Grow on YouTube When You Pivot your Channel w/ Bikes & Beards

Pivoting a YouTube channel can be tough. I will be talking to one of my students Sean Kerr with Bikes and Beards how they pivoted thier content and exploded. Join us live as we focus on answering your questions you have as a creator. Including: How to Grow on YouTube. How to get more Views, How to get more subscribers, and more. Learn the tips you need to grow faster on YouTube in 2022 even if you’ve been uploading for years and not finding any traction.

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now there’s so many different factors

when you really want to grow on youtube

and i know that a lot of you that start

channels would love to get views and

visibility and get the subscribers but

sometimes you need to kind of rethink

things and pivot pivoting is a really

important part of what i teach it really

leads to a lot of success

because it’s all about creating a plan

executing on that plan and really

analyzing it in a way so that we can

adjust it to really pivot again

so every little thing that we do is

pivoting we want to learn as much as we

can from the data because when you learn

from data the data will help you really

know where to grow

and you can make better decisions and i

love making good decisions when it comes

to uh my youtube journey with my youtube

channels now this being said there’s so

much you’re going to learn on this live

stream i have a guest that i really love

uh he’s really a good friend of mine and

also someone that i’ve been mentoring

for several years now and he’s crushing

it on youtube and what i love about his

story is he started on youtube for one

reason and it literally transformed his

life it transformed his business it

literally gave him a different


all because he was willing to pivot so

that being said i’m really excited to

introduce uh uh uh sean kerr with bikes

and beards how you doing sean i’m doing

good daryl how you doing doing really

good now i

uh want to just jump right in it uh

because there’s so many people that are

on youtube for one reason or another now

when you started youtube what were you

using youtube for i started youtube for

one reason and that was to help me sell

motorcycles i just wanted to be a little

more transparent with the people who

were buying and i wanted to sell

motorcycles to people all over the

country and it was just like you know

hey here’s this motorcycle let me show

you the flaws let me show you what you

got going on here’s a test drive videos

to show you it was all about that bike

yeah i love that and what channel did

you create like at that time because i

know you have multiple channels and so

what was that first initial channel that

was srk cycles okay srk cycles so um

sean has two channels one is if we want

to just pull this up real quick oh

that’s not the one we wanted those are

the results that we want

let’s go ahead and hit this one here we

go there we go uh he has bikes and

beards and then also um he has uh s srk

cycles right here uh so this

this is the one that you actually

started way back when

and um let’s let’s get into the

specifics of

that channel like why you started the

channel specifically so you’re looking

to sell motorcycles and uh you did uh

reviews is that what you were doing yeah

i was doing uh not even reviews just

like just showing people this specific

bike with this vin number

as if like if you were going to sell you



something you had at your shop a pen you

wanted with this pen you want to show

them like oh it’s got a little

crack in there it’s got some chew marks

you know what i mean this is what you’re

getting and i also knew that video was


was very good for seo

so if i find videos connected to my my


it would help me sell more motorcycles

and take me to the top of the list

yes so i mean you’ve been you you

started eight years ago um and um as

let’s just go ahead and pull this up so

it’s like eight years ago

uh you uploaded one video of the 2007

suzuki and then you did uh seven years

ago the 2008 harley-davidson so

basically you were just kind of going


uh oh i never saw this one

you turned 29 there

but so you’re just kind of putting the

stuff up when did you go oh this is like

really interesting and was was it

leading to actual sales was it just

going uh as an embed on your website

like what was going on there yeah so it

was definitely leading the sales people

liked it and but i started realizing

that um


were watching the video

but they had no interest in buying the

motorcycle right and i was like okay

well this is i don’t get it this is

weird and then i’m doing test drives and

i’m like oh they actually like me

watching tests they like watching test


and then

that’s where it started kind of picking

up a little bit i started seeing i had

one viral

viral issue video where i almost got hit

by a tractor trailer and i was like wow

people like to watch this stuff

and so i started thinking

you know is this an opportunity to do

more stuff to do more fun stuff and kind

of right open up my world a little bit

okay so from from my understanding uh

you you basically have have a a shop you

started a youtube channel to sell

motorcycles and kind of showcase the the

different products that’s there you’d

use it on um the videos that you use on

your website but also in craigslist and

all the other places that you’re doing

to sell the product

and and um did that actually help you

convert and getting people buying bikes

did that was that absolutely okay that

like we we we

paid no money uh on any on a uh any

search we had we only had our website we

had our bikes were nowhere but youtube

and we were we were selling

we were crushing everyone in my area

everyone around us yeah so you’re using

youtube uh to really promote your

business and to sell products now this

is kind of where i want to talk about

uh when you started the next channel um

and uh you’re doing srk cycles you’re

selling uh uh you know motorcycles from

your shop using youtube to leverage that

like what led you to actually start

another youtube channel um the bikes and

beards channel i wanted to have more fun

i wanted to do more than just i got

bored of test drives very early because

it was kind of

you know i wasn’t excited about i want

to have more fun i want to do more

broad just like let me do fun adventures

and srk cycles couldn’t do it when i

would try to do videos like that and put

them on the sk cycles channel people

would be like get back to the test drive

we don’t want to see this stuff just do

the test right all you want to see is

test drives

and then um

uh someone advised me that i should

start another channel if i wanted to do

different stuff right right now i i want

to i want to talk about that because um

so many people have

a lot of ideas like like seriously they

have a lot of ideas of what they want to

do on a channel

and one thing that i found um very

specifically is when you create an

audience that really cares about

something and and they actually came on

uh got the views uh they subscribed

they’re an active viewer they love that

type of content when you go completely

180 on them uh they kind of freak out a

little bit they’re like what the heck is

this and what’s going on and that’s kind

of led you to start another channel but

for me i want everyone to hear my words

on this if you want to succeed on

youtube if you want to get the gold play

buttons get you know billions of views

and do all this other stuff it all comes

back down to understanding your audience

and really understanding what they find

valuable in your content

that is key like i i’m obsessed with it

like i am so obsessed of really

understanding the audience and how the

audience evolves and as they evolve

that’s when we do the pivots and things

that can really help us make better

content now when you 180 on a channel um

that’s you you can um evolve a channel

and we’ll we’ll bring someone on that

i’ve done that like three different

times on their channel uh we’ll do that

later but for right now sean made the

decision to start another channel

called bikes and beards so he could do

the fun things and he started to grow

now i want to i want to go into this

because i think this is where a lot of


kind of misstep and i think that you

kind of fell on the trap early on uh

from our early conversations but you

wanted to do fun things you wanted to

record it you got bored making the other

content but you didn’t want to go away

from it because

it was it was bringing money in uh for

you you you’re using it to sell uh

motorcycles from your shop and so you

you kept on crate cranking out content

but you want to do the fun thing so you

put it on a brand new channel and um how

was that for you as a business owner to

uh put up a video that doesn’t

necessarily translate into cells like



i knew

i knew indirectly it kind of would

because i knew i knew it had more

potential of getting more people out

there of hitting more people

so i knew it would bring sales but then

i also had this i also was hoping that

it would start bringing revenue

and we had the business revenue here and

then we had the youtube revenue

and my goal was that keep on growing the

youtube right now with yeah we’ll grow

the business revenue

yeah and so uh you you wanted to do the

content you saw some other channels out

there and you’re like okay this could be

fun because i see what revenue we’re

bringing in on srk cycles what if we

actually 2x or 3x or 4x

uh you know those numbers would that

actually translate over now um now at

that time when you started bikes and

beards and and you had the hopes and

dreams of having take off

would it would was there anything in

your thought that you would actually

close down your motorcycle shop just

because you’re making so much money on

the other stuff like was there anything

in your mind that you’d even think like

that uh no i mean because i like the

motorcycle shop i mean i did know that

i was in this for

i was not gonna live or die

just to sell motorcycles right i’m in it

for the business i like business i love


but i i didn’t i didn’t really see that

ever coming


but uh i wasn’t i wasn’t i wasn’t

against it you know what i mean clearly

well i i you didn’t see it coming and i

think that’s the important thing because

i i i truly do believe that every

content creator if they want to have

success and sustainable success on

youtube needs to actually have their

their um

their eyes open to the way to analyze

things and to adjust because there are a

lot of opportunities that you can make a

ton more money and more opportunities

get more views more subscribers if

you’ll just actually understand the data

and and also make the correct decisions

and also this is a really really

important one

uh work on improving your content to

really resonate with that audience that

you’re trying to cultivate so that being

said i want to talk about um uh this

moment right here

um you started bikes and beards and uh

this this moment right here

was the first conversation i had with

you you you uh scheduled a consult you

said hey daryl what’s up

and it’s this moment right here and i

want to i want to kind of talk about

this for a second because i i believe

that a lot of people

that they really want to succeed

they just plug away and they don’t

really uh go into the process of

learning what did you do at that moment

um and why did you reach out and then

what what did what did it open up for


uh in in your mind as a creator

well i reached out because you know

something that i learned was that

anytime you want to get to the next

level you got to go outside yourself and

the best performing people in the world

you know and michael jordan had trainers

he was he was arguably the best but he

had people that trained him and helped

