How PRIVACY on YouTube Impacts YOUR GROWTH + Q&A

Failing to take privacy seriously on YouTube can keep your channel from growing to it’s full potential!

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=================== text video ====================






hello everybody welcome back to another

vid iq live stream i am dan and we are

back once again we were here yesterday

we were auditing your channels today

we’re going to be talking about a

specific youtube topic and then bringing

you some q a today it’s all about

privacy privacy on youtube and the ways

in which it can slow you down and it can

slow you down in a number of ways uh

we’re going to be covering a lot of

different topics related to this so i

highly recommend as you’re watching

today have a notepad doc opened up or a

physical notepad if you’re a pen and

paper kind of person and as you’re

thinking of questions to ask for the q a

portion write them down because we want

to make sure we get to them for

everybody to hear once we get to the q a

portion i want to thank you all for

being here and let’s thank today’s

co-host mr viper how’s it going

what’s up dan what’s up people this your

boy viper we are in the building and yes

today we are talking about very very

important matters so get your pen get

your paper take your notes because this

is information that could potentially

save your money and save your life so

pay attention close attention yes and it

wouldn’t uh

it wouldn’t be right to have such a

conversation without somebody who is a

seasoned professional in such topics so

we’ve asked emily baker to join us

i’m so happy to be here it’s so good to

see you both can you believe it’s

december i’m dying inside where did the

year go emily where did it go i don’t

know it’s been

such an incredible year but it has gone


very fast i feel like i jumped on a

treadmill sometime last october like not

this october like 20 20 october and some

like somehow since march 2020 i don’t

know where time is an illusion it’s a


and i feel like it doesn’t even really

matter anymore

it you don’t have to subscribe to it

time it’s it’s a social construct i feel

so much better about it because i am

super adhd which always went well in my

legal career because it i it didn’t

always play

together being super adhd and being an

attorney but

time always kind of acted in weird ways

sometimes i’m like oh i can do this in

15 minutes and like two hours later i’m

like oh i’m late for everything great

and sometimes it would feel like i’ve

done nothing at all and fallen down a

rabbit hole of something i’m fascinated

by and it feels like three minutes have

passed so

it’s just time it’s nice it’s a social

construct it’s like breakfast you can

have pasta for breakfast there’s no rule

against that

19 had like a chicken salad for

breakfast not like like a salad like a

green salad with chicken on it and i was

like what’s happening he’s like it’s

just what i felt like eating i’m like



uh so thank you for joining us today uh

the topic at hand is privacy and i was

as i was kind of writing down some

things i wanted to ask you i realized

just how broad i want to get today uh

but we have talked about these different

topics throughout all the different live

streams emily has done with us so

definitely go back uh and watch you know

if you have time watch some of those as

well kind of look at the titles and

check them out um

and i totally interrupt you because you

know yes hd but if you don’t know me um

on this channel i was a deputy district

attorney in los angeles county for over

10 years i am a licensed attorney um i

am not in fact a youtube lawyer google

has never hired me i don’t even know if

that’s a job i would want regulations

are a lot but i do legal commentary here

on youtube i have also received as a



people attempting to dox me so i’ve

dealt with privacy issues as a creator

i’ve helped creators deal with privacy

issues and i’ve helped people deal with

privacy issues when they were witnesses

or victims of crime as well so i’ve kind

of attacked this from a lot of different

aspects of my life and so for creators

everything i’m going to tell you is

stuff that i’ve dealt with myself or

helped people deal with themselves and

kind of best practices because safety as

a creator

is going to become more and more

important especially as the creator

economy grows

yes this is emily’s channel it is linked

down below

uh what what’s some of the other topics

you’ve been discussing uh lately oh well

from the from the uh icons or the

thumbnails you can probably see what

we’re covering i do

legal commentary mostly in the pop

culture space right now that is

involving everything from the astro

world lawsuits britney spears being

freed from her conservatorship the

jalene maxwell trial the josh duggar

trial the elizabeth holmes trial why are

they all happening at the same time i

feel like everyone is personally

attacking me i’m just teasing i don’t um

that’s just james spears but

that we cover a lot of that i cover

youtuber lawsuits the h3h3 ryan kavanagh

lawsuits over triller like stuff that

happened on youtube that is now spilling


three lawsuits at the time is going is

something i cover uh toddy westbrook

defamation on the platform stuff like

that so

all of it there you go

and everything is chaptered my streams

are long go to the chapter you want

that is awesome


so before we get into uh the actual

topic of the day we should say hello to

some people we should absolutely say

hello to people who would you like to

say hello to

oh i get to go first yeah um fantastic i

see omg it’s dana hello leonard mooney

magoo hello leonard i saw our friend

jason lorette in the in the chat joe’s

phenomenal short reviews fit nut life


there’s more there’s more but kyle

whitman hello jennifer

hello dinner’s ready hello it’s good to

see everybody

viper who you saying hello to

okay what do we got going on here


calvin hello man how you doing

appreciate you being here nicole hello

nicole appreciate you being here

ball nerd show out what i’m talking


play hello how you doing we got my man

uh but ready to go sheep play is here

what’s up man how you doing we got the

moderator to the stars it’s in series

what’s up man how you doing

we also have uh the live two mouse

production hello how are you doing and

lastly but not least


connection international sounds like a

disney james bond movie but hello how

are you doing

well to everyone i will be quickly

saying hello to

uh we have nicole hello to you


usman’s gaming maybe something like that

uh hello to you alby tastic just

phenomenal again uh we have emily baker

in the chat look at that i saw aaron

long’s staff in the chat as i’m now

jumping in and saying hi to people sorry

i saw ace did i see acer cola in there

somewhere oh he’s in there i think i did

and tak


maybe dan you’re doing better than i do

i i think people are just making up like

changing their names now just poisoning

yourself in there i know i pick the ones

i can read easily and the law nerds

whose names i recognize well and now i’m

not saying them wrong

uh so hello to everybody this is our

wednesday stream and uh we’re going to

get into q a here in about maybe 30 45

minutes give or take uh but first we

have we have some questions for emily

okay and now it’s serious business

because we got we got questions

yes it’s about privacy

uh so

uh we did

let me let me see i don’t want to ask

these in the wrong order but i do have

them written in the wrong order so

that’s fun i wanted to challenge myself

today um

so here’s here’s a question for you you

you look at a lot of public figures on

your channel right and a lot of people

when when you put yourself out there

whether you want to get into acting

doing commercials uh you know singing


any career that puts you in the

spotlight you are kind of

putting yourself out there right you are

you are now a public figure you know

either a public figure or a limited

public figure which could mean you’re a

public figure in a specific uh context

for a specific purpose or a specific

thing because you’ve become known in

that space so not a public figure for

everything but maybe a public figure

with regard to one specific thing so

there’s a couple ways to become a public

figure like in the legal sense of the


got it so


i mean we we’ve all we all know who we

all know somebody who’s a public figure

in terms of we know who they are we

don’t physically necessarily all know a

celebrity but

on youtube when you start a channel

you’re at zero subscribers you you just

started today

is is that what you’re doing are you

putting yourself out there are you now

basically throwing it away i am now a

public figure

definitely the potentiality for that and

it i hate to be a lawyer

but it really does depend i mean i don’t

hate being a lawyer but i hate that it

depends answer because it really does

depend on context i think you would say

someone who is a um maybe a faceless

streamer who uses uses a handle who just

streams gameplay um

somebody connecting your face to name

can’t just be like well you’re a public

figure because you’ve put yourself on

the internet it really depends where you

get somebody who’s more like a

a family vlog channel where their kids

are regularly on the internet you could

say that all the people who are

regularly on the internet making their

living off of a youtube channel they

have all become public figures because

they’re on the internet this actually

came up a bit in the toddy westbrook

defamation lawsuit in the state of

washington there was some conversation

about whether her husband had become a

public figure now she’s clearly a

youtuber she’s been in mainstream media

she has millions and millions of

subscribers millions of views per video

makes a full-time living off of being a

content creator but her husband’s

occasionally on her channel um doing

unboxings and and things like that does

that make him a public figure for

certain purposes because he’s appeared

on this channel but is he now a public

public figure because he appeared once

or twice or more and where’s that line

and it really depends but i think the

wisest thing is to plan as if you are

going to become a public figure if you

are starting a youtube channel that is

going to be made public you don’t just

have unlisted videos then i think you

have to plan for the potentiality that

you will become known and if you plan

for that early you will be in a better

position than if something goes viral

and then you’re on the back foot trying

to figure out what you’re doing next

i love how you just said that

even if you don’t see yourself a puppet

figure or even if you start off your

content creation journey not thinking

about it you should plan and conduct

yourself as if one day you will become a

