How @Tara Simon Studios Unexpectedly Blew Up Her Channel

If you’re growing your YouTube Channel to grow your business, THIS is the episode for you. Tara Simon has 800,000 subscribers and in this episode, we talk about how she got there and how she now brings 90% of her business in through her YouTube Channel. Enjoy the episode!

Check out Tera’s channel at @Tara Simon Studios.

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if you are growing your youtube channel

to also grow your business this is the

episode for you i want to introduce you

to a creator named tara simon she has a

youtube channel called tara simon

studios where she has over 800 000

subscribers and we want to talk about a

couple things one how did she grow her

channel what were the the behind the

scenes tips tricks tactics that she

implemented to grow a successful youtube

channel but also she gets about 90 of

her students in her brick and mortar

vocal performance studio they are coming

to her because they found her on youtube

so she’s using her youtube channel to

also grow her brick and mortar business

a lot of the principles we’re going to

talk about here today not only applied

to growing a youtube channel but they

applied to growing a business as well so

i’m excited to dive into that with you

here today

welcome to the video creators podcast we

help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and elena

hello creators how are you guys it’s

great to hang out with you for another

video creators podcast episode like we

do here every monday just to help you

grow both your youtube channel and the

business that you’re growing around that

channel so you can reach more people

with your content change their lives of

the business that you’re growing and

have it change your life in the process

and today we’re going to talk with tara

simon now this episode is going to be a

little different than most episodes that

you hear from us we’ve got certain

segments and things that we do this is

just a really good conversation and

we’re just going to dive right into it

here delana and i were both at social

media marketing world and um met uh

terra while we’re out there she’s been a

client of ours here for a while at video

creators but we got to meet her in

person while we were at this event and

uh delena one of the other youtube

strategists on my team the two of us sat

down with her and like hey just reveal

the secrets what happened how did you do

it and so we’re gonna have a little bit

of different format we’re just gonna

dive right into it and i’ll be back at

the end to share some additional

thoughts kind of reacting to some of the

things that tara shares here

tara hi what’s up good to see you later

hello we don’t get to see each other

delaney we don’t see each other very

often this is kind of weird sometimes it

feels like we’re living in the metaverse

i know except for like the graphics are

amazing in real life it’s like real


in real touch too without the weird

finger gloves i know it’s weird but hi

how are you over there i’m good i would

do it great yeah i finally got some good

sleep last night i had only slept like

five hours in the past two nights before

like combined

yeah so i finally got some sleep last

night i feel great today how could you

guys do it i did not sleep though oh but

it’s okay we’re on the social media

marketing world and uh west coast and

coming out here from east coast throws

me off a bit i still woke up at my

normal time which was four a.m local

that’s your

oh local seven o’clock east coast yeah


wow i’m doing good but

i want to introduce you guys to tara she

is one of our action plan clients

working with ingrid one of us one of the

strategists on our team and i just want

to hear a little bit about your story

because you’ve had some good success

both in your personal career as well as

in your youtube channel endeavors um

close to 800 000 subs now right

getting close getting close so tell us a

little bit about your backstory first of

all then let’s talk about the channel so

okay career fair who is who are you who

the heck am i i don’t even know these

days so um i’ve been singing since i was


and um

and that’s just been always i knew the

first time i set foot on a stage that my

life was going to be involved in music i

knew that i was going to

use my voice to influence others in a

positive way and i’ve always considered

myself throughout my career whenever i

was doing more or less a musicianary

combining you know mattering and

influence and impact with music

musicians musicianary i love that i have

a couple of did you make that one up i

did oh it’s good i love that it’s good

my main word is auto magically

but people like wait apparently it’s

become a thing that’s that’s yeah that’s

like a whole thing in like the

operations industry where it’s like

exciting it’s auto magic yeah


we should write a song with all of those

like hybrid words combined yeah that

would be a really the entire song yes

hybrid world

later in the podcast stick around

watch the whole thing i’m hooked yes i

just came out really

we’re probably the worst youtube viewers

ever because we know all the tricks

exactly yeah well i know and i now know

because of you and video creators i knew

nothing before that guys

she didn’t she knew something but anyway

so you’re a musician yes i mean he’s a

musician and um and so fast forward in

my career so i’ve done broadway i’ve

been on television i was blessed to have

a lot of doors open for me um that i’ve

always just really had the courage and

the discernment to walk through and i’ve

never really

minded i’ve questioned but i’ve never

really minded when one’s shut either and

i think that’s a big deal because i

think a lot of people especially those

who are high performing individuals who

are career and


oriented and driven they feel like if

