you can apply it to

your channel with many of the

fundamentals that we often talk about

and with all that’s been said i think

you sure rob that you’ve never owned a

clapper in your life i asked you this

last time

i beg your pardon what is a clapper

oh that’s the clap thing that you do man

you’re sure

it’s more for it’s more for transitions

it’s not for um for soundchecks i always

forget to to do that


anyway wait wait we’re going to erode

some channels right should we get into


we should yeah dan’s looking very

uncertain about it he’s looking up and

down thinking please help me god because

i’m in the right place well dan the good

news is for you is you don’t have to

audit this first channel oh because i

think this channel

is right up jeff street because it is

wayne rex

and they are a channel all about audio

uh so

jeff if you just want to give us your

first impressions of this channel that

was the first to submit in the forms if

you haven’t filled out the form do make

sure to do that what are we seeing here


so it looks like it’s a bit different

right because there’s audio and then

there’s also audio so there’s audio

capture and there’s audio reproduction

so what i usually get into is audio

reproduction so headphones speakers you

know things of that nature

where this channel is all about audio

capture so he’s talking about

microphones he’s talking about

different audio recorders

how to eq so this stuff is excellent

this is something where uh what i

consider a highly useful channel because

audio is super super important whether

you’re live streaming whether you’re

doing just regular youtube videos

whether you’re doing tick tock audio is

still going to be incredibly important

so super super useful channel and then

just kind of taking a a quick look

um i like the cleanliness of what he’s

doing it seems like he has an idea one

of the things that i’m noticing though

is that there’s a pattern there’s a blue

there’s a red and then there’s a gray

blue and red don’t have them in the

thumbnail the gray ones do

which is kind of interesting so i’m

assuming that um

that wayne rex here has some sort of a

strategy behind what he’s doing maybe

the writer for a particular type of

video maybe it’s when he’s doing a mic

review um the blue ones are when he’s

teaching you something um

so i kind of see a pattern it sort of

reminds me of um kind of like what think

media does they have a certain style for

certain types of content

on their thumbnails but um really

interesting channel overall i’m gonna

actually have to give this a look and um

see because you know one of my favorite

channels out there is uh well actually

too eposvox does a lot of audio reviews

and also my buddy bandra over at

podcastage so those are two excellent

microphone reviewing channels um so he’s

probably i’m assuming wayne is probably

familiar with them but uh i like the way

this looks overall it’s very clean

there is a glorious symmetry of this

symmetry to this depending on how many

thumbnails you can get on each row so

like when i have

six thumbnails per row he’s obviously

has a three

different video formats as you say or


uh and and it goes from blue to red to


but here’s the question

is that the right move because

maybe your audience is resonating really

well with the reviews and if i look at

just the red thumbnails we see views in

the high hundreds occasionally low


whereas these are what i look to

maybe more opinion pieces with him in

the thumbnails themselves you know like

he’s doing an audio audit of a channel

which is like a really good idea the

view counts tend to be generally lower

just on initial impressions now given

that this channel is still relatively

young they’ve published what 30 30

videos at this point they’re still

finding their way you know they went

from just purely reviewing

camera perhaps audio equipment to this

mix of things

what do you reckon like good strategy

right now maybe needs to niche down a

little bit

i would say it seems like they’ve sort

of niched into audio more than anything

else because i haven’t seen a camera

review since the beginning

yeah yeah i don’t know if that’s maybe

just because they haven’t gotten a new

camera so if that could be something

that could be coming up in the future


but um i like the fact that they’ve kind

of gone into audio

kind of going that way with it so

i think that’s probably the way to go i

think the the way that they’re niched i

think is fine

um especially to kind of help them grow

and kind of move forward especially if

they’re focusing on because they’re

doing road and doing some of this other

stuff zoom h6 and things of that nature

um i think if anything if they’re going

to be focusing on these microphones or

youtuber microphones um

then definitely start you know if they

haven’t done so already

look at some of the bottom range

microphones for sure like stuff that’s

like under 50 bucks under 100 bucks for

new new youtubers like what could really

help them

improve their audio


whether it’s without a mic or whether

it’s tips on how to improve the mic you

have or

you know even just a budget budget set

up that might be the way to go but also

i like the fact that they’re doing well

it looks like they’re doing a couple of

verses and versus can do really well

especially if you’re talking about two

popular products so

again very small sample size but when

sorted by most popular they’re road

microphone reviews are the most popular

so that might be i’m not saying you

niche down completely to that content

but that could be your foundation


you know you make all of these different

types of videos but

remember to feed that road audience who

enjoys your content that piper i just

want to open up the floor to you any any

thoughts about thumbnails titles or

anything else that you’ve spotted here

i i think it’s cool that they have their

content kind of

in these columns right they’ve they’ve

broken up the different types of videos

that they’re going to make every week

and they or month or whatever it may be

and that’s that’s cool and i i think

that’s totally fine

but one thing i would say is that

because it looks like such a deliberate

decision to not put yourself in the

thumbnail unless it’s a gray thumbnail

day for example i think you’re kind of

missing out on an opportunity to do some

of the reviews in the same way where you

still use the red background but you

appear on it as well with the product

because right now

you’re having to rely on a lot of text

and the product is drawing my eye the

text is not taking over and the text is

when i do look at it easy to read but

don’t you think that it’s a little

redundant like wouldn’t it be better if

you were in the thumbnail holding up the

thing you know maybe in some cases the

text is warranted i don’t know what you

guys think but i think if they would i

think they’ve created this really rigid

schedule and they won’t break from it no

matter what even if and i’m only worried

about this i don’t know if they’re

actually doing this but even if a

thumbnail would look good with a minute

they’re like ah it’s a red thumbnail day

i don’t put myself in red thumbnails

a bit too formulaic if anything

so this is interesting because obviously

he has his content color coded by

different types of content that he’s

doing on any given day and

a lot of times in in product centric

videos you want the product front and


uh in the thumbnail so him not being a

thumbnail is not that big of a deal to

me personally because i think more

people are going to come to the channel


his thoughts on the product and what the

product can do for them as opposed to

seeing his face i don’t really have too

many critiques about this particular

channel the only thing and i really mean

the only thing that i have something to

kind of nitpick about is the banner

uh the banner says the record for

accounts recommends

records what are we talking about music

recording i mean obviously we know we

need some microphone recording but the

average everyday person might not know

exactly what you mean

so my only suggestion to you wayne was

maybe just to reword the banner to make

it more clear about what your channel

intention is other than that i think

you’re on the right path man

yeah i think for a channel that’s been

around for six months

over 500 subscribers already getting

views in the thousands there’s very high

production quality here and i’m very

encouraged to

see where rain rex goes next what i

would ask really selfishly wayne is if

you could audit this live stream because

you may have noticed i have

ditched my beacon microphone and

replaced it with a revelator dynamic


and i’m trying to figure out whether

this sounds good or not so yeah give me

a channel audit ruin your channel please

give me channel audio order if you can

in the meantime um

dan uh this is the first gaming channel

that’s submitted this

week uh so i’ll throw over to you for

your expertise on what looks to be just

on very first impressions a animal

crossing channel

yeah i love animal crossing so

let’s take a look here they are

uploading six days four days okay so


almost once a day give or take they’re

experimenting with shorts

and long form content


cool so

this is interesting because animal

crossing is an older game now obviously

it’s been around for a couple of years

and the first thing i’m noticing of the

thumbnails that i think look a little

bit nicer they’re easier for me to kind

of like latch on to because the shorts

are kind of their shorts they’re kind of

jumbling my eyes a bit it looks like

you’re doing like a tutorial on how to

move rocks


uh the stock market which is like an

animal crossing thing like you’re

missing out on millions of bells so

that’s that’s obviously a tutorial on

how to make money um

does money grow on trees so some money

making tutorials things like that

i i guess the the concern i have about

these tutorials is that

it’s it’s kind of that old age that

age-old thing of like it’s been done

right like a lot of people

because the game’s older have covered it

and this is what like a lot of minecraft

channels struggle with right like

how do you kind of break into a space

where there are just thousands of


starting basically every day playing

this game this massively popular game

there a lot of the tutorial stuff kind

of gets thrown out the window so i think

where i’m going with this is if i were a

channel like this starting today with a

game that’s kind of been covered to

death i would be taking it and doing

other fun things with it like can you

use it as a staging area for something

different like a lot of creators go the

the decoration route in animal crossing

so they take like an area and they turn

it into something and so the thumbnail

usually represents that and you can find

people who have these like incredible

builds yeah we could probably look for

some like animal crossing


yeah we’ll just see what’s going on so

these are some news videos i think

yeah rural town okay that’s kind of what

i’m talking about so

people have these different design ideas

and so they focus their videos in the

space kind of on that if they’re not

kind of covering news or how to’s and

now i believe i don’t know if there’s

going to be any more updates for this


not to mention

like the news

be or the news is going to be gone

because there’s no updates and then the

tutorials have kind of all been done so

that’s that’s kind of what’s left in a

game like this and same with minecraft

you it’s it’s tough to like break in on

the updates and things like that but can

you take this game

uh which involves a lot of creativity

and then show your audience how creative

you are or if you feel like you’re

lacking in that space can you do the

opposite can you say like i will never


um whatever it is you’re trying to build

and then go from there

the thumbnails have a very colorful

striking vibe done i often see

a character from the game and then some


landscapes and i think this creator is

going in that direction perhaps the

closest approximations of these

but they’re still i still feel as if

they’re lacking enough

instinctive association with the game

like this one for example

i can see what they’re trying to do

there in terms of the

foundations of a thumbnail but it just

doesn’t feel

animal crossing enough for me just given

what the quick research we’ve done yeah

i don’t think their face was needed in

that i think honestly what would sell

more is if you took your character from

the game and put them and if you’re in

if you’re physically in the video like

your webcams in the corner like a lot of

gaming channels do that’s totally cool

and i support that and there are some

cases where

uh it looks like they are there there

are some cases where

uh creators should be in the thumbnail

in gaming videos but this is one where i

think if you had led with your

character’s face it would have been more

recognizable as animal crossing because

as rob said this is interesting so it’s

a vlog about the game yeah i’m just

wondering what the expectations are

being set from the viewer you know when

you immediately jump into a animal

crossing video or a gaming video you

tend to see gameplay first

and we’re seeing a lot of the

the presenter and i’m wondering if

that’s having a possible impact on their

audience retention

like it’s talking about stock market and

we were 30 seconds in there and we’re

still seeing

the creator talk to camera and i’m

wondering if that might not be the best

strategy i’m just going to do another

one yeah as you see tracking tracking

down it seems to be a lot of

possible preamble you know two three

minutes in

now we get some gameplay footage four

minutes in and so on it is possible and

i don’t know

anything about this creator but it is

possible that they don’t have a capture

card and with without a capture card and

the nintendo switch all you have in

terms of footage is 30 second captures

like you can hit a button it’ll capture

the last 30 seconds and then you can

port those for your computer if you’re

going to do a channel like this a

capture card is essential like that is i

would do capture card way before i would

get really nice dslr camera so that way

you can get high quality footage and as

much of it as you need that’s assuming

you don’t have one it looks like you do

a lot of these vlog style videos which

is i i would say it breaks away from a

lot of traditional gaming videos usually

the gaming creator is in the corner and

the game is the star of the show so

