Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2021 & Get More Views

This stream is to answer all your questions about YouTube in 2021. I will be focused on answering your questions you have as a creator. How to Grow on YouTube. How to get more Views, How to get more subscribers, and more.

I’ve helped Hundreds of creators, business and brands have repeatedly seen success and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

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really excited to be with you today

got a lot going on especially here on


uh we are going to talk about youtube


and what it actually looks like in 2021

i got some really really big insights

and if you notice kind of what’s going

on here i’m doing a flex here

uh i got a book coming out here shortly

we’ll talk about it at the end of the

the uh live stream but i am literally

showing you

every channel that i own

uh personally and my my company works


and i’m telling you man it we we know

how to really succeed on youtube now a

lot of you might see

the uh youtube channel that you’re

watching this right now you’re probably

saying hey daryl why aren’t you pulling

the views if you know the formula why

aren’t you pulling the views here on

this channel

let me kind of explain the whole aspect

of what i’ve been able to do on youtube

and then i’ll give you some context of

what we’re actually doing

uh here especially in 2021 and really to

help you

succeed here on youtube now before i do


put in where you’re from uh in the chat

i want to make this interactive as much

as we can

and then also you know what your channel

is about we want to go right into detail

uh but i’ve been on youtube since 2005

i was introduced through craigslist and

i was able to discover

youtube in october of 2005 and it really

transformed my business in my life and

at that time i had one business

uh that we focused in on internet


and we also focused in on hosting and

and website design and stuff like that

now that being said what led to

these gold play buttons and these gold

play buttons and these gold play buttons

was um a very interesting thing that i

was able to learn on youtube

and i want to be able to share with you

uh that

story but more importantly uh that this

actually works uh for

uh real people with real day jobs that

looking to go

full time on youtube now uh here’s where

it all began

was i i started an agency we started to

focus in on

uh getting conversions getting people to

uh take action on a video

pick up the phone call or walk into a

store i was working with a lot of brick

and mortar stores

uh we work with doctors dentist lawyers

uh pest control companies

and what happened next was a pest

control company

my friend wade beatty who i was

generating leads for

uh for his pest control company he was

actually had so much work

he hired so many different people out

there uh to help him but he still the

phone was ringing he had to

actually go out and do work himself

instead of just like scheduling and do

the admin stuff

he went walking into a piano store and

the owner of the piano store was trying

to sell grand pianos

using youtube and what the cool thing


is uh this is where everything

transforming guys if you want to succeed

on youtube today

you got to listen to what i’m saying

here it’s really really important

what happened next is the owner of the

piano store says hey looking for someone

to work

uh closely with me we’re trying to sell

pianos on youtube

uh come to find out they had the most

amazing music videos that they were

showcasing the pianos they put them on

top of mountains

you know in the valleys in salt flats

across crazy locations and ultimately

they were able to get hundreds of

thousands of video views

uh that translated into millions and uh

was able to get a huge

huge huge following uh you can check

them out they’re the piano guys here on


what’s interesting is they didn’t really

want to sell pianos in fact

their music videos didn’t sell any

pianos until as of late

they started doing some other things

with some digital stuff but

ultimately they crushed it when they

were able to grow an audience and once i

got a taste

of what it meant to develop an audience

i went all in

that’s all i did i transformed my

business from

uh hey we’ll get you leads here on

youtube to an audience development

and i had my first case study and i

worked with some very very

uh talented people uh in in my youtube


and um the big aha moment for me

was that was in the first of

january uh 2012

uh because that that was starting a

course of a transformation

uh where youtube is today and where

youtube is today

is uh this transformation occurred that

youtube actually started

having an ai artificial intelligence


the youtube platform and it had

different algorithms that

that it worked with and different bots

that it worked with to do

and and get that predictability now what

was interesting is a test

and uh it started and as youtube does

they they do a little beta test

and then translates it over into

something interesting uh guys

this is very important that you listen

to what i’m saying for the success today

because this what they did in 2012 uh

is basically how i got everything like i


literally every gold play button every

little thing that i have i got it at

that moment

because they were able to

um you know look at the data realize

that oh my gosh we’re

achieving what we need to achieve on

youtube people are not gaming the system

the ai is predicting what the people

want to watch let’s get it better and so

the parent company google

decided to throw in their artificial

intelligence on youtube

and um i’m here to tell you oh we got

low audio

okay sorry um i’ll see if i can kick up

the audio a little bit hold on uh well

we’ll just we’ll just talk a little bit

louder but uh they were basically going


on youtube all in and ultimately

uh they took the the google ai and they

put it on top

of youtube and they started to build


in this to really really really succeed


that’s when transformation occurred

that’s when everything was crushing it

and i can tell you uh once the ais

was established in youtube it started to

be super predictable

and in fact i’m going to give you a lot


case studies today of average people

wanting to succeed on youtube

and it all comes back down to

understanding the formula

that feeds the algorithm that feeds the

traffic sources

that really gets your video content out

there to the world

now um i i want to know really quickly


like a little bit about you guys if you

wouldn’t mind just kind of

putting in the comments what you’re

trying to do here on youtube

i see a lot of my students here i

actually have a coaching program it’s a

12-week coaching program

it’s called channel jump start and

basically most of the

the results i’m showing you are from my


i’m really excited to share with you uh


where things are going and where the

direction is going in all these areas


um when we get into the specifics of


uh it all comes back down to


uh what you need to do and where you

need to transition

to have success and i can tell you that

i’ve worked with a ton of different


i’ve worked with a ton of different

brands through different creators

and i found that most people

literally focus in on the wrong things

they focus in on the things that really

doesn’t make a hill of beans

and a big any difference at all and if

you want to succeed

here on the platform if you want to


in doing what you need to do what you

need to do

is take a step back take your creator

hat off

set it to the side and put your viewer

viewer hat on

and really understand the viewer more so

with your content than ever before

and um i i hope that today

that a lot of you that are looking to

improve in 2021

will understand that when you actually

focus in on the viewer

that will translate to success and if

you’re so focused on

how the viewer can succeed of getting to

the end of the video

and wanting to watch more content that’s

when you’ll actually have success here

on youtube in 2021 it’s going to get you

more views

it’s going to get more subscribers and

it’s going to get you an a really

engaged following

however i found that a lot of creators

just make some dumb mistakes

you know across the board and uh this

mistakes really lead them

to not succeed because of the things

that’s inhibiting them from from really


and so what i’d like to do is kind of

focus in on

um and i hope that you are subscribed i

hope you are

turned on the bell notifications i’m

going to try to be more

active because um all these play buttons

except for this one right here is this

channel right here

this channel right here is it’s like a

an older older play button i got another

gold play button over there that’s older


but um the the key to this um

is this channel has been a way for me to

give back

um i own several businesses in several

youtube channels as you can see

and uh when one youtube channel makes 10

000 times more money than this one right


um where am i going to put my energy in