the thing that they were going for isn’t

working then they’re failing and they

need to keep pushing towards that thing

and there’s a difference between trying

and striving

and and i have always kind of known the

difference luckily and and

the difference is when doors shut more

than once in the same area and you start

to get a bruise right here

it’s time to turn around and watch it

it’s called persistence that’s a lesson

that i feel like i just learned over the


year or so that i was like i was

pursuing something and i just like kept

going after it and it was like

everything that i did like nothing

worked until i came to this point where

i was like

i think that this kind of gave me what

it needed to and it’s just time for me

to walk away and

and that was a really hard lesson to

learn but like one of the most valuable

so valuable yeah i’ll give you an actual

tangible example just to kind of bring

it home because you still seem confused

over there

that’s not

anything different

no surprises this is my usual statement

i believe in that too and that’s

actually another secret sauce item we’ll

get to but so here’s an example so i

grew up singing right and everywhere i

would go to sing right i mean i sang for

donald trump i’ve sang for dignitaries

i’ve sang i found myself in lots of

interesting circles um and i believe

that’s favor right but when i’m there

you know you’re you’re singing at these

places right and the the


actionable thing next step after you

sing is when someone comes up to you

they’re like you’re amazing i love the

way you sing would you like to sing for

my event or this next thing but that

wouldn’t happen what would happen is

someone like you know

donald trump’s secretary would come up

to me and be like

i’ve never heard you sing here before we

love your voice you know i have a

daughter and she loves and i’m like oh

my god here we go again and it would

always be i have a grandson i have a

daughter i would love to learn to sing

like you and it would tick me off

it would grind my gears

it would make no because at the time i

was running from being a coach i did not

want to do that but it kept

the door kept opening and opening and i

would kick it shut like no no no i am a

grammy award-winning artist someday i i

me me no no i’m meant to perform


fast-forward into my career i was on a

missions trip in africa and i sang for

this ocean of people it was not

rehearsed by the way but because of my

classical training i’m able to sing in

any language authentically in that

dialect and there was a song even

without knowing the language without

knowing the language oh wow and i’ll

prove it to you so the song i still

remember the day you can’t verify if

you’re actually singing in a different

language whoever speaks times like i

remember from zambia listening to this i

don’t know there’s a song that i learned

and it

goes and that’s just the first line of

it but i remembered the whole thing

these kids taught me the dance to it and

i ended up singing that in front of this

ocean of people at this huge crusade and

when i after i was singing

i heard this this phrase come into my

mind and it said right idea wrong image

and for weeks i didn’t know what that

meant it was confused

wrong image

when i came back to the states i was

auditioning for broadway i had done i

just gotten off of broadway’s show

actually fame and i went on this mission

trip and so this whole like transition i

was in the middle of

being up for the lead in trace uh in

hairspray tracy and hairspray or fiddler

on the roof and i was in the middle of

all these callbacks and i just wasn’t in

it like my heart wasn’t in anymore and

that phrase kept coming back in my mind

and i was like what is that and one day

i realized what it was and it was this i

had the right idea yes i was gonna use

my voice but i had the wrong image of

what it was going to look like


and when i realized that that’s when i


that my true sweet spot was always when

i was using my voice to impact one

single person at a time like reach into

you personally show you that you matter

through music and that you have a voice

and it deserves to be heard to turn your

voice on through you hearing mind you’re

like i wanna help you spread your

message reach more people and change

lives yes oh that sounds familiar one

person at a time one person and not like

the autographed signing and not the

masses i mean that was cool but that

really it left me feeling left of center

of my sweet spot and my purpose


i stopped doing broadway i went back to

school for worship leading actually at

the time

and all this time by the way people are

still asking me like do you teach i i

would have an artist’s website up and

people would email me asking for lessons

that i didn’t even speak of on the site

and it would make me so mad

would you consider yourself a teacher

before this or not no i never went to

school for vocal pedagogy

never music education it was always

vocal that’s my major vocal performance

but okay so that’s the story of why when

when you feel like you’re persisting

and yet the doors keep opening for

something but closing for something else

like that’s the example because all my

life there was a through line of this

door that i kept trying to kick shut and

another door that i kept trying to kick


and when when when i sat and was honest

with myself about it i knew i just

wasn’t ready to accept that yet i

totally you know what i mean yes i’m

like tracking with you 100 i’m like

screaming in the inside because i’m like

yes yeah

yeah so for those of you who are

listening i i want to encourage you

anyone who’s an earshot of my voice

if you’re finding that you’re feeling

this like oh this grind on the inside

and you’re doing everything you possibly

can in your power and i do mean persist

like don’t give up but if you feel that