it’s just kind of an interesting way to

approach this content and i i think

given the thumbnail and then what we saw

in the video

the audience just might there might be a

disconnect there it’s just not what

they’re expecting to see so uh that

would be my biggest suggestion i’m kind

of glad we clicked in there because i’m

kind of surprised quick question for you

just pure

curiosity what kind of capture card

would someone need to capture um that

type of gaming content off of a switch

yeah so elgato kind of owns this market

so i don’t they’re they’re not a sponsor

or anything but i used let’s see i’ve

used an elgato hd is it 60 or 60s or

something so yeah that’s

as long as it captures at least 1080 and

60 frames that’s more than enough for

the nintendo switch and then a

playstation or whatever you want to do


it is an investment a lot of but a lot

of youtube channels are right there’s

always something we got to spend a

little bit on and fortunately if you’re


consoles it’s not a gaming pc usually

you have that in the console now you

just need a decent enough pc to run the

capture software and things like that

yeah i’m cool i’m trying to look around

for my elgato usb is it just like the

standard usb one done or other camera

yeah like the cam link ones might work i

i have my mine’s like a rectangle and

it’s not yeah not a dongle yeah yeah

so it has some of the bigger ones like

mine have like an output too so you can


put in the footage it comes into your

computer and then you can output it in

real time to another source which is

kind of nice nice

a final broader question here dan um

because we’ll probably

encounter this in another channel as


shorts versus longs

i see the shorts

and then in opposition to that we have

eight minute videos 40 minute videos the

long videos at the moment are getting

they’re struggling to get above 10 views

whereas the shorts on occasion we have

one here with a thousand views

do you think

there’s a possible challenge with video

length in that when the creator does

want to make

regular videos they need to be much

shorter like in their

one to two minute range or are we

putting too many restrictions on the

channel uh

i i think if they’re gonna be longer

so if you’re trying to get your shorts

viewers to watch the long form content

this is very specific advice for that

problem yep so you’re doing these

character spotlights and i can see some

clothing i would expect the longer form

videos to be a longer version of that if

i were trying to get people to watch

from my shorts to my long-form content

if you’re not gonna do that i still

think it’s okay i really do believe that

shorts and long-form videos are just in

two separate buckets

and you can get away with doing both and

the the further apart they are i think

the worse it is the more you should just

start a new channel if you’re going to

do animal crossing long form videos and

then shorts about your dog that those

shirt that’s two separate channels but

it’s animal crossing to animal crossing

is close enough

i that so it’s kind of just on there it

depends on their goals is what kind of

the way i’m trying to say that okie

dokie so that is uh yaz means cozy nook

folks if you’re enjoying this live

stream and you’re finding it valuable

then do make sure to give us a thumbs up

because i’m looking at our statistics

and we have more than 400 people

watching and only 287 likes so where are

the rest of you

okay let’s get back to actually auditing

some channels and viper

you sense

my way amanda campbell who it does a bit

of everything

what bit of everything do they do on

their channel

okay um

this is interesting because

this is supposedly a cleaning channel

and it does look like there’s some

cleaning content on here

but it’s kind of funny because when i

saw her in the chat earlier and she

talked about how she had a cleaning

channel i remember she was on our live

stream not too long ago i think it would

be the last week or the week before last

and i think she was doing acting about

whether or not she should start talking

in her video because i think right now

she doesn’t talk in her videos she just

does the cleaning and that’s the brunt

of the content

uh so i think when she asked a question

left we got suggested to her that maybe

um try talking in some of your videos

try explaining uh the way you do things


what cleaning ingredients you’re using

or what cleaning technique that you are

doing while you’re

while you are showing the b-roll of you

cleaning and that might be a different

way to do your content


i think uh that will be my first thing

the other thing is uh

you might want to do something about

some of these thumbnails uh these

thumbnails are not very eye-catching


at all just be brutally honest um

i think what you might want to consider

doing is taking some more close-up

pictures of maybe dirty surfaces or

maybe you using whatever cleaning

instrument you’re using just to get a

more close-up picture

of that stuff so you can make the

thumbnail more um

make it more eye-catching so people can

actually see

what you’re doing

and all these thumbnails with text on

them that i’m looking at right now


don’t want to do that because yeah it

just looks like instagram spam to me and

yeah i don’t know anybody

it feels as if both the thumbnails and

the videos themselves are cropped in

some really weird ways like


is a

square video

with landscape

even though the video is one minute 30

so it is a long form piece of content i

don’t know why this wouldn’t just be

shot in 16x9 to fit the widescreen

format and then same in a thumbnail some

of them are cropped at the top and the



you know we don’t often say this but

maybe just unchecking

the the general rules of thumbnail

uh dimensions and video dimensions to as

dan always likes to say especially with

shorts make the viewing experience as

good as possible uh so they’re not

immediately turned off by some weird

stuff going on in terms of the

the playback


yeah yeah i think you’re saying you’re

used in shop and i mean that’s cool but

i would stay away from using anything

that props your content

if you’re not and if it doesn’t need to

be cropped like yeah this this right

here that that shouldn’t be like that i


you you

what i tell you all the time is that you

have to understand

that most of the people that are

watching your content are watching it

from a cell phone or a mobile device

something that is a smaller display so

we’re talking anywhere anything from

like 4 inches to 6.7 inches usually so

when you consider that someone is

watching your content on a display that


you don’t want to make their viewing

experience more difficult than it

already is trying to watch from that

size display

so you don’t want to be doing any

unnecessary cropping or anything like

that that doesn’t add value to the

content so

i would probably maybe step away from

using in shot or and try me using

something else or

i don’t know i’ve never used any shots

so i don’t know what type of graphics

options they have but that crop thing

that you had going on you you don’t want

to do that

yeah so i we presume they’re probably

going to be a mobile creator because i

think inshot is a

google app so

there are some challenges there um but

there should be options to film in a

certain what’s called aspect ratio to

make sure you get the widescreen look um

i know one of the videos i made was

about a stove top cleaning so i just did

a bit of research here about the

different possible thumbnails you’ve got

the classic ones with the with the


also ones with the really detailed shot

of something that looks absolutely

disgusting but then it’s cleaned

afterwards and the before and after ones

as well so there’s a few

clues and tips maybe to follow

uh with content in terms of your


and then channel focus you know we look

at as you say viper they feel as if


loosely a clean with me channel but then

the last

five videos that are titled whatever

funny bobby with berries


disappeared and i don’t know what any of

those videos are really about i don’t


i agree i think this and this goes for

everybody who’s not already doing this

uh this is i’m talking to everybody in

the chat including amanda campbell um

before you turn on your camera to record

something when you have that idea

go to youtube and look at type it in

type that id and whatever that is if

it’s stove top cleaning whatever it is

type it in do a little bit of thumbnail

research beforehand this way you can

have an idea of what kind of pictures

you can take what kind of thumbnail

ideas you can pull based on what people

are actually clicking on this also goes

for titles as well give an idea what a

good title structure is for that video

that you’re looking at so just do that

ahead of time get get those two things

in place before you turn on your camera

try to get that thumbnail ready try to

get that title ready 100 for sure and

then turn on your camera and that way

you can have that beforehand and you’re

not struggling to figure that out once

you’re uploading the video

i it’s

money advice sorry we’ve we’ve moved on

never mind


done no

i was going to say i i think they also

should kind of make the choice between

how to cleaning video how to clean a

stove versus a clean with me which i

would expect to be a lot longer or

versus a satisfaction kind of video

where you take something that’s really

nasty and like by the end of the video

it’s clean but in those last two

examples those i believe are much longer

videos and

it’s it’s weird but i don’t know if they

would appeal to exactly the same person

but that’s research and dan you get your

own sound effect


moving on uh accuboy tech uh jeff i’m

seeing an aviation channel here

uh i know in a past that you’ve shared

that channel which has a cluster of

seven four sevens on an aircraft carrier

which just makes me laugh every time i

see it air force proud

i always think that every channel should

just do that

but uh that’s because i know very little

about the aviation uh channel sector so

what are we seeing here well that

channel we were referring to was a um

flight simulator yeah yeah not quite the

same here yeah so i mean it’s close

though there’s still some ideas that can

always be pulled from stuff like that

especially inspiration wise

but this is like this channel from what

i’ve seen at a glance

they’re talking about the different

boeing they’re talking about the

different types of aircraft themselves

like the actual

hardware um one of the things that i

would you know that i can see can they

can improve on would be of course the

thumbnails because they’re using a lot

of text here but honestly i don’t really

think it’s necessary in some of these um

like they’re like that’s almost

illegible just one of the things where

if we’re going to use text

you know even though you’re designing it

you think oh i can totally read this

because you’re the one writing it but

when people look at this at a glance

they can’t read that like there’s a

second at the top second from the left

i think it says what is the boeing 777x

and then there’s red text and it’s like

i can’t what i can’t read that so it’s

it’s stuff like that where

this is this is red text on a thumbnail

clack’s an alert

we want to stress that as a big no-no

because he can’t read it unless you use

a magnifying glass yep especially at

that size so

if you’re going to use text in your

thumbnails um

you know three words or less like when

they did this there’s one in the middle

that says what is i don’t understand

what that means but you know that’s kind

of the general idea is you want to make

it big you want to have less than three

words and make a pop otherwise if we’re

just talking about the plane itself a

picture of the plane will do just great

to be completely honest from what i’ve

seen from a lot of the aviation channels

same thing goes for automotive channels

you’ll see a lot of that in there as

well because it’s the product people are

showing up because they’re searching the

car they’re searching the boat they’re

searching the plane not necessarily that

topic but your title is what can really

draw them in you know as i looked at

this thumbnail i was thinking jeff this

might be a more effective way of doing

it instead of all of his texts you just

have an arrow pointing to the to the

bent wing and the question why to create

intrigue i feel as if that would be more

more intriguing uh to win a potential

click having said all of what we said

there jeff you know this channel does


let me just turn that off um only 189

subscribers but some of the view counts

here are very very encouraging like 3

000 here 7 000 here it’s clear that

they’ve they have some knowledge that

people enjoy watching you know seventeen

thousand down here as well which is

really encouraging




a general rule of thumb to remember when

you are making thumbnails

uh keep it simple

yep 100 man and then i’m not sure what

this latest video is but um it’s cool to

celebrate even if it’s a short and

things like that but for the most part

your audience isn’t gonna show up for

like milestone type videos

um so just as a heads up if you just

need to put out a piece of content don’t

do that like if you just if you feel

like i gotta throw something out there

it has to make sense to your viewers

they show up to you for aviation content

give them aviation content don’t give

them like milestones and things like

that it’s you know that that’s saved for

something else like whether it’s a live

stream something like that that’s cool

um but when they come to you for whether

it’s shorts or your regular videos give

them aviation content i watched a video

the other day where a creator waited

till the very end of their video to

announce that they just hit 5 000

subscribers they they did the whole

video like they would normally do it and

then they said by the way we just hit

5000 subscribers i want to thank


and that was like perfect you know no

5000 subscribers special no anything

like that that’s the perfect way to do

it i had no idea

because i don’t really go to the channel

to see their content it just pops up on

my tv in my recommendeds and i click on

it and it was i just thought it was a

really classy way to do it


all right just before i move on from

this channel i want to test something

first of all see if this works um but i

want you to tell me what’s the first

thing you notice when i start playing

this video so hopefully this is going to


which is better for airlines the airbus

a350 or the boeing 787.