time of course in the one that makes

10 000 more times because it supports

myself supports my company

supports my family my my company’s


and it goes from there now for this

channel i wish i could just upload every

day for you guys but realistically i own

several businesses

and i really want to succeed at those

businesses and

some of them are really disruptive and i

really am excited

uh with myself and my partners and the

people that we have involved um

and so it’s something that i’m

passionate about

and so um i will need to turn up the

audio here in one second

but what i i’m going to hope to do i’m

running the whole controller

myself sorry this is what i’m doing

controller and the computer’s over there

so i have to go back to it so

uh what i’m going to do is go tweak the

audio for one

quick second and then we’ll do it now

i’m gonna leave now this is a jump off

point for a lot of you don’t

jump off because the golden things that

you need to know in 2021

is going to happen here right now so

i’ll be right back

okay that should be a little bit better

who knows

um oh really loud okay so i probably uh

turned it up too much


but uh we’ll get going here in a second

how’s the audio

i know we got a little bit of delay um

but if you wouldn’t mind

uh okay so the audio is great great um

it is a little loud i can see it’s kind

of uh hitting out but i won’t yell

this time how’s that sound does that

sound good okay so

what does what does it take to really

succeed on youtube um

and i i really do believe this uh in the


about 45 minutes i’m going to share with

you some

strategies and tactics that you can do

right now

uh to really succeed on the platform and

it’s something that most people don’t

even look at they look at oh you go to

do the title you got to do the thumbnail

you got to do the average

view duration that’s great but


there’s a lot more involved with that so

um as i share in my story

one thing that i found when i was going

in and really learning about audiences

that the audience really has

a pulse the audience really can tell you

exactly what type of content that will

work and what doesn’t work

and what you need to do is like figure

out the indicators of how to really

understand that data

process that data and adjust to make

course corrections

and i could say since 2013 when

youtube switched over to the google ai

um and we started to understand

different traffic sources and each

traffic source is an algorithm and have

its bots with it once we started to

understand that

uh we found what actually works now um

i can tell you that i work with some of

the biggest brands and businesses and

youtube creators on the planet

um if you’re familiar with a guy named

mr beast

he just crossed 50 million

subscribers uh just the last day or two

and um i’ve been working with him for

about two and a half years we’re

actually partners in a couple businesses

um and he has always amazing things he’s

doing now i’ve never met a creator like

mr beast ever

i’ve worked with a lot of creators and

he’s very very meticulous

to the smallest little details of the

viewing experience

and if you really want to succeed the

viewing experience and understanding the

viewer is your number one priority

so for a goal in 2021 have your viewing

experience and understanding the viewing

experience for the people that are

watching your content

have a better understanding of that and

what i want you to do if have an


of the demographics which youtube

provides that for you uh which

the psychographics which youtube does

not provide that for you

but you can start pulling information

out of comments and so on i’ll give you

some tips here

in a few moments but you also want to

know what they do online

where do they go online outside of

youtube you want to understand where

they go offline

uh when they’re walking down the street

you know where do they hang out what do

they actually do in a given day

and when i actually get a new client or

when i start a new youtube channel and

in fact we’re starting a new

you should new youtube channel on


uh really excited about that get another

gold play button uh we go through

a lot of research and um when we go

through a lot of research

uh we go through a system of

understanding the viewer

and let me just give you my process and

i can give you a lot more detail in

another training or you can read my book

um but at the end of the day it’s like

really trying to understand

the pulse of the ideal viewer or the

viewer avatar

and uh we’ll take five six sometimes


months of really digesting that now you

might think darryl you’re crazy why

don’t you just put out content you can

understand your audience later

that’s true but i’m in a position where

i can take my time

and be really methodical and so um

back in uh 20 i i’m sorry

may 13th of of this last year

of 2020. mr beast started

a youtube gaming channel called beast


and what’s interesting is we still went

through the same process it took us six

months of going through

who’s our avatar who’s our viewer test


test thumbnails figure out strategy and

uh really have a plan before we even

launched and i know that you might think

hey mr beast is he’s so huge why

wouldn’t he just push all his traffic

from his main youtube channel to his

gaming channel

and i would say that was one of the

worst things that you could ever do is


understand who you’re communicating with

because not everyone that’s interested

in mr beast’s

main channel would be interested in mr

beast gaming so we identified

specific youtubers that would have great

crossover with the type of viewers that

we wanted

we started to reach out to them and we

started to create strategies with them

and he actually put put in place

uh he and his team and myself put in


the the process and the strategy and


that took him to 10 million subscribers

in less than six months

and he beat logan paul uh for the

fastest growing

youtube channel to 10 million

subscribers which is which is super

awesome right

now that being said i do the same

process now we’re just getting ready to

start a new youtube channel on wednesday

i’m not going to

explain what it is because you know i

got to keep it in incognito because a

lot of people says oh he’s a youtube

exercise rip off everything he does

seen that in the past right but the new

youtube channel that we have is we’ve

done a lot of research

uh we’ve edited uh probably eight videos

right now they have eight

videos ready to go we’ve really refined

the process

we really worked on ah this doesn’t

really work reshoot this

and we’re really getting it down uh we

spent a lot of time on thumbnails we’ve

spent a lot of time

on how we’re gonna engage the viewer

along the videos these are not small

videos these videos are

like 14 20 minutes uh it’s pretty pretty


and we really wanted to understand the

type of viewer that’s going on

and who’s watching it and what they’re

doing and so we actually

did a lot of what i call recon and


my students will know this very

specifically that’s where i spend the

bulk of my time of really understanding

what’s actually working on youtube right

now and why it’s working and really

digesting that

and so basically we went uh into

the uh the essence of how we needed to

take that information

translate it into a plan now i

want to to go through something and this

is really really important

and i want to show you actual stories of

people that really identified

uh what they’re doing here and uh this

first one

comes to us from mccain dogs now i met

mccain dogs at vidsummit a couple years


and they basically do dog training and

they have a facility

that they’re able to train dogs and

people come in and bring their dog and

they can go from there now

what was interesting is the world of the


really disrupted their business that

they didn’t have people coming in

and and luckily uh the team

at mccain dogs was working very

specifically on how do we

actually work on youtube so we don’t

have to rely solely on

all the business that comes in to our

facility in canada

and what was interesting next is as they

were going through their journey as they

were going through this

they’re trying to figure things out and


where it got really really interesting

um they’re hitting hitting hitting

releasing releasing releasing and um

what happened next

is they were able to see an increase in

this and let me kind of explain

why because when you actually start

focusing in on

the viewing experience and you take your

creator hat off and you put your viewer

hat on and you’re like hmm

you know what what are the viewers

really wanting how’s the viewers

actually getting value

where would the viewers actually jump

off uh how would they

uh be disconnected with the content

where are they engaging with the content

and make some very very hard

discussions um this is where the

um this is where it gets really

interesting is because you can start


and understanding where to create the


to succeed and i i’m telling you

uh it’s the biggest difference and they