and you’re doing everything in your

power and still

a door seems to be shut but something

else maybe that you don’t even really

have a heart for yet is opening i

encourage you to walk through it if you

don’t have the heart for it regardless

because i walked through the door of

coaching but then god gave me the heart

for it after you know it’s it’s like

trusting in the promised door kicking

and sometimes i feel like you don’t know

that you have the heart for it because

you have like tunnel vision on this one

thing and so it’s not until you actually

let yourself go there that you’re like

oh my gosh i actually do love this you

know yes yeah 100

and and there is a story and a kid

actually i was

i was teaching in my home thinking how

i’m wasting my time in my life and i

should be on a stage somewhere


there was this little boy with down

syndrome who came to me and he didn’t

even sing he was a piano player but he

was a prodigy piano player and his name

was peter rose and peter i will i will

say is

the person that god used to change my

heart towards coaching but not only that

through that through peter and my

experience with him

um the studio was born like that’s when

my heart became in line with my calling

and through that the floodgates of

blessing just opened i didn’t advertise

i don’t know where these people came

from it was word of mouth


that little boy is is who god used to

change my heart and and turn my life

so that i could also change other

people’s so now you have a brick and

mortar studio in orlando area

atlanta atlanta orlando disney

whatever yeah yeah different states


yeah in atlanta where you are

teaching and training well you and your

team not just you but yeah yeah i know

we have multiple coaches we coach all of

them because of youtube so i mean four

years ago it’s crazy i mean this is how

impactful youtube is and why what you’re

doing is so important because four years

ago zero percent of my business came

from youtube and now fast forward to

today not even quite four years ago but

coming on to four years ago like 92


of my business comes from youtube good

thing you got on youtube then yes it is

yeah speaking of that well i remember

when you first applied for the action

plan to work with work with us um

there’s a lady on her on my team named

molly and she’s uh action plan

administrator so your application comes

in and she dm’s me on slack she’s like

that’s my interpretation of what it

would sound like if it wasn’t on slack

and uh she’s like i’m so excited like

this lady tara simon just applied it’s

like i went to and learned vocal lessons

at her studio when i was a girl oh

little girl you know and i was like

oh cool who’s tara i don’t know

and um so she so then we had a

conversation then after that the

one-on-one consultation and uh and

molly’s like how’d it go did you you

know because she knew who you were and

she used she was coached by one of the

other people on your team yeah so yes

and the coaching worked really well for

her she went on and performed for disney

for a number of sea world and disney for

a number of years before she came and

worked uh worked with us here at video

creators but it’s so cool how that kind

of stuff comes full circle and i did get

to talk to molly and she’s so sweet and

i remembered now who she was with and

and coach ansley who’s no longer with me

anymore but is a wonderful coach and

human being um i remember her talking

about molly because i i’m very in touch

with all the students like i may not

coach them personally but the coaches

are basically me with a different face

and i am very involved in in their

growth and i hear from them in our

status meetings i want to know how each

student is doing and i remember her

talking about molly yeah and you’ve had

other students not just molly went to

disney and sea world but that students

have gone to america’s got talent yeah

american idol yes and the voice yeah and

a lot of those yeah that’s kind of

because i was on x factor like years ago

and i had a factor terrible not fear

factor not the snakes and warnings oh

you’re right i was thinking fear factor


yeah no x factor is a vocal competition

with simon cowell and i would have done

better on that one to be honest i would

have enjoyed it more it was not a

positive experience for me however

because it wasn’t i was then able to


those lemons and make lemonade for my my

artists so if you wanna i became kind of

known for the person who

if you want to be on one of those shows

you come to me i help you navigate

through the audition process when you

get on the show i help you navigate

through the show and get you off when

it’s time to get off because the

contracts get worse with each round so

there’s a there’s a strategy to it if

you want to leverage the show for your

own benefit because they’re not thinking

of your benefit they’re thinking about

their benefit yeah and the show right so

i kind of help the artists leverage that

hd footage and that opportunity for

themselves and to not have it just be

their five seconds of fame so how did

the youtube channel become a part of all


okay so


i mean i wish that it was like a this is

what i did in a lab as a mad scientist

youtube celebrity person but what i i

was filming actually i hired a

videographer and i was filming

59 second or less tips and tricks on


and vocal coaching yeah like i was

trying to grow it was my first very

first attempt

at um trying to

grow any kind of like digital presence

online because remember before this it

was strictly favor

and like some seo

and like more

back ends of not not me in front of a

camera like trying to grow a social

media presence

so this is my first attempt and i

thought okay let’s just see what happens

and at the end of one of the shoots i

think it was like my second week trying

nothing was happening by the way it was