public figure because sometimes these

things happen very rapidly

and it’s hard to plan for but i i’ve

always told people that once you put

your faith out there once you start that

channel once you upload that first piece

of content

you are off to the races and uh you

don’t know what can happen next so you

got to be prepared because isn’t that

the goal like yeah i i always ask people

what’s the goal of your youtube channel

if you’re using youtube to host videos

that you share with uh you know unlisted

links to your family it’s a different

goal than if you start your channel

saying i love creating content i like

streaming i like connecting with my

community and i would love to make money

doing this if your goal is to make money

on this platform at some point or to

grow some kind of a following then


when you start your channel you now know

enough it’s not 2006 anymore which is

when i started my channel um not when i

started posting content but when i

started my channel


we now know a lot more so it’s okay to


start planning for that and i think that

everyone who starts a channel and has a

channel should plan for that because

virality can happen very quickly

and it doesn’t always happen in a

positive way or in the way that you

intended it

but growth to your channel can happen i

mean i watched during one of the last

trials that we were covering i watched a

friend’s channel and we were streaming

panels of 10 lawyers from all different

kinds of um backgrounds on their channel

because they decided that they were

going to live stream nine plus hours a

day live stream the trial coverage with

commentary i don’t have that kind of

dedication so i just popped into the

channel on occasion but his youtube

channel went from uh right in the 175

000 realm to over 330 000 in like a week

and a few days because of that coverage

and was mentioned on mainstream news

ended up being on tim poole’s very large

channel and podcast has and and so these

things even if you have a channel for a

long time it can be one thing that it’s

like oh there’s a hundred thousand

people on this stream right now

weird okay what do we do with that we’re

used to having five thousand eight

thousand not eighty thousand to a

hundred thousand so

if you build it in now you’re never

going to be

on the back foot with that

so let’s let’s talk about that then



i guess there’s a little bit of like

hopelessness if i if i were to say oh

when you start your youtube channel

that’s the right time to be thinking

about this stuff you want to be prepared

there but it’s it’s not too late a lot

of people here obviously have youtube

channels there is

the idea that you can’t put the

toothpaste back in the tube anything you

have exposed you can try to go back

before you you blow up and and scrub

social media maybe i shouldn’t have put

the address in my house my social media

maybe maybe go delete that now um i

shouldn’t have pictures of my front door

with all of the things that’s readily

identifiable yeah yeah i shouldn’t maybe

i don’t want

all the pictures of my kids i mean when

i started my instagram account in 2012

it was a private account i had very few

friends i was still working as a

district attorney so i shared things

that i would not share now and those are

mostly moments with my kids that they

might not want shared

outside of just family or um you know

exactly where my husband works and

things like that you might not want

your family to be so findable



how do you

set this up the right way whether you’re

just starting now or you just now have

an interest in in securing yourself out

there what are some steps

a new and or smaller creator could take

one of the first things i like to see

creators do is make sure that if you

have a public-facing email we’re going

to start with email

do not

have the email that is associated with

your channel

be publicly facing anywhere

channel hacking is a real problem it is

a very real issue and it happens to

channels of all sizes

do not

make your channel email


that’s the first thing

start a gmail

for your channel

that is your public facing email where

you can get brand reach outs where your

community can reach you that is not at

all the gmail you use for your channel

if you haven’t started a channel yet and

you are watching this start a new random

email you know tie fighter 8989


at gmail and use that as your channel

email no one needs that email to be

public facing people aren’t going to

guess it but first name dot last name at

gmail is two guessable and two findable

and if people can figure out the email

that’s attached to your channel it makes

it easier for them to get into your

channel which may not be a problem now

but could be a problem later so locking

down that email security is the first

thing and that includes

a password manager look

you don’t get to just use the same you


purple fish 21 password anymore we are

in a much more sophisticated time

you have to lock down your email

two-factor authentication viper and i

were just talking about this in

clubhouse about using a titan key or a

physical key to lock down your channel

you don’t have a physical business

and walk out and leave the door open

right you lock that you have to do

it with your place of work online too

you have to lock down your accounts

protecting your email is the first step

of that so if you’ve already started a

channel you can switch it to a brand

channel and by switching it to a brand

channel you have it connected uh just a

little bit differently but you can bring

people into the back end of your youtube

channel professionally that can’t then

lock you out of your channel i’ve seen

that happen where channels have had like

oh this is my editor they have access to

my channel and then something goes down

and someone gets locked out of a channel

you don’t want that um

so there are things that you can do to

really secure it but secure your email

sorry i wandered into next steps secure

your email first have a separate

public-facing email as you grow as a

creator it’s okay to have your own


my website’s like

and i have emails attached to that that

people can access

you can have a personalized email but

you don’t have to do that at the

beginning it can just be a gmail that is

your name or your channel name

yeah so a couple other points about the

whole email situation like emily you

feel passionately about email up here

people passionately

i mean

emily i guess before i go into what i

want to say did you get the message from

captain from clubhouse she sent you a

message about the thing that happened

and i’ve been talking yeah catherine and

i’ve been chatting so she gave us she

got i guess you have a full permission

to talk about it so we can talk about

this real quick so um

friend of ours named captain who she may

not be watching the stream right now uh

her daughter

unfortunately was the victim of getting

her youtube channel hacked

by and she got it happy because i think

she uh it was some type of software

email that she was sent about

downloading some illusion software or

something and her daughter ended up

clicking on the link and uh giving the

information or whatever and

i found a link

don’t ever click the link so don’t click


yeah with the emails and things like

that see what happens is that once you

click the link in the email and you put

in that information or whatever

then that gives them everything that

they need to go in there and hack your

youtube channel and

yeah it’s not even hacking at that point

with that no it’s not even hacking it’s

social yeah so the clicking the link is

is fishing and social engineering right

they send you kind of katya’s in the

chat hello lady they send you a a

enticing email of some sort that might

seem like something you need to do it

might look in your email header like

it’s something that came officially from

youtube or from google these things have

gotten very much more sophisticated so

you have to

open up the long tail email to see where

it’s from and those phishing attempts

can then put like keystroke loggers onto

your keyboard so even when you start

trying to change your email they now

have the changes to the passwords and it

can get very messy very very quickly


i don’t mean to interrupt you viper it’s

just if people use the word hacking and

i’m not trying to accuse you right now

but so many people like when when your

youtube channel gets compromised it’s

automatically hacked when it variable

could be a social engineering thing and

we’re not even talking about links and

emails either when it comes to social

engineering if you’re a streamer and

people are asking you super personal

questions and you’re giving them the

answers you might unwittingly be giving

your security answers away to

your accounts you know i mean my

audience knows how old i am and they

know when my birthday is because i

celebrated it online so if my birthday

was one of my security answers it’s

pretty easy to find that um if you were

asking me about the street i grew up on

and i’m telling you about growing up on

you know

walnut avenue which is not actually

where i grew up but whatever it is um

it’s pretty easy to be like oh i can

guess this you know if my mom pops up on

my stream with her name

her maiden name and then her married

last name it’s like oh what’s your

mother’s main name it’s like oh well

i’ve tracked back to your mom on

facebook i know what your mother’s main

name is because i’ve tracked her back on

social media like these things are much

easier to find yeah than they used to be

so going back to what i was saying

earlier about emails so

a creator if you’re going to take the

content creation thing seriously and you

really want to grow on youtube there you

should have multiple email addresses

that that you use to handle youtube and

at least two of those should be private

the one that emily looted to first off

whatever email that you used to found

into your google account should be

private you should be the only person

that knows it it should be nowhere on

social media

there’s another email that you probably

want to make private too and that’s the

email that’s connected to your banking

app or your the way you bank or who you

bank with that email should not be

public to anybody you should be the only

person that has the email connected to

your bank account

and you need that third one where you

sign up for all kinds of free like

the one that you sign up for everything

that you’re like this is my email

whatever you need that third one to like

log into all your other stuff and then

you need one where people can contact

you because you never know what’s going

to come into your email from being a

creator of any size so you absolutely

need um you absolutely need that

public facing email but you need to use

different stuff it’s funny because in

