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oh yes the notification just went off on

my watch which can only mean one thing

we are live here at vid iq for your

regular tuesday channel audit live

streams you are here with the host with

the least rob wilson and for the next

couple of hours i will be guiding you

through a little bit of education a

little bit of wisdom a little bit of

experience and a large dose of

entertainment and some hastily put

together terrible humor as we welcome

you through our doors into our lecture

theater our classroom learning hall to

share with you our knowledge wisdom and

experience as creators ourselves to help

you grow your youtube channels it is can

you believe it already episode 22

of channel audit live streams this year

on vid iq is episode unknown null n a i

forgot to calculate how many live

streams we’ve done in total i think

we’re up to episode like 350 at this


and the reason we keep doing it every

single week is because we are inspired

by you the creators and as always i

could not do this without a gaggle of

co-hosts i will forewarn you that dan

has finally taken a break from his

auditing duties but we have a tremendous

stand-in the most enthusiastic

live streamer on the face of a planet

who might rko you out of nowhere it is


that is a salty intro my dude i

appreciate you rob wilson what’s up

people and i believe rob wilson said it

best earlier we



there we go thank you very much welcome

as always viper and introducing second

is a wonderful guest co-host i believe

this might be appearance

three at this point and uh this person

we have a fantastic collaboration with

uh she is the lead content creator and i

can’t put this any other way but the


cool of think media or the chief

operating officer one of the two it is

heather torres welcome back to vid iq oh

my goodness man this i feel like i was

getting announced for like a boxing ring

or like ufc’s having a viper are you

ready i’m ready you ready let’s go we

can you know we we would have like intro

music if we weren’t going to get struck

down by copyright if if ever we tried

that but maybe in the future we’ll ask

people to bring in their own copyright

royalty-free introduced

introduction music for future live

streams i’ve got one question for you

all though just before we kick this off

and i’m going to throw this open to our

community as well i try and do a

question of the week and the question is

what is the last film you watched and

give it a rating out of ten and i will

go first and allow you all in a chat to

contribute uh i watched top gun

maverick this weekend and it was all

right don’t tell me don’t don’t tell me

rob i’m watching it tonight don’t tell

me i can’t spoil it i really can’t spoil

it uh because it’s not much of a story

that was a bit harsh um but it

prompted me to watch the original last

night with my wife

and i would give that a six and a half

out of ten so the last film i watched

was top gear the original top gear top


the original and i gave out a five and a

six five and six point five out of ten

viper was the last film that you watched

watched like something every other night

on twitter according to your feed

let’s remember what you watched i i did

watch the first two episodes of stranger

things season four and those have been

phenomenal so far so yeah all right give

them a rating then so what are you gonna

give those out of 10 oh i get i get

those 10 out of 10 so far what i would

always say with stranger things is the

first five or six episodes are brilliant

and then it gets a little too silly to

me towards the end of a season and then

it kind of rinses and repeats every

season uh heather what about you last

film rating out of ten

well i’m going to give this film a 10

out of 10. i have been a long time

viewer you’re gonna you’re gonna like

this one rob i’m downton abbey come on

downton abbey

10 out of 10. went to the theater with

my aunt and my daughter we did the whole

thing i’ve watched every season every

movie 11 out of 10. i mean the costumes

and the storyline and just the whole


and the ending i can’t spoil it but the

ending was magical so 10 out of 11 out

of 10 rob 11.