him out so i was like i need some i need

some i need some help i need to go

outside myself

um and i think

i think what the big change was and i

didn’t even fully understand it when you

told me the first time i told you 12

other times and maybe even now

but you you told me something you were

like hey sean you’re making content like

tv and i was like oh yeah okay good good

job good job guys and then you were like

that’s bad oh hold on what’s going on

and then um you said you gotta make

youtube content

and then

you explain so we started switching

things around not completely knowing

what that meant


even uh just making those changes really

started the house could we talk about

that for a second because i think a lot

of people especially the older people

that come on as creators struggle with


and um i can honestly say if there’s

ever one thing

uh that every content creator needs and

when you can see some success on youtube

it’s when you actually bring in the

concept of of what um

you know content really is and so when

you’re older you’re used to tv content

so tv content people speak at you uh

it’s projected out

um it’s not very personal um even though

they try to do it personal um and and

some people but it’s like you’re you’re


performing for a huge live audience or a

huge big audience or whatever and you

know it’s it’s not that personable now

youtube on the other hand is really

personal we we we want to make make sure

that the we have tighter shots that

people are connecting with you you’re

talking to them personally like one on

one even though it’s one on one million

or whatever it is it’s just like you

gotta get so that you’re not talking at

them but you’re talking with them or

talking to them and that’s that’s kind

of one of those things that is really

important and it’s really hard for

concepts for creators to really latch

onto that concept but that’s one of the

the keys of real sustainable growth is

understanding who your audience is what

they actually care about what your

channel stands for and where the

crossover is and how you communicate

that to them and so once you’re able to

do that john um you know you had some

immediate success on some ideas and it

worked right yep now let’s lead to this

one um this this moment because i think

everyone goes through this moment where

hey i’m seeing a lot of uh amazing uh

views now it doesn’t look amazing

because you actually took off quite

quite high

you know this was like a lot more


a lot a lot more dramatic when you’re

just you know you see in a big spike and

it you just didn’t know how the ceiling


and um that’s where we uh jumped on and

i started to mentor you like it wasn’t

just a one-off console it’s starting to

mentor you and i i it’s not about the

mentorship or anything it’s about the

the things that we’re going to teach you

here in this live stream that has

everything to do with success okay and

the first thing that i always teach

my students is uh goal setting i i want

them to really think positive really

know where they want to be

um and and refine an action plan that’s

something that i’m really really

passionate about and then once they do


the first stage of what i go through my

process is what i call recon and

research now if you have my youtube book

you can you can find that in the

description below you can get it uh

whatever it’s like i don’t know 20 bucks

or whatever but uh we have a full

section there about recon and research

and uh sean there there you go you got

the you got the book uh but would you

mind just taking a second and um sharing

everybody what you did uh you know first

off with your recon and research because

i think you’re looking at your audience

a little bit differently but when you

started to do recon and research here

what were you actually doing

um to to have that big spike that just

hit just right after you you did that

well there’s a couple things um

the the one thing was uh

i didn’t i like the people that i like

the most were in

i didn’t like the motorcycle industry i

didn’t like the people are in that they

they weren’t nothing was very there

weren’t anything very impressive that i

liked so i started looking at the at the

automotive industry to see the to

compare my stuff with but then through

there i found i would find everything a

video and i’m like this video is blowing

up for this guy his thumbnail is popping

but he has no subscribers

and i was like this is something there’s

something here and when i see something

like that that’s a gold mine

and then you know

sometimes i watch the video sometimes i


but um you should watch the video but

then you figure out a way to do it

better and improve on it


that was uh

that was one of my biggest buckets

yeah no and i think that’s kind of where

i want to i want to define that is

because um you gotta i i think content

creators that don’t experience youtube

like they they haven’t uh they weren’t

on youtube since day one um you know so

the younger generation gen z and even

some millennials they’ve always been on

youtube uh youtube’s always been a part

of their life and so they consume it

differently and they’re they’re actually

more natural of seeing oh this would

what works on youtube because that’s the

natural thing for them but when we’re a

little bit older um you know it

sometimes we’re disconnected with the

way that it is and what we need to do is

um actually see what works on youtube

and then really look at uh you know eyes

so or have a new eyes

look at the type of content you’re

trying to create now that being said

that’s where i like to do a lot of recon

and research because i’m obsessed with

it because it gives you a really good

indicator of what people like and when

you can really

match it with a specific uh you know

audience type that you’ve actually

identified what we call an avatar that’s

also in the book and then also for those

people um we’re on audible too like if

you do audiobooks we just launched on

audible um we’re behind elon musk’s

biography we got number two on audible

but hey we got number two

um but i i think this is a a key here

about really understanding uh the viewer

and you you tested it out so i want to i

want to kind of break this down a little

bit um so you tested it out you you

found out what the viewer wanted you had

an idea you created it and then you had

your first video take off you know and

it just it just popped and uh how did

that how did that feel um you know as a

content creator and then what did you do

next because i think this is an

important thing that

a lot of creators get wrong

um it felt good it was exciting

obviously you know i mean

there might be a moment where you’re

like i figured it out

but then there’s also you also need to

counter that with like

how do i how do i maintain this how do i

hold this up

how do i keep this going

so what i did next uh daryl i don’t know

what i did next

you remember well no

yeah cause like you found your bucket

and you replenished your bucket so like


you know that that’s kind of where where

it is so what a bucket is is when you


specific content that’s it’s pretty much

in the same type of thing um so this one

was an amazon video that he that that he

had pop i bought the cheapest bike on

amazon or whatever it was and uh he uh

literally started to pop and what

happened next this is this is really

really important uh when we look at it

is that you had a moment where it came

down uh because they they consumed a lot

of it you had a ton of views i think

that hit a million uh views on that

specific video then it came down but

they were watching a lot of your other


and you released another video and then

after that you released the next uh um

the next one here and you can see this

next big spike was uh doing what people

like so you did another amazon uh bike

video and that’s where that popped and

and i think that’s kind of the thing now

uh you didn’t want to become the amazon

bike channel but that worked for a

specific segment that’s what we call a

bucket so it’s like you have you know

buying bikes on amazon that can be a

bucket and every time you do it it’s

really important now i want to i wanna

put this disclaimer out for everyone

if you


uh just do it every single time and you

don’t give the video bucket enough time

to breathe you’re gonna smother it you

know because youtube can only promote so

much and there’s so much that the

audience is only uh used to so you have

to time that out so that’s kind of where

i teach my students how to analyze when

the right time is to drop it and then be

consistent in dropping that over and

over again and so um so that that kind

of opened up your eyes and you started

to grow

and um what i love about this sean was

it was just the beginning um and and i

want to go into

this next area and this is where

uh another principle i want to teach

everyone is about baselines

um you know my

my um

my uh

kind of gut is that you you never

compare yourself

uh to another creator like i i don’t

like to um compare myself to another

creator all i’m doing is competing with

myself and i want all my students to

understand that as well and so you know

when sean was actually uh going right

here uh this is the first true uh

baseline with the new content strategy

okay so you have um you know pretty much

this baseline increased you can see

where it was at before and then you can

see literally where it was at you know

when when he first started so he

increased the baseline there

um did his new strategy here increased

the baseline and what we want is uh

basically to increase the baseline is

you’re taking a viewer a one-off viewer

and you’re turning them into an active

viewer someone that’s watching more than

one video okay and then they’re actually

anticipating your content when they

anticipate your content when you release

another video it creates momentum for

that new video and they get excited

about it and that’s where you’re

starting to grow and then basically as

you build your library uh your view

count goes up during the month um and so


on this could you um

could you kind of talk about the

importance of bass lines a little bit i

i just want i want people

to hear it through your lens because i

think this is a new concept for you uh


uh you know we started uh in channel

jumpstart and then we kind of went in

depth but could you kind of talk about

that for a minute yeah so

you don’t want just uh speak up uh

pick up and then drop down to

where you were before you want you want


baseline is your bottom you want to

bring your bottom to a higher point

and if you continue doing that

then you just keep on growing and then


i’m trying to think um i mean you can

see my baseline continue to improve and


so so you’re b you’re building off of

your previous baseline and one of the

reasons of how we were able to do that

you see like the the second um the

second line was we improved on what we

had before


and we did that by looking at the

analytics and some something that we saw

that i didn’t like i didn’t want i

didn’t want this to be the case

but i’m a motorcycle test driver and i

want to see the ride in the motorcycle

was people stopped watching it

once i started the bike

that was the climax of the video for

them like

i like started the bike they’re done so

it’s like

starting to be in the middle and the

second half of the bike video with a

test drive and they didn’t want to watch

that so then i was like wow i guess i

guess i i remember that conversation

because you’re like

this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever

because the payoff the climax is the the

ride and i’m like

the data does not lie right

you think in your head that that’s what

they want but they just prove to you

that they don’t like that and then also