the josh duggar case if you guys are

following the trial going on right now

it’s a pretty awful trial but he had

partitioned his computer and had illegal

things from the dark web on that

partition but the password he used for

his partition was the password he used

for his banking account and for his

social media accounts so all the

government attorneys have to do is say

would you ever give your banking

password to someone no okay well who’s

accessing the partition side behind this

password then so it’s pretty interesting

watching how

reusing passwords is actually going to

be used in this criminal prosecution


and password managers can make it really

easy to have the most random nonsense


you could ever want or dream of and then

have them stored in in one secure place

and they’re they’re easy to find and

they’re not super expensive here’s the

benefit of password managers a lot of

people don’t think about but when you’re

of a certain age you might is that i can

add an emergency person to my passwords

so if god forbid something happened to

me my husband could access my social

media accounts my email accounts things

like that but you can also do it with a

family member so if you have parents or

siblings you can be their emergency

person too so if all their passwords are

in there

our digital lives are actually really

intricate and important and if something

happens and you can’t access somebody’s

banking or social medias it can be very

difficult so

you can actually set up those kind of

longer term safety protocols as a

content creator where if i got in a car

accident tomorrow and was unconscious

how would somebody handle my business

how would you let my team know how would

you let

my community know how would you get into

my youtube how would you get into my

banking and that’s something that

independent contractors and creators

don’t always think about is

what if you go down um who accesses your

stuff and lawyers you know we kind of go

to the dark side or maybe we’re from the

dark side and you have to think about

that so a password manager can help with

that a lot and they have i mean nordpass

has one lastpass has one uh one password

they work across all of your phone apps

it’s it’s just such an easy way to go

yeah yep

so dan i think somebody on the chat was

asked about uh how vidiq have requested

permission to connect to youtube

channels um

yeah so we’ll talk about that real quick

uh we do have more questions for emily

though but so



working with youtube has to

basically youtube the way it’s set up

has to let us

access all this stuff right like if if

you want vidiq installed on your channel

there are permissions and the

permissions list is lengthy and it

intimidates a lot of people this is

covered more in more specifics on our

faq and i don’t have that script in my

head right now but i recommend going and

checking it out vid iq wouldn’t be in

business if it did anything with that

information that would compromise your

channel the the point of it is so that

we can aggregate the data that you have

on your channel and present it to you in

a nice clean digestible way

it’s the reason daily ideas can look at

your videos and then say oh here’s some

awesome video ideas for you to make

today so

for vidiq to work efficiently on your

channel you have to install it and

authenticate it and when you

authenticate it you are agreeing to a

lot of things

it’s just how youtube has it set up

there’s not much we could do with it or

about it but


we wouldn’t have like a relationship the

relationship would have with youtube if

we went out of our way to then say okay

now we have all of this and we can start

deleting some channels on the internet

that’s not how that works yeah we would

not be here today a bit like you were

doing the various things with your

channel so you wouldn’t be here with

over a million


giving good information and that’s

that’s the one thing is knowing who

you’re working with and knowing what

you’re giving permission for and look i

have made these mistakes too i had an

old plug-in attached to my twitter

account again a twitter account i

started a million years ago hadn’t used

for most of the time didn’t really enjoy


loved it as i started becoming a creator

well most of the time because a lot of

the youtube audiences are also having

conversations on twitter but i had left

some older like older apps that were no

longer being supported connected with

permissions into the back end my twitter

and it ended up spamming my twitter

account with like ray-ban ads and all

this other stuff so i woke up and like

things were deleted i was following

people i hadn’t been following and

something had gotten into my twitter and

then i had i ended up deleting almost

everything from like 2020 back and

people were like what’d she do in the

shady on twitter that she’s deleting her

twitter i’m like i don’t know where

these ray-ban ads are coming from and i

don’t trust the links and i don’t want

my community to trust the links and they

trust me to post things and it it

happened to me like it happens to

everyone so i think one of the big

things that works against people when it

comes to not just tech security but when

it comes to email security and creator

security is that

we don’t always talk about the stuff

that goes wrong because it’s so

embarrassing and we are we get really

embarrassed when stuff goes wrong and

this is something that keeps victims of

fraud silent in the cases i cover that

deal with fraud

people who have been defrauded are

embarrassed because they’re like i

should have known better i should have

known not to click the link look the

people who do these things

this is all they focus on you’re

focusing on your everyday life and

creating and everything else and

sometimes something slips past you don’t

be embarrassed ask for help and start

moving forward um fix build play said so

my channel email should not be listed on

my channel correct the email you should

list on your channel is your public

facing email that is created for that

and something i like gmail because a

it’s free and b the spam filters are

good because as you have an email on

your channel you will get a lot of hey

there creator i love your channel would

you like to work with us for opportunity

we can

pay you if you

post thank you

you’ll get tons of those and they’re all


so this email address here so this is a

vidiq about section

this email address here is the one you

make that is not the one you log into

your youtube channel with correct so for

this if let’s just say vidiq not being a

company let’s just it would be vidiq or something to that effect

and the email we used to actually log in

to the vid iq youtube channel would be

secret you would never know what that is

so that is how that

works when we say don’t use your channel

email as your email it’s the business

inquiries email you you want to make


a safe public-facing email that if

someone were god forbid to hack into

mine if you want you can show my channel

and how i’ve handled it if if you want


um and you can you’re welcome to go

ahead and click on it


oh you have to submit things i didn’t

know that yeah you have to verify you’re

not a robot yep so this is my uh brand

management company so all my public

facing emails go to a monitored inbox

now but before that that was my facing

gmail we have talked to them on tubetalk

awesome i love them before yeah they’re

awesome so yes this would be not the

email you’re using to log into your

youtube channel and manage it in the

back so upload videos

everything else so that is visuals are

so helpful

yes that’s a good example

uh just we just want to be crystal

crystal clear it’s probably the most

important tip you could take away from

the day but i am going to shift gears a

little bit um so

one thing you you know i talked about

emily before this live stream we talked

last month like what should we talk

about december one of the things you had

mentioned and maybe there’s been some

developments i’ve seen i’ve seen the

feature now i didn’t know at the time

what you’re referring to but i’ve seen

it now youtube is doing something with

memberships whereby

they are now a public-facing thing can

you explain what they’re doing how

that’s developed and the i guess the

pros and cons in your opinion i don’t

know how they’ve developed it but

what i saw in because i do have a

channel that runs channel memberships

viper you have channel memberships too i


um and i also have patreon and i’m

always very happy to talk about all the

different ways i do things on social

media but with that


i got a like a notice in the back of

creator studio that was like hey we’re

going to start celebrating memberships

and this is something that they’ve been

rolling out in different ways now in the

chat if somebody’s celebrating a

membership anniversary they can send

something that almost looks like a super

chat that is their like celebration and

it’s a highlighted a highlighted a

comment or something that shows like

they’re celebrating their um

their five-month channel anniversary or

what have you and that’s very cool but

they were also going to start putting

and celebrating members in like the

shelf of the channel on the channel page

and they were rolling it out on mobile i

haven’t seen it roll out yet i don’t

know if they got

feedback on it because the thing is some

people might not

want their memberships publicly known

not all channels have membership icons

when you chat and some channel members

choose not to chat because they don’t

need their icon shown but there didn’t

seem to be a way to

opt in or opt out so i’m very interested

to see what youtube does it looks like

on the creator end i can turn it off or

on but i haven’t actually seen it roll

out yet um i don’t know they were i

don’t know if they’re going to roll it

out or if they’re teasing it or if they

got really distracted by the dislike

button or something but youtube tends to

test these things for a while before

they roll them out and i understand the

pros of we want to give creators more

ways to

thank their members thank the people

that financially support them as

creators and support their channel but i

also can understand that

not everyone wants

everyone to know what channels they’re

members of


so this is on the creator insider

youtube this is perfect see look you’re

all prepped in stuff like a real


uh well i this was the graphic i was

remembering and i’m like yeah i see that

oh yeah so basically what they’re what

they explain if you go watch this video

is how this is going to look so

what non-members see they can see people

who are members of this channel and what

members see is many thanks to the

members of this channel

and it i’m guessing they’re saying it’ll

live underneath

the uh

