How to Add Custom Thumbnails for YouTube Videos (Beginners Tutorial)

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0:00 — How to Upload a Custom Thumbnail on Youtube?
0:18 — First Way to Upload a Custom Youtube Thumbnail
1:07 — Second Way to Upload a Custom Youtube Thumbnail
2:50 — Third Way to Upload a Custom Youtube Thumbnail

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In this video, Nolan covers how to add a custom thumbnail to your youtube videos in 2022!

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=================== text video ====================

— Here’s how to add a custom thumbnail

to your YouTube video.

And there’s actually three
different ways to do this.

Now, the first one is super easy.

All you gotta do is upload a
video to your YouTube channel.

So we’re gonna hit the
create button right here

and then we’re gonna upload a video.

All you gotta do is add in your video

like you are uploading
a normal YouTube video.

And then once this actually
uploads and you see this screen,

what you need to do

is you want to screen
roll down a little bit.

So as we scroll down,
we are gonna see this

thumbnail section right
here, says thumbnail.

And right here, it’s gonna
say upload thumbnail.

And this is the first way to do this.

All you have to do is
select that thumbnail.

And then from here, you can
select a file on your computer

a custom thumbnail that you made.

You can select that
image and then upload it.

Now, if you happen to have an image

that is more than two you megabytes,

you can see right here

that this image is much
larger than two megabytes.

When you try to actually
upload that as your thumbnail

you are gonna see this message

that says the file is
bigger than two megabytes.

So make sure when you are
uploading your thumbnail

that it is less than two
megabytes in its file size.

Here, we can see that this
image is less than two megabytes

so we just need to select it.

We’re gonna hit open and then boom

we have our custom thumbnail
directly onto YouTube.

Now there’s two other ways to do this

that you probably didn’t even know about.

Now, the second way to do this

you actually don’t even do
it in this upload process.

You need to do it inside
the YouTube Studio.

So once you find a video

that you wanna add the
custom thumbnail to,

let’s say, I want to do
it to this one right here.

You wanna hit this little pencil

and this is gonna go into the details.

And just like the upload screen.

If you scroll down just a little bit

you are gonna see a thumbnail option

but there’s something new here.

There is create thumbnail.

And this is because of the
vidIQ plugin that we have.

And you can check the
link in the description

if you wanna try it out for free,

or you can just get the free version

and do this for yourself.

But all you need to do
is hit create thumbnail.

And you’re gonna get this
thumbnail editor window

from vidIQ.

And it’s pretty cool.

I definitely recommend doing this

rather than selecting one
of these three images.

You can see my face, isn’t the
best in any of those images.

So if you don’t have a custom thumbnail

and you dunno how to make a thumbnail,

you at least need to do this stuff,

which is create thumbnail.

And from here, you can choose
a video still from the video.

So if you’re making a weird face

in one of those three images,

you can scroll through here and
find the best picture of you

or whatever it is that is in your video.

And then all you have to do
is pause that and hit next.

Now, this video is all about

how to change your name on YouTube.

And this image in the video

actually kind of portrays
that pretty well.

It’s me changing my name
to Mr. Awesome Sauce

and so I’m creating a YouTube channel.

So I kind of like this as my thumbnail.

So instead of having my face on it,

this actually shows
what the video is about

a whole lot more.

So I’m gonna go ahead and hit next.

And from here, you can see
this is my new thumbnail.

If you want to, you can
go ahead and add text

and do some simple things in here.

I definitely recommend using Canva

if you are going to create a thumbnail

but if you just wanna grab a
random frame from your video

you can do this really easily with vidIQ.

So I’m gonna hit next.

And from here, it shows you
what it’s going to look like.

We’re gonna hit save thumbnail.

Now the third way to
upload a custom thumbnail

is actually on your phone.

So all you need to do is hit
that plus button at the bottom

and we’re gonna upload a video

just like we would do on a desktop.

Down here I’m just gonna
select a random video.

We’ll select this one.

Then you need to hit next.

And after you hit next,
you’re gonna be on the screen.

And a lot of people actually don’t know

that you can upload a custom
thumbnail from your phone

because you don’t see anything down here.

You have the title and then underneath it,

there’s nothing about a thumbnail,

but in the upper left hand corner

we’re gonna see a little symbol.

And if you click on that

you can upload a custom
photo from your phone.

And because this is a vertical screenshot

you can actually crop in

and make this 16 by nine
make horizontal for YouTube.

And then once you’ve done that,

all you have to do is

hit select in the upper right hand corner.

And there you go,

you have a custom thumbnail

uploaded directly from your phone.

Now thumbnails are super important

for getting views on YouTube,

but if you wanna see
the step by step process

on how we act should get
tons of views on YouTube,

then click on the screen

and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

(upbeat music)


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