look at you you have that drop point but

look at the comments too you know and

what was that

what was what i mean how did that how’d

that make you feel because like in your

head that that’s what you thought the

most amazing part of the video was right

and it wasn’t right so i i had to

i had to change the way i thought oh

this is not a motorcycle review video

this is an unboxing video

and then learn what an unboxing video

does and then what i started doing was

the climax of starting the bike would be

at the end but then throughout the video

we would

talk about it you know what i mean like

way before the bike was able to be

started i’m going to start this thing

it’s in the box i’m going to start spike

up and that gets people excited about

you know i mean and then we would we

would we would do that stuff

and then

we started so this kind of goes back to

the theme of me learning how to pivot

and we would do that so we’re like okay

the next video will be a test drive

video or that’ll be a a torture test


so we started doing these torture test

videos and i’m like okay it’s an amazon

bike no one cares about it where i

torture test it and see how tough it is

because i can’t give you a five year

review but i can

beat this thing up for the next 24 hours

and then we realize that

people didn’t like that

because they saw the bike as a character

in the show and that that that didn’t

make any sense to me either you know

what i mean but but i i notice i

understand it now


a lot of pivoting

yeah so the the big thing is is when you

actually look at the data um well let me

let me take a step back and i think this

is really important uh when we when we

really break this down but

when when you actually uh create a

concept of saying hey i’m gonna actually

launch this video i have the right

perfect title i have the right perfect

thumbnail and and i have this idea for a

video and it’s gonna be a banger right

and we go and release it and it performs

but when we pull back into the data and

we’re like really analyzing it we’re

like oh man they had a drop off here

you know they’re very disconnected here

why is that happening and what you do is

you create a hypothesis so with sean

shawn actually had um he saw in his data

after two or three times when he rode

the bike it just came down and he says

oh this is what’s happening here um you

know i i people are dropping off when i

ride the bike so what if we do it at the

very very end of the video instead of

right you know write it immediately in

the middle of the video or in the first

third and so that was a hypothesis so

that’s that first pivot where he did a

plan executed and he analyzed it and

then he basically adjusted so he

adjusted his new content to fit that and

what happened magically next because i

think this is really important for a lot

of people

to understand when you you’re able to

succeed on on analyzing the data making

better content as a creator based off of

your viewing audience what does that

actually do right well we were able to

make better content and the better

content it makes better retention and

better retention youtube loves retention

and they start pushing that content out

and you know that helped cultivate some

of our

biggest i mean we thought we were

hitting some big videos before but that

helped cultivate some big videos that

just kept on i’ve got videos that i made

two years ago

that are still getting and that now are

kind of coming back out but i’ve gotten

like four million views in the past

couple months yeah i it’s it’s just

amazing and we’ll we’ll talk about that

a little bit later on it but i think the

big thing is really understanding

that when you do analyze and you can hit

it predictably you’re going to increase

your baseline you’re going to do that

every single time

and if it’s wrong if you’re like oh no

it didn’t go down and still go down at

that point maybe i need to do something

else there to re-engage them or

something that’s all we’re doing is

analyzing it and trying to improve as a

content creator now

this being said um there’s a couple

things i want to go over because i think

a lot of people

including yourself sean uh feels this

way but if you can see um you have stair

stepped up you see that your baseline

has increased every single time and this

is kind of where we’re at today

um you know you’ve increased your

baseline you’re getting more and more

views per uh per month

you’re also

not having the deep things but

here’s an interesting thing as another

pattern if you notice this right here

you had a really low drop off yet

another low drop off and then you have

another low drop off and if you really

look at when those occurred

um they occur right before your baseline

increases and so like that



what what is that like because like

because like i know for a fact

um you’ve reached out to me and says my

my channel’s tanking and it’s coming

down and you know

you know whatever

and i’m like what do i tell you every


just i just gotta

i gotta look at the data you gotta look

at the data and the data will tell you

what’s going on now here’s here’s the

thing um i can tell you for a fact

every channel is unique

every viewer is unique yes there’s

patterns between niches and so on and so

forth but the month of december

for bikes and beards what happens in the

month of december everyone goes and

hangs out with their family and they

don’t watch my videos doesn’t matter

what video you release during that time

it just it’s almost toast right

yeah no no there’s other channels that

they just all they consume but

your audience they don’t necessarily

actually connect

um you know with with you uh during that

month now i mean you still get views but

if you if you look back at what we’re

what we’re talking here you know and

we’re just going very very specifically

through this you know every every every

part is december um when when you’re

jumping on now uh what you found though

is in the spring you always increase

like there’s an always a a bigger

increase in the spring and why is that

like why is that people are out people

they want to ride bikes they want to get

out they want their the cabin fever

and they’re uh they want to get some

more information or just get inspired or

some some people can’t ride bikes and

people kind of ride it through us they

want to experience the fun adventure

through us

and i think that’s the big thing more

than anything else is um you know really

understanding your audience when when it

comes to what you know what you’re doing

and it’s making those small adjustments

but it’s also knowing there’s certain

times of the year that maybe you need to

put less less attention and focus or put

more focus in on the content that’s

going to come out a little bit later so

if you were to have a banger video uh

sean that you know that is going to hit

with your audience would you release

that in

uh december or would you release it in

march march


it’s a bigger video it should go right

sure i know it should but um

i got to go with the trend i got to go

with what the analytics say and i got my

best shot because you spent a lot of

time energy on the best shot at the

senate in march and it’s going to get

pushed the highest it’s possible i might

release one in december and then like

after a year and a half it might

slowly grow up

but um

you gotta go with your best shot you

gotta go with your best shot and i i

think what i like to do is and this is a

really important thing that that i look

at is i wanna have predictable success

and i wanna increase my predictability

of succeeding and so what do i need to

do to have that predictable success is

that is it holding it a couple weeks and

releasing it a little bit later when i

know that the trending data and the

viewer data is going to come up you know

some channels you know you don’t have

that problem you get all the the the

views you’re around you know um some hit

uh you know really explode in the summer

and some tink in the summer some dunk

tank in the the winter what you need to

do is kind of have the pulse and

understand your baselines on your

channel so my biggest thing is get the

book i talk all about bass lines in it

um you know and and realistically if you

can increase your baseline if you click

through it you can increase your

baseline of your average view duration

you can increase your baseline of your

monthly viewership that’s really

important but there’s another one that i

actually like to increase which is when

someone discovers you they there you get

one unique view is turning them into an

active viewer getting them to watch

multiple videos and that’s where when i

when i teach my students that’s where

sean was able to go hey i get this now

uh because when i release a video it can

take off now

there’s ways to do it i want to kind of

talk about that real quick and i want to

i want to use this example of this video

this is a orange county chopper video

this is your first time

and this is what we call uh it in in my

language an experimental bucket so sean

what what is like what what is an

experimental bucket for you

and what did it mean on this video

so experimental buckets are

things that i’ve not tried before it’s

new it’s a new concept you think it’s

gonna work

but you’re not really sure


you try and it’s generally a different

style in the theme of video okay

different style different theme of the

video that will resonate with the

current audience that you have right

hopefully and so you knew uh for a fact

uh if you would release uh you know

buying cheap bikes on amazon and then

putting them together you know that that

would bang because you you’ve seen uh

all that all that content um in your

past library now

what why orange county chopper why did

you pick that because that’s an

expensive bike like that’s a lot of

money to throw down uh for a uh you know

a youtube video like why would you do

that well it was kind of in the same

theme in the opposite theme

of the uh

of the amazon bucket the amazon bucket

was i bought the concept is i bought the

lobster at the diner right i bought

something that doesn’t belong there i

bought it here and then the

orange county chopper bike was the

opposite i bought like the mecca like

the highest most expensive motorcycle

what is it so i’m experiencing things

that that that normal people should

probably uh will never experience and

i’m gonna give it to them in a new light

so i thought and orange county chopper

was a big deal you know it was a big

deal when i was a kid it’s going to

resonate with the people who i think

watch my videos

and um

i was real and i was personally excited

i was like i never orange county chopper

this is a

an 80 000 motorcycle when it came out

yeah and um i really wanted to

experience what it was like so i want to

talk about the point not where the

arrows at but the point where you you

saw some massive growth in your typical

video so you know that hit right you

knew that it hit really well

um and i i think everyone um that uh

that starts on youtube you want every

video to hit but it’s like how do you

replicate it in a way

that it will increase and i want to talk

about uh what you what you do naturally

um in your content creation so what did

you think after this because

was it a one-off video do you think it

was a new bucket what did you what did

you do from there


is it too long ago you can’t remember i

don’t remember i i i know this um this

might not be where you’re going but i

know that um i i made a video on the srk

cycles channel

of that same bike

but a completely different video

and that also did well like it crushed

it it actually did better than the bikes

and beards video

so you had two videos two different


different types of audience and they

both crushed it um but what what i what

