How to Enable & Post on The Community Tab in 2022! (Photos, Polls, Gifs & Videos)

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0:00 — How to Enable & Post on The Community Tab in 2022! (Photos, Polls, Gifs & Videos)
0:19 — How to Enable the Community Tab
0:38 — How to Post on the Community Tab
1:45 — How to Share an Image on the Community Tab
2:58 — How to Upload a Gif on the Community Tab
3:28 — How to Create a Poll on the Community Tab
4:03- How to See All of Your Past Community Posts
4:24 — How to Delete a Community Post
5:03 — How to Share a Video on a Community Post

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In this video, Nolan covers everything you need to unlock the community tab on youtube & how to post using it!

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=================== text video ====================

here’s how to post photos polls gifs and

videos to your community tab and how to

delete a community post and i share a

must-know tip for sharing video links in

your post so stay tuned for that you got

to just press record once you’re on you want to come over here

to this plus button with the camera and

you’re going to select that and then

you’re going to see upload video go live

but we’re going to create a post and if

you don’t see the create post option

just yet that means you don’t have 500

subscribers and youtube actually

mentioned that they want to make this

open to even more people so maybe down

the road this will be less but as of

right now it’s 500 subscribers and it’ll

take up to a week after passing 500 subs

to get the community tab on your channel

but once you select create post it’s

going to bring you to the community tab

on your own channel and right in here is

where you can create a post and you

actually can just post like a status to

straight up text if you want to now once

you write something in there you can

either post it right now or you can

actually hit this down arrow and you can

schedule a post but before you do that

you want to make sure that the

visibility is set to public you can also

post something for all channel members

so if you do have a membership set up i

don’t have a membership set up on my

channel but if you do you can actually

create a post just specifically for the

people who are paying to be a member of

your channel so for me i’m gonna leave

this on public and then i am going to

schedule my post all you have to do is

select these down arrows and you are

going to select the day you want to

upload as well as the time and you just

kind of scroll down and you can put in

whatever time you want and then the

local time you can just leave it to

whatever your time zone is and from

there you can hit schedule now once

you’ve done this if you scroll down a

little bit you’re gonna see there is a

schedule tab right here and this is

going to have all of your scheduled

posts right here so that you can see

them these aren’t public yet but this is

just a way so that you can quickly view

them then if you go back over to

published these are all of the public

community posts that you have on your

channel now in order to share an image

it’s really easy all you have to do is

click add image and from here you can

just drag on a photo up to five images

or gifs and once you let go of that it’s

going to show you a preview because if

you post a horizontal picture it’s

actually going to do a cropping unless

someone clicks on it and expands the

full image so i definitely recommend

when you are posting photos to kind of

optimize it for the community tab and

that optimization is actually found

right here it says to upload an image

with an aspect ratio between two five

and five two now i kind of recommend

just going with square images because

this is going to be really easy to post

onto all social media platforms so you

want to create an image within the two

to five or five to two ratio but if you

want to just make it easy you can make

it one by one which is a square image

now again you can upload up to five

different images and then once they’re

in here you can actually edit the

preview and so this is what the preview

is going to look like when someone’s

just scrolling on youtube so if you hit

edit preview we can actually move this

over if i want to kind of showcase the

battery maybe a little bit of my eye i

can do that i’ll hit save preview and

then when someone actually clicks on it

it is going to expand that we can do the

same thing over here we’ll go to edit

preview and then you can just go through

and do that with all of your images

editing the preview exactly how you want

all you got to do is hit save and then

if you want to upload another photo or a

gif you can do that right here as well

so right here i have a gif of me and

omar kind of celebrating from a past

video that we did and i just used i exported a square video from

that video that was like 10 seconds and

then i just trimmed it down on

it’s all for free and you can upload

these to the community tab i think these

are a lot more fun than photos so

definitely experiment with creating your

own gifs and posting those on the

community tab and yes you can do a

combination of gifs and photos as well

another fun thing you can do is create a

poll on all you have to do is click add

pull and then at the top you’re gonna

have your question once you have in your

question you can start adding in

different options and you can actually

add another option all the way up to

five different options and this is

really one of my favorite ways to do a

community post is through polls because

it’s really easy for the viewer to just

select the one that they like the most

and then instead of having to type out a

comment it just makes it really easy for

them to interact with your post now

there’s a button right here to actually

share a video to your community tab but

there’s actually two different ways to

do this but first a real quick hack for

you guys if you go into your youtube

studio and then you go down here to

content you can actually go over to post

and this is another way to view all of

the community posts that you have posted

or are posting in the future you can see

right here all of these are public and

this one is the one that i scheduled

just now with you guys and from here you

can also go into the details if you want

to make any changes or you can click on

the comments and read some of those

comments and reply straight from the

youtube studio now to actually delete a

community post it’s a little bit tricky

in the youtube studio but there’s an

easier way to do it so i’ll just show

you both of those right now so if you go

into the details from here you can click

these three dots and this is going to

allow you to delete a community post so

we’re going to go ahead and say yes i do

want to delete this forever and then

boom that community post is now deleted

you can do that with scheduled posts or

you can do that with posts that you’ve

already posted i just said posts a lot

going back to your youtube channel if

you go over to community you can

actually just scroll down and go over

here to the three dots and you can

delete it if you want to delete right

here you don’t have to go into the

youtube studio i find this to be a lot

easier if you want to do that all right

so let’s check out this feature on

actually sharing a video so really

easily you can just select the video and

then you can choose a video that you

want to share to your community tab this

could be one of your own youtube videos

but you can also share a video from

someone else if you just want to spread

that to your audience you can do that as

well so for me if i want to share this

video about growth video live to my

audience i can just paste the link in

here and then i’m going to go ahead and

hit select and just like a normal post i

can go ahead and add in some text i can

actually tag any creators that i want to

tag and this makes it a really easy way

to post about a video and share it and

then when people see it once they click

on that thumbnail it’s going to take

them directly to that video and speaking

of growth video live if you haven’t

gotten your tickets yet make sure you

check the link in the description

especially if you’re looking to build

your personal brand and grow an online

presence with video you definitely want

to be there and the other way is just to

share the link directly to your

community post and there’s actually a

benefit to doing it this way now when

you’re sharing your link a lot of people

are going to go up here and they’re

going to hit copy and then they’re going

to paste that right here and that is

going to work but that’s just a bit too

long for me the better way to do it is

actually to go back to the video and

then you’re going to hit the share

button and this is going to give you a

url that is much shorter so once you hit

copy we’re going to go back to this post

and when i paste that you can see how

much shorter and cleaner that is so i

definitely recommend if you’re going to

share links to be doing it this way and

the benefit of doing it this way is that

you can actually create a pull or share

an image with the link still attached so

when people see the link they can just

click on it and go straight to the video

that you still get to have an

interactive pull or share a different

image than the thumbnail now if you want

to learn the best practices on how to

actually use the community tab to get

more views for your videos and grow your

channel then click on the screen and

i’ll see you guys in the next video




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