How to Deal with Unsupportive Family Members as a Youtuber

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3:15 — Question #2 to Ask Yourself
5:24 — Question #3 to Ask Yourself
8:46 — Question #4 to Ask Yourself
13:42 — Question #5 to Ask Yourself
18:15 — Question #6 to Ask Yourself
23:24 — Question #7 to Ask Yourself

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In this video, Sean & Heather talk about how to deal with unsupportive family members as an entrepreneur & Youtuber.

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how do i get the support of that person

that i want to cheer me on and celebrate


is to stop doing some things because so

many people in our community are

potentially doing that i feel

unsupported in my youtube channel the

reason they’re not supporting you is

because you’re also trying to write a

book and start a blog and it’s actually

three channels you want to start and you

told them last week that you were gonna

start something else and the week before

you that you’re gonna start something

else you gotta just press record so

here’s seven questions to ask how do you

deal with unsupported family members in

your youtube journey

how do you deal with maybe those that

are not celebrating you question number


are they actually really unsupportive or

are you just interpreting interpreting

it that way what do you think about that

yeah i uh this question for me has been

one of the biggest questions that i am

constantly asking myself in this journey

and again i mean i see marriage as a

blessing right i i do believe that two

become one and in that there is friction

iron sharpens iron and when i think

about you know are they actually

unsupportive or am i interpreting that

way i 100 of the time interpret it that

way i go there every single time you

don’t believe in me you don’t trust me

and it really is actually just my

interpretation of how i’m feeling at the

moment where he just needs some facts he

has a question yes like so tell me a

little bit more about that oh you’re

opposing this if you’re questioning it

at all yeah or or hey um i thought you

said you were gonna be done at two no

it’s a long shoot day we’re not done

until five okay well we had plans like

and i’m like oh so you’re so great so

everything i’m doing actually doesn’t

matter and he’s like no we actually just

had plans you know and then it does it

sets us into this spiral where really

it’s just that he

where i’m talking about my spouse

because it’s really you know where where

i feel the most tension um is that i’m

interpreting that he’s not supportive

because i actually have not communicated

all of the things that are happening in

my brain you know and um and for me yeah

it’s always going to the interpretation

and yeah there are some times when he is

unsupportive but that is also a good

thing at sometimes too i will go off the

rails if i had freedom to just do and be

and say and you know all the things and

he’s like hey remember that life plan we

had like let’s let’s say on that course

a little bit so i interpret it that way

and over my journey as an entrepreneur

i’ve had to realize that not everyone

sees the world the same way i do and it

may take people a little bit longer i’m

also a dreamer my husband’s very

analytical you and i we are both

dreamers our spouses are both more in

that analytical more realist uh phase

and so yeah i automatically go to that

what about you

yeah i mean i just think that

uh some similarly i think we have to

recognize that we’re under pressure and

sometimes building a youtube channel

stressful you got a lot on your mind

and it might be pushing you to where

you’re almost on the verge of breaking

you know where you’re just trying to

hold it together emotionally because you

want to focus you want to show up and


whether it’s a spouse a partner

uh a roommate you know you live with

your sister or somebody else and again

they just say like like hey uh if you’re

gonna be shooting videos in the kitchen

will i be able to use it at six for my

dinner party tonight and you’re like why

are you now opposing my youtube dreams

you know but i think it’s recognizing

that again you may

just be interpreting it that way they do

support you but it’s okay for them to

question you okay question number two

have you put yourself in their shoes

that’s so good right have you put

yourself in their shoes in terms of uh

how they might be feeling again

it seems it’s kind of crazy you’re like

so i want to be a youtuber you know what

even what is that yeah um what does that

even mean and

we’re talking about pioneering and

pressing into essentially a new category

an undefined category

have you put yourself in their shoes

that maybe you’ve been

reading youtube secrets you watched all

of vray you’ve been listening to the

think media podcast for two years you’ve

been studying all other youtube

entrepreneurship and other you immerse

yourself in it eight hours a day they

have done

none of that right so they have like

kind of no context and your

all of this brain transformation you’ve

gone through it’s sounding fresh and new

to them so get into their shoes in terms

of communicating yeah i even think about

this with my parents my parents have

always quote unquote supported my

decisions but when i was like hey by the

way i’m gonna drop out of college i’m

not going to become and my dad served in

the military for 26 years very

traditional in his viewpoints and and

