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In this video, Nolan shares how to create better YouTube videos to get more views on YouTube.

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=================== text video ====================

— If you are not getting
views on your YouTube videos,

(error beep)

then you have to start
your videos the same way

that successful YouTubers are doing it.

He literally just
combined all three methods

into that one intro.

This is why he’s getting
millions of views.

Now, before we dissect the secret

to creating engaging intros
for your YouTube videos,

you need to know that
there’s a few methods

that you can use in your videos.

And, yes, this is gonna work
for informational channels,

entertainment channels,

any channel that you have,

this is going to work for you.

But, the key here is that you
have to understand each method

and then decide which
one is gonna work best

for your channel and
for your specific video.

A hint here is that a lot of
the successful YouTube channels

actually use multiple different methods

inside of their intros.

We’ll get into that.

You got to just press record.

The very beginning of a
YouTube video is so important

and channels that go viral and blow up,

they know this,

the beginning of your YouTube
video is called the intro

and the purpose of the intro

and why it’s there

is so that when the viewer
experiences the intro,

they want to stick around

and actually watch all of the content.

And, here are some of the methods

that successful YouTubers are
doing to keep you watching.

Method number one, tease what’s coming up.

Now, I’m sure you’ve
seen this done before,

not just on YouTube,
but also on television.

Oftentimes, if you’re watching
some sort of reality TV show,

at the very beginning of the episode,

they’re gonna show you what’s coming up

and it’s usually all the juicy stuff,

all the drama,

and that’s what keeps
you wanting to watch.

So, at the beginning of your video,

how can you show the
drama, the highlights,

or even the moment leading
up to the most exciting part

of the video,

but then cut it off.

And, this is you telling the viewer, hey,

we got some good stuff coming up.

So, you’re gonna want to
stick around to see this.

This right here is a great example

from a show called Hot Ones,

and at the very beginning
of their YouTube video,

they give us this.

— Oh, mate, that is…

That’s the worst thing

I’ve ever put in my mouth.

— You can see that he’s in some pain,

’cause he just ate some spicy hot wings,

which makes you want to watch,

which now seems a bit twisted,

admitting that I want to see him in pain

from spicy hot wings.

— That is so bad.

— Hey, I guess it works.

This works really, really well for vlogs,

but what about if you have
an information channel?

So, here’s a great example.

This is a video podcast.

It’s an hour long, but in
the first 15 to 30 seconds,

they want to show you why you should stay

using this coming up method.

— Sometimes, it’s not about
what decision you make,

just make one and commit to it.

I can’t not know what
the heck would happen

if I didn’t take the
challenge or find out.

That’s what will keep me up at night.

— I think we need to start
a new unbranding campaign,

Sensei McConaughey.

(Matthew laughing)

— Now, that right there
is a great example,

’cause they took some of the highlights,

they put it at the very beginning.

So, now I want to stay and
kind of hear his thoughts

on those subjects.

And, they added in some really good music

to kind of convey that
emotion of inspiration

and motivation.

And, that right there
is a way better start

to the YouTube video,

rather than just getting in

at the very beginning
of the video podcast,

’cause now as the viewer,

I know it’s coming up and
I want to stay for that.

Here’s one more great example,

kind of from a tutorial base channel

where they teach you
how to do countertops,

make it look really cool for really cheap.

And, this video is about
how to do a stone effect

for your countertops with epoxy.

Let’s check it out.

— [Renovator] You want simple countertops?

In this video, we’re gonna—

— I love that.

— [Renovator] Show you too samples of—

— Adding in clips as he talks about it.

You’re actually seeing it happen as well.

— For the decorative part.

We’re gonna show you
how to do marble spray

and granite spray.

Is your jam marble or would
you rather have granite?

— I love those shots.

It looks great.

— It’s a one, two punch.

I’m feeling frisky.

Let’s go.

— That’s another great example
of talking to the camera

and just telling you what
the video’s gonna be about,

what you’re going to
experience in this video,

but then using B-roll, using
those clips later in the video,

overlaying it on the beginning,

and now they get to see
what the finished product

is going to look like.

And, then the video
shows them how to do it.

Method number two, this one
has worked really well for us.

And, this is get right into the action.

If you have a channel
that is information-based,

this can work really, really well.

These are some of the
highest performing videos

for us in the first 30 seconds.