i want to kind of go over is a couple

things so when you do an experimental

mental bucket uh you’re doing a test and

and you’re seeing does this actually

work for my channel now this is a really

important thing uh there are videos that

work well on channels but they might be

a standalone video so that means that

maybe they don’t fit into a bucket

and uh you you basically did a couple

orange county chopper videos

and did they see the type of success

that you’re looking for and why why

didn’t that actually work um you know in

that in that realm yeah so i did uh i

did a couple different videos with the

orange county chopper uh the next one

was i ran it on

on jet fuel and that one did i did okay

i bet he eventually hit a million views


we put a new we put a new motor in it

that might have been a whole video and

then later i was like all right let’s go

big let’s go really really big let’s

let’s get a uh i saw i saw an old video

of a guy on the highway in a chariot i’m

talking like a like a like a roman

chariot and he’s controlling a

motorcycle instead of a horse on the

highway going 80 miles an hour

controlling it and i’m like we got to

get ahold of this guy we got to get him

to build us a chariot we’re going to

build an orange county chopper cherry

it’s going to be huge it’s going to blow

up it’s going to be insane

and we went we we spent the money we we

shipped the bike down to florida and did

it took us six months to do we went to

florida and that video flopped

so i wanna i wanna talk about this

because this is something that i think a

lot of us do um when when you thought in

your mind

hey orange county chopper

um the the video itself is a great

bucket i’m gonna do these five things

and that’s my bucket


i’ve told you and i’ve told you this uh

you know privately on different calls

that’s not a bucket like the bucket is

you buying an orange county chopper and

you’re breaking it down and you’re doing

exactly what you did in that that other

video like you literally are going to

going over the same type of mechanism

that you did with amazon was amazon hey

we bought a bike on amazon you put it

together then you kind of roll from

there well that that needed to be the

same thing on uh orange cannon chopper

it’s like the anticipation grabbing the

bike then really breaking it down that

is a bucket and i think that’s where a

lot of people get confused now uh

they’re thinking well no it’s about an

orange county accounting chopper well no

it’s the what you do in the video

is is how it is so it’s that that

programming consistency of what you’re

going to do is where you’re going to

lead to success and so uh in your mind

you thought oh i’m adding to the bucket

but you weren’t really because you’re

doing different different activities it

wasn’t the same activity that you’ve

seen go and so uh some of your audience

responded to other things so that could

be hey we’re going to switch out motors

you know that that’s that’s great well

that would be a bucket too it’s like

okay we’re taking bike a

and uh we’re putting bike b motor in it

and it doesn’t matter what it is because

that would be a bucket type that would

be hey this is the type of payoff this

is the type of video that it is and so

that’s kind of where we need to break it

down now

i know a lot of you um on the stream

here struggle with this and you’re just

saying i’m just trying to get one video


i’m i want you to really look at youtube

differently if there’s one thing that i

want you to do is is realize that if you

can find a format that actually works a

bucket that works and you can repeat it

and and do it in a way that you space it

out you give it breathing room you’re

not smothering it that that people will


love it

this is what actually happens to your

channel out of nowhere you’re just going

to get a ton of views

ton of views

and it’s going to pop

and this vid this video is like it

popped like it 400 days

now why in the world does that happen

and how does that actually work and it

has everything to do with what we talked

about is increasing your baselines okay

when we when we said hey you want to

increase your baselines

um and you wanted to to go from there

let me pull up that slide because i

think this is a really really important

concept for everyone to get

but it’s like you have a library of

content that was a good performer what

youtube does is youtube realizes what

you’re actually um getting ready to

release you go to release it and when

they watch it

based on that viewing pattern behavior

of that audience youtube says what is

the best video for them to watch next

and if it’s a video within a bucket

uh one video in a bucket they go and put

that on the home page so you’re gonna

actually see a big boost if you go back

in his analytics you he saw a huge boost

on browse feature which was hey we have

a new viewer coming in they like this

content the best video for them to watch

the highest click-through rate for them

to watch the highest average view

duration for them to watch is this new

video this older video that was like 300

days old let’s give them that and they

went into it and what did it do it

actually increased

his uh baseline across the board because

it’s going to old content and then it

would they would go on it and then the

next up video would be another video

that would respond really well in

suggested videos now i know this is

super high level

in the sense of

um the depth of what we’re talking about

but i want you guys to to really unpack

this because when you really break this

down if if someone comes in and consumes

one of your videos if it’s done in a way

where it’s predictable and you have

multiple videos within a series youtube

does what we call a rabbit hole effect

which is suggest content that would be

almost exact match for what they’re

doing but they’re going to look in your

own library first okay and so sean um

when when you went through that that

that journey

um you know on on this specific video

and let me pull this back up um

and you thought okay this video’s old

how did you react when you you just like

is like almost 400 days

old and it just started to take off

again i mean you literally got another

million views out of that yep

like um

i was pumped but then i started thinking


what other video do i need to do

to launch off of that video right now do

i need to buy another orange county

shopper do i need to buy a jessica james

chopper like what like what’s the uh

that that that’s it right there because

like we we were actually in your shop a

couple weeks ago or whatever and it was

like okay this is popping off what do we

do it’s like you gotta do what what made

that video great in the first

first example right which is hey i

bought an orange candy chopper is it

really worth it right you spent a butt

load of money for an orange county job

but that was the payoff of the video now

you were able to get your money back

through advertising and all the other

things that you’re able to do with using

it in multiple videos but you know

systematically if you buy it you’re

gonna have a higher probability because

people are like want to know all the

details and how you’re gonna break it

down and all the things that you

normally did in that first video that’s

what you’re doing the second one and

then you can follow the next bucket

which would be hey we’re going to uh

switch out the motor or we’re going to

do something you know that we we’ve

proven to see that it actually works and

that’s where you wash rinse and repeat

when you know something that that that

uh takes off

oh man we got so much to cover and i i

hope all of you if you’re finding value

in this live stream go ahead and put in

the comments that there’s a ton of value

and i wanna i want to focus in on this

one sean if we can

this is your bucket that keeps on giving

okay so it’s your amazon bucket but you

did a little variable on this one uh it

was an electric bike do you want to kind

of talk about this idea of for this

video because this one has 10 million

views i think it’s like

um you know it has 12 million views now


in this in this uh

setting you want to talk about this yeah

so this is the amazon bucket

but but we wanted the mix


so um i think we i think i think before

this we may have already bought an

electric bike

did we yes we had a good amazon bike one

we had a good electric bike one let’s

put them together i mean it was like it

was for us it was the perfect storm

of all these things that people were

interested in

and this one i think it’s also

starting to pop off just because gas

prices and electric bikes are getting

even more popular um

yeah right yeah go ahead go ahead and


this is this is probably about six

videos into that bucket so we were able

to learn

and and and do it better so this video

is significantly better than what than

if it was the first or second book video

that we did on this

and we really spent some time we weren’t

stingy on the content

and we really got to so about maybe like

the last quarter was test drive stuff

but it wasn’t just me test driving it it

was me

doing stuff another thing that we did

was we

we named that bike

because we realized that this bike is a

a character yeah character and

characters need names yet if you have

you have to give characters names so we

kind of we’re like this is not a segway

vibe we crossed that off we named it the

gary bike yeah and people connect with

the gary bike he sits over there in my

in my hallway

um i’ll never sell it

yeah i i think that’s really really

important um sorry if my wife’s calling

me she doesn’t know i’m live streaming

um but anyway um i think the big thing

uh on this is the did two things number

one you knew that people would connect

more uh to a bike if you named it number

two it was hey this is a proven bike uh

a proven concept and i want to talk

about these moments right here which was

uh you had a couple

bumps and these bumps don’t look very

very big um but this one is not as

defined but when you release content

in a bucket youtube’s recommending it

out to other content that’s similar uh

this one’s when you released another

video that just started to take off but

if you really look at it this video is

always getting traffic this is pretty

much your number one uh most viewed

video on your channel and what the cool

thing about it is it’s always getting

views every single day um and it’s just

get is predictable views and then every

once in a while it gets this boost of


traffic and i want to talk about that

because not a lot of people talk about

it they see these boosts but they don’t

really understand

it’s almost predictable i can literally

go back and show you data per data of

when those boosts occur and think about

this for a second if you can actually

know when your your video is going to

pop like this when you know it’s going

to pop like this

and you anticipate hey i know that it’s

about time that this is going to pop

if if we make another video around that

and have it ready to go

what it’s going to do is what you just

saw which is increase the value it’s

already bringing up but it’s amplifying

it because when you bring out something

that’s similar youtube is going to use

that other content to actually recommend

does that make sense to everyone if it

does put it in the comments i know that

when you saw this sean you’re like oh i

get it now

you know i can’t do it too close

together i need to space it out give it

some breathing room but when that that

video started to creep up in your top 25

most videos uh views watched in a

specific period of time in the recent

time you know it’s time okay once again

to fill that bucket right so what you’re

saying is

you know the waves coming

get ready for it have that video sitting