were able to really really explode

on uh their their youtube channel just

this year uh you know they’ve gotten

over 476

000 subscribers that was added because

they were able to bring value

in a very unique way now i want to share

another example this one’s a

really near and dear to my heart so i


a student of mine who was

selected uh to be in a mr beast video

where he was competing to win a million


and this is a zealous right here uh

shaved his head at a very monumental


and he actually won the competition to

get a million subscribers

now what’s crazy about this is a lot of

people are like oh man i i don’t think

i’d ever

you know do this and and go into that

have and be gifted a million subscribers

but he did and he won now what do you

actually do with that

what do you do with a million new people

that come into your ecosystem

right well they’re expecting a certain

type of content now luckily the the


and the age group of the viewer the


and some even the psychographics are

similar to the audience of mr beast and

mr beast knew that

he invited people to come and compete

that had a similar audience because he

wasn’t going to just throw

a whole bunch of people on them but they

had to earn

the viewer and what happened is

zealous actually went through the

process trying to understand the viewer

and he had a very difficult problem he

goes i can’t be mr beast because i’m not

mr beast i need to be myself and he was

going through

kind of an identity crisis of what type

of content to create because he’s like


on one hand i need to cater to the


that they’re coming in and other tan i

want to be myself

and he struggled i’ll be honest with you

he struggled and it

it hit him to the core of not knowing

what to do

and there’s a lot of people that will

see ups and downs and ups and downs to

go through it

but uh come december uh

his his collaboration with mr beast was

in september

but come december he actually started to

put in play

uh the system to learn and to grow

which is hey i understand the viewer now

and now i can predict

and create content the viewers viewers

would engage with and like

and ultimately not only are they going

to like but when they watch a specific

video that’s related

it’s going to show up other videos in my

library that is similar to the one that

they’re watching

and similar veins similar genre and it’s

going to

recommend those videos out there to the

new audience

and not only is he going to get browse

feature traffic which is home page

and subscription feed but it’s also

going to get that youtube recommendation

in that what what’s next next up uh or

suggested video tab

that’s either on the right of the video

or beneath the video on mobile

and the thing about it is you’ve got to

be able to connect with the viewer and

there’s a lot of mistakes that we make

and you’re probably thinking darrell

what mistakes do i make on my channel

well i want to go through it and i want

to explain to you

with a couple details and these details

are very important uh something that you

should not gloss over it’s something

that you should really identify

i can guarantee you it’s not stuff that

you’ll actually get in when you watch

another video of how to

get more views on youtube or how to be

successful in 20 20

21 but it all comes back down to

understanding your priority

and understanding your your your quest

for for perfection and i don’t mean


in it needs to be the most perfect piece

or i’m not going to upload it no you’re

always trying to improve you need to get

the perfect video out there uh for the

viewer and

keep in mind when people come on and

watch your videos

that’s that first impression that you’re

trying to earn their trust

to watch to the end of the video and

their trust to

engage and watch another video and if

you can bring value to them

along the way they’re going to end up

subscribing and

if you miss an upload they’re going to

get very very hostile with you

because they want you to be very very

consistent and

so this is something that works when you

understand the dynamic of content

and what people are coming for now i

want to share with you

um a story that when i look for

youtube channels that i know are going

to succeed i know that they have a

couple elements that’s there

we we can actually break it down and and

share with you the things that you

should focus in on and it comes to

matt uh matt’s offroad recovery got

over 510 000 subscribers

in the last uh last year uh

2020 and the reason why

uh because when he was uploading his

content and he was engaging

it looked like this trying to do it he’d

get a little here a little there but it

was just like that i don’t know do you

guys feel the same way it’s just like

you’re trying to get

uh to the next level you’re trying to

level up the content

well what happened was this is when

people come onto youtube they’re looking

for an experience

um i don’t care if you disagree with me

um if you do

let me explain what i mean and hopefully

we’re on the same page

but uh we live in a world that there’s a

lot of pressure

on people and some people use youtube to


they use youtube to be entertained they

use youtube to be educated or inspired


realistically people want to watch what

they’re into

when it comes back down to if they’re

into something like pokemon or

off-road recovery they just want to

watch what they’re into

and they’re not going to be watching

content that just disconnects from that

and if you’re putting out content

consistently you’re gonna see views

consistently you are okay but to get

consistent views that are always going

up or you’re ready to tear up you need

to understand that it’s

more than just providing them value in

what they’re into

and i can tell you that once you can

get over the hurdle it doesn’t matter

what channel you are

that people love storytelling people

love the journey people love to see

failure people love to see success and

people love to see drama

people love to see when you’re able to

overcome things

that whole storytelling element is when

you can succeed

and so when you take a step back and

realize oh there’s a lot more going on

um in these videos than just this he he

thought for his youtube channel

that he was out there just doing a tow

truck recovery

uh when somebody was stranded and when

it clicked for him

that it wasn’t it was people was not

necessarily looking to get the tips and


but they were they’re on a ride-along

with him they were a part of his crew

um and he started to get his crew more

involved and it was about the rescue

and you’re able to see that storytelling

of how it starts

you know the unknown and you have you

know the climax of

getting them pulled out or you know it

could escalate even into a bigger issue

uh that’s the interesting thing about

the videos and when

we took those videos and really started

to define what they are

and we actually extended the length and

we actually shorted length

on that viewing experience based off of

that uh we cut out on

all unnecessary clips in the video

that took away from that and we focused

in on the storytelling aspect and have

it lead up and have

a kind of some continuity now is he

perfect absolutely not

but what’s interesting is he went from


to this last year he got 110 million

video views

110 now he

leveled up in so many different ways but

it all came back down to

his storytelling ability and weaving

in the journey where people wanted to be

a part of that and so

that’s something that we can all learn

that’s something where uh

you know you can really start to explode

and see an

increase when you can start weaving


and stories into the journey now what’s

an interesting thing if you go to his

youtube channel right now

i’ll link it in the description later

but um if you go to his youtube channel

right now i can tell you

uh you will see something that he tried

basically new content he was going out

to the rescue but

uh once he decided to start uh

improving his fleet improving his

relationships with

uh his his co-workers and then also the

recovery itself

he started on a new vehicle and he

started doing the build from day one

and he’s starting to document the build

it’s of a corvair it’s gonna be really

really epic and

if you go to his community tab page

you’re able to see that he’s responding

the community what color paint should we

do here’s

the style what should i do you know and

it’s good they’re going to give it a


you know and the community is going to

be involved in this

vehicle and all it’s doing is telling a

story and i’m telling you

uh this will be one of the most popular

vehicles on youtube

why because it was created by the


by someone that was passionate about the

industry and there was a story behind

why it was created

um and the great thing about it is it’s

a lot more

in in detail than that but the essence

of it is

is there’s a story behind why they’re

creating the content

um what they’re able to do people are

looking forward for the day that you


things get done and when they get done

that’s a moment in a video