So, in that intro,

people are actually staying
the longest in these videos,

because we get right into the action.

We’re gonna check out this video

that was actually filmed
at Grow With Video Live,

which is an event that we
throw every single year.

So, we’ll have a link in the description,

if you guys want to come
and hang out with us,

talk all things YouTube and online video,

but let’s check out this intro.

— YouTube tags.

— Underrated, nobody’s
using them properly still.

I think they’re overrated.

YouTube has come out

and said that they’re
not really a big deal.

You got to just press record.

I think they could be a big
deal when you’re starting out—

— I love it. I love it.

So, the video just keeps going.

There was never an intro.

There was never any sort of setup.

You really just got right into the action.

And, as someone clicking on this video,

our YouTube tags are worthless?

You want to know the answer.

And, as soon as you click on that video,

you’re kind of getting two answers.

You’re getting yes and no.

— YouTube tags.

— Underrated, nobody’s
using them properly still.

— I think they’re overrated.

— I love that there was no intro.

There was no, hey guys,
we’re Growth Video Live.

My name is…

It was literally just the
answer to the question

of the video.

Method number three,

this one seems a little
bit weird at first,

but I promise if you stick around

through all these examples,

you’re going to understand it.

And, that is reinforce the title.

Let’s start off right away with an example

from Mr. Beast who does this
in almost every single video.

And, you’re gonna see exactly
what I’m talking about.

The title of this video

is last to leave circle wins $500,000.

Now, I want you to
watch this video with me

and listen to what he says.

He reinforces the title of the video.

— [Mr. Beast] I put 100 people
inside of a giant circle

and whoever leaves the
circle last wins $500,000.

— So, even right there,
just six seconds in,

he’s told us that people are in the circle

and the last one to leave
is going to win $500,000.

Now, here’s the second half of his intro.

— But, if you touched the
red line, it’s game over.

I don’t care how long this takes.

Whichever one of you leaves last

wins half a million dollars.

(contestants cheering)

— And, boom, the intro’s done.

We’re 18, 16 to 18 seconds in.

And, the video has started,
well, officially started.

The intro is over.

Now, the content is happening.

So, why does Mr. Beast do this?

And, why should you do this?

Well, first of all,

when someone clicks on your video

and you tell them exactly
what they’re going to get,

and it matches the thumbnail

and the title that they clicked on,

it builds trust with that viewer.

It lets you know that Mr. Beast

is not going to click bait you,

he actually is going to give someone

who leaves the circle last
half a million dollars.

Now, another reason that he does this

at the very beginning of his videos

is because he wants to build more context.

In the first six seconds,

we find out some new information,

that there is a hundred
people within the circle.

— [Mr. Beast] I put 100 people
inside of a giant circle.

— And, then he says that the
last to leave wins $500,000,

but we already knew that
piece of information

just based off of the title.

And, then in the second half of his intro,

from six seconds to 16 seconds,

he adds in some of the rules.

If you touch the line, you’re out.

So, he’s giving us more
context, more information,

and he’s laying down this
stakes for this video.

And, then he says…

— [Mr. Beast & Think Media] I don’t care

how long this takes.

— The last one to leave the circle

wins half a million dollars.

Again, he’s setting the stage.

He’s letting you know that this
is going to take a long time

and it’s not gonna be easy.

And, there’s a lot of information there

that he wants to get in
the beginning of the video,

but it doesn’t all make it into the title.

And, so this is a great
way to reinforce the title,

but also add in a little
bit of new information.

Again, if you have a channel

that is not entertainment based,

you can totally use this.

And, this is something
that I do all the time.

Now, one of my best performing intros

that actually had 80% retention
rate at the 32nd mark,

I used method number three
and not method one or two,

’cause it just didn’t
make sense for that video.

So, let’s see how I did this,

in the video titled

YouTube Employee Reveals
the Secret to Getting Views.

A YouTube employee just
revealed the secret

to getting views on YouTube.

Okay, right there, four seconds in,

I reinstated, I reinforced the title.

So, people clicking on this,

they know I’m actually gonna give them

what the title promises to give them.

Let’s watch the second half of this intro.

Now, what is that secret?

Well, we know that the YouTube algorithm

favors a video that is watched
90% of the way through,

versus someone who watches 10% of a video.

This is called average view duration,

and people are wondering,

what’s a good average view duration.