the problem is if you give something 10

out of 10 then you can’t go anywhere

like you’re saying that as a best film

in existence which is clearly not the

case because it’s shawshank redemption

but you know you know each of our own

each of our own we already have some

people who are contributing their film

ratings uh b covia watch john wick 3 a

nine out of ten for that uh we’ve got

people’s now watching the obi-wan tv

series 10 out of 10. i’ve watched the

first two episodes i didn’t think it was

too bad peaky blinders 10 out of 10 so

people are ignoring my question and just

picking television series

whatever floats you about that’s totally

fine with me

that’s a good one star trek wrath of

khan that is a brilliant film a


star trek kind of not star trek type of

film did give us a rating but that was

fantastic we’ve also got low-key gaming

just watched fantastic beats beasts

these uh what is that the sacred of a


secret okay just a misspelling there

and also we have another 10 out of 10

for stranger things there from dempsey j

illustrations and last but not least i’m

going to pick uh oh this is sounds a bit

chilling octoling gamer watched

halloween kills 10 of 10. apparently

viper agrees one of the best movies of

last year hell yes

all right then

kills in in may i feel like that’s like

a definite october movie i mean very

that’s like watching a christmas movie

in july you know

now you just want me to what now you

just encouraging me to watch home alone

and you’re not going to get this theme

tune out of your head anymore

well here’s the thing

the funny thing about that now is all i

can get in my head whenever i hum that

theme tune is the

um the silly recorder version that you

hear on tick tock all of the time that’s

kind of ruined that home alone theme for

me anyway as usual i’m going off on a

huge tangent before we even start live

streams so to get us back on track this

is what happens over the next couple of

hours with your 60 second introduction


welcome to the vid iq channel audit live

stream where we review your youtube

channels to submit your channel for

review make sure to fill out the right

form linked in the video description

note that we clear these forms after

every live stream so make sure to

resubmit the following week channel

audits are free so please don’t send us

a super chat or spammers in a chat

expecting a review if there are

alternative ways to get picked for an

audit we will let you know during the

live stream if we don’t get around to

reviewing your channel today vid iq has

a channel audit tool working 24 7 with

you make sure to download our tools and

use the 30 day free trial using the link

in the video description if you submit

your channel for review expect the

following we are sharing nothing more

than our knowledge experience and

passion as fellow youtube creators i

want to give a huge shout out to all of

our moderators who do a phenomenal job

every single week thank you thank you

thank you as for all of you well thumbs

up if you enjoyed this live stream

subscribe if you love it and if you know

of a fellow creator who may find all of

this stuff useful please do share it

with them and with all of that being

said let’s start auditing your channels

final housekeeping as always we continue

to support

creators for peace so if you do see a


plaque to the side of the screen or

underneath it and you make a donation

that’s going to help the displaced

children of ukraine very much appreciate

it in advance just to let you know that

doesn’t influence whether or not we

audit your channel there are almost 500

of you sat down hopefully watching this

live stream and we have to be honest

probably most of you submitted your

channels and we can’t audit every single

channel so what i advise to you right

now if you haven’t already done this and

you have the capabilities to do so bring

up your channel on a second screen so

that when we are auditing a tech channel

or an animation channel or a

beauty channel etc etc

we can show you the fundamentals

of what we’re trying to educate creators

on and you can take that advice and

apply it to your youtube channels

because we’re a collective group

community here trying to help all of you

grow so if you want to help out in a


please do so

as well and with all of that being said

viper and heather do you think we should

do some channel autumn auditing

oh yes this is my favorite i love

channel audits and i have to say rob i

got the cool magnifying tool to finally

work so i get to be cool like rob with

my magnifying glass on my channel audits

now awesome stuff yeah

i mean it’s that’s really sort of unique

and weird in the

channel auditors on live streams can

share their knowledge and their tools

and there’s probably only about three or

four of us who are able to recommend the

magnifying tool but there you go and

you’re going to see in action right now

as we audit our first channel which is

and this is the first channel that’s

submitted this week on the live stream

uh forms in the description which you

can fill out

saya larue apologies in advance for all

of the channels i’m gonna mispronounce

it during this live stream we’ll start

with you viper just to give us

uh like a flavor first impressions of

what you think this channel is about

well uh from a quick glance it looks

like it’s some sort of drawing animation

style channel

um it looks like they are teaching us

how to use certain parts of the program

called procreate

so that is pretty cool

yep uh it looks like they’re

intermingling short with long form

content even though

they have long-form videos that are will

qualify as youtube short but they’re not

getting the short marking that’s good

observation yeah

yeah they’re probably a landscape right

but yeah it looks like just short form

content mostly um

i do like that they include the use of

the procreate logo in the thumbnail to

let you know that it’s going to be some

sort of procreate tutorial

but i do like that

um but whatever they’re not really

getting many view on these on these


so yeah you said that on these um

landscape um shot form content you know

getting 30 40 40 views

but as you say as you rightly saw here

they’ve just transitioned to shorts in

this last week

and have view counts have shown up

significantly yep uh so

i mean what would we say here that this


format seems to fit the shorts criteria

as opposed to

you know even though they are short long

form content it seems to be the youtube

shots might be the directions go for

this channel yep i would i would uh

recommend that definitely

all right then all right any first

observations from you here heather for


i think one art is beautiful uh i mean i

definitely cannot do that in procreate

so that is really amazing um that they

are that they are showing the work that

they’re doing um i would also say too

my recommendation was actually could you


longer form ones versus just short form

so even though like

1.16 one minute 16 seconds isn’t hitting

the short shelf you have an opportunity

to do a time lapse that could be five

minutes long or put some music behind it

like there’s different ways you could

you could um increase that uh

increase your view duration on the

different types of videos that you’re

making and i would also say that i don’t

know if these are characters because i

don’t i don’t know anime style

characters um but i do like that you are

hitting specific i think their

characters specific either shows or

characters um because people have a fan

base around that and that can help you

to grow into that um beautiful artwork

by the way and um and i do love that the

thumbnails are bright uh and that they

are that they are um

that they’re very visually like i wanna

click on it i wanna know what i’m gonna

see i think it’s really cool

isn’t it interesting this is really

unique to this channel in that the

thumbnail matches exactly the drawing so

if i mouse over it

it kind of goes to the beginning

and you know that’s not really something

that’s going to be going to make it more

clickable i just found it really

interesting that the thumbnails match


how the how the frame is when when it’s

being drawn although going to the um

shots i think that is a little bit

different um some really encouraging

views here for the shots i think however

what you’re suggesting here is that

maybe you know this shot is like 15 20

seconds and you could perhaps convert

that into like a two or three minute

time lapse which maybe adds a bit more

context maybe there’s a voiceover

narration or some text appearing on

screen to

tell the viewer a little bit more

how they painted this so like this might

be the speed

the visually satisfying

aspect of it the youtube show but then

the format could be a little bit

different if there’s a longer form

version of it which is like two or three

minutes longer to try and encourage more

uh watch time on the channel

yeah definitely and i think also too

when i’m just looking at the titles i do

like that you’re using procreate

and again this might be just like a

niche within a niche when you’re going

into the characters um

but i would even say like is it a how-to

is it a time lapse like even giving

people a little bit more about what it

is that they’re going to be clicking on

um because if it’s just the actual name

of the character it’s not actually

giving them beyond but i think i mean

art in general um on youtube is is a

definite growing niche and this is

really beautiful wow really really cool

and that’s it that was literally the

what i guess a 10 second

uh shot there uh with a little bit of

zooming at the end to add some more

visual visually appealing stuff about

yeah some encouraging stuff here for the

channel uh that is our first uh audit of

the day i would say rob really quick uh

looking back up at the top um just

looking at that channel banner uh that

doesn’t i don’t actually know what i’m

getting with the channel banner so

there’s i would say that’s a point that

could be um uh modified is is this um

time lapse art is this is everything on

procreate are you painting what does

that look like and then yes when you

click on the about page when i clicked

on it just giving me more about what

this is um is this a hobby are you

selling it like what does this look like

for you and where do you want this

channel to go and giving the giving

people more of an opportunity um to go

deeper with you maybe you do

commissioned art maybe you do lessons i

don’t know if it’s just a hobby or what

that looks like but you have a lot of

opportunity here and then i do like that

the avatar is a drawing however when i

look at your art

and then i look at that i feel like that

could even be like look at the quick

procreate painting like maybe a level up

in even what the avatar is and maybe put

your face on i i don’t know i’m just i

am a pro for artists to represent

themselves um so that could be something

you do as well that profile picture

seems to match the arts that they began

with oh that means ago but it’s but it’s


and you are right in the sense that now

this creator has been on youtube for

two months that have already created a

good amount of content and now we’re

probably starting to establish who their

target audience might be and that’s when

you can start to

emphasize a bit more of a pitch on a

channel banner as you’re suggesting

there heather so all good stuff all good

suggestions many of these suggestions

you can take from this animation channel

and apply to whatever type of channel

you have


now i’m gonna

make a confession here uh we are a

gaming expert light

so our gaming advice this week is going

to be

acceptable at best i’m going to hold my

hands up here we’re going to try our

best but we do audit gaming channels and

the first gaming channel to submit this

week was nazim fc and i will put myself

in a hot seat first of all uh to try and

feedback on this channel and they’re

approaching 500 subscribers i think

that’s always a

fantastic start for a gaming channel as

it is so competitive in that niche and

what i like about a channel and first

impressions is if i can take a look at

the thumbnails and within five seconds i

know if i’m in the right place and if

i’m a

fifa gamer who’s interested in

collecting cards and how that um

is gonna improve the gameplay then i

know i’m in the right place i don’t

really have to think about anything here

which is really good

view counts are very uh encouraging here

as well you know for a channel with 500

subscribers i’m seeing view counts of

nearly a thousand here one point two

thousand and so so it’s all good stuff

here and

the vibe i’m getting from the thumbnails

is that you are trying to collect the

best cards in fifa and show to your

audience how good these cards are for

your audience and i think that’s a very

particular niche within a very

particular game and that’s how most

gaming channels find their start you

know something super dedicated to a very

specific audience so that they can learn

what you have to share and then you can

build from there so really encouraging

stuff here for a channel that’s pumping

out quite a lot of content as well

that’s my feedback viper anything that

you’ve noticed here either from the

titles or thumbnails what do you think

yeah why are you changing the languages

on the title i don’t why like either

you’re gonna be an english channel or a

spanish channel like i don’t know why

people do that like you confuse on a

viewer when you do that which ones are

you noticing here then i have a slightly

different uh language

uh let me go back to the top right i


i do i do see what you mean i think this

is um almost like the jargon or from the

from the game itself like this one i

think this is something to do with a

central defensive midfielder

rather than like a language change so

maybe that’s what’s frowny a little bit

although i don’t know what tots means

i’m thrown by that that word

any other observations that you can see


no i uh everything else i really agree

with you like when you look at these

thumbnails you know exactly what you’re

going to get you’re going to get

information about fifa they all look

like some type of trading cards or

player cards so

obviously the video could be something

about the cards and the games and yeah

that’s something uh that stuff is pretty

self-explanatory so i like how the

script of those thumbnails are because

with thumbnails we always talk about how

you want your thumbnails to tell a story

without words and these thumbnails are

the perfect example of selling a story

without using a single word so

now if i scroll


like two or three months ago

you can see the lack of consistency in

the thumbnails and how they don’t really

tell a story and maybe they are just

freeze frames from the videos and so as

you say

that thumbnail evolution

even though there’s still some tweaks

you could probably see something else

it’s certainly going in the right

direction and what about you have there

any any general thoughts on this one

yeah definitely i think that you pointed

it out right at the beginning to rob

that this is really a niche within a

niche so not only are you a gaming

channel but you’re also a card

collecting gaming channel so i would

want you to really be thinking about and

i love that when i was looking at the

frequency also of your uploads um a

couple things i want to point out one i

love that you’re figuring out what your

niche is and i couldn’t tell rob how

long they have been creating content

because i think it’s really important

for people to know that you may not know

right away exactly the type of content

so i see here you’re doing more of the

actual game itself and then maybe you

shift it into that what i do like about

how you shifted was that you actually

shifted in the same niche which is

really great so you’re you’re a niche

within a niche versus saying i like

soccer gaming and now i want to go to

fortnight that’s two different things so

i like that you’re you’re getting more

defined um in what you’re doing i would

say that there definitely is a lot of

very specific jargon in the titles like

viper says so just kind of going off of

that and i would also compliment you on

the length of your videos so you’re

under 10 minutes which i think for

something like this is a really great

thing because it allows people to watch

more of your videos um and and i don’t

know how much you can talk about a

single card so i think that it’s really

good um that you are figuring out your

niche this to me is one of those um

channels rob where you got you just have

to put in the time because i see the

evolution of what you’re doing and now

it’s just putting in the time here’s

what i would suggest also are you a part

of um other are you a part of reddit

groups are you a part of discord like

how can you be feeding these videos to

the proper audience because i don’t know

how many times people are coming to the

platform and searching these exact

titles or searching these types of cards

so i would want you to get more exposure

kind of off of youtube as you’re

building and as you’re growing your

youtube channel so i would say i

definitely see it again with the avatar

i’m just kind of like an avatar mom and

i’m like that avatar could be so much

better uh because i don’t know what that

is and that’s a lot of things happening

in a very small circle so i would really