wanting security for his children so i’m

like and yeah by the way i’m gonna like

start this online business thing he it

wasn’t that he didn’t he just didn’t

even know what it was

he still really doesn’t even know what

we do he’s like you make youtube videos

and then they pay you how does this

happen and so over time i have to

realize that

especially when you when you think about

maybe your parents or an older sibling

or something like that this is fresh and

new still the the online economy the

youtube the creator economy is still so

fresh and new so you’re right we’ve

immersed ourselves you’ve probably been

thinking about your youtube channel

you’ve probably been reading the books

you’ve probably been doing these things

for a while you’ve probably been

watching youtube for longer than the

people maybe in your life have because

you’re interested in it so yeah putting

yourself in their shoes is such a big

piece to say oh maybe i should slow down

and actually say like what am i trying

to do what is this thing maybe give some

examples of some people who are

successful so that they can go and start

doing their research on it as well and

that brings us to question number three

now are you communicating your vision


have you educated them so if you’re in

their shoes and you go okay wait a

minute they probably i need to really

slow down

and explain this

and this also is a very powerful

exercise because again the reason why

they may be unsupportive is because

there’s just a total lack of clarity and


you might have a lack of clarity if

you’re not sure of your business model

like how are you going to make money i

don’t even know i’m just going to well

then you might want to get a little

clearer than that like if if you’re

unclear i guarantee your family and

friends and people around you like it’s

going to seem even more ambiguous to

them so this is actually kind of a good

exercise to say number one have you

taken the time to educate whoever this

unsupportive person is into the details

and that could be that could challenge

you to maybe really galvanize your ideas

okay here’s my plan here’s how i’m going

to execute it i’m going have you ever

sat down and said listen uh can would it

be okay with you if i spend five hours a

week or if i spend 10 hours a week i’m

going to be diligent with this time

here’s my vision i want to chip away at

building a youtube channel i understand

we have other things going on um and

this is a good opportunity to how can

you educate um

tell stories

here like so

what exactly are you doing how do you

make money well here’s an example of

someone i’m following here’s what think

media is doing here’s what this specific

person in my niche is doing here’s the

way they’re they’re making money i’ve

actually studied them out a little bit

it took them a couple years that’s my

vision so my vision is i’m that’s what i

want to do as well and i think that i

really have it in me and

what do you think about that could you

join me on this it’s going to be really

hard for someone to support your vision

if you haven’t clarified and

communicated your vision yeah and maybe

this has happened with you i know for me

specifically the things that i care

about in my vision are not actually the

things that isaiah cares about in the

vision you know so for me i’m like i’m

gonna help people i’m gonna you know do

all these things um i’m gonna be able to


fill in the blank and he’s like okay but

like who’s watching the kids on tuesday

you know like so so being understanding

i mean we could go back to so much that

you even helped people on the podcast

with of just understanding how to


what is the thing that really matters

them have you noticed this in your life

with sonia just the idea of like 100

when you’re saying this is what i want

thinking i’m going to change the world

she’s like well the garage has been so

dirty for so long and that’s my highest

value like would you actually help me

clean the garage you’re like but i’m

changing nations yes you know yeah and

so yeah you’re right like understanding

the other person because

that’s the dream of also an effective

youtube business yeah like

your your motive mission-driven impact

it’s a legitimate motive yeah what about

our bills right like what about like

actually our family how are we gonna

feed our kids you go okay inside of this

vision we’re not just gonna be able to

make a significant difference in the

lives of people we can also make a

significant living and so honey on the

other side of this you know mom dad on

the other side of this

this is the fastest growing small

business type hey here’s a report from

signal fire like hey here’s a study of

1400 content entrepreneurs like this is

a real thing and so this will be able to

achieve the values you have this can

fulfill your love languages as well as

well as mine definitely now the next one

is um do you have reputation for follow

through now


this was me and and and actually i’ll

defend myself a little uh

entrepreneurship is failing over and

over it is the idea of can you pick

yourself back up what does that look

like and it’s framing it for the other

person because it wasn’t that i was

untrustworthy it was that i was

interested in a lot of things sure at

the same time that all costs money right

so so

in that you know was i following through

on being a wedding planner i mean sure i

had done a couple weddings and i was

making a little bit of side income but i

