DOUBLE Your YouTube Watch Time % (REAL Video Examples)

It’s time to get MORE audience retention on your videos, and in this video I demonstrate several examples of what increases vs decreases watch time percentage on your YouTube videos, so you can do it on your channel!

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0:00 Why The Data Matters
1:30 Higher % 1 — Delivering on Premise
2:33 Higher % 2 — Original Content
3:54 Higher % 3 — Movement
5:12 Higher % 4 — Changing Scenes
6:55 Higher % 5 — Great Footage
7:35 Lower % 1 — Audio Issues
10:03 Lower % 2 — Slow Delivery on Promise
11:30 Keys to High Watch Time %
12:05 My Mistake

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=================== text video ====================

howdy howdy everyone nate here i am

super excited for this video today


i have packed it full of super

actionable information

and data recently i ask you for your top

performing videos in terms of average


viewed of the video and you definitely

delivered i ask for a few specific data

points subscribers a link to a specific

video the views on the video and then

the average percentage viewed and then

one very specific data point here and

that is the graph

of the key moments for audience

retention from your analytics if you are

new to youtube or you’ve ever had the


why does average percentage viewed even

matter on youtube videos let me answer

that really quick for you here i want

you to think of it this way for youtube

from the youtube standpoint

they make money by showing ads on their

platform and so

any piece of content that keeps people

on their platform

longer is good so when we talk about

total watch time on a channel and

average percentage viewed there’s two

different things so

total watch time on a video comes from

how much time in the physical universe

people are watching your video if you

have a 10 minute video and they watch it

for five minutes that’s five minutes of

watch time contrast that with average

percentage viewed same scenario you have

a ten minute video and they watch it for

five minutes

that is fifty average percentage viewed

so for the purposes of this video we’re

going to be looking at that metric of

average percentage viewed because that


youtube how much the average viewer

watches of your piece of content if it’s

two minutes if it’s 20 minutes whatever

it is the total average

that they’re watching because that’s one

of their best indicators

of viewer satisfaction so with all of

this data that we have i have gone

through and hand

selected a few videos of yours to show

specific cases

of why they performed better or in some

cases or why they performed

worse so that you can know what to

change about your own videos so let’s

get right into it

the note they shared was just throwing

this in there to mess with your stats

why thank you let’s look at this

it’s got a 94 average percentage view

that is pretty insane and what is it

it’s a tabata timer i hope i’m

pronouncing that right okay i had to

look up what a tabata timer is or tabata

timer i hope i’m pronouncing that right

it’s a format of

workout which totally makes sense

because people are using this timer

they’re getting on their phone

and they’re saying i want to do a tabata

tabitha workout

and so i’m just going to use youtube to

set my timer and watch it and apparently

94 of the people are actually watching


the entire video and doing their entire

workout which is awesome so no you

didn’t just throw that in there to mess

with my stats winky face

no i actually was able to disband that

myth thank you very much

okay let’s look at this next hand-picked

video this one is from the financial dad

youtube channel

and his note was this is not my house

viewed video but it’s my best performing

video overall with respect to how long

ago i uploaded it

let’s look at this video hey everybody

justin conroy financial dad here and

welcome to another financial debt quick

tip where i give you a quick tip related

to personal finance wealth building or

money management in under three minutes

okay so we’ve got the premise of the

video fidelity core

position explained fast so i think he

explained here that this

yep okay so there was a news event

and he was able to answer it quickly so

we got a lot of views on it let’s look

at the average view percentage

graph here wow that’s really good 83

percent and it goes

up we have a little blip spike right

here and then a gradual decline here at

the end

where’s that blip spike i wonder if

that’s exactly where the answer is

look we’ve got yeah it’s about right

here we’ve got an error that’s exactly

where the answer is

he answers the question it’s a short

video we’ve got a specific premise for

the video and he answers it

awesome oh also i wanted to mention that

i just did a video where i asked

why you watch channel makers and this

guy justin v conrad he this was one of

the most upvoted comments he said came


because if we met randomly in person

we’d probably become friends

and i appreciate that thank you justin

based on my watching of your channel i

agree we would probably become friends

okay next video let’s look at this one

let’s look at the graph

they’re at the beginning we’ve got over

100 average percentage view that’s

because people are going back to the

beginning they’re restarting the video

multiple times to watch it and then

we’ve got a very gradual decline until

a curve off there at the end coming out

at just under 80 percent

let’s look at the video

oh my gosh we’ve got a downhill

the gnarliest i’m glad we use this word

the gnarliest trails in bentonville