on instagram yeah it wasn’t getting any

traction no

i mean i look back on those reasons like

there wasn’t even any good lighting like

it was so bad

you know i forgot the microphones it was

all silent for a focal thing

legitimately i don’t even think there

was an external mic i think it was the

video camera mic but anyway it starts at

zero yeah never despise humble

beginnings either

so i’m a nothing burger is happening

with the instagram thing but my

videographer at the time said okay so

we’ve got like i don’t know 20 minutes

extra do you want to film something long


for youtube maybe and i was like sure

what and he was like well why don’t you

like react to something and i’m like

what the heck is that

i mean i don’t i didn’t watch youtube i

don’t watch tv i don’t i’m too busy so

like he’s like well you know how you

react to people singing in your voice

lessons he’s like just do that only with

like celebrity videos singers and i’m

like i can do that i mean i do that

every day yeah that’s kind of dumb

that’s kind of dumb though yeah i was

like who who’s gonna watch that was like

it’s kind of dumb and i said that out

loud and he was like i mean i don’t know

let’s just try so i don’t i think it was

like to a tory kelly video first youtube

perfect literally he was he was so we

recorded the first video and it was so

natural for me because it true i mean i

had been literally rehearsing for this

moment my entire coaching career

and not knowing it and that’s how cool

god works right but i

i did this and and it got all these

views and

again the doors things were talking like

a couple hundred you’re talking about a

couple thousand no like thousands and

thousands and i i went from like like

zero subscribers to

hundreds and hundreds and then thousands

like i was growing at about 2 000

subscribers a day

at first who did you react to remember

that i think the first one was tori

kelly or vodka it was it was one of

those two i believe or and then kelly

clarkson i was those three were like and

again there was no strategy

at all i’m sorry to say

i think i think we were just googling

like there was a strategy you just

didn’t know what it was it’s true it’s

true and i think i think the sauce was

me using my expertise to break down i

don’t think it mattered what artists i

think it was a matter of first it was

timing there weren’t a lot of other

vocal coach reactors i think i was one

of four at the time right so timing

plays a big role which is to me also

favor right and then and then it was my

knowledge like i’m one of the only vocal

coach reactors who actually takes the

time to not only pedagogically explain

the vocal technique behind what they’re

doing but i can actually i can sing so i

can also imitate and show them not just

on the camera of like this is this

person doing it but i as a real person

that’s talking to you on the camera can

do it too and say oh you see what

they’re doing here like this and i do it

and so i think from for my channel

that’s really what i’m i’m a singer’s

channel i’m a singer’s girl so like that

differentiates me from someone who says

oh wow look at their hair i’ll comment

on that too but sometimes that’s sort of

all you get it’s more of a reaction and

not as much

educational commentary yeah so delana

from from a strategy perspective uh we

have a few clients that have done

reactions you’ve worked with uh dr

anthony hoon who does a lot of react

stuff as well yeah what is it about the

react thing that works well and are

there any principles there that should

everyone just start reacting like should

there be a reaction video to this


it’s it’s all just going to become

reaction inception you know exactly

that’s also ancestral and what’s what is

it that she stumbled upon um i think

with reaction content there’s like this

natural tension in the brain where it’s

like i know that you have knowledge that

i don’t have and so whenever you

put something else in front of it where

like you know what’s going on here but i

don’t know what’s going on here then

there’s like this natural tension that

i’m like automatically i’m locked in and

i’m like what does this person have to

say like what what does what are what’s

the inside scoop

that i don’t that i don’t know what are

they picking up on that i don’t and um

or i can’t because i don’t have that

knowledge and so there’s like this

natural storytelling kind of tension

that’s going on just from the nature of

the content and that’s why reaction

content is becoming so popular because

it feels like you’re getting like this

inside scoop

and you’re also learning something in a

very entertainment style you know what

i’m saying and so um i think reaction

actually is a great way to just kind of

like jump into

a storytelling more entertainment style

of content um without like actually

having to have all of those skills you

know what i’m saying like it’s it’s a

great i’m it’s so cool that that’s how

you started because i say like that’s a

really great beginner strategy is just

kind of like oh just like jump into

doing some reaction content if you’re

wrapping your head around storytelling

and you’re not quite there yet um i

don’t think that everybody needs to do

it because i don’t think it fits

everyone’s content um but i that’s

that’s my take on it yeah it’s

connecting what’s known to unknown so

like that too yeah you’re like oh i

don’t know who tara simon is but i know

who this tory kelly exactly yeah yep so

but now i’m curious because you’re

exerting some sort of authority in the

title like

voice expert or coach or whatever reacts

to whatever and then you’re like oh what

are they going to say right about this

person that i love watching or something

yeah and so it’s like that tension is

what creates the click and so it’s a

good format that you can use at the