and when it comes you ride that wave and

you just crush

yeah you crush it and it takes you

further than you could ever imagine

which that’s what i love so uh going

back to this

um that is predictable and and a lot of

you guys you know

are so afraid to use similar thumbnails

and use similar type of content you’re

like oh i’ve already done that well

guess what new people are coming on and

discovering you every day

and this programming works and you know

you go look at some of the most popular

channels in the world they use the same

system it’s the same type of video

concept even the same type of keywords

but they have a couple variables in it

to make it unique and then also it’s

it’s fun it’s unique there’s still

spontaneity and there’s a lot of

engagement but that’s kind of where

you need to look now um let’s go to this

right here because i think this right


is uh your last year

um you know by the month and i want

everyone to know that there’s like a a

balance to this and all we care about is

knowing when

uh you know we’re going to increase now

we saw an increase in the baseline you

can see you know march 2021 was really

low and we’re way way higher now than we

were in march and and then april so on

and so forth and i think it all comes

back down to

really understanding timing and the why

and a lot of the things that content

creators don’t do

is they don’t go through their comments

they don’t see hey there’s something

going on here what’s actually happening

in the world why do we have more views

now versus later and and making

assumptions because we need to make

assumptions and then we need to validate

the assumptions and so uh you know kind

of the the pulse of your channel because

uh you’ve been you’ve been really a

student of mine for a couple years now

and you know when it’s going to hit and

you know oh these are the times of years

i’m going to actually make more money

and get more views or get more views and

make less money because you know cpm’s

rates uh definitely uh fluctuate but as

a content creator

um you know you’ve gone through this uh

cycle you know over and over again

and what does that do for you now

uh of how you plan you for your shoots

and also knowing what to do


maybe i should be saying what i should

be doing because i’m still

like you know i’ve got a lot of uh i’m

good at a few things but um planning my

shoots is the newest thing that i’m

really trying to focus on so i’m trying


you know figure out where that wave is

and you know

different content will go in those

decembers you know i mean if if i’m

going to try something

different uh that’s what i’m going to

try it

uh not i’m going to try some i’m going

to try some new stuff because if it’s

not working i’m going to try something

new but um

you know trying to figure out like uh

where um

it’s the first time in my life where

i’ve got a board i’ve got boards in my

in my office

and i’m scheduling out the next three

months of videos so trying to put them

you know give them breathing room

but then also having you know uh we we

have on the schedule to do the cheapest

electric motorcycle uh

video where you know it’s a used bike

a pretty expensive bike and we’re going

to let that sit

uh until the

next cheapest bike you know starts to

hit that wave and then we’ll throw it in



yeah and i think for a content creator

like wait if i put it in it will

accelerate the other stuff but it’s just

more when momentum is going in a

specific area if you actually put gas on

the fire it actually will make it go

bigger you know just that’s just the way

that it is now i want to i want to focus

in on

something um that most people do wrong

which is collaborations so uh i i’m a

big fan of collaborations when it’s a

when it’s a really a win-win

and you’re pushing traffic back and

forth and i love collaborations in so

many different ways

but um what uh sean noticed in his back

end there was a youtube channel

that actually was able uh to get him


um you know they had a crossover


where people liked his content and also

like this content

and um this this is a channel matt’s

off-road recovery um and and i full

disclosure you know like i’m partners

with matt uh in the business and and

whatever but that came up on sean’s

radar says hey maybe this is a a good

idea i went and was digging in the

analytics and hey guess what sean’s uh

viewer actually would watch both so

they’re like hey they maybe not be the

motorcycle enthusiast

but you know this should be an

opportunity to collab now this is where

a lot of people go wrong if you expect

the views just because someone’s

actually in the video

you know um and and you think that all

the views are going to come because of

their notoriety

you’re you’re dead wrong you’re dead

wrong it’s never going to translate into

anything besides them watching a video

and you get one off a little bit of

traffic but it’s never a shadow never

works and all that other stuff never

works right what works is to integrate

storylines and so i want to bring up

this this storyline right here tell me

about the storyline and why this video

just really just started to pop off and

it if we really look close this video

didn’t start out great but then it just

took off

right so this was very strategic if you

notice that that thumbnail

is the the same thumbnail that the tried

and true thumbnail though that works for

maya from amazon bucket videos and we

were very deliberate about that i know

if i if i if i can have a motorcycle box

and i’m standing next to it it’s going

to work very well and instead of like

amazon it says matt’s off-road so we

wanted to put in that little mats

off-road logo you know the rocon is

obviously or is yellow we want to put

that in there so some people would

notice but i

the video needed to connect to my base

um that was the most important you know

i wasn’t making a mass off road video

that was on my channel it had to connect

to the people who were watching my stuff

and they had to love it

and then

you know because it’s a two-way street i

want them to

you know connect with the door so then

we um we’ve actually bring in the story

of why we’re doing this thing and you

know hopefully to get some uh people to

go over to matt’s channel check that out

and come back to our channel and really

get that crossover

yeah so that that was a true

collaboration because

the story didn’t stop

on matt’s channel because they had this

this bike there’s a real specific reason

why that bike needed to be restored

and so they’re like who who would be a

great partner to do that well it was

weaving a storyline into

uh you know his channel so this audience

that really cared about that storyline

and the characters in that story went

over to matt to sean’s channel and was

able to get a ton of views and that’s

that’s where when i break it down you

can see the increase if you really

really look at uh the increase that’s

when it started to go up is because you

had oh it started to be recommended

through suggestion

that um that this would be a great

video for them to watch and it had

nothing to do with um a push

from matt because matt actually did not

push that in a video he didn’t say oh go

over here and check this out or whatever

um and and what he did it was just a

natural great video

that had matt in it and well not that

one didn’t have matt in it but uh or did

that one did that one i can’t remember

you’ve done several of those videos so

it didn’t have matt in it it was just

more story line around it

um and then and then it was building up

this narrative and then the next couple

you know you did a couple and then matt

was in a video and so you increased the

storyline out of out of an idea and you

took it a far greater now that being

said i know that this is not done

because the story is going to continue

and it’s going to go to another channel

uh you know robbie layton

who has a paint shop that’s going to

paint it all down and then you got to

put it all together and you know get it

so this is going to be

a character that that actually goes on

multiple channels uh before it goes back

to to uh its new owner

new old owner whatever that is um but

it’s gonna be great um but

uh we went through so much and i i wanna

i wanna go through um a couple things



uh a lot of people struggle about what

to do and i know that you do as well

sometimes it’s just like hey you know

i’m kind of burned out on

this content

i know if i do stuff like this

you know it will work but i want to be

more creative i want to be more fun i

want to do some very engaging things

what advice would you give people that

are in that situation and feeling that


based on what you learned over the

course of your career

and then i’m going to ask you i want you

to tell the story um after that of

something really important you guys want

to stick around because this is the real

gold when you really hear what happened

on this so why don’t you do this first

and then we’ll get into that story next

well i guess the advice i would give is

um i i’m a student i’m a student of

youtube i can i can never be like

i’m there i figured it out and this is

with everything it’s any type of

business if you’re not growing you’re


and you have to be always looking always

looking at the data i was looking at

your information i mean youtube gives

you a ridiculous amount of information

dive into that

not know what know what you’re seeing

when you read that but then also

just um you know

re-kind of research and i’m kind of at

the point right now where i got to go

back to the basics of what i what i once

learned and forgot and re-learning that

stuff that’s why i’m actually going

through dares book again

but um

you know you got to try stuff you got to

try new things don’t be scared to try

new things


but use what you have before you you

know use what you know people love


and then try new you know try new things

and just uh

um don’t get discouraged you know

sometimes you gotta pivot you know i

pivot pivoted multiple times and i’ll

continue to pivot yeah and hopefully the

content that i make in two years is

significantly different and

significantly better

i don’t know what it’s going to be but

it should it’s going to be better yeah i

i love that um so i want to i want to

talk about it i think a lot of creators

that you’re afraid uh to pivot you’re

afraid to do things differently and what

you want to do is do it in moderation so

you don’t want to do it all at once

um what you want to do is lead a

direction and really test hey this is

going to work and that’s what sean did

very specifically now

you’ve made a lot of changes so when

you’ve started youtube

you were on your journey you had a

youtube channel srk cycles uh those were

videos that would uh sell pro

motorcycles in your shop

and um you started to grow and you did

this other channel bikes and beards and

that started to take off and so you have

two very successful channels i think you

have what 1.2 million

um on uh bikes and bears and uh srk is

like what 500 000 or somewhere around


560 000 or something yeah something like

560 000. so you have a very very

successful channels that fit the


and um i i want to talk about a life

moment um

uh that you uh that you had so we we

actually do these retreats uh the people

that i’m mentoring and we were in


um and we just a couple days just all in

on improving our channel our content and

our other stuff

and we had a conversation about

your life of what you want it to be and

we talked very specifically about things

that you could do to improve like you’re

making a ton of money you’re doing all

this other stuff but there’s other

aspects in your life that you needed to

improve as a content creator

and could you could you just kind of

talk about

um that and what it led to the decision

