Get More VIEWS with Trending Topics on YouTube (Tips and Best Tools)

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TOOL ONE: Google Trends

TOOL TWO: vidIQ (Free 30 day trial)
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Learn about how to get views from trending topics on YouTube.

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=================== text video ====================

from the biggest to the smallest uh that

is one of the best ways to

garner views looking for that next wave

is really key


so it all started for me about uh

six ish years ago i i cite film in


and college and i kind of created my own

video photo

business and i just had clients from

weddings to coffee shops things like


and then i would just tinker on youtube

for fun if i maybe bought a piece of

video gear or a gimbal or something i’d

make a review just for fun

and then it was right about five and a

half years ago that i saw those

hoverboards were starting to get a

little popular i saw him as a great

filmmaking tool for like steadicam

shots i was one of the very first if not

the first to make a hoverboard

review hundreds of thousands of views

and then uh tons of affiliate uh income

from that and that opens my wife’s and

i’s uh

eyes to the power of youtube and

influence and affiliate and all that


jump on trends within your niche can you

talk about how that completely changed

everything to you

and what your thoughts are when it comes

to people jumping on trends

that’s everything right now that’s what

mr beast and from the biggest to the


uh that is one of the best ways to


views and the audience and following the

subscribers and such and so

for me it’s kind of funny i know if i


a gadget a tech product that is maybe

about to be released if i get maybe a


review unit then it’s almost like for

certain okay well people are going to be


about it and talking about it right on

that release date and so that video will

do well now of course

you don’t always get that product early

that’s very that’s very hard especially

when you’re first starting out so

maybe if that product just releases and

i can maybe go buy it and then quick in

a couple days turn around a video that

will often do well another thing is uh

seeing that wave or that trend the

virality of something before it hits i


on that wave right before it started to

take off and that’s why i think

i made it just a well condensed little

review uh

video on hoverboards and then youtube

really liked it and it’s like okay this

is the authority on hoverboards and so


all these millions of people are

searching for hoverboards and how to buy

one and stuff like that

i was the one that they promoted and so

there’s a lot of

it’s easier said than done but trying to

stay ahead of the curve

on what that next trend is gonna be and

then uh

riding that wave and then you gotta

remember that that wave will finish

it’ll crash

down and then you gotta paddle back out

and then find the next one nothing uh

survives forever so i see a lot of

people even myself hoverboards they were

hot for a little while and then they

faded away and it’s like okay if i

only did hoverboard reviews my channel

would be dead but i had to pivot

and i like all things tech anyway so

that was kind of a natural fit

but uh but yeah always looking for that

next wave

is really key one of the best places to

go is

okay and this is so important to get on


of those trends before everybody else

does because

you definitely want to be first on scene

another tool you could be using

is vid iq they’ve got the trend tools

but the reason i bring this up

is because you can work all day

to think of amazing ideas and we talked

about this

in terms of the research of what other

people are looking for but

trends are something that just kind of

happen out of nowhere and you never know

and so

why it’s important to jump on the trend

right away i’ve done this where i was a

little bit late

maybe even a week or a month late and

the train has left the station you know


is one of the daily habits i would

recommend to people that i’m doing

more and more right now to jump on


which is to find out what in my niche

is working so for example uh there was

this thing called the delgado

coffee back in 2020 and if i had jumped

on that and made a video on my youtube


i could have easily seen a 10x in views

just because it was trending and people

were watching videos

on that coffee making format even if

they weren’t fans of yours and so this

is why it’s important to jump on trends

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