beginning uh like like dr anthony that

you work with i think he started in the

action plan he had a quarter million

subscribers and within three months he

took six years to get there

four months he had a million right yeah

whenever he did a consultation with you

it was around quarter whenever he

started the action plan he was a little

over three hundred thousand okay so yeah

so the consultation gave him a little

boost and then yes

yeah um and then we also did josh

goldstein oh yeah uh the immigration

lawyer he

kind of reacted to the election was

going on at the time and so he reacted

to like plenty of fodder


as he does yes

without getting into politics he did

he did a reaction to like what

immigration would look like with each

president and that like boosted him

significantly he went from only like 2

000 subscribers to 30 000 subscribers in

just like a month and a half but it’s

the same principle like intrigue

authority curiosity

and uh i remember i think of first video

when we did our first consultation tara

i think the first video i started um you

do disturbed

gosh yes that was that’s my most viewed

reaction because i had the most amount

of tension i’m like

wait dude is that called singing

does that make sense yeah i like

disturbed you know i’ve listened to them

for a while but you know i remember

they’re i’m like that’s interesting

that’s not what i would put like a


professionally trained person so anyway

i had a lot of tension on that one i’m

like oh so i uh attention in terms of

curiosity and clicked on that one first

yeah so that was how you first stumbled

into it got some momentum going um is

that what you did all to carry you all

the way to 800k subs or something else


no i would say that that’s probably the

the biggest

factor of growth for sure i started off

doing just like one reaction a week but

then you know i’m a scope creep girl you

know so like i would lay in bed at night

like picking my fingers and thinking of

things that are against my will and like

one of the things i would think of

was a series called sing better in

seconds where i i have this mission to

prove that like you’re not just born as

a singer yes you you certain people are

born with different amounts of talent

but like every the voice is a muscle

everybody can learn how to sing

and a clinical fact by the way fun fact

is that only three to five percent of

the entire world’s population is

actually physiologically tone deaf like

there’s a disconnect in the brain i have

coached thousands of people and i’ve

never met one who’s clinically tone deaf


so if that’s the case then you can learn

how to sing you can i can teach you

right because

i’m just that good

right exactly

so i i came up with different series and

one of them was seeing better in seconds

where i go to random places and talk to

strangers and convince them that i can

teach them to sing better in seconds so

that was a series of curious curiosity

sparking type of thing but also

inspiring because if you see that and

you’re like whoa she really did then it

gives you hope too and you’re like i

really do want to learn how to sing and

if this shmo off the street can learn

maybe i can too sings yes i do whenever

i was going to mention that earlier

whenever you’re talking about being a

worship leader i was also a worship

leader at my church yeah well not the

church i go to now but the church i used

to go to i worship blood too yeah wow

it’s so funny that like

i it’s actually funny to me that

the most of the people i know now don’t

know me as a singer and that’s how i

used to be known like like we totally

didn’t look for it

yeah i should have pegged it actually

i missed it i missed it so there’s the

vocal element then there’s the physical

yeah apparently


some people do do that though they like

look at you and you’re like do i look

like a singer you are you look like a

singer yes yes

but i chalked it up to you know the

whole video thing you know because

you’re edgy and cute thank you yeah

but yeah no i mean i did different

series and that also grew it as well but

i would say that the reactions


if at least at the very least a very

good top of funnel for sure so what you

could have done which is what you didn’t

do um what most people would have done

um except for you had that really wise

uh videographer who told you to do the

reaction yes most people be like i’m

gonna go on youtube and i’m gonna teach

people step one step two step three yeah

and it’s gonna be titled

three steps to apothecological

um and

like whatever and it would have gotten

like 22 views right right um because one

there’s no curiosity there’s no tension

involved there’s all education and what

a lot of experts um

tend to do is they just go on youtube

and like i’m going to show people how

smart i am yes and it’s just like people

aren’t really engaged with that they’re

like okay you’re smart

it’s good for you right but what you’re

doing instead is like i’m going to teach

people about about vocal singing

performance pedagogy did i get it right

pedagogy you were so much closer i don’t

know what that word means but i’m using

it now i don’t know either actually and

uh that’s just a term but so they’re

learning but in a way that’s

entertaining yeah the way that’s

sparking curiosity and so if if you i

know a lot of you guys who listen and

watch the stuff from us are are

educators your coaches your experts

you have a lot of knowledge in your


and the default thing is like let me

just go teach people and our our mostly

western approach to education is

you all sit and listen to something

boring while someone up from front gives

you facts you’re supposed to memorize

that yeah but it’s not what we were

actually no one volunteers at unless

there’s a piece of paper at the end we

need after four years and a hundred

thousand dollars later so it’s or