think more about that avatar

and how you can do it even just up at

the top it makes a lot more sense i’m

like got it soccer or football but it’s

definitely one of those and then up at

the top you actually don’t need to have

your youtube channel as one of the

clickable links um that’s something that

a lot of people do and that is real

estate for where you want them to go

next so where could they can they buy

cards and you use your affiliate link

for them to buy cards can they buy the

game and use your affiliate link like

that is proper real estate for someone

to either follow you on another platform

or for you to send them somewhere else

to make a purchase or go deeper in a

relationship with you so i i would say

this um this channel has the potential

to really crush if you continue to

develop it out if you continue to figure

out what your business model is around

this um and i do like the transition

into being more specific in the space

that you’re in

awesome stuff there i didn’t even spot

that um heather that they were just

linking back to themselves i was

creating some sort of weird infinity

youtube loop there by accident there is

one more thing i wanted to focus on on

this video because i watched one of the

videos uh so viper uh heather i just

want your feedback on me clicking onto

this video

five seconds of wasted time no oh what

is this oof

no people know

all right so we’re 12 seconds in wow

what was wrong with that

go ahead


why are you waiting 12 seconds with a

loading screen

i don’t i mean i keep reminding you all

every time i’m here that our attention

fans are very very short

when a person clicks on your video you

want to get into the meeting potatoes as

soon as humanly possible this is not

that don’t do this don’t do it this doll

thing is really weird as well like what

does that have to do with football yeah

i might imagine that from a horror

yeah entering into the game or something

but you’ve already lost me i don’t even

know what i’m clicking on i don’t even

know where i’m going so yeah

so yeah with the kindness of our hearts

we’re giving you a little bit of advice

here on audience retention and that is a

sneak peek into what we’re going to be

doing tomorrow we do channel audits

today but tomorrow we pick one of your

videos and we tear it apart in the first

15 seconds and we try and help you

win the hook for the audience so do uh

join in same time tomorrow viper and

myself are going to be auditing your

videos not your channels but before we

move on

let’s welcome officially heather into

the live stream today heaven tell us a

little bit more about

where you are on youtube and what you do

oh my goodness uh well i am just coming

off of an incredible conference that we

just threw that we partnered with bit iq

on growth video live but yes i am over

on uh think media we are a group of

content creators um creating content to

help you learn how to grow your youtube

channel and we really go deeper into um

the tech side of content creation as

well as the marketing side so how do you

actually grow what does this look like

and then down to how do you use all the

things that you’re buying so uh we have

several different content creators on

the channel and we really are just

focused on helping you grow we are

uploading um between both of our

channels now 10 videos per week uh so we

have a lot of free content for you to go

deeper on this is our main channel and

then we have a podcast channel where we

go into more of the long form

conversations about being a content

creator there’s a lot of discussion

around things like you know what uh uh

what do you do if you have an

unsupportive family member or how do you

grow when you get to a like what what um

mindset things you need to overcome when

you grow to a certain level we go deeper

into those types of conversations and

interviewing amazing people like jasmine

starr gary vaynerchuk alex or mosey um

on our youtube channel so that’s where

you can find us and let me know are you

a part of think fam let me know in the


all right two things

two things i wanted to quickly point out

um nolan did an awesome video yesterday

which has changed the way i think about

the community tab like i’m doing some

different things on the community tab

i’m gonna epics on my community tab post

now after watching nolan’s video

and just secondly i know some i know

it’s really frustrating that you can’t

have custom thumbnails on shorts but

sometimes random thumbnails bring out

the best thumbnails oh yeah

okay so yeah welcome as always uh

heather to uh the live streaming mayhem

that we have here and i’ve been on your

channel audits on the think media

podcast always really enjoying the

community over there is awesome and i

don’t know if anybody else calls your

community thinking media rights maybe

that’s just a personal thing that i do

but yeah awesome group there and what a

conference you had like

have you recovered yet i mean i don’t

know if this is how you would call like

um recovery therapy by coming into

another channel audit session but what

an event that was with all of these

people it was incredible we had

thousands of people joining us all

around the world it was in person and

also virtual

and uh it was just it was so amazing to

see so many different content creators

from different backgrounds uh

representing uh you know just different

industries all coming together to really

learn how to grow on video and we just

want to thank you guys rob uh we had

some amazing creator shirts that vidiq

gave us we had the lanyards it was so

awesome uh we actually had a teaching

rob you taught at growth video live so

we had a teaching for our virtual

audience they loved it it was so

incredible um am i recovered my voice is

recovered i haven’t talked to that many

people in a row in a very long time uh

other than like here on a live stream

which i can monitor my energy um but i

would say i’m just living in gratitude

right now it was unbelievable the

stories we were hearing from different

content creators different entrepreneurs

people that are going all in on video

and it was such an incredible experience

um i can’t wait to do it again in a few


i need to recover a little bit

after more watched a thousand videos on

vid iq make sure to check out the three

thousand videos on think media’s channel

as well

before we go any further last time i

talked to her a few months ago uh she

told me about a book that she was doing

i want to know what’s going on with the

book oh yeah yes yes so the book is in

the final stages of editing um it’s a

whole process that i didn’t even know

about but yes uh youtube made simple is

gonna be my first book that comes out

and um that you should be seeing that

beginning of 2023

so book writing process is a long

process how to get through the

conference and now we are finalizing all

the last minute things um i’ll

definitely be here on vid iq to uh to

help get that in the hands of other

creators but i am excited um about

youtube made simple because you know

there’s so many things we need to get

over as content creators our bs our

belief systems when it comes to creating

content and how do you do it how do you

keep it simple when you’re like me i

have three kids i’m a homeschool mom i’m

running a giant company how do you make

time to do content so i really break

down that part of it inside the book and

uh thanks for asking viper i’m excited

to mail you one i can’t wait you’re

gonna you’re gonna get one no doubt

i always prefer the ebook version so uh

if you can send that over please one

more thing rob uh somebody in the chat

was saying that you can you know that

you can do custom thumbnails on shorts

and while you can that is true the

moment that short hits the short shelf

that custom thumbnail is gone you just

don’t see it it it hardly appears

anywhere so rabbi 99 of a time you’re

probably wasting your time although

saying that i have had some shorts start

to get views from search traffic

uh which is interesting i need to look

into that a little bit more these are

shots i made like 18 months ago and all

of a sudden appearing on youtube search

so there may be something in that and i

just want to point out one last thing

you know because the channel that we

audited uh the the football channel

we’re talking about links in your

channel banner this is maybe the type of

link you want a call to action to

something that you can provide a service

a digital product

consultancy or wherever you think you

can direct your audience to provide more

value to them make sure to use this

channel banner effectively and with the

how many i think we’ve got almost a

record here like 650 people are watching

right now so we better get back to what

we do best which is audit engine

channels and viper i’m going to throw

you in the deep end with a channel that

you picked out andy does stuff the

question is

what do they do on youtube can you work

it out quickly

yeah so from the first glance in this

channel she’s probably doing beauty

makeup different things like that

so i like that her thumbnails and her

content uh you can tell that she is

doing makeup uh the one thing that i

would uh caution andy about in terms of

titling um you guys had it was like

and uh different things that are very

very vague but you don’t really tell us

precisely what we’re going to get when

we click on the video so my first advice

to you would be to work on your thailand

like if you’re going to get if you’re

going to make a haul video that’s fine

but what did you pick up in that hall

was it something like very exciting as a

part of that hall that should be in the

title it shouldn’t just be hall because

that could mean anything and it’s too

vague in my opinion


the other thing that i noticed

immediately not if i forgot but it just

came back to me

i don’t know how heather and rob will

about this but using cursive and as a

text in your thumbnail

i would avoid that it’s hard to read

sometimes especially depending on what

color background you have it up against

and different things like that

it is a vibrance advice that you should

avoid using cursive if you’re going to

use text in your thumbnail you want that

text to be a big bold and visible

impossible and cursive is like

everything that goes against that so

don’t you curse up in your text and your


yeah yeah this is the um

viper has issues with text on thumbnail

richter scale clackson um

and usually it’s red text and thumbnail

but you are right for example like this


that’s really difficult to read about

the magnifying glass

this one what is that

mask monday is that i think yep if

you’re trying if you’re spending any

time trying to decode something on a

thumbnail when viewers spend on average

two seconds or less looking at a

thumbnail then you’re just giving them

more work to do so i would agree at 100

their viper anything else from the

thumbnail specifically heavy that maybe

you can spot here yes definitely if you

are doing product review uh type photos

the person actually doesn’t care who you

are they care about the product so when

i’m looking at mask monday there’s like

a little black thing right underneath

that i think that’s what they’re talking


um that should be the main point of your

video if you are doing that eye palette

that should be the main part of your

video and i only want to see your eyes i

don’t i don’t want to see any more than

that but your eyes and that palette so

if you’re going to be doing product

review like the elf camo oc cream wear

test um maybe a before and after if

you’re doing a wear test i want to see

what it looks like when you put it on

and the after of it so i would be going

uh deeper in the product based um uh


i’m sorry product based thumbnails and i

would be looking at other successful

youtube channels now here’s what i would

not do from other successful youtube

channels successful youtube channels in

the beauty space are able to do things

like glam light sail hall right viper

they can do that because they’ve built

an audience that cares about anything

that they produce right but what i would

suggest is actually going to those big

channels and looking at some of their

most successful videos that they did

several years ago and you can already

start to see

that just like viper said getting more

detailed i love product based things

that you’re doing but getting even more

detailed in those pieces is important

also i’m seeing a lot of color which is

totally fine but maybe pick three colors

that you stick with that’ll help to more

brand your channel and the reason you

want to do that is because when someone

watches one of your videos when they go

to reopen their youtube app usually

they’re on their home page usually you

don’t go directly to your subscription

usually your homepage comes up and if

you have an identifiable brand


logo or not logo a brand colors branding

of what your channel is then when they

see your next video pop up and suggested

they go oh yes i saw her before let’s

click on that one too but if it feels

like it’s all over the place they’re not

able to identify you as a specific brand

there’s a minimalism channel that i

watch and i don’t even actually know

what the name of the channel is but

whenever i see those thumbnails i know

it’s that channel and i click on it and

i watch it i don’t actually put it into

practice i just like to watch it right

can you tell minimalism not my thing but

i love watching it but because they’re

brand specific i really know that it’s

them and here’s the kicker a lot of

people will watch your videos and not

subscribe they just will because they

don’t actually take the step to go to

that next point but i would be going uh

deeper into the branding of your channel

more on the products actually less of

you needs to be on there if you if it’s

not related to that and see your channel


the last thing i wanted to point out and

again it’s about the thumbnails uh

because you’re a makeup and beauty

channel thumbnails become even more

important because you are going to be


on the quality of the makeup that you’re

using or how you can review it and i

wanted to use this one as the best

example in that the

color of a palette here

blends a little bit too much into the

background because you have this

starburst background which is also

browns which matches the colour of a

palette but then

we can’t really see how that colour

transfers onto the makeup and so that’s

the game where everything was talking

about you know focus on the eye you blow

up your face just to look at the eyes

and it may be that your camera isn’t

capable of doing that i’m not sure you’d

have to

uh check you know if it does have a

telephoto lens and

another way i would look at this is

maybe do a quick search on youtube for

that title and then look what other

people are doing and see how their

thumbnails you know the face is a lot

more like this one i can definitely see

the makeup being used on the creator

here and they’re using the palette

itself as a really interesting

background and that seems to be the

theme especially from this creator amy

loves makeup that’s really effective

stuff she’s she’s killing it in this

area yeah with like 40 000 subscribers

yeah so the palette almost becomes the

secondary major image in all of these

there we go and that one

that’s that for me i know it only has 3

000 views but that for me is like like a

perfect example of what i would be

expecting in a

an eye makeup um thumbnail

uh but the one thing i do want to say uh

for andy who’s

just got over 500 subscribers so start

using the community tab if you haven’t

already done so you use it which is


some real commitment here that she

clearly has a passion for her content

because she’s publishing wow she’s

publishing like 15 plus minute video 50

minute plus videos every single day


what i would be thinking here is

perhaps there isn’t you’re almost you

know this quantity versus quality

argument perhaps there’s a bit too much

quantity here maybe if you spent

let’s say you made a

video every other day

and then you spent

double the time on improving your

thumbnails and that titling to get a

better messaging and like

you may be doing less filming

but you’re putting more quality into the

picture of your content and that’s going

to win more clicks that might be another

advice yeah look at that look at how

many videos are out here there must be a


that’s a lot of videos yeah that’s a lot

of content

yeah i don’t i don’t want to i don’t

need to burn yourself out either andy um

making all of his content as well and

and if attraction is okay you sort of

approaching 100 views per video but i

feel as if there could be more here like

especially in the pitch and the

thumbnail there’s more opportunities but

that’s andy the stuff let’s move on to

the next channel and i think heather

will bring in one of your pre-selected

ones here it is give it a go bakes the

good and the bad side of baking but

mostly good

first impression yes so first off can we

just applaud that channel banner i want

whatever that is is that like a

strawberry shortcake what like what are

we baking also that looks like a german

chocolate okay i mean like amazing so

already at the top i know what your

branding is i know what your uh videos

hopefully are going to be about so that

gives me some insight into your channel

but here’s the thing here’s the thing