that’s that climax in the video that

takes a little bit closer

to the next in the next video in the

next video um

one of the indicators that i look really

closely at how well a youtube channel is

is the average view per viewer so when

your youtube channel gets 10 million


in a in a given month okay of those 10

million views

you might have 3 million unique viewers

that are watching 10 million

videos could be that one of the things

that we try to do to level up

is get people to binge watch your


to binge watch what’s happening on

youtube to binge watch those little


that that people truly truly do care

about which is your videos in a sequence

and uh when they do that that triggers

uh growth and that triggers youtube

understanding the type of viewers that

actually like to watch multiple pieces

of content of yours and not just one


and then youtube does something super


which is to goes out and finds

like-minded viewers because

the whole reason why the ai is set is to

predict what the viewer will watch

and i can tell you that’s the essence of

really understanding the youtube formula

understanding how youtube operates

is knowing once you get to a point of


you you have so many viewers that are

similar then youtube does its thing and

that’s when you see massive growth

and i can tell you i’ve seen it over and

over again

with all the channels that i own with

all the youtube consulting that i do

with all my channels uh my students

channels that’s that little

that little thing that pushes people

over the edge now

uh that being said um i want to take one

other example

uh that that’s real okay and i want to

introduce you to glendon he’s with

savage finance uh i met glendon uh

several years ago

and um basically one of the smartest

people that that i met

in the space uh very ambitious he he has

i don’t even know i think 17 youtube

channels he has a lot but this is his

latest one

and um the cool thing about glendon

is he understands he was homeless for a

while and really understands to be out

of work and so on and so forth

and he’s really passionate about finance

he’s really passionate about having

multiple streams of income

and helping people with budgets and so

he started this youtube channel because

he had that desire to help people

outside of what he’s currently doing

and he started savage finance and he

started to focus in on

the videos that would lead them to that

moment where people can really

uh engage with his content on a deeper


of really understanding uh finances in a


that can help them out of their their

life situation and help them better

prepare for the future

uh but i can tell you glendon fell into

a trap

and this is a trap most creators make is


he has so much experience in the field

that he

he made some assumptions that were


but they weren’t the complete picture um

and he made a he made a video um

about credit card applications um and

getting in a house with no money down

and a few things like that

and he thought hey you know what these

are the wrong type of viewers i don’t


and he was pushing backs and he doesn’t

want those type of viewers and says whoa

whoa whoa glendon

why are you saying that he started to

explain who he thought the avatar was

and i’m like well that’s not how i view


and you’re missing a very very important

data point

that will help you you know make better

decisions on the type of content you

make and he says well i don’t know what

that is

you know what would that be um and i’m

here to tell you

once he understood that and it changed

everything and i want to show you i want

to show you exactly

what he was doing before and what

happened after

so this is before just grinding out the


and then boom after and that moment

was this that moment was when he

actually understood why people

were watching a couple certain videos


um back last year uh this time the world

started to change dramatically and

there was a lot of uncertainty and it

was very dramatic okay

and over the course of time there’s a

lot of people laid off

and a lot of people were furloughed and

a lot of people that were

having some job insecurities and when

people were watching this video

they were really wanting to survive


this this uh financial issues that were

in his life they weren’t

uh the wrong type of viewer he just

wasn’t communicating with them because

of what they were actually going through

there’s a lot of people

that had some things happening in their

life that were happening offline

that was causing stress in their life

that they’re looking for solutions


and um when when he had that moment of

clarity and when it clicked

that’s when it actually exploded it just


because he was able to communicate to


and bring more value to them than ever

before because he had clarity

in the things that he was teaching he

had clarity

in how he would approach certain topics

and how certain topics align with each


and when you see that that’s when he was

able to get a ton of subscribers

uh in a short amount of time and a ton

of views

and so when you’re trying to figure out

your audience when you’re trying to

figure out

what you need to do succeed at the end

of the day

it’s really understanding why people are

coming onto youtube to watch your videos

and and what do they have in common what

are some of the things that are there


um i i saw a comment um about mr beast

the other day

and uh at the end uh i was working with

mr beast to do the rewind video i don’t

know if you see it

it was a lot of work uh it took a lot of

people to do it um it was a very very

intensive thing

but at the end he wanted to do something

to give back to the youtube community

that’s one thing that he always does

and so he did a shout out for a few

creators three

in fact and these three creators were

really really small a couple

couple hundred subscribers whatever all

of them now have over a hundred thousand

subscribers and

um i i heard the comment well you know

um you know i wouldn’t

want this from mr beast i want to earn

my subscribers and my

my thing is um the if you go look at the

channels you can go on the

rewind video you go look at the channels

of the videos

that um the the the audience that are


um there’s certain uh channels that take

off and others that don’t

and what was the common theme is that

they actually started

to uh make youtube videos to speak to

that say hey oh i just got a shout out

for mr beast

and by doing that one small little thing

got more views and more interest and

more subscribers

and i’ve been watching it very closely

uh and one thing that most people do

is they read uh just the subscriber


i i don’t do that i mean i glance at it

but what i

read is every comment that was being

said and they’re like oh my gosh i can’t

believe i discovered you i love pokemon

cards too

well there you go i mean come on like

you’re you’re discovering and yes this

is a shout out

that led to it now they still have to


those subscribers they have to earn the

views now they have uh

an opportunity to get more people

watching their content

similar to zealous and they’ll have kind

of a zealous moment

where you’ll have some awkwardness

unless they figure out hey who they’re

speaking to

and and what type of content and how to

react to that content

that’s really really important so um

like i would 100

take traffic coming in if it was the

right type of traffic and the right type

of traffic are the people that want to

watch youtube videos and if there’s ever

a time

to ever get a shout out in a video it

would be one that’s so general

which is the youtube rewind and going to

it because you had

all different types of genres doing it

and i can tell you when i went back and

looked at some of the channels that were

subscribing to

there’s two girls uh from from the uk uh

that their channel just blew up

uh a lot of the subscribers were females

that were engaging with the youtube

creator uh

content and it was translating over to

theirs now they still need to earn it

they need to earn that view and have

that translated into

consistent money but the reality is is

that first

boost is the key because youtube now has

a whole bunch of data

and what you do next is really important

and so

the next few videos and i i if any of

them are watching this video right now

i would number one dm me and i’ll help

you but number two

um is that you want to have a good

strategy for at least four videos to

five videos

that will follow up and help people on a


to help them understand your content

because like right now they only saw

that one video to subscribe to you

guaranteed they watched a whole bunch of

videos of yours i can already see it

because i watched your view count go up

because they’re watching different

videos before they subscribed and that’s

what we want to do that’s what the ai

is doing so with that it all comes back

down to

understanding your viewer now i want to

share one last one

as an example and i want to go through

some very very uh

really important points and all this you

can learn

you know this year i have a lot of