they’re signing up for a course what we

mostly want is for someone to like i

want to learn like people really want

this information

but they want it in a way that’s like

stimulating and engaging and not just

like right so i think it’s really

important something to learn from tara

for you guys who are growing educational

channels is get out of the educational


cycle that we’re used to in terms of

like listicles and bullet points and and

tutorials and

you spark curiosity and then there is

like a little bit of a story with it

because they’re getting to know you and

your personality through it as well as

your back story and and then that starts

to create some uh connection as well and

uh so encourage you guys to think

through like yes how can i just not

teach but actually make this engaging

and i think what i’d like to hear if you

have any thoughts on this delano because

i think what a lot of people do is

when they hear me say something like

that they think

all right i need to like

put on a clown outfit and dance around

well i give three bullet points you know

we’re like no that’s not it either yeah

so what comes time for you delena for

helping that type of person make

engaging educational content well i do

want to say this first um i i tell

educators all the time i’m like if you

are on social media you are an

entertainer first like first and

foremost you are an educator but you’re

an entertainer first because people

aren’t going to watch you if they aren’t

entertained and stimulated to your point


but i think that

nowadays there either has to well there

has to be a story of some sort it could

just be um you know you telling your own

personal story but

um also just showing a transformation

have you ever like in your content kind

of shown like oh start here and then

end up here type of thing

yeah that’s that’s part of the whole

grab of seeing better in seconds yeah is

that in in a chorus they sing it i give

them a few tips and tricks and then they

sing it again and the audience decides

that they sang better in seconds yes and

and they really nine times out of ten do

right right then and they’re on a street

somewhere yeah so yes they you have to

see the results in order to be inspired

to think that they could too yeah yeah

so that’s a super i mean there’s so many

creators who are like oh you start here

but we’re gonna bring you all the way

over here you know um and if you can

demonstrate it in a very practical way

the way that you do then that

automatically creates tension in the

brain automatically brings a little bit

of that entertainment value because

people are like oh i can relate to that

that’s where i am that’s exactly where i

am right now yeah i want to be over

there you know so they get like locked

in if i could summarize what they’re

saying in one word it would be

entertaining i was waiting i love that


it’s my other cool word

is that is that

is that what we’re waiting for yes oh i

love it enter training came to me but so

entertaining you want me to spell it or

anything no it can be no can we steal

can we you may borrow borrow okay you

may borrow

credit if i can use auto magical then

you can use enter training all right

i’ll trade for it all right

we’ll do it like this okay you guys saw

it on camera yes

but if you could make so so you talk

about growth right and and look my

i was making seven videos a week for

about a year and a half running multiple

businesses as a single mom and i was an

ostrich i had no idea who other

youtubers were i had no idea what

anybody else was doing because i was

like in the content creation trenches

and i thought that like if i just kept

doing that that i would still see the

growth but i was not i was working way

harder and not smarter

and that’s why i entered tim and his


and like my whole


life creed of video creation was

completely turned on its head and i

learned so many things that i was guilty

of doing that i thought were good for me

like i thought were good for my channel


now i started to ask myself like what is

a blue ocean for me and and my question


because there’s so many reactors now

it’s like saturated it’s a red ocean

ocean being like

open opportunity where there’s not a lot

of sharks swimming and just kind of

feasting on with them yes so in my case

vocal reactions are a red ocean there’s

blood in all of the water everybody and

their mother says oh i’m a vocal coach

now on youtube even though they’re not

so vet them hello but like like if

someone can’t sing don’t take lessons we

can relate to that so much

yeah i’m sure a lot of people think

they’re youtube experts too

pain point i know it’s really holding

this word for you that will not be

reproducible for anybody else yeah and

then and then they gotta learn the hard

way because they’re trusting that i know

it’s annoying and then and then you have

to prove your credibility because they

had a bad i get it all i had to do would

be like so how’d that work out for you

and my credibility’s established there’s

like not so well i’m like yeah okay

let’s try this

i’m just going to use that next time

that’s way quicker so anyway i i went

into this question of what does no one

else that does what i do on youtube have

the guts or the talent to do preferably

both it’s amazing

and and so i started to think of videos

under that premise first like what does

no one else have the guts or talent to


well i’m gonna make videos like that yes

because i was the first person for

instance to do tick-tock reactions a

week later everyone else was doing them

why you’re a trendsetter that’s all

there is to it but but it’s easy to

duplicate that and it doesn’t matter if

you’re a trendsetter by the way it is i

mean that’s nice thank you but like i

wasn’t after a week because anybody else

can pick up a mic and a camera and do


so if you’re looking to grow your