this looks like the channel page on

mobile so you’d see the top video right

the trailer and then under that members

of this channel and it’s probably a list

you can hit and see everybody

um so that is what we’re talking about

and and and so just think about that you

join a channel you become a member you

give them so now you’re giving them

money every month and now your profile

is appearing on the front page of that

channel which this is this is being

framed as like a recognition shelf right

that’s what says that’s in the title the

membership if it was if it was my


um who doesn’t have his own youtube

channel and uses my like second youtube

account to watch youtube if it was my

nine-year-old and he saw

his youtube icon showing up on like

cretecraft’s channel or something he

would lose his mind right like he would

absolutely love this but a lot of people

don’t want everyone to know their


and don’t and one of the the

channel member

doesn’t seem to have a way to opt in or

opt out

other than not being a member of that

channel and i think that could hurt

creators because there’s not something

like that on

like on patreon for example you can see

how many members there are if that’s

shared but you can’t see who they are

unless people behind that paywall chat

and then you can choose your username

there so

it’s really interesting the way that

they’re doing it and i understood that

they were going to

rotate who they showed as a as a

recognition or a way to show recognition

yeah it it’s

i’m imagining a scenario where you have

a youtube account maybe you’re a

youtuber and you maybe you have certain

political views and then you decide to

become a member of a channel that

follows those political views and then

if people in your community see that you

might end up creating some division in

your community that was otherwise not

political it just happens to be a

channel that you watch so that’s like

one scenario i can imagine people

getting into they’re like oh that

membership i’m a member of this channel

and now it’s public and now people are

bringing it into my chat when i’m live

oh you’re a member of the channel and

then that creator gets into mess yep or

something and then it’s like well three

months ago i saw you supporting that

creator it’s like three months ago we

weren’t here like right you know we’ve

seen these really large things blow up

of stuff we hadn’t seen like with david

dobrik for example um a really large

backlash of things that that he did on

his channel and things that other people

that he platformed did but if you were

somebody who supported david dobrik

before that and you’re like but i didn’t


about that but then yeah um

i can see it being

problematic because at least now when

you choose to subscribe you can either

show your subscriptions publicly or not

so when you comment if you choose to

share who you publicly subscribe to when

you comment it shows if you’re a

subscriber to the channel or not but the

the individual youtube account holder

can turn that on or off and i think

artist haven is exactly right the

internet never forgets

i think that if you

allowed the channel owner to opt in or

out of public recognition that this

wouldn’t be so controversial yeah and

they could i mean we it’s an

experimental feature

they they absolutely still could add

such functionality this is why these

conversations are important um and why

when you get surveys from youtube on

your channel you should definitely

answer them and leave your feedback

always be respectful in that box where

you can say hey anything any other

thoughts like be respectful but if

there’s something going on like this and

that you’re passionate about it make

your voice heard youtube reads those

as a thing they do i think it’s way more

powerful to see creators i mean we saw

mkbhd and others do this with the

dislike button

they sat down and said this is why i

disagree and this is how i see it um and

we saw we saw people come out on the

other side of that as well this is why i

agree and this is why it’s not a big

deal but i think having those

conversations on social media


allows youtube to hear it

their youtube as a company is gonna

filter through the youtube’s terrible in

this is

that stuff’s not gonna get heard but the

hey i’m a creator i use this platform

and this is why i see this change um

not as a great

not as a great change

that’s a conversation that they’re open

to having and i think when enter

engaging with the platform if you don’t

want to just burn it down and leave

engaging with a platform in a way that

remembering the people that are engaging

with you are people that work for that

platform you’re not engaging with the

entire platform i’ve always found

everyone i’ve interacted with from

youtube open to try to help and open to

having a conversation even if they

weren’t able to help at the moment even

if it needed to go to someone else i’ve

always found a willingness to listen and

to help and that somebody has been

available even though i don’t always

love the way they’re available there is

someone available in uh creator chat so


hey uh dan emily i think we should take

a few minutes to talk about doctoring

and what youtuber can do to protect

against it because youtube does have

some measures in place that we can

protect against it

do you want to start


because youtube i can talk about docsing

in general i always forget what the

platform each platform does like what

are youtube’s measures all right before

we get into that uh let’s talk about

real quick about what doxxing is so if

you’ve never heard of the term docsing

basically that’s when somebody puts your

public information on the internet so

your your address your phone number if

you don’t use your real name if they

know your real name they’ll throw your

real name on the internet private your

private information your private

information being made public is what we

talk about when we’re talking about


so as related to youtube there are

measures there are things that you can

do youtube wise to stop this from

happening if you go into your into your

creator studio in the community settings

there is a block word filter

and you can put all types of words and

different things in there that will not

show up

on your channel in any comments or live

chat if you have them in the block word


so if you want to protect yourself

against being docked on youtube

i would go into your community settings

and go to the block word filter put your

real name put your address put your

social security number phone number

anything that private that you don’t

want to be made public put that in the

block word filter so that stuff doesn’t

come out in a in your video comment

sessions or your live chat and that’s a

good way to protect against being doc on


and the other thing is

making sure you know what information

about you is out there and then making

sure that you take steps there are

things you can do to kind of remove

your address from from public places it

doesn’t necessarily stop if somebody’s

gonna buy a

you know buy a background check and try

to get to your address there’s not as

much you can do other than you know

starting to look at buying your home in

a trust so that your name isn’t

connected with your home address and the

one thing i’ve seen creators fall down

on with this particularly is that they

put their companies their public

companies and we see their companies

come up like with you know we’ve

mentioned ethan klein in the h3 podcast

already his company is now engaged in a

lawsuit so we know the name of his


most states you can go to the states

secretary of state and find the

formation documents and the information

about that company there are too many

large creators that put their home

address on their company formation

documents well that’s a legal document

so if somebody shares that it’s really

shitty but would they be prosecuted for

doxing probably not because you put that

on a public legal document i’m always

really careful when i go over legal

documents to try to pull out home

addresses and redact them but if it if

it’s your company’s address it can




in a way that might be also nefarious so

using something like a ups box or a po

box makes so much more sense it’s not

that expensive to do um and that’s also

community building there’s times your

community is going to want to send you

stuff i love getting lawnerd presents

they all go to my business address

because my business address um a can

take packages all the time and b keep

them safe for me but also it’s not it’s

not my home address you know exactly

where i live which nobody really needs

to know why do you need to know that

you don’t they don’t so ups store po box

there are also for those of you that

don’t want physical mail most states

also have virtual mailboxes that you can

use for corporate formation documents a

lot of those websites also have somebody


accepts service of process so you have

someone to accept service a process and

a business address and because they’re a

virtual po box if you get mail there

from the irs or your state tax agency

they’ll scan it and email it to you so

you could be anywhere in the world and

still legally maintaining um a corporate

a corporate entity or just giving that

address to youtube if you need to

respond to a copyright claim or

something like that they ask for an

address have an address that’s not your


to provide to youtube where to contact

you so virtual mailboxes are also

very inexpensive and you don’t even have

to drive to a po box they scan it

so a lot of really really good tips

there we are going to get into q a soon

there is another topic i wanted to ask

you about though emily um sure we talked

about this last time as well uh

likeness rights


the example that i had in my notes was

carol baskin i’m but there’s a

disconnect here because we know that’s

you know if you might have heard her

name from tiger king the documentary

series on netflix um doing netflix i

wanna i wanna bring it back around to

how smaller channels can run into it but

maybe first can you explain

what what likeness rights would even be

what does that mean you explain an

entire area of law that as well like

it’s an intricate sure yes yes that’s

what i’m asking


it for our context


having the right to use somebody’s image

has limited purposes so depending on

what you are doing

there are certain things you can and

cannot do um and this kind of there’s

parts that blend over with copyright and

there’s stuff that blends over with

intellectual property but generally when

we talk about likeness it is

when you can use someone’s

name image social media handle and how

you can do that sometimes it falls under

fair use sometimes it doesn’t and this

is actually why carol baskin is suing

netflix right now over tiger king 2.


