EVERY CREATOR on YouTube is getting MASSIVE Upgrades

If you Livestream on YouTube, you’re about to get access to features creators have wanted for AGES!

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0:00 The future of Livestreaming on Youtube
0:32 Gifted Memberships AND MORE!
0:54 YouTube Shorts Becoming MORE Important
1:49 Are these updates ONLY for gaming channels?

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=================== text video ====================

— Every creator is
getting a massive upgrade

between now and 2022.

If you live stream or you’ve
even considered live streaming

now is a really, really
great time to be on YouTube.

In a recent blog post
YouTube outlined the future

of gaming content here on YouTube.

Now, the focus on just gaming creators

is a bit confusing if you ask me,

but we’ll get into that later.

YouTube is saying that they’ve
heard gaming creators loud

and clear and they’re about
to add a bunch of features

that we’ve all been asking
for for a long, long time now.

Gifted memberships, live
stream channel redirects,

which basically equates to channel raids

like on other platforms,

improved live stream discoverability,

and not to mention
features we didn’t ask for

such as a partnership with Discord.

This will allow anyone
with YouTube Premium

to have free access to Discord Nitro.

So if you manage your
community using Discord,

that’s a huge perk.

YouTube is also emphasizing
the importance of shorts

as they pertain to gaming,

but I would say live
streaming again as a whole,

the goal here being to make live streams,

video on demand content and
YouTube shorts work together

even better than they do now.

For example, in their
video, YouTube shared

this very interesting animation

that demonstrates a live
moment getting clipped

and then turned into a
vertical YouTube short.

These are the types of features

that will continue to set YouTube apart

in the live streaming space.

Being able to take an amazing
moment from a live stream

and quickly turn it around
into a clip that’s vertical,

and then shared on the
YouTube short shelf,

which then makes it discoverable
for millions more people

is an amazing opportunity

and something only a platform
like YouTube can pull off.

We’ll really need to
be paying attention to

how this all gets
implemented onto the platform

because right now we
know a lot of creators

who are hosting their live streams

or even their YouTube shorts
on entirely separate channels.

But I think with this move,

YouTube is trying to help everybody

bring that all under one
roof, under one channel.

So here’s the wrap,

YouTube is making a huge
emphasis in this blog post

about gaming creators.

However, not anything
they’re discussing here

is at all exclusive to people

who create gaming content on YouTube,

anybody who live streams on YouTube

will benefit from these features.

The thing is, gaming creators undeniably

are the driving force
behind these changes.

And YouTube has invested a lot of money

in a number of creators
to have them stream

exclusively on YouTube.

It seems those investments
are clearly going

to more than just having
them do live streams though

as YouTube is actively in discussion

with these very same creators

on how they can make YouTube
an ideal place to stream.

This makes a lot of sense

when you consider the future generations

of creators that will
eventually have to decide

which platform is right for
them to create content on.

Eventually YouTube will get to
a point where it doesn’t need

to tempt creators with giant bags of money

to stay on YouTube.

All of these features make 2022

look like it’s gonna be an
amazing year for YouTube.

But if you’re looking for
something that you can use

right now, you may have
already unlocked a feature

that’s gonna change everything for you

and you didn’t even know it.

You wanna check out this video right here.