okay point of view that is an amazing

video i wish we could watch the entire


again that’s a really good video it

deserves the 80 average percentage

viewed because we’re just over a minute

but it’s something very interesting

visually got some awesome music

and the promise is very clear and then

we’ve got the end and that’s where the

gradual decline happens

afterwards because we got the end screen

showing up if there was one suggestion

i would make for this video it would be

right here at the beginning

we’ve got our music and we’ve got the

simple script right here at the

beginning it’s good to introduce it but

what if instead we started this video

with showing you getting on the bike

you know mounting up maybe show the bike

you’re using and while that’s happening

you can just show this text

on screen i feel like that one little

tweak would enhance this video even more

okay so so far we’ve looked at several

videos they didn’t have a lot of talking

in them what if we look at this next one

that does have

talking in it to see how well this one

is doing okay so we’ve got real motor

repair green master reel and

bed knife replacement cost today is a

good day

today is a good day a week and a half

ago i uh

damaged my reel mower i bounced it off

some concrete that was in the driveway

damaging the bed knife completely

destroying the real so immediately i’ve

got a good

introduction there’s a good vibe to the

video and we’re showing things did you

see how quickly

we moved from clip to clip to clip and

we’ve got

movement within the video he’s walking

around he’s talking he’s showing

something interesting behind him

let’s jump ahead to what it looks like

around here as far as the upgrade as far

as the materials the geometry to produce

a better cut

and true to form movement literally the

camera is moving and literally we are

gesturing behind

us i hope you’re catching on to what is

going on in this video

if we look at the percentage where we’re

just over 76 percent which by the way

is very good wow straight

line continuous segment if you’re not

familiar with this graph they’ll pull

out a few key things the intro

continuous segment

spikes and dips in this case continuous

segment means people

you’re holding their interest for a long

time over a long period of time

and this continuous segment is

incredibly long

really really well done ron henry oh my

goodness and that is

entirely probably from here to here we

have a continuous

segment going on and if we read his note

here thanks for all you donate feel free

to share and discuss in your channel as

you see fit appreciate you doing the

research well thank you for sharing also

ron that is a

very good example i think you guys are

picking up on a few things that are


for this average percentage viewed thus

far oh and you know what i realized i

totally forgot to ask you guys to boop

the like button so i actually recorded

this at the end of recording my video

to insert in the middle of my video so

you’re welcome and thank you for pooping

the like button

if you look at another one briefly love

your videos we’ve learned so much bro

only knew more than double our subs just

in the last week congratulations let’s

look at this video this is

perlubee beach south australia aussie

van adventures

what are you guys seeing immediately

movement good

footage movement in the footage and that

is leading

to the higher average percentage view

just look at this

that’s beautiful we’ve got beautiful

drone footage and if we look at the

numbers here’s over 70

average percentage viewed on this one so

let’s look at a few of the lower average

percentage viewed videos and see what’s

going on there this one let’s look at

the graph here so we’ve got a bit of

jumping around and a bit of drop

offs there’s two dips according to the

the analytics here

let’s look at a bit of the video

okay first before i watch any of this

video i need to point something out here

this is a

longer video it’s inherently easier to

get a higher average percentage view on

a shorter video and youtube shorts

especially it’s easier to get that

higher percentage viewed because

there’s literally less time for them to

watch which means less actual time for

them to click away which means higher

average percentage feud okay i hope you

followed that logic so it’s natural for

a longer video to have a lower average

percentage viewed if you had a really

long video with a

really high average percentage viewed

you would be doing

really really good so it’s not an

immediate concern for me to have that

happen but let’s look at this video

specifically i wanted to see where the

dips are


hey friends welcome back to the busted

garage my name is jim with it’s always

busted in philadelphia okay so we’ve got

a review

video if i were to show you some of my

own videos that are reviews the graph

looked fairly similar so that’s already

telling me some things but if we look

at this again where’s some dips this is

just over half we’ve got a pretty

significant dip going on

let’s see what’s happening right here

okay so we’ve got drilling footage we’ve

got showing something

that’s where it gave up um you know for

750 versus 1200 i really don’t think


oh wait hold on what was that but at the

big box store and we’ll be drilling all


in this seams oh what just happened now

we’re going to go into round two

i want to see if you guys can see this

let’s take a closer look i’m going to

drill 10 holes with

the audio changed did you notice that i

don’t know that’s fairly subtle the

audio changed because now he’s narrating

and here’s the thing if you are going to