i saw dan’s face there dan what down

what was that are you moonlighting as a

voiceover guy rob is that what we’re

hearing here


i don’t

i don’t like when people use a robot

voice to narrate their videos and i

think a lot of people feel the same way

it’s a personal thing for me

so i can’t be like that’s the wrong

thing to do but i feel like a lot of

people agree with that personal feeling

for long form content yes i think short

form tik tok stuff was more of an

acceptance for the uh ai voice


so i think what we’re saying here dan is

we don’t want this net uh channels to

necessarily just adopt their doing a

their voice over themselves maybe what

they want to practice doing is recording

the video is fine with the robot voice

but then do a second recording where

they do a voice over don’t publish it

just to practice yeah because that’s

going to add a bit of uniqueness to your

to your content in the future and if you

find out you’re absolutely terrible at

doing this and it never works for you

then maybe use a professional voice

artist i’m sure you can find somebody on

fiverr who can do it relatively cheaply

yeah fiverr

or higher dude or higher dan yeah i i

think five would be a little bit cheaper

for the length of these videos it

probably wouldn’t cost you that much to

get somebody to voice them over okay and

i knew a channel that was doing

something similar to this um at the very

beginning and then they found that they

could get a like i guess they got a deal

with the guy to to do the voiceovers for

them for very cheap and their videos

were no longer than three minutes of pop

and when he went from robot voice like i

think they had gotten maybe like 700 800

subs with a robot voice but when they

made that switch you can see it in their

analytics channel i talked to you could

see another analytics when they switched

over to a pro voice guy or maybe

semi-pro i would say but he’s good he’s

good and it immediately you see this

change in the views and how it started

to climb up and he was like yeah that

was the best thing that i did for my

channel was actually hiring a guy

because you can tell that he’s human and

the way he reads like the guy can read

his jokes perfectly where the bot would

mess up yeah i mean so because he was

putting humor into his scripts and it’s

a faceless channel but as long as you

have a human voice that people can

connect with um it worked really well

and the the guy he hired does a a faux

um light southern accent it’s amazing

all right let me i just want to dig into

this for a minute or two real quick so

the reason why i think me and dan and

other people are so against the robot


is because

it kind of detaches the creator from the


and when we as a viewer feel like you

the creator is detached from the actual

content why should we the viewer care

about the content if you if we feel like

you the creator don’t care about the

content so that’s why i’m like damn the

moment i click on the video and i even

think i hear a robot voice i’m out of

there i just yeah it just hurts me to go

in now i know this is a personal thing

but it seems like i’m not the only

person that shares the sentiment so

you when you make content as a creator

you want to humanize your content as

much as possible you want to you want to

put every ounce of you into the content

because that’s part of the reason why we

call it youtube

youtube was made so that everyday people

can upload pieces of themselves to the

internet for other people to consume and

rock with so when you take the you out

of youtube

it just it it doesn’t job right so

that’s just my two cents

all right something i want you to all do

i want you to give your facial

expression when you hear the robot voice

at the start of the video in




clip that everybody and you can use that

as a meme

all right

speaking of uh memes and contests uh

last week we did have a channel audit

contest but we postponed it

because we had the donation special but

i didn’t want those creators to feel

left out and so we asked you to describe

your feelings about vid iq

through the wonder of a gif and i

thought i don’t know if i’m doing the

right thing here this may be a possible

stalker uh who’s created this gif

especially for me uh but manga crash uh

was the winner of the gif competition

last week and so we are going to audit

their channel and it looks a little bit

like this they have approaching 1500


and they are definitely covering manga

my guess is either comics or animation


and they look to have a fairly healthy

channel here

hundreds of views sometimes thousands of

views for a channel with 1400

subscribers seems very healthy to me

thumbnails are a little bit here there

and everywhere i think there’s some

really good examples of thumbnails

whereas some

just seem

maybe disconnected from from a brand

consistency point of view but they’re

there are of a decent standard you know

we’ve talked about text already some of

these do use text but they use it

thoughtfully and then make sure it’s

very readable

those are my first impressions i’m just

going to open it up to the floor as

anybody else notice anything immediate

here for manga crash

i should have a question rob what is


i think so

i think uh manga

is uh animation for hardcore passionate

enthusiast people of cartoons

mangas are like comic books and um

comic books and like graphic novels is

what manga is it’s that’s the it’s like

so you have anime which are you know

like you know the animated versions of

it and then you have manga which is more

graphic novel more comic book that sort

of side of it so it’s for the readers

not for the watchers

i guess what i would be asking myself if

i was this creator is

out of all the different

properties that i’m covering which ones

tend to pull in the biggest audience

and then like maybe it’s hard to limit

yourself to just one of those so i’m not

saying the whole channel should just be

about that but

could you try and find the similarities

between these top videos here

and uh then some other things you

haven’t covered yet that you’d like to

get into because i wonder if

that’s the reason some of these videos

have thousands of views and while others

have hundreds of views

they eaten you alive in the chat there


all good

that’s an honest question though because

it’s true some some people aren’t aren’t

into manga like you have to remember

some of you guys are totally into it

some people are not personally i love

anime but i’m not into manga just what

it is that’s why it’s kind of hard to

audit this channel without you know it’s

it’s so beyond me so it’s hard for me to

say like

well those two things aren’t even

remotely the same so why would you put

them on the same channel you know what i

mean because i just don’t really

understand the audience uh but i would

assume they do and so our general advice

would be to look at these things side by

side and go okay when i post about this

it gets thousands of views uh so

what things you know what does that

audience also gravitate towards and

that’s kind of that just kind of comes

with time like getting into these

communities and being more a part of the

conversation we can see different

formats here as well like some feel as

if they’re video essays they’re asking a


about i’ll love the way put this down

like one of the properties of manga but

there are also listicles best and worse

and so they are trying um

several different forms of um video

format and then just

one here that’s thrown in something to a

complete layman something about the

spider-man manga so that’s

i mean i wouldn’t usually associate

spider-man with manga right those are

two slightly divorced


cartoon animation manga styles so it’s

interesting that there was an attempt to

blend there


what’s available

for audiences

and and i wouldn’t be afraid of looking

at older stuff as well especially if it

drives larger amounts of traffic and

this is where you’d be looking at stuff

like um google trends to try to figure

out what’s stronger you know when you

have one title and another title and

you’re trying to figure out which video

you want to make

look at which one’s got much more

searchability what’s what’s got a higher

amount of popularity going on right now

and that way you can get into that

i saw shonen as one of the

manga topics that they were covering

quite extensively

listicles work really well for this uh

stuff too both listicles and tier uh

tier list videos

any other thoughts just maybe thoughts

on thumbnails because we’re seeing some

i don’t know if this is

good diversity or um there needs to be

more consistency like this type of

thumbnail is very different to this one

you wouldn’t necessarily know it’s from

the same creator then there’s one here

which is different again there’s no

manga elements to it at all but you know

it got 1500 views so it was a curious

mix of thumbnails and i don’t know if

one particular style is working better

than the other

yeah it’s hard to say

i want to go look at like the thumbnails

of other people in the space but it’s

hard to know what to search for so

rob about that the thumbnail consistency

right so for

i guess for people maybe that land on

your channel or maybe your subscribers

that might work but we know that youtube

treats every video as an individual

entity so i guess the question is

is thumbnail consistency that important

when youtube treats every video as an

individual piece of work i think it is

in terms of return viewers because like

if you look at these three thumbnails

you would if you already enjoy this

channel you would instinctively know

that these are from

this creator in my opinion these

thumbnails look very similar whereas you

look at

this from now and that thumbnail

and that thumbnail for all i know these

these three different thumbnails could


just again instinctively seen on a home

page suggested these could be all from

different creators so if you’ve already

got some trust and loyalty with this


you may be losing out on that return

viewer opportunity

i guess i’m just asking a question here

i think

generally speaking i think all of these

thumbnails are of a of a

decent standard they’re all you know six

seven out of tens but perhaps six seven

out of tens for potentially different

audiences who may click on these


yeah thank god the chat needs to be uh

loving these thumbnails though hey

yeah i think some of them look fantastic

i think you know even this one which i

don’t think is as stylistically

impressive as say this one it does have

its own merits i think just maybe the

list here needs to be

displayed in a more

again instinctive fashion because i

could look at that and think it’s a

steam list of video games as opposed to

or like a discord um set of channels

it’s lacking something a little bit well

the graphic there the character covers

the graphic

element of that list like each i can

barely see it but each name on that list

has a little graphic next to it like a

thumbnail and they put a character over

it and the character should have

probably been on the opposite end

looking the opposite direction and then

i would have zoomed in lit on the list

like these are just subtle changes yeah

you know to to make for for your next

one it was so it was a live stream but

as we know live stream thumbnails are

also a thing they’re important

but you know when we look at this

thumbnail you can see lots of good

fundamentals here

three dominant colors three or four

elements the text is used uh minimally

but it’s placed in a really good place

and so you know i would give this


just by its own standard a thumbs up

but does it get clicks that’s the

ultimate call because that one’s got 500

views whereas this one got 1200 views is

it the topic that’s a little different i

think the title on that one that you

were just highlighting is the problem


showing jump batch number one but first

thoughts is like buried you know my

first thoughts on title of thing

i think there’s just too many elements

going on in that title and perhaps that

shouldn’t first thought shouldn’t be in

the thumbnail as well it should be a

thought yes maybe a controversial one or

something that’s going to create

discussion before the viewer even clicks

yeah um but i think

we’ve had quite a constructive chris

critical conversation here but i think

we’re doing this because this channel

has already had some success we’ve got a

thousand subscribers we’re probably

close to monetization at this point

we’re doing a lot of things right and as

you say dan we’re just looking for those


nuance changes

to help bring more consistency to every

video you know you want to get a

thousand views every video as opposed to

one in every five right

all right let’s move on to the next


and they call themselves pure drive

physio and performance and just very

quickly three two one what’s this

channel about golf


i was i was thinking cheated you were

gonna struggle to answer that because

when i look at this channel

it took me about 10 to 15 seconds to

work out it was about golf because

when i look at

golf videos what do you tend to see

green lawn blue sky

and a long pole and i immediately

associate that with golf but here

i feel as if and dan we’ve talked about

this a couple of times now in live

streams i feel as if i’m having to think

a little bit more about the thumbnail

and the title before i understand what

it’s about that is what could be wrong

uh right okay so you thought the same

thing yes

i i saw a channel i liked the name of

the channel pure drive physio and

performance like it it kind of made

sense to me like

uh especially once i saw the logo like

it’s a golf channel about improving your

performance fantastic click on the

channel see the thumbnails um i’m

underwhelmed because i think a lot of

what they do takes place at home and in

a gym and you can absolutely work on

your golf game at home in a gym etc the

problem is you aren’t there’s a

disconnect you’re not clearly

communicating that you the goal of what

you’re doing is to improve at this other

thing so it looks like a fitness channel

when you see the shorts and stuff and

you see them they’re in a gym and it

looks like you’re doing different

stretches in your thumbnails and things

like that the golf club gets cut out in

a lot of thumbnails when it is there so

that is that is the big issue i think

what you should do maybe you don’t live

right next to a golf course for example

what i would do

is once a month i would pack up the car

with some extra shirts and some golf

clubs i would go to a local golf course

rent some equipment whatever you need to

do to have some time there and then take

do a photo shoot like get a whole bunch

of thumbnails canned with you doing

different poses and things like that so

that you can have the green behind you

in every single one of these thumbnails

if you’re going to be talking about

improving your golf game it needs to

feel like a golf channel

i’ve just highlighted some of the

thumbnails in red to show you that if i

just looked at the thumbnail and i

didn’t see the title

i would have no idea any of these were

about golf


is this you

beat father time you’re back well thank

you so a lot of these

stop doing this it’s it’s they’re very

vague and i think that golf imagery is

missing in every single thumbnail so

i believe if you were to just make that


a lot of stuff starts coming together

for you uh because these titles are

pretty good i actually like their titles

