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In this video, Sean goes into detail about YouTube Niches and how to find your perfect audience for your YouTube channel.

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— But the whole other way
to think about niche is not

about the content and the topics,

but it’s about the person
you’re trying to reach.

The niche is the audience.

You gotta just press record.

— I feel like you would
probably saying that I need

to niche down, but then I heard you say,

«don’t focus on another channel»

and I just have so many things I wanna do.

— So, what’s going on right
now, and are you happy

with the results,
dissatisfied with the results?

— Because I do so many different things,

each video will shoot different.

So I guess that’s what I can expect.

I’m all over the places,
so is everything else.

— And so is your question
on how to get focused

or just general advice on
YouTube if you should niche down

or what I would do if I was you?

— Yeah.

— Here’s one thing that
doesn’t get talked about enough

and actually a video I
would recommend watching,

is we just posted a clip
from Vanessa Lau who spoke

at our conference called Video Live.

By the way, we have a
conference coming up.

If you haven’t heard about

It’s virtual, that’s in the end of August.

But Vanessa Lau spoke there
last year and she talked

about niching down.

One of the mistakes
people make is they think

that the niche only means
something like Daniel Fast.

Like this channel is
only about Daniel Fast.

What I mean like, that’s,
and in my opinion,

that’s actually sort of a big topic,

but that’s almost too niche.

I mean, a certain type of
cooking and eating healthy.

Vegan is probably, like vegan
living is probably clear,

but like Daniel Fast would
be like too specific.

But the whole, the way to
think about niche is not

about the content and the topics,

but it’s about the person
you’re trying to reach.

The niche is the audience.

So my summary is who are you talking to?

That’s your niche.

You’re a dynamic person.

Your faith is important to you,

gardening is important to you,

living sustainably, maybe
not harming the earth.

All of these different
things are important to you

and there’s other people
like you that wanna be a part

of your journey.

You have 1300 subscribers.

Obviously it’s already working.

Other homeschool moms.

In fact, when you understand
the psychographics,

meaning not just the
demographics, the age,

ethnicity background,

but the psychographics
as what people are into.

As a homeschool mother,

and I’m gonna stereotype
here a little bit,

but stereotypes are actually
good in this context.

Because stereotypes usually
show us a cluster of behaviors.

Of course people break rules

that help us understand psychographics.

Hopefully this is an encouragement

that I actually believe you’re
much more on the right track

than you may think.

Your niche does not need
to be the specific videos,

your niche needs to be the most
likely woman you talking to,

and what is she interested in?

What does she wanna click on?

And the truth I would probably
argue then, is let’s think

about this.

She probably wouldn’t click on a video

that was 10 character traits
of the billionaire Elon Musk.

Well, that was easy, we
just cut off that video.

Then she probably wouldn’t
click on how to raise your Jeep

and install Mickey Thompson
Super Swamper Bogger tires

on your Jeep.

Because that’s, so like
if you started two hours

of Minecraft game streaming,

she’s probably not
clicking on that either.

So there’s actually a
ton of clarity in regards

to what she won’t click on.

What I would do is I
would also then of course,

Success Leaves Clues make part twos.

So it is interesting that
Prepping in this case,

definitely attracted some audience.

Now that makes sense,

because maybe especially
during the pandemics,

September 2020, people were
interested in aspects of that.

So you might wanna double down on that.

Furthermore, looks like maybe even,

you did some stimulus prepping.

And so I would look through here

and potentially steer your content.

What we all need to do
is it’s a balance off,

not completely placating the
algorithm and only doing,

because the YouTube algorithm,
it’s almost like not

to take it to the extreme of the phrase,

but like how Jesus said,

like «what good is it to gain the world,

but lose your soul?»

Like if you only follow
the YouTube algorithm,

you could lose your soul in the process.

You’re like, «I just
purely went for views.»

But then the balance of it is like,

you also though wanna be creating content

that people actually care about watching.

So what gets measured is like, okay,

what are my passions?

What do I feel called to
talk about and what do I want

to talk about?

But we also balance that out

with also what do people wanna watch?

‘Cause if you actually
care about getting views,

if you just wanna talk about whatever

and if people watch it as a
matter, does that make sense?

So the balance between being willing

to maybe stop doing videos even
if you’d prefer to do that.

I’ve done this a lot over the years.

We have stopped certain types
of topics on Think Media,

because think about it this way.

Well, I wanted to make that video.

Okay, cool but nobody wanted to watch it.

So what’s the, what do people wanna watch?

So where’s the intersection of
topics I’m passionate about,

but are also effective and
that are really resonating

with your audience.

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