opportunities for that but i want to


with you uh with sean um sean uh

is a student of mine uh he’s in my inner


um i i do a lot of different training at

different levels

it’s with bikes and beards and i want to

share with you sean so sean actually

came through

uh one hour console so if you go to my

website and you you click on

consultation i have a very expensive

one-hour console i’m sorry but

like my time is worth a lot of money and

so um he went on

did a consult and and i gave him so much

value and he says that was so good

that he paid for an audit my audit is


cheap guys it’s like really really

expensive i went through and really

digest his channel gave him a strategy

and when i was giving his audit and his

action plan

um i says look you’re speak you’re not

speaking to your viewer

and he goes what are you talking about

like i’ve been growing i i don’t even

understand what you’re saying he goes no

no no he goes like i’m not but what he

was doing

he was grinding grinding grinding

grinding grinding and he wasn’t speaking

to his viewer he was actually going

and trying to put his agenda

out for the viewer and he thought i’m a

bike shop

i need to do bike repair and i got to

show them how cool it is

and all the different things that they

need to know and understand about the


and really was more about uh

informational and selling and stuff like

that and it just didn’t translate very

well and

yeah he got views he got some

subscribers and i says well what do you


and he really explained what he wanted

and i says well you know the brand bikes

and beards is really cool

and some of the things that you’re doing

is really cool like what do you really


and he explained and i says well here is

your viewer

and he goes i just i don’t know man i go

no this is your viewer

and once he was able to really digest

who his viewer

is and made that translation he went

from this

to that and i’m telling you guys you

know to get 434 000 subscribers in a

short amount of time

you basically need to understand the


and the people that are watching your

content they were coming

because they wanted to hang out with

them it was similar to matt’s offroad

recovery they want to hang out they

wanted to see the adventures they want

to see the crazy things that he’s doing

they wanted to see um his crazy like he

has a motorcycle shop he’ll buy a whole

bunch of motorcycles

uh and they wanted to see that but

realistically how did he translate that

down well he was disconnecting because

he was pushing his agenda to really

instead of saying wait

what’s going to bring the most value for

this viewer in an entertainment style

what’s going to be the most value here

for people that are passionate about

motorcycles how can we really

uh engage with that and i can tell you

that um

i i love sean and his channel has been

able to grow and he has other youtube

channels that he has and

he’s been able to really explode um in

very different aspects of youtube one

is i’m the most proud of this worm is

he is so engaged with his audience that

he made 55 000

in just a few hours on a live stream

selling product

to his people you know that right there

is a game changer it changed his life it

changed his perspective of what you can


and i’m telling you that that you will

see a lot coming from me in 2021

on how to make more money on youtube

because that’s

what i actually do i’ve been giving tips

and techniques but

realistically i help people make money

get views and visibility and translate

that into money

and that’s what i do for mr beast and

i’m really good at it

um so that being said there’s so much

that you can learn now

my thing is uh where is the fundamentals

and this is where

this book comes in uh this book you can

pre-order it you can find it in the


um this is a lot of work it’s

made published by wiley uh the forward

is by mr beast you see that mr beast

um and i can tell you i use his example

on everything we’ve done um and a lot of

big youtubers and a lot of small

youtubers that are now big youtubers

on really understanding things and i can

tell you once you start

diving into this um it gets really

really interesting quick

um and i i’ve been doing this for a

while and i’ve always wanted to do a


um and i wanted to do it in a way

that the book would never go out of

touch and so

it’s not on the algorithm guys it’s


people and how they respond to video and

i’ve been able to generate over 60

billion video views

using this method and it just works once

you understand what to look for

and you’ll see that i’m actually a video


i am i am 100 a video geek

i’ve been obsessed with videos from a

very very young age

um and i’ve been like i personally

wanted to make super bowl commercials

um and and i would just obsess with just

the funniest commercials as back in the


and then i realized that hey the the

amount of eyeballs that i get is a lot

more than a super bowl

you know and so there’s i’ve been a part

of some really big campaigns

and you’ll see the essence but i want to

break down how to succeed

on youtube now this is really affordable

you can find it this does ship

internationally if you go to in fact i’ll

just put it up right here yt

there’s some extras and bonuses that

you’re able to get

and you’ll see them there i don’t want

to go through that and spend as much

time on that there’s some training with

mr beast and

i give you the audio book but you can

buy it anywhere you can buy it on amazon

whatever i mean there’s

you can go to it go to the website and

when you go to leave it it basically

says oh wait

you can buy it at target and you know

barnes and noble and amazon and all over

the place

but i want to share with you um even if

you don’t buy it i’m going to start

sharing with you some content of it

and uh the book is in three different

uh parts and i thought about how do i

actually do this in three different


um you know because if i just focus in

on one aspect things can change on

youtube and it changes so fast

the first part is understanding the


i’m probably the happiest for everyone

to read

the the chapter one and chapter one

is youtube story it’s a history lesson

of youtube

and what’s cool about this is they

created a system of analyzing to bring

youtube to what we have today and i’m

going to just share this story just in

short and it’s a really interesting one

but it’s it really gives you context so

on february 14 2005 is when youtube


it was a dating website guys a dating

website and if you watch the first video

that was uploaded

to youtube you will look at that video

completely different

knowing that it was a dating website

and the words that he said in the video

is for a date and it’s pretty extreme

when you do it now

i give the whole details and story but

uh in the book but

what happened was in may

of 2005 the three co-founders of

youtube started to look at the data they

were putting out craigslist ads

they were going to campus and putting

out stuff at stanford they were even

paying people

in los angeles and las vegas twenty

dollars to upload a video

twenty bucks um this is crazy you know

and they weren’t getting people to

upload videos for dating they had a few

but they looked at the data and they

they analyzed the data and they realized

that people were sharing

things that they loved and they wanted

to upload whatever content that they


and they had a very very hard decision

they could have they could have

just kind of said no we’re a dating

website we’re not going to modify

but they looked at the data and says you

know what there’s a lot of people that

want to

use this as self-expression and if we

can enable that where they can embed it

on a website

or they can share it really easy online

then that’s really cool

we make it the viewing experience so

when they hit the button it doesn’t

buffer and you can just really go from

there that’d be awesome guess what guys

that’s what they did and in june

they gave the tools for what we have as

youtube today

and they changed their dating website

into a self-broadcasting website

where you can self-publish your videos

and that transform youtube

and when i discovered them that was in

june was in october

they were i was an early adopter but i

saw the writing on the wall that this

was going to be big and then it was the

following year

when google bought them for 1.6 billion


you know it was crazy money and the

reason why they put so much money into

it is because video is the future

it’s the best way to communicate whether

it’s live video or in the video itself

and so that history lesson is really

important and so that’s the whole basis

of the book

so if you’re if i was going to give you

some up what the book’s about

it is to create a plan you got to know

the plan

execute on that plan and then analyze

and adjust and it’s

analyzing adjust where you’ll see

success and that’s where like anyone can

really unlock

the algorithm is once you know how to


and know how to make improvement and

that’s what i teach

in this book and i can tell you that’s