was investing a little bit back into it

was i good at or was i following through

on helping other small businesses do

social media yes and i was also

interested in fitness like so i was all

over the place and so it felt like i

wasn’t following through now we look

back my husband and i talk about it and

he’s like oh i see that you were just

trying to figure out your thing but i

was not communicating that i was just

bouncing from one thing to the next

thing to the next thing and so my track

record of following through was very low

right and even up until the point i mean

i remember vividly calling him after you

and i had sat down at coffee and i was


we i i you know but he already knew we

were gonna meet for coffee right we have

boundaries in our marriage and and uh

and i said this is gonna be amazing

everything’s like this is gonna be so

awesome we’re gonna create this course

we’re gonna like change the freaking

world and he was like okay

sure you know and and not that he

doubted me but rather than just going

full-fledged into supporting me he just

kind of had a little guard up because oh

this is heather with another heather

thing sure i am a verbal processor and

even john on our team right now you know

uh you’re gonna be like heather why are

you talking about this rv so much i’m

obsessed okay um i was gonna sell it i

was gonna keep it and john goes do you

just pivot in real time and i go yes

that’s my personality i am pivoting in

real time

that can show

uh signs of non-follow-through and not

being trustworthy so it’s actually just

communicating now i say i am verbally

processing this i’ve not made a decision

i’m just verbally processing so what

about you well yeah so we’re turning the

mirror back on ourselves again we are

demanding or asking or hoping why are

they not supporting me what’s your


and um you know that whole i would say

hearing your story you were following

through and at least there was those

micro wins or big wins but they were

kind of scattered and that sort of

speaks to maybe the power of focus and

not even that you had evidence of hustle

i will one of the things i learned

growing up is i got to actually watch my

stepdad and my mom and i got to watch my

mom go from network marketing company to

network marketing company to network

marketing company and uh there was these

magnets these were all cool too these

like magnets that would like release

tension and like massage things called

nikan and uh these whatever and i

remember again it cost like a couple

grand to get started with one company

and you kind of do it for a while and

then the question is is there any sales

and even if there’s not sales are you

like smashing the phones are you like

hitting the pavement are you driving

door to door like are you hitting all

your friends up and that sometimes it

was like you get into the dream of

things but you don’t necessarily back it

up with the hustle so i watched that and

then sure enough it was like okay

this didn’t work out oh there’s another

one though i want to join and i don’t so

now i’m just i’m looking at both sides

i’m like okay if i put myself in my

step-dad’s shoes he not even again not

even necessarily just actual success and


even just what are your actions yeah

what what what is your are you actually

hustling are you in there working i see

this happen in a lot of people we coach

a lot of peers other men that i mentor

again they say they got big dreams for

business but then they’re playing video

games all the time and they don’t have a

gaming channel that’s right so it’s like

so then if you think your spouse is

supposed to say like you’re not hustling

though like you’re still literally life

or death might be on this you got your

day job and you’re trying to get your

side hustle to monetize

what business do you have not really

hustling it’s not that you can’t do play

some video games or something for a

little time to unwind but a lot of times

people do that out of fear they get the

idea but then they procrastinate away

the work they need to do i will say not

trying to

just to soberly judge my past one thing

sonia always knew about me was i just

freaking hustle my face off like i went

just all in even if it was

not necessarily seeming to be effective

so she never really doubted my work

ethic um there was times though that i

was definitely probably spending my time

like you in the wrong place spinning my


and again if i chipped away at one thing

that was less meaningful and then like

she got home and she’s like well you

said you’re gonna get all this done and

i made one thumbnail for eight hours

because i got two i wasn’t managing my

time well

all of those details all of those

details are you know super important and

uh and just do you have a reputation for

follow through

number five are you skilled at what

you’re doing oh man and this is this is

something people need to so believe i

think all these questions you should be

evaluating on a regular basis but this

one specifically are you actually

skilled in what you’re doing their



might be them actually not saying you’re

actually not really good at that you

know and like hey sonia i have decided i

want to be in the nba yeah like i i like

i’m changing i’m going into the nba and

she’s like i don’t support that why

don’t she wants support you know support


that’s an extreme example but that’s the

ultimate example like self-awareness

there’s a thin line between