channel and you’re kind of stagnant you

have to ask yourself what in your

industry is something that no one else

has the guts or the talent to do

preferably both

if you can answer that question with

content i promise you you’re going to

then uptick your growth again we should

maybe do that as a series elena where in

our on our channel where because one of

the things we say in the action plan our

guarantee is if you follow this process

and the end of three months you don’t

hit your goal that you’ve set for it we

will just work with you for free until

you do so cool we’ve never had to

deliver on that because either they one

don’t do what we say and then we’re off

the hook or two they do it and they

reach their goal so that could be a fun

series of like you know it was too late

to start with her but like with someone

else that’s just starting be like all

right we’re gonna do this the whole

video series this is your goal here we

go and then yeah the whole process of

what they did for the three oh that

would be so cool that would that’s great

so well the strategist have to work

through with them for free we’re not

that’s that’s actually really good


because a lot of people teach youtube

stuff but the thing is different humbly

about us is that

we actually do it all day every day with

with people and if it doesn’t work we’ll

go out of business you know as opposed

to just selling an online course where

it doesn’t really need to work it can

just be good information that someone’s

like feels good about their transaction

but does it actually i think it kind of

birthed out of us

feeling frustrated like


you know other educators that are you

know as tim said like oh well how’s that

working out for you you know um and so

we were like well we’re not worried

about the results that we’re gonna get

them so we’re just like let’s just tell

them this you know

and and let’s just promise them because

we’re confident but anyways um

there was something else i was going to

say but i lost my train of thoughts

under promising and over delivering is

something i do in my company and i


and i say this out loud it’s not a pride

thing it’s a true thing i operate at a

very high level of integrity and that’s

something that i think if you’re trying

to start a business or a channel or

whatever it’s something that’s not done

a lot and if you simply under promise

and over deliver with integrity you’ve

already separated yourself against like

nine tenths of the people out there it’s

amazing to me like good business just

means serving your customers yes with

integrity that’s what we’ve come to

these days is just just deliver what you

promised yeah that’s what i was going to

say was to your point of um when you

were like what you know what can i do

that people

aren’t willing to do basically like like

uh that’s something that i actually

started telling creators as well

whenever like they want to take their

channel to the next level um if they

give me pushback on a lot of things that

i bring to them to try

um and and i will do all kinds of

different stuff you know because we want

to help the creator reach their goals

but if there’s a lot of pushback then

there does come a point where it’s like

if you’re not willing to do it somebody

else is

and so we have to be willing to go there

especially in this day and age of social

media when there is just going to

continue to be more and more saturation

it’s not going to go down it’s going to

continue to go up and so um what we have

to do to break outside uh or to be on

top requires more uh willingness

essentially and i you don’t know i’m

about to say this and i’ll probably

embarrass you maybe i won’t but like

what separates the wheat from the tears

i believe that what separates the wheat

from the tears is what we said

previously but when i look for someone

to work with because i’ve only recently

started to again outreach outside of my

little hole

and and look for people to come

alongside me and and

pour into me

and when i

when i met with you

first of all i didn’t even know that

what you did existed so i was like well

this is interesting but like let me see

if he’s going to sell me some snake oil

right because

how can you like that’s like he promises

a lot you know

and i

just recently learned about the back end

of youtube so i’m thinking what does all

this analytics he speaks of anyway and

all this change but when i met with you

i knew first of all i knew

like sentence two that you were a man of

integrity and i knew that you were a

believer what did i say i’m curious it

wasn’t what you said it was how you said

it and i saw in your eyes like i knew

and and because of that

the way that you the way that you talked

you were so genuine and so authentic

i knew that

regardless of of all the things that you

had yet to tell me about what you served

and how you served i knew that i wanted

what you had to offer


i saw in you the same spirit that i

operate my business in

leader to leader business owner business

owner and i’m like i i want to be in

your sphere i want to be in your space


i admire you and i see you like i see

what you’re doing because i’m doing that

and my side so

like it’s hard to find people who are

the real deal it really is and

he i mean if someone were saying this to

me right now i’d be squirming in my seat

so i’m gonna let him squirm a little bit

but it really is but but tim and his

team like every person that i met in his

team they all echo the same

servant leadership spirit that that tim

has and the culture that you’ve created

is is really extraordinary and i love

seeing that in other companies

because sometimes it’s a little lonely

on a certain mountaintop you know and i

just i just love that no matter what you

do the place that you do it from is is

so high in integrity and excellence that

