Gary Vaynerchuk’s 7 Rules to YouTube Success

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2:07 — Rule 2
3:26 — Rule 3
4:15 — Rule 4
5:59 — Rule 5
7:05 — Rule 6
8:40 — Rule 7
9:39 — BONUS RULE!

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In this video, Gary Vaynerchuk goes over his top 7 rules to youtube success and even reveals a bit about his content marketing strategy!

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you need to know that you are on a

ridiculous marathon and that most likely

nothing good will happen for the next

seven to eleven years seven to eleven

yes sir and you think magically if you

keep patient and you keep doing it

something’s gonna happen nothing’s gonna

happen do you think about the audience


or don’t you you gotta just press record

welcome back to think media sean cannell

here let’s get into gary vaynerchuk’s

top seven rules of youtube success

starting with number one

youtube is a marathon and not a sprint i

average anywhere between like 10 to 50

views and i have like 45 subscribers i’m

brand new like i started six months ago

okay so why are you doing this

because uh i want to basically be like

the male ellen degeneres i want to be

like joe logan like that’s like the

dream that’s the dream great if that’s



you need to stop calling shows and

getting positive feedback or feedback

two months into it you need to know that

you are on a ridiculous marathon and

that most likely

nothing good will happen for the next

seven to 11 years

seven to 11. yes sir

okay i mean that’s i mean that’s

absolutely legit but this i just need

you to know something


whenever that piece of advice comes out

and the response is that’s yes you’re

right but

you’ve already lost you know that right

the punchline is

it’s 7 to 11 years how old are you again

23. great

like i’m telling you to your face you

have no prayer of being joe rogan or

ellen degeneres

for the most part and if you do

i want to remind you that both of them

had seven to 15 year careers before they

even looked remotely close to ellen i

just want to remind everybody who’s

watching the show i’ve been the public

limelight producing content on an

everyday basis for the last 11 years wow


so like my perspective is just


you’re worried about two months in on a

journey that is going to be the next 10

to 15 years

rule number two clarity is your content

entertainment or education i think it’s

about are you putting out entertainment

or are you putting out education because

90 of people are putting out selfish


ninety percent of people are putting out

press releases

they wanna they want you to think

something about them they’re making it

selfish for themselves

they wanted to go to maui

and serve so that’s the content you’re

getting but did that bring you any value

they want you to think they’re cool 90

of the content right now

are people acting like pr agents of

themselves i’m asking people to look

like educators or entertainers

do you think about the audience first or

don’t you hey do you want to learn the

latest online video growth strategies

from gary vaynerchuk alex hermosie

patrickbetdavid from valuetainment and

the think media team we’re going to get

into number three in just a second but

if you haven’t heard grow with video

live is coming up soon online and in


in las vegas with gary vaynerchuk

keynoting so you can check out all the

details at but make sure to

secure your spot because there’s only

limited tickets remaining at rule number three

master content and distribution look

there’s only two things the content and

distribution and so whether it’s

becoming a part of forums around ufc i

keep using her you know like become a

member of forums become a member of

facebook groups most of you are not

hustling distribution you’re focusing on

the content and you think magically if

you keep patient and you keep doing it

something’s gonna happen nothing’s gonna

happen it’s far more interesting for you

to take control of your distribution

through collaborations through proper

hashtag distribution on the instagram

world from reaching out business

reaching out being part of forums and

other internet communities like facebook

groups to become part of that community

so when you put out stuff people want to

support you

i would tell you with wine library tv i

spent 20 minutes making the video and i

spent five hours creating the


rule number four stop being selfish and

think about your audience first i am

blown away how many creators spend all

their time being selfish mentally

like 99

of the emails and dms and conversations

i have in conferences like this are

predicated on how to start with how do i

how do i

get more subscribers how do i

get more engagement how do i

get more money from brands how do i

quit my job and do this full time how do

i how do i how do i so i will tell you

without knowing most of you in any shape

or form i still will default into that

95 of the people in this room

will not get to where they want to get

to because their entire filter on

everything they’re doing is 100 selfish

and the only way to actually amass

victory in this game where as amazing it

is that we live in a day and age now

where you can be a creator and like just

live your life and love what you do and

make a living the equal problem is

anybody can do it which creates a very

fun dichotomy of supply and demand you

want to know what most people’s

vulnerability is i

the reason i always win every time i

enter something else it’s what can i do

for you

and not the person that has 11 million

just the person that’s right next to me

because karma and doing the right thing