as a small creator like someone who

started their youtube channel maybe they

are we’ll go back to the family vlogging


they’re going out into public they’re

they’re doing all kinds of stuff how

might they run into this and what what

should they know

well if you’re filming in public you can

very easily catch people’s um faces that

you might not have a release for

generally when you see a tv show like

the real housewives going out to a

restaurant that restaurant will have

postings there there would have had to

be approval and permissions they will

have posting that you might be filmed

you might be on film and it’s a waiver

if you still choose to come in but when

you are out in public if you have not

gotten permission to film in a you know

if you’re filming inside of an aldi to

do a shopping haul and you haven’t

gotten permission you haven’t shared

that you’re going to be there you

haven’t gotten clearance from people who

are going to be in the store and then

you put their face in an aldi on the

internet it can be a problem because you

don’t have a release to use their

likeness and they’re probably not a

public figure or even a limited purpose

public figure just rolling around the

aldi now this is different when we see

well sometimes different when we see

videos of people getting into

confrontations and everyone’s filming it

those might become

limited newsworthy items where it is

news sharing it if people are at a large

demonstration or a protest that is a

newsworthy item they’re more likely to

not have an issue being filmed and being

up on the internet because they are in a

place where it’s likely that it’s

newsworthy so

these things kind of meld in and out but

just having people’s faces in your kind

of standard youtube video if it’s not


you’re gonna need to go ahead and use

that blur track um

because you’re not you don’t have the

rights to just release those people in

your video

so does this also mean that if i’m

walking around with a camera on the

streets of new york public streets

i still need to get releases from

everybody who’s going to appear on


it depends on what you’re filming if

you’re filming like the macy’s day


you’re probably more covered by the


if you are

just covering the streets and they’re

far away and it’s not an up close face

it depends really on the situation i

think it’s something that every creator

should be very

mindful of depending on how they are

filming and what they are filming and

how identifiable people are but there

are different

there are different rules in like a

broad like if you’re in times square um

in a very big public area and you have

people that are on camera it might not

be as much of a problem legally as if

you’re inside disney and you don’t have

a filming release that is now private

property um and that is that is

different so the public property private

property is different i always

just caution creators to be mindful that

this exists so that you are aware like

the example of shopping at aldi is

different than being in

times square or

on a city street where somebody is now

in public so

it depends

and it is worth being mindful of


and it really depends on where you are

and what the the rules are there are

some areas like outside of a courthouse

that that’s public property

but you can’t film within certain

um certain distances of courthouses

based on local rules and things like

that so

it really depends if you’re filming

jurors coming out of a courthouse it’s

going to be a different thing than

filming your family and time square and

there’s people walking around in the


okay so so let me uh let’s uh get some

clarification real quick so if you are

filming in times square which is a

public place and people are walking

around here

it is legal for someone to film

in times square like and

if you’re in time square and somebody

has a camera and they’re filming

unfortunately since it is a public place

you have no right to privacy but emily

what you’re saying is that if i then if

i’m filming time square and i get a lot

of people in the footage if i take that

footage and upload it to youtube even

though i’m filming in a public place

which is legal if i release that video

on youtube it could be a problem

it depends it depends it depends on the

video generally

generally it’s not going to be a huge

issue if the subject if it’s background

people and not the subject of your video

you know

if you are making someone the subject of

your video could that be an invasion of

privacy if they’re being characterized

in a false light and things like that it

it really is so situational and again

people in the background are different


than kind of these false light

invasion of privacy which is why i’m

like it’s a lot of different things um

filming in public spaces is different

than filming in pr in private spaces

unless i said that backwards public

private so it’s it’s worth noting gotcha

okay this is what when dan’s like let’s

talk about likeness rights it’s like a

very it’s a very large it is a very

large topic in a very large conversation

but generally in public places

you’re not going to run into a problem

unless it is really a

it becomes like a false light invasion

of privacy when you are

doing something to someone that could be

reputationally damaging and things like

that or

using a video making them the subject

and and changing the video or the

context of the video so i don’t want

people to be like oh it’s carte blanche

totally fine but again having people

walking in the background in a public

place is not something you have to worry

about having people walking around in

the background of a private place

much more um

of a concern there’s there’s so much

nuance like to this stuff you know and

it’s why we love having you on uh and

and why i’m asking it’s horrible that

it’s like

it just it context really matters yes

and it also you

the thing i’m always hesitant about in

giving a cart blanche yeah go ahead is


if you end up in times square with that

one person who then sees your youtube

video and is like and and your video has

gone viral and they’re like i i’m in the

background picking my nose eating a hot

dog and i didn’t agree to a likeness

they can still try to sue you and they

can still cost you hundreds of thousands

of dollars to prove that you are right

so i would rather have people be mindful

than be sorry

it yeah and the ways i mean ways to

avoid that so like the comment i

highlighted here about being scared to

make youtube videos like there are so

many things you can do to not worry

about this if you are if you’re in a

situation where you feel like this might

be a bit gray area i could get in

trouble you can go into your editing

software and blur faces and you’ll be


or like you can get a fancy lens like

this one and let me just see like i can

take the lens cap and when it focuses on

this lens cap

everything goes blurry behind it and i


this is a filming technique that not

only looks really cool but also

everybody in the background of this shot

now is unidentifiable right and there’s

no digital enhancement they could do to

bring them like you can’t see my

features anymore

and i’m good like you i can’t i could

try and sue this person but what i’m not

going to get very far you know whatever

other thing to keep in mind is anyone

can sue anyone for any reason you know


it can i i love that you said that i’m

going to interrupt you to say again

just because you’re right

legally doesn’t mean that this

that something can’t cost you a

substantial amount of money and again if

you follow my channel we are following

along with the h3 lawsuits um

i personally on the suits that i have

read and covered think that h3 is in a

very strong position to win those cases

it doesn’t mean it’s not going to cost

potentially hundreds of thousands of

dollars to prove that you are right so

when we talk about like well it’s fair

use it is fair use fair use is a defense

you get sued and then you have to prove

that you are right


be mindful first

um because it’s again dan says you can’t

put the toothpaste back in the tube i

say you can’t put the back in the

horse i mean we have definitely

different different ways of

of illustrating the same point viper

you’re going to have to come up with one

that’s all your own


you know you can’t um

you can’t kind of unring the bell if you

were and so it’s better to be aware of

all of the potentialities

than to

not be aware and go oh i didn’t

even know that was a thing

yeah and so we don’t want to scare

anyone from making youtube videos but it

is these are things that end up

happening into anybody you know it’s


polka dan they’re bocado whoa

right there i mean what what lens are

you now that we’re here yeah what lens

are you using because i feel like you’ve

got like squid game stuff in the

background i’m teasing that’s probably

playstation it is playstation um it’s

you know amazing shapes now are assigned

to a cultural phenomenon

in terms of lenses it’s not even that

expensive it’s what they call a pancake

lens uh the canon makes it it’s a 24

millimeter i’m just looking at it now um

and i think the f-stop is

2.8 it says basically the lower that

number the more blurry you can get the

background so the lower that number the

more expensive the lens uh i just

switched to a 24 2.8

yeah that’s this new this new kind of

angle and setup is my 24 2.8 and i

i’m loving it except now i feel like

everybody’s like in my business it also

makes my face look a bit wider than i

looked on my 16 millimeter just because

of the type of lens it just it gives a

little bit more like really we’re just a

little fluffier it’s very strange

i i don’t love i’m still working on the

background i’m still working on the

angle i don’t love the way it’s set up i

really don’t but i it’s every everything

like that one percent improvement you

know the the lens at least and now i

have a lens i like


youtuber problems yeah exactly um in any

case we don’t want to scare anybody

privacy there was a reason you asked

about privacy rights so i did i

mentioned i alluded to the carol baskin

lawsuit carol baskin is suing netflix

saying that they did not use a likeness

release for the second installment of

tiger king and that is going to weave

its way through the courts there’s some

very vague

language in that and if you are a

youtuber that regularly has guests

and even a podcaster that has guests a

lot of youtubers just do this on a on a

hey do you want to come on my channel

and then send me emails back yeah that’s


you can get a very inexpensive

appearance release to send to somebody

and be like hey can you sign this

because i might edit it i might um i

might edit this i’m going to use your

name and likeness and your social media

handles to promote it i have a sponsor i

need to leave this up for at least a

year um i can’t take it down even if you

ask those kinds of things can be

discussed and then the other thing to be

discussed in youtube is if you’re having

someone on your channel or going on

someone’s channel is it going to be a

members only streamer is it available to

public in your community are they going

to have subscribers mode on only are

they going to have members chat on only

like these are all things to have a

conversation about and if if you’re

hosting people just saying hey this is

how i do it and do you agree you can do

it in an email


list out the you know this video will be

up a year i’m going to use your name and

like this to promote

it’s just better to say the things than

to assume yeah all right

real quick uh we gotta do a quick reset

for the people for those of y’all who

are new there are just joining what’s up

people welcome to our wednesday q a live

stream we have our guest emily baker