of you shutting down your shop and what

that actually meant well you know what


you know daryl he talks a lot about


and i’m always like man everyone else

has better goals than me and i couldn’t

really see what my goals were i was like

oh maybe my goals are this my goal is

this or maybe my goal already

accomplished this i don’t know what i’m

flipping around here and i know a lot of

you guys feel like that

but you know through a series of daryl

asked me a couple questions like how

about this how about this how about this

he was able to extract the goal from me

and i was like that’s it that that’s

that’s my goal that’s what i want that’s

what i value and ultimately what that

was was uh was family and my kids um i

got four kids

i know you’re thinking like how is that

possible because he’s so young

but um

but uh

you know so

ultimately my the goal was how do i

spend more time with my family and with

my kids and

but i was like well but there i don’t

want to neglect this this work and and

and my passion what i love doing and

he’s like it’s not it’s not one or the


you figure out way to spend more time

with your kid but part of that is going

to be

you improving your business and growing

that making that better and making them

easier and more successful so you can

spend more time with your kids and i was

like i didn’t think about it that way

so we started kind of putting a plan

together where i was going to

figure a way to give my wife more

more time

um you know like her time which makes

her happier which you know is good for

everybody and then spend more time with

my kids to start taking them to school

in the morning and stuff like that


from there we started looking at the

business side of like okay what steps do

i have to take

to get to that point

and ultimately it came down to the the

thing where um

remember before i said the uh the

dealership was up here

and and the bikes and beers

up there what you’re meaning dollars

that you’re coming in so yeah yeah so

you’re making

yeah yeah so

dealership is over here

bikes and beards and making videos are

down here and then there was a there was

a break-even point that was really cool

and then it got to this

i think it’s more like that

right all right

it just got like this


and and then it was like well why am i

why am i selling bikes

so um

recently uh we made a video about it

maybe end of last year we stopped

selling bikes i stole the dealership i

still have a big giant warehouse for for

bikes but uh we sold so the public and

we just we’re making content and it’s

that’s what i liked more to be honest so

so in your mind when you started youtube

you’re like hey i’m going to use youtube

to showcase the bikes i’m going to give

a breakdown it’s gonna sell bikes okay

in your mind did you think oh my gosh um

be jumping on youtube i’m gonna close my

shop because i’m gonna be so successful

making videos no


it’s good because it doesn’t make sense

it doesn’t make sense like it doesn’t

make sense i love it i love it because

like it just doesn’t make sense like the

average person really doesn’t know the

amount of money that you can actually

make in youtube if you know how to

leverage it right so it makes no sense

so you don’t have any idea but when did

you get that point of when you’re like

oh my gosh this is what i need to do i

need to shut down my shop

and i know we’re not making a ton of

money but you were you thought that was

a ton of money back back back before all

this but then when you brought an

elevated two channels and you’re doing

so many different things brand deals and

all this other stuff that that money was

like pennies

i looked at the scope of things

you know i mean i’m spending all this

energy all this time all this stuff

doing brick and mortar which is

basically you know basically what that


so much liability and then i was like

i could just get a couple extra brand

deals if i if i could increase my my

views this much more you know i mean

it’s the dealership’s awash

but it’s but it it it hung over me with

a lot of energy


you know

so if i see if i saw a guy on the street

and he’s like hey i bought a bike from

you when it broke down the next day i’m

just gonna fix it i’m gonna make it

right you know i mean because i i’m that

type of i’m the worst type of person to

own a dealership i’ll make everything

right for everybody because i got to

please everybody um

but you you closed it you closed it down

and you made more money i mean that’s

basically where it is like like even

with the money that you’re you’re

spending on the shop

by closing it down you actually made

more money because you freed you up to

make more money that like there’s no

endless like you don’t have to sell a

bike to make money like the other ones

you have to put energy and effort

into selling product where this one was

you’re putting out product um and when

you had a little bit more time and focus

on it that’s when you’ve been able to

succeed and that’s where you know that

pivot in your business actually

translated into two things number one it

translated into more money in your

pocket number two more time with your

family which is what you wanted right um

and then number three the options that

open up

uh to go anywhere you freaking want

you’re not tied down

to a specific shop like what does that

do to you because i know i know you had

some lofty goals and i don’t know if

you’re you’re willing to share but it’s

you had these some lofty goals of where

you wanted to be

and you couldn’t do it by you know

keeping that that that shop

right right yeah you know the shop uh

was kind of keeping me here

and you know any type of traveling i

wanted to do to make some bigger videos

if i wanted to go out and spend a week

filming i i couldn’t do it i had i had

too many obligations at the dealership


what was the question again

and then what what

like if you wouldn’t mind because you

have bigger goals now of what you would

like to do as a content creator

i know that if you you stayed there the

shop kind of tied you down but you you

want to be able to to go go live

somewhere else but you couldn’t do that

necessarily right

right i got big goals you know one of my

um something i’ve been talking about or

amongst the people who know me you know

what i mean i want to

i’m probably going to move to tennessee

and i want to buy a 100 acre ranch and i

want to you know

deuce i want to you know set my family

up well and i can make videos on there

and just you know i want i need some

space you know what i mean

my kids needs my kids need space all my

kids riding dirt bikes i want to build a

really awesome uh like dirt bike track

like what valentino rossi has at his uh

i love it good ross event ranch and

and if i’m tied down to uh

you know

i need that space and youtube has has

given me the opportunity for it yeah no

i i love that sean and i want to i want

to focus in on this because i think a

lot of people there’s so much they can

digest from this this um interview that

we’re going on but

uh the system of creating a plan

um executing on that plan analyzing it

and adjusting just doesn’t translate off

of business but it’s on youtube as well

because youtube is a business but it’s

more about what you want to what you

want to do with your life where you want

to be

and and really freeing up time to do

more what you love and so you were able

to go from a channel uh that was uh

selling motorcycles to a channel that

you loved to create content and do fun

things but your other audience didn’t

really care so you just have two

channels and then that led to doing so

well with this other channel and this

this this uh the first channel

that it was making a lot of money that

it made a decision that you had to

decide hey do i actually want to do the

shop because it’s taking a lot of my

time and i don’t want to you know

whatever so you basically shut that down

so that you can actually spend more time

creating content

and i think that’s where we’re all at as

creators is knowing what you want and

and being willing to put in the time

energy and effort to be a student

time energy and effort to really focus

in on the content

and and viewer and how to make your

content more valuable for the viewer

that they come back and ultimately

and this is a really really important


which is increasing those baselines like

i want everyone to increase your

baselines so you can get to a point

where you’re getting millions of

subscribers you can see that in this

period of time he’s able to get a 1.2

million subscribers um i don’t even know

how many um video views you have i mean

it’s like 211


million i guess it was on that one yep

211 million uh but that’s just not one

channel you have another channel that

has over 560 uh thousand subscribers and

he gets tons of views and you know it’s

just awesome so


would you be willing to take a couple

questions uh sean uh from people from

there so if you have a questions go

ahead and put it in the comments and i i

think this is what i

love um and i wanna why they’re uh gonna

be putting their questions in i wanna

tell you why i do this like as you can


um this is my studio i got gold play

buttons everywhere and there there’s

more over on the other side there’s six

more on the other side i’m just getting

a studio ready to do

some new videos coming out which i’m

excited about but let me tell you why i

do this i don’t have to do it i

financially am well off in so many

different ways

you know i i’m doing my passion project

uh a tv show i’m an executive producer

i’m also the ceo of the company and i

love it i love what i do

but i love

to learn and i love to help people i

just love it and so you know i i put a

designated hours in my week that i can

give back and help people now i still

exchange time for money and and i do

group coaching and i do one-on-one

consoles and whatever but i love helping

and that’s why i’m trying to do at least

a live stream a month where i bring one

of my students on and have them help you

learn um and and the reason why i do it

is because

the how youtube changed sean’s life has

changed my life

and i want that to happen to more people

i don’t i’m not one that i think the the

uh pie gets smaller i think the pie gets

bigger and i truly do believe that i i

do i think if i give more i receive more

that’s just the way that it is and so i

love love that so let’s start out with

timothy dunn um

sean here is a question where did you

find ideas for your videos in the



in the very beginning

i just they just came out of my head but

they weren’t that they weren’t good


you need to kind of cultivate that by

looking at other

you know when you’re first starting out

figure out your needs fear what you’re

doing is it cooking is it baking is it

automotive is it whatever

and and and and don’t think that you’re

that you’re uh you are you’re you are


but it’s it’s already been done before

you know i mean like everyone what

there’s nothing new one of the son yeah

so forgot what what what your niche is

what what your what people are doing are

in and then just get ideas from them

and then how can you make it better take

two ideas put it together you know what

i mean but um i mean everyone gets ideas

in different ways i’m a visual person i

want to see pictures and that kind of

jogs my memory

but i think that’s the uh

that’s what you’re doing

what was your biggest aha moment that

you learned from for me

all right so i i have aha moments from


uh all the time every time we talk um


sometimes it’s like

he’s he says he says a sentence

i i picked up on a quarter of it

and then a year later another half of it

and then now i’m like well am i when am

i going to fully understand what he just

told me you know what i mean

that’s what my wife says for the last 25