um shorts are working but remember where

people find shorts they’re not really

looking at the title or the thumbnail

when they go into them yeah i just want

to pick you back up with what dan just

said about

having your channel feel like what is

actually the actual subject matter that

you’re trying to try to tackle when

somebody lands on your channel having

your thumbnails actually convey that

feeling because a month or two ago we

reviewed a real estate channel on one of

these audit live streams and the thing

that i said about that real estate

channel was that when i landed on it

it felt like some type of some type of

rap video channel and i’m just like this

does not feel like real estate to me at

all because the way the thumbnails and

the tech were designed it felt like i

was on some upcoming rappers youtube

channel and

when you have that type of a disconnect

when you’re content about golf but it

looks like it’s about fitness people are

gonna just leave

again i said it before and i’ll say it

again to you all when someone lands on

your youtube channel it should take them

less than 30 seconds to figure out what

it is you’re trying to talk about what

the general message of your channel is

if it takes any longer than that you’re

probably going to lose a potential

viewer that’s we just we’re just rich

and bad like that as human beings we

just have a short attention span so you

gotta uh boom feed it to us and make it

as simple as possible

yeah that’s that’s why i always tell

people sixth grade level think of think

of your thumbnails in that sense make it

very simple to understand and i like

that rob was showing some of the

thumbnails for improving golf swing


it’s very obvious

what dan and rob were talking about as

well is

the green

like the green is missing from these

that’s what gives us that golf

you know pinging your head so

well what i do want to say is that

objectively speaking these thumbnails

are actually quite good in terms of the


the way um the elements are used i think

the text is really striking


the audience is just

preconditioned to see thumbnails in a

certain way for that topic


maybe your thought process was that you

want to stand out in the the golfing

niche as these completely different

thumbnails i credit for you for trying


but it doesn’t look as if it’s working

uh currently you’ve got now probably a

day well

i’d say you’ve tested this with maybe 10

to 15 thumbnails so far so the data here

is suggesting that it’s not quite

working so you know keep that same high

standard of thumbnail but start to think

about the greens and the blues and

i think what you often see in the golf

thumbnails is that they almost try and

turn them into a computer game look

where they have an arrow swing pointing

somewhere or the different you know the

three different positions of a swing

and so on these are just something that

i’m much more used to seeing and of

course are very effective

so pure drive physio and performance is

that channel and now we’re gonna look at


stain or steam twins tv

all right first impressions what do you

think this channel’s about

first one to answer gets the sound

effect i’m looking at the banner it says

we want to be youtuber mom what the hell

does that even mean okay all right i’m

gonna go past the banner and go see

these actual tiles and thumbnails

and too many thumb too many of these

thumbnails look too similar that’s my

first critique

um let’s see twins react

okay okay so it looks like it’s a

channel with twins so i got that much

and it looks like they’re just doing a

bunch of different reactions

so reaction channel

okay yep

what it looks like

um let’s see if we’re reacting to

back room reacting to more back row what


tick tock

back room

um okay

what what back room what is jeff



you’re going to want to do this on your

on your own time there viper but you can

look at the back rooms um it’s it’s kind

of a it’s a it’s like a creepy pasta

that people have been making videos and

video games about um it’s definitely

creepy if you want to look it up

yourself on your own time knock yourself


um but that’s what the reaction to

because it’s uh there’s a lot of traffic

around it on youtube so it makes sense

um especially if you’re going to be

doing reactions to like creepypastas or

like scary videos it makes perfect sense

for them to be reacting to the

backgrounds right now because it is

something that is semi-trending um in in

that space

so do i need to use this sound effect


100 yes

so here’s here’s my impression now that

you’ve gone to it looks like the most


uh the first maybe what might be the

first one they did did great 17 000

views one of the earlier ones

lately though in the last month weeks

they’ve been doing what looks like

thumbnail-wise title-wise almost the

same exact thing

and i think there’s not enough

difference between these to attract

maybe the 17 000 people who watched the

first one right because it might it

might feel like i’ve already seen this

video even though they know it’s a

different video it might be it might

feel like been there done that because

you’re not putting enough into the title

and thumbnail to make it seem like no no

but this backroom video is different

because of this thing that happens in it

there’s that’s like missing for me and

just having some time to study these

okay so just to clarify what you’re

saying there dan

the creator has done the right thing in

that they had a successful video yes and

they’re doubling down

on that topic


the similarity of a thumbnail itself may

be telling the viewer that they’ve

already seen this video

and so they need to change maybe the

they keep the topic the same but maybe

the thumbnail needs a bit of tweaking to


something that seems new to the viewer

so it’s like so here’s what they’re

doing twins react to the back rooms is

the first one and that the the draw

there is it’s twins reacting to

something i think but from there it’s

every single title twins react to back

rooms and then the interesting bit

it kind of shoved in the title so what

it looks like to me is

a gaming channel who’s playing a game

with a really long name and they’re

choosing to put the name of the game as

the first part of the title and then

whatever they’re doing in the video is

the second half of the title which makes

it really hard for people to see like i

know the game is this like what are you

doing in the video so the twins react

thing like they’re going to see that

you’re twins when they click into the

video maybe twins react is the last

thing that that worked for the first

video i would be playing around with

different titling structures to see like

you know

reacting to missing persons or i don’t

know it’s hard to think on the spot now

i’m looking at the titles but there’s

the interesting bit is like missing for

me in a lot of the titles now that

they’ve kind of repeated the same

titling strategy and it’s not paying off

as well

when they continue to double down on it

all right

i i’m gonna

disagree with you a little bit here go

ahead wait for the sound effect to


the channel has 400 subscribers yes and

each of these videos is continuing to

reach a wider audience

than their current subscriber size yes i

think they are doing something

right here in that they’re doubling down

on their best content maybe i’m

misinterpreting what you’re saying here


i don’t want them i don’t want this

channel to think that they’re doing

anything wrong



they’re targeting i apologize i didn’t

i’m not being clear enough

i’m see and the graph is going in the

wrong direction is what i’m trying to

point out two months ago they were at 17

000 views that was the one offer that

was just an exception

right but nine days ago

you know one day ago look at where the

view counts are from i would say

they’re not bad views i’m not saying

that these are bad views i’m just saying

i want to see the graph trending in the

other direction and so that’s what i

would be doing to continually get it to

trend in the right direction because i

don’t know if twins react to back rooms

is going to be another like when is that

going to hit 17 000 views again you know

what i mean like that’s what i’m trying

to say

jeff yard arbiter who just won this


i would say you guys both make an

excellent point

but he’s right i think i agree with you

too i don’t want them to completely

abandon their their what they’re doing

because they obviously are doing

something right i just want to see the

graph trend in the opposite direction

and that’s going to take some tests it

looks like in their latest couple of

videos here like twins try not to laugh

challenge like they’re trying different

types of twin videos which could be a

way to go but maybe there’s still the

back room thing might still work it’s

just you got to keep playing with the


yeah i agree and i think there’s going

to be a viewership for reactions to

scary stuff

and that might be the thing and maybe

try not to laugh does not make sense

with this type of channel and i’m not

saying that um the twins have to

continue doing only back rooms you don’t

have to but i would look at other things

that that kind of an audience the people

who are into this type of content would

also be into and that might not be laugh

challenges or food challenges that could

be a completely different channel so if

you want to go down this path with like

how they did a twins react to top 10 um

scary videos things like that then that

could be along the the kind of horror

genre line of reactions where you’re

doing ghost videos or you’re doing

monster videos doing creepypastas doing

stuff like that so there’s a lot of ways

that you can expand but still have it

make sense to the type of viewer that

likes that type of content so just think

about in that strategy wise

um what kind of content the people who

are into the back rooms what else are

they into

if that makes sense and i i mean not to

say you can’t do lab challenges and

stuff but think about your viewership

think about the people that have already

come to you before um you know start

thinking of it in that sense and it

might work a little bit better for you

dan i respect you let’s do fist bump and

makeup wait which way wait uh is it oh

there we go hey there we go ow nice nice

work nice work all right uh folks

we’re an hour into this and we’ve been

giving you some helpful advice

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all right then i think it might be time

for a little bit




i’m going to pat myself on the butt

there for a couple of seamless

transitions to get from auditing

channels to advertising vid iq



thank you very much somebody’s got a

voice modulator how exciting is that all

right this is how this part of the live

stream works

we have two forms that you’ve been

filling out and as you can see we have a

lot of submissions we’re up to 500 plus

from the gaming and non-gaming channels

and what we do is we take

our tool which i just want to adjust to

make sure we cover all of the channels

and then

jeff didn’t get it there he decided not

to give us a sound uh that was 41 we

take that channel number and we

alternate from non-gaming channels to

gaming channels and the first channel we

are going to look at here is a

non-gaming channel that comes by the

name of bradley mcknight we are

encountering these channels for the

first time here first impressions and

we’re looking at somebody who is new to

youtube 73 subscribers no channel banner



on first viewing i would assume this is

a short channel because of the way all

of the thumbnails are set out but all of

the thumbnails and video lengths are

above three minutes if not more

so there are no custom thumbnails so

that would be the very first suggestion

i would suggest to bradley mcknight is

that you need to start creating some

custom thumbnails for your content what

else can we see here

um looks like they’re doing

covers because it looks like they’re

yeah i think so like angels your love 9

p.m and don’t look back in anger

um i was doing cover versions of songs

from elvis

presley okay interesting but yeah i

agree um so that’s there’s some youtube


um that bradley or whoever is assisting

him with his channel um would want to

probably look into just depends because

i’m assuming that

um this channel was submitted in hopes

of of making improvements

so um

and music channels can definitely work

well especially singing covers

especially if it’s music that

bradley loves or things that are popular

if there’s a middle ground there but

some of the basics would be

making sure that you’re putting you know

a proper 16x9 thumbnail on there and

then start thinking about um

looking at other channels that do cover

songs and uh which ways they they use

for title structure whether it’s the

name of the artist first because um you

know it’s stuck on you by bradley knight

or mcknight but

the thing is unless bradley mcknight is

already famous

um you might have to use the name of the

actual artist yep so and that way

there’s some searchability behind it and

you know it can be stuck on you by elvis

or whoever it might be as sung by

bradley knight or you know mcknight

something like that but think of it in

that sense where to get found you’re

going to have to use the

um actual artist name

all right maybe it isn’t the unique

thing for this particular channel

i know we’ve talked about this before


i don’t know why people put their

channel names in the titles of their


you realize that when somebody clicked

on a video your channel name appeared

right at the bottom of the video right

or my something here no some people just

don’t know it’s just youtube basics that

some people are just unfamiliar with

but i’ve seen a lot of people do this

and i’m just curious why they do it


i think from what i remember correctly

because i did this a long time ago until

i learned better from our friend nick

it was one of those things where

i was told by others in groups that you

wanted to have your name in the title

for seo purposes

but it could be farther from the truth



name of track name of actual music


possibly include musical cover

potentially in the title or in a

thumbnail might be a better way forward

here i’m also noticing this channel

hasn’t done anything for six months so

obviously again along with the other

basics that we’ve talked about in terms

of a custom thumbnail tweaking the title

perhaps recording in landscape as well

because again the viewing experience

although people may watch this on mobile

um also committing to

a video a week or a video every two

weeks it looks as if your


schedule was once a month beforehand

that would be something to commit to so

you get at least 20 videos out of the

door by the end of this year

and there was one more thing that came

into my head and then as immediately

vanished from my head what was it view

counts you know but not actually too bad

we see many

music cover channels

that struggle to get double digits let

alone getting hundreds of views so

obviously the audience when they found

their content was enjoying it enough for

youtube to recommend it a little bit so

that’s a positive sign

for the channel final thoughts

no i think we covered it

then we will move on to the next one uh

jeff if you shall please

the claw

all right

channel 192 this is a gaming channel

that we’re looking at this time and they

call themselves


c clash royale

i think this is a channel about age of

empires 2.