here today we are talking about privacy

i see a lot of you all asking about

channel artists in the chat uh channel

audit live streams are on tuesday not

wednesday so we won’t be doing any of

those today but if you are interested in

having your channel audited come back

next tuesday and we will be doing that

today we’re talking about privacy and

how to protect yourself on youtube and

in a few minutes here we will be

answering your questions on privacy or

anything else youtube related but we are

not doing channel audits today today in

q a and we’re talking about privacy with

emily me dan and myself and that is what

is going on i am particularly interested

in privacy questions uh when we do get

to q a here in a minute but uh i did

pull up this because this is uh

just kind of a relevant comment we have

to worry about all this to vlog not too

surprised but my goodness yes

emily any comments you’re creating


um on the internet and while i have said

this i am going to be doing a video

about mr beast’s squid game video

because i’ve been getting a lot of

questions about it is it parody is it

copyright infringement is it you know

ripping off this thing to make another

thing and i talk about the fact that

youtube and content creators are not as

heavily regulated as a film


and we see content creators now bridging

the gap and making films and making tv

shows and doing stunts and in the case

of david dobrik um people getting

injured we are going to see more and

more regulation this is an industry that

is very unregulated so

it’s not going to be that somebody

somebody’s going to come down and be

like oh you didn’t meet the you know you

didn’t meet the

union rules for for filming your vlog

but there are still rules to filming and

ignorance of the law is not a defense to

the law so

it’s better to at least be aware of all

the questions you need to process

through first i mean all of us are

mostly talking heads

yeah i get to choose and i get to choose

what’s in my background but if i was on


you know major tv network i don’t think

i could just have a starbucks cup

chilling because they haven’t gotten

licensing from starbucks to have this

starbucks cup just chilling in my setup

somewhere so there are there are rules

that are adhered to in other

realms of content creation and

production that aren’t adhered to

um in

the youtube space because it is creator

driven and that is a plus and a minus

because it doesn’t mean the rules don’t


coppa i mean remember when that whole

thing happened everyone was so surprised

these laws were always in place yes copa

was passed before youtube even became a

thing right and everyone’s like it’s not

our job to regulate it and then and then

the government was like oh but it is

right and and so everyone’s dog piling

youtube for like pulling the rug out and

and really yes they are at fault for not

regulating it sooner but everybody who’s

breaking the law is responsible even


like you said ignorance to the law

it doesn’t matter you you know you had a

responsibility i’d be so curious who in

the chat has a

website or a merch site that they use in

connection with their channel just put a

one in the chat i’m going to tell you

something that you may or may not have


when you are selling merch and when you

have a website that you offer anything

for sale like hey i have a

999e e-course on how to use a camera

lens or i have merch or i offer my

services for photography for sale

whatever it is you have to have a

privacy policy and you generally have to

have terms of sale and if you don’t it

is a forty thousand dollar fine

for or can be for your site if somebody

comes after it your website also has to

be ada compliant it can’t have auto

populating music and videos there’s all

these rules when you have a website and

people are like wait what it’s like yes

and we went through kind of a period of

time where the

moderately large entrepreneurs were

getting sued for not having privacy

policies and terms of use on their



there are in anything we do there are

laws that you have to follow as if

you’re disney as if you’re amazon as if

you’re apple because you’re still a

business you just don’t have the legal

departments that they have which is why

we have these conversations on



uh so

we are about to get into uh q a here in

a moment um there is something i should

tell you about that i probably should

have told you about at the beginning of

the stream right now vid iq is running a

cyber monday sale oh so if you’re

interested in saving 30 off of six

months of it iq boost or 40 off of a 12

month boost plan

you can do that right now with the link bonuses down below and that

that 12 month one by the way you get a



channel audit session that lasts 30

minutes with one of our vid iq coaches

so that is a one-on-one call for a half

hour you get to sit down

for free it’s a huge value uh if you

decide to carry those on that it’s it

will come at a cost it’s for people who

take youtube

very seriously they’re getting to the

point where they’re about to become a

full-blown business and or that’s the

ambition so you can get yourself a

30-minute free call so there you go i’ll

leave that ticker up for a little while


so is everybody ready do we have any

more topics we want to get to before we

get into q and a

uh and i had some but i lost it

i’ll come back to it you can get in the

q a it always i mean it always brings up

so many different areas unless you had

any more questions on your own

i know we jumped around

i think we also need to talk off

two-factor authentication and and

because we kind of glossed over the

whole hardware key thing we did talk

about it briefly with email but yes

please yes two-factor authentication for

those of you who are not aware um

for email i think it’s actually required

now to have access to the creator studio

but you have to have two-factor

authentication enabled and basically it

means that you need two um

two items of two or two ways to identify

yourself in order for you to log into

your whatever account that you have

two-factor authentication associated


so in my case

i have too fast authentication set up

for my my google account

um and one of the ways that i have that

setup is that i have a password

obviously but i also added my physical

google titan hardware key as a factor of


what this does is that when i sign into

google from my newer device i have to

put a password in and then i have to

have my physical google titan key to

access a factor of authentication

that’s why we were talking about getting

a titan key or getting a security key

earlier in this live stream because

if for whatever reason you do click on a

link or whatever and somebody has to ask

them to your gmail or whatever

they still won’t be able to access your

channel if you have a hardware key

associated with your two factor


so a lot of time pastors have been

getting around it by sim jacking they’ll

uh they’ll have access to your phone

number they’ll call your phone up a

phone company or whatever

and then they’ll get access to your your

proud information because they have the

information that they need and they can

hack your channel so having an actual

hardware key

just negates all of that because you

can’t hack anything

if you don’t have the actual hardware

key to act as a factor of authentication

so that’s why we were talking about that

and it’s

it’s so annoying having to like log in

and use two-factor authentication over

and over but it will save you some grief

if you have it set up properly so

let’s consider that

that picture right there just want

people to visualize what that what that

is it’s a

physical device

uh and you don’t want to lose it but

yeah you don’t want to move it’s kind of

like a crypto wallet you need

right that’s somewhere safe keep the

information somewhere safe

yes uh two factors very important

i have a friend of mine i’m gonna be

painfully vague right now i have a

friend of mine who i found out just

through conversation that they really

aren’t taking internet security as

seriously as they should and so i’ve

been like begging them you know you

should two factor everything you can

possibly think of

and sure enough i get a text like the

other day like

well they got into my blah blah account



like it’s shocking it can happen to

anyone and it’s not like this person

from what i know about them isn’t going

around just spreading like their

information about it’s it’s just what

happens is these companies get hacked

themselves because the businesses aren’t

setting up proper security and then it’s

on you as one of their customers to make

sure that you at least set up security

on your end because they get your they

get your account information they get

your passwords they get everything if

they but if they offer two-factor and

you even set it up like now you’re just

asking for trouble because they have the

keys to your account and that additional

layer of security does not exist and so

they could just get in and start

changing stuff and doing whatever they

want to do


it’s just one of those things like if

you had just

listened to me

like a week ago and i told you

like pounding my hand on the desk like

come on how did this happen this is part

of digital life

and i i get asked a lot about people who

are interested in going to law school

and it used to be that people were

philosophy majors or political science

majors or english majors and people were

like do i have to do that to go to law

school i’m like computer science

you need to be a computer science major

like a computer science major with a law

degree is going to have work forever


the what we learned and and not to we’re

going to go down that road for just a

minute but in the kyle rittenhouse trial

digital evidence became a very big

part of the case the case is all on

video other cases are all on video

and there was multiple motions about

pinch to zoom on apple devices and does

it add or interpret pixels and how that

works and how that technology works and

the attorneys and the court could not

figure it out together whether it

actually manipulates or changes the the

image or changes the evidence or could

and so understanding things like

metadata and um

compressing files because the it seemed

that the prosecution provided the

defense a compressed version of a video

which they shouldn’t do it’s altered


digital evidence and and digital in law

um is becoming a much much bigger

point because trials aren’t just like i

saw this person do this and then they

ran down the street and then there’s

maybe security video from a a gas

station this is now digital evidence

coming from cell phones and there aren’t

people in the field that understand it


it is a huge need and it’s going to be

very interesting to see how um


this area of law starts to grow with

people who actually are technologically

savvy because it’s so so needed and

preserving digital out of it it’s a huge

huge need in law because old lawyers

can’t even get into their own email

and their firms have not been

technologically safe so you see firms

getting hacked and stuff like that but

there’s crossover i could talk forever

in our digital age about cyber safety it

just why aren’t are they teaching this

in high schools yet because i feel like

digital citizenship they like make

people sign or at least our old district

made the kids sign like a digital

citizen like i won’t be a dick on the

internet i mean that’s not what it says

but kind of like how to be a good

digital citizen but i think there’s so

much more needed beyond like how to not

be hateful on the internet it’s how to

actually protect yourself on the

internet and then how to parse

to whether something’s true and accurate

on the internet versus a oh i read it on