and kindness and being a human always

wins in the end


it does

it does because

because what you don’t know is the

person next to you may have 48


but his aunt runs

rule number five be authentic the

second biggest vulnerability for the

creators in this room and the people at

home that will watch this is a it’s i i



it’s just not the truth

for me one of the most interesting

things that i watch every day in this


is people

think that fake it to you make it is

still real

there are so many people posing it

because they feel like they have to

inflate their backstory or what they’re

capable of or the advice that they’re


to break out yet that is the exact same

reason that they won’t break out

to me

everybody who’s trying to be a life

coach or expert or

you know an entrepreneurial expert like

the amount of people that are

entrepreneurial experts but have never

built an entrepreneurial thing


i wish i could be a quarterback of an

nfl team but like

i can’t and all of you can see that and

it’s proven unfortunately with

entrepreneurship it’s not proven you can

just put it in your instagram profile

and thus you are number six create

strategic content around trending topics

and then reverse engineering content

creation let me explain as we speak

right now i have a video going viral

it’s called august i made it so we could

run it on august 1st producing content

that you know has a chance of going

somewhere based on when you make it a

monday morning rant that you post on

monday morning making relevant content

of what’s going on in the world either

in pop culture you know your thoughts on

what miley cyrus did on wrecking ball or

the kanye and taylor swift kim and con

you know taylor swift fight or or the

olympic starting making content that’s

relevant it gives it a little bit of

legs for shareability is very important

from the content creation in just a

second we’re gonna be getting into

number seven and also stick around until

the end of the video because there’s

also a bonus tip from gary for you but

if you’ve been getting value can you hit

the like button and as a reminder

gary is going to be speaking at our

annual think media conference called

grow with video live all the details and

tickets are available at and our speakers

include patrick bett david from

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jasmine starr of course garyvee and the

entire think media team is going to be

there if you want to learn all of the

latest strategies for growing your

personal brand with social video and

youtube you’re not going to want to miss

this powerful event you can attend

online or in person in las vegas so go


for all the details now before we get

into our bonus tip rule number seven is

read and reply to comments

is you’ve got to become religious about

your audience

like you have to become religious about

your audience like guys honestly

straight up if you’re sitting in the

crowd right now it’s unacceptable for

you not to reply to the comments you get

on your content i don’t know how

honestly like it like i’m just gonna go

that literal with it i don’t like to do

definitives things because that’s just

not how life is but i’m just comfortable

going there it is actually fundamentally

grossly negligent and unacceptable for


to be in a place where you do not reply

with a thank you or a heart or a

meaningful you read it and you

meaningfully wrote something back to

every single comment you have right now

in whatever limited that is because

those seven people

are disproportionately the reason you’re

gonna get 17.

and yet you’re so worried about getting

the next 10 that don’t know you you’re

giving no love to the seven that decided

to watch your horse

and now for the bonus youtube tip of the

day from gary vaynerchuk collab with

other creators and so one of the great

ways to do that is collaborations i

think if you’ve got a youtube channel

you need to basically reach out to

i don’t know the other 7 000 people that

are in your genre and reach out to them

and see if you can bring them value


you love ufc you decide to start a

channel you need to reach out to the 40

000 ufc channels and be like hey you

know i’m in the network so i go to gyms

i can get you original content can you

put me on your show to bring me value

for my show when you have 44 viewers you

can’t offer somebody has 400 000 viewers

let’s trade you’ll be on my show i’ll be

on your show you get laughed out of the

room and people do that that’s not the

way you’re gonna win that’s not 51.49

what you can offer is something in

return what you can offer is access

because you’re in those gyms with

original content so maybe you can be

doing on location interviewing for that

big ufc thing and then you know and for

yourself too and then that person puts

you on you can offer money if you’ve got

it that’s fine i mean whatever it is so

it’s about distribution so

collaborations with other youtube shows

for sure social media through and

through creating enormous amounts of

content i’ve been spending even more

time paying attention to how people are

building organic followings on instagram

and hashtag culture really works for the

people that are really patient you know

and i’ve been flow with my hashtag work

dunka you do a good job with me on

musically you’re like this is the one

that works like just you know i i would

even argue that i’m being lazy with my

hashtag work in instagram for sure but

for a lot of you you have to go down

that route it really really really

works like comment and subscribe



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