oh right this is why you don’t have a

gaming channel

some dune shorts on

we can safely assume clash royale

they’ve hidden their subscriber count so

we can’t really tell in terms of

subscribers to view counts

how they’re doing they are on the road

to a thousand subscribers though

according to their uh description

we usually tell you to unhide that uh

mostly because it weirds us out there’s

really no reason to hide it or not to

hide it it’s just that we like to see it

and i think a lot of people like to see

it your viewers like to be there on the

journey with you it’s i don’t think it’s

a make or break i don’t think not having

it’s going to keep people from ever

subscribing to your channel it’s just a

cool thing to see

uh very impressive view counts on your

shorts yes i think it is is it a shorts

channel exclusively done just looking at

this i can’t see because here’s

something that’s changed

youtube now doesn’t show the timestamp

for shots right just the icon so i don’t

know if it’s 10 seconds long or 60

seconds long well when you view shorts

you know on the sidebar there where if

you click on shorts it doesn’t show the

view counts

in there which is very very weird um i

was noticing that yesterday so yeah

we get the light count and we get the

comments i think this is the same with

tick tock like the view count is like

missing we should build a tool for that

we should get that in there

yeah be very cheeky of us uh okay so it

depends on this creator’s goals right

if they’re asking us like i’m trying to

imagine why they submitted their channel

like what what could they be doing

better you’re already doing everything

right i would say in terms of like your

shorts obviously people are watching

they’re spreading you’re getting

thousands of views on these so is the

question i i would like to

pivot to long-form content how do i know

i can do that because we get that one a

lot so i just have to answer

hypotheticals here if that’s the case

look at your data and look and see if

when you post a short where do the

majority of your views come from because

if you’re at a point in your short

journey and you very well could be that

you’re getting a ton of views on these

from brows before they ever hit the

short shelf that is the indicator that

i’ve seen this is the indicator that

block fax is used it was permission to

pivot into long form content now you’d

make the same kind of content but wide

screen and maybe a little bit longer so

it appeals to the same exact viewer

but if people are already finding your

shorts before they ever even hit the


that’s a really really good sign but

that’s only assuming you want to pivot

to long-form content which we have no

indication of that i’m just trying to

figure out what what advice can we give


i can see that they’re doing this can a

characters in the game

do something yeah um and

you feel as if you could um turn that


long-form content like could can these

range characters so not just one archer

but like an archer an artillery

character or a witch or you know whoever

has a ranged attack

that that could turn into like a three

four minute possible montage of all of

these but view counts are very very um

consistent again this is something i

find really interesting in shorts

because you often see spiky views even

when a shorts channel you get one video

that has a hundred thousand views and

then another one that has 500 but

they’re hitting the marquee of around


plus views on every video and not are

there many viral moments for this


i wouldn’t say there was a there’s a

really impressive um view counts but

they’re not super viral shorts moments

so that’s again really encouraging from


return viewer perspective

yeah and you know their latest video is

kind of interesting eight hours ago best

fireball ever that title represents a

change in what they’ve been doing which

was going to be my next suggestion is

now can you try

doing shorts in the same game but

different concepts you know can you play

around with those and it looks like you

did and now i’m wondering i’m really

wondering if you are getting a lot of

returning viewers from brows when you

post the other types of shorts where

it’s like can these barbarians and

minions do a thing because

you’re getting so many views so

consistently and that’s i saw that

happen to my own channel when i tried

this so

i i’d be looking at that data and then

deciding what to do from there but if

you want to continue being a short

channel that’s totally cool the next

step is to continue tweaking your

content strategy can you make these

videos even more epic in some way even

shorter perhaps with more sound effects

things that are going to keep your

retention really really high because

that’s what’s going to take you from the

2000s in terms of regular views to the

tens of thousands of views so it really

does come down to your editing and the

quality of the content itself

final question about posting

schedule consistency we see here that

this channel posted

a whole bunch several videos two days

ago yeah for a shorts creator we give

you permission to do that you can post

as much content as you want

having said that

you go from two days ago to

six days ago so there was a big gap


so should the creator still be using a

bit of

common sense and saying okay i’ve just

made these six videos i’m not going to

be able to do anything for a week i

should maybe stretch them out to two

videos per day until i can record

something else

i think so especially if you’re whether

or not you’re pivoting to long-form

content if you’re seeing a lot of people

coming in from browse your returning


even things out a little bit for them uh

because that’s that’s going to matter


so c uh

gc clash royale uh i think a very

promising channel there we know you’re

above 500 subscribers because you’ve got

the community tab i’m wondering if

you’ve hit a thousand yet but to be

honest it doesn’t matter because you are


a slave to the requirements for

monetization you just need to get i said

just you probably need to get a million

views to start earning some bonus

payouts from youtube

all right next oh you’ve got enough

something else done nope that’s i just

said yep all right here we go


thank you jeff

is there an echo

you’re helping jeff with his impressions

yeah that was a lot closer

okay uh viper do you want to lead with

this channel they call themselves when

they send me a video link instead of a

channel link let’s just get to the right

place they call themselves stay home to

shop what do you see here okay pretty

self-explanatory stay at home shopper


i like uh

uh hmm

all right so

first thing i see is the avatar now

while the logo i like

um if you want to

if this is not if this is you and not an

actual company then you might want to

use a picture of yourself as the avatar

it just makes that channel much more

humanized humanizing two potential

viewers so you may want to consider that

uh other than that oh i mean you got

sure you got yourself a lot of

thumbnails so i would just say take that

same picture of you and put it in the

avatar and do that so

we’re getting past that

some of your thumbnails are a little too

busy and some of your color choices are

questionable because they’re hard to


um so you might want to just be careful

with your colors and how they clash

as far as your shorts go and another we

got another one who doesn’t like to show

the sub count interesting okay



all right fit 5k donation created for p




you don’t want to use hashtag for titles

oh i should say you don’t want to use

only hashtag for titles don’t don’t do

that because yeah

don’t do that

i am

being thrown into a uh youtube

existential crisis on shorts here why do

some of these have a timestamps and look

clearly like shots and some of them have

the icon

and i play this video

and it plays as a short

and i play this video

and it doesn’t play as a

shot it’s possible they rendered it uh

in 16x9 but only had a 9x16 oh

you could be writing yeah so that’s

actually video space uh interesting you

know how it used to go gray on the side

gradient that’s that’s missing so that

that’s literally the

yeah oh not going to be a short it might

be because it was premiered as well i

wonder if that had an impact yeah


there was another one here

that was premiered okay we’re getting

really into the weeds here i’m just

finding this interesting

this channel went through a massive

pivot like they were doing long-form

content with really um

intentional thumbnails and presumably

themselves in the thumbnails they kind

of abandoned all about three months ago

and it feels as if now they’re just

they’re in a

uh the fog of youtube war almost like

they don’t know what what the to do or

where to go at this point looking at

their recent content

yeah it does seem like uh

they are in a uh creator block a little




it’s just no weird because you know the

path video they’re in the thumbnail

they’re there they have that human

connection and they need later video

pretty short

um obviously there’s no thumbnail with

the short but

even the non-short videos that you guys

just showed doesn’t really have a

thumbnail to it

i mean if i was going to give this

channel advice i just i would return to

what they were doing

six months ago which was

cons you know being really consistent

building up a a catalog of content

and the view counts here are fairly

positive they’re in the hundreds you

know 500 plus for a channel that had

only made 10 videos at the time i’d be

really encouraged about that it feels if

either life got in the way or they were

getting frustrated they just gave up

um but it feels as if their beginning

was promising it was i think the

thumbnails could use some improvement


days of old yeah

i guess my camera froze i apologize uh

they so if you’re going to go back i

would i would improve on your thumbnails

and then i would also because these seem

like videos that are going to expire

really quickly right like these deals

only are for a limited time

i’d be thinking about how can i make

these evergreen and one idea that comes

to mind is there are ways to

consistently save money on certain

products like maybe you can do some

videos every so often that are like how

to always save a hundred dollars on a

plane ticket or something like that so

share other saving tips you know as it

relates to your audience if it’s only

like cvs and these types of products

then then maybe find what works for you

but i’d be playing with that and i just

think that the thing that you might have

been struggling with in the past

although the view counts are pretty

promising from back then is just the

very busy thumbnails

let’s pick another channel just bear

with me one second uh this is this is my


i’ve got to set up my microphone again

now right okay everything’s working one

seven two

one seven two i wonder if we could get

ding for just

continuously using that intellectual

property from toy story

it’s done ingest it’s parody

it’s parody if disney are watching

bit quasi

huh i think their minecraft channel

we’re an hour and 20 minutes in down and

we finally have a minecraft channel

about time where have you been

minecrafters what’s going on yeah

so uh they started a year ago but have

not posted a whole lot and unless we

talk about the last

month or so uh last 12 days eight days

seven days so it looks like they are

kind of back on the horse as they say


i see that you are using a similar

thumbnail strategy to uh maybe farsi i’m

just recognizing the inventory full of

amazing items next to something

so interesting strategy and i think

there’s plenty of room in this space for

more of that what i would say though is

that if you were to look at farsi

thumbnails there’s a couple things that

he’s doing a bit differently you’ve put

four elements in your thumbnail whereas

he uses two so if we look at farzi’s

channel real quick

so well i guess he uses a few but he

they’re they’re a lot smaller so

minecraft hardcore is one element it’s

really tucked in the corner he’s in

there with his minecraft character

really small though and then there’s an

episode number other than that the stars

of these thumbnails are usually

the slide on the left with showing

something like showing the proof right

so like the i mean an insane guardian

farm and you see all the inventory full

of guardian charts or whatever they’re

called and then on the right side is the

incredible thing that it’s housed in so

in this case like a big balloon or

whatever that is so there’s two elements

to like focus on

and your thumbnails

were similar like you could see the

inventory the impressive inventory on

the left but you covered the right side


red text that’s kind of hard to read and

then like i could tell there’s something

back there but i can’t really see what

it is and your character is blocking it

anyway so

if if you were trying to copy that

strategy that’s just the big difference

there’s i can’t really tell what’s going

on on the right side of the thumbnail

but the left side seems impressive um

and i think this is a good start

building the ultimate crop farm though

you know the the promise is made in the

title and then of course the thumbnails

delivering on it by showing you all of

the hall you got from that the the

emeralds and the wheat and every all of

that like that does look like an

ultimate crop farm and i i want to know

more and it’s minecraft hardcore so the

next thing i’d be doing is once you kind


figure out that strategy like can you up

the stakes somehow can you can you take

this in a new direction because as we

just saw with with just one channel like

people are kind of delivering on this

right now so where’s the next place you