self-awareness there’s a thin line

between ambition

and and and leaning stretching into

gifting and delusion

truth and sometimes it’s hard

do we have what it takes what do you

think about that yeah and i think this

is uh you know when we’re coaching

uh and and helping people in this

it’s not that you can’t start a youtube

channel when you’re excited about

something new

but my best advice is just pause

before if you’re just jumping into say

like kyle from our team just got a new

jeep it’s not like he doesn’t know about

jeeps but like maybe it’s like his first

experience with it right

maybe don’t start a jeep channel right

away like see if this is something

you’re really into see if this is

something you really want to be in

community with see if this is you know

because the self-awareness of saying are

you actually good at this like are you

good at teaching are you good are you

really good at mechanics are you really

good at um finance whatever it is that

you’re jumping into i see this happen a

lot too when people start to change

maybe their diet or their um or in their

finances and they’re like oh i want to

start helping other people and it’s like

let’s work the journey a little bit make

sure we’ve got some receipts

to show that you can help and that was a

big thing of what you even did in your

journey you’re like i’m not going to

just start helping people in vra i’m

gonna actually like coach people

privately make sure this program works

and then go deeper into it and i think

more people need to actually know that

patience is a part of this process and

that someone’s unsupportiveness isn’t

actually them attacking you it’s maybe

just them subtly saying maybe put a

little bit more work in before we start

going into it i think that’s strong and

of course this applies directly to i

think one of the things that speaks

maybe your skill is low but can your

hustle be high it’s good here’s where i

fail a lot

is i’m really into

i’ve never really been able to commit to

a workout plan i’ve been able to commit

to to running

um but one of the things that i do i

don’t really buy infomercial stuff but

i’m on amazon all the time i buy

exercise bands and i’m like oh this

looks cool i buy these little exercise

tools so there’s like constant packages

coming to my door little recovery things

like massage guns and things like that

well i can imagine in sonia’s mind being

like why do you need that massage gun

you never actually push your muscles

muscles to the limit you know what i

mean like it’s a logical like play it

out like why do you need these recovery

tools since you haven’t actually even

opened up the bands that you bought yet

like are you even really hustling and

following through and sometimes we what

we do is we talk we make these


without much credibility or strong


i think we should talk less hustle

almost in secret and then make the

declaration that’s a different way to

approach it we make a declaration i am

going to get brad pitt fight club ripped

so i’m paying for an expensive gym

membership how about

actually commit to 30 hours a day of

just push-ups and sit-ups for free 30

hours a day

30 minutes a day and for for you know

six days a week and you do that for a

whole month and that person goes wow

you’ve really been hustling okay yeah

that gym membership makes sense we like

jump the gun kind of and then we think

people are unsupportive so you flip that

back to to youtube channel or whatever

like hey honey i want to buy the most

expensive camera well you haven’t even

shot a video yet with your phone

so so skill needs to be developed but

rather than making these bold you know

declarations sometimes talk literally is

cheap and actions speak louder than

words and so if you can put some actions


that that you’re not declaring anything

but people notice then your family

members see you then that person sees

you they’re like wow you’ve been really

consistent that’s good building up your

skills okay i can get behind that and

now you want to make an investment well

let’s stretch into let’s say multiple

thousands of dollars of investment you

have a track record of even a couple

months of really doing the thing that

could go a long way so good all right

number six are you being faithful with

the other commitments in your life

are you being faithful with the other

commitments in your

life yeah this is a good one because now

we’re saying okay so i want to start a

youtube channel

i want to build my online business um

and but man i feel like they’re not

supporting us sometimes we we get so

self-righteous about that cause

that we it’s to the neglect of just our

day-to-day responsibilities so ask

yourself like who’s depending on you

like who what what are the goals and

roles in your relationship and have you

been making even deposits and

withdrawals so again if i hustle all day

on my youtube channel and i know though

that my spouse or my roommate’s

expectation is oh the house is cleaned

up or did you take the trash out or did

you take the mail pay for to the bills

or did you take care of the kids if you

don’t if you neglect those things then

actually they see your youtube business

your side hustle as an enemy

to the relationship so why would they

support that furthermore

if you’re doing those things then they’d

be much more likely to give you grace or

leniency and so it goes back to that

parents thing i feel like my parents

aren’t supporting me where you’re like

