How to deal with unexpected charges from YouTube

In this video, we’ll help you navigate unexpected charges for a Premium membership. Unexpected charges from YouTube could be for several reasons — such as tax rate adjustments, bank or credit card fees, or due to an authorization hold.

00:00 | Introduction
00:13 | Understand Your Billing Charges
00:55 | When You Receive Multiple Charges
01:46 | Closing

Troubleshoot billing & charge issues:
Troubleshoot billing or access issues with a Premium membership:
Understand authorization charges from YouTube:
Report an unauthorized transaction:

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In this video, we’ll help you understand
how YouTube paid memberships

such as YouTube Premium and Music Premium
are billed and charged to your account.

If you’re seeing
an unexpected charge from YouTube

on your credit card or bank account,
it could be for several reasons.

If you believe you were
charged too much, this could be due to

an adjustment to tax rates
related to your paid membership.

Another reason could be that
you may have upgraded to a Family plan.

Monthly billing charges will be higher
than they were for an individual plan.

Your bank or card company
may charge additional fees

for international transactions
depending on your location.

Additionally, there could be
changes in the total amount

due to the conversion
between your local currency and US dollars.

You may also see
an authorization hold for the amount

similar to your monthly billing charge.

If your account was charged multiple times,
this could be for several reasons.

One of them could be because

you’re subscribed
to another Google product or service.

Go to
to check your Google Pay account

to confirm the details on the charge

and to verify if it’s
from a YouTube paid membership.

Another reason that
you could see multiple charges from YouTube

is that you have more than one account
with a YouTube paid membership.

You, or someone with access to your account

may have signed up using
another email, device, or billing platform.

Finally, you may be seeing

an authorization hold
or pending charge to your account.

If you see a charge on your card
or bank statement for a digital purchase

on YouTube that you didn’t make

you can report the charge to our support team
within 120 days of the transaction.

To learn more about how billing works
for YouTube for your account

check out the links
in the description of this video.

Thanks for watching.


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