what i teach in my

uh group coaching my 12 week group


called channel jumpstart it’s like we go

through a process like

channel jumpstart is crazy you have

literally 12 weeks

of content that is between 45 minutes to

an hour and a half

and then you have group coaching every

week and you have certain assignments if

you don’t do something

you’ll fall behind and these are intense

assignments that might take five six

seven ten hours

or sometimes even 100 to get through all

this stuff depends where you’re at in

your journey

and it doesn’t matter if you’re brand

new it doesn’t matter if you’re starting


it works and once you understand and you

have someone showing you the path

then you’re able to really make the

right type of decision so for this

you can get the book it’s all in the

book right here um i

give very specific case studies part two

is the money making opportunity there’s

so many different creators out there

that don’t treat this like a businessman

and i’ve seen creators come

and go because they don’t treat it like

a business

um and and when i look at this youtube

channel right here

um i look at is hey this is a way for me

to give back but it’s also a business

but i have seven businesses i own seven

businesses this is just one of the

things that i do

and yeah it it does so much but it’s a

way for me to give back

um and when you treat it like a business

like i do my other businesses that are

out there

you can really succeed you really can

you can

you gotta look at multiple streams of

income and

all part two shows you all the things

that you want to know

and the things that you didn’t want to

know about making money outside of ad

revenue because ad revenue

by far is a drop in a bucket um i share

an amazing example by a creator

that’s working their day job um you know

just in a restaurant just grinding away

and they were making more money on

youtube but they didn’t want to give up

their day job because it was stability

and their mom owned the restaurant and

says hey jessica what are you doing you


go do youtube full-time quit you know

and she did and that’s when she was able

to do it and what was interesting

is she did one brand deal that changed

her life

it changed her perspective because it

put everything into context

of what the possibilities are for for

someone that loved

snow dogs and it was just

life-changing um and i i really want

everyone to understand

that there’s so much opportunity on

youtube but the ad revenue

is just a drop in the bucket there’s so

many different things that you can make

money at

uh that will provide not only for

yourself but it will diversify yourself

so that if ad revenue starts to dip in

january which it normally does unless

you’re in tech

it starts to really really go down and

the reason why is because

guess what there’s this opportunity to

really grow

on cpms but if you can have diversified


then when this goes down this other one

might go up or you might

both go down but it’s a lot higher than

ad revenue and so

uh all of part two in the book is about

um you know basically the ways you can

make money um i give a couple

examples that you never heard of um i’m

an og in the space i mean i’ve been here

since 2005. i’ve literally

been a part of the utah youtubers

community which is massive

um you know as as per capita

and the type of engagement that they

have and the whole reason why i did as

i’m sharing these stories

is because it makes sense and i want to

share a story here um one of my one of

my favorite youtubers of all time

um is uh youtube channel i’m gonna i’m

gonna just pull it up real real quick

right here because it’s like it’s like

one of my favorites

um can you see my screen i hope so um

but uh

zach nelson right here jerry rig

everything he’s one of my favorite


um and i like him as a person i’ve known

him for

several years um and he’s he’s crushed


on youtube and he does these tear down


i used to work for verizon you know

repairing cell phones and now

him and his wife uh you know uh make

youtube videos she’s in

whenever she’s in a video they always

get more views so zach put her in more

videos of course of course but the

reason why i loved zach is

uh he taught me something that i didn’t

even know uh that was even possible

and um and and uh several years ago

i got him to speak at vidsummit and when

i invite someone to speak at vidsummit i

really want to learn from them

and zach came and talked about affiliate

marketing and

i’ve heard everything that you possibly

could do on affiliate marketing i have

uh but he taught me one thing that just

expanded my

my mind in in tenfold which was

hey you know in my videos i have a tool

kit and in the description i have a tool


well that tool kit is owned by a

different company that i own

um it’s branded that i’m my own brand

deal and so i push

traffic to amazon to buy from this other

company which i own

and in the terms of services where it

was a game changer for me

uh it’s also i don’t know if it’s in the

book but i it’s in the book it’s in the


i did put it in the book um but he’s a

game changer for me is where

that’s what happens when your youtube

videos like fall down but anyway

what was new to me was that um he was

able to

collect the affiliate money from amazon

and also collect the sell so it was a

double dip he was getting paid to drive

traffic to it got a percentage of that

and he also got paid on the transaction

that’s massive that’s like massive

and that’s that’s one of the tips that

you’ll learn from uh

going from there you know really

understanding there’s small little

things that can make the biggest

difference and

i want to put this in your head i want

you to really analyze

this one point if you can get a thousand

people to pay you a thousand dollars a


in product that’s a million dollars in

sales and if you can

have ten thousand people pay you a a

hundred dollars

i mean this starts to add up fairly very

quickly and it can be a game changer um

i’m telling you i’ve seen it with a lot

of content creators now i’ve seen

content creators

um that reach out to me and says oh

daryl you know i need help i need to

make money and

you know i can’t make any money on ad

revenue i’m not getting the views that i

were doing

and they had like six billion video


and they’re only getting maybe a couple

million a month now and they’re just

dying of divine

like well how did you diversify well i

was just doing everything on youtube

like that’s insanity why would you do

that like there’s other platforms that

monetize right now

there’s more creators making more money

on facebook right now

then then then you can even imagine and

then that’s a a revenue state a

stream you can do merch but merch is

merches merch

right but it’s going deeper and really

understanding what people want to have

and products

that’s where it’s really interesting and

i share some very very great examples of


now part three of the youtube formula

which is really really cool it’s

actually called the youtube formula

and that’s where i break down how the


is for humans and we need to really take

it and put our

our viewer cap on and look at through

what will respond for people

and i’m telling you the biggest

disconnect we just had a call

today where someone wanted to be a part

of my group coaching program

okay channel jumpstart well it’s an

application process i don’t let

everybody in

and this is what their thing was well

why did you want to be it wasn’t me

taking the calls my

one of my guys justin but he’s like okay

why do you want to be on channel

jumpstart well

you know i make amazing videos well did

you see this channel they’re similar to

yours yeah they suck i make better

videos than them

have you seen how many views they get

well yeah but they just they lucked out

and it was like no like your content

needs to improve

and he started talking about that like

well no no no no that’s not the way it


you know and i’m like don’t even pick

them up as someone we want to teach

because they’re not teachable

you have to be teachable you have to

understand the system and to be


is understanding why people are watching

or more importantly why they’re not


because if they’re not watching there’s

a reason and i can tell you it doesn’t

matter if you’re doing a short channel

doesn’t matter if you’re doing tik tok

doesn’t matter if you’re doing instagram

or or facebook it all comes back down to


really going from there now uh one

channel that i will disclose to you

is this channel right here okay i don’t

normally oh there we go

there we go see i just gave you a

channel that we have

okay um and i want to i want to share

with you

a little bit about the chosen because

the chosen is an interesting project

um we are about getting ready to cross

700 000 subscribers looking for that

gold play button

can’t wait to happen is coming soon i

love it

um and the reason why i love this is

because i’m passionate about this we did

the largest crowdfunding project of all

time in television and history

uh me and my partner dallas jenkins um