well i got my homework done i’ve done

the group i’ve done good grades i’m

getting to sleep so now there’s more

freedom and trust and when i think of

deposits and withdrawals this is huge

this is true in teams marriages any kind

of relationships some things you do in a

relationship are a deposit like a

deposit at the bank so when you

know what their love language is or you

know what they’ve asked you to do your

roommate hey can you do put the dishes

actually in the dishwasher and not the

sink that’s actually a deposit they have

a request you did it awesome then you

think about

a withdrawal though is maybe like hey

i really want a batch shoot this

saturday could you cover for me could

you do this thing well ultimately then

that might be a withdrawal but your

question is what’s your balance and too

many people are overdrawn their account

is overdrawn in terms of i feel

unsupported because all you’re doing is

it’s constantly a burden the youtube

channel is constantly affecting the

relationship uh negatively and so are

you being faithful with the commitments

in your life yeah i i take this back to

even when i think about um being an

early entrepreneur and a young mother i

was pulling myself at two different ends

i was you know young kiddos and i was

also trying to run a business and so i

think about what is even the season of

life that you’re in what are you

committed to in this season of life and

so i actually started to turn instead of

building i actually went internal and i

was like what can i learn what can i be

doing right rather than it being

something that was external that was

gonna cost us more money or or had me

away from the home more or those types

of things i just figured this is the

season i’m in this is only for a short

season we were in the season of my

husband building his career me with the

young babies at home trying to figure

out entrepreneurship and i thought man

am i already am i not actually doing the

things i need to be doing to my already

here commitments right and also thinking

i was also signed up for all of these

other things

and i had to really soberly evaluate

what was i actually going to give my

time to and for me and my husband we

decided that family comes first no

matter what like if the video doesn’t

get shot it’s okay family comes first if

if my kid needs me family comes first

those are just commitments we’ve made

but i have to say no to a lot of other

things because we will over commit

ourselves like crazy especially if

you’re like me a recovering people

people pleaser someone says hey we need

someone for this my hand is the first to

go up in the air and i had to learn to

like hold that hand down for a little

bit so i don’t over commit so that my

goals and dreams could actually come to

fruition because i actually could then

start working on it and my husband could

see that the time and effort i was

putting into the one thing was actually

the thing to support rather than saying

hey can you support me on these five

different things

and that helped us in our marriage and

even with my family to see what i was

intentionally putting my time and effort

into um and not and not feel like they

were against me but they were for me

because they knew what to cheer me on

for i wasn’t in five things i was in one

thing and that was what they could

really lean in for me with i do think

that sometimes we undervalue that

outside perspective and you’re exactly

right one of the ways to maybe get the

support how do i get the support of that

person that i want to cheer me on and

celebrate me

is to stop doing some things because so

many people in our community are

potentially doing that i feel

unsupported in my youtube channel the

reason they’re not supporting you is

because you’re also trying to write a

book and start a blog and it’s actually

three channels you want to start and you

told them last week that you were going

to start something else and the week

before you were going to start something

else they would love to get behind you

but they are soberly evaluating the

situation and being like well here’s

another thing there’s no way you’re

going to succeed and it’s true you’re

listening to this right now and you’re


actually it’s true i’ve taken on too

much so i love that get focused um and

they might be able to get behind the one

big idea and the one thing you’re

building which brings us to number seven

in terms of

man what do i do with unsupportive

people towards my dream my business

dream is who is supporting your dream i

think we have to acknowledge that even

if you are skilled at what you’re doing

or you’re at least putting in the hustle

to build the skill that you have a

reputation for follow-through that you

actually have articulated your vision

that you are really good with your

priorities this is pretty amazing too

but if you’re doing all that you’re

you’re good with your priorities you’re

super focused you are understanding

you’ve put yourself in their shoes they

still might be unsupportive

like they still just

might not be super pumped they might

kind of have a negative energy it they

might kind of be a debbie downer they

might kind of rain on your parade there

could be a lot of emotional things going

in there they could be just jealous or

it could be an inner issue or there’s

all kind of stuff

then the question is well who is

supporting your dream

it’s still possible to build a dream in

that environment you can’t you can’t


