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In this video, Ben G Kaiser shares tips on how to get free products from companies to review.

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who doesn’t love free stuff people want

the answers the reason you’re valuable


a brand is because they’re trying to

reach that specific audience

how to get brands to send you free stuff

that is the big

question people want the answers to

because who doesn’t love free stuff i

know in the very beginning i showed you

the other day my cam caddy that me and

sean got for

kind of like brand sponsorship that was

more for trade we didn’t get paid for

that and so that’s the biggest question

and the first point that you want to

share is a focused

audience right very niche demographic

and how that relates to getting free


yeah so the reason it relates is because

you have a very clear value proposition

for a brand

so right now for me personally brands

are really interested

in laptops for creative professionals so

they’re making them more color accurate

they’re making them more optimized for

creators video editors 3d modelers

things along those lines so when you

start to carve out an audience the

reason you’re valuable to

a brand is because they’re trying to

reach that specific audience

and so for me though i have a small

following i am

only talking to that audience and so

they can look at me and go okay hey

if we send the product to him chances

are people are going to be like

really really really learning exactly

what they want to know on his channel

and hopefully making a purchase after

they watch his video so it’s a very

clear value proposition to a brand

there’s a very clear learning


to the viewer and those two come

together and that’s where a brand

is really willing to work with you this

is a great strategy even as a small

channel to compete against other

creators who have a bigger audience

when this company is sending you the

laptop there’s a higher

chance that these people have not just

an established relationship but a

trusted relationship with you because

you are the laptop

guy for these people like me personally

i’m gonna trust you more than maybe just

the guy that works at best buy right

or even the the tech reviewer that

reviews everything and he’s not really

specializing that knowledge

so really the last point i want to nail

down there is what you don’t talk about

is just as important as what you do

yes and what i found is there were

people that were giving benchmark tests

for the computers that i were reviewing

but they were always

mashed in between all of the other

benchmarks so what video editors had to


is watch these random gaming laptop

reviews and then like

scrub through to finally find like the

premiere pro benchmark they were looking


i just scrapped all of the gaming

benchmarks and gave them exactly what

they were looking for so it cut

hours of time out of their out of their

day they got the result they made the


in a sense my business grew through

these laptop reviews the next point you

make is show them your previous works

and any evidence of conversion tell us a

little bit about this and why this is


yeah so when you get started like i said

my example was you

review what’s around your house you know

and you review it from a bunch of

different angles

and what that does is it creates a bit

of a portfolio so once you have like 10

to 20 videos

you then have a portfolio on your

channel and you’re showing which

specific audience you serve so that’s

why that way when you reach out to a


you say okay i’m serving this specific


i review these type of products okay

and then at that point what you’re doing

is you’re having

tangible data on the proposition you’re

making to a brand so you reach out you

can say

hey i review these type of products this

is my specific

audience these are maybe you mentioned

the views maybe you don’t

and when you have a smaller audience the

views and the

um like say somewhat of the conversion

metrics are going to be less impressive

so really the tighter the audience at a

smaller level the more

valuable you’re going to be but once you

do grow

showing your conversion metrics can be

very powerful because

so let’s say they’re trying to reach

this small audience and you’ve converted

uh let’s

throw out a random number five hundred

thousand dollars of gross value of

product last year

holy crap like you with a super small

audience converted that much money

your channel has a super high conversion


and so understanding how you talk to the


is really helpful and when to use your


as a benefit to you and an advantage

almost everybody has the gear

that they want to talk about they might

not have you know 10 other laptops or 20

other different cameras

but start where you can start uh utilize

your first

equipment that you’re already using you

know marquez brownlee

that’s how he started his channel way

back in the day as well

and then the second one is show high

conversion and engagement

i’ve been doing brand deals for 10 plus


and it’s always been changing but the

one thing that

is absolutely necessary is the brands

want to see

that your audience trusts you and they

see that through that engagement

through the comments through the likes

you know through the fact that they’re

watching the whole thing and

ultimately like you said that they’re

actually buying the products they’re

actually clicking through to the website

but no the engagement is huge we always

talk about

engagement just from content creator


realizing as time went on that’s also

very important for the brands

relevant brands not just the big brands

but very

aligned companies and uh products to

what you’re doing uh tell us about um

how you utilize this

in your channel and what your advice is

for people

that are starting very niche content uh

platform yeah yeah so i kind of like

break it down to like three levels of

products review best practices or

products you know acquisition best

practices so to speak so level number

one is

what products do you have review those

get a portfolio

and then level number two really leans


finding brands um that are i don’t want

to say like low hanging fruit like i

don’t mean to offend the brand

but they’re not like hp dell razor blade

you know all the big computer brands so

these are going to be like third party

resellers or small brands so for

instance somebody in my niche is like

exotic pcs or main gear or

cyber power so basically what these are

is they’re people who buy computers

from hp or from dell and then they

put like maybe a better ram or a better

computer component in the computer and

then they resell it through their


so a lot of times these brands don’t get

really thought of when when somebody