the internet therefore it’s true so

there’s there’s a lot that we need to do

to catch up to our digital world and as

creators it’s our job to seek out that

information and seek out the channels

that share that information

yeah well we are ready to get into q a

uh but before we do we always have one

order of business that we need to attend

to first


it’s the most savage intro ever and

you’ve done you know that was the savage

intro no that wasn’t it where is it dan

what did you do with it i don’t know

what you’re talking about


uh let’s see what this guy got maybe he

got something interesting nope

that’s what i’m talking about thank you

very much oh okay i don’t come in unless

someone plays that for me what’s going

on everybody everyone’s having a great

rest of the day

what’s going down everybody it’s so good

to see you savage yes indeed emily the

person i’m definitely gonna be calling

upon as i get savagely sued by everybody

on the face of the planet uh definitely

gonna keep you on retainer there’s a do

you have a

retainer i went

all right that’s cool what’s going on

let’s defend this indefensible all right

so this is defend the indefensible uh

savage edition i guess

and uh

the way this works is that each person

we go around the table and each person

has to defend

a position that is otherwise

indefensible um it is for fun it is for

parody and unless you’re savage i i


uh it’s a little bit a little bit

different uh we everyone wants to know

what’s with the belt hat can you explain

the belt let’s have a championship i

just want to make sure you can’t see it

when it down here around my waist i got

a thin petite waist that’s why it’s so

small did you beat jake paul to get the


i feel like that’s how you get on

youtube i used to babysit jake paul that

boy ain’t nothing

that boy ain’t nothing let me tell you

something about jake paul jake paul used

to mow my grass and did a terrible job

so i fired him at six

hated that kid

six years old

i couldn’t stand him he was such an

obnoxious kid dude i’ll tell you

something always coming over with pop

tart crumbs on his fingers and stuff is


brother much better

well who wants to go first

all right

uh what are we sounding


what do i have to do tell me i’ll do it

listen i’ll save this live stream don’t

worry do you have a defending defensible

for emily oh okay sure let’s see


yeah i guess i’m going i do do should i

say it out loud

uh yeah why don’t we do it that way

because i’m saying it out loud

all right uh miss emily d baker wait is

the cat is the counter up i’m getting

the timer right now 30 seconds is is

part of the

part of the thing that is so hard for me

i can’t defend giving any opinion in

under 30 seconds like let’s start there

this is gonna be you’re gonna love these

things are a conversation

give me one he wants

he wants

30 seconds is like a tweet

yeah you’re going all right after this

one i’m gonna tell you every night ready

yes all right brittany’s dad always had

britney’s best interests and uh he

should be put back in charge but go

ahead and tell me about that


as a man he clearly understands

how to do

financial things how to do life things

how to determine what a woman needs for

her body i mean how would us women with

our woman brains be able to figure

anything out without a man in charge

isn’t that why marriage would be

isn’t that why women weren’t allowed to

own property i mean


that was savage oh my goodness

man someone gave her some epic because

she about

whatever that hurt that actually this

literally hurt my stomach to defend the

individual if that gets clipped down and

coming back and fight me in the ass i’m

going to kill you you’re totally getting

canceled let me tell you something

i feel like oh i forgot because

britney’s daddy loves her that’s what i

should have led off with that’s what you

should have said at the beginning yeah

you just sunk your own boat there that’s


seriously i should have started with oh

my god but britney’s daddy loves her

everyone else is a stranger i could have

gone a different way with that but this

is the thing with defend the

undefensible you have to think on your

feet that’s right

um i’ll give one to viper uh except now

i can’t pull up on screen uh now see

this is why i need four screens

i only have two

all right

viper are you ready to put on the spot


all right your defend the indefensible

i’m just gonna memorize and then read it

to you here um is

you should never

ever use custom thumbnails on youtube

yeah why would you want to make your own

thumbnail when youtube makes your

thumbnail for you you might it might

catch you in that youtube face

or you know

when you got a feel like half an hour to

an hour to create a custom thumbnail who

got time for that i’m just all i gotta

do is put the video content out and you

let youtube do it for me i don’t want to

do that work making the video takes long

enough let youtube handle the custom

thumbnail and handle the thumbnail and

don’t worry about cutting who needs a

custom thumbnail anyway who needs it

automation i like it

all right automatically automated

does somebody have one for savage

yeah do do uh do uh pancakes versus

waffles i can definitely go off on that

shenanigans going on

people picking pancakes over waffles

with knowing that waffles have that

they’re ergonomically designed for syrup

but all these other people getting these

slippery ass pancakes i think they’re

good come on that’s ridiculous the only

pancakes are there any good public

opinion that’s definitely not defend the

indefensible come on now i’m just trying

to say you did i have to defend pancakes

in which i can’t do viper do you want to

ask savage or do you want to ask dan

oh man

i actually want to ask you but i’ll ask

dan uh dan

are you ready to rock and roll i’m not


thanks everybody for subscribing

all right dan

we have people out here saying


the creator economy is the reaction

economy and creators don’t create

anything original


go ahead

it i mean yeah of course it’s

listen creating original content is hard

okay it’s so much easier to watch squid

game and then just do that just it’s a

popular show so just just remake it with

all of your friends

and a bunch of strangers and you know

maybe start a charity so you can get

funding for the video say the charities

for like you know the c or something and

then give all the money to the winners

that’s way easier than thinking

something original

that’s the typical dan answer for you

that was a team

let me tell you it’s

that’s some that’s some taco bell spice

right there for you it’s a

it’s mildly spicy all right donate to

team c’s though

team c’s

it reminds me of my report card back in

high school go ahead and let me know

what’s up what’s next all right savage

you get to defend

the fact that all creators should just

pander to the youtube algorithm i’m not

gonna lie that’s that’s what i do that’s

part of the savage academy listen for

39.95 every five minutes you get to

learn how to pound into the absolute god

that is the youtube algorithm let me

tell you something about the algorithm

and by the way everyone been

mispronouncing this algorithm and you

should be in the rhythms of the

algorithm because let’s be honest people

don’t watch these videos

a computer does a robot does it matter

of fact ain’t no one watching youtube at

all it’s just a bunch of computers that

sit there and click the clack and make

your ctr go up and down you should

absolutely not pay attention to what’s

going on what people like you should do

it for the algorithm

all right

so the algorithm

defend the defensible has been

spoken it has been spoken it has been

spoken i’m gonna take too seriously i’m

gonna we’re gonna take it way less

seriously next time i’m sorry it’s a

habit we gotta we gotta break out of the

habit of taking too seriously yeah

we we’re taking it we take everything so

seriously let me tell you about things

that i take seriously i’ll take i take

seriously i’m not gonna lie

if you come up with some some broken

scrambled eggs that are kind of half

burnt we gonna have a problem

you know have you ever had some really

terrible uh scrambled eggs it’s not it’s

not hard to make scrambled eggs so when

you have bad scrambled eggs don’t you

just want to punch the waitress in the

face i mean i’ve done it before i’m not

gonna lie i’m not real proud of it wait

you’ve made bad scrambled eggs yes

that’s literally what i meant dan got it

thank you for saving me on that i didn’t

want to get cancelled here on the live

stream yes i made terrible scrambled

eggs once i put some uh some jalapenos

and something did you punch yourself in

the face after you made terrible that

was no it wasn’t

listen it was it was uh you had to be

there you had to be there uh anyway uh

terrible scrambled eggs let’s go ahead

and uh click for seven let me see let me

see this link uh okay savage let me

click right there all right there we go

i win there we go wait emily won it


listen let me explain something about

this whole thing with rigged

i think by now we know it’s right the

algorithm it’s the algorithm and look

here’s the thing if you’re going to have

all the emily fans coming to chat you

can’t have them vote you got to have i

like to see id cards by everyone who’s

trying to vote i want to make sure

you’re of age if you under age you

cannot vote

you cannot vote at all but just asking

for voter id you already like voter id

on this and i want to make sure

before you before you uh wrote two makes

i want you a vaccination card if you’re

not vaccinated you cannot vote

what’s the what’s the age though

70 at least i mean i just want to make

sure everyone out there is at least 70

or older making sure you hear and not

supposed to be at school most of y’all

supposed to be at school right now but

you’re here looking trying to make a

youtube trying to be the next mr beast

knowing the closest you’re going to be

mr beast janitor that’s as close as you

get into him maybe you might you might

serve him a hamburger one is mr beast

burgers when you’re working at the

mcdonald’s down the street from his

house all right uh what else what one

thing i got a little got a couple more

minutes left what happens now dan what

happens now

now we take questions all right let’s

take some of these questions let’s see

some what some questions people say all

right so the way this works uh we are

actually doing the the the the you know

live stream again uh question hashtag

question in front of your question helps

us discern if you’re asking us a

question or just hanging out and chat so

if you have questions about privacy

about youtube in general or if you have

savage questions while we have savage

for a couple minutes uh maybe hashtag

savage question there you go and then we

can then we can uh you know specifically

ask savage some questions that i’m sure

the answers would be very enlightening

it’s gonna be amazing it’s yeah um so uh

we got the first question here

from dish out gaming should i hide my

sub count

yes it’s embarrassing i’ve seen it

why like what’s the purpose of hiding

your sub count

exactly my question back to them um

i think i think hiding your sub count is

something you can do but it’s i was it

always looks weird to me when i go to a

channel and they’ve hidden their sub

count i always feel like well why did

what are you hiding what’s what’s wrong

with your

you know what i mean

it’s it’s always suspicious even if it’s

even if it’s not it is

as a

as an avid youtube viewer most of the

time when i look at somebody’s sub count

i’m always surprised because i think it

should be higher i’m like this is great

content you need more subs and then i’m

more likely to go oh i haven’t subbed or