can take your style of content because

making impressive farms has been done a

lot but is there a new approach is there

a new thing you could be doing in

minecraft that is like

going to set you apart and i know i say

that and that sounds incredibly daunting

but that’s because it is because

minecraft has been covered

by like millions of creators at this

point so it’s going to be daunting and

farsi’s done a lot to kind of set

himself apart and every big minecraft

channel you can think of has done a lot

to set themselves apart

it is not a bad start for a channel with

what eight videos they’ve already had

one video have a thousand views they


uh two videos that have got more than

100 views i know this sounds like small

fry but when we talk about the four

millionth minecraft channel on youtube

competing with all of those other


they’ve already figured some sort of

stuff out down which is encouraging to

see yes and you know

these thumbnails are not at the

level of farsi

but for a channel with under a hundred

subscribers they’re pretty damn good

just yeah

yeah yeah for perspective

yeah for perspective they’re doing a lot

of really cool things uh it’s it’s just

that next step that needs to be taken

now yeah channel 287 sorry jeff did you

want to chime in there or you just agree

no i was just going to say i remember i

think they’re doing well because i

remember when i had 40 subs i would

struggle to get five views on a video


you know that’s speaks highly to them

when they’re pulling in 50 60 or over


um they’re doing something right

you can uh carry on then jeff we’ve just

lucinda let’s talk presumably about

books films and television

okay that’s that’s we’re we’re

definitely guessing at that but i’m

assuming that’s what’s going on here um

it’s been the last stand miss marvel

trailer reaction

turning red okay perfect

fantastic beasts three good all right so

and this is kind of what i like to see

and it’s a smart play in a sense of

taking advantage of what is hot and

trending right now um so definitely a

smart move in that sense looks like the

xn1 struggled a little bit but obviously

the last stand is an older movie

so makes sense that the traffic would be

less on something like that

um versus like

newer pixar stuff newer star wars stuff

you know newer marvel um

so yeah that definitely makes sense um

i’m looking at the thumbnails and i

don’t know if maybe

i’m impressed by the audience numbers

here for a channel with oh yeah

700 subscribers you know the last one

hey 3 000 views that’s brilliant but

then 800 views a thousand views

usually we we’d look at these reaction

channels and they would really struggle

to get more than 50 views so

i’m i’m intrigued as to why that is i’m

wondering i mean what are the reasons

here maybe the videos are quite short

most of them you know reaction videos

tend to be five ten fifteen minutes left

yeah except for these long ones but most

of these are

they’re either like quite long and in

depth or relatively short and snappy i’m

curious to see what the engagement is

okay 59 likes 10 comments that seems a

little bit low for the number of views


i’m just asking a question are they

sharing this in a community somewhere

yeah they also could might not be um

doing a proper call to action to get

people to engage with them like you know

one of the things that works really well

because you’ll get a lot of this and and

you know educators love or educators

hate hearing this is when people say uh

like comment subscribe like don’t say

that don’t don’t say that if you want

people to like it give them a reason to

like it if you want them to comment ask

them a question and if you want them to

subscribe give them value right so but

if you want people to comment and engage

with your videos you want to ask them

questions throughout your video directly

like you’re engaging the audience you

can do it multiple times you can do it

once but you want to look directly at

the camera and ask the viewer something

very specific like if you’re talking

about the x-men like hey what did you

think of this movie which was your

favorite x-men character let me know in

the comments mine was wolverine but

which one was yours like basically

really address them and that’s how you

can start stirring up um you know more

comments and more engagement on your

videos it could be that they’re just

missing that opportunity


but overall i mean i like what they’re

doing i mean obviously they’re getting

good views because they are going after

trending topics um so it’s a smart play

you know i mean whether

um and one thing i will say too is also

in that in that last video they took a

stand like they’re not fencing they

picked a side either they liked it yeah

or they didn’t like it and that’s

something you that’s a smart play i want

people to pay attention to

in in the in the chat here

pick a side you either like something or

you don’t like something and really put

that in the title have that title ahead

so when you make the video you go into

it with that energy


because this this way people who didn’t

like it they’re going to want to click

on it because you agree with them and

then people who liked it are also going

to want to click on it because they want

to see why they shouldn’t have liked it


oh that’s interesting so

we’re titling the thumbnail and they’re

doing a video hook which is almost like

a coming up do you notice that it’s kind

of um

there’s a four by three there’s a four

by three aspect ratio and the play

button that’s quite an interesting uh

audience retention tactic there i like

that i really like that it’s a smart

move it’s it’s something the 4x3 isn’t

something i see normally on reaction

type channels but um but doing that for

just your intro smart move

jeff uh sorry not jeff dan viper

any other extra thoughts

jeff hit the point i was gonna hit which

is uh if you can put your opinion in

that in that title or in the thumbnail

like getting a lot of people are going

to react to say like i think tomorrow

moon night comes out the first episode a

lot of people are going to be covering

it doing reactions things like that so

if you were to do that like how are you

going to set yourself apart well it’s

probably going to be with like maybe an

outlandish opinion you know or or

something like that

and then just going


there sorry


oh yeah oh yeah of course

just going through their catalog content

they’ve been very consistent and

committed to publishing one or two

videos a week for about a year now um

and the view counts back then were quite

healthy as well so maybe they’re just

struggling with to build


a returning audience

look as if they have a set number of

views which is between 500 and a

thousand sometimes a little bit more

sometimes a little bit less

um but

encouraging very solid work from the

creator here

okay i think we’ll do another non-gaming

channel because i want viper to leave

with this one and then we’ll do a gaming


to bring down it so we have two three


all right so

get ready unmute your microphone you are

looking at max saris

who is a personal development channel

and they look a little like this

all right so we got mac self development

content and experiences okay i like that

define uh proposition in your banner so

good luck there

i like the fact that you have a a head

shot of yourself as your channel avatar

so that’s cool that’s he has 300

subscribers self-help content let’s see

how to overcome fear

uh how to where this uh how does and

where to feel like

how does


okay that’s how to bother me i don’t

know why i think it’s something to do

with grammar but i’ll come back to that

um let’s see um 100 days for journaling

top 5 mistake

uh moving on it okay


your thumbnails they are

it’s kind of hard me to put my finger on

but i feel like they’re lacking

something uh

i just feel like they’re lacking intent

that’s what they’re lacking yeah i feel

like your thumbnails are lacking intent


you got stuff going on i like the fact

that you’re keeping it simple but your

thumbnails don’t tell me enough from

first glance about what’s happening

in the video

and i know

why that one title bothers me the one

that says how does awareness feel like

it should be what doesn’t work it feels

like that’s why it bothered me so you

have that grammatically wrong so you

might want to change that unless that’s

what you’re asking well then don’t

listen to me but grammatically that just

drove me off and i don’t think that

that’s grammatically not correct but i

digress um

let’s see


who is max dollar

okay uh

just a quick point of order for all of

you all in the live stream

nobody cares about intro videos

we we we’ve been trying to tell you a

lot to like skip the intro entirely so

you definitely should be making

dedicated intro videos don’t don’t do

that people are there for the content

but do with that information what you



for channel updates what’s that so the

same goes for channel updates

the viewers don’t care they’re just

there for the information they don’t

want to intro they don’t want a channel

update so don’t don’t waste that real


it could just be the trailer though

yeah well we’ve got one here we do have

a trailer there no

oh oh yeah

all right so i think my number one thing

for you is your thumbnail your thumbnail

they look bland and they don’t they lack

intense they’re bland and they lack

intense so

i need you to figure out a way to make

them pop more and to provide more intent

because titles and thumbnails should be

married so if your title is talking

about uh


then maybe put yourself in a situation

that requires you to be aware of what’s

going on like maybe you’re a downtown in

a busy urban metro area something that

that promotes needing to be aware

your thumbnail just they just not doing

it for me uh but i’ll let the rest of my

cohort chime in here

there’s one video in particular that

i’ve been looking at for a while uh i

meditated two hours every day for a week

and it reminds me the thumbnail and the

just the structuring of that title

remind me of what we’d see from a lot of

these really big channels that like take

on a challenge right the problem with

that video is like and what like because

it’s a video about meditating but like

what’s the what’s the draw like what’s

that there’s it’s just missing that one

last little element like did you

meditate in a certain location did

something go horribly wrong like

and i know it’s a self-help channel but

that if you’re going to go after that

kind of titling structure i think it

implies that there’s something there’s

this reason to watch something happened

because i meditated for two hours every

week if you’re just going over the

benefits of meditation then that’s a

different story now we’re talking about

a title about like top five reasons to

meditate uh every day you know i i tried

it for a week or something like that

well done

you say that and if we just look down

here that like the

the video before it

um they have one extra one extra element

yep a thousand days see the stakes were

raised that’s a challenge and they said

my experience so it’s like after a

thousand days what is your experience

for meditating now i gotta know

it’s interesting how late life it did

follow up on that they doubled down on

that content and this one

seemingly flopped is it as simple as

they didn’t apply stakes to the


maybe if they change that thumbnail like

if this video is still bringing in views

and maybe we can check that

um is it still bringing any in any views

for the channel

uh a few not many not many yeah

i’m not sure and then

if there’s a way to word the title a

little bit better to add that third

element assuming a third element

actually exists in this video um because

we’re kind of assuming that right like

let’s say you just meditated for two

hours a day but it doesn’t give us a

reason why or that third element then it

becomes click bait so we have to be

careful with that only do that change to

the title if it makes sense otherwise

i’d be following up this content with

something better like with that third

element included but this is also leads

back to what i said before

have those title and thumbnail ideas

ready before you turn on the camera have

all those pieces of the puzzle in place

so that you can have your strategy

follow your thumbnail your title and

what you actually do or say in the video

now i may be wrong here uh sorry dan

have you got another point i i wanna

sorry go ahead it was just the one it

was one other video i was going to point

out how to overcome the fear of starting

your youtube channel uh now that that

video title and everything seems great

for maybe a channel like ours

but i’m wondering if that could have

been more broad instead of starting

youtube channel could you have made that

appeal to more people by saying

overcoming the fear of speaking in front

of others or speaking into camera or

something like that because people are

starting tick tocks and all kinds of

stuff so again just like thinking about

the audience you’re trying to target i

guess that’s kind of a whole different

audience people are afraid to start

youtube channels

the final point i wanted to make was

again about the thumbnails

when i think of a self health


self development maybe mental health


i feel


air and presence of calmness and


but many of these thumbnails don’t

give me that feeling and sense they feel

a little chaotic

they almost feel sometimes some of you

someone else a little stressful

in just how much is going on in the

thumbnails and how they’re they’re

presented to the viewer

whereas you have these meditation ones

uh where there are more minimalist and

perhaps more calming perhaps in in the