do audio if you’re going to do different

sections of your video what i always

recommend is use the exact same audio

setup throughout the entire video

meaning if you’re using lab mic like

which i’m what i’m using here my

favorite lav mic of all time then i

would record the entire video

like this even the narrations because

what happens

is if i use a different microphone or a

different even a different situation

different room if the lab mic is further

away whatever it is it creates

inconsistency in the video

and what i think happens right here with

this dip is the audio changes

and then the footage got a lot less

interesting it starts looking more like

a static

image subtle things but subtle things

will make the difference in your videos

okay let’s look at another one of these

lower average percentage viewed ones the

note i love your channel just signed up

for project 24 yesterday yay project 24

is my

youtube program if you guys haven’t seen

it then you should check it out in the

link in the description okay one thing

to note about this video many of the


is a large percentage of views are

coming from off-site sources okay

let’s look at this graph we have

whoa we have a dip and then an up that

is very

interesting we’ve got a valley going on

let’s see what

is causing this air event coverage to

make airflow

cover you know the ones i’m talking

about those white metal ones that you


in any okay so we’ve got an introduction

air vent cover

so then we’re narrating what we’re going

to do

we do it and then the process

we’re showing how to do it i here’s my

here’s what i think is going on here

people are seeing the process and they

like seeing the process

but then they want to see the final


what does that mean here here’s the

final product let’s look

what does that mean that means that what

you needed to do at the beginning of

this video

was show briefly the final products say


rather than this intro of their ugly

show this one

is ugly and this is what i did to change

it now i’m going to show you how i

changed it other than that

really good work bloom in the black

awesome stuff and also you did really

well on this thumbnail

before and after that is a solid idea

the only thing i would do is move this

table out of the way i want to see the

final product

so thus far we have these key things to

improve your average percentage

viewed on your videos we’ve got fulfill

why they came there the entire video and

that means did they come there for

answers did they come there for leisure

did they come there for laughter

what is it and make sure you’re

fulfilling it throughout the entire

video the second is you want to make

sure that your content feels like

original content and it’s not just a

commodity something that someone put


the third is as much movement and

changes in scenes you can add to your

video the better as long as it enhances

the story and it’s not just put in there

for the sake of adding new scenes and

movement that don’t actually directly


with what you are describing or what is

happening in the video and the last i’m

going to demonstrate with a final

example of

poor retention rate and i’m going to

demonstrate it with my own channel

if i open up the handy channel audit

tool in vid iq there’s a section content

that could use work

lowest average watch time this is what

i’m looking for

so first of all the top few ones are

youtube shorts because

literally there’s the lowest watch time

on these but

this one number eight here one minute 48

seconds average watch time why is that a

concern because this video is 10 minutes

long which means it is

very low average percentage viewed on

this one and in fact if we look at this

key moments for audience retention here

30 on it and look at how jaggedy that

line is with a

pretty steady decline on this one if i

show you the video itself

it was older my hair hadn’t evolved this

far but the premise of the video was

here’s some really good ideas for

youtube shorts in 10 minutes or less

but if i show you some of this look at

what it looks

like most obvious to most people and

that is pure

entertainment i was going to call this

pure humor but the reality is

there’s a lot of content that’s not we

cut ahead what happened this is an

opportunity for you and i

to actually elevate the level of content

okay and let’s look at one more section

that wouldn’t be an excellent short this

one’s untested

i’m curious if you want to try it on

your channel okay here is what i am

seeing as i am analyzing my own video


the idea is good but this same video 10

epic youtube shorts ideas in 10 minutes

or less

could have been delivered in five

minutes and been a much

superior video and within those five

minutes i could have shown

actual examples of each of the youtube

shorts rather than in this

i’m just giving ideas i’m not actually

showing actual examples

of youtube shorts that were successful

for each of these ideas if i had cut

this five minutes cut out the


and shown actual real examples this

would have been a much superior video so

now to get the full picture of the whole

watch time and views strategy i recorded

two other videos this is a three-part

series this is the third part actually

if you haven’t watched the other two

videos i’m going to put them right here

watch those next and nate out

howdy howdy everyone nate here i am

super excited for this video because

i have packed it full of very actionable

information what am i saying there i

lost my train of thought there

let’s try that again


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