What kind of percentage
do you actually need

to get into the YouTube algorithm

and start getting views?

Now, in the second half of that intro,

I added in a whole lot more context,

I revealed that the real
question we need to know

on how to get views

is what percentage average
view duration do we need

on our videos?

Meaning, how well do our
videos need to perform

to actually get into
the YouTube algorithm,

and start getting views.

And, this definitely wouldn’t have worked

with method number one
or method number two,

’cause the whole point of this video

was to reveal a piece of information

that we got from a YouTube employee,

which you could argue
that I did do method one

by teasing what was coming up,

but I didn’t give them the final answer.

And, I definitely didn’t
want to do method number two,

because the whole point of
people clicking on that video

was to receive that secret information.

And, if I gave it to them right away,

they would just click off and leave.

So, I actually wanted to
tease the viewer a little bit

by saying, hey, we have the information.

And, then I wanted to
explain to them what it is

and how it’s gonna help them get views,

and also reveal to them why
this information is legit.

Too legit to quit.

I’m sorry for that.

Now, here’s one more example
where the same idea is done,

but it’s just done a
little bit differently.

Personally, I saw this video,

I thought it was super interesting.

So, I clicked on it.

And, then I realized this
intro is really cool.

And, it got me hooked
into the actual content.

So, let’s check it out.

— We are out here in
beautiful West Lake Hills.

This is where Joe Rogan
lives, Lance Armstrong,

Matthew McConney.

And, so we are here, gonna
go knock on random doors

and find out—

— So awesome.

— What people do for living.

This is something, since
when I was a little kid,

I was like,

how did these people get rich?

And, today, we’re gonna find out.

— I’ve also always wanted to do this,

because I’ve thought the same exact thing.

Now, though he doesn’t repeat
his title word for word,

he reinforces the title
and the idea of the video,

and shows us how he’s going to do it.

And, he also adds in
context as to where he is,

what kind of celebrities
live in this area,

and then what he’s going to do.

And, he even shared his
curiosity as a child

that I resonated with.

And, a lot of other
people probably did too.

Like I said earlier,

some of the most
successful YouTube channels

actually combine all three
methods into their intros.

And, here’s a video that
does this really, really well

and all within 15 seconds.

But, first, it’s important that you know

you don’t have to combine
all three of these methods

into every single one
of your YouTube intros.

Most of the time at Think Media,

we’re using two of the three methods,

sometimes one of the three methods.

So, it definitely depends
on the type of content

and the specific video
that you are making.

I recommend experimenting
with these different methods

with your content and seeing
which one performs the best.

You definitely want to go

into your YouTube Studio Analytics,

look into what’s performing well,

what’s not performing well,

really think about why
and what the viewer wants

and what they were
expecting in that video.

And, from there, you can adjust,

you can experiment more,
and continue to improve.

This is a video by Airrack
that has 4.2 million views,

and it’s called facing a
hundred fears in 24 hours.

Let’s check it out.

— Today, I’m gonna be facing 100 fears,

starting with the fear of cockroaches.

Now, before my face gets locked

in a box full of cockroaches,

I need to tell you that as time goes on,

the other fears in this video

will get much more terrifying than this.

We have 24 hours to face all 100 fears

and the timer starts right now.

— He literally just
combined all three methods

into that one intro.

This is why he’s getting
millions of views.

As soon as you clicked on his video,

he reinforced the title.

— Today, I’m gonna be facing 100 fears.

— Then, he just jumped
right into the action.

— Starting with the fear of cockroaches.

Now, before my face gets locked

in a box full of cockroaches.

— But, before you get what you came for,

he actually tells you
what’s gonna come up later

in the video.

— [Airrack] I need to tell
you that as time goes on,

the other fears in this video

will get much more terrifying than this.

We have 24 hours to face all 100 fears

and the timer starts right now.

— And, then it comes back
and he goes right back

into the action.

(Airrack screaming)

Now, the point of the
intro is to get people

to watch all of your content.

But, if your content is bad,

if your videos are bad, then
you really need to start there.

Because, even if you have
the perfect YouTube intro,

but your video is just bad,

you’re not gonna be getting many views.

So, here’s what you need to do.

You need to learn how to make good videos

that keep people watching.

And, you can click on the screen

to learn how to make good videos,

which really is the most important thing.

Okay, I’ll see you guys in the next video.


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