pitch of a thumbnail so that was my

fault i don’t know if that’s just me

it’s just how these thumbnails come off

to me when i look at them and presumably

the value proposition of the channel

let’s pick a gaming channel this time


cracky knuckles

get ready for

a channel that is called the meme master

how does a meme master channel fit into

gaming oh the dinky mimi

we could we could have a danky mimi one


looking at some of these thumbnails and

titles it’s just angry birds gameplay



short short shorts which is fine

angry birds 2 gameplay does not feel

like the kind of content you would

expect to see on a channel called meme


so it seems like that content should go

on a separate channel uh which is just

my very quick take we know very little

the titles of these shorts are very very

very short a lot of them file name i’m

going to

call them file name which is okay i just

i i am missing some context so let’s see

if we if we click on one of these like

xbox 360 cleaning down there at the

bottom like that seems it’s it’s uh

bottom left there you go that seems


normal like what what is it about this

so i’m just kind of wondering

okay so they are literally cleaning

their xbox 360. is there some asmr going

on here


a little bit a little bit it looks

pretty well satisfying man yeah

it’s satisfying if it was just a channel

cleaning uh consoles and games and

controllers that that is interesting in

itself isn’t it but what was the next

video after that uh justice league

figures right

so we know that shorts in terms of

upload frequency is about momentum right

but what we haven’t really discussed in

the past is does that momentum include

the kind of short you’re making so for

example if one video you’re cleaning

xbox is xboxes in the next video you’re

collecting gaming controllers while that

may still be kind of relevant to gaming

is that is that the same kind of thing

that the audience is going to return for

you know what i mean so

i think

it’d be an interesting test if you made

maybe 50 shorts

that were about a thing not you know not

jumping around feels like you’re topic

jumping within your shorts and that

might be why you’re struggling to get

any of these to kind of take off because

youtube is probably looking for more

information based on maybe other shorts

so it kind of can figure out who am i

going to share these with you know just

this two here about controllers like

choose your weapon that’s an interesting

that’s good uh idea of like it’s gonna

show the playstation one then the dual

shock and then the gamecube controller

and like you’ve got to make a decision

at the end so it encourages engagement

and then the one above it

maybe asking which controller fits best

in your hands i think for me personally

i’m going to go with the xbox 360

controller i think that’s a

that’s the best controller i’ve used

because it just does everything right

nothing spectacular so but i do love

that controller

that and it might be yeah it could be if

it’s not the consistency and the type of

content you’re making it might just be

the interest level so okay so you have

this like a special box okay okay that’s

kind of cool so and what i like is that

look how quickly it started the box came

in and you already kind of had an idea

of where this was going you know so in

the first second i’m kind of drawn to


so do you have more stuff like this


where you can you can kind of like

that’s it

that’s that’s fine so that was like a

listicle shot wasn’t it yeah

interesting interesting


yeah so i i would continue to play

around with these uh i i know shorts are

going to be really spiky in terms of

views but you can still build up

returning viewers on a short channel and

so here’s the thing they don’t have to

be spiky you know we just looked at that

clash royale um

clash royale channel super consistent


1500 views a short yes they could do

this this channel could do something

similar but that’s what i’m saying is

right now they’re spiky and i think i

think they it feels like shorts are

supposed to be like this right for a lot

of creators who don’t understand them

they’re like oh it’s just some shorts

make it some don’t whatever just put up

whatever you want but we’ve seen it we

just saw it today and we’ve seen it time

and time again when people are

consistent in the type of short they’re

making and they’re uploading

consistently uh you know

that builds

returning viewers on on shorts is not

anything to be


yeah returning viewers on shorts is not

anything to take lightly because if you

have an audience of people who are

enjoying your shorts youtube has someone

to share it with early on and they get a

lot of data a lot quicker and they can

decide hey this short is actually pretty

good i’m going to share it and and you

have to wait as long for it to quote hit

the shelf

all right let’s play a little game here

i’m distracted so we got an n64 there

an nes playstation would recognize a sun

that could be an old xbox the original


you call this the genesis don’t you

thank your genitals yep sega mega drive

it was called in the uk oh

that is a

european uh nintendo fine

super nintendo yeah it’s a european


dreamcast what what are people’s

thoughts on our dreamcast i was a

brilliant machine just didn’t have

enough games in the library

it was really good for its time yeah it

was the fourth time yeah good uh power

stone crazy taxi soul calibur

360 in your core switch and it’s that

custom gamecube

all right uh

welcome to guess game console next

channel is



or a jack

i had a neo geo pocket if anyone can

remember that it would have been funny

if they panned over and there was just a

cell phone laying on on the shelves

classic like this gaming evolution i’ve

got this more here uh

let’s see there’s a wii u a ps4 bob up

there yeah two ps5 up

there ps3 slim yeah i think so

xbox one 35th

oh yeah yeah and pf4 yep pf5 is that is

that one of the retro

mini classic yeah




don’t mind us just a bunch of old geeks

right what’s up

yes all the gamers having a chat they

understand the assignment

boomer hashtag boomer geeks i know where

i am i know where i am oh by the way

interesting update uh

i have found what should have been zelda

breath of the wild

for this generation

tunic it is a


rpg and although it looks very cartoony

it is a lot harder than you think and

i’m just getting into it

i’m i’m on the fences to whether i’m

really enjoying it but check it out xbox

game pass form you’re recommending a

game that you don’t even know if you


after all

you’ve enjoyed


i’ve enjoyed the first hour it’s a

couple of hours uh it’s a game that like

doesn’t guide you whatsoever like it

doesn’t oh you see text on screen it’s

in it’s in the game language and you

have to pick up um parts of the game

manual which tell you a little bit more

about how it works and i’ve been stuck

for the last half an hour because i have

no idea where to go and i don’t know if

that is really annoying me or it’s

adding a bit of charm and i’ve just


sorry i thought my silver play button

had fallen over um where were we i’m

getting super distracted we’re talking

about his channel any movies on this

channel are awesome i love the thumbnail

so we’re looks like we have a channel

here talking about a dixie pixar movie

which is cool

um listicle interesting

wait what

i’m just um


listen to this towards the space ranger

accidentally time traveling oh god stop

stop it

make it stop

well it’s not to say so here’s the thing

though and this kind of also can can

prove a point sometimes

view counts are pretty decent on some

they’ve gotten up to 6 000 subscribers

but some of the stuff kind of doesn’t


so i’m

i’m like i’m a little suspicious

i’m going to be honest i’m like this

right now can we can we throw about more

pop there thank you

are they doing that thing that some

channels do or they make like fake

trailers and and stuff

and like rake and tons of views off

stuff that doesn’t actually exist

concept trailers

i’ve gotten so tired of those nothing no

hate against this creator but i’ve

gotten so tired of those that i would

start blocking the channels because i’m

so sorry wow

wow that really is that really is it’s

it’s a per again nothing nothing against

this channel and i get what those

creators are doing and it’s working for

them and some of them are actually kind

of interesting but i got so tired of

seeing them pop up as if they were real

trailers that i’m like okay no more yeah

just block the most popular ones i’ve

just blocked them yeah

i’ve i’ve kind of gone along the same

lines and it’s for me it’s just a

personal thing for my own for what comes

up in my browse feed is the reason that

i did it yeah i’m like dan i’m i you

know i don’t hate the player i hate the

game i understand what they’re doing and

why they’re doing it and hey if people


more power to you but um it’s just not

for me

um but i mean the thumbnails look great

on here they’re talking about topics

that people care about obviously when

we’re talking about

popular movies popular disney um ip

whether it’s marvel star wars or pixar

um a lot of views to be had there

but um yeah the

that uh the robot voice just gets me

though man yeah the robot pointing a

no-go but it seems like i don’t know if

that’s just the one video a one-off one

thing like this audience does not care

about star wars at least in that one

video yeah when i thought about most

popular it looks as if the audience is

gravitating towards disney animation

pixar or um

the um

first party ones you know like frozen


then kanto so maybe you know even though

there is

uh they can do trailers on anything

maybe niching a little bit towards the

um disney animations is their strength

i guess the one

big problem with all of this is that

they are at the mercy



and copyright and it could be that all

of these videos get dinged with

copyright claims i don’t know how much

that is because obviously

you are doing some transformation in

terms of some voice over and

switching up the the animations

is that going to be enough though uh

from a



yeah especially and at this point in

their channel here’s what i would do if

we’re getting in views like the way that

they’re getting right now

um at a certain point i would be doing

like we said for the other channel and

i’d be investing some of the adsense if

they’re getting any um

you know invest that in some um a you

know pro voice actor or a semi-pro voice


yeah i’m curious how many views are they

getting so they’re getting

towards half a million views per month

so maybe they’re earning a couple of

hundred dollars if that content is

monetizable right yeah

i have a quick vidiq tool there by the

way to show you how many

um views our channel is getting over a

period of time uh all right let’s move

on to the next one that was a

non-gaming channel it must have been

so we have got oh just over 10 minutes

to look at some more channels 285 this

is a gaming channel

uh they are called the nhl gamer

oh hockey all right better be about nba


i don’t know why i just uh

my copy and paste clearly didn’t work

that much

they had us going in the first half sir

well i got that not hockey

there we go oh there we go oh wow new

channel super new yeah

bad timing in terms of nhl we’ve got

what like a month like well not bad time

it’s still got the playoffs and it’s

like the playoffs in nhl last about nine

months don’t they go on


nhl 22 is not



what is this

i think it is the release

um the way yeah number things is that

very recent for the next year for

football yeah for hockey no i don’t know

maybe i’m i don’t think

okay but oh maybe this might be uh what

it might be the

promo uh video for today it says it came

out october 15th 2021. yeah i think

that’s right

interesting oh that’s sweet

uh no you’re no yeah nhl 22 yep came out

in october of 2021 so it would be 23

that we’d be waiting for okay correct




there these are just random game clip uh

rob dude can we see if we have like any

voice in him at all or we could so there

was no voice there that was just uh the

game being played uh let’s listen to

this one

this is literally gameplay so no

voiceover or narration or anything

there’s your problem right there i mean

wow that looks like a real thing

yeah it looks really good incredible you

need some

first off you might want to be careful

how you’re doing this although these are

short but you want to be careful that

you are not just putting game gameplay

clips up and not doing any

transformative content because you might

get hit with a copyright claim you might

want to be careful with that is that


for video games it depends on the

developer i mean some developers love it

because it just sells more games uh you

know if it’s not transformative they’re

like hey you know but some it’s up to

them it’s at their discretion i think

it’s a good general warning for any

content that you’re using that’s not

your own no period but yeah you you want

to you want to scare some people in chat

like let me tell you this if microsoft

ever decided that they were tired of

minecraft youtubers they could pull the

plug on that tomorrow

and they could start hitting all the

exactly they could start hitting all of

you minecraft channels with

claims and everything


keep going down you got another uh

the violin


anyway um i i just wanted to say like i

think it’s cool they just started their

experiment shorts uh so i i think it’s a

couple different strategies with the

shorts you it needs to be clear when we

click into there that something’s about

to happen like it needs to hook us


and it’s like it looks like you’re in

it’s in the middle of like a celebration

like it feels like i just missed

something and then the clip starts right

