Expanding Community Posts to More Channels, Merch in 5 New Countries, Appeals via Video, and MORE!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re going to talk about a few exciting expansions and launches.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:07 [Expansion] Appeals via Video — English Subtitles
1:10 [Launch] New YTA Reports Available on Mobile
2:09 [Launch] Merch Available in 5 New Countries
2:44 [Launch] Expanding Community Posts to Channels with 500+ Subscribers and Removing the Discussion Tab
4:06 Audience Questions



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=================== text video ====================

— All right creators, we
made it to another Tuesday,

and you know what that means.

We’ve a stellar set of updates for you,

so let’s get into them.

First up I wanna talk you through

a really exciting expansion.

Now this is called appeals via
video with English Subtitles.

To give you context around this,

we’re talking about the
YouTube Partner program.

Where, as you know, we review
all monetizing channels,

to ensure they’re following our policies.

Now given that this involves humans,

mistakes can be made.

And sometimes these reviewers incorrectly

suspend or reject channels from YPP.

Now, naturally, that’s frustrating,

and we wanna make the experience better.

If you’re eligible you can record a video

where you explain what
your channel is about

and the content within it.

Then our policy team
will review that video

and your channel again
with that context in mind.

If we’ve made a mistake,

we’ll turn monetization
back on for your channel.

We’re going to expand this
beta to allow creators

to submit videos in
their own native language

with English subtitles,

if that native language isn’t supported.

We hope to expand this
even more very soon,

so stay tuned for updates.

Next up, let’s talk about a launch.

New YouTube analytics
reports available on mobile.

Now what we’re talking
about here is our effort

to bring more studio
desktop features to mobile.

And, as part of this,

we’re launching new reports
under the revenue tab

highlighting monthly revenue
and revenue from transactions.

Stuff like memberships,
super chat, et cetera.

As part of this launch
we’re also launching

the traffic sources performance report,

something that’s, up until now,

only been available on video
overview on desktop web.

Now this card is gonna tell
you two specific things.

It’s gonna summarize your
traffic sources performance,


and it’s gonna give you an
indication as to whether

any of those traffic sources
are higher, lower, or typical

compared to previous videos.

Now you can find more information
by tapping on the card,

and you’ll see a little bit more detail.

But we’re hoping to roll
out both of these reports

over the next couple of days on mobile.

Next up let’s discuss the launch of merch

in five new AMEA markets.

They are Austria, Switzerland,

Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia.

Yes, I was reading those.

Where creators in those markets

can now provide their
viewers with products

from supported retailers

within the merch shelf on their video,

or within the channel page
itself under the store tab.

Now the added bonus,

creators within existing
markets where merch is launched

are able to reach viewers in
these five new AMEA markets.

Now lastly, let’s touch on an expansion.

The expansion of community posts

to channels with more
than 500 subscribers.

We’re changing the eligibility threshold

from channels with 1,000 subscribers

to all channels with more
than 500 subscribers.

For channels that are just under
500 subscribers, know this,

we’re working to bring community
posts to you in the future.

For those that have just passed

that 500 subscriber threshold,

know that it can take up to one week

for you to see the option
to create community posts.

In addition, know that
posts via the community tab

were designed to replace
the discussion tab,

an older feature which
allowed text updates

to be posted to your viewers.

Because of the fact that more creators

have access to the community posts,

and they provide much more creative ways

to engage your viewers,

it’s also available on mobile.

We’re removing the discussions tab

as of October 12th, 2021.

Until that date you’ll have access

to the discussions tab via
the channel page on desktop.

Now bear in mind that if you don’t yet

have access to community posts,

you can rely on comments
to engage your viewers.

Let us know if you have
any feedback on this

in the comments below.

And now before I sign
off we’re going to jump

to two audience questions.

We want to clarify these questions,

which came up a few times from our video

where we outlined the new policy

whereby monetizing channels have to

setup two-step verification.

So some creators were
asking the following:

Is it possible to enable

two-step verification on a landline?

And the answer is yes.

We brought this to the team
and they said the following.

‘You can get a call to your landline phone

with a verification code.

Just enter your preferred phone number

when setting up two-step verification,

and future verification
codes will be shared

via audio through the landline.’

Our second question came
up from a few folks,

who were asking,

‘Will you be requiring us to sign in

with two-step verification
every time you log into studio?’

And the answer is not every time.

Similarly, we brought
this back to the team,

and they said once you’ve set up

two-step verification
you can choose not to use

two-step verification again
on a particular computer.

From then on that computer will only ask

for your password and your sign in.

You’ll still be covered because when you,

or anyone else tries to
sign into your account

from another computer
two-step verification

will be required.

So this is all about
your account’s security.

So that’s it from me,

from the creators of YouTube
to YouTube’s creators.

Thanks to tuning into the News Flash,

and we’ll see you soon.


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