rob if you want to grow on youtube you

have to actually post videos on youtube

if you click the vidiq stats so we can

see really quick uh uh what give it a go

bakes is doing we gotta upload a video

right it’s been 30 days since a video

has been uploaded so i want to challenge

you even though but here’s the cool

thing if you go back

even though you haven’t uploaded a video

you’ve gained 10 subscribers so that is

showing that your videos are working for

you as you are not able to upload your

videos but it says four days ago so i

don’t know i don’t know why that is

showing that off okay so i okay that

point doesn’t make sense anymore just

take that point out rob because i

didn’t actually

four days

um okay so the other thing is i do like

the consistency in your thumbnails so

you’re using the purple as your

background um but even repeating things

so like pina colada three ways that is

really small font if i if i were to look

at it pina coladas three ways um

i don’t even think you need to have that

on there you have three different

glasses on there you could actually just

take off of take off the actual words

because when you’re doing a thumbnail

three is the max that you would want to

have of anything on a thumbnail so for

me that is a lot of things happening on

just that one thumbnail

and maybe that could help to increase it

a little bit more you are baking so a

big part of anything that has to do with

product based or has to do with food

based is i would recommend going to

youtube going to skillshare going to

udemy and actually taking a food

photography course because you have to

sell someone on your actual food before

they click on it before they even get

there they want to understand what

exactly they’re going to get and so i’d

really recommend doing a food

photography course um to help you

increase uh increase that now i would

also say too when you click on your

about page you have that uh pretty much

built out so you’re doing how-to um type

of content so that is great and then

again you’re sending them to subscribe

so we don’t need to do that you can take

that off and maybe figure out if it is

you want to send them to instagram if

you want to send them to your website

whatever that would look like for you

but looks like you started this channel

quite a while ago so this channel was

actually started in 2013 but it looks

like you’ve been really putting in the

work for about a year

a little over a year on this baking um

side of the channel which i think is

great you came to the to the platform

you knew what you wanted to do um but i

would actually i know that here here’s

the thing when it comes to baking or

with um with sewing or anything like

that what trends could you ride so like

is there a trend happening that you

could actually um create content around

so we’re heading into we just passed

memorial day here in america uh we’re

gonna head into the summer into fourth

of july you could be posting fourth of

july things now because you want to ride

the trend of whatever is happening in

your space so you could do that

seasonally you could do that i do see

you have uh like mr beast type things so

you are finding some trends that are

happening but i would have you go even

deeper on some of the trends that you

could be doing what do you see viper

you muted

unmute unmute

yeah probably will help with my mutes it

uh so yeah like heather said i love the

channel banner like the the the food

there it showed me a good idea what the

channel gonna be about so i love that i

love i did i know what i’m going to get

uh the thumbnails are pretty okay uh um

i i kind of feel like you might want to

find a way to make the food more of a

highlight a little bit and think about

the food and kind of indented or buried

a little bit in the thumbnail so you

might want to figure out a way to bring

the food more to the forefront

uh especially where you got this guy

this sam higgins uh thing i think uh

less of him and more whatever behind him

might be better for your thumbnail here

but that’s just me

but uh

yeah i think you gotta if you if you

have random pastry items try to fluffy


yeah i think you’re on the right path

clearly uh you are on to something



but yeah i would say i think your

thumbnails are probably the biggest

thing that holding you back just because

you have these random people in the

thumbnails and i’m just like you might

want to make the food more of your focus

point so my suggestion is make the food

more of the focus in your thumbnails and

i think you might start to see better

results i think

food channels is one of those exceptions

whereby you know usually you might

advise a creator to in order to make

something stand out uh cut out the shape

of it and then put it against a bright

background but i think when you do with

food when you have

the food cut out and then you have this

bright purple background it makes it

look very artificial and not authentic

whereas you look at most successful

cooking channels they just have a really

photographic shot

of the food on a table maybe some

cutlery near it or something along those

lines so i think trying to get away from


um quite contrasty bright backgrounds

may be something worth experimenting uh

with because i’ve just never seen that

used before in cooking and it doesn’t

really seem to work for me there’s

almost like a cartoony vibe which i

think is really working in these

thumbnails in my opinion yeah i would

also say um the titles so like the

banana pudding with no

nilla wafers um

no they’re not that title is going to be

hard to come up for like maybe there’s a

different spin on that so are you making

banana pudding


without bread and making it with uh

nilla wafers like there could be a

different spin on that or just one bite

and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation

to me that’s a lot of wasted title space

um when you could lead with what you’re

actually creating i would also say this

channel is starting to get a lot of

traction um about six months ago with

shorts and then um

and so i saw that your shorts were

starting to be a part of the attraction

happening in your channel and that makes

sense because food is very entertaining

people do like uh the food type things

and so i would just encourage you um

that i’m not sure if you’re creating

your shorts from the actual videos

themselves or if they’re separate videos

they didn’t go that deep into seeing it

but i would say that you could make a

short out of every one of your videos

that would be another way that you could

increase the uploads um is to actually

create shorts from every single video

that you’re creating

all right that is give it a go bakes

there oh what was that oh there’s alert

coming in we’ve got

nearly 700 people watching and only 400

of you have liked it which is clearly

not acceptable that needs to be fixed

immediately so if you are enjoying this

live stream make sure to click this not

literally this one you never want

actually underneath the video right now

and also

can you comment with the following this

live stream is blank

whatever you feel about this live stream

do let us know uh we’d love to hear

those thoughts in the comments so please

do like the live stream and comment on

how you think it is going for me it is

going awesomely which means we should

bring in another channel um this one was

very intriguing to me exposure ninja

they have just over 25 000 subscribers

and i think the best way to describe

this channel is very slick from the

channel banner to the thumbnails i

watched a couple of videos uh very

awesome stuff it looks as if it’s a

channel about how to become a better

marketer and so i think probably the

best person to give first impressions on

this would be uh heather what do you

think to this one

okay yes i was gonna say the same thing

first off your thumbnails are great i

love your thumbnails i can see a lot of


of branding happening uh in them and um

i also really like the expression so

because he’s not necessarily doing i i

like that there’s a difference we’re

seeing a difference rob in um gaming and

in food this is a very uh um

person-driven brand and so i like that

he’s giving a lot of his own personality

i love the branding colors that are

happening and i do actually like a lot

of the titles um he’s doing good like

how to step by step uh he’s doing why

you’re getting no leads right so he’s

doing how to find um so he’s getting

into a lot of those pieces where uh

people have a problem and they’re coming

to youtube and they’re typing it in the

search bar and he is being discovered

also this is what we call influence

surfing influence surfing and he’s doing

a great job at this by including things

like shopify tesla mailchimp in his

actual videos because he’s riding the

trend the influence of these other uh

companies and so by creating videos on

top of what these other companies are

doing he’s starting to see the influence

so uh the mark the red bull strategy i

love that he just used red bull what a

great thumbnail um and uh and really

great job i think it’s great too he’s

right up at the top request a marketing

review yes he’s getting right into the

business side of youtube and he’s using

this as a marketing arm of his channel

so this one to me is great my last thing

though is that avatar i mean let’s put

your face on there i want to see you if

you are the person who’s going to be uh

doing these different types of reviews

if i’m getting a request of marketing

review from you i want to see you so

that could be a change that you’re doing

and rob i see you’re drawing some

beautiful red lines what do those mean i

was just wondering if when we look at

this channel on a mobile device it would

slice and dice the um channel banner a

little bit i’m trying to i’m trying to

imagine where it is and it feels like

verse of a cutoff point so it might may

end up being quest and marketing review

potential on the channel so you might

just want to squeeze it in i could be

wrong um but you know my spider sense is

telling me that that channel band is a

little too wide for mobile


yeah i mean everything’s fantastic i

guess the question i would ask here

because you know 25 000 subscribers

and view counts of about a thousand or


this there’s there’s two questions that

i’m going to ask here first of all

are did you get a lot of subscribers

from maybe one video that went viral

and the answer is no not not necessarily

you know 100 000 views is pretty good

but it’s not viral it’s not a million



so in that case the question would be

why when somebody subscribes are you not

getting many return viewers and so my

thought is what is the ideal viewing

candidate for this

um channel and maybe because i’m not a

marketer it’s a little bit impenetrable

like i’m looking at something that’s

along the lines of how to design a

perfect to buy a persona

does that match in correctly with how am

a airbnb got their start selling 40

cereal boxes

is there is like a direct compar

connection there or

is that not the the goal of this channel

is the goal of this channel to get like

one or two leads customers from each

video in which case it’s not necessarily

the volume of viewers that they’re

getting per video it’s getting really

valuable viewers that are going to

generate sales and again ever with your

experience is that something that maybe

you can

answer because you know vidiq we’re just

trying to get as many people in the door

to help educate them on their youtube

education and if they download did iq at

the end of it fantastic but this feels a

lot more focused on um high ticket


yeah you really hit it on the head there

is that the right expression you hit it

on the you hit the nail on the head and

viper is showing us right there too that


it does cut it off a little bit yeah so

so uh so having that um

yeah yeah you know i think this to me is

um is a classic uh um

this is a classic over niching so over

niching is what this looks like so

you’re in the marketing space but what

is your specialty where are you is it

seo is it um because right now what

you’re doing is you’re telling me other

people’s marketing strategies which is a

way that you’re writing those that

influence but i want to know more

specifically are you helping me with

website okay yeah so uh review your

website and marketing great so he’s he’s

doing that so i would maybe see some

websites that are being reviewed by you

i want to see the work that you do

because right now what you’re doing is

you’re pulling in really

an audience that is curious but does not

have a problem and especially if you’re

going to be selling something you want

to bring in an audience that actually

has a problem so that you can help them

sell their so that you can actually help

them through selling your product to

them so i do see like should you buy

backlinks in 2022 that to me that i do

know what that uh person who that person

is trying to help but then to have the

next video or the one before that uh

where was it lululemon like five lessons

from lululemon i’m not searching that so

that is an entertainment style video

versus a um problem solution type video

which is like how to do link building

for boring businesses um also people

probably aren’t typing in boring

businesses they probably don’t think

their business is boring that’s just you

thinking that so i would i would even be

thinking a little bit more about who is

your ideal client and what do they

actually need to know i do want to write

i do want to watch patagonia good ethics

poor digital marketing

but that’s because i’m a fan of

patagonia not because i’m a marketer so

that brings in a different audience of

what you’re trying to do um to help

someone uh move from a problem to a

solution for the type of content that

you’re creating

and when you rob can you go back to his

best video uh yes

um yeah there is an interesting uh

consistency here in the thumbnails isn’t

it yeah

a long time ago yeah when you pulled

that up i was like ah

like success leaves clues what is the

clue that you see type it in the chat

right now what clue do you see when you

see the most successful videos that he’s

created um there’s definitely a lot of

um of pieces that make sense in those uh

successes that you’re having

so just looking at the view counts is

probably getting okay so it’s getting

around about 3 000 views per day and

then if we look at the most popular

videos because

uh the vid iq tool here will tell us

like the vph like each of these videos

are probably contr these top

two rows of videos are probably


um you know like five to ten percent of

the views per day

and so is it maybe

i don’t know if his creator has already

done this but remaking these videos

we’ve updated information you’re

probably a better content creator at

this point you know just reinforcing

uh how well you are established probably

in these

search terms on

youtube now the last thing i wanted to

do is just look at the first 10 to 15

seconds of one of their videos you know

we looked at the football channel

earlier on with the loading screen and

then that weird dollar opened up

let’s take a look at that before we do

that right before we do that real quick

oh nevermind you already did it

shall i carry on yeah got it yeah that’s

imagery we’re selling to parents either

let me rewind it whether you’re b2b or

b2c and pretty much whatever you’re

selling the fastest growing companies in

your market will have a really clear

idea of who they’re selling to and how

to position what they sell to resonate

with that target customer and when

you’re offering matches exactly what

your audience wants that’s called

product market fit and product market

fit makes your marketing so much easier

in fact everything what did we think

about first 20 seconds

bravo really good stuff yeah really good

like you got camera changes i want to

learn how to do this thing where

the camera is just subtly moving all the


and i got bought in because he was

building the nasa lego space shuttle i

have no idea why it’s in there it’s like

a curious thing that’s in there but i

built it myself

and then later on he had a cricket ball

that he just had in his hand and there’s

all of these interesting things that are

going on in a video uh that like a

pattern interrupts keeping me engaged so

this is a really good example of the

content being of high quality as well

that’s some good stuff there i do

because it can be a really dry boring

subject this kind of you know talking

about marketing but they’re making it

exciting with the content i got one i

just want to jump in i got one nitpick

oh okay okay yeah you can scroll down

just a little bit

all right right there right there all

right oh no we gotta go

back right there okay so

oh there’s a best seo tool video all

right yeah

attention to that right hang on hang on

let me just open it missing dude i’m

just saying

that’s just something

let’s move on let’s move on let’s move

on all right the next channel we’re

gonna order is not that one cause we’re

waiting for another guest potentially to

do that one it is um

ed the re-selling ryder again i think

heather this was one that you picked


yeah so um ed i want to congratulate you

on getting started i see you’re doing

reselling part time and um and i want to

just say great job first that link there

uh when you click on lists perfectly i

don’t even know what that is but when i