have been doing this for about three

years and we started to get really

serious on youtube

basically last year about this time and

you might say well daryl why in the

world would you wait if you’re like a

youtube guy

well i’m actually a traffic guy

confessions i’m a traffic guy i’m

getting a lot of traffic on other

social media um and our our target demo

that we were going after was it was it

was on facebook and facebook was easier

to share

it’s easier to engage than it was on

youtube it’s sometimes hard to get on


uh but that was kind of our where our

target audience was

uh which i can get very detailed in her

target audience is

and and then we started to start

building it on other platforms and as

you can see

we’ve grown quite a bit uh on on

um you know here’s look at that there’s

even fat man mcgee in here

i’m right there uh but you can see we’ve

been growing and we’ve been doing it we

actually did a christmas special

um which is which is awesome and we’ve

done so much and we’re actually doing

season two of the chosen which is


uh but the point of why i’m saying this

is it doesn’t matter what channel it is

it doesn’t matter what project it is

you need to be able to really speak to

the viewer in a way and we wanted to

create content for us

i’m a believer and dallas my partner’s a

believer and

regardless of your you know if you don’t

believe or not it doesn’t matter

like the concept is this is if you want

to grow an audience you need to

understand the audience and we wanted to


the audience because we were the

audience and we understood what we

were looking for and we saw what was

deficient we saw an opportunity and we

created an

opportunity to provide a need that

people didn’t know they needed

and uh once they saw it it they became a

super fan

i mean if i showed you the data points

we have three fan clubs

on facebook the first one is our our

main facebook page has 3.5

million followers our second you know is

our fan club

super engaging in that super engaging

fan club we had

it’s not the the page so it’s like uh i

think 100 000 followers or something

maybe 70 000. but we had 786 000 posts

and comments the last 28 days there

it just everybody’s just posting about

it they just love it and they’re just

engaging with it and then we have our

last one which is

uh our global army well i can tell you

in the audience development portion

of this book i lay it all out like i lay


every little thing that i did convincing

my partner to be an influencer i’m like

dallas please you’re an influencer he

goes no i’m not i’m a director i’m a

writer i’m like please you’re an

influencer i make movies

please you’re an influencer and it took

a couple uh

proddings for a year and a half until he

goes i’m an influencer and now

he’s vlogging and did all that stuff and

we were able to grow and

you know over the last little bit i mean

we’ve been able to you know get almost

700 000 subscribers in just a short

amount of time

um and you know we’re crushing the views

we’re at 42 million views on that

um and it’s just it’s just picking up


but the cool thing about it is we have

an app that people can go

and we have a way to monetize on that so

like youtube isn’t our forum it’s

basically top of the funnel that leads

people into it

we work with a very talented company

jeffrey harmon

and neil harmon with the with vid angel

uh they’re our distribution partners

um and and they we’ve worked on several

projects some of the smartest people in

the business when it comes to

uh getting people to convert i worked


jeffrey on the squatty potty campaign um

and he wrote

um you know in the back of the book

right here too and i

kind of cited him several times in the

book so there’s so much that you can

learn from this

now what can you do to succeed in 2021

and how are you gonna get more views how

are you gonna get more subscribers

now i’ve given you uh ideas of really

understanding the viewer but i’m gonna

give you some tactical things you can do

right now

today um as in january right

uh so the thing that i want you to do

right now is uh spend

two to three hours this next week or

right now this week

of really defining who your viewer is i

want you to

to create a grid and have it look like a

plus sign like this okay

and the upper put your demographics of

who you think your audience is

okay and this is where they’re from

their age

uh you know male female gender type


and then i want you in the other upper

right hand side put the cycle graphics

like what do they do what do they think


what do they do in the day you know how

do they engage with people

what type of job do they have you know

whole the whole thing from there right

and then uh the lower left-hand side do

your online behaviors

where do they go online what are some of

the websites outside of youtube that

they do

on youtube what some of the channels

that they actually watch and just start

to gather information now you might not

have all that data

but i want you to start gathering that

data and you can go into your analytics

and start pulling some of those things

like hey which videos are referring uh

to your videos you can start seeing some

of the channels

that they might be watching um but don’t

don’t say that’s your hard and fast rule

because that’s a big mistake too you


want to broaden uh your viewership and

then what do they do

offline you know what type of

restaurants do they go to what type

of store do they go to do they go to

whole foods do they go to

you know do they buy on amazon what do

they do like are they getting stuff

shipped to them you know

like are they stay at home workers or

whatever you can go through that whole


and i want you to deep dive into it um

and then i want you to look at your

content and i want you to start reading


and i want you to spend at least two to

three hours reading

every single comment on your youtube

channel and some of the other youtube

channels that you’re following that says

hey we have a similar audience

and i want you to read what they’re what

they’re saying and you’ll find videos

that make sense and you’ll find viewers

that says oh i wish you would have done


ding ding ding ding that could be a

video idea you know and i want you to

look for patterns

um and the big thing is and this is the

the key

i want you to start seeing how they edit

the successful channels edit their


um what type of titling structure do

they use what type

of thumbnail structure that they use

let’s start deep diving into that a

little bit

and i want you to analyze okay well how

can i be better now

um i can tell you that mr beast

uh when he comes up with a title

thumbnail um sometimes

we spend hours if not days coming up

with that title and thumbnail

uh with the video uh to get edited and

the ideas and so on sometimes weeks to

months to even

um multiple months you know we’ve done


but it’s just trying to make that

perfect video that will engage and send

something perfectly and if you look at

how he formulates his videos there is a

system to it and when you

really identify what that system is that

formula uh you’ll start to understand

how to make it work for you now you

might say well i’m not like mr b so i

don’t even have to

i can’t even learn from him that would

be a big mistake because

success there’s certain elements of

understanding how to communicate

your video views how to communicate with

the viewer and you just need to

understand who they are and how they

respond and that’s

that’s something that i teach not only

in the youtube formula but more


um you know on on my my group coaching

is just

very very very important um and it is


number one thing for for really

understanding um

how you can succeed um is is

understanding who you’re creating

content for

one big mistake that you can make is

think that your audience is so narrow

that nobody wants to watch your video

you get 100 views and you pretty much

you know maxed out your your viewership

you know you want to make it broad

enough that it’s not too broad that

there’s no interest in it you know so

you have to figure out that mix

i teach you how to do that in the

youtube formula but i want to i want to


how to look at it is when you understand

that viewing relationship that you

created that grid

you want to start seeing okay what would

bring this person value

how can i bring them value in my videos

and then make a list

and that’s some of the video content

that you can test and try but the most

important about testing and trying

is that analyzing the data and adjusting

to to really succeed and i can tell you

it doesn’t matter

where you’re at on um

where you’re at on your youtube journey

um you can always improve

um i i will give this example here

that’s real and it’s serious

um i i had a creator that was just

on the top of their game and

they said daryl this is my audience and

i says i don’t think so

and they looked at me and this is i’ve

been creating content on the platform

for a very long time

and i can tell you this is my audience

and i said i don’t think so