i know no matter what

service you provide or new thing you add

it’s gonna have that same spirit

attached to it and to me that’s the

secret sauce of everything can we talk

about how the whole time you’re saying

this there’s like this beam of light on


yeah in our company we call it people

first it’s like you know and i remember

our first call it was like i could i

could just have this sense of like she

looks like she’s panting and she or you

weren’t but i felt like

you weren’t but i was really sick like

you were like yeah you’re sick and

you’re rushing you’re trying to get

stuff done you’re like i just made it

here you know what type of yeah feeling

and i was like okay just like

how are you doing yes yeah what’s going

on and i think we spent a couple minutes

just talking about you know like you got

a lot of family life yeah

you know yeah and then we got into the

youtube stuff but yes thank you i

appreciate that it’s the truth it’s not

it’s just i’m not blowing anything up

your skirt it’s just the truth yeah

thank you yeah and people need to know

because you know it’s easy to watch

podcasts like this and listen to to

content ingest it however you can when

you consume it and think like this is

what it looks like here but


i know

i can speak for myself and for tim and

now that i know delana like how what you

see right here is exactly how we are in

a conversation in the halls at a

conference like this or at home like

what you see is truly what you get

that’s not always the case i’ve been in

in environments like this where it’s

like okay and the cameras are on yes and

then i’m at every person when it’s off

but that is truly not what it is and i

think in business that’s important to be

able to discern like the people that you

surround yourself with

part of

the culture and the brand and the

authenticity that you’re looking to

cultivate and grow within yourself and

within the the people that you influence

on youtube and in your business whatever

field you’re in you know

so it’s important cool well thank you

anything else about growing your channel

to 800k that you got to share with


the biggest thing that i can tell you

is is twofold pay attention to the doors

that open and close and walk through the

ones that are open and

leave the ones that are closed

with gratitude and not longing but and

no regret just walking through the ones

that are opening for you and the second

aside from doing what works is

it’s good to be consistent it’s good to

grind and have your head down but the

the biggest takeaway i’ve learned in the

last two years is you can get so far on

your own

and and it’s decently far you know on my

own however i i believe that this next

chapter in my youtube career is going to

be an even bigger and greater day and

it’s going to involve many more people

around me i believe that you know you

need a village to raise a kid and you

need a village to have a youtube channel

let’s go yeah that’s true yeah it’ll be

fun we’re excited we’re rooting for you

thank you i know ingrid really likes

working with you and always a positive

thing to say and she’s wonderful you

guys all are thank you yeah love working

with you

i love how tara wrapped up that

conversation it takes a village to grow

a youtube channel i remember back in

2013 i read an article by a guy named

hank green and if you’re not familiar

with hank he’s one of the co-founders of

the vlogbrothers channel also one of the

co-founders of a massive industry event

now called vidcon and uh has been very

influential person in in the online

creator economy and this whole space and

everything and when he wrote this


what mal almost 10 years ago now nine

years ago he said that the whole title

was like you can’t make it alone on

youtube anymore you need a team and when

i read that article i was like yes

i would love to have a team i’d love to

have people supporting me and giving me

feedback and people i can bounce ideas

off of and everything so

it is absolutely true we need a village

i have it here at video creators

tara knows how important that is for her

and her channel and that is one of the

the secrets to her success both in her

business life as well as her youtube

life and and how those two lives have

kind of merged together in into into one

life so if you would love to discuss

your channel with someone i think you

guys can see where this is going right

we would love to talk with you go to


and me or someone on my team we would

love to have the opportunity to take a

to look at your channel ahead of time

look at the notes you’re sending us and

come prepared to a one hour private

conversation with you to give you next

steps or you can ask questions and

bounce things off of us and get

get ideas and get feedback and help you

get the exact steps that you need to

take next in order to really grow your

channel and take it to the next level so

go to

consulting you can see available

availability on my calendar or on one of

the other people’s on my team right

there book it schedule it and we’ll come

we’ll show up prepared ready to dive

into your content so love to talk with

you and hopefully give you a little bit

of a village around your content for a

little bit here uh so we’re looking

forward to doing that and of course if

you want to keep working with us after

that we could talk about that too kind

of like we’ve been doing this with tara

but uh we just want to first like give

you an hour right and like because we

find a lot of people get everything they

need just in one hour and so that’s what

we want to start doing that with you

check it out link to that down in the

show notes as well as to tara’s channel

and everything else we’ve mentioned here

so go check it out and thank you guys

for hanging out we’ll see you guys again

next week for another video creators

podcast episode see you guys then bye