YouTube has unlocked another tool that was previously only available to monetized channels. Now EVERY SINGLE CREATOR has access to it!

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0:00 — YouTube’s Copyright Matching Tool available to all
0:34 — How to use the copyright matching tool
1:47 — Can I monetize my copyrighted content on other channels?
2:28 — Manual Removal Requests

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Copyright Matching Tool: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7648743?hl=en

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=================== text video ====================

— It’s really annoying

when somebody steals your YouTube video

and reuploads it on their channel, isn’t?

(buzzer buzzing)

Well, I’ve got some good news.

Every single creator can
now protect their content

for the Copyright Matching Tool.

For many years,

you needed to be in the
YouTube Partner Program,

monetizing your channel
before you could get access

to the Copyright Matching Tool.

But as you can see,

this tiny channel can use the tool.

Not that there’s much
to see here right now,

so let’s go to the main vidIQ channel

to show you how it works.

And do make sure to watch the entire video

because even if your
Copyright Matching Tool screen

looks like this,

I’ve got something very
important to show you.

When YouTube detects your
content is being used

by other channels,

it will display all the
important information here,

such as views, the date it was uploaded,

and how much of their video

is made up of one of your
videos as a percentage.

At this point,

YouTube is simply displaying
information to you.

So if you want to take
some form of action,

mouse over the frames,

and you’ll see these three options.

The first option is to send a message

to the person using your content
to let them know that you,

the content owner, are aware
that this has happened.

YouTube pre-populates this
message, which is quite helpful,

and this is your way as a copyright owner

of sending a written notice or warning.

But at this point, no
further action is taken.

The second more nuclear option

is to request a video takedown,

which requires you to fill
in this quite lengthy form.

The reason it’s so big

is because a video takedown request

is a serious action to take,

as it will likely copyright
strike the offended channel.

And ultimately, it has
legal ramifications.

This is where you might want

to use the seven-day notice removal option

before it all gets very, very messy.

And finally, you can
archive the copyright match,

which takes no action and
puts it in the Archive tab.

And there are also tabs
to manage your messages

and the removal requests
you’ve already began.

Now, DVDfeverGames has a great
question about all of this.

Rather than requesting a takedown

can’t you just monetize that video,

like music artists and
film companies often do?

Well, let’s remember that a lot of people

who now have access to this tool

aren’t actually monetized
on YouTube themselves.

And because copyright can get very legal,

my guess is that YouTube
can’t really do this

at the scale you’re suggesting.

But that’s a great idea,

and I wonder if YouTube
may do that in the future.

In fact, this is a great
question for all of you.

Would you allow other
creators to use your videos

if you could share the ad revenue?

Back on the Copyright Matching screen,

you can execute all of these actions

at a bulk scale using the check boxes.

But I would advise using extreme caution,

especially when it comes
to removal requests.

Do not abuse the system,

YouTube takes that very, very seriously.

Now then, if the Copyright Matching Tool

hasn’t found anything,

you can still manually
submit a removal request.

In this instance, you would
have to complete the whole form,

including a link to a video

that’s using your copyrighted content

along with a few other bits and pieces.

Also, when you request
removals, if it’s successful,

you can set up YouTube to
automatically prevent new uploads

of the same copyrighted content.

And you may be wondering at this point,

«Hang on, that’s a really good way

«to protect all of my contents.

«YouTube, why don’t you
just make this available

«on the upload default section
of the channel settings?»

Well, again, it all comes
down to the legal stuff.

You’re basically making
a legal declaration,

which in the worst case scenario,

you may have to defend in a court of law.

So with great power comes
great responsibility,

treat it with respect.

I’ve gone through the basics
of the Copyright Matching Tool

in this video.

There’s a lot more to it,

so I’ve linked the support page

in the description just
below the Like button.

But what if you find yourself
on the other side of this?

You’ve been hit with a copyright claim.

Well, this is how you solve it.