How MrBeast Beat the YouTube Algorithm… AGAIN!

Is it possible to earn more views on YouTube WITHOUT posting a video? Well if anyone can do it, it’s Mr. Beast!


0:00 How @MrBeast Earned MILLIONS of Views WITHOUT Posting a Video
2:16 How to Push OLDER Videos to a NEW Audience
3:25 When Should You Update a YouTube Thumbnail?
5:43 Should you Update Older Videos on your Channel?

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— MrBeast may have just
earned millions of views

that he would’ve otherwise never had.

And the most interesting
part about this is,

he didn’t even need to
post a new video to do it.

— Yeah, and the method he
used for these massive spikes

in viewership was simple and effective.

And in theory, any channel
could apply this strategy.

— So we have to give a
quick Twitter shout out here

to TheYoutubeBully

who pulled up these
four videos from MrBeast

that have recently all undergone
some thumbnail updates.

This being one of them
from October 12th of 2019.

Rob, look at the graph here
on our views per hour chart.

— Yeah it looks pretty
stable for at least the year

at this point, getting, well,

maybe just under, just over
a thousand views per hour.

And then, whoosh, all of a sudden,

he multiplies the views on
this video by a factor of 10.

How do you do that with existing content

that’s now over two years old?

— That starts off pretty strong.

However, like most videos on YouTube,

it eventually tapers off

and kind of rides off into the sunset.

And now most creators
understand this trend, right?

This is just kind of the natural lifespan

of a YouTube video.

And we all just kind of accept it.

— Yeah, I like to call
this viewer intense.

You know, MrBeast has an
entertainment focused channel,

and viewers like to see
something new and fresh

on a regular basis.

It’s not necessarily a
solution based channel

giving answer to questions
that need to be answered

on YouTube.

So they aren’t evergreen.

It’s inevitable that every video

has some sort of major drop
off after a couple of weeks

maybe a month or two at
most even for MrBeast.

— The thing about MrBeast videos though

is that despite them not
being super searchable,

they’re still evergreen.

So a video about searching
dumpsters, for example,

is just as relevant today

as it was the day it was first released.

— And not to mention when
these videos first came out,

even for MrBeast, he had a
considerably smaller audience

than he does now.

The dodge ball video, for example,

at the time of release, he had only,

I emphasize the word only,
20 million subscribers.

And in terms of channel
views, 2 1/2 billion.

But all of that is dwarfed in comparison

to the 90 plus million subscribers he has

and billions more views,
six times as many,

which is incredible.

— And so all of this old
content that Jimmy, MrBeast has

at his disposal leaves him
into this very unique position

because if he just brings the thumbnails

of these older videos up to
his more modern standards,

he can reach a whole lot of new viewers.

Because think about it,

if you discover MrBeast here

and you hit subscribe and
watch all of his new uploads,

do you click on the
thumbnails for older videos

that look like this?

— I mean, maybe done but
you do have to admit,

this thumbnail really
doesn’t look anything

like the type of thumbnails that you see

on Jimmy’s channel today.

A newer fan of MrBeast is
much more likely to click

on a video if it has that familiar look

and feel that they’re already used to.

— Right, so are we saying right now, Rob,

that this is a thing

that every creator watching
this needs to go back

through their entire old
back catalog of videos

and go through and update
every single thumbnail?

— Well, no, I mean, MrBeast
does have an army of people

who can help him rebuild
thumbnails any time he likes.

And let’s be honest, some videos,

including our own just
need to go away forever.

They’re simply not good
enough to be on YouTube.

But we do have some practical tips

that shouldn’t be too time consuming

and could give your
all the videos a chance

to reach newer audiences.

— So if this is something
you’re interested in trying,

here’s what we suggest you do.

The first step would be to
go through your old catalog

of videos and pull out
your top performing ones

perhaps of all time if relevant.

And then what I want you to do

is run down the following
checklist for each video.

This video is just as relevant today

as it was the first day it was released.

— This video was getting
views at one point

but today it’s not
really doing much at all.

— This video meets all of my
I standards for quality today

in terms of production and video length.

— And finally, I have an idea

for how I could update this video’s title

and or the thumbnail.

— Now, if you’re able to put a tick mark

next to each one of those four points,

we are giving you permission
to go through your old content

and then update the
thumbnails on those videos.

— However, if even one of
those check boxes is difficult

to tick, then we have a slightly
different recommendation

— Because it would be
more effective for you

to remake the video instead
of going through this process.

— If it’s not relevant anymore

then obviously changes need to
be made to the video itself.

It’s too late to revive
this particular content.

— If it’s getting a
healthy number of views,

it’s probably best not to touch it.

— And let’s be honest,

sometimes if a production value of a video

just isn’t up to scratch beat,

polar lighting or even
worse, terrible audio.

— And most importantly, if
you don’t have a good idea

for what the new thumbnail of this video,

for example, could look like,

it’s probably not worth the stress.

— This strategy of updating
your titles and thumbnails

could work for any kind of channel

but it really does depend
on the type of content.

And we do have an additional tool here

that could help you with that.

It’s called the Thumbnail Preview Tool.

What it allows you to do is have a look

at the title and thumbnail of your content

and compare it to what’s
already on YouTube,

be it on a search page, on a homepage,

and even more so before
you even publish a video,

you can also use this tool.

— So in the case of this
video we’re looking at

which is six huge mistakes
to avoid on YouTube,

the more recent content in this space,

I would say is giving us

some really interesting inspiration.

One thing you can notice
here is human emotion

is a big element

that we we did not include
in our thumbnail originally.

So in sharing all of this with you today,

Rob and I aren’t sitting here

trying to get you to stress
over the older content

on your channel.

However, it might be worth
doing for certain videos.

— Yeah, we’ve just been looking
at titles and thumbnails

but there are many other
things that you can do

to videos that are already
published on your channel

to try and revive them,
monitor them, resurrect them.

And you know what?

We’ve got a video over here, check it out.


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