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=================== text video ====================

hello creators and happy new year i am

so excited about what we’ve got coming

up for you this year here at video

creators i just had a meeting this

morning with my producer stephanie and

we talked about like all the ideas and

all the things you want to do most of

them are like really big and we don’t

really have the time or capacity to do

it but we’re still really excited about

we do have in store for you i would love

it if you would just take a few seconds

to fill out a quick survey that’s below

this video to help us understand you

better we really want to make sure that

we know who you are what your goals are

what roblox you have what challenges

you’re facing what you’re trying to

accomplish on youtube with and with the

business around it and the audience

you’re developing and the content that

you’re creating because when we make

podcasts and we send out emails and we

make youtube videos and we’re posting on

all of our social platforms coming up

here this year we want to make sure

that’s it aligned with exactly with what

you need and that’s going to be

extremely helpful and valuable for

helping you move forward we won’t we

don’t want to just make videos and

content for the sake of making videos

and content we really genuinely want it

to help improve your life so if you

don’t mind taking about two minutes

maybe about three minutes max to fill

out a quick survey that’s linked up

right below this video and here on

youtube that would be really helpful for

us we’ll leave it up for about a week

and we’ll take it down and we’re gonna

just scour dive into all of your

responses and let that inform the

content and the strategy that we have

for you coming up this year so thank you

guys so much for being a part of this

amazing community i really appreciate

you being a part of it and i’m looking

forward to serving you the best way that

we can here in 2022


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