How To Create A Podcast from ANY Video

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In this video, Heather shares how to convert a video into an audio file.

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=================== text video ====================

so you have your video podcast ready to

go and you want to be able to convert

that video into audio only to be able to

get your podcast out where people can

listen to it also well in this video i’m

going to walk you through how you can

convert your video into audio on both

your desktop and your phone so keep


you got to just press record this video

is in partnership with buzz sprout the

company that we use for our podcast and

i love them so much because they help

make podcasting easy now if you’re

anything like me time is very limited

you maybe are running your youtube

channel running a business and so you

need something that is easy to use and

buzz sprout allows you to be able to

post your podcast and distribute it to

all of the places that people can listen

to it on hey what’s up it’s heather here

from think media and on this channel we

do tech gear reviews youtube tips and

walkthrough tutorials just like this so

if you’re new here consider subscribing

now i have been walking you through an

entire series here on think media on how

to podcast we started with the basics of

podcasting we went into should you

choose audio video or both and then we

walk through some of the steps of how to

create that podcast and this video is in

partnership with our buddies over at

buzz sprout i’ll tell you more about

them in the future of this video but

let’s go to jump into how to convert

that video file into an audio file now

i’m going to be using imovie on my mac

but if you’re using maybe davinci

resolve final cut pro or premiere pro

you can use these same principles to be

able to execute the same thing so i’ll

walk you through on my desktop let’s

dive in alright so the first thing you

want to do is make sure that you have

your video file now i’ve already

pre-recorded a video for this example

and i’m going to be doing my homeschool

channel just like i’ve been doing

throughout this entire series so you

want to make sure you already have that

video file ready to go so tip number one

is actually to make sure that you have

your video ready to go so i’ve already

walked through if you want to learn how

to do this on your phone in a previous

video to help you learn how to do a

video podcast or i’ll link down below

other examples we have here on think

media on video podcasting but let’s jump

into where we are in this step so i have

my imovie open right now and i’m going

to hit import media that’s going to

bring up my ability to go and get my

actual video i’m going to open this one

import this select video now i have the

file here i’m going to pull it down

and a couple tips you want to know when

it comes to audio specifically now when

it comes to audio you want to make sure

that you’re looking at your audio levels

and you can actually see that here on

imovie when i move this little line up

and down these are the audio levels you

want to make sure you’re between

negative 6 and negative 12 db now see if

it goes yellow there that is not good so

i want to keep it underneath that line

because what it means when it goes above

that line is that your audio is too hot

you’re peaking it doesn’t sound right so

it can be hard to listen to because it

gets too loud have you ever had that

happen it gets too loud this is what

that means so you just want to make sure

that you are editing the audio pieces of

your file now if you’re in imovie and

say you need to go through and edit an

audio piece that is too loud see how

this is yellow right here i would click

on here and i would just go ahead and

separate this

and i would get into here and i would

separate this

and i would go and i would adjust those

levels because i want to make sure that

the audio is actually below see it gives

me the percentage i want to make sure

the audio is below that line there we go

so all the way below that line

now if you’re in another editing

software that gives you a little bit

more capability to actually adjust

the decibels in there maybe once you

strip this you want to take it into a

garage band or another

audio editing software you could but

that’s not going to be covered in this

tutorial i’ll do that in a future one

for you okay so now that we have this uh

file ready to go i’ve got my video and i

just want to upload i just want to

download the audio i’m going to click up

at the top i’m going to click file

and then here it’s going to give me the

name it’s going to give me the file and

i have the option here where it says

video and audio that’s if i wanted to

download it as a video but i don’t i

want to download it as audio only so i’m

going to do audio only i’m going to hit


and now it’s going let me go back and

you have different options you can do an

mp3 which will just give you direct to


hit next it’s gonna save your file for

you and then you’re just waiting for it

to save okay and now you actually have

an audio file you have an mp3 and that’s

what we’re going to actually use to

upload into our hosting site now the

hosting site that you know we love and

use here at think media is buzz sprout i

love buzzfrout because they are a simple

and easy one-stop shop for where to go

if you are hosting your podcast it

connects to all major podcast

distribution makes it super easy to

upload and distribute and i love that

they give you these extra features that

i’m going to be showing you in this

tutorial so if you’ve not already signed

up for buzz sprout you can click the

link below and get the best deal

possible if you want to upgrade from the

free version so we’re going to log into

our buzz sprout here and you’ll notice i

have my homeschool house here we just

did an episode on how to make that cover

art so if you want to learn how to make

that artwork i will make sure to link

that down below as well but i’m going to

go ahead and go into my downloads

because that’s where my mp3 is grab that

mp3 and i’m going to make it super easy

and it uploads right to buzz sprout i

would then change my episode here

and then i would save these details now

save the details is what i’m going to do

now one of the upgrades you can make if

you don’t want to necessarily edit the

audio pieces yourself like i was doing

inside of imovie is magic mastering this

is an upgrade that is inside of buzz

sprout where they basically do the

editing for you

when it comes to leveling out and making

your audio sound better this is

something you can upgrade to and it’ll

help to advance your audio this feature

allows that maybe you have two different

people inside of a podcast and one’s

louder than the other it will actually

even out that audio for you it does

what’s called true peak tracking where

it’ll see where your levels are going up

and down and it’ll help to smooth that

out and lastly it’ll take out some of

those hums and hissing noises that can

happen when you’re recording audio so

this is just an upgraded feature if you

want to send it to buzzfrow and have

them edit your audio inside of their

software another feature that i love

inside of buzz sprout once you’ve

uploaded your audio is you can actually

create a audio sound bite right inside

of buzz sprout that you can then share

on social media so if you’ve got your

video podcast of course you’re sharing

that on youtube and maybe you’ve

downloaded bits of that to make micro

content but right inside of this

software you’re able to create those


audio sound bites to use on social media

now if you’re creating your podcast on

your phone i’m gonna quickly walk

through just a couple simple steps to

make sure that you can move that video

file into an audio file okay so the

first step on your phone is you want to

make sure that you have saved your

actual video into the right file so i’m

going to go to the video i’m going to

hit save and i’m actually going to hit

where i say i want to save it in my file

so scroll down and it says

saved to files i’m going to save it into


downloads and then hit save um i already

have one there so i i already have this

video there because i was going through

this but it’s now saved in my files now

you’re going to go into your video

converter so you’re going to go into

your file converter you want to download

file converter and make sure you have

that from the app store and i’m going to

hit mp3 i’m going to grab my file by

clicking on files clicking on the video

that i want it’ll upload that and it

says i want to change an mp4 to an mp3

i’m going to start the conversion and

there we go and now i can just save that

audio file right to my phone and be able

to upload it onto the buzz sprout site

directly from my phone now here’s the

key if you’re doing anything on your

smartphone you need to make sure that

you have enough storage you’re doing

videos you’re recording videos and then

you’re also doing audio so just make

sure that you have enough storage

available on your phone either on your

actual phone or that you upgrade and you

get the icloud storage that way you can

make sure that you have enough room to

handle all of these things on your phone

now if you have other podcasting

questions about starting a podcast or

any of the steps included in making that

happen let me know down in the comment

section below i want to make sure that

i’m making videos that you want to see

in this entire podcasting series and if

you’ve not watched the first video in

this series i definitely recommend

clicking or tapping the screen right now

so you can go over and watch that first

video in the series thank you so much

for watching and i’ll catch you in the

next video bye