years of my life


yeah but one of the biggest aha moments


you know

you’re not making tv you’re making


and that was a shift and the best way i

can explain that is like the moments

when uh when uh

bel air

you know like will smith would look in

the camera and talk to you

youtube is that entire thing

that’s always youtube you know that was

a very weird connecting moment on tv but

on youtube but that’s that that’s what

it should always be

it’s not me talking with my friends

it’s us talking with you you know that

that’s exactly right i love that i love

that okay

oh here we go we got chef pk i love chef


what was the main analytic that you

looked at before deciding to pivot to

make content that was experimental i’m

currently seeing trends on my channel

that have me switching gears well chef

pk you know that you are one of my

students so you can ask me too but let’s

get sean’s answer and go from there and

i’m very curious you put that freaking

thing in in slack i want to understand

that or put it on volley or whatever

we’re doing nowadays well the main

analytic is views

i just look i look at the views i’m like

that’s if if views are skyrocketing i’m

not i’m not going to look at too much

other stuff i will but if the views are

going down then that’s when i’m like oh

shoot i need i need a p i need a pivot

but you you’re always doing experimental


you know what i mean because if you

might not need it now

you will need it you know i mean you so

you always have to be changing


i mean look at the best creators yeah

the content they’re making now is this

very different than two years ago it

there’s similarities to it

but they are very different and they

have improved a lot

yeah so for me um it’s in recon and


and what i like to do is i like to

figure out

um what’s actually working now

basically high views little subscriber

counts on some of the videos

and i’m like okay why does this why is

this hitting

i like to dig into the comments

and i like to think is my audience

similar to this one and if it is then i

want to create an opportunity to

come up with ideas that would resonate

more with my current audience that

wouldn’t be so out in the left field but

it’s experimental in a way that uh it’s

it’s still in line with your niche but

it’s really hyper focused in a specific

type of content and then that’s where i

like to experiment with it and i i wanna

i want to

make it very clear

just because a video doesn’t get the

views right out of the gate doesn’t mean

it’s a failure

uh when i have an experimental bucket i

usually like to do at least two or three

videos in that bucket

um if if i truly do believe in it maybe

i need to learn from it or whatever i’ve

found that usually on the third video

that’s when the other two just start to

take off because you know if i truly

believe that this is something that my

audience loves i learn from it and on my

third video i’m making the most banger

video idea ever in the history of all

mankind when it comes to that new

experiment bucket it literally lifts

everything else and if i do the right

type of timing i know that you’ve and i

have talked about this before on a

mastery call but i think the biggest

thing is understanding that and then

being willing to be

to release a mediocre video per se when

you when it when it comes from the views

but it’s not really a mediocre video

it’s just not really reaching the

potential of the audience that it’s

gonna actually pull in uh which which

happens a lot so i know a lot of people

you know as long as it’s higher like in

that typical range i’m i’m good uh but

ultimately usually that second video or

the third video makes that first video

pop because the the other one’s popping

as well so

okay um let me go up uh get some other


questions here so here’s ano one from

diy gene

do you ever worry about creating videos

that get views that but not the subject

that you’re truly that you truly love




but it’s never it never starts out that

way it’s after i’ve done it for like 10

videos and 10 buckets

and then and then my solution there’s

different solutions so but my solution

was okay just

don’t do it as often

but then

or you could stop but then just don’t do

it as often and then figure out how to

make it fun again like why was it fun

the first time

you know i mean it got boring because it

got repetitive and nothing’s exciting

about it but i just figured out a way to

make it fun again but don’t do it as


okay i’m gonna answer it a little bit


um but i think it’s going to come to the

same conclusion for this type of thing


fall in love with creating content that

engages an audience like that that

should be your passion

and if you are

bringing value through education or

inspiration or

entertainment and you’re saying i’m just

i really want them to sprawl really well

with this then it’s not so much about

the subject because of the value of

where you’re actually placing it so

you’re placing it on that video

content now that being said when you’re

really excited about something it’s

going to translate really well on

content and you’re going to come up with

better ideas and so it is a mix between

the two but where i want you to put the

focus in on is loving bringing value to

people and loving your audience and then

as you find something that’s a little

bit more linear uh or lateral uh to what

you love

then you know that’s when it’s gonna

come out um and and really do it but you

got to be in the habit of really

catering to your viewer in the sense of

you know you want to give them the best

video you possibly can on something that

you’re passionate about but sometimes

that passion is not to the level where

you want it to be so

love that question


okay so here’s another one from a plus

so um after pivoting how different can

topics in new buckets be sean


for me

they have to have that string of


um i would love to do if i want if i

want to get into cars i gotta i gotta

start a whole new car channel i love


you actually did a couple that weren’t

there there were more than two wills and

how did that work out for you

uh some do okay some do not okay i’ve

got an aerial atom i i speckle that in

there every once in a while sometimes it

does great sometimes it does

horrible um


it it’s kind of like this

you ever watch your favorite tv show

yeah and then and then they go on a the

vacation episode and no one wants to

watch it you know i mean it’s too


you know you you don’t watch those

episodes because they’re not fun because

people watch you for a certain for a

certain series and a certain reason

they have expectations of it when you

take them out of that

a very small percentage of people are

going to stay

all right yeah that’s exactly right uh

bridger have a good day daryl i’m your

dad bridger come on

oh my gosh

all right all right okay so let’s let’s

kind of wrap it up with a couple um a

couple other ones and i i

i truly want uh you to understand is uh

growth and success comes from

uh something that i believe

that um that a lot of you struggle with

some call it failure i don’t like to

call it failure it’s just the wrong way

of doing something or there’s something

we don’t understand about what’s going

on that we need to analyze

um and sean um i know that

you uh you have the phrase of you know

um around failure you want to kind of

tell people what you kind of say about

failure and what that leads you to


what’s that phrase um

well i i got a couple ones um you know i

felt my way to the top but you know when

people ask me like hey why don’t you do

a podcast i’m like i only want to suck

at a few things you know what i mean

yeah i i i look at everything that i do

and i’m like

i’m down i’m down here because i know i

can do better i know there’s so much

more about me that i can do better um in

reality i i am a i’m

i’m successful at what i do

and but there’s so much more i can learn

and um it’s very exciting it’s a very

exciting uh time to be and

and there’s a lot of opportunities

um i i like to look at failure as not

failure i don’t i don’t believe in

failure um i just believe that that’s

the wrong way to do something or long

way to approach something or there’s

something that’s just off

and so i like to analyze that and really

make that adjustment to uh to go again

and so

j like the whole thing about it is just

hey no it was exactly what it needed to

be and i’m gonna learn from it and i’m

going to grow from it so i don’t view

that as failure but it’s a stepping

stone to take me exactly where i want to

be and so that’s that’s something that i

really really love well something a lot

of people think you look at everyone and

you’re like oh wait that guy’s

successful he stands on top of a

mountain of success

that’s just not true in reality he

stands on top of a mountain of failure

just like failure started well i i don’t

i don’t view failure on that but like if

you want to success on youtube i got

that right

but i just view it as the wrong like the

i succeeded in finding the the way that

people disconnect with my content

you know and if i wanted to connect with

my content i needed to stop doing that

okay um let me pull on another question

because i think we talked a lot about

buckets um if you don’t have my book i

would strongly encourage you get it it’s

in the the description below it’s on

audible all that other fun stuff uh yes

yes there we go um and then and then two

there’s like a 30-day creator challenge

for those that can’t afford to be a part

of my math or my channel jumpstart

program okay uh wisco ted uh gaming can

you elaborate a little more on the

differences between buckets and

playlists uh i want to find my buckets


uh buckets



playlists are videos that you kind of

put in order

uh they’re all gonna jump on that i’ll

explain buckets buckets are

so you could have okay let’s say i have

one bike

this is this is my license let’s say i i

bought the bike and then the next video

i test drive it i get i i drive it can i

make it home in the next video can i put

a v8 i can i put a v8 engine in it

that’s not a that might be a playlist

but it’s not a bucket the bucket is

buying the bike so i buy this bike and

then i buy a whole another bike and

that’s the same bucket and then i buy a

different bike that’s the same bucket

and then when i test it when i see if i

can make those bikes home that’s a


and then in that same bucket is every

time i try to make the bike home

does that make sense

yeah that’s perfect like that’s that’s

probably one of the better explanations

that i’ve seen on buckets um playlists

are are are a way to

put videos

in uh

a con a way to consume and uh uh

playlist used to be really really

important back in about 2013 2014 um and

i had a lot of strategies on them and it

would it would create these data points

whatever but i can honestly say

playlists don’t mean squad anymore okay

unless it’s meant to consume so like if

i see a playlist with 50 videos and i

ain’t clicking on that thing but if

that’s three videos and it was meant to

be together and there’s something that

kind of pulls it all together then yeah

i might consume that and so youtube’s

getting smarter and smarter and smarter

with their ai and it can predict what

people want to watch and what it does is

it tries to figure out and it even

creates its own playlist believe it or


that was one feature that i used to

always look at is how many playlists

were created because youtube would

actually put videos together and and

people would watch it because it curated

a playlist that they knew that they

wanted to watch and that’s really really

powerful it’s gone quite a way from that

as of the last four years but uh

realistically right now

i use a playlist to organize things so

they they’re more organized on the

channel page or it’s more organized in a