sometimes you can’t change circumstances

a lot of times and you can’t always

change people most of the time but you

can always change your perspective and

you can always then

shift your actions who is supporting

your dream

and are you intentionally building a



um and have you been looking ultimately

for for support from the wrong person

yes because of course you want to be

like if you say that the only way i’m

going to feel fulfilled or even be able

to succeed on youtube is if i get

support from this one person then you’ve

given away your personal power but if

you say listen i understand it and this

was a huge

kind of a realization i had to come to

was i have i felt probably mostly

indifference from those around me or

rather just misunderstanding i just like

it wasn’t that they were unsupportive

it’s that they didn’t just get it like

your parents are like i just don’t even

know what you do

and me thinking i wish you did i wish

you understood me i wish i could talk to

you about this what i learned was like

no i just need to have a circle and an

outlet where i can connect with people

on that level and i think that’s what

we’ve built here at think media like you

and i we could geek out on marketing and

funnels and socials and youtube and

algorithms at dinner and when we’re out

on a double date with our spouses like

they’re not wanting to talk about

youtube and algorithms and so so that’s

great like that’s actually really a

healthy clear thing to understand so who

can you get around you that’s what we’ve

done with the video ranking academy

community people love the facebook group

because that might be their one place to

really vibe with people that can talk

youtube who do understand their dream

who do support their dream and so no

matter who’s in your your cousins don’t

understand you your parents don’t

understand you they’re not really

feeling supportive we’ll build a circle

somewhere else healthily

just get people in your life that can

feel that dream encourage you look for a

mentor a friend someone who can speak

life into you um and sometimes that’s

all that you need and that can help you

get to your goals yeah and i think for

me initially i really wanted acceptance

um i really wanted to be seen by the

people that were in my life for the

achievements that i was doing i was

putting my worth into

what i was building and i didn’t really

have much to show for it when i started

to shift my focus

from actually wanting their acceptance

to saying actually what community am i

in that i already feel accepted in um i

did this initially because i i’m i’m an

introvert it’s not like i went out in

facebook groups and was like hi guys

where are you at i’m very much an

introvert i actually started to get that

from um private groups of courses that i

was a part of like video ranking academy

but also by just becoming more confident

in just what i was already doing what i

knew i was called to where i knew i was

going where i didn’t then need the

accolades from other people i didn’t

need their appreciation and acceptance

and all those things because i knew what

i was called to do and so i started

digging deeper into books about just

understanding my own self-confidence

understanding that i was needing the

acceptance of others because i had such

low self-esteem in who i personally was

that once i started to build that muscle

and for me once i found christ and once

i really knew what i was here to do

that’s when it shifted for me where i

thought my husband supports me for who i

am and what i’m doing i don’t actually

need him to every day say like add a

girl you know or oh my goodness the book

you’re writing is amazing he probably

will read it or maybe he won’t and i

won’t that’ll be okay because i don’t


that verbal um acceptance from people

anymore but i think it’s important that

you say who is in my circle the think

media team you’re right i could build a

funnel and you’re like great job heather

and i’m like he gets me he knows what

i’m like great job i like that fun i

like what you did but i don’t i don’t

i’m not craving it anymore and i think

building that self-confidence muscle

getting in a group of people who uh it

rubs off when you’re around other

confident people you’re like oh that’s

what it looks like oh okay so when

you’re in communities like video ranking

academy you’ll start to see that you’ll

start to see that making one video

becomes easy you’ll start to see that as

you are doing this more and more that

the muscle is being built of just you

actually supporting yourself on the

thing that you’re doing super powerful

so use those seven questions what this i

think the most powerful thing we could

change today

is maybe what we can do how we can shift

how we can communicate our vision better

how we can maybe work on our reputation

how we can stop worrying about oh man i

just wish they would support me and

maybe think maybe there’s some stuff i

need to do it also could be on them but

these seven questions are really a

framework that we encourage you i think

this can change your relationships build

some more momentum and help you reach

your youtube goals faster did you hear

that growth video live 2022 is back in

person this is your opportunity to

network with like-minded people just

like you to make friendships to make

business partnerships this is your

opportunity to get in the room you can

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