goes make a purchase they’re going to go

to b

h they’re going to go to amazon and so i

reached out to these smaller third-party

brands and said hey i see that you have

this computer

i have this tight audience they’ve been

wondering about it

i would love to review it and then set

up some sort of affiliate commission

through you or set up some sort of

partnership or collaboration

and send traffic directly to your site

to get you conversions

so that was really strategy number one

is i needed gear

but i knew that i didn’t have a big

enough reputation yet to get to the big


so to speak so i found who had the big

dog’s gear

and was willing to work with me same for

smaller brands that are relevant to your


if they are super relevant your audience

wants to know about them

get in review them super well which will

then give you a portfolio to show bigger

brands there you go

i mean uh you know in our book youtube

secrets shauna and i talk about this

when you’re looking to make money on

your channel the first thing you want to


when i’m trying to figure out what

opportunities align with your niche

is one figure out what you spend money

on as

that creator right because oftentimes

what you’re spending money on

is what your viewers are spending money

on and so in your case

being a graphic designer uh somebody

that loves laptops

you’re buying not just laptops maybe

accessories and components related to it

and then secondly

the audience the audience like pull them


ask them what are their top three


in that observation both what you spend

money on and what they spend money on

you’ll probably find

some of these kind of like smaller

companies right

um maybe brands that aren’t as well

known because everybody wants to get

invited to the apple event

but not like a great example this is

years ago sean and i

we worked with a ram company anybody

that’s doing a lot of processing

especially graphics or

gaming you need more ram and so we

reached out to them

and not only were we able to work with

them on their ram products but they had

a new thing like this

usb backup tool and so and that was much

easier to acquire even though we were a

relatively small channel then

um than if we were to try to work with

like a microsoft

yeah and it’s super specific the general

consumer doesn’t care about ram and so

that’s what i had to realize early is i

wasn’t going to review a laptop for like

oh it’s purple

and it’s shiny and the screen is so

bright and flexible

yay like that didn’t matter and there

was already people doing it 10 times

better and had 15 times the production

value so what i the value i brought was

key information that

nobody was giving the person looking for

the laptop

hundreds of videos later i mean how many

do you think at least

a hundred laptop videos on your channel

by now yeah

probably a hundred that is 200 that’s

even pretty crazy for any tech

person even if you are a computer like

to have a hundred

videos and this is why you’re the man

that we’re talking to about getting free


even as a small channel because this

stuff actually works

there’s definitely no shortcuts but

there’s definitely some

tips that would help everybody now with


being said obviously uh it takes a

little hard work

which can be challenging and you know

this didn’t happen overnight you even

said like it wasn’t until about two

years into it what would you tell

somebody that is kind of struggling to

get started

maybe they haven’t got started because

they’re afraid it’s not going to work

and what were the things that kept you

motivated to get you to where you’re at

yeah i mean if somebody if somebody’s

talking to me that wants to get started

like for me it’s an easy sell because i

love it like i

love the fight like my wife like jokes

like that i’m a bulldog like i will

literally like

go through a brick wall and then there’s

another brick wall and i’ll pound

through that brick wall

and like my face will be like scratched

up and i’ll be like i love it

like i love the fight like if you tell

me no like

let’s go like i’m going to show you that

i’m going to do it um so

first of all like persistence and and

passion for

either youtube as a whole or your

specific niche or what you’re interested


and then legacy like i think legacy is

something people overlook like what do

you want to be known for

what do you want to do in five to ten

years not just

uh six months from now um and also

realize that youtube isn’t the end

like youtube is a learning process and

whatever you start with today

will grow you into the person that you

don’t even know you’re gonna be

or wanted to become in six months and so

for me like

how i encourage people to get over that

and doesn’t always work because it’s not

everybody’s personality is there’s so

much to be gained off of taking that


and being persistent and posting one

video at a time and getting just one

percent better every time

if you look at my first video to my

current video it’s probably a thousand

percent better

because i just said okay if i can just

get one percent better and sometimes

it’s not one percent sometimes it’s

three or four

so just post your first video send it

post your second video send it and then

just get a little bit better

every single time reach out to the brand

and it just over time you’re gonna

build exponentially it’s the hockey

stick growth that

you don’t realize will happen and all of

a sudden you’re talking with benji

and you’re on video influencers which

you watched when you before you even had

a youtube channel like

that’s the process that’s the excitement

of it awesome well thank you ben for

those kind words

and who knows you watching this might be

watching to get free products but maybe

i might want to talk to you in a year or


um or maybe even sooner because you’re

crushing it

um everybody go check out ben’s channel

one of the things i always say

is you know sean and i we might be

youtube experts

and we interview other people on how

they’re doing it but the best way to


is to look at people in your niche or

that are doing what you want to do so if

you want to get some free stuff

just go to his channel make sure to

subscribe especially if you need some

laptop reviews

um and uh yeah it’s awesome by the way i

love that in the beginning it had

very short hair you almost didn’t even

look anything like what you look right

like right now

so even your look can even change too

because i’ll tell you this

you probably have like like you you um

you look like an engineer in these early


but now your your look is completely


yeah yeah you grow you change you you

develop you don’t even realize who

you’re going to be

because it changes you in a good way


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