clicked on it i saw that it was an

affiliate link so i know that you are

getting credit if someone is listing um

some things on there but i also am like

how does that tie into what you’re doing

so i’m thinking it’s a listing to

products maybe um i’m not a reseller so

i’m i’m going out on a limb here here’s

what one thing i do like i do like that

you have big bold words um still worth

it and it’s got the exact uh um

software that you’re using for it list

perfectly review okay so that’s what it

is so you’re reviewing it which i think

is a really smart idea is list perfect

still worth it as a part-timer so i like

that you’re giving um actual feedback on

the thing that you are selling uh which

is great and i would say i see you are

experimenting with different shorts um

and and that is what i would say i would

say you’re definitely in the

experimenting phase of uh of what you’re

doing here on youtube you’re definitely

getting clearer which is good uh as i

scrolled down and look at your different

thumbnails you’re definitely coming into

your own creator self so that’s pretty

awesome to see and i did glance at a

couple of year old videos versus your

new videos and i see you’re gaining

confidence even on camera so

congratulations um on that because when

he first started guys he was uploading

things about his yamaha motorbike so i

mean he definitely has figured out that

reselling is his thing and uh congrats

on that i know that in the reseller

community too

it’s not even like i like how are you

doing it like that’s the next video i

would make i was looking through like

how to resale with a full-time job like

how how to how do you do it because that

is something that people want to know um

as well and i like that you are uh

reviewing the different um poshmark and

and and uh ebay and things like that but

especially in

when there’s so many different places

people could list is there one that you

just love to use could you go deeper on

one of those like are you an ebay expert

are you a um whatnot expert are you a uh

are you a list perfectly expert like

what can you go deeper on um inside of

the reseller community because it is

such a massive audience or such a

massive niche you could go even deeper

on one specific type

of that and i know that this community

is also a very collaborative community

so maybe you get an interview on your

channel maybe you reach out and you um

you do like what you got for under 100

versus someone else under 100 or

something like that there could be a lot

of different ways you could play um on

this channel but i’m really excited

about what i’m seeing so far what about

you viper

you know viper can respect the large

text and bold text on your thumbnail i

can definitely respect that uh as header

alluded to your titles are excellent um

you are letting us know exactly what the

video could be about and you’re being

very precise with it and i think you are

well on your way

um i would caution you about these logos

that you’re using and some of these

thumbnails some of them are kind of tiny

and hard to see


you might want to blow them up or figure

out how to re uh reincorporate them

differently but other than that i think

you are doing good man

a couple of uh nitpicks i’ve noticed

here well first of all the the

non-nitpick is look at how chaotic the

thumbnails were before like with all of

this you know sniper you talked about

using weird text like this horror

blood dripping flaunt font it’s just not

not a good good move and they’ve got out

of that problem but what i will say is

that i have seen this font this exact

font color and style on other thumbnails

and maybe it’s a canva template and it

just means that it loses a bit of its

unique branding

i would also say

this is an example where i think the

creator does need to cut themselves out

of the background because i don’t want

to see this staircase in the background

or whatever i feel as if

i think you experimented a little bit

there were a couple of examples here

where maybe it was a bit clearer but the

font was blending into the background a

bit so you have experimented with this a

little bit and finally

yes you are using the community tab


if you watch nolan’s excellent video


you will learn

that um

posting video links as community


is a bad idea it never works and you’ll

find out why

if you uh watch that video from nolan i

couldn’t do any better it’s an excellent

watch um so do make sure to check it out

and then a final thought

again i’m just going to the lowest

common denominator here in terms of

reselling what do i want to know about

reselling how much i saved or how much i

earned from the resale so just thinking

about using big dollar amounts or small


small dollar amounts putting big fonts

on your thumbnails i think that’s going

to appeal like instinctively to my

desire as a reseller if i’m on youtube

as well because there is one example

here you know it’s a sample size of one

but you use one dollar in this thumbnail

and i think this one’s outperforming all

of your previous ones

was there a click-through rate there

that was higher than the others uh i’m

just asking a question to try and find

patterns because you create a lot of

content which is excellent you have

spiky views you know why did this one

get 300 views and then the next one get

only 72 views

there is there is potential here but i

think there’s a lot of videos that

probably are performing as well as you

would expect and finally green screen

banners i hate that as well i will i

would change it

personal nitpick

i went through a lot there

right okay we are actually at the top of

the hour which means that it can only be

time for one thing

that’s right we spare no expense on the

things that aren’t very important but

that is your amazing the claw intro

segment thanks to dan for doing that and

the rules are pretty simple now we are

into the random phase of the vid iq

channel audits which means that if you

filled out that spot the form uh this

claw is gonna pick out a number a little

bit like this

that is right and we take that number

450 that i’ve got to admit does seem a

bit suspicious when

i did just set it to 450 and it picked

number 450 but anyway let’s ignore that

and pick channel number 450

and all we do is take the channel url


heather viper and myself have not come

across this channel at all very first

impressions which is exactly the right

way to scrutinize the channel if we’re

visiting it for the first time and viper

i will give you first impressions on

tolentos xl mundo it’s a foreign

language channel so i do apologize in

advance okay so viper spanish is a

little rusty but i do believe that this

translates to talent of the world so let

me uh let me go ahead and uh

uh see what we got obviously i’m not

gonna be able to uh read the title per

se but

if the channel is called talent of the

world i’m investing to see like uh

different talented people around the

world so in one thumbnail you got a

little kid although i don’t know looks

like maybe a filmer or something because

i see a camera there so that’s


and then you have the thumbnails of

vamos a la playa so you’re going to the

beach okay i mean

i don’t know if there’s any talented i

mean i don’t know what the talent the

africa that one is but maybe i’m missing

something uh game zone okay all right

um so

right off the bat and it might just be

because of the language barrier but i am

getting a disconnect between the channel

name and the content

um because you are traveling around the

world that i’m or you’re traveling at

the very minimum i’ll give you that

but my question is what does that have

to do with talent of the world like like

i said when i think about talents of the


i’m thinking about you traveling to

different parts of the world and and

like recording talented people or

interviewing people about their

different talents or something along

those lines and i’m just not getting

that sense here with the thumbnail

because again i can’t really read the

title but even with the thumbnail i’m

not getting that sense uh maybe robert

heather you can help me out here well i

think this is a good example of where

thumbnails should have

less text to make the uh thumbnail


not rely on language and more on imagery

and telling a story in the thumbnail now

we’re not saying that you should not

include any text whatsoever that

that would be a bit of a cheap but i

think the more

context you provide in a thumbnail be it

through more images or more

language then the longer it takes to

decode and as you say viper

even though we can’t read the language

we should be getting some sort of idea

of what this channel was about now i see

there’s some bmx stunts here all right

so is this a bmx stunt channel well no

because i’m seeing a game zone here in a

rubik’s cube here why is there a toilet

in this one

it still feels as if

even though we can’t read the the

language there’s a certain element of

topic jumping here which may res

may tell you why some videos get 16

views and other ones get 500 views um

we’re gonna throw over to heavy here

like any sort of first impressions that

you can

decode here from this channel yeah i

would say first off you’ve already

reached 5 000 subscribers so yeah we’re

obviously creating videos that people

are interested in um but i would just

say i want you to really define what

what like what is the purpose of your

channel i think everyone should define

this what is the purpose of your channel

is it that you want to be a travel

vlogger okay well if that’s the purpose

then how can you reverse engineer to

bring the right people to view that

channel and i’m just looking at a

glimpse of

what’s already been said

i really do think that really honing in

more on the specific um the specific

types of videos that you’re creating is

going to help you grow even faster right

now it looks to me like a hobby channel

and if you’re just doing this as a hobby

that’s great i want you to do this as a

business and i see that you have the

join button so you are doing um you are

doing some type of membership along with

this but i would say even more uh what

is the revenue model that you want to

have with your youtube channel how do

you want this channel to be a part of

the income that’s happening for you and

right now i’m a little over the place i

can’t really figure out what that looks

like i don’t really know what the

purpose of it is it is very vlog

entertainment style also so really

trying to figure out even more like

where do you want this to go and and

reverse engineering that do you want to

get brand deals okay well then what

types of content would you have to make

in order to get brand deals do you want

to um travel for free there’s a lot of

travel creators who are getting who are

getting sponsored by hotels and cruise

ships and those types of things to be

able to travel for free so i would just

really figure out more and more what is

the purpose of your channel um so that

you could be creating content that uh

that suits what that is right now it

looks like a hobby vlog style channel um

which i think is great if you want to

create memories but are you trying to

create memories or are you trying to

actually create an income that would be

the deciding factor of what you’re

creating on youtube

i i haven’t had the sound on for any of

these but just looking at the video

content this looks to be like cooking a

recipe of some kind this look to be a

vlog around maybe a park of some kind

this one looked to be some sort of

travel vlog of some

some description oh like okay

investigating some public toilets maybe

and this one was something maybe about

going to the doctors of a dentist

so i felt like perhaps a family vlog

vibe but each one looks as if it was

maybe focusing on a completely different

audience uh so again even though there’s

a language barrier there

i feel as if we should be able to work

out to a certain extent what this

channel is about and who it should be


in the two or three minutes we’ve been

looking at it and i haven’t quite got

that strong vibe

from the channel um but yeah some some

good as you say heather the fact that

this channel’s already got nearly 6 000

subscribers and some videos are getting

a thousand plus views

there is an audience there but perhaps

they’re not coming back for every single

video why did 4 000 people watch this

and then only a thousand people watch

this and then only 400 people watch that

so you lost views with every video and

then you went back up to 900 so

spiky view counts means unsure audience

i would suggest

let’s go back to the claw and uh let’s

get a little uh


uh with a gaming channel review

and we’re gonna pick one oh sorry what

number was that one five five all right


we are going to take a look at the



josie walder man okay uh no pressure uh

ever but i’m gonna let you just lead

with this one and see what you can pick


okay well first um i love josie that

you’re a gamer i think that more

representation in every single space is

amazing and i love that you’re creating

um really awesome gaming content um i

would say first off uh

i when i look at the thumbnails i am

slightly confused at what i’m looking at

so i want these thumbnails to um maybe

be revised

uh because i i’m nervous right i’m sure

viper already is like there’s too many

words there’s too many fonts there’s too

many things i want you to pick out your

branding because you have a uh you have

a um a specific style and i want you to

go deeper into that branding especially

the gaming like when it’s words over

actual images that is so hard to read i

have no idea what kirby

i don’t i don’t know what that is and

you’re repeating inside of the

thumbnail what is inside of the title so

that doesn’t need to happen you want the

title and the topic and the thumbnail to

all cohesively work together but they do

not have to repeat each other also um i

i don’t know if it maybe is just the

switch that she is doing if that was

that what it says up at the top was she

just on the nintendo switch i do see

different gaming systems um so i would

pick one pick what gaming system you

want to be a part of or pick uh maybe

a style of game um to be able to go

deeper into that and i think that can

help and i just see that you’re just

starting so congratulations on pressing

record getting past the uh start um the

starting of your youtube channel and

this is the fun part you get to

experiment you get to have fun you get

to try new things and believe me none of

us came to the platform knowing

everything we’re doing right now it all

is a journey and i want to just keep

encouraging you to go deeper and deeper

in your education and deeper and deeper

in the feedback of how to make your

channel awesome

i think this is a classic example of

where a creator appreciates understands

the importance of thumbnails

but they

try and throw

as much as they can into that thumbnail

and put

a million percent worth of detail in it

to the point where the viewer is like

whoa where are my eyes are supposed to

or what am i supposed to be looking at

so i think this is probably uh one of

the best examples with two bits of text

characters all over the place

you’re in the middle now what i will say

is that you are trying to interact with

your thumbnails like this is a good

example here where you’re trying to hold

the pokemon ball you know i like the

fact that you’re trying to

be interactive with the thumbnails



i the two recommendations i often have

with creators is spend twice as long as

on your thumbnails as you do now and

make them half a half as complicated and

this is a good example of where this

creator needs to do that

and then another thing is

the thumbnails

in most of these examples are not

telling me a why they’re telling me the

what so i’ll use this one as an example

again this is what you’re gonna do in

this video that you’re gonna review


but why should i care as a view because

there are

hundreds of thousands of gaming channels

where i could get a review for this game


why is am i gonna choose you what are

you going to tell me different or

exciting new or funny try and tease

something maybe it’s an opinion

maybe it’s something exciting that

happened in the game tell me a little

bit more than just what you’re doing in

the thumbnail but as you say heather you

know this creator is a month into it the

fact that they’re creating custom

thumbnails they thought that they

created 20 videos already it is

encouraging uh

and you know representation you already

have a unique position

in this community how can you emphasize

that in your content

any final thoughts viper or do you want

to tackle the next channel

no i’m going to go off on a completely

different tangent entirely um all right

let’s do you all in the chat uh and you

all some of you are on tomorrow uh push

people and don’t be mean and i think

heather’s been doing a very good job of


uh very positive with these channels but

here’s the thing you all submit your

channel to get audited which means you

want feedback that you can use to help

make you a better creator and help make

your channel better and grow

we’re not going to tell you what you

want to hear all the time and it might

not be

though the most uh

coddling thing in the world

what we are here to do as as coaches and

and people here at vidiq

is we are here

to help you grow we are here to tell you

