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0:00 | Introduction
0:21 | Mobile Channel Editing on the YouTube Main app
0:43 | YouTube for Creators Global Expansion
1:05 | 2-Step Verification Reminder
1:38 | @ Mentions on YouTube

Change your YouTube channel name & profile picture on mobile: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/10456525
YouTube for Creators website: https://www.youtube.com/creators
Secure your YouTube Account: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9701986
Mention channels in video titles & descriptions: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9637404

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=================== text video ====================

Hey, creators! Welcome back to the…

I don’t know why
I’m all of a sudden nervous now. Okay.

It’s so weird being back in the studio.

Whoo, okay.

Hey, creators. Welcome back
to the Monthly Roundup.

As usual, links to everything
I talk about in the description.

Let’s get started.

Many of you have asked, so we’re delivering
a new feature on the YouTube main app.

You can now use the mobile app
to update your profile picture

and channel banner.

To do that, tap your profile picture,
then tap your channel.

Tap edit channel then your profile picture
or your banner image.

Once you’re done, tap save.

Pretty easy, right?

We’ve revamped our main website for creators


And it’s now available in 29 languages.

Whether you’re a new creator
or a seasoned creator

you’re the driving force behind YouTube

and we wanna make sure that this site
brings you all of the essentials

in one place.

Check it out to learn more about branding

making money, growing your community
and more.

I know we covered this in the last Roundup

but this is really important
so we wanted to mention it again.

As of November 1st, monetizing creators
need to have two-step verification enabled

in order to access YouTube Studio
or the YouTube Studio content manager.

Anyone with any level
of access to your channel

will need to have this enabled
to continue accessing that channel.

If you haven’t already
or aren’t sure if it’s enabled

head on over
to your Google account page now.

Like now. Right now’s a good time.

If you have at least 500 subs,
you can use @ mentions

to shoutout other creators.

I know most of you know,
but as a reminder

@ mentions let you include the name
of another channel in your video’s title

or description.

And in the past,
you had to have at least 1000 subs

to use this feature, so we’re happy
to share this with more of you.

And that’s it for November.

Per usual, like and subscribe
and let us know if you have any thoughts

in the comments below.

See you next time!


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