and they says well i don’t think you’re


and you don’t think i’m right so we’ll

just agree to disagree

and i says well let me let me give you

an idea

you’re going out on a tour and you’re

going into these cities

i want you to see who shows up and i

want you to take account

and if you can if you can have them go

through a process of check-in

you can see who your viewer views are

and i

told them exactly who their viewer was

down to the demographics and what you

know what it was

and uh it was literally 10 years younger

than they thought

they were speaking to 10 years older and

it was 10 years younger

and when they decide that that’s when

they started to create content for that

younger generation

that was actually showing up they were

the most avid and guess what happened

their channel went bananas why because

they were able to speak

to the person that they knew who they

who was their super fan

and when is their super fan that core

audience that’s when you’re able to grow

and when you create content strategies

and when you create

ways to really engage that’s when you

take it to a level that you’ve never

seen before

um and i i’ll i’ll be here uh this is


um and and when i say this there are

channels that connect with the viewer

every single time

because they obsess over it they engage

with it they were like man i really want

to do this and they they want to

be an entertainer they want to engage

them to bring them value

and they don’t compromise it doesn’t

matter how amazing the idea is

they will not compromise because of that

relationship and trust between the

content creator

and their audience and i’m telling you

i’ve seen

people get super super engaged with that

content now

i want to share with you uh with with

this because

everybody’s like oh i gotta post more on

youtube that’s the only way i can grow

well guess what um one of the guys that

wrote a testimonial in the book his

name’s mark rober

check him out on youtube he posts once a

month uh unless he’s doing his science

series then he posts a little bit more

where he’s teaching uh you know covid

class or whatever but mark grover puts

out one video

and he’s notorious only 12 videos a year

and they are literally the best videos

on youtube

bar none like i i love him to death um

and i love mark he’s great great guy

very very smart

uh he was a nasa engineer that this is

pretty funny but he

quit nasa to go do a t-shirt company

sold the t-shirt company

then worked for apple nobody knew he

worked for apple and he was doing

youtube videos

and um he uh he’s working for

r d on apple and um and

youtube or i’m sorry apple knew about it

but uh

he he kind of keep the on the dl for

everybody else because you just want

people freaking out about where he was

working and

you know he didn’t want to disclose

anything he shouldn’t disclose so he

just kept it on the dl

and then he’s like dude he did the

glitter bomb one and he’s like

i can’t even work like it’s just too too

much work to try to work at apple and r


do all these cool projects and so what

happens when i just go and do this by


so he went out on his own but the cool

thing about it is

um he puts out an amazing video and he’s

probably one of the best storytellers

ever when it comes on youtube and and he

makes science fun to learn

and you’re even learning when you don’t

want to learn is so entertaining

go take a look at when he befriended

some squirrels

during kovid and taught him how to do a

little parkour

it’s one of one of the most amazing

videos out there i love it and he just

did a glitter bomb

3.0 that just hit but you can see he

gets a ton of views

and his content is extremely valuable

now what you don’t know

is pretty much every science class in

the history of all science classes

in the united states in canada around

the world are showing

his their students his videos because

they’re making science fun

think about that for a second guys is

he’s making science fun and he’s

teaching specific points about science


science teachers will use there are

websites that use his

his curriculum youtube videos to explain

concepts that are

are hard for people to understand

that is valuable and anytime that he

posts everybody’s

like he has a whole subreddit that’s

obsessed with him

like he’s like bill nye the science guy

on steroids

because he’s an actual scientist but i’m

not not trying to

hit in bill nye we love bill nye right

okay but anyway uh i

i rather listen to mark but um but the

point is

this is an opportunity to really expand

and there’s so much things that you can

do and

and like the ad revenue is a drop in the


brand deals are great but it might

compromise you in certain ways there’s

other ways to really expand

mark’s doing a science class and he’s

making money doing science classes doing

something that he loves

and this is so cool because people can

go in whether they’re home school

or they’re just interested in certain

subjects or even classroom settings they

can go in and get its curriculum

it’s off the chain man that’s what it’s

all about

so um this is super cool and

um i want to do a couple big shout outs

real quick we got d nemen

uh dee and nick if you haven’t followed

them on youtube do that i really love

the brothers d’s been stuck in mexico um

i i hope you’re out d i love you if not


i’m sorry and i’ll come visit you soon

um and uh we got the savvy turtle

hundred dollars

uh super chat both hundred dollar stupid

chat thank you so much uh everyone for

supporting this

now um i i was going to take some q a

but we went

way over uh the time and so this is what

i want to do

is i want to do another live stream i’ll

commit to another live stream

i will go and take very specific

questions that you actually put in this

uh live stream so leave your questions

in the comments

as you engage with it um and also on

social just use the hashtag

darryl to go from there but um i

am starting to push and promote my book

i have a book that’s coming out

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the cool thing about this is let me just

go to the

website real quick so you can see all

the fun stuff that’s there

so um i basically uh you’ll see a little

video of me

and mr beast and so on but you can

reserve your copy you can see the brands

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but this is the cool thing about it is

in the pre-sale uh we’re doing a

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we do a companionship course uh we do an

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and i have to put my radio voice on

um and then we have some other bundles

and stuff from there but the cool thing

is you can see the success of what


are saying about the book and then also

the proven results and some of these

this is one of my favorite ones all he

changed was what his upload time was

we helped him understand his viewer the

viewing pattern and he literally doubled

his views as nuts but all this is great

you can go into the detail

and you can see what they’re learning

before and after the formula uh and you

can get your copy and it comes out

um uh it comes out february 23rd

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some of the most disruptive things i’ve

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system that i’ve

pretty much gotten all the success that

i have on youtube and i’m giving you a

book form and

it’s literally taken me a long time to

really uh analyze the way to present

that to you

uh so you can get that and then two uh

this is

uh you know in concert with my group


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helped a lot of people

uh thousands of creators uh really get

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and i’ve worked really closely with

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really excited about

so you can head over to

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um and it’s really important that uh you

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there’s a lot of cool little things in

it it’ll show you some some uh

really cool opportunities that are

coming your way uh look for that on


and you guys uh we’ll see you guys on

the next

video uh thank you so much for all that

you do

i really do appreciate you um and what

you do and

i think the big thing for me is i want

to help influencers really make a

difference in the world

that’s why i’m here on youtube that’s

why i spend my extra waking hours

uh teaching and training um if i was

just greedy and just wanted

it for myself i would just keep on

building youtube channels because you

can make a ton of money doing that you

have no i

i guess you have an idea i guess you

have an idea of course you do

or you wouldn’t be here but it’s been

very very very great

and i love it i love it so uh thank you

all for that

um and uh make sure that you go back and

see exactly what i told you to do this


there’s a lot of great things that you

can do to really understand your viewer

you can go from there

so guys thank you and i will see you