way for for people to consume so that’s

a really really great question

uh and uh that’s something i um really

am passionate about is really

understanding content and how it

performs and then replicating that

content and that’s what we call buckets

and so sean any last words of wisdom um

for everyone here on this live stream um

yeah just uh don’t uh don’t get

discouraged uh there are the

opportunities here are so big

and even for the biggest creators the

opportunities are getting bigger for

everybody but they’re also very big for

uh for small creators like us um don’t

get discouraged always continue being a


you’re like always learning always

trying to do always trying to do new


and um

i’ve i’ve done i’ve done a lot of stuff

with daryl

daryl said we’re friends i think in

reality we’re best friends i think

that’s safe to say that um

but the uh

i’m not it’s not a plug for the book no

time to do this but the the information

in that book and in the audiobook i’m

listening to it right now uh it’s crazy

it’s next level stuff


so i would check that out

yeah and and uh thank you so much for

your time uh sean uh for jumping on and

i really hope that um that everyone

found your information valuable i always

i always learn um you know of you know

maybe things i need to do better or

whatever through conversations like this

which i which i love um i don’t don’t

jump off yet guys there’s so much more i

want to talk about uh here but we’re

gonna let sean go so sean thank you so

much for jumping on appreciate you man

yep so guys um a couple things that i

want to do and this is where the gold

really is and so a lot of people um that

are watching the beginning of the video

that bounced you know they’re not gonna

get this so this is like the the gold

that you’re gonna get because you’ve

been on here for an hour and 24 minutes

and so i want to give you the the



why i chose the plan execute analyze and

adjust on my mentoring program called

channel jumpstart um over the course of

my career i am very ambitious and i

really like to do

things that i can accomplish and i’ve

always set goals and that’s where i

teach my students really to set goals

and really create an action plan of how

to achieve it because i truly do believe

within three years you can achieve

anything that you want as long as you

actually create

micro goals to get you there but also


action plan to get you there and then

realizing things that it’s going to stop

you along the way and then more

importantly it’s like surrounding

yourself by the right type of people

that’s going to help you get there

and ultimately that’s how i look to

succeed in any avenue any business any

youtube channel that i do is really

understanding that concept and so for me

uh one of the most important things is

just because you have a plan doesn’t

make it the right plan um and it doesn’t

maybe give you the the right type of

experience that you need to really

succeed and so i always like to analyze

i analyze every day and i want to kind

of talk about my process of analyzation

and it will help you

succeed more in life and succeed more on

youtube so at the beginning of the

morning i go through my morning routine

which i um like i’m a very religious

person so i pray i do my daily

devotional reading my scriptures um and

and i i get my head centered and then i

am very very protective of my morning my

morning is when i’m the most productive

that’s when my brains firing the most

and i i block off time where i’m able to

do as much uh things that i need to do

in a given day because my mind is firing

really hot okay and so that’s where i do

my recon and research that’s where i

come up with ideas for the business

ideas for the youtube channels that i

own ideas for um things problems that

i’m facing

um this is where i put my to-do list of

all the things that need to get done in

a day and i start scratching those off

i’m very very guarded at that time and

then once i’m done with that that’s

usually when i start my meetings and i’m

still effective and i still do a lot but

i i’m able to accomplish probably more

in those two to four hours than most

people can in a 24-hour period and it’s

not that i’m being cocky or anything

like that it’s just truth i just like

really really focus i hyper focus on

specific things and i get it done on a

time block and so i’m like boom boom

boom boom boom and it’s very very

exhausting to do it that way but i love

it because i get a lot done and then it

opens up the rest of the day that i can

do my meetings and consults and you know

whatever working on projects whatever

and so

that’s something that i do but one thing

that i found is when do i actually

analyze um i don’t analyze in the

morning because i’m the most productive

in the morning i want to analyze closer

at the end of the day i want to analyze

how did i do on these things what did i

do on this specific thing what can i do

better and i try to analyze that and i

put a plan in that specific evening to

do tomorrow so that actually gives me

the opportunity to improve tomorrow on

the things that i didn’t do well during

that day and also on video content as

i’m doing recon and research coming up

with ideas i want to analyze okay what

is going on there and i want to analyze

it a little bit deeper where i can

create a new plan or modify the plan of

where i need to go so for me it’s always

about having a plan i want to execute on

that plan i want to learn from what i

executed on and i want to analyze it in

a way that i can see what worked what

didn’t work and i want to look it

through a lens um uh you know very

specific on the right type of metrics

how it’s really engaging because like

some people make the wrong decision

since that didn’t work and i’m saying

well what was your end goal i want to

give you an example of that is i had a

very very big youtuber that wanted to

pivot their channel and they wanted to

get a new audience coming in and they

wanted a certain demographic and they

released they created a plan they

executed on that plan and they released

the video and they said well this didn’t

work and they they basically said you

know we’re not going to do it i said

whoa whoa

let’s analyze it so we analyzed it and i

i was able to prove that it actually did

exactly what they wanted to because they

were looking at the wrong analytics they

were looking at views i was looking at

who was the views and where did those

views actually come from and we really

were able to group that now the

important thing that they did was they

did two other videos on it so they had a

sample size of three three videos and

they were able to see that they shifted

their their audience with those three

videos now it didn’t really stand out

because of the clutter of the whole

channel but it did when you’re able to

group that so that’s where i teach my

students of how to group really how to

analyze and where to analyze that and

that’s where i really really like that

if there’s ever one thing that’s my jam

is coming up with ideas and actually

like like i can like i can feel it i can

feel what needs to happen next and

that’s really really cool on youtube and

that’s what i love and i just able to

pull that together on those types of

data points and it gives you a lot more

ideas of what you can do and how to

engage where to go

and so that’s that’s kind of the essence

of it now uh with that youtuber once

they were able to see it it did shift

the demographic they were able to to to

break out of what their old audience is

with the new audience and they were so

much more engaged they made a ton of

more money and they were able to pivot

um and that’s where you can pivot on a

channel that’s where you can pivot on

videos is understanding where you’re

bringing value but you’re looking at the

right type of parameters you know is

that like we were even breaking it down

was the audience was actually seeing it

but they actually had the specific

audience that we were looking at

actually had higher retention on the

videos like by two minutes and so you’re

like okay this audience really loves it

now what do they need to go so this is

like really really cool um now for me

i’m obsessed with with this this process

um it’s pretty much the the process that

you will succeed in anything

if you don’t give up so i don’t like to

give up i just like to analyze and

adjust i just want to figure out well if

that wasn’t the correct way to do it

maybe there’s a better way to do it and

that’s where we want to analyze and

adjust every time so in your content


as a creator in your journey as a

youtuber you got to realize that this is

a business and you need to make business

decisions and you’re also using um you

know a content creation as as that

business so when i uh i take on a

partner and we we own a company together

i let them know that we’re not a a a

a company to do this what we’re a

company of is an entertainment company

you know we’re making content we’re

entertaining people we’re either

educating them with edutainment

and that’s what our company is and then

we happen to do x y or z and when you

really switch that mindset is that you

are an entertainment company then you’re

there to to entertain and if you’re not

entertaining uh or you’re not really

connecting with someone then you’re not

really doing your job

and that’s where you’ll pay more

attention to what people want

and and your job is to make a piece of

content that they really engage with and

that’s actually how you really succeed

on youtube now i know i

literally have uh given you so much uh

to think about but what i would do if i

was in your situation is start now start

now with goals of where you want to be

and and really focus in on creating a

plan of how you’re going to get there

and that’s what sean did that’s where

you know a lot of my students will put

that plan together and some of those

plans are so through the roof and you

know in the sky or whatever of those

goals but you can get a plan to get

there but it’s just more line upon line

precept upon precept and so really

getting okay now that we have our goal

here and our plan is going to get us

there what do we need to do today to get

us that much closer to that goal and

you’re making micro goals and you’re

making micro uh decisions and you’re

analyzing and adjusting your uh strategy

and plan to get to where you want to be

and i i found that that youtubers that

really focus in on becoming the best the

best content creator the best um uh

you know a person that can come up with

ideas you know they’re really really

obsessed with that uh they’re literally

gonna make some of the best content on

on youtube and when they’re obsessed

with learning from that that that hey

this didn’t work but why didn’t it work

and they’re breaking it down in

analytics then they’re able to grow and

then and realistically you know they’re

able to increase that baseline over and

over and over again and just like sean

they’re able to

do what they truly love which is make

content entertain people

and do less what they love so

i’m here to tell you


i’m obsessed with youtube i’m obsessed

helping you if you want to

join me on the journey make sure you

subscribe and you know for those that

want um more information of how to work

closely with me it’s in the description

all different ways i know that we’re on

all different journeys but for me part

of my success is when i see other people

succeed or when i help other people

succeed that is so important for me uh

because ultimately i’m doing one of my

main goals which is making better

content uh for the world on youtube and

social media so guys thank you so much

thank you for being a part of this

journey we’ll see you on the next one

bye now


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