i’m not subbed because there’s so many

creators that make great content that

aren’t million plus subscribers so

i think it’s valid it might encourage

people to sub

we have a savage question here

i see that savage will soon start his

hibernation cycle can we see

can we see that this male savage

specimen has retreated to his arcade

cave yes it’s true good place to wild

out the winter come come december come

to middle of december i’m out my

birthday’s actually this month believe

it or not oh happy 7th birthday ah thank

you and then uh and then january is

right it’s a wrap ain’t no one making no

money on youtube you know ain’t gonna be

around here you’re gonna find me know

i’ll be in the carolinas or the

caribbean or something wanna start with

the sea one of them places

yeah i am definitely gonna be starting

my hibernation cycle

wait a minute is any of this question

hold on i see that we can see that this

is and he put a question mark at the end

as if that’s a question did you know

that i think the question mark at the

end of a statement does not make it a

question i just thought you might like

to know that

i just i’m gonna throw that out there

for you i’m gonna answer the question

real quick that we uh just got from uh

starlight studios uh when do you

consider a youtube channel big enough to

consider channel membership when they

give you ads on twitter okay when you go

to your studio and you see that you have

the asset to start a membership that

wouldn’t big enough go ahead

studios it is not a question of

quantity it’s quality so if you have

people that want to be channel members

that’s when you start channel membership

um people who are like i want more

content i want exclusive content i want

more access it’s a great way to let

people support you

as a creator

uh if you’re if your community’s looking

for that so i always tell creators build

community over just subscribers uh

because you’ll see channels big channels

that don’t have the engagement uh that

smaller more engaged communities have

and that that engagement is

all of what it is and it’s i recently

saved a quote from taylor swift because

you know i love taylor swift i know that

some of y’all feel me but it was you

know people say i’m i’m successful be

people say that i have fans because i’m


but it’s that i am successful because i

have fans and that’s the same

that’s youtube’s community you will be a

successful creator if you build

a wonderful supportive community not the

other way around

what are your goals i mean if you want

to start memberships and you’re afraid

you know well am i big enough should i

should be doing that right now it kind

of comes down to what are your goals and

what kind of time do you have because

memberships generally mean you’re doing

something extra even if you set it up

and forget it you still have to set it

up you know so

what are your goals for your youtube

channel and uh that that would determine

everything i would need to know if

memberships if it’s too soon or not

and absolutely don’t set up a membership

and then do nothing it’s a breach of


memberships are a contract i need your

your legal services memberships are a

contract if you pay for a membership um

to somebody who’s like i’m gonna do


you know

subscriber stream a month i’m gonna do

this i’m gonna do that and they’re not

doing that it is a breach of that

contract you have agreed to terms you

have paid for those terms it is on the

creator to deliver if they’re not

delivering it’s a breach of contract

you start seeing class action lawsuits

against gabby hanna for ghosting or

patreon or something it’s gonna be

fascinating well i might i might need

your legal advice here

i got a pyramid scheme of memberships on

multiple channels i’ve been telling

people anyway not the pyramids

pyramid business is what i’m told to

call it pyramid business

uh what are the functional and legal

responsibilities for parents or

guardians who are sharing or identifying

or sharing identifying slash personal

infra info about those under their care

sorry i botched the heck out of that no

it’s a very

it’s a very detailed question emily it’s

going to really depend on

the different circumstances so

parents is going to be slightly

different than guardians um guardians

depending on how people are in their

home and if they are adults or minors is

going to be different

but it also can vary state by state

right now there are not a ton of

protections for children whose parents

share them on the internet it’s

different if someone’s over the age of

18 and under

care or guardianship and it’s it’s again

different if kids have been if kids are

in a custody arrangement if kids

have been placed in the home as foster

kids or as adopted kids there are a lot

of different

specificities um there isn’t a ton

of legal responsibility for

direct parents that aren’t under any

other obligation

that becomes more of a moral

responsibility is i see it to be mindful

of what you’re sharing about your kids

but it’s not a legal responsibility yet

i think it’s something that will come up

more and more as we see kids who grew up

in the digital age going to college or

not getting jobs because their parents

posted something about them when they


um when they were kids um i would hire

the listen linda kid i love that kid

who’s like linda linda listen listen

listen he’s like arguing with his mom

it’s wholesome and it’s sweet but there

are parents who post their kids and

teenagers having epic meltdowns and

stuff how that might affect a child down

the road is something that parents

should consider before posting on the

internet so it depends a lot emily and

it depends on where you’re located as


is saying you have a sponsor but you

don’t illegal

what would be the purpose of saying you

have a sponsor if you don’t oh people do

this they they do it to put a clout they

want to look cool

i mean it implies a relationship that

the company a it might be misleading to

the audience but it might be misleading

to the company um


i would have to think on that it really

depends on this again it depends on the

circumstances of how you say it it’s

like oh today’s stream is brought to you

by vid iq and vidiq’s like we’ve never

heard of you we don’t know who you are

no but it’s different than saying hey

um if you want to support the channel i

have an affiliate link through this

company go ahead and and hit that link

in today’s stream is going to be

focusing on that there’s different ways

to share that it also can violate terms

if you have an affiliate link and you

don’t accurately characterize the um the

nature of the relationship but

that p why would

vipers like clout but that just doesn’t


oh it doesn’t but it happens it’s yeah i

think people want they want to live the

dream right i i i’ve signed up for some

affiliate programs and one of them in

particular said

uh by the way

as our affiliate you are not sponsored

by us and therefore you are not to say

you are sponsored they care they that’s

in their rules in the affiliate

agreement and they feel very strongly

about that so you might it might depend

on the company like are they the company

might come after you if you do that and

and it upsets them they might send

little boy cease and his brother desist

over to your house

they might send both of them with their

flying fleets of lawyers but it

companies are very careful now about the

creators that they choose to work with i

think they have to be

um and so

putting out a false relationship is

different and if you’re worried about

not having a sponsorship you become the

person sponsoring your channel promote

your on your channel and if you

don’t have any to promote you can

get some

there you go dan i picked this out for

you because you are a big proponent of

community tab um

how useful really is the community tab

uh i feel like this is almost a defend


indefensible community tab is worthless

go terrible uh no it’s the community tab

is is a great tool uh if you have 500

subscribers you unlock access to it

eventually that will go down as well

you’ll be able to access it sooner and

sooner as time goes on

teases youtube and i think it’s

incredibly useful because it’s another

way to engage with your audience it’s

another reason to stop the scroll

especially on mobile these community

posts show up now your

influence is reaching out to people

without them having to click a video so

it’s insanely valuable but you have to

know how to use it a lot of people use

it the wrong way i have a whole video on

this coming out really soon but

basically people just they’ll post like

updates about like oh

um my kid graduated or something like

that does it have anything to do with

your audience at all and if it doesn’t

then you probably shouldn’t be posting

it it needs to always relate to your

audience just like a youtube video so i

would treat a community post like you

would a youtube video it needs to relate

to your target audience and therefore it

will be engaged with and as it’s engaged

with youtube shares it more just like a

video so

it sounds like you’re saying that as a

youtube creator it’s about your

community and not about you

i would never say what

i would definitely never say anything

like that i would say that all the time

because it’s about your audience it’s

not about you so when you use the

community tab

it’s not about you

it’s about what value you’re bringing to

the community it’s called youtube

it is it’s

i i when i renamed my podcast it was

kind of a cheeky uh a cheeky rename

because growing up my mom would often

say to me this isn’t the emily show so i

renamed my podcast the emily show and

and there’s times i’m like it is the

emily show now but

it’s a it’s not always the content i

want to talk about there are it’s always

the combination between what my

community wants to talk about and

and what i can bring to the table with

that i don’t talk about everything my

community wants to talk about but i also

don’t just make content going oh

let’s talk about emily and her great

hair today that’s not your hair is

pretty crazy

i mean it’s pretty great today it’s

having a moment so

you know


dan i love that about the community tab

i will be looking for that video because

i don’t use my community tab enough and

i’m always

astounded by the amount of engagement

community tab posts get when they are

done well

i just i just gotta publish it it is

uploaded hit publish

it’ll it’ll fall into the schedule soon

premiere it

get that live chat we should we should

definitely premiere it you know how i

feel about premieres yeah i do know how

you feel about premieres emily emily

does like premieres and i’m i’ve been

thinking on my own personal channel

about using them but i can’t i don’t the

video is sometimes just way too short so

i gotta i gotta balance that that’s the

best thing can you imagine going over

dan’s channel waiting for half an hour

and be like okay here we go and a two

minute video comes up you waited 35

minutes for a two minute video and not

only that

it’s dan jackson one your day is

completely set you waited 30 something


for a two minute dan video i appreciate

you listen everyone i gotta go but i

appreciate all y’all time and everything

like that uh i just wanna say one other

thing listen we’re into december month

this is the savagest month of the year

when you go out there and you’re trying

to get your christmas presents for all

your little boys and girls and friends

and family and all that stuff do

yourself a favor don’t be elbowing

people in the face unless you have elbow

pads on be nice to everybody

don’t be doing it with a bare elbow put

some elbow pads on anyway

be peaceful and be savage and i’ll see

you guys and gals next time peace and

love and hair grease