things that you can improve on we are

here to give you what you’re doing well

we’re going to do all of the things to

make sure that you understand what it

takes to grow on youtube uh we’re not

trying to be mean on perfect we’re not

trying to be harsh but we have a job to

do and you entrust us every week to do

that job so i’m assuming if you’re here

on this vid iq channel that you trust us

enough to let us audit and review your

channels and let us give you our

feedback and then you can take our

feedback and do with it what you will um

you can listen you cannot listen

whatever you do is totally fine but we

would not be doing our jobs and not be

doing right by you if we didn’t give you

guys constructive feedback to aid your

channel so that’s why we’re here and

that’s what we do

next channel the coral reef talks

approaching 10 000 subscribers

from the channel banner

from the thumbnail so certain extent

i know i’m in the right place if i want

to buy fish or know how to maintain the

fish i have or like the best things to

buy for it i think i know i’m in the

right place so that’s a good start for

this channel

thumbnails again a little too

busy or

a lack of consistency it feels as if on

some of these thumbnails you start from

scratch every single time this video

this thumbnail is completely different

to this thumbnail i wouldn’t know

they’re from the same channel for

example would be my first impressions uh

heather quick first impressions from you

well you know rob we just reviewed two

other aquatic channels and i did not

know this is like a growing niche on

youtube because this is an investment

like actually getting into having fish

tanks and having you know and actually

uh um growing this type of a channel

this is such a niche that is growing so

much on youtube and i would say um

answering specific questions is gonna be

a key on this when someone is brand new

to this this is for anyone who’s helping

someone uh on a journey on youtube if

someone is just getting into this i

would not know what the difference

between this tank versus this tank i

wouldn’t know why i need this coral

versus that coral why i need this thing

versus that thing and so a big

opportunity for channels like this when

people are entering into a space is to

do versus type videos because it’s going

to help the person who is interested in

this learn more about this so i love

like cor look at this coral

coral for beginners let’s remake that

video you made it five years ago let’s

remake it five times like there’s so

much to learn when it comes to coral

just coral alone

that you could be remaking these videos

any video on this channel that has over

i would say a hundred thousand 100 000

views i want you to be remaking those

videos every single year because that is

showing you the exact topics that your

audience is very interested in i was

actually looking at um we were looking

at uh increasing the animal count in our

home and with an animal that i had no

clue how to take care of and i went to

youtube and watched a ton of videos on

exactly how to make this animal survive

in our home and uh and it reminds me of

something like this aquatic channel so i

would say uh one let’s fix your

thumbnails two what a growing niche that

you’re in keep going keep making content

but three i want you to be doing versus

style videos to help people learn what

they need to purchase in this space

i’ve seen a couple of uh thumbnails and

titles here which um

trigger me a little bit in terms of the


the way the picture of a video is is

completely opposite opposite of how it

should be and it’s these ones where it’s


coral care quick tips with uh rob


for a viewer

i’ll be honest i don’t care who is

giving me the advice right now because

i’ve not come across your channel before

i want to know

what you’re going to help me with and so

the the focus of this um

this video in this title

should be

the reef stash and how

this what quick tip can you um give me

on that just to give you an example uh


when we do these channel audits

we have a lot of guests on but i’ve

noticed that whenever we make the the

guest the hero of the live stream

less people come i know it sounds weird

but i just assume


viewers coming into this

are not really too

interested in the guests until they get

to know the guests you know and we have

heather on who’s giving us fantastic

advice but in order to get them in the

door what they really can’t what they

really care about is having their

youtube channel audited and so that’s

why the focus of this thumbnail and

title is what you are going to get out

of it and then once you’re in the live


then you get all of the entertainment

and the quality and the value from us as

the house so i just feel

because my guess is that a lot of this

is search based intent content

you have to communicate as clearly as

possible what the viewer is going to get

out of it rather than the person who is

going to be giving that value i might be

wrong with this you know viper heather

please counter-argue this with me but

i’ve just i’ve had to realize

that until you’re a larger channel

viewers don’t really care about the the

the creator to begin with they just want

to know what’s in it for them

no it’s actually uh funny that you

mentioned this because uh a couple years

ago when i was just like starting out on

youtube i used to live streaming every

week by two do right after every week

but back when i in the beginning when i

was live streaming every week i used to

have a lot of guests on my live streams

but somebody in my uh and my viewership

said that uh we don’t come here for your

guest man we come here for you so uh

yeah rob rob wants him something there

i think i also like that it’s a team of

creators making content um that’s really

great too

from coming from experience of being

going from a solo creator to a team of

creators it really does help to make

more content that way and so i’m only

seeing one person up at the top there

but i’m seeing all these other like

guests and different things like that um

that is just something that you could

maybe emphasize more if there’s more

experts that are a part of it or just

have it as one brand and then a team

underneath it so that is a different

approach to um content creation in a


my okay okay i guess what i would want

to say because i kind of got i went off

in a bit a bit of a run there maybe you

should test

five consecutive videos where the

presenter is not in a thumbnail and is

not mentioned in the title yeah and then

another five videos with a presenter in

the thumbnail and then referencing the

title and there you’re gonna get a good

set of data i’m asking the question here

why is this video from three days ago

got a thousand views is it because

you’re focusing on clean the cleanup

cleaning up and helping this

uh aquatic

being survive i phrased that very poorly

but that’s the best i could come up with

well uh i know we’ve talked about the

thumbnail but i kind of feel like um

your thumbnail should be more aquatic

like man uh

when i visit your channel i should feel

like i’m looking at a living breathing

aquarium and i am not getting that

feeling looking at these thumbnails uh

yeah there’s too many people in the

thumbnails not enough aquatic uh coral

life going on so

i would say focus much on the people and

more on the aquatics and the cruel

aspects of your thumbnails and

that might work

all right let’s pick another channel i

just need to check what number was that

three seven seven so i did draw a new

number and it’s a gaming channel there

we go i’m back on track so this is wolf


a gaming channel they have 12

subscribers and

we’re gonna find out a little bit more

about what they do

uh i can’t tell anything from the


banner and then the thumbnails

there are some shorts but a lot of them

are not

shorts they look like freeze frames

from um

the videos themselves and this is really

interesting vid iq hi this vid this the

video you should watch

so did you fill out the form and then

make a video especially for us

that’s a nine minute video though man

we’re not gonna watch a nine nine-minute

video on our live changes that’s true

if it was nine seconds

we would have clicked it

all right i think there’s a lot of

fundamentals we can talk about here so

let’s go through them one at a time and

i will start with the very first one and

that is to start using custom thumbnails

on your videos because i can’t tell

what’s going on on any of these

viper one piece of advice from you

channel focus like what am i supposed to

get here as a viewer beautiful heather

one piece of advice from you

um i would say that your videos are

ranging in different lengths i would

choose a length and maybe stick with

that for 30 days 60 days and really plan

that out versus having 22 minute videos

six minute videos four minute videos

really try and figure out the length

that works for you

another piece of advice from me

don’t make titles

that are file names maybe you were

saving this in a folder called beatsaber

to do part one of out of seven and then

part two of seven it means absolutely

nothing to me as a viewer

have a title

tell me a little bit more about why i

should watch this video and then again

i’m just opening it up to you viper or

heather if you have any more simple

pieces of advice

i would say this to me it seems like a

beginner um

who’s really experimenting on the

channel and i love uh what viper said

focus this is a this is this is round

one of focus and here would be my

challenge to uh what is this channel’s

name what is uh all the way back up

wolf army i’m gonna challenge you

that for

two hours a day i want you to watch vid

iq and think media and i want you to

just watch them all the youtube tips

that rob’s doing all of the youtube tips

we’re doing you should watch two hours a

day and at the end of 30 days you’re

going to learn so much of exactly how to

win on youtube with your channel but you

must watch 61 minutes of vid iq and 59

minutes of think media everything just

because it’s our live stream and we can

i i agree i concur with that yes all

right let’s move into the next uh

channel that we’re going to pick

this is going to be a non-gaming channel

we’re at 162 this time so the numbers

are a little more random which is good

to see

we’re going to look at two up vlogs i

think they are a motorcycle channel

and viper if you want to give us your

first impressions on this one please sir

motorcycles yep that’s the condition

1200 horrible trumpet dealer what


found a couple of true gsm boys in a

while okay how did this happen oh deadly

wreck okay all right


we’re calling somebody accidents on this


all right this looks like a vlog like a

motorcycle vlog channel that’s what i’m

guessing what are you guessing viper

yeah yeah it seems like they’re showing

different aspects of what happens when

they are out riding and different things

like that


somebody’s thumbnail if you can work

though but other than that

um i don’t know time to ditch the speed

triple what is the like might i don’t

know the feature blue and what is that


i don’t know that’s a lot of that in the

uh title so i get my first question what

is the b triple yo like i don’t know

what that is

i guess it’s something that makes sense

to the audience

um just looking at the view counts you

know 85 subscribers

view cancer in the hundreds for a lot of

these which is encouraging okay what i’m

noticing here is that the the channel

seems to be focusing on




things that are potentially going wrong

they’re certainly building up a lot of

uh tension in the thumbnails

that i can see


and how long have i been like this now

quite a while oh okay two months so not

too long not too long


yeah the text on the thumbnails here

certainly needs a bit of work doesn’t it

yeah again this is one of those uh

channels where i say where do you want

this to go so you’re you’re recording

yourself while you are riding your bike

um i would want to ask you as a coach

where did where what would success look

like to you with this channel would it

be making these types of videos and only

these types of videos would it be um

talking more about actually the

motorcycle itself like where do you want

this to go because right now this seems

very um entertainment based which is

fine but i just want you to know like do

you have a clear path of w what type of

content you’re trying to create because

right now

like how did this happen

i don’t that to me isn’t a clickable

title that isn’t helping me but it also

is like deadly wreck aftermath so again

you are playing on the disaster side um

of of the motorbike um is it called

motorbike motorcycle what is the correct

term i’m not cool viper what what’s the

correct term

probably be classified to motorbike yeah

yeah so i would say that’s one of the

things and then again uh

36 minutes when you’re creating content

and you’re just starting and your videos

are over 10 minutes

that you are really asking someone to

commit to you and here’s what’s crazy i

mean are you seeing this rob a hundred

people are committed to that with with

the uh with less than that many

subscribers yeah

yeah 85 subscribers over 100 people

clicked through to watch that so it’s

showing that there is an audience for

these things i would just start to

really figure out what type of content

is going to draw in the right audience

and clearly you are you are your view to

sub subscriber ratio is doing really

well but i would want to go even deeper

i would not use yellow text that to me

is very hard to read i would get rid of

yellow text altogether

um and

i’m seeing just a lot of kind of like

the same angle of the bike uh so that

doesn’t really help me see something new

as it’s coming out um but i would say

this is definitely a starter channel

trying to learn how to get going on

youtube so rob

i just figured out that speed triple 200

is that the actual name of the bike oh

okay so that’s like the search term yes

here’s the problem with that like i i

mean i guess you could put that as a

search term but

all people probably won’t know what that

means or what that is i mean i had to

google it so

when you are talking about like varying

these things like the particular name of

a bike that people may or may not know

you might want to put in some more

general verbiage in there to help me

understand or help other people

understand uh what you’re trying to talk

about though

this is this is an interesting one for

me this because you can’t ignore the

numbers you know the early numbers that

they’re getting more views and

subscribers with every video

and this one here although i know it

doesn’t have any seo potential


it very much appeals to the human aspect

it creates quite a lot of um curiosity


how did this happen

okay i have to look at the title to

understand obviously deadly wrecking

there is there’s tension and conflict

that’s going to maybe encourage a click

so i can’t fault the creator

for the direction they’re going in uh i

guess what i will say is even though

we’ve not looked at any of the content

just make sure that it does follow the

youtube community guidelines for for

this type of thing uh because you know

it seems to suggest that there’s crashes

and possible injury in there you know

there are guidelines for that so just

make sure as your channel grows that

you’re on the right side of it so that

you can monetize your channel you know

as heaven said what does what do you

want your channel to be in the future

and if you want to monetize it then you

need to make sure that you’re following

the guidelines correctly there but you

know as we also say the thumbnails the

text on the thumbnails there is

certainly work to be done especially the

yellow text on a lot of desert

backgrounds and yellow lines in the

middle of the road

it doesn’t really work for me that

but that is uh two up vlogs and at this

point we want to welcome in for the last

30 minutes

travis hey travis how are you doing

welcome back to the live stream what’s

going on i’m back i found my way back uh

you found your way back well you did

pick a channel to pre-order so though

let’s just bring this one in very

quickly uh you want to make sure that we

um the ones that we pre-selected do get

a look in and this was our maddie with

18 000 subscribers

and yeah what did you

this one as we picked it out uh it looks

a lot you know it looked like a really

interesting um anime channel but i

didn’t get a chance to click in to see

exactly what was going on here because

thumbnail wise it looks pretty

extraordinary um it’s very eye-catching

and that kind of intrigued me and i

wasn’t sure if this was something they

did or if it was something they were

getting from somewhere else that was my

only thing

and it’s channels like this that are

like it looks like they’re crazy

themselves which is remarkable i mean if

that’s really

their content that’s that’s incredible

stuff i mean

and i mean if you look at some of the

views rightfully so

it’s all this time tanner blade told me

i was betraying him and you know what

look at that


that’s incredible

that’s something i would watch that’s

it’s fantastic stuff and to think that

that’s someone that was in our community

posted and said hey you know look at my

channel look at these views like 100 000

500 000 you know 33. i mean

rightfully so when you see something

