Grow with YouTube Shorts | Amplify Voices featuring Nuseir Yassin (Nas Daily)

Amplify Voices is a series that interviews Creators from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds to explore how they found their voice on YouTube. In this episode, we spoke with Nuseir Yassin from the Nas Daily channel — whose mission is to show you the most incredible humans on planet Earth (

Nuseir shares how the Nas Daily channel achieved 1 billion views and 1.5 million subscribers in one year through his YouTube Shorts strategy. The Nas Daily Channel published over 50 Shorts in 2021, generating over 652 million shorts views! Check out his tips around keeping an open perspective as a Creator, sharing stories via the Shorts format, and Shorts video production techniques.

Here are some additional resources to help with your Creator journey.

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0:00 | Introduction
0:50 | Nuseir’s Creator Journey
1:54 | Getting Started with YouTube Shorts
2:24 | Why YouTube Shorts?
2:46| Nas Daily’s Content Strategy
3:15 | The Opportunity for Creators
3:48 | Shorts Video Production
4:14 | How Nuseir Found His Voice
4:42 | Closing

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The minute that I got on Shorts

I got 100,000 followers
in the first or second day.

So, I would say, Shorts was
an immediate success for us.

What’s up, creators?
This is Gerald from the YouTube Team

bringing you
another episode of Amplify Voices.

What if I told you that
a creator got over 1 billion views

yeah, a billion,
and 1.5 million subscribers in one year?

Your question would be: how?

YouTube Shorts is your answer.

YouTube Shorts changed
the game for this creator.

Nuseir from the Nas Daily channel
published over 50 Shorts in 2021

generated over 652 million Shorts views.

The Nas Daily channel’s mission

is to show you
the most incredible humans on planet Earth.

In this episode, we’ll explore how
Nuseir developed his YouTube Shorts strategy.

Nuseir, tell us about
your journey as a creator

your full journey
as a creator, even on Facebook.

What inspired you to get started?

The reason why I love the name of your show
is because this is exactly why I started.

I used to be a software engineer.

I wanted to do things, but I didn’t feel
like I had a voice inside the company.

I didn’t feel like I had
a voice inside my country.

Eventually, you know, I was like

I’m just gonna go
find my voice on the internet

to try to say what
I believe in, what I care deeply about

and scream it and see what happens.

I believe that when you were
on other social media platforms

you were doing one-minute videos,
and you’re still doing that now.

Is there are reason why you’ve chosen,
that, like, time and that length of video?

One of the things about Nas Daily
that was unique is that I did it every day

for 1,000 days straight.

And I thought, if I need to make a video
every day, it has to be short, to the point.

Therefore, let me make it a minute.

Let me pack as much
possible information in this one minute.

And so, that’s why my product,
my video product fits perfectly

with YouTube Shorts product.

And that’s why we’ve found,
you know, massive success.

I think a lot of people
are afraid to start YouTube channels

because like it’s such a saturated market.

And I think that’s actually made it so
a lot of new and interesting creators

have not even started a YouTube channel
and just gone to other platforms.

What advice
would you give them to start on Shorts?

My suggestion is,
unleash that limit in your brain

in the sense that,
in our brain, we think that the limit is

OK, there can only be 10 YouTube channels.

But what if there could be 10 billion?

And what if everybody in the world
is walking around the world

watching YouTube content?

Why do you think people have
an affinity for, like, short-form content

especially on a platform where
they’re used to seeing longer content?

Watching a long video
is like sending a piece of mail.

It’s the same message,
it just takes longer to actually deliver it.

People want as little friction
as possible in their lives

and Shorts just
communicates ideas in a frictionless way.

One of the things that I think is impressive,
you’re literally going across the globe.

So, how’s your approach to video production?

Like, how are you doing this, are you getting
people across Asia, Europe, America

who are doing these crazy stories?

This is why I think COVID was, like,
transformational for us as a company.

We started to trust remote crews.
We started to trust others with our art.

And now, any story I care about
anywhere in the world

we can get to them within three days.

What’s your vision of the world,
you know, creator-wise, right?

You know, looking at, like, this new world

where everyone has a phone,
everyone has access to the internet

everyone is telling stories.

My friend says it best, he says,
«We have entered the permissionless society.»

You know, in the past,
if I wanted to raise my voice

I needed to go to the newspaper
and beg the editor to cover my story.

And the editor has the control.

He is giving me permission to have a voice.

But now, with the creator economy,
I can pretty much reach anybody I want

in the world for free.

In your approach of thinking about

Shorts video production
versus maybe traditional, you know,

horizontal, like, you know, video production

is there a different approach you’re taking?

Honestly, the only difference
that I’ve significantly noticed is that

now, we shoot a little bit wider so that
the main character is a little bit smaller

cause we want to cut that to vertical.

And we shoot 4K to make sure
we zoom in and we don’t lose any quality.

That is the only difference.

You kind of spoke about this earlier on,
this idea that you didn’t have a voice

at work, personally,
in your family, your country.

Can you talk a bit more about that?

I think everybody’s childhood affects what
they do for the rest of their lives, right?

I don’t want to get political,
but I grew up as a Palestinian in Israel

in an unequal world.

So, that’s the whole point
of content, is to make content about

whatever is interesting in the world,
in any continent, from any color

from any sexuality,
nobody cares, as long as you are alive.

Nuseir, like, I just want to say, thank you.

Well, man, thank you so much for having me.

You know, it may sound like
my voice is already amplified

but you’re actually
helping me amplify my voice.

Shoutout to Nuseir and the Nas Daily Team.

They taught me that sometimes, less is more.

Check out the links for creator resources
and best practices on YouTube Shorts.

Thanks for watching.



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