so this is where it should have started

the build up to the shot happening so

keep all this in mind when you’re making

your shorts

for the long form videos i think

watching you play silently like just a

fictional game of hockey basically using

this game that’s the wrong approach

instead i would be doing long form

videos but about tips on the game on how

people can get better think about people

who are playing this game what do they

want if if i’m if i’m a player of this

game and i’m looking for videos on it

what am i probably searching for i’m

probably searching on tips for how to

get better or if there’s maybe if it has

a loot box mechanic maybe it’s how can i

get this certain item you know different

things like that so so use the game to

bring a little more value to people

because i just don’t think people want

to sit there and watch

someone not even commentate over their

own game play

yeah and that’s one of the thing where

like just recently and just to add on to

what dan said

we recently had gran turismo 7 release

and that’s a game that i got immediately

as soon as it came out and i’ve been

playing that game now there’s obviously

some some controversy around that i’m

not going to get into that portion of it

but one of the first things that i did

was i found content from creators who

are showing me how to make these cars

better like kind of what’s the best car

for this particular race what’s the best

car for this class of cars because some

of these races require you to have a

certain class of a vehicle so which one

is the better one how do i tune that car

right so there’s guys that were showing

you how to do that like here’s your

suspension here’s the transmission

here’s the parts you need like that kind

of stuff that’s highly valuable now mind

you while they’re talking and stuff

sometimes they’ll be showing the car

like driving around like hey you know

when i did this tune you know my

suspension is now handling much better

so you get to see some of the gameplay

but that’s valuable content to somebody

who wants to know hey what’s the best

setup for a skyline r34 what’s the best

setup for a mazda miata so it’s valuable

things so for a nhl game or an nfl game

or nba game it would be how to set up

your teams what’s the best strategy for

game play what’s the best defense what’s

the best offense so think about it in a

sense of

somebody who just got the game what are

the things that they’re going to want to


and that’s easy content for you to jump

into yeah and you can talk about the

different modes of the game i mean one

of the big moves in these nhl games

franchise mode so you can talk about

franchise mode and what type of features

that brings with it that’s a big thing

every year

um and also they have i think what they

call an nhl but imagine a thing called


uh yours your creator your rise or

something like that i don’t know but

they have a mold where you can like

create a character and then you bring

the character up through the ranks

and you can talk about how that mode

works out and different things like that

so there’s a bunch of different ways to

do content on a specific game but what

you’re doing here which is blanket clip

you might want to think about doing

other content

six subscribers

every video other than the long form one

has more than 100 views

that’s the closest hockey noise i have

available on my sound deck right now

let’s pick a non-gaming channel this is


49. that i’ve got my sound deck working

i think i’m gonna have some fun over the

next few weeks

pop it

stop it

funny i’m allowed to make noises quitter

whittle stay healthy and keep dreaming


animation channel


okay an animation channel that hasn’t

animated anything for three months so

first of all let’s get you back on

youtube uh i guess maybe you’re looking

for advice my advice is that for a

channel of your side you’re getting very

healthy views when you do make content

uh you just need to commit to


and that is publishing at least one


a month maybe taking some of those

longer form videos turning them into a

15 to 20 second clip that you can use as

a short

for when you’re in between contents

because i’m encouraged by the fact that

this animation channel is often getting

hundreds maybe a thousand views with a

couple of videos that have gone a little

viral i saw one with twenty thousand


let me see here yeah this one got twenty

thousand views which is fantastic

any other thoughts gentlemen

more content

is that it that’s yeah that’s the

biggest thing if if you’re gonna youtube

is a momentum game like if you’re gonna


uploading it’s just it’s really tough um

why are there random shorts in there

it’s probably for because it the

animating takes so long i think we’ve

recommended people do that in the past

if you’re an animation channel you could

utilize that i think it’s something

we’ve told people what don’t go into

like going random shorts

oh sorry these are truly random are they


i was looking at the other thumbnails


saying that

yeah this is another channel to me


yeah i don’t know why you throw in the

random shorts but

it looks weird

that’s boring

just being

honest it’s so scary

maybe it was scary for them

yeah that’s one of the things we always

have to remember and like i said just

you know for for this creator here and

for everybody in the chat always think

about your viewership i always think

when you’re uploading if you’re if you

have an idea for video much less before

you turn on a camera much less before

you upload a video when you have the

idea it has to pass this muster has to

pass this filter does this make sense to

my viewership

does this make sense to my viewers and

my channel and my target audience does

it make sense if a short about being on

a plane or the ocean

has nothing to do with animation it does

not pass that test and should not be on

your channel it should be on a separate

channel if you want to upload random

stuff not a problem with that but not on

this particular channel so that’s

something i want you guys to think about

everybody in the chat if it doesn’t make


to your audience even if it makes sense

to you if it doesn’t make sense to your

viewers it doesn’t belong in your


you know what have been cool though is

that if that was like an experience that

they had like a scary airplane ride like

use your animation to tell them

yeah animate it like show talk about

what it was like and then in the

meantime there’s the plane and maybe

maybe there’s a lot of turbulence so you

have this plane shaking and then your

character’s sitting there like you know

what i mean like turn it into something

like turn you know that’s that’s

constantly where

our heads are at when we’re thinking

about creating content for our own

channels right we’re always thinking

about how can i turn this experience

like into a video my audience will enjoy

you know well now it’s not impressive a

thousand views 200 comments

have you i’ve yeah it looks like he’s

replied to every single comment so

there’s a community there

each of these videos are getting like a

thousand views

i feel as if this creator doesn’t

realize how well they are doing on

youtube they just got frustrated

thinking that they weren’t making

progress and momentum and they clearly

are yeah yeah i thought the the

interesting thing is that jeff and

jeff have been saying all day today

that you want to have your title and

thumbnail thought out first before you

record a video because then you don’t

end up making a video that doesn’t make

sense to your audience because like he

said it is very important that when you

create content or you strategize the

content that you want to create for your


that it makes sense for your audience in

relation to the other content that you

already have on that channel

that is incredible engagement for it we

see some channels which have hundreds of

thousands of views and they’ll get less

than 20 comments yeah the conversion

rate here is incredible at 20

comments to view conversion rate all

right you’re probably responding to a

lot of these but that is very impressive

well it’s still very good yeah

and maybe it’s because the stories are

really relatable people are just like

having to share their own experiences

all right in channel 200 i think this


finish off

the um

live stream today and i’m gonna let dan

pronounce this channel

it’s night but the i got deleted

cool where did the x come from

it it that the x deleted it

that’s how text works i see yes the x is

actually not pronounced

so it’s

yeah the x is actually pronounced with

an i

uh okay i 1v1

a youtuber on hyperlands hive gameplay

so they’re doing some stuff in the hive

which is a minecraft server with games

and things like that

uh which is cool


let’s see a month ago a month ago seven

days ago date okay so what are we

thinking maybe

video a week

something like that yeah

yeah well about a month ago they had a

bunch of videos maybe two videos a week


so they’re still they’re still here

they’re still being

semi-consistent i think

it’s going to be the classic you know

titles and thumbnails

um there’s a lot of like in the latest

video for example there’s a lot of

negative space in in the thumbnail

where if you scroll up again it’s just

their character standing

kind of in a weird spot like like

not much concept there for like rule of

thirds and then 1v1 is kind of there but

it’s really thin it’s kind of hard to

see and there’s just a minecraft horizon


if i were thinking of a thumbnail for

i1v1 to youtuber what i would do is i

would have your character on the on one

side the youtuber on the right and then

you know how the minecraft name plate is

over their heads i would put the

youtubers name in that nameplate and and

maybe your characters are holding

weapons or if you if you animate the

thumbnails the extra step you could have

them holding up their fists or something

but if if you conceptualize by 1v1 to

youtuber you’d want the thumbnail to

sell it so the youtubers name hopefully

they’re like popular enough so it’s you

know a easy selling point and then

there’s you and there’s them it’s like

oh it’s a three minute video what

happened i i know that youtuber and i

don’t know this person what went down so

be thinking about these things

keep going down keep going be thinking

about these things when you create your

thumbnails what brilliant

these cues are all over the place

probably i’ll throw you off


hive gameplay videos be like and it’s

it’s like i understand where you’re

going with that title high of gameplays

be like but what’s the be like like show

me in the thumbnail because i can’t

really see what’s going on so

work on your titles and your thumbnails

it looks like you’re doing a lot of fun

stuff your video lengths are short

you’re getting hundreds of views for a

minecraft channel of your size that’s


uh it’s just selling your titles and

your thumbnails uh you know be get get

some practice in there and uh apply this

to your next video at the end

we are drawing to the close of another


tuesday channel audit live stream where

we’ve looked at minecraft channels we’ve

looked at uh air aviation channels we’ve

looked at manga channels we’ve looked at

audio recording channels the list is

almost endless i want to thank in

advance if anybody uh does timestamp

those channels is really appreciated

whenever that is done but there is no

expectation i just notice people do it

and i want to thank them whoever does it

because i’ve seen a few people do it

very recently it is time to say goodbye

though so if you do want to say your

goodbyes make sure to put that in the

chat because we will shout you out very

very soon of course do make sure to

subscribe to

uh the vid iq channel for notifications

when we next go live with channel audits

in fact if you do subscribe you’ll be

getting a notification at around about

five no around about

10 a.m

uh pacific standard time tomorrow

because dan

you are leading the stream and what will

it be about yeah so if you’ve ever made

a video or you’ve had a channel for a

while you feel like gosh dang it i’m

losing a lot of viewers that is the

subject of tomorrow’s conversation uh

we’re gonna help you to help you to

avoid maybe losing some viewers in the

future and retaining the viewers you do

get so please do join myself and mr rob

wilson tomorrow at 1pm eastern 10 a.m

pacific you have answered my question

then done i am required for tomorrow all

right jeff i’m going to give you the

people you uh can say goodbye to

who we got here

just add more butter

we’ve got katarina chapman goodbye to


we’ve got tf


see you next time and desi wessie

and i like this one yeah this is all

free info we hope you take it


usefully and apply it to your channels


you’ve got control you can say goodbye

to whoever you want however you want

does anyone say bye to me

anyone mentioning me specifically this

one’s to rob wyatt plays all right

whatever wyatt bye i guess

uh let’s see goodbye el jefe says

altitude flips whatever okay fine i

guess i’m still see i’m still sitting

here and stuff but that’s fine um and


uh knight didn’t say bye to anybody

which is you know okay but i’m still

here you can say bye to me does anyone

want to say bye to me

oh here we go here’s a couple people

say bye to dance cat let’s say bye to my

yeah my cat’s tail

that was my goodbyes

i ranted them out yo turn viper

uh goodbye to outner oh that’s tish hi


invited me

we got goodbye to our shot

okay we’re going off

goodbye to liam appreciate you being

here and goodbye to what

i’m sorry we’re supposed to be

professionals here i’m sorry you’re like

i’ll try to get there

all right we’ll see y’all tomorrow




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