like this it’s kind of extraordinary of

course it’s going to do well now the

question is what’s been going on lately

it takes them a while

to put out content you notice over the

last year they only have like four

videos out but

a lot of times what that is is because

it takes so long to animate these even

though some of these are really short

like four or five seconds 25 seconds you

know something like that

um that’s kind of the problem with

animation channels they can do really

well but you’re spending so much time

you’re kind of swinging for the fences

every single time and if it doesn’t do

well now you’re out months sometimes of

of content to get out there so shorts uh

could be a way to kind of bridge that

gap a little bit so that how i make my

animations is kind of a kind of a cool

little um idea behind it but yeah i just

really liked it i liked the the

thumbnail style and it looked like there

was a story going on there i just wonder


if this is an individual creator that’s

doing all this can they can they get

someone else to help out so that they


you know if this was someone coming to

me for for help i would say look we need

to figure out a way to get you some type

of team even if it isn’t like a

professional team like who can help you

do thumbnails while you’re doing the

other stuff who can help you

do the editing while you’re actually

drawing like who can how can you get

this stuff out to more people to get

this stuff out faster because as a

growing artist it’s going to take a

while but you can see once it gets out

it does really well

this channel looks to me like a

portfolio of work right now which is

really impressive

but as you say travis

how do you get a returning audience for

this as you say you swing for the fences

the video gets half a million views

but then you’re not really able to

capitalize on it with the next one

because it who knows what the gap was

well that got 100 000 views as well but

you know the last two or three just

really haven’t done anything for the

channel so and that’s the thing is that

you spend all this of course it’s

shorter some are shorter but by the same

token it’s like you’re swinging for the

fences if it doesn’t take now you’ve got

to wait however long it takes to get the

next one out it’s kind of

kind of a bummer i’m just curious from

your point of view heather you know how

might a creator be able to tackle this

issue whether they’re only able to

produce content on a very irregular


i mean i think that it comes down to

setting the commitment and the priority

um when it comes to creating any type of

content or doing anything

and already at 15 is it 15 or 18. my

eyes are 18 000. yeah 15 000. so your

proof of concept is already there i

think it goes deeper into um into really

committing it’s just the same for me as

going to the gym

i could want to go to the gym but that

doesn’t mean i’ve made the commitment to

go to the gym come hell or high water

i’ve gotta go every single monday

wednesday friday so i think um

especially in content like this where a

lot of it is uh

is beautiful content and it probably

does take a while to produce i would be

thinking about how could you produce

more content in less time so maybe that

is creating the short out of a long form

video and then you’ve got two uploads

there’s a lot of different ways that you

could you know slice it to make it

happen but i would say this is a proof

of concept already um and it’s very well

done um but i do agree getting help is

the next phase for every single content

creator doing this as a solo content

creator can be very taxing on a

consistent basis

all right then so that is a owl and

maddie uh with the channel there

all right folks i’ve got to be honest

there was a an ulterior motive for

bringing travis onto the livestream and

it’s because of this


yes i needed another person from uh that

graphic in order to uh justify me

playing that and let me just play it one

more time so this no please no


all right we do actually have a question

of a week and we like to just uh bring

in one question for our esteemed guest

to have a little chin wag about and the

question this week and i think this is a

fantastic question uh for viper heather

and travis to tackle is

which is better ranking in browse

suggested or search and what i’m going

to give you is three minutes to discuss

this topic and it starts with travis

after this


all right uh

this is a very uh loaded question

because it depends on the type of

content you have nine times out of ten

browse is where you wanna be

suggested if you can get there’s awesome

and then searches last but if you are

a utility channel search is kind of your

bread and butter because how often are

you going to look at an unclogging

toilet video

probably once

good question what about you heather

i am obsessed with search so i am going

to say the same thing i think that most

people are underestimating the amount of

people that come to youtube and type

into that search bar

once you can get on someone’s radar as

someone that can help you uh or you can

help them they can click on more of your

videos because you become the solution

to to the problem

viper brown suggested search okay since

most of the people that watch with iq

are under a thousand subscribers you

probably want to be in browse and you

want to be in browse because

search you’re gonna have a hard time

writing a search against all these other

other bigger channels out there but brow

gives you a chance to compete with all

the big channels on youtube so if you’re

a newer creator you want to be in browse

that’s a really interesting opinion

because my thought generally is that

small creators

tend to get discovered with one or two

videos in search to begin with and then

that allows them to have more browse

discovery but of course i’m not

disagreeing with you viper that’s just

the the experience i’ve had uh from uh


my making content on my own channel i

want to ask you this uh travis do you

think traffic sources can change for

creators over time intelligent or not

a hundred percent uh ironically in max

this week we’re going to be talking

about how to get them suggested so this

is a fun question that we had there um

but yeah i mean um of course i mean a

lot of smaller channels will start in

search and then as they have a group

that keeps coming back and watching more

and more and more they’re in browse and

and if you’re good enough to have a

series of videos people want to watch a

lot of then you’ll end up being


now then heather you were very adamant

about search even though search

supposedly accounts for less than 30 of


so you know argue for search a little

bit more definitely i think one of the

biggest arguments for search is that it

helps you as the content creator get

focused on the topic that you are

creating for so when you know that you

are creating a specific video for a

specific person to solve a specific

problem it helps you become more focused

as a creator and then over time as you

become focused in who you’re helping and

how you help them you then can start to

see that your videos can get ranked next

to the big channels they can get ranked

because you’re helping with a specific

thing first and youtube is the second

largest search engine and so youtube

puts a lot of money into the ability for

people to be found on youtube oh look at

the time in there from heaven

keeping an eye on it oh that’s just

magnificent magnificent words all of you

who took part in my little game

and yes what is vid iq max what a

fantastic question to pose to the man


thank you so the man upstairs good lord

what are we doing like the brady bunch


um yeah max is um our group coaching

option which has been really uh a lot of

fun lately uh we’ve been getting a lot

of success stories within our uh vidiq

max group and the cool thing about it is

you get your own private discord with us

and other people that are trying to grow

and it’s really been cool to watch

people share their experiences as they

go when they ask questions about

thumbnails videos and stuff and you’re

getting um you know you’re getting

feedback either from one of the coaches

here at iq or even some of your peers

which has been quite amazing to see

there’s some really very smart people

in vidiq max there is a 9 million

subscriber channel in vidiq max which is

kind of amazing

yeah so there’s a lot of different

there’s also channels with zero videos

that literally haven’t quite uploaded

yet so we go from zero to everything and

everything in between it’s been really

cool to see um and listen we still got

some spaces open uh we have our next

call on thursday this thursday so just

like a couple of days away and we’re

going to talk about how to get them

suggested so lots of information we have

links in the description

uh we have links in the description we

have links on screen now and

yeah so what the format tends to be when

you have a group coaching calls is that

yeah one of the coaches will have like a

uh 20-minute 25-minute presentation as

if you’re going to a conference for

today and getting guidance from that and


the the group as a whole does q a and

you can talk about it you know we’ve got

600 people watching and you know we can

hardly field any questions here but when

there’s a a smaller group then it

becomes a little more intimate and then

you can have some real deep meaningful

commun uh conversations yeah i see

someone in chat talking about that we do

surprises often which we do as a matter

of fact rob dropped by and discord

last week and just did an hour ask me

anything and you literally could ask rob

anything which was

there was some really great questions

really great answers we have a surprise

guest coming up in a week we have all

types of cool stuff we want to just make

it the coolest place to be to learn how

to grow on youtube so links in the

description make sure you check that out

and come join us no savage there oh

savage savage free zone i mean that’s

priceless in itself

and just to remind you that uh so

the cost of it is um


per month for the annual subscription

but with that you get vidiq boost as

well so you get all of our tools

the academy and then the group coaching

so the coaching itself is like it’s less

than two dollars extra per day isn’t it

which is yep it’s like don’t starbucks

and you have paid your daily wage into

uh max and here’s the other thing um

one of the surprise guests we have

coming up in a week or so is based

completely on a question someone asked

in discord so i went to the expert on

youtube asked them if they want to come

they said yes

and they’re coming to talk about

something that someone asked in our

discord like that’s how powerful max is

so we’re really excited about that and

not to put heather on the spot but uh

once she’s recovered from her conference

we’re gonna try and get her in a group

coaching call as well no pressure

oh i’m in i love it it’s my favorite

thing is to help and coach and serve so

i’m here whenever you need me guys hey

that’d be fun we would love to have you

thank you for allowing us to indulge

ourselves we do realize there is a cost

to this you know it’s not for all

creators but don’t forget we still

provide all of this free stuff for you

two hours of live streaming today two

hours tomorrow and all of the free

content on our channels but we know that

some creators want to take it to the

next level and that’s why we’re

providing vid iq macs for you and while

we’ve been talking about vidiq max i’ve

been able to load up the next channel

which is uh

ds07 vlogs preparing for boards

whatever that means viper first

impressions what are we seeing here

preparing for board uh but my first

question would be what board would we me


what are we talking about here okay i

think it’s like a board like a board’s

exam like um like uh doctor boards maybe

that’s nice

this is productivity blog so

yeah i agree with you but my thing is i

mean there’s a lot of different boards

out there that they could be studying

for so my question my first question is

which one okay so i i think we ought to

sign that’s a good question

quick question so travis did you

understand what this channel was about

and when i saw preparing for boards i

thought so but the fact is that they say

they’re an 11th grader does that mean

that they’re going through they’re

showing you their process by which they

do it like a study with me that’s the

thing that i’m kind of confused on so

you kind of had an idea i think heather

um got it but myself and viper

didn’t really understand it at all so i

think just in terms of you know a straw

poll of four people like one and a half

viewers potential viewers understood

what the channel was about instinctively

and that’s what i mean by knowing

whether or not a viewer is in the right

place as instinctively as possible and

just there’s something missing in the

translation there and so i wanted to

really just emphasize that point so

viper do carry on

okay so

let’s see we’re short looks like the

shorts and the long form are both

getting decent views



you are going to have to work on these

thumbnails especially with the white

tech i can’t even read that and you get

the white text to get the light color

background it is not working for you

uh please uh

text or

try to craft your thumbnails in such a

way where you don’t even need to put

text in there but if you’re gonna put

text in there you’re gonna have to

rework how you’re doing it because it is

not working


it seems like the most of the content is

short um and it seems like you were

having good stuff with the shorts too so

i would almost say maybe you worry less

about the long-form videos and keep

trying to hammer the shorts on because

that seems to be where your bread and

butter is

now can i just do something on your

behalf heather i think i’ve noticed this


presumably you have a huge issue with

the with a profile image i do i do have

a huge issue with that profile photo and

actually the name i mean to me the name

does not help me identify what brand you

are the person you are what your what

your channel is about and i understand

you if if you’re in 10th grade you’re

probably a young creator um and so i

want to applaud you for starting and for

doing it but i would say two things to

keep in mind uh one you still are

serving an audience and so you want to

come to the platform as professional as

possible and i want to see you or maybe

you’re trying to do faceless style

content but uh but i would maybe update

that that profile photo yeah this is a

lot of faceless style

things so i i like the thought that they

kind of did a preview

like a trailer for for the video

which is an interesting approach and it

looks as if they’re using uh narrated

text at the bottom



and it’s almost like a visual

satisfaction style of studying

and the thing i’ve noticed i don’t know

how many subscribers i’ve got but the

view counts here

seem really consistent and encouraging

for what looks like a


niche subject so there’s encouragement

there as well

yeah a lot of views on some of the

shorts and stuff which is interesting

because it’s so fast

that like what are you visually like

most shorts are

are popular because they’re either


uh entertaining in some way or visually

interesting and this is this is kind of

its own

different thing because you can’t

exactly see what’s going on here

you’re not going to learn are you no

not really so it is interesting

youtube sometimes youtube be youtube

he does youtube things yeah

yeah i’m just looking at the most

popular stuff you know there’s nothing

that’s got a vibe a viral moment per se

uh just some really good consistent

stuff for this channel

i think it’s kind of difficult to advise

on what this channel should do because

it’s not necessarily educational content

i just see it as time lapse visual


and they seem to have found a little bit

of a niche for their audience but i

think as viper said the thumbnails could

certainly do with some work

let’s draw out another one then uh we’ll

go for a gaming channel and um not to

put you under any pressure uh travis but

since uh you are late and arriving i’m


let you take on

three dash

and tell us what you think their gaming

channel is about

we lost we lost travis’s video

is he still there travis

we’ve lost him completely

all right then uh i’ll step in them

this looks like a racing channel what do

you think it does it’s one of those

where um

it can be a bit deceptive because the

graphics on racing games now are so good

that sometimes you might not even

realize it’s a video game racing channel

as opposed to racing in real life but

thankfully it does have a forza horizon

5 in each of the titles so that’s pretty



the thumbnails


a lot to be desired in a sense that

dan and i will always

oppose episode numbers

because it suggests that you need to

watch the previous 27 episodes to follow

what’s going on in this in this video



do each of these images tell me are they

in a race are they trying to go for the

fastest speed

it’s a visually


it tells me the what but not necessarily

the why so these would have these would

have been

something that would have been of

interest before the game came out

after the game cam after the game is out

seeing a showcase of the maps

if you’ve watched any reviews you

probably have seen them if you’re

interested in this sort of thing you’ve

probably already seen them the game is

not exactly new anymore so putting these

out now


this is probably what you’re going to

end up getting so then showing

the best routes to take or or shortcuts


you know lines to take in these turns

that’s a different story like you’ll do

well there

but just showing the maps that everyone

who plays this game is very very aware

of um

that you know the chances of something

kind of breaking out is a little bit

more slim

yeah interesting point they have been

going for four weeks now and what this

game came out at the end of last year

yeah something like that already five to

six months old having said that you know

travis a gaming channel more than 100


views sometimes going into triple digits

or you know almost 100 views there’s

some some encouragement there you know


look at a lot of uh

walk through channels that make videos

for four or five years and they really

struggle to get any traction so this

channel has already got a bit of

traction but perhaps the pitch needs to

be a little bit different show no longer

showcases because the game’s well

established it’s solutions to beating

the game

yeah 100 i see someone asking about gta

5 which is almost 10 years old but there

are tons of really popular channels

there’s a speed runner named darth viper

a you from australia who has almost a

million subscribers on youtube and a lot

on twitch and he only speed runs gta but

that’s the that’s the hook for his

channels that it’s a speed run so it’s

not just he’s playing gta he’s trying to

show you the fastest way to play gta and

then he has like comedy bits and stuff

but for the most part that’s why you’re

going to him um so you need to do

something slightly different

oh look at this uh unfortunately this


uh has put in our

url oh no

we audit my channel

yeah should we try and find glenn

knightley everything arsenal

um we’re going to give you a pass there

usually i wouldn’t try and find it but

since it is quite a unique channel name

uh we should find it and since this is

uh english premier league soccer the

best person to tackle this is heather

yes because i am skilled in this i’m

actually not uh but i am skilled in

reviewing channels and first off i know

exactly what your channel is about so

great job on knowing exactly what your

channel is about and it looks like you

are uh just from from reviewing things i

love also just from reviewing it i love

your thumbnails i can already tell your

thumbnails are great i can see exactly

what you’re doing um and this to me also

is very entertainment driven so it’s

like you know what was jack

wilshire hopefully i’m saying his name

right absolutely really that good um i

don’t know was he i need to click

through because i want to find out so i

see this is very entertainment style

channel um without looking at the actual

content you’re delivering

i would say that on the first view

this is a channel that is using royalty

for or using other people’s content to

create a channel

style channel which is one of the

strategies um with youtube in general so

i would say that uh this has the

potential to be a very successful

channel what do you guys

you want me to see in because i’ve got

quite a few thoughts on this yeah i’ll

take it as a yes yeah i agree with you

heather in terms of the consistent

format of the thumbnails is fantastic

and every


creates a question or an opinion

or something that as a viewer i need to

find out more about by clicking on it so


was this player world class was this

player actually a legend for

for arsenal was this player underrated i

think there’s a really good consistency

and format here and what we often

encourage creators to do if they support

a team in a sport that they should focus

on their passion and the knowledge of a

particular team in this case arsenal

rather than trying to cover the entire

sport because then you go into the

realms of um

competing against big sports networks

like espn and whatnot like being super

niched on a particular club and talking

about your passion for the um channel

for the

for that team is very good you’ve got 10

000 subscribers almost so fantastic well

done on that i’m wondering where those

views are coming from

and it looks as if you’ve had some

videos that have done pretty well in the

past that have done well over a couple

of years ago

i’m wondering if there’s anything that

you could perhaps double down on on them

although i do worry a little bit that

this could be all

other people’s content and i think

that’s where the challenge is going to

be for this creator because

just looking at this

it is all

video clips lifted from somewhere else

so that poses quite an interesting

transformational challenge that you have

to do with every single video i’m just

going to unmute it for a second


i mean so i think it is a

faceless channel with a narrator

uh talking about things i’m just

wondering going forward to add more of

your own unique identity and branding

and you know

from another point of view intellectual

property in terms of

how do you make this more

transformational than it is maybe you

need to start getting in front of camera

at one at some point maybe that’s going

to be a challenge maybe you want don’t

want to do that but what i’m worried

about is if this channel gets a hundred

thousand subscribers and it’s earning

thousands of dollars per month in


at some point maybe somebody arsenal

football club is going to look at this

and say i know this is all of our

content i think i’m going to copyright

claim all of this

and then you may have that

problem in the future so i don’t know

what it’s like i don’t know what it’s

like for like uh overseas soccer seems

like if they have content uh id or

anything like that

it’s pretty strict uh

yeah i wouldn’t be surprised if there

are maybe some copyright claims on this

yeah i mean so it’s pop it’s likely

they’re not making any money on this

channel already potentially yeah

yeah and that’s okay and listen that

maybe you don’t care about that maybe

that’s not a thing you care about and

that’s totally fine just trying to be

transparent with everyone who’s watching


is always the clear indicator

they’ve had problems in the past and

they’re trying to

themselves and


to everybody who’s watching copying and

pasting this um fair use thing from

wikipedia into your description it does

not automatically protect it doesn’t


i don’t know what’s going to do yeah

people do thoughts on facebook when they

borrow music that they don’t that they

don’t own they’re like uh this music is

not uh my music blah blah it doesn’t

matter the moment you use it and put it

into your content you are violating

somebody’s copyright and they’re going

to come for you no disclaimer in your

your description or whatever it’s going

to change that

yeah and there are there are correct

ways to use content i mean that’s how

the news that’s how you know uh media

outlets like um the vue and fox and and

cnn they’re able to use different clips

and i would just encourage someone if

they’re gonna go down this road of

faceless channel using other people’s

content that you should actually skill

up and understanding what some of those

rules are i’d be searching that on

youtube to really find out the ways um

evan carmichael is a great example his


is using other people’s content but he’s

recreating content around it which is

how he’s able to use that without those

copyright claims so there’s there are

ways that you can be using other

people’s content but this as the content

creator is where that needs to go on you

to really skill up and understand the

level that you need to understand in

your creation process of what can be

used and what can’t


it could be

it could be that next thursday we

literally talk about this exact subject

with an exact expert it could it could

happen it could be that happened it

could happen that next thursday

we’re already going to talk about this

with an expert in the field

so what you say next next thursday this

sort of thing is going to


all right i think we’ve got time for

maybe one more channel it’s gonna be

gaming channel three five nine

all right mr wolf boy gaming haven’t we

already audited a channel called wolf

yeah we did we did wolf gaming no it was

a wolf army


what did i say about this rob if you are


during the live stream you don’t get

reviewed no

you can send something chat though you

would have been reviewed

we would have been auditing you


oh we’re nice squads

oh that’s funny

well you’re right i mean if you submit

your channel then you know you’re open


constructive criticism and that

constructive criticism should be watch

our live stream

all right let’s go to something let’s

move on to another gaming channel ah koi

fish gaming hey that’s brilliant

this is a

huge little regular on both our videos

and our live streams and i love it when

we can randomly audit one of these


all right let’s oh man look at this oh

baby i’m way out of my element but it

but it’s because i’m not a gamer but is

koi fish gaming just like a name or is

that a is that a game what is that i

think i think it’s just the name i think

it’s a handle yeah


all right but the banner is awesome man

let me know exactly what you’re doing i

love the banner and i love these

thumbnails that are showing up here

the elder green thumbnails look exactly

like what eldering will look like i mean

the eldering is retro gaming is it no

it’s not but i mean you know it’s a hot

thing so that’s you know how to go for


uh the cuphead looks exactly like how

cuphead would i mean

wow many thumbnails are kind of amazing


quivers has been around so i would i

would have been kind of upset if if we

came here and it looked like he hadn’t

been paying attention all this time he’s

been in our chats forever

uh yeah some of these are really good

but it really tripled down on elden ring

and it’s probably because a couple of

those videos did well and you know as we

always say the video does well right

um so it looks like that might have been

the point but what is the what’s the

most popular video is it a retro game

because elder ring is not a retro game

it’s a newer game i just want to say

intriguing curious use of thumbnail

adding scrooge mcduck

earning i guess revenue in the game i

wonder if that’s why that got more

clicks than others like a clever fought

but not too complicated uh but yeah most

popular uh

predominantly shorts got some head

stuff as well a lot of among us back

when among us was doing big things

doing a vr among us

okay a couple of streams did well that’s

interesting yeah yeah the live streams

actually happen quite well yeah yeah

this one here with a thousand views


so what’s going on with cuphead i mean

uh did something happen with cuphead

recently make it kind of more exciting

or is it just that there’s a desire for

people to watch content but no one’s

making content anymore because it’s an

older game both of those could be true

we’re getting spiky views though are we


we’ve said this one we’ve got a standout

elden ring video that got 2 000 views

but everything else is getting 50 views

or less which is disappointing

you got cuphead which seems to be the

most consistent performer

but then we have we have like um this

retro what is it review live stream of

super mario world and that really hasn’t

done anything i think it’s clear that

the audience is definitely resonating to

certain videos on this channel

and maybe got to make a decision here

about like pivoting

strictly towards

one form

one format and game

funny you say that i got a um

acquaintance of mine online who has a

retro video game channel

and his channel originally blew up uh

when he was doing when where can you buy

ps5s like where and when you know and

it’s still a thing but uh his channel

got like 9000 subscribers like pretty

quickly that but uh in the meantime like

he has like legitimate arcade games he

has a lot of retro game stuff so he was

going back and forth on his channel

which of course is anyone who knows kind

of if you don’t have a specific focused

uh viewer

your views are going to be spiky like

this so i i told him i said listen just

we looked at his his primary channel we

saw where most of his views are still

coming from which are all the

playstation videos he would put out


we made that the playstation channel

spun off his other channels those are

already growing like within a couple of

weeks he had like 100 subscribers on a

channel in like two weeks off of two

videos um and we’re we’re off to the

races because you’ve identified viewers

for each video type his um his main

channel now is starting to every time he

puts out something about playstation’s

doing well his likes are going up his

engagements going like everything’s

starting to work because he’s finally

taking the time

to identify a viewer per channel and

instead of trying to cram them all into

one which by the way

if you ever want to know what does mr

beast do mr beast doesn’t even mr beast

could literally put out a painting a

video of paint drying on his channel but

he doesn’t he’s got multiple channels he

probably has a mr beast paint drying

channel he has one for every little

thing and

that’s what you got to do if you have

something that’s not quite in your


you do it

there is something for you mr b’s paint

right that is


is it don’t really travel

well the last point i wanted to make and

it goes back to his thumbnail like

why did people click click on this

thumbnail because it was curious and it

was intriguing

what i would say about all the

thumbnails is that they’re of a high

quality but don’t tell me anything

curious or intriguing that enables me to

click click all of these like


high quality images

but as far as i’m concerned they could

just be loading screens from the video

game and i don’t know if i’m going to

beat something i’m going to be told a

story i’m going to be told how to earn

more revenue i’ll get better weapons

again it’s a why i’m not getting enough

of why i should be clicking on each of

these videos uh to to get them where is

this one i feel as if there’s a lot more

immediately uh telling me why to click

uh but that is koi fish gaming thank you

for being a super fan and following us

all of the time

and that ladies and gentlemen brings us

to a little bit beyond the top of the

hour thank you very much for joining us

this week we’ve had a fantastic time uh

heather it has been an honour and a

privilege you’ve been an amazing auditor

this week which means that i’m going to

give you

another minute to tell us why we should

head on over to think media and join

your amazing community

well what did you call us rob the think

guys what did you call us think


meteorites yes um well i would just want

to encourage you that after you’re done

watching all of the vid iq videos and

you should watch more of them than think

media but after you’re done with that

you can head over to think media where

myself and a team of content creators

are helping you learn how to grow your

youtube channel as well as the tips and

tools to make that happen we are there

to help you encourage you with seven

videos per week that’ll help you grow on

youtube thank you so much for having me

rob vid iq it’s been a pleasure and

we’ll catch you in the next video

seven videos per week i don’t know how

you manage across all channels

uh travis we asked everybody at the

beginning of this live stream what was

the last film they watched and rate it

out of 10 so could you just quickly

answer that for me please

i don’t remember the last movie i

watched i can tell you the last thing

that was movie like that i watched was

the new uh obi-wan kenobi uh show yeah

i’m digging i’m looking forward to

watching the new episodes of that i’m

hoping that uh what is it they come out

on fridays or whatever i really want

that to happen right away i i dig it i

dig it

let’s say goodbye to some people shaz

retro vibes peace to you as well peace

and love to you uh the axe gaming good

luck to everybody we’ve also got shaz

retro vibes ascending thanks to you as

well travis aussie five also saying

goodbye to you all right i’m gonna put

some more names on screen and then just

any one of you just jump in

and give him a thank you and goodbye so

who’s next

thank you swifty goodbye thank you for

being here and being a part of what

we’re doing

edgeless you want more you can show up

we do more here

no pressure viper or travis just jump in

any time you want any time life is a

trick shot that’s a cool name i love

that for a channel name life is a trick

shot that’s awesome that’s not on screen

travis you can’t just read out your own

name i saw the chat don’t start with me

because you got me trying to say dempsey

something or other don’t forget about

actual archer great stream thank you so

much thank you

all right skeleton it’s your turn viper

uh charlie

sinister brains omg

thank you as well for joining us uh as

we hinted at yesterday um sorry not

yesterday as we hinted at the beginning

of this live stream

tomorrow we’re doing video audits so

viper and myself we’ll be going on to

our channel finding a video press play

and in the first 15 seconds we’re gonna

scrutinize it and tell you if we would

stay or whether we would go thank you

very much for joining us honor privilege